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No problem. Thanks again, Bee😁💕

Hmmm… I can’t choose which incarnation to use so I guess this can be for bayverse turts and 2003,2007,2012 turtles

  • Leo:
  • He would be against it
  • But if his s/o can talk him into it, he’d allow it
  • He’d be the one to want to stay off the rides but would ride them anyway to prove to Raph that he wasn’t afraid of them
  • He’d later regret it though
  • His stomach doesn’t agree with really fast rides
  • He’d try not to puke
  • Will not ride anything that fast ever again
  • He’s not much of a game player, but he comes across something that he know they’d like he’ll try to win it for them
  • One ride he’d be most anxious to ride is the Tunnel of Love
  • Sure he rode some rides with his s/o but this one was supposed to be romantic
  • When it’s dark, he’ll kiss them long and slow until they reach the end of the tunnel
  • Raph:
  • He’d take the offer
  • He’d want to ride the fastest roller coasters
  • He wouldn’t regret nothing, whether he pukes or not
  • That was the most awesome rush of adrenaline
  • He’d eat mostly hot dogs with jalapeño/something spicy and share a cotton candy with his s/o
  • He’d most likely would win the Test your Strength game and win the prizes
  • If he wants to have a moment alone with his s/o he probably take them to a scary haunted house
  • He’d assure them that he’ll protect them, and that there’s nothing to be afraid of
  • He’d freak out at the giant spiders or any other big bugs, though
  • Donnie:
  • He’d go if everyone else is going
  • He’d much rather stay, but his s/o wants him to come
  • He can’t say no to them
  • He’d be the one to not want to go on roller coasters
  • He might go ride The Slingshot or The Pendulum, though, if they can sweet talk him
  • He’d “try” to win a prize, but then figures out how to win the games the second try
  • His favorite food would probably be the funnel cakes
  • Next favorite is cotton candy
  • He’d be having quite the sweet tooth
  • And probably would be going home with a stomach ache
  • But he’d think it was worth it
  • Mikey:
  • He’s on board for going
  • He’d be the first one to say that he’s going
  • He’d be so hyper from the time they leave till they get there
  • He wouldn’t know which rides to try first
  • Or which foods to try first
  • He’s gonna want to try everything all at once
  • He’d ride a certain ride a few times and move on to the next
  • Afterward, he’ll eat whatever sounds good to him
  • He’d order another round of whatever he chooses
  • He’d ask his s/o if they’d like to split something
  • He doesn’t mind
  • When he finds the games, he’s going to play them, and try to win them something special
  • But if he doesn’t, they’d let him know that he is the best thing they could ever get
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alternative text: Two simple pen and ink drawings. The first, a tree the trunk and branches are outlined with a thin black line and the leaves are represented with thicker black dots and dashes. The second, two park benches sit right next to each other. The right going out of frame slightly overlaps the other. Both are drawn in thin black lines.

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