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#flashbackfriday from Day 58 of #the100dayproject2020 .
It was also a wadding anniversary of my partents.
Just made the rain work to make the background for this very special portarait.
#fbf Giorno 58 del #the100dayproject .
Il 3 giugno ha compiuto 40 anni la copia che mi ha portata in questo mondo. Grazie mamma e papà!
Uno sfondo creato dalla pioggia per un ritratto speciale di una persona speciale.
#машинавремени : День 58 100-дневного арт проекта #100dayofsurrealmemories .
3 июня был также юбилей бракосочитания моих родиетелей.
Фон для этого особого портрета написала сама природа каплями дождя.

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I think that’s a good way to think about relationships and their health. Do you feel like an “us”? Are you working together as a team, or are you constantly trying to push your own agenda against their’s? 

And I think this applies not just with relationships with significant others, but relationships in general. 

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I used to wish I’d never known you.

That you abandoned us when we were young,

That you spared us from your tyranny and pride,

That you never had a chance to cause us pain.

But now

I realize it was a blessing to know you,

And I’m glad for each and every thing you put me through.

Because I was born with your pride,

And your need for control,

And if I had never known you,

I might have been you.

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On False Support Systems

I am a tightrope walker, and my parents are the ringleaders. They say, “If you ever feel unsafe during your act, let us know, and we’ll put some safety measures in place.”

So I say, “I feel unsafe. Can you put up a net under the tightrope?”

They get mad. “But there’s already a net!”

“But it’s on the ground. That won’t help.”

When I fall and break my neck, they tell me it’s my fault. “We put up a net,” they say, “but we can’t do everything for you. We won’t always be there to help you.”

“You aren’t there now,” I want to tell them, but my neck is broken, and I can’t waste my energy trying to talk.

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The first time I saw you. I cannot explained what I felt when you gaze into my eyes. Your beautiful smile mesmerizes me. Slowly you reached for my hand and held them. I felt your soft hands gently on my cheeks. It was the warmest touch. Then you whispered to my ear saying “ I Love You”. The sweetest words I have heard.

In that moment I felt this LOVE they’ve been talking about. I felt safe and secure. It made me happy. This love comforted me in times of difficulties. This love inspired me to become a better person.

But then you suddenly change. I cannot understand why you have to change. I thought I was enough for you. Everything is different now. Your sweet smile turned into gloomy lips. Your soft hands weren’t gentle as they were. This love they’ve been talking about is not true at all.

You broke my heart. You left me when I needed you the most. I wanted to do a lot of things with you. But you gave up because you cannot take it anymore. You’ve hurted me for leaving so early. Because I was not able to tell you I love you.

I miss you everyday.


Prompt #2

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I’m so tired of my dad implying that me eating a little too much, whether it’s cause I’m really depressed or I haven’t eaten all day (which is what I do a lot), is making me fat


Me: *is a lil chubby* *tries not to hate my body*

My dad: *is fat* (not to be rude or anything, it’s just true)

Me: *has a little too much to eat* *likes ice cream a lot* *just likes food in general*

My dad: *makes thinly veiled comments abt how I shouldn’t be eating that much cause I’ll get fat*

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