shanastoryteller · a month ago
How about some Lily and Snape interactions — maybe something in potions class…
Lily's friends don't like that she always partners with Sev.
She doesn't like that they don't like it.
She's been friends with Sev for longer than she's known them, he's her soulmate, her very best friend, and besides all that, she's the only one in class that's just as smart as she is.
They say she should partner with them to help them, that Sev doesn't need her help, but that's not the point. They both love potions, and each other. Why wouldn't they want to do potions together?
Sev tells her to partner with her friends, that it's all right and he doesn't mind.
He doesn't listen when she says that she minds.
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isozyme · a year ago
So your Klein/Reinhardt/Rauschenberg post came up on my dash, and I have to ask... I was under the impression that Rauschenberg was closeted. Your anecdote about his conversation with de Kooning— was that exaggerated for comedic purposes, or was he out and maybe bi? I love the work he and johns created in their early days when they kept referencing one another.
exaggerated for effect! he wasn’t publicly out, as far as i can tell, although given that he had more than one relationship with dudes in their artistic circle it would be a bit weird if nobody had an inkling
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pirateinej · 2 years ago
pardonthelitany replied to your post “Leigh mentioned on her instagram today that season 1 of shadow and...”
She also said there would be a DeKappel in the pilot when she was asked if we’d see Inej’s famous theft of the DeKappel paining! (So excited!!)
oooh i’m more interested in this show than i realized. everything i’ve been hearing sounds so 👌 👌 👌 i hope it’s all artsy and aesthetic
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bemusedlybespectacled · 3 years ago
I know literally no one else who watched BBC's Robin Hood. I stopped after that ridiculous scene in the desert that shattered my fucking heart and soul. I know it got another season though... How did it end?
So after Marian dies for a bullshit reason and the showrunners quit, we have 1) an all-new set of writers, 2) no Robin/Marian/Guy love triangle angst, and 3) no Marian, Will or Djaq.
The first episode is the only episode that actually addresses anything in there, and Robin and Guy both get over their love of Marian in the space of that entire episode. 
All of a sudden Guy has a sister, Isabella (played by Lara Pulver, the same actress who played Irene Adler in Sherlock), who ends up replacing Vaisey as the new Sheriff of Nottingham (I know) and becomes this straw feminist matriarch who rules with an iron fist and just hates men for no reason (I know). Meanwhile, Friar Tuck joins the band, surpassed in uselessness only by Kate, the New Love Interest, who was so reviled by the fandom that there were literally fics parodying her uselessness.
After an entire season of bizarre plot points that went nowhere, the penultimate episode and two-part series finale has the following:
The reveal that Robin and Guy are half-brothers;
They have a third half-brother, Archer (they. named. him. Archer.);
Archer studied in Asia and is way smarter and way cooler than both of them, and also has ninja stars (fucking ninja stars);
Allan a-Dale is brutally killed just when he decides to become a good guy again;
Guy of Gisborne dies in Robin’s arms;
The castle is rigged to explode with black powder, killing Isabella and Vaisey;
Robin goes off into the forest and has a fucking dying dream that Marian is there to take him to Heaven, ignoring the fact that no one cared about Marian all fucking season;
Much is kidnapped by Prince John;
The remaining members of the band are Kate, Friar Tuck, Little John, and fucking Archer;
And yet, somehow they expected to actually get renewed for a fourth season. Are you fucking kidding me.
The only good thing about the third season is that at least Will, Djaq, and Marian were spared this monstrosity.
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my-nameless-bliss · 4 years ago
Lol, i had a moment today that i thought you’d appreciate. I was standing around at work thinking about how much I love Magnus Bane and how that started, and then I remembered the first time I ever read City of Bones and that fUCKING FALCON SCENE. i can clearly remember realizing that it was copied practically verbatim from one of CC’s harry potter fanfics. it's been almost ten years, and I had completely forgotten, but today I could not stop laughing. GAWD. fucking RIDICULOUS.
Oh my god, seriously??? I mean, I knew cc just barely shaved off the hp-specific stuff from her fics to make the tmi books, but I didn’t know there were entire scenes taken from it! I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised, but it’s still so weird to hear it. It definitely wears on my soul whenever I think too hard about how much of my life I’ve devoted to something that started as a badly plagiarized hp fic. 🙃🙃🙃
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wbtrashking · 4 years ago
In Japan, Yuuri had been stealing Viktor's shirts to wear to sleep ("they must have gotten lost in the laundry!") and he forgets about it until the first night he gets ready for bed in St. Petersburg. He decides to sleep shirtless because of it.
my brain is havin’ a rough time with fic craft atm, so for now, here’s a hc list/semi-fic! ♥♥ @pardonthelitany
-in general, yuuri’s sort of messy and disorganized, so he definitely forgets to do his laundry until he’s down to the last pair of undies
-conversely, victor’s closet is all hyper-organized, he’s got it down to shirt style, colors, functionality, etc.
-when yuuri gets too lazy he goes to the drawer for these shirts like. victor hardly wears them, except maybe to bed and he tends to think of them as his own instead
-(they hang off of his shoulders and they have really deep u-necks)
-and like, usually, yuuri’s doing this when victor’s gone because he likes the smell of the little air fresheners that victor stuffs in the drawers and closet
-so when victor sees him blearily answer the door in them, like. he just gets caught staring. the first shirts show off yuuri’s legs and he just likes watching yuuri move, gets so enamored in it that he knows he has to get smth more decent
-he winds up buying really soft t-shirts with designs of animals and trees and such, and yuuri can tell they’re too big for either of them but like? knowing that victor did this to have him walk around the apartment in an oversized shirt makes him feel like he’s on top of the world
-best moment, hands down - yuuri likes to bend down to pick things up (that don’t need to be picked up), and lean up for stuff in the cabinets to show victor that he’s not wearing anything underneath the shirt. 
-”well? aren’t you going to ask why i’m wearing your shirt?” victor dies. they romp around for hours.
i love them ♥
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kazliin · 4 years ago
OH MAN. LOVE STORY. YOU CHOSE LOVE STORY. LOVE“LOVE MEANS NEVER HAVING TO SAY YOU’RE SORRY”STORY. I’m setting aside the hockey thing (coincidence) and the terminal illness thing (because no one in this fic is going to die, pls, jfc), and just. VIKTOR. YOU HAVE TO APOLOGISE, OKAY. Either way, I love the version of the LS theme you found, and i cannot for the life of me find one half as good on spotify. I just...have so many fucking feels over Viktor using that song. And then, with that fallout...
(2/2) This was such a good chapter, jfc. Yuuri broke my goddamned heart like four times. The angst! The miscommunication! UGH
It was Passenger yes :D Funny story, the chapter was originally going to be called ‘The First Cut Is The Deepest (But The Rest Still Flipping Hurt)’ from the same song but then I realised it was waaaaay to spoilery so I just went for a vaguely foreboding title instead. 
As for Viktor FS, the song choice was based more on the lyrics to the original song than the film plot because I actually don’t like the film that much but the inclusion of it was actually a little private joke to myself because as you say, the famous line in that film is ‘love means never having to say you’re sorry’ and that is SUCH BULLSHIT. That line always really pissed me off because you don’t get to excuse yourself for hurting someone just because you love them and they love you. And throughout the course of the fic both Viktor and Yuuri have done (unintentionally) shitty things to each other and hurt each other and before they can start to build a healthy relationship they both need to apologize for that. So yeah, that was my own little in joke that literally only I would get because I’m a dork and I do that a lot in this fic!
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moosemum · 4 years ago
I'm just curious, because I loved your Yuuri on Ice full FS video so much, have you done or considered doing any of the other programs in the show?
I’ve thought about it, yes! It’s just unfortunate we don’t see anyone else’s programs as much as Yuuri’s, so it’d be difficult to piece it together. The only other that even comes close is Yuri’s Short Program, and even then we only see it three times. I could probably put it together, though. I’ll have to see.
That being said, I did also do Yuuri’s SP! It’s much more complete than his FS is, considering we see it five times, the most we see any program in the show!
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mxrcusflint · 4 years ago
I love the falling snow effect you used in your recent Hermione edit (/post/157262851652/2k-make-me-choose-edits-a-real-life-horror-story)! How did you create that?
hi friend! so i basically used this tutorial except with a falling stars overlay (I can’t remember where I got it from, at this point, but if you search up stars overlay on YouTube you can find some rlly good ones!)
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shadehunters · 4 years ago
I was really hoping the confetti was like a thing tumblr actually did every night at midnight, and that I had actually just never been on bf at the precise time to witness it. but that is clearly not the case. tumblr turned 10 today. it celebrated. every other social media site forgot to show up/didn't send cards—so tumblr had to throw its own party. in characteristic tumblr style, no one knew what the fuck was going on. kinda feel bad for it. but also—happy to be home.
OH well that explains a lot
but lmao of course tumblr celebrates its bday without tellin anybody whats going on. I expected nothing less
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rainbowravioli · 5 years ago
ok. i know. i've bombarded you enough. but now that i've finished reading all of your post-ep-12 meta, i want to ask (and i know your busy! so no pressure) what do you think this shitty narrative means for season 2? do you think we'll see endless miscommunications? angst? yuri's confrontation with growth and puberty? victor's continuing ennui? yuuri's realisation that he was wrong—so wrong (and so stupid/selfish)—to insist that victor return to skating? ANY real conversation at all between v/y?!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
First of all, I recommend that everyone read @soobaki​‘s “what can s2 fix” meta here. I subscribe to everything she says and I’m probably going to end up repeating a lot of it here, just more rambly.
Do I think it’s possible to fix the damage in season 2? Kinda. Not all of it. Victor Nikiforov is dead is screwed. 
Some things are “fixable” if you treat them as just having been delayed. Like Yuuri’s entire narrative. Just have him keep going towards gold, and working on his self-confidence and self-worth. Make his anxiety come back though, for the love of god, that arc was just completely dropped and not properly addressed/resolved at all in the finale. He will forever have been robbed in the finale but his narrative was not as derailed as others so he can still work towards it. He has everything to achieve yet because he achieved exactly nothing, narrative wise, in season 1. 
Things aren’t looking awesome for Yurio though. By which I mean, Yurio is going to have to suffer double now that the finale validated everything terrible about his character arc (his sense of superiority,everything he ever said to Yuuri and Victor, his dangerous habit of pushing his physical limits,selling his soul to win). So if he still is to fall, it must be a severe fall. Yurio doesn’t really have anywhere to go from where the finale placed him. He wants to beat Yuuri’s FS score. Like...ok...if you’re going to just give him that goal we’re in for a repeat of season 1 with Yurio practicing recklessly to beat Yuuri, just with the added bonus that he can spend said entire season reminding both Yuuri and Victor of what failures they both are, having lost to him, and then he wins gold in the finale again and he never has stamina problems ever and learns nothing and continues to be a prima ballerina instead of Russia’s ice tiger. Ahem.
A problem for Yurio to face would be puberty. I’ve always thought they should just let that happen. Let all the warnings about his body failing him catch up to him and let him deal. This is something they would have been able to, and should address in s2 regardless though, so ruining his arc in s1 is still inexcusable. I’m not sure they will go there though, for merch sake’s and character iconography and all. They are probably leaving Yurio on the edge of puberty forever. They could also hit him with an injury storyline, but if such a thing is to happen in s2 I have my best on someone else. Either way, boy is going to have to suffer a lot to compensate for s1 and I’m personally not looking forward to it. But he can get back on track, just with a lot more unnecessary sacrifice than if they would have just let him get silver in s1 and do his gala performance.
They can’t fix Victor. His character has been throughly assassinated beyond return. They would first have to address exactly why Victor suddenly did a 180º from episode 10. And they never will, because having Victor return to skating competitively was pandering towards the JPN fandom so the series is most likely just quietly going to ignore pre-episode 12 Victor’s feelings on the matter. There’s ways to force him out of competing. Have the Russian Federation stop him from doing it as long as he is coaching an athlete from a rival country at the same time. This would force Victor to choose between skating and Yuuri and I would like to say he would choose Yuuri (please!). Another thing, and I can actually see this happening, is to give him an injury. Both things are awwww so sad without ruining his image as a professional see (because if he decided not to compete after all he would be branded as an impulsive, fickle man forever in the eyes of the public and the skating community), but they would still keep Victor WANTING to compete but tragically he just can’t and oh, Yuuri, disregard once more that your journey should be about your own self-improvement and go out there and win gold in my place! Either way, Victor can never just retire and peacefully move on and enjoy life and love again. Not like he could have if he had stuck to retiring in s1. 
You see, Victor can’t win. Well, he can, but that just robs Yuuri from his narrative again and just messes up their relationship even further. But if Victor loses, no matter for how much, he doesn’t leave behind a perfect legacy anymore. He’s not retiring as the fifth consecutive world champion, he’s retiring as the former fifth consecutive world champion who tried to make a comeback after a break and lost. Or worse, tried to make a comeback and ended up injured and was forced to retire. There’s really no way to salvage his narrative. Not without sacrificing Yuuri’s. 
As for potential Victuuri angst. If they were to take a realistic route with the writing in s2, it should totally be there. Victuuri drama should be one of the main sources of conflict in s2, UNFORTUNATELY for all of us. Stuff that could have been avoided, but here we are. I’m thinking about this following the martyr!Victor interpretation over the manipulativebastard!Victor one, by the way. So Victor gave up what he truly wanted just to make Yuuri happy and never talked to him about it. Realistically, he should be growing resentful of Yuuri. Especially because, realistically, his return would be no smooth sailing. He hasn’t been practicing for almost an entire year and he’s going to have to balance his own practice with coaching Yuuri. If competing was suffocating before it’s going to leave him even more wrecked now. So growing resentment and continuous miscommunication with a nice dose of Yuuri anxiety is a must. I also don’t see how competing against each other will ever be healthy for them, so add that as a source of conflict too. THE talk still has to happen, and adding all the potential angst and conflict for them throughout the season, it would have to happen more than ever. As long as the talk happens, and make it extra long and clear, the Victuuri narrative can be salvaged too. But at what cost? And can they truly fix Victuuri with Victor being permanently broken? Was it worth it when we could have easily had them standing on firm, clear ground at the end of s1?
Of course, I’m not sure they would actually follow any realistic route with Victuuri, considering how they’re trying to pass them off as perfect and 100% healthy at the end of s1 anyway and how big of a selling point the ship is. So who knows what they could do in s2, really? For all we know they’re going to continue to....not talk to each other at all but act like everything is ok and perfect between them and hope the audience buys it too, and look to just Yurio/skating in general as a source of conflict. 
We’ll have to see when it inevitably comes, sometime in the next couple of years.
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shanastoryteller · 8 months ago
HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🌻👑🎂!! FMA, maybe royed first kiss? 🥳
Ed is ten years old and grief stricken and traumatized and he hates this military asshole who’s taking advantage of that. 
Ed is twelve years old and grief has sharpened into fury and he looks Mustang in the eye and is determined to be a fire that he won’t be able to tame. 
Ed is fifteen years old and everything is going to hell and he gets Al’s body back in the end, so it’s worth it, even if he’s separated from him, even if he ends up stuck in a different world with only his father for company. He still thinks Mustang is an asshole. He hopes he has to do a lot of paperwork because of this. 
Ed is eighteen years old and he’s back and everything’s burning around them as the door to the other world closes, with both him and Al here with their friends and family in a world that still has alchemy, and he says and he says, “The eyepatch looks pretty good on you, you know.” 
 Ed is nineteen and the highest paid government contractor on the roster when he leans across the Fuhrer’s obnoxiously large desk and says, “For fuck’s sake, Roy, just shut up,” and then does it for him, silencing his terrible, poorly thought alchemical arguments with his mouth. 
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soobaki · 5 years ago
Oh man, your meta (and caramelcheese's) inspired me so much I sat down last night and wrote 4000 words of Victor Angst. *hugs* thank you. 🖤🖤
aw shit son that is a lot of angst to write in one night
but!!! ah!!!!! im so glad we could inspire you?? i still cant believe how impactful the two of us unleashing our academic nerdiness unto this fandom has been ghjerignasjklb
(btw, is there anywhere we could read it?)
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wangxianficrecs · a year ago
Hi! I appreciate what you're doing for the fandom and I really hope you can help find a missing fic- WWX is the moon god and wangxian met when LZ was young and he tended to WWX's injury cause he fell off the jingshi roof. They keep meeting every new moon as LZ grows and falls in love with WWX but content not telling him. Its not quite unrequited bc WWX being a deity cant love. It was a WIP but it ended where WWX gave up his divinity, put it in a lotus tassle(?) and asked LZ to keep it.Thank you❤
FOUND!  by @akinohikari AND @catholicjigglypuff who point us to  Lying on the Edge of a Star by Suspicious_Popsicle
@violet-fangirl15 (2) says:  Hi, can u help me find a fic? It's wangxian but in a modern setting where lan zhan runs a mafia with his brother and wei wuxian and Jiang Cheng are assasins. Somehow wei wuxian meets lan zhan and they get together, but then someone has a hit on lan zhan and wuxian takes it instead. I think its a series. Lotus pier is destroyed, somehow jin Ling is reincarnated and serves with lan shizhui as helpers? To the lan zhan. That's all I remember. Can u help me find it?
???  Could you be thinking of You & Me Baby, We'll Eclipse The Sun by  by 2501987?  I haven’t had the courage to dive into that one yet...
Anon (3) says:  Hello, I am looking for a Wangxian fic that I read a little while ago but cannot find again. Its a smut, usually LWJ doms for WWX but LWJ really wants to relinquish control but doesn't want to tell WWX, WWX realises on a night hunt and then thats what the fic is about. I'm sorry this is not a fantastic description, if you don't know it please feel free to ignore
FOUND!  @mondengel says Fledgling by grimsgay.
@pardonthelitany (4) says:  I’m looking for a wangxian fic where wwx gets a replacement golden core. Specifically, I think wen qing builds it for him out of other people’s spiritual energy (like even lan zixuan and madam yu donate)? I love stories where his golden core is recovered in some way! Thank you so much for everything you do! I always look forward to your recs!! ♥️♥️
Ah!  I’ve read and recced this one, but I can’t find it, dammit.  Like, I JUST re-read it.  Help me out, here, Followers....
FOUND! @quietellen and @inessencedevided agree that it’s please forgive my most passionate disruptions by pumpkinpaix (scribogenesis) if the anon is looking for a modern AU where they're still cultivators
Anon (5) says:  hey! love your blog so much it’s amazing i love your comments and the images you make for each fic!!! [*thank you!*] i was wondering if you could help me find a fic. it was a modern!au and wwx finally gets lwx to sleep with him after a halloween party where he’s dressed in drag and he thinks lwj is straight and only wants to fuck him when he’s dressed like a girl and lwj thinks wwx is experimenting with gender and they end up fuck buddies until wwx breaks it off bc of a misunderstanding. thanks so much!
FOUND!  by @luckymoony AND @candicewright who agree that it’s  i'll be your girl by plonk
Anon (6) says:  I’m looking for this fic that happens around the Sunshot Campaign/a little bit after that where LWJ helps WWX control his demonic cultivation when he gets angry by making out to distract him. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
FOUND! last week!  We think it’s  Overcome by thunderwear
Anon (7) says:
Hi! I’ve been trying to find an a/b/o fic that starts out with madam yu finding out wwx is an omega and wwx goes into heat in the cave at the burial mounds. Can’t remember much else. Sorry. Could you help me find it?
@thegirlwhosawdeath (8) says:  So this is a specific fic that I can't find anymore, could you help me? It is after canon LWJ & WWX are together. LWJ had kink with YP!WWX before WWX died, and he still do now. He feels guilt and WWX those not know what is going on, he dos some things to find out what is going on. He surprises LWJ and redos the 'come back too Gusu' scene, where LWJ kind of Dom's him
FOUND!  by @akinohikari who says it’s devil from heaven by incendir [which I actually have bookmarked here, derp.]
Help me out, darlings!  @cqlfic, @cloudreadcesses, @wujificrec, @wangxianfics
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bemusedlybespectacled · 4 years ago
i always want to respond to these with 1-100??? but. how about 6, 18, and 24?
6. What's your lucky number?
I don’t really have one? Or if I have, I’ve never noticed.
18. Do you want children?
Tough question. I really love children, especially babies and toddlers. On the other hand, I have a feeling I’d be a terrible parent. I’m a pushover, I’m a worrywart (and I have overprotective parents, I’d hate to inflict that on a kid), and I care a lot about my career. And I’m not saying that you can’t have a career and kids, but I don’t like the idea of sending a baby to daycare and law is an insanely competitive (and yes, sexist) field.
24. Baths or showers?
I honestly can’t remember the last time I took a bath. I think the only time I would is if I had a bath bomb and wanted to try it, since I’ve never used one before.
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lgnecholls · 2 years ago
pardonthelitany replied to your photo “I’m gonna wear this shirt everyday for the rest of my life”
Where can I buy this?
Unfortunately I did it in ps and got it done in done on my local t shirt printing shop. 
Here’s the image file if you wanna use it and get one done yourself :)
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relenafanel · 4 years ago
pardonthelitany replied to your post“who can provide me with the link to that list of...”
this one? http://pardonthelitany.tumblr.com/post/156665202236/a-shitposters-guide-to-political-bias-in-major
yes thank you
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kazliin · 4 years ago
Ummmmmmmmmmmm…. just saw your version of two truths and a lie and like… WHAT. WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?!?!??! FFS, KAZ. NOT COOL. Yuuri does Stammi Vicino. YUURI DOES STAMMI VICINO RIGHT OHMG. Really, Yuuri or Viktor would be cool, but FUUUUCK. I am so excited for this. I will also take ALL OF THE YAKOV, wall sex, more Chris, more Yurio, more Phichit, really just…. more UMFB. (*plus* world record breaking would be pretty cool). Thanks for being you.
Either way, for the past three weeks, I’ve been working on two fanmixes for this story—which has eaten my life. They’re not ready yet (god, i am slow) but, I thought since you write on Sundays and you like having music, I would send them to you. Theoretically, they are from Yuuri and Viktor’s perspectives with a song representing each chapter. That being said, I know that you carefully pick the songs for each chapter, so if you don’t want me to move forward with this, I can shut it down. (½)
No, definitely go ahead, I would love to see them!!!
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nikiforoov · 4 years ago
depressed!victor recs pt2
part 1 here
trajectories by skowronek The first time Viktor steps on ice, he hates it. The first time Yuuri steps on ice, he promptly lands on his bum. 
recced by @gwen-chan​
bruises that won’t heal by neurotrophicfactors (wip) No one saw it coming and no one knows why. Victor remains frustratingly tight-lipped on the matter as he passes his days in the hospital dispassionately, becoming increasingly bored until he discovers the presence of his fellow figure skater, Katsuki Yuuri, who was carried off of the ice after collapsing during his free skate at the Grand Prix Final. Together, they forge a close bond and a pact to achieve what feels impossible: living.
recced by @trans-boy-yuri​
splittings by rollsofrice The truth was, there was no way he could be tired: he had already gone through every emotion to its very end.
recced by saltpillars
victor nikiforov by pardonthelitany “What do you need, Victor? ”Victor Nikiforov comes back to St. Petersburg, back to skating, and back to the person he was before all too easily. He is a god amongst men, a reigning hero, an icon, an idol, and he is just so tired.
recced by anon
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naamah-beherit · 4 years ago
Self Rec Challenge
“Fic authors self rec! When you get this, reply with your favorite five fics that you’ve written, then pass on to at least five other writers.” 
Tagged by @amberstarfight - it was awesome, thanks! (also the first time I was working on this post, Tumblr crashed my Firefox right before I was going to submit it, so here’s to hoping it won’t happen again today)
The Pirate and the Sith A kind of an experiment with mixed tenses and a more compact style. Also a kind of a fix-it for the Sith Inquisitor’s story, because KOTFE storyline was shit and it basically killed SW:TOR. Oh, and there’s also Exar Kun. For like one sentence or two, but here’s there, because I love him and he’s always in my SW stories. Always. One-shot.
Shades of Grey The thing with The Black Magician’s Trilogy is that it’s a completely wasted potential. Initially I planned to fix only the romance between two main characters, but as it usually happens with my stories, also this one had taken off in its own direction and in time became a political intrigue with a parallel subplot about the main character dealing with his PTSD. WIP on hiatus.
Drogi wiodące do dna / Tomorrow Turned Into Yesterday Two language version of the same story. A friend of mine asked me to write a story about the Witch-king and I let my imagination loose in this one. Grieving Sauron also found his way into this story. One-shot.
Whence No Traveller Returns The first part in a series centred about my version of the seduction of Mairon (because every Angbang shipper has one). You can expect lots of descriptions, a multitude of headcanons about the Ainur, an intellectual seduction (don’t worry, though; they’ll bang), a non-abusive relationship, careless Melkor, snarky Mairon, and lots of wolves. The series is a WIP.
Trade Your Heroes For Ghosts The most recent shit thing of mine - and as it’s usually with the most recent works, it is also the most satisfactory one. (Then a new one will be written, and it’ll be better, but for now... you know the drill). It’s a canon divergent AU for Yuri on Ice, in which a completely smitten Viktor decided to find Yuuri the next day after the fateful banquet in Sochi, because this man is desperate and lonely and I honestly can’t believe he would willingly let the possibility for happiness split through his fingers. Enter Katsuki Yuuri who doesn’t remember anything... and Vik’s dreams begin to cumble. It was supposed to be short and funny... enter light angst and depression. WIP.
I’m tagging @raisingcain-onceagain, @across-the-cypress-trees, @pardonthelitany, @prackspoor, and @orchids-and-fictional-cities, because you’re all amazing and I love you, so if you don’t know what to do with a few minutes of your time, here’s something to consider.
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