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btsaudge · 7 hours ago
Jimin said tits out for the last show
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ressjeon · 2 days ago
boo..yah! | pjm (m.)
Tumblr media
pairing : fratboy!jimin x fem!reader
summary : you’ve been hoping that Taehyung will get the message when you keep on ignoring him for months now but what if his very inviting best friend offers something that will for sure relay your answer?
rating : 18+
genre : college!au, friends to lovers? (not really), pwp-ish?, smut, halloween party!au
word count : 7k
warnings : crude language, explicit sexual content, alcohol consumption, voyeurism, exhibitionism (on the balcony yolo), fingering, spanking, hair pulling, pussy and breasts fondling, protected sex (cuz it’s a must), consensual drunk sex (they’re only buzzed), Jimin is a demon so don’t be fooled, also some It spoilers ig 🤷🏻‍♀️
a/n: we’re finally back after 3 months so pls excuse my writing lmao 😭. it’s very late but this is for the Jimin's Sunset Spooktober event hosted by my lovelies @opaljm​, @chateautae​ & @jamaisjoons​. thank you @knjsnoona​ & @balenciaguks​ for this sexy banner 🤤 and to @taegularities​​ for letting me write this ilysm <3
Tumblr media
― prequel to “Hot Boy Summer"
Tumblr media
You roll your eyes as you enter the frat house after hearing that participating in the frat's Halloween games is a requirement for free booze. If you didn't want to be pissed drunk tonight you would've left this party at once.
But one of the frat's higher-ups, Kim Seokjin insisted on it since he organized the events for the night. Each person who enters the house must pick an activity to do, whether it's playing with ouija boards, actually going to a haunted house near the cemetery for hide and seek, watching a scary movie, etc.
And since you're a fucking pussy you pick the movie marathon since it’s the safest one. It's cold outside and you don't wanna trudge with your white pumps in the woods even if you’re wearing black thigh socks, plus you’ll get the first choice on which booze you wanna start drinking while watching.
Sitting down on one of the side couches in front of the flat screen tv, you wonder how much money this frat has to have expensive belongings. Well, they do a lot of charity events but you know it's because its members are mostly rich boys so you're not surprised at all.
A newly initiated frat boy who's in charge of this activity started the movie for the night, It. Though you usually don't like horror movies, you've been hearing great things about this one from everyone around you so you actually want to give it a try and you’re not alone while watching it so why not. 
There's only a few of you who stayed inside the frat house to watch so you don’t expect to see who situated himself on the opposite couch in front of you,
Kim Taehyung.
The frat's resident fuckboy that you've been avoiding for months. You look away when your eyes meet, turning to the TV to focus on the movie instead. You can feel him staring at you from your peripheral view but you get distracted when you get a whiff of someone with a faint floral scent, the look of surprise etches on your face to see the person who plops beside you,
Park Jimin, the fuckboy's best friend or soulmate as Taehyung calls him playfully.
He looks damn good with his white shirt and oversized blue mohair cardigan, paired with tight black jeans that accentuate his thick thighs. Jimin runs his hand through his ash blonde hair as he smiles at you.
"why aren't you dressed?"
"i am?"
"i mean a costume"
"i don't need one angel"
He’s right since he looks like one tonight in comparison to his demonic best friend but you've heard the rumours, of course, he's a fuckboy too like the rest of his friends. 
Some girl in a sexy nurse costume catches your eye when she sits beside Taehyung, breaking his focus on you. This shouldn't bother you at all but it somehow did cause he could've sat beside you earlier but he didn't. You have no idea why he's even here since exploring the haunted house is more of his go-to activity.
"why with a skirt y/n? you could've been like those bunny girls"
Jimin teases while gesturing at a group of girls with bunny suits posing for pictures at the corner and you snicker, dismissing his attempt to divert your attention. You ignore him so he wordlessly reclines on the side behind you after, gradually laying his whole body on the couch, a silent message to everyone else that the couch is now fully occupied by the both of you.
The movie's almost halfway done and you're perplexed that you didn't notice since you are genuinely interested in it. Maybe because you can't focus because Taehyung is in front of you with a girl and his gorgeous best friend is behind you, so maybe.
“your hair’s tickling my nose”
You scoff at Jimin's whining though it's quite cute for him to complain about your hair. Every time Pennywise comes out, your body moves back in instinct so you bring the rest of your hair in front of you, realizing only then that you just gave Jimin the chance to seduce you now that you can feel his breath against your skin.
He blows a breath and chuckles when he sees your back squirming as you try to straighten your back, moving your body forward until you lean back again when another jump scare scene comes on. You can feel the pendant of his necklace grazing the exposed skin of your upper back when he sits up, his left hand holds your waist to stop your whole body from hitting his face.
An embarrassed giggle comes out from you as you try to sit back forwards but Jimin’s hold on you just tightens, your attention now fully on him than the movie. He’s closer with how you can feel more of his breath, and something inside you wants to lean back further to test it out.
He doesn’t do anything after you lean back a bit and you can sense that he is about to remove his hand from your waist so you spread your legs a little, your right thigh now touching Jimin’s right hand. If that isn’t your signal for him to do something then―
Your eyes widen when his hand that’s holding your waist drops down to grip your exposed thigh just above your thigh socks, shuddering a bit when he starts running his knuckles against your skin, letting you feel the three rings that are adorning his fingers.
Jimin chuckles again behind you after noticing you taking deep breaths as he continues in his ministrations, your eyes closing while your legs are unconsciously spreading wider. Then his hand moves closer and closer to your inner thighs only to retract it and shift his body to grab a bottle of Green Apple Smirnoff from the table.
You snap your eyes open, directly meeting Taehyung’s eyes in front of you before his eyes look down on your legs while running his tongue on his bottom lip. He’s always been an observant one so this made you grab the large cushion and place it between your legs, obscuring his view. He immediately looks up to meet your eyes, no shame in them as you expected.
“That scared of the movie y/n?”
Taehyung teases you with a cocky smile after he recovers, making you scoff and look away when his lips quirk even more before turning his attention to the girl beside him although you can clearly tell that he's not paying attention to her. 
Jimin returns to his position behind you but he doesn't lie back down and instead he puts his now cold hand back on your thigh, thanks to the iced cup of vodka that he was just holding. You squirm immediately at the cold touch, trying to close your legs but his grip tightens instead, the cold metal of his rings digging into your skin.
You don’t want to be obvious to everyone else how Jimin’s affecting you so you sit up and grab a cup of booze, hoping to calm down. But Jimin suddenly blows out a breath on your nape before leaving a peck on it, wrapping his other arm on your waist to pull you closer to him, his arms under your breasts pushing them up.
“Jimin! I almost spilled my drink, stop distracting me” you hiss to cover your embarrassment and pinches his arm that’s holding your waist in retaliation but the motherfucker just chuckles and places his chin on your right shoulder.
"am i angel? sorry" he coyly responds before nuzzling the side of your neck below your bow tie collar, his left hand finally creeping into your inner thighs, cold tips of his fingers nudging the lining of the crotch area of your bunny suit but not pushing it aside.
You wait for a bit to see if he will eventually but he still doesn’t. Your body jerks when two of his fingers start tracing along your slit through the thin fabric of your costume. Jimin continues stroking your folds, starting from the base until he goes up to press the pads of his fingers on your clit. He starts rubbing on it in circles, while his right hand caresses your arms.
“fuck you Jimin” you curse at him quietly, though your voice came out shaky as you try to calm your breathing.
“that’s what you want right?” he whispers beside your ear, his breath fanning on your skin and you can't help but tilt your head sideways at the sensation, your eyes glancing on the TV, bringing back your senses a bit that you’re currently on a frat’s Halloween movie marathon.
Jimin presses his fingers more and you only hum as an answer, doing your best to not moan out loud when he dips one finger through the fabric slightly, causing you to jerk and almost drop the cushion that you're holding.
“want my fingers?” he continues and starts kissing your shoulder, emphasizing his question now by flicking your swollen bud.
You don't wanna beg but you also know he won't do anything unless you do. He's the biggest tease you've ever met just like his best friend. fuck this.
“fine, please” you plead breathlessly, your eyes refusing the pull to look back at someone's stare in front of you. You feel Jimin's smile against your skin at your begging and for a second you forget that there are people around you because of his non-stop ministrations.
You know Taehyung’s been observing you and Jimin this whole time so you’ve been trying to maintain a neutral face as much as you can. Though it’s becoming very hard when Jimin finally pushes the lining of your bunny suit to the side, your embarrassingly wet folds welcoming the cold touch of his fingers.
“so..wet..damn you’re not even wearing anything under”
He comments in surprise and goes back to tracing your bare pussy lips, his touches even more intense now that you can feel his fingers directly. You wonder if he wants you to beg again for him to do what you want. Then your eyes turn to Taehyung just as Jimin plunges two of his fingers inside your pussy, earning a gasp from you, your mouth opening slightly at the intrusion. 
You can’t help but shut your eyes, dropping your head on top of the cushion when Jimin starts moving his fingers slowly, the edge of the thick ring on his index finger stopping the other from going deeper. He chuckles a little after sensing your frustration, not surprised when you grip his wrist to urge him to go faster.
But the demon just removes his fingers totally, making you whimper in annoyance and you slap his arm before letting out an exasperated sigh.
“It’s definitely Bill’s fault that Georgie died” you lift your head instantly to turn at another frat member who’s sitting on the back couch facing the tv, scoffing at his ridiculous comment about the character that you like.
“No, it’s the fucking clown’s fault” you hiss, still annoyed at Jimin who’s been caressing your thigh even though you keep shrugging his hand off of your leg. If he doesn’t wanna fuck you he never should’ve started touching you in the first place.
“Yeah, it’s not Bill’s fault that the clown was hungry” Jimin responds in a woozy way and nuzzles you while trying to nudge him off. 
Others would think that both of you are just bantering each other with no malice. Him being this close to you looks normal since he’s known to be very affectionate and you both are not exactly strangers so this is basically Jimin being Jimin with his so-called other friends.
“Still is, cuz he didn’t follow his little brother to make sure he’s safe” the deep voice who added a reply surprises you, you don’t expect Taehyung to join the argument. But then he could just be teasing you just like his fucking best friend who still tries to pacify your irritation.
“He didn’t know that there would be a clown in the sewers so NO” you fire back, glaring at Taehyung and he just smirks at you with those knowing eyes as he leans back on the couch, putting his arm on that pretty girl beside him. You resist the urge to roll your eyes at the scene in front of you because no, you’re not jealous.
Jimin tries to get your attention back by tugging the edge of your thigh socks but you elbow him so his hand goes straight into your bare pussy, not touching you directly but pressing the square gem of his ring on your clit and rubbing it in circles immediately. He doesn't give you a chance to process what just happened before he pushes one finger in, followed by the second one though he's focusing more on pressing the gem ring harder on your clit.
You bit your lip to stop a squeal coming out of your mouth from the sudden pleasure, the cold feeling of his ring against your swollen bud making your legs tremble, his fingers stroking your insides shallowly. He’s back to puffing breaths on your nape, his other hand occasionally coming up to tug your bow tie collar before playing with your hair that adds to the forming knot on your lower abdomen.
He just laughs a little hearing you curse, enjoying how his touches are affecting you. You're damn struggling to keep quiet, clutching the cushion closer to your chest to cover both your flustered face and Jimin’s hands under your skirt but he’s barely doing anything not to be obvious on what the both of you have been doing.
Thank goodness that the lights are off so the only light on the entire living room is from the TV...
You’re so so close and you don’t even realize that you’ve been moving your hips to meet his fingers until Jimin holds your waist to stop you right when you’re about to cum. 
A surprised gasp comes out from you when he’s pulling out his fingers, your approaching climax receding at what he just did. You dig your nails unto Jimin’s forearm as a plea to put his finger back in your pussy, a whine almost leaving your mouth but you pause when you feel his face beside your ear.
"balcony" he whispers teasingly, biting your earlobe before he gets up from behind you, saying an excuse to get some air and everyone just nods except for Taehyung, who has been looking at you more intently than before. You know that he’s aware of what just happened, it’s his best friend of course and they both have the same hobbies.
Jimin brings his fingers to lick your arousal off in his mouth and you swear that it’s one of the hottest things that you’ve ever seen, add the way he’s looking at you while he’s at it before finishing his cup, his wink and teasing smile making it harder for you to concentrate on regulating your breathing. 
He leaves after and you follow his figure as he leaves the living room until he disappears from your sight when he turns a corner, probably towards the balcony. This is it you should leave now and forget this ever happened even if Taehyung knows. You can just lie and leave Jimin hanging in there. Is he really gonna wait for you though? Won’t he just fuck some random girl instead if you don't show up?
Hurriedly finishing your own cup to fix yourself, your eyes go back to Taehyung who’s getting up with that girl who latches onto his arm. The movie just ended so everyone is now getting up to go do other activities but you didn’t even care about it because you’re torn with Jimin’s proposition and with what you’re seeing right now. 
Taehyung’s lips quirk at your eyes on them but you scoff at his attempt to make you jealous.
You truly wanna know if the rumours are true. If Jimin’s really more of a fuckboy than Taehyung so that's why you find your legs walking towards the direction of the balcony, sliding the door open to see Jimin already leaning on the railing, a smug smile on his angelic face.
It must be the alcohol that you just consumed because he’s looking extra hot tonight, even with the dim light from the outdoor balcony lamp, the lack of full light doesn’t change his whole inviting look and you really want to kiss him until you remember how he delayed your orgasm earlier.
"bold of you to assume i'll let you fuck me after what you just pulled"
"You won't be here if you really don't want to, would you?" 
He's got a point but the frown on your face is still apparent.
"I don't even know why i came here"
While waiting earlier, Jimin contemplates if you’re going to follow him with what he did but you’ve been dying for a release so his smile widened after seeing your silhouette approaching the balcony door. There’s an urge in him that suddenly wants to tease you even more but he stops himself as soon as he sees a frown on your pretty face, replacing the hungry look that you had just seconds ago.
"’m sorry~" 
He teases with a whine while standing up wobbly from the railings and for a second you thought that he’s drunker than you.
And then you see the stupid smirk on his face as he takes off his blue cardigan while approaching you, tossing it on one of the outdoor chairs, followed by his white shirt that reveals his defined abs and the NEVERMIND tattoo on his rib.
You lick your lower lip, suddenly having the urge to touch his tattoo which didn’t go unnoticed by Jimin.
"shut up, you annoyed me" you glare at him but he knows that you don't really mean it like his apology.
"wow do you want me to say sorry?" he whispers when he comes near, eyes fixed  on your lips down to your breasts, shameless as always like his best friend.
"by letting me ride you" 
"demanding much" 
He playfully pouts with that fake hurt in his voice that you almost tell him off until he suddenly cages you in his arms, his beautiful lips now grinning at you.
"why are you–"
"have fun sometimes y/n"
You figure out what he's trying to do but you're hoping to ride him since you're annoyed at what he did but then he denied your orgasm already so you don’t protest when he drags you towards the railings.
"you're crazy"
"it's more fun to fuck you this way"
If you were totally sober, you would never agree to something as scandalous as this but the alcohol in your veins is making you feel adventurous for once. A hot guy offering to fuck you in public? Especially the Park Jimin so why not?
And so you start pushing down your creamy white skirt, revealing the rest of your one-piece tube bunny suit to Jimin's hungry eyes.
He drops his head to your neck at once and starts kissing every inch of your skin that he can reach, feeling him smirk when you let out a small whimper after he finds that sensitive spot on your neck.
Jimin's hands go busy while he continues to suck on that spot, roaming around your body until he reaches the top of your tube and pulls it down. You whine at the sudden cold on your sensitive nipples due to the cold breeze but his eager hands are immediately on them, kneading them roughly.
"Jimin..wait" you breathlessly call his name before you get more distracted with his touches.
"hmm? fuck you have amazing tits" he groans, too distracted from gawking at your breasts and nipping your neck to hear you. He tweaks a nipple, earning another whine from you that you actually push his chest a bit to focus on what you were going to say.
"Back pocket.." he moans against your neck and you gasp when he doesn't stop fondling your breasts while he slowly grinds himself against your still-clothed body.
You quickly reach into the back pocket of his black jeans to fish out the foiled package, bringing it to your mouth but Jimin grabs your neck as he kisses the side of your jaw, his mouth moving closer to your lips.
Jimin releases you after you push his shoulder lightly, the questioning looks apparent in his blown out pupils staring at you.
"do you want this?" you ask and you don’t miss the surprised expression on his handsome face. You both may have a high tolerance when it comes to alcohol but you still want to make sure that you both want this to happen.
He nods before kissing you on your lips for the first time, his pillow-like lips making you dizzy with want and you kiss him back with more hunger. Your hands came up to grab a handful of his hair, a moan coming out from his mouth through your kisses that made you smile.
So he likes that.
You release his lips before he can deepen the kiss more, grabbing the hem of his black pants and Jimin gets the signal instantly. He starts fumbling his belt, pulling down his tight black jeans along with his boxers off his legs while you step out from your white pumps and lift one of your legs to start pulling down your thigh socks.
"You pervert" you glare and he just winks in return.
Your eyes roam his fully naked body in front of your eyes, biting your lip when you see how hard his dick is already, beads of precum coating on its red tip as he starts stroking his dick while slowly approaching you.
Jimin watches you rip the edge of the foil packet and he thinks how fucking hot you look while doing it, he always loves it when his partner does this, it’s like a treat to him since it’s way better than putting it himself. 
"may I?"
Your lips quirk at his request as you put on the condom on his hard dick, running your hand down to give it a full squeeze while your other hand pinches the top to secure it in place.
"fuck..i can't wait anymore" he groans and suddenly turns you around, bending you against the railing immediately.
He didn’t wait for you to undress fully, pinning you on the railings with his body this close to you and you don’t think that you can wear a bunny costume again anytime soon or even look at one without remembering him or this night.
You gasp when the tips of your nipples brush the cold edge of the railing, sending shivers down your spine. You can feel Jimin's hands roaming around your body, kneading up both of your ass cheeks, the familiar cold feeling from the rings of his fingers.
He moves the part of the bunny suit that's covering your pussy to the side and you whine once again at the cold feeling of the air hitting your wet core. His hands leave yours so you turn around, ready to chastise him but you see him removing his thick rings so you turn back in front, only realizing the number of people that can see the both of you in this angle from the balcony.
"shit.." you moan needily when you finally feel his full fingers in your pussy, the cold feeling of his fingers making you clench around them, even more so when he adds a third finger, sighing in relief when they reach deeper now because he's trying to prep you.
It's not long before the tip of his dick replaces his fingers on your core as he lines up, both his hands sliding back to your hips and you needily push back which makes him chuckle a little.
"ready to show Taehyung how you say no?" he asks with that playful tone again and you grit your teeth, missing the rest of what he just said because your only focus is the feeling of his cock slowly entering you.
Though Jimin hasn’t seen his best friend yet, he knows that Taehyung will be lingering around based on the way he was looking at you and him inside the living room earlier. He grins after hearing you moan loudly when he fully rams in, not letting you adjust to his size as he starts pounding into you roughly.
You've been sensitive already because of his teasing earlier and the way he's roughly fucking you right now makes you forget that you’re at the balcony of his frat house and that makes you clench more than usual, eliciting louder moans from him each time you do it.
"fuck you're tight.." he moans and grips your hips more, his fingers digging into your skin when he grasps you and you're loving the feeling of it, especially from his hand where his rings are still on.
Even with the alcohol that he just drank, Jimin's pace hasn't wavered to the point that your bunny ears fall from your head to the ground below the frat house. You don't really bother anyway since you're focusing on tightly holding the railings for dear life, your mind only thinking of how good Jimin is fucking your right now because you’re more than impressed.
You open your eyes when he finds that spot but the moan that was going to come out of your mouth falters when you meet Taehyung’s eyes looking at you from below. He’s holding your bunny ears in his hand, his mouth going agape while watching you getting railed by his best friend when he’s about to go back to the frat house. You clench hard while looking at his surprised eyes though you can’t quite tell if there’s something else swimming in them.
And Jimin noticed of course.
"You love to be fucked like a bunny right?" he chuckles and you just squeeze him harder without answering.
A surprised squeal comes out from you when you feel the palm of his ring-clad hand on your ass, moaning at the sting of it and you want more.
"Right?" he swats his other hand to your other cheek, earning a louder moan from you which makes him laugh like a maniac, enjoying how your reddening ass jiggles against his hands.
"that's why you dressed as one, taunting me and to make him jealous" 
"n-no, i didn't–fuckkk" 
You try to deny his assumptions but you just can’t help moaning even loudly when he angles himself to keep hitting that spot inside you, prompting you to place your mouth against your forearm to muffle your moans.
“Liar, you saw Taehyung didn’t you?” Jimin teases you again and slower’s his pace, preventing you from reaching your high and you’re very tempted now to just fuck back against his cock.
A frustrated whine comes out from you when he further slows his pace and Jimin loves hearing it. He initially wants you to cum after teasing you earlier but after seeing Taehyung emerge and walk back towards the front of the house, he quickly changed his initial plan.
There are many reasons why he and Taehyung are best friends, and that includes how freaky they are when it comes to this.
“Jimin..” you moan needily, your voice shaky and that gets his attention back to you.
He can’t believe he’s fucking you now, you have a special disdain for fratboys like him mainly because of his best friend who always finds ways to get you to notice him. Jimin sees Taehyung sitting by the log with that sexy nurse girl beside him from earlier but he notices his eyes are solely only on you and him, a smirk appears on his face.
“Jimin..please..i can’t-” you try again and you sound like you’re on the verge of crying.
Your mouth leaves from biting your forearm and look up to part the hair that’s covering your face, one of your hands leaving the railing to reach for your clit but Jimin quickly swifts your hand away and stops his hips, making you stomp on your feet in annoyance at another denial.
“people are watching~”
He coos and you're so close to begging him again, why is he stopping now when you’re both this close already? You know that people will eventually notice the two of you but you don't find it in you to mind. You don't even care if he never shuts up after this, you just want your release.
“i don’t care, make me cum please”
You whine and reach back to grab the side of his hips, your shaky hands slipping down to pull on one of his juicy ass cheeks to continue fucking you. Jimin chuckles at your desperate move before letting out a gasp at the touch of your cuffs on his delicate skin, its sensation urging him to move so he starts again, fast like before, gripping your hips tightly as he speeds up his thrusts.
Jimin spanks you again and you toss your head back, seeing the girl beside Taehyung trying to bring back his attention to her and you grin when you watch as he struggles to be discreet on watching you and Jimin, his eyes alternating in looking down at anything and looking up at you so the girl won’t notice.
"show him y/n, come on. this is your answer to him right?"
Your heart stops at what Jimin just said, your mind goes hazy with his question and like you’re hypnotized with his voice, you start rolling your hips back on his dick while staring at Taehyung. 
“it’s not..fuck!” you shriek when you feel the pads of his fingers on your clit, rubbing the swollen bud rapidly.
Jimin sees Taehyung walk closer to watch both of you and he’s been wanting to test a theory. He’s been bugging Taehyung for months now if he really likes you but he won’t give him an answer. 
“no point in lying y/n, you keep gripping my cock hard when you do”
“i-i’m not..ahh shit”
“look into his eyes while i fuck you, if you close your eyes i’ll stop hmm?”
You’re not even sure how he’ll find out if you close your eyes but something inside you wants to obey, too afraid that he’s going to deny your orgasm again. Your eyes pierce through Taehyung’s while Jimin continues to fuck you but the pleasure is becoming too good when your high's nearing so you close your eyes. 
Jimin notices this and pulls your hair up to make sure you're looking at Taehyung. When he knows that you’re back on following what he said, he releases your hair so you can bend your head a little, eyes still on Taehyung of course. He sees the girl beside his best friend noticing what he's been looking at and she makes a commotion of seeing people fucking at the balcony and when their eyes meet, he just winks at her which made her even more surprised. 
You start hearing some whistles and cheers from people below and for a second you're worried about the current situation until you notice that no one can tell that it's you because of your dishevelled hair and because you've been covering your face with your arms this entire time.
"don't worry, no one has their phone out though i don't mind if they do"
You're not surprised by what Jimin just said, you feel him twitch inside you when the whistles keep on increasing. He clearly loves the attention he's getting from being this wild to fuck someone in front of other people's eyes.
The balcony has no proper lighting as well, just dim lighting from the street lights and the moon so people won't realize which bunny girl Jimin is currently fucking, some of them gradually giving up on watching you both. Not that it's any of their business but the way none of them are even shocked that he would do something like this makes you somehow giddy. You may be buzzed but this is certainly better than the sober fucks that you had in a while.
“I’m close..fuck..Jimin-” you cry when one of his hands leaves your hips to grab your hair, pulling your head back up to see Taehyung watching you both, his hands clutching your bunny ears tightly in his hands. This added to the pressure on your lower stomach, your breathing getting more laboured because of the bow-tie collar on your neck.
“fuckfuckfuck..” you cry as you reach your high, whining when Jimin keeps thrusting so hard because of the oversensitivity you’re starting to feel. He releases your hair and returns them on your hips, one of his hands reaching higher to squeeze your left tit, making you gasp loudly when his rings brush your perked nipples.
"tight., holyshit" he moans loudly when he reaches his, spilling his cum into the condom while he continues to thrust his dick sloppily against your swollen walls as he rides his high. Jimin bends his body to leave wet kisses along your shoulders and upper back, his right hand grasping the railings beside yours while his other hand continues to fondle your breasts.
It's only when you whimper again and slightly push his lower abdomen off of you that he releases you, pulling his softening cock out from your soaked pussy. He hisses at that and you smile with content, turning around to hit him for making you do that in front of Taehyung.
“what the fuck Jimin”
“what? you like it anyways”
He winks and runs one hand through his sweaty hair, a habit of his that you find really hot when he does it. He’s not wrong though so you give one last punch to his chest playfully before you take a glance in front, certainly not looking for someone.
“still looking for him?”
“no, he probably left to fuck someone”
He laughs as he shakes his head while discarding the condom to the nearby trash bin, pulling up his boxers and black jeans to tuck himself back and walks to one of the stacking chairs to pick up his white shirt and cardigan.
Now that your highs are wearing off, the cold from the Fall breeze is creeping up your almost naked figure, your skimpy suit not helping. You’re shivering as you pick up your crumpled skirt from the ground while struggling to clasp back the strap of your ankle pump heels but then you see Jimin’s hand with his blue cardigan in front of you.
"but you're gonna be cold!"
"someone warmed me up already" he winks before walking to open the balcony door, waiting for you to follow him inside.
You put on his fluffy cardigan, thankful for the temporary warmth it gives as you walk back into the frat house. He redirects you to another bathroom that’s exclusive to the fratboys living at the house so you can clean up in peace without people disturbing you, you’re sure the others are occupied already.
Not wasting more time, you immediately clean yourself, taking off your entire bunny suit to rinse its crotch area since it soaked from your arousal. You hear some people arguing and only when you lean against the door to listen closely do you recognize that it’s Taehyung and Jimin.
"you looked annoyed Tae"
Jimin grins with mischief when he sees his loving best friend fuming while walking up closer to him.
"shut the fuck up Jimin, where is she?" Taehyung demands, eyebrows furrowing while staring down at him and Jimin is very sure now of his theory about what his best friend feels for you. Taehyung didn’t use his nickname on him so Jimin knows that he’s being serious, his smile widens.
"admit you like her first before i tell you, you've been antsy"
"i just didn't have any pussy yet that's why”
"or because i fucked y/n in front of you"
Jimin teases again and walks closer to the door where you’re currently in, intentionally staying outside the bathroom door so you can hear their conversation. He sees the conflict crossing Taehyung’s face, mixed with annoyance that he can confirm as jealousy.
"oh fuck off, fine i like her!" 
The confession causes a flutter in your heart and more confusion in your mind because there’s no way a fuckboy like Taehyung would have a genuine interest in you. He must be bluffing with some petty jealousy that you slept with Jimin and not with him tonight.
"shit, sorry Tae"
As much as Jimin’s a little shit for messing around, he actually feels bad for doing so now that Taehyung admitted his true feelings towards you even if he’s nothing at fault. But he sighs in relief after a mischievous smile cracks on his best friend’s face, looking at him with satisfaction.
"nah man it's fine, it was so fucking hot"
“i knew it”
You clench unconsciously at the thought of Taehyung finding the view of you getting fucked so hot. You’re not gonna deny that your heart actually stopped a little earlier at the thought of possibly causing a rift between him and Jimin but then you backtracked since it couldn’t be that serious with how they are, surely those two have fucked the same people before.
"she's in there btw"
You immediately scramble towards the sink to turn on the faucet after Jimin reveals where you are, conscious that they’re directly outside the door now. You did some final retouch before opening the door, finding them both waiting for you. Jimin still has that smirk on his face while Taehyung looks at you with want.
"here, thank you Jimin" you hand him his fluffy cardigan and you eye him slyly with a knowing smile, obvious on the intention of the gratitude more than just the cardigan,
For the good fucking, and of course, he gets it.
"no, thank you angel" he bites his lower lip, winking at you and you hear Taehyung scoff beside him, crossing his arms over his chest, his scowl still apparent.
"i'll leave you two to talk, see you around y/n"
Jimin struts away from you and Taehyung after, probably looking for another fuck or drink because he certainly doesn’t look like he’s buzzed enough. Your eyes follow his figure until he’s out of sight to further delay your attention to the person who stayed with you.
Fuck Jimin for planning this sneakily, you should’ve known better.
"thanks for the show"
You turn to the owner of that fucking husky voice who’s also been looking at you with unclear eyes since the beginning of the night and you’re still not sure if it's because he’s masking his jealousy with cockiness or what.
"and you enjoyed it, didn't you?" you challenge, raising your chin to level your eye against his.
"i did" he whispers as he comes closer, not straying his eyes from yours and you almost miss that he’s planning to cage you against the door so you put both of your hands on his broad chest to stop him from doing so.
"not so fast, Kim Taehyung" his jaw clenches as he breaks his stare from you before stepping back further so you can make your exit but his words make you stop in your tracks and turn to him.
"one day y/n," he says with full determination, his eyes looking back at you this time like they want to say something more but Taehyung opens his bedroom door before you can reply to him.
You want nothing else but to kiss him earlier but you know you can't until you'll know for sure if he truly likes you. Taehyung never left your mind that whole night when you’re trying to sleep, even the next day when you’re a bit drowsy still from drinking the night before.
What happened that Halloween becomes the talk of the campus for the whole week and while you’re still occupied whether to believe Taehyung’s confession or not, he confuses you even more now when you see a new girl in his arms while walking across the same path as you are, so much for liking you.
He doesn’t notice you even though you’re almost crossing paths but you’re looking at him the entire time, watching his face frowning while listening to the girl who’s been explaining something animatedly under his shoulders. 
A small giggle leaves your lips after finding out why, hearing their conversation lifts up your mood at least since she’s talking about how Park Jimin fucked one of those bunny girls like a madman on the balcony with everyone around on Halloween Night.
And it amuses you, even more, to hear how everyone's so curious about who is it, smirking to yourself because no one knows that it's you except Taehyung.
Tumblr media
a/n: i’m still drowsy so it’s unedited and Tumblr’s being a bitch with the formatting so i’ll tag people later ✌️
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loverjimin · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I used to be like “I’m in love with him” as a joke but guys I don’t think it’s a joke anymore..🥺
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kookieluvv · a day ago
Tumblr media
New sheets
yoongi x reader
You laid in bed staring at the ceiling. You just couldn't fall asleep. The bed didn't smell the same anymore. It didn't smell like him. You missed him. His soft touches, his light snore, his warm embrace. You've got new sheets and Yoongi wasn't there with you.
You knew you shouldn't call him. He's busy, the comeback promotions are about to start, that also meant he would be on tour. How many more nights could you spend with him? Right? It would be okay if he said no. It would be fine.
Three rings before he answered. "Why are you still up bub?" Bub. He's such a honey boy.
"Couldn't sleep." you said with a pout hoping he would hear it through the phone.
"Bub I'm really busy, I-"
"I know, just wanted to hear you're voice that's all. I just miss you. I also got new sheets."
Now he knew why you called. He would always sleep in your bed when you would get a change of beddings. He wasn't always there for you, his smell comforted you.
"Anyways, I'll let you go. Don't work too late. Tell Namjoon the same thing." You said with a light chuckle. "Bye baby." You said hanging up the phone. With a heavy sigh, you closed your eyes waiting for the inevitable sleep.
Couple minutes later you hear your front door open and close. Some shuffling. Peeking from the covers you see Yoongi leaning from the bedroom doorframe.
"New sheets huh? Well we gotta do something about that."
hi my lovelies it's been a while bc medical school has been kicking my ass 🥲
anyways y'all know the drill lolz not proof read ~~ typed in one go hahah~ enjoy 💜
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blu-joons · 2 days ago
A Christmas Proposal ~ Park Jimin
Tumblr media
Your body jolted back as Jimin opened up the door to your rental apartment, the gust of cold air that entered the room hitting against your cheeks. A sigh came from you as a smile appeared on Jimin’s face, unable to stop himself from chuckling at the look of shock on your face.
Jimin quickly reached out and grabbed your hand before you could walk away, making sure that you walked out with him despite the frosty chill that was in the air.
“Why are you making me go for a walk in this Baltic weather?” You groaned, stumbling behind him.
Whilst you weren’t exactly thrilled about trudging through the snow for hours with the tips of your fingers turning red, Jimin couldn’t wait to head out and explore with you. He hated being stuck inside the apartment whilst the snow fell, all he wanted was to go out and make the most of a few days away with you.
“I heard there is a lake not too far from him,” Jimin spoke as you jogged through the snow to try and catch up with him, keeping a hold of your hand to try and keep it warm.
Living in the middle of nowhere wasn’t quite how you imagined spending your Christmas, but the enthusiasm that you saw in Jimin was too much for you to ignore, deciding to join him at the cabin, no matter how reluctant you were to be in the cold.
“The lake will be frozen, won’t it?” You asked him as he tried to figure out the route that he was supposed to take to get there. “If you’re going to make me go ice skating on a frozen lake, I hope you know the way to the hospital.”
“Don’t worry, there is no ice skating involved in what I’ve got planned.”
You hummed in response to him, without any information as to what Jimin’s plans were, you were far from convinced that he didn’t have something up his sleeve once you got to your destination.
As the two of you began to walk amongst the trees, you slowly began to find enjoyment in your adventure. You couldn’t remember the last time that you had managed to find some time with Jimin, to be able to catch up and talk like a normal couple.
In fact, you couldn’t remember the last time that you had even managed to hold his hand for more than ten minutes without someone pulling him away and busying him.
“I don’t think we’re too far away,” Jimin told you as he noticed the environment getting sparse.
As he glanced across at you, Jimin could finally see the hint of a smile on your face as you took in what was around you too. With a bit of sweet talking, Jimin knew that he could convince you that adventuring with him at Christmas wouldn’t be so bad.
It didn’t take long before Jimin managed to get you safely down to the lake, noticing a fallen tree branch that stretched along the side of the lake, walking you across to it so that you could take a seat and try to warm up a bit.
“Here,” Jimin grinned as he brushed the snow off of the tree so that you could sit down, seating himself down beside you once you were comfortable, keeping his hand in yours so that he could keep you warm too.
“It’s much prettier than I thought it would,” you mused as you took it all in, glancing down at the faint cracks in the ice.
Despite being stuck in the same four walls for much of your trip, you could finally appreciate the hidden beauty of the forest now that you had managed to escape, seeing the appeal that Jimin found in the place too.
“Maybe I’ve been a little bit cold about coming away with you,” you suggested as Jimin met your eyes, offering you a soft smile as he pulled his scarf down.
His head shook back at you straight away, throwing his free arm over your shoulders as he pressed a gentle kiss against the top of your head.
The trip had been far from perfect for him, lots of the things that he had planned had to be cancelled, giving you every reason to be frustrated. You’d given up a lot to go away with Jimin, and thanks to the weather most of that had been for nothing.
With the exception of tonight.
Although you only had tomorrow at the cabin before you headed back home to go back to normal, Jimin had everything planned out to at least try and make the last couple of days of your break as special as he possibly could.
To finally see the smile on your face was all that Jimin wanted to see, to give you what you deserved for all that you sacrificed for him over the year.
Despite very little being able to make up for the time that you’d missed, his hopes rested on one thing to try and make up for the time that you had been stuck in alone.
“I’m glad we’re here,” you suddenly spoke up just as you both went quiet.
Jimin nodded beside you, “I’m glad that we’re here too, although it’s not quite shaped up to be the magical Christmas holiday that I had in mind for us both.”
He had visions of perfections, ideas that he had been excited for months in advance, and although he ran the risk of the winter weather interrupting the two of you, he never imagined quite how much it would.
“I wish there was more that I could have done for you, I didn’t imagine a walk to a frozen lake being the highlight of our week,” Jimin confessed, “I thought we could at least do some of the things that you’re supposed to do at Christmas.”
“Just spending time with you is all that I’ve wanted for Christmas,” you assured him, relaxing your free hand against the top of his leg, “perhaps things haven’t gone quite to plan, but we’ve been with each other, right?”
Once again, he nodded in agreement with you, relieved to hear the optimism in your voice. Getting out with you seemed to have done the trick in making sure that you knew just how special the trip had meant to Jimin.
“We’ve still got the rest of tonight, and tomorrow,” you reminded him, squeezing gently against his thigh, “we might still get to do a few of those things, as long as the weather sticks on side with us for a change.”
“There is one thing I know that the weather won’t interrupt.”
Your eyebrows furrowed as Jimin stood up from the tree, pulling you up with him. His hands briefly pressed to your cheeks to try and warm them up, moving you a few steps towards the lake to make sure that things were perfect.
His hands both slipped away from you, reaching into the pocket of the large jacket that he had wrapped around of his body in search of what he wanted, feeling your eyes watching over every little thing that he did.
Once he had found what he wanted, Jimin took another step back, lifting the lid off of what he had found from his pockets.
“Y/N,” Jimin whispered, as he knelt down before you.
A sharp intake of breath came from you as you met Jimin’s eyes, feeling his free hand slip into yours, making sure that you didn’t panic as he stood before you.
“What’s all this?” You chuckled in disbelief, bringing your hand over your mouth, “you’ll catch a cold if you kneel down Jimin.”
“Don’t worry,” he laughed, allowing his smile to grow, “a bit of a cold is a small sacrifice to make in order to spend the rest of my life with you. Although the build up to this moment has been far from the idea that I had in mind, I hope more than anything that it hasn’t taken away from the fact that I want this Christmas to be the start of something special for us.”
You were glad for the chill in the air to give you the perfect excuse for the redness in your cheeks as you tried to keep yourself composed.
“I’ll never be able to describe to you just how much you mean to me, so all I’ll say before I start getting too emotional is…Y/N, will you marry me?” He questioned.
Without a thought, your head nodded as Jimin slipped the glove off of your hand, replacing it with the ring as he took it out of the box and slid it onto your finger.
Once the ring was on your finger, you knelt down too despite Jimin’s protests, cupping your hands against either side of his face. “I will always say yes to you,” you grinned, pressing a kiss to his pale lips.
A smile of relief graced his face as he put the box back in his pockets, “I’m glad that you said yes, it would have been a bit awkward if you said no.”
“There’s no way that I would ever say no to you,” you instantly assured him, “somehow you’ve ended up turning this Christmas into something incredibly magical, nothing will be able to top this off.”
“I’ve got the rest of my life to try.”
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