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#park jimin smut
bangtanhome · 2 days ago
drabbl for msk ! dressing up like filter jimin and giving him a show would be 😵‍💫
Tumblr media
decided to combine these prompts together because i have thoughts! also, please make sure to check out my friend @missgeniality siya's fic if you fancy another read about jimin's very hot filter outfit 😏
wc: 1k (1,069 to be exact 😉)
warnings: dirty talk, name calling (slut, whore), impact play (ass; once), mirror kink, fingering, mirror kink, degradation, praise kink, semi-public sex
══════ ∘◦❀◦∘ ══════
“What the—what are you wearing?” Jimin gawks when you strut into the dance studio in a very familiar red ensemble.
You fashion an outfit out of the too-large button down; putting on a pair of sheer tights and black stilettos to show plenty of skin since the top only reaches your mid-thigh. Your smirk is painted with the colour of red wine. Upon seeing Jimin’s stupefied face, you giggle as you make your way to where he’s standing, heels clicking loudly against the hardwood floor.
“Surprise,” you whisper, dropping your voice to a lower tone.
Pressing him to the wall, you lean forward to bring your face inches away from his, barely grazing his lips before you pull away. Jimin chases your lips with a whimper, eyes half-lidded while he watches you move.
You press your chest to the planes of his body as you drop to the floor, eyeing him with wide eyes while you gradually stand. Turning around, you put your arms over his shoulders as you circle your hips, his chest flush against your back while you sway to a rhythm only you can hear. Jimin wraps his arms around your waist, his lips attaching to your neck as he inhales deeply with a moan.
“Fuck, my birthday’s not until another month and you’re putting on a show for me?” he rasps, nipping softly at your flesh. “You look so sexy in my outfit.”
Giggling, you drop your arms to the side and leaned forward, pushing against his clothed erection with your ass. You’re pleasantly surprised to find that he’s already hard. “I just thought I’d drop by and remind you how good you looked in this outfit,” you murmur, eyes closing shut when Jimin grips at your waist to grind against your clothed cunt.
“Mmh—I think you definitely look better in it.”
Without warning, Jimin yanks you backwards to crash you into the wall, his arm resting on the side of your head. “How about I teach you how to dance, hm? These cheap tricks don’t work on me, you know,” he teases, his stray hand marking shapes on your thigh.
You match his mischievous smirk with one of your own. “Oh? And what do you have in mind.”
Jimin chuckles and taps your thigh gently a few times before uncaging you from his body. He juts his chin towards the wall lined with mirrors and you find your own reflection staring straight at you. “Put your ankle on the barre,” he instructs, circling his hand around your wrist to tug you closer.
Your heels made it a bit of a challenge to place your leg on the wooden rod and though you manage, you hear the soft ripping of threads from your tights. Since you’re not wearing anything underneath the button down, the shirt rides up to your waist, exposing your panties to Jimin’s intense gaze.
He hums approvingly at the display, warm hands running down your exposed legs as he gradually kneels behind you. “Lesson number one is to find your centre,” he murmurs. “Try to stand as long as possible, yeah?”
You nod, gripping the wooden bar to steady yourself. Meeting Jimin’s gaze from the mirror, you tilt your head in confusion. “What are you doing down the—oh—”
Your question is interrupted with your own moans when the pads of his fingers drag against your panties.
“Remember to focus, baby,” Jimin tuts with a smirk.
He bites your ass while he repeats the action, the dark patch against your panties gradually getting larger as you soak the fabric with your arousal. You’re left panting and breathless, the sensation of his fingers building up a slow creep of pleasure, not enough to make you cum, but enough that it leaves you wanting more.
“How does it feel?” he asks, kissing your inner thighs.
“G-Good.” You’re surprised you’re able to mumble something coherent because your brain is mush when Jimin increases the speed to press figure eights on your clit. Your legs begin to wobble and the grip you have on the bar tightens until your knuckles turn white. “Fuck—Jimin!”
Your boyfriend stops his movements just before your legs completely turn to jelly. He stands up and cups your chin with his hand, forcing you to look into the mirror as he squeezes your cheeks. “I barely touched you and you’re already this far gone?” Jimin clicks his tongue. “Baby, what am I going to do with you?”
He helps you place your foot down from the bar, massaging your quivering thighs with his comforting hands. You spine locks up when Jimin’s hand splays on your back to push you forward and your hands return to grip on the bar in front of you. Eyeing him from the mirror, he paces around your figure with his lips pursed. You’re about to ask him what he’s thinking when you feel his strong arms rip through the flimsy material of your tights. You can’t help the moan that escapes your lips when his muscles flex.
“Much better,” he chuckles before peeling off your panties to push two of his fingers into your cunt. “Oh—you’re already this wet? Such a needy slut.”
You arch your back in response, your breathing getting heavier as Jimin increases his pace, adding an extra finger to stretch you out further.
“Eyes on the mirror, whore,” he commands.
Jimin spanks your ass harshly when you don’t immediately obey, causing your eyes to fly open as you find your reflection in the mirror. You almost don’t recognize the girl staring back at you – her mouth hangs open, drool threatening to drop on the floor. Her lipstick is smeared all over her lips and chin and she looks dazed – eyes half-lidded and pupils blown wide.
“Like what you see?” Jimin chuckles, pulling your hair when your eyes droop close. “I can’t believe you’d come in here practically naked. I bet everyone saw those legs and wished they was wrapped around their waist. God, if only they could see you now. Fucked out in the middle of a practice room with three fingers deep inside her filthy cunt.”
His comments send shockwaves across your body and you begin to shudder with every drag of his fingers against your velvet walls.
“Be a good girl and cum all over my hand, yeah? Show me how much you want my cock.”
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fantaesize · 2 days ago
Moans (part 2) [PJM]
Pairing(s): Idol!Jimin X Fem!Reader
Word count: 0.8k+
Genre: Smut
Warning(s): strong language, cunnilingus, orgasm control, orgasm denial, nipple play, hickeys, pussy eating, fingering, use of bondage, cum eating
Summary: Follow-up of Moans (part 1), where the pairing made the reader agree to a condition without listening to it during their 'silent' love making session.
A/N: this is a part of my 50 Shades of Bangtan masterlist but you can read this part singly if you dont follow that masterlist since the parts are unrelated. enjoy sweets!!🌈💖
You strongly exhaled air through your nose as you pinched your eyes hut and pursed your lips, even though what you actually wanted to do was scream your boyfriend's name. He's too good.
Jimin had returned from his long tour earlier that day and you had spent all day cuddling with your boyfriend as he caught up on some sleep. Being an idol already wasn't easy, and Jimin was one of the 7 guys from the world's biggest band. His 6 months long tour had quite exhausted him, but the only thing that kept him going was ARMYs' love and support, and of course, getting to see you at the end of it.
So when he was finally awake and not tired to fall asleep again, he wanted to have things his way. He kissed your neck and slightly nibbled at the sensitive flesh, which had you desire him at once. You'd missed him too much. Only that your consent was used by him to have his fun with you— he had you fully naked on bed as he tied your wrists to the bedposts and your ankles to your wrists. You were fully exposed and all laid out in front of Jimin, not that you minded.
The only thing that you (kind of) minded was that as he 'pleasured' you, you weren't allowed to make a single sound— not a sound, not a mewl, and definitely not a moan. The punishment? You get edged.
It had started way before he went on tour, it's just that you connected the dots now. Back to one of your love making sessions six months back, Jimin was silent. The man had will power quite too strong— he did not give you the moans, the grunts that you lived for, he didn't dirty talk with you. The only sounds were your own moans and mewls paired with sounds of his skin slapping your and your wet cunt. And you were totally not enjoying it and you stopped him at once- you didn't want it this way, not when Jimin was holding himself back.
It's just that the man wanted to hear you ask for it. Beg for it. Agree to a condition without even listening to it. And in the moment you were too desperate to think straight— you agreed to him in a heartbeat. You did get the good fuck then with his groans and grunts that night, but it landed you here now, to the condition you agreed to- that you weren't allowed to make a sound, and get edged if you disobeyed daddy.
"Is my babygirl liking this, hm?" It was a trick question, he knew you're liking it. He just wanted you to use your words so that he can edge you again. But you're not falling for that, not making a sound, after already being edged 3 times.
Jimin continued his ministrations with his cutely smol fingers, as he buried his tongue in your hole. You're no one to underestimate his fingers. He was making it harder and harder for you. And then it was when he inserted three of his fingers all at once into your hole as he nibbled at your clit, and it had you moaning his name.
"Jimin, aahhh— fuck," the words came out before you could realize. It was too late. He smirked against your skin under your thigh, knowing that he'll get to edge you again.
"So my doll enjoys being edged, huh?" He asked so calmly— tauntingly, as he wasted no time in increasing his pace, using one of his hands to shove three of his fingers inside you, other to pinch at your nipples- all combined with his mouth at your clit. When your breath became unstable and soft whimpers escaped your mouth, he knew you were close to climax. So he took that as a sign to pull away from you.
"Chim..." you said breathlessly, not wanting to be edged more. You just wanted him to fuck you hard. So hard that you're not able to walk for weeks. But you had gotten yourself in a long, long night.
So after being edged for the 8th time, you had grown too tired too make a sound. Your breath was uneven and shaky, you were tired, and couldn't really feel your legs. And that's when Jimin finally climaxed you- he sucked your clit as he pushed his fingers in and out of you, occasionally slipping his tongue along your folds. And with how close you already were, it didn't take you long before you came all over his mouth with a gasp.
"Mmm, that's it baby, cum all over me, give me your sweet nectar," Jimin growled on your cunt as you gushed his face in you wetness when he slowly drew your orgasm out. You were euphoric to say the least, you had finally made it do the end. To the end of edging. You knew that when Jimin climbed on top of you and started marking you with hickeys everywhere.
"You've been a good girl cherub, let me reward you now and fuck you good.
A/N: let me know what you think🤡
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ladyartemesia · 3 months ago
You always give out such amazing fic recs. I'm wondering if you have anything on hand for me. My absolute favorite trope is soft camboy AUs but really any sex worker au hits the spot, any member.
Tumblr media
• these stories feature sex workers or sex worker adjacent plot lines up to and including running personal NSFW accounts • please be aware that all contain mature content and mature themes • minors do not interact • please CAREFULLY READ ALL TAGS IN ALL WORKS to be sure that you are comfortable reading the content •
Silk and Lace by @sunshyngal this one will blow your mind because it’s a royalty AU as well. I don’t want to spoil it but this fic is completely wild and amazing. Like amazing amazing. There are hidden identities, sexy secrets, intense mutual pining. I can’t say enough about it. And BOY can Shyn write. I have been obsessed with this story from the second she published it. It is illicit. It is shocking. I am shooketh.
Elite Chatboy by @kookingtae this one is funny as well as hot! Reader signs up for a sexting service and catches feelings with her sweet and sexy service provider Jungkook. It is a hilarious, fluffy, sexy ride. This may seem like a strange thing to say but this story is really about that couple who laughs and loves together because the connection between them is just that irresistible.
Human Touch by @snackhobi this one has a twist. The sex worker is an android named Taehyung who gains sentience and falls in love with the woman who looked at him and saw more than a machine built for her pleasure. This is honestly a beautiful story and at the end I was just so soft and happy.
Starfruit by @inkedtae is a wild wild ride on the camboy Hobi train. Features a curvy reader and oh my gosh it’s so sexy. This one made me laugh too. There is a fun little twist in the middle that sent me screaming. Truly a delight. I laughed and I sighed and I swooned.
Cyberslut by @kimnjss this one hits on one of my favorite tropes ever—good girl with a secret identity online. The reader has a hard stan thirst account dedicated to the college basketball star (Yoongi) who has no idea that his nerdy tutor is the online hottie tweeting about his hands.
Who’s Your Daddy by @ppersonna the reader is looking for a real dom in her life so she seeks one out on a website dedicated to meeting that particular need. She has no idea that the sexy dom she’s paired with is none other than her best friend who has been in love with her for years. This hot, funny, and delightful story of false identities and true love will leave you sweating and grinning guaranteed.
Dazed and Glazed by @floralseokjin Ok this story has been on a couple rec lists of mine and it will continue to be on many more because no joke it’s like a full on legitimate masterpiece. I could write a dissertation on this story. It’s flawless. The characterizations, the world building, the way the emotions build. There isn’t enough I can say about it. This story is special and features one of the hottest sex scenes like…ever. This is truly one of my favorite fics of any genre for any member and I do not say that lightly. The fun begins when the queen of good girl porn wants to retire with a bang—specifically with notorious porn bad boy Kim Seokjin ruining her in all the right ways.
In Motion by @yoonia is something else. I confess I came to her site because I vaguely recalled that she maybe had a sex worker fic but then I found this and I just COULD NOT LOOK AWAY it was incredible. I mean mesmerizing. The reader is invited to an exclusive voyeurism club where she ends up crossing paths with a handsome man who turns out to be her new boss—Jeon Jungkook! It was so incredibly hot. I couldn’t put it down. I’m serious just wow.
Simply.Cute97 by @httpjeon this is a spicy story about a virgin camgirl who falls for her favorite viewer—a hottie who also happens to be a camboy by the name of Jeon Jungkook. Their relationship is the wildest blend of filthy and fluffy and honestly it’s just a ton of fun the entire way through.
Ill-Fated by @sketchguk is great. What is a girl to do when she finds out that the bane of her existence and the gorgeous cam boy she is obsessed with are one and the same person? This is sometimes sweet, sometimes sexy and a pleasure to read all the way through. I can’t say I blame the reader for handling the situation the way she does. It all seems quite satisfying—if you know what I mean.
Playtime by @jungkookienoona is hot hot hot. This is a fun little cam porn love square. Two childhood best friends in love with each other. Both are cam performers and both are obsessed with the other person’s stream. It’s really just an insanely sexy and also an insanely thought provoking story. I giggled a lot because really it’s so cute, but also insanely hot. So be warned, this fic did not come to play—despite its name.
The Playmate Series by @scribblemetae is about a lovely girl who takes a job a ‘playmate’ for the boys of Bangtan. She caters to their kinks and discovers a lot about herself along the way. Obviously there are feelings and a lot of interesting twists and turns throughout. What a spicy ride! A lot of interesting thought and world building went into this one! You’re sure to be fascinated.
Show-Off by @taeverie is a fun little story about a lucky girl who discovers her roommate Hoseok is a camboy and ends up getting a live and in-person show. It’s a fun and quirky little snack that really hits the spot. My favorite part was when Hobi caught her watching his streams after she lied about it. Good stuff all around.
Notorious by @jungk0oksthighs this one is kind of fascinating. I really don’t want to give the story away, but literally by the end I basically just screamed. It was wild. Definitely give it a shot, but be prepared to have your jaw hit the floor. This author is quite good at eliciting that reaction.
A Matter of Shyness by @jjungkookislife this story is so cute! It’s about a sweet girl who is thirst following a naughty Snapchat account at the same time she begins growing closer to a classmate named Kim Taehyung. There are a lot of delightful reveals and genuinely sweet moments.
Éffleurer by @sugaurora is a fascinating and highly addictive story. This features as sex worker who specializes in a type of submissive performance deciding to enter into a submissive relationship with her gorgeous boss. I’m telling you it’s thrilling. Absolutely thrilling.
Obey by @jjkfire this is one of the most endearing and lovely stories on this list. It’s so sexy and hot yes but it’s like also a beautiful redemption song. The reader is a shy awkward escort who isn’t really an escort, she’s really just there to serve drinks and subtly discourage men from booking her, but she unknowingly enchants the very beautiful and very dangerous mafia boss Kim Taehyung and well… What’s a girl to do? The twist in the story is priceless by the way. I literally cried tears of moved beauty. It’s like that.
Kairos by @luffles424 yes I know. This one is an auto-include because I love it so much and it’s like super amazing and all. And if you haven’t read it yet then please don’t deny yourself any longer. Sweet omega college girl decides to auction of her first heat to the highest bidder and wealthy businessman Kim Seokjin cannot imagine who would pay for something like that… but then he smells her and all bets are off. This is honestly a beautiful love story and you know I am such a sucker for a/b/o done well.
Sexual Healing by @honeymoonjin features extraordinarily hot sex therapist Kim Namjoon and his quest to help the reader reach realization and release in this occasionally humorous romp. I really enjoyed reading this. Namjoon’s smooth certainty had me swooning, but it was the way he really encouraged the reader to explore and enjoy herself that made this an unmissable treat.
Out of Work by @jessikahathaway ok Jess full disclosure I read this before we were friends and it’s one of those stories that I ALWAYS think about (Jess’s writing will do that to you) and when I got this request I was like oh my gosh I have to include THAT Jimin story and here it was YOU that wrote it and I didn’t even remember! I love this story. It’s so incredibly fluffy and surprisingly romantic.
The Cockpile: One Shot Series by @httpjeon this is actually seven different one-shots (one for each of the members) each with their own unique setting. All the stories are themed around sex work and all of them are top notch. I highly recommend. Seven stories for the click of one link with this one!
Shutter and Shiver (Part 2) @pac-mang-blog this one was hard to track down but it was worth it. Submissive camboy cutie Jimin has a noona kink and a pretty project partner who watches his show faithfully. Jimin is quite the adventurous tease and the reader spends most of the story in a state of extremely hot and bothered. I included the link to both parts because they really are tricky to find.
The BANGmeTAN Collab is an ongoing collection of stories centered around the members as sex workers. Thus far it features completed stories by @kpopfanfictrash and @underthejoon • I originally linked The Boyfriend Concept which I discovered (thanks to @kigurumu) was actually part of a whole collab! All the authors participating are top notch writers and each installment is a delightful treat!
Satisfy by @suga-kookiemonster so this story is like wild. I learned things about myself reading this story. This author is great at balancing humor with genuine connection and it really shines in this unusual tale of Kim Taehyung’s friend who (after finding herself in need of money to finish school) agrees to an exclusive paid sexual relationship with the extremely wealthy Kim brothers (the Kim Line) in order to minimize scandals for their influential family. It’s filthy, evocative, emotional, and downright electrifying. I think I may have passed out during Tae’s scene and you’ll know why as soon as you start reading it.
Bam! You Got Scammed by @dovechim this is a wildly creative story. Truly. It revolves around a camgirl who is running a bit of a scam. Poor sweet Jeon Jungkook is double crossed and he decides to get his revenge in sexy satisfying fashion. This is a delightful story. I laughed and gasped and fanned myself the whole time.
95mochibuns by @gukptune this story is delightful in so many ways. Jimin is a camboy and the reader is a twitch streamer and they both (unknowingly) have huge crushes on each other that accidentally spill out onto the internet with lots of antics. Even their followers get involved. It’s sexy and hilarious and I always feel such anticipation when I read it. Even though I know what happens!
The Cambunny Series by @getitinbusan is a fascinating take on an idol AU. Jungkook goes exploring and sees someone he recognizes. The drama unfolds deliciously from there! This one was very hot! I had to stop and fan myself! The second part features Hoseok in a surprise guest capacity!
Take One by @untaemedqueen this story holds such a special place for me because I was really involved in helping D plan it. I knew from the first paragraphs she sent me that it was something really incredible. Min Yoongi is a super famous porn star and the reader writes fan fiction about him. Little does she know that he LOVES reading her work and starts incorporating some of her kinks and stories into his work! It’s so much fun and still manages to be both a great love story and a super sexy romp.
Tumblr media
…and since I spent all that time putting together this list, lemme just slide you the link to my MASTERLIST where you can find other themed fic rec lists like this as well as all of my original works 😘
Tumblr media
If you know of any really great stories (including your own) that might fit the theme of this list, don’t be afraid to send them in to me!
Tumblr media
Thank you to the people who sent in recommendations! Newest additions to the list are in PINK!
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fandomnoire · 16 days ago
filthy bts headcanons - maknae line
now the filthy headcanons are complete!
hyung line headcanons here
he is absolutely without a doubt the king of foreplay, don’t @ me.
jimin will happily spend hours exploring your body with his mouth and hands, winding you up and ratcheting up the tension to such a level that you’re nearly pleading for him to fuck you before he actually does.
he’s sensual, he enjoys the intimacy and the journey of sex.
enjoys having sex in front of a mirror because he loves to watch what he makes you do and he loves to make you watch what he makes you do. he wants you to see the effect that he can have on you. plus, he’s a performer and being in front of the mirror makes you both audience members.
i think now is also the time to mention his exhibitionist streak. he is a fan of sending and receiving texts, sexts, pics, etc as well as masturbating together via phone and video. i’ve mentioned this about hobi in both of the previous filthy headcanons and the same is true of jimin but in a different way - hobi likes it because hobi wants to try everything and switch it up and keep it interesting; jimin likes it because he's a natural born performer who gets off on holding your undivided attention and knowing that he turns you on every bit as much as you turn him on.
he has a praise kink that goes both way - he wants you to compliment him, but he is in turn also SO complimentary of everything, from how you look to how you sound to how you taste to what you’re doing well. you never have to guess at what he likes or how he likes because he is so open about it.
so he’s very talkative during sex. beyond letting you know how much he loves you and how beautiful you are and how good you feel, he also asks about what you’re feeling and what you need from him, if you like it, if you want more. he wants to feel desired and needed.
two words: possessive sex.
and he wants you to know that it’s possessive and not jealousy because jealousy implies envy and he doesn’t envy anyone because he knows that you’re his. he just wants to make sure that you know that you’re his.
this involves all night long level wrecking where he will fuck you into next week. it’s hard to forget you’re his when he’s the reason you’re limping around the next couple of days.
he ain't too proud to beg. wanna hear it? put your mouth on him - and that doesn't exclusively mean his dick. he gets weak over lovebites on his neck and chest.
a switch who likes to be lightly choked.
he’s into mutual choking but he doesn't want to hurt you or be hurt beyond being just a tad bit rough. he once spanked you so hard during sex that he left a handprint and was almost at the point of tears before you could tell him that you were fine and in fact kinda liked it.
another fan of overstimulation, but make it mutual. ideally, he wants both of you to be a mess by the time the sex session is over.
favorite position is lotus because he likes the closeness of you on his lap and the two of you moving together.
is weak over mutual masturbation. is such a good boy. loves the challenge of only touching himself while watching you touch yourself and knowing that you’re both itching for each other.
have you noticed that the keyword with jimin is “mutual”? i don’t think there’s anyone who could deny that he is a people pleaser (this is also why his head game is on point and why he’s usually moaning as much as you are when he eats you out)
worships the ground you walk on with no hesitation or embarrassment about it.
the guys would try to tease him about being whipped and all he does is smile that boxy smile.
he spoils you SO MUCH.
like, you don’t even need to ask for anything. even if you don't wanna be a sugar baby, prepare. to. be. spoiled. his favorite things to buy you are lingerie and jewelry. can’t you just imagine the smile when you step out in something he's bought you? and then the best part of it all is he buys it, you model it, and then he fucks you in. if that isn’t a win-win!
because he’s gotten teased in the past over his skin color, he loves your skintone and he loves to see the contrast of your skin against his. when you fuck, he’s always torn between watching your face and watching your pussy swallow his dick.
this is why he’s also a fan of mirror sex, but unlike his bestie, it’s because he wants to watch the two of you together and see your bodies intertwined. to him, no work of art could ever compare.
especially loves to fuck in front of the mirror when you’re both looking expensive AF.
catch him shamelessly trying to fuck you first thing in the morning. you think he’s just sweetly cuddling you but then you feel him rutting against you and his morning voice is all low and raspy and his hands are gently squeezing you and he’s whispering “jagiya” against your neck and it’s like….did you even stand a chance?
tae is another one who seems a little conservative but we know tae is mischievous and sassy - he gets kinkier once he's comfortable. i wholeheartedly believe that he is secretly a freak with a dark and kinky edge who is also tender and romantic.
the duality will have your head spinning because he will seriously be talking about marrying you one minute and then splitting you open on his cock and talking about fucking a baby into you the next.
because yes, let’s just admit it: ya boy has an impregnation kink.
casual sex? kim taehyung doesn’t know her - if you’re fucking, you’re in love. he is not here for the okey-dokey and he’s not one to play games. he’s ready to say ILY and shack up within the first few months. he’s out here mentally picking out your gucci china patterns after you meet his parents. so yes, his favorite thing is coming inside of you and talking about how beautiful you’re going to look when you’re round with his baby. the moment you let him rawdog, he goes feral.
loves if you get him off when he shouldn't be getting off - like while on vlive or in the backseat of the car or on the phone with the guys and he has to try to keep it together.
also, is totally the kind of freak who would think it was hot to share you with jimin if you were interested.
he honestly loves slow, drawn out makeout sessions wherein you get him hard from grinding the crease out of his pants but don't actually touch him. it makes him insane and he eventually snaps and loses all control.
will call you every single pet name in the book
wants to get you a sex toy he can control specifically to torture you in public. make no mistake - it’s not about the novelty, it’s about the power and the sheer naughty thrill of it.
are you ready to be perennially exhausted with hickies dotting your neck, chest, and thighs?
is one of the members with the highest stamina. will fuck your brains out, make you come, follow you over the edge, and then be ready for another round in 15 minutes at the most.
if you can pull him from sleep, he will happily wake up in the middle of the night for sex with you. you could come home in the middle of the day and say nothing but “hey” and he would still be ready to rip his pants off like it’s the nba.
this is another one with pretty hands who knows how to use them to get you off.
he is eager and aims to please. he wants to learn what you like and he likes to be educated in that subject - and he’s a quick learner. you moan at something he does once, he’s not only going to remember that you liked it, but he’s going to find ways to perfect touching you there.
he can be a little competitive even when it comes to sex - you not getting off is not an option for him. you can explain to him that sex doesn’t always have to end in orgasm to be and feel good, but he still feels guilty if he comes and you don’t. and he wants you to come first, preferably multiple times, before he does.
beyond obsessed with your tits - your entire body, but especially your tits.
he loves any position that puts them in his face and gets them within reach of his mouth.
when he goes down on you, more often than not, he has both hands cupping your breasts (unless he needs his hands to pin your legs apart).
and when eating you out, he likes it sloppy. he wants you canting your hips up to ride against his face and completely wet his mouth, nose, and chin with you.
he’s said it before and i’ll just reiterate it for him: he likes noonas. i’ll go beyond that and say he has a noona kink. he doesn’t want to draw attention to the fact that he’s younger, per se, but he does like to learn from you and finds it sexy when you’re experienced. he also finds it sexy when he’s younger than you and still manages to turn you out. since he’s accustomed to being the baby, he’s sweet, we know this, but he can be kind of a brat who wants to be taken care of. he still wants you to see him as mature and capable but he also likes to have his way. he contains multitudes.
uses the power of the pout to get his way and has no shame about it.
favors positions where he can show off how strong he is so that means any athletic position where he has the control and can hold you up and pound into you.
this often happens after a gym session or after you two have argued. though in the case of angry sex, he’ll want reassurance after that your problem is legitimately solved and that you haven’t just fucked about it.
sex with him is, more often than not, sweaty, primal, and dirty; he will rip your clothes off in his eagerness and the room will be filled with your moans, his grunts, and the sound of skin meeting skin. say a prayer for your bedframe, the wall behind it, and the neighbors on the other side.
as much as he likes to leave hickies on you, he’s weak when you do the same and doubly so when you bite at his shoulders and scratch down his back.
he will do and say some dirty shit to you and then have the audacity to get bashful after
another one who likes to pull you onto his lap all the time but then he has to move you after a few minutes because just having you on his lap made him hard.
likes to lay his head on your chest, however, if you play with his hair while he lays on you, be prepared to fuck
if you wear shorts or no pants to bed, be prepared to fuck
if you let him shower with you, be prepared to fuck
if you go to the gym with him….guess what?
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mimikookie · 2 months ago
Touch of You || pjm (m)
Tumblr media
“Jimin has never let you touch him until tonight, bringing on a storm of emotions you both had tried to suppress.”
✨ Pairing: idol!Jimin x fwb!Reader (f)
✨ Rating/Genres: M(18+); Majority PWP/minor plot, smut, idol au, friends with benefits, light angst, light fluff, childhood friends to fwb to lovers?
✨ Warnings: Dom!Jimin, lots of nickname usage, making out, breast play, teasing, dirty talk, oral (f and m receiving), unprotected sex (it’s fiction; use protection!), creampie, cum swallowing, fingering, degradation, slight praise kink, multiple orgasms, rough sex, skin markings, spanking (pussy and ass oops), one face slap not with a hand *cough*, slight exhibitionism if you look into it, panties fucking?, a belt is used at one point, a mirror is involved, slight bratty mc
✨ Word Count: 8.2k
✨ Betas: @bluewhale52​ (thank you for helping me make things less awkward and more sexy!) and @joyfulhopelox​​ (thank you for helping me brainstorm some of the plot and for the title!) - Both of you gave me so much feedback, I felt so loved 🥰 I really appreciate both of your time and effort beta’ing this. You both helped me a lot.
✨ Project: BTS Writers Club’s fic exchange. This is for @missgeniality​​, who loves to attack me with Jimin content (I’d be lying if I said I don’t enjoy it). I wasn’t going to write about Jimin, but this man has been occupying my mind lately and I couldn’t resist him. Wooo for more Jimin fanfic. I worked extra hard on this dirty talk just for you D:< I also apologize for the angst; that wasn’t intentional. It just happened :c I’ll make it up to you, Siya! I hope you like the Jimin I chose *evil cackles*
Check out the fic Siya wrote for me! It is amazing ^-^
✨ Author’s Note: This took a complete 180° of what I planned to do 😓 This was supposed to be fluffy but um... My 4 am brain said nope. Smut is still not my forte, but I’m trying! I used terms I don’t normally use, but I hope it helped the fic be more sexy? fdkjbglksjdaklj Okay, okay... I hope you all enjoy. Constructive feedback is welcome to help me improve. ^-^ 
Tumblr media
Your crush on Park Jimin was like a blue stain on your tongue after eating a blueberry lollipop. It lasted for a while before it disappeared.
Until you went back for seconds and the blue stain appeared once again. 
He had offered you a dandelion during recess in first grade when he spotted you crying on the swings. He told you that blowing off all the seeds in one breath would grant you any wish. After inhaling as much oxygen as a small seven-year-old could, you blew the dandelion with your eyes closed. When you peeled your eyes open, all the seeds were gone, and Jimin was beaming at you with a toothy grin.
Needless to say, you were smitten for the rest of the year. 
But every summer break your crush would evaporate from the summer heat. You would realize how silly your crush was. Jimin was simply cute and friendly. Nothing more. 
Despite that, every time he caught your gaze, your cheeks would bloom a deep shade of red. You overheard your mother once say it was a childhood crush. A crush between two kids who didn’t know what love was. You didn’t even know what you truly felt. Like the tide, the feelings would retreat until they would merge back into the ocean. What your mother didn’t consider was that each time the high tide came, some sand would follow the water back—just how some of your feelings for Jimin would linger in your chest even when you thought you were over him. 
This cycle stopped when you were forced to pack up everything and leave for Seoul right before middle school. Your world crumbled around your feet within a blink of an eye. Not only did the move make you lose friends, but it also made you lose Jimin. 
After that, everything just felt wrong. The blue lollipop didn’t leave a stain on your tongue anymore and the ocean waves were stagnant. 
It was dreary. 
With no hope of him returning in sight, you slowly let go of your childhood crush. There was no use in holding onto someone you wouldn’t see again. 
Jimin was simply cute and friendly. Nothing more. 
At least, this is what you kept telling yourself until he walked into your class one day as the new boy in high school. The quiet judgmental glances and the quick assessment of the fresh meat were habitual. Being new was always nerve-wracking.
It wasn’t long before Jimin noticed your stare. The corners of his lips had quirked up and you wondered if he remembered you or if he was just being polite. However, he didn’t smile at the other people staring at him.
And just like in first grade, your rosy cheeks turned crimson. 
Jimin wasn’t oblivious to the way your body reacted to him. It was easy to spot the blush that crept on your cheeks or the way your breath hitched when he got too close. He thought it was cute and he began to wonder how far he could push you. 
With every semester came a new form of attraction. 
At first, it was just lingering glances and secret smirks. Then it became subtle brushes of his hand against yours when no one was looking. Even after he began training for a new idol group, his actions were persistent. From hugs to kisses on the cheeks; it was building up to the moment of your first kiss. It was gentle. It made your head spin and your heart race. 
You spiraled from there. Addicted to the way his lips created a storm inside your chest. Addicted to the fire that followed the trail of his hands on your waist. Addicted to him. Despite all the affection he was showering you with, he never took it to the next step. 
He never asked if you wanted to be his. 
This troubled you, as it probably would any other person. It made you reevaluate your so-called relationship. What was the reason for it? To be friends? But friends didn’t kiss the way Jimin kissed you. To be a couple? But Jimin didn’t show any hints that he was going or planning to ask you to be his girlfriend.  
It wasn’t until he snuck into your college dorm to celebrate, after winning his first award, that you realized what you were to him. 
A friend with benefits. 
Although you weren’t completely okay with it, considering you would rather be his girlfriend than his fuck buddy, you agreed because you were already too far gone. 
Even with Jimin’s busy schedule, he found the time to see you. The small catch-up chats usually ended with you both dancing the two-person tango. It was exhilarating; yet each time you met had you growing more attached, while he grew more detached. His eyes clouded with aloofness rather than his usual lust. His movements were no longer slow, instead, they were quick as if he were in a rush. He scolded you if you spoke his name and he began restricting your arms whenever it got too intimate. You had thought he wanted to try something new, but as you carried on meeting him, you realized it was more than that. 
He became so controlling that even a gentle brush of your hand against his cheek during a kiss caused him to restrain your arms. While it was exciting at first, you were growing restless. You desperately wanted to feel his skin beneath your palms. To feel his smooth skin under your lips as you peppered kisses along his shoulders. He never explained his reasoning—always shutting off your thoughts with a flick of his tongue against your clit or the pounding of his hips. It came to the point where you held yourself back willingly, always following his lead and letting him use you for whatever release he was searching for. You never wanted to lose Jimin, but you were beginning to realize he wasn’t yours to begin with.
Jimin’s knocks were always to the same rhythm, so when you heard three raps followed by a single knock you knew who it was.
He greeted you with a short hello before he made his way into your apartment. His pastel pink hair stood out in your simplistic home, and you silently wondered what hair color he couldn’t pull off.
You shut the door while your eyes drank in his appearance. You could tell he just came from a performance by the way he was dressed. He removed his black blazer, revealing his white shirt underneath. The shirt was nothing special. It was plain and loose-fitting, yet somehow, it still made him look like the finest man on Earth. You hated how your body instantly heated at the sight of him. Hell, even his presence made your knees feel like jelly. 
Your eyes traveled lower, taking in the Yves Saint Laurent belt hugging his slender hips and his classic Chelsea boots. His eyes were watching your movements through his pink-tinted glasses. His stare still made you feel anxious. It was strong, intimidating, and it made your heart race. And for some unholy reason, it made your thoughts muddy with inappropriate images. You could feel yourself getting wet as you envisioned his pillowy lips sucking your clit, fingers sliding between your folds as you moaned his name. You swallowed harshly, flicking your eyes to a now entertaining spot on your living room wall in hopes of regaining your composure. 
“I like your glasses,” you muttered awkwardly when he remained silent. A soft chuckle resounded in the room. A second later, you heard his shoes hit your hardwood floor. You glanced his way. He had removed his shoes and his glasses. He handed the glasses to you and nodded to them. 
“If I break them, I won’t have to pay for the damage, right? I would have to sell my whole left foot to-”
“You won’t break them,” Jimin laughed. The simple sound shot straight to your heart. You slipped the glasses onto your face and shuffled to your bathroom to get a glimpse. Jimin languidly followed you. You turned your head side to side, taking in every angle to see how the glasses looked on your face.
“If I sold these, I’d be rich, you know?” You teased, peering at him through the mirror. He moved to lean against the wall behind you. One step backward and your back would be pressed against his chest. Your pulse became irregular at the thought. 
“And what would you do with that money?” Jimin asked with a hint of amusement in his voice.
“Travel, of course,” you replied and slowly removed the glasses from your face. You began to turn, but Jimin moved quickly, meeting you halfway to take the glasses from your grip. He leaned forward, pressing his chest to your back as he placed them on your bathroom counter.
“And leave me?” He questioned, hands finding their home in the dip of your hips. There was no use in hiding your reddening cheeks since he was probably used to getting this reaction from you. 
His question was loaded. Your instincts made you want to blurt no. That you’d take him with you or that you’d use the money to travel with him on tours, but that was silly. Why would you follow a man who didn’t see you for more than a quick fix? With a sudden urge of defiance, you answered.
Jimin’s stare was fixed on you. He stood still for a moment before he hummed. You weren’t sure what the noise meant, and you felt the urge to move out of his grasp from awkwardness. However, before you could, he ducked his head down to press his lips just under your jawline. A small gasp left your lips and your body tensed at the unexpected action.
“Why is that?” He murmured against your skin, eyes flickering to your eyes in the mirror. Jimin’s lips trailed kisses down your neck, causing your thoughts to blur. Your hands rested on the counter, and you forced yourself not to touch him.
“You’d be too busy,” you answered—a half-truth. With his group’s growing fame, it was only a matter of time before his taste changed from you. You held back a moan as Jimin began to suck your skin. His palms squeezed your sides.
“I’ll always make time for you,” he whispered and pulled away from you, eyes examining the way his mouth caused your skin to darken. 
No words came from you. You were unsure how to respond without releasing your innermost thoughts about how that wasn’t true and if it was, it would change soon.
Jimin’s eyes rose from your neck to your lips through the mirror. There was a moment where no one moved. The sound of both of you breathing filled the quiet bathroom, which only made your heart beat faster in apprehension. You expected him to pull away from you, to make a joke to cover the tension. What you didn’t expect, was for him to turn you around to face him before crashing his lips upon yours.
His mouth swallowed your gasp and your eyes closed to completely immerse in the feeling of his lips. Your hands came up to his chest, but they quickly lowered when you remembered how he got when you touched him.
If his previous action surprised you, the next one shocked you tenfold.
Jimin grabbed your wrists and placed your hands on top of his chest without breaking the kiss. You tried to pull away, but he placed his hands on top of yours. After months of not being able to touch him, you couldn’t pretend this was nothing. 
You pulled away with wide eyes as you met his gaze. His usual stoic stare was absent, replaced with something you couldn’t read. You pressed your hands into his chest when he leaned forward again. 
“Wait,” you said firmly. Jimin’s hands were still on top of yours, but as if reading your distress, he removed them swiftly. 
“What’s going on?” You questioned and slowly moved your hands from his chest. He averted his gaze. For the first time, Jimin seemed nervous. 
“Well, we were kis-” he began but you interrupted him. 
“Don’t play dumb with me.”
Jimin’s eyes were fixated on a towel hanging from its hook on the wall. You were passive by nature, but you had your moments when you didn’t take shit from anyone. It was during these moments people got caught off guard. A quiet mouse like you would never open their mouth to argue. 
Although you were eager for his answer, you remained silent. 
“I don’t want you to leave me,” he confessed and forced his eyes to meet yours. You knitted your brows together in confusion.
Seeing your expression, he continued, “You said you would leave me.”
You shook your head with a humorless laugh when you recalled your earlier conversation. “Why would that bother you?” 
You didn’t mean for the sentence to come out so harsh, but it was true. He had what he wanted. A growing career, the chance to travel the world with his brothers, and you—wrapped around his finger. 
He didn’t answer. 
“Why didn’t you let me touch you until now?” You switched questions, doubting he would really answer. Though now felt like as good of a time as any other to ask what you’ve been wondering for months. 
The silence from before returned and you were about to ask another question before he surprised you for the third time. 
“Because I’m afraid.”
The intensity of his confessions had your head spinning. It didn’t help that he was still so close to you, yet neither of you were touching. 
“I’m not going to maul you like a wild beast,” you scoffed. “Why would you be afraid?”
Despite his grim expression, he couldn’t stop the small chuckle from escaping. It made the corner of your lips momentarily twitch upwards. 
“No,” he started. “I’m afraid I’ll grow too attached to you.”
The thought of this being the reason for his detachment never occurred to you. His actions made sense to you now. He kept you at arm’s length. He didn’t want to become enamored by your touch.
“I’m afraid I’ll get too close and won’t be able to have you,” he continued. 
“What makes you think you won’t be able to have me?”
“Because I may be away on tour or my schedule may be too busy to see you,” he trailed off as if the list were endless.
“You said you would make time for me though,” you argued, partly teasing but also finding hope in the possibility of him seeing you as more than his fuck-and-go partner. 
Jimin chuckled and nodded. “I did say that,” he exhaled slowly. He ran a hand through his pink hair out of habit.
“And your name? Why couldn’t I say it?” You wondered. His hands were on your waist again, making you feel oddly secure. 
“Hm,” he hummed as he brushed his lips against yours. Your heart was pounding in your chest, hands aching with the need to feel him. You were still cautious to do so, so you placed them behind you on the counter. Jimin noticed the movement and moved your hands back to his solid chest. It brought you comfort to feel his heart was racing as well. Did that usually happen when he was around you?
“Because my name sounded too good coming from your mouth,” he purred softly; his eyes staying on yours to see your expression. He released a breathy laugh at your reddening cheeks. 
“Touch me, Yn,” he whispered before crashing his lips on yours again. You hummed with satisfaction and dug your nails slightly into his taut muscles. His skin was warm through the fabric of his shirt, and it made your body tingle in anticipation. 
The kiss was slow, contrasting the usual rapid movements. It was controlled, sensual. His hands trailed up your sides to cup your cheeks. Your own hands mimicked his actions and you tangled them in his pink hair. Even though he had dyed his hair, the locks were still soft. 
His tongue slid between your lips, meeting yours and gliding with it. One of his hands moved to rest on the side of your neck while the other held your face—thumb on your cheek and his other fingers laced in your hair behind your ear. You leaned into his touch. He held your head with the utmost care, gently grazing his thumb along the expanse of your neck. The slow speed was foreign to you, and you weren’t sure what to do other than enjoy his every movement against your skin. 
You started to pull away, but Jimin caught your lower lip between his and sucked softly. You tugged on the hair at the nape of his neck. Jimin had a hint of a smile on his lips as he slowly pulled away, letting your lip slip from his.
“I could kiss you forever,” he whispered. Your cheeks heated at his words, heart swelling with adoration—a feeling you had been trying to suppress. 
“Who said you couldn’t?” 
He smiled at your reply and bent down for round two.
It wasn’t long before Jimin’s hands moved down to your collarbones, palms resting flat against your body as he kissed you fervidly. Between the glide of his tongue and the touch of his hands, you felt your arousal pool between your legs. 
Jimin smiled into the kiss, enjoying the taste of your lips. While this wasn’t the first time you kissed, it was the first time in a long while he allowed himself to truly enjoy the sensation. He slowly slid his hands down your chest. Your off-the-shoulder top was dragged down slightly by the movement. His hands squeezed your breasts; your moan silenced by the kiss. His hands alternated between massaging your breasts and caressing your cheeks. Your hands moved to grip his forearms when he settled on your tits. 
You pulled away from the kiss, chest heaving as you tried to catch your breath. Jimin, with his trained ability to control his breathing, leaned down and began assaulting your neck. A small sigh left your lips when he began licking and nipping at your skin, hands squeezing your breasts harder than before. He pushed them up and together. His mouth left your neck to kiss the top of your round breasts. He teasingly bit down gently, which had you moaning out his name. 
You could feel his lips curl up again and you couldn’t stop your own smile from forming. It felt so good to have him take his time touching you. It didn’t feel like a quick fuck. It was more than that this time. Before you could ponder too much about it, Jimin pulled down your top to find you braless. He peered up at you, a small smirk on his sinful lips. 
“You were just waiting for me, huh, kitten?” He asked softly before he captured a nipple between his lips. You gasped at the feeling, arching slightly into his face as he sucked. His palm massaged your other breast. His forefinger and thumb pinched your nipple as he carefully scraped his teeth against the other. 
You inhaled sharply at the feeling and squeezed his forearms. He moved his mouth to your other breast to repeat his actions. You began to slide your hands up and down his torso, having no shame in feeling every dip and curve of his front. He hummed against your skin at your touch. 
He pulled away to capture your lips again. His palms squeezed your tits before pinching your nipples, using his thumbs to graze against the top of the buds. 
“Jimin,” you shuddered, nipples hard from his actions. You could feel the wetness between your legs grow and you squeezed your thighs together for some release. Jimin noticed your action and chuckled softly. 
“Do you need something, kitten?” He teased and continued his movements on your chest. Your hands clutched onto his shirt as he pulled on your nipples, forcing you to arch your back. 
You whined at his question, feeling the tent in his black jeans against you. You bucked your hips against it. He hissed lowly at the brief friction. 
“Use your words, baby girl,” he rasped and gave your breasts a final squeeze before letting them go. 
“Want you,” you murmured and held his gaze.
“F-fingers… Mouth,” you stuttered. Jimin smiled at your request, pecking your lips before he turned you to face the mirror. Something about the look of your top pulled down, breasts on display while he was still fully clothed had a gush of arousal course through you. 
“You’re always so pretty,” he breathed and pressed a kiss against your head. He pushed your shorts down your legs and you eagerly stepped out of them, flicking them to a corner of the bathroom. 
Jimin’s eyes darted to the dark spot between your legs. He reached down and your heart pumped with anticipation that he was about to touch you where you needed. Instead, he slid his hand in your panties, fisted the front of the material, and pulled upwards. 
Your hands flew to grip at his forearms, a gasp leaving your lips. You tilted your head back against his chest at the pressure on your clit. 
“My perfect little slut,” he commented and pulled a little tighter so that the material was pressed between your folds. Your hips bucked again, moaning quietly when your clit was rubbed. 
Jimin caught sight of the reaction and kept his grip on your underwear. 
“Go ahead, kitten. Fuck yourself against your panties,” Jimin ordered, voice low and gruff in your ear. 
Your hips instantly began to move at his words. Your grip on his arms was tight as you used him to help you balance. You pressed your back against his clothed chest, moaning as you stimulated your clit with your underwear. You both watched yourself in the mirror. You could feel his cock harden in his pants and it spurred you to roll your hips harder.
Every once in a while, you would brush against his hand and the coolness from his rings drove you into a frenzy. It was a simple sensation, but you loved the contrast between your heated body with the cold metal. 
Jimin abruptly released the material, pushed against your back until you were bent over the counter, then pulled your panties down your legs. He watched as your arousal stuck to your panties, licking his lips at the sight. You bit your lower lip when the coldness of the air hit your core. 
Jimin just wanted to shove his face between your legs and devour you, but he controlled himself. He had always gone too fast, but he was ready to take it slow. He wanted to allow himself to enjoy every second. You angled your face to the side so you could see him kneeled. 
Jimin grabbed handfuls of your ass then spread them, staring at your arousal dripping down your inner thighs. He could feel his mouth water with the desire to lick it up. He didn’t even need to touch you to know how soaking wet you were. 
“Please,” you begged when he didn’t do anything. You wiggled in his grip and pushed back toward his face. Jimin pushed against you and stood up. You looked at him through the mirror. You were about to whine again when his hand came down on your pussy. You yelped at the sudden sting. 
Jimin smirked, palm coated with your wetness that contributed to the growing bulge in his pants. 
“What was that?” He snickered and gave your pussy another slap. He didn’t care that his rings were getting coated in your juices with each slap. You jumped at the feeling and dug your palms into your counter. 
“N-nothing,” you gasped when his hand came down again but this time on your ass. He rubbed the area briefly before slapping your other cheek. He was doing everything to delay touching you. Your whining was growing louder with each slap. He alternated between each cheek and your pussy. 
Jimin enjoyed himself as he made your ass turn a light shade of pink. It was pretty, he thought. 
“Jimin, I need your fingers,” you huffed and tried to push his hands toward your needy core. 
“Yeah?” He chuckled, hand rubbing your sore ass. “What’s the magic word?”
You were on the verge of rolling your eyes at his haughty attitude. He was being overly cocky. 
“Don’t be childish,” you said. Your overwhelming neediness caused your patience to fly out the window. Your body was avidly tingling and you just wanted him to touch you.
“What’s the magic word, kitten?” He taunted. He traced feather-light lines against the inside of your thighs. Always so close to where you needed but never hitting their target. 
“Please?” You huffed. 
“Not the answer I was looking for,” he admitted, and before you could argue, “But since you look so cute begging, I’ll let it slide.”
“You’re such a-”
Your words were cut off by Jimin slipping a finger inside you with ease. 
“What was that, baby?” He teased, lips grazing the top of your ear. It made a shiver race down your spine. 
You didn’t reply, but he didn’t seem to mind. He slid in another finger, moaning internally at your arousal coating his fingers.
“You’re tight,” he murmured into your hair as he continued to pump his fingers. “Gotta’ fuck you open every time, yeah?” 
You suppressed the moan in your throat at his words. He smiled at you when you bit your lip, slipping a third finger in. The moan you tried to hold back slipped out. His fingers were thick, and it felt so good to have him inside your needy cunt. He moved his other hand to your clit and circled it steadily. The pace at which he moved his fingers drove you crazy. It wasn’t agonizingly slow, but it wasn’t intensely fast either. He slowed his pace and spread his fingers apart inside you gently. You moaned again at the stretch mixed with the feeling of his fingers on your clit.
The build-up pleasure in your stomach was coming undone as he kept repeating his actions. Jimin recognized the telltale signs of your approaching orgasm and pulled his fingers away. You whipped your head around when he did so, confused and frustrated. 
He chuckled and kissed your mouth swiftly. 
“All in due time, kitten. Come here,” he reassured and tugged you into another room. You followed with a grumble. 
When you entered your dimly lit bedroom—the only source of light coming from a weak lamp—you expected to be pushed onto your bed. However, you should’ve learned tonight Park Jimin was full of surprises. He pulled back the curtain to your glass balcony door, removed your top completely, then pressed your exposed chest against the cold glass. 
Your body instantly shivered at the cold temperature, and you hissed out a curse. 
“What are you doing?” You whimpered when you felt him pressed his crotch against your wet center. You slowly grinded against him. He allowed the movement briefly only because he was dying to bury himself in you. 
“You’re going to put on a good show, kitten. I want you to show everyone just how well you’re being fucked,” Jimin answered and lowered himself on his knees. Your eyes widened at his words, but you didn’t have time to fully digest them. Jimin pulled you closer and forced your legs to spread wider. You quickly placed your hands against the glass to catch your balance. 
Without another word, Jimin dove between your legs. You moaned loudly when his tongue traced up your slickened folds. 
“Oh fuck,” you gasped, feeling his tongue rapidly flicking against your swollen clit. You reached a hand behind you to tangle in his hair, twisting your body slightly to be more comfortable. Jimin smiled when you pushed his face closer. His lips continued to lick and flick your nether lips and clit, moaning against you at the delicious taste. 
He pulled your cheeks apart to get better access. You were already a moaning mess above him, your cheek pressed against the chilled glass as he continued to drive you mad with his tongue. Your eyes closed, engrossed in his fervent ministrations. The room was filled with wet, obscene sounds that only turned you on more. 
His tongue was moving in intricate patterns, and it dawned on you that he was spelling his name with his tongue against your dripping pussy. 
“I’m close,” you panted when you felt the coil in your stomach about to snap, already close from his previous actions. 
“Go ahead, baby girl,” he said and moved his tongue up and down your pussy lips faster. Your legs began to shake and your grip on his hair tightened. Jimin didn’t mind, though, and pressed his face closer to your cunt. 
You moaned his name as your release washed over you. You had forgotten you were against your glass door as Jimin drank you up. Your breathing was heavy, and you tried to still your quivering legs.
“Good girl,” he praised. He rose to his feet and pulled off his white shirt. You watched in the reflection as his muscles rippled with each movement. You twisted around to see him, and he quickly brought your hands up to his bare chest, which felt warm under your skin. You ran your hands down his sculpted torso, taking your time to trace his NEVERMIND tattoo adorned near his side. You listened to his uneven breathing as he softened at your touch.
“Come taste yourself,” Jimin murmured and pulled you close. He was quick to slip his tongue in your mouth, making sure you could taste yourself. You smiled into the kiss as you savored your taste on his tongue before pulling away. You trailed kisses down his neck. He moaned softly as you descended his body, kissing his chest on the way down. Your tongue darted out to lick the crevice of his v-line as you palmed him through his jeans. 
Jimin moaned at your touches. He observed your movements as you unbuckled his belt and slid down his pants and underwear. You watched as his mouth fell open when you freed his hardened member. It slapped against his stomach, veins protruding. His girth made you drip with arousal and your mouth drool. You gripped him in your hands quickly, unable to resist the desire to touch him.
You used the precum that was leaking from his tip to make your hands glide easier. His cock felt huge in your hands. You leaned forward quickly and kitten-licked the slit, smiling as he moaned and threw his head back. You wrapped your lips around his tip and sucked. 
“Shit,” Jimin cursed, eyebrows furrowing and lips ajar. His hips bucked but you pulled away before he could slide deeper in your mouth. He narrowed his eyes at your action. It was a fierce glare that made you wet again. 
“What do you think you’re doing, kitten?” He questioned. He pushed your hair from your face as he grabbed a fistful of it and tugged you backward to make eye contact. He slipped from your mouth with a soft pop. Your hands swiftly moved to the back of his thighs to steady yourself.
“Hm?” He encouraged you when you didn’t reply. He was waiting for an answer, and he wasn’t going to continue without one.
“I’m sucking your cock, what do you th-”
“No, you’re teasing me,” he interrupted, a hint of a growl laced in his sentence. It made you eager to hear it again. 
“Try again,” he said and released your hair. You took him in your hands once more and brought his tip to your lips while you peered up at him. You coyly took him in, just an inch, to test him.
“You don’t learn, do you?” He huffed, reaching down to grab his belt from his discarded pants. Before you could protest or pull away from his cock, he wrapped the belt around your neck. He wrapped both ends around his hand and pulled toward him. Your head was pushed forward, and you forced yourself to relax as he shoved himself farther in. You felt him hit the back of your throat and you tried to control your gag reflex. 
Jimin let out a low groan at the feeling of your mouth around his cock. He observed your face, quickly taking in your state, before gently pulling you closer. You focused on breathing through your nose. You hollowed your cheeks, jaw aching but you didn’t care. You swallowed around his thick cock, earning a groan from Jimin.
“Fuck, your throat feels like heaven, kitten,” he moaned and let go of the belt. You quickly pulled off him, trails of saliva following your mouth as you quickly caught your breath. He tossed the belt to the floor, letting you know he was done with it. You were quick to take him in your mouth again. 
“That’s it,” Jimin breathed heavily above you. “Suck me like the cock hungry whore you are.”
You moaned at his words. He hissed at the feeling of the vibrations against his dick. He slid his fingers in your hair as he applied slight pressure on your head. He wanted you to go faster. You bobbed your head rapidly, stroking the part that couldn’t fit in your mouth. 
Jimin clenched his fists as he felt himself near his orgasm. With the desire to fill your cunt rather than your mouth, he swiftly pulled you off him. He didn’t care about the saliva coating your swollen lips or the disheveled state of your hair.
He tapped his cock against your cheek and ordered, “Turn around with your hands against the door.”
You followed without hesitation, eager for him to fill you. You placed your hands against the door but didn’t press yourself on it. Jimin narrowed his eyes, not liking that you weren’t fully touching the glass.
He forced your body against the door and lifted one of your legs up. The coolness from the glass had another shiver run throughout your body. He slid an arm under your knee and gripped the door’s handle for balance. He aligned himself with your entrance and slowly slipped the head of his cock in your pussy. You moaned, your breath fogging the glass. 
Jimin teased you by slipping out and pushing in only the tip again. 
“No,” you whined and pressed against him, trying to get him to slide in more. Jimin chuckled lowly and pulled out. He tapped his cock against your needy core. 
“Magic word?” He asked again and this time, you rolled your eyes. Jimin caught the action in the glass’s reflection. He quickly teased you again, watching your face contort in pleasure then irritation.
“Fuck you, Jimin,” you huffed. Jimin tutted at your reaction. 
“Actually, it was ‘fuck me’, but close enough,” he shrugged before thrusting himself inside. 
A loud moan rippled from your throat as he stretched you. Your head pressed against the glass until he bottomed out. You were washed in ecstasy at his big cock being stuffed in your warmth.
“You’re perfect,” he whispered as he stilled his movements to allow you to adjust. He savored this moment of you close to him and pressed a delicate kiss behind your ear.
“You more,” you replied when you exhaled, your thoughts too jumbled to form a coherent sentence. He chuckled and shook his head but didn’t argue. Instead, he began to move. 
His thrusts were slow, making you feel every inch of each other. Your walls gripped his cock so tightly. Your warmth had his heart beating rapidly. He forced himself to control his speed, wanting to revel in the feeling of you wrapped around him. Each slap of his hips pushed you closer to the edge again. Even though this wasn’t your first time with him, the atmosphere was different. His glides were deliciously slow. It made your heart swell with the emotions you had tried to previously push away.
“You’re taking me so well, baby,” he grunted, and he released your leg. He pulled you back slightly, so your ass lifted slightly. Your hands moved down to rest lower on the door. From the way the glass door was jiggling, you feared you were going to rip it from its hinges. Jimin must have had the same idea because he pulled out and tugged you away from the door. 
He picked you up and tossed you onto the bed playfully. You giggled as you bounced from the impact. Jimin smiled at the sound and leaned down to press a quick kiss to your lips before flipping you over. 
He kept your legs together and slid his tip between your wet folds several times before pushing in again. You both sighed in satisfaction. 
Jimin spread your ass cheeks once again, watching as his dick was sucked in by your tight cunt. 
“You look so fucking pretty stuffed full of my cock, kitten,” he panted. His eyes were glued to the way he slid in and out of your dripping cunt. He adjusted his position to lean over you. He increased his speed suddenly, making you groan out at the change of pace. He hammered into you as he let go of the frustration he felt over the past few months. The pleasure he felt tonight was completely different than before. He didn’t care about holding back his feelings. He just wanted to feel you in every way he could. 
Your hips were forced into the mattress as he rapidly pushed you forward. You mewled, pussy pulsating around him from his brute force. Your hands gripped onto the sheets tightly.
“Shit, Jimin,” you gasped at his quick pace. 
“Feels good, baby?” He rasped. 
“Yes,” you answered immediately. “Yes, you feel so good.”
Jimin slowed his speed, rolling his hips into you as he took a breather. Suddenly, you felt a sharp sting on your ass cheek. 
“My handprint belongs on your ass,” Jimin said and brought his hand down again, watching as his print blossomed on your cheek in red. He repeated the action on the other cheek, smiling at his mark on your skin. The rings on his fingers added to the stinging sensation, but it felt too good to care.
“Make me yours,” you moaned. 
“Yeah?” He hummed and pulled you up against his chest. Another moan slipped from your lips at the new angle. You began grinding your hips against his. He groaned at the feeling, squeezing your body closer. 
“Wanna’ be mine?” He questioned. If it weren’t for his cock buried deep in you, you may have analyzed the true meaning behind that question. 
“Please,” you begged. You weren’t entirely sure what exactly you were pleading for. Please ask me to be your girlfriend? Please fuck me senseless? Whatever the case, you wanted whatever he was willing to give you. 
He smiled at your response and pushed you back into the mattress. He hovered over you to whisper in your ear, “Show me how badly you want it.”
His hips stopped moving and he sat back on his legs. It took you a moment to realize what he meant. You pulled yourself up slightly, so you had a better angle then began to push yourself up and down his hard cock. Your speed wasn’t as fast as his, but he didn’t tell you to go faster. 
“Good girl,” he moaned, watching the way you fucked yourself on his cock as he kept his hands off you. 
You bit your lip and started to move up and down. Your speed increased, motivated by his praise. You groaned at the new feeling.
Jimin’s mouth was open as he watched your ass bounce with each movement of your hips. His hand came down on your ass, albeit lighter than before.
Your turn didn’t last long because Jimin quickly stopped you and snapped his hips into yours with one harsh shove. The sound you made was between a gasp and a moan.
“Again,” you pleaded and clutched your fists in the sheets. His thrust was harsh, but the pain felt euphoric. Jimin granted your wish without a word. You could feel another orgasm approaching and you clenched your walls around him.
“I’m close, Jimin,” you warned. Jimin hummed to acknowledged your words, shoving a hand through his damp hair before flipping you onto your back. Your eyes caught his and you could hear the pounding of your heart in your ears. His eyes were clouded with lust, sweat coating his forehead. 
His thrusts faltered at your expression. Your eyes were filled with passion and your hair was fanned out messily on the bed. It had his heart swell more than usual. 
“Please,” you whined, needing him to push you over the edge. You snaked your arms around his neck and rolled your hips against his to show what you wanted. Jimin blinked, breaking out from his daze. He quickly dipped down to press a firm kiss against your lips as he felt a flood of emotions wash over him. 
You suddenly pulled away from the kiss as a gasp fell from your lips when he picked up where he left off. His pace was brutal. It was frantic, uncontrolled as he pistoned into your cunt. The sound of his skin meeting yours faded away as your orgasm consumed you. You weren’t sure if what you were saying was coherent. All you knew was that your words were a combination of his name, curses, and praises for him.
Jimin’s hips never stopped moving as he chased his high. 
“Almost there,” he breathed, focusing on your tight walls wrapped around his cock, squeezing him so delightfully. You whimpered when you started to become sensitive. Your nails dug into his back as he continued to slide in and out of you.
“I know, kitten,” he soothed, placing a tender kiss against your shoulder. “I’m close.”
You nodded, noises between moans and whines leaving your sore throat. A few seconds later, Jimin buried his cock in you as deep as he could, your name falling from his lips repeatedly as he filled you with his cum. Your legs wrapped around his hips quickly to keep his body close to yours. A quiet moan escaped your lips at the feeling of being stuffed more. You clenched your walls around him when you felt him twitch inside you. 
“Milk my cock, kitten. Fuck, like that,” he cursed and peppered kisses all over your front. Your skin felt like it was on fire, but you didn’t mind being burned. 
Jimin placed his lips against yours. It was sloppy but steady, both of you trying to catch your breaths. Oftentimes, Jimin wouldn’t even kiss you after you were both done. The most he would do was simply peck your lips before leaving. While there was always some kind of tingle when he touched you, the kiss had butterflies swarming in your tummy like never before.
Your breathing settled as you both laid still. When Jimin regained his strength, he slowly slid out. Your legs fell on either side of him and your hands slid down his arms to rest on his forearms. He watched as his cum spilled out of you. His cock twitched when you purposefully pushed more of his seed out. 
“Oh,” you gasped when you felt his tongue on you, jerking at his touch from overstimulation. He pulled your hips up for easy access. He lapped at the mixture of his cum and your juices. He smiled at your fucked out expression as he pulled away, knowing you were still coming down from your high. 
His smile was contagious. You beamed up at him and admired his disheveled hair and sweaty form. He leaned down and pressed his lips to yours again. You opened your mouth to him, ready to feel his tongue on yours, but instead, you were suddenly forced to swallow as you felt something drip from his mouth to yours. The salty taste made you realize he had slipped the cum he had licked from your cunt into your mouth.
He smirked at your startled expression and pulled away. 
“You’re nasty,” you teased him and pushed him away from you. The taste of him lingered on your tongue and it ignited a spark in you that had you yearning for more.
He laughed and sat next to you on the bed. He ran a hand through his hair again as he watched you sit up as well. 
“You like it that way,” he countered, pecking your lips with a smile. It was a playful move, a contradiction of his typical distant mood. It melted your insides and riled up the butterflies again. It made you hope he wouldn’t revert back to his reserved self. 
“Depends on who I’m with,” you smirked and slid from your bed. Jimin quirked an eyebrow at you, eyes brazenly roaming your naked body. His gaze lingered on some of his cum that was left between your thighs. 
“You think I’ll let someone else fuck you?” Jimin growled. His teasing tone slowly morphed into bitterness.
“Who said I haven’t already?” You were provoking him, your words untrue since you hadn’t been with anyone other than him, yet you couldn’t help but ruffle his feathers. Jimin scrutinized your face, fingertips tapping against your bedsheets in thought.
He suddenly scoffed, letting out a wry laugh that made you narrow your eyes at him. This wasn’t the reaction you were hoping for.
“You’re telling me you’re not addicted to only my cock?” He questioned and watched as you slid on a new pair of panties.
“You listen well,” you quipped. Jimin hummed, unamused.
“You think someone else can stuff you full like I can? Pound into that tight pussy like I can?”
He tilted his head as he spoke. His tone was casual as if he wasn’t spewing such sinful words. Curse his pretty mouth. His words were going straight to your core.
“Yes,” you lied.
“Tell me, Yn, who do you think can fuck you more senseless than me?” He inquired and adjusted his position on your bed. He was leaning back on his hands, legs spread wide with his cock resting against his taut stomach. He knew what he was doing and you hated how your body fell for it.
His thick thighs had you aching between your legs. When you didn’t answer, he smirked.
“You wanna’ be a good girl and admit you lied to me?” He watched as your chest rose and fell quickly. He caught the subtle shift of your legs rubbing together and his cock twitched when he remembered the way you clenched around him.
You felt like you were being scolded and you bowed your head in defeat.
“Come here, baby girl,” he ordered, although, his voice was gentle and husky. You were always impressed with the way his attitude could change in an instant. You moved closer with your eyes cast downward. As soon as you were within arm’s reach, he grabbed your waist and pushed your back onto the soft mattress. He laid next to you and used one arm to prop himself up while the other reached up to your face. 
He cupped your face in his hand and angled it toward him, forcing you to face him.
“I’m going to remind you who you belong to,” he murmured. Although his voice sounded angelic, you felt like you were talking to the devil in disguise. His tone was delicate, yet his words were anything but. He lowered his lips so they hovered above yours. You tilted your head upwards as you tried to press your lips to his; however, he simply pulled back. He kept the same distance—always grazing his full lips against yours teasingly. 
His lips brushed against yours as he spoke again, “You’re going to be begging for my cock, because you know only I can fuck you senseless. You’re going to take it like the good little whore you are. Right, kitten? You’re my little whore.”
His eyes remained on you, the corner of his lips lifting into a wicked smirk. The disparity between his soft tone and impish words had you growing frenzied. Your heart was pumping, and your legs squeezed together. 
“Tell me,” he encouraged. He licked his lips, causing his tongue to lightly caress your own lips. “You’re mine.”
“I’m yours. I’m your little whore,” you repeated promptly and tried to pull his body on top of yours. He resisted your attempt, a small laugh leaving his lips at how needy you were. 
“That’s my good girl,” he praised. The feel of his lips made you smile stupidly. Jimin slid his hand from your face, down your chest and stomach, until he reached your core again. While Jimin loved hearing you whine his name, he quieted your moans with his kisses. 
He truly could kiss your lips swollen for hours.
Tumblr media
A/N: Thank you for reading c: I hope my smut is getting better lol
Also, I was reviewing this for the 20th time until the new concept photos came out and my brain jumbled. I can’t think enough to review again, so please ignore any typos you saw lolololool...
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moonchild1 · 2 months ago
park jimin fic rec list (Ⅰ)
Tumblr media
here's a list of all my favourite jimin fics I hope you enjoy them I loved reading these fics and I always end up going back to re-read them, please show these lovely writers and their blogs lots of love and support 🥺🖤 some of the fics contain smut so no minors allowed, happy reading everyone 🖤🖤
s- smut a- angst f- fluff
Eternal Summer by @aiimaginesbts f s a (childhood friends to lovers au)
All of you by @writtenwhalien f s a (friends to lovers au arrange marriage au)
best of me by @writtenwhalien f s a (best friends to lovers au idiots to lovers au college au)
terrible liar by @writtenwhalien f a (friends to lovers au)
Flowers and tears by @7deadlysinsfics f s a (friends with benefits au)
Good for you by @7deadlysinsfics s (established relationship au)
dead leaves & wasted roses by @jamaisjoons s a (unrequited love college au) ft Seokjin
faded love by @jamaisjoons f s a (marriage au)
Good Boy by @btssmutgalore s (sub jimin)
Off the grid by @xpeachesncream f s a (post college au holiday au)
Earnestly yours by @gukyi f (enemies to lovers au high school au)
Into the wilderness by @gukyi f a (camp conselor au unrequited love au friends to lovers au)
temporary bliss by @jjkthclub s (fake dating au)
him after all by @mercurygguk f s a (strangers to lovers au infidelity)
Love her, leave her by @yeojaa f a (break up unrequited love)
castle on the hill by @bngtnblues s a (unrequited love au college au)
Letters to an angel by @bngtnblues a (college au)
we don't talk anymore by @moonnightyoongi a (exes au)
I need you by @hisunshiine s a (idol au)
Good Riddance by @full-of-jams s a (heirs au enemies to lovers au)
Star light, star bright by @readyplayerhobi f s a (single dad au)
call me baby by @hueseok f s a (friends to lovers au college au roommates au fake dating au)
lean on me by @floralseokjin a (unrequited love au)
Sunday Morning by @bangtsblossom s (boyfriend jimin)
Driver's license by @gyukult f a (brother's best friend au one sided love au)
Hello by @gyukult f s a (one sided love au exes to lovers au)
Alone by @yoonpobs a (unrequited love au)
Never yours by @yoonpobs a (infidelity au)
My lie for you by @army-author a (high school au best friends au)
just dance it off by @kookdiaries f s a (enemies to lovers au dancer au)
Morning rush by @bluewhale52 s (strangers to lovers au)
Stargazing by @btsjeonjazz f s a (boyfriend jimin)
Dreamy by @1kook s a (friends with benefits au)
kiss me more by @dulcetvk s a (best-friends boyfriend infidelity)
Parallel Palpitations by @joontier f s a (doctor au strangers to lovers au)
Oh, What A World by @cutechim f s a (fake marriage au)
Never falling by @yoonia s a (enemies to lovers au singer jimin assistant oc)
Bad behavior by @joonscypher s a (college au cheating au) ft. Boyfriend Namjoon
Failure to communicate by @stutterfly s (college au enemies to lovers au)
Blue Kamikaze by @gguksgalaxy s a (reader is in love with hobi but she meets jimin, hook up au) ft. Hoseok
Unspeakable by @pars-ley s (friends to lovers au college au)
8 Ball by @taetaesbaebaepsae s
touch of you by @mimikookie f s a (idol au friends with benefits au)
Inner needs by @avveh s (best friends au)
blowing dandelions by @httpjeon f s a (bad boy jimin enemies to lovers au childhood friends au)
Nursemaid by @noona-la-la-la s (jimin has a crush on the oc)
Chem miss by @kpopfanfictrash s (TA jimin graduate student reader)
While you're at it by @aureumjeon f s a (pool boy jimin)
a heart doesn’t break even by @xiaokoo f s a (enemies to lovers au friends with benefits au football player jimin cheerleader oc)
Headlights by @jeonsjiddies s (fuck boy jimin)
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7deadlysinsfics · 10 days ago
put you to sleep | pjm
Tumblr media
pairing: jimin x reader - the couple from dimple
rating: 18+
genre + warnings: established relationship au, sexually explicit content, dirty talk, jimin calls yn babygirl a lot lol, cursing, kissing, marking, nipple play/biting, clit biting, oral sex, fingering, unprotected sex, praise kink, size kink, some begging, multiple orgasms, body worship, creampie, mentions of pregnancy, fluff
word count: 2k
summary: jimin always knows the best way to help you relax…
—note: this is a drabble for my dimple two-shot. it can be read as a stand-alone though
Tumblr media
Sighing, you turn over to your right for the fifth time tonight. It’s not that your bed is uncomfortable; it’s pretty soft; you can’t turn off your brain because of the meeting with your boss first thing in the morning. Tomorrow you’ll find out who he’s going to give the project to, you or the asshole who has been trying to one-up you on everything for the last three years.
You also miss your boyfriend right now. There’s nothing better than falling asleep in his arms, but you know how hard he’s been working as well, and he deserves some time to unwind with his childhood friends from back home while he plays video games. Although it’s through a headset, at least he gets to chill with them for a bit.
As luck would have it, though, you hear the bedroom door open softly, and when you look over your shoulder, you see him standing at the entrance staring at you with a grin, his pretty eyes hidden behind his cheeks.
“Can’t sleep, babygirl?” You sit up with a pout and nod, watching as he strolls over to you in his silk pajama pants and matching striped robe, which is untied, showing off his naked and perfectly sculpted torso. You can’t help but almost drool at the sight of him. “I bet you’re worried about tomorrow, huh?”
Jimin plops down beside you on the bed, running his fingers through your hair as you smile up at him. “I am. I’m usually sure about how things are going to go, but this, I can’t get a read on Mr. Choi about the new project.”
Your boyfriend hooks a finger under your chin, “Baby, look at me. You’re the one he calls when things aren’t going right. He calls you whenever he needs anything, advice on what to do with a client or whatever else. He depends on you more than on his secretary at times. You’re one, if not the best financial analyst he has on his team. That other guy has nothing on you. Your boss is going to make you the leader of that project. I can feel it.”
Your heart flutters at how much faith Jimin has in you. Even with how busy he’s been with things getting back to normal after the pandemic, he always finds the time to make sure you know how much he supports you. He’s so proud of you.
How’d you get so damn lucky?
“Thank you, baby; you’re the best.” He smiles into your kiss, loving how affectionate you’re feeling. When he pulls back, you let out a small yawn, prompting him to look at the time. The glowing number on the bedside table reads 1:17 am.
“You must feel so tired. You should get some rest.”
You shake your head, “I won’t be able to fall asleep as fast as I usually do. My brain won’t let me,” once again, you pout, and he chuckles lightly at your cuteness, but that only ignites something inside of him because he knows what you need.
“Want me to put you to sleep? Fuck you until all you can think about is how good my cock fills you up, babygirl?”
Your body immediately responds to his words. You shudder a little, wanting nothing more than to feel him all over you. Slowly, you nod, answering his question. Jimin stands and slips his robe off, and it’s all you can do but stare at how good your man looks right now in the dimly lit bedroom.
You notice the tent in his pants, and you feel smug about it. The fact that he’s this aroused by you already and you haven’t even touched him still somehow baffles you. You’ve been with him for three years now. Three years have not been easy, not because of any severe arguments but because of the time spent apart due to both careers. Although it’s been hard, you both always find the time to communicate each other’s needs and wants.
You begin to lift your shirt, but he stops you, “Let me.” He slowly crawls over to you on the bed.
Lifting your arms, he proceeds to take the fabric off of your body and then pushes you back softly to lay on the pillows. Jimin hums in satisfaction at the sight of your body, already showing signs of your arousal.
The dark gleam in his eyes is enough to make you squirm, wanting nothing more than to feel him inside of you. “Please, Jimin.”
“Please what, YN.”
“Please, touch me.”
Your boyfriend smiles at you before running his fingers delicately across your legs until he reaches the top of your knees and orders you to spread them for him. His eyes are glued to the delicious wet mess coating your thin underwear; meanwhile, your chest is rising and falling in anticipation of what his fingers will do to you. But instead of giving you what you crave so desperately, his hands slide up your torso until they envelop your breasts, thumbs brushing over and over your nipples until they stiff for him.
Your legs jerk when he pinches hard on your nipples, a soft moan causing his cock to twitch in his pants. His favorite thing is listening to your sweet noises.
“My girl is so sensitive.” Jimin hovers over you and drops his head to your chest, and starts to lick at your nipple, wet tongue running over it in soft circles that only make you whine for more of his touch. He sucks and teases, doing the same to the other as your cunt begins to clench around nothing. It’s when he bites down on it that you moan out loud as your body begins to tremble underneath him. “You’re doing so well, babygirl. You’re so good for me, coming only like this. Can’t get over how sensitive you are.”
When your eyes flutter open, Jimin is still hovering over you, smiling and waiting for your breathing to come back to normal. “There she is,” he kisses you, tongue quickly in search of yours as your arms circle around his neck.
You whine into the kiss as he presses his hips against yours so that you can feel how hard you make him. “Jimin, I want you.”
“You’ll have me, baby, but first, I want you to come on my tongue.” He kisses down your chest but not before leaving some marks along the way. His second favorite thing is getting to look back at his little artwork left behind on his favorite kind of canvas. He’ll be going on tour soon, and knowing that his marks will be on your body for weeks to come somehow makes him feel like he’s leaving with you another small part of himself.
You’re pliant under his touch as his deft fingers descend to your hips to remove your panties. You let out a shuddering breath at the feeling of the cold air hitting your exposed heat.
“You’re so quiet,” Jimin darkly chuckles as he moves to lay on his belly. He grunts at the sight of your cunt still swollen from your first orgasm. You let out a loud moan when his whole mouth covers your pussy, sucking and licking quickly in a way that has your legs shaking and wanting to close around his face. Holding your legs apart, Jimin plunges his tongue inside you, and you scream at the sensation of finally being filled by him.
“Oh, Fuck! Please, please.”
“What exactly are you begging for, YN?”
“I—I. Oh!” You try to answer, but he’s already sucking on your clit and teasing your entrance with two fingers. When he inserts them, you gasp loudly. You’re close to coming once more as his fingers drag in and out of you in rapid successions, your walls clenching around them. When he bites your clit, you cry out Jimin’s name. Pain and pleasure making your skin burn for more.
“What—” You surprise him when your hand reaches down to grab his wrist; wrapping your hand tightly around it, you begin to rock your hips against his fingers. Jimin can’t take his eyes away from you. They’re stuck at the way your mouth opens to let your needy whines escape. He’s transfixed at the way you stare at him. Yes, you’re consumed by desire, but beneath all of that desire, he can see the love you have for him. It’s that look that makes him want to be inside you right now. And you do; you love him so much.
So, as you’re fucking yourself on his fingers, he curls them until they find your spot, and he watches as your body begins to shake. Right as you’re about to orgasm, he latches on to your cunt, and he moans as your sweet essence finally coats his tongue.
“Baby,” you pant, your breaths still erratic, “fuck me deep.”
“I’m going to fill that pretty little pussy, baby.”
He’s desperate for you. Jimin doesn’t even take his pants off all the way; the need to have you wrapped around him is intense. His fingers barely wrap around his girth as he pumps it a couple of times. His pretty cock is a mess with precum that you want to taste, but you know he won’t let you. Not tonight.
The hiss you emit when he rubs his cock along your still sensitive but drenched slit makes Jimin let out a chuckle, “You’ve been so good for me, YN. So fucking good, baby.” His praise makes your skin prickle with goosebumps. “But I can see you’re exhausted now. Should we stop?”
“No! Please. I need you.”
“I can see. Look at how needy this little cunt is for my cock,” Jimin groans when he pushes inside you. Your walls are enveloping him, gripping his cock in a tight vise. He places your legs over his thighs and sits on his knees. As he holds you in place, your arms circle his neck, and you begin to move with him.”
“Ah, so big. Baby, you fill me up so well.”
“That’s it, baby. That’s a good fucking girl,” he grunts, and you moan, his words affecting you as pleasure takes over. “I’m not going to last long, fuck, too good.” Your boyfriend stares at where you two are connected, and you feel his dick twitch inside you. He’s dying to see you come apart on his cock. “You’re so beautiful. So fucking beautiful taking my cock like this. Oh, God.”
“Jimin, baby, I’m going to come.” He bites his lower lip as his thumb rubs circles on your throbbing nub. That, paired with how he’s fucking you, sends you over the edge. The pleasure is so intense that you go limp in his arms when you come, words escaping you. The constant fluttering of your tight cunt coaxes Jimin into his orgasm, his seed painting your walls as his loud moans, and your name is the last thing you hear before your eyes shut.
Jimin walks over to the bed after cleaning himself in the bathroom to do the same for you. He smiles as he watches how soundly you sleep. Your hand is placed over your belly, and Jimin’s heart swells because even in your sleep, you’re already protective of the life growing inside of you. You’re not far along to show yet, but he’s so excited to see your belly grow rounder with each passing day.
He often imagines what features and whose personality the baby will inherit, although he hopes it’ll inherit your beautiful heart most of all.
Your hand suddenly reaches out in search of Jimin’s warmth, and he almost coos at your cuteness. Grabbing his phone off the bedside table, he opens an app to turn off the lights and then lies next to you, bringing you in closer to his body and inhaling your scent.
With your eyes closed, you still find his lips and kiss him. It’s just a tiny, quick kiss, but it’s filled with so much emotion, “I love you,” you whisper against his plush lips.
“I love you,” he echoes against yours.
How’d he get so damn lucky?
Tumblr media
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ditttiii · 5 months ago
blurred lines | ot3 x reader | m.
Tumblr media
⇢ summary: being in a no strings attached relationship with your three gorgeous roommates was never easy but it turns a few dozen times more complicated when they propose having sex in a running train. 
⇢ genre: pwp, literal porn do not look for any redeeming qualities coz there are none, smut, and then fluff coz duh it’s me. 
⇢ pairing: jungkook x reader x taehyung x jimin  (foursome)
⇢ word count: undisclosed for the one-shot, 1.1k for the teaser. 
⇢ theme: friends with benefits, fwb!au, roommate au
⇢warning/s: public/train sex, voyeurism, exhibitionism, fingering, cunnilingus (female receiving), heavy petting, teasing, orgasm denial/edging, double & triple penetration, breast play, spanking, teasing, squirting, creampie, dom!jungkook, dom!taehyung, sub!jimin, sub/brat!reader, dirty talk, disciplining (consensual tho), oral (male receiving)/ blowjob, gagging, spitting, choking, hair pulling, unprotected sex (birth control god bless), rough sex, door(?) sex, power play, slight pain kink, restraints (belts/ties), marking, loads and tons of aftercare coz i will always be a soft bish. 
⇢ a/n: thought i’d do something to truly deserve the inevitable journey to hell. the full one-shot will be out soon and please don’t judge me lmao. thanks @chemicalpink for beta’ing this teaser and @eatjeanjin for being a true hype queen. ily two!
Tumblr media
All the breath in your lungs escapes you when the front of your torso is slammed harshly against the glass door, the clangs of the train’s shifting gears, ringing distantly in your ears. Gasping, you squirm and try to move away, the chill of the early morning seeping into you through the thin layer of your camisole but pause when you feel a palm ghosting against the curve of your back. 
Your hissed warning goes ignored as the man presses his entire front against your back, his tall, muscular, built tight against every inch of your soft curves. 
 “Yes, y/n-ssi?” His response is teasing, breathy in a knee-weakening kind of way as he whispers it close to your ear. His breath fans against the shell, and you bite back a moan when his full lips graze the sensitive skin there before moving to nuzzle the back of your ear. 
 Despite your best attempt at trying to stay quiet and not let a single sound slip past your lips, a moan tumbles out before you can bite it in and the answering groan that Jungkook lets out crowded so close to you sounds absolutely carnal. 
 “Tell me what you want, baby.” He grunts, nipping the shell of your ear and edging to the long curve of your neck before his tongue slips out and licks a long wet trail from the nape of your neck back to your ear. 
“Jungkoook stop! I-ah!” your response is half-formed, words and syllables tearing apart like wet paper under his touch. You try to shove his wandering hands off, but there is no real force behind if you are being honest to yourself. 
 “Oh?” The single syllable sounds cheeky, amused, as though he knows you are just putting on a show, and your returning huff is part annoyance, part exasperation. 
 “I am serious Jungkook, we are not doing this right now.” You try to put as much steel behind your voice as you can, hoping to keep your tone firm as you work to leave no space for an argument, but it ends up coming out wobbly. 
“Yeah?” Jungkook asks again as he puts his entire weight into pushing you from behind until your front is pressed painfully close to the glass door, and you bite your lip to prevent any noise from slipping out yet again.
 “Is that so?” his tone is mocking, sardonic as though he is amused at your attempt at trying to call the shots. Before you can reply, the hand that had been on your ass all along moves and ere you can guess its destination there is a sting of a slap on the flesh of your thigh, a half-muffled squeak ringing in the air between you two.
“How about you say that again when I am buried deep in your cunt, huh?” Jungkook growls, and every muscle in your body tightens like a string pulled taut, your heat clenching in on itself as your mouth goes dry in response to the clear intimations of trouble.
Nuzzling the curve of your neck, he asks again, “I can be so good to you. Baby, don’t you like it when I make you cum?” his intentions are clear, words shameless and entirely too vulgar, but rather than finding them repulsive, they pull you in, the heat in your belly simmering in response. 
“God you look so pretty when you come over my tongue. Taste so sweet. Let me make you feel good y/n, tell me what you want.”
Whimpering, your thighs clench as a bolt of arousal and want shoots straight through your core in response. It was a losing battle, you knew right from the start, but you had to at least try. However, all your inhibitions are thrown out the window when both his hands grip your ass, prying the cheeks apart, his bulging arousal nestling comfortably in between the flesh. 
 “I want you, Kookie.” You manage to push out as his fingers skim the edge of your panties, never wholly slipping in, but caressing the border, the sensitive juncture where your thigh meets your dripping heat. 
 “Oh, so now I am Kookie, huh?” 
His fingers continue to tease the edge of your panties, skimming over your thighs and ass, while his other hand glides over from your waist to your chest. Sliding over the almost sheer camisole you had worn, it squeezes the flesh beneath.
The force with which you bite back a cry has you lurching backwards. Hips pushing back against Jungkook’s front while your head tilts forward to rest against the glass door. The thrill of having him touch you, squeeze you, of having him do things he clearly shouldn’t be in the middle of a fucking train, has your blood pumping, lust and reckless arousal coursing through your veins. 
 “What if someone sees us?” You ask, worrying your lip under your teeth and biting back a squeal when Jungkook twists one of your nipples, kneading the fat under with the back of his palm at the same time. 
“Well then they’ll know just how good you can be for me.” Jungkook answers sounding almost giddy, as though he actually wants others to see you fall apart for him, cry his name out as he brings you to the edge of ecstasy, and you huff, driving your elbow back into his side in response to the thoughts you can practically hear whirring inside that pretty head of his. 
 “I am serious, Jungkook.” You scold, subtly eyeing the people around you from the corner of your eye. The two of you are in the back of the train, and with your front pressed to the transparent glass door, the only chance of someone seeing you is if they either see Jungkook before and then realize what you two are doing, or if someone sees you from the other side of the glass door. 
 Dammit. There’s too much risk.
 “Jungkook no, anybody could see us—” You start, ready to refuse and put a stop to his ministrations as you twist your neck to look him in the eye, only for your protests to die on a dry tongue at the sight that greets you. 
 Standing there beside Jungkook, their postures lazy are your other two roommates, wicked grins stretched wide across both their faces. 
 ‘I’m so screwed.’
Tumblr media
⇢ a/n: don't have much to say atm, but I hope y'all like it. have a nice day <3 
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1kook · 15 days ago
hello yami!! could i get dumbification with jimin… or just mean jimin during sex in general idk (established relationship tho…) please 💜
It starts off simple. Mild. He’s testing the waters. Jimin’s two knuckles deep when he first says it, stutters on the delivery. “St- Stupid,” he mumbles, refusing to meet your gaze as he pretends to be overly fixated on the way your folds are just swallowing his fingers up. His cheeks are a lovely rosy shade, one you would normally attribute to the massive effort he puts into making you feel good during sex. But he hasn’t fucked you just yet, has really only just begun, so it can’t be that. The word sends a tingle down your spine, but you don’t comment on it any further.
He tries again a few days later, mouthing along your shoulder in the bathtub. His lips glide over your wet skin, suckling a mark just beneath your ear. You nearly slipped getting into the tub a few minutes ago, saved by Jimin’s hands against your waist. “Dumb baby,” he purrs, flicking at your nipple mindlessly. The very tips of his fingers are ghosting along your breasts, leaving goosebumps in their wake. “Can’t do anything without me.” You shiver, head rolling forward as Jimin continues to place kisses along your skin.
Finally, it accumulates in this:
The sound that escapes Jimin is a mixture between a growl and a laugh, deep and scratchy, reaching the very depths of your core as he continues to ram into you from behind. “Fuck,” he chokes out, hand wrapped around your throat, chest flush to your back. “You love being fucked stupid, don’t you, baby?”
You manage a nod, eyes blurry with unshed tears. He’s going so hard and so fast, your entire lower half is beginning to feel numb from the intensity. The head of his cock brushes against something soft and tender within you, makes you see stars when he touches it again and again and again. “Can’t even speak,” he huffs, placing a bruising mark against the side of your throat, fingers pressing into the skin to make it all the more painful. “So stupid on this cock, you can’t even think straight, can you?”
Your body jerks back and forth, moved by the strength of his thrusts into your velvety walls. Jimin is everywhere; in your pussy, in your heart, in your mind. Inescapable, shallow breaths mingling with yours as he continues to buck into you. Your walls stretch to accommodate him, hold him. “Jimin,” you pant, placing your hand over his, fingers filling the gaps between his against your throat. “Can you—“
“Shh,” he snaps, punctuating his statement with a brutal grind of his hips against you. Your eyes roll backwards, the words dying on your throat as Jimin fucks you slowly, tediously. “Dumb girls don’t get to make requests,” he grunts, “just take what they can get.”
Never mind the fact he’s doing the taking, taking everything he possibly can. You don’t bother pointing that out, too drunk on his cock to form coherent sentences anyway. Maybe you are a dumb girl, you think to yourself, dissolving into a string of mewls and whimpers as Jimin chases after his high, his climax. (You know he’s thinking of you, too, but you rarely get to see such a greedy side of him. You want to treasure as much of it as you can.)
With one hand, he shoves you pack down onto the mattress, holding you in place as he bucks into you. Messy and sloppy, nothing like the romantic Jimin who fucks you through the night. “Fuck, hold still,” he hisses, voice catching on a whine. It’s so hot, your walls flutter, pussy clenching around his cock. “Shit—“ he chokes, hips snapping forward, “you were made for this. Made for taking cock, baby. It’s all you’re good at.”
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ladyartemesia · 6 months ago
Since I'm in love with your writings and your taste in reading too. I know that your favorite is Brother's best friend or Best friend's brother, I would like for you to recommend me some of them please ❤️❤️🙏
Tumblr media
꧁Brother’s Best Friend꧂
Clandestine by @junghelioseok is fantastic. Jeon Jungkook is the best friend of the reader’s slightly younger brother. He’s sexy and charismatic and DEFINITELY knows what he wants. The growth of his (clandestine) connection with the reader is utterly delicious. This one made me laugh and swoon.
Guarded by @xjoonchildx is basically legendary in my book. The lady in this story is not only Hoseok’s best friend’s sister—she is also his BOSS’s sister and by boss I mean mafia. This is the first installment in Ana’s amazing Rap Line Mafia Universe and it delivers on every level. Hoseok is tasked with protecting the boss’s sister after she is being threatened by sinister forces unknown and sparks fly.
Plums and Melons by @winetae is THAT FIC. The fic I just daydream about sometimes. It’s a fic about two people caught hard in eachother’s gravity. It’s so sexy and cerebral and the main characters are so hot. Jimin is just a guy trying to live his life, but whatever is brewing between him and his best friend’s sister is driving him insane. He wants to be a good guy, but she just isn’t playing fair.
Are You Sure? by @cutechim is such a swoon-worthy and touching piece of wonderful. I tell you I was MOVED. This is beautiful and emotional and EXTREMELY satisfying. Taehyung’s best friend has a sister who he has always secretly adored. When she comes to him and asks for some intimate experience, he isn’t strong enough to say no—not when she’s everything he ever wanted.
Drivers License and Detour by @gyukult is sweet and tender and just a fantastic coming of age story. The reader has been in love with her brother’s best friend, Park Jimin, for almost all of her youth... but what is going on in his head?It’s a tender story that really warms the heart. AND I am happy there is more coming. I would read about these two all day. She published the second part and oh my gosh it’s so incredibly perfect I could scream. This was just such a beautiful journey every step of the way.
Milestone by @1kook is probably one of the first brother’s best friend BTS fics I read and it is amazing. I adore it so much. Because Jungkook is your brother’s best friend he is there for every milestone in your life. But you’ve both grown up now and neither of you are kids anymore. It’s hot. Like really hot. Dialogue and set up are so sharp and fast paced I really loved every second.
Young God by @njssi is scorching hot smut with complicated feelings and warm revelations. You think it’s going somewhere and then it goes somewhere else and honestly it is so awesome the whole time. Jungkook was always your brother’s sweet little friend, but he’s returned determined to show you that he is all grown up.
Tease by @caiuscassiuss floored me. I loved it so much! I spent the whole story just squealing happily about everything. This story has it all. It’s scorching hot. It’s enemies-to-lovers. It’s Taehyung. Jungkook’s sister and Kim Taehyung do not get along AT all—so she decides to bring him to his knees by making him desperate for her. It’s a wild and completely awesome ride.
Wasabi by @ironicarmy is a classic. Hobi is a bad boy that Namjoon vehemently refuses to let near his precious baby sister. But love is too strong a force and soon Hobi and the clever object of his desire decide that some things are worth fighting for. It’s a really sweet story of facing challenges and relying on the people you love. Warm and fuzzy feelings abound, but it’s also super hot.
Forbidden by @btssmutgalore is a masterwork blueprint for this trope. Hobi is a carefree player who falls brutally for Taehyung’s sister. They two of them eventually give in to a VERY steamy series of secret encounters and feelings get very involved. This is hot, suspenseful, and emotionally satisfying. Excellent characterizations as well.
Prohibido by @personasintro is an office AU with a twist. Namjoon is not only her brother’s best friend, he is also her boss and the two of them have incredible chemistry. Watching them pretend that they’re not insanely attracted to each other is so endearing and hot. Reader is convinced her feelings are one-sided. It’s lovely and fun. Definitely a slow burn, but worth it.
Strawberry Kisses by @kimnjss is a fic that I devoured in one sitting and then re-read again immediately. Jeon Jungkook is a player who matches with a girl on a dating app and has no idea she is the sister of his revered mentor and close friend, Min Yoongi. I laughed. I cried. I GASPED OUT LOUD a bunch. It was a whole thing. This is a hybrid social media/written AU and it’s pretty much perfect.
Tempestuous by @ppersonna is so special to me because it was written at the very beginning of my friendship with Lindy. She was looking for requests and I was quick to request my favorite trope. Lindy is bae now and this fic she wrote is marvelous. You are forced to spend the weekend in the same house with your sexy arch-rival Taehyung who just so happens to be your brother’s best friend. Naturally snarky hotness ensues.
Off Limits @floralseokjin is basically a famous entry when it comes to this trope. It’s a Jin fic and Miss Jordan writes EXQUISITE Jin characterizations. There is a hint of mistaken (or unknown) identity in this one which makes it even more fun. Sparks fly between you and a devilishly charming Kim Seokjin at a party. You don’t find out until later who he really is—and why he’s off limits.
And finally I’ll recommend my own Brother’s Best Friend fic All I Want for Christmas is You featuring a charming Taehyung who falls for Jimin’s sister. Jimin basically blackmails his best friend into escorting his sister to several holiday galas. Tae and Jimin’s sister have never gotten along, but they soon discover (through multiple pranks and mishaps) that love (and desire) are out of their control.
Not Your Fairytale by @yeojaa is incredibly sweet and tender. Erin really does emotion so well and her Yoongi characterization is honestly so nuanced and brilliant. This story is about a girl who had her heart broken and instead of canceling the cake tasting she scheduled with her philandering ex-fiancé, she wrangles the tsundere best friend of her brother to pretend to be him.
Brother’s Best Friend by @bts-hyperfixation is a short and sweet moment between two people who have been fighting their attraction for each other. It is so hot and delicious I tell you. You’re in trouble and the person you call is probably the person you shouldn’t—but you aren’t the only one willing to take a risk tonight.
Off Limits by @kaddiiction will break your heart and put it back together again. This one was recommended to me by a reader and I cannot thank them enough. It is fantastic. Jimin is a player but he crosses the line when he begins a liaison with his best friend’s sister. Still there is far more to this situation—and Jimin—than meets the eye.
꧁Best Friend’s Brother꧂
Orectic by @gimmesumsuga is one of my favorite fics of all time. It is a hybrid fic where the reader is a cat hybrid and Hoseok is the brother of her best friend who comes to stay with her while her bestie is away... It is so tender yet SO HOT. I’m telling you I cannot even keep count of how many times I have read it.
Theophany by @ilikemesometaetaes was a JOURNEY. It made me so emotional. Like the story centers around art a lot, but let me tell you, this fic IS art. Jimin is just the man of my whole dreams in this piece as the brother of a former best friend with an irresistible allure. It is a coming of age story with the most beautiful twist. AND THE LOVE SCENE—oh my gosh I screamed it was so good. This story is just so so good.
Run by @neonlights92 is Jungkook’s story in the mafia universe I am COMPLETELY OBSESSED WITH. You don’t have to read the whole series to understand it (BUT YOU SHOULD). This is best friend’s brother meets arranged marriage and honestly it’s fantastic. Jungkook doesn’t do love and affection and being forced into an arranged marriage with his sister’s friend who has always had a crush on him is just a blow to his freedom... or is she? GAH! This story—like all the stories in this universe—is superb.
The Magic to Happiness by @readyplayerhobi is a best friend’s brother meets teachers AU meets Hogwarts AU. Now... all of those are top tier tropes so finding them together is like winning the lottery. Hobi was once just a skinny kid who had obvious heart eyes for you (his sister’s best friend) but now he’s tall and confident and really attractive. The magic of this story is evident in every word of the sweet relationship that blooms between these two.
Problem with You by @monvante is so sweet and kind of hilarious. I giggled so much! Jungkook is your best friend’s brother and he is kind of too perfect and too handsome and he’s always around and you hate him and he hates you... Right? When you cross paths with the infuriating Jeon Jungkook at your best friend’s wedding, you discover that you may have been wrong about a great many things.
Show Me Yours and I’ll Show You Mine by @ktheist is so so SO fabulous. I was obsessed with this (now complete) series from the very first installment. You and Tae are besties who have know each other since you were little kids, but lately Tae’s older brother Jin has been lookin mighty fine. Just how far can you push him till he breaks. And if he breaks.... what then?
This list is BY NO MEANS exhaustive. I just used it to compile some of my FAVORITES in this particular trope.
➪ Newer Additions are in PINK!
➪ Newest Additions are in BLUE
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missgeniality · 3 months ago
Unicorn Ride (m)
Tumblr media
“What do men know? Because they have seen no unicorns for a while does not mean we have all vanished.” – Peter S. Beagle
➺ Banner: The amazingly talented @kithtaehyung ❤️
➺ Pairing: Jimin x Female Reader
➺ Trope: Strangers to ??, PWP, Non-Idol!AU
➺ Genre: Smut
➺ Rating: +18
➺ Word Count: 8.8k
➺ Summary: Hunting men down at a club is inviting disappointment with open arms. But tonight, your body has been twisted, turned and bent on every possible surface, and you might be willing to reconsider. 
➺ Warnings: alcohol, dom!jimin, bratty!Y/N, a very desperate Y/N, making out, biting, light exhibitionism, elevator oral (female), fingering, Y/N tastes herself, some dirty talk, Y/N could have flashed someone at one point, degradation, spanking, Y/N grinds on a knee, Jimin has his tattoo, blowjob, one pussy slap somewhere, throat fucking, spitting, anal fingering, begging, edging, protected sex, rough sex
➺ Author’s Note: It’s here! The reason for my nightmare, THIS PARK JIMIN! This is purely self-indulgent, it has no plot, I wrote the dialogues half asleep, it’s 8000 words of mess in bold and highlight. Thank you to my betas: @taegularities​, who not only betaed this but listened to me complain about my writing for weeks, @kithtaehyung​​, who is always ready to beta and make banners for me whenever I need, even though her plate is more than full with her own work, and @bangtanhome​​, who jumped by to help me with many details and hyped me up like nobody’s business - I love y’all! Fic starts under the cut, because we’re filthy from the get-go. 
This fic is dedicated to @mimikookie​ for BTS Writers Club’s fic exchange - Bambi, love, cutie, sweetie pie - I hope you enjoy this!! 💛
As always, please let me know what you thought of the fic, my messages and ask box are always open for comments!
ɴᴀᴠɪɢᴀᴛɪᴏɴ | ᴍᴀꜱᴛᴇʀʟɪꜱᴛ
Tumblr media
When you stepped into the hotel bar tonight, your aim was to take a mediocre dressed man back home, to use his mediocre working dick to get to a mediocre impact orgasm. 
With the sex gods looking out for your deprived soul, you got yourself a classy, impeccably dressed man, with the features of an angel and a tongue of the devil digging deep into your cunt in this elevator, when your rooms could be fifteen steps away; if you ever thought to get out, that is. You couldn’t even wait to get to the safety of your room, the panels of this ornate elevator ask you, mock you, taunt you; but your brain cells refuse to find an answer, shutting off to fully experience the wreckage his mouth is leaving behind. 
Tumblr media
With your heels in hand, you haul your ass across the hotel lobby, naked feet thwacking against the marble floor. Not one man in the club downtown had the IQ of two peas, studded with the inability to hold a tolerable conversation; the star of this glimmering night being the man who leered “I’d like to push your buttons” while staring down your chest. You need dick, badly, if you may add; but it’s a constant fight between your pussy and your standards. And now here you are, filled with dignity instead of cock.
Your feet lead you to the long row of elevators, and you press the button to summon one to finally haul your ass to bed. But a twinge in you tells you to check the hotel bar; maybe you'll get lucky and find a man to slip your room number to, movie style. Well, let's be real, it's more likely for you to find a fifty-year-old CEO with no qualms on cheating on his wife and fructose fathering your existence, but your blue-balled self will take it. So you turn around, and determinedly march towards the bar, intent on not letting your dignity win the war. 
Empty. Well, except for one couple in the corner of the bar seating, who look exceptionally wasted and hitting a base that's far gone from first. Oh well, at least someone is getting it on, you sigh before seating yourself on the barstool. You're here, might as well exploit the bar.
"What's a unicorn margarita?" you ask the bartender. Fuck, even this bartender doesn't look interested. What's the point of a bartender if he's not down to fuck?! 
"Tequila, cointreau, lemon and some blueberry syrup," he rattles off from memory, showing no hint of any emotion, making it difficult for you to gauge the side of the spectrum this drink lies in. 
You're about to change your order - fuck, if you lead your day further down the dumps - but your response never leaves the confines of your throat as a new member joins your little bar party. 
Tinted glasses are what you first see. Who pulls off such glasses anyway? Indoors too? Only this stranger. His suit looks like it was stitched right over his body, not a single extra patch of fabric to mar the stunner outfit with unwanted creases. The only wanted crease you can tell is at his buttoned blazer, cinching to spotlight his svelte waist visible through all the layers. 
He struts in, every step he takes echoing a clack across this dreary bar, and every sound straightens your spine further and further in sheer anticipation to see him up close. Shoulders swinging, he walks in like he knows he owns the world, and that you don't know about; he definitely owns a couple of things in you. 
His hair, a whole crime. Streaks of pink and purple streaming through his lush platinum tufts, refusing to fall out of place even as he drags his fingers through them and brushes them behind, and you're almost ready to drool and bark at him like a ravenous dog; but he does the sin of meeting your eyes - a questioning glance, slated eyes and raised eyebrows. 
God, that's a seat for your face.
"Hello? Ma'am? You want the unicorn margarita?" 
"Uhm, yea-yeah, sure." And you move your eyes back to the cotton candy across the bar. 
Apart from your neurons not firing off and the general state of mind where you would say yes to close to anything for this man, you're curious to see what this bar could do to make or break the classic drink. One sip in, you can tell it's the latter; the blueberry syrup added for color has a sickening sweetness you can’t digest.  
Across the bar, you see him holding the same multicolored drink in hand, his pretty face scrunched up in distaste as he mirrors your feelings. Your eyes meet, and he smiles when he sees your glass.
“A mistake if I ever made one,” he calls out to you, and you grin in reply. Fuck it, even if you can't get laid, you definitely can't make it through this drink alone. Stepping off of your bar stool, you make your way to him. 
“Are you looking for some company? Preferably people drowning in similar miseries?”
“Aren’t you dramatic,” he welcomes you with that godsend voice of his, as you take your throne beside this gorgeous specimen. As he sips that cursed drink, his beautiful face crinkles once again in anguish. “You know what? I take that back. Hundred percent valid, your thoughts.” You laugh out loud as you gulp your drink down in one go, not wanting to elongate your time spent with the pitiful excuse of a cocktail.
“Jimin," he begins to offer his introduction, "I buy drinks to match my hair. What’s your excuse?”
"Y/N. I have a pitiful amount of faith in barmen even though they always disappoint me."
"Ooh, are we still talking drinks here?"
Success. You’ve brought sex to the table, and with some luck and the right play, you could be having sex on a table. You cock your head to the side in question, and your flirtatiously raised eyebrow cues him into your understanding. 
"Of course," you flutter your eyelashes in a show of innocence, "what else could it possibly be?"
He shakes his head, your eyes dripping with a saccharine glow for someone with a dirty mouth. With another sip of the dastardly drink, he asks, “So what brings you to town?”
“Just here and there,” you shrug, not wanting to talk shop, “vacationing and stuff.” You raise your hand to beckon the bartender, who begrudgingly paces towards your side of the counter. “A bourbon on the rocks, please,” you throw him a glance, “would you like a repeat of that?” you mock.
“Oh no.” Jimin downs the glass, trying to keep his reaction to a minimum lest he offended the bartender, “the same will do for me as well.”
“Ohh, a bourbon guy, a man after my own heart,” you praise his choice of poison, clinking your new and drinkable glass of liquor with his own. He gives you a raised eyebrow in response before swallowing his shot down in one gulp, and fuck. When was the last time you found the bob of an Adam’s Apple hot? When did a sideways glance have your panties in a bunch? You push the thought away, not wanting to reminisce about your recent lack of adventure, and tip your glass down in one go. The crisp, cold liquid glides down your throat, the sting of bourbon cleansing your palate, ridding your tastebuds of the horrendous sugariness.
“So, vacationing, you said.” Arched eyebrows curtain his curious eyes, glancing down to soak up your dress of the night, sequined lace that hugs your thighs far too high up - your fishnet stockings not covering much of what’s exposed - posing a guileless question, “Having fun then?”
You cross your legs, for no good reason other than to ensure the shift in your hemline caused by the movement catches his fancy, and to your glee, it does. You bask in his anchored attention before adjusting your dress again, leaving the skin he could possibly see to his astir imagination.
 “I wish. Haven’t had my fill,” you match his gaze when they meet, keeping them steady save for his occasional flit across to admire your curves. You beckon for the bartender to ask for a refill before presenting your own question. “What about you? What brings you here?”
“Let’s just pretend I’m here on a super-secret James Bond-esque mission because the reality is fucking depressing.”
A soft, sonorous giggle, very unlike his suave, sleek disposition bursts out of his delicate lips, catching your own laugh in surprise - he laughs without heed, without worrying about how loud or how soft he is - his refreshing aura rumbles forth a second roll of laughter within you, just to keep up with his endless sniggers. 
“Why not,” you wipe a small tear droplet from the corner of your eye, “and I can be the sexy villain, one who seduces you in the first part, just to-” you hold your forefinger and middle finger out, curling the rest inward and point your makeshift gun at him, “-to hold a gun to your head in the immediate next scene.”
He’s still smiling at you, soft features clearly enjoying your silly company, as he slyly wraps his hand around your jutted fingers, tugging your gun closer. “I mean, we have to try and stick to the script,” he says, voice lowering in decibel with each word uttered, the cherubic smile slowly fading into something sinister, “you have to give me some action before we - you know - literally jump the gun.”
“Of course, a Bond movie needs some action.”
“I hope we’re talking about the same action here.”
He gives you a cheeky wink after the statement, one that you return with an earnest blush - blush? Weren’t you ready to gobble dick in public mere moments ago? Weren’t you all but willing to be fucked into the counter till every floor is made aware of your sordid quest? The heat warming up your cheeks goes completely against your motive; you need to drink the decorum out of you.
You try to release your hand from his - surprisingly strong and surprisingly soft - grip, turning to the bartender to ask for a refill, when the grip on your hand pulls you closer to its direction, and you’re a hair’s breadth away from touching noses. “Are you sure you wanna do that?”
“Get another drink?” you attempt to clarify, trying to ignore the thudding of your heart, “Worried I can’t handle myself?”
“I’m worried you can’t handle me.”
Fuck. Why does he have to say the perfect things to make you flood your pussy, and with such nonchalance like it’s a casual Tuesday for him? You’ve had men talk like you were their accountant, their underling, or both - a blase lack of effort or lack of respect evident in their voices. But Jimin is the best of both worlds (copyright queen Miley), there’s a hardened edge to his tone, without simply assuming your complicity - respect hidden within the raggedness. How complex is this man, and how far will you bend for him?
Only time will tell. 
Hopefully, time will tell. 
“I’m a big girl, I can handle it. Besides, at the pace we’re going, it seems like it’ll be long before any action takes place.” 
Your hands drag free of his hold to ask for another hit, but a sound makes you stop. His glass, now rid of the dark brown liquid, meets the bar counter with a loud clink, louder than the earlier ones. Each remaining ice cube rings against each other, and the bells in your head awaken in anticipation of some movement to this slowly progressing scene. Sliding off the barstool in some smooth motion, he buttons his suit up before stretching his hand out to you. You meet his eyes, now veiled with drapes of lust and affection instead of his glasses, and you’re happy to uncurtain those and find what truly hides behind.
“Which floor are you on?” he poses the question, a precursor to the long-awaited ask of the night.
“Depends. Which one are you on?”
Tumblr media
"Oh-oh Jimin!" 
Your head is thrown back, hitting the wall of the elevator in a sonorant thud, but the pain doesn't even register. It feels like the elevator cords could snap and throw the both of you into the abyss and still, Jimin wouldn't stop licking the syrups you're churning out, and you couldn't have any feeling come in between you and the long wished for pleasure that runs through your body. 
“Keep them spread, don’t you try to close them on me.” 
With not a care in the world, Jimin had dropped to his knees (after pushing you to the corner, quite literally), and immediately settled between your legs. His suit looks expensive - Armani? Gucci? All you can say he’s eating you out like Dolce ate Gabbana. Your stockings, followed by the strip of cloth protecting your modesty were torn in heat of the moment, the scrapped bunch thrown to one corner of this elevator - the fabric skillfully being replaced by the strip of his tongue. The view of his multicolored hair between your legs, the bright, vivid ribbons adorning his soft blonde locks as they find residence between your legs stirs fractious excitement within your fragile heart.
“Look at that, are your knees about to give out?” Jimin’s soft murmurs reach your ear, but never make it to your brain, focus completely elsewhere. He smiles lightly, continuing his torment, speaking against your nether lips, “I am not against laying you flat right here and taking you whole.”
“I-” You don’t have words to say, and even if you did, your throat would refuse to comply with any movement that is not a moan. What you do though, is lodge your hands in his hair to attempt to control him. Attempt would be a strong word, because he seems to know your body better than your own junky fingers. You raise your left leg to bring it around his neck, eliciting a sly smile that you can feel on your nether lips. Snaking an arm around your hip, he pulls you into him, as if there is any distance to close. 
“Seems like you aren’t either,” Jimin chuckles, his sultry voice crackling in the confines of the elevator, “your mess is dripping down baby, it’s so sexy.” He drags the flat of his tongue from your thighs, collecting your arousal, bringing it up to press against your clit, feeling it palpitate as all your blood wheels itself downstairs. “Tell me,” he coos, “how do you like the idea of fucking me right here?”
“Aah! Fu-” is all he hears because he starts sucking your nub, and a very-frazzled you slam your palms on the rows of buttons in the panel, setting the elevator in motion.
“Jimin, wait-” With short, quick pants, you try to look back at the panel, trying to see how you can get the elevator back to your original destination, but Jimin isn’t happy with your attention faltering towards him.
“Sweetheart,” he calls out to you playfully, but his racy fingers trace a line right from your ankle, moving upward, completely differing his honey-voice, “What’s got you worried? Afraid someone will see you? Like this?”
His 'this' was not simple. The 'this' was punctuated by two thick fingers entering your dripping hole, not to mention his cheeky thumb finding your clit to torture it even more. With all the bases covered down here, Jimin’s lips move up, his free hand searching for your nipples as his lips search for answers to unsaid questions in the nook of your neck. 
“Will you step away,” his whisper jolts your mind, “if the doors open?” He sucks in your skin, harder, almost telling you there’s no way he’s letting you move away. But the clench of your walls, the slick dribbling down his fingers, they tell a different tale. Your hardening nipple under your dress, your fervid whimpers, and your head moving to give him more access don’t rock your pictorial boat. A weak “no” glides by between your wails and mewls, and Jimin’s pleasure with your answer shows. His thumb resting on your clit starts making a move, and together with his digits inside you, your eyes might as well roll back into your skull because this has to be demonic. Your orgasm is crashing right around the corner, and you-
To your absolute horror, the elevator doors open your show to the public i.e., an old couple looking forward to entering, taking a step or two inside before you can hear the gasp of shock, disgust, and embarrassment all rolled up in one, at your - umm - compromised state of affairs. 
You peek over his shoulder to see the scarred souls; they still haven’t moved away from the astonishing scene, and it is uneasy, your pussy is gushing at the thought of having an audience for your debauchery. You mutter a quiet ‘sorry’ to the traumatized couple before shifting your focus back to the man of the hour, who seems not the least bit perturbed by the happenings. His fingers are still lodged inside, looking still on the outside, but curling inside to stimulate her g-spot, and your eyes could be looking behind if they could roll that far.  
“What do you want me to do?” could have been a very innocent question from a very concerned individual. Jimin was no such man. The sneer in his whispered voice was registered by you as he registered the ever-growing waterfall you are releasing onto his hand. Lips curved to the right, he sees your fucked out state, soaking in your teetering-at-the-brink-of-orgasm glow. “Want me to move, let them see how fucked out my tongue got you?”
Your hand shoots out to grab his collar as the elevator dings back shut, and you pull him close, pushing yourself back onto his fingers, - only to have your lips consumed by his own, with a force mimicked by his digits plunging deeper into your cunt. His tongue pushes its way into your cave, awakening your own muscle with its moves, and relocating it to his own mouth where he sucks it away like nectar from a honey hive. 
Jimin’s response to your voracity is “Maybe I’ll invite the next people to join, you seem to like that.” 
You let out an irritated huff, face heated up in an embarrassing glow whilst trying to find a spot on his neck to latch onto. One night (one that has barely begun) and you’re already rediscovering yourself. 
“Stop awakening latent kinks in me, I need to get back to normal men.” 
His fingers card through your tresses until they reach your scalp, tugging you off his neck to look right into your eyes. From your peripheral vision, the glow of his lips, coated in a shiny sheen of your arousal and saliva glistens under the lighting, and you dart forth to clean that up for him but he stalls. 
Seeing your fucked out state, Jimin chuckles, "Fuck, you’re clenching so hard baby, so good."
So cocky. 
You might love him. 
Instead of saying something embarrassing, you force him closer, joining lips before snapping back, "Oh, I’m good. I’d be great if you actually made me come."
The creases on his forehead show that he's not one to back down from a challenge. You jolt up, practically balancing yourself on the balls of your feet, as both the elevator starts moving to a new destination, and his fingers start moving deeper, massaging and curling inward, letting the base of his palm apply generous pressure on your clit. Heated breath embraces your skin as he snickers into your ear, “Make you? From the looks of it,” accompanied by another harsh pump, “I can make you do just about anything.”
The gall this man has, to go around stating complete facts. With his hand just about ready to touch the sky, he reaches deep within you, three thick digits performing a graceful dance on the slippery stage of your pussy walls, when he grabs your lower lip between his teeth. Your response is felt, hard, as you clench around the intrusion, and he digs his teeth in, harder. The elevator beeps open on a new floor, but you are unbothered by whether you invite a new audience or not. If they come in, hopefully, they enjoy it as much as you do. Probably not.
“Tall words,” is what tries to leave your mouth, but your entire body squirming under his attention swallows any chutzpah your words could have conveyed. His sturdy fingers touch all the right points, from his thumb soothing your engorged nub, to his digits ensconced in your warmth curling into the patch that is making your head hit the walls for the nineteenth time today. His lazy lips suck, bite and pinch any skin they find, tracing your jawline with his spittle, and you’ve never been this turned on, so keyed up, this stimulated from all ends, that you can’t control the cascading orgasm gushing through you.
Your body feels like rubber, still reeling from the effects - your climax feels endless, like an onslaught that refuses to end. From what, just fingering? Only when Jimin kisses your cheek, in adoration almost, and plucks his digits out of you, do you truly return from your high to plant your feet on planet Earth.
Your hand is still digging into his tie, which is crumpled beyond recognition - and you pull him into you. Your lips fit again, like they always knew how to, not a string of awkwardness, shifting of positions, or adjustments of angles - it just fits right. Jimin breaks contact, much to your pique, until he brings his sullied fingers to fill in in his lips’ stead; your eyes shut at the taste you were unprepared for, moaning loudly to convey your approval of his ideas. 
 “I love a woman who can enjoy herself,” Jimin mutters in marvel, smearing the leftover juices on his fingers onto your lips. “Love that you don’t quiet down.” When you dart your tongue out to taste the rest, his fingers block your way, only to whisper “Allow me,” before diving in to taste your arousal intermingled with your saliva. It is intoxicating, every move of his awakening a new cell of lechery you didn’t know you had in you. 
You do exactly as he desired, you’re loud and messy. Open-mouthed kisses and intense, throaty moans to respond to every right thing he does, which is basically everything; your tongues meld together to taste whatever the other did, and your hands move messily across his whole body, trying to feel him through the multiple layers of cloth he adorns. The only part you can feel is his hardened cock, stiff and unrelenting; your palms come down to his ass and push him to you, grinding his cock against your wet core. If you caught him by surprise, he doesn’t show it, still fully lost in making out with you. You are caught unaware though, his taut butt cheeks are not what you had expected. Plump, cushy, a handful to grab - what a marvel of science he is.
"I believe I have a favor to return," you offer when both your lips retire for a breather.
"It was wholly my pleasure, but seeing as you're eager, I won't say no," Jimin says, before diving into your lips again.
Tumblr media
If it wasn't enough to scar that poor old couple who witnessed your sordid conditions back then, you effectively scar Jimin's entire floor. 
With great difficulty you both detach yourselves, only to get back to each other like the strongest magnets known to man. It was a tug of war; who was tugging who, where, what, none of it made sense. Jimin tugged you towards his room while you simply tried to pull him closer to yourself. Your lips would have been away a total of two seconds, in the minute-long walk it would have taken to get to his room. 
Frustrated halfway, Jimin pushes you against a wall, one hand still wet from your orgasm coming up to grab your chin as he speaks practically into your mouth.
"What a feisty bitch," he breathes out as you dig in harder, both with your palms in his hair and your crotch on his leg, "Let me get you to the fucking room."
"I don't know, you've awoken something in me," you snap back as you attack his blemished neck, "I don't mind the corridor as long as you put on a good show." 
"Oh, you can count on me for that, but-" he grabs your wandering hands, crosses them behind your waist to hold you in place, only to have you wrap your leg around him and pull him closer. 
Undeterred, he twirls you around, and you are shoved into the wall chest-first and he presses into your ass. Through his taut pants, you can feel his cock again, and the pressure of your cheeks makes him moan, and you hiss on feeling his unstinting thickness, the anticipation of feeling it stretch your walls making you salivate.
A rough smack echoes in the empty aisles, and a second later you feel it sting on your ass. Bringing his hand back to your chin, he turns your face to the left, planting your cheek against the wall, only to get greater access to your shoulder, so he can-
"Fuck! Dude!"
It's your voice, trying to be cross with him for biting deep into your shoulder, but even he can see through your barely-there ruse, tonguing over his very prominent teeth marks that have you rutting against the wall. Just any friction at this point will get you off, and now you're not beneath grinding the whole wall just for a hint of release. Remember that woman with dignity? A figment of your imagination. She was never there.
"As I was saying," Jimin starts again, voice perfectly steady for how hard his cock is, "I'd like to fuck you into my bed if that's okay with you."
Filthy courteous. A gentlemanly freak. An oxymoron of the highest order, and you don't know who to write a check to for this blessing. 
“Yeah, I better take matters in my own hands,” and he does what you had anticipated, but not quite - you were expecting a bridal lift, his hands perched under your back and your knees, but he does you one better. You are now flung over, waist digging into his shoulders as his arm rests just below your dress hem. That reminds you - your dress isn’t even long enough to possibly manage this position without flashing every occupant who traverses this hall. “Talented hands, aren’t they?”
Dignity be damned. 
“Oh my God, put me down!” you yell in protest, ignoring the heat rising to your cheeks at this ungainly position.
Mostly, because his wandering palms still haven’t had their fill. One such sneaker slipped under the fabric to give your cheek a tight squeeze, and you squeak at the unanticipated intrusion. “What part of this is any better?” You huff as he hikes your skirt up, exposing the fleshy mounds, “Someone sees you, and you’re gonna have handcuffs slapped in an instant.”
“Maybe I can borrow them for a specific someone who-” he pauses to smack your right cheek, roughly, the quiet hours of the passage being tainted by your vulgar pursuits, “-can’t keep her hands to herself,” he finishes with another smack on the same cheek, and the sting is brutal, but only goads you further. 
“Jimin, you’re revealing to be nastier than I ever thought.” Your tongue snakes out to lick your lips, which had gotten dry from either all your hydration moving downtown or the lack of kissing in the past, well, forty seconds. 
From your limited vision, you can see the ninety-degree turn Jimin makes, before the shuffling and distinct sound of a door clicking open, before the scene around you changes.
“What gave it away?” Jimin snickers, flinging you over the bed, “Was it the tonguing in the elevator,” he unbuttons his coat and proceeds to take it off, “or was it the fingering out in the open?” He slowly moves to meticulously hang his coat in the closet, a very unnecessary move considering your current disposition. 
“Or maybe, it’s all the things I’ve yet to do to you,” he quietly ends.
You raise yourself, balancing on your elbows as you watch him regard you, eyes tantalizing every hair on your neck as his tongue juts out to trace his upper lip, slowly. Your own eyes follow his tongue with a dizzying fixation, that beguiling muscle that shows no strain in its movement after the carnage it released onto you. It’s so alive, you can almost feel it against your cunt as they draw you into flashbacks of it snacking on your cum, muttering bawdy words of affection that would make inventors of the language shy away in shame.
The silence is too much, too arousing yet nowhere near culmination. You break it, sighing, “You’ve got to be hurting too,” as you bring your gaze to his hardness, staunch and stiff against his pants.
“I don’t know,” Jimin takes his first step towards you, “I’m a man of taste, and the night is young,” he finishes, standing at the edge of the bed, his cocky demeanor commanding you to give in, letting time tick by, because he just knows. He knows you can and will pounce.
“Well, you might be a man of taste,” you get on your knees on the bed, and catch his tie to tug him back for the umpteenth time tonight, but this time making the right decision to take a step further and remove it, ready to fling it away from sight - but he grabs it, wrapping it around your marred neck, knotting it a little too tight - you choke only slightly, but your raspy words come out undeterred, “but I’m not a woman of patience.”
“Oh, I could tell when you were ready to climb me like a tree in the corridor,” he shakes the tie knot, having you sway along, until he pushes you back on the bed. 
Crawling over and hovering above your body, his knees straddle yours, until he moves his right knee between your legs to slowly push your dress up, slithering upward until the joint makes contact with your center, still dripping from your earlier climax. You shamelessly gyrate, not bothered that his dress pants now need some hushed laundry, as he undoes his cuffs while not letting his gaze move from you even for the briefest second. 
The buttons on his shirt had been irking you all night, irking you enough to halt your grinding to slide yourself up and start undressing him in earnest. Jimin halts to simply stare at you, your fingertips laced in need as every button glides out and gives up on its assignment. Once you pull out his shirt and undo the last one, you look up and meet his gaze, letting your fingers graze the lone strip of exposed skin as your hand moves from his hip to his chest, and you swear you feel his skin quake under your touch. 
 The atmosphere between you two is electric, your line of sight could crackle under the sheer intensity - but before the air bursts into flames, you slide both your hands along his chest and under the fabric, shucking it off of his exquisite frame, and boy. His limber body, the lines of defining muscles canvassing his torso is terrorizing your pussy, and your digits flutter back to run their tips over your new finding - in thin, spindly letters a ‘NEVERMIND’ bedecked his pale skin. He watches you with a keen eye, and you can hear nothing but the stilled sound of each other’s breaths. 
“Does this come with a story?” You jest, but rush to add, “I mean, you don’t have to tell me - if it’s personal or -”
Jimin’s grin interrupts your sentence, as he wraps around you with his arms in an effort to pull you closer - a stark contrast to the man a few minutes ago fully content in using his tie on you like a personalized leash. 
“You’re cute,” he coos, “and no, no story. Just a reminder to not mind the worthless aspects of life.”
“Feels like there’s a lot of subtext to that.”
“Maybe. For now,” he grabs your wrist, hand dangerously close to his nipple, “it’s not a rule you need to mind.”
“Oh,” you smile, fully catching his drift but walking into that trap anyway, “what would you like me to mind?”
Your hand is pulled downward, until it settles on the generous mound that peeks under his pants - and when you clamp down on the tip over the cloth, he breathes a soft “This, please.”
“Who would have known,” you chuckle, the poise in your tone not reaching your hands as they work on ridding him of his pants, “you know how to ask for things, instead of pushing me around like a ragdoll,” and instead you push him down, landing him onto the plethora of pillows that decorate this plush bed. When you finally pull his pants down, you’re caught tongue-tied, and you might as well be fully tied, because you stop in your track when you witness what you’ve uncovered.
There’s not a part of his body that doesn’t flow into the other one like butter, but his thighs - his thighs - the angel creating Jimin sure broke a few laws, and is well on their way to hell, because those thighs did not get made in anything remotely holy. There are rocks on planet earth that are probably softer than his thighs, now flexed under your scrutiny - probably only to be beaten by his rock-hard dick.
“I might be wrong, but someone complained that the pace was too slow,” he grunts, a dangerous smirk on his perfect lips.
Wading through intense complaints from that one oversexed side of your brain, you detach your eyes from his thighs to drag it up to his face, which is now placed on his weaved fingers, regarding you with a cocky smile, the effect he has on you clear as day. You shake your head with a smile - he’s got you stupid before his dick can. 
“It’s only fair,” you call out but hasten yourself, finally ridding him of his pants and boxers - and when his dick bounces out, you feel a jolt hit your cunt like lightning, and pull a short breath when it slaps against his abs - a failed attempt to complete your moot sentence and yet no voice leaves your throat. All you know is that you’re ready to face Armageddon just to catch that dick between your legs.
“Cock got your tongue?” you hear the cheeky man respond to your drooling. 
You don’t answer, choosing to bend down sultrily, landing a sweet, innocent kiss onto the leaking head, pulling away to see the bare minimum strings of precum stretch, trying to pull your lips back onto his dick before snapping. 
“Oh, fuck, you…” Jimin speaks to nothing, voice far too strained for it to be a real threat. 
“Fuck me? Soon, baby.”
He laughs in anguish as your tongue continues to torment his volcanic dick - kitten licks barely covering the head - every brief contact you make, you can feel his thighs clench, hardening in anticipation of anything more than what you’re offering. Finally, you flatten your tongue and roll it around, and for the first time tonight, a hiss followed by a moan emanates from the man who had been tormenting you so far. 
Just when you’re getting bold, a hand digs into your hair, clawing at your scalp, and the pain involuntarily throws your mouth open - an opportunity Jimin grabs with his dick, pushing into you till you’re sufficiently stuffed. 
“Ah, that’s perfect. Is this what you wanted?” He shakes the fist of hair as his cock shifts around in your mouth, “To test me till I snap? To make me treat you like the ragdoll that you are?”
Even with your mouth full, you try to smirk at him - this is not a tactic you should employ with him, but when have you ever learned your lesson? Your willingness to play his game has Jimin in bliss, and you feel it when his dick twitches under the attention of your tongue. He stays there for a while, enjoying the warmth of your mouth.
“Look at that, the peace in the air when you’re not off being a mouthy slut,” he thrusts in harder, never letting the hold on your hair dwindle, “Happy? Is the whore in you satisfied? I bet not.” A harder thrust, your throat finally voicing its limits in a feeble groan, but Jimin pays heed to none, “Bet you don’t know what life is like without a cock in hand and another in your mouth.”
You mewl at his words, the obscenities only sending harder pulses to your cunt. Jimin lets go of your hair for a fleeting moment, allowing you to move if you need to - you do, but the prospect of making him come overrides any need for relief, and you stay put where he left you, dick reaching an ungodly point in your throat.
“Yeah,” he grins, a snarky smile as he continues plunging into your mouth in short, rough motions, “fucking thought so. Gonna use your throat so well, I don’t want you talking for days. A toy like you doesn’t need to run their mouth as you do - suck you fucking whore, what are you waiting for?”
You whimper, for the only reason that his girth doesn’t give you much space to suck on. Still, you hollow your cheeks out as far as you can, bobbing your head in whatever space your throat provides without alerting your gag reflex, and you hear Jimin sigh in return. The ringing pain in your jaw is making its presence known more and more with every passing second, but you refuse to give in with every breath that’s left in you. 
He starts fucking your mouth in earnest, every thrust accompanied by a delectable groan on his part, and he controls the pace while you’re just left to take his assault. Rolling your eyes up, you let yourself enjoy the scene unfolding in front of you, his clenched jaw, blissed-out face, neck scattered in your earlier attacks - your vagina feels incredibly empty, and after some pumps, you tap his thigh (are they made of metal?!) to ask, plead, beg to cut to the chase. 
He empties your mouth, face slightly contorted in worry, but you assuage him quickly, “You know,” your voice is barely yours anymore, sounding hoarse and scratchy, and it catches you by surprise as you bring your hand to wrap your neck with a surprised ‘o’ on your lips. Jimin laughs out loud - stop shifting personas so fast! - as you continue, “As I was saying, my pussy is wetter than my mouth,” you cock your head to the side, “if you’d like to try?”
“Oh,” his eyes turn dark, more demon than human, as an idea forms in his head and he comes on to his knees, “I can fix that.”
His hand in your hair dislodges itself, bringing itself down to the tie you don, wrapping it around his fist and tugging you closer - the tightening grip forces you to open your mouth, breathing heavily. At this diminished distance, you can see the telltale signs of his advancing orgasm, beads of sweat lining his multicolored hairline, lips bitten from his teeth digging to halt the high from taking over (although, you have to take half the blame there) - but before you can look into it further, he makes his move.
Two fat globs of spit, released with vigor, land plumb on your eager tongue, and you can taste him again, taste his sweetness with a hint of your own, and you want to savor the taste - but you wait for his order.
“Now that’s perfect, isn’t it?” He gives you a snarky grin before pushing you down, impaling your mouth with his dick again, this time his own saliva coating his length and he pushes in again. Everything he did, everything he does, only brings your attention to your empty pussy, and his honeyed voice rumbling at the feeling of your mouth only makes the emptiness worse. In the inconvenient position, you shuffle your hands forth to cup his balls - they feel tight and ready to release into you, and you give them light, punishing squeezes to make them do exactly that.
But the taste of his cum never comes, because in one swooping motion, he frees himself of your mouth’s hold and - surprisingly - moves off the bed.
“Hey, wha-oh!”
For a flash second, you thought he wasn’t content with edging you alone, extending his edging kink onto himself, he roughly tugs you to the end of the bed, bringing you to stand.
“I’m going to nail you into this fucking bed,” he grits out, before turning you around and crudely shoving your face into the bedding, “and your job is to shut up and take it. Got it?”
Holy fuck. Have you ever been this turned on, enough to paralyze your tongue from forming any word? 
“I said,” his fingers find their familiar spot in your hair as he pulls you up, biting words unleashing into your ear, “Got it? Don’t make me repeat myself.”
“Yesyesyesye-” You unleash an outpour of the one word that’s running through your mind, all the way up until you are unceremoniously stuffed into the bed again, and you wait, with bated breaths - the familiar rustle of a condom wrapper in the background - but instead of his thick length, you find his fingers again, and you groan for some respite. 
Jimin laughs at your neediness. “Just checking if you were wet enough,” he says, “but I don’t know why there was any doubt.”
“You better hurry up before I suck it all back in,” you attempt a feeble threat.
The head of his cock finally pokes at your entrance, and you are already wailing, fingers bunching up the bedding as he pushes in further. “Haven’t you-shi-” Jimin stutters, “-haven’t you had enough sucking?”
You don’t even try a glib response - it would never come, because he bottoms out, and your walls are stretching to accommodate his dick, pressing all the right points to send your head into a whole new dimension, where pleasure is the only emotion you feel. His cock twitches inside, and you pull yourself out of your palace of desire to whisper at him to move. 
He makes no move, and you’re not sure what he’s waiting for - you go to repeat yourself louder, just to be su-
The unexpected lash on your left cheek jerks you, shifting his dick in you and making you clench further. You can hear the move affect him as he hisses and pushes you flush against the bed.
“Wow,” you’re panting, out of breath before you even start, “even at this point, you find a way to drag this out.”
“Trust me, if you had my view right now,” Smack! Another slap hits you, and you clench harder, this time bringing a full-blown groan from Jimin as he holds onto your hip to steady himself, “even you’d take your own, sweet time.”
Every slap henceforth only hurls you further towards your orgasm, words no longer working for you so you resort to communicating only through wails and whines, hoping he would decipher your pleas.
When he finally moves again, you all but scream Hallelujah to the angels puppeteering him from the heavens, and you take note of your current situation - you’re perilously close to your orgasm. This has been record-timing, from penetration to orgasming, and you rush to pay attention to the nub thrumming since this whole ordeal began. Sliding your hand under the frame of your body, and you-
“Ah, tsk, that’s not happening.”
Somehow Jimin - who was lost in the dreamland of your pussy, you know, you checked - caught your move, and now has your arm twisted behind as you wail and unfruitfully search for the orgasm that is almost yours. The one thing that shuts you up is his double-handed spank, each side facing the equal brunt of your actions, as Jimin hisses and slows his pace.
“Shut the fuck up,” his hands come down and dig into your supple cheeks, squeezing them and pulling them apart. “Your body is mine to use. So pipe the fuck down,” he growls, before setting his eyes on your newly exposed hole.
“You can tell me when to-fuck-when to stop,” he breathlessly utters, “but other than that, just lay back and take it like a good little plaything.” You cry a loud yes to his patronizing words - at this point, he could very well ask you for a billion-dollar check and you’d happily bid farewell to all your possessions. 
He lands a spitwad on your ringed hole, the cool wetness making it pulsate while your clit palpitates in anticipation and your hold on his dick tightening. His thumb traces a circle before shallowly digging inside.
“Jimin, oh God, more, more-” you don’t know what you’re chanting for, the buzz getting you drunk on his actions and making it harder and harder to keep your orgasm at bay. 
A dark, sinister snigger lined with need leaves Jimin’s short-winded voice. “So you’re an anal whore too,” he lightly moves his thumb in the confines, your responding moan triggering more chuckles, “no one is surprised.”
“F-fu-oh God I-” you can’t even gather the wits to give him a fitting reply, especially because his dick is thrusting into you in new directions.
“You’ll let a stranger just about fuck you anywhere,” he adds to the growing pile of awards he’s presenting to you, grinning ear to ear at your lack of diction, “tell me, Y/N, tell me you’re a needy, insatiable whore. Scream it, let the neighbors hear you.” A particularly deep thrust hits you hard, at the right spot, and you push yourself back on his dick, angling yourself right, “fuckin’ do it, Y/N, or else I’ll finish and leave you.”
You shriek at the thought of it, the coil in your belly taut and threatening to snap, your brain rushes to stitch the right words and before you know it, you’re spewing them at him. “Oh-oh yes, yes, yes, I’m a desperate whore, I need to be filled every day, and every night, can’t leave my - oh fucking hell, right there - my pussy empty, shit, and why should I? When dick like yours exists?!”
His thumb twists inside, breaching in enough to be able to curl a joint, and you take that as an acceptance. Your whole body thrums to the beat of his thrust, tips of your toes curling inward, attempting to halt your libido from seeping out of you, and you’re certain the establishment is never letting you set foot inside ever again after the fest you carried tonight.
“Gah, your pussy is just-so tight, I want to you fuck you open over, and over, and over again,” Jimin’s hips pump into you with ceaseless vigor, chasing his own high while tending to both your holes. “I’m going to leave you dripping for days.”
“Oh-oh-Jimin! I’m goi-ugh-fuck, no one will fuck me this goo-ah!”
Even with your spastic and incomplete verbiage, the content reaches him, and a passing cloud of clemency (and his swiftly approaching peak) brings him to slip two fingers of his unoccupied hand down. But jerk that he is, they do nothing except tap your clit, lightly, softly, with no destination in sight.
You continue to egg him on, “Gonna feel your dick in me for day-ohhh fucking hell-days to come, gonna feel you in me! Please, please let me come, I can’t-I-”
“Just a little more baby,” Jimin coos, a hitch in his throat hinting you that he too is at the end of his run, “Tell me more,” he hisses as his digits land a hard thwack right on your clit.
“Oh right there, right there-Jimin please please I need to come so bad, I’m gonna think of this night forever,” you’re crying at this point, the pressure of holding back swarming tears in your eyes, tongue letting just about anything out. “Any day I have bad sex I’m gonna think of you, any day I have good sex I’ll think of you, cuz no way in hell am I getting dicked down this good-shit I’m gonna-” you pause for a breather, “Jimin, please let me come!!”
He finally lays a soft kiss on your back, whispering “Go on, cream my cock like you’ve been longing to do” before the two digits press firmly onto your clit and draw figures over it - what figures, you can’t tell, because your orgasm washes over you with the force of all the mighty waterfalls all over the world, combined. Both the walls of your pussy and you are spasming, the pinnacle of your orgasm coursing through your body, trying to find an outlet to the boundless energy it carries. It finally leaves through your mouth, a loud, elongated moan marking the end of the fuck of a lifetime.
Jimin grunts at the way your pussy clamps over his cock, and in two more pumps he’s emptying himself into the rubber, utter hushed cusses until he comes down from his climax. His fatigued build falls onto your back, a soft hand wrapping around your waist as you both catch your escaping breaths.
“I thought I was gonna die over there,” you finally snort, as much as your breath allows you to, “do you keep all your women waiting like that?”
He just laughs, pulling his softening member out and discarding the condom, “I’m not sure what you mean. All I remember is you telling me I dicked you down goo-ow!” He laughs as you slap his chest in jest. 
Jimin pulls you to the pillows and kisses you, deep and sensual, lips telling you he hasn’t had his fill, but body limp and heated and begging for a break. As you attempt to adjust your dress, he halts you by pinning your hands to his chest, and you simply give in to his wordless demand.
With your head laid on his shoulder, air filled with a relaxing silence, you let your pointer finger drag along his chest, tracing the prominent tattoo, catching his flinch as you linger over his nipple. 
“You know, I too have a tattoo, a pity you couldn’t catch it.”
“Oh?” Jimin cocks his head back to meet your gaze, the tiredness evaporating in an instant to give way to renewed vigor. Your outfit is a sight to behold, crumpled dress bunched above your hips, the straps of your dress messy and astray, falling off your shoulders, and his lone tie still surviving the ordeal across your neck. Through the thin fabric, he can see what he actually didn’t catch - your soft breasts devoid of his branding, and if he looks carefully, he can spot your juicy nipples pebbled under the jeweled cloth. Pulling the tie to have you fall back into him, he hums softly, palm coming forth to grab the shunned mounds of flesh. 
“Where might that be?” he softly asks, inching closer and closer to your cleavage.
You shrug playfully, his ministrations already taking over your mind. Slipping one strap off your shoulder, you murmur, “Why don’t you find out?”
Within a blink, you’re trapped, caged underneath his whole body. He bends low, his unicorn strands tickling your cheek as he licks a soft stripe against the shell of your ear, before whispering, “Oh, you bet I will.”
Tumblr media
Thank you for making it to the end! For more of my writing, find my masterlist here. As always, thoughts and feedbacks are greatly appreciated!
Tumblr media
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Realm of Enchantment ⚘ pt 1
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
⚘ pairing: Fae!Jimin X Reader ⚘ genre: Fantasy/Folklore/yandere themes 18+M ⚘ synopsis: A beautiful creature, the likes of which you have never seen before, falls into your pool in the middle of the night. You race to help it, quickly discovering that it can tell you nothing about who or what it is. In time you discover this creature is more than meets-the-eye, its charms making you fall deeper and deeper. ⚘ warnings: mentions of virginity, mentions of a fight, future smut, future yandere themes. ⚘ a/n: thank you to my wifey @outromoni for the beautiful banner and for always supporting me and talking out ideas. Also thank you to@rkivemagic and @/kpopyandere for always hyping me and listening to me ramble about my worries. You always give me wonderful suggestions and I love you!
pt.1 - pt.2 - pt.3 - pt.4 - pt.5 - pt.6 - Final
Tumblr media
It was your birthday, another day to celebrate that fact that you were still single. Your friends, on the other hand, were eager to set up a party in your backyard, drinks and food already prepared, drunk before they walked through your door. They really didn’t care for settling down yet, minds too preoccupied with partying, but you were done with it. It didn’t help that your ex-boyfriend had recently broken up with you, so instead of getting annoyed, you joined in pretending like the loneliness you felt didn’t exist.
According to him you were boring or some lame excuse you’d rather forget. Either way, you were glad you wouldn’t have to deal with him anymore. You knew he wasn’t worth it, but it still hurt. The truth was you were still a virgin and he was upset that you wouldn’t give him the one thing he wanted. Perhaps him leaving you was a good thing allowing you to focus on yourself for a change. In a strange way you always knew he’d been after more than love. It’s true many would feel embarrassed to be your age and not have had sex, but you didn’t care. You wanted something more, something real, and he didn’t fit that criteria.
You sighed out, staring up into the night sky, closing your eyes to take in the gentle warmth of the summer breeze. The party was now over and it was time to clean up. As usual, your “girls” took off after they partied their hearts out, leaving their mess behind. Sometimes you wondered if they really were your friends or if they were just using you. You were the only real adult they knew, having achieved success in purchasing your own home and car without the help of your parents. Yours was the only place they wouldn’t get kicked out of, so they always wanted to party at your house.
Not to mention your backyard was perfect for parties. You had a pool, a small deck with a pretty little garden lined up against the cement wall of your home, and outdoor furniture for events such as these. Looking around, you pout in annoyance knowing that clean-up would take a while. Suddenly feeling tired, you glance at your watch realizing it’s already past two in the morning. You quickly pick up a few bottles and paper plates before calling it a night. You might regret it in the morning, but there was no way you were going to stay up all night cleaning up a mess on your own birthday.
Dropping the last bit of garbage in the trash bin, you start to enter your home when a large splash draws your attention. The impact causes the water to fly everywhere even soaking through your clothes, wetting the entirety of your patio. The sudden feel of icy liquid trickling down your breasts shocks you, but what really interests you is how the water had been drawn out of your pool in the first place. What could possibly have done that?
Wiping the water from your eyes, you finally get a clear view. Unsure, you think you see the outline of a person, but when it floats closer, wings appear from the water and you freeze. Had a large bird fallen into your pool? From where? And why was it so large?
You quickly advance to the edge to see if the animal is still alive, but it doesn’t appear to be moving. Looking around for something that can help you reach the poor thing, you see the pool net, and you quickly get on your knees to hook it around the creature and bring it toward you. Pulling it gently, you’re finally able to bring it to the edge of the pool, and what you see makes your jaw drop. It wasn’t exactly an animal, it was...a human...or so it looked like one. Getting into the pool without a second thought, you work with what little strength you have to lift up the larger and completely drenched being. You feel a sense of relief when you successfully roll it onto the cement ground. Climbing out, you run to its side worried that whatever it was, it was already too late. The way it fell into the pool certainly didn’t leave any hope for survival. Getting on your knees, you bend down near its mouth to see if it was still breathing.
“Oh...thank God.”, you whisper relieved.
Daring to feed your curiosity, you reach forward nervously removing the thick hair from the eyes of its face, not prepared for the beauty you’re assaulted with. It was a he, and his face was unlike any you had ever seen. His perfect brows creased, the bridge of his nose scrunched up, probably due to the discomfort of his fall. He must be hurt somewhere. His cheeks were soft, almost porcelain like, rosy in all the right places. And the prettiest part of all, were his lips, pouty and pink, almost as if made in heaven.
Now taking him in fully, you see his clothes, or what might be considered clothes. He was dressed purely in white with tiny bits of green and pink laced along his collar. His shirt was a sort of wrap that neatly tied at the side of his waist. It was almost transparent, like a thin triple layered sheer material that had been sewn together in the right spots so that it fit his frame properly. His pants were of a softer texture, a material you were unable to determine as you had never felt its likeness before. They covered him to his ankles where you were met with his feet. It was honestly a crime that a man had such pretty feet. His toes were the cutest length and you wondered if he had lost his shoes during his unfortunate accident.
Letting your eyes roam further you notice a wing peeking up near his shoulder, seemingly out of place. The color was almost unnoticeable if not for the light of the moon reflecting against its glossy texture. Beautiful hues of pink and purple shimmered in the light, making you extremely curious to touch. No longer able to hold back, you move forward, softly caressing a wing. Your touch shocks the being, making it yelp in agony, awakened by the pain radiating down his back. He sits up in surprise, pulling back away from you, not making it very far due to his injury.
You also jolt back, completely upset with yourself for bringing this sweet creature such a fright. “I’m so sorry. I won’t hurt you...I’m sorry...please..” You bring up your hand in a show of peace, but the being is not swayed. Trying to think of the most non-threatening position to hold, you sit completely on the floor, hands on your lap. Softly you whisper as you watch the male attempt another move to escape. He winces, a tear rolling down his cheek and you curse internally.
“ It’s okay. See. I won’t hurt you. My name is ____. Are you okay?”
The creature eyes you in terror, shaking from the cold and fear of having met a human face to face. It wasn’t supposed to happen. He had been fighting another being that was much stronger than he, but somehow he managed to defeat it. They had battled hard and for a long time to the point that he thought he wouldn’t make it. And when he thought it was done, the enemy hit him back causing him to fall down and into the human realm. It was forbidden to be seen. There were strict rules. But what could he do now?
“Do you have a name?”
Your voice draws him back, eyes flooded with tears at the pain he feels all over his body. He was sure his wing was broken, he could feel it.
“Hello, Jimin. Can I please help you up. You look like you’re in a lot of pain.”
At hearing his name, he shivers. Were you really going to help him? Knowing he had no other choice, and that he was too far from home to get any sort of help, he nods hesitantly. You move slowly, not wanting to set him off. “I’m going to touch you now, okay? Put your arm around my shoulder.” Bending forward you hook him over your shoulder as best you can and haul him up with some help from him too. You begin the walk back into your house, too overwhelmed with the weight of his muscular body to even speak. He seemed small, but you could feel he was very powerful. “Just a little further.”
Reaching the living room, you manage to walk him to the couch where you gently place him down on his side. You avoid the obvious hurt wing, but Jimin groans in pain regardless.
“I’m so sorry. Oh God.. I didn’t mean to hurt you.”
He doesn’t finish his sentence, the pain overwhelming his body. He lays back for a moment and you run to the kitchen to look for the first aid kit. You weren’t exactly sure how to even begin to help him, but the adrenaline coursing through your body didn’t give you time to think. When you return you find that he’s fallen asleep. You can’t help but stare at his relaxed face, his sweet features hypnotizing you. Although you knew he needed rest, you worried he might have a concussion. Usually humans shouldn’t sleep after a fall like that, but you could see no real trauma on his face or body. The only real issue right now seemed to be his wing. How in the world you got yourself into this mess you weren’t sure, but it was certainly a birthday you’d never forget. Grabbing the needed items, you begin to wrap his wing as best as you can and Jimin groans, the pain waking him.
“I’m so sorry. You can’t sleep here, Jimin. Please come with me to the spare room. It’s not too far.”
Already beyond exhausted, you guide Jimin towards the guest room located right next to yours. Once inside, you place him on the bed and leave immediately. He was a stranger and you weren’t sure what he was capable of. His soft cherub-like face calmed your worries slightly, but that didn't stop you from locking your room door, just in case. Never in a million years would you have believed that you’d see anything like Jimin. He was not human for sure, and while you laid in bed you wondered if maybe you weren’t super drunk or if one of your friends hadn’t spiked your drink with something. This couldn’t possibly be happening. Any normal person would have called the authorities because creatures like this just didn’t exist. Everything had happened so fast and now that you finally settled down into your bed you were starting to panic. The night dragged on and you were barely able to get any sleep knowing that a stranger was sleeping a few feet away.
There were so many questions you wanted to ask this mysterious person but eventually you fell asleep. As the sunlight made its way into your room, you slowly roused from sleep. Your mind and body were exhausted, but the adrenaline returned as soon as you remembered who was in your home. Quietly you walked downstairs trying not to make a sound in case your visitor was still asleep, but to your surprise you find that he is sitting on the couch. You walk toward him curiously noticing that his eyes are closed. You’re unsure of when and how he made his way down, but as you get closer you’re amazed at the fact that this being was absolutely gorgeous. How was it even fair that he looked like that when he had crashed into your pool the night before?
Unable to help yourself, you bend down low to get a closer look, innocently of course, and are surprised when his eyes suddenly shoot open. You gasp moving away quickly. He sits up abruptly, almost military style and glares right into your soul. He doesn’t speak and neither do you. The air is thick with uneasiness so you brave a few words that come out as a tiny whisper.
“Hi, Jimin. Are you okay?”
He jumps at the sound of his name, your soft voice unexpected. For some strange reason he felt as if it were wrong to hear it so close, but the way you say it sends sparks throughout his body. He stares at you in curiosity, eyes taking in your face as if it were a dream, everything so vivid yet unfamiliar.
“Yes, I believe I am...where am I? ”
“Well, this is my home. You fell into my pool. Do you remember what happened?”
“I-“ Jimin wasn’t entirely sure what he should say. The truth was he felt wrong for being here and he didn’t know why. He thinks hard, closing his eyes tightly hoping something will come to him, anything, but it was of no use. “I don’t know.”
Your brows furrow wondering if he wasn’t playing some sort of game, but the look on his face said otherwise. Had he hit himself that hard? You move closer and he flinches, the pain causing him to grab at his wing, face contorting into agony. It doesn’t take long for you to realize that he wasn’t lying. Could beings like him lose their memory? You test him once more, cautiously this time.
“Do you know why you’re here? Do you know who you are?”
A sudden headache strikes Jimin and he feels queasy at all your questions. “Water. I need w-water.”
You rush to the kitchen and come back quickly only to find that he’s stretched his legs on the floor and has placed his wing on the couch comfortably. “Here. Does it hurt much? Can I do anything to help?”
“I don’t know.” Grabbing the glass from your hand, he chugs it quickly and closes his eyes at the pleasure of it rolling down his throat. “More.”
Once again you do as he asks so confused by the events that are unfolding. Not only had you found a majestic being in your pool, but now he had completely forgotten who and what he was.
You wait in silence as he drinks again and watch as he tries to stand. When you attempt to help him he flinches once more and you begin to feel like you were the threat here, not him. Jimin notices the hurt look on your face and realizes that maybe he should chill out. “I’m sorry. I don’t know why I keep reacting this way. All I know...ugh..” he cringes at the pain once again “...all I know is that I’ve broken something and it hurts really bad. Please help me.”
His sweet puppy eyes seem so helpless and it tugs at your heartstrings. “Of course I can.” Gently you help him to stand as best as you can considering the fact that he was taller and stronger than you. Unsure as how to proceed, you decide that food was always the best way to break the ice. Maybe after he had something in his belly you could proceed with repairing haphazard first aid from the night before and get your questions answered. You notice the way his eyes follow you as you move about the kitchen. He held onto his wing tightly against his arm, but for the time being he seemed to be comfortable with the pain. To be honest you weren’t even sure how to help him.
Placing the coffee and cakes before him you begin to wonder if this had even been the right choice. Did he even eat these things? Out of all the dumb....
Jimin takes a sip, his senses attempting to understand. He had never tasted anything so sweet and bitter before. It was cute how he scrunched up his nose whenever he swallowed the coffee and how his eyes lit up at the sweetness of the cakes. He seemed to be unsure of how to eat the two, like he’d never done it before....but of course he hadn’t. After a few minutes you decided it was time your questions get answered.
“What are you? Why do you have wings?” As soon as you brought up the subject about his appearance he became tense, the anxiousness pouring from him and filling the room.
“I’m sorry, but I have to go now. Thank you for everything.” He scrambles out of his chair knowing he’d spent way too much time here with you. This was dangerous already. The funny part was he didn’t mind. He enjoyed that you saw what he was and didn’t cringe. He was in your home eating delicious foods that he's never had the pleasure to indulge in and you were caring for the wing on his back. Every single experience he was having felt amazing. He never experienced human life before and it was overwhelming.
“Wait! Where will you go?” You yell out without realizing and Jimin can sense the worry in your voice. He thought for a minute, calming his heart rate and ridiculous emotional reaction. In reality he didn’t want to go and your simple question made him stop in his tracks.
“Do you have a place to stay?” You ask another question in succession and Jimin picks up on how shaky it sounds. Strangely, he likes it, the slight hint of fear shooting a ripple down his spine.
“I don’t… my place is…,” he hesitates unsure of what he could tell you. It’s not like he could tell you anything... “My home is ...I don’t know. I’m not sure I could make it with a hurt wing anyway.”
You eye him carefully, taking in the beautiful way he speaks. His voice was intoxicating, like a harp played in a beautiful empty hall. His lips were puffed and pink, coated lightly in the sugar from the cakes he excitedly consumed not moments ago. Even though every fiber of your being knew this was a mistake, that you had no idea what he was or what he was capable of, you found yourself drawn to him like a moth to a flame.
“Listen, I don’t usually do this, but you could stay here until you’ve healed. I’ll go get you a change of clothes. You obviously have a lot of healing to do and I would feel awful if you just, up and left in your condition.”
Oddly you didn’t feel scared knowing some weird being was going to be staying with you. He looked like he couldn’t be older than his early twenties -- if his kind even kept age. And also, how dangerous could he be? He seemed pure and sweet. Even though you needed to know what in the hell caused him to fall into your pool and how he managed to hurt himself so badly, you couldn’t help open up your home to this stranger.
Jimin smiles eagerly. Being able to stay until he healed was more than he could ask for. He watches as you come up to his side and begin unwrapping his bandage with soft movements. The warmth of your skin against his wing makes him shiver. He closes his eyes and focuses on the feeling of your actions, the way your fingertips roll the bandage around, how you’ve become so focused that your breathing is barely audible.
You finish with a triumphant smile, proud of how you wrapped him without hurting him. You were no medical professional but you’ve seen a few shows and hope your work would be enough.
“Jimin, I really don’t know if this will heal. Maybe we should go to a hospital or something?”
“NO!” Jimin screams. “I’m sorry, it’s just that…humans might not react well to my physical appearance, right?”
You understood immediately. “I’m sorry, that was stupid.”
“You’re not stupid. Don’t say that.” Placing his hand on yours, he rubs the area sweetly and smiles. It’s devastating.
His touch makes you nervous and you pull your hand away. “I-- I w-won’t. Everything looks good here. I’m just gonna…” You stutter walking away to another room, any that didn’t have a beautiful Jimin in it. When you feel a hand on your shoulder, you muffle a scream and turn to see the source of your fascination.
“I just wanted to say thank you.”
“Yes, of course. Hopefully you’ll heal quickly and get your memory back too.”
“Memory?” Jimin smirks. “Yeah, my memory.”
Pt. 2
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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sparklingchim · 5 months ago
minnie's mini-me had luck; m | pjm
pairing: dad!jimin x pregnant!reader
word count: 2.6k
rating: 18+
genre: smut, married couple, dad!jimin, pregnant!reader
warnings: impreg kink, cursing, breast play, dirty talk, handjob
summary: your hormones are wild and unpredictable, but it seems like your neediness picked out the perfect timing before your little boy could catch onto anything.
a/n: you can read this as a oneshot but part one is here also, this title was too silly to not choose it lmao
,,You're putting peanut butter on cucumber?", Jimins hoarse voice ricochets from the walls, rubbing one eye as he walks his sleepy self towards you.
You look up from the kitchen island, a knife -  with peanut butter leftovers on it - in one hand and a slice of cucumber in the other.
,,Mhm, what about it?" you ask while chewing the peanut butter cucumber combination, stopping yourself from moaning out loud as you savour the toothsome flavour that you just came up with when you examined the ingredients in the fridge.
,,That's something new on your weird craving list," he states, propping his elbows on the counter as he stands across from you.
You roll your eyes at his comment. ,,Your cravings aren't weird," you defend yourself, thinking about the way weirder cravings of people that you found online when you had your first pregnancy and were curious. Your idea of putting peanut butter on cucumber is not that odd. ,,Why are you up?" you ask, smearing peanut butter on the next slice of cucumber, watching his beautiful puffy and tired features as you gobble up your food.
It's approximately 3 am and you're currently occupied with eating your - almost daily - midnight snacks. For the past couple of weeks you got this sudden longing for eating something in the middle of the night. At first you didn't want to yield, not wanting to gain even more weight, but then again - who cares? You're carrying a 7 month old baby, the last thing you should do is ponder about whether these tidbits are gonna make your hips or maybe your thighs thicker. You're eating what you want, when you want and how much you want and no one's gonna stop you. (perhaps everyone's too afraid to say something that differs from your opinion because these last weeks your hormones are just feral and you can't seem to have empathy for anyone - and sometimes you have too much empathy, which ends up with you being a crying mess.)
,,Don't know, I felt that you're not in bed anymore so I wanted to check up on my girls," he shrugs, gazing at your hands that prepare the next piece for you to eat.
Your heart flutters at his reply, almost cooing at his caring nature.
However, you don't tell him how his fond words shoot tint sparks of endeared through you, but only stretch your arm offering him a slice of your cucumber peanut butter combination between your fingers.
,,You want some?" you cock an eyebrow, awaiting his reaction to your question.
,,I'll pass," he simply says, a little grossed out face overshadowing his sleepy features.
You giggle lightly, not hesitating to put the slice into your mouth since he turned your offer down.
While you chew your food, he walks around the island, standing behind you and placing his hands on your bump, rubbing it in gentle strokes. Your body automatically relaxes at his soothing touches and a sigh leaves your lips. You lean back and meet his bare chest. Jimin nuzzles his face into your neck. You hear his slow breathing near your ear, your skin tingling as soon as his warm breath hits your skin. He presses a few smooches on your neck, content sound emitting from him.
Despite the domestic and relaxing atmosphere you don't stay there longer anymore. Your back starts aching since you're standing in the kitchen for some time now. Briefly you consider to sit down at the table nearby, but you quickly realise that your stomach had enough of the peanut butter cucumber combination.
You close the peanut butter and take both viands to put them back to their place, but Jimin is quick to halt you.
,,Head to bed, baby," he says softly, grabbing the food from your hands.
You mutter a 'thank you' a little smile curling on your face after you press a peck onto his shoulder, too tired and worn out to stand on your tip toes and reach up for his lips. He gives your back a loving pat, before you turn around and waddle your way to our bedroom, already anticipating the warmness of the heavy blankets.
Once you get into bed you sigh relieved. You lie on your side, eyes peering at the door and waiting for Jimin to join you.
You hear him shutting of the water, probably because he cleaned the knife you used to slice the cucumber and dipped it into peanut butter After that, you hear him turning of the lights - hitting the light switch rather harshly. Only a few seconds later, his tranquil steps come closer, his slippers brushing against the floor at his lazy walk. Soon he enters your big bedroom, leaving the door ajar behind him. Then he walks around the king-sized bed, sliding into the sheets behind you and wrapping one arm over your bump. Jimin slightly hovers over you to peck your cheek, before resting his head on his pillow, snuggling his face into your neck.
Perhaps a few seconds later you feel this familiar feeling rushing through your body. You know exactly what it means after all this time.
,,Jimin?" you whisper into the dark, tilting your head to the side to get a glimpse of him.
,,You're tired?" you ask, eyes trying to make out his face and body.
,,I just..." Before you properly give him an answer you decide to wiggle your ass on his crotch, showing him instead of talking. He grips your hip at your action, groaning lightly.
,,You want it, baby?", his husky voice leaving your body in shivers.
,,Please," you beg, almost sounding whiny. Your hormones are turning you into a desperate wife in need. (You try to erase the thought that you sound the same in bed when you're not pregnant and Jimin is messing with you, teasing you in every way possible and turning you into a whimpering mess. These are your hormones, definitely nothing else.)
,,Let me grab lube," he says, the warmness of his body leaving your back.
You hear the sounds of him rummaging in his night stander and then closing it after he found the lube. You watch him as he pull his boxers down, only so far to free his cock.and takes his place behind you again. His hand slide up your grey nightgown from your knees to your stomach, revealing your black panty.
He lets a few spurts of the strawberry flavoured lube fall onto his cock. You grab his member behind you, pumping his big length up and down to get him hard, while he pulls your panty down, sliding one of his fingers through your folds and gathering your arousal that lightly build up there.
Jimin moans lightly, gripping your hip once again, but surely leaving marks this time. He gets fully hard after a few more strokes of your little hand working on his length. He grabs the lube again, coating his fingers with it and then he proceeds to rub it over your pussy, one finger sliding into your warmth as he does so.
Your breath hitches, eyebrows furrowed as he plunges another finger in you. You're pussy is so sensitive that it could cum from just a few strokes of his fingers.
,,Chim, please. I want your cock," you mutter.
He hums behind you, planting a kiss on your arm.
Jimin raises your leg a little and you guide him between your legs, rubbing his tip over your lubricated folds.
Your hand leaves his member, waiting for Jimin to sink himself into your core. He does  and - oh fuck - it feels like heaven. If it wouldn't be for your 2 year-old son sleeping across from you in his room, a loud moan would be ringing throughout the room.
Slowly he buries his dick into you, stretching you open just like always.
,,Shit, baby," he curses under a breath, one hand pulling your raised leg down, that action causing your walls to get more tighter around him. ,,You're so tight. Shit."
You sink your teeth into your bottom lip, suppressing all the moans that claw on your throat to let them out of you.
His hand palms your clothed breast, only squeezing it lightly before his fingers play with your nipple. He pinches them, already awaiting the small droplets of milk that will stain your nightgown. When your grey colour darkens where your nipple is he groans loudly, earning a nudge from your elbow. But how is he supposed to stay quiet at that beautiful sight? It's impossible. You're too caught up in relishing the delicious stretch of his throbbing cock to scold him for being too loud.
,,You're pregnant pussy feels so good, fuck," he breathes, slowly starting to move inside you.
Jimin is so deep inside, his tip kissing your cervix every time he lunges forward.
You press your face into the pillow, your moans and loud breaths getting swallowed by it.
Jimins hand trails down, nestling his hand between your legs to rub your clit in fast circles as his pace fastens.
During your pregnancy it doesn't take a lot to make you cum, your whole body reacting to everything twice as sensitive. You would love to feel always like that, every sensation doubling up in their pleasure and causing you to enjoy it even more than before.
So after a few seconds, you feel your climax approaching. Eyes shutting close when the sparks of euphoria buzz inside you without mercy and overwhelms all your senses.
,,I'm gonna cum," you muffle half into the pillow, warning him.
,,Cum all over your cock, baby. You can do it," Jimin encourages you, fingers adding more pressure on your swollen clit.
And that's all it takes for the sparks of pure pleasure to explode and drench you in their heavenly feeling, leaving your body trembling and squirming. Your walls clench around his cock and his fingers slow their motions. You bite down your lip so hard you're afraid that you'll bruise yourself, but staying quiet is much more important now.
,,You're so good baby," he pants, his thrusts getting sloppier as he chases his own high now.
You whine when you're clit gets to sensitive and nudge his hand between your legs. Instead he reaches for your boobs again, occupying himself with your full and milk-filled breast that are ready to feed his baby.
,,You're such a good mother," he mumbles rather to himself as he tweaks your nipple to get more milk out of you, big eyes watching the dark patch that gets bigger the more he plays with your milk filled tits. ,,I always want you like this. Always want to fill up your pussy and let you carry my babies. You're so fucking pretty like this." Jimin moans breathless, nuzzling his head into your neck as he feels himself loosing control over his sounds.
,,Fill me up," you tell him. ,,I want your cum in my pussy, Jimin."
,,You want that? Want to have your pussy stuffed with my seed?"
,,Y-yeah, please, I need it," you rasp.
,,What a fucking greedy wife I have," he says, his cock twitching inside you.
,,All yours. I'm all yours." The words leave your mouth before you can even think about it. Because it's true. Your all his and he's all yours.
,,This pussy belongs to me?"
,,Yes, it's all yours."
,,Fuck, that's right." A long and nearly whiny moan escapes from him, but he's quick to shut himself with biting at your neck.
With another deep thrust his cum coats your walls white and he can't prevent himself from moaning your name in a low groan. Spurts of cum shoot into you and he moves his dick till your tight walls get too much. He stays inside your warmth for a while, prepping kisses on your neck and softly running his hands over your bump.
,,I love you," he whispers, pressing a kiss on your lips now.
,,I love you," you reply a little smile tugging on your lips.
After sharing a few more kisses, he slowly pulls out, causing you to whimper. Jimin rubs your hip in an attempt to sooth you.
He quickly grabs some tissues behind him and he cleans your pussy that already started leaking with both your juices.
Then he stands up, pulling his briefs up again and throws the dirty tissues away. When he's back in the bed, Jimin slips your panty back on and slides your nightgown down again, tucking you under the sheets and keeping you all warm and safe. You ask yourself how he still has so much energy to do all of this, but he's not the pregnant one after all.
Your little session made you feel so much more relaxed and your back pain was also not there anymore. But your love making made your limbs grow more tired and so it's no surprise that you're eyes are already closed, murmuring a little 'good night' to Jimin.
,,Good night, love," he whispers, hand firmly placed on your stomach like every night.
Before you could drift of to dreamland though, you hear little foot steps walking towards your bedroom.
,,Daddy?" the tiny voice of your little boy echoes through the room, an alarming feeling settling within you.
Your eyes open immediately, taking Jihoon in and examining his whole little being to search for the reason why he showed up at your room. His teddy bear swaying over the floor as he clutches it tightly with his little hand, his big eyes - that look so much like his daddy's - looking at the both of you and his pouty lips - that again looks just like Jimin's - jutting out.
,,Jihoon-ie? What's wrong, little guy?" Jimin is the first one to respond.
,,Nightmare," your boy mutters, rubbing on eye with his tiny fist.
,,Come into bed, baby," you say, sliding closer to the edge of the bed to make room between Jimin and you. Creating some space for Jihoon to sleep on.
Jihoon instantly steps toward the bed. He has some troubles climbing onto it, but before Jimim can sit up to help him he's already on the bed - he learned from all the times he stepped by your bed at night when something was disturbing him to sleep alone and those times when he'd wake you up in the morning with jumping on the bed and throwing himself on your sleeping bodies. Jihoon crawls to the space between Jimin and you.
Jimin and you are both turned towards Jihoon, watching your boy getting comfortable under the sheets. Jihoon turns around to you, his small hand instinctively reaching for your bump and closing his eyes
,,goo' night," he mumbles, voice laced with tiredness.
,,Good night," Jimin replies.
A fond smile spread on your lips. You gently run your fingers through his soft hair, while Jimin strokes his back. Your fingers skim down to his forehead, lightly rubbing your thumb over his skin.
Only a few seconds later your eyes close again, your movement on his skin getting slower with every breath you take, but then again, before unconsciousness washes over you, a thought hits you.
If Jihoon would've come into the bedroom a few minutes earlier, he would surely be confused about what his parents where doing in bed. Oh God. That is definitely not something pleasant to think about before drifting to sleep.
You try to erase that thought, glad that everything just went smoothly without any interruptions that would end up with your son getting traumatised by his needy parents.
And luckily dreamland is only a few minutes  away from you.
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kookie-chimchim · 6 months ago
BTS dirty talking to you during sex (m)
➳ pairing : idol!members x gf!reader
➳ genre : smut
➳ summary : BTS members dirty talking to you while you two are having sex. Kinky 😏.
➳ rating : 18+ (NSFW)
🔗 Masterlist
Tumblr media
➳ warnings : language, dirty talking (obviously 😂), daddy kink, mentions of rough, unprotected sex, hair-pulling, cream-pie, multiple orgasms, degradation.
➳ request : Hi! Can I request BTS dirty talking with the reader during sex? Thank chu 😘!
Gif credits to the rightful owner :)
➳ taglist : join my taglist!
@moonchildsmoon ; @sweeneyblue1 ; @shykoosworld ; @bangtanolan ; @samros95 ; @btslover3012 ; @itzsavage07 ;
Tumblr media
Kim Namjoon :
Tumblr media
Namjoon grunts, pushing his length harder and deeper inside your core, making you moan with pleasure.
“You like that, baby? Huh? Do you like how daddy fucks you?”
You whine, clutching onto him harder as he pressures on your clit, rubbing it while he simulates your g-spot with his cock.
“I- I do daddy! I do-”
“Such a whore for my cock. I know you love big cocks naughty girl, take it!”
Kim Seokjin :
Tumblr media
Seokjin fucks you from behind, his right hand roughly holding your hair as he whispers in your ear, “So goddamn tight. I can’t... Your cunt is so warm and tight for my cock. Feels so good.”
You muffle your moans in a pillow, trying your best not to scream as he goes in and out of you roughly.
“Look at you, so messed up because of daddy. So good.”
He growls, slapping your ass and moving harder against you, making you scream.
Min Yoongi :
Tumblr media
Yoongi lets out a grunt, his hands pinning yours on the bed and his dick burying inside you. You wrap your legs around his waist, bringing him closer.
“Yoongi... aaah! Yes! Oh my gosh!”
“You wanted me to fuck your pretty little hole that bad, huh? Distracting me when I am working just because your pussy is wet for my cock? You won’t be able to walk once I’m done with you, y/n.”
Jung Hoseok :
Tumblr media
His strong arms push you more against the closed door, his cock deep buried in your cunt as he moves, hissing. He growls as he feels your inner walls squeezing him, his voice raspy.
“I know baby, I know you love my cock. Isn’t it making you feel so good? Tell me how you want it...”
Sighing, you manage to breath out, “Ha- harder please..”
He smirks, “Such a naughty baby, so desperate to cum around my cock.” He picks up pace, his pelvis grinding against your clit, making you scream his name.
Park Jimin :
Tumblr media
“Jimin! Oh my god!”
You feel his smirk against your neck as he drives his manhood inside your pussy, his hips grinding oh so deliciously as he watches you writhe, still sensitive from your first orgasm.
“You look so sexy when you cum for me, babe. Almost makes me want to record everything.”
His cock twitches in you, and you throw your leg around his hips, moaning loudly as he increases pace.
“So fucking good. You are so fucking good. Wanna fuck you the whole night until you fall asleep.”
Kim Taehyung :
Tumblr media
Taehyung holds your ass tightly, bouncing you on his cock. You bury your face in his shoulder, muffling your screams as he hits your cervix with each thrust, his voice low,
“Look at you! Look how you are taking daddy’s cock like a slut! Come on babygirl, move harder, take all of my dick, it’s all yours.”
A scream leaves you as he starts moving you faster, your toes curling as orgasm hits you.
“I’m gonna cum so hard in your pussy, aish! So tight! I will cream-pie you baby, you will take all of my cum like a good slut you are, okay?”
You nod frantically, trying to clear the haze in your mind, “Yes, daddy... Mhmm.”
Jeon Jungkook :
Tumblr media
Jungkook growls, pounding in your cunt on the kitchen island, his cock hitting your cervix as he angles his hips to go deeper, filling you all the way in.
“You are so wet for me, baby. Taking my cock like it belongs to you. I will tie you up next time, hmm? Wanna fuck your little pussy until you can’t take it anymore.”
A shiver runs down your spine, your head lolling back from the pleasure of your 3rd orgasm approaching you.
“Cum around my cock baby, lemme feel your pussy clenching around my dick. It feels too good, you are so good babygirl.”
You teether on the edge, shaking from the waves of the ecstasy crashing down on you. He grunts, slowing down to feel every inch of your pussy tightening around his cock.
Tumblr media
Author’s note :
I swear, I can’t breathe properly after writing all that. And that meme is literally my state rn 😂. Thank you for the request anon! Hopefully you enjoyed this 💃🏻
Thanks so much for reading 🥺❤️! Likes, reblogs and comments are highly appreciated 🥰💜!
Feel free to send requests if you have any <<3! I love you all, bye bye for now 💕! I have offline studies tomorrow so probably the next request upload will be during the weekend <3!
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writtenwhalien · 8 months ago
baby fever (m)
↠ dad!jimin x wife reader
↠ word count. 3924
↠ warnings.  swearing, smut, soft dom Jimin, lots of kissing, IMPREG KINK, dirty talk, fingering, breast play, Jimin has a lil pregnancy kink and some kind of breastfeeding kink..? (idek), creampie, overstimulation, some cockwarming, multiple orgasms, LOADS OF FLUFFFFF.
(based off of this request -- hello. May i request a parent!jimin au where he tries to drop hints that he'd want to have another baby and maybe they start the "practice" even hehe)
A/N: Posting earlier than I said I would, whoops. But I hope you all have a good New Years! 💖
Tumblr media
“Mm, Jimin that feels so good,” you moan, your face buried in the pillow. 
“Just like that?” he asks, grunting as he continues working hard at the same spot. 
“Mhm, a little harder please,” you breathe out, turning your face the other way as he does as you ask. 
“That’s perfect baby.”
“Anything for you my love,” he murmurs, leaning down to place a kiss on your shoulder. 
You keep your breathing deep, enjoying the back massage Jimin has been giving you for the last ten minutes. 
“You work too hard,” he’d said, dragging you out of the kitchen where you’d been mopping the floor after putting Jihoon to sleep, into the bedroom where he insisted on helping you wind down. 
You’re sure it’s all a part of his plan to butter you up and try to have sex but you’re not one to complain. Especially not when you already know what he really wants from you. 
For the last month he’s been relentless in dropping hints to have another baby. 
First was when you went Christmas shopping with him at Shinsegae department store and he kept making you walk through the baby section, randomly pointing out the little baby socks, or festive babygrows. 
A few days later, he taught Jihoon the word baby and simply shrugged at you when you looked at him questioningly. 
After that, he tried to be a little more forward and started pulling out the photo albums with Jihoon a year and a half ago — pink faced and a little scrawny as a newborn. 
You went along with it for a while, ooh-ing and aw-ing, but randomly jumped up, asking him what he wanted for dinner. You actually heard the audible groan that Jimin had let out when he thought he’d failed again. 
But what he doesn’t know is you were sold the minute you clued onto his first hint.
You just want to keep the fun up a little longer and your fertile window only just started yesterday, so you know you’ll tell him in the next few days. Although it’s adorable seeing him pine for a baby and you already love seeing how loving, caring and attentive he is with Jihoon. You’re more than ready to have another baby with him. 
“Do you ever feel a little, like, bored?” Jimin asks, a tone of hesitation in his voice. 
“What do you mean?” you mumble, still feeling relaxed from the fabulous massage he’s giving you, his hands now working their way up your bare back.
“I don’t know, like don’t get me wrong, I’m happy, so happy. But it’s like we’re missing something, you know...” He trails off and you use it as your cue to turn around in between his legs. 
He looks at you and smiles unsurely, rubbing the back of his neck as he lowers himself to sit lightly on your thighs. 
His nervous smile makes you want to give in to his request right away, but you decide to tease him just a little bit more. 
“I’m pretty happy with everything we have,” you tell him, taking his hands in yours.
“Yeah so am I,” he says quickly, only looking at you for a second before looking down at your joined hands. “I just sometimes I feel like, like something’s missing you know?” He says those last words a little more enthusiastically, now looking right at you with slightly wide eyes, hoping you’ll get the hint. 
But you just jut your lower lip out and cock your head to feign confusion. 
“Are you sure you’re happy, Jimin?” 
“I am,” Jimin says quickly again, lines appearing on his forehead in worry as he fears he might be coming across ungrateful. 
He couldn’t be happier with you and Jihoon but in the last few weeks, he can’t stop thinking about having another baby with you. He’s always known he wants more than one kid, he just didn’t know when. But since the day Namjoon announced the pregnancy of his third child, the seed was planted in Jimin’s head and it’s been growing ever since.
And he’s so ready for it. For the whole experience. He knows the whole process is more taxing for you but like your first pregnancy, Jimin is ready to move mountains for you. 
Any late night cravings… he’s happy to drive hours to feed you; your feet are hurting… he’s more than happy to massage the feet of his baby mama; your raging pregnancy hormones… he’s patient the whole time and more than happy to help when your libido goes through the roof. 
The point is, he’ll happily tend to your every need as you nurture the new life that is both yours and his inside of you. The only thing is that pregnancy is harder on you and he knows you might not be ready just yet. 
But he won’t know how you’re feeling until he tries to find out. 
“I’m insanely happy,” he continues. “It’s just, um, uh... maybe Jihoon might want something more?”
You narrow your eyes at him. “Like what? He’s not even two.”
You can see Jimin panic internally and when he chews on his bottom lip and his eyes dart across the room nervously, you can’t help the smile that forms on your face. 
Jimin looks back at you, brows furrowing in confusion as you break into a small fit of giggles, grabbing his head and bringing it to your own, attacking him with kisses. 
“Wha—what did— did I do?” Jimin mumbles while half returning your kisses. 
You kiss him once on the lips before pushing him to the side so you can straddle his waist. 
“Baby?” Jimin says, still sporting the same confused look on his face as you take his hands in yours again. 
“I do feel like we’re missing something,” you sigh happily, smiling down at him. 
You watch as his features change from confusion to hope. 
“You do?”
“Mhm,” you hum, admiring the way his eyes gleam in excitement. “I think maybe we should have another baby...“
Jimin’s face changes completely to one of pure happiness. 
“Oh my god, me too!” he almost squeals, sitting up and wrapping his arms around your waist. 
Giggling again, you watch him fondly as he starts talking with such enthusiasm. 
“I wanted one since Namjoon sent me the last sonogram of Hyunjae and then when we first went to buy a gift for her and there were all those girl clothes,” he pouts his lips as he talks, conveying the way he found the clothes cute. “And then I knew for sure I wanted another one when every time I saw Jihoon I just kept imagining him as an older brother and playing with a little brother or sister, oh god, I hope it’s a sister, imagine a little girl, Y/N, she’ll be daddy’s little princess!” 
Jimin brings a hand over his heart as he says those last words and sighs contentedly, looking up at you eagerly. “What do you think?” 
You cup his face in your hands and peck him on the lips quickly, unable to resist when he’s being this adorable. “I think,” you say slowly, “I’ve wanted another baby since way before you started dropping hints.” 
Jimin narrows his eyes at you and raises his head. “You knew I was dropping hints?” 
“Of course I knew, babe,” you grin. “I have to say, you did a good job at getting my baby fever going, I almost took you right there in the baby aisle at Shinsegae when I saw those angel babygrows.”
Jimin’s eyes widen at you as he realises you’ve known this whole time. “You cheeky little—“ He flips you over, hands running all over your body in an attack of tickles, everywhere he knows you’re particularly sensitive to touch. 
“Jimin!” you laugh, trying your best to push him away, but he doesn’t budge. “Jimi—Jimin please,” you whine, grabbing a hold of one of his hands but he only buries his face in your stomach and blows raspberries, holding you down with his free hand as you squeal and squirm in delight. 
When you wrap your legs around his waist in a fit of giggles, his raspberries change to soft, wet kisses, working his way up your abdomen, past the valley of your breasts, along your sternum and then he gently pecks you on the lips, now lying on top of you with all of his weight, though you don’t mind in the slightest.
He looks at you with a fond smile on his face as he tenderly brushes the hair away from your forehead. 
Returning his smile, you bring him in for a longer kiss and your whole body relaxes the second your lips meet. 
He tastes so sweet, just as he always does, mixed with something that is so distinctively Jimin. He kisses you slowly, his hand holding your cheek ever so gently and with your eyes closed, you savour the feeling and silently thank God for having him as your husband. 
You couldn’t have asked for a better partner or father to your son (and future babies).
Jimin pulls away from you slowly, keeping your cheek cradled in his palm. “I can’t believe you didn’t say anything even though you knew,” he chuckles quietly.
“It was just so cute seeing you try all the time,” you smile, mindlessly running your fingers through his hair. “And I knew I wasn’t gonna be ovulating until now so I just kept quiet.”
Jimin shakes his head but his smile doesn’t falter.  “So we can have another baby?” 
You nod eagerly. “We can have another baby.”
Jimin’s eyes disappear into his cheeks from how wide he’s beaming at you, and then he leans in, peppering your face in kisses. 
You sigh happily, slipping your hands beneath his top to roam his supple skin freely. 
Jimin’s kisses become more slow and deliberate as he trails along from your cheek to your lips. 
When he finally meets them, you instantly dart your tongue forward and he opens his mouth without hesitation, his own tongue slipping into you and moving languidly to take in the taste of you. 
Jimin kisses you slowly, pouring all of his affection into the kiss, the affection you’re so used to from him though you could never grow tired of it. Not from him. Jimin is the one person who you seem to have infinite amounts of love for, that you never thought possible. 
Every time he wakes you up in the morning with a barrage of kisses, your heart never fails to flutter; every time he comes home on Friday’s with a bouquet of your favourite flowers, your heart threatens to burst at the seams; every time he puts Jihoon to sleep, singing to him softly and holding him close, you feel yourself swell with pride; every time he dotes on you when there’s absolutely nothing wrong with you, it reminds you of what an insanely kind hearted person he is; every time he looks at you and Jihoon with that familiar twinkle in his eyes, you feel a serene contentment and happiness like never before...
The list is endless, as is your love for one another. 
“I love you so much Jimin,” you mumble into his mouth, tightening your arms around his body and wrapping your legs around his waist to bring him closer to you. He drops his forehead against yours and allows his full weight to rest on you again.
“I love you too,” he murmurs before pecking your lips. “I’ll love you forever.” 
You smile, returning your mouth to his and pouring all of your own affection into the kiss, your fingertips subconsciously tracing small love hearts on his skin. 
Jimin kisses you back with the same fervour as he always has, his touch is delicate and meaningful as he cups your face in his hand, his thumb stroking your cheek tenderly. 
And then he trails his fingers down, past your jaw, lightly along your collarbone and stops on your bare breast, his palm pressing into the mound of flesh as he squeezes gently and his thumb grazes your budding nipple. 
You let out a soft moan which has Jimin parting from your lips, a playful smirk on his face. 
“So,” he says, his voice husky. “Shall we start?” 
You return his smirk and remove your hands from beneath his top, finding his face and giving him one quick kiss before speaking in your bedroom voice just as he had. 
“Mhm,” you hum, biting your lip for good measure. “I’m all yours baby, knock me up.” 
Jimin grins devilishly at your last words, moving back to sit in between your legs and discarding himself of all of his clothes, including his boxers revealing his hardening cock at which you smile. 
Your upper half is already naked from the massage, so he only has to pull off your shorts and panties. 
As he comes back towards you, he slowly kisses his way up your body again, except this time, his kisses are sloppier and a little more harsh and he spends extra time loving on the few stretch marks you have from your first pregnancy. 
Your eyes flutter shut as you enjoy the feeling of his warm tongue sending sparks shooting across your skin. 
He licks a long stripe up the middle of your abdomen and up one of your breasts, looking you in the eye as he closes his mouth around your nipple. 
Your back arches at the feeling of his tongue swiping across your nipple, a quiet whine escaping your lips. Jimin slips his hand down between your bodies, stroking small circles over your now throbbing clit. 
“Jimin,” you moan softly, raising your hips as you seek more from him. 
He easily obliges, slipping a finger into your hole as he moves to your other breast and starts sucking your nipple feverishly. His expert actions have your eyes rolling back in pleasure and even Jimin moans as he continues suckling at your fully erect nipple. 
“I can’t wait till these titties are all big and full of milk. You tasted so sweet last time baby, I can’t wait to taste you again.” 
You groan in pleasure at the memory — how Jimin always ended up making you lactate during sex while you were pregnant the first time. He loved it and would spend so much time licking up all around your breast, sucking little love bruises onto your swollen mounds while taking extra care on your sensitive nipples. 
His thumb starts circling your clit as well now as he slips a second finger into your soaking sex. 
“Shit,” you gasp, biting into Jimin’s shoulder as he expertly moves his fingers in a beckoning motion inside of you. The pads of his fingers stroking your g spot while he simultaneously rubs at your clit has you hurtling towards your orgasm. 
“Jimin that’s so good,” you whimper. “I’m gonna co- oh fuck.”
Pleasure crashes through you in waves as you orgasm, blinding your vision while Jimin places hot, open mouthed kisses on your neck. 
“You’re so beautiful baby, so beautiful,” he murmurs, already reaching for his cock to line himself up with your entrance. “You’re gonna look even more beautiful when you’re pregnant, big leaking tits that I’m gonna cum all over.”
“Shit, Jimin,” you whine, bucking your hips against him. His cock is so close to you and everything he’s saying is making you so desperate for him. 
“You like that don’t you?” he chuckles before continuing. “I’ll fuck you everyday from now. Until you get pregnant and even when you’re pregnant, babe. We’ll have so many babies together, gonna make our family nice and big, hm?” 
“Jimin.” You grab his face and lock eyes with him. “Fuck me. Now.”
Jimin smirks and places a chaste kiss on your forehead before you feel the tip of his cock entering you. “God, I love you. I can’t wait till you’re all swollen with our baby— fuck.”
His voice becomes strained as your velvety walls suck him in and involuntarily clench around his thick girth. Without a condom, you can feel every vein and ridge of his cock, creating the friction that you both crave. 
“Shit Jimin,” you whine, arching your back off the bed, your nipples rubbing against his chest. You’re still a sensitive from your first orgasm, but you dont’t care.
“You feel so good, baby,” he groans, slowly sliding out of you before harshly thrusting back inside causing the bed to creak loudly. 
“Oh, fuck,” you gasp. 
By now you feel completely intoxicated by his touch, your mind dazed and all you can think about is how badly you want Jimin to get you pregnant. 
“Fuck, Jimin, please,” you whine as he his thrusts become more repetitive with the same hard force. 
“Please what, jagi?” he breathes out, locking eyes with you as a thin layer of sweat forms on his skin.
“Give me your cum, I want all of it,” you manage to get out in between more gasps of pleasure. 
Jimin’s eyes flash with excitement and he automatically picks up his pace, pushing into you even deeper than you thought he could.
“You want my cum, Y/N? You want me to fuck a baby into your beautiful cunt?” He murmurs, getting incredibly turned on by the sight of you now — nodding eagerly, your eyes pressed shut in pleasure with loose strands of hair sticking to your face and neck. 
“Good,” he exhales as he slows his movements, bringing his hand up to your face and tenderly stroking your cheek with his thumb. 
His slower pace has you opening your eyes and you see Jimin looking at you, his expression full of nothing but love and adoration. It has a wide smile forming on your face and you snake your arms around his neck. 
Bringing his head closer, you kiss him on the lips which he returns fervently and for the few seconds you’re there, everything else in the world disappears and it’s only you and Jimin, ready to create a new life together that is the product of your endless love for each other. 
Slipping your thumb over his lips, you part from him to look him in the eyes. “Make me pregnant.”
Jimin bites his lip and nods firmly, a fierce determination taking over his expression. 
“I’m gonna make you pregnant,” he says, bringing your legs up to your chest as he readjusts himself while still inside of you. 
With one look at you, Jimin resumes his thrusts except this time he pushes a lot deeper and harder. 
“Oh god, Jimin,” you moan loudly as your body jerks with every thrust, the tip of his cock kissing your cervix with every snap of his hips. 
He rams into you relentlessly now, watching his cock disappear into your sex and groaning at the lustful sight. 
“You’re so good princess, you take me so well I’m gonna stuff you full of my cum. You want that, huh?”
“Oh— fuck— yes Jimin, please yes,” you whimper loudly, feeling your high approach faster now. 
“Gonna get your belly all big and swollen— shit, Y/N“ he moans as your walls start clamping down on him, increasing the friction. “I’m gonna come,” he breathes, bringing himself closer to you. 
“Do it, Jimin, come inside me.”
You press your hands against his firm ass, encouraging him to keep up his movements. 
Though they become sloppier, he keeps his movements fast and deep, and within seconds you’re spiralling undone, your mind going into overdrive as stars blur your vision. 
The sight of you orgasming has Jimin following suit with his own release, moaning your name loudly, and a wave of happiness rushes through you when you feel the hot white ropes of his seed spurt inside of you. 
But before he even finishes riding out his high, he brings his fingers to your clit, rubbing furiously. 
“Jimin,” you mewl, body writhing as you find his wrist and grasp it tight. 
“Just one more time, my love,” he exhales. “Take in my cum, take it all in and make us a baby.”
A string of curses leave your mouth from the oversensitivity and insane pleasure it brings. Jimin collects the slick liquid of both yours and his arousals combined and continues rubbing and squeezing occasionally which has you keening into him as much as you can, given he’s still got your ankles against his shoulders. 
“You can do it, baby,” he encourages you with a quiet groan. “You’re so fucking sexy right now you’re gonna make me get hard again and I’ll fuck a baby into you all night.”
His words are enough to send you off the edge, a high pitched moan leaving your lips as you orgasm, feeling your walls clench around his soft cock inside of you and your legs tremble. 
“Just like that, that’s my good girl.” 
You just nod and whine as your body starts to go limp beneath Jimin. 
“Oh, god,” he breathes heavily, bringing his forehead to rest against yours as he slows down his fingers. 
The both of you stay like that for a few seconds, Jimin purposely keeping your legs propped up against his shoulders as you catch your breath. 
And then he pushes away from you onto his hands, his soft cock still nestled inside of you. But his expression is slightly worried. 
“What? What’s wrong?” you ask, bringing a hand up to remove the damp strands of hair from his face. 
“I’m scared to pull out,” Jimin says seriously. 
You break into a fit of giggles and just cup his face lovingly. 
“Baby I’m being serious!” Jimin whines. “You need to keep your legs against the headboard, okay?”. 
“Okay, fine.”
With that he slides out and helps you shimmy to the headboard where he also places a pillow beneath your hips. “Just in case,” he adds with a shrug of his shoulders. 
“You know there's no proof that this works for pregnancy?” you tell him, raising a brow though you can’t help but smile fondly when you see him watching your frame with concern. It warms your heart to know how badly he wants a baby. 
“Well,” he says, coming to lie beside you, putting his legs up in the same position so he can cuddle you. “There’s no proof that it doesn’t work.” 
You snuggle into his chest as he wraps his arms around you. “Whatever you say,” you mumble against his skin, feeling happy and content in his arms. 
He starts stroking your hair with his hand, looking around the room thoughtfully. “I can’t wait to have two babies in the house,” he says to you quietly. 
Smiling against his skin, you look up at him. “I already have two babies in my life.” 
Jimin furrows his brows, looking down at you in confusion and when he sees your smile, he gets it. “Hey I’m not a baby!” He says, pouting adorably. 
“Sure you’re not,” you grin, booping his button nose. 
“I’m not! I’m a dad already,” he says, expression changing to one of pride. “And I’m your baby daddy.” 
Chuckling, you press a kiss into his cheek. “That you are,” you murmur. “And you’re the best baby daddy ever.” 
Jimin’s eyes crinkle as he smiles, and he hooks his finger under your chin, bringing your lips to his again.
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7deadlysinsfics · 2 months ago
good for me | pjm —(m)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
✧ pairing: jimin x reader
✧ rating: 18+
✧ genre/warnings: established relationship, pwp, kissing, car sex, semi-public sex, grinding, fingering, jimin has a mirror kink, unprotected sex, riding, cum tasting, nipple/breast play, marking, creampie, fluff
✧ word count: 1.6k
✧ summary: car sex is always a good idea. right?
a/n: i’m not ashamed to say that jimin with magenta hair, sitting like this in a car, got me feeling all kinds of things... everywhere. so, yeah...
Tumblr media
“Your mom is going to have one more reason to hate me if we get there late, baby.” Jimin chuckles in between your needy kisses, your hands undoing his buttons to leave him solely in his white tank top.
What has gotten into you? Not that he minded at all.
“Nonsense, she adores you. She just acts that way because I’m her youngest and she has to make sure you’re good to me,” you throw his shirt to the back of the car before swinging your leg over him to straddle his lap.
“Oh, but I am so good to you,” you stop trying to unbuckle his belt to glance back up at him. You almost gasp at the look in his eyes. The huge smirk on his face doesn’t take away from the need you can see in them. He wants this too. He always wants you, just as much as you always want him. You stare at his pretty features; his pillowy pink lips, his half-lidded eyes, the way his tongue slips out to wet the bottom one, slowly. You take in his newly dyed magenta hair. The color suits him so well, making his golden skin that much more radiant.
“You are. You’re always so good to me,” your hands slip behind his neck to pull him towards you for a kiss. He immediately opens up for you, his body going lax underneath you as he feels your tongue tasting his. He lets out a loud moan when you suck on it to then bite down on his bottom lip.
His arms circle your waist to hold you in place as he begins to move his hips. You moan at the friction, his clothed, hardened length rubbing your clit.
“I’m going to ruin your pants if you keep doing that, baby,” you pant into his mouth.
“What do you mean?” You smirk at him and he quickly understands. Jimin hikes up your skirt, his hand slipping in between your bodies until his fingers find what they’re looking for. “No panties?”
You giggle at the raspy, needy tone in his voice.
“Fuck, your so wet.” And you’re not just wet, you’re dripping. He easily slips two fingers inside of you. You gasp at the sudden stretch. Your boyfriend glances up at you just in time to watch your lips part as you allow a moan to slip out. God, you’re so fucking pretty like this. You’re pretty all the time, but especially like this. On top of him, allowing him to make you feel so good.
“Baby, I—“ you can barely get any words out as you feel his fingers curl up inside of you. You’re teetering, close but not quite, and if it wasn’t for the sudden mind-blowing orgasm ripping out of you, you’d be in shock. He’d curled his fingers just right to make you cum that fast. You’re panting against his lips, body still shaking and your heart erratic.
Once you’re breathing normally again, Jimin slips his fingers out of you to bring them to his mouth. Just tasting you makes his cock twitch. So sweet.
Looking into his eyes, you finish what you began earlier. Unbuckling his belt and unzipping his pants. He lifts a little to help slide down his jeans and underwear for you, his cock springing out, hard and leaking.
Jimin hisses when your small hand wraps around his thick length, your thumb spreading his precum around the tip. You can’t help it. Wanting to taste at least just a little, you bring your thumb up to your lips. His eyes widen when you coat his essence over them. He let’s out a shuddering breath when your tongue slips out to taste him on your lips.
“Such a filthy girl,” he groans before crashing his lips to yours. It’s messy and desperate, and you fucking love it. You love driving him crazy. Knowing that you have such an effect on him.
You grab his cock again and align it with your dripping entrance. He’s still kissing you, tasting all of you as you tease his cock with your pussy.
“Please, no teasing. Need to feel you.”
“Oh yeah? How bad? How bad do you need to feel me?”
“So. Fucking. Bad.”
You both gasp loudly as he brings you down hard on his cock. Stuffing you full of him. Your body shakes as he begins to fuck up into you.
Your boyfriend moves back a little to look at you. There’s no way you could be cold. You’re both sweating, car windows foggy. But you’re still shaking.
“Baby, are you cold? You’re shivering.”
“No I— I’m trying not to cum,” you gasp as you feel another thrust hitting your spot.
“Already?” He’s in awe of you and he can’t help but feel a sense of pride in knowing he’s the cause of your blissful feeling.
“You feel so g—good inside of me. Fuck, so full.”
“Take this off, baby. Wanna see you’re pretty tits.” Jimin loved your tits. Loved to watch them bounce as you fucked yourself on him. But as much as he loved it, he loved watching your ass bounce on his cock even more. Fuck, he wished there was a full-length mirror right in front of him right now.
He squeezes your ass cheeks as you throw your blouse and bra somewhere to join his shirt, gripping on to them to help you fuck him harder, faster. He doesn’t want to cum yet. Doesn’t want you to either. What he wants is to hear your pretty noises for a while longer. Feel the way your walls squeeze his cock, watch the way you look at him as he plays and sucks on your nipples. He leaves little marks all over your breasts which will turn purple later on and only for his eyes to see.
You grind on him slowly, your mouth latching onto his neck, careful not to leave a mark where anyone waiting for you back at your mother’s house could see. You kiss him again, his lips red and swollen. Your hands sliding under his tank top to feel his abs ripple under his warm, sweaty skin. You can’t stop staring at the way beads of sweat travel down his temples and down to his neck.
Jimin lifts your skirt up to watch as you start to bounce on him again. Staring at the way your pussy takes his cock so well. His thumb finds your throbbing clit and adds pressure to it, your little gasps making his dick grow harder inside of you.
“That’s it baby, fuck yourself just like that. I want to watch you cream all around me. I’m so close.”
“Me too, so close.”
“Such a good girl. So good to me. So good for me.”
His praises bring you to the edge. Legs shaking, ragged breathing, your hands clutching onto him.
“Let me hear you. Let go, baby. Let go for me.”
Your cunt flutters violently around his cock, gripping onto it in a way that makes Jimin’s body shiver from pure pleasure. He’s moaning loudly, no longer being able to hold back. Your second orgasm much stronger than the first. Blurred vision, ears ringing, breathless and body convulsing. His name is all you can utter. Your name being whispered near your ear as he spills inside of you.
You both stay like that for a while. His cock still buried inside you, trying to catch his breath as you try to catch yours. When you glance up at him you can’t help but smile. You laugh a little at his dopey expression.
“You definitely look like you just had the best fuck of your life,” you laugh.
“That’s because I did,” he counters with a smug grin.
“Think they’ll be able to tell we just had car sex?”
Right when Jimin’s about to shrug, a knock at his car window startles the both of you. Protectively, Jimin wraps his arms around you to keep the stranger from taking a look at your half naked body. Only, it isn’t a stranger knocking on the glass.
It’s your sister. And she looks angry.
“Shit... shit!” You both scramble to grab your clothes as she turns away to give you both at least some sort of privacy to get yourselves as presentable as possible.
When you’re done, you slide off of your boyfriend so he could tuck in his dick. Finally, you both exit the vehicle.
“Really YN? Right by the gate?” Your sister says to you but looks at Jimin too. “You both are something else.” Her façade crumbles and starts laughing. You and Jimin stare at each other incredulously but laugh anyway. “Well, I guess it’s safe to say that after three years you’re both still crazy about each other.”
“Did anyone else see?”
“Oh, now you’re worried someone might’ve seen,” your sister teases. She shakes her head, “I only saw you because I came outside to answer a call. Come, dinner is ready and everyone is waiting for you guys. Mom is dying for you to meet her new boyfriend.”
“Great! What’s this... her fourth in a year?”
“Come on, baby. Your mother deserves to get laid too.” Your boyfriend moves away when you try to playfully hit him.
“Gross, Jimin!” You and your sister say in unison.
You shake your head, “I really didn’t need that visual.”
Your sister sighs and you think she says something along the lines of, “Everyone is fucking like rabbits except me.”
You know then that’s exactly what she said under her breath when you hear Jimin chuckle beside you. He looks at you and you both laugh all the way to your mother’s front door, much to your sister’s annoyance.
Tumblr media
all rights reserved ©️ 7deadlysinsfics
do not copy, repost, translate or modify any of my works
Tumblr media
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scribblemetae · 8 months ago
Loose ends | Park Jimin
Tumblr media
Synopsis:  With a past you’d like to forget, you move out of town to start a new life in hopes that no one will ever learn of the bitch you used to be. You meet a man that is above you in every way and you wonder whether or not you deserved his kindness, but he had a completely different agenda.
Genre: E2L, Yandere, smut
Warnings: Mentions of spit, bodily fluids, hair pulling, spanking, degradation, deception, borderline non-con, dumbification, unprotected sex, bondage, dom!Jimin, Sub!reader, misuse of panties, masturbation, anal play, rimming, fingering,Titty slapping, gagging, panty sniffing, butt-plug (F), stalking, breeding kink, double penetration (with toy and c*ck),recording the reader without and with her knowledge, Big cock Jimin, Size kink, rough sex, biting, cum play, over-stimulation, roughness, Choking, Dick smashing (You’ll understand when you read it), Reader was a bit of a bitch in her past, Oral (F), orgasm denial (Kinda), A ridiculous amount of begging, Jimin pleading you to bed for him, talks of masturbation, crying (Due to pleasure), Pussy claiming, Revenge fucking, Love fucking, Spanking, obsession, breeding kink, squirting, cum play
Word count: 16.3k
A/N: This fic was a complete 50/50 collaboration between Noxie ( @scribblemetae​) and Kay ( @jkeuphoriadreamland​). It was absolute fantastic to work together and this was basically a result of us daydreaming about Jimin. We both really hope you enjoy reading this as much as we enjoyed writing it. If you found this through one of our blogs go send the other just as much love <3
You couldn’t actually believe how excited you were, you must have ravaged your wardrobe looking for the perfect thing to wear tonight. You were finally going to get to meet him properly. Park, the boy you’d been talking to for weeks online. Honestly you’d never seen anybody like him before in your life. Every time he’d send you a picture he took your breath away. With perfectly tanned skin, and perfect plush lips that you’d do anything just to kiss, you couldn’t believe he was real. On top of all that. He was so sweet to you. 
There was something so perfect and genuine about him that was hard to resist, and at first you did try. You weren’t interested in getting involved with anybody. You’d just started your new life away from everything you knew and that was supposed to be your main focus but with him around that focus was always tested. 
Truth of the matter was you were trying so hard to work on yourself. You moved away from your own life hoping you could get away from everything and everyone that made you who you were when you were younger. You weren’t proud of anything you’d done, and you were even less proud of the way you acted around people. This was going to be the change in your life that you needed to make. 
Reflection can be a funny thing. It wasn’t until you finished college and all your studies that you realised what an asshole you’d been your whole life. The friends you had made growing up soon became detestable to you, the way they talked and how small they made you feel just because you weren’t doing exactly what they wanted you to do wasn’t something you needed in your life. It made you so ashamed when you realised that’s what you were like. That's what you used to do to other people and you realized that had to stop immediately and so far you were doing well. You’d gotten a little job in a completely new town and made some new friends. They were good people. In fact, you weren’t used to how nice they were. It always surprised you when they came out with a compliment about something you were wearing or doing. One of them even brought you some flowers for your new house when you’d finished settling in. This wasn’t what you were used to at all. You were used to days of bitching in the classroom and calling people names.
You beat yourself up over the memories of every mean thing you’d ever done in the past, the disappointment washing over your body making you feel deflated. It's only when you look at the dress you're holding up against your body that you remember the source of your current happiness.
Park, the boy who decided to disrupt your new life. Or was he there as a gift you deserved for trying to turn your life around the way you had? That's how you decided to see it in the end anyways. 
The first time he messaged you was when he popped up on facebook as a friend request; Park J. You could barely see him in his profile picture, he had on a bucket hat that covered his eyes while his lips poked out at the bottom. You didn’t think much of it to be honest, everybody added everybody on this website so you accepted without a care in the world not realising just how much he would come to mean to you. His private message was simple:
Park J: Hi
Since you’d moved away you tried to ignore people who would randomly message you out of the blue. It's always people just trying to get into your pants and that's not how you planned on doing things anymore. In fact it's been about three years since you’d had a one night stand, only ever sleeping with people you had genuine interest in.
You’d decided against random hook ups and for the first time in your life you’d actually become somewhat abstinent. You’d hadn’t had sex in a good few months and that was a big deal for you. You’d be lying if you said you didn’t miss it, but you had to admit it was nice not having to do the walk of shame in the morning, worrying about catching all sorts of things and the general ball-ache of having to deal with the aftermath of it all. 
It was nice to feel free from the stress that sex brings. But even with all of this, there was something about his lips poking out from that bucket hat that made you look at the message much longer than you usually would. ‘Hi’.. how do you reply to that even if you wanted to? Do you flirt? He does look so pretty. Do you play it cool? You remember distinctly how you stifled a giggle at the realisation that you’d been stressing over what to reply to a boy that's messaged you. You’d never felt true butterflies before and weren’t sure if it was because of how cute Park was, or just how funny the situation was to begin with.
In the end you settled with something super simple and easy.
Y/N: Hello there, Park.
Ugh, it was pathetic, you actually cringe and shudder a little bit while you look around your wardrobe, not content with the last dress you threw on the floor. You continued to search for a new one whilst thinking about the actions that got you into this predicament.
For some reason you were looking at the screen on your phone just a bit longer than you should have been waiting for a response, it had taken you half an hour to reply to him. Why did you even think for a second that he would reply quickly? He's probably gone off to do something else now. It's only when you put your phone down that it vibrates indicating another message. Typical. You pick it up way quicker than is considered cool to read the message.
Park J: I just wanted to let you know that in your bio you put ‘I love sweat things’ instead of what I'm assuming is meant to be ‘I love sweet things’. 
Mortified wasn’t the right word for it. Here you were thinking he was going to try and flirt with you but really he was correcting that you’d declared your love for sweat. You’ve never felt so stupid in your life. You deserved this. You deserved this for constantly teasing people for flirting with you or having a crush on you. My God did it sting. You quickly went and changed it, kicking yourself for your absolutely basic bio that you couldn’t even type correctly and replied to him trying your hardest to save face.
Y/N: Omg. That's so embarrassing thank you so much you wonderful wonderful stranger. Saved me from looking really silly. 
Was that too much? If it wasn’t for his reply you would absolutely have thought it was. 
Park J: No problem, I wouldn't want somebody like you to feel silly over a simple mistake, especially when you look so… sweet.
AH-HA! So he was going to flirt with you. You’re not gonna lie, not many people had flirted with you by correcting your spelling before but it got your attention like nobody else had. He was different to the people who had tried to hit on you in the past, and different is exactly what you were looking for.
From then on you both continued to flirt and chat getting to know each other a little bit more day by day. Every morning he’d text you and every night as well. Even while at work you’d hear your phone vibrating already knowing it was him. He had an incredible way with words and each and every conversation you felt yourself falling a little deeper into the mystery that was Park J. Most of the time the conversations you held with him were sweet and respectful, but other times he would ask random questions about things which would leave you completely lost. He always asked you to forget it, but it was hard to let go. You put it down to his mysterious nature. Nevertheless, he made all of your days more interesting and soon your relationship turned personal. 
You tried so hard to not get too attached to talking to him. You really didn’t want to start anything new, but how could you even begin to deny his caring words and beautiful smile. He sent you a few pictures of himself but never a full picture. Every now and then it would be a little picture of him in the same bucket hat, lips on show. You were sure he was trying to tease you with them and in your state of sex depravaty it was working more than you wanted to admit. You got one picture of his eyes but he was wearing a facemask covering the cute little lips you'd come to adore. His eyes were just as amazing though. You’d never seen any male flawlessly own their bedroom eyes, the almond shape accentuated by the perfect smokey eye. No man you ever dated had eyes like his and the fact that he was so confident made him sexier than any other. You’d fallen into full infatuation and you couldn’t deny it anymore. You were swooning and it'd only been about a month. 
It's almost as if he knew what he did to you, as if every word he spoke was calculated, dead set on waiting for you to bite, like he was waiting for you to admit to yourself that there was something more than innocent flirting and friendship. And once he knew he’d had you right where he wanted, that's when he asked to meet you.
There was no way you were going to say no. You didn’t plan on playing hard to get with him. In fact, you weren’t planning anything at all. You  wanted to let the cards fall into place and take you where they wanted you. You always wasted time planning on how you were going to get this guy and the other that you never took a second to let things fall naturally, and that's what you were going to do with him. This time things would be different and you weren’t going to force things to go how you wanted them to.
The only problem now was finding something decent to wear. You hadn’t had to stress about what you were going to wear in so long you forgot how stressful it could be. Everything was either showing too much, far too casual or just… not you anymore. It reminded you how badly you needed to go out shopping for some new clothes, but sadly time wasn’t on your side. You were meeting him in three hours.
He said he’d arrive at six o’clock, and at first you were a little bit unsure about giving him your address straight away, but you had no doubt in your mind that he was a decent person. There's no way he could be putting on an act on, his soul was far too kind and far too good for that--for you. 
Maybe you should just go casual. He hasn’t exactly told you what the plan for the night was going to be, only that he wanted to meet you in person and he was going to pick you up at six. You knew you’d end up looking like a right loser if you showed up wearing something fancy and he was just in normal clothing. Maybe cute/casual? You decide on a casual dress, something cute that you’d wear on a normal day in the summertime. It was pale blue with cute short puffy sleeves and a tiny fabric knot on the front, but somehow it reminded you of him.
Granted it wasn’t exactly something you’d usually find yourself in, but you just wanted to come across a little bit softer. You wanted so much to fit in with his cute little personality that you were willing to bring out your own little cute side just for him.The clock ticks away as you sort your hair out and your make-up ready to please him. As you look back in the full length mirror against your wardrobe you're happy. You’ve done something completely different with your hair that you’ve always wanted to do and it worked out pretty well along with matching your make-up ever so subtly with your dress. You just hope he doesn't think you’re trying too hard when he sees you. And suddenly your attention is brought to the time--17:50.
He should be here any minute now and you kinda wanna run away. Your heart is beating so fast as you just sit there waiting for him in your living room, counting down the minutes that pass by. You start to feel nervous, insecurity creeping its way in at the fact that the man you were about to meet was so handsome and probably way out of your league. Your leg begins to shake and you almost want to cancel the date but stop when the ringer to your door goes off. You run up to the intercom ready to buzz him up, a little embarrassed at your behavior. When you hear his voice you melt a little inside and start to wonder if you’d be able to hold it together.
He reaches your door in no time and the first knock has your heart beating fiercely. It takes everything within you to calm down before you open the door. As soon you do, you're met with the most perfect pair of lips. His head is tilted down a bit and he’s wearing the same damn hat that hid all his features, but then he looks up at you and the combination of his eyes, nose, lips devastates you. There was something eerily family to him, but you think it’s probably just from the pictures of him you saw. His lips are now super close and a small memory of your terrible past comes back to haunt you. There's something about being stood with somebody so kind, so cute, that makes you feel almost guilty about everything you used to do… did you deserve this?
“What’s the matter, cat got your tongue?”
You realize you’ve been staring at him for far too long and miss what he says, quickly speaking up to greet him. 
“I’m so sorry. You’re just…”
“You look beautiful, Y/N. Blue is my favorite color.”
He stares into your eyes as he lifts up your hand to kiss over your knuckles all the while enjoying how pathetically easy it was to capture your attention. You couldn’t help but notice the grin on his face as your resolve unraveled so obviously in front of him. His touch was so soft and gentle, like a feather brushing against your skin. 
“It’s almost as if you already knew that, have you been stalking me, sweet girl?”
The wink he gave you as he tugged you forward made you realise just how ridiculously weak you were for him. He started walking backwards away from you, hand still softly in his. 
“Are you ready?”
You nod quickly and follow him out closing your door not even thinking to lock it as you refuse to remove your hand from his. As you follow him he turns around walking you down the stairs in silence. You felt like you should say something but you really had no idea what? He looked so good, clearly wearing casual clothes and still looking like he could be ready for a night out. You’re a confident person, but there's something about him that makes it impossible to speak.
You wouldn’t say the silence is awkward, more, mysterious. You could only see him from the back of his head as he walked in front of you. Black hair moving ever so softly with each step he took down the stairs. He was walking with purpose and you were struggling to keep up.
It's only when he got you out the front door and into his car that you noticed the soft scent of strawberries. In many ways he gave off strength and confidence, but this reminded you of his gentle and soft way. His voice always made you weak, the raspy low sound making you cross your legs during your late night conversations. He hadn’t been overtly sexual but his charm always had you wrapped around his finger. He knew this as he watched you get into his car and sit. You didn’t miss his subtle glance at your legs. The dress was a great idea. 
The car ride was smooth but long, almost 45 minutes away. You barely noticed with the sweet conversation he was making, saying nothing much, but each word filled your heart just a little bit. He complimented the way you looked more than once as well as the way you smelled. He asked you small questions about your hometown and how long you’d live where you currently did. It was all so monotonous but coming from him it sounded so interesting. His voice was sweet and soft, something that seemed to be a theme with him.
When he pulled up you were surprised where he had taken you, that's when you realised how long the drive must have been. This is somewhere you used to go to loads when you lived closer. You basically grew up in this diner. This place is basically what made you the asshole you were. This is where you met your high school friends. Ugh, why did he pick to bring you here? So many shitty memories. 
Jimin, however, seemed unbothered. He’d been sweet the entire time and in no way could know the behavior you used to exhibit in your youth. “I hope you don’t mind this place, I remember you saying you’re originally from the same town as me just a mile or two down so I thought we’d meet in the middle. You do like it here don’t you?”
You just nodded your head not wanting to tell him you’d rather go anywhere but here. Let the cards fall. You take a deep breath and smile at him. He places his hand on your lower back, making sure not to actually touch you, ushering you forward to walk in with him.
You sit right at the very back as that's where he took you, the booth coincidentally being the one you and your friends would sit and mess about at. You felt so uncomfortable but were soon soothed by his words. “After you.” he gestures.
 “Thank you.” You offer, but he just smirks and sits opposite you, clasping his hands together and huffs out his nose. 
“It’s nothing. Common courtesy and manners go a long way. More people should learn the importance of treating others with respect.”
Something in the way he says these words makes your stomach dip added to the fact that you were in the very environment that brought back terrible memories. 
“I didn’t want to bring you somewhere too fancy just in case you ran away when you realised who I was.”
Again with his strange wording. Why would you run away when you saw him for the first time? He looked just as beautiful as his pictures and he had to know that. It’s not like he was catfishing you. “That’s silly. I really like you, Park.” You reassured him with a smile and the conversation continued to flow. You’re not sure how much time had gone by when Park started talking about his childhood throwing you through a slight loop. You had just about finished your food when your appetite started to dwindle.
“Yeah, when I was in high school I had quite a bad time with bullies. Kids can be mean.” 
He watched you as you responded, his vision set on your lips and the way you licked them nervously. It was like he was waiting for admittance from you. His gaze was so strongly set towards you that you couldn’t help but gulp and clear your throat trying to smile in agreement. When you don’t respond the way he wants, he deflates slightly as if he was disappointed in you. 
“But that’s all behind me now. I’ve gone to university and established myself well. How about you? Did you ever deal with bullying?”
You glance around the room, eyes fixing on anything other than his lips. You also avoided his eyes not wanting to give away the truth of your history. With such a kind soul as he was, what would he think of your high school reputation as being the biggest bitch there was? It was strange though, how Park's soft demeanor and tone reminded you of one particular boy…
“Oh, no… I don’t think so. School is such a funny thing. Could we talk about something else?” 
When you went to grab your drink, your shaky hands hit the rim causing it to spill all over the table. Jimin sees you fall into a panic trying to wipe the liquid off the table and he grabs your hands to calm your nerves. 
“Funny how accidents happen, it's like you couldn’t see the glass that was right in front of your eyes-” He chuckles ever so slightly as he takes your hand in his ”-Let me.” Ever so gently he brings up your sticky fingers and pokes out his pink tongue from his plush and tempting lips. He licks the tips of your fingers all the while smiling seductively. His eyes draw you in, perfectly angled and dangerous. You were fucked. 
“Thank you. I’ll b-be fine. I just need to go to the restroom.”
You couldn’t run out of there fast enough already dreading returning and facing the most beautiful man you’d ever seen. How could you make such a fool of yourself? He made you so nervous and you felt like a stupid teenage girl. And then it hit you…
“No way…. noo… couldn’t be…” your whisper echoes in the bathroom and you feel embarrassed, looking around thanking the heavens you were alone. Dabbing some cold water on your neck, you prepare yourself mentally to return to this now sudden reminder of the ghosts of your past. 
Five years prior:
You walked around like you owned the place along with your group of friends that had the exact same confidence as you did. People looked at you with jealousy and fear in their eyes. You knew that no matter what you did you’d always have all eyes on you and you basked in that glory.
At classes you’d always sit in the back with your friends, throwing balls of paper, disrupting lessons. Teachers hated you and the people who sat in the front row begging for the teachers to like them hated you and in return you made sure to know you hated them just as much. You’d argue with teachers for hours on end in the middle of lessons. Sometimes you’d argue for the fun of it, even if your argument did make sense you’d push it just to be as annoying as you could. Other times you did it because you knew you were right. Much against popular belief, you were pretty smart for somebody who didn’t pay attention. You often got brushed with the ‘Dumb annoying bitch’ roll in your group so you argued just to prove a point. 
As for the students, well that's where you took a slightly different approach. There was never a subtle ‘Class related argument’. Just you doing everything you could to make them feel small and as dumb as you knew people thought you were. You never really paid full attention to the people you were less than kind, only ever really knowing their name and what lesson they seem to kiss-ass the most in, but you were haunted by the things you said to them - To him. 
Jimin, poor boy always seemed to get the worst of you. You’re not sure what it was that drew you to bullying him the most, there was just something about him that made you feel small and insecure. He had bubble-gum pink hair, round glasses and always wore what you would refer to as his grandpa jumper-vest. You’d tease him to no end. One particular time springing forward.
Class had just finished and everybody was starting to disappear out of the classroom as you called his name from the back of the class. He had really annoyed you this lesson, dragging it out, making points to the professor every other minute. He really was just a little show off and you felt like really showing him he wasn’t better than everybody - he wasn’t better than you. 
You saw his head turn around looking in the direction of his name quickly as he squinted through his glasses. You walked down the side of the lecture hall in his direction and when he noticed it was you who shouted at him you could see him start to pack his bag even quicker.
“Oh c’mon Jimin, what's the rush?”
You made sure to reach his desk as quickly as possible so he wasn’t able to avoid you. As you got closer to him his checks had turned bright red. It wasn’t your first run in with him, you often tease him about his obvious crush on you. 
“I saw you looking up my skirt as you walked in the lecture hall, what do you have to say for yourself?”
You tried to sound as sexy as you could as you brushed up against him. 
“No.. I-I didn’t”
He could barely form a sentence, so shy and had zero confidence. You enjoyed making him feel small. He did it to you every day without even knowing it. People like him always thought they were better than you, walked around like they were something else just because they were clever. At least when you made him feel small you were obvious about it.
“Trying to look up at my panties, see if you can finally see a pussy in real life?”
He was spluttering his words trying to defend himself. Truth be told you would know if he tried to look up your skirt at all. You weren’t even paying attention to him. You were just using this to wind him up. 
“You just want my pussy on your lips don't you, want me to ride your face till I cum...”
Everybody who was in the classroom had left now, and that made you feel even bolder with your words. You felt powerful knowing you had a hold over him. You leaned into his ear making sure he didn’t miss a single word of what you were about to say to him.
“Keep dreaming Jimin, You’ll never get to feel this pussy on thoses girly little lips of yours.”
He’d fallen silent, stopped trying to pack his bags as his head fell down to face the floor and that's how you knew you’d won. 
“No girl will ever scream your name the way you dream of when you touch yourself at night Jiminie. You’ll never get to taste or fuck a pussy as good as mine and nobody will ever suck that tiny little cock of yours.”
You’re slammed back into reality when somebody walks into the bathrooms. Why did Park remind you so much of Jimin? They’re so different and yet when you talk to him your guilt seems manifest. There's just something…. Something that makes you think.. Maybe? - No, no way. The idea of it comes into your mind for the second time that night but you couldn’t be further from the truth-- could you? You just feel guilty, the sweetest guy coming in your life making you feel unworthy, reminding you about the meanest you’ve ever been. That's normal isn't it? It's deserved. It was probably just this stupid place.
You shake everything out of your mind trying to bring yourself back to your senses. You’ve been gone about ten minutes and that makes you panic. You were finally on the way to having a nice person in your life and you were ruining it by hanging out in the bathroom. You had to get back out there and stop feeling sorry for yourself. You deserved to be happy. You’d done so much trying to make things right again after everything. 
So that's what you do, you march back out to the diner and you sit back down with Jimin who's currently looking at you with a huge smile on his face.
“You okay, sweet?”
He takes your hand back in his as you sit down. He clearly got a waiter over to clean up the mess you made and they’ve also taken away the empty plates replacing them with new drinks for both of you. He waited for you before he started drinking as his glass seemed untouched. 
“I’m okay, just, when you were talking about your past it brought up some… shitty memories.”
You feel a little bit braver with him, like never judge you for past mistakes. It was about time you came clean about who you were, and who better than the one person who spent weeks telling you how sweet he thinks you are. 
He nods his head, attentively listening with soft eyes. You didn’t want him to know your past, but something about him made you feel safe, like you could tell him anything.
“I wasn’t, well-” you hesitate, your confidence now slipping, but that wasn’t going to stop you now that you’d started “-I was a bit of a bitch in high school honestly-”. You sigh when you look up to him. His eyes felt like they were burning into the back of yours, changing into a deep intensity.
“Well, actually I was a complete bitch and everytime I think about it, I feel so… guilty. When you tell me people weren’t nice to you it makes me so angry, but then I feel like a hypocrite for being angry I just-”.
You notice that you’re rambling on about it and take a huge breath trying to calm yourself down a little bit. Jimin’s expression hadn’t changed even a little bit, still unreadable and that makes you feel so much worse. 
“The people who were horrible to you back then Park, I’m sure they regret it.”
That put a smile on his face, it was slightly tilted as if he was contemplating on it. Did you have any right to speak about people you didn’t even know? They might not regret it, but if they were anything like you, then they would. You’d do anything to apologize to the people you were mean to. 
“I don’t want them to regret it, baby, I just hope they remember everything they did and the way they made me feel. Besides, I’m different now as well. I can prove everything they used to say about me was wrong.”
He winked at you slightly as he raised his glass of soda towards you encouraging you to take a sip along with him as if sharing a toast with him. 
The rest of what you’re assuming was a date went smoothly. You didn’t drop any more drinks and the flirting kept coming. You were sure you’d put him off slightly, but not Park. He was a real man not scared of a woman maybe having slight issues here and there and that was a huge turn on for you.
Before you knew it, the date was over and you were feeling slightly sad. He paid the bill, not even letting you think about it, and soon you were driving back. Driving to the date time flew quickly, but on the return home there was a palpable tension you couldn’t explain. Like before, his conversations were easy, and his voice began lulling you into a comfortable silence. 
As he spoke, you couldn’t help but stare at his profile, his jawline pronounced and pretty lips distracting you from his words. At one point he realized you hadn’t been listening and you could swear he had done it on purpose. 
“I really enjoyed our time together.”
“So did I.” You blink when his eyes meet with yours.
“Yeah? How about we meet up again tomorrow? I’d love to cook you something.”
His invitation was surprising as it was so soon after your current date, but you couldn’t deny that being with him was everything you hoped it to be. You felt intimidated at the way he grinned at you, his demeanor way more confident than yours. You’re not sure exactly what it was about him that placed you into such a zone. He exuded so much confidence and his words were always so precise. You were about to answer when his hand fell to your knee and squeezed. It was meant as a sweet gesture, but in your state of attraction to him, you pulled your thighs together and squeezed.
He chuckled low, the sound incredibly seductive, but it was gone in an instant--replaced by a sweet and gentle smirk. “I mean...if that’s okay with you? I’d really love to learn more about you. You intrigue me. I’d like to get to know the real you, if you’ll have me.”
And then he winks, the bastard winks with one last squeeze, a little higher on your thigh this time before letting go. You will your voice to break free, feeling so dumb for acting childish. “’d really like that. I enjoyed our date too. You’re too sweet to me even after what I told you about what I’ve done. There’s so many things I wish I could take back.”
“Well maybe you can.”, Jimin offered, vision completely focused on the road making you wonder if there was more behind the meaning.
“I mean, if you ever get the opportunity, that is.”
The next day you had work, but as soon as you got home you were ready to jump out of your clothes and into a cold shower. The entire day Jimin sent you messages that had you on fire. They started off simple until he mentioned your reaction to his touch the night before. You were surprised you hadn’t been written up with the way you were distracted on your phone. He was much braver than you, even sending you pictures of his lips and tongue saying that he was disappointed he didn’t get to kiss you goodnight. It’s not that you didn't let him, but he made you so nervous that you had simply kissed his cheek and ran right out of the vehicle.
 In the morning he made sure to message you asking if everything was okay and you were glad he didn’t think you were crazy.  And then everything progressed from there. He got you to admit your intimidation and how attracted you were to him. It didn’t take long for the conversation to escalate, along with the pictures. At one point he even asked to see the pretty thighs he’d only gotten such a short time to touch. It’s like he knew you’d be wearing a skirt. And now that you were home, everything was thrown to the ground as you headed to the shower to prepare for the date later that night.
Based on the day’s events you were sure things would go further and to be honest you really wanted it to. Once done, you step out and glance at the mirror a little disappointed with yourself. How could a man like Park be interested in you? And then your phone rings. The name on the screen makes your heart leap and you breathe in and out before answering.
“Hey, I was just thinking about you.”
“Oh? What about?”
“Um, just how excited I am to see you tonight.”
“Not as excited as I am. I seem to be struggling a little here. Hard to go shopping when all I can think of is you. I can’t get your soft skin out of my mind...your sexy thighs...I wonder if I could touch them again.”
You gulp, towel almost slipping off your body as you take in his words. He really was on a mission to ruin you and you still had two hours before you met up with him. The cool air in the room causes goosebumps to rise off your skin and you have to sit at the edge of the tub before you pass out from the sexy sound of his voice.
“Park...I sent that picture to you.”
“And...” your breathing becomes heavy and knees start to bounce out of nerves. “... and they can be ...y-yours if you want.”
“Yeah? I bet they can.”
The room suddenly feels hotter and all you can hear is the sultry sound of his voice filling your ears. He mumble something low but you barely hear it.
“Nothing. I’ll see you at eight.”
He hangs up before you can reply and shame washes over you at the realization that your towel is now hanging off your hips. He really was so good with words and now you needed another shower to cool off again.
Before you know it the time comes and you make your way to his home. His address seemed vaguely familiar and when you pulled into the community you realized that Park J was very well-off. It seemed he had a reason for being so confident which only made you feel even less worthy. Perhaps you lived your simple life as some sort of punishment for your asshole ways, but how to explain Park? He was charming, sexy, smart, polite, AND wealthy. Maybe things were turning around for you, and he was part of the new you. 
You pull up to his driveway and begin to regret coming. His home was beautiful and you were only at the front. Shutting your engine off, you grab the steering wheel and take a few deep breaths placing your head against it.  He likes you, you like him….there’s no problem….he likes you, you like hi--
A knock on your window startles you and when you look up you see the beautiful dark haired sex-god that was Park J staring at you with a quizzical smile. He gestures for you to roll down the window and you hope he didn’t notice your strange behavior. 
“Hey, baby. I was hoping the date could take place inside.” He winks and you scream internally. “Yeah..ughh...I was just um…”
“No need, pretty girl. Be good and come out of there.”
Once you do, you see his entire fit. A black turtleneck keeps him warm and a pair of fit dark frayed jeans matched with italian pointed shoes pull the entire thing together. He looked hot as hell and you suddenly feel underdressed.
“You look beautiful as ever. I love dresses on you. Reminds me of this girl I used to know. The red suits you.”
His hand comes to your lower back, but this time he does touch you, his fingers burning your skin as he tickles a path up along the deep low cut on your back. He traces a pattern with his fingertips as he leads you to the door and then watches you walk in. You could feel him behind you, the way the weight of his shadow bogged you down in a most delightful way. His breath occasionally fluttered over your neck and soon you were stumbling over his rug.
He catches you, tightening his grip around your waist as your hands land on his chest. “C’mon, Y/N, what’s the rush? We haven’t even had dinner yet.” he hums humorously.
It’s official, you can feel your face heat up wanting the earth to swallow you, but then he comes so close to your face you feel your heart stop. He places a tiny innocent kiss right on the corner of your mouth, that’s all it was….or so you tell yourself. A low wistful sigh escapes you and Jimin bites his lower lip. 
He steps away and heads towards the kitchen as if he hadn’t just ruined your panties. “I’ve made pasta. I hope that’s okay. Have some wine.” 
His voice echoes off the walls as he steps into another area of his large house. You scramble to follow him berating yourself to get it together. When you walk into the kitchen you swear under your breath. This motherfucker was loaded. He stood at the stove, an apron on, moving about as if he was a chef. He casually glances back and winks at you, before flipping god knows what like a damn professional. 
“Don’t be shy, baby. I’ve left two glasses there. Help yourself, or do I need to show you how?”
“N-no. I’ve got it. Thanks. I love your home. You’ve really made something of yourself.”
“Funny how a little pressure from those you hate most can drive you to success. Wouldn’t it be funny if I could throw it in their face now?”
“Y-yeah...funny.” His back is to you and you’re glad for it, suddenly feeling a little sick to your stomach that maybe you took this away from the people you bullied. Maybe they weren’t so lucky and it was all because of you. Either way you felt gross about it. You try to focus on pouring the drinks and are caught off guard when Jimin sneaks up behind you.
“Don’t go spilling any. I’ll have to use my tongue waiters this time.”
He sets the table flawlessly like he’s been doing this forever and you suddenly wonder if he had done this with many other women. Feeling slightly annoyed, you wait for him to pull out your chair, but don't thank him...feeling a bit...was that jealousy?
“Use your manners, baby.” he whispers against the shell of your ear in a menacing tone. It was unusual for him to speak to you this way, but the depth of his voice shook you to your core. He steps away slowly, but you could sense him behind you before he walked around to sit at the other end. 
“I’m sorry, Park. I just can’t help but think you’re too good at this. Maybe I’m not the only girl you’ve swooned like this.”
Your words begin to annoy Jimin, the way you just say them as if you had any right to tell him what to do in his own house. He stifles a growl before speaking. 
“And what makes you think you’re good enough to have me?” he grinds his teeth as he speaks.
“Excuse me!” 
 You suddenly feel confused wondering if Park wasn’t just like every other man that pretended to be what they weren’t. You go to stand, but Jimin is already right there gripping your arm tightly. 
“You never did have manners baby, ‘bout time somebody taught you some don’t you think?”
You get the worst feeling in your gut. Something isn’t right about this.
“Sit down and shut up for once in your life and maybe tonight you could really learn something.”
He walks behind your body, hands stroking along your shoulders ever so gently like he did when he took your hand for the first time. You could feel his breath along your ear as he bends down to talk to you.
“You’ve been such a bad girl, fucking over people without a second thought. Now you’re gonna have to be a good girl to make up for it.”
He grabs your wrist so hard it was impossible for you to try and pull away from him. One second he's telling you to sit down and then the next he's dragging you through his insanely big house towards what you’re assuming was his bedroom. 
In the back of your head you’re trying to convince yourself that this is just some kinky roleplay that he's into, but the feeling in your gut tells you it's something else. The familiarity you feel towards him is too much of a coincidence after the words he's laced into your ear.
When your wrist is finally free from his grasp, he stands you in front of a door and presses you against it, pushing his lips against yours. At first you’re in a panic over his actions but his entire body leans into you reminding you of the physical attraction you felt towards him. The entire day he teased you with his words and you knew he was preparing you for this. His lips feel so velvety smooth as they nip over your bottom lip. He presses his center against your belly and  pokes his tongue into your mouth when you gasp in surprise. Your legs feel like jelly and all thoughts about what's happening leave when one of his hands pushes up through your hair. His fist tugs hard against your roots, pulling your lips off his, pushing your head closer to the door as he stands and stares at you. 
“Funny. I thought you’d have so much more to say. You always wanted to run that mouth.”
Before you could reply, his hand was up your skirt fiddling with your underwear, pulling it to the side, pushing his fingers straight into your core. The fact that he knew you’d be wet was not missed by you.
He moaned at the same time as you when he felt his finger so deep inside you. He didn’t move his hand, just kept his fingers still ….knuckle deep, watching your eyes as he wiggled them just enough to tease you and make you whimper a tiny cry.
“There we go, there's the loud ass bitch I know. Keep moaning, be louder for me.”
His fingers start stroking inside you faster and he relentlessly pushes them in and out of you at a crazy fast pace. Your head falls onto his shoulder, and you cry out at the feeling of your embarrassingly close orgasm. He doesn’t move and doesn’t stop, only lowering his head so he can once again whisper in your ears as your eyes screw shut to focus on the shockwaves of pleasure he's sending through your body.
“Good girl. Fuck, your pussy’s so warm, just like I always knew it would be.”
Too soon his fingers pulled away from you and he pushed your shoulders up against the door so you stood up straight against it. He gently pushed your hair out of your face as he thrust the fingers that were just inside of your pussy into your mouth. 
“Tell me how you taste, baby. How much am I gonna love it when you ride my face? Am I gonna enjoy the taste as much as you enjoy my tongue?”
You nod your head up and down as quick as possible while sucking on the fingers he’d pushed into your mouth. He was filthier than anybody you’d ever known and it made you so wet. You’d been with a good amount of men in your life but this was something completely different. Perhaps he’d had enough waiting after all the teasing, and you couldn't say it didn’t turn you on.
“Fucking manners, baby. What have I told you?”
He spins your body around lifting your dress and spanks your ass. Hard. You can’t help but yelp when his hand connects with your ass, the sting already rising into a welt. He soothes over, gently rubbing over the angry skin with his hand. He cages your body in between his and the door in front of you, his hands still busy rubbing your ass cheeks, enjoying how you mewl over his touch. 
“You can be a good listener and do as you’re told, can’t you? When I let you go, you’re going to walk into my bedroom, sit on the bed, and take off these dirty panties.”
He snaps the band of your underwear against your hips, tickling you slightly as he fiddles with the hem that lay just over your ass. 
“You’re going to wait for me in silence. I want you to put your panties by your side and keep your legs open for me. Is that clear, baby?”
His words had an effect on you that you couldn’t understand. Each syllable that came out of his mouth made you even wetter, the slick now coating the small patch of cotton that covered your traitorous cunt. You’ve never been spoken to like this before but the way he was able to break your resolve had you giving in.
“Yes Park, I will.”
He leans forward and swipes his tongue over your earlobes and then bites down hard. A low growl leaving his lips.
“If you don’t start addressing me correctly, your ass is really gonna feel it Y/N.”
What did he mean by addressing him correctly? There's only one thing that could mean and there's no way….
Before you even have a chance to finish your line of thought he removes his body from yours allowing you a bit of space. You pushed your way into his room expecting him to follow behind you, but when he didn’t, you turned to look at him. He simply stood in the doorway looking at you with a menacing smile. Just as you thought he was about to follow you he reached for the door handle and started pulling the door closed.
“Remember, Y/N, do as you're told and your punishment won’t be as severe.”
And with that, he closed the door leaving you in the dark room. Luckily before he closed the door you saw the light switch next to the door frame. You walked over to it being careful not to walk straight into the wall and flicked the switch illuminating the room so you could see properly. His room is even larger, the large bed taking up a corner near the windows. You feel so out of place unsure exactly of what’s happening.  He spoke to you in such a familiar tone...his voice sounded so familiar…
Not wanting to test the man you assume is on the other side of the door, you walk towards his bed and stand before the large mattress. You notice that the backboard has tiny notches that probably hid hooks of some kind. You were starting to realize that you had signed up for more than you bargained for. When you go sit on the bed, you do exactly as he commanded, pulling the hem of your dress up just in case he got upset you were covering yourself. Your lace panties feel sinful in your hand and you set them aside doing your best not to notice your juices have soaked through to the other side. You glance around while waiting, hoping to distract yourself from how needy you feel. And then out of the corner of your eyes you notice a picture on the furthest wall in the room. It looked old and it reminded you of the one you took when you were in high school.
You want to stand up and see it, curiosity getting the better of you, but Jimin’s voice rings in your ear once again so you hesitate. The time you wait for him is tortuous. He had to know what he was doing to you. The sweet innocent man you thought you were getting is now in control and you can’t deny it makes you want him even more. He had been rougher than you were expecting, but everything got better the moment his sweet lips touched yours. His tongue was wicked and you wanted it to be all over you and inside of you. Your mind is flooded with him, becoming even more restless when he still doesn’t show. Just one small touch...he’ll never know….just a little touch…
All the while you were busy pressing into your heat, Jimin watched you on his camera. It wasn’t the first time he’d watched you get off. Throughout the years he always had a plan for revenge, but he wasn’t planning on it bringing him here. As he kept up with your life, his hate became all consuming and somewhere along the line his revenge became his purpose. He not only wanted you to come to him, but he’d have you begging. And begging you had done so many times when he watched on his phone thanks to the secret small cameras he installed in your home. When all was said and done, and you were a sleepy mess, he’d creep inside and inhale deeply, your musk making him crazy. You’d always leave your panties on the floor, your desperation getting the better of you. You were certainly the neediest bitch. He couldn’t count how many pairs he stole and fucking many. He knew you inside and out and all it took was a little Hi to have you waiting like a bitch in heat on his bed.
And just as you were about to come, he opened the door and slammed it behind him. Your back was arched in pleasure and you barely heard the door open, but when you heard the wood smack against the doorframe your fingers paused inside of you.
“Such a fucking shame, you had your chance to prove you could do as you’re told, and I find you here with your fingers deep inside your pussy?”
 Slowly you remove them bringing your head back up only to regret it. His eyes are no longer soft, his brow completely furrowed as he comes closer. His hand suddenly grabs you by the neck while the other smacks your thighs back open. He swipes a finger over your slit and then brings it up to the light, inspecting how it shimmers and coats the tip entirely. He knew you'd touch yourself without him, and he enjoyed how different the scent was. He had your essence memorized so it was natural that he bring his finger up to his nose.
“Smells like a fucking disobedient whore to me.”
He brought his wet fingers down and started circling your clit so lightly you could barely feel it. 
“If my little disobedient slut can’t keep her hands away from what's mine”, he replaces his fingers with his palm and circles it harder, cupping your sex. He plays with the lips of your pussy squeezing them together, adding and releasing pressure from you--- teasing you in a way that made your eyes roll to the back of your head, “Then maybe I should make it so she can’t touch anymore.”
You don’t have time to process before he’s pulling you up by your shoulders. You can barely stand, shaky on your feet and he giggles slightly at the fact that he had to hold you up.
“I gave you so many chances.”
There seemed to be two meanings to his words and you’re scarcely aware of what he means but you don’t want to admit it to yourself. All the things he’s said since you met up with him have all made you think of one person. That couldn’t be a coincidence. Was he trying to tell you who he really was all this time?
He turns you around and pulls your arms behind your back and you flinch when you hear him undo his belt. You knew what was coming. The tight leather pulling across your wrist restricted your hands and kept them in place tightly. Of course you’d seen porn and read stories with stuff like this but, this is the first time you’d ever let somebody actually do it to you.
“Park, it's really tight.”
His head pushes against the side of yours harshly nearly pushing you off your feet. His voice was sharp and harsh in your ear.
“I’ll loosen it when you address me correctly.”
He pushes you forwards so your chest is pressed against the bed but your backside is still swaying in the air in front of him. Annoyed that you haven’t answered him, he lifts up your dress so that your glistening cunt is exposed to his eyes. He wants to get right to the very thing he’s been waiting for all this time, but he needed your full compliance.
“No? You’re not gonna do it?”
Deciding he’s had enough of your games he reaches his hands towards yours and tightens the belt making sure it doesn’t come loose and then walks away from you. As soon as his body leaves yours you feel embarrassed of the position you’re in. If anybody could see you now you’d be ashamed, but when you hear his feet walking back towards you, there's a comfort that settles back inside your heart. 
“You know what this is, baby?”
He waits for you to turn around and holds it up so you can see it. A glass butt-plug with the cutest pink little tip is settled upon his palm. From the corner of your eyes you could see the box it came in discarded to the side. It must be new. You nodded your head as well as you could in your position.
“Good. If you want me to touch you, you’re going to have to let me work this deep into your tight, pretty ass. Will you let me do that to you, baby?”
You agree much too quickly, head already spinning in desperation. You were a mess. Fuck consequences and fuck the feeling you had in the back of your mind about Park. It didn’t matter. You’d been so high strung for this man for far too long and the fact that he was so incredibly sexy made it even easier for you to surrender. You were willing to let him do anything.
You pause for a minute, frustrated at the fact that he teased you so much. You wanted him to get on with things. The entire day you’d wanted him to ruin you and now he wanted you to beg? With a pout you huff out and mumble out a quiet, “Please.”.
You feel another slap against your ass and this time you cry out into the room. You know it must be turning bright red by now, every new slap that landed against your ass stinging a little bit more. Each smack he delivered got closer to your pussy sending waves of pleasure to your core.
“I’m gonna need better than that. Your brat mouth needs to speak up. Show me what a good whore you can be. Beg...beg...beg....”
 “Please, Park!”
Anger pulsed through him as he slapped your ass once again. The way you sounded so broken had his cock pulsing. Fuck had no idea you loved being spanked this much. The harder he hit, the more you pushed your ass out, wiggling it hoping he might do it just one more time. Your eyes were focused on him the entire time and you let out a silent mewl when you saw him dribble spit down your asshole. You clench when you feel it drip down your ass and onto your pussy. 
“No, not good enough!”
His hand went into your hair pulling you up by your roots once again. He placed his chin on top of your head making you feel small as you roll your eyes up to your skull trying to look at him. His other hand was probing your ass hole, his index finger swirling his saliva over your hole in tiny circles, the tip of his finger going inside just enough to tease you. 
“Repeat after me, Y/N. I want you...”
Your heart’s beating so fast you can feel it in your throat but you do as he says... as he commands you.
“I want you!”
“Yes, baby, that's it, I want you to push...”
“I want you to push!”
“This pretty pink glass butt-plug into my tight little ass.”
The words you repeated after him were slightly strained as he was pulling your head back with his hands, but you cry them out as best as you can hoping to god he has mercy on you.
“This pretty pink glass butt-plug into my tight little ass!”
“Fuck baby, you’re so good when you do as you’re told. Keep going.Tell me you can’t wait ‘til I fill your little asshole with this toy. I bet you can’t wait ‘til I lay under that little pussy of yours and suck on your clit with my perfect lips. Tell me how much you want it please...”
The way he whines and pleads was too much to handle and you find yourself bawling at him pitifully. You hoped to god he used some of his money to soundproof his bedroom because if anybody could hear the words you were screaming you wouldn’t ever be able to look them in the eyes again. 
“Please fill my ass with the toy, can’t wait ‘til you suck my clit. Wanna feel the perfect fucking lips on my pussy!”
Jimin loves to hear you beg and he knows if he waits any longer he’s going to come undone before you do. Grabbing the lube beside the bed, he squirts a generous amount of it onto your asshole and on the glass plug. He knew this would be your first time, so he bought a skinnier size so that he could fit it perfectly without causing you any pain. He worked the tip in, his thumb holding your hole slightly open as he began to push it in slowly. He continued to work it in all the while enjoying how your body contracted each time he pushed it forward. When he was successful in getting the tip in, he ran a finger over your spine.
“Such a good fucking girl. Look at you taking this toy so well. I knew you’d be able to show me how this dirty hole could take my gift. I bet you couldn’t take anything bigger could you? Such a tiny hole….”
His words made you want to prove something to him, even though he hadn’t pushed it all the way in, you wanted….no needed to show him you could do it. “More...please push it deeper?”
“Deeper, baby?”
“Yes, goddddd...deeper.”
With that, he releases your hair, and pushes the rest of the toy slowly into your ass. You felt the stretch burn so good as it reached deep inside of you. When he let it go, he stood up behind you and spread your cheeks apart in order to admire the little pink jewel that shone there. 
Your legs were still planted firmly on the floor and your chest was pushed flat against the bed. When he got down on his knees you thought he was going to eat you out from behind but then he snuck his body underneath you so his back was against the end of the bed and he was sat on the floor lips ghosting over your pussy and his hair tickling your thighs and stomach. 
“Tell me how much you love my lips, baby.”
 “So much, I wanna feel them against me please.”
His kisses were featherlight against your skin as he whispered sweet nothings into your thighs.
“You don’t think they’re too girly do you?”
“No, Park, I don’t.”
This time he was less forgiving, the sharp sting against the back of your thigh reminding you who was in charge, and you shamelessly moan out loud. 
“Who am I?” 
Another slap strikes against your thigh and your body lunges forward. This slap was painful and a lot less enjoyable. 
“Stop pretending you don’t fucking know. You can’t remember my girly fucking lips? Can’t remember how you said that they would never get to taste this pussy! Tell me you don’t remember! Because I’ve thought about those words for YEARS!”
And just like that, you remembered everything….vividly. This was him, the boy you tormented endlessly, teased for having lips you always secretly wanted to feel. Somehow you knew all along and the shame washed over you, an apology forming on your lips, but when he latches onto your clit, you forget to breathe.
His tongue glides across your slit, the tip rigid but soft at the same time. It’s enough to have your hips moving against his mouth.
“Come on, ride my face and beg for me, beg like you promised you never would.”
You rut your hips forward a little bit toying with the idea of doing it. Why was this turning you on so much? It's only when you hear his moan that you decide you don’t care why. His moans were sweeter than anything you’d ever known. You were actually grinding on Park Jimin's face. After all these years, after all the things you said to him, you were a pathetic little mess just for him and you didn’t even care. 
You started moving your hips and his hands slid up the back of your thighs pushing your hips even harder against him as his tongue explores you. It was exhilarating the way his tongue touched everywhere making your legs shake and quiver. The added sensation of the plug inside of you made everything so much better and you were a sensitive little mess.
“Fuck... feels so good.” 
His moans vibrate through you and you forget how to breathe. 
“Ride me. Ride me right now and scream for me!”
You pushed your hips back and forth the best you could with the pleasure that was pulsing through your body and you cried out when he licked against your clit, moans getting louder and louder as your forward thrusts pushed the butt-plug in just a little deeper each time. You were overcome by pleasure as your screams turned into guttural groans .
When you thrust forward Jimin sneaks his tongue into your hole and starts fucking in and out of it making your hips still again as you release a breath in the from of a gasp. 
“Yes please fuck, keep doing that. Feels so fucking good. So fucking good”
“Say my name...”
His grasp on your thighs gets tighter and tighter as you start bouncing on the tongue that he refused to move again. He made sure you couldn’t bounce anymore.
“Say my name or you don't get to cum.”
Your words weren’t working. Mind to blissed out, all you wanted to do was keep fucking his tongue and cum all over him.
“What's wrong baby, cat got your tongue?”
Knowing you were too fucked to speak, he grabbed your hips and pulled you down onto his mouth and pushed his tongue so far inside of you that he had you seeing stars. He began slurping and licking up all of your juices deliberately trying anything to ruin you.
“If you scream my name baby, your pussy can have it so fucking deep.”
He allowed you to move your hips up and down again and you’ve never moved faster chasing your high that was so close. It was only when you felt him wiggle his tongue inside you that you started pleading for him, your high washing over you. You felt the vibrations of his voice against your clit as Jimin mumbled underneath you.
“Fucking say it you stupid bitch!”
You couldn’t help it. You finally snapped, the name flying out of your mouth with the power of your orgasm. 
“Jimin yes, fuck. JIMIN!”
Your voice was so high pitched and shaky that you didn’t even recognise it. Your legs wouldn’t stop twitching and you pussy wouldn’t stop convulsing. You were a dirty, sweaty mess and you had no shame about it as floods of pleasure rushed over your body. 
He didn’t give you much time to recover as he was pulling your body down between his legs, your back against his chest. He undoes the belt on your wrists and brings your arms forward, massaging them tenderly. He gives both wrists a kiss before placing them on your lap only to retie them. You don’t fight him, too exhausted to protest, and he doesn’t make it any better when he pulls your mouth towards his playing with your lips and tongue with his teeth. 
“I knew you’d remember eventually, sweet. How do you feel now after everything you said to me?”
He reached down pulling both of your legs open hooking them over his knees. 
“Look forward baby.”
As you look you notice a mirror in front of you that absolutely wasn’t there before. He must have moved it when he went to get the butt-plug. As you gaze into it you can see him holding your legs open in front of it. Your cunt is red and swollen, already so tender from the onslaught of his mouth and tongue. A hint of the pink plug is visible and you want to hide your face in shame.
One of his hands reaches up to the top of the bed and pulls down the panties that he commanded you to keep next to you on the bed. Without warning he kisses your nose and then stuffs them into your mouth, your arousal coating your tongue. He pulls your tied hands up and hooks them around his neck leaving you again in a ridiculously embarrassing and uncomfortable position that you couldn’t even complain about due to the panties in your mouth. Your breasts were pushed high up into the air in your new position, something he noticed as well. You saw his eyes roam up and down your still covered body and you watched as he pulled your dress up all the way so that it was pulled over your face, up your arms that were behind his head, and gathered up at the belt that stopped him pulling it off your body all together. He pulled the cups off your bra down and slapped your tit none too gently. He loved how it bounced so nicely in the mirror, and then he grabbed your chin hard and forced you to watch as him directly instead of the mirror 
“I've been dreaming of this for years Y/N, but you know that don’t you? You’ve always known that.”
He snuck his hand down so that it found the butt-plug that was still comfortably tucked up inside of you. He played with it mindlessly, pushing it in and out, stimulating you in a way nobody else ever had.
“You always called me out when you caught me staring up at your panties. I know you remember that day. I’ve played it back in my mind so many times. You telling me how I'd never get to play with you the way I'd always dreamed. Fuuuck. Look at you now.”
His head nods forward towards the mirror insinuating that he wants you to look in that direction and when you do the sight makes a completely new flood of arousal pour out of you.
Your legs were spread so wide for him, you could barely feel them anymore with all the positions he’d had you in. You didn’t realise you’d started crying until you noticed the stains and streaks of mascara that had marked your face. 
Your head fell back against his shoulder as he removed the cute little plug, running one of his fingers over your slick making sure it was wet before pushing it into your ass to replace the plug. You started moaning and you were so close to his ear. 
“I’m sorry Jim--…” you try to mumble with your panties lodged in your mouth, but Jimin doesn’t let you finish that sentence, another warning slap sharp against your thigh causes you to wince. 
"Good girls obey. Don't fucking test my patience, Y/N. We can do this nicely or I can can make it so fucking hard on you. I don’t want your sorrys. I want you to beg. Sorry means nothing to me anymore, but your moans and whimpers...fuck, they fufill every little fantasy I have when I wrap my hands around my cock thinking about you."
His finger pumping in and out of you evokes the laziest of moans from you. You’re still tired from your last orgasm but the pleasure and words he whispers in your ear are making you dizzy. The more he hears you whimper the deeper he pushes his finger inside of you and your moans start getting louder.
"Sweet, be careful, when you moan like that it makes me wanna be so bad to you. So mean and dirty. Makes me wanna see tears rolling down these pretty cheeks once more."
He starts fingering your hole again with his other hand and you start rolling your hips in sync with his movements. You can't believe how much you want to cum again. Usually you cum once and can’t be touched for at least half an hour, but right now you were his whore and you knew he wanted nothing other than to hear you moaning so loud…. begging for him to make you cum again. 
"Fuck, you want me to be bad to you don't you? Want me to make you cry? Fuck, Y/N you’re my little slut. Look at what this filthy little pussy is willing to do just so it can clench around a cock. Come with me.”
He carefully unhooks your arms from behind his neck and stands you up with him. He lays down on the bed looking you in the eyes. “Kneel.” Sitting back up, he pulls you forward, lining your mouth up with his cock. 
“Go on baby, suck my cock..”
You look up at him mumbling, arms still bound together stopping you from pulling his cock out and mouth still stuffed with your panties. He just laughs and pulls down his jeans along with his boxers. His abs tighten when he sits up slightly to pull off his top over his head. The entire scene is torture and you’re feeling so helpless.
“Go on baby… suck.”
If you weren’t too busy staring at his beautiful body you’d have given him the most ridiculously confused look. He knew you couldn’t do anything and yet he was so demanding. His cock looked so angry, the tip swollen and leaking, a prominent vein just begging to be licked. You tried to give him your most pathetic look, but he only huffed and pulled your face towards his cock, drool falling from your lips onto it, and pushed your face against it trapping his own cock between your face and his body. 
“Oh that's right, you can’t. Don’t you remember telling me nobody would ever suck my cock baby?”
You know it's a futile attempt, but you can’t help but try and kitten lick his cock. The only thing you’re able to achieve is more drool falling from your mouth.
“If nobody’s ever gonna get to suck it, that means you as well. You were such a little cunt to me you deserve every bit of this. You’re desperate to suck me aren’t you, whore?”
You nod your head placing your cheek against his thigh hoping the little bit of friction makes him want to let you do something, but the only reaction you get is a slight smile while he looks down at you. He moves his body up so he's sitting against the headboard and pulls you up by the back of your neck pushing you even harder against his cock. You can’t move your head now. You can only feel his cock pushing against you. 
“I love this so fucking much you have no idea. You’re so pathetic. Way more pathetic than I was back then. When we left high school I grew up, learnt everything I needed to do to get you. To show you just how much you wanted my cock. I followed every fucking thing you did. Watched you every night. God I felt pathetic but seeing you here like this. I’ve got nothing on the dribbling little cock whore you are now.”
You couldn’t reply to him, you couldn’t defend yourself. Honestly, even if you could you wouldn’t be able to because he was right. Everything about you was pathetic. Here you were, arms bound in front of you, tears falling down your face as you try your hardest just to suck his dick with your own panties stuffed in your mouth. He was right. Everything about you screamed pathetic whore. 
He leaned forward pushing his hands up your back landing on your ass kneading it while you continued crying against his cock.
“I can’t wait to fuck your pussy. Finally feel your beautiful wet cunt all over my cock, you want that baby, want me to fuck you the way I could have fucked you years ago if you’d have let me?”
You mubble incoherent words against him and he pulls you up on your knees so you’re looking him in the eyes. His eyes light up with something soft just for a second. He runs the back of his hand against your cheeks, neck and across your shoulder. It softly runs down your body before he's palming at your pussy yet again. You feel like you're being tortured but the look on his face is so sweet that you’re almost hypnotised. As he gently plays with you, your moans come out softly and your eyes shut closed as he speaks sweet honeyed words.
“Beg me to fuck you, please just beg me. It’d make up for everything if I just hear the words coming from your lips. Beg me and don't stop until we’re cumming. Need it so bad...”
You can’t resist that. You owe him so much and if all he wants you to do is beg then there's no way you were going to deny him of that. He’d made you feel so good all night even after everything you did to him. You lift up your bound hands and beg him, fresh tears flowing from your eyes. You want to speak to him but the panties block your every word. As if Jimin knows what you need, he pulls the panties out of your mouth watching as you gag. He gets a slight satisfaction from watching the drool dribble over your chin, the soit flowing from your nose, and tears staining your cheeks.
This was it...this was perfect.
“Please Jimin, your hand feels so good. I wanna feel your cock. I need it sooo bad.”
His fingers continue to press softly against your clit as he moans at your words just as much as you moan from the pleasure. He couldn’t deny how much hearing you beg set a fire inside him. All this time…all this fucking time...after days and nights of endless preparation, you stood before him in all your pitiful glory...begging him for everything you said he’d never have.
“Look me in the eyes and say it please. Means so much to me to hear you say my name in pleasure.”
You look at him and see his bottom lip tucked away behind his teeth as he shuffles slightly closer towards you. 
“Jimin, please.”
“Jimin, pleasssseee.”
“One more time, keep going”
“Please, Jimin! FUCK! I need it. I need you to fill me up!”
Jimin has never felt his ego swell up more than in that moment, but he wasn’t done with you yet. He couldn’t deny that he also wanted to fuck you, but he wanted to make sure to fuck you dumb, after all….that is what you were. He pulls you forward roughly by your tied hands and forces you to straddle him, your pussy so close to his cock you can feel the heat radiating off of it. You try to inch forward while he unbuckles the belt that has marked up your wrists, but Jimin isn’t having it.
Once the belt is off, he rolls half of it onto his hand and then swats it across your ass. You barely recover from your raw and sore wrists now leaning over his chest crying out in agony. He rips your bra off and tosses your dress to the ground carelessly.
“I don’t know what it takes to get your stupid fucking head to process that I own this cunt and I tell it when it can cum.” As he speaks he grips your pussy and squeezes. It’s quick but it’s enough to shut you up. You’re barely hanging onto his shoulders, your small fingers finding purchase along his clavicle, cheeks pressed flat against his chest. He feels so cool compared to your own heated ones and you realize you had to work for what Jimin was offering.
“I’m sorry, Jimin. So sorry.” You softly begin to kiss over his chest, now braver when he doesn’t chastise you. You manage to wrap your arms around his neck and meet his eyes for the thousandth time that night. He looked gorgeous, sitting there just waiting for you to make a wrong move and it made you even more hungry.
“Now, what have we learned?”
You’re not sure what he means, but are too scared to even speak knowing that any wrong word will set him off. Softly you whisper what you hope he’ll want to hear.
“That I need to beg you for your cock.”
“That’s right, baby. And you do know that you’re such a dumb fucking whore for it, aren’t you? A dirty whore who needs all her holes filled, doesn’t she?”
You nod unsure of what he means, but when he grabs your panties again you shiver. He strokes his cock with them once and then twice, twisting the lace over his leaky cock and then hisses. “Here, take this and put it into that dumb whore mouth. You don’t need words to beg, baby.”
You do as he says all the while following his hands to where he finds the glass dildo. “Since you’re such a greedy slut, let’s get you nice and stuffed so that when you finally get my cock inside of you, I can feel you milk my cum all over the sheets.”
You think he’s going to help you along, but when he places the toy in your hand, your eyes open wide, looking at him in question. He simply tucks his hands behind his head and leans back against the headboard completely unbothered and you hesitate a moment. 
“Did I fucking stutter?”
You worry it won’t fit again but when you place it near your hole, you find there is still plenty of lube coating the entrance. When you begin to push, you close your eyes in concentration, completely consumed by the fact that you were sitting naked on top of the man you once bullied, holes stuffed full while Park fucking Jimin stared you down. The second time around, the stretch wasn’t so bad, but it wasn’t comfortable by any means. You’re so close to getting it in, whimpering, thighs quivering and wanting so badly to please the man under you. And then...a soft touch...fingers gliding gently over your slit helping you to relax and allow the rest of the plug to enter without any problem. When it settles neatly inside of you, you sigh and open your eyes.
“Good girl. Look what my baby can do for me. You can finally sit on me, baby. Come closer and open those pretty thighs.”
You scoot forward and hover over his tip almost nervous at what it’ll feel like to have your ass and pussy filled at once. Your hands stabilize over Jimin’s shoulders and just as you’re about to sink down, he dips forward and pulls your nipple into his mouth. The entire time he’d only ever slapped one, but now...god now all of your most sensitive places were being assaulted and you drop down onto his cock a whimpering mess.
You want to scream at how fucking full you feel, but all you can do is sob into the cloth in your mouth. 
“Fuck...finally got my dick so fucking deep inside of you...SHIT! STOP CLENCHING! Fuck.”
Jimin could also feel how impossibly tight your cunt was now, the glass material rubbing over his dick with each upstroke. Your head is tucked into his neck, cries wracking your body, more overwhelmed than you’ve ever felt in your life. He holds your hips still for a moment, and rubs a hand over your back, softly hushing you.
“I can’t hear you, sweet. Here…” He removes the panties from your mouth once more only to push his tongue deep inside your mouth. At first his kisses are sweet and gentle, but when he lifts you up and plunges you back down and you sob into his mouth.
“There’s a good fucking girl. I’m fucking you dumb, baby. You can’t even speak...such a fucking dumb whore...aren’t you?”
“Y-yess...s-such a fucking dumb w-whorrrre!”
“That’s right. Fucking herself on my big dumb little, bitch.”
"Wanna be a dumb bitch just for you..." you don’t know why, but suddenly everything feels amazing. There’s no more discomfort, the feel of Jimin’s cock rocking into your core has you admitting what a dumb bitch you are and you couldn’t deny it. 
Jimin can no longer take the weakened roll of your hips, he needed to feel you deeper, so he pushed you back onto the bed, and slid back inside of you with ease. He thrusts into you angrily and then gently. He couldn’t decide whether he was mad or whether he should indulge in the moment he’d waited for his entire life. “I need to be deeper, baby.”
He turns you over, not giving you time to adjust, pulling your hips up into the air and pushing down on your lower back. “Now this is a sight.” Placing his body behind you, he spreads your legs wider and grabs your ass cheeks tightly as he watches his cock disappear into your wrecked hole. As he pulls out he sees your asshole clench, the jeweled plug being sucked in with the action. He pressed on it slightly and you rock forward.  
“I turn you into such a dumb dirty bitch. You love my cock that much? Touch yourself while I fuck this pretty hole.”
You can’t help but moan into your clenched fists, your teeth biting into the flesh so close to drawing blood. Every time he pushed into you he pressed the toy in deeper with his thumb. It could only go so far, but every tap touched a spot deep within that had you so close to cumming. 
Jimin lavishes in your cries, eyes focused on your ass, and ears honed in on the garbled sounds you made as spit continued to dribble from your mouth.
“Nobody would ever beg for my cock, huh, baby? Isn’t that what you told me?”
You looked up as he continued to fuck you from behind screaming for him in a way you’ve never screamed for anybody, your eyes noticing the mirror that was perfectly placed at the end of the bed. His hips rolling as his cock pistons into you is hypnotising. His skin is so perfect, sweat making it glisten, body so tight and toned. Fuck he looked so good. The look in his eyes is a complete contrast of the words coming from his mouth. 
He was looking at where your bodies connected as his eyes were filled with adoration, but the words coming out of his mouth were complete and utter filth. His mouth was open in pleasure and every time his hips connected against yours he grunted and his jaw clenched. You looked such a mess compared to him, it reminded you of how lucky you were to be getting fucked by him.
“Jimin please don’t stop, your cock is so perfect. I was so fucking wrong, I wanna cum all over it! FUCK!” 
He moved his eyes away from your pussy and looked up, noticing you’d been watching the mirror this whole time. He pushes his hand through his hair so it wasn’t hanging in front of his eyes anymore, the sweat causing it to cling to his forehead. You would lick his entire body if he asked. 
“Yeah? You wanna cum all over my cock? Hmm? You gonna scream my name and cream this little cock, slut? How fucking pathetic do you have to be? Look how you beg me now...”
He’s annoyed that you were enjoying this a little too much when the purpose was to shame you, but something in the way your eyes looked so broken by him made him soften slightly.
“Tell me you regret it. Tell me you’re sorry. You want my big dick, don’t you? Want. This. Big. Fuckin. Dick.”
He pounded his words into your body, the force moving the bed a few inches forward. You grasp the sheets around you feeling so out of control. The memory of how he used to watch you, stare at your legs in the past made you crack a tiny smile. You remember how you’d purposely bend forward in front of him knowing it would drive him wild. And now he had you, but this time you were the one who was being teased. Each time you got closer to cumming, Jimin would pause his hips while his dick throbbed inside of you. His breathing was labored with all the effort he made. He’d lay over your back and cage you with his arms, taking his time to kiss over your shoulder blades. It was complete pain to know you were so close only for it to be taken away.
“Who owns this pussy?”
You knew why he was asking, the memory of you telling him he’d never have you still fresh in your mind. When you don’t respond he snaps his hips into you and you choke back a sob.
“You….YOU own this p--”
“No! That’s not it at all. WHO?”
“Park Jimin! Park J-Jimin owns this pussyyyy.”
At that Jimin snarls against your back and bites your shoulder before pulling you back up by the hair so that your back is to his chest and he is better able to drive his cock in and out of you. He becomes uncontrolled, a hand on your breast squeezing so tight you know it’ll leave a mark. His other hand releases your hair and comes around your stomach to hold you in place as he rocks himself far inside of your spent hole. He’s hooked his teeth into your shoulder once more and every time he pushes in the plug strokes against you perfectly. The tip of his cock tickles your cervix and you already feel like you’re about to die but then he lowers his hand down and begins to swirl your clit.
You can’t hold back any longer, your orgasm hitting you stronger than any you’ve ever had before. When Jimin feels you fall he begins to cry, all of his timing and planning finally coming together. 
“Fuck, baby. Yes, cum just like that for me. You’re so good. I always knew you’d be perfect. You were meant to be mine, made for me...You wanna take my cum? I bet you do whore...I could fill this pretty belly with my baby. I love you so much. I always knew you’d be the one...a good mommy for my babies...”
You don’t process anything he’s saying as he continues to rub your clit, overstimulating it to the point of discomfort. You try and crawl forward away from him but he grabs your hips and pulls you back continuing to fuck you hard. He doesn’t stop, his cock swelling as his orgasm builds.
“One more orgasm baby, show me how sorry you are. You love me I know it, show me how much? Cum with me!”
“Jimin I can’t, can’t cum again.”
You're sobbing louder, you’ve already cum twice, but the feeling of his fingers on your clit begins to feel good and his thrusts slow a bit, only grinding. You fall onto your belly, hips elevated and he leans over you, rolling his hips entirely exhausted, but he’s determined to have you both cum together.
“Baby, I've watched you cum so many times when you’re on your own, when you’re with other men. So sick of watching you cum behind a camera, please just cum for me one more time, claim my cock with your fucking yummy cream. Smells so fucking good….just like I remember it.”
You have no explanation for it, but just hearing him say those words simultaneously makes you scared but also the fact that you’re so close to coming makes you reckless. You don’t know what he means by any of it, but his needy cries begging you to cum have you hearing want you wanted. Already on the verge of passing out, Jimin presses down upon your clit and rotates his hips officially owning you. You cum again, the liquid gushing from your cunt pushing his cock right out leaving him to cum on the sheets below him between your legs. Your liquid coats his chest and some splashes on his chin. A soon as he opens his eyes, he swipes his hand over the areas you’ve coated him with and licks his palm clean.
“Dirty. Fucking. Whore. Tastes so good, I’ll never get enough. So much better than licking it off your panties.” 
As he's talking you’re feeling dizzy, your last orgasm leaving your legs to shake as you lay on your stomach basking in the pleasure. You feel something wet on your ass cheek, and you turn your head back slowly realising it’s Jimin's finger gliding over your skin. 
“You really are mine now baby, you’ve even got my name written on your ass in cum.”
You hear a cheeky laugh come from him as he strokes the side of your hips. You close your eyes and hum in relaxation when you feel his hair against your thighs again. You feel him lick a long stripe up your slit so slowly that your legs start to shake again.
“Jimin, no fuck I can’t.”
He sits back up looking down at you moving your hair out of your face. His entire body was looming over you and you’d never felt so small. You feel his lips press against your spine, placing kisses up and down your back.
“Thank you for making it all up to me baby, don’t you feel so much better about everything now? All that guilt and stress fucked right out of you.”
You don't answer, just continue to hum at the comfort he brings your body, you know you should be reacting to the words he's saying but the lips ghosting over your spine had you silent and content. 
He takes his body away from yours and leaves the bed. You feel cold straight away, body laying naked on his bed, wet feeling around your legs and a colder breeze against your ass where he's written his name in cum.
“Don’t move, baby.”
You hear his voice coming from the corner of his room and you obey, still feeling subservient to his commands. Not that you could move if you wanted to. He comes back over to you, camera in hand, smiling at you. He kneels down next to the bed pointing the camera at you. 
He pushes his hand through your hair once more making sure your face is clearly seen on camera.
“Y/N, baby, tell me who you belong to.”
You worry about how much of a mess you must look. Your hair is unruly as he's pulled against it so many times, make-up running down your face and sweat running down your body and yet, you don’t hesitate to answer his question exactly how you know he wants you to.
“Who, baby?”
His fingers ghost over your cheeks as he asks you the question calmer than anything he's said to you all night.
“Jimin, I belong to Jimin.”
He sucks in a harsh breath and when you see the smile on his face, you knew you’d given him the answer he was looking for. He stands up still filming you and your entire body.
“Wiggle that perfect little as for me baby. Show the world who you belong to.”
You’re well aware he's referring to the fact that his name is written on your ass, wiggling it around just gives him so much power that you’re not willing to deny him so you do it. You look up towards him and wiggle your ass just enough to be alluring but not enough to allow the cum to drip and ruin what's written.
“Fuck, sweet, tell me how much you enjoyed me. Tell me how I’ll always get to feel this pussy on these girly little lips of mine.”
“I enjoyed you so much. Your lips were perfect and this pussy will always be yours. I’ll ride your big cock whenever you ask me to. I was such an idiot before. Please forgive me.”
Jimin puts the camera down angling it just right so that it’s facing the bed and your entire body is in the frame. When he turns back around you can see he’s already starting to get aroused again.
“I think I’d love to hear you say that again...with the camera on as proof and my dick in that ass.”
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sombreboy · a year ago
the alpha⇢hybrid!pjm
Tumblr media
⤍18+ ⤍pairing: wolf!hybrid Jimin x human!female reader ⤍genre: pwp smut, hybrid, stranger fuck ⤍word count: 8.5k ⤍warnings: sub!y/n, dom!pjm, profanity, drinking, blowjob, jimin’s compliment kink knows no bounds, he calls you little lamb a lot, degdrading names, unprotected sex, creampie/knotting, light impreg kink, mating, rough fucking, licking, torrential downpour of cum.
A/N: Co-written with lovely @ppersonna​ as an rp. ♡
Tumblr media
So why were you dressed up like a bitch in heat, entering the exact club you tried so hard to avoid? Because, deep down, it’s all you wanted. You knew that deep down you desired someone strong and powerful, someone superior to you, to take and claim you as their own—their plaything.
Tumblr media
The city never sleeps. A saying that has been true for the past century, and it remains true til this day, where humans and hybrids now coexist as equals. Well, as equal as it gets. Hybrids were a superior species with their mixed genetics, gaining attributes from said animals that they have in them. Whether it be stronger bodies, beautiful patterns and physical alterations– they were seen as the greater species. But yet humans managed to keep up, somewhat. It wasn’t that much different. Park Jimin is one of those hybrids. His genetics were intertwined with that of a white wolf, giving his hair a bright blonde color. However, he had it dyed not too long ago, so the color was instead a washed out purple mixed into his blonde curls. His irises were a bright orange, pupils as black as the leather jacket and pants he wore. One wouldn’t think he looked terribly intimidating at a first glance, but his stare could make anybody feel a shiver run down their spine from the sheer intensity of it.
He was the alpha, after all.
Jimin spent every single night at a nightclub that was famous specifically for being dominated by the predatory hybrids. Lions, tigers, snakes, foxes… Wolves. Jimin’s pack was the hybrids that people came for most of the time.For what, you may ask? To get thoroughly fucked without mercy, of course. But that was only possible if you caught their interest, or you’d have to settle for the snake.
Jimin’s pack consisted of three other wolf hybrids… Hoseok, the beta. Which practically means he’s one rank below Jimin, who is the leader. The other two hybrids are Namjoon and Yoongi, who are one rank below Hoseok, making them the deltas. They don’t care, they are content to just follow along with what their leader says, but are often given their own choice to do however they please either way. Together, they form quite the diverse group, and they were notorious and alluring for newcomers and common faces.
Jimin loved it, the dark, crowded underground venue, flashing lights, alcohol… And humans. More often than not, only hybrid women came by. Rich ones. Easy to spot. But what truly had the wolf riled up, was when a human would stumble in. Their scent was an entirely different game. He allowed his pack to separate, but never going too far as they headed to find their own prey for the night, while Jimin himself remained still, leaning against the bar counter with a pink, sugary drink in his hand, straw tightly pressed between his plushy, glossy lips.
It was time to hunt.
You weren’t sure what came over you—what drew you to the idea of leaving your cozy and safe, structured life and entering the dark unknown. The nightclub was somewhere you previously steered clear of, even crossed the street to avoid being next to it when walking by. It was decidedly not your scene, and the idea of the strong, intuitive hybrids sent a chill down your spine.
So why were you dressed up like a bitch in heat, entering the exact club you tried so hard to avoid? Because, deep down, it’s all you wanted. You stayed away from it like a drug. You knew the moment you gave in, you’d sink down the black hole into utter depravity. You knew that deep down you desired someone strong and powerful, someone superior to you, to take and claim you as their own—their plaything. It was hard to be confident in such a stifling environment. Your tight little crop top covered only the barest of your modesty, and the tight skirt accentuated your curves. The confidence you felt in the mirror of your apartment soon dissipated as you walked into the loud club. You could feel the hungry stares, the intense eyes of all the men and women in the place.
You didn’t know who or what you were looking for—rather, hoping they would find you instead. You craved the idea of giving up your power, your control to someone who could hold it over you and force you into submission. The thought made your core burn with need. The bartender slid your simple cocktail towards you with a wink as you settled into the stool awkwardly, trying to appear much stronger than the scared little human you were. You knew they all could smell it on you—the mixture of fear and arousal. So many of them approached you, attempted to charm their way inside you, but none of them felt right. Maybe this was a bad idea, maybe you should have stayed home. You can’t help but feel a burn of shame and disappointment as you chug your drink as quickly as you can to make a desperate dash towards the door.
Your nervous eyes skittered around the room, watched as each ravenous alpha eye-fucked you. It was terrifying, intimidating. It cemented just how wrong you were to come here, until— he came into view. Your breath nearly collapsed in your lungs as you took in the vision of the lavender haired man. He was gorgeous. Not just attractive but ethereal in his visage. Your pupils dilated, heart rate increased as you stared at him. You were blatant in your gaze, unable to wrench your eyes elsewhere. He was simply the most captivating man you’ve ever seen in your life, and your body burned with desperate need for him. After moments of desperate staring, you finally shake yourself off and peer down at your empty drink. Was it him? What was so magnetic about the lithe man? Could he be the one to finally claim what you needed to give up? Your cheeks burned with a mixture of shame and need, hoping that he didn’t notice your blatant ogling. Fuck.
Jimin’s fiery gaze flickered to meet yours the very second he felt your eyes on him, straw still tightly sucked between his lips. He crooked a coy eyebrow at you as he pushed himself up from his leaning position to stand upright, no hesitation in his bones in the way he slowly sauntered over to you. His hips swayed in a light strut, mesmerizing in every sense of the word; the predatory genes within giving him these very traits to be alluring for it’s prey. And it seemed to be working, with the way your eyes were glued on him. He stopped when he was right in front of you, giving just enough space for him to be able to observe your fit from top to bottom, but close enough for you to smell his distinct scent. Sweet, calming– arousing. His natural pheromones didn’t leave anybody unaffected, even turning heads on his way, eyes wide with both surprise and envy that the alpha had approached… well, you. “How refreshing with a new face.” Jimin’s canary voice was sweet, yet it had an undertone of a light growl. His canines poked out as he smiled, plush upper lip curling up to showcase his pearly whites further.
Your blush furthered a deeper shade of rose as he approached. Fuck. He definitely saw you staring. The power in his gaze and strut over to you screamed alpha. Hopefully he wasn’t the kind to bite and then ask questions. You’d unfortunately run into that type before.
The blood in your veins pulsed hard, skyrocketing your nerves. He looked so good. It was almost unfair that someone so fucking beautiful existed. You felt small and plain in comparison to the gorgeous man. His whole being exuded sultry command. You nibbled at your bottom lip as he sauntered up to you. Your body was reacting already to his presence, his voice. The entire club was staring at you, curious of the exchange that would happen between the exquisite man and you, the nervous little human. “I-,” you struggled to answer. If he wasn’t aware of how nervous you were before, he would be now—surely. “I don’t really come to these types of places.”
Try as you might, you couldn’t stop staring at the man’s gorgeous pout and terrifyingly attractive teeth. Your heart beat pounded hard in your head, overpowering the loud beat of music.
“D-do you come here often?” You asked, hoping to be polite despite the pooling arousal and growing fear.
Jimin’s smile slowly morphed into a wolfish grin, the apple of his cheeks puffing up until his eyes were shaped like small crescent moons. He almost looked harmless and inviting. “Cute…” he mused under his breath before he took a daring step closer to you, his hand reaching out to gently run his fingers through the piece of stray hair that had fallen forward over your face. He brought the locks to his nose, inhaling deeply. A low rumble vibrated in his chest.. You smelled divine. Even through the shampoo and possible product, he could smell your scent behind it all. “Yeah, I come here, every. single. night…” Jimin winked before withdrawing his hand to let it settle on his hip, his stance powerful and graceful. His dark pupils quivered when he raked down your body for a second time, the wolf ears sticking out from his hair flickering with curiosity. “Why are you here, little lamb?” He cooes at you, licking his upper teeth as he steps closer. He had no problem hearing you through the booming music, but how would you know? It gave him more of an excuse to get closer. “Looking like that?” Of course he knew why. He could smell why. But it was of no news that Jimin loved to play with his prey, ramp up the anxiety until he could practically taste it on his tongue.
Your heart thumped so loud in your chest you were sure all of the club could hear it. If they couldn’t, they definitely could smell the thrum of anxiety pulsing through you. His voice sizzled in your veins, erupting into flames as it enveloped you. Then, he touched you. The simple act of moving your hair had your mind reeling. You could smell him—he was so close you wanted to bury your face in his chest and breathe deeply. His question caught you off guard. Why were you here? Did you even know the answer to that? Your cherry cheeks flushed and you ducked your head, trying to avoid his sultry and tempting gaze. He continued to get closer and it made you tremble with a mix of fright and need. His power was overwhelming, and all you wanted to do was kneel for him.
“I’m—…not quite sure,” you spoke truthfully as you took another sip of your rapidly melting drink. “I’ve never been here before. I think I wanted something… scary.” Your big doe eyes sought out his, so mystifying with their exotic color and shape. He was truly so gorgeous it made your mouth salivate. You squirmed in your seat, suddenly feeling self conscious of your outfit. “My friend told me I should wear something sexy.” Your cheeks were so hot, so embarrassed by how easily you wanted to give into the terrifyingly attractive alpha. “I’m wondering if maybe this was a bad idea…”
 Although the music around them was blaring, it felt like a long moment of silence dragged on between the two when Jimin didn’t answer for a hot second. He kept his stare fixed on your face, the small expressions of embarrassment, curiosity, and purity drew him in. He’s truly never encountered a human like you before. One that dared to come here despite being so… weak. It was like you were begging to be eaten, dangling like a fresh piece of the finest meat in front of all these hungry predators. Jimin could hear it, the rumbling growls and groans of men in the room, hoping that the alpha wolf would lose interest and leave a piece for them to get a taste.
“Scary?” He suddenly chirped, his smile more of a smirk at this point as he placed his drink on the bar counter, ice jumping in the glass from the harsh clonk. He bent forward to shamelessly brush his cheek against yours, a subtle way of rubbing his scent off on your skin, knowing it’d avert some of the attention around him– he’s already begun to claim you for himself. His hot breath fanned your ear as he spoke.
“I can smell your lust for fear, little lamb… Do I scare you?” Jimin’s hand softly snaked down the curve of your hip, smoothing his ring-clad fingers down your thigh until he was greeted by your scorching skin. He squeezed the flesh between his digits, cold rings digging into your thigh as he exhaled another hot, quivering breath against your neck, loving the way your scent was slowly mixing with his own.
The man’s simple action of brushing his cheek against your own had your body seizing up. You could smell him as he rubbed his soft skin on yours—a heady mix of something fruity and something naturally luscious. It embarrassed you to know how arousing his simple act had been. You chided yourself internally for feeling your body heat at his gentle action. You licked your lips as he whispered hot words into your ear, making a tingle travel down your spine.
“Y-yes,” you murmured. “You scare me more than anyone h-here.” His hands gripping your thigh made a quiet moan escape your lips. It was desperate. You felt overstimulated and yet so desperate to be touched by the terrifying alpha. Suddenly feeling emboldened, your hands gripped at his sides, slipping under his expensive shirt to touch at the toned skin of his obliques and anchoring yourself to him there.
Jimin’s hand flew down to wrap his fingers around your small wrist, blunt nails digging into your soft skin. His hand on your thigh swiftly withdrew, and the loss of his warmth had you internally whining for more. “Did I say you could touch me?” His voice wasn’t hostile, yet it oozed with the asserting of his dominance. “You’re a daring girl.” He smiles at you, the contrast between his hungry gaze and his softly curved lips was confusing to say the least– but there was no doubt that he was not the kind to simply allow anything without permission.
The alpha’s sudden movement and grip on your hand made you squeal with fright—eyes widening and heart stopping its beat in your chest. Your mouth ran dry. Your terror coursed through you with the distinct tang of need. His dominance made you even more desperate. “I’m sorry,” you peeped quietly, itching to move your fingers away in case it angered him further but also needing to feel his tender skin underneath you once more. “I didn’t mean—..” you stuttered as you felt brave enough to peer up in his enchanting eyes. His smile was comforting but the hungry gaze in his stare had you trembling. Jimin cupped your cheek, hushing you with reassurance– although he seemed way too amused with the way you were practically shaking underneath his touch.
“Breathe. We’re all here to have a good time.” He smoothed the pad of his thumb across your lower lip, noting just how dry it had become. He decided to order another set of drinks, handing one to you that was the same pink shade as the one he got for himself. “Drink.” He didn’t ask, but he commanded you to accept his offer.
You were powerless to deny any demand the man made. Even if he had asked, you’d still be eating out of the palm of his hand like a terrified and starved pet. His thumb on your lips made you ache to open and accept his digit in your mouth, swirl your tongue around it teasingly. Your eyes sought his—hoping you could portray some of the arousal you felt over your innocent fright. You took a sip—a large one in hopes of lowering your frightened inhibitions to open up more to the beautiful man. “Mmm—,” you hummed as your eyes fluttered to close. “This is delicious.” It was sweet on your tongue, but not cloyingly. It warmed you and made your body loose.
“It’s my favorite.” Jimin agreed, already half way through his own. The entire time he kept his eyes trained on your lips, the darkening color on your cheeks from the heat that both alcohol and his proximity provided. When finished, he stretched his back with a light pop, the shirt he’s wearing underneath the jacket lifting just enough for the prominent V-line that snaked down his pants teasingly on display. His visuals were unmatched. He took off his jacket, leaving it unattended by the counter. No one would dare to touch it anyway, the leather oozing of his distinct scent. Only somebody with a death wish would. He combed his fingers through his hair, licking his lower lip clean form the residue sugar from this drink. His ears perked up when the lights dimmed further, and a new song came into play, booming through the speakers that caused a pleasant vibration to pulse through the building.
“I love this song.” Jimin reached for your arm to tug you out of the chair with him towards the crowded dance floor. As per usual, there was no question of whether you wanted to or not, but with a few drinks, and his intoxicating presence, it didn’t seem too bad. For Jimin, this was just part of his foreplay. He brought you into the crowd, tightly packed with all kinds of scents and musks. But the only one he could smell was yours, slowly morphing with his own as he placed his hands on your hips from behind, nose brushing against your neck as he inhaled. “Feel that? The beat?” He growled into your ear, swaying his hips along with the way he moved yours back and forth.
The music, once quiet and unassuming to you, now became loud and matched the beat of your heart. The alpha was dragging you towards the dance floor and in the midst of the hungry crowd, staring at you from where they rubbed up against each other. Just as you were trying to understand where to move, how to adjust your body to the dance, he pressed himself up behind you and gripped your hips. You could feel your pulse running through your veins and the way his touch electrified your skin. “Y-yeah,” you murmured as your hips began to move without thought. They easily swayed with the man’s guidance and you shivered as his nose pressed into your neck. It was like he couldn’t get enough of your scent, your being. The man’s hyper fixation on you had your core drenched—and you knew he could likely smell just how aroused for him you were. You let your eyes close and follow his guiding hold on your body, your ass pressing back against him to rub and grind along his length. It seemed the alphas drink was bringing you ever so gently out of your shell. “Mmm, I feel the beat right here.”
“Fuck, you smell good…” Jimin growled into your ear, his claw-like grip on your hips tightening to keep you in place as he pressed his hips right back against your ass, his cock prominent through the thin layer of his leather pants. It pulsed with every beat of his heart, it was driving him near insanity to practically taste your arousal on his tongue along with the overwhelming smell. “You’re dripping, aren’t you?” He huffed, tastefully biting your earlobe as one hand smoothed down your thigh to tug at the hem of your dress, unbothered to the fact that other hybrids were spying on them. He wanted them to see the way he got to have you, and they don’t. The way you were oozing with lust for the alpha, the pungent arousal of yours surely drove not just Jimin feral, but every single hybrid in the venue. And no one could say a fucking thing.
It was hard to hold back the peeps of surprise and arousal as you felt the alpha’s growing cock against you. Your body instinctively continued to rub and further agitate the hardening length to fully erect. When you felt his hands on you, your body reacted. You knew your cunt was oozing, likely soaking the satin panties underneath your tight skirt and soon to drip down your leg in a sign of utter submission and need to the alpha behind you. “Y-yes,” you whined. “I n-need you.” The admittance was shameless–the alcohol and lowered inhibitions making it easier for you to admit your desires to the man without regret. You could sense that he was showing you off and you complied, allowed the man to present you to everyone in the club who stared with bloodlust for you. “Please,” you gasped, not quite sure of what you were asking for other than him–more him. “Please, take me.”
Jimins wolfish grin grew against your skin before he swiftly grabbed you by your wrist to pull you with him, guiding the two of you towards privacy. Normally, he’d take his prey to the back, or even home… but there was an urgency within him that was too strong to ignore, there was no time– he needed to claim you now. So he pulled you into the bathroom close by, slamming your back against the wall with a thud the moment the door closed behind you. His heavy breaths were laced with small grunts as he crashed his pillowy lips against yours, hands greedily peeling the skirt of your dress up to expose your ass for him to harshly grab onto, squeezing the soft flesh between his ring clad fingers until it protruded between his digits, sharp nails digging into your delicate skin. “Fuck, you drive me crazy, little lamb.” Jimin hisses between hot kisses, the vibrating growl in his chest growing louder as he bites down on your lower lip to draw more innocent whines from your sweet throat. “Every single male in there wishes they could mate with you, shit… the male pheromones were off the roof, they’re all gonna jerk off to the memory of this–” one of his hands cupped your pussy through your soaked panties, dragging his palm to feel the damp fabric stain his skin. “Of how delicious your cunt smells… it’s like a fucking drug.”
Your eyes widened as the strong and sensual man dragged you from the dance floor to the bathroom. The same terror that once pulled through you now flooded every sense. Had you done something wrong? Was he going to harm you? Your worries were sucked up the second he pressed his lips to yours hungrily. Kissing him was like standing too close to a fire. He was hot, so hot, and before you knew it, you’d be engulfed in his hot, licking flames. His hands felt like palpable sin in your flesh and you needed more. “Please,” you whimpered as his hands cupped at your core. You knew you were a mess—dripping with shameless need for the alpha. The kisses turned deeper as you allowed his tongue entrance into your mouth and sought purchase in his own. Your hands stayed by your sides, itching to touch him but remembering his previous warning. “Please, let me touch you. Anywhere.” It felt like you were dying and the only cure was him—any bit of him on you and underneath your fingertips. “Ahh—,” you whined as his hand continued his assault on your cunt. “It’s a-all for you. I don’t want anyone else, only you.”
Jimin’s auburn gaze glowed as he pulled back from the kiss, his pointy canines poking out as he smiled. “You want to touch me?” He purred as he pressed your body harder back against the wall with his own, gliding the pads of his fingers up and down your clothed slit until he feels the swell of your clit through your panties, only to give it extra attention by circling his digits with just enough pressure. Not enough to satisfy, but not enough to not drive you crazy. “You don’t get to touch me until I say so… But don’t worry, good behavior will be rewarded.” Jimin added with his lighter tone of voice, leaning in to nudge your chin to the side with his nose– like a dog would. He softly grazes the skin of your neck with his nose, lips; a deep inhale through his nostrils triggered a vibrating rumble in his throat, and a prominent, heavy throb in his pants. “We’re not in a rush.” He whispered against your neck before placing open mouthed kisses down your skin until he reached the slope of your neck, feeling as his cock grew harder– the more aggressive his kisses became. From soft pecks, to messy sucking, surely painting your delicate skin with splashes of purple.
Feeling the man all over your body and being denied to touch was maddening, but deliciously so. His fingers dipped into your slit and teased so delicately that you thought you might cry if he didn’t give you something soon. Your moans turned into desperate whines and gasps as you allowed him to continue his thorough torture of your clit. Kissing him felt like sin, like heaven and hell. He was everything you wanted—everything you sought after when you stepped foot into the very club you now were being thoroughly debauched in. His cock felt heavy and thick against you and it made you whisper against his lips in arousal and desperation. He trailed down your body and you let out a shaky moan as you felt his sharp incisors suckle and nip at the delicate skin. “Use me,” you begged gently. “P-Please, make me yours.”
Your hips ground against his, rubbing against his hardened length as much as you could to alleviate the burn between your thighs. “Fuck, I want you so bad, please sir.”
“Such a good girl, asking so nicely.” Jimin’s low voice resembled a mix between his natural voice and a growl, the raspyness of it forcing a chill running down your spine, reminding you that he was indeed not human, but a hungry predator. Which is exactly what he was– well, it’s a part of him he only indulges in on nights like these, in a place like this. Who he was outside of these walls, nobody truly knew. His fingers curled around the fabrics of your panties to swiftly rip them off, carelessly discarding them to the dirty floor. Now exposed, your scent was stronger than ever. He shamelessly inhaled through his nose, eyes fluttering in pleasure, feeling the droplets of precum staining his swollen tip underneath the restraining pants.
“Still reconsidering whether coming here was a good or bad idea?” He asks through his breathy voice as he pulled back to look at your needy expression, all while his hands casually reach down to undo his pants, slowly peeling the leather down his hips. His cock sprung up proudly, drooling with arousal down his glistening skin, a content sigh pushing past his plushy lips. “Hm? You like it?” Jimin’s piercing gaze flickered between his cock and your face, grabbing the shaft with his hand. “Want a taste? All you have to do is drop to your knees on the filthy floor…”
Everything about the man radiated power. He mystified you. He even looked beautiful, gorgeous rather, under the harsh fluorescent lights. You were sure you would follow him off the edge of a cliff if he told you to. You didn’t know his name but you didn’t need to, he had you between his delicate fingers. Your breath hitched as he ripped your soaked panties off your body. The cool air of the bathroom was startling against your heated cunt. It made you gasp out loud. “I-I think it was a good idea,” you gulped. Your eyes were big, pleading and needy as you peered into his own. He had you completely under his spell.
Your mouth watered as the man pushed his skintight pants down and exposed his length to you. It was perfect. Thick and long and curved just right that made your core ache for him. You dropped to your knees without hesitation, ignoring the way the wet floor felt against your body. The floor was disgusting but nothing would stop you from pleasing the alpha. You shimmied your skirt up your body, allowing your bare ass and cunt to be exposed to the open air as you knelt before him.
“Please.” The word was becoming your prayer, repeated to the god above you to grant you your blessings. You opened your mouth and stuck out your tongue—an obedient little dog in heat. You wanted nothing more than to take him in your mouth without warning but you knew now to wait. You wanted to please the alpha so badly.
Jimin’s eyes darkened immensely at the gorgeous view beneath him, the fiery color of his irises barely visible for they were practically blackened out. If there was something the alpha adored, it was to look down on his prey, being begged to use them as he pleased. You were the perfect plaything for him. “So pretty.” He cooed, a small smile curling up on his upper lip to expose his pointy teeth. He gave his cock a few lazy strokes, his other hand gently combing through your hair before he abruptly curls his fingers to tug at it. He drew you in closer to his red, dripping length as he kept stroking it, eyes not even blinking once as he stared down at you. “Can’t wait to pump you full of my cum… Fuck, such a slut for my cock already.” His words grew filthier the more aroused he became. His patience ran low, so he guided the tip of his drooling cock to your lips, tugging your hair to draw you even closer to take his length down your throat. “Only good girls can take it all. You’re a good girl, aren’t you? Come on…”
The intensity of the alphas gaze made you shiver on the sodden ground and you could tell your cunt was dripping, likely even dripping down onto the very same floor. The bite of pain in your hair stung as he gripped you, but it sizzled and burned until it added to the overall sensation and made your nipples harden in delight. You breathed in deep, steeling yourself as his length came closer. His salacious words made you tremble and ooze with excitement. You wanted nothing more than to be a vessel, a hole for him to wrench pleasure from. His length was warm and dripping with precum. It felt so thick and heavy on your tongue as he continued to push it in. You audibly moaned as you felt it push past your uvula. He was so thick and tasted like salt and sweetness. You let your lips close and wrap around him as you took him to the hilt. You flicked your eyes up to him, shining with tears of strain from the thickness choking your throat. You wanted to prove how good you were, how well you could take him.
After a moment of holding his length as deep as it could go, you pulled back slightly to begin a bobbing motion as you sucked greedily on his cock. Saliva pooled around your lips as you drew him in and out, and the sounds you made sucking could be heard over the thumping of the bar music. You wanted to prove yourself to the alpha, show him you could be more than just a one time type of girl. You wanted him to claim you forever.
“Oh, fuck yes…” Jimin’s pillowy lips parted in initial surprise, but quickly he bit back his low groan as it rumbled in his chest. He knew you were needy, but he didn’t expect you to be so greedy to suck him off. And being so good at it on top of being eager to please– it was oddly new. Normally, every past experience of his was not like this, but more like him doing every piece of the work for a ragdoll, so watching you work his cock so willingly, attentive to his own reactions and pleasure in a different way…. It hit something in him that only riled him up further than anybody had ever done previously.
“Deeper. Gag on it, make it messy.” His chest heaved up and down heavily, deep huffs through his nose displaying just how good he feels in between the low moans, no shame in showcasing how good it feels. He presses his back against the wall, craning his neck to get a good look of the way your lips stretched around his thick shaft. “I can hear your cunt dripping… Can scent it, god, it smells divine. Your insides must be aching for me.” He murmurs as he drives his hips forward a bit rougher to meet your movements, eager to feel your throat constrict around him when he hits too far down your throat. “Coat your fingers in your juices, little lamb. Show me.”
The praise made you preen, and even more desperate to prove your worth to the man. His cock was so big inside your mouth it was hard to keep yourself from gagging, but you worked against it and continued to suck and slurp down his length. You obeyed every order, and slicked him up until your mouth was squelching with saliva around him and it dripped from your face like a tap. You whined around his length as you obeyed, keeping up a pace as you buried a hand down to your exposed core. You nearly gasped at the feeling. You were absolutely soaked and dripping with anticipation. Your fingers swirled in the wetness and coated you easily. You desperately wanted to touch your clit and play with yourself to bring you to your own end but you knew now it was better to wait for his instruction.
While maintaining your eager pace and swirling tongue, you lifted your dripping fingers from your cunt and presented them to the man above you, eyes still trained on his own in utter submission.
Jimin’s eyes quivered at the sight, pupils shrinking as he zeroes in on the glossy sheen on your fingers. His cock twitched in your mouth once, twice before he decided that he’d been patient enough… He could not wait any longer to claim you as his own. He pushed his palm against your forehead until his length was ripped from your throat, drool and precum dribbling down your chin. A long string of the juices seeped down his cock, another piece of it connected to your lips. It was an absolute mess, just the way he liked it.
“Up.” He growled, but before you were even able to obey his orders on your own, he pulled you up by your wrist, bringing the very coated fingers of yours into his mouth. All while maintaining eye contact, his swollen, pink lips eagerly sucked your arousal clean from your digits, swirling his skillful, rough tongue. Around, in between… He refused to let a single drop go to waste. “Mm..” he hummed when he let go of your fingers with a pop of his lips, the small smirk in the corners of his mouth widening. A light thudding sound caught your attention from behind him, his fluffy, white tail wagging in excitement, hitting the wall with every whip. “It’s a bit hot… Take my jacket off.” He suddenly asks, but his sweet tone was deceptive with the underlying command luring in his predatory gaze. He turns around, lowering his shoulders to allow you to easily slide the leather off, his tail playfully brushing against your thighs.
You nearly whined as Jimin forced you away from his cock—not wanting to remove yourself from the thick length that fit so perfectly in your drooling mouth. But the whine is cut short by his demand to stand and as he sucks your fingers into his mouth you nearly forget everything else around you. “A-ah, fuck,” you breathed—pupils dilating at the sight of the gorgeous man sucking your juices off your delicate fingers. Your cunt pulsated around nothing, so desperate for his thick cock now that the arousal has dripped down the insides of your thighs. “Yes sir,” you whispered as your fingers found the edges of his jacket and pulled it off his body. His tail makes your eyes widen as the soft fur brushes against your legs. You’ve never been with a hybrid before, never been with an alpha hybrid at that, and you’re eager to learn just how he differs in other ways. You couldn’t help but marvel at the muscles on the lithe man. He’s thin, but built and you found you’re desperate to lick up the defined lines of his abs. “You’re so p-pretty,” you whispered without knowing it escaped you, marveling at the gorgeous man.
Jimin’s tail trembled with more excitement at the praise, oddly enough. He’s been called many things. Sexy, scary, hot, alluring… Pretty? He liked it.
“Yeah?” he breathes out a small chuckle through his nose, pressing his lips together in thought. He shook his head to get rid of his mind wandering too far, instead back to indulging in the moment– focused on the aching throb between his legs. Jimin pulls his shirt over his head to expose his full torso, the tattoo on his ribs on clear display along with the faded, scattered scars adorning his skin in the form of striped, claw like patterns. Now with his body freed from the cage that is fabrics, he didn’t waste another second to grab you by the hips, turn you around to face away from him, and immediately push you forward to force you to use the sink as leverage. The large, dirty mirror on the wall stared back at you, clear enough for you to see the two of you in this sinful moment.
“You’re pretty too. A pretty slut, about to get her pretty little cunt stretched so bad you’ll be ruined for any other male.” Jimin’s canine adorned smile grew as he stared you down through the reflection in the mirror, grasp on your hips moving to the flesh of your ass. His foot kicks your feet apart, forcing you to stand wider and spread for him. A quick glance down and he already sees just how wet and dripping your cunt was. He pushed the head of his cock against your slit, coating it with your juices before gently rocking forward, not going inside, instead just rubbing between your swollen lips.
“So pretty,” you murmured as your eyes washed over him. Your mouth ran dry as he pulled his shirt off and exposed himself to the hard light of the bathroom. He looked like sin incarnate and your body ached to touch. Your fingertips lightly trailed the skin of his abs, grazing over the tattoo with the faintest touch. The cold sink countertop felt like ice against your chest, still heaving with need as the man prepped your body for his entrance. “Please ruin me, alpha,” you begged, peering into his own gaze through the reflection of the mirror. Your knees and legs trembled as he teased his cock against your desperate slit. “Mark me as yours, please. I only want you.” His cock felt so thick even at the entrance, prodding and poking through your sodden folds. A moan wrenched through your lips as it pushed against your clit and slicked with your own arousal.
“Fuck me, please!” The teasing was near torture and you were desperate, pushing your hips back lightly to encourage the man to slip in and ruin you completely.
With lips closed, he smiled, eyebrows raising your desperation. It was almost mocking, yet pleased with just how desperate you were for him. Your initial fear seemed replaced with utter submission and desire to be his. “We’ve only been in here for minutes and you’re already pathetically wet.” As he spoke, his hips snapped forward to grant your one and only wish, filling your soppy hole with his fleshy, rigid cock. He had no desire to ease you into the stretch from his generous girth, immediately pulling back until merely the tip was engulfed by your cunt before drilling back into you with another squelching thrust. “Tight… no other cock must have ever stretched you this well, huh? Fuck..” He bites down his abused lower lip, eyebrows furrowed in concentration as he had to gather himself. The scent you emitted was incredibly strong, intoxicating to his mind. It was like a high he’s never experienced before, and he knew he was already a lost cause to the addiction that is you.
The feeling of the alpha’s cock filling you completely was unparalleled. You’d never felt something within you so deep, never been stretched so far past your breaking point—and unable to care about the tearing pain. The pleasure outweighed the sizzling burn of pain. He was merciless and your whimpering moans echoed around the damp bathroom. “I—ohhhh fuck,” you gasped as he pushed into you yet again, spearing you nearly in half. It was as if you could feel him deep in your stomach, and you never wanted him to leave your soaked cunt. He was claiming his territory with each torturous thrust inside you that made your throat burn for more. “Only you,” you whimpered as his thrusts became merciless and powerful. “All y-yours now. Oh, god, so good,” you praised. You learned the beautiful man thrived on praise as much as you did on the dominant commands. Your hips moved in time with his powerful purses and the sound of skin slapping on skin filled the small room. “Oh my god, sir,” you cried as fat tears of pleasure rolled down your cheeks. “You make me feel so good. I only want your c-cock inside me forever.” You knew now you would be hopelessly tied to the man, and you desperately ached for him to claim you as his own. “P-please, mark me as yours, alpha.”
The low, vibrating growl that rumbled throughout Jimin’s body would have anybody’s fight or flight instincts kicking in– the latter the most logical response from anyone within their right mind. His powerful thrusts were beyond that of what a human was capable of, the skin on your ass bruising with every loud, harsh collision of your bodies. “Only me?” he snarled through a wolfish grin, lips parting in a moan when your cunt clenched around his length. His sharp, claw like nails drew blood as they dug deep into the fleshy part of your waistline, moving your body like a ragdoll to meet his thrusts, your own attempts at doing so barely noticeable. “You want to be my little cockwhore?” Jimin leaned forward, hovering above you as he pressed his chest against your back, the grip on your waist moving to wrap around your torso with one arm, the other clawing at your jaw, forcing you to stare into the reflection in front of you. He keeps you tightly in place, feeling the way your body jiggles and jolts while he fucked into you with insatiable greed. “The alpha’s bitch?” His fiery eyes meet yours through the reflection, his toothy smile growing. He inches closer to drag his flattened tongue up your cheek, a coating of messy saliva dripping down your sweaty skin. Claiming you in every sense of the word.
The man claimed you roughly, making your throat rip with a desperate and wanton moan. His cock was pushing into your cunt deeper than anyone’s ever gone before, harder and with purpose. It was as if the man wanted to fuse your bodies together, become one. You certainly wanted it. His hands on your skin felt hot, feverish. You wanted him to touch you everywhere, at any time he could. You were hopeless addicted now. “Please,” you cried as the tears of pleasure poured from your face. “Claim this cunt as yours. I’m only yours!” You could feel your bliss piquing, building up to the impossible precipice. You whined as you watched your reflection. Your makeup smeared down your face with your sweat and tears. His fingers held your jaw tightly and your cunt pulsed around his heavy cock at the sight. You could see his heavy and thick length spearing into you and retracting smeared in your juices. Something inside you tells you it’s what you want to see for the rest of your life—only his cock ruining you and coaxing torrential orgasms out of you. “Yes! Breed me like the bitch in heat I am!” You cried out loud, no longer caring about your volume. Everyone in the bar could hear your desperate screams for the alpha and it only made you wetter, more aching for the man. “Fill me up with your seed, alpha! I need it, please! Cum inside me!”
The perked wolf ears adorning Jimin’s head flickered with his excitement, pointed forward to make sure he soaks up every little sound you make for him. You were so loud, shamelessly letting every hybrid in the building know just how good the alpha makes you feel. ‘Breed me.’ The words stuck to him, replaying in his mind whilst stuffing you with his cock over and over, the mix of your arousal and his precum dripping down into a puddle at the filthy bathroom floor. He wrapped his arms around your torso, holding you close as his thrusts changed pace. Still filled with greed and force, but no longer pulling back as much, instead keeping his cock lodged deep inside of you whilst prodding as deep inside of you as he possibly can. Jimin’s cock was on the verge of bursting inside of you, and instinctively he possessively sunk his teeth into the tender skin of your shoulder, shutting his eyes harshly. But just as quickly, his eyes opened back up, staring with wide eyes into the mirror when something he did not expect happened. He knew this was it, there was no going back. With one last, harsh thrust, he stilled his movements abruptly, heavy breathing down your neck as he kept you tightly in place– in case you would panic. “Gonna fill you up with my cum.. Put my little pups inside of you- fuck…” He growled into your skin, gnashing his teeth together. His cock grew inside of you, and he was physically unable to remove himself.
Whether it was intentional or not.. His body had chosen to breed you– to mate with you. “Mine.” He whined, and with that, his cock began to desperately pulsate inside of you as he disposed of his warm cum in heavy, pattern-like gushes. Like a volcano erupting, it didn’t stop, but he kept cumming, holding his hands on your stomach as he felt it start to lightly bulge from the amounts he was able to offer. “Gah…. shit… Look at you.” He could barely hold his voice stable, legs quivering, body twitching with every throb of his rigid length, still snugly wrapped by your cum-stuffed flesh.
Nothing in the world, in your life, has ever felt better than the way the alpha felt as he fucked into you. You barely knew the man, and yet you wanted nothing more than to give yourself over to him for as long as he wanted. You found yourself wanting to surrender your life to him. You felt safe in the security of his arms. As if you were always meant to find him, to be here with him. It didn’t matter that he had you in a damp bathroom, you would have him anyway and place. Your orgasm quickly approached, winding up and throttling you over the edge as your cunt convulsed around him. Your channels tightened and milked him, and you sobbed at the wave of pleasure creating over you.
“Yours,” you whined as your bodies stilled. His cock enlarged inside you, making your eyes widen and whimper as your hands clutched at his arms wrapped around you. You needed to touch him, stabilize yourself as your core widens to accept him and your tummy bulges from the amount of cum he pulses into you. It’s hot, and warm and you can feel it coating your walls thick. Your breathing was rapid, coming down from your high and the minor fright from having his cock widen and remain locked within you as he came.
“So big,” you whispered as a tear rolled down your cheek. “H-hurts… But I can take it. I’ll take it for you.” Your head lolls back and rests on his shoulder, allowing your body to relax around the feeling of his swollen knot. “Anything for you,” you murmured, as if you were in a daze. Your hands held on to his slender arms for support and reassurance, hoping desperately you pleased the alpha enough to keep you forever. “D-did I do okay?” You asked once, quiet as a mouse. Your confidence was quickly diminishing now that your orgasm subsided and your anxieties returned.
Jimin takes a long moment to catch his breath and collect himself, still holding you in his arms as if he never wanted to let you go in the first place. And truthfully, he doesn’t want to. Doesn’t have to…
“You did so well, little lamb.” He purrs as he places a, surprisingly, gentle kiss with his pillowy lips against your clammy temple. His hands roam down to smooth his palms over the swell of your stomach, reassuring you that this indeed did please him to the max.
After another few minutes, his length finally went back to its original size, immediately feeling his cum seep out your hole. He pulls out, and the flood of his cum splattered against the floor. But it didn’t seem to faze him at all, instead his attention was set on you, feeling your stomach deflate with each passing second. He turned you around to face him, brushing the damp strand of hair away from your eyes as his features seemed to display nothing but gentle affection, his eyes almost disappearing into thin slits as he smiled. His tail wagged happily, and he decided to bring you in for a chaste kiss on the lips.
“My mate.” he breathes out as if it was a relief to finally have you. And it was, he’d been looking for somebody that would be his true mate for life, but believed he would simply be a lone wolf for eternity. But then you came along, as if destiny had thrown you (or rather, your friend threw you) into this place at this time, like a piece of meat for the alpha to claim.
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