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Halloween time is upon us again and I can’t help but imagine what it might be like in the future when I have a child of my own I can bring trick-or-treating.

Making sure we hit all the relatives we need to, going back and forth on how big a jacket to put on the kid (because it’ll inevitably be cold), going through the candy to make sure their all child-safe, pointing out decorations to the kid to see their reaction, and eventually sending them off on their own with warnings when their old enough.

Just some little fantasies for the future that’ll hopefully come true.


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Does becoming a parent worsen ocd symptoms? That all depends on how you look at it. #OCDvocate #Repost #ocdisaparasite #ocdproblems #RealOCD #obsessivecompulsivedisorder #ocdvideos #compulsive #ocd #parenting #momlife #parentingwithocd #selfhealing #selfrecovery

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Pete the 🐱

Twitter: @TheDadsManual
YouTube: TheDadsManual
Tumblr: TheDadsManual

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We don’t have internet, thanks to the hurricane. My 7 year old, reduced to DirecTV for entertainment is horrified. He keeps asking why there are so many commercials. He also keeps asking if I am sure we can’t use YouTube, Hulu, Disney+ or Netflix. He legitimately did not believe we could not play Fortnite.

I explained that, back in my day, we had to change the channels to see what was on. We didn’t even have a DVR. I am pretty sure he thinks I am lying. 😆

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I dreamed Jinkies got out and I saw her get hit by a car.

I’ve seen it before. Years ago I was driving to the gym - I joined a gym! - and I saw a black cat try to run across the road and he got hit right in front of me. I stopped my car and blocked traffic while I wrapped him in my sweatshirt and took him to the vet.

He died there.

I remember all the cars honking at me to get out of the way. Not the one who hit the cat, that fucker just drove away.

So it was nice when I got to see it again, only this time it was my cat, and it was my kids who let her out.

I’d like to go back to sleep but it’s after six so it’s probably just smarter to get up.

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Perfect motivation

Sometimes I seek the moment of perfect motivation.

I sit there and wait for it.

I tell myself just one minute and it will come.

But deep down I know it won’t.

It will all get worse.

And I’m just scared of the undone things.

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Things that make me happy

1. The smell of the kher you make. It turns the hungry Caterpillars inside my stomach to fat butterflies.

2. The warm hugs you give in summer afternoons.You keep the temperature just right.

3. The chicken curry on the nights when I come home after months (or even after 2 weeks).

4. The shared kisses on video calls and the filters I use.

5. You feeding me on afternoons and at dinner or at any time I find you free ( In my twenties and I am not embarrassed ).

6. All of YOU.

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Aproveita o Black November e leve o Manual Reciclagem Divertida por somente R$10,00.

Link na Bio.

Uma super chance para você ter em mãos dezenas de receitas ilustradas de brinquedos feitos com lixo doméstico.

#criativa #criatividade
#brincadeira #baixocusto
#escola #brincante #brincar #paisefilhos #maternidade #paternidade #parenting #toy #juguete

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