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#park jimin x reader
bang-tan-bitches · 3 years ago
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jamaisjoons · 2 years ago
faded love | pjm
Tumblr media
⟶ 𝑠𝑢𝑚𝑚𝑎𝑟𝑦:〝 he doesn’t need to say it. because you can feel your husband, park jimin, falling out of love with you. 〞married couple au.
❥ 𝑝𝑎𝑖𝑟𝑖𝑛𝑔: jimin x reader
❥ 𝑔𝑒𝑛𝑟𝑒: angst (rip sorry) ⋆ fluff ⋆ smut
❥ 𝑤𝑜𝑟𝑑 𝑐𝑜𝑢𝑛𝑡: 16k
⟶ 𝑤𝑎𝑟𝑛𝑖𝑛𝑔𝑠: couples therapy (is that a warning?), cheating/infidelity, some swearing, soft mushy smut, oral (female receiving), fingering, penetrative sex, creampie, lots of kissing, this is just v soft mushy sex, like super light softcore romantic porn
➵ 𝑎/𝑛: W H A T I S U P D E M O N S! I’m back with another instalment of the mixtape series, i sincerely hope you all enjoy it!! almost everything is read through and edited except the smut because like,,, its 4am and the sun is coming up and i’m ill and tired
⇥ part of the mixtape series
⏤ unedited
Tumblr media
The signs were there.
Your relationship with your husband, Park Jimin, was slowly fading; slowly dwindling into nothingness. You don’t really recall exactly why you’ve been drifting apart or what caused the start of the drift. All you knew, was that one day, two months ago, your husband had come home with a changed, indifferent air around him. Within that long agonising month, you had tried everything to garner his attention. You suggested bike riding down the Han River liked you used to when you began dating, trying to rekindle some of the love and passion in your relationship. However, Jimin had refuted the offer, claiming he had a busy day at work and he was tired. When you suggested a date night, something relaxing like a movie and dinner, Jimin had rebuked that too, not wanting to leave home. But when you’d suggested staying in and watching a film, he’d turned that down too; heading straight to bed instead.
For two months you tried whatever you could. From planned days in so that he could rest if he was tired, all the way to suggesting fun and exciting things like trips to museums or the park like you used to when you were dating. But each and every single idea was turned down with some excuse or another. At some point you began wondering if you had done something to annoy him or said something that caused him to begin pulling away from you. But no matter how much you racked your brain, you couldn’t pinpoint any thing. He was just no longer interested in spending time with you.
You let out a soft sigh, looking at the time before your shoulders droop in disappointment. You picked at your bowl, moving around the rice with your chopsticks before you sigh and place the wooden sticks down. Getting up, your grabbed the bowls and placed them on the kitchen counter before returning for the banchan dishes. Apathetically, you begin placing them in small tupperware containers. Tonight was another night that Jimin hadn’t come home in time for dinner. Another night he’d stayed later at the office.
You know he’s busy, being the CEO of a major company and everything but that didn’t mean that you didn’t miss him. It had been more than a few months since you’d even had dinner with him, let alone seen him. Before this weird slump in your relationship, Jimin would always make time for you. He’d leave work at six on the dot just so he could be home by seven to have dinner with you. You still remember it fondly.
[Flashback two and a half months ago]
You turned the stove off, before taking the steaks off of the pan, placing them on a plate to rest. Meanwhile, you pulled the potatoes out of the oven and plated them. Checking over the time, you let out a small smile. It was almost seven o’clock; which meant Jimin would be home soon. Tossing the salad, you moved the bowl to the dining table. It didn’t take you long to finish setting up the table, dimming the lights and lighting the candles for a little mood lighting.
Glancing at the clock once again, your stomach somersaults in anticipation. It was seven o’clock, which meant your beloved husband would be home at any moment now. You don’t have to wait long, in fact you’re barely waiting a few seconds, before you hear the telltale sound of keys jingling in the door. You spin on your heel, grinning with giddiness as your beautiful husband walks through the living room and into the dining room, one arm behind his back.
Jimin takes in the scene with a surprised gasp, his lush lips forming a perfect ‘o’, from the hot dinner laden on the table, to the candlelight, to your made up self. His face softens and he lets out a tender smile, walking up to you and taking you in his one free arm. The toned arm wraps around you, pulling you into him before he swoops down, crushing your lips between his plush ones.
You practically melted into his embrace, a soft sigh leaving your mouth as you taste him. Your hands move from your side to rest on his chest, pressing softly into the taut muscles before sliding up and wrapping your arms around his neck, pulling him down and closer to you. A couple moments later, he pulls away but only slightly, his lips still lingering next to yours. You slowly open your eyes, staring deeply into his as he peppers soft, lazy kisses on your lips.
“I missed you so much” Jimin whispers, his lips grazing yours from how close he is, voice slightly hoarse from your kiss. You let out a small smile, standing on your tip toes and kissing him once again. Suddenly, he’s moving the arm behind his bag, brandishing a beautiful bouquet of pale cream roses and white lilies. You gasp slightly, completely unsurprised, but loving the tender gesture anyway. You take the bouquet from him gently, deeply inhaling the strong musky scent of the lilies mixed with the sweet scent of roses.
“You hate the smell of lilies” You point out, turning and walking back into the kitchen to fetch a vase. Jimin lets out a small huff, following you like a puppy.
“I do” Jimin says, nose scrunched at the strong smell of the flowers.
“And you still buy them every week because?” You question, placing the bouquet in a vase filled with water as your finger traces a petal.
“Because you love lilies and I love you, even if I can’t stand the smell of them” Jimin replies, pressing his chest against your back and wrapping his arms around your waist before kissing the back of your shoulder tenderly. Your heart swells at his gesture, leaning back into his embrace.
“I love you” You whisper, Jimin’s arms tightening around you.
“I love you too. More than I thought it possible to love someone” Jimin replies, pressing another kiss onto your shoulder. You let out a small sigh before unwrapping his arms from around your waist and dragging him into the dining room. Jimin takes a seat at one end, you on the other. You reach over to serve him but he lightly smacks your hand away before entwining his fingers with yours, pulling your hand to his lips and kissing the spot he hit.
“You already cooked dinner; at least let me serve you” Jimin says and you bite your lip to try and stop your smile. You nod, taking a seat once again as Jimin serves you both a steak along with some salad and potatoes. The two of you fall into an easy silence, just the sound of cutlery scraping against the ceramic plates filling the room. Jimin takes a bite, plush lips slightly pouted and soft cheeks puffed as he chews. He closes his eyes and lets out a small groan, revelling in the taste.
“Gods, this steak is amazing. You really spoil me ____” Jimin says, relishing in the flavour. You chuckle slightly at his over exaggeration.
“I thought we could have something a bit different than our usual” You replied cheerily and Jimin nods, sending you a thumbs up.
“Definitely a good idea. Ten out of ten”
“So how was work?” You ask and Jimin lets out a small sigh before he begins speaking about how hard his day had been. You wince slightly when he tells you he had to fire a CFO for embezzling money and then had to spend the rest of the day sorting out the mess and the paperwork. You reach over and place your hand on his, offering him the little bit of comfort you could. You, yourself, could never understand stuffy office jobs. Instead, you owned your own little clothing company, from which you could work at home as you designed whatever came to mind.
“But enough of me. How was your day? Did you design anything brilliant?” Jimin questions, and you nod enthusiastically. You quickly get up run into your little design studio, grabbing your sketchbook and bringing it back to him. You flip open to the newest page, showing off your creation as you explain it to him. For the most of it, Jimin smiles and encourages you to continue, making small comments on what he thinks you could improve every now and then.
You spend the rest of dinner idly chatting, fingers lightly touching each other; just wanting to feel the other. And then, when dinner is done, Jimin drags you into your shared bedroom, proceeding to show you just exactly how much he missed you at work.
[End of flashback]
A small smile falls on your face as the fond memory ends. You glance back at the clock. It’s only a little past eight. Eyes flicking to the packed tupperware containers, you make a quick decision. Jimin had been working late far too much lately and you couldn’t fault him for that, being a CEO he was busy. But that didn’t mean you couldn’t head over to his company and take dinner to him. When was the last time you had done that? You can’t even remember. Determination floods you and you nod to yourself before packing up the containers into a bag.
Half an hour later, you find yourself at Jimin’s company. You walk through the large glass doors, heels clicking along the marble flooring. The reception greets you with a smile and bow, most of the company workers already knowing who you are. You enter the elevator, clicking the button that leads you to Jimin’s floor before standing in the middle, humming along to the elevator music, food in your hands.
A couple moments later and the elevator dings, doors opening. Jimin’s secretary is nowhere to be found, most likely already gone home for the day considering it’s already nine o’clock. You look towards the glass window, shoulders slumping as you realise he’s in with someone. Vaguely, she looks familiar to you. Her long hair flows down her back, dressed in a burgundy pant suit. Her face turns slightly and recognition fills you. If you remember correctly, her name was Cheon Yoojin and she was a CEO of a company Jimin was hoping to merge with. You had met her three months ago.
[Flashback three months ago]
“God I hate these parties” Jimin whines, his hand on your back as he leads you through the large gallery, smiling at various people as he passes them. You roll your eyes before elbowing him in the stomach lightly.
“It’s not like I enjoy being here either. We only do this because your company holds these parties and as the CEO you have to attend” You replied shortly, Jimin sighing.
“I know, I know! But that doesn’t mean I have to like it” Jimin whines before he pulls you closer, “it doesn’t help when you look as good as you do. I just want to take you home” Jimin whispers in your ear, voice low. You blush, face heating before you elbow him again.
“Jimin! You can’t do that here” You admonish, Jimin sighing before pouting again.
“Let’s just get this over and done with so we can leave” Jimin says and you giggle at his words before leaning in closer.
“You know… I’m not wearing any underwear” You whisper lowly in his ear. Jimin’s eyes widen, his gaze flicking towards your backside before groaning lowly.
“You can’t just tell me I’m not allowed to say I want to take you home and then tell me that” Jimin gripes. You send him a suggestive look before shrugging and walking away from his, a slight sway to your hips. Jimin groans, almost as if in pain, before following you quickly, hand once again on the small of your back.
“Just wait till we get home” Jimin growls and you bite your lip to suppress the small grin forming on your lips.
Jimin leads you to a small group of people. Most of them are men who are much older than your husband; all standing around talking about whatever business men spoke about. Their wives stand next to them, engaging in their own conversation about whatever gossip was running through the community. If you were being honest, you didn’t really care. Most of them were boring old men who cared far too much about money and having the best trophy wife. The wives were no better, most of them marrying rich with nothing better to do than to gossip about everyone else. However, amongst them, is one woman who looks about the same age as your husband, maybe slightly older.
“Gentleman. Ladies” Jimin greets with a small bow of respect towards his seniors. The men turn to him, smiling and nodding back.
“Ah! Jimin-ssi! It’s nice of you to finally join your own party. We were just talking about when you and your lovely wife would show up” one of the men says, practically leering at you with sparkling eyes as he rakes over your figure. You felt your stomach turn queasy, Jimin’s hold on you tightening. You smile tightly, knowing you had to be respectful, no matter how much you wanted to grab his wife’s drink and spill it in his face. What a pig!
“____-ssi, that’s a beautiful dress! Did you design it yourself?” One of the wives gushes, looking at your floor length gown. You turn to her, smiling politely as you nod.
“Oh it’s wonderful! You simply must design one for me” Another wife pipes in and you pull out a business card from your purse, handing it to her. She smiles brightly, taking it from your grasp. This was the only reason you even loathed to attend these parties. In fact, your biggest customer base was desperate housewives who had nothing better to do than spend their husband’s money. Custom made designer clothing was sought after throughout the entire community. Not just anyone could afford an entire wardrobe of hand tailored clothing after all.
“I’m sorry, I don’t think we’ve met” the young woman says and you turn to her, blinking slightly. Up close she’s incredibly beautiful, from her sharp eyes and red lips all the way down to her elegant neckline. She’s built like a supermodel and you briefly wonder just whose wife she is.
“Yoojin-ssi, this is my wife ____. Yeobo, this is Cheon Yoojin. She’s the CEO of a company I’m hoping to merge with. Do you remember? I told you about it before” Jimin introduces and your eyes widen slightly. You reach out your hand, diamond wedding ring glinting in the light as you shake hands with Yoojin. You can’t help but admire and respect her; not only was she stunningly beautiful, she was also the CEO of a successful company at her young age. Not to mention she somehow had the respect of all the older men around her, who still only saw you as a piece of arm candy despite your own incredibly successful, albeit small, clothing business.
The two of you stand with the group for another ten minutes. Jimin engages in conversation with the men and Yoojin, trying to keep the conversation business related. However, for the most of it, the men only want to comment on the different women around, making slightly misogynistic comments every now and then that has you and Yoojin rolling your eyes. The wives don’t even bother paying attention to the conversation, instead trying to drag you into a conversation on your newest clothing line. You don’t divulge much, knowing that the added suspense and secrecy would undoubtedly ignite their curiosity and make them want to buy your clothing even more.
“Gentleman. Ladies. If you’ll excuse us, I would like to dance with my wife” Jimin says after a while, the women around him swooning and gushing as they watch Jimin lead you away.
“God that was awful. If I had to spend one more second there with those men ogling you, I was going to lose my mind” Jimin gripes, leading you towards the dancefloor. His arms wrap around your waist, pulling you close, your own arms wrapping around his neck automatically; fingers entangling in the hair at the nape of his neck.
"Yeah… try being the one they’re speaking about" You answer, rolling your eyes as you remember some of their words from before.
"Let's just forget them and enjoy ourselves, yeah?" Jimin says, pressing a kiss to your forehead. You nod, tucking your head under his chin as he gentle sways you to the music.
You breathe him in deeply, taking in his deep citrus and musk cologne, letting the smell wash over you. Closing your eyes, you lose yourself in the feel of his presence wrapped around you, allowing him to slowly lead you around the dancefloor. Jimin removes one of your hands from around his neck, entangling your fingers together and kissing the pads of your fingertips before once again wrapping it around his neck. His cheek is pressed into your head as he sways you; one of his hands on the small of your back while the other sits loosely on the back of your hip.
"I hate these parties so much but..." Jimin whispers, his breath fanning the hairs on your head.
"But they're slightly more bearable with you. I love you" Jimin whispers, his voice low in your ear and yet it rings louder than even the classical music from the orchestra.
"I love you too" you sigh, more than happy to just be in your husband’s arms.
[End of flashback]
You remember the night with a happy smile, gripping the bag of food even tighter as you think about finally spending time and having dinner with your husband once again. You needed him to stop pulling away from you because of work and spend some time with you because you missed him dearly. You turn back to his office, wondering if they were done.
And then your heart stops.
Because there is your husband, the love of your life, with his lips on Cheon Yoojin.
Your heart instantaneously drops to your stomach. You can hear the drumming of your heartbeat thunder in your ears, drowning out the sound of anything else. You can't look away from the scene. A small part of you waits for something to happen. For Jimin to push her off. For him to tell her he loves you. For him to stop kissing her.
But moments pass and he's still locked lips with her. A slight hope flares in your chest as he pulls away from her. You watch the scene, completely fixated in a sick, twisted way. But then, he steps closer to her, his eyes dark and filled with want. The way he looks at you. His hand grabs her chin and then he pulls her into another kiss. The small inkling of hope that ignited in your chest completely burns out and you're left with nothing but an aching, broken heart.
Your fist clenches around the hand of the bag carrying your now completely cold dinner. You close your eyes, finally breaking away from the scene. Spinning on your heel, you walk away, your heart breaking with every step.
Somehow, you manage to stop yourself from breaking down in the car ride home. Somehow, you hold yourself together right up until you enter your home. Home... what a strange word. This was definitely your home. But now, it didn't feel like it. You trudge through the apartment, breath shaky and tears welling in your eyes. But they still don't fall. You feel completely numb.
You walk into your room, completely catatonic and moving as if on auto pilot. You sit on your bed, staring at nothing in particular as you remember the way he kissed her. The scene plays in your mind over and over again. As if it were a broken record stuck on repeat. The moonlight streaming through your window catches a large photo frame hanging on one of the walls. Your eyes are unspeakably drawn to the glinting photo.
It's your wedding photo.
It's a candid shot. You and Jimin are staring at each other, smiling tenderly at one another. Jimin's arm is around your waist, his head slightly bent and leaned into yours, almost as if he's about to kiss you. The white of your dress is a stark contrast against his black suit, the pale pink bouquet of roses on the floor as you hold onto his arms. The sun is setting in the background, both your silhouettes set ablaze with a halo of sunlight.
You remember the day as if it were yesterday. It was the happiest day of your life. Jimin sang to you in that sweet voice of his. He danced with you. Held you close. He kissed you and told you he loved you. The memory of him reciting his wedding vows pops into your mind. Followed immediately by the memory of seeing him kiss Yoojin.
And then you can't help it. You break down, sobs wracking through your body as you cry into the dark, quiet of your room. Your body shakes with your cries, tears flowing freely. You feel the warmth of them run down your cheeks before disappearing into your shirt. You fall back onto the bed, curled into a ball as you weep out all your feelings, all the hurt and heartache you feel. Your husband was cheating on you.
Park Jimin was cheating on you.
You cry and cry until finally, you can't cry anymore. You're throat is raw, now only dry hiccuping as you somehow run out of tears. Your heart aches, your headaches and your eyes sting. You slowly close your eyes, still sobbing but tears refusing to fall. Your cries are quiet in the night, slowly dying until you finally fall asleep from exhaustion.
He doesn't come home that night.
You're not surprised.
Tumblr media
When he comes home the next day, he apologises to you saying he had to work late. A part of you wants to call him out, to tell him that you know. But you can't bring yourself to say the words. You know that as soon as you do, there's no going back. The minute you tell him you know, your relationship with Park Jimin is over. But despite how much he's hurt you, you still love him with everything you have. Your heart still belongs to him. You still want and need him in your life.
A part of you thinks that perhaps you could just never mention it and try everything in your power to bring him back to you. So that's what you do. You try to appeal to him more, try to spend more time with him. You try your hardest to remind you why he fell in love with you and why he married you. But the harder you try, the more he pulls away. Bit by bit, he slips from your life. You can feel him fall out of love with you; see it in his eyes. He didn't buy you flowers every week anymore. He no longer kissed you goodbye. He no longer sent you little messages about how much he loved and missed you. The more you try to occupy his attention, the more he refutes you, and your heart just aches all over again, longing for him to come back to you.
Months pass like this. Every time he leaves for work, you wonder if he's going to meet her. You wonder if he's buying her flowers like he used to for you. You wonder if he's texting her photos of the cats he spots on his way to work. You wonder if he kisses her like he used to kiss you. You don’t want to, but you can’t help but wonder if he loves her the way he loved you.
You sit at your desk, staring at your blank art book. You haven't had the inspiration to design anything recently. Your eyes well up with tears and you try to blink them away, not wanting to cry anymore. There was something that you could still do to bring him back. Surely, you weren’t supposed to just watch your husband disappear.
You turn to one of the clothing racks in your design room, a piece of lingerie sticking out. It's a soft baby blue colour, made of satin and lace. You remember designing it with Jimin in mind; knowing that he'd love seeing you in it. 
Suddenly, an idea pops in your head and you quickly grab the lingerie off the rack. You enter the bathroom, looking yourself over before grimacing. Your eyes were red and bloodshot, skin slightly pale and hair practically a rat’s nest. When was the last time you had even brushed it? You shake your head, stripping and getting in the shower. You spend the next hour or so shaving every part of your body, deep conditioning your hair and moisturising your body. When you're done in the bathroom, you walk to your vanity before dolling up yourself as much as you can. When you're finally done, your makeup is perfectly blended and light, highlighting your natural features, your still hair still slightly damp and dripping down your neck, drawing attention to your breasts in the lingerie.
You hear the front door open and your stomach churns with nerves. Your palms become sweaty but you shake of the anxious feeling. It shouldn't be hard to seduce your own husband. You had done so many times before, sometimes without even trying. You could do it once again. You'd show him how much you loved him and try and remind him how much he loved you.
The bedroom door opens and you stand up, facing him with your most sultry look. Jimin trudges into the room and you walk up to him, your hips swaying slightly. Jimin's jaw drops, his eyes raking your figure and excitement fills your entire being as you begin feeling giddy. He gulps slightly, his mouth slightly ajar as he takes in the powder blue lingerie against your skin. You place a hand on his chest and stare up at him through half lidded eyes, your bottom lip slightly poked out in a pout.
"I missed you" You whisper, voice deliberately husky, hand running down his chest. However, before you can reach the waistband of his trousers, Jimin's hand is shooting out, catching your hand in his. You startle slightly, eyes snapping towards his in shock. You search his eyes and your heart breaks at the obvious guilt flashing in them as well as the reluctance.
"I'm not... in the mood ___... I'm tired" Jimin says but you know it's an excuse. Suddenly, you spot a pink mark hidden behind his ear and you pull your hand away as if he's burned you. You stare at him in shock, your eyes scanning over his entire face, looking for any sign that would prove your hunch wrong. You find none.
His eyes are alight with guilt and nervousness, his hair slightly damp with sweat. The pink mark is unmistakably a hickey, and now that you weren't focused on seducing him, you can smell the faint scent of sex around him. You step away from him, eyes wide in disbelief.
You don't even wait for him to say anything, instead turning and walking away from him.
After that, you try less and less. If Jimin's noticed a change, he doesn't say anything. Instead, he's content to go along as if there isn't a huge rift amongst the two of you. You spend all your time throwing yourself into your work, designing and putting out clothing as if you were a machine. It helps take your mind off of things; helps you stop wondering where he is.
The day you dread comes six months after the first time you caught him cheating that night in his office. Jimin comes home early and the minute he steps into your home, you notice something is wrong. He's slightly nervous and fidgety, barely able to look you in the eyes. He calls you to the dining room and you join him, sitting across from him stoically as you watch him.
You both sit in silence for a few moments, neither of you saying anything. You open your mouth to ask him what this is about but before you can say anything, Jimin is pushing some papers across towards you. Your stare blankly at them before turning back to him, face scrunched in confusion. And then he says the words you've been dreading.
"Let's get a divorce."
The minute the words leave his mouth, you're heart is completely shattered, throat automatically closing up. You want to fight, you want to yell at him and ask him why. But you’re exhausted. And you know why. So instead, you reach out for the papers and passively stare at them. Jimin's brows furrow slightly and he shifts again, looking at you awkwardly. He waits for you to say something, waits for you to question why. But the words never come. Finally, when he's tired of squirming, he asks.
"Are you not going to ask why? I was expecting a fight. Or maybe some emotion" Jimin says but you're unresponsive, simply staring at the divorce papers.
"I know why" You finally managed to croak out.m Jimin stiffens in his seat, sucking in a sharp breath.
"What?" He asks, voice barely above a whisper and laced with alarm.
"I know you're cheating on me with Cheon Yoojin... I know you've slept with her" You say, swallowing thickly as the words finally leave your mouth.
"I... I came by your office one night to have dinner with you. I saw you kiss her... and then that night... when you pulled away from me. I saw the hickey she left and you smelled like sex..." You whisper, barely audible. But he hears it, as clear as day. Jimin shifts again, swallowing thickly.
"I'm-" He begins and you shake your head, hair flying with it.
"Don't apologise. Don't say you're sorry. If you were, you would have ended it at the kiss" You say, finally looking up from the papers and towards him. Jimin sucks in a breath; your eyes are completely empty, exhausted of any emotion. You stare at him blankly, eyes flitting over his face as you count the faint lines on his forehead, commit the shape of his lips to your memory, the way his eyelashes kiss his cheeks every time he blinks. Was this the last time you’d be this close to him?
"I felt you slip away. I felt you pull away every day while I tried to hold on as much as I could... I felt you slowly fall out of love with me" You whisper unable to look away from him, eyes welling up once again.
"I... I don't know what to say" Jimin replies, completely at a loss for words.
"Tell me there's a way we can fix this... you loved me once. We could work this out. Please," you practically beg, your voice pleading.
"I don't know" Jimin says, uncertainty present in his voice.
"Please! Let's go to couple's therapy or marriage counselling" You suggest and Jimin shakes his head.
"I don't think it will work" he refutes and you bite your lip.
"Please! If it doesn't work, I'll sign the papers without a fight. I won't argue with you. Just let's try... you owe me this. Please,” you plead and Jimin finally sighs.
“For how long? How long are we going to try and make this work? What if it still doesn’t help?” Jimin asks and you bite your quivering lip.
“Three months. Just three months. And if it doesn’t work, I promise I’ll sign and leave you alone” You propose. Jimin closes his eyes before nodding.
"Okay. Because I owe you that much" Jimin relents and you nod, hope flaring in your chest for the first time in months.
Tumblr media
The first therapy session, you both find yourselves seated in a councillor's office. Jimin sits on one side of the sofa, you on the other. The distance between the two of you is short and yet it feels as if he's oceans away. You fidget in the seat, your therapist, Mr. Kim, looking at both of you carefully. He's sat cross legged, a pen and a pad of paper resting on his knees.
"Welcome. I'm Kim Namjoon, I will be your therapist for the next three months" Namjoon introduces and you nod, smiling nervously at him. Jimin looks at him apathetically.
"What brings you here?" Namjoon asks. You look at Jimin, waiting for him to say something, but when he doesn't you let out a small sigh before turning back to Namjoon.
"We've run into some problems... Jimin wants to get a divorce but I was hoping we could work it out" You say, and Namjoon nods, turning to Jimin.
"If you don't mind me asking, why do you want a divorce?" He questioned the other man.
"Things have changed between us" Jimin says simply and you wince from his slightly callous tone. How could he be so blasé? Was his mind really already made up? It hurt. It hurt seeing how okay he was to simply end your relationship when you were so far from being anywhere close to alright. 
Namjoon asks you both more questions, trying to get the both of you to open up and speak more about your relationship. You answer as honestly and earnestly as you can, trying to get to the root of your problem. However, Jimin barely partakes in the discussion, content to simply let you speak. Namjoon looks at him briefly, his face passive before taking down some more notes. It was clear to him that you wanted to hold on to this relationship more than Jimin.
“Is there someone else?” Namjoon asks, watching the way Jimin stiffens before looking away slightly. He watches the way your shoulders slump, your legs shifting uneasily. There’s no response from either of you but he doesn’t need one.
“I see. How did you meet?” Namjoon asks, turning to Jimin. Jimin glares at him, jaw clenching. He briefly glances over to you, eyes heavy with emotion. It’s incredibly brief. You don’t notice it, far too absorbed in staring at the carpet while you try to drown out the conversation. But Namjoon sees it.
“Through work” comes his clipped reply, eyes once again trained on Namjoon.
“And why did you want or choose to spend more time with her than your wife?” Namjoon follows up.
“We just spent more time together because of work” Jimin responds through grit teeth. Namjoon makes a noncommittal noise, writing something else down in his notepad.
“And when was the last time you spent time with your wife?” Namjoon asks, leveling his stare at Jimin. Jimin freezes, unsure of how to respond. He couldn’t even remember. His lips downturn slightly, looking away as he tries to remember.
“April 18th” comes your soft voice. Jimin’s head snaps towards you, looking at you in horror, almost agog. Had it really been that long? That was more than half a year ago. Jimin could remember that date clearly. In fact, that was the date he and Yoojin had seriously begun meeting about the merger of their companies. Namjoon’s notes the distress on Jimin’s face before crossing his legs and levelling his gaze at both of you.
“Well, let’s start with spending time together then. Perhaps, if you both set aside some time once a week to just spend some time together again for let’s say… an hour?” Namjoon suggests. You look unsure, shrugging lightly before turning to Jimin in hope. Jimin for the most of it was still frowning. Had it really been that long? And why did you remember the date clearly? Namjoon clears his throat, drawing Jimin’s attention once again. Jimin clears his throat, focusing back on the conversation.
“I suggested spending time with your wife once a week” Namjoon replies, looking at him pointedly. Jimin sighs before nodding, mind still jumbled over how long it had been since he’d spent time with you. Surely, it hadn’t been that long. There was no way. He racked his mind, trying to think of a time recently he’d been with you. With remorseful surprise, he realises he can’t think of any recent time. He swallows thickly before nodding.
“Yeah. Sure” comes his reply, eyes flicking momentarily towards you again.
“Alright. Let’s meet in two weeks then” Namjoon says with finality, ending the session.
Tumblr media
A week later, you find yourself sitting in an ice cream shop, waiting for Jimin to join you. You shift nervously, wondering whether you should buy something or not. Glancing at your watch you sigh, you were ten minutes early. You shuffle around, trying to find a comfortable position but no matter how much you try, you can’t seem to find one. Letting out a little sigh, you take a deep breath trying to calm your nerves. You really shouldn’t be this nervous to meet with your own husband. And yet, for some reason, it feels like you’ve been thrown back years into the past, waiting for your boyfriend on your first date.
Ten minutes pass agonisingly slow. Every time the doorbell jingles, you look up expectantly, hoping to see your husband. Each time however, you’re left crestfallen. Another five minutes pass and you sigh in disappointment. Your husband, as usual, was late. Another ten minutes pass and you begin to grow anxious. Twenty minutes later and it’s been more than half an hour that you’ve been waiting for your husband. You begin to wonder if he was even going to show up at this point. Perhaps he had forgotten, or was more occupied with Yoojin. Perhaps he thought there was no point even turning up.
You wait another fifteen minutes and finally, when you tire of waiting, you start gathering your things. More than ready to up and leave as frustrated tears well up in your eyes. Just as you get up however, the door opens and Jimin walks in. He quickly walks over to you, sitting down at your booth.
“Sorry I’m late” He says but there’s no real apology in his tone. You know your husband well. After all, you’ve spent a decade together. You know him well enough to know that he’s not really sorry. You want to ask him where he was, to let him know you only have less than ten minutes of this ‘date’ left over. But you can’t bring yourself to say the words.
Instead, the two of you sit in silence just staring at each other. The atmosphere is awkward. You open and close your mouth a few times, trying to think of something to say but nothing comes to mind. Jimin simply looks around, looking at anything but you.
“How was work?” You finally ask, gathering the courage to say something.
“Fine” comes his clipped answer. You slump slightly at his closed response.
“How’s the merger coming along?” You gulp, not really wanting to ask considering exactly who he was merging with.
“Good” Jimin replies curtly. His phone suddenly buzzes, drawing his attention. You watch as he answers his phone, a small smile on his face. Your chest aches, knowing exactly who is on the other end making him smile. You try to draw his attention back to you, but Jimin stays engrossed on his phone. The ice cream parlour is filled with people, all happily chatting as they eat their ice creams, some couples even sharing a sundae. And yet despite the amount of people around you, you’ve never felt more alone.
“It’s three o’clock. I believe we’re done here?” Jimin says, putting his phone down. Your eyes widen and you stutter, unsure of what to say.
“But you just got here” You point out, voice shaky.
“Yeah… but I have to get back to the office” Jimin excuses before he gets up.
“Jimin-” You call out and he turns to you.
“Do… do you even love me anymore?” You whisper, dread heavy in your bones as the question slips from your lips. Jimin’s eyes soften and you see the hesitation on his face as he contemplates whether he should answer you or simply walk away. Finally coming to a decision, Jimin stares directly in your eyes and you can almost feel the next words.
“I don’t know” he replies, the uncertainty reflected in his eyes before he walks away.
You watch him walk away from you, eyes trained on his back. As soon as he leaves the shop, he picks up his phone, a large smile on his face. You turn away, staring at the table. Was this all a waste of your time? Were you trying to fix your marriage in vain? Were you just drawing out your own pain until the inevitable happens and Jimin pulls the trigger on your relationship? Were you destined to watch your husband walk away from you and fall in love with someone else? You bite your lip and breathe in deeply, willing the tears away, ignoring the pitying looks of everyone around you.
Tumblr media
Your next therapy session falls a week after the disaster that was your meeting. Jimin is once again late, barely greeting the two of you. Namjoon’s eyes follow Jimin’s figure before flicking between the both of you. He jots something down in his notepad before smiling. You return your own uneasy smile, although it comes out more like a grimace.
“So let’s start with speaking about your date. How was it?” Namjoon asks, smiling encouragingly at both of you. You let out another grimace, looking away from him, unable to meet his eyes or even bring yourself to speak about the disastrous meeting. Jimin shrugs his own response, not saying anything. Neither of you say anything, but just from the thick tension in the atmosphere, Namjoon can already surmise what most likely happened. 
“Okay then. Do you want to speak about where both of you think your marriage started going wrong?” Namjoon asks and you nod shakily. You really aren’t sure where it started going wrong. You had always been in love with Jimin and you still were. Even now, when seven o’clock struck, you’d find yourself looking towards the door, hoping he’d surprise you by walking in. And each time you’re left disappointed and distraught. Jimin hadn’t come home since he’d asked for a divorce; leaving you far more alone than you’d ever been in your huge luxury apartment.
“Can we cut this meeting short? There’s an emergency at the office” Jimin suddenly says and you whip your head towards him.
“And only you’re the one who can sort out this emergency?” Namjoon asks, quirking an eyebrow at him. You both know it’s an excuse. You both know your husband wants to be anywhere but here at the moment. His entire demeanour is closed off, arms and legs crossed as he stares out the window.
“I’m the CEO” comes Jimin’s reply and Namjoon nods.
“An important role yes. But isn’t your marriage equally important? Surely there are other people who can take care of the emergency” Namjoon presses, Jimin rolling his eyes.
“No there aren’t” he grits out, his eyes almost challenging Namjoon to continue pressing him. His entire response has you reeling. You don’t miss the way he glosses over Namjoon’s question about the importance of your marriage. But your worst fears are confirmed through both his words and actions. He really didn’t think your marriage was worth saving.
“Okay. ____-ssi, are you fine with cutting this meeting short?” Namjoon asks and you nod, now wanting to be as far away from Jimin as you possibly could be. You quickly gather your stuff before bowing and walking out of the office. Jimin moves to follow you, but Namjoon calls out his name, stopping him.
“Jimin-ssi, a moment please” Namjoon says. Jimin sighs before turning to him, looking at him in question.
“What?” Jimin grunts.
“It seems that your wife is trying much harder to save this relationship than you are” Namjoon points out and Jimin scoffs.
“She wants to save this marriage more than I do” Jimin answers, as if the answer was obvious, Namjoon humming.
“Perhaps. But I believe there’s a part of you that also wants to try and save this marriage. A part much larger than you even know” Namjoon says sagely, Jimin snorting.
“And why do you think that?” He asks, tone mocking and arms crossed as he begins tapping his legs impatiently, looking down at Namjoon.
“Because if you didn’t, you wouldn’t be here” Namjoon says, staring back through his thick frames.
“That’s not why I’m here” Jimin splutters, Namjoon raising an eyebrow.
“Then why are you here?”
“Because I owe her that much for cheating on her and for asking for a divorce” Jimin replies, voice slightly quiet as he looks away, guilt emblazoned in his eyes.
“No” Namjoon says, Jimin’s head whipping to look at him in confusion, “you owe her nothing. You cheated on her and you want a divorce. If you really wanted that, you would have just walked away. Every time you speak of your affair there’s guilt in your eyes, which if I may point out, wouldn’t be there if you really wanted to leave. You act like you don’t want to be here and that these sessions are a chore and yet you still turn up every week despite being a busy CEO. I’ve counseled a lot of marriages and I’ve only seen these things happen when the person wanting to leave really wants to stay or is unsure about walking away. That guilt in your eyes, is something I only see in partners who still love their significant others. Tell me something, when was the last time you actually paid attention to your wife?” Namjoon asks and Jimin balks, unsure of what to say at Namjoon’s sudden tangent. More important, he doesn’t know the answer to Namjoon’s question.
“If you have nothing to say that’s fine. Just think about it. I believe our next session is in another two weeks. I want you to think about this relationship carefully. If you want to stay, then stay and work to try and fix your marriage. But if not, then just walk away. Don’t prolong this. Break it off and let your wife grieve and move on cause right now, you’re causing her more pain by giving her false hope. I hope you make a decision by our next session” Namjoon says, his tone final. Jimin quickly leaves the room, his mind in a jumble for the first time in a while.
Was Namjoon right? Was he subconsciously holding onto your relationship?
Tumblr media
The next time you meet Jimin, it’s once again at the ice cream parlour. You hesitate for a bit, staring up at the neon sign as you wonder if there’s any real point to going in. Jimin was most likely going to be late anyway and when he finally did turn up, he probably wouldn’t even pay attention to you. Perhaps it was best if you walked away from the ice cream shop and consequently away from your marriage. It would save you a lot of heartache. And yet, no matter how much you want to walk away, you simply can’t bring yourself to do so.
Therefore, you find yourself opening the door. You trudge through the shop, deciding that this time, you’d at least order some ice cream. That way, you wouldn’t look like some sad sop just sitting waiting for a man who no longer wanted to be with her. You walk up to the counter, the staff recognising you with a small pitying smile. You ignore their looks and order the biggest sundae you could find before taking a seat in the same booth you had a fortnight ago.
The clock strikes two o’clock and you sigh, your husband still nowhere in sight. You dig into your melting ice cream, letting the cookie and cream flavour slowly comfort you. Ten minutes later, however, to your greatest surprise, your husband rushes in. Jimin briskly walks over and you greet him with a small nod before turning your eyes back to your ice cream.
“I’m sorry! I tried to leave but my meeting ran later than I thought it would” Jimin quickly excuses and you shrug, squashing the little bit of hope that flares at his apologetic tone. There’s no point in hoping or longing for Jimin to stay anymore, he had already made his decision in wanting to leave you.
For the first time in over half a year, Jimin watches you; pays attention to you. Your eyes are downcast, idly scooping ice cream into your mouth. You refuse to look at him, your eyes staying trained on your sundae. He takes the time to take in your figure, guilt practically drowning him at how small and hopeless you look. Your hair still shines the way it used to, skin still glowing. Your makeup is flawless and you still dress yourself the same, carrying yourself like the high end fashion designer you were; and yet your entire demeanour screams exhaustion, your eyes practically empty. The sudden realization that he did that to you makes his stomach churn, throat closing up. When did he become the type of person to hurt someone he cared about so deeply?
He sits up straighter, his phone buzzing and Yoojin’s name popping up on screen. But instead of paying attention, he turns his phone on silent and flips it over as an extra measure. He had said he’d at least try and no matter what feelings he had for Yoojin, he knew he had to stick to his words. He owed you that much at least for hurting you so deeply. Jimin swallows thickly, eyes scanning over your face and willing you to look at him. He wants to say something, but he doesn’t even know where to start. He frowns slightly at that. You’d been together for almost ten years, so why was it suddenly so hard to speak to you?
All of a sudden, the distance between you two hits JImin like a freight train. He can feel the huge rift between the two of you. He frowns slightly, wondering when it had gotten so big. Did you always feel this far away from him? Why did it feel like you were worlds away, almost unattainable? The two of you had always been close, always been able to speak about everything and anything. There were times when you’d both wake up in the early hours of the morning, still in bed and voice heavy with sleep and speak about the smallest, silliest of things like how blue the ceiling was or the amount of steps it would take to walk to the moon. But now here you were, sitting completely in silence, the atmosphere so thick you could almost cut it with a knife. He waits for you to say something, for you to ask him how his day was or how work was. But you don’t. 
Frustration wells up inside of him, wondering if you had given up on trying to work on your relationship. He freezes abruptly. Why did he care so much? Surely, that was good for him. It meant that you could both walk away. So, why did those thoughts fill him with dismay instead of joy? Why was his throat closing up, his heart heavy with emotion at the thought of you giving up on him? He gulps slightly, Namjoon’s words ringing in his mind. Was he right? Did he really want to try and save this marriage?
“How was your day?” Jimin asks, the words spilling out of his mouth before he even had a chance to think of them. He watches the way you sit up suddenly, eyes flicking to his figure in confusion. Guilt bubbles in his veins at the sudden surprise in your eyes. Was it really so shocking for him to ask you about your day? Was it so surprising for him to take an interest in your day? You were married after all. ‘Not for long’ his mind taunts. Jimin shakes his inner thoughts off. He tries to ignore the momentary distress at the thought of his ending marriage, but he can’t.
“It was… fine” comes your stilted answer and Jimin visibly winces at how awkward your words are. Silence washes over the both of you once again and Jimin shifts uneasily, the tension almost suffocating.
“How… how about work? You mentioned there were some talks about Lotte sponsoring you and allowing you to open a store in their department” Jimin questions and you nod, looking away slightly.
“That was months ago… I’ve had my own store for about half a year now” you reply, your voice quiet. Jimin feels dismayed, unsure of how to respond. He gapes at you, opening and closing his mouth as words escape you. That was a huge deal for you. In fact, for as long as he could remember, it had been your biggest dream. You’d always said that getting to opening a store in Lotte would be your greatest accomplishment. Was he so detached from your life that you hadn’t even mentioned such a milestone in your career? An uneasy feeling settled in his stomach. You just seemed to be getting further and further away from him. But that was a good thing. Right? So why wasn’t he happy?
“Why… why didn’t you tell me?” He finally manages to stutter out and you look at him in surprise, lips forming a thin line but he can see the hurt in your eyes, as clear as day.
“I did. Or at least, I tried to… you were busy with your… merger” you reply, voice whispering the last word. Jimin’s throat closes from emotion and he can feel his bottom lip trembling. Had he really been so absorbed in Yoojin and his affair that he’d missed your biggest dream come true? He didn’t know what to do with the information. He gulps, ready to ask you more about the deal and whether it was running smoothly but suddenly you’re getting up. He looks at you in alarm, watching as you gather your stuff.
“Where are you going?” Jimin blurts out in a panic, a small part of him wanting you to stay.
“It’s three o’clock. I didn’t want to keep you longer than you wanted to be here” You replied, voice small. Jimin flips his phone over, eyes almost bugging as he realised it had been almost an hour. He’d forgotten how quickly time would fly when you were together.
“Well then. I’ll see you at the next session. Goodbye” You say, a small bow accompanying your farewell. Jimin’s brows furrow as he watches you walk away. Why were you suddenly so formal? You had spent close to a decade together; you knew each other like the back of each other’s hands. Jimin freezes slightly, one question running through his mind.
When had you stopped kissing each other goodbye?
Tumblr media
Over the next month and a half Jimin takes more interest in you and your relationship than he had in months. Between the little dates and long therapy sessions, Jimin now actively participating, the awkward tension slowly fades away and you wonder if perhaps it’s getting better and that there may be a chance that you both manage to salvage your relationship. A part of you still holds back for fear of the disappointment if Jimin still leaves at the end of all your therapy sessions. But for now, things were getting - hopefully - slightly better.
You check over the address, a slight frown on your face as you ensure you’re waiting at the right place. Your husband had suggested a change of scenery from the ice cream parlour, especially as you both were becoming ‘the odd couple’ at the shop. This week, you find yourself outside a horticultural and botanical garden centre.
“____! Here” Jimin calls out. You turn to him in shock, pleasantly surprised by his presence.
“You’re… early” You say, almost dumbly. Jimin blushes slightly, rubbing the back of his head.
“Yeah sorry, I was late a lot wasn’t I?” Jimin asks and you bite your lip, nodding before looking away as you were reminded of the other woman in Jimin’s life. Was he still seeing her? You had no idea. It had been weeks since you’d even heard any mention of her. You didn’t even want to ask for the fear of the answer. But a small part of you hoped that he was done with her. 
“Why are we here?” You ask, trying to move the conversation along. Jimin grins before grabbing your hand, pulling you into the centre.
“You once told me you loved flowers because they give you inspiration for your designs. So here we are! The largest botanical garden in Seoul” He says cheerily, paying the lady at the reception the money before guiding you into the gardens.
You let him drag you through the garden, your eyes more trained on your joint hands. He’s more loose lipped now, speaking freely about anything and everything under the sun. You don’t really know what caused the change in him, but suddenly he feels like he’s the Park Jimin you fell in love with. Vaguely, you hear him reading the little description of the flowers you were looking at, but you’re still too focused on your joint hands. His hands fit perfectly within yours, his palm pressed against yours, your fingers interlocked together.
“Hey ____? You listening?” Jimin calls out and you break out of your reverie, looking at him slightly dazed.
“Are you okay?” Jimin follows up, looking at you worriedly.
“I’m fine! Sorry, I spaced out for a bit. What were you saying?” You say and Jimin shakes his head, smiling fondly before turning back to the flowers.
“I said those look really pretty don’t they?” He repeats, pointing towards some small succulents growing near the ground. You crouch down towards them, reaching out and feeling the squishy leaves under your fingertips. You take in the different colours and sizes, from vibrant greens to muted purples. Jimin crouches down next to you, leaning in closely before whispering.
“Do you think they’d notice if we just took some home?”
His tone is conspiratorial and hushed, as if he were planning the most covert operation. You turn to him, taking in his completely serious face before bursting into a fit of giggles at the ridiculousness of it all. You laugh to yourself, hand pressed against your mouth as you try to stifle your laughter, people watching the two of you. Jimin doesn’t care at their sudden audience. Instead, he’s focus on your face.
Your cheeks were lightly flushed, head slightly bent over into your knees and cheeks bulging under your eyes. But most importantly, your eyes were sparkling with emotion. They weren’t empty or defeated like he’d become accustomed to seeing them. Jimin’s breath hitches. Was this the first time he’d heard you laugh in over half a year? He’d forgotten how it sounded. His face softened slightly as he watched you pull yourself together. He’d forgotten how much he loved hearing you laugh. You couldn’t have always been this beautiful laughing, could you? Jimin muses to himself.
“I think we should go. We’re getting strange looks” You whisper, before taking Jimin’s hand in yours and dragging him away. The action comes simply to you, both of you slipping into the easiness you once had in your relationship.
Walking hand in hand, you both navigate through the gardens, stopping every now and then when either of you spot a flower or plant you both like. You’re almost at the end of the garden when Jimin suddenly stops, his nose scrunched up in distaste. You look at him in question, but Jimin points towards a field behind you. You turn, your heart thrumming in your chest as you suck in a breath. 
You’re surrounded by a field of lilies. Blooms of every colour you could imagine growing along the grassland. Your heart soars and you let go of Jimin’s hand, running through the field, giddiness coursing through your veins. Jimin is startled by the sudden loss of your hand in his. For how long had you been holding hands? Jimin hadn’t even noticed. The action came so easy to him, almost as if it were in his nature to hold her. He flexes his hand, the sudden coldness of it making his stomach drop in disappointment.
How long had it been since he held your hand? He missed it. More than he thought it was possible. Had your hand always fit so perfectly within his? It had. It was something he had noticed during the early days of your relationship. He’d always known. He’d just forgotten. The more time he spends with you on these little ‘dates’ the more he remembers the little things. Things like how you hadn’t changed your perfume in years just because he loved the scent. Or how your eyes would crinkle in the corners every time you smiled at him. Or the warmth of your hand encasing his. He was slowly but easily remembering the things he had forgotten over the course of your marriage.
He turns from his hand to look at the way you run through the field of lilies, laughing with excitement. His throat closes up. The sun is low in the sky, hidden behind some of the large greenhouses; yet sunlight still streaming through the glass. You’re highlighted by the sunshine, your silhouette encased in a halo made of sun rays. You look more vibrant than you had in months, your hair flying in the wind behind you as you raced through the flowers. Jimin loses himself in you. His heart quickens as he watches you, his hands becoming clammy. It was like he was falling in love with you all over again.
As if on auto pilot, Jimin walks over to you; almost like he was magnetised by your presence. Before he knows it, he’s right beside you. You pant heavily, somewhat out of breath, giggling from the rush of running through the field, adrenaline pumping in your veins. He takes in your flushed appearance, face crumpling at the first signs of honest happiness on your face in a while. He scrunches his nose, slightly put off by the incredibly strong musky scent of lilies surrounding you both.
“Aren’t they beautiful?” You gush, spinning around to look at the lilies. Jimin nods, agreeing with you. But it’s not the lilies he’s looking at.
“I think this is the end of the gardens. Are you ready to go back? I’m sorry this took more than an hour” You say, shifting slightly as you realised exactly why you were here. The sudden wave of sadness that courses through you is completely juxtaposed by your previous feelings of happiness and joy. Jimin notices the slight dimming of your eyes as you’re both brought back to reality. He hates himself for what he’s done to you.
In a bid to make it better and keep the sparkle in your eyes, he’s bending over. His eyes scan over the lilies in his vicinity before his eyes are caught by a bright yellow one in full bloom. The petals are completely open, the outer petals a soft yellow before darkening to an electric orange in the centre. He plucks it from the ground, making you gasp before looking around, ensuring you’re both alone.
“Jimin! You can’t do that. You could get in trouble for destruction of property” You admonish but Jimin shrugs before presenting it to you. You gasp slightly, shyly taking the flower from his hand. 
“They have thousands of them. I’m sure they won’t miss one. Besides, if I want to give my wife some flowers, I will give my wife some flowers” Jimin says. You suck in a breath at his words, your heart fluttering at his use of wife. You blush prettily, ducking your head and sniffing the flower, a soft smile on your lips. Jimin is suddenly struck by the familiarity of the situation. His heart swells at the situation and he simply can’t resist pulling you closer into him. Your eyes widen as you tumble into him, your husband catching you easily.
Before you can say anything, he swoops down, his head ducking and capturing your lips within his. Your eyes shoot open slightly before you find yourself melting into you, your eyes slipping shut. Jimin’s arms tighten around you, pulling you closer into him until there’s not even a hair’s breadth between your chests. Your lips practically meld together, your hands running up his chest and wrapping around his neck. Jimin moans into the kiss, pulling you as close as possible, one of his hands entangling in your hair.
Moments pass slowly, your heart thumping in your chest cavity. Finally, when the need for oxygen burns both your chests, you both pulled away. Jimin’s lips linger next to yours, both of you panting, breath fanning each other’s faces. Your eyes slowly open, meeting Jimin’s. He bumps his forehead against yours lightly, eyes twinkling with something you hadn’t seen for a long time. He peppers kisses against the corner of your mouth, holding you close the entire time. You close your eyes against, breathing in his scent as a large, barely suppressed smile breaks out on your face.
For the first time in almost a year, you finally feel loved by Park Jimin.
Tumblr media
It’s the last week of your third month of trying to work things out with your husband. 
Jimin sits in his office, flicking through the photos of your shop’s grand opening in Lotte Department Store. He smiles sadly, feeling incredibly maudlin and remorseful that he’d missed such an event. He scrolls through the photo album on Naver, stopping at a close up of you. You look almost as beautiful as the day he married you, dressed sophisticatedly and smiling at the press as cameras blindingly flash around you. You look perfect, completely poised and as if you were in your element. Which, of course, you were. His heart aches with emotion, both pride and shame swelling in his chest. He should have been there with you. He should have celebrated with you. He should have stood beside you, like you had with him when he’d opened his company.
He continues scrolling, eyes welling up at the one thing that takes away from the joyous occasion. In every single one of the photos, you have the most melancholic, somber smile on your face, your eyes reflecting a certain hopelessness. His throat closes up. He had done that to you. Tarnished and tainted a momentous milestone in your career with his selfishness.
He closes the article, unable to take the forlornness present in your entire demeanour. He lets out a little exhale, trying to collect himself. He didn’t have the right to feel guilty. He had done this to himself. Worked harder at his job than he needed to, started staying longer because of the merger. And by doing so, he had almost ruined his marriage. He’d slowly forgotten about you and the love he had for you, pulled away from you the months before he’d started his illicit affair.
There’s a sudden knock on his door, pulling him out of his musings. Jimin turns to the door, watching as Yoojin saunters in as if she owns the place. He frowns slightly as he takes her in. Now looking at her, he realised, she was completely different to his wife. She could easily pass for one of the women who modeled for you. She was incredibly beautiful, stunning even. But he was no longer attracted to her. There was no more allure surrounding her, nothing that made him want to pursue her. All in all, she wasn’t you.
“Where have you been?” Yoojin asks, taking a seat on one of his sofas.
“Right here, working. As you should be. Why are you here?” Jimin asks, quirking an eyebrow. Why had he even begun his affair with her? Just because he’d spent some time away from you? Because he needed the company and she was easy? Because they’d spent so much time in close proximity? None of these seemed like good enough reasons anymore. God, he really was a weak, feeble man, he scoffed to himself.
“Do I need a reason to see my boyfriend?” Yoojin asks and suddenly he feels sick at her words. He thinks back to the day Yoojin had kissed him in his office. He should have pulled away. He knew he should have, but before he even knew what he was doing, he was already pulling her in for another kiss. Something that you had, apparently witnessed. Suddenly, he feels even more nauseous.
“Besides, it’s been almost three months I’ve seen you. Your soon to be ex-wife has been monopolising your time lately. Should I be feeling jealous?” Yoojin continues, tone playful and cocky. The minute ‘ex-wife’ leaves her mouth, Jimin feels despair crash through him. No. He couldn’t lose you. Wouldn’t lose you. Not when he was just finding you again. He wouldn’t allow it. He couldn’t do this anymore. He had to end it.
“I’m not your boyfriend” Jimin says, voice slightly cold. Yoojin looks at him in surprise, a perfectly threaded eyebrows arched.
“Since when?” She asks.
“Since now. I can’t be with you” Jimin says curtly and Yoojin scoffs.
“What did your wife say? You’ve been spending so much time with her lately. Has she been putting thoughts in your head?” Yoojin asks suspiciously.
“No. She just reminded me how much I love her not you. She’s my wife and I don’t want to lose her” Jimin states and Yoojin glares at him.
“If I had known that bitch’s plan for you to try and save your marriage would have worked I never would have humoured it” Yoojin scoffs as she stands up. However, before she can even blink, Jimin is right in front of her, eyes boring holes into her. Yoojin lets out a small gasp, stumbling back at the rage in his eyes.
“That’s my wife you’re speaking about and you will respect her” Jimin seethes, unhappy with the way Yoojin had so casually insulted you.
“Yes, the wife you cheated on” Yoojin spits back, not one to back down. Her eyes were cold and calculating as she stared at him and Jimin reels. It was so completely different from the warmth yours radiated.
“Yeah. A mistake if I ever made one. One that somehow she is willing to overlook so she can save our marriage. She is a far better person than you and I could ever hope to be. But I love her and I want to save my marriage. So, this is it for us Cheon Yoojin-ssi” Jimin says, retreating back, his face turning passive and tone back to being polite. Yoojin looks affronted, grabbing her bag from the seat.
“Well then. Consider this the end of the merger too” Yoojin says haughtily, before stalking out of Jimin’s office. Jimin lets out a little sigh of relief, feeling as if a huge weight had been lifted off of his shoulder. He didn’t care too much about the merger, especially considering all the pain and suffering it had wrought on his marriage. It was more trouble than it was worth.
He quickly glances over at the clock hanging on one of his office walls. His eyes widen. It was almost six. He quickly gathered his stuff, dismissing his secretary before rushing out of the office and into the elevator. His foot tapped impatiently, waiting for the elevator to take him to the basement of the building, where his car was parked. He had to get home to you, the urgent need to save his marriage overwhelming him. For the first time in months, his head was clear. He loved you and he couldn’t lose you.
Practically running through parking lot, he quickly located his car. Checking his watch, he let out a breath of relief. Six on the dot. Which means, he had more than enough time to get to you. Jimin drives through the busy roads of Seoul, humming to the radio and drumming his fingers on the steering wheel as he navigates towards your shared home. He smiles softly, remembering the more frequent and prolonged visits with you. Passing by one familiar street, he finds himself double taking before slowing down as he drives past a familiar flower shop.
Before he can help himself, he finds himself turning down a road and parking the car in the spot he usually would. He swiftly gets out, briskly walking towards the familiar flower shop. He glances at his watch, almost running when he realises it’s almost closing time. He pushes the glass door with more force than he intended to, almost slamming it open. He’s suddenly hit with an onslaught of sweet, earth scents, the bell jingling violently to signal his arrival. The old lady that runs the shop, turns around in surprise, ready to send him away.
“We’re closing- oh! It’s you Park-ssi” The woman says with pleasant recognition.
“Hello halmeoni. Are you done for the day?” Jimin asks and the lady quickly shakes her head, walking up to him as quick as her old feet can take her before dragging him inside.
“For you? Never! It’s been so long since you’ve been here, I was starting to get worried” The old florist says and Jimin shifts on his feet, unable to look her in the eyes. It finally dawns on him why he stopped buying his wife flowers. He had stopped taking his usual route home.
Before, he used to drive the same way every day, passing by this flower shop only to be reminded of his wife. However, when he started meeting with Yoojin, he started taking a different route home. Guilt floods through him as he realises that he was, without a shadow of a doubt, completely responsible for your relationship falling apart.
“Is everything alright at home?” The woman asks kindly and Jimin is unsure how to respond. Was everything okay? Sure, things were definitely better, both you and him in a much better place in your relationship. But had you forgiven him for his affair? Would you be able to get over it? The three month period of you trying to save your relationship was slowly coming to an end. But Jimin didn’t want it to end.
Throughout the three months, you had somehow succeeded in saving your marriage. He had never wanted to be with you more than he did right now. He couldn’t believe he had almost lost you. But he now knew, that without a single doubt, he was completely in love with you. You were his entire world and he definitely wasn’t ready to throw away a ten year relationship.
“Everything… is fine. Sorry, I was just busy” Jimin finally replies lamely, not wanting to admit to the woman that he had almost destroyed his marriage with an affair. The lady smiles before slowly walking to a tub of flowers.
“That’s a shame. It was really sweet how you would drop by every Friday to buy flowers for your wife. Ah, such a sweet young love. It makes me miss my husband. Do you want the usual?” She asks, already assembling a large bouquet of roses and lilies. Jimin nods, feeling even more remorse at her words. It had been a sweet love. But he had almost lost it with his foolish decisions. He stands patiently, albeit slightly nervously as the woman puts the flowers together. Was this the right thing to do? It had been so long since he’d bought flowers home for you. Would you still be as reciprocating of them now, after everything he had done?
“There we go! Beautiful aren’t they? But I assume the woman receiving them is even more beautiful” The lady teases and Jimin blushes, nodding with a smile.
“The most beautiful of them all” Jimin says quietly and the lady grins at him, pushing the bouquet towards him.
“Well then, don’t let go of her! It’s so hard to find love these days. Couples are always breaking up and changing partners. And they’ve even stopped buying flowers” The lady tuts, Jimin feeling even guiltier. He had almost been one of those people.
“I will. I don’t think I ever want to let her go” Jimin says, determination lacing his voice. He grabs the bouquet, paying for the flowers and tipping handsomely before leaving the flower shop.
He rushes towards his car, not wanting to make you wait any longer. He glanced at his clock, grinning to himself as he realised he’d be home in time for seven o’clock. Starting the engine, he practically speeds home, his thoughts preoccupied with you. Pulling into the parking garage of your apartment complex, Jimin grabs the bouquet, antsy to get up towards you.
Long moments later, he’s finally at your door. Nerves build up in his stomach and he has to wipe his hands on the trousers or his suit from how clammy they were. Were you waiting for him? Or had you already had dinner? He wouldn’t blame you if you’d stopped waiting for him. It had been a long while since he’d made it back home at this time. He pulls his keys out of his pocket, hesitating for a short while, too tense to open the door. Was this okay? Was it okay for him to come home like this as if he hadn’t tried walking out three months ago?
Jimin takes in a deep breath before exhaling, trying to rid all his nerves. He had to do this. He couldn’t let himself walk away from you. Pushing the keys into the keyhole, Jimin enters the house. You walk through, surprise written on your face.
"What are you doing here?" You ask, heart quickening. Your eyes scan over his figure; he's still dressed in the suit from work, hair pushed back and exposing his forehead. Your eyes are immediately drawn to the hand behind his back. You suck in a breath, not wanting to get your hopes up. Was he doing what you think he was doing? Jimin shuffles from one foot to the other before slowly walking up to you, brandishing a beautiful bouquet of roses and lilies.
"Oh" You gasp out, swallowing thickly. You reach out with shaky hands, incredibly slowly, as if any sudden movements would spook him and cause him to disappear from your life again. You take them from him, bringing the bouquet up to your nose and inhaling deeply. The sweet, subtle scent of roses is almost drowned out by the strong, musky scent of lilies. You bite your lip before turning your gaze to him.
"You hate lilies" You say and Jimin's face crumples at the awful familiarity of everything. It had been so long since the two of you had done this.
"But I love you" Jimin croaks out, voice hoarse and heavy with emotion. You hiccup slightly, tears welling in your eyes. Jimin quickly walks up to you, taking you in his arms, one hand cupping your cheek. You sob, melting into his hand. Jimin traced his thumb along your cheek, wiping away the lone tear that managed to escape from your eye before brushing his thumb along your lips.
He leans down and captures your lips in his. You lean up, pressing harder into him. Jimin pulls away and you chase after his lips, not wanting to break away from him. He presses a short, tender kiss to your lip before completely pulling away, holding you at arm's length. He takes your hand in his and draws you to the dining table. You take a seat. The sight is all too familiar to you. It was awfully similar to the day he asked you for a divorce.
"Jimin?" You ask, unable to mask the worry in your voice. He shakes his head, taking your hand in his.
"Before we continue, I think we need to talk" Jimin says, despite the catch in his throat. This was going to be a hard conversation, but he knew he had to do it, so that you could both get passed this.
"Okay..." You say before quietening down. Jimin gathers every ounce of courage he can muster; taking in a deep breath he looks you straight in the eyes. You're almost floored by the amount of emotions in them. The long years of being with him had made you an expert in reading him. You could almost feel every single emotion that danced along his deep coffee eyes as if it were your own.
"I made a mistake. I shouldn't... I shouldn't have cheated on you. It was wrong of me. I started staying at the office later and later and slowly I forgot you and how much I loved you. That was wrong. It was even more wrong for me to look for those feelings in Yoojin" Jimin begins and you listen carefully, keeping your expression guarded despite the dread that sears through your veins.
"Jimin-" You begin, trying to cut him off but he shakes his head, gripping your hand tighter.
"Please. I know. I know you want to forget and you want to move on. But I can't move on without saying this, without apologising for how awful I've been to you these past months. You didn't deserve that" Jimin says, his words sincere. You nod and gripped his hand tighter, knowing that you'd both need the comfort each other offered. Jimin's face falls, wondering how you could offer him such comfort after all the hurt he caused you. He really didn't deserve you. Which only made this harder.
“I’m sorry for cheating on you. I’m sorry for hurting you like that when I promised that I would never hurt you like that. I broke our wedding vows and you should have left me the minute I asked you for a divorce. But you’re a far better person than I could ever be. I never imagined that you would ask me to stay and work things out. But I’m so glad you did” Jimin says, voice shuddering with emotion. Tears well up in both your eyes and you squeeze his hand, letting him know it was okay to keep going.
“These three months, despite how bad I was at the start, showed me how much I love you and how much it was my fault that we drifted. I can’t thank you enough for not giving up on me and for bringing me back. I love you. I love you so much. I’m sorry for hurting you and I know my words may mean next to nothing to you now, but just know that I will use the rest of our lives together to show you just how much you mean to me and how much I love you. Can… can you forgive me? Can you take me back? I want to come home to you” Jimin finally croaks out, tears falling down his cheeks.
“Can I ask for one thing?” You ask and Jimin is immediately nodding.
“Can we continue therapy? I think we need more sessions to work this out” You say and Jimin quickly nods, assenting instantaneously.
“If that’s what you want then yes. Just… please don’t leave me” Jimin begs. The shift of your roles are almost jarring.
You can’t deny how much he had hurt you in the past but if there was one thing you feared, it was losing your husband. You knew it would take much longer to get through this whole ordeal, but for now, you were just far too happy to have your husband back. You nod, instantly getting up from your seat and hugging him. Jimin’s shoulders slump as he feels your embrace around him. He pulls you into his lap, holding you close to his body.
Leaning down, you pull his lips into yours, pouring all the love you have for each other into the kiss. Jimin stands up, keeping your lips locked and guiding you towards your bedroom. He lays you down gently, taking in the way the moonlight floods through the window and illuminates your body, your hair fanned out on the pillow. He face softens as he once again leans down kissing along your jaw as he unbuttons your shirt-dress, before slipping it off your shoulder. His breath hitches, eyes trailing over your body, committing each nook and every contour of your body to memory.
“Fuck… I’d forgotten how beautiful you were” Jimin says, almost reverently as he continues taking in your body. You flush underneath him, almost wanting to hide. Jimin catches your hand, shaking his head.
“Don’t hide from me” Jimin says, crawling over you. He braces his arms on either side of you, muscles bulging in his shirt as he dips his head to pull you in for another kiss. Your hands roam over his chest, gripping his shirt and pulling him closer to you.
“I want to see you” You whisper against his lips, breaking the kiss. Jimin lets out a little smile before kneeling. You watch, unable to take your eyes off of him as his small fingers work the buttons of his shirt. Your breathing deepens as smooth, tan chest is slowly revealed to you, inch by inch.
“Strip for me Angel” Jimin orders as he begins unbuckling his belt and unbuttoning his trousers. You break out of your trance, suddenly in a rush to undress. It had been so agonisingly long since you felt your husband that you couldn’t wait to have him inside of you once again.
When you’re both fully undressed, you both kneel on your bed, taking in each other. Your eyes trail over his body, longing to reach out and touch him. His cock twitches slightly, standing erect and hard, almost pulsing.. Jimin slowly shuffles towards you, laying you down once again. His hands move to your thighs, running along the skin, simply feeling you under him. You moan at his light touch, spreading your legs to accommodate him between your thighs. He peppers light, butterfly kisses along the column of your neck before brushing them against your collarbones. You arch at the touch, hands wrapping around his shoulder and nails pressing into his shoulders.
“Lemme make you feel good” Jimin says as he kisses down your chest. On his way, he lightly kisses each of your nipples before pressing a kiss to your sternum, between your breasts. Continuing his descent, he kisses and licks his way down your stomach. His tongue swirled into your belly button, making you gasp as his lips ghost over your skin.
He slowly spreads your legs, situating himself comfortably between them. His eyes trail over every inch of your nether lips, eyes automatically drawn to the slightly wet lips. He lips his lips before closing his eyes and pressing a soft kiss against your clit. You instantly gasp out, hands lacing into his locks. He peels your lips open before licking a swipe all the way from your dripping core to your clit. You shudder above him, letting him slowly, almost reverently eat you out. He pulled your thigh over his shoulder, giving himself better access. He pulled your clit between his plush lips, suckling on the bud. You moan throatily, rolling your hips into his mouth as your juices started coating his face. 
“You’re so sweet. Fuck, I have missed you” Jimin moans against your pussy causing your eyes to roll back from the vibrations.
“Please! Jimin, I need-” You begin to beg, but Jimin knows your body better than anyone else. He moves one of his hands, slowly pressing a finger into you. You groan as you’re filled up, grinding into his ministrations. It had been so long since you’d had someone else giving you an orgam that you could feel your end already nearing, far too sensitive at everything.
Jimin feels the way your pussy pulsates around his finger, adding in a second one and stretching you out. You’d only had your own fingers to keep you company and even then you were usually too heartbroken and distraught to even think about sex or pleasure. That was until now. Jimin’s fingers were thicker than yours and you groan at the feeling, loving the slight twinge of pain from the stretch. Jimin laps at your clit, trying to push you closer to the edge, loving the way you taste on his lips.
His eyes are trained on your face, captivated by your beauty, heart twinging at how he almost lost you. He slowly thrusts his finger in and out, scissoring your weeping pussy as he tries to stretch you out. He almost groans by how tight you’ve become, knowing he’d need to take it slow. He feels your end approaching from the way your cunt gushes and the way your breath quickens. He speeds his fingers up ever so slightly, angling them to brush against the soft spot inside you. You almost scream at the sensation, fingers digging into his head.
You’re panting now, mewling out his name over and over as you roll your hips on top of his. He slowly nibbles your clit between his teeth, forcing you over the edge. Your orgasm ricochets through your, legs convulsing on either side of his head. Jimin takes in the way you bite your lip, your eyes half lidded, pupils rolled back into your skull and the way you flush. He doesn’t think he’s seen anything more beautiful. Your back arches off of the bed as you gush around him, releasing your cum all over his face while you moan his name.
Waves of pleasure continue rippling through you, Jimin’s lips and fingers guiding you through your orgasm. The smell of your orgasm permeates the air, driving Jimin wild. He has to be in you and he has to be in you now. His pupils dilated, darkening with lust and want as he watched you come down from your high. He pulls away from you but not before pressing a kiss against your clit. You whine slightly at the oversensitivity, watching through hazy eyes as he crawls back over you.
“I love you” Jimin mumbles as he kisses you, letting you taste yourself. You practically licked his mouth clean of your cum before he pulls away, pressing his nose into your head, pressing a tender kiss against the temple as he breathes in the scent of your shampoo.
“I love you too” You whisper back, heart soaring at his affirmation of your love. Jimin slowly rubs the head of his cock against your lips, coating it in a mixture of your cum and his precum. You whine, thighs quivering at the sensation. Your arms lazily wrap around his neck as he lines up with your centre.
He pulls you in for a kiss, slowly guiding his cock into you. You break the kiss, back arching of the bed as you gasp against his lips as he slowly stretches you open. Jimin moves incredibly slowly, filling you inch by inch and allowing you to get used to him. Once he’s buried as deep into you as he could go, he stills. Pressing a kiss onto your lips, he takes in a deep breath, focusing on not cumming from how hot and tight you are around him.
“Move” You mewl, rolling your hips against his. Jimin slowly pulls out before pushing back in, in one single stroke. You gasp, throwing your head back, arms automatically moving to his shoulders, pressing your fingertips into the flesh and leaving little crescent shaped marks.
“I love you” Jimin whispers again, punctuating his words with another thrust. You want to say it back, but you’re too lost in the haze of pleasure. Jimin continues slowly grinding and thrusting into you, One of his hands removes the hand from his shoulder, entwining your hands, fingers locked with each other.
“Open your eyes. I want to see you. All of you” Jimin mumbles and your eyes slowly slip open. You briefly wonder when they even shut. Jimin looks down at you from above, eyes focused on you, love and adoration emblazoned in his dark eyes. You gasp out, feeling closer to him than you ever had. He squeezes your hand, pushing into you once again. He keeps the pace slow, drawing soft moans from you with every thrust. His agonising ministrations causes the coil in your belly to tighten once again.
“Are you going to cum again Angel?” Jimin asks and you nod under him.
“Just hold on a little longer sweet, I’m almost there. Fuck… you’re so tight” Jimin groans out, breathing laboured. His chest leans down, your soft breasts pressed against his taught chest. His head moves to the crook of your neck, burying his face as he suckles light hickeys into your neck.
“I’m so close” You groan out, moving your hips against his faster, more urgently.
“Fuck. Okay. Cum for me baby” Jimin says, one hand moving between your legs to rub your clit, the other squeezing your hand in his. The fingers on your clit send you overboard, stomach clenching and unclenching as your orgasm washes over you. You groan against him, squeezing his hand as tight as you could.
“Fuck. I’m cumming. You’re so tight. That’s it my love. I love you. My angel. My wife” Jimin mutters, pressing kisses onto your lips between each of his words. You whimper, velvet walls rippling around him. Jimin buries himself to the hilt, cock pulsing before he groans, releasing his cum deep into you. You mewl as his heat fills you up, coating your walls with his thick cum. Jimin lightly thrusts into you, you walls milking him for all he was worth.
He almost collapses on top of you, just barely catching himself by bracing himself on his elbows. You slowly come down from the euphoria of your orgasm, eyes slowly focusing once again. Jimin’s face slowly comes into view and you smile, biting your lip. You let out a little giggle at his flushed face, swollen lips and panting figure. You lift one of your hands despite the exertion, pushing his sweaty hair out of his face. You lean up and kiss his nose, Jimin lazily smiling down at you.
“I love you” You whisper and Jimin nods. He slowly rolls off of you before pulling you towards his body, unbothered by your sweaty, hot figure against his. He kisses your temple, placing his chin above your head and tucking you into his chest.
“I love you too Angel” Jimin mumbles. You snuggle into his chest, letting his breathing and the rhythmic thumping of his heart slowly lull you to sleep.
Tumblr media
The next morning, you’re awoken by your husband lightly pressing kisses into the back of your shoulder, his arm tightening around your waist. You lowly whine, still exhausted from the previous night. He giggles against your shoulder, softly pecking it again. You turn in his arms, facing him before sluggishly opening your eyes. The first thing you see is Jimin’s deep brown eyes, sparkling with nothing but love and affection, Your heart speeds up, eyes searching his face intently.
"Is this a dream?" You croakily whisper, almost afraid. Jimin’s heart grips at the fear lacing your voice. He shakes his head, pulling your hand up and kissing the pads of your fingertips before pulling you close.
"No. I'm yours. Now and forever"
Tumblr media
a/n: high key this almost ended with reader and jimin getting that divorce but i grew TOO ATTACHED and could not end it like that, rip me... anyway!!!!! hope you enjoyed!!!!!!!
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hueseok · a year ago
call me baby.
Tumblr media
synopsis: › sparked by the will to help you turn an annoying situation into your favor, jimin pretends that he's your boyfriend. but what's supposed to be a one time thing happens more than once when you get invited to a party and he has to come with you, and suddenly unknown feelings start to reveal themselves and a platonic relationship begins to get pretty awkward.
Tumblr media
pairing: jimin x reader
word count: 12.3k
rating: 18+
content: fluff | light angst | smut | college au | friends to lovers au | roommates au | fake dating au | fic is written in first person point of view !!
warning/s: swearing | explicit sexual content | fingering | unprotected sex | soft sex 
Tumblr media
“Would it be okay if I start putting lemon slices inside our water pitchers? They say it’s healthier.”
I look away from the apple stand and turn to Jimin instead who was looking at the lemons by his left, appearing like he was in a trance as he moves the cart he was leaning on back and forth.
“I don’t like the taste of lemon water actually.”
“Really? But they’re just like unsweetened lemon juice.”
I laugh. “Yeah, unsweetened and has that taste when you didn’t wash a glass properly that used to be coated with lemon.” I put some apples in the cart. “But if you want to try it, you can put lemon slices in only one pitcher.”
Jimin responds to that by getting three pieces of lemon and I grin, guiding the cart to the next aisle.
Being roommates with a guy certainly wasn’t included in the list of things I thought I’d be doing the moment I stepped in college. But at that time when I hardly had the money to support myself and didn’t want to depend on my parents for my other expenses, it seemed like living with Jimin was the best option out there. After all, he was in need of a place as well—and thanks to a common friend who put two and two together, had arranged the both of us to meet and offer this great apartment close to the universities we were respectively studying at.
Though as more weeks moved by that turned into months and now, as we’re spending the 4th year already as roomies, I’ve grown accustomed to living with Jimin, finding it the easiest of all since the two of us had lots of similarities than reckoned and was always open minded to the other’s wants, therefore creating a great synergy as roommates.
“You know what we should get for our apartment?” He speaks again. “A foosball table.”
I look at him longer now, contemplating whether he was serious or was trying to make me laugh, that I can’t help but snort, pulling the cart along with him, looking over some place else for other things I might need to buy. “Oh, and who told you that’d be a great idea? Taehyung?”
“Hey, this is solely my idea only, okay?” He defends with a chuckle. “Just think about it. It can be an easy way of entertainment whenever we just want to take a break or—”
But whatever he was saying begins to sound distant and more distant away as my eyes focus on someone else not far from where we were standing, and instead of being a normal being and just plainly acting nonchalant about it, I spin around so I’m facing Jimin instead, stopping him from speaking and walking before giving me an odd look.
“What? What is it?”
“Classmate. 10 o’clock,” I say.
Jimin tries looking at the direction I mentioned. “Which one? Is it the girl with the white handbag?”
“Yep.” I take a deep breath. “That’s Bomi.”
Bomi, oh infamous Bomi, the Bomi that Jimin had a lot of time hearing stories about. The girl's a classmate of mine in almost all of the units I was taking since we were both studying the same college program: architecture—which Bomi treated as some kind of competition starting from freshman year when it was apparent to her that she wasn’t the only one who was doing very well in her classes.
She was the stereotypical ‘mean girl’ who liked pretending she wasn’t mean at all. Instead she was really passive aggressive, acting innocent at times when it was clearly her fault for someone’s humiliation or more, trying to garner everyone’s approval and love by portraying a goody two shoes who liked helping everybody and who always seemed to have the best intentions up her sleeves.
In short, I hated her—and even though she meticulously hid it, I knew that she hated me as well.
“She looks harmless,” Jimin tells me. “I mean, she looks really cute and pretty.”
I don’t hesitate in punching him hard on the arm, clearly not amused by his assumption. “She’s Madam Satan! Please don’t be like one of those shallow boys who runs around following her like a lost puppy.”
“Okay, first of all, ouch,” he rubs the spot where I punched him, “second, Madam Satan, really?” he laughs and I roll my eyes, “and lastly, she’s walking towards us now.”
I clench my jaw, subtly glancing at Bomi’s way to see that she was indeed marching to where I was, looking like she was still trying to decide if it was really me she was seeing or another person. Though upon making accidental eye contact, Bomi puts on a breathtaking grin and strides even faster towards me.
“____? I knew it was you!”
I awkwardly lean on the cart while Jimin pretends to be preoccupied on the shelf containing junk foods on his right.
“Oh, hi, Bomi. Didn’t expect to see you here.”
“Yeah, well, you know, grocery shopping. That’s what you’re here for too, right?”
I nod, smiling and then I see her eyes move to Jimin, eyebrows raising and I take a kind of lame attempt of blocking him from her view by stepping in her line of vision.
But of course, Bomi would care less even if I put a whole damn building in front of Jimin. He was clearly good looking in her eyes and it was only natural for her to try and strike her move.
“Hey, I don’t think I’ve seen you around before. I’m Bomi.” She stretches a hand to him and Jimin drops a tube of Pringles on our cart, flicking his attention to Bomi who was patiently waiting to get noticed.
He glances at me and then slowly shakes Bomi’s hand. “That’s probably because I study at a different university. It’s Jimin.”
She nods and smiles, taking too long in letting go of his hand. “Oh, that figures. Are you like ____’s cousin or something?” 
I blink multiple times at the stupid guess, knowing that she was trying to figure out his status without being too straightforward. I look away from them, afraid that my expression might give everything away, that I indeed wasn’t pleased to have her presence here when I was enjoying my Saturday shopping with my roommate, but then I hear Jimin answering the question so smoothly and that makes me snap my head back.
“No, she’s my girlfriend, actually.”
“Girlfriend?” Bomi’s eyes widen, not being able to hide her shock. “But ____, you never told us that you had a boyfriend.” She turns to me next, a strained smile on her face.
I take a minute to answer, glancing at Jimin not so subtly in which he gives me a raise of his eyebrows.
“Well, you never asked,” I say simply.
“‘Cause you never seemed to have one,” she bluntly states. “I mean, I think everyone saw how you were openly flirting with Mingyu the other day. Did that seem like someone who already has a boyfriend to you?” She laughs it off like it was a joke.
And here enters another character: Mingyu, a fellow architecture student who I admittedly had a tiny crush on. But I never made it apparent because I was certain that he was too out of my league. Though just last week, he chose me as his partner for a project that involved two heads working as one to design a school complete with facilities, which brought a lot of shock to everyone since the two of us weren’t friends, much less interacted a lot.
“I’m sure they were just talking,” Jimin intervenes when I can’t come up with anything to say. “After all, they’re working on a project together, right?”
Bomi’s expression changes, definitely hoping that Jimin didn’t know that. He obviously did, thanks to my constant effort of telling him stories every day about my hopeless pining over Mingyu, that now I was suddenly aware that Jimin was really listening whenever I did.
“Anyways, I have to get something from the canned goods section. So, babe, are you coming with me or…?”
The nickname has me smiling. “Yeah,” I look at Bomi, “see you on Monday then..”
She gives me a wave and a fake smile.
Jimin and I quickly head to the canned goods section like he said and when I was sure that Bomi was nowhere in sight and was out of earshot, I link my arm with Jimin and hug it tightly, slightly hopping like a little kid begging her dad to buy her something.
“You are seriously the best.” I almost squeal in delight and he chuckles. “Honestly, I thought you were nuts at first for saying something like that but to see how humiliated she was back there was really satisfying.”
“Well, she deserved it since she wasn’t giving me a good vibe at all. You were right about her being a little bitchy.” He scrunches his face a little.
“She was trying to catch us in the act, trying to prove that I am as single as I’ll ever be.” You sigh. “But anyhow, since she didn’t, and to show my gratefulness, I am going to treat you to a delicious meal, Park Jimin. We’re going to a restaurant for dinner and you can have all the meat you want. It’s all on me.” I beam at him.
He laughs at the exaggeration and the two of us carry on grocery shopping, arms still linked together as we walk to a different aisle.
When I attended my first class on Monday, my closest friend, Yongsun, automatically switches seats so that she can take the vacant side beside me, staring at me expectantly while I arrange my notebooks on the table, trying very hard to ignore her but it was easily getting creepy.
“What?” I finally say.
“You and Jimin?” she half whispers and half yells. “Since when? And why didn’t you tell me? Why on earth did I have to learn it from Bomi out of all people?”
At the revelation, I scowl. “Ugh, I knew she’d be running around telling that to the whole class.”
“Wait, so is it true?”
I look around the lecture room, not wanting anyone to hear what I was about to say. “No, it’s just something that happened on the spot. Jimin introduced himself as my boyfriend just to get a reaction,” I tell her.
Her face falls. “Damn it, ____, I actually thought you already hit the jackpot there.” She slumps on her seat.
I try to hide a laugh but fail. “Okay, ‘jackpot’? Care to explain what that means?”
“Oh, you know what I mean. Jimin has everything. He’s really handsome, he’s good to you too, and he’s smart—plus, he dances. He fucking dances, ____!”
“Okay, I get it, you have a crush on him.”
“No, that’s not my point, my point is why don’t you have a crush on him?” she says the last part quietly so it’s only you two who heard it.
I had a hard time forming the right words together when it was just something so simple. “Because we made a pact. In order to make this roommate thing work, we can’t catch feelings for another. It’ll just make things complicated.”
I could clearly see the scene of Jimin and I making house rules back again in my head when I mentioned it to Yongsun. 
It was the same day when we signed the lease to our apartment, and we were sprawled on the floor because the sofa we had that time was so small it could barely fit the two of us together. Jimin had a pen stuck between his teeth and I was staring at my paper written with three rules so far that namely were: (1) no bringing of boys/girls in the apartment just to bang when your roommate is present; (2) no leaving of dirty dishes in the sink until morning; and (3) no going inside roommate’s room unless with consent.
When we presented our ground rules to each other, both of us almost had the same idea—except for one rule that Jimin made which made me snort.
Rule 3. No catching feelings towards your roommate.
After I read that one, I didn’t try hiding the fact that I found it clearly ridiculous. 
“No offense, but even though I admit I find you cute and all, you’re really not my style,” I said with a rather shy smile.
He smiled in return. “That’s okay. You aren’t mine either.”
Reality hits me again when Bomi comes into view, standing in front of me with that innocent smile that I clearly knew was something to cover up her hidden agendas.
“____, I’m glad you’re here because I have this thing in my head that I just find really surprising.” She even gestures her words out.
“What is it?”
“Just how come Yongsun doesn’t know you have a boyfriend.” Bomi chuckles. “Come on, your best friend doesn’t know you have a boyfriend? Sounds like something’s fishy around here.”
I tap the ballpen I was holding on the table. “What are you implying, Bomi?”
“Nothing!” She raises her eyebrows. “I mean, it’s not like you would ask someone to pose as your boyfriend right? That would just be plain pathetic really.”
I can feel my blood boiling, sure that this was her way of saying that she was actually aware of the little act we’ve put together last Saturday, and that she was going to find a way to publicly humiliate me to our classmates.
“Yeah,” I prevent myself from appearing affected, “that’d be pathetic.”
Bomi smiles. “Hey, which reminds me. The annual campfire party is in two weeks. You should bring Jimin, let the others meet him and all.”
“I don’t know why the others have to meet but okay, I’ll try.” I look down to my textbook, turning it to a random page I’m going to pretend I’m interested in.
Bomi seems satisfied with that and leaves me, all while Yongsun starts to say something but I cut her off, telling her that I didn’t want to hear it and that I just don’t want to dwell on it furthermore. From my peripheral vision I can see Bomi talking with Mingyu now and Mingyu stealing glances in my direction, mouth formed in a frown.
When I got home the very same day, it was evident in my features that I wasn’t in the mood. The whole time I was attending my classes, I tried not bringing my attention to Bomi who was obviously trying to get in my nerves even more, knowing that attempting to flirt with Mingyu was going to bring me over the edge. But I wasn’t going to let her win. I was going to stay in my ground and let her make a fool of herself.
“Hey, ____,” Taehyung greets when I entered the apartment, taking off my shoes and seeing him sat on the sofa with three cans of beer on the coffee table.
“Hey,” I smile, “where’s Jimin?”
“Bathroom. He’s washing his hair, just retouched his roots again.”
I nod and go straight to the bathroom, the door open and when I peek inside, Jimin’s in a very awkward position. He was standing up yet half of his body was facing down, the shower head in his hand while his other hand was used to comb his hair.
He glances at me when I step inside. “Hey, you’re home. There’s pizza on the dining table, I left some for you.”
“Thanks but I’m not hungry,” I say. “Uh, can we talk real quick?”
He aims the shower head to the floor. “Right now? I’m kinda in the middle of something here..”
I sigh and drop my bag just outside the door before walking closer, getting the shower head and gently pushing his face back down. He chuckles and lets me do it, waiting for me to speak.
“Bomi’s trying to prove that you’re not my boyfriend.”
“So, she did know?”
“Well, she’s not exactly stupid.”
“What’s she trying to do?”
“She wants you to come to this campfire next, next week. It’s something our department likes doing every year before semester break.”
“Alright, I’ll come.”
“Huh?” I stop washing his hair and Jimin stands up slowly, getting the towel at the rack beside me and putting it on his head. “I wasn’t asking you to come.”
“Then why are you telling me this?” He chuckles.
“I don’t know. I was just ranting, I guess.”
“____, if I don’t come, Bomi’s going to eat you alive.” He excuses himself to go to the mirror and use the blower that was already lying beside the sink.
“Actually, I was thinking of not going at all.”
I never liked gatherings like those anyways. I didn’t even like half the people who were going to come, so it was just going to be pointless if I go.
“Then it’s like you’re accepting defeat already,” Jimin says over the blower. “Come on, just let me come. Nobody knows who I am there anyway. It’s really not an issue.”
“Are you sure?” I cross my arms. “You might get bombarded with questions from nosy classmates.”
“I don’t care. And besides, it’s just one night, no one’s going to go follow me around after, making sure if what I was saying were facts.” He grins at me in assurance.
“You’ve done enough though. Really, Jimin, I can just not go and—”
“Babe,” he cuts me off with the same nickname he used the other day and I definitely pause, raising my eyebrows, Jimin going towards me and placing each hand on each of my shoulders, his blond hair spread out on his forehead and was looking a little dry, “it’s fine. I’d do everything for you, okay?”
I let out a smile and hold the hand that was on my left shoulder, squeezing it. “I’m going to say it again, Jimin. You’re seriously the best.”
“So, ____, after your classes tomorrow, care to—”
“Not happening, Kai,” I say with a teasing tone. “Look, you’re cute and all but you’re under 18. I might get arrested,” I joke with a ruffle with his hair.
He pouts. “I’m turning 16 next year!”
“And I’m turning 23! Come on, kid, there are better girls out there.”
I go back to arranging the newly washed cups on its case and watch as Kai sighs and nods, walking back to his table and studying for that test he was going to take tomorrow. I chuckle under my breath, amused by how he still insisted on taking me out on a date whenever he felt like the chance was presented to him. But like I’ve pointed out, the boy was 15, and not to mention my boss’ son as well which were all traits that screamed off limits.
“____?” I hear my name and when I look at the counter, I see Mingyu standing there. “Hey, I hope I’m not late?”
I almost dropped a cup. “No, no, you’re early, actually. I thought you weren’t going to be here for another twenty minutes.”
“Yeah, practice ended early so I went here first.”
I nod, smiling. “Um, well, let me just get changed and then I’ll join you in a jiff, okay?”
Before I go to the changing rooms, my coworker gives me a thumbs up while mouthing ‘he’s hot’ and I roll my eyes, hitting her arm and proceeding to the room. Once I got changed, I hurriedly went back to where Mingyu was waiting by one of the tables, his sketches for the project already laid out out there, our meeting starting that just involved exchanging ideas for this fictional school we were creating.
It probably wasn’t obvious, but I wasn’t at all myself whenever I was with Mingyu. I liked acting like I was cool and chill, though when we were sitting this close and I could easily smell his freshly sprayed cologne all over his clothes, it was making me all stuttery and nervous. I think the whole time we were trying to collaborate, there were more times when I’ve stared at the floor rather than his eyes.
I started liking him just last year when I attended one of his baseball games. He was a student athlete, and to be honest I wasn’t into sports, but one of our professors was going to give extra points to whoever watched and supported the university’s team, so naturally, I had to go. And that is where I saw Mingyu looking really good in his jersey, playing as the pitcher.
It was funny how I never noticed him before in any of our shared classes together. I never really paid attention to anyone. But ever since then, all I could do was steal glances at him whenever he was nearby, hopelessly crushing on him who was probably the most cliché boy a girl would have a crush on.
“So, all we have to do is the library and the two canteens.”
“Yup.” I smile. “We can just divide work, you know. So we wouldn’t have to meet up all the time.”
“Oh, I don’t mind. I think it’s better doing it this way, at least for me. But if you’re busy with your part time job and I’m guessing your boyfriend’s probably not thrilled that you’re hanging out with me then that’s fine.”
Instead of just going with the flow of the conversation, I let out a laugh that came out more like a scoff than the former. “My boyfriend? He doesn’t mind. Definitely. I’ve got his trust 100%. He’s okay with stuff like this.”
His lips curve up slightly. “Really? Would it be fine if we meet here again tomorrow? Same time after your shift?”
“I don’t have work tomorrow, so maybe just straight after class instead?”
“Sure. I’ll wait for you.”
Mingyu insisted on waiting with me at the bus stop even though I told him that it was fine. But he said it was okay and that it was only right since it was late, and we ended up talking about more things that I never thought I would actually talk to him about. Turns out he’s more than a handsome boy who’s good at playing baseball and does amazing in his drawings. 
All the stories Mingyu shared and all the moments we’ve spent today, I wanted to tell them to Jimin and live up to the title of being the annoying friend who did nothing but talk about her crush. But when I got home, I see him lying on the sofa, the television still on and one of his feet elevated on the shoulder rest, his ankle wrapped with a compression bandage that makes me assume that there was another accident at the practice room today.
“Jimin,” I whisper, turning off the TV and shaking him lightly, “wake up and move in your room.”
He doesn’t budge.
“Jimin, wake up,” I repeat, shaking him with more force now.
His eyes slowly flutter open and when he sees me standing there, he automatically looks around his surroundings, rubbing his face.
“What time is it?”
I look at my watch. “About 11:34. How long have you been here?”
“I don’t know. I was just supposed to take a nap, I didn’t realize I overslept.”
“Must have been a hard day at practice. Is your foot okay?” I nod at it.
He grudgingly sits up. “Yeah, yeah, just the usual.”
I was supposed to tell him what happened today—keyword: was—but seeing his tired state, I just wanted him to get the proper rest he needed instead. He was a hard worker, I knew that from the first few weeks we’ve met, and sometimes he could get a little bit over the top, not wanting to welcome any mistakes.
“Hey, by the way, didn’t you meet with Mingyu today?” he asks with a teasing smile.
I laugh quietly. “Yup. But I’ll tell all of you that tomorrow. You should go ahead and rest.”
He shakes his head. “No, you can tell me now. I know you’re dying to tell someone about it already.”
“I am, but you look really tired, Jimin,” I say. “So, just wash up and go to sleep, alright? Let’s just talk about it over breakfast if you’re really just curious.”
We look at each other for a fair amount of time before he nods, raising his arms in the air which I roll my eyes at but nonetheless grab, knowing that he was asking me to pull him up.
And when I do, he puts his arm around my shoulders, jokingly putting all of his weight on me which ends the both of us laughing.
The days passed by quicker than I expected. Tomorrow night was going to be the night of the campfire, and right now, I was even more hesitant in bringing Jimin along, afraid that it might not be the ideal thing to do considering that Jimin is known to be my boyfriend and yet Mingyu and I were getting close, sending a total different message to the people around us who may or may not be unto us.
Yes, Mingyu and I were getting close, a sentence I didn’t think I’d get to say ever in my life. After that first meeting at the café, we’ve spent almost every day together just working on the project that it practically became inevitable for us to become good friends. Though still we weren’t that close yet, since I just couldn't seem to let myself be myself whenever I am with him. It was like I’m still so careful with every word and every gesture that I’d do and say. And oh, of course, it wasn’t just the two of us who were aware of our growing closeness, Bomi too, who always kept a close eye the past week. Whenever she sees us standing too close or laughing too frequently, she’d gladly remind us that I had a boyfriend, and Mingyu would only smile politely, saying nothing.
Weird thing was that even though we were indeed getting close, my feelings for him weren’t growing alongside with it. I didn’t know why, but the only conclusion I had was that quote saying that sometimes being friends with your crush or more wouldn’t be a good idea because it’d ruin the fantasy you had in your head. I think that was the case between me and Mingyu which I found really strange because I didn’t expect things to turn this way at all.
“Okay, so we met each other right before senior year, right?” I say, repositioning myself on the seat I was on. “How did we meet?”
Jimin gets a dumpling from the plate in front of us. “Uh, how about we were set up on a blind date?”
“By who?”
“Hoseok,” he tells me, “he’s the one who introduced us together anyway.”
I nod. “Oh, yeah, you’re right.” I take a Shanghai roll. “What happened then?”
“We just kept on having dates. Then we became official three months ago.”
“Okay, okay.”
“And we call each other ‘babe’ or ‘baby’, you got that?”
I grin. “Yes, babe.”
Jimin laughs. “You see? We’re going to pull this off tomorrow.”
I laughed with him, taking time to chew the food that was in my mouth. “We better. Or it’s like the whole next semester for me is going to be full of Bomi making it apparent I lied.”
When the next day came, I was a lot more nervous than I originally was. I didn’t know why but maybe the thought of being with a lot of people later in the night was what triggered it, especially since I didn’t usually attend the annual campfire in the first place (okay, maybe I did attend it when I was still a freshman but that was it).
I was so nervous I might have tried talking Jimin out of it. I told him that we shouldn’t come but he’d always say that if we didn’t, then we’re just falling into Bomi’s bait which she’d use against me somehow. And as always, he reckons it’s just one night, and one night pretending to be boyfriend and girlfriend wouldn’t hurt, right?
“Do you think you’ll be awkward with me? When we’re acting and stuff?” Jimin asks as we get off the bus and walk to the entrance of the university.
“What do you mean?”
“Well, we might put on a show.”
“No, not that,” I chuckle, “I meant being awkward with you. You think I’d be awkward? I am probably the most comfortable when I’m with you, Jimin. Even more when I’m with Yongsun, to be honest.”
“Really?” he muses. “That’s unexpected.”
“How come? We’ve been living together for four years. You’ve practically seen all of me.”
“Not all.”
“You’re a pervert—”
“—I was just saying!” He defends with a laugh. “But on a serious note, I can say the same. I definitely feel more at ease when I’m with you. “
“Is this the part where we confess our undying love to each other?” I joke with a snicker.
But he doesn’t play along with me, he just grins and shakes his head while looking forward before reaching for my hand, intertwining it with his which just gives this overwhelming warmth to spread all over my body. It wasn’t foreign, but it felt somehow new at the same time—if that made sense—that I can’t help squeezing it out of instinct.
“____!” Yongsun calls when we were close to the entrance and I finally focus on something else, walking faster that pulls Jimin along with me. “Oh, hi, Jimin. You actually came!”
“Of course. Anything for my girl.” He looks at me and grins.
I had to roll my eyes at that one, nudging him with my elbow that he easily avoids.
“Ha, ha, nice try but I know the truth. Sucks though, I’d love to see you two together for real.” She leans in closer to whisper the last part to us both. 
“—hey, nothing wrong with saying what’s on my mind, is there?”
I scoff out a laugh at the comment while Yongsun grins, leading us then to the field.
Time just runs fast when you’re having fun.The campfire wasn’t something like a rave party, but being all cozy, drinking some beer and eating skewers with Jimin as he tells me countless stories, it really made the night a lot tolerable amidst Bomi who wasn’t so subtle in keeping an eye on us. She has already approached us earlier the moment we’ve come to the scene, though didn’t say anything but just a very plastic ‘I’m glad you could come!’ and a ‘I hope you have fun!’.
Honestly, it made me want to do a victory laugh right there at the obvious frustration in her face to see Jimin come with me. She must have been hoping to see one of us slip so that she can be someone who reveals that yes, Jimin really was my fake boyfriend who I’ve brought along just to make all of them stupid because apparently my personal life matters so much to people I’ve barely spoken to throughout my college life. Well, clearly, the joke’s on her.
“I want to get another beer,” Jimin says after finishing a stick of sausage. “Where do you get them? I’ll get for both of us.”
“It’s by the food table. In the ice box right there.” I point at it.
“Great. I’ll be right back.” He smiles and stands up, squeezing my knee and jogging to the place I directed him to.
Not less than a minute passes by when suddenly the vacant spot on my left gets occupied by none other than Mingyu, a plate of s'mores with a lot of burnt marshmallow fillings in his possession.
“Hey,” I raise my eyebrows, “I didn’t know you were coming.”
“I wasn’t originally, but you said you were so…” He chuckles and presents me with his plate. “Want some?”
“Uh, I shouldn’t. It has chocolate and it’s getting late. I might have a sugar rush.”
“Too bad,” he retracts his hand, “more for me then.”
I smile, hugging my knees.
Mingyu takes a bite. “By the way, the guy with the blond hair, was he your boyfriend?”
“Yeah. He just left to get some beer.”
“How long have the two of you been together?” he questions.
I pretend to think about it. “Not long. Uh, like three months?”
“Do you like him a lot?” Mingyu further asks, attention solely on me now.
I nod slowly, a little surprised by the question, a smile unknowingly gracing my lips. “Yeah… impossible not to. He’s great. He’s amazing.”
Jimin really was great and amazing. I didn’t need to lie about that or about the fact that I liked him a lot. I really did, not just maybe the way Mingyu was thinking of.
“You two look good together,” he says. “Seriously, to be honest, I thought… well… Bomi’s been saying this crazy thing that you two aren’t really dating. But seeing it right in front of my eyes, I think you really are.”
My brain processes nothing but the information about Bomi. “Really? What did Bomi exactly say?”
He abruptly looks shy. “Something stupid. You don't have to know.”
“No, go ahead, it’s alright.” 
“Well, last week, she was saying that—” he clears his throat— “that you were only pretending to date someone to make me jealous.”
“Stupid, right?” He tries to laugh it off. 
I furrow my eyebrows. “And you knew that all along you were talking to me? And you didn’t tell me?”
“Yeah. I mean, honestly, I thought it was true. A lot of people have been saying it.” He shrugs.
Talking to your crush really takes the fantasy away, I thought with a snort, laughing without humor, getting a little mad at the thought that since he had that kind of assumption about me, the reason he was being so nice or maybe sometimes even being a little flirty was because he thought he was doing me some kind of favor. I wanted to laugh in annoyance at the idea.
I lift my gaze from the crackling fire and see Jimin still by the food stand, a beer in each hand but he was too busy looking over the food table, perhaps wanting to get another sausage stick or a hot sweet potato that was just fit for the night. I smile and without a thought, stands up from my seat to approach him, leaving Mingyu who was saying something  but I don’t bother responding.
“Still hungry?” I pop beside Jimin and he glances at me before smiling, handing me the can of beer.
“A little. That sweet potato has been calling me all night.” He nods at it.
“Then why don’t you get it?”
“Maybe I will. Hold this for a minute?” 
I hold his beer.
“So,” he speaks again as he gets lots of paper towels from the side, “saw you talking to Mingyu. You didn’t look like you were having the time of your life.”
I snort. “It’s nothing. Just Bomi related stuff. Should have known Madam Satan had other things up her sleeves.”
“I still can’t get over the fact you call her Madam Satan.” He gets a sweet potato and slowly peels the coating off, smoke oozing out of it because of how hot it was still. “Wow, look at this, it looks so good.”
“It does.” I raise my eyebrows, my mouth watering at the sight and the smell.
Jimin suddenly brings it closer to my lips. “Take a bite. You first.”
“No, you first.”
“Baby, it’s alright,” he chuckles, “you take the first bite.”
With a smile, I do as he says. “You know,” I blow unconsciously at the hot sweet potato inside my mouth when I took a bite, “if you keep calling me baby, I might get used to it.”
He grins, taking a bite himself too, though just like last time, says nothing, instead he gets easily consumed with the snack that has me laughing because of how cute he looked, muttering under his breath that the wait was worth it.
We go home earlier than we should, hand in hand as we walk to the bus stop and eventually ride the bus itself. He asked me more about what happened earlier with Mingyu and I told him what Bomi told Mingyu about me, causing Jimin to roll his eyes in annoyance, saying that Bomi really didn’t have anything to do in her life but make sure I wasn’t living the best in mine.
“It’s okay,” I say, my head leaned on his shoulder as we wait to arrive at our stop, our still hands intertwined, “I don’t care about her anymore. People like her really shouldn’t be given attention.”
“And what about Mingyu?”
“Well, he can go fuck himself.”
Jimin laughs out loud at that, causing curious eyes to turn towards us.
At about 10:46 PM, we arrived at our apartment, flopping ourselves on the sofa and sighing in relief now that we had the comfort of our home surrounding us. 
“You want to take a shower first?” Jimin asks.
I yawn. “Nah, you go ahead. I want to rest for awhile.”
“Okay.” I feel someone tugging me. “Can you let go of my hand now, babe?”
At the mention of it, I don’t realize I’m still holding his hand, that once he says it out loud, I open my previously closed eyes and let him go, my face burning in embarrassment. But instead of teasing me about it, Jimin just smiles and folds his hands together.
“I’m going to bed after washing up.”
I nod. “Then good night. Thanks for today.”
There’s a moment where we just gaze at each other, no words spoken, just us looking at each other’s eyes. I don’t know how long we were being like that, or how our faces seemed to get closer each second the clock would tick, but just before I’m certain that we’re going to kiss—Jimin abruptly swallows hard and pulls away, smiling again though this time it was strained. He blinks and rubs his face.
“I… I’ll go ahead. Good night, ____.”
I was so confused about what just happened that I didn’t get to peacefully sleep that night, my mind on the boy who was only a room away, confused on why I was starting to see him in a completely new light.
Jimin treated the whole almost kiss thing nonexistent. I know because the morning after as we were having breakfast, I tried sliding it in subtly, first talking about how fun the campfire was before moving on to further events, Jimin then abruptly changing the topic and telling me a completely different story about what happened the other day at dance practice. I figured then that perhaps we were just too into the moment to almost kiss and that maybe it didn’t mean anything—but why can’t I stop thinking about it until now?
Even as two weeks have passed, I still would lay awake at night and think about it, would imagine the what ifs if he didn’t stop himself and just went along with the flow. I wondered how it would feel kissing him, if the kiss we would have shared was just going to be a chaste one or would it have led to something more. The absence of an answer was driving me wild, but I would still try ignoring it every single day, wanting to act oblivious to the feelings I know I am growing for Jimin since I am certain that he was no way thinking the same way every time we’d see each other in the living room.
Honestly, it annoyed me how it didn’t seem to have any effect on him like it had on me. Jimin made it look so easy waking up every single day, facing me, smiling at me, asking me thoughtful things—like he didn’t just fucking tried to kiss me that night! Maybe I’m the only one who thinks that that’s what he was trying to do but as someone who was right there with him, I just needed a clear answer so that I wouldn’t be so stuck with it anymore.
When four weeks passed, roughly a month, I decided to just stop waiting for something to happen. I was just going to pretend that that night was nonexistent like he was doing, though the emotions I have inside me is still pretty much there, and it’s not doing any great to the amazing synergy we used to have as roommates.
“Hey, you’re skipping breakfast?” Jimin calls from the dining area when I go out of my room and head to the doorstep. “You’ve been doing that for two weeks, ____. Do you not like my cooking anymore or something?” He jokes with a laugh.
I carry on putting on my shoes. “Um, just not hungry, just leave some for me.” My response was robotic, it made me internally kill myself.
“It won’t be good anymore if it’s cold,” he says.
“Then I’ll heat it up when I go home.”
Silence. I’m about to leave when he calls my name again.
“What?” I turn around and I’m surprised when he’s already standing there, hair a little messy and was in his pajamas. He looked really adorable. It was hard maintaining a straight face.
His eyes showed concern that for a minute I thought he was going to say something important, but he just ends up saying something else.
“We’re out of milk.”
“I can’t buy later because I’m heading to a student’s house for a tutoring session so can you do it instead? I’ll pay you back.”
“Pay you back—when have you ever suggested that? It’s our milk, Jimin, I get to drink too so there’s no need—”
“—well, I only suggested it because I’m the one who finished it—”
“—and it’s not like this is the first time something like this happened, why are you—”
“—woah, woah, why are you getting so worked up on this?” He furrows his eyebrows all of the sudden, trying to approach me but I’d step back. “____, are you alright?”
I take a deep breath, wondering why the hell was I getting worked up like he said too. It was just damn milk, though I think just the thought that there was this some kind of barrier in our friendship again was what had worked me up since we’ve almost shared everything in the apartment. Hearing him say that he’ll pay for it made me feel like a stranger. I can’t blame him though, these past days, I think I’ve been subconsciously avoiding him because of my own issues.
“Forget it. I’m sorry and I’m fine.” I exhale again, holding back angry tears. “Just tired. I’ll see you later.”
Just as I’m about to yet again step out of the door, Jimin grabs my wrist.
“Hey,” he softly begins, “my tutor thing ends at 7:30. You want to grab dinner together?”
“Why not?”
I purse my lips. “Um, I don’t know…”
“Come on,” he pulls my wrist, “I feel like you need it. Just to unwind, you know. You look really stressed these days.”
“And I suppose you can help get rid of it?” I retort.
Jimin shrugs. “Maybe. What do you say?”
I sigh. Dinner wouldn’t hurt, right? Perhaps I’ll feel better if I start acting normal again with him. But to be honest, I’m still scared to be left alone with him and for the past weeks, that’s the one thing I’ve been good at doing—always making dumb excuses on why I had to go to this, why I had to skip this meal, why I prefered to be alone...
“I really don’t know, Jimin.”
His grin falters. “Oh, okay, sure, no problem.”
I nod and he lets go of my wrist, finally allowing me to leave the apartment.
The whole day, I couldn’t concentrate well on whatever my professors were saying in each class I’d attend. Even when it was break time and Yongsun and I would hang out by the canteen, I still couldn’t bring all of my attention to her as she tells me about this new series she was watching on Netflix. My mind was in complete Jimin lockdown. I hate it. I wish I wasn’t like this so that I could say yes earlier ‘cause realizing it now, I might be being a little unfair for his part. Though the thought of spending dinner with him was giving me a vision that it will just be too awkward, that maybe I’ll just end up looking at him and just watching his lips move and then I’d quickly revert back to that night and wonder how it would feel if—
Fuck. I was doing it again.
“____, did you get our scores already for the project?” Mingyu asks while I was skipping downstairs, the last class of the day finally done.
Despite the bad impression he left on me last month, I was still willing to be friends with him. He was nice, someone who I can easily talk to, but there’s a little barrier now and it’s dawning on me that sometimes he just gets a little too full of himself.
I glance at his direction. “Yeah, we got a pretty high mark.”
“And you don’t look happy about that.” He chuckles.
“Sorry,” I smile, “I’m happy about it. Really. Maybe just not good at expressing it at the moment.”
“You can say that.”
“Well, I know a bar we can go to, a place for a good drink if you’re up for it.”
I raise my eyebrows at the suggestion but then shake my head. “No thanks. I'd rather just stay in for tonight.”
“Ah, right,” he laughs apologetically, “boyfriend might not approve, right?”
“Something like that.” I lift my shoulders in a shrug before waving my hand good bye and going in the opposite direction.
As I walk to the bus stop, about to take my phone and probably scroll through Instagram while I’m at it, I go to an abrupt halt when I see Jimin sat on the bench by the waiting area, earphones in and his foot tapping on the ground, completely unaware of his surroundings.
Despite me having slight hard feelings towards him, I can’t deny that seeing him there just brought a smile to my face. It brought some kind of warmth again in my body, like that time when we held hands, and I wanted to shake it off to make myself wake up in reality.
“Jimin,” I stand in front of him, slightly leaning down to get my face in front of him and he moves his gaze from the floor to me. “What are you doing here? I thought you weren’t going to be done with tutoring until 7:30.”
He keeps his earphones. “Um, well, they ended the session earlier than usual so...”
“What are you doing here?” 
“I’m waiting for you.”
“Because I want to, ____. Can’t I do that?” He chuckles.
But I wasn’t in the mood to chuckle with him or play along, so I just tried to smile, sitting beside him as we waited for the bus to come, just sat there in silence, arms crossed because of the cold.
Usually, we’d be talking nonstop. Jimin would ask me about my day, I’d tell him, then proceed on asking about his—though this time just thinking about doing that felt odd. It felt like I was going to overanalyze the things he’d do to me and interpret them as something more if he did which I know I shouldn’t. So I choose to just stare ahead, not making eye contact in fear that that would prompt him to start a conversation.
Eventually we made it home. As we walked to the apartment a few minutes back, we still didn’t talk or just acknowledged each other’s presence. The air was thick with this tension I couldn’t properly describe. All I knew was it was extremely suffocating. Might as well just plunge me down in the bottom of the sea instead of dealing with this, I thought.
I was supposed to head straight to my room when we arrived, but Jimin says something about cooking dinner and I told him quickly that I wasn’t going to eat and just go to sleep early. When he hears that, it’s like something clicked inside him and then his expression hardens while he scoffs and raises an eyebrow.
“You’re doing it again,” he says. “I don’t get why you keep on doing it but here you are again.”
I close my door, postponing my entrance to my room. “Doing what?”
“This—” he gestures at our surroundings— “this whole awkward shit thing. Why are you constantly avoiding me?”
I’m surprised by his sudden aggravated state.
“Jimin, I’m not—”
“You were so pressed about that fucking milk earlier because you don’t like how I look like I’m treating you some kind of stranger when it’s been you who’s been making all of this awkward!” His voice raises and I think this is the first time I’ve seen him so affected about something. “You know, I’m not the one who just decided one day to stop joining meals or watching television together or even just fucking make eye contact, ____. I’m not the one who’s making herself distant. You’re the one who’s doing this to us—it’s even what you’re doing right now!”
I stare at him, my pulse ringing inside my ears at how he was making it seem like my fault when I wouldn’t even behave this way if it hadn’t for what he had done first. “Well, at least I’m not the one who tried to kiss his roommate, then backed out, and now suddenly pretends nothing happened.” I tell him and he looks taken back.
“Oh, come on, you know what I’m talking about.” I laugh exasperatedly. “You know what you did that night. So, sorry if I keep acting like this because unlike you, I can’t fucking make it look like everything is fine when deep inside I feel so confused about just everything about our relationship. Are we just roommates? Are we just good friends? Are we something more? I don’t fucking know.” I feel myself beginning to tear up as I slowly calm down. “You just can’t expect me to be the same anymore after that because frankly, my feelings for you aren’t the same anymore either, Jimin.”
He freezes after hearing what I said, face still rigid but his eyes were showing concern. He doesn’t reply and that’s when the pathetic and angry tears that I’ve been holding in finally washes my cheeks, making me wipe them away as quickly as I can because if there was one thing I didn’t want to do, it was to appear so vulnerable in front of him.
“____,” he finally speaks, “do you honestly think I don’t feel the same way?”
“What was I supposed to think? You never made it apparent that you did. It just always feels like I’m the only one who’s having a hard time here,” I say.
“Do I have to show you that I’m having a hard time just to prove that I like you?” Jimin asks and laughs in an obnoxious manner. “____, why the hell do you think I do everything for you? Why do you think I willingly pretend to be someone I’m not just so Bomi can’t embarrass you? Why do you think I can fucking pretend not to feel anything so you could live comfortably with me and like Mingyu all you want? Why do you think I cook you breakfast, lunch, or dinner whenever I feel like it, wait for you until you come home, and ask every single day how are you? Do you think I just do it because I have nothing else better to do?”
“You can do that to—”
“I don’t do that to anyone else, ____.” He clenches his jaw, beating me to it, expression hard. “I do that only to you because you fucking mean everything to me. And if you can’t see that too, then please don’t act like you’re the only one who’s having a hard time.”
I didn’t know what to say. The only thing I knew was that I wanted to apologize, but before I could say anything, Jimin gets his keys and walks out of the apartment, leaving me there speechless and in wonder on why and how in the world did we end up here?
“What’s wrong?” Yongsun hugs me in return when we meet in front of her apartment building, still wearing her pajamas under her padded jacket because of the cold night.
After Jimin left, she was the first person I called because I didn’t want to stay in our living room, the whole argument fresh in my mind and in that space that I can’t bear to be alone and be with my thoughts. Good thing she didn’t ask questions and just told me that okay, she’ll be there for me, and so here we are now.
“What’s wrong?” she asks me again and as I pull back, I tell her everything.
The first half of the whole story was told as we walked to the nearest convenience store. I told her of the almost kiss that happened that night of the campfire and me constantly avoiding him from that moment forward. When we went to buy 4 cans of beers and settled to stay on the bench at the park, I told her of the argument Jimin and I had just an hour ago. Even now as I’m talking about it, the thought of fighting with him shatters something inside of me that I didn’t know was capable of breaking that much. Jimin and I never fought that hard before, to the point we were saying profanities even if we didn’t we didn’t necessarily direct it to each other but still—it was huge.
“You know what I think?” Yongsun says after I’ve told her everything. “You two just fail to communicate properly.”
“I know. I mean, we were practically yelling at each other—”
“No, ____.” She shakes her head, bringing her beer on the table. “What I mean is you two just hide and hide until eventually look what happened, you both bursted. You should have talked to him the morning after the almost kiss.”
“I didn’t know what to say.”
“How about, ‘hey, what the fuck was last night about?’”
“Well, it’s not as easy as it sounds.”
“You did it earlier.” 
“It was because we were in the moment of telling those things to each other.”
“Still, it’s not like Jimin’s a stranger.”
“That’s the thing. Jimin’s not a stranger, and I didn’t want to confront him about him because of what might happen after if I did. But guess it all just ended the same ‘cause look at us now.”
“You just need to talk about this with him, ____, and then I think you’ll be fine.”
“Things won’t be the same anymore though.”
“Of course not.” She frowns. “But that doesn’t mean it can’t change for the better.”
I sigh, rubbing my face. “What will I say? And what if whatever I say won’t be enough?”
“You’ll never know if you don’t try. So, just go talk to him as soon as possible. The longer you prolong this, the longer it’d be hard for you both.”
We finished 2 cans of beer each, and after that talk, I walked her back to her apartment building and thanked her for always being there for me. Yongsun just grins and tells me to update her asap of what happens when I do talk to Jimin and I nod, rolling my eyes as I go book a taxi then.
As I face the window once I was already in a vehicle heading home, I begin to think that maybe Jimin was going to be staying at Taehyung’s apartment tonight and the chance to talk to him was going to be tomorrow. Unless he doesn’t go back until then and next thing you know, I come home and his clothes along with his things aren’t there anymore. Would he really just leave like that? Was this going to be the last time we’re going to talk? I was just overthinking, I know, though still I can’t help but believe that maybe it can happen.
Arriving by the doorstep, I’m almost hesitant to walk in. I didn’t want to remember the events earlier and I’m certain that I will if I see where it took place, but it’s not like I had any other places to go. Yongsun also had a roommate, and I wasn’t really keen on asking anyone such a big favor, so here I was right now, having no choice but to return here.
As I step inside, I’m surprised to see Jimin sitting on the sofa, abruptly standing up upon my arrival.
“____.” He breathes out. 
There’s been dozens of scenarios that played in my head when I thought about coming home only to see Jimin already here, but not one of them included me suddenly running towards him and hugging him so tightly, holding on like my life depended on it—yet it was the one I was doing right this very moment.
“I’m sorry,” I whisper. “I’m so sorry. I really messed up.”
Jimin wasn’t hugging me back, and I was panicking inside because of it. He then gently holds the sides of my head to pull my face away from his chest and looks me in the eyes, but when I’m sure that he’ll reject me right there, tell me that it was too late for anything, Jimin all of a sudden leans down and captures my lips with his, murmuring a sorry of his own.
I was shocked, though that didn’t stop me from immediately kissing him back, my hands wrapping around his neck to possibly bring him closer to me, his chest pressing against mine as his hands that were previously on my cheeks move to my waist, pulling me with him as I feel him walking backward.
I don't know which room we went in first, if it was mine or was it his. He didn’t open the lights and I couldn’t flutter my eyes open properly, too caught up with his lips that was now on my jaw and then my neck. We only stopped kissing when I was pushed gently to sit on the edge of the bed, opening my eyes then and I see Jimin looking at me. I grab the collar of his shirt to bring him closer, and he kisses me for a few seconds before abruptly pulling away, kneeling now in front of me.
“Are you drunk?” 
The question makes me raise an eyebrow. “What?”
“You smell like beer.”
“I drank a little.” I shrug, about to kiss him again but he places his hands on my shoulders, making me let out a frustrated groan. “What now?”
Jimin smiles a little. “Let’s talk first before we do anything we regret.”
“Jimin, I’m not going to regret anything—”
“I’m sorry for being a coward.” He cuts me off, holding my hands now. “I’m sorry for acting like you don’t matter to me when you needed to feel it the most. I just… it’s hard too for me, you know? I didn’t want to make things complicated and I didn’t know you felt the same way about me…”
“Of course, I felt the same way. That night, I mean, we were only holding hands and shit but I don’t know, it made me wish that you were really mine.”
“Yes.” I could feel my face heating up. “And I’m sorry too... for not considering your feelings.”
“It’s okay.” He tucks a few strands of hair behind my ear. “I just… I want you to know that I wish you were really mine too.”
My heart beats even faster at that and I lean closer to place a long kiss on his lips. “I’m already yours, baby.”
“You know, if you keep calling me that—” he stands up and hovers me as I crawl backward on the bed— “I might just get used to it.”
The inside joke makes me laugh and he grins before kissing me again, both of our eyes closing while my head falls on the pillow, making me realize that we were in his room judging from the scent of his sheets which smelled so much like him. I cling onto Jimin and he starts undressing me slowly, removing my shirt and removing his next, his mouth attaching itself to my collarbones then lower.
I catch myself having problems when it came to breathing properly when I feel him kissing my cleavage, his fingers toying with my bra until he pulls it down so that he can latch his mouth on my nipple, sucking softly that easily makes me moan, my heart racing so rapidly I think it might actually come out of my body.
I was so overwhelmed by what was happening at the moment since never in a million years would I think I’d be in this kind of position with Jimin. For the past years of knowing him, he was only a roommate and possibly a best friend at how close we already were. The thought of being more than has never passed in my mind except that night of the campfire at least, and now I can’t even think of him as anything else.
Jimin must have noticed my silence and he stops sucking my breast, glancing up at me. “Is this alright?”
I exhale. “Yeah.”
“You’re being too quiet.” He moves up so that our heads were on the same level. “Are you sure—”
“Jimin, yes.” I hold one of his cheeks.
He gazes at me for a few seconds, probably measuring my expression and trying to determine if I was telling the truth, but I don’t let him analyze me for too long, instead just kissing him again to prove that I was telling him the truth which finally urges him to be at ease with me again.
My palm moves to his bare chest and I let out a shaky breath as I feel how toned it is. It might be because he always works his ass off at the practice room, being part of the dance group in his university after all, but I didn’t it be this toned.
Jimin takes off my bra fully and throws it somewhere on the floor, his kisses moving past my breast and now lands on my stomach, his hands now busy with the zipper of my pants as he successfully unzips it, tugging it down which I help by lifting my butt from the mattress so it can be easier for him. Once he has taken it off, he stands by the end of the bed for a moment and takes off his pants too, leaving himself in his boxers before coming back to me.
We go back to making out, Jimin squeezing my breast until I feel him sliding his hand over my underwear, his forefinger and middle finger gently rubbing my clit that automatically has me squirming under his touch. He kisses me harder, trying to get me to stay still, but my head just naturally falls back at this amazing sensation I was feeling as he rubs it even faster, his mouth once again finding itself on one of my nipples.
“Hmm, Jimin…” I bite my lip, trying not to moan too loud but I can’t help it. 
He brings his hand inside my underwear and slides his finger up and down. He hisses, murmuring how wet I am already before putting a finger in that makes me inhale sharply, holding onto his other hand that was massaging my breast.
I whine when he puts another finger in, his name naturally falling out of my lips as he starts pushing it in and out, his pace getting faster as each second passed and I hold onto him even more, practically losing control as my hips move against his hand, Jimin whispering sweet nothings in my ears that just arouses me even more.
“That’s it, baby. Come on my fingers.” He licks my earlobe. “Fuck, you’re making me so hard right now.”
 “Jimin, keep… keep going,” I breathlessly say.
He goes faster, moving his fingers around slightly and that’s when he starts hitting a spot that makes my toes curl. He notices the reaction I gave and stays in that position, prompting himself up so that he can angle his hand better. I look at him and see his gaze locked on my face, his eyes dark and half-lidded. I try to lean up and he gets the hint, capturing my mouth with his again and kissing me that just became the last straw as I come, my hips bucking up to chase my high.
When my thighs stopped convulsing, Jimin retracts his hand and sucks his fingers, eyes even closing that brings a new sense of arousal to wash over me.
“You’re so dirty,” I managed to utter and he only chuckles, sitting up then only to remove his boxers, moving his leg over my other side when he was done, my thighs being lifted so that they can rest on top of his, and then I get the perfect view of his hard cock so close to my waiting cunt. 
Jimin uses the hand he fucked me with and moves it along his shaft, working his way slowly. I wanted to suck him off, just to make the two of us even and make him feel as good as he made me feel, but Jimin’s already scooting closer, the tip of his dick skimming over my wet heat, a low grunt escaping him while he bites his lower lip. Our eyes meet and he bends down to kiss me tenderly, grabbing one of my hands before ever so gingerly, he pushes himself in.
I gasp, my fingers clasping around his while he does the same, his head hanging beside me as I hear him take hurried breaths.
“Baby,” he grunts, “I’m going to start moving, okay?”
I could barely nod when he begins rocking his hips forward, filling me up completely and so good. Moans are being continuously spilled between us now, and I was desperately holding onto him in every thrust that he’d do, each jerk sending me off to a different place. Everything was just going by into this fast haze, pleasure and satisfaction consuming every bit of me that I can’t seem to concentrate on anything else other than the feel of Jimin slamming onto me repeatedly, his lips hungrily lapping against my throat, his fingers still tightly clutching mine—I was going to come again any minute now in this state.
“You’re so lovely,” he abruptly whispers, bringing my hand on the nape of his neck so he can put both of his palms on the bed to support himself better. He sucks in a deep breath. “So fucking lovely. You’re driving me crazy. Fuck.” He wriggles above me and I draw out a long moan of his name, causing him to chuckle. 
The bed keeps on creaking and accompanied with the sound of our skin hitting each other, everything just feeds my hearing senses to let another wave of pleasure take place inside me. Not to mention that Jimin also wasn’t good at holding back his moans (not that I was), which just made this whole situation better and more arousing.
“Jimin,” I murmur, nails digging on his back, “you… you fuck me so good.”
“Shit, don’t speak like that, I’m going to come too fast.”
I laugh. “Are you going to come inside me, baby?”
“____,” he says my name in a warning tone and I whine when he rams onto me harsher.
“Come with me. I want you so bad.” My eyes remain shut as an upcoming orgasm presents itself. “I… fuck… Jimin, I love you.”
His hips stutter. “I’m going to come, baby, fuck!” He heaves. “Where—shit—where should I—”
“Inside me, please.”
“Are you... sure?”
“I’m on the pill. Don’t worry.” I chuckle before moaning out his name again.
In no less that a second, I feel him shoot his load inside me, quickly making me come as well. He moans loudly, the loudest of the night, and his body slumps over mine. I run my fingers on the back of his head, massaging his scalp and slightly tugging the roots of his hair, sighing contentedly. When he finally gathered himself together again, he lifts his head up and rolls over to the side, smiling at me with so much emotion seen in his eyes that I can’t help smiling right back.
“Did you mean that?” he asks quietly, moving closer as he puts the covers over us and places his arm underneath my head while I hug his torso. “Do you really love me?”
Blood rushes to my cheeks as I realize what I said out loud. “Well, um, I…” I play with the ends of his sheets, “the whole time I was avoiding you because of that night at the campfire made me realize a lot of things. And I don’t know if this is too fast or is it really love but… I’m so happy whenever I’m with you and you make me feel so safe and whole that I can’t think of any words that could describe what I feel for you,” I say, glancing up to see his reaction. “So, yeah, I love you… I think I really do.”
“Well, that’s a relief.”
“I love you too, idiot.” He has the nerve to flick my forehead. “Why do you still think I don’t?”
I punch his chest before embracing him tighter, locking my arms around him. “Sometimes it’s nice to hear it out loud, you know?”
“Noted. I’ll say it more from now on.”
“I love you,” I repeat, my voice louder now and my tone a little braver.
Jimin grins, every dimple in his face showing by how huge he was grinning, and kisses me. “I love you more, baby.” 
“Class dismiss. Have a good weekend, everybody,” The professor tells us and begins packing his things, prompting us to stand up and do the same.
Yongsun taps my shoulder and says her farewells already since she was in a hurry and I give her a little wave before going back to my things. As I’m busy there, just trying to hurry up and get out of the lecture room as soon as possible, I see Bomi walking towards the exit quickly too before a notebook of hers falls on the ground.
Honestly, if this happened two months ago, I wouldn’t have bothered picking it up. That’s how much I didn’t like her. I was willing to turn a blind eye in order for her to lose important notes that could help her gain a perfect score for the next exam. But I haven’t been my bitterself these past few days, and whenever I think of Bomi, I also surprisingly don’t always think of spiteful things. Instead, I remember her being the person that kinda made Jimin and I happen, and for that, I was kind of thankful.
“Bomi!” I call when she was about to go through the doors. “You dropped this.” I put the notebook up in the air.
She raises her eyebrows and waits for me to arrive in front of her. “When did I lose that?”
“Just now.”
“Oh.” She gets it from me. “You didn’t steal it and pretended that I dropped it, did you?”
The assumption makes me roll my eyes but I ignore it. “No, of course not.”
“Thanks then.”
“Have a good weekend,” I tell her as she turns around.
Bomi turns to me one last time, a very puzzled and suspicious look on her face. “Okay… you too…”
I smile and walk pass her to the doors, pushing it open and practically running now to get down, my eyes in search for Jimin who now that I finally see, was standing close by a lamp post, attention solely on the puppy who was being walked by his owner. When I shout his name, his head snaps to my direction and a breathtaking smile conquers his features.
“Hey, you.”
“Hey.” I immediately wrap my arms around him and lean up for a kiss, in which he easily complies to.
Jimin pulls back. “Someone’s giddy. Did you get the highest score on a test or something?”
“No, I have something better.” I smile. “I have you.”
“Wow, that was cheesy as fuck, ____. I think I really cringed inside.”
I laugh out loud and he does too, hands going on the top of my head to brush some loose strands away from my face, the smile he previously wore noticeably wider now.
“You want to go somewhere? Like a place where we can eat early dinner or whatever?”
“How about just take-out or delivery and eating it at home?”
“Home?” he asks. “Well, okay. If that’s what my baby wants...”
I can’t help but grin at the endearment, Jimin then placing his arm around my shoulders while I put mine over his torso, leaning to him close and listening to him as he asks me about my day, extremely grateful that despite everything that happened, we managed to end up here.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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jjungkookislife · a year ago
Let Me Hold Them... Again (M)
Tumblr media
↬ pairing: OT7 x f. reader, everyone is together pretty much
↬ genre: poly au/smut/idol au/fluff
↬ summary: True feelings are revealed after several encounters.
↬ wc: 30k
↬ warnings: (in no particular order) cursing, allusions to a hierarchial poly relationship, noona kink, spanking, marking (hickeys, biting, scratching, bruising), hair pulling, panty fetish, petnames, oral sex (f&m giving and receiving) + choking/gagging/deepthroating, cock slapping, handjobs (m&f giving), masturbation (m&f), fingering (f. receiving &m. receiving), overstimulation, nipple play, dirty talk, unprotected sex (fxm AND MxM), anal plug (m), protected sex (mxm), threesomes, mentions of a small orgy (and an actual one later?), voyeurism, exhibitionism, cum swallowing/eating, mutual masturbation, jealousy, cum play, cum facials, creampies, slight angst, cockwarming, double blowjobs, thigh fucking(?), nudes/sexting mentions, switch!reader, switch!Jungkook, switch!Yoongi, switch!Jimin, switch!Seokjin, aftercare, dom!Namjoon, Tae and Hoseok, BD Kim Line
↬ a/n: the last chapter of this series.  This wasn’t supposed to be a series but I’m glad it is.  this is the most massive chapter I have ever written and I’d like to thank @cherryjungkookie​ for reading this and giving me feedback as I struggled to write this.  thank you!
↬ date: December 21, 2019
Tumblr media
Exhaustion didn’t even begin to cover how you were feeling at the moment, you’d had a long day at work and all you wanted to do was get into bed and cuddle with your favorite boys. However, when you unlocked the front door to their shared apartment, calling out for them, you realized they hadn’t arrived home yet. You sighed heavily, toeing off your shoes and leaving them by the door before you shut it and walked down the hall to your boyfriend’s bedroom.
You pushed the door open, dropping your purse on the dresser before you opened his t-shirt drawer, taking out an oversized black shirt to change into after your shower. You had slowly but surely started leaving some of your belongings in their home, from clothes and makeup to accessories and shower supplies.
It didn’t take you long to shower and get dressed in Jungkook’s shirt, you walked out of the bathroom drying your hair before going back to his bedroom to put your clothing in the hamper before going to the kitchen.
“Oh! Hey, Jimin! When did you get home?” You ask startled as Jimin turns around to face you, grabbing his water bottle off the counter, popping the top open before taking a sip.
“Just a few minutes ago, I heard the shower running so I figured you were here,” Jimin answers as he eyes you up and down, smirking before his tongue sweeps across his bottom lip before he sinks his teeth into it. The look he gives you has arousal forming deep in your belly and you rub your thighs together as you force yourself to break eye contact, your cheeks flushing with heat.
Jimin notices your actions, however, a smirk appearing on his lips as he takes a step closer to you. His hand caresses your cheek, making you look up at him.
“There’s no need to be shy with me, Y/n.”
“I just-“
“Yes?” His eyes twinkle with a mischievous look, his soft touch making you melt. No matter how hard you tried, you could never resist Jimin or his touch. He makes your heart race in your chest as he closed the distance between you, his eyes landing on your lips before meeting your gaze. A teasing smile pulls at his lips before he closes his eyes and you feel his lips on yours.
You kiss him back, your hands wrapping around his neck as his move to your hips before roaming down your backside to slide underneath your shirt to cup your ass. He squeezes it, making you part your lips as you moan, his tongue slipping between your lips to mold with yours. You feel your arousal dampening your panties, your nipples hardening as you get pressed against him. His lips move down to your neck, licking and nipping the column of your throat, resisting the urge to mark you. You sigh airily, feeling him slide his hands into your panties to knead your ass before he starts pulling them down your thighs until you finally take them off.
Jimin smirks, bending to pick your panties off the floor and tucking them into his pants pocket.
“You know, I’m gonna have you buy me new panties if you’re gonna keep taking them to cum in,” you tease but Jimin just smiles, his hands rubbing your thighs.
“Maybe I’ll take you shopping so we can get you panties to model for me,” You bite back a moan, nodding eagerly before Jimin kisses you once again as he places you on the kitchen counter. You squeal, spreading your thighs to allow Jimin to stand between them as he kisses you. His hands gripping your thighs, his thumbs rubbing circles into your flesh as his lips move to your neck.
“Jimin,” you sigh, rolling your hips as he runs a finger over your slit, grunting when he feels how wet he’s made you.
“Let me eat you out,” he murmurs against your neck, your body reacting to his voice by arching into him. Jimin moves back, gripping the hem of your shirt to bunch at your waist before he has you lay back on the counter, your hands gripping the edge.
He chuckles, his lips planting kisses on your thighs before he looks up at you, “you’re always so eager to spread your legs for me.”
“Jimin!” you huff, leaning on your elbows, attempting to shut your legs but Jimin holds you in place, a smirk on his face as he slowly licks your slit. You bite back a moan, refusing to crumble under his gaze, but he knows how easy it is for you to give in to him; he’s not oblivious to the looks you give him almost as if you want to eat him up.
Jimin doesn’t let your tone bring the mood down as his lips wrap around your clit, your dulcet moans making him want to smile smugly knowing you were more than glad he had continued. His tongue circles your clit teasingly, his fingers slowly spreading your lips, becoming coated in your arousal before you feel one of them slide in. You gasp before moaning his name, feeling a second finger join the first as his tongue continues to taste you. Your fingers become laced in his hair, tugging at it when he hits the right spot, your body thrumming with excitement and lust as you allow yourself to relax into his touch.
Jimin drinks in every moan and whimper that escapes your lips, his erection straining against his pants, his hand leaving your thighs to rub himself over his pants in search of some relief. Jimin then draws his attention back to you, his fingers sliding out of you to spread your lips, his tongue tasting your arousal.
“Jimin,” his name rolls off your tongue in a breathy moan as you feel him drinking you in, his moans making you turn into putty as you feel heat pool in your stomach. You pull his hair harshly, his grunt letting you know he’s felt it and quite enjoyed it as your moans grow louder, your thighs squeezing his head between them as you feel your orgasm wash over you, your body stiffening for a moment as his name is the only thing you’re able to say. Jimin is smug as he continues to eat you out, the sounds that fill the kitchen are obscene and if anyone were around, you’d probably be embarrassed. Jimin won’t allow you to stay fixated on it though, his lips giving your clit one last kiss as your hand weakly tries to push him away as you come down from your high.
“Are you okay, baby?” Jimin asks, concern clear in his tone as he strokes your thighs softly.
“‘M fine, Minnie.” Jimin smiles at you warmly, helping you sit up, his hands on your thighs as his lips meet yours. You can taste yourself on his tongue, your hands embedded in his thick locks as you pull him closer by wrapping your legs around his waist. Jimin bites your bottom lip, tugging on it slightly before releasing it. His hands then slide under your shirt, cupping your breasts and rolling your nipples with his thumbs as his beautiful lips plant kisses on your neck. He can’t resist himself, he leaves a small mark on your skin to show he was there.
“Want you,” you mumble as you feel him nip your flesh, your body responding eagerly to his as you roll your hips, wanting nothing more than to feel his thick cock inside you. Jimin chuckles, his eyes meet yours as he sinks his teeth into his plump bottom lip, the look he gives you has wetness pooling between your thighs and you’re aching with need for him.
“You want me, baby?” Jimin teases as he lifts his shirt to show his abs, his hand running over them, you bite your lip as you nod before you meet his gaze as he takes his shirt off. Your eyes then land on his crotch, your hands reaching out to undo the button of his pants but he takes a step back, your legs releasing him as you tilt your head to the side in confusion. Instead, Jimin helps you off the counter, steadying you when your knees buckle as he instructs you to grip the counter. You rest your weight on your elbows, your legs spread as you look over your shoulder to see Jimin pushing his pants and boxers down his thighs instead of removing them completely.
Although you’d had your turn with all of them, fucking in common spaces was frowned upon by the members you weren’t dating, so if anyone walked in on you and Jimin with your pants down, there would be consequences for the two of you.
“I want you so bad, Jimin. Please, it’s been too long,” you grit as you feel his hand come down on your ass. You can feel heat pool where he struck you, the stinging making you clench around nothing as his palm comes down on your ass again. Your head falls forward, your forehead resting on the counter as you moan lewdly, feeling the head of his cock rub against your wet folds.
“It’s been too long, huh? And who’s fault is that, baby? It sure as hell isn’t mine,” Jimin sneers as he watches you try to back up so his cock will slip in but by now Jimin knows all your tricks and he stops you with another slap on your ass, this one leaves his palm stinging.
“Fuck, Jimin.”
“Be good, Y/n.”
“Want your cock, Jimin. Please,” Jimin curses at your needy tone, his cock throbbing in his palm as he runs it along your folds to coat in your arousal. You curse, feeling the head slowly push in, Jimin was no longer interested in prolonging your pleasure and knowing the rest of the guys would be home soon.
You both moan as he fills you fully, the stretch is welcoming and you beg him to move. Jimin smiles, his hand on your back as he slowly pulls out, letting his cock drag heavily on your walls until only the head remains inside you. You moan, tightening around him until he slams back in making you slide forward on the counter.
“Brace yourself, baby,” Jimin chuckles as he continues to slam into you, his moans mixing with yours as you feel him hit that one spot that has you seeing stars. You take his cock well, moaning and meeting his thrusts as you feel him push in deeper. His hand takes a hold of your hair, turning you to kiss you sloppily before he makes you look forward as he fucks you.
“Fuck, baby. I’ve missed this cunt. I’ve missed you so much.” You keen at his words, moaning his name as the obscene squelch of your fucking fills the apartment. You’re beginning to sweat, Jimin holding you tightly as he fucks his cock into you, his chest pressed against your back as he holds your hips.
“Ji-Jimin,” you stutter as you feel yourself getting close, Jimin moves his hand to rub at your clit, your body feeling overwhelmed with pleasure as you meet his thrusts.
“I’m close, Minnie!”
Jimin presses several kisses on your neck, his cock continuing its merciless pace as you grip the counter, your head falling back on his shoulder as you moan for him. Jimin kisses your cheek, his fingers still rubbing at your clit until you close your eyes and he feels you tighten around him as you orgasm. He watches the blissful look on your face as he helps you ride it out, smirking as he sees you fall back onto the counter as you shiver afterward.
“How’d that feel, baby?” Jimin asks, his hand on your back as he slowly thrusts into you.
“So, so good, Minnie.” You answer breathily, still feeling high from the pleasure that’s overcome you. Jimin can feel you still clenching around him sporadically, your soft moans escaping your lips as he feels himself about to cum.
“Are you going to be good for me, baby?”
“Yes, yes,” you sound almost intoxicated, your body rocking against Jimin’s as he fucks you, his warm hands heating your flesh further.
“I need you to be good tonight and keep all my cum inside you, baby. I’m gonna check after movie night ends and it better be there, Y/n.” You nod your head in understanding as Jimin gives you a few more thrusts before he’s moaning your name and filling you with his hot seed. He pants when he’s done, pulling his softening cock out of you before putting his pants and boxers on.
Jimin then turns you around, his hands on your hips as he kisses your lips. You smile at him, kissing his nose before he tells you to go lay down on the couch to try to keep his cum inside you as long as possible.
“Can’t I keep my panties?” You ask as you settle into the couch while Jimin puts his shirt on.
“No, I’m keeping those. Just use the blanket to cover yourself up and keep my cum inside you, baby.” You nod, kissing him again as you settle into the couch. Jimin leaves you for a few minutes to go and clean the kitchen counter, wanting any evidence of your quick fuck to be removed. He finishes just as the door is thrown open and the rest of his band members trickle in, each of them greeting you.
It takes a while for all of them to shower and change into comfortable clothes before joining you and Jimin in the living room for a movie night. They had all ordered food on their way home and it had arrived just in time. You managed to keep your thighs clenched, Jimin being nice enough to bring your food to you with a wink and a knowing smile. If anyone noticed, they didn’t speak on it as you ate.
Once dinner was over, Jungkook picked a movie and curled up on the couch behind you. You had taken the longest section of the L-couch and Jungkook had wanted to lay with you after missing you all day. Namjoon sat on the floor in front of you, wanting to be near the two of you after such a long day working. Beside you, Yoongi and Hoseok sat beside each other, while Jimin got the other end of the couch with Taehyung sitting in front of him so Jimin could stroke his hair. In the lone recliner in the living room, Jin curled up with a blanket and his phone as he watched the movie.
Jungkook was glad to be able to hold you in his arms, his focus on you more than the movie he has chosen. His right arm is draped over your waist, while his left lays under his head. His touch is soft, warm, but it doesn’t take long until his hand is sliding under your shirt.
“Jungkook,” you hiss in warning, but he chuckles and kisses the top of your head. His hand caresses your hip, tracing circles on your flesh as he does his best to pay attention to the movie. You’re thankful the room is dark, and the only light is from the TV and it’s only enough to see a few feet in front of you.
“I just want to feel you, baby. I’ve missed you so much,” Jungkook whispers as he presses his hips against your ass, causing you to gasp when you feel his hard cock press against you.
You resist the urge to moan or acknowledge his erection, instead; you opt to look around the room where Jimin catches your gaze and sends you a wink that has you squirming under Jungkook.
Jungkook kisses your shoulder, his hand moving down to your thigh to caress it before he moves it to your ass. “I love you so much, Noona.”
“I love you too, Kookie.” You reply as you place your hand over his as he holds you tighter. He loves the way you feel pressed against him, your ass rubbing against him in just the right way that has him biting back moans.
“Fuck, you smell so good, baby. Let me feel you, please,” he whines, making you spread your thighs before snapping them shut when his hand gets between them. Jungkook manages to wiggle two of his fingers into your entrance, biting back a moan as he feels you coat his fingers. Jungkook doesn’t waste time as he brings his fingers to his lips coyly, licking them clean before he moves your hair out of the way, his lips planting kisses on it before he gets to your ear, his hot breath ghosting it as he asks, “do you want my cock, noona? Right here in front of everyone?”
You gasp, nodding as inconspicuous as possible as Jungkook slides his sweatpants down his thighs enough to release his cock. It feels heavy in his hand, hard and dribbling pre-cum as you feel it against your ass. Jungkook spreads your legs a little, smirking as he looks over your body to see the boys oblivious to your actions. He then turns his attention back to you, his cock in his hand as he presses it against you.
“Why are you so wet, noona? Are you wet or did someone get to you first, huh?” Jungkook rubs the head of his cock against your folds, coating himself with your essence, groaning as you push back against him.
“Jung-Jungkook,” you stutter, aching for him to fill you with his cock, stretch your walls and fill you with his cum. Jungkook grunts, his hand splaying on your stomach before moving down to your thigh to lift it over his before he pushes into you completely. You whimper, feeling him bite down on your shoulder to muffle himself as he fills you, not stopping until he bottoms out.
“How are you still tight, noona? Who’s cum am I fucking back into you, baby? Fuck,” Jungkook buries his head in your back, your hand gripping his as you whimper when he grinds his hips into you. You’re desperately trying to keep quiet but Namjoon knows better, recognizing the noises you’re making, so he turns to look at you over his shoulder, his brows knitted together as he sees you and Jungkook cuddled together.
A look of realization crosses his face, his eyes wide as he clears his throat and turns back to the movie, ignoring the soft grunts Jungkook is making.
You shut your eyes for a moment, reveling in the pleasure of being filled by your boyfriend, feeling every delicious inch inside you, gripping him tightly as he holds you tight in his embrace.
“Fuck, baby. You feel so fucking good. So wet and creamy for me. Tell me, noona, who’s cum is soaking my cock, huh? Is it Namjoon hyung?” Jungkook thrusts hard into you, making you grip the couch cushion tightly. “Or Yoongi hyung’s? Hmm?”
You bite your lip to keep from moaning, your body getting fucked thoroughly as he continues to guess; your cunt clenching around his throbbing cock.
“Answer me, noona,” Jungkook hisses, his tone displaying his growing annoyance at your silence. “Is it Hoseok hyung? Or is it sweet Jimin-ssi? Huh? I bet it’s him, noona. He’s always telling me about how he loves filling you with his cum, stealing your panties to cover them in cum before returning them. Fuck, it is him, isn’t it baby?”
“Jungkook, please,” you plead quietly, loving the way he’s slowly fucking Jimin’s cum back into you, pushing it further and further with each thrust. Jungkook holds you tight, looking over your shoulder to see Jimin smirking at the two of you. Jungkook chuckles, winking at Jimin before two of his fingers are pushed into your mouth to keep you quiet.
Yoongi turns his head at the action, his eyes widening as he sees Jungkook thrust his fingers in and out of your mouth in tandem with his cock pushing into you.
“Noona,” Jungkook is back to his whiny self, making sinful noises as you clench around him. You feel his hand rub your clit and your leg jerks at the touch, feeling sensitive. Namjoon chuckles, looking over his shoulder to send you a wink before he sits up to make sure he’s blocking you and Jungkook.
“Cum for me, Kookie.” You whisper as you grind up against him. Jungkook knows he’s close, feeling you tighten around him as he thinks about Jimin fucking you and leaving you stuffed with his cum for him to find.
“Fuck! You let Jiminie fuck you before I got here, didn’t you? I bet he’s loving this,” Jungkook grunts, his balls aching to fill you with cum as he slows his thrusts, aiming for deeper, longer thrusts instead.
You look to the side, Yoongi’s dark gaze on you as he sees you looking fucked out of this world. Your teeth sinking into your bottom lip as Jungkook gives you a particularly hard thrust that has your body jolting forward, his thumb still rubbing rigid circles on your clit to trigger your orgasm. Your lips open in a silent scream that has Yoongi cursing under his breath, his hand moving down to his crotch to adjust himself before continuing to watch.
By now, you’ve attracted the attention of Namjoon, Yoongi, Jimin, and a very flustered, gaping Taehyung.
Jungkook smirks, feeling you come undone, his eyes meeting Jimin’s as he whispers, “take my cock, Noona. Take it and show hyung how good I make you feel.”
You throw your head back on his shoulder, Jungkook fucking you through your orgasm before he curses, his cum spurting into you in thick ropes that have you feeling full. Jungkook makes sure you’ve milked him dry before he pulls out of you, hissing when he pulls his sweatpants back on.
You slump against Jungkook’s chest, allowing him to place kisses all over your face and neck as you settle into the couch, your cheeks flushed with heat as the boys turn their attention back to the movie, all except Jimin. Jimin licks his lips, taking his phone out to send a text before turning his attention back to the TV, although you can see him adjust himself shortly after.
“Are you okay, noona?” Jungkook asks meekly, his soft touch making you want to fall asleep in his arms while you’re stuffed full of his cum and Jimin’s. You can feel it coating your thighs and you know the moment you stand up, it’ll run down your legs and dribble onto the floor.
“I’m okay, Kookie. I’m just tired,” you mumble as you feel him rub your side.
“Do you want me to take you to bed, baby?”
“I can’t. Your cum and Jimin’s will run down my legs if I stand up.” You admit with a whisper as you wonder what you’re going to do once the movie ends.
“I’m sure Namjoon hyung wouldn’t mind cleaning you up,” Jungkook murmurs making you choke on your spit, eyes wide as you look at him smiling cockily over your shoulder.
Jungkook doesn’t say anything else as he settles into the couch to watch the rest of the movie. You manage to fish your phone off the floor, seeing a message from Jimin asking if you were okay. You reply quickly before setting your phone on your stomach, only for it to vibrate moments later.
Your eyes widen as you read his text, let me lick you clean, baby.
You look up at Jimin, smiling like the cat that ate the canary. You roll your eyes at him, causing him to chuckle before your phone vibrates again.
Or maybe Taehyungie can have a go?
Your jaw drops, your head whipping to look at Jimin only to see Taehyung smirking at you while Jimin strokes his hair. You shake your head, not believing the two of them as you try your best to focus on the movie and ignore the heat of their stares.
Once the movie ends, you’re grateful Jungkook has behaved himself as Jin and Hoseok go to bed, followed by Jimin and Taehyung. Namjoon rises from his seat, glaring at Jungkook for a moment before sighing and running his fingers through his hair, “what did we say about common areas?”
“Not to have sex in common areas,” you and Jungkook mumble apologetically and Namjoon sighs before he takes Yoongi’s hand in his. Yoongi rests his head on Namjoon’s shoulder as he watches the two of you squirm under your boyfriend’s gaze.
“Hyung and I are tired, so I’ll deal with the two of you tomorrow. Jungkook, clean her up and get her to bed. You better hope your cum doesn’t stain the couch,” Namjoon shakes his head before following Yoongi to his bedroom.
Jungkook climbs over you carefully, scooping you up with your blanket. You wrap your arms around his neck as he turns, a sigh of relief escaped his lips when he sees you’ve managed to leave the couch unscathed.
“We got lucky,” he chuckles as he carries you to his bedroom.
“You got lucky, you were the one who started it,” you retort, making Jungkook roll his eyes.
“Please, you enjoyed it just as much as I did. You missed my cock as much as I missed fucking your cunt.”
You remain quiet, knowing he’s right as he lays you on his bed, cautiously removing the blanket and smirking when he sees you covered in cum. You clamp your thighs shut, but it’s useless.
A soft knock on the door gains both of your attention, surprised to see Jimin and Taehyung at the door. Jimin is bashful, his coy smile making you spread your legs for him. He gulps, looking at Jungkook before he walks into the room, rubbing the nape of his neck, “can I clean her up?”
“Sure, you’re the one who came in her first,” Jungkook shrugs as he takes a seat on his desk chair. Jimin looks at you for consent and you nod your head, giving him the go-ahead as he kneels between your thighs, gripping them before you feel him lick your messy cunt.
Taehyung watches from the doorway, but Jungkook waves him in. He shuts the door after him, climbing on the bed beside you as he watches Jimin bury his tongue in your sensitive cunt. You turn to face Taehyung, your eyes roaming over his body before they land on his erection.
“Hmm?” He responds, dazed as Jimin slurps up his cum, Jungkook’s and yours without a care in the world. Taehyung has been aroused since he had watched you get fucked by Jungkook in the living room. He remembered how tight and warm you’d felt around him when he’d fuck you on your birthday and he was dying to have another taste. Watching Jimin eat you out with a restless abandon had his cock throbbing in his pants and aching for relief.
“Let me suck you off, please?” Taehyung’s eyes widen, but he’s quick to pull his pants and boxers down his thighs. You wrap your hand around his cock, collecting his pre-cum with your thumb to rub on his head. He groans, feeling your tongue lick his slit as tingles run down his spine. His fingers grip your hair, allowing you to set your own pace as Jimin continues to lick and slurp up every drop of cum.
You moan around Taehyung, causing him to buck his hips and make you gag as you try to suck him off as best as possible. Taehyung curses, pushing your head further onto his cock as your hand jerks him off simultaneously. Jungkook sits back and watches you, loving the moans that tumble from your lips, your voice growing hoarse.
Jimin slides his fingers into you with ease, scooping the mix of your cum out onto his fingers to suck them clean. He moans at the taste, making you clench around his fingers as your cum coats them. Taehyung begins fucking your face and you let him, loving the obscene sounds he’s causing you to make. Jungkook groans at the sound, wishing it was his cock down your throat but he knows they’ll be plenty of time for that another time. For now, he enjoys seeing his two friends enjoying your body.
Jimin pouts when he’s cleaned you up, sitting back as he watches you suck off Taehyung. You drool all over yourself and his cock, trying your best to breathe through your nose before it’s meeting his pelvis as he fucks your face. Taehyung is groaning and cursing, gripping your hair tightly every time you swallow around him, his balls heavy with cum, eager to coat your throat. You gasp when he pulls his cock out of your mouth, allowing you a moment to catch your breath before he’s pulling you by the hair to fuck your throat, thrusting into it over and over again as you slobber all over yourself and his cock.
“Take my cock, Y/n. You look so good sucking me off, baby.” Taehyung grunts, your watery eyes meeting his as you gag once again but allow him to continue. “That’s it, Y/n. Take my cock?” Fuck, I’m gonna cum down your throat and I’m gonna need you to swallow it all, okay?”
You give a thumbs up, allowing him to continue as he groans, his head falling back as his eyes closed and his abs clench. You feel the first rope of cum hit the back of your throat, swallowing as the rest coats your tongue. You try to breathe through your nose as Taehyung pulls his cock out of your mouth, but a bridge of saliva and cum connects you both.
You look a mess and Jimin can’t take his eyes off of you as he leans forward to kiss you, saliva and all. His tongue slips into your mouth, tasting Tae’s cum on your tongue as he kisses you. Jungkook curses as he watches from the sidelines before Jimin breaks the kiss, looking smug as he sticks his tongue out for all to see it covered in cum. He closes his mouth, swallowing before sticking his tongue out to show it’s all gone. With a shy smile, he pecks your lips, wishing you all a good night before he leaves the room as though nothing happened.
Taehyung is flabbergasted, brows raised as he watches the door shut after Jimin. He pulls his pants up, thanking you for the blowjob before waving at Jungkook and leaving the two of you on your own.
“Well, that was something,” Jungkook breaks the silence, his hand rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly. You shake your head, stifling a laugh as you pat the bed beside you, calling for your boyfriend to join you. He hesitates, making you wait a moment as he grabs a damp towel from his bathroom to clean you up with. You cry out at the touch and he apologizes profusely before he pulls you into his arms.
“Shit, noona. I’m sorry we got carried away,” Jungkook apologizes as you nuzzle your head onto his chest. Jungkook holds you close, kissing your temple repeatedly until he’s sure you’ve fallen asleep.
Tumblr media
The next morning, you wake up feeling sore as you rub your eyes, feeling Jungkook wrapped around you as you try to sit up, only for him to hold you tighter and mumble out his protest.
“I need to get up,” you mumble back, trying to unwind his arms from your body and he finally relents, his eyes opening slowly before he pouts.
“Stay with me,” he murmurs, his hands rubbing at his sleepy eyes as you give him an apologetic look.
“I need to take a shower, Kook. I’ll come back to bed right after.”
“I promise, Kook.” With that, he allows you to leave as you climb out of bed to walk to the door. You look back to see him already asleep. You smile, loving the way his hair falls over his eyes as he sleeps, looking peaceful.
After your shower, you fulfill your promise by crawling back into bed with Jungkook, his arms wrapped around you in an instant, his head on your chest as he holds you. You know you can only sleep for a few more hours before the apartment becomes filled with the noise of the boys rousing to make food and get ready to enjoy their days off.
You snuggle Jungkook, enjoying the quietness that fills the bedroom and you’re looking forward to spending time with your boyfriends. You’re not sure what the four of you will be doing but it doesn’t matter as long as you’re all together.
“Good morning,” Jungkook says as he wakes up an hour later seeing you waking up as well, both of you rubbing your eyes lazily before sitting up.
“Morning, Kookie,” you say before yawning and getting out of bed, making him pout. You pull down the shirt that you’ve taken from his closet, making sure it’s covering what it needs to before you step out of his bedroom. You head to the kitchen, starting the coffee machine before hopping on the counter as you wait for it to go off, the aroma filling the kitchen as you grip the counter and swing your legs back and forth, being mindful not to smack your legs on the cabinet. The shirt you’re wearing has risen on your thighs but with no one around you’re not too concerned about being modest, plus, everyone in the apartment had already seen you naked and been inside you anyway, so there was no real point in covering up much.
“Good morning!” Jimin comes in smiling and you smile, returning his greeting as he walks over to you to stand between your thighs.
“How is it that you two always end up in that position?” Yoongi asks as he sleepily walks in the kitchen to take a seat at the barstool, his chin resting in the palm of his hand as he watches the two of you.
“It’s not like I planned it, hyung. I didn’t know who was in the kitchen,” Jimin replies, looking over his shoulder at Yoongi, his hands on your thighs as he rests his forehead on yours. You smile, kissing him quickly before he steps away to join Yoongi.
“What are your plans for today?” Jimin asks as he takes his phone out to check his messages. You notice he’s already showered and dressed for the day, his hair perfectly styled.
“Namjoon’s gonna talk with them,” Yoongi shrugs, looking in your direction. You roll your eyes but know it’s very well deserved.
“And on that note, I’m out of here!” Jimin exclaims hopping off the barstool before sending the two of you a wave over his shoulder as he heads for the door. You watch him go. A second later, Taehyung is running past the two of you, waving as he follows Jimin out the door without so much as a word as to where they’re going.
“Smart move,” Yoongi chuckles as he gets up from his seat, taking Jimin’s previous spot between your legs, his hands on your thighs.
“For him, I’m still getting another lecture,” you sigh as you wrap your arms around Yoongi’s neck, pulling him closer before your legs wrapped around him.
“You fucked on the couch with everyone in the room, babe.”
“It’s not like anyone saw,” you defend weakly, but Yoongi just smiles.
“I noticed, Namjoon noticed, Jimin, Tae, plus I’m sure Hoseok knew. His ears were red.”
“In my defense, I was minding my business before Jungkook joined me,” You say but Yoongi shakes his head, his lips brushing against your neck before trailing kisses down to your collarbone, leaving his mark on your skin.
“Don’t worry, I may have talked to Joonie in your favor,” Yoongi murmurs as his hands slide beneath your shirt to grab your waist.
“Did you now?” You moan as his teeth nip at your collarbone, making you arch into his touch.
“I did,” Yoongi replies as his hands move higher until they’re cupping your breasts, his thumbs caressing your hardening buds as you begin to moan softly.
“Don’t make me add you to the list, hyung.” Namjoon states as he walks into the kitchen with a smirk on his face, Yoongi rolls his eyes and takes a step back, releasing your breasts.
“We weren’t fucking,” Yoongi smirks, but Namjoon shakes his head at the two of you, walking over to peck you both on the lips before taking a seat on a stool.
“I’m going to save you the lecture, seeing as Yoongi and I came to an understanding last night.”
“I sucked his dick.” Yoongi shrugs, loving the way Joon’s face turns red before looking away.
“I could have done that,” you mumble.
“That’s not what Jimin said,” Hoseok says as he walks into the kitchen to sit beside Namjoon.
“Oh?” Namjoon raises a brow, looking over at you as you feign interest in your nails.
“Oh, indeed.” Hoseok chuckles before he continues, “he ate her out after Jungkook fucked her on the couch. Apparently, Jiminie filled her with his cum then sent her off to play. Jungkook just happened to be the lucky winner last night.”
“And I’ll take that as my cue to leave,” you hop off the counter, ready to make a run for it, only for Yoongi to grab your waist and pull you with him to his barstool, where you sit in his lap.
“Nobody’s mad, baby,” Namjoon assures you as you get moved over to his lap. You snuggle into his neck, kissing it as he wraps his arms securely around you.
“You promise?”
“I promise.”
“Good, ‘cause I almost didn’t come out here,” Jungkook smirks as he joins you, taking a seat on Yoongi’s lap, who wraps his arms around the younger’s slim waist.
“You need to learn to control yourself, Jungkook-ah,” Namjoon states seriously as Jungkook lays his head on his boyfriend’s shoulder, stifling a yawn.
“Minnie had already filled her though,” he pouted, Namjoon couldn’t help but smile.
“It’s fine, Kook. Nobody’s mad,” Namjoon assures him, his hand reaching out to stroke the younger’s hair.
“I’m heading to the studio, so you all have fun,” Hoseok says as he stands, waving at them before he leaves the apartment. You climb out of Namjoon’s lap, grabbing a few mugs to pour coffee in as Jin walks in, greeting you all before he makes breakfast for you. As soon as breakfast is over, he leaves the apartment to go do errands and some shopping.
You grab Yoongi’s hand, leading him to the couch for cuddles, aware of the look Namjoon is sending you. He joins you soon after, resting his head on your shoulder as he takes your hand in his, lacing your fingers together before squeezing it.
“Let me take you out tonight, just the two of us,” Namjoon murmurs against your neck as his lips plant soft kisses on it.
You smile, nodding enthusiastically, “I’d love that.”
Namjoon smiles, his heart racing in his chest as he presses his lips against yours. You kiss him back eagerly, moaning into the kiss as you climb onto his lap, your hands wrapped around his strong shoulders.
Yoongi smiles warmly, quietly rising to his feet to drag Jungkook out of the room to give the two of you privacy.
Tumblr media
Hours later, you find yourself dressed and ready for your date. Namjoon has gone out to set up a few things for the two of you, but he’s promised to be back by eight, which would be in less than five minutes. You know you should be waiting at the door but you refuse to leave the apartment without the earrings Namjoon gave you for your first anniversary. You could have sworn they were in the jewelry box you kept in his room but after pulling everything out, you had been left disappointed.
You had already asked Jimin, Jin, Tae, and Hoseok to check their beds, dressers, and closets but alas, your earrings were nowhere to be found. Your last shot was asking Yoongi and Jungkook but you knew the two of them were probably napping or working on music together. You didn’t want to bother them but you already had one earring dangling from your ear and you desperately needed the other.
“Hey, have you seen-?” You cut what you were going to say, your mouth suddenly dry as you meet Yoongi’s gaze. He smirks as he looks at you over his right shoulder, “yes?”
You gulp, biting your bottom lip as you watch Yoongi roll his hips, Jungkook’s hands gripping him hard enough to bruise the elder’s delicate skin. Yoongi moans, his hands flat on Jungkook’s chest, tracing every ridge of his abs. Jungkook tilts his head back, hair splayed on the pillow as he grunts out Yoongi’s name.
“Fuck, you feel so good baby,” Jungkook pants, his voice gravely as Yoongi moans back in return, nails dragging down his boyfriend’s torso.
“Kook,” Yoongi keens as Jungkook digs his feet into the mattress before raising his hips to thrust into Yoongi harder and faster. Yoongi cries out in pleasure, his stomach hot with lust as Jungkook hits the right spot over and over again, his cries grew louder and louder, spewing obscenities.
“I’m gonna fill you with so much cum, baby. Want you dripping with it,” Jungkook huffs, his hair clinging to his damp forehead as Yoongi whimpers his name. He feels delicious, the pleasure of each strong thrust proving to be too much for him.
Jungkook smiles evilly, wrapping his hand around Yoongi’s cock, jerking him as he thrusts into his boyfriend. Yoongi can’t hold on, he’s covered in a sheen of sweat and moaning louder than you’ve ever heard before as he warns Jungkook of his orgasm. Jungkook grins, pleased as Yoongi loses himself to his touch, melting underneath him as his cock covers his hand with viscous white strands of his seed coating his hand.
“So good for me, hyung,” Jungkook praises softly as he licks the cum off his hand, finishing before turning his attention to you. Noona, what can I help you with? I’m a little busy at the moment but you can be next.”
“Or would you prefer to join us?” Yoongi asks with a salacious smirk as he looks at you over his shoulder.
You blink owlishly, watching Jungkook slowly thrust into Yoongi as Yoongi hugs Jungkook. You watch as Jungkook’s cock slides in and out of Yoongi, his hands rubbing his back as he kisses his shoulders, soft words of praise leaving his lips before he fills Yoongi with his seed. You can’t help but get turned on, wanting nothing more than to join them on their next round but you’re on a mission for a lost earring so you can go on your date.
“I-I was just looking for my earring,” you stutter, your eyes roving to the floor, cheeks tinted pink. Jungkook chuckles, causing you to look up at him only to see him and Yoongi kissing once again. You feel like you’re interrupting, taking a step back you try to leave but Jungkook stops you.
“Is this the earring you’re looking for?” He holds up your earring, holding it out to you as Yoongi nuzzles his face into Jungkook’s neck, wanting nothing more than for Jungkook to cuddle him. You take the earring from Jungkook, thanking him as you put it on with a smile. You lean forward, brushing your lips against Jungkook's as a thank you before turning to Yoongi and doing the same. Both men want you to stay but you turn them down, reminding them of your date with Namjoon.
“Come cuddle with us when you both get back,” Jungkook pouts while Yoongi nods sleepily.
“We might not be back tonight,” you admit, Yoongi pouts along with Jungkook this time making you giggle.
“Jungkook, clean him up and put him to bed. You wore him out,” You look from your youngest boyfriend to your eldest with a delicate smile. Jungkook turns to look down at Yoongi, who is still nestled on his shoulder, his sleepy eyes fluttering as he fights off sleep as best he can. Jungkook’s brows furrowed, one of his hands rubbing his elder’s lower back and the other caressing his cheek.
“I’ve got this, noona,” Jungkook assures you just as you all heard the front door open, followed by your name called out into the apartment by Namjoon.
You look toward the door then back at your boyfriends. You give them each a kiss on the lips, making both of them smile sheepishly, your hand on top of their joined ones. You wonder if they can hear how fast your heart is beating as you bite your bottom lip in hesitation before finally saying, “I love you both.”
Jungkook and Yoongi are shocked into silence as they watch you go, cheeks flushed with heat as they look at each other once you have left and shut the bedroom door.
It’s a minute before Yoongi finally managed to form a complete sentence, “she loves us.”
Jungkook looks up at Yoongi with shimmering eyes and a coy smile, his cheeks dusted pink, “we love her too.”
Tumblr media
Namjoon is ecstatic to see you, his arms wrap around you as soon as you’re within reach, his lips pressing against yours.
“You look beautiful, baby,” he compliments you, his eyes sparkling with an earnest as he kisses your cheek. You thank him, smiling at him as he hands you a bouquet that you love, immediately gushing over them. You take them from him as you quickly go to the kitchen to put them in a vase before returning to his side. He takes your hand in his and leads you out of the apartment.
You arrive at a restaurant twenty minutes later, it’s extremely private, which you appreciate as you take your seat. Namjoon holds your hand on the table, you squeeze his hand in return, mirroring the adoring look in his eyes.
“What?” You ask with a laugh, wondering if you’ve got something on your face.
“I’m just glad to be here with you. Don’t get me wrong, I love being with the boys but it’s nice to get you all alone now and again.”
“I get it, baby. It’s hard to spend time together as a couple but also with each of you. We try our best but I don’t want anyone feeling left out,” you state, Namjoon agrees.
“Jungkook and Yoongi are together right now, last night I was with Jungkook and you with Yoongi. We can spend all night together,” you assure him as he lifts your hand to place a kiss on it.
“Nothing would make me happier.”
Tumblr media
After dinner, Namjoon takes you on a night stroll by the Han river, holding your hand tightly in his as the two of you walk. You’re glad not a lot of people are around, and Namjoon has done his best to hide his beautiful face as to not get recognized in your private time.
You can feel the nervous energy radiating from him and you wonder what could make him so nervous. You don’t want to pry but as you continue to walk, you can’t help but notice that he grows even more nervous.
“Baby, are you okay?” You finally ask, coming to a halt. Namjoon looks at you, pulling down his face mask so his face isn’t obscured from you as he nods, turning to look to his left before looking back at you. You’re confused but you give him a moment to gather his thoughts.
“Let’s go sit over there and I’ll fill you in,” Namjoon says softly as he takes your hand and leads you to a bench nearby that overlooks the river.
You take a seat, expecting Namjoon to sit beside you but instead, he kneels in front of you, which you consider as odd as your brows knit together. Namjoon chuckles, shaking his head, “I’m not proposing, not yet anyway.”
Your heart races in your chest as your eyes widen, “you want to propose someday?”
“Of course,” Namjoon rubs the back of his neck, his cheeks flushed crimson as he maintains eye contact with you. “I love you, so much. I love the boys as well and I hope we can all be happy for a long, long time but I want to give you this promise ring because no matter what happens, you’ll still be my everything.”
You feel your eyes begin to water as you try to contain your tears as you look at the beautiful ring he’s holding.
“I love you, Namjoon,” your voice cracks as the tears finally roll down your cheeks. Namjoon chuckles lowly, slipping the ring on your finger as he carefully wipes your tears away.
“Don’t cry, baby,” Namjoon whispers, his voice sounding at the edge of tears as well, which makes you giggle before you wipe the last of your tears away before standing up and holding out your hand for Namjoon to take.
He takes your hand, rubbing his thumb over yours as the two of you begin walking the way you had come from, only to get into the car that had dropped you off at the restaurant. Namjoon tells the driver to take you home but you intercept and tell him to take you to your apartment instead. Namjoon raises a brow in question but nods as the driver sets the GPS to your address.
When you pull up outside your building, the driver opens your door before Namjoon gets out to help you. You take his hand and thank the driver as you walk to the door of your building, inputting the code to allow you both in. You walk to the elevator, selecting the third floor after you step inside.
Namjoon wraps his arm around your waist, pulling you to his side, his lips brushing your temple, “why are we here, baby?”
“I just thought we could spend some time alone together. We haven’t in a few months,” you respond as you unlock your front door, leading your boyfriend inside.
You would be home a few days out of the week or when the boys would go overseas, but while they were home, you hardly ever saw your apartment.
“It’s been a while since I’ve been here,” Namjoon murmurs as he takes off his jacket to hang on the coat rack by the door.
You walk over to him, your hand on his chest as you kiss him, his hands going to your hips to pull you closer. You walk backward toward your bedroom, bumping into the walls on the way, giggling as Namjoon finally carries you and lays you on your bed.
“I love you,” he whispers, his hand caressing your cheek before his beautiful lips are on yours once again. You moan into the kiss, his hand gripping your thigh to wrap around his hip as you feel his erection press into you. You want him, you need him to fill you and make you call out his name over and over again.
“Namjoon,” his name leaves your lips in a breathy sigh, your hands gripping his hair as his lips trail kisses to your neck, marking it deeply. You arch into him, his hands moving to remove your dress to discard it on your bedroom floor. His hands then move over to roam your body, the feeling of lace beneath his fingertips has him sitting up to look at you.
“Wow,” Namjoon is breathless, his eyes on the lace lingerie that covers your body, hugging your frame nicely. His fingers run over your nipples, smirking when they harden under his touch.
His name escapes your lips, his hands moving beneath you to unclasp the thin bra to take it off you. His lips kissing your exposed skin, his tongue swirling around your nipple teasingly. You grip the sheets, moaning as he moves to the other to do the same before kissing his way down your body. Your skin is heated, desire pooling deep inside you as he pulls your lace panties down your thighs and off your legs fully.
“You know, Jimin has a bunch of your panties in his room,” Namjoon chuckles as he holds yours in his hands. You fall back onto the pillows, giggling and shaking your head back and forth, “I told him to stop taking them.”
“He wants to take you shopping to buy you more,” Namjoon wiggles his eyebrows suggestively, you smile.
“As long as he replaces what he takes,” you admonish, smiling as Namjoon places several kisses on your thighs, your panties thrown on the floor.
“Fuck, Joonie,” you gasp as you feel his finger tease your entrance, your arousal coating his finger generously.
Namjoon smirks, pushing a second finger into you to hear your reaction. You feel amazing around his fingers, he can’t wait to bury his cock inside you.
“You get wet so easily, baby. You always feel so good, no wonder we all want you,” Namjoon hums as he moves down to tease your clit with his tongue. A lewd moan tumbles from our lips, not able to reply to Namjoon as he continues to finger you before his tongue replaces his fingers. He grips your thighs tightly when you try to squirm away, the sensation becoming too much for an instant, he backs off. The obscene sounds of him eating you out fill your bedroom as your legs end up over his shoulders, his tongue licking up every drop of arousal that he possibly can.
Your fingers become embedded in his thick locks, tugging them whenever he does something you love, your thighs clamping his head to keep him in place. You melt into the pillow, your hands moving to cup your breasts as you feel yourself getting close to the edge. Your moans grow louder as Namjoon teasingly licks your folds, his fingers curling inside you as he suckles your clit softly. You can’t hold on much longer, your back arching slightly as you moan Namjoon’s name as pleasure washes over you. Namjoon watches you enthralled, his actions not seizing until he’s sure you’ve ridden it out and lay on the bed boneless. He chuckles, carefully withdrawing from you.
“Feel good, babe?”
You nod, unable to speak as you reach out for him, your lips meeting his, tasting yourself on his lips and tongue. He moans when you bite his lip, tugging it for a second before releasing it. You tug on his shirt, making him take it off before you have him strip completely.
Namjoon strokes his cock, his eyes on yours as he moans softly. You bite your lip, your eyes taking in his wonderful body, lingering on his hard cock. You want him and you show him so by spreading your legs further, your hand moving down your body until your finger is rubbing your clit. Namjoon curses at the sight, licking his lips as he moves closer, his cock pushing your hand out of the way as his cock rubs your clit before sliding down along your wet folds, coating his cock in your essence.
Moans are released from both your lips, his cock throbbing as he pushes the tip in slowly, teasingly.
“Baby, please,” You whine, raising your hips to take more of him in; Namjoon hisses in response.
Your name escapes him in a breathy sigh as he pushes in fully, your moans mixing with his as he bottoms out. You grasp his back, your lips capturing his in a heated kiss, your tongues intertwined. Namjoon thrusts into you slowly, grinding his hips into yours as his lips press kisses to the column of your throat, nipping your flesh hard enough to mark you.
“You feel so fucking good, Y/n,” he grunts as he gives you a deep thrust that has your cunt clenching around his cock. He groans at the feeling, your walls holding him tightly before they release him, allowing him to continue his pace. You kiss his lips, his cheeks, any part of him that you can reach as you both moan for each other. It’s been too long since the two of you have had a moment to yourselves and you plan on enjoying every second of it.
“Joonie,” you dig your nails into his back, moaning louder as he goes harder, faster. Your legs wrap around him tighter, his hands gripping you hard enough to bruise but you love it. You love having him on top of you, buried deep inside you as he fucks you into the mattress. Sweat beads on your skin, your body heated with lust as you take his cock.
You squeal in surprise when he flips the two of you over so you’re on top, his hold on you never faltering as he sinks his heels into the mattress to thrust upwards into you. You gasp, holding onto him as best as you can as you take his cock, your eyes landing on the ring he’s given you. He catches your eye, looking at your ring as he slows his thrusts to bring your hand to his lips, a kiss placed right above your ring.
“Beautiful,” he mumbles as he looks you in the eye, allowing you to take control. You ride his cock slowly, your hand rubbing your clit as he cups your breasts in his hands, rolling your nipples and tugging on them lightly as he feels you pulsating around him.
“Cum for me, baby. Cum all over my cock,” he grunts as he grinds his hips into yours. You wrap your arms around his neck as he sits up, your lips on his neck kissing it and moaning as he holds you tight.
“Joonie,” you cry out, rolling your hips a few times before he feels you cum. He curses, his voice is laced with lust as he kneads your ass, allowing you to ride out your orgasm. He continues to fuck you through it, your moans turning into soft whimpers before he groans out your name as his cock releases his seed, coating your walls completely. His lips find yours, kissing you as he pulls out of you, his cum smears your thighs as he lays you on the bed.
“I love you, Y/n,” his voice is soft as his fingers dance along your hip, his eyes meeting yours a second after.
“I love you too, Joonie. Always,” you respond as he leans over you, his soft lips brushing against yours in a dulcet kiss. Your heart races in your chest as you pull him closer, your kisses eliciting round two.
Tumblr media
The next morning, Namjoon and you go back to his place, holding hands as you walk through the door. Namjoon has told you that he has to go straight to the studio after breakfast, which makes you a bit sad.
Jungkook and Jimin are in the kitchen when you walk in, Jungkook coming over to pull you into a hug and kiss you before running back to the stove where he’s making pancakes.
Jimin waves before coming over to hug you, his arm lingering on your waist before he releases you and goes back to help Jungkook.
“Jin-hyung went out to ride his bike, I think Yoongi-hyung is going to his studio so they’ll probably bump into each other.” Jimin states after you asked where everyone was. “Hoseok hyung is still asleep and Tae is taking a shower.”
“Here you go,” Jungkook says as he sets a stack of pancakes on the table, you allow the boys to eat first, seeing as they were all going to their studios to work today.
“You can come with us,” Jimin suggests but you shake your head with a sly smile.
“I’ll only be a distraction to you all.”
“That’s not true, noona!” Jungkook protests and you remind him about movie night, his face flushed scarlet before he hides in Namjoon’s chest. Jimin chuckles, telling you that you’re more than welcome to distract him at work.
“Please, you’ll spend the whole day fucking and get nothing done,” Namjoon rolls his eyes playfully, making you poke him.
“That doesn’t sound like a bad way to spend the day,” Taehyung chimes in as he takes a seat beside Jimin, grabbing one of the leftover pancakes.
“And on that note, I’m taking the maknaes to work,” Namjoon sighs as he grabs the three boys by their collars and drags them to the door. You follow after, giggling before kissing each of the boys on the cheek and sending them off.
Pouting, you realize you’re alone as you clean up the kitchen, making sure to put the leftovers in the fridge for Hoseok. You wonder if he’d be upset if you went in to cuddle with him.
You go down the hall to his bedroom, quietly opening the door to see him asleep, one of his arms hanging over the bed as he sleeps. You tiptoe cautiously, your hand on his shoulder as you shake him until his eyes open, brows knitted in confusion.
“Can I sleep with you, Seok?” You whisper.
“Yes, get in,” he scoots back toward the wall, lifting his comforter to allow you to crawl beside him. He wraps his arms around your waist and pulls you into his chest before he falls asleep once again. You’re still worn out from last night (and this morning) thanks to Namjoon, and sleep soon overtakes you.
When you awake hours later, Hoseok’s body is pressed flush against yours. You snuggle further into him, enjoying the warmth his body provides until you hear him murmur, “stop wiggling your ass on my dick.”
“Sorry,” you mumble an apology as you continue to move back to get closer. Hoseok sighs, his nose buried in the crook of your neck, inhaling your scent deeply before whispering, “you’re making me hard, babe.”
You moan in response, rolling over to face him, biting your bottom lip. Hoseok’s eyes meet yours, his fierce gaze lighting a fire deep within you.
“Hoseok,” you breathe his name softly, your hands on his chest as he leans forward to press his lips against yours. You kiss him back eagerly, his hands gripping your shirt, his hard cock straining against the thin material of his shorts.
“I want you,” you murmur against his lips, your thighs clenching together in response as his hand slides beneath the material of your shirt.
“Do you, baby?” His voice is laced with lust, making you moan in return as you pull your shirt over your head to discard on the floor. Your bare chest greets his eyes, his tongue running along his bottom lip as he takes it in.
“You’re so beautiful,” he murmurs as his hand cups your breast, squeezing it lightly before kissing you again.
His lips are as soft as you remember them being, his grip on you as arousing as the last time; he pulls you closer. His hand moves down your side, his fingers toyed with the waistband of your panties, giving you time to tell him to stop but you don’t.
His hand slips into your panties, moaning into your neck when his fingers feel how wet you are, his thumb teasingly brushing your clit.
“Hoseok,” you moan as your hand wraps around his wrist, wanting to feel more pressure on your clit as his lips plant kisses on the column of your throat.
“So wet and ready for me already,” he murmurs as he sinks two of his fingers into your wet cunt. You cry out his name, spreading your legs further apart to allow him more room to work with.
“Please,” you whimper, arching into his touch, his lips nipping your neck as his fingers curl inside you, his thumb rubbing languid circles on your clit.
“Does it feel good, princess?” You moan in response, your lips meeting his as your hand becomes laced in his hair, your hips rocking up to meet his hand. Hoseok grunts, feeling your thighs tremble as he nips your bottom lip, tugging it slightly before releasing it. His lips trail down to the valley of your breasts, kissing your soft skin before his lips wrap around your nipple. His tongue laced over it, swirling around before his teeth tug on it gently with enough pressure to have you keening in response. His name rolls off your tongue in a sinful tone he’s heard before. He smirks up at you after releasing your nipple, his fingers teasing you as he feels you tense beneath him, gripping the sheets as you bury your face in his neck, your teeth sinking into his shoulder as you muffle your cries of ecstasy as you orgasm. Hoseok groans your name, his fingers not slowing until your teeth release his shoulder as you fall back onto the pillows, panting as you weakly push his hand away.
Hoseok brings his fingers to his lips, licking them clean with a devilish smile before his lips capture yours, his tongue entwined with yours, allowing you to taste yourself.
“So sweet,” he murmurs against your lips, his hand wrapping around his cock as he rubs the head on your clit, moaning at the sensation as your essence coats the tip.
His eyes meet yours, no longer focused on your hips as he sighs heavily, “you’re so beautiful, princess. So soft and sweet, warm and wet just for me.”
You can feel the heat radiating off your body, hoping your blushing cheeks aren’t obvious, but his resounding chuckle assures you that they are. You raise your head slightly, pressing your lips against his as your fingers grip his hair, your moans mix as you feel him push into you. His mouth captures your surprised gasp, his cock pushing into you until he bottoms out, holding his position as he kisses your face, his lips moving down to your neck.
“How is it that you always feel this-” Hoseok grunts, thrusting into you once again. “Fucking good every time?”
“Hoseok, please.”
“Please what, princess?”
“Fuck me? Make me come? I don’t know, just please, don’t stop,” you whimper, your nails dug into his back, your thighs wrapping around his hips tighter, moaning his name as he fucked you.
“Anything for you, baby,” Hoseok murmurs as his lips meet yours, languid thrusts of his hips making you arch into him. You cry out his name, your body tingling with pleasure, your hands laced in his hair, tugging it to coax out sinful moans from him.
“Hoseok,” he hums in response, gripping your hips before he grabs your legs to put them on his shoulders. You can feel him deeper now, your hands cupping your breasts as he plows into you, his balls slapping against your ass with each powerful thrust. You gasp, finding purchase in the sheets as Hoseok releases a guttural groan that has you pulsating on his cock.
“You’re so beautiful, Y/n.” Hoseok grunts, his hair falling over his eyes, his right hand pushing it back as he grips your legs, turning his head to kiss your ankle before he resumes his pace.
“Seok!” You can’t hold back any longer, your body is thrumming with pleasure as your orgasm hits you, arching into Hoseok as he fucks you through it, moaning when he feels you clench around him. He curses, licking his lips as you trigger his orgasm, a deep moan of your name tumbling from his lips as he coats your walls in his seed, thrusting into you until you've milked him dry.
Carefully, Hoseok pulls out of you to lie at your side, his arm draping around your waist as he pulls you close, kissing your temple.
“I’ve missed you,” he murmurs as he holds you, wishing more than anything that you were his.
“I’ve missed you too,” you admit in a quiet tone, not wanting to ruin the ambiance in the room as he delicately strokes your hair.
Hoseok brushed his lips against yours, holding you tightly in his arms, “I love you.”
Tumblr media
Three days later, you find yourself getting out of Jungkook’s bed after him, Jimin, Namjoon, Yoongi and you had a long night of mostly fucking followed by cuddles. You were worn out, beyond worn out, but your body was growing used to it.
You hopped in the shower, washing away the last remains of the previous night, taking your time for the hot water to soothe your aching muscles before heading out to start your day.
You weren’t surprised to see all the boys at the table, everyone except Jin and Taehyung looked like they were heading off to work.
“Good morning,” you mumbled as you rubbed your eyes before sitting on Namjoon’s lap. He instantly wrapped his arms around your waist, brushing your hair to the side to plant a kiss on your neck.
“Good morning, baby.” Everyone greeted you, making you blush as you nuzzled into Namjoon’s neck. He chuckled, kissing your forehead before giving you a piece of toast.
“What’s everyone up to?” You ask as you look at Jungkook and then at Yoongi.
“Namjoon, Jimin and I are helping Jungkook with his mixtape,” Yoongi states as he places his head on Jungkook’s shoulder. You smile at the scene, Jungkook wrapping his arm around Yoongi to pull him closer.
“I’m going to the studio to work on my mixtape,” Hoseok offers, not meeting your gaze as he looks at Jimin instead. You still haven't talked to him about what he had said three days prior, wanting to talk to Namjoon and the boys first, seeing as Jimin has just also been added into your relationship the night before.
Jimin furrowed his brows, looking at Hoseok and then at you before he rose from his seat, taking your hand in his before excusing the two of you.
“What’s going on, baby?” Jimin asks softly, his hands cupping your cheeks as he caresses your face.
“Nothing,” you lie quickly but Jimin shakes his head.
“Don’t lie to me, Y/n. Tell me what’s wrong, baby? What’s going on with you and hyung?” His thumbs rub circles into your cheeks, making you pout.
“He said he loves me,” you admit ruefully, making Jimin’s eyebrows knit together.
“You know we all love you, baby. What’s wrong with that?”
“He said it after we had sex. We were cuddling, and he said it and I wanted to say it back but I got scared,” you sigh heavily, looking up at Jimin.
“There’s nothing to be scared of, baby. I promise, we all love you so much. It’s no surprise hyung’s fallen for you too. Jin also, and I’m sure under Taehyung’s fuckboy exterior, he loves you too. We all love each other, Y/n. You’ve just brought us together,” Jimin kisses your lips, his hands moving to your waist as he holds you close. You put your fingers through his belt loops, holding him close as you kiss him back with so much passion, it makes your toes curl.
Jimin moaned into the kiss. His hands squeeze your hips as your hands slip under his shirt, feeling the smooth planes of his torso. Jimin slides his hands upward, cupping your breasts and rubbing the stiff peaks that poke through your shirt, a moan of his name filling his ears.
“Fuck, baby. I love it when you moan for me,” Jimin whispers huskily as his plush lips press kisses on your neck, his hands pulling you flush against his body as he nips at the flesh. You moan his name once again, melting under his smoldering touch, your body thrumming with arousal as his lips meet yours again.
His tongue pressed against the seam of your lips, your mouth parting to allow him in as you move your hands down to his ass, squeezing it. Jimin chuckles airily, winking at you before he kisses you once again, your eyes fluttering shut from the passion of it.
Jimin leaves you breathless, panting as he breaks the kiss with a smug look on his face and a devious twinkle in his eyes.
“That’s my girl,” Jimin pushes a lock of your hair behind your ear, smiling brightly at you before kissing your forehead. His duality throws you for a loop.
“How about, tomorrow night we all get together and talk?”
“I think that’s a great idea, Minnie. Can you arrange it?”
“Anything for you, my love,” Jimin takes your hand in his, leading you back to the kitchen so you can say your goodbyes to all your boys as they head off to work.
“I’m heading to my bedroom if you need me,” Tae calls out as he leaves the kitchen after cleaning up. You nod in acknowledgment before turning to Jin.
“What do you have planned today?”
“I’m just going to play some games in my room. You can come to watch if you’d like,” Jin offers, and you gladly accept as you follow him to his bedroom. He has you sit on his bed while he gets his computer ready before deciding which game to play.
Once he starts playing, you watch him intently, cheering him on when he does well and giggling when he doesn’t.
You eventually pull up a chair to sit beside him, resting your head on his shoulder despite being jostled every so often. You know you hadn’t spent much time with Jin, especially since he was trying to keep his distance, but he was still your friend.
“Do you want to watch a movie after I finish this round?” Jin asks as he takes his eyes off the screen for a second to look at you.
“That sounds great,” you smile eagerly, nodding as you sit up to watch him finish the round successfully before logging off.
You get into his bed, waiting for him to come back with popcorn and drinks while you pick a few movies to decide which one to watch. You’re not entirely sure what he’s in the mood for but you hope it’ll be something you’ll both like.
When Jin comes back, he hands you a drink and places the popcorn on the bedside table before looking at the movies you’ve selected and picked one of them before popping it in and sitting beside you. You snuggle up to him, loving how warm he feels beside you as you rest your head on his shoulder.
Jin smiles to himself, loving how you feel pressed against him, resisting the urge to kiss you. He often thought about that night on your birthday, he had shared you with Tae and Namjoon but he still felt his dream had come true when he had you, held you, tasted you. He couldn’t help but feel guilty about it though, not about sleeping with you but of the feelings he held for you. He thought that if he avoided you, he’d be able to overcome them, but if anything, it just made his longing worse. He craved to see you, to touch you, to hold you in his arms like the others and have you smiling for him, but he couldn’t.
Jin sighed as he looked at you, your lips curving into a smile as you watched the movie, not noticing the storm brewing in his mind displayed by the frown on his lips. What would it be like to hold you once again? To kiss you? To have you wrapped around him while you moaned his name like never before, over and over until your voice grew hoarse?
Jin squirmed uncomfortably in his seat, his cock growing hard as flashes of your birthday filled his mind. You writhing as you took his cock, moaning his name as he filled you to the brim.
Jin tried to get over you, he honestly did and he had spoken to Namjoon about his feelings but Jin didn’t want to come between anything but now that you were with four of his ‘brothers’ how could he? Didn’t you have enough love to go around without him? Would you even notice him as Taehyung did? Jin blushes at the thought, remembering the night of the Muster when Tae had been extra flirty with him, which led to them being tangled in his sheets later that night. Jin felt his ears burn as he cleared his throat, looking away from you as his cock strained against his pants.
Jin had to stop thinking about you and Taehyung all together, he didn’t know where to go from here. Jin sighed, allowing you to curl up in his arms, moving to sit between his legs as he wrapped his arms around you.
“What are you thinking about?” Your voice startled him out of his reverie, his eyes wide as he smiles sheepishly.
“Nothing,” he lies as he holds you tighter, you turn your head to look at him, frowning as you think about pestering him or letting it go. You lean closer, pressing a kiss to the corner of his lips before eyeing him cautiously.
Your hand caresses his cheek, he falls into your touch, turning his head to plant a kiss on your lips that earns him a gasp from you.
“I can’t,” Jin sighs, making you nod as you caress his cheek.
“You know you mean a lot to me, right?”
“I know, it’s just...what if I get hurt?”
“That’s a risk all of us are taking with each other, Jin. All of you could tell me to fuck off tomorrow and it’s something I’m willing to risk because I love all of you so much. It’s been hard pretending like I don’t have feelings for you and I can keep pretending if it’s what you want but I just need you to know.” Jin is at a loss for words, not sure if he’s heard you correctly as he blinked owlishly.
“Besides,” you continue. “Namjoon and Yoongi have told me about you all. We’d love to have you, Namjoon especially.”
“I didn’t think Namjoon and Yoongi still felt like that about me,” Jin mumbled more to himself as he looks away from you, opting to stare at the floor instead.
“It wasn’t my place to say but I can’t just keep quiet when you’re visibly upset.”
“I appreciate your concern, sweetie. It’s just hard being around you, all of you. Namjoon, Yoongi and I were together for a while but once Namjoon met you, everything changed. It’s not your fault or his, I was just...hurt? For a while I found it painful to be around the two of you, Yoongi handled it better than I did…” Seokjin trails off, getting lost in his thoughts as you briefly recall a few instances at the beginning of your relationship with Namjoon in which Seokjin had been anything but friendly. You nod in understanding at the revelation, Seokjin places his hand on top of yours, stroking it with his thumb as he offers you a wary smile.
“I was still learning about myself when Namjoon met you,” Jin continues, his tongue swiping along his bottom lip to moisten it before continuing. “It was hard to figure out who I was while losing the person that I cherished deeply. I grew cold, despondent until Yoongi cornered me one day to tell me I was being an ass to everyone, but especially you… I’m still sorry about that.”
You smile warmly at him, assuring him you understood as he inhales profoundly, blinking as he clears his throat.
“You wormed your way into my heart, you’re so sweet, kind, smart, funny and you give Namjoon a run for his money with that mouth of yours,” you giggle at his words, placing your head on his shoulder as you intertwine your hands.
“Then, Namjoon sat me down with Taehyung to tell us about your birthday and I didn’t know what would come of it. I found myself thinking of that night over and over again, so much so, that Namjoon had to sit me aside and I confessed. I still held feelings for him, but along with those feelings, I was starting to fall for you. I was scared, I still am. I recoiled into myself once again, avoided you when all I wanted to do was be with you, just like Namjoon and Jungkook, but I couldn’t. It hurt to be around you both, then Taehyung and I got together and it got easier... I’m terrified of putting my heart on the line again but I’m willing to do it for you.”
Your heart is racing in your chest, slamming against your rib cage as you become overwhelmed with so much elation, you can’t contain it. Your lips brush against his in a tentative kiss that has you smiling bashfully, his smile mirroring yours as his hand cups your cheek. His obsidian eyes gaze deeply into yours, noting the adoration they hold for him.
“When did this all get so out of hand?” He murmurs, his thumb brushing your cheek in small circles.
“I think we handle it well. There’s plenty of love to go around,” you assure him, making him smile genuinely as he tentatively looks at your lips before closing the distance between you.
You moaned into the kiss, his plush lips sending tingles down your spine as you turn to face him, his hands on your hips in an instant.
“Seokjin,” you moan softly, his tongue slipping past your lips to meet your own, tasting you further. You’ve missed kissing Jin, missed the way he held you so tight as he did. Your hands rest on his broad shoulders, moving to straddle his hips as the two of you fall back onto his mattress. His hands roam your body, stroking your sides before he grabs your ass, squeezing it as you feel his erection pressed against your lower abdomen.
“Fuck,” Jin chuckles as he runs a hand through his hair as the two of you take a moment to catch your breath. “Look what you do to me, baby.”
You blush, making him smirk as he meets your gaze, your hand cupping his cock through his pants. A wanton moan escapes him, your pussy clenching around nothing as you crave to hear more of his moans.
Your hands are quick to take his shirt off, your lips planting kisses on every inch of his exposed skin, soft mewls leaving his lips. You roll your hips against him, moaning at the stimulation as you continue. Jin’s lips meet yours, his hands cupping your face as he holds you to him, his cock straining against his pants as he aches for relief.
Jin rests his forehead against yours, breathing deeply as his gaze meets yours. You stroke his cheek, pecking his lips, “I love you, Jin. I’ve missed you.”
Your admission has warmth spreading in his chest, his cheeks turning pink as he tells you he loves you as well before he captures your lips into a passionate kiss that leaves your toes curling.
You smile, pinning Jin down for a moment as you kiss his face all over, ending with a gentle kiss to his lips. You let his wrists go, running your hands over his bare chest, loving the way he feels beneath you.
“I love you,” you whisper as your lips trail kisses down his chest, marking him as yours as your lips meet the waistband of his pants. You scoot down, spreading his legs to make room for you as you undo the button of his jeans before pulling the zipper down.
Jin watches you with hooded eyes, licking his lips as he raises his hips to aid you in pulling his pants low enough for his boxers to be exposed. A wet patch is obvious on his gray boxers, Jin sits up on his elbows for a better view of you laving your tongue over his clothed erection. He sighs heavenly at the warmth of your tongue, groaning when you mouth at the head. Your fingers grip the waistband of his boxers, tugging them down until you’re able to take his pants and boxers off completely. Your mouth waters at the sight of him naked, his vascular hand wrapped around his hard cock, pre-cum beading at the head as he strokes himself, his eyes locked on yours.
Your teeth sink into your bottom lip, biting back a moan as you take your shirt off, discarding it on his bedroom floor. Jin isn’t surprised to see you’ve forgone a bra and panties as you take your shorts off.
“You’re so beautiful,” he whispers, his eyes never leaving yours as you crawl toward him, your lips on his as you lose yourself in his kiss. Moans fill his room as the two of you continue to kiss, caressing each other as your wet cunt slides up and down his cock, aching to be stretched by him.
“Jin,” his name rolls of your tongue needily, your lips trailing kisses to his neck, nipping at the skin until it blooms red before you move down his body, kissing him as you go. You wrap your hand around his cock, your mouth watering at the memory of the last time you had it. You spit on it, your tongue licking him from base to tip, a groan escaping him.
“Fuck, baby,” Jin grips your hair in one hand, holding you as you tease him with your tongue before sucking on the head, tonguing at his slit. His thighs clench, head lolling back as he moans your name repeatedly. You smile to yourself, bobbing your head up and down, taking as much of his cock as you can handle while your hands stroke the rest. Jin loses himself to the sensation, his moans growing louder and louder as you slurp his cock obscenely.
Your chest swells with pride as you hear him come undone, gasping and moaning your name as he finally asks you to stop before he comes down your throat. You release his cock with a pop, a bridge of saliva connecting the two of you before you lean back and break it, giggling at the fucked-out look on Jin’s face as he pants, a hand on his chest as he regains his breath.
“Fuck, I need a minute,” he breathes, falling back on the bed as you climb over him to lay at his side, his left arm immediately wraps around your hips as you plant open-mouthed kisses on his neck, your hand trailing down his chest, teasing his nipples, earning you soft whines from him.
A moan of your name tumbles from his lips, his eyes closing as his cock throbs, aching for release. Jin swears he can cum from this alone, but he holds back, exhaling shakily as he steels himself to keep himself from cumming too soon.
“Baby,” his voice is strained, his hand on yours to stop you when his lips meet yours. He kisses you gently, tasting you fully as he rolls you over on your back. You bite back a moan as your hands run over his broad shoulders, yearning to decorate them with your marks. Your eyes meet his, his hand gripping your thigh before he slots himself between your thighs. You watch him intently, excitement and arousal bubbling deep in your abdomen as you clench around nothing.
“How long have I waited for this moment, love? How long have I loved you in silence until I could finally have you? Y/n, you’re everything to me,” Jin whispers, careful with you as he kisses your lips gently, leaving you speechless as he places your leg on his shoulder, the other beneath him as he finally sinks into you.
“Seokjin!” You cry out his name, gripping the sheets as you feel him bottom out completely. You feel him so much deeper in this position, loving the way his cock kisses your cervix with every thrust.
“You feel so good, baby. I’ve missed this, missed you,” he groans as his eyes flutter shut, his plump lips parted as his being thrummed with arousal. You feel glorious wrapped around him, so tight and wet that he feels lightheaded with each thrust.
“Ugh, fuck. Jin, baby,” you cry out, his hand moving to your clit, his skilled fingers rubbing it as your thighs tremble. He sets your leg down carefully, pulling you closer and grunts when your nails dig into his shoulders as he continues to thrust into you, his fingers rubbing your aching clit.
You know you’re close; he knows you’re close, he can feel it in the way you’re pulsating around him, clenching him hard.
“Jin, I love you,” you manage to say in between moans as he fucks you harder, filling you to the brim as his balls slap against your ass with each powerful thrust. His lips meet the column of your throat, nipping and mouthing at it in between grunts and groans as he feels ready to fall over the edge.
Jin can feel you orgasm, your back arching into the warmth of his body as your nails leave pink streaks down his back when you moan his name louder than he’s ever heard before. He curses, burying himself in your neck as he moans your name in a mantra as he feels his release filling you.
“Yes, yes. Take it, baby. Please, take it,” he hisses as he fucks you through his orgasm until he’s completely spent and then some. He’s reluctant to pull out of you, not wanting to miss the way you feel around him.
After a few moments, Jin pulls out, captivated by the way his cum flows freely from your cunt, smearing on your thighs and his sheets. He can’t deny the sight is impeccable.
Jin lays his head on your chest, his left arm wrapped around your waist as you rub his back in slow circles. You don’t speak for a while, just enjoying the afterglow peacefully. You’re not sure when you fall asleep, but you certainly weren’t ready for the commotion that woke you up.
Tumblr media
“Where is she?”
“She’s not answering her phone!”
“Have you checked the rooms?!
“Did someone check her apartment?”
“Where’s Jin hyung?” You recognize your youngest boyfriend’s frantic voice as you stir from all your boyfriends’ hectic shouts. You see Jin stirring in his sleep but not rising as you look around and find his shirt. You place it over your body and tiptoe toward the door, opening it as silently as possible before stepping out into the hall.
You see all the boys, minus Hoseok, in the living room with worried faces, your heart sinking in your stomach as you clear your throat.
“Baby! Oh, we were so worried about you. Why didn’t you answer your phone?” Namjoon asks as he pulls you into a hug.
“I’m sorry, I was asleep,” you answer him as Jungkook pulls you into a hug, kissing the top of your head before Jimin wraps his arms around the both of you. Tae gives you a warm smile and Yoongi is looking at your bare thighs.
“Where were you?” Yoongi asked, his voice low and firm, making the boys release you.
That’s when all the men look at you, your cheeks flushed with heat as you look down at your feet, wiggling your toes.
“She was with me,” Jin states as he walks into the living room in nothing but pajama pants with his arms crossed over his chest as he stands beside you.
Jungkook looks down at your legs, noting the white stains on your thighs. The rest of the boys notice too, Yoongi huffing as he sits on the couch with Jimin sitting beside him. Taehyung doesn’t know whether he should stay or leave and Hoseok has just walked into the house with a confused look on his face. Immediately noting the tension in the room.
“Jungkook, go clean up Y/n and come join us after,” Namjoon instructs the younger man, who nods and takes your hand to lead you to his bedroom.
Namjoon waits until Jungkook has gotten you out of the room before turning to Jin, “what’s going on?”
Jin shrugs, looking at the floor as he uncrosses his arms before taking a seat on the opposite end of the couch, feeling Yoongi’s harsh glare on him.
“I told her how I felt and we had sex,” Jin answers, finally meeting Namjoon’s gaze.
“That’s great, hyung. I told you you should have spoken up sooner,” Namjoon grins, sitting beside him as Yoongi looks at him, flabbergasted. Hoseok looks at Taehyung before taking the remaining seats.
“Is this a bad time for me to say I love Y/n too,” Hoseok asks meekly, feeling the heat of all their stares as he looks down at his hands that are sitting on his lap.
“What?” Yoongi sighs in exasperation, running his fingers through his hair.
“Me too,” Taehyung pipes up, bashful with rose-tinted cheeks as he looks over at Jin. Seokjin pats his lap, Taehyung walking over and sitting on it while everyone is processing the recent revelations.
“So we’re all in love with each other?” Jimin asks as he looks around the room, everyone nodding and looking over at Namjoon and Yoongi.
“I love all of you too,” you speak up as you enter the room with Jungkook at your side, his arm wrapped around your waist to hold you at his side.
“Yoongi, I know this is hard for you but I love them all,” You cross the room to sit on his lap, his arms wrapping around you as he rests his chin on your shoulder.
“I know, I just don’t want to be lost in the crowd,” Yoongi mumbles softly. You cup his face, kissing his lips briefly.
“You won’t be, I promise. I have so much love to give and so do the others. You’re so special to us, Yoongi. We love you. I love you,” you caress his cheek before kissing him once again, his hold on you tightening as he holds you to him. Jungkook walks over to Namjoon, placing his head on his chest as he wraps his arms around the elder’s waist. Hoseok rubs the back of his neck awkwardly as he looks at Jimin, who smiles and shrugs.
“So what does this mean?” Taehyung speaks up, looking around the room before he looks at you and Namjoon.
You’re not sure how to answer, your eyes landing on Namjoon. He looks at each of the members, their hopeful conflicted gazes meeting his before he lands on you once again, “it means… we’re all together.”
Jin, Hoseok, and Taehyung release the breath they were holding, Jungkook and Jimin smile warmly and Yoongi buries his face in your shoulder, kissing it repeatedly.
“What about rules?” Jungkook chirps from beside Namjoon, not letting him go as Namjoon pats his hair.
“They’re pretty simple,” Namjoon starts, looking at Jin, Hoseok, and Tae. “Consent for all partners, that includes those who just want to watch. Try to keep it in the bedroom and keep the mess to a minimum. If problems arise, we will hold a meeting like this to discuss, I don’t want our relationship causing strife to anyone.”
“That seems fair,” Jungkook pipes up as he goes toward Jimin, letting him rise from his seat before he takes it and pulls Jimin onto his lap.
“Is there anything else we should discuss?” Namjoon raises a brow as he looks around the room. Yoongi shakes his head, holding you close to him before he excuses the two of you. He takes your hand, leading you to his bedroom.
“Hey, it’ll be okay,” you whisper as you lay beside him on his bed, his arms wrapping around your waist immediately.
“I know, it’s just hard sharing you with everyone. I don’t want to be forgotten,” Yoongi admits as you snuggle into him, your back meeting his chest. His hands lace over yours on top of your stomach, his lips brushing against your throat.
“Did you sleep much earlier? We didn’t mean to startle you awake, we were just worried,” Yoongi explains as he kisses the top of your head.
“It was only about twenty minutes,” you shrug as you turn to face him, your hand caressing his cheek before your eyes meet his, your thumb running over his lips. Yoongi looks from your thumb to your eyes, his lips meeting yours.
“Yoongi,” you sigh happily as your hands become threaded in his hair, lightly tugging at it as he nips your bottom lip.
“I love you,” he murmurs gently, kissing every inch of your face over and over, making you giggle.
“I love you too, baby. How about I sleep in your room tonight, I’m sure everyone is paring up anyway,” you grin as you kiss his nose.
“You think so?”
“Tae and Jin, Jungkook and Jimin, you and me, and Hoseok and Namjoon,” you reply as you look at Yoongi, whose mouth is agape.
“Namjoon and Hoseok? Tae and hyungie?” You chuckle at his surprised tone as you nod repeatedly.
“Wow, how did I miss all of that?” Yoongi is perplexed, but you smile and explain everything as he nods along before he kisses your cheek.
“Did you get to eat?” His concerned tone has you melting as you shake your head, feeling hungry now that he’s mentioned it.
“Let’s round up everyone and have dinner, then you can sleep with me.”
“I left my clothes in Jin’s room,” you blush, tugging at the shirt Jungkook had you change into.
Yoongi chuckles, shaking his head as he tells you to go get them while he goes to the kitchen. You kiss his cheek as you go separate ways. You knock on Jin’s door and wait for him to allow you in, instead of walking in on him and Tae.
“One minute!” He calls back. You hear grunting and shuffling before the door opens and a flustered Taehyung greets you as he finishes zipping up his pants, his hair (damp with sweat) sticking to his forehead as he grins goofily.
Jin wipes his lips with the back of his hand, face flushed red as he offers you a bashful smile.
“Sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt. I just wanted to get my clothes. Yoongi is going to order dinner if you guys wanna, um… finish up?” You gather your clothing before dropping it off in Yoongi’s room, then going to meet him in the dining room with takeout menus littering the table. You climb onto his lap, wiggling your ass until you’re comfortable with one of his arms wrapped around you, his other hand holding a takeout menu.
“What are you in the mood for, baby girl? We can get whatever you want,” he says as he sets the menu down, his hands sliding under your shirt, smirking when he realizes you’re not wearing panties underneath.
“Yoongi,” you gasp when his knuckles brush against your folds, making you clench your thighs with his hand in between.
“Yes, baby?” He hums as you unclench your thighs, his lips brushing along your neck as he kisses it, marking you delicately.
You squirm in his lap, earning a moan from him as he feels you grow wet slowly. His kisses sending heat down to the apex of your thighs as he whispers sweet nothings in your ear, his teeth gently nibbling on your earlobe before you feel him cup your breast. He pinches your nipple lightly, making you gasp and arch into his touch, your thighs spreading further on his lap to accommodate him as he kisses your shoulder.
“Yoon,” you moan wantonly, your head falling back onto his shoulder as moans escape your parted lips.
“That’s it, baby. Moan for me,” Yoongi encourages as his fingers grow slick with your arousal, his satisfied hum filling your ears. You can feel his cock grow hard beneath you, his hand spreading your lips as he pushes his index finger into you. You grip his forearm, digging your nails into his pale flesh.
A hiss escaped his pink lips, his other hand squeezing your breast before he removes it from beneath your shirt. He brings his fingers to your lips; you kiss each of them, loving how beautiful his hands are, as he holds you tightly in place.
“Yoongi, we’re gonna get caught,” you hiss, but he kisses the corner of your mouth while he brings a different menu closer to the two of you for you to look over.
Yoongi pushes a second finger into you, making you gasp as you try to fuck yourself on his fingers, his hard cock throbbing in the confines of his pants. Yoongi has you stand for a moment, withdrawing his slick covered fingers from within you, popping them into his mouth to suck them clean before he undoes his pants, taking his cock out and stroking it lazily.
“Sit on it, baby girl,” Yoongi commands as he holds it still for you to sink on. You gasp as your hands grip his knees as you sink down on him, wiggling your hips until you feel him fill you fully.
“Fuck,” he curses as his forehead rests on your back, his hands wrapped around your waist as he holds you in place. “You feel so good, baby. So fucking good.”
You place your hands on top of his, holding yourself in place before lifting your hips and bringing them back down. His cock glides in and out of you amazingly, the heavy drag of it making you moan obscenely as you beg him to fuck you. Yoongi chuckles, resisting the urge to fuck into you as he has you ride him. His eyes are fixated on where your two bodies meet, his teeth sinking into his bottom lip as he watches his slick covered cock sliding into your wet cunt. You feel sweat bead on your forehead, your thighs burning from the exertion as Yoongi moves lower so he can thrust into you.
You bounce on his lap, moaning his name as he curses, his cock rutting into you repeatedly. You hear voices coming from down the hall, your eyes widening as Yoongi slows down before fully stopping. He makes sure your shirt is covering you before he holds you still in his lap as Jin and Taehyung join the two of you.
“Have you chosen yet?” Taehyung asks as he takes a seat across from you, Jin sitting beside him.
“No, not yet.” Yoongi answers with a shrug as he rests his chin on your shoulder, loving the way you’re biting on your bottom lip, pretending to be looking at the menus.
“We can get burgers. Tae likes burgers!” Jimin chimed in as him and Jungkook join the four of you. Jimin sits in the chair beside Taehyung with Jungkook sitting at the end of the table beside you.
“We had those last night,” Jin complains as Namjoon and Hoseok join you, filling in the rest of the seats.
You feel Yoongi hold you tighter, his hips rising, making you gasp. Taehyung looks up, meeting your gaze as his brows furrowed in confusion. Yoongi remains still, his cock throbbing inside you as you clench around him, wishing more than anything that you could ride him freely. His hand rubs your clit lazily, sitting up as he allows the rest of the boys to pick what's for dinner. You’re trying desperately not to moan, slowly moving your hips until Jimin catches your eye.
“Why don't we let Y/n pick?” Jimin smirks, his chin resting on his hands.
“That was the plan, but she seems distracted,” Yoongi shrugs, his fingers adding more pressure on your clit.
“Everything okay, babe?” Jin asks with genuine concern, Taehyung smiling smugly beside him.
“I’m fine,” you manage to say as you hold Yoongi’s hand still as you scoot forward, your breasts pressing onto the table as you lean over a menu, your hair creating a curtain around your face to keep your boyfriends from seeing your facial expressions. Yoongi groans, lifting his hips slightly as he reaches for a different one.
“You guys pick, I need to make a few phone calls,” Namjoon states as he rises from his seat. He turns to you, kissing the top of your head before kissing Yoongi.
Yoongi groans into the kiss, Namjoon grabbing a handful of his hair in a fist before whispering in a dangerously low tone, “I know what you’re doing.”
Yoongi’s cheeks flushed as his boyfriend walks out of the room, leaving the rest behind.
Taehyung is quick to take Namjoon’s empty chair, his Cheshire Cat smile on display as he places one arm on his thigh and the other on the table with his palm supporting his chin.
“What is our girl in the mood for?” Taehyung mused, his bright, shining eyes landing on you as you turn to glare at him.
“Meat, perhaps?” Taehyung suggests, wiggling his eyebrows as everyone looks at him with bemused looks on their faces.
“We can get that if she wants,” Hoseok pipes up as he turns to look at you.
“Oh, I’m sure she’s getting plenty of it right now,” Jimin mutters, making your face burn scarlet as your head whips in his direction.
“Oh, I know she is,” Tae chuckles making Yoongi flip him off. Jimin and Taehyung chuckle while Hoseok, Jin, and Jungkook look at them with quizzical looks.
“What’s going on?” Jungkook looks at his elders before looking at you. “Noona?”
You can’t resist his beautiful doe eyes, your cunt clenching around Yoongi, who buried his face in your neck for a moment before nipping your neck.
“Yoongi,” you moan softly, gripping the table as realization finally hits.
“Oh!” Jin looks at Hoseok with shocked eyes.
Taehyung places his hand on your thigh, stroking it as he looks up at you, “can I?”
You nod your consent, Taehyung moving from his seat to kneel beside you as he lifts your shirt to expose you. Hungry eyes are on you immediately, Taehyung groaning at the sight of you impaled on Yoongi’s cock.
“She looks so fucking good,” Jin curses as his tongue darts past his lips to wet them, biting his bottom lip.
“Since you all know now, why don’t we lose the shirt, baby?” You raise your hands as Yoongi grips the hem of it to pull over your head to toss to the side. His hands cup your breasts as you grind into him, your eyes fluttering shut as Taehyung rubs your clit.
“Do you think you could take two of us at a time?” Taehyung asks, his eyes fixated on where you and Yoongi are joined, his mouth watering at the thought while his cock hardens in his pants, straining against the denim.
“There’s no way I could take you and another,” you huff, your head falling back onto Yoongi’s shoulder. Jimin comes over to your left, his lips meeting yours as he grips your thigh.
“Fuck, it’d be hot as fuck though,” Jin chimes in as his hooded eyes land on you. You can’t take it anymore. Now that all your boyfriends are aware of what you’re doing, you begin riding Yoongi hard. He holds your hips, moaning as his cock slides in and out of you. His hair becomes damp with sweat, Jimin pushing it back as he watches intently.
“Yoongi, Yoongi, Yoongi,” you chant, his cock feels amazing fucking into you, your walls loving the heavy drag as you clench around him before releasing him. Yoongi grunts, gripping you tight as you end up over the table. Taehyung moves out of the way, Jimin sits on his lap as the two enjoy their front row seats of you getting plowed on the dining table.
Jin gulps, eyes wide as Jungkook looks at the two of you with lust-filled eyes, his cock aching in the confines of his pants as he watches the two of you. Hoseok can’t help but stare, each thrust Yoongi gives you has you breathless as you try to cry out his name but it becomes impossible as you grunt.
“That’s it, baby. Take my cock, you can do it. Fuck, yes,” Yoongi grunts, raising your leg to place it on the table, changing the angle so he can penetrate you deeper. You clutch Jin’s arm, using it to hold yourself steady before taking two of his fingers into your mouth, suckling them to muffle your moans.
“Holy fuck,” Jin groans as he fucks your mouth with his fingers, his cock throbbing from the action. Your garbled moans fill the room as Yoongi fucks you harder, wanting nothing more than to fill you with his seed in front of all the boys.
“Hyung,” Jungkook speaks up, drawing the attention of all the men, brows furrowed in confusion as they try to figure out who the youngest has addressed.
“Can we take noona to the couch? I think it's more comfortable than the table,” Jungkook says meekly.
You moan around Jin’s fingers, Yoongi pulls out of you to lead you to the living room. He positions you on your hands and knees, pushing into you once again as the boys find seats while Taehyung begins to undress Yoongi.
You look over your shoulder to see Taehyung and Yoongi kissing passionately while Jimin is sitting in Hoseok’s lap and Jin is in Jungkook’s.
Taehyung moans Yoongi’s name, your cunt pulsating around him as Taehyung moves in front of you. Yoongi slows his pace, allowing Tae the chance to kiss you without the two of you getting hurt.
“Tae,” his name rolls off your tongue, and he groans as you have him sit down as you palm at his hard cock.
“Take your cock out,” you pout, making him chuckle as he quickly undoes his pants, releasing his cock as he wraps his hand around it to pump it a few times.
You stick your tongue out, Taehyung smirks as he inches forward on his knees, his big cock slapping on your tongue a few times before you wrap your lips around the head. He moans your name, gripping your hair in one hand as he slowly pushes more of his cock into your mouth. He finds a rhythm with Yoongi, both of them fucking your holes in unison as you try your best to suck Tae off. You gag once, making Taehyung back up as he fucks your face, your saliva coating every inch of his cock.
His cock feels heavy on your tongue, you lave at his cock, using one hand to stroke him while you suckle the tip. You swirl your tongue around a few times before tonguing at his slit. Taehyung’s eyes flutter shut, pleasure consuming him fully as he hits the back of your throat.
Yoongi jostles you with a deep thrust, causing Tae to choke you with his cock, saliva spilling from your lips, dribbling down his shaft to his balls. Jimin squirms in Hoseok’s lap, aching for relief as Jin ruts against Jungkook, the sight before them becoming too much for them to endure.
Jungkook slides his hand in Jin’s pants, stroking him as he watches on intently as you get fucked ruthlessly.
Jimin isn’t faring much better, Hoseok kissing his neck while Jimin grinds down on him, aching for any relief as Hoseok unzipped his pants to take his cock out. He wraps his hand around Jimin, who falls into his chest, moaning sinfully as he loses himself to the pleasure his elder is providing.
“That’s it, baby. Take me, take us,” Yoongi grunts, his eyes rolling back as he pushes his hair back, his eyes fixated on his cock sliding in and out of your cunt. He bites his lip, loving the way his cock looks glistening with your essence, the squelch of your wetness arousing everyone in the room.
“Yoongi,” you gasp as Taehyung smacks your face with his cock, a smirk on his lips as he looks over you to Yoongi.
“Fill her with cum, hyung. We all want to see.”
Jungkook and Jin moan in agreement as Yoongi fucks you faster, his balls slapping against your ass with each thrust. Your moans become lewd as Yoongi’s thrusts become erratic, your name rolling off his tongue in a sinful cry that has you clenching around him as his fingers rub your clit.
“Come with me, please,” his raspy voice along with his touch has you seeing stars as your abdomen pools with arousal, your thighs becoming slick with it as your orgasm hits. You take your boyfriend’s cock as best as you can, Taehyung stroking himself off as Yoongi grunts and curses, your name leaving him again, just as you moan his.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” he chants, eyes shut tight as he buries his throbbing cock inside your warm, wet walls as he fills you with cum with each thrust that he gives you. He pulls out of you, his cum running down your thighs as everyone gets a good look.
“That’s hot as fuck,” Tae strokes his cock faster, moaning loudly as he tells you to close your eyes. You do so, sticking your tongue out as you feel his cum on your lips, chin, and tongue before he collapses on the couch. He’s careful as he wipes the cum off your face that’s too close to your eyes.
“Fuck, can we cum on you too?” Jimin asks as Hoseok lets him go.
“Yes, please,” you smile as Jimin walks over, his hand wrapped around his cock as you take him in your mouth. He’s moaning, his hips fucking into you as he warns you of his impending orgasm. His words spur you on, eager to have him cum as well as you suckle him harder, laving your tongue around the head. Jimin’s fingers become embedded in your hair as he fucks your mouth, loud, obscene moans escaping his lips.
“Baby,” Jimin cries out, “I’m go-gonna cum.” You move back, stroking his cock, your hand gliding easily with the aid of your saliva, and with a few more strokes, Jimin moans your name as he cums on your face, joining Tae’s cum.
Hoseok comes over next, bashful as you take him in your mouth, your jaw hurts but you ignore it as you suckle the head, laving at his slit, deep moans mixed with cuss words escaping his lips. You’re tired but you won’t let it affect your performance, not when his smoldering gaze has your pussy clenching, Yoongi’s cum still dripping from your cunt. You moan around Hoseok’s cock, his hand gripping your hair as he fucks your throat, groaning every time you gag around him, your eyes filling with tears as you meet his gaze.
“Holy fuck, princess,” Hoseok grits out, his teeth sinking into his bottom lip as he pistons his throbbing, hard cock in and out of your swollen lips, you lave at his slit until he’s crying out for you right until he cums in your mouth. Spurt after spurt coats your tongue and teeth as you do your best to swallow it all but it’s too much and some of it spills down your chin.
Hoseok collapses onto the couch, his chest heaving as he pants roughly, trying to catch his breath as he wipes the sweat off his brow with the back of his hand. He smiles sheepishly at you, pulling you in for a kiss, his tongue caressing yours as he tastes himself on your lips before releasing you.
“Noona, can I fuck you?” Jungkook asked as he and Jin come over to you, your boyfriends scooting down the sofa to make room for those who have yet to cum.
“Yes, Kookie,” you moan as you take Jin’s cock in your mouth, slurping it lewdly as Jungkook gets behind you, his strong hands gripping your hips as he plows into you.
“Jungkook! Fuck,” you curse as you take him, Jin stroking his cock before you take him back in your mouth, your hand stroking him while your tongue swirls around him.
Jungkook holds your hips tightly, moaning your name as he fucks into you, Yoongi’s warm cum coating his cock thoroughly. Jimin, Taehyung, Hoseok, and Yoongi watch on as Jungkook thrusts into you faster.
Jungkook grunts, his abs clenching tightly as he looks over at Yoongi, his voice husky, “Hyung, your cum feels so good on my fucking cock. So warm, just like her cunt. Ngh, fuck,” Jungkook throws his head back, his eyes fluttering shut as his parted lips release a few silent moans.
You continue to bob your head up and down Jin’s cock as Jungkook fucks you without mercy, his thrusts causing you to gag lewdly around Seokjin’s big dick.
“Gonna cum, noona,” Jungkook grunts in warning, a sheen of sweat covered his body as he fucks you harder, making you gag on Jin’s cock. The sound is enough to have him cumming into you without warning, his seed spilling out of you and mixing with Yoongi’s.
Jin groans, pulling his cock out of your mouth to finish off on your face, covering you completely. All the men lay panting as Taehyung comes over to wipe the cum off your eyes carefully, allowing you to see once again.
“Fuck,” Yoongi is wide-eyed as he looks at the mess they’ve made of you. Your face is covered in cum, dripping down your bare body, your thighs are covered in more cum. Some had dripped onto the couch.
“I know this isn’t the best time, but can I take a picture?” Jimin asks as he looks you over, biting his bottom lip as he takes you in completely.
“Yes,” you smile as Jimin takes his phone out and takes a few pictures of you, his eyes dark with lust as he does so.
“Let’s get you cleaned up, noona,” Jungkook picks you up off the couch as he carries you to his bedroom to take you to his en-suite bathroom. Yoongi follows after the both of you, starting the bath so that Jungkook can finish cleaning the cum off your face and between your thighs.
“Is the bath ready?” Jungkook turns to look at Yoongi with a raised brow. The elder nods, moving to the side as Jungkook strips naked before helping you into the bathtub with him. Yoongi hesitates for a bit before you ask him to join the two of you.
It’s a tight fit, but luckily, you all fit in between each other’s legs. You have Jungkook behind you and Yoongi in front, rubbing his shoulders with a washcloth.
Jungkook is careful as he washes your body, noting how sensitive you are from all your encounters. The two men are gentle with you, kissing your shoulders as they clean you up.
Once you’re out of the bath, they clothe you before Yoongi takes you to his bedroom. He makes sure you’re comfortable before he pulls you into his arms, holding you.
“How are you feeling?” He asks as he laces his fingers with yours, bringing your laced hands to his lips to kiss yours.
“A little sore,” you chuckle as Yoongi kisses your forehead.
“I’m sorry, how about you take a few days to yourself to recover?”
“That doesn’t sound half bad, Yoon.”
“Get some rest, baby.” Yoongi pecks your cheek before you squirm a few times to get comfortable.
It doesn’t take you long to fall asleep, Yoongi holding you in his arms until dinner arrives and he had to wake you up to eat before you go back to bed. Yoongi explains to everyone that you’ll be taking a few days without sex to give your body a break, something all the boys agree to.
You sleep so well that night; you feel well-rested the next day.
Tumblr media
A week later, you find yourself exhausted from work on a Friday night as you kick off your shoes by the door of your boyfriends’ apartment. They had been gone for a few days for a photoshoot in Finland, and they would be arriving home shortly.
You begin undressing as you draw a bath in Namjoon’s bathroom. You feel yourself instantly relax as you sink into the tub, your eyes shut as you play your music and inhale the lavender scent of your bubble bath.
“She’s here! I’m so excited to see her,” you hear Jungkook say as they pile into the apartment, your eyes opening slowly as you sit up, turning to place your arms on the tub and your chin on your hands as you wait for your boyfriends to find you.
“She’s not here!”
“Not in here either!”
“Where is she?!”
The bathroom door opens and you wave at Namjoon with a giddy smile.
“Baby,” he sighs in relief as he kneels in front of you, his large hand cupping your face. “I’ve missed you.”
“I missed you too,” you reply as his lips brush against yours, his other hand cupping your face as well.
“Found her!” Jungkook shouts as he steps in the bathroom, a dazzling smile on his face.
“Jungkookie!” You greet him as he kneels beside Namjoon, kissing you eagerly.
“Okay boys, hand me my towel and head out before this bathroom gets crowded,” you state as you get up, showing your bare body to both men. Their hungry eyes roam over your wet body before their gaze meets yours.
“You’ve seen me naked and wet before,” you rolled your eyes as you cocked your hip and raised your brow.
“Fuck,” Jungkook breathes, Namjoon nodding in agreement as you take Jungkook’s hand as you step out of the tub. Namjoon wraps you up in a towel before both of them leave the bathroom.
You dry your body, looking through Namjoon’s closet before taking one of his shirts to put on before joining your boyfriends in the living room.
“Baby!” Your boyfriends shout as they tackle you into hugs, kisses, and I miss you’s.
Once you’re sure everyone has gotten a hug, you get pulled into Namjoon’s lap, his chin resting on your shoulder with his arms wrapped securely around your waist as they fill you in about their trip. You listen intently, nodding and smiling in the appropriate places as you feel your heart slowly sink to your stomach once you realize how much you had truly missed out on.
“We’re going to take showers and unpack before we order dinner, but we want to hear about your adventures while we were gone,” Jungkook smiles brightly as he kisses the top of your head before the boys disperse, leaving you alone with Namjoon.
“Everything okay, baby?” Namjoon asks softly as he laced his finger with yours.
“Nothing, nothing,” you waved him off with a wry smile that had him raising a brow at you until your gaze met his.
“You can tell me, baby.”
“I just missed you all,” you admit in a soft tone, looking down at your legs before meeting Namjoon’s gaze.
“We missed you too, so much.” Namjoon takes your hand in his, raising it to his lips to plant a kiss on it.
“I love you, Namjoon.”
Namjoon feels himself blush, smiling shyly, “I love you too.”
Tumblr media
“You can just toss that in the hamper, babe,” Jin says as you help him unpack later that day.
“Did you have fun?” You ask as you throw the clothes into the hamper, shutting it after, before joining Jin at his bed.
“Sure, but work is still work,” he shrugs as he shuts his suitcase and puts it away.
“I know, babe,” you smile wryly before you allow him to curl up beside you, wrapping your arms around him as he holds you close.
“Tae, Hoseok and I spent a lot of time together on this trip.”
“Did you now?” You muse as you hold him right, your lips planting a kiss on the top of his head.
“We did, but we all missed you desperately,” he admits with a sigh as he looks up at you.
“I missed all of you so much, Jinnie,” you reply before your lips meet his in a passionate kiss that has your toes curling in response.
“I’m glad I’m home now,” Jin admits as he holds you close as you snuggle further in his arms.
“Me too,” you grin as you peck his cheek. Jin holds you close, not wanting to let you go just yet but you know you need to make your rounds and see all your boys before you go to bed that night.
Jin knows he has to share you with the others. The thought dampens his mood slightly, but he pushes it to the back of his mind as he tries to revel in the moment. Your kisses soothing him as he holds you tight in his arms.
“You’re so beautiful,” he murmurs against your lips before he captures them with his, his hands cupping your face as he holds you close.
“So are you,” you murmur in response as your lips brush against his once again, clinging to him as he gets over you, his lips trailing kisses down your neck until you’re a withering mess beneath him.
“Jin,” you gasp as your fingers become laced in his hair, tugging at it until he groans in response, lips meeting yours once again.
“Take a nap with me, baby. I just want to hold you in my arms a little longer,” Jin whispers as he holds you flush against his chest, not wanting to release you just yet.
“For a little while,” you concede as you hold him close to your chest, running your fingers through his hair until he finally falls asleep much later.
Tumblr media
“Fuck, Tae. Tae!” You rouse from your sleep to the sounds of moans. Your brows furrowed in confusion as you see Jin sleeping peacefully beside you, down for the count.
“Minnie! Baby, please,” more moans fill your ears as you sit up, rubbing your eyes as you quietly get out of bed and out of Jin’s bedroom.
You tiptoe down the hall, following the moans until you end up in front of Taehyung’s bedroom, pushing the door open just a crack.
You cover your mouth to muffle your gasp, your hand grips the doorknob as you see Jimin grinding down on Taehyung.
You watch for a moment, Taehyung gripping Jimin’s hips tighter, moaning as their lips meet once again. You bite back a moan; the door pushing open further as Taehyung's eyes meet yours while Jimin is kissing and nipping at his neck.
Taehyung smirks at you, motioning for you to come into his bedroom, which you do so eagerly, shutting the door after you.
“Minnie,” Taehyung moans as he bucks his hip upward. “Would you let our baby girl join us?”
“Yes, yes!” Jimin moans in response as his lips meet Taehyung’s once again, their tongues intertwining as you sit beside Tae.
Jimin isn’t surprised to see you, his thigh covering yours as he holds you and Taehyung in place, rolling his hips as the two of you plant kisses on every inch of skin you can reach. Your hands explore him, removing his shirt to expose more of his skin.
“Jimin,” you moan as you feel his throbbing erection aching to be released. You run your hands down his torso, unbuttoning his pants before you pull down the zipper and tug down his pants.
“Baby,” Jimin moans, biting his bottom lip as he gives you a sultry look that has you squeezing your thighs.
“I want you, both of you,” you respond as Jimin begins trailing kisses down your neck until they’re taking your shirt off and tossing it onto their floor.
“Oh, Y/n,” Jimin moans your name in a dulcet tone that has your panties damp.
Jimin doesn’t know who to pay the most attention too, exchanging kisses with you and Taehyung until the younger male has him pinned down to the mattress.
You giggle from beside them, watching Taehyung trail kisses down his exposed skin until he’s pulling his pants down his legs, throwing them onto the floor.
Jimin moans Taehyung’s name, his eyes shut as his legs wrap around the younger man’s hips. You both kneel between his thick thighs, pulling his boxers off completely as he writhes beneath the two of you.
“Y/n,” Jimin whines as you suck your mark on his hip, smirking as you lave your tongue over his hip. Taehyung does the same on his left, leaving several marks to show where he’s been before the two of you kiss a trail to his cock. Jimin whines, bucking his hips as his hard cock leaks pre-cum, his soft whimpers riling you up as your eyes meet Taehyung’s.
“Cock or balls?” Tae asks with a raised brow.
“Balls?” You ask in turn, Taehyung nodded before his lips envelope Jimin’s cock as you lave your tongue over his balls before suckling them teasingly. Jimin squirms beneath the two of you, begging for mercy but to no use as the two of you suckle his cock enthusiastically.
“Baby,” Jimin grunts, his heart racing in his chest as he grips the sheets in his fists, pleasure overwhelming his body. He bucks his hips upward a couple of times, making Taehyung gag slightly. Taehyung inhales through his nose, his eyes fixated on Jimin’s face as he moans before Taehyung is gripping his hips to anchor him to the bed.
You scoot in a bit, your hand rolling his balls in your palm as your tongue joins Taehyung’s on Jimin’s cock. An obscene, high-pitched moan escapes Jimin, his thighs quivering as he warns the two of you of his impending orgasm.
Taehyung pulls back, his hand stroking Jimin’s shaft as you suckle the head before the two of you are teasing Jimin slightly. Jimin tenses, moaning your names as he grips the sheets so hard his knuckles go white from the exertion. His body is tense, his abdomen taut, his head thrown back in ecstasy as you wrap your lips around his cock, bobbing up and down a few times until the first spurt of cum coats your tongue.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Jimin chants as he continues to cum into your mouth, Taehyung pumping his cock until he’s milked every last drop out of the older man.
“Holy shit!” Jimin breathes as he slumps further into the mattress, you finally pull off his cock after licking it clean. You swallow thickly, smiling at Taehyung, who bites his lip before moving closer to you. His large hands cup your face, drawing you into a kiss, tasting his boyfriend on your tongue.
“So good,” Taehyung murmurs before moving back slightly, motioning for you to lie beside Jimin.
Jimin welcomes you with open arms, slightly out of breath as you kiss his neck, your fingers running along the smooth planes of his chest. You faintly see a soft blush on his cheek, his hand cupping your face to pull you into a gentle kiss. Taehyung watches from the sidelines, his chest filled with warmth at seeing the two of you together.
Jimin breaks the kiss, smirking as he moves down your body to kiss your chest before his tongue is swirling around your nipple, your soft moans spurring him on.
Taehyung strokes his cock, moving between your legs, wrapping them around his hips. He looks down at you, biting back a moan as he notices how wet you are, rubbing his cock along your fold to coat it in your arousal. You moan, feeling the head of his cock smack against your clit repeatedly before he teasingly pushes into your entrance, only to pull out and do it again.
“Tae,” you whine with a pout, making Jimin chuckle as he runs his hand down your body to grip Taehyung’s cock. Taehyung smirks, Jimin pushing more of Tae’s cock into you, only to withdraw it after before his fingers rub at your clit.
“Tease,” you groan before Taehyung pushes into you fully, your hands gripping his arms as he nestles himself deep inside you. Jimin continues to rub your clit, drinking in the moans that you release as Taehyung pumps in and out of you, gripping your thighs before he brings your legs together to place your ankles over his shoulder.
Taehyung thrusts slowly, the heavy drag of his cock on your silken walls drives you insane as Jimin kisses his way up your body.
“Fuck, Y/n. I’ve missed fucking you,” Taehyung admits gruffly as he places kisses on your ankles and the soles of your feet. You giggle, feeling him fuck you harder.
“I missed it too, Tae. It’s been too long,” you sigh in content as Taehyung holds your legs, picking up his pace as his hips slam against your ass. Jimin watches the two of you with lust-filled eyes, touching your body with fleeting touches as Taehyung begins to fuck you harder and faster. You’ve missed his big cock, missed being spread open by him as he hits your cervix.
Each of his thrusts has his cock kissing the soft spot, your nails digging into Jimin’s thighs as you hold on to him, your lips meeting his in a messy kiss as you jostle from Taehyung’s thrusts.
Jimin kisses you before Taehyung repositions you so you’re on your hands and knees, ass in the air for him to grab and spank as he pleases. He teases your wet cunt, pushing into you slowly before grabbing your hips and grinding into you.
Jimin moves to kneel beside him, his lips meeting Taehyung’s for a moment, enjoying the taste of his lips before he trails kisses down his neck. Taehyung rubs at your clit, thrusting into you harshly when Jimin nips his neck, a guttural groan escaping him.
“Fuck her, Tae. Show me how you make her cum,” Jimin bites his plump bottom lip before moving away to watch the two of you.
Taehyung smirks, picking up the pace, your moans growing louder as Taehyung’s balls smack against your ass. He moans your name, your pussy clenching around him over and over again. Your head falls forward into the pillows, your back arched and your ass high in the air as Taehyung takes no mercy on your wet cunt.
“So good,” he grunts as you moan his name in reply. Your body is flushed with sweat and heat; your stomach clenching as you feel your body tingling as your toes curl.
“Tae! Taehyung!” His name rolls off your tongue with urgency, his thrusts speeding up as the head of his cock kisses your cervix, his dexterous fingers rubbing your clit until you gasp, panting for air.
“Tae!” His name escapes you in a heady cry as you tremble when your orgasm hits you hard and fast, clenching around Taehyung tightly enough to make him cum, his thrusts erratic as he gasps in surprise when he fills your cunt with his seed. He wraps an arm around your shoulders to pull you into his chest, thrusting into you until you’ve milked his cock dry.
“Fuck,” Jimin curses as Taehyung carefully pulls out of you to lie at your side. Jimin lies on the other side, caressing your body as you try to catch your breath, your eyes on Taehyung.
“Fuck,” you giggle, making him smile bashfully before nodding in agreement. Jimin looks at his hands shyly when you look over at him, beckoning him closer to kiss his lips.
“What’s wrong, pretty Minnie?” You stroke his hair, pushing some of it behind his ear.
He looks down causing you to look down as well before going, “oh!”
“I’m sorry,” he blushes as Taehyung chuckles, leaning over you to kiss his lips.
“You got turned on watching us?” Jimin nods, answering Taehyung’s question.
You lay back, spreading your cum covered thighs, using the cum to smear it further and making it as slippery as possible before looking at Jimin, “you can fuck my thighs.”
Jimin blinked owlishly, looking at Taehyung before looking down at you, you nod. Jimin slowly moves between your thighs, gripping your legs and placing them over his shoulders as he positioned you to fuck them.
The sensation was new to him as well as you, and although it wasn’t as delectable as burying himself in your cunt, it provided enough stimulation for him to get off. Jimin moaned, looking down at your cunt dripping with cum as he slid between your beautiful thighs, his balls slapping against your ass with each thrust. His abs tightened, soft coos escaping his lips as he fucked you.
Taehyung watched in amusement, wondering if this was something he should try as well. Jimin’s eyes fluttered shut, moaning as his breathing grew heavy from the exertion. His body tingled with pleasure, his high gnawing closer and closer.
“Yes, Minnie. Fuck me, baby. I want you to cum for me,” you plead, moaning his name as he grunts, cursing as his cock throbs, his balls tightening before your name rolls off his tongue over and over again as his seed spills over your cunt and thighs. Jimin thrusts languidly, out of breath as he pulls away from the mess he’s made of you before lying on his side.
“Fuck,” he breathes as he pushes his hair, damp with sweat, back to expose his forehead. You kiss his cheek, cuddling him as he snuggles into you while Taehyung wraps his arm around the both of you.
“How are you feeling?” Tae asked the two of you as he plants a kiss on your bare shoulder.
“Satiated,” Jimin wiggles his eyebrows before yawning. “Tired.”
“Go to sleep, Minnie. We’ll be right here,” Taehyung assures him as Jimin yawns again, snuggling further into you, his arm draped over your hip as he closes his eyes.
Taehyung chuckles, amused at how quick he’s able to fall asleep while you watch Jimin. Tae rubs your back, kissing it gently.
You can feel your heart still racing in your chest, your eyes soft as you take in Jimin’s angelic face, sleeping so peacefully beside you. You feel a slight queasiness, your palms grow sweaty as you get butterflies in your stomach from looking at him. Taehyung moves his arm away from you, pushing his hair out of his eyes so he can see the two of you better. He sighs heavily, his heart beating so fast it seems like it’s thundering in his ears. Was this all real?
Taehyung wraps his arm around your waist, he’s still not sure if you’re just a figment of his imagination but when he feels you plant a kiss on his palm, he exhales; it’s real.
Jimin’s soft snores fill the silence in the bedroom, his hair covering his eyes as he sleeps peacefully on your left.
“You know,” Taehyung starts, his voice barely above a whisper. “I still can’t wrap my head around this. If I’m being honest, I haven’t stopped thinking about you and Namjoon hyung since your birthday. I know I came off as a fuckboy or whatever, but I do care about both of you...about you.”
You’re careful to roll over, not wanting to wake up Jimin in the process, to face Taehyung. His eyes are filled with sincerity, shutting when your palm cups his cheek, your thumb caressing it delicately. Your eyes roam over his face, admiring the mole on his nose and lip, kissing both before you speak, “you should have told us.”
“I wasn’t sure I could, baby. You and hyung we’re together and Jin and I were just guests? It wasn’t until you announced that the two of you were dating Jungkook that I thought I stood a chance, but then I saw how affected Jin was,” Taehyung paused for a moment, swallowing thickly. You take his hand in yours and squeeze it gently.
“When Muster rolled around he and I got together, I guess my teasing on stage was too much for both of us,” he chuckles as his cheeks burned scarlet. You offer him a warm smile, kissing his nose again as you wait for him to continue.
“We talked about you and Namjoon, and how we wished we could both be with you. I lied when I said I didn’t have feelings for the two of you. I-I was scared,” Taehyung twiddles his thumbs as he looks away from you. “Jin was the one who told me it was okay for me to want both you and him, he had been feeling conflicted over loving the two of you. I’m sure by now you know about Jin, Namjoon, and Yoongi?”
You nod, Namjoon had mentioned their relationship early on in yours, reassuring you that it had been over when he pursued you. Now that you were dating Yoongi, Namjoon had been ecstatic to have him back and despite Jin having feelings for the both of you as well as Yoongi, he had been hesitant to speak up.
“Then Jungkook got a chance to be with you both and we were a little hurt and incredibly jealous of him for a while, but you both looked so happy with him. Then Yoongi got to join too, which drew me closer to Jin.
Eventually, Jimin came to me to confess his feelings for you and so we all felt the same. I think Jin dealt with his feelings the best, but it pained him to avoid you. Even after talking to Namjoon, he seemed adamant about moving on.
We all love you and Namjoon, so when Hoseok admitted his feelings for you after Jin, I knew that was my chance. I had to tell you how I felt; I had hidden it so far deep inside me, that my veins felt like they were igniting with exhilaration at finally admitting it. Namjoon already knows how I feel about him, he talked with each of us while we were away; I love him. I love you too, so much. Having you in my arms after all this time, it feels like heaven,” Taehyung brushed his lips against yours, his hand caressing your cheek before kissing you again.
“I love you, Taehyung. I wish I would have known sooner, but I’m glad I know now. I want to make you happy, all of you. I love you all so much,” you murmur as you turn your head to kiss his palm.
“You know, it’s so hard not to fall in love with them. They’re so amazing and it’s so confusing, but now it’s not, it makes sense. We’re soulmates, all of us,” Taehyung squeezes your hand, raising it to his lips to kiss it.
Your chest fills with warmth at his words, tears prickling in the corner of your eyes as you meet his gentle gaze. You knew the boys themselves were soulmates, anyone could surely see that; they fit so incredibly well. Seven pieces of a puzzle who fit perfectly; complemented each other and destined to be together, but for Tae to include you in that, it made you feel overwhelmed with heartfelt emotion.
“You think we’re all soulmates?” You whisper, Taehyung cups your face gently, his eyes boring into yours.
“Of course, I do. You’ve changed our lives so much, for the better. We all love you so much, baby. Don’t ever doubt that. I know all of us didn’t have a great start with you, but we love and cherish you deeply. We wouldn’t be complete without you, just ask any of our boyfriends, they’ll agree wholeheartedly.” You nod, swallowing the lump in your throat as you try not to cry, Tae’s crooked grin helping you relax as you take a shuddering breath, his fingers caressing your cheek delicately.
Taehyung smiles, leaning into you, his lips meeting yours, his tongue pressing against the seam of your lips until they part to allow him in.
“Oh Tae,” you moan as you end up on your back instead of your side, Taehyung smiles down at you before he kisses down your jaw to your neck. He happily nips at the flesh, adding more marks to your already decorated skin.
Your hands thread themselves in his hair, tugging it as he kisses you. You spread your legs for him, one hand running down his body to his erection. He releases a soft moan, his dark eyes meeting yours as you stroke him, spreading pre-cum around the tip.
“Baby,” he rasps, his eyes shut as he thrusts into your hand, wishing more than anything that it was your cunt.
“Tae, baby,” you bite your bottom lip, your legs wrapping around his hips to draw him near. He hesitates, turning to see Jimin still fast asleep as he moves in closer to you. Your lips meet, your hands settling around his neck as he lines himself up at your entrance. Your thighs are still tacky with his cum from before, some still inside you as he pushes in, making you gasp into the kiss.
His tongue caresses yours, swallowing your lewd moans as he easily bottoms out. He can feel you pulsating around his cock and it has him grunting as his lips leave yours to settle on your chest.
“I love you,” he whispers, looking up to meet your gaze as his slow pace has him reaching deep within you, your toes curling with each thrust. You hold him tighter, your thighs holding him in place as you kiss him again, wanting more of him.
Taehyung shakes his hair out of his eyes, his hips grinding down on you as he pushes in and out, making sure you take every delicious inch he has to offer. You feel so good wrapped around him, sucking him in and tightening around him as he withdraws.
“Fuck, baby. I love you,” he pants as he grips your hips after repositioning himself. You want him closer, much closer, so you have him switch places with you before you sink on his cock. Your thighs rest on either side of his hips as he sits with you in his lap, chests pressed together and his large hands resting on your back.
“I’ve waited so long for this,” he admits as you kiss his neck, your hands laced in his hair.
“I have as well,” you respond as you softly bounce in his lap, loving how deep he is inside you. His hands caress your body, his lips on yours as you clench around him, eager to have a second fill of his seed.
“Please,” you beg, moaning his name over and over, your nipples brushing against his chest, stimulating you further as his thumb rubs your clit. “Taehyung, please.”
He smiles, kissing the top of your head as he thrusts upward, his thumb working rigid circles into your clit. You whimper, your nails digging into his back as you bury your face in his neck to muffle the sinful cry of his name that rolls off your tongue as you orgasm. Taehyung holds you, giving you a few more sloppy thrusts before he cums inside you, coating your walls in his viscous seed.
You don’t want to get off him, but he lifts you off and lays you beside him, pecking your lips before he takes a look at the mess he’s made. With a curse, he spreads your legs further, two of his fingers dipping into it before he brings it to his lips, tasting himself and you. You watch him intently as he goes for seconds, this time bringing his cum coated fingers to your lips, parting them for him to slide his fingers in. You suck them clean, opening your mouth to release them when you’re done. He chuckles, shaking his head as he kisses you once again.
“Let’s get you cleaned up and into bed,” Taehyung whispers as he helps you off the bed toward the bathroom that connects his bedroom with Hoseok and Jimin’s room.
Taehyung is quiet as he sets you on the counter, carefully cleaning you up as best he can before he allows you to use the bathroom while he gets you a shirt to wear to bed.
“Do you want to take a bath, baby? You’ve had an intense evening,” Taehyung suggests as he pulls you into a hug, your head nuzzled into his neck as he strokes your back gently. You nod weakly, allowing Taehyung to set you back on the counter before he begins to fill the tub with water. He moves silently to open the cabinet, taking out a glass container that’s filled to the brim with bath bombs.
You smile, “you have so many.”
Taehyung stands in front of you, allowing you to pick your bath bomb, “Hyung and I like using them to help you, Yoongi, Jimmie and Jungkookie relax.”
You nod in understanding, thanking him as he helps you off the counter so you can set the bath bomb into the warm tub. You watch it begin to fizz; the water changing into a soft pink, a sweet aroma filling the room while a small flower floats to the top.
“Will you join me?” You ask softly, meeting Taehyung’s sleepy gaze.
“Anything for you,” he brushes his lips against yours ever so gently before he helps you into the tub, getting in after you. He holds you between his legs, kissing your shoulder a few times before he helps you wash your hair.
“How are you feeling? Honestly? I know it can’t be easy being with all of us and you’re under no obligation to be, you know that, right?” Taehyung questions you firmly as he carefully rinses your hair, being mindful to not let any shampoo wind up in your pretty eyes.
“Yes, I know, Taetae. I love all of you, I want to be with all of you. I honestly think we can all make this work as long as we communicate honestly with each other. The moment we feel we can’t speak honestly will be the moment this comes crashing down on us. I want to spend time with all of you, I want to make sure all of you feel loved and special and not neglected. You’ll be honest with me, won’t you?”
“Of course, baby. I know I lied about having feelings for you and hyung, but I promise I won’t ever do that again. It hurt too much to keep it to myself,” Taehyung swallows thickly, distracting himself by washing your back, littering kisses on your shoulders as you lean back to him, his head rising as you lay back on his shoulder. Your eyes meet his, glimmering with adoration.
“You do so much for us, Taehyungie. Let us take care of you too,” Taehyung nods, pressing a kiss to your forehead as he finishes washing your body. You relax in the bath with him, enjoying the peacefulness of it all until your skin starts to prune and Taehyung has to convince you to get out of the tub, offering to towel dry your hair in return for getting dressed.
Once you’re dressed, he takes you back to bed to tuck you in beside Jimin. Jimin rolls over and pulls you close to him as Taehyung gets in bed behind you, covering the two of you with a blanket.
“Y/n,” he whispers after a moment, his fingers drawing circles on your exposed thigh.
“Hmm?” You hum in response, looking over your shoulder at him.
“I love you.”
Tumblr media
A few days later, you find yourself waking up later than usual in one of your boyfriends’ shirts. You walk to the kitchen, taking a seat on a barstool as you wait to wake up fully before trying to make food or coffee.
“Good morning!” You hear as you turn around, Jimin walks in with a smile on his face.
“Minnie, it’s almost 3 pm, it’s not morning,” Tae states as he joins the two of you. You hold your hands out, opening and closing them with a pout on your lips. The men chuckle, giving you hugs before Taehyung makes you coffee and Jimin sets you down on the counter, standing between your thighs, his hands running up and down them.
“Don’t start,” Tae rolls his eyes as he watches from the sidelines.
“‘M not doing anything,” Jimin murmurs as he inched closer and closer to your panties, you squeeze your thighs together, capturing his hand between them before opening them again and smirking.
Jimin chuckles, his lips meeting yours as his fingers brush along your panty-clad cunt, growing wetter by the second as Jimin’s other hand goes under your shirt to cup your breast, his fingers lightly brushing your nipple.
“Minnie,” you arch into him, your thighs wrapping around his waist as you hold him close, his lips trailing kisses down your neck, nipping at the flesh to make you moan his name over and over again.
Jimin breaks the kiss, smiling before kissing Taehyung and letting him know he’ll be waiting for him in the bedroom.
“I don’t know where he gets all this stamina from, my dick might actually fall off,” Taehyung mutters as he hands you a mug of coffee that you take gratefully. Taehyung stands between your thighs, rubbing them absentmindedly as you drink your coffee, exchanging kisses every so often.
“Please don't fuck on the counter, I’m making dinner later,” Jin looks between the two of you with a raised brow.
“We weren’t doing anything,” you blush as Jin comes over to kiss you quickly.
“Where’s everyone?” You ask as Taehyung begins kissing your neck, Jin took the mug out of your hand so you won’t spill it on yourself or Tae. Your hands grip Taehyung’s shoulders, melting into his touch as his hands cupped your breasts over your shirt.
“Yoongi is asleep, he was at the studio all night until Hoseok brought him home so they’re together, Jimin is in his room waiting for Tae, I just got home from buying groceries and your other two workaholics are at the studio. I want all of us to have dinner together but I doubt they’ll come home,” Jin huffs, a bit annoyed but he’s used to it.
“I’ll go get them,” you offer, but Tae whines in protest as he releases you.
“What’s going on?” Hoseok asks as he walks in shirtless in nothing but a pair of black basketball shorts, ruffling his mussed hair; from bed or Yoongi, you’re not sure. Well damn, he looks good enough to eat.
“I’m making dinner for everyone tonight, so you better not go anywhere. Tell everyone,” Jin states as he puts away the groceries and begins to look through a recipe book.
“Okay,” Hoseok shrugs as he yawns and walks over to you to kiss your forehead, then Taehyung’s. “Oh, Jimin’s waiting for you.”
Taehyung smirks, waving as he leaves the kitchen to join his boyfriend in his bedroom. Jin shakes his head, but smiles anyway before Hoseok finds himself between your thighs.
“Did you sleep okay?” You ask as you wrap your arms around his neck, your thighs wrapped securely around his hips to keep him from leaving. He holds your hips, moving one hand beneath your shirt.
“Hyung and I were up late,” Hoseok admits, blushing as he pecks your lips.
“We know,” Jin coughs, making you giggle as Hoseok shakes his head.
“Don’t mind him,” you grin as his soft hands cup your cunt through your panties, making you gasp as his thumb pressed down on your clit. You moan as he moves your panties to the side, not surprised to see you glisten with wetness.
“I don’t,” he hums in return, pushing a finger into you. “Looks like our princess has been busy today.”
“Perhaps a little bit,” you respond as he sinks a second finger into you, his lips planting kisses on the column of your throat.
Hoseok fingers you slowly, pushing in and out as you moan, gripping his shoulders, your nails digging into him. He moans your name, his cock growing hard as he continues his ministrations. Yoongi may have worn him out last night, but he sure was up to fill you with his cum.
“Hoseok, really?” Jin sighs before shaking his head in mock disapproval. Hoseok ignores him, noting the way you’re tightening around his fingers, your breathing grows heavy, your thighs quiver before you’re moaning his name and coming for him. Hoseok beams with pride, withdrawing his fingers from you once you’ve come down from your high.
Hoseok licks them clean as you hop off the counter, motioning for Jin to come over. He does so, you notice his obvious erection and smirk, cupping him through his pants as you unbutton them, pulling them down his thighs before turning to Hoseok and pulling his shorts down.
You grip both cocks in your hands, stroking them as you kneel on the kitchen floor, looking up at both fucked out men. Their throbbing cocks big and hard in your hands.
You take Hoseok in your mouth, his deep moans making your cunt throb in response as you bob up and down his cock while stroking Jin. Both moan softly before turning to each other and kissing their hands on your head as they push you down further on Hoseok’s dick. You gag, inhaling sharply through your nose right after before moving back and spluttering, saliva coating your lips and cheeks.
An apology is mumbled your way before you continue, Hoseok’s stomach taut as you bob up and down, your tongue swirling around the head before laving at the slit. Pre-cum coats your tongue as you go, your eyes meeting his as inhale deeply before taking him down your throat, your nose meeting his pelvis.
Jin grunts in appreciation, his cock fucking your hand as he watches you with his younger boyfriend. Hoseok clutches onto Jin’s arm, moaning desperately as you swallow around him before moving back down only to repeat it.
“Fuck, princess. Keep going, s-so close,” Hoseok stutters as his eyes flutter shut, heat pooling deep in his abdomen as your mouth works his cock for all it’s worth. Tears prick your eyes and saliva spills from your lips as you suckle him faster, teasing his slit until he moans your name, coupled with curse words. Hoseok grips the counter tightly, Jin with his other hand as he cums in your mouth, you swallowing every drop.
“She’s way too good at that,” Hoseok hisses as he removes his cock from your mouth, holding onto the counter as he catches his breath.
Jin chuckles as you go over to him, kissing the head of his cock a few times before licking the shaft with your hand wrapped around the base. You spit on it, your tongue spreading it around before you take him in your mouth, his resounding moan spurring you on.
Hoseok kisses Jin, his hands sliding under the elder’s shirt, pinching his nipple to have him cry out his name. You look up at them, their eyes meet yours before Jin’s hand is pressed to the back of your head, guiding you as you suck on his cock.
Hoseok trails several kisses down Jin’s neck, sinking his teeth into it to make him grunt. Jin wraps his hand around the nape of Hoseok’s neck, holding him in place as he kisses him.
Jin’s cock feels heavy on your tongue, wishing you could have him fuck you then and there, but you’ll settle for him fucking your throat. You lick his slit, his groan making your thighs clench as a new wave of arousal washed over you, your hand moving between your thighs to push two fingers inside you.
Hoseok breaks the kiss, sinking to his knees beside you before his tongue meets Jin’s cock. You move over a tad, allowing him more room as the two of you take turns sucking Jin off. Jin clutches the counter, looking down at the two of you with lust-filled eyes.
Hoseok takes the lead, sucking and bobbing his head up and down while you rise from your knees, withdrawing your fingers from yourself. Jin opens his mouth to receive them, wrapping his tongue around them to suck them dry. Your lips capture his, swallowing the moans Hoseok draws from him.
“Fuck, it feels so good,” Jin whimpers as his forehead rests on your shoulder, his hand threaded in Hoseok’s hair as he feels his stomach clench. He sinks his teeth into his bottom lip, a hasty warning of his impending orgasm filling the room as Hoseok moves back, jerking Jin off with his eyes closed as Jin releases onto his lips and cheeks.
You bite back a moan at the sight, dropping to your knees as Hoseok opens his eyes, giggling as he licks his lips. You turn him to face you, your eyes studying the mess on his face before you stick your tongue out and licked the cum off his cheeks and lips.
“Holy fuck,” Jin rasps, his hooded eyes glazed with lust as you kiss Hoseok before rising and helping him off the floor.
“I need to go get our boyfriends from work, but we’ll be back for dinner. Thanks for breakfast!” You tease as you run off to a bedroom to get dressed.
Tumblr media
Thirty minutes later, you find yourself walking to Namjoon’s studio after being dropped off. You know Jin would be starting dinner after cleaning up the kitchen, so you wanted to make sure the three of you weren’t late. The last thing you needed was to make everyone wait on the three of you.
You stop in front of Namjoon’s door, taking your shoes off and allowing yourself in as quietly as possible as to not interrupt his work. However, the sight you walk in on has you surprised.
“That’s it, baby. Fuck, keep going. Y-yes, baby. Ngh, baby,” Namjoon moans, his fingers threaded in Jungkook’s hair as the younger bobs up and down, sucking the life out of Joon.
You take a seat on the couch, waving when Namjoon turns to face you, his face displaying his pleasure. Jungkook waves with one hand before continuing with what he was doing, his other hand wrapped around his cock. You stand from your seat, lifting the hem of your dress, sliding your panties down your legs to kick them off to the side before you sit on the couch again with your legs spread and your fingers teasing your cunt.
Namjoon gulps, licking his lips hungrily before looking down at Jungkook, “baby boy, why don’t you go show our girl how much you’ve missed her.”
Jungkook releases Joon’s cock, kissing the head before crawling his way over to you. He strokes your thighs, pressing kisses on them before he moves your hand out of the way. Namjoon sits beside you, his hand pumping his cock as he watches his boyfriend lick you teasingly.
“What brings you here, my love?”
“Jin’s making dinner for everyone, attendance is mandatory,” you breathe as Jungkook takes a swipe of your wet pussy, moaning in delight at the taste.
“I’m glad you came,” Namjoon smiles, his lips meeting yours as he pulls down your dress, exposing your bare breasts. His hands cup your tits, rolling the nipples between his fingertips before he takes one in his mouth.
“You taste divine,” Namjoon murmurs, “doesn’t she, Kookie?”
Jungkook looks up, nodding in agreement before diving back between your legs, his tongue circling your clit as two of his beautiful fingers push into you.
“So wet,” Jungkook whimpers, his fingers coated in your essence as he pushes them back in, curling them as his tongue dances on your clit. You arch into him, his touch and Namjoon’s becoming too much as you squeeze his head between your thighs. Namjoon chuckles darkly, his hand pushing Jungkook further into your cunt as your moans grow higher in pitch, wanton and lewd.
“Joon, Kook! Fuck, please,” you’re not sure what you’re crying out for but you grasp Jungkook’s hair in your hands, holding him in place as your orgasm washes over you.
Jungkook giggles happily as you cum on his tongue, his lips meeting yours after.
“Let’s get you out of this dress,” Namjoon muses as he helps you up long enough to pull the dress over your head and lay on his chair.
“I don’t know if the couch will work, but I don’t want you on the floor. Jungkook, why don’t you let noona undress you?”
Jungkook nods, a deep blush forming on his cheeks as you help him undress. Namjoon has begun undressing, opening a small drawer to pull out a condom and a bottle of lube.
Namjoon lies on the couch, waiting for you to finish undressing Jungkook with a devilish grin decorating his face. Jungkook gets redder, his doe eyes widen as you take his boxers off, your lips meeting his.
“I’ve missed you so much, Kookie. I love you,” you tell him warmly, kissing the mole on his neck.
“Why don’t you show her what you’ve got on?” Namjoon teases with a smile, you turn to look at him then back at Namjoon with a bemused look on your face.
Jungkook twiddles his fingers before turning around and bending slightly, showing a small anal plug with a purple heart-shaped gem.
Namjoon motions for Jungkook to get on the couch on his knees, with his hands on the top and his back facing the two of you. Jungkook looks at you, your hand cupping his cheek as you kiss him, Namjoon’s hand gripping the plug. Jungkook feels a tingle go down his back, moaning when his boyfriend pulls the plug slightly before pushing it back in.
“H-hyung,” his voice is hoarse, his head falls forward on his hands as you rub his back in soothing circles. You kiss his cheek, “you’re doing so well, baby. You want Joonie to fuck you?”
“Y-yes, pl-please,” Jungkook stutters cutely, moaning as Namjoon repeats his actions as your hand wraps around his throbbing erection, whimpers escaping his pretty pink lips.
Namjoon sits beside Jungkook, sliding under him so that Jungkook can straddle him, your hand moving away from Jungkook’s dick. You watch as Namjoon kisses the younger man, whispering soft praises as his large hands began to stroke Jungkook’s back and thighs.
“You’re doing so well, Kookie. We love you so much,” Namjoon whispers, his hands cupping his face as he kisses him. Jungkook moaned into the kiss, his arms wrapped around Namjoon to pull him closer.
“Babe, grab the condom for us, please.” You nod, grabbing the condom and lube to hand to Namjoon. He thanks you, his attention returning to Jungkook as he slowly withdraws the plug to set aside. Jungkook groans at the feeling, immediately missing the fullness of it.
“J-Joon,” he whimpers into the elder’s neck, his hips grinding down on Namjoon in search of any stimulation that will have him climbing to his orgasm.
“Soon, baby,” Namjoon reassures him as he opens the lube, squeezing a bit onto his fingers as he slowly pushes one into Jungkook.
“Fuck,” Jungkook curses, his hips sinking onto Namjoon’s finger, wanting more. Namjoon’s intense gaze is on his boyfriend as you watch from the side, your fingers teasing your slit while the other hand plays with your breasts.
Namjoon cautiously adds a second finger, Jungkook moaning his name in pleasure, whimpering and crying Namjoon’s name as his cock throbs, aching for relief.
“How’s that feel, baby?”
“G-good, ngh, so good, hyung,” Jungkook’s head is fuzzy as pleasure consumes him, desire pooling deep in his belly as his forehead presses against Namjoon, his doe eyes closed as he revels in the pleasure of the elder’s touch. You moan softly, mixing with the moans of your two boyfriends before you watch as Namjoon tears the condom open, putting it on quickly before adding some lube. He strokes his cock, his lips pecking Jungkook’s as they exchange kisses and sweet nothings.
“Let me know if it’s too much or not enough,” Namjoon instructs the younger male, who nods as Namjoon slowly pushes into Jungkook, who moans before biting his lip. Namjoon holds his hips, encouraging him softly as Jungkook sinks down further until Namjoon is fully seated inside.
“Take all the time you need, baby boy.”
Jungkook nods, clinging to Namjoon as he presses kisses all over his face, “love you. Love you so much, hyung. Noona too.”
“We love you too, baby. Don’t ever doubt that,” Namjoon looks at you, his warm smile makes you blush as Jungkook slowly lifts his hips, his saccharine moans filling the small room.
“Joon,” Jungkook is lost in his pleasure, Namjoon filling him just right. “Fuck, you feel so good.”
Namjoon chuckles, his ears red as he kisses Jungkook’s cheek, allowing him to set the pace. You feel so full of love as you watch their interaction, knowing you’re beyond lucky to have had this work out so well.
“Let me lay down, so Y/n can join us,” Jungkook nods as Namjoon holds him as he moves to lay on his back before he looks over at you. “Babe, sit on my face.”
You choke on your spit, “what?”
“Sit on my face, baby,” Namjoon chuckles at your expression as Jungkook nods enthusiastically. You rise from your seat, with shaky legs you make your way over to Namjoon, carefully sinking down on his face.
“Fuck yeah,” he grunts as he grips your thighs as you face Jungkook with a bashful smile. The two of you have never been in this position with Namjoon, it was exhilarating. Jungkook places his hands on Namjoon’s abdomen as he leans forward to kiss you, your hand running down his toned torso, only to wrap around his dick.
“Noona,” he breathes airily, his fucked out gaze landing on your breasts as his hands reach out to cup them, rolling your hardened buds in between his fingertips as you grind down on Namjoon’s face.
“Fuck,” Namjoon inhales profoundly before diving back in, his hand rubbing at your clit as your hand pumps Jungkook faster, causing Jungkook to bounce harder and faster on Namjoon’s dick.
You’re all moaning, lost in each other’s pleasure as well as your own, Jungkook’s needy whines filling your ears as he warns you that he’s close.
“Noo-na, noona,” Jungkook whimpers as you pump him a little faster, his forehead resting on your shoulder, his muscular thighs quivering.
“Please, please. Fuck,” he cries into your shoulder, his hands gripping your hips right as he cums all over your hand, slowly stroking him until you’ve milked him dry. He continues to ride Namjoon, panting as his lips meet yours, your thighs trembling as Namjoon moans into you. You can feel your orgasm building, the men’s touches luring it out of you.
Jungkook feels Namjoon stiffen, Namjoon’s hand gripping Jungkook’s hip to hold him in place as he cums into the condom, cursing and moaning the youngest’s name.
“Hey, what’s taking so long?” Yoongi asks as he opens the door wide and his mouth falls open. “Oh!”
“Shut the door, hyung,” Jungkook whines in embarrassment as he climbs off Namjoon, blushing as he puts his boxers back on.
You climb off Namjoon, with shaky legs, blushing as he sits up, removing the condom with a shy smile.
“Jin sent me to come to get you,” Yoongi explains lamely, rubbing the back of his neck, his rose-tinted cheeks obvious.
“Shit, we’ll be ready in a bit,” Namjoon rubs the nape of his neck as he puts his clothes back on slowly before sitting on his chair and helping Jungkook get dressed. “Y/n didn’t get to cum though, you startled us.”
Yoongi head whips to you, you wave demurely from the couch. Yoongi chuckles as he walks over to you, scooping you into his lap, “well, we can’t have that, now, can we?”
“Make her cum for us, hyung,” Namjoon encourages him as Jungkook sits on Namjoon’s lap, fully dressed.
Yoongi kisses you, his hands cupping your face as you move to straddle him, his hands moving down to your ass, spanking it and kneading it greedily with his hands as he kisses you passionately. His cock is already growing hard, his night with Hoseok not enough to satisfy the hunger that brews inside him. Your hands palmed at his cock, Namjoon watching intently as his arms wrap around Jungkook, sliding under his shirt to stroke his sides as they both watch.
“Yoongi,” his name rolls off your tongue hungrily, hips grinding down on him as you yearn to be filled with cock. You unbutton his jeans, pulling them down his thighs to wrap your mouth around his cock to get him fully hard. Yoongi’s head falls back, your skillful hands working his cock and balls until he’s fully erect and throbbing in your mouth, your tongue laving at the underside.
“Sit on my cock,” he orders as he gently tugs you off his cock by your hair. You clamber back on his lap, arms wrapping around his neck as his hands guide you down on his dick. You moan at the stretch, your lips capturing his in a heady kiss that leaves the two of you breathless.
“Baby, you feel so good,” Yoongi grunts as you ride him, bouncing on his lap over and over again. Yoongi rubs your clit, his lips on your breasts, suckling your nipple softly as you tremble. You moan his name, feeling him push deeper as you feel sweat bead on your forehead. You know you’re growing close, your cunt clenching around him as he spanks you.
“Close, aren’t you, baby girl? Are you gonna cum for me? For us?” Yoongi smirks, feeling you tighten around him, the squelching of your cunt filling the room as Yoongi thrusts upward, fucking you harder.
“Yoongi, please,” Yoongi kisses you, his lips muffling your moans as you dig your nails into his back, stilling as you cry out his name, your head falling on his shoulder as you orgasm on his cock. Yoongi fucks you through it, his thrusts growing sloppy as he moans your name followed by a few cuss words as he pumps his seed into you.
“I love you,” you mumble in between breaths, holding onto Yoongi as tight as you can before he carefully lifts you off his lap. He tucks himself back into his pants with a hiss before grabbing a few tissues off Namjoon’s desk to clean you up with.
“Joon, clean up here. I’m gonna take her to the bathroom then we’ll meet you downstairs,” Yoongi states firmly as he helps you get dressed before he wraps his arm around your waist.
“Are you okay, baby?” He asks as he walks into the bathroom with you, locking the door as he cleans you up as best as he can.
“I’m fine, just tired,” you say as you hug him close, his lips kissing the top of your head as he finishes cleaning you up and adjusts your dress before he takes your hand to lead you down to the lobby.
Namjoon and Jungkook look over at the both of you when you arrive, asking if you’re okay before they lead you to the car. You sit beside Yoongi, curling into his side while Namjoon holds Jungkook close, exchanging soft kisses and sweet nothings throughout the drive home.
When you arrive home, you and Jungkook are instructed to go shower with Namjoon helping the two of you, while Yoongi helps Jin finish cooking.
Namjoon has the two of you sit in the shower, helping the two of you wash your hair and your bodies, kissing you both and stroking your sides softly.
“How are you feeling, Kookie?” Namjoon’s tone is soft, his hand caressing his cheek as you muzzle into his chest, the water streaming over the both of you.
“A little sore, hyung. Nothing I can’t handle,” Jungkook blushes as he meets his boyfriend’s eyes.
“I love you both so much,” Namjoon says, his tone soft once again as he caresses both of your faces, his thumbs rubbing circles into your skin. Jungkook smiles warmly, scooting closer to Namjoon, wanting to be as close as possible to him.
“We love you too,” Jungkook looks at you as you nod in agreement, your hands reaching out for Jungkook’s and Namjoon’s.
“I love you both.”
Namjoon helps you finish up, wrapping the two of you up in towels and drying you off before helping the two of you get dressed and leading you to the dining room where you sit in between both men.
“I’m glad everyone could make it,” Jin states excitedly as he looks around the table to see everyone present and smiling at him. “Namjoon?”
You turn to face Namjoon, wondering what is going on. He smiles at you, looking at all his boyfriends before meeting your gaze once again, “we know you already pretty much live here,” chuckles from the boys make you smile. “But we’d like for you to officially move in with us. We know there will be times when you’re here alone, but we’ll try to take us with you whenever possible. We all love you so much and there would be nothing more spectacular than to have you move in. Will you move in with us?”
“A-are you sure?” You stutter as you look at Namjoon before looking at all of your boyfriends.
“Do you not want to, princess?” Hoseok asks, trying to hide how dejected he feels from your response.
“I want to but are you sure you all want me living here?”
“Of course we do!” Jimin and Taehyung exclaim as all the men nod in agreement, putting you at ease with their enthusiasm.
You blink owlishly for a second, smiling brightly before nodding, “yes, of course! I love you all so much.”
The boys smile and cheer before Jin allows everyone to begin eating. You join in on the conversations, seeing all your boys happy, some holding hands, some exchanging kisses and some looking lovingly over at you.
Namjoon takes his phone out, taking a picture of everyone before taking one of you and him. You take his phone to look at it better, Jungkook leaning over your left shoulder to see better. Namjoon grins in amusement, watching you scroll through his pictures, your eyes widening at some as Jungkook licks his lips, looking up to meet Namjoon’s dark gaze.
“Hm?” You hum in response, meeting Jungkook’s sly smile, Namjoon chuckling and shaking his head as the younger takes the phone into his hands scrolling through all the pictures of you and his boyfriends in various lewd and non-lewd positions. Namjoon has built up quite the collection throughout the past few months, and you were positive that the rest of your boyfriends had as well, some not even in your group chat, personal favorites that were for their eyes only. Jungkook smirked as he continued to scroll, biting on his bottom lip.
“Let me hold them again.”
Tumblr media
© jjungkookislife - I do not allow reposts or translations of my work on any platforms, this includes Youtube.
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guksthighs · 2 years ago
The Little Mermaid || pjm ( m )
Summary: Jimin has only ever had eyes for one mermaid and you soon learn that what the prince wants, he gets.
Genre: fairytale!au, mermaid!reader, smut, fluff, angst
Length: 10.1k
A/N: wowee, i put my literal heart and soul into this,, and did it with a very basic plan and dissertations due during this week,, i absolutely loved writing this because mermaids so i hope you love it too and please support me,,!
Warning(s): explicit sexual themes (characters are of age), dirty talk, creampie,, oral ( male and female receiving ), fingering, virgin reader, loss of virginity, unprotected sex, 69, riding, he cums on her face, it’s still kinda dorky
Tumblr media
There were few things that caught the imagination of the fae quite as much as the mer.
A race of creatures who had the top half of a human but the tail of a fish and from what some of the Royals had seen in meetings, whereof a similar intelligence to the fae.
But with limited contact through trade alliances where the fishermen would find the agreed amount of kelp or fish in baskets on the docks before they could see the mer who left them, the mer continued to be a mysterious race.
This was how the rumours began; promises of immortality at the cost of eating the flesh of a mer and that their faces were hideously scaled and fish-like resulting in their elusive nature stemming from embarrassment.
And that was the way it would have stayed, if not for your curiosity.
You’d only been a young fry when your fascination with the surface began; the way the huge, fluffy, white clouds glided through the sky whilst the sun was up and the way the moon reflected silver and white against the scales of your tail.
It had been one of these quick visits to the surface that you had met the young heir to one of the fae kingdoms, a name being called from the castle grounds, “Jimin! You’ll have to run back to eat a hot dinner!”
Park Jimin. You repeated the words to yourself, curiously foreign and yet the familiar name of the prince of the kingdom your family traded with. But to hear the name and not just read it, your heart raced in excitement before going back to watching his small figure on the shore.
The prince whipped around and instantly, you had ducked your head back into the salty, cerulean waves; the mer law that had been ingrained into you not to be seen by the fae, unless at political meetings, made your heart race with worry.
But he merely threw a shell at the sand and continued his walk back to the castle. “Run,” you whispered to yourself, wondering what it would be like to do something that wasn’t just swimming. You wanted to run like Jimin was and with that, your imagination was irrevocably piqued by this young boy; small, chubby-cheeked but so different to the mer you were used to.
Luckily, he hadn’t noticed you hiding behind a rock that protruded from the water, tail swishing beneath you, nervously. And that was how your captivation with the world outside of the sea became more focused on one of the beautiful sights it held, a young, black-haired, full-lipped boy.
The weeks you spent on the surface melted away under the sun, as with every day you spent diligently watching Jimin, the less sense it made to avoid the fae race. You returned to see him whenever you were free because you had become enraptured by the games he would play and the pictures he would draw in the sand that would be erased by the incoming tide. How was he meant to be harmful when everything he did was so simple?
It was on one of the windier days of these days that everything changed. The foam of the sea had tickled your nose causing you to sneeze and draw the attention of Jimin and his fae friend, Taehyung, away from their game and towards where you had been hiding behind the rock.
A sneeze; that was all it took to bind your lives together in a tight red string.
“Tae! Didya hear that?” Jimin yelled, pointing his stick at the rock you were peering past, smiling at the thought of finally being noticed. The black haired boy didn’t brush off the mysterious noise, pulling his top off and glancing at his friend, “I’m going to investigate.”
Taehyung pulled a face, grabbing the prince’s arm in an attempt to try and pull him out of the water they were standing knee-deep in, “a kid could never swim that far Jimminie! It was nothing, let’s go inside.”
You smiled and nodded in agreement, forgetting they couldn’t see you which caused you to splash your tail in embarrassment, only furthering Jimin’s determination to find out who was behind the rock. But the silence following pointed to the conclusion that Taehyung had succeeded in distracting his friend.
It was just as you sighed in relief that you heard splashing and Jimin’s laughter as he yelled, “I love challenges!” He began to swim towards where you were, his strokes quick, confident and fast and your eyes widened in surprise at the pace he was making his way towards you.
Then the realisation dawned on you of just how much trouble you would be in if the fae boy was to see you, with that fear replacing your previous admiration, you dove into the incoming waves before swimming down into the shadowy blue depths of the bay.
But Jimin never made it to the rock, and you watched in shock as his frame get swept up by a large wave, the force hurling him deeper into the water.
A stream of bubbles left his mouth as he thrashed around and for a few seconds, you were sure he was going to make it back to the surface. But then his movements became sluggish, and Jimin began to sink further into the depths of the bay, his black hair covered his eyes making you wonder, if just this once, you would be forgiven for saving a fae.
Quickly and without any real thoughts of the repercussions you might face, you swam to Jimin, it felt like you were swimming through tar as the knowledge that he was dying stayed present at the front of your mind.
When you finally reached him, your actions were tentative. Gently grabbing hold of his arms before desperately swimming upwards; his body was so warm in your hands which was so different from the cold touch of the mer.
As you swam into the shallows to find the beach now empty, you managed to haul Jimin onto the warm sand, fingers stroking the curve of his cheek with the knowledge that not only had you broken one of the most sacred laws; but for Park Jimin, you would do it over and over.
He spluttered and coughed, turning on his side to spit out salt water before returning to lay on his back, “thank you” he rasped and your face lit up in a smile, he had spoken to you. For a few minutes, you sat and sang to him, hoping your voice would at least help him to remember you once you left. Jimin smiled in his fainted state and you felt a connection form between the two of you.
But before you could stay to sing more you heard Taehyung’s loud voice as the young boy dragged the guards onto the beach in an attempt to get help.
Before they could see, you pushed yourself back into the water and swam back, watching as Taehyung tackled his friend in a hug before helping him to his feet. Jimin, however, was looking around, as if searching for something or someone.
The prince turned to his friend and even from a distance you were sure his eyes were sparkling in excitement and intrigue as he asked, “Did you see that pretty mermaid girl?”
Every night since you could remember it was those words that you would wake up to, a smile stretching across your face as you thought about that young boy whose life you had saved, all those years ago.
Now, even if you were banned from swimming to the surface alone, you refused to regret saving the Prince’s life, believing that he could rule a kingdom capable of cohabitation with your race. Or maybe you didn’t regret saving him because he had grown into a handsome man, shedding his chubby cheeks in exchange for a chiselled jawline and sculpted legs.
The dream was both a curse and a blessing to you, reminding you of your childish innocence towards love but letting you keep the few dear memories you had of Jimin safe. The only complaint you would ever have towards your recurring dream was that you had to wake up at all.  
“Again with the talk about humans?” Yoongi rolled his eyes as he swam next to you, his orange tail blending with the vibrant coral you were currently swimming through. As one of your closest friends you knew you could rave about the surface and your desire to go back, even with the knowledge that he didn’t agree with it.
Jeongguk who had been swimming on the other side of you, laughingly added, “you were forbidden from going up after breaking the rules and yet that’s all I hear you talk about.” He swam through the water, racing ahead of you so that he could chase after a school of fish, their silver scales glinting in the sunlight that filtered down from the surface.
It was a familiar sight; Jeongguk terrorising the creatures with his speed and catching them in his hands to tease the turtles for the algae on their shells or a shark for its missing tooth. He was fearless and had quickly risen through the ranks to become a leading military general, unlike Yoongi who stuck to academics.
As much as you loved your friends, your home, the sea with its gentle currents carrying you across the ocean and revealing all types of creatures and plants, you always felt like something was missing. It wasn’t a hard life and yet, some days you stayed in your bed all day thinking about the feeling of the wind against your skin and the warmth of the sun as you floated atop the water.
“You’re thinking about seeing him again,” Yoongi mused, giving you a warning glance over his shoulder before diving into the trench that you had been heading towards. It was to visit the base of “Scavengers United”, a club you had formed with your friends, Jeongguk and Yoongi, when you were a fry and had managed to keep running into your adulthood.
It had been created by you, following your first discovery of a shipwreck and quickly, you had set the aim to visit shipwrecks and search for any human items to create a collection. In a way, it was the only thing stopping you from breaking all of the rules and hurling yourself onto the sand just to feel it underneath your fingers.
Without thinking, you began to swim towards the surface, your tail moving slowly before a hand wrapped around the base and yanked you down to face Jeongguk, “you go up there yearly,” he grabbed your wrist and began to tug you into the trench, further away from the sun, and the sand, and the surface.
When Jeongguk caught you gazing longingly at the beams of white light that shone uncertainly through the water, he sighed and squeezed your hand, “you don’t need to feel the wind in your hair to be happy.”
You snapped out of your momentary trance, nodding with a smile and beginning to swim down with him, knowing that it had been almost fifteen years since you’d broken the rule.
It was true that you did get to visit the surface yearly for the kingdom meetings, but you weren’t meant to communicate with anyone. Even so, it meant you got to see Jimin every year, listen to his plans to reform his kingdom and smile inwardly every time he glanced over at you.
That was the last time you were going to let yourself be distracted, finally reaching the bottom of the trench and smiling at your collection that filled up every space in the trench before tipping out your bag of finds onto a large flat rock that acted as your table. “I found a huge mirror and some more enchanted books,” you watched as the boys tipped their findings onto the rock; golden coins, sparkling necklaces, more books and items you had never seen before.
The books were the main way you knew about the fae and humans, you weren’t sure why they were dropped into the ocean but it was always in the same bay you had visited as a child. Now, you continued to swim in the shallow water, body hidden in the green kelp as you scooped up the abandoned books to try and learn more about how the humans lived.
“Do you ever wonder why we’re banned from communicating with them?” you asked slowly, fingers skimming the cold metal of the figurines on a music box that Yoongi had placed on the table, “I just think we should be allowed to go up there.”
The boys laughed before Yoongi pointed out, “you’re the only one not allowed to visit the surface,” he huffed and began to tidy the findings into the nooks and crannies of the trench that acted like shelves. You pouted and picked at a barnacle on the rock, but Yoongi rolled his eyes, “I’ll remind you, Princess, that we trade with our allies on the surface and are not as blocked off as we were when you were younger.”
“I get it,” you sighed, swimming away from the table to catch a ray of sunlight that had managed to make its way to the bottom of the ocean in your hand, watching the light dance on your fingertips. “I just want to see him again and dance! Don’t you want to dance like they do, smell the flowers and be able to wiggle your toes?”
Jeongguk shook his head and rolled his eyes, “we can dance, we just do it without those long, wobbly legs. Tails are so much better,” he flicked his to send a force of water in your direction, “the water’s better,” he spun in the water before swimming upwards, “and I’m on guard duty when the sun goes down, which is soon!”
With that Jeongguk sped away and left you with Yoongi, who grabbed your hands in his, “I’m busy tonight but if you’re going to stargaze, please stay safe and whatever you do, don’t get caught.” He smiled at you before swimming slowly away with one last glance over his shoulder, as if Yoongi knew what was going to happen.  
The sunset had been beautiful that night, the vibrant oranges merging to pinks and purples before the sky lit up with the millions of stars that you watched, laying on your back on the surface of the sea.
It was your favourite time, the silence only broken by the occasional white tipped wave or obnoxious squawk of a seabird. You were breaking the rules but as long as you stayed away from any boats you knew you’d be fine, especially since you did this almost every night.
But tonight was different, the night lit up with colours like you had never seen with loud banging noises. Quickly you ducked your head into the water, watching as a huge boat appeared on the horizon and without thinking, you began to swim closer to it, just to see what they were up to.
The noise got louder as you sped towards the boat and upon reaching the hull, you quietly pulled yourself up to peak at the deck. A small gasp of disbelief left your mouth as you watched Jimin dance to the loud music; he was wearing tight trousers that served as a brutal reminder of just how different you were to him.
However, it wasn’t with sadness that you watched him dance, feet moving with ease to the clapped out the rhythm of the song as everyone laughed and sang along. Instead, it was as if his happiness was contagious, his hips moving to the beat as if it were ingrained in his very being.
The surface truly was a magical place and you stayed a bit longer to watch all the fae dance and laugh together. It soon became clear it was a birthday party for Jimin due to their constant slapping him on the shoulder and impromptu singing of their traditional birthday song.
Jimin towards where you were peeking and you shrunk into the showers as he leant on the wooden sides laughing, “I’m not getting married to any girl!”
“You’d prefer one of the mer?” your eyes widened as you watched a boy point accusingly at Jimin with a huge grin, “or do you just read books about them for fun?” It was curious to see him so close, hear his voice as if he were speaking next to you and when Jimin stomped his foot and tackled his friend, rubbing his hand onto the smaller one’s head, you grinned. Humans were weird.
“I don’t care if she’s fae, human or mer but I know when I see her the knowledge that she’s the one will hit me like-” he paused as if trying to find the right word before throwing his hands in the air, “lightning!”
As the word left his mouth, there was a crack of thunder and within seconds the rain began to bounce off the wooden deck of the boat. With a gasp at the feeling of ice-cold water running down your back, you pushed yourself back into the water, head sticking out as you waited for the boat to turn and return to the bay, but it didn’t. The men were all laughing, cheeks rosy as they tilted their heads back to feel the rain against their face.
You didn’t understand, heart beginning to race as the boat rocked unsteadily in the water, waves growing larger as the rain turned to hail, colder and more painful as it bounced off the top of your head. None of them would survive if they didn’t return to the safety of the bay quickly, you had seen many ships capsize and you couldn’t bare for it to happen this time.
There was no way to help them though, the waves were getting bigger with every second and you dove deeper to avoid being swept up and thrown against the boat as you tried to think of a plan. But there was nothing and glancing up you noticed they had dropped their anchor, and it was true that they would be unable to steer that boat back in their current state.
You wondered if they were going to stay on the ship and wait the storm out, but a few seconds when half a dozen rowboats landed onto the waves, you realised they intended to row home. For a few seconds, you stayed still, watching the hulls of their boats head towards the shore, waiting for your racing heart to slow down so that you’d be able to swim back without revealing that you had watched the humans.
And it was just as you sent a final glance at the surface that you saw the body, sinking into the waves slowly and it was as if you’d been transported back to being that small fry who had broken all of the rules to save Jimin. Because there he was again, sinking into the waves, no attempt to swim up to the surface and he yet he looked so peaceful, even if he was going to die soon.
Your tail swished from side to side in hesitation before you darted down for Jimin, the water rushed past your figure, arms outstretched to grab him, just like you did as a young, determined fry. “You won’t die,” you whispered, an arm wrapping around his waist as you began to push up to the surface, his body so much heavier than it had been back then.
Although he hadn’t been under the water for long, you knew one thing about humans and that was that they couldn’t breathe underwater. And now, as your heads resurfaced, he still wasn’t breathing or even coughing. A rush of panic ran down your body and you began to tug him through the storm that had already quietened to a soft drizzle back to the shore.
Up close, Jimin looked more handsome than you’d first thought, full plump lips that had a rosy colour to them and a warm glow to his cheeks that you assumed was the product of his previous festivities.
Gently, you pulled him up and onto the sandy beach noticing that he still wasn’t breathing with a start. Slowly you placed your hand over his chest, feeling for his heartbeat that was slower than you had expected from a human. You wondered if his lungs had filled with water and you grabbed his arms using them to pull him into a sitting position.
With your tail laying flat behind you, the sand felt course against your stomach as you reached up and tapped Jimin’s back as you waited for a cough or any sign of life from the boy. Without thinking you began to hum, erasing the feeling of anxiety of whether the boy would survive or not with the sound of music, it was your favourite song and you would always sing it when you weren’t happy to soothe your fluttering heart. With a start, you realised it was the same song you had sung to him all those years ago when he had been a child and almost died then.
Soon enough Jimin rolled onto his side, coughing seawater onto the beach before heaving a huge breath of air. Then he fell onto his back, eyes cracking open and seemingly locked onto you before they rolled into the back of his head and as the feelings of interest
Someone coughed from behind you causing you to yelp in surprise.
“I told you not to break the rules,” Yoongi sounded disappointed, but not surprised as he lay in the shallows shaking his head. It was hard to focus on him, when the boy you had been pining after for years was in front of you, his warm skin under your hands and you watched as he smiled before shifting in his sleep.
Finally, with one heavy sigh, you pushed yourself back into the water, turning to look at Jimin’s face one last time before another voice stopped you, “Mer girl!” Yoongi’s eyes widened as he shook his head, trying to get you not to turn around and talk with a human, but you couldn’t help it, slowly turning to find Taehyung standing above Jimin, panting as he held out a finger signalling for you to wait.
“Did you save him?” Taehyung asked, and you nodded slowly, trying to keep it together because you were talking to Jimin’s best friend. He nodded slowly before his face morphed into one of recognition, “you’re the princess!” Taehyung bowed and then glanced up with a grin, “you swim around here a lot, dont’cha.”
Yoongi groaned, grabbing a hold of your tail and yanking you away from the human, but not before you managed to reply to Taehyung’s question, “This is the prettiest bay to swim in!”
With that you turned and swam away with a flick of your tail, not meeting Yoongi’s eyes as he began to rant about how you had risked everything for the same boy, again. “You’re just this constant thorn in my mind Y/N, I worry one day I’ll leave you alone for long enough and come back to find you’ve grown legs.”
“I wish,” you grumbled, continuing to swim back to the castle, watching the sandy beach transition to colourful corals and fish as you waited for Yoongi to reply. But he didn’t for a while, forcing you to begin regretting your love of the surface.
When you finally reached the outskirts of the castle Yoongi stopped and grabbed your wrist, using it so he could grasp both of your hands in his own, “don’t get any ideas. This crush will pass and you’ll marry a handsome mer, not a silly fae boy that would be dead if you hadn’t saved him, twice!”
“So you acknowledge that he needs me!” You suppressed a laugh as Yoongi dropped your hands to smooth the crease of his forehead because you were only teasing, well partly. And with Yoongi’s idea to find yourself some legs, you couldn’t hide the excitement that bubbled up in your chest.  
“Where did your tail go?” Jimin asked, inspecting your legs in curiosity as you sat on a rock with a piece of torn fabric tied around your waist. You wiggled your toes in heady excitement before Jimin pulled off his jacket and placed it over your shoulders, “where are your clothes?”
You didn’t have any clothes, only the shell bra you had been wearing prior to your visit to the sea witch, you smiled up at Jimin, “I don’t have a tail or clothes.” He dropped his head into the palm of his hand before tilting his head in confusion.
“So why did you lose your tail?” He asked, tentatively extending a hand which you took and used to stand up, yelping slightly at the pain that sparked in your soles. Your unsteady footing on the sand and because of the pain resulted in your falling forward and into Jimin’s chest, which rumbled with laughter, “your voice is pretty.”
He smiled down at you and you jumped out off is embrace, “I wanted to see experience the surface,” he tilted his head in confusion at your reply and you smiled, beginning to walk back towards the water, “that’s why I gave up my tail and it won’t be for long. Just enough for me to be a good ruler by knowing how to work well with our closest kingdoms.”
Jimin frowned at your answer before coming to stand next to you, his shoulder brushing yours slightly, “I don’t think I’ve ever heard you say so much at once.” You sighed, trying to hide your embarrassment at him bringing up your voice again, “you’re always so quiet in the conferences.”
The liberation you felt having shed the old rules regarding the fae felt amazing, as you tilted your head back and felt the salty breeze move through your hair and hit your face in a gentle manner. “I love this,” you knelt down so you could feel the sand beneath your fingers, holding handfuls and watching it fall slowly in one line, so unlike how it worked under water.
Cold and brutal realisation dawned on you as you dropped the rest of the sand before looking at Taehyung pleadingly, “you can’t tell anyone who I am! No one will recognise me as the mer princess if you don’t tell them.” He gave you an easy smile, before nodding.
“It’ll be a good secret! But here I was thinking you had changed so we could spend some time together,” Jimin grinned and elbowed you, seeming to believe your excuse. You looked out at the sea and smiled, the deal you had made for these legs was worth it especially when the boy next to you grasped your hand and began to pull you up the beach, “you have to stay in my castle!”
“A castle,” you repeated, it was as if you were living one of the storybooks you had found in the ocean. And now, with the huge castle towering above you, full of rooms that you had dreamed of entering and with Jimin holding your hand, dragging you through one of the archways you wondered for a second if you were dreaming.
A maid screeched at the sight of you, pulling you away from Jimin and behind her, “Prince! What were you up to on that beach?” She glanced over her shoulder and you pulled the coat tighter over your shoulder, suddenly embarrassed by your lack of clothing.
Before Jimin could reply you gently tugged on her sleeve, “Jimin-” her eyebrows raised and you shook your head, “Prince Jimin said I could stay here and-” The maid turned to face you with a huge grin, nodding quickly before turning to look at Jimin for confirmation.
The prince nodded, “she’s a visiting princess that got caught in a shipwreck, please dress her accordingly,” he peeked over the maid’s shoulder to grin at you, obviously pleased with himself over not revealing who you really were.
But before you could thank him, the maid had grabbed your hand and was tugging you through a maze of corridors, “we’ll get you all scrubbed up and looking nice and pretty for the prince.”
She tugged you into a room full of pools of water, her fingers lightly plucked the coat from around your shoulders and untied the small cloth before hurrying you into the water. It was warm, like the shallow depths of the ocean but when you sunk your head into it, the taste was sweet and so different to the salt you were used to.
“Don’t drink it!” She yelped, her hand reaching into the warm water to grasp your neck and pulled your head out of the water before she started to massage at the hair, “stay still and I’ll wash you quickly so you can attend dinner!”
As she scrubbed at your head she continued to chat, “you must be special, the prince never brings back girls.” You held the bubbles of the water in your hand and watched them pop, wondering if you could stay in this pool forever, “our young Jimin believes in true love,” she giggled and poured water over your head, “maybe you’re the one.”
The maid placed a bottle in your hands and you inspected it, the glass was a green colour that was similar to the colour of the scales on your tail, “what is this for?” you asked, pouring some of the liquid in your hand and smelling it with interest.
“Oh!” the maid exclaimed, continuing to detangle your hair, “it is used to clean the dirt from your body!” You could hear the smile in her voice as you made a sound of understanding, using the liquid to rub against your soft long legs, so different to the hard scales that had been there previously.
When you lifted your feet into the air you winced, the soles were bruised and red, just as the witch had warned but you still didn’t regret your decision. Especially when the maid got you to stand, wrapping a cloth around your body before leading you through a door and into another room.
“This is the room next to the Prince’s,” she grinned and began sorting through a wardrobe, “for now you can borrow my finest garment and then we’ll get the royal dressmakers to make you something more fitting of your status.” As she pulled out the dress, you shook your head and pointed at the simple brown dress she was wearing.
“If you have another like that I would feel more comfortable,” you smiled apologetically and watched as she produced one of the same design but in shades of ocean blue. When she saw the way your eyes sparkle at the sight of the dress she laughed and placed it in your open arms.
It didn’t take long for her to help you into the dress and as you swished your hips, you loved the way the fabric swung around your waist and the maid tutted as she tried to fix your hair, before pulling away and smiling, “Prince Jimin’s favourite colour is blue so go-” you tilted your head in mild confusion before she cupped her chin and made a kissing face, “- go make him fall in love you.”
The library was quickly your favourite place in the kingdom. Hours upon hours were spent with Jimin reading and sharing knowledge with the hope to bring your kingdoms closer.
As well as to put a cap on Jimin’s incessant questioning about the mer, “how long is your lifespan?” He asked, lounging back in his chair whilst you continued to look at a map of the fae realm.
“About five hundred years for the average mer,” you looked up to gauge if that was also the normal span for humans. Judging by his dropped jaw, it wasn’t, and so you quickly added, “royal mer live until they’ve reigned for five hundred years.”
He furiously began to write this down and you watched him curiously because even with almost daily lessons of writing with Jimin, you still couldn’t understand how to write. He glanced up, “does eating the tail or any part of a mer provide immortality?”
Not exactly, you thought.
Opening your mouth to reply you heard footsteps behind you and turned to see Taehyung who asked, “What’re you doing here?” instantly he walked forward and ducked his head under the desk before looking up at you in surprise, “your tail?” Jimin looked over at you and rolled his eyes jokingly making both of you giggle.
Taehyung huffed and crossed his arms before placing a map on the table, ‘I’m happy to see you’re both getting on well,” he turned to Jimin, “that’s the map you asked and I’m assuming the mer princess now has legs because of some sort of mer magic.”
You nodded firmly, hoping that no more questions were asked and although Jimin looked at you suspiciously before unfurling the map, his eyes widening in interest as he placed it on the table.
“A map?” Your fingers traced the familiar coastline, reading the black cursive writing and realising it was of the Sea Kingdom, which Jimin was the prince of. He placed his hand over yours and guided your finger to point at a particular headland before turning and grinning at you.
“That’s where we are,” he then proceeded to move your finger along the map, through different towns and islands, before returning to where the castle was, “and those are all the places I’m going to take you.”
The feeling of wonder that had been planted in your heart all those years ago seemed to flutter awake, as you grabbed Jimin’s hands in your own and squeezed, “A tour of your kingdom?” you asked. He nodded and you leapt to your feet, wincing slightly at the pain that shot through them but continued in your celebrations. “When do we go?”
“Tomorrow,” Jimin replied, smile widening when he watched your face light up. For almost a week you had been cooped up in Jimin’s castle as the prince and your maid tried to teach you fae etiquette, but they would still find you not properly dressed around the castle or make you eat without using your hands. Not that it mattered when most people in the castle upon meeting you and seeing how Jimin looked at you, instantly loved you.
But who couldn’t with your cute smile and easy nature around everyone.
The first surprise you encountered the next day was the horse. They were huge animals that you would compare to dolphins, but these ones had the ability to kick and hurt, so you had hidden behind Jimin, using him to protect you from their huge stamping feet.
“They’re nice,” he laughed, reaching out his hand to pat its head before turning and encouraging you to do the same. You shook your head and crossed your arms, showing you had no intention of touching anything apart from Jimin. “You’re such a scaredy-cat,” he laughed before helping you to sit in the carriage.
It was early in the morning, the cold air nipped at your arms and with a smile, you watched as Jimin took the reigns of the carriage and with a flick started the horses running. “We have to go to the village of Morella to visit their port,” Jimin shouted, his voice having to rise above the sounds of wheels turning and the horses.
You smiled, watching the wind brush through his hair and make the black strands push back to reveal Jimin’s forehead, as you continued to stare, Jimin turned to say something and laughed when he saw the embarrassed look on your face. You had been caught.
The trip was quick, with Jimin placing his hand on your thigh when he noticed you continuing to glance at him and stare. It was comfortable and when he looked at you like you could control the very waves of the sea, you felt your cheeks heat like they’ve never done before.
On the outskirts of the town were hundred of tree lining the road, their trunks bending towards each other so you were surrounded by pink blossom, watching the petals fall and land on Jimin’s lap and body.
It felt magic and you saw it as a sign, that today would be a magical day of new experiences and just Park Jimin.
The ship you took between islands was big, masts towering up into the sky but Jimin was surprised to not find you running around the deck, chatting to the sailors and staring wide-eyed at the sky. Instead, he found you sitting on the side, legs hanging over the edge with a rope tied around your waist looking out across the oceans with a sad look on your face.
Your hair hung loosely around your face and Jimin stood behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist and squeezing, “what’s got you looking so sad?” Jimin asked, resting his head on your shoulder to look out at the sea with you.
“I think I’m homesick,” you sighed and he squeezed your waist as if to reassure you that everything was okay. But then as Jimin thought about it, why would you be homesick if you had escaped your home.
He pulled away to jump onto the edge and sit next to you, “homesick? I thought you were escaping from your home to come to see the world?” Jimin stared at the water, which was so hostile to the fae and humans and yet allowed the mer to live within it. How could you be homesick of the entity that had killed so many of his men?
But then again, Jimin realised he’d been saved from death in the sea twice.
He wrapped his arm around you and pulled you into his chest, feeling the warmth of your tears wet his shirt, his fingers wove through your soft hair before you jumped back, “why is there water coming out of my eyes?”
Jimin looked at you, confused before he choked on a laugh, “Oh Y/N, that’s called crying.” Without thinking, he leant forward and pressed a kiss to your cheek, instantly pulling away in shock at the idea of showing his affections for you in such an open way. But instead, you leant into his chest and hummed to yourself.
“Mer don’t cry,” you mused, hands raising to your face to wipe the tears from your face and inspect the salty droplets, “when we’re sad, nothing happens.” Jimin felt his heart swell before your humming turned to music. A beautifully sad song that he was sure he had heard before when he was a child but also more recently and that was when the pieces seemed to fall into place. It was you and it had always been you.
Jimin squeezed your hand, “it was you, princess,” now his cheeks were wet with tears, rolling down his face at the thought that the mer he had been chasing all this time was right here sitting next to him, with legs. He grabbed your hands, “you saved my life-”
You leant forward and pressed your lips to his, smiling at the idea that now he knew the truth, “I saved it twice fishbait.” It felt so weird to finally have the burden of that secret off your shoulders and when you opened your eyes to look at Jimin, you found him standing up on the side of the boat, pointing at you.
“You’re the one for me!” He shouted, his voice echoing throughout the ship and with one large wave, the boat jolted and Jimin wobbled, grinning as he yelled, “it’s you I love!” With that, he lost his balance and fell forward onto the deck of the ship causing you to burst into laughter.
The boat was curiously quiet as you slid off the side to stand next to Jimin who was laughing, sitting crossed leg as he looked up at you with a different look to usual. The sun was low over the horizon, colours of dark orange and pink reflected against the waves and Jimin’s eyes glowed with a similar colour as he took your hand and pressed a slow kiss to the back of it, “I know it’s sudden but I really think I love you.”
You knelt in front of him and pressed a quick kiss to his cheek and ducked your head, a warm blush settling across your cheeks until Jimin hooked his finger under your chin and tilted your head up so he could look into your eyes, whispering, “can I kiss you?”
Instead of answering you leant forward and pressed your lips slowly to his, feeling his teeth slowly sink into your bottom lip and pull it away from your mouth making you gasp into his mouth. Jimin used this moment to slip his tongue inside you as his other hand settled on your waist, keeping you steady as your tongue moved against his.
Without thinking you placed your hands on his firm chest and pushed back, staring at the floor and Jimin instantly held your hand in his waiting for you to explain, which you did with a shaky voice, “I don’t know what I’m doing-” you squeezed his hand and in a moment of confidence looked up and smiled, “but if you’re willing to help teach me, I want to go all the way with you!”
Jimin laughed and patted your head, “do you even know what that means you, seductress?” He was teasing you and with a pout you placed your hand in his crotch, squeezing his hardening length whilst poking your tongue out as if to prove a point.
“My maid told me all about it!” Jimin stood up and placed a hand under your knees and on your back as he scooped you into his chest making you squeak in shock before looking into his darkened eyes, “I just need you to go slow and help me.”
“Oh princess, I intend to go slow and take my time enjoying you.”
Jimin’s hands were hot as they slid up your legs, your navy skirt bunched up at your waist and he smiled as your hands fisted at the fabric, “what’s wrong princess?” He asked, pressing kisses to your thighs which made your core tingle with desire, a feeling very new to you.
“Nothing,” you mumbled, pouting when he laughed at your face. Jimin’s teeth nipped at your flesh before he caught onto your stocking and began to pull it down your leg, throwing the article away before gasping softly when he saw the state of your feet.
You sat up quickly and pulled them into your chest, embarrassed by the purple-bruised soles and small cuts that littered your feet, but Jimin was undeterred as he moved up the bed and wrapped you in his arms.
Behind your back, his fingers loosened your corset although there was a worried expression on his face, “your feet look painful, should I get some ice for them?” You laughed at his thoughtfulness, catching his head in your hands and squeezing his cheeks before letting your fingers intertwine in his hair and pull him in for a kiss.
Your lips moved slowly against each other’s and you easily fell into the rhythm of how to kiss and with a quick movement Jimin grabbed your thighs and placed you atop his thighs and now hardening length, “or would you prefer I distract you from the pain?”
“The second option,” you replied, unbuttoning his white, silk top with shaking fingers and slipping it off his shoulders to reveal more of his gorgeous, smooth, golden skin which you instantly pressed a kiss too. The heat radiated from his body and made it so easy to press into, especially after Jimin helped you to pull off your dress which he promptly threw across the room.
The room was colder than you had first thought and Jimin noticed the slight shiver of your shoulders, his hands rubbing circles into your skin to try and produce some more heat. “You still okay doing this princess?” He asked, peppering your skin with small kisses as he somehow managed to avoid the fact that you were sitting on his lap, completely bare save a pair of black panties.
“More than okay,” you replied, grabbing his hand and placing the warm palm against your breast, kicking back your head when he squeezed at the flesh and flicked at your quickly hardening nipple. You bit your lip, trying to hold back the noises that were threatening to leave your mouth.
Jimin noticed this with a satisfied smile, placing his other hand on your waist and squeezing before lowering his mouth to your nipple and then you couldn’t hold back your moans anymore. “Hnng- Jimin.” He smiled and continued to flick his rough tongue against the sensitive skin of your nipple and smiling as your hips began to grind against his thigh, desperately trying to find a form of friction to help you with the increasing heat you were feeling.
You leant further forward and intertwined your hands in his hair to pull his mouth away from your nipple so you could press your lips against his, pulling back sloppily before whispering, “you’re taking too long.”
With that, you pulled down his trousers, staring at the lump in his black shorts which you knew from your maid to be his dick. She had told you that if you were in this situation, you could use your mouth or hands to pleasure him but now you looked as lost as you felt and Jimin laughed, “this was why I was happy to just pleasure you beautiful.”
You pouted and crossed your arms over your chest to signify you had no intention of allowing him to extract those noises from your lips again, which he noticed and reached a hand out to place your palm on his hard length, “you only get a lesson in what to do if I can touch you as well.”
Jimin pulled his short down and you watched his length pop up, licking your lips you went to lick it, but he tutted and laid down, his voice was so low and husky that the idea of disagreeing felt impossible, “go ahead princess, but I want to do the same to you.”
You frowned at the idea but still got on all fours so your lower half was in his face and slowly you kissed the top of his leaking head and hearing his grunt encouraged you to continue. Wrapping your hand around his length you began to move it up and down, enjoying the feeling of power you had and the sound of Jimin’s increased groans before you felt his hands smooth up your legs.
“Now you can either speed up your hand, or replace it with your mouth,” he grunted, and in retaliation to you not following his instructions, he placed a finger against your core, chuckling to himself as he pressed into the wet patch that had been created during your previous actions. “Am I allowed to?” He asked and you nodded, laughing quietly when you realised he couldn’t see.
“P-Please touch me there,” you replied, before licking up his length and swirling your tongue on the salty tip of it. Just as Jimin ripped open your panties, you slid his length into your mouth. It was easier than you had thought, hollowing your cheeks and hearing Jimin release a heavy sigh before he thrust into your mouth, you knew he was having a good time.
When Jimin’s mouth came into contact with your heat, your eyes widened and you gagged on his length, he chuckled and pressed his tongue flat against your clit before looping his arms up to hold onto your waist and pull it down so each of his breaths were hot against your wetness.
“Princess,” he groaned, and you hummed against his length when he lifted a finger to your opening, “may I?” His finger continued to trace your folds, spreading the wetness and when he reached your opening you pressed your hips down so it entered you. With a moan, his length fell out of your mouth and you leant your head against his thigh, your hips grinding into his mouth as Jimin slowly pushed another two fingers into you, causing you to moan even louder before pressing your face into his thigh in embarrassment at the idea of the sailors aboard hearing your erotic noises.
“Princess, why are you slacking?” He teased, before using his fingers inside you to prepare you for the length you had in your hand, moving your fist up and down in the fastest pace you could manage with all the pleasure Jimin was providing you. Jimin, of course, was aware of this and pulled your hips closer to his face, sucking and licking his tongue against your clit as you were brought closer and closer to the edge.
“Hnn- Jimin- It feels- feels so good,” you panted as he used a finger to rub quick circles into your small button which sent waves of pleasure throughout your body, your thighs began to shake in his grip and you could hear Jimin’s chuckle as you squealed, “fuck!”
With that you slumped against his chest, body feeling absolutely spent until Jimin slowly licked at your entrance again. Slowly, this time, and after you began to quiver to his touch, he pulled away and helped you move so you were back to straddling his lap.
“Good?” Jimin asked, his hand coming to place a wisp of hair behind your ear and cup your sweating face, pressing a kiss to your lips and deepening it so you could taste yourself on his tongue. When you pulled away, you smiled and nodded, pressing a chaste kiss to his lips.
As you smoothed your hands over his shoulders, pressing your chest flush against his body you nibbled Jimin’s ear, whispering, “Can we keep going?”
Jimin pulled away and smiled, “do you know what that means my stunning mer maid?” You pouted at his teasing and wiggled in his lap until he placed his hands on your waist and squeezed, it was a warning, “are you sure?”
“I want you inside me,” you giggled slightly at the wording and Jimin recoiled, frowning at your childish behaviour and you quickly bit your lip to stop your anxious laughter. “Please my king?”
That seemed to flip a switch in him, Jimin grabbed your waist and helped ease you onto his length which you took very slowly, even so, you had never felt pain quite like it. And when you were sitting, filled up with his length and the tears began to drip onto Jimin’s stomach, you looked at him in confusion and paused, “but I’m not sad?”
He smiled and leant up to press a slow kiss to your lips, “I’m sorry princess, you’re crying cus it hurts.” You nodded in understanding and wiggled your hips, noticing that the pain had begun to dissipate. Placing your hands on his chest, you pushed yourself up and then dropped back onto his length with a long moan at the overwhelming pleasure that was filling you.
It didn’t take long of you being on top for you to realise how hard it was to truly enjoy the experience, so when Jimin thrust up into you and hit a point inside that made you arch your back in pleasure, you looked at him, panting, “Jimin- please-”
With ease, Jimin flipped you over and after intertwining your hands with his, he began to piston his hips into yours with a speed you had yet to experience. Each thrust was angled to hit just the right spot in you and as your toes began to curl, Jimin let out a long groan at the feeling of your walls clenching down on him.
“Just last a bit longer-” he panted, his hand reaching down to rub at your clit and send you into a place of such overwhelming pleasure it felt as though you had passed out. With your climax Jimin slipped his length out and shuffled forward so he was next to your head, grunting “open up princess.”
Your mouth fell open, tongue sticking out as he proceeded to cum into your mouth, salty and sticky squirts landing mainly in your mouth and tongue but some of it landing on your nose and eyes. After he had pumped his length a few more times, he grunted and stroked your head, “swallow up princess.”
“A TAIL!” Jimin’s yells woke you from your sleep the next morning and as you stretched, looking at his pale, shocked face in confusion before you tried to wiggle your toes to instead find a pair of fins.
Your old seaweed-green tail was flapping on the mattress and Jimin was sitting on the floor in surprise, before he slowly crawled forward and stroked at the dry scales, “does it hurt? Did the spell wear off?”
You shook your head and stared at it before hot tears began to trickle down your face, rubbing at your eyes furiously trying to stop them you lay back on the bed and pulled the sheets over your face, “I don’t know.” But you did know, the spell was giving you a warning that it was running out.
The bed dipped as Jimin sat next to you, and you felt his hand begin to stroke your shoulder as he tried to comfort you before he made a sound of realisation, “Y/N, you know I studied the mer for years,” you made a sound of acknowledgement before going back to thinking about having to return to the sea in shame.
“I think if I kiss you, the tail should go,” you peeked out from under the covers and raised your eyebrows at him, watching Jimin’s face brighten up in his usual smile you tried hard to hide your own. But it was too late because he’d already seen it, and so he caught your hand that had been gripping the cover and pulled you up and into a hug.
“I love you regardless of what form you take,” he grinned at you and pressed a kiss to your hand, “seriously princess, things like a tail won’t stop the fact that I absolutely adore you.” You blushed and pressed your face forward, into his shoulder in the attempt to try and hide your expression.
And yet, Jimin knew, his hands cupped your face and he looked you in the eye with a smile, “can I kiss you, princess?” You frowned at him before leaning forward and kissing him, your eyes squeezed shut as you hoped to open them and see a pair of legs again.
A faint tingle began to spread through your legs and pulling away from Jimin, you kicked off the sheets to find your legs were back. It was silly how much you had missed being able to wiggle your toes, and your eyes widened at how human you were becoming.
A secret you had refused to share with Jimin was the knowledge that your legs would not last forever and your lifespan had been severely shortened. It didn’t scare you, the thought of death but now as you lay on the beach, unable to move your legs, you felt a tinge of fear creep into your thoughts.
The boat had landed on the first island of your tour and Jimin had run off to find a mode of transport having remembered the state of your feet following last night. But that was when the spell had stuttered to a halt, with you finding a small sheltered cove and walking until your legs gave up.
Just as your vision began to swim with tears, you saw a familiar tail appear out of the water before Yoongi’s familiar face popped out of the waves, his emotionless face observing you. Before he spoke and you realised just how much you had missed him, “you’re dying princess.”
“I am aware,” you replied with a small smile, hand reaching out to feel the waves lap at your fingers before something heavy landed in your palm, an opal bladed knife. “Yoongi-” The tears began to start again and he looked at you confused, “I abandoned my tail long ago, I’m not returning to the mer.”
Yoongi shook his head with a sigh, “you must pierce his heart with this blade and you can survive this curse. Y/N, you were so foolish in partaking on this adventure, how could you ever make a relationship between a mer and fae work?”
A sob left your mouth and you shook your head, “I did it Yoongi, he’s just like us. We don’t have to live in fear of them.” Yoongi sighed and looked at something over your shoulder before nodding and saying one last thing that stuck itself to your very soul.
“Why shouldn’t we fear the people who reduced our might princess to this weak form, unable to even stand and fight back?” With a sad smile, he turned and dove out of view.
A cough signalled someone was standing behind you and slowly you turned to see Jimin, his black hair swept up as if he had just run his fingers through the strands, before he looked at his hands and whispered, “you’re going to die.”
You turned your head so not to face him and his look of utter helplessness, Jimin moved to crouch in front of you, taking the knife from your hands and weighing the blade in his hand, whispering, “this is because of me.”
You sat up and shook your head, leaning forward and trying to weakly take the blade from his fingers, but he moved further into the sea, holding the blade at an arm’s length and angling the sharp edge towards his chest. Your throat tightened as you looked at him, “don’t do this Jimin, you have a kingdom to run. I’ll be fine-”
“For this life you’ve saved twice-” he plunged the knife into his chest and you screamed, crawling forward to catch him as he fell backwards, red blood already leaking from the wound as he lifted a hand to cup your face, “I’ll return this life.”
The room was silent, the snores of the small children confirming that your story had been successful in sending them to sleep. Just as you stood, beginning to walk towards the door you heard sniffles from the corner of the room. “Oh, sweetie don’t cry!” You yelped, watching as your grandchild began to wipe at her eyes, sobbing loudly as she sat up in bed.
“Fairy tales are meant to have happy ever afters!” She hiccuped, pouting at you and sitting at the end of her bed you smoothed down the creases in your skirt smiling at her childish statement.
Leaning over you wiped the tears from her eyes, “my little minnow, everyone fell asleep before I could tell the ending.” She sprang up and wiped at her face, a huge smile on her face as she nodded her head.
“How did you live happily ever after?” You blinked in surprise, hearing the words that had filled your head for the subsequent years, but it didn’t matter now and you cleared your throat, dramatically flaring your hands to make your granddaughter giggle in amusement.
The sound of approaching footsteps could be heard and you knew you would have to be quick to avoid Jimin teasing you for using your own love story as a bedtime fairy tale again. “Well my minnow, those rumours about eating mer flesh to provide fae with immortality were partly correct. But quite wrong, as most rumours often are.” You smiled, mind going back to that fateful day when everything had come to the end. “The royal mer possess the ability to save a life with a kiss, and as the princess of the mer I also have that blessing.”
A hand landed on your shoulder, squeezing gently and you turned to smile at Jimin, who grinned when your young granddaughter squealed in excitement, “little one, you don’t get to hear the ending if you’re loud.” He winked and she nodded, clamping her hands over her mouth.
Jimin heaved a sigh and sent you a glare as you gestured for him to go on, “well, the handsome, dashing, wise, clever-” you elbowed Jimin in the side, “the prince was certain he was going to die, after all that had been his aim to save the love of his life. But his sneaky mer princess had a secret, slowly she had pressed a kiss to his lips and the blood leaking into the seawater disappeared.”
The waves had stilled as your lips had touched his and with your eyes squeezing shut, you hadn’t seen the magic beging to work. Only hearing Jimin’s rasping breaths become steadier before he pulled you into the water with a groan.
“How did you do that?” Jimin gasped, placing his hands on his heart to find it miraculously uninsured and you shook your head, tears already streaming down your face as you tackled him in a hug. But Jimin yelped when he saw the state of his feet - well, tail.
Although Jimin's life had been saved by you again, for the third time, you had been unable to save all of him. A healing kiss from a mer would lead to that species becoming indebted to the royal, only able to carry out that sentence by becoming one themselves.
“So after I turned into a mer and got a beautiful rusty coloured tail,” you blinked and found yourself back in the room with Jimin, who was rambling onto the poor child who was beginning to rub her eyes with sleep. So you placed a quick kiss to his lips and finished the story quickly.
The little girl smiling up as you smoothed her hair from her face, “your grandad proposed to me whilst we were still mer and once getting married my father allowed us to return to being fae.”
The girl smiled, “so you got married and lived happily ever after?”
Jimin smiled and squeezed your hand in his, your heart sped slightly at the small contact, just like it had done all those years ago, as Jimin whispered, “We still live happily ever after.”
A/N: 10k imagines in a week along with school coursework deadlines are super duper hard to write. Please give me some praise and compliments to provide me with the power to write The Frog Prince ( knj )
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softlyjiminie · 3 years ago
sanctuary |  p.j.m
Tumblr media
⇢ pairing(s): mafia boss!park x mafia wife!reader.
⇢ word count: 8.3K.
⇢ rating: 17+, mature.
⇢ genre: angst, fluff, violence, mafia!au.
⇢ summary: park jimin was an unforgiving, notorious mafia king, dominating the world. he could have anything he wanted, whenever he wanted but if there is one thing he loved more than the games, the weapons, the money…it was you.
⇢ warning(s): please read! mentions of kidnapping, swearing, violence ( mentions of shootings, slapping, wounds, explosives and fight scenes ), angst, mentions of sex, mentions of weapons and drugs.
⇢ author’s note(s): i’ve always had a thing for mafia aus, a gift from above so i had so much fun writing this. ( update: this fic has been slightly edited and updated as of 2020 )
⇢ parts: 1 2 3 4
Tumblr media
⇢ sanctuary:  refuge or safety from pursuit, persecution, or other danger.
he would give everything he owned to see you smile, because, you were his home. his safe place. his sanctuary.
Tumblr media
it hadn’t taken you long to come to, or at least that’s what you had initially thought. the harsh, overwhelming scent of damp and mould coaxed you into a reality that was typical for you to face, causing annoyance to roll in strong waves across your body. as you blinked rapidly, you took the time to assess your surroundings. dark warehouse? check. a room with shitty guarding? double check. you gave a light tug on your wrists that had been bound behind your back and sighed. cheap rope to tie up your wrists? triple check.
you rolled your eyes. see? typical.
you weren’t stupid. it was obvious to anyone with a pair of eyes that this was a ransom kidnapping, or anyone who had been as experienced in these situations as you had. slumping back in your seat, you sighed deeply, throat dry as you tried to recover your thoughts. the last events you remember coherently being the argument.
yourself and your boyfriend had just returned from a gala. your black ball gown restricting your breathing, causing you to grow frustrated whilst you tugged at the glittering diamonds that graced your neck. he wanted you to move in with him. you didn’t want that. he did...and your boyfriend was someone who always got what he wanted. you hadn’t know what had gotten him so mad, especially when you’d told him no. all you remembered, was that one second he was sweetly unzipping your dress whilst you consistently told him ‘we’ll talk later’ and in the next he was fuming and storming out of your small studio flat and back to the sleek black chrysler 3000 out front.
everything was pretty much a blur after that, aside from when you were hit in the head. you were painfully aware of that now. the dull ache in the back of your head seemed to have grown considerably and it was only then that you realised it was bleeding ever so slightly.
so many people were going to die tonight.
firstly the people who had kidnapped you and secondly, yourself. you were still wearing the gown, the one your boyfriend had bought you and blood stained easily. he would probably give you hell for the dry cleaning bill. exhaling again, you blew some of your matted fringe away from your eyes, squinting them to see if you could make out the figures by the door.
“hey shitheads,” you yelled, cursing unceremoniously. the men switched their attention over to you as you leaned forward in the chair they had oh-so-kindly strapped you to. “could you do me a favour and get a girl a glass of water? i’m a little parched. and some aspirin for this headache would be good too.”
one of the men laughed, his hefty frame jolting up and down as he looked over to his friend who only smiled smugly. “oh sweetheart, in case you hadn’t noticed...this isn’t some five star hotel.”
you bite back a growl. “listen here bub, ‘m just trying to make things easier for you. the better condition you return me in, the better chance you have at staying alive for the next twenty-four hours.” 
this time he snorted, walking closer to you before deciding to run the barrel of his gun down your jawline and then under your chin forcing you to look upwards. jimin was going to kill him. you grimaced, the man fanning his hot and potent breath over your face as he smiled. “who’s to say we won’t kill you before then?” he joked, leaning down so that your noses were only inches apart. you let a cruel grin spread across your pink lips, an eyebrow quirking in the process.
tilting your head, you looked the guard directly in the eye and whispered in a cool tone. “you won’t lay a hand on me if you know what’s good for you...”
and then you spat in his face.
the man reeled back in shock, desperately wiping his face as you smiled with satisfaction. if they were going to kidnap you and ruin what could’ve been a night of relaxation, you were going to have fun with it. his black beady eyes narrowed at you when he was done, and then, he was throwing down his gun and charging at you. “you bitch,” he hissed, heavy hand coming down against the soft skin of your cheek. it burned, leaving a red mark as the area begun to bruise. now, although you weren’t afraid, you had to admit you weren’t expecting that. the air in your lungs seemed to fly elsewhere and your head flew to the side with a slight crack. a silence swept over the room, the only sounds coming from the echo of the hit that had just been delivered to you and rough breaths that escaped from between your bruising lips. the man chuckled smugly, turning away from you for a second. “that’ll teach you.”
moving slowly, you turned to face him again and laughed. it was bitter, cool and would have sent chills down the spines of anyone who could see you. your damp hair falling fell over your face, cloaking it in darkness..
“he’s going to fucking murder you.”
the guard looked as if he was going to try and hit you again when the doors burst open, revealing a slightly shorter male, carrying a glass of water and what seemed like a pack of pills. “now now,” he murmured condescendingly to the guard before you, a twisted grin formulating on his thin lips. “i thought i asked you to play nice?”
“but she-“ the guard defended, only to earn a glare from his boss. he looked down at you with a slight grunt and you faked a sweet smile back at him as he moved back into position.
you turned your gaze to focus on the man who held the glass of water, your brows furrowing as you took in his appearance. he was on the shorter side, hazel brown eyes and lightly tanned skin. his face was oval, framed by greasy black hair but he was young...he couldn’t have been more than twenty, yet you figured he wasn’t much younger than you or jimin.
he smiled down at you, causing your body to fill to the brim with a nauseated feeling. pushing the pill that he’d been holding past your plump lips, he held  the cool glass to them and allowing you to sip from it. you gulped down the water a little too eagerly than you would have liked, trying to soothe the ache that rested in your dry throat.“that better, sweet thing?” god, you wanted to throw up. narrowing your eyes, you nodded at his words, watching as he placed the glass on a nearby storage unit. “i’m glad.”
he returned to you, running a calloused finger along the length of  your jaw before withdrawing from your bruised and tired form. “who the fuck are you?” you asked, boredom laced between each word. your mind couldn’t help but wonder how long you’d been here for, or how long this man had been watching you. it was obivous that he was after something... they always were and for some reason this exchange always involved you.
you wondered if jimin was looking for you, even after the fight. if he even knew you were missing. the thought alone sent chills down your spine, causing goosebumps to arise across the plains of your arm. ‘don’t be scared YN,’ you chanted to yourself like a prayer. ‘he’s looking for you right now.’
all you wanted in that moment was to go home and cuddle up to your boys. jimin’s men had treated you like family ever since you had started dating him, and you would give anything to be with them in this current moment. instead you were stuck here with some asshole who’s name you didn’t even know. “that’s a good question, dear YN,” the man smiled causing you to roll your eyes impatiently. He probably thought that knowing your name would intimidate you. He was wrong. “i, am sim sejun.” he ran a hand through his greasy locks, making you want to gag. “leader of the south, serpent side gang”
ahh. so he wasn’t a mafia leader. silly man.
thinking back to what you knew of mafia life, you figured that he was just a sub division of a larger group and it was then easier for you to decide that he definitely wasn’t a match for jimin’s men. your boyfriend was leader to one of the largest mafia units in south korea, dominating areas of seoul and busan alike, as well as having contacts across the globe. his unit was so infamous that they were practically impossible to track down, essentially remaining off the radar, very few low-level gangs actually knew of their existence. you take it that this guy did not.
anyone who knew jimin, knew that he treated everyone under him, like family. he had safe houses for all of his men and anyone connected to them. everyone knew that if they even laid a hand on his workers, let alone you, they were as good as dead the next day. you sighed again; slightly irked by the dramatics this man was putting on to scare you. “that’s just great! now that we’re acquainted with each other, mind telling me how long I’ve been out for?”
sejun glanced down at his watch, seemingly surprised by your sassy mouth and lack of fear.  “i’d say about forty-seven hours and thirty minutes, give or take a few,” he let his wrist drop to his side and gestured to one of his men to bring over a silver brief case. one of your boyfriend’s rules was to protect you with his life; that meant being kitted out with panic buttons and distress signals at all times but this man had been smart, removing your watch and bracelets which both contained a tracking device and a distress signal. jimin had promised you, that in the instance you weren’t able to use any of those devices, he would find you within forty-eight hours.  
not once had he failed to do so.
all you had to do was keep this man occupied for the next thirty minutes before jimin got to you. you trusted him with your life and he’d never let you down  thus far. “may i ask, mr sim,” you paused, checking to see if you’d captured his attention. his nimble fingers had paused on the keyboard of the laptop hidden away in the silver brief case and he glanced at you with suspecting eyes. “what exactly is it, that you’re hoping to get out of me?”  
sejun let, what looked like a cross between a pained expression and a grin form on his oily features as he dragged a chair to face opposite you. he sat backwards on it, nodding for one of his men to bring over the brief case from earlier. you watched with confused eyes as he tapped a few keys on it, revealing an image. “this is one of the most renowned weapons dealer in all of seoul,” sejun begun, turning the screen so that you could see. you couldn’t help the small gasp that tumbled from between your chapped lips as your tired eyes fell over the picture. it was of you and seokjin, one of jimin’s most trusted men. the picture had been taken roughly three weeks ago when the older male had taken you to his favourite café to treat you for getting a job promotion. “you know him and he as some artillery that we want.”
they had been watching you.
that meant that they had been tracking your every move for almost a month. they must’ve known where you worked and where your favourite place to eat was. where you lived. sim seemed to take pleasure in your shock, your unbothered facade faltering ever so slightly. “we’re hoping to make a little deal with seokjin’s boss, and you’re our end of the bargain,” the oblivion eyed man explained, tapping your swollen cheek slightly. you winced in response, screwing your eyes shut at the pain that spread across the sensitive area. “tonight, we’ll contact and make some arrangements. then, I’ll think about letting you go.”
“fuck you.” you spat, mustering up all the venom you could. they didn’t even know who jin worked for and here they were using you as a bluff for some weapons. ugh. men and their toys. sejun didn’t seem to like you insulting him, so leaned over the frame of his chair to yank your sweaty locks back, forcing you to look up at him. without premeditation, the gang leader pressed a silver blade to your throat, and shot you a menacing look. come on. seriously?
“what was that?”
“d-don’t you boys know h-how to play nice?” you forced out through gritted teeth, a lump catching in the ridges of your throat. “I’m sure if you asked politely, jinnie would have been happy to help you.”
the gang leader pulled on your hair again, causing you to yelp out in pain and tears to form in your eyes. “that’s not how we do things around here ms.LN.” he yanked a third time, pressing the knife closer to your untainted flesh and you gasped, biting your lip as you tried not to cry.
“i d-don’t think seokjin’s b-boss would be very...pleased to hear you say that...” you mumbled, hating the feeling of this man’s fingers pressing against your scalp. Suddenly, he let go, letting your head drop forward was you struggled to catch your breath. Mr Sim walked away, grabbing a cloth from the top of a storage unit and wiping the blade he had once held to your neck with it.
he glanced back at you with a quirked brow. “his boss?”
you laughed deliriously, your hair falling over to cover your face as the sound bounced off every wall and surface in the blackened warehouse. Looking up, you allowed your eyes to lock with the man who had threatened to take your life and smiled, a large, genuine smile.“t-tell me mr.sim,” you began with a smooth and silky voice, putting him and his men on edge.
“what exactly do you know about park jimin?”
you laughed again when his eyes almost bulged out of their sockets. sejun began to frantically order his men about, shouting at them to up security on all exits. your head lolled to the side slightly from the blood loss as you watched everyone whizz around in a desperate attempt to stand their ground.
“not very much, i take it.”
a voice sounded from the overhead speakers. you perked up, instantly recognising its source. your gaze flickered over to where sejun was standing as he looked up at the ceiling, confused. you grinned. “jinnie? that you?” you called out, happiness evident in your voice. “can you hear me?”
“loud and clear, darling.” he voiced back causing excitement to course through your veins. they had found you and now you could get the hell out of this place.
you shook your head fondly, looking up as sejun begun to pace out of fear. “how did you get through our security systems undetected?” the gang leader yelled, growing angsty.
“for starters; your firewall is pretty shitty and we have the best hacker in all of the world. right namjoon?” there was a clapping sound over the mic, followed by a groan which made you let out a light hearted giggle. “and i’d have to die before i let you touch MY weapons.”
sejun let out another growl before forcing one of his men to tend to his firewall which was currently down. you looked around you, watching as the chaos unfolded. “it took you long enough to find me jinnie!” you teased fondly, hoping that he could hear you above this mess of a gang. “i was starting to think you boys weren’t coming.”
“have a little more faith in us darling, we still have fifteen minutes.”
you let out a giggle that was instantly silenced by the gang leader who was now charging at you. he raised a hand, like he was about to attack but froze when jin took over the speakers again. “hey man, you gotta stop that. if you’re gonna act like that towards our girl, reinforcements will be sent in.” the older male complained, so much so that you could almost hear the pout in his voice. “jungkook, taehyung; you’re up.”
it was almost as if time had slowed down when a sudden beeping sound filled your ears. quickly realising what was happening you ducked your head and brought a knee up to protect your face as wall to the right of you exploded. jin sure did love his explosives. sejun, who had realised a little too late, was thrown to the floor and you screwed your eyes shut as small bits of rubble came your way.
“nice one jin!” a voice that you identified to be taehyung’s cheered as he and the makane stepped through the gaping hole that had been made in the dry wall. the two boys quickly brushed off their black, gucci suits to remove the rubble. the oldest boy, jin, let out a cocky thank you as the youngest members entered the warehouse, knocking out anyone who came their way. “noona!”
the boxed grinned boy smiled when he noticed you, practically forcing his way through the streams of mean who came his way. jungkook followed suit, snapping the neck of someone who had held a gun to him. “that’s what you get for laying your fucking hands on my noona.” the midnight haired boy cursed.
“really kook?, did you really have to kill him?” this time it was namjoon’s voice that flowed from the speakers. he was clearly unimpressed, never being one for violence and fighting. the youngest boy pouted, looking up at the ceiling as he effortlessly punched a guy in the face with the barrel of his gun.
“he hurt my noona...” he whined. your heart warmed, wriggling with anticipation as the pair made their way over to release you, but out of nowhere, sejun jumped up, quickly hollering for more men who begun to swamp the maknaes. you knew they would be okay, with their extensive training they knew how to work under pressure but you couldn’t help but worry.
unexpectedly, you felt yourself being hoisted from the chair you had once been bound to. they were moving your location. “get her out of here!” sim roared, his voice dripping with anger. his men rushed you to what looked like a garage and you assumed they were taking you to a bigger and more protected base.
what happened next, occurred too quickly for your brain to register. within an instant, you were tumbling to the ground, the two men that were carrying you and sejun following suit. you groaned in pain, rolling onto your back as your vision became clear and aligned again. the guards appeared to be dead, but the other gangster was too far away for you to tell.
“YN, you okay?” an orange haired figure asked, helping you to stand on one leg. you looked up with a hiss, locking eyes with a soft pair of brown hues and gentle grin.
“i’ll be okay, hoseok,” you reassured, trying your best not to put any pressure on your right leg. “thank you for shooting my thigh, yoongi.”
the pale blonde male ran up beside you with a lazy smirk, tucking his gun into its holster. “sorry LN, it was the only way i could get them without killing you.” you rolled your eyes at that. hoseok and yoongi were the best snipers you’d ever seen. they worked much better over longer distances compared to tae and kook, who were more experienced with hand to hand combat. “namjoon and jin are just outside with the car, it’s not a long walk but we need to move fast, before reinforcements come.”
you nodded, limping along as quickly as you could with hoseok’s support. your mind slipped into thoughts of jimin and he was or if he was even coming at all. the three of you moved past sejun, who still seemed to be unconscious and begun to make your way to the exit. you didn’t have much time to dwell on the thought of jimin, when you noticed a small red dot right at the centre of yoongi’s back. your eyes blew wide with realisation.“yoongi! get down!” you practically screamed, grabbing his shoulder and pulling him down just as a bullet whizzed past his head. yourself, hoseok and yoongi fell to the floor, not even giving the boys time to register the shooter.
the two older boys rushed to pick you up, letting out curses as they ran to the exit. your forced yourself forward, ignoring the searing pain in your right leg, only to have your friends collapse merely metres away from the exit. “for fucks sake,” you whined, trying to keep yourself sturdy as the two boys struggled to pick themselves up off the floor. sneakily, sejun had managed to gain on the three of you and tugged you into his chest, spinning you around.
“tranquilliser darts huh? god’s gift i say,” he teased, panting as blood poured from a wound in his shoulder. the gang leader gripped your wrist tightly, causing you to whimper. “you think you can escape? eh? you don’t get to leave until i get what i want.”
sim forced your arm behind your back, before switching out his weapon and pointing his gun at your two friends. “i should kill you both right here for the stunt you pulled earlier,” he threatened, before switching the gun to your head. “or maybe i’ll shoot her first.”
hoseok let out a bitter laugh, somehow managing to lift his head. you blinked rapidly, trying to stop the tears that were threatening to spill. jimin, where are you? “i don’t think mr.park would like that very much, don’t you agree yoongs?”
“i think you’re right hobi,” the blonde chuckled in response, watching as sejun trembled with fear. whatever these boys were playing at, you’d make sure to kill them if you didn’t die first. “how long did you say he’d be?”
a breath of relief escaped your when lips when you felt your arm being released from the gang leader’s grip. you watched as your friends’ expression switched to grateful smiles as another arm snuck around your waist.this was a familiar and comforting embrace, different to the one that had you trapped before. you could feel jimin’s hot breath fan down the nape of your neck and instantly felt relieved.
  “he’s right on time.”
you looked down at the floor, to see sejun lying as a crippled mess to the right of hoseok and yoongi, his nimble fingers clutching his head from where Jimin had so mercilessly hit him. “o-oh, mr. park! how nice of you to join us.” he stumbled over his words as he tried to scoot away from the Mafia Leader.
your boyfriend is having none of that. instead, he cocked his gun.
“mr. sim i’m going to make it clear to you that i have no intentions of letting you live tonight.” the silver haired man begun, his usually honey brown eyes seeping into an intimidating shade of blackblackblack. “but before i kill you, i want to teach you a lesson. if you want to make a deal with me, all you have to do is ask...nicely.” jimin’s voice remained cool and even as he spoke, his expression stoic and icy, eliciting a sense of fear from even you.
“i had every intention of-“
the busan male let out a light ‘tsk’ a dark expression taking over his ethereal features as his arm tightened its grip on you. “i don’t think kidnapping and threatening to kill my girlfriend counts as being polite mr. sim, don’t you agree?” you shivered at every word that passed jimin’s pink plump lips, your heartbeat picking up with fear for the man before you. you hated this part. do you know what i do with men like you sejun?” your boyfriend asked, his voice dropping an octave as the man who had kidnapped you, shook his head. “usually, i take a man like you and break them down to their wits end. i take everything from them, their money, their men, their sanity. i toy with their minds, wreck them. i didn’t get to the top with sunshine and rainbows mr. sim, but you see,” jimin continued, letting go of your waist to hold your hand as he ducks down to the gangster’s level. his hand felt warm and comforting in yours, contrasting with his dark and mysterious persona as of now. “family is very important to me and i don’t tolerate anyone who lays a hand on them. with that in mind, you’ve just bought a one way ticket to your grave sir. no one touches my girlfriend and lives to tell the tale.”
“mr. park, jimin- please...have mercy!” the black haired man begged weakly, causing the mafia leader  to let out a deep hand menacing chuckle.
your boyfriend rises to a stand before taking you in his arms again. with a tilted head, he smiled down at sejun, flashing his pearly whites. do you know who i am? how i got here? to the top?” jimin asked cooly, causing you to bury your face in his chest. “i am park jimin, i show no mercy.”
a loud bang cut through the pleas of the man who had taken you and you know for sure that he’s dead. your silver haired lover leaves you for a brief second, moving to check on yoongi and hoseok who seem to have the effects of the tranquilliser wearing off. “jeongguk, how’s it looking in there?” he hollered over the coms, helping his orange haired friend into a sitting position. there’s a bit of static over the line before the maknae’s voice is filtered through.
“everything’s good on our end, reinforcements have just come in.”
“send someone in here, min and jung are down and YN is wounded, i need to get her back to namjoon.” jimin responded with a sigh, looking back at your shaken up form. there’s another pause and some more static before Jungkook replies.
“roger that hyung,” and then the coms turn silent.
almost instantaneously, jimin had returned to your side, pulling you into his chest as his hand found purchase in your hair. he ran hand up and down your back as he sensed your uneven breathing, before pulling away to look into your eyes. “i’m so sorry princess, i should’ve come for you sooner..” the silver haired male cooed, as you curl into his chest, his features are softer now, a concerned expression taking over. “but I’ve got you now, okay? you don’t have to worry about him anymore.”
“i know, i’m okay now, jimin.” you leaned into his touch, wanting nothing more than his warm embrace. his hand cupped your cheek, a thumb rubbing over it’s bruised skin so softly that anyone would have found it hard to believe that he’d just killed a man. you can tell that he’s getting worked up and mad at himself about your injuries just by the way he holds you closer to his chest but you let your own hand cover his in order to comfort him. “’m okay baby. really. i love you.”
jimin smiled lightly at your words, pressing a tentative kiss to your lips as he did so. “i love you too princess, now let’s get you out of here.”
Tumblr media
there’s a few types of silence when it comes to park jimin. the first, and probably most common is the one that makes the temperature of the room drop, oxygen seems to nonexistent and you can feel his eyes staring past you and right into your soul. that type of silence is what he uses when he tries to intimidate someone, is mad at his workers or is going to kill someone. the second type of silence is soothing and endearing, the type where his face is most relaxed and he looks like a peaceful angel. You often had those moments when it was just the two of you, enjoying each other’s company, without a care in the world.
the others could explained but the last one was the most unwanted and dangerous. this silence was the type jimin would give, where he was red hot pissed. anything, anyone said or did could have them ending up in a ditch or a pool of their own blood, in the next country over without notice. but of course, jimin wouldn’t dare threaten you, even he knew better than that.
however; that was the silence that you were forced to deal with on the way home. after everything was cleared up, jimin had namjoon remove the bullet from your leg and bandage it up onsite since you couldn’t go to a public hospital without raising major questions. the light cut on your neck would be dealt with when you’d all returned to headquarters. undoubtedly, you wouldn’t be returning to your studio flat anytime soon and you were almost certain that your boyfriend had sent someone to remove your belongings.
but what you couldn’t figure out, for the life of you, as seokjin and joon drove you back to jimin’s mansion, was why your boyfriend was so pissed. it’s not like you had done anything, you didn’t ask to be kidnapped, yet with the dark and fowl look on the silver haired man’s face, you wouldn’t dare question him. Instead you chose to lean your bruised head on the cool, tinted glass of the chrysler and watch the rain drops fall from the top of the window, down to the bottom as they merged with others to form one whole.
your tired gaze flickered away from the window for a brief second to watch the mafia leader, his silver locks glimmering under the fluorescent back light. his mahogany hues are focused on his phone screen, and you decide that he’s probably making arrangements for his men to track down the larger unit. “jimin,” you sighed, sitting up slightly as you peeled your hot skin away from the cool leather seats. “are you mad at me?” he grunted in response, body joling with the noise as he barley bothered to send you a glance. “would you at least look at me?”
his eyes remain trained on the sleek black device that rested in his large palm. jimin clicked the top button to lock his phone, before glancing out of the window on his side of the car. you frowned. you didn’t understand his sudden change of mood, he had been so tentative and caring when he’d found you but now he was shutting down on you. “fine, don’t say anything and just shut me out like you always do,” you growled, clearly annoyed. you could feel the tension growing within the compact car and was sure joonie and jin could feel it too. they even rolled up the partisan. “asshole-“
“how many more times do you need to be kidnapped for you to realise you’re not safe on your own?” the leader questioned, his gaze finally falling on your perked up form. his stance was stoic, as his face expressionless and his attitude only sparked annoyance within you.
“excuse me?”
he rolled his eyes, still maintaining a straight face. “your home has been compromised several times in the past three months and you still won’t move in with me,” jimin started, clicking his jaw. “you live across town and won’t even let me assign you a body guard, i can’t protect you from where i am and yet you still choose to live where you are.”
your eyes blow wider at each word that passes from the busan native’s plump pink lips and you can’t believe what he’s saying. “so that’s what this is about?” you countered, the flame of fury igniting in your chest. “i just got kidnapped, again and you’re mad at me for not wanting to live with you? seriously Jimin?”
“exactly.” jimin growled in response, his anger increasing. “this hasn’t just happened once, it’s happened twice, thrice times! if low level criminals can break into your home, imagine what other mafia units could do. is it going to take a near death experience for you to move in with me? i won’t always be there to protect you-“
“would it kill you to just shut up about that?” you cut your boyfriend off with a violent yell, slapping your hands down on the seats beside you. jimin’s dark eyes widen as shock takes residence on his usually angelic features. “it’s not up to you to decide when i do or do not need protection, i’m a grown fucking woman park jimin.”
you could tell by the way he looked at you that he was surprised at your out burst. “so what?” he continued on, as if you hadn’t spoken at all, eyes narrowing, yet he still managed to maintain an even voice. “I’m supposed to sit back and relax every time someone whisks you away from under my nose?“
you didn’t need this right now, a lecture. you were an adult and not a child that was someone else’s responsibility. “this isn’t all about you jimin! you make it out as if i want to get taken from my home.”
“i don’t know, maybe you do!” his voice is raised this time, and he never raises his voice, especially when it’s directed towards you. “i cant keep wasting time and resources every time your ass decides to go missing!”
“well maybe i wouldn’t always go missing if you weren’t the leader of a fucking mafia!” you screeched back as the car comes to a sudden halt. the vehicle is filled with heavy panting as you and jimin stare each other down, his expression seems crestfallen as he tears his gaze away from you. hurt swirling in his dark orbs. you’d hit a nerve, you knew you had and you didn’t have a right to go there. jimin had never asked to take over the mafia so young, his father being killed in one of those street wars. your boyfriend had never even had the opportunity to go to university like yourself, taehyung or kook...having become leader at just eighteen.
the beating rain on the roof of the bulletproof car and the constant click of the indication filled the awkward space between the words you were trying to string together. “uh, jimin” seokjin whispered cautiously through the divide. “we’re here” the notorious mafia leader is the first to exit, stepping out into the pouring rain without so much as a second glance. you followed soon after, desperate to apologise to him, not even caring if you got soaked to the bone. the other boys jumped out of their cars not long after you, watching as jimin burst through the mansion’s doors.
“what’s his deal?” yoongi groaned monotonously, still recovering from the tranquilliser dart. the two eldest members, chose not to respond, having heard the whole conversation and suggest that everyone goes inside before they catch a cold. for about an hour everyone remained in the common room, laughing along as taehyung and jungkook fought a lengthy battle in overwatch. usually, you would have enjoyed watching the two maknae kick each other’s asses but the image of jimin’s heartbroken face had been preoccupying your thoughts. hoseok was quick to offer you a change of clothes from the wet ones you had worn earlier but you’d decided to call it a night anyways, gently rejecting his offer. despite the boys’ protests.
you crept up the stairs to the top floor where Jimin was; nerves expanding in your chest and settling in your rib cage. chewing your bottom lip, you pushed open the door to his master bedroom, only pausing slightly in the doorway to make sure the door closed quietly. jimin’s room was your favourite rooms in the whole of the mansion. It’s white and cream interior contrasting dramatically with the blood red and obsidian black colours that usually decorated the place. each item of furniture that dotted the room was sleek and glossy, flashes of gray peaking out in certain places. a king sized bed draped in the finest silks and egyptian cotton was pressed; folded over the side.
“YN,” his voice smooth like silk, lustrous and powerful, keeping you glued to your spot at the doorway. his moon silver locks glistened under the natural light of the window as he emerged from his walk in closet, linen shirt loose around his broad shoulders. you could see the muscles of his toned stomach ripple as he moved across the room, to sit on his bed and you gulped, trying to keep your mouth from watering. the mafia leader let the corners of his lips twitch up into a smirk, a small ‘hmph’ passing from their confines. you frowned at his cockiness, rolling your shoulders as you slipped a firm scowl onto your features. you were going to beat park jimin at his own game. “’m mad at you,” were the first words to leave his plump lips and you had to refrain from letting out an exasperated gasp. your boyfriend was a literal child but you were partly in the wrong. sucking it up, you took a step into the room, feeling his cool gaze settle over your form. hating how he was amused by your nerves, you crossed your arms over your chest and held your head high, a frown falling over your lips. you weren’t going to let yourself be intimidated by him. “you said some pretty hurtful things back there, YN.”
you winced, jimin rarely ever used your real name, opting for nicknames instead. he was definitely upset. “baby...” you started, grasping your lover’s attention. he tilted his head with a look of innocence; as if you hadn’t just had a fight. as if he hadn’t killed a man. “i know what i said was uncalled for... you didn’t ask for this life but what you said back there hurt me too jimin.” the silver haired man dropped his gaze to the floor but that didn’t stop you from continuing. “i don’t ask to be kidnapped , i don’t ask to be taken from my home but you make it out to seem like i do and that’s not fair. we both owe each other an apology for that.”
a silence drifts between the pair of you as you watch Jimin purse his lips and clench and unclench his fists. you know he’s looking for the right words, he’s never been good with emotions. “you’re right, I’m sorry,” he whispered softly, after sometime. you sigh in relief at his words, feeling your shoulders drop as if they’d been carrying a large weight. “you know i never want to hurt you but some things that i said, i meant it.”
you know that he was talking about you moving in but you ignore the comment as you rush towards him and wrap your arms around him in a tight embrace. not even a second passed before Jimin had tugged you further into his exposed chest, burying his face in your hair. he may not have been good with his talking but he could express all his emotions through a simple gesture. he was definitely sorry. pulling away, jimin locked his gaze on you, leaning in ever so slowly to press his lips to yours. you couldn’t help but subconsciously let your hand trail up his shoulders and neck before finding purchase on the edge of his jaw, forcing his lips to meet yours.
he kissed you with such raw passion but it wasn’t lustful, full of love and worry. his lips mouthed over your pink ones softly, bruising them ever so lightly as his tongue explored the cavern of your mouth. the mafia leader’s nimble fingers trailed down to your waist, pushing you against his hips as he walked you further back into the bathroom door. you gasped when your back hit the rough surface, and it took all your might to rip yourself away from your boyfriend’s lip lock. as much as you loved him, you weren’t going to go any further just after a fight. “j-jimin” you heaved, through light pants, your smaller hands curling into fists within the depths of his moonlight kissed locks. the man didn’t stop, opting to mouth at your neck wetly, instead. “jimin...i am not hav-having sex with you right now.”
said male pulled away from you with a smirk, his hand leaving your hip to reach for the door handle. “i know, I just wanted to get you to the bathroom,” he whispered teasingly, pushing open the door and stepping into his en suit bathroom. your eyes blow wide, slightly flustered at the moon haired man’s antics before you step inside after him.
the room is tiled with cream marble, a smooth, white ceramic bath tub residing in the centre. everything is accented with white, it’s shining under the bright fluorescent lights. as soon as you enter, the sweet smell of vanilla fills your nostrils along with a dash of roses. you can tell instantly that it’s your favourite shower gel, since you always kept a bottle of it at jimin’s. the bath is filled to the brim with bubbles and is dusted with baby pink rose petals, you could tell that your boyfriend had been preparing the bath for a while, as if he knew you would cave and apologise first. thick, rose water scented candles flickered as jimin moved to remove the rest of his clothes, his eyes flashing up to yours when he noticed you were still standing in the doorway. “this is what we’re gonna do instead of having sex,” he teased with a cheeky smile, his eyes forming creases at the edges. “now are you gonna get in? or am i going to have to enjoy this bath all to myself?”
“what? am i really that undesirable?” you laugh back with a pout, moving to shrug off your shirt. you slip it over your head, only to reveal an almost sinful sight. your boyfriend had just lowered himself into the tub, his head hanging over the edge with a pleased look on his face as the hot water eased his tense muscles. his silvery hair was plastered to his forehead because of the humidity and his lips were ever so slightly parted.
“hurry up, little girl, or i might have to come over there and undress you myself.” jimin murmured, and although he meant it as a lighthearted joke, you could tell he was getting impatient. you made quick work of tearing off the small remainder of your clothes before tiptoeing over to the bath tub. you sunk in, facing opposite to jimin and let out a small moan as the heated water lapped at your bruised skin. the man peaked open a dark eye, smiling at you gently. “c’mere” he mumbled sweetly, making grabby hands at you causing you to shake  your head fondly as you swam over to him.
the normally ruthless (but now soft) man turned you over, so that your bare and soapy back rested against his hard chest and that the rest of your body was slotted perfectly between his legs. his soft hands wrapped around your waist as you leaned back into him, whimpering softly when he pressed a kiss to your damp shoulder. itt was a sweet moment, filled with a comforting silence and it made you grateful for small moments like this; where you weren’t worrying about jimin’s safety or your own. where you could just enjoy each other, and be close with one another. your soft hues fluttered shut, as you listened out for the sounds of jimin’s breathing, savouring the feeling of his skin against yours.
“why won’t you move in with me?” he asked gently, his voice barely above a whisper. you could tell he was feeling vulnerable, from the tone of his voice and the way he forced his head into the junction between your neck and shoulder. he pressed a small kiss there and you sighed contentedly, not even opening an eye.
the male whined slightly causing you to exhale through your nose, deeply. “jimin...” you tried to fend him off, not wanting to talk about the topic at hand and instead wanting to enjoy his presence. yet, you knew he wouldn’t let the subject drop. it needed to be discussed, but why were you so afraid to do so?
“please YN,” he begged lightly. “just tell me so I can protect you better this time..”
chewing your bottom lip with nerves, you screwed your eyes shut and clamped your hand over Jimin’s . “it’s because of him...” you explained quietly, hating the way your boyfriend’s body tensed at mentions of your ex. before you’d met jimin, you had been in a serious long term relationship with your childhood friend. you had moved in together during your final years of college and had started thinking about creating a future together. that image was soon shattered when you’d come home to find him with another woman. your ex had literally kicked you to the curb, leaving you without a place to stay. this was when you had met jimin, he offered you a place to stay as a friend and feelings caused your friendship to develop into something more.
your ex was the reason you were afraid to move in with Jimin, you were afraid of becoming to dependant on someone else again.
“i just don’t want to have to rely on someone again,” you whimpered, not realising that your voice had become hoarse from your light crying. you felt jimin pull you closer, as if he was trying to protect you from something and you found yourself easing into his touch.
he let out a heavy exhale. “ i know what he did to you, hurt you baby.” jimin started softly, whispering sweetly into your ear. “you know i would never treat you like that but you have to know, that’s it’s okay to be the slightest bit reliant on someone, at times. sometimes it’s good to have a person to fall back on. I’m that person for you.”
“i-“ you tried, but the words seemed to catch in your throat. Instead of speaking, you chose to let your gaze drop to your pruning fingers in the scented water.
“YN do you love me?” kimin asked quietly, taking your hand in his own.
“more than anything,” came your reply, which was almost instantaneous. jimin grinned against your back, squeezing your hand lightly before his next question.
  “do you trust me?”
“with my life.”
there was a pause, and a moment where your lover pulled away from your exposed skin, leaving you slightly cold despite being half submerged in hot water. “then move in with me?” he pushed the statement out into the open, humid air and you froze. you knew it was more of a question, a suggestion if you will but to you, it felt like a statement. that’s what you wanted it to be. what reason did you have, to not move in with jimin? you trusted him with every ounce of your being and loved him in the same manner. your boyfriend with the sliver of the moon weaved into his fluffy locks always made your happiness and safety his priority, he loved you, he protected you. so what was holding you back?
“wait what?”
you turned to face Jimin in the water, your slightly pruned fingers sliding up to cup his damp and lightly sweating face. you let your eyes fall over his with a hooded gaze, allowing yourself to take note of his unfairly pretty molten chocolate eyes and how their colour shifted under the room’s lighting. you could feel his warm breath fanning over the bow of his lips as you positioned yourself in his lap, his palm securing you by your waist. “yes...” you exclaimed with a whisper. “i’ll move in with you.”
and not a second later did jimin capture your lips, in an ecstatic and searing kiss.
Tumblr media
despite trying to hold out on jimin, you had spent the remaining hours of the night worshiping and loving one another’s bodies. now, you found yourself tangled in silk sheets and buried within one of jimin’s larger cotton shirts, his familiar scent helping you drift into a peaceful slumber.
the busan native, quietly closed the bathroom door behind him; having just come out of the shower. he watched you with fond eyes as your chest rose up and down, mimicking the patterns of sleep. no matter how hard he tried, there were never enough words to describe how much he loved you, how much he yearned to protect you from the dangers that lay outside of his- now your shared- home.
sitting on the edge of the bed, jimin let his hand trail over the outline of your supple cheek, and he smiled when you mumbled something in your sleep before rolling over. running a hand through his dampened locks, the mafia leader chuckled lightly before taking his watch from the pocket of his sweatpants and opening his bedside draw to tuck it away.
a dark blue, velvet box in the corner caught his eye and a tentative hand reached towards it to remove it from the draw. opening the box, jimin beamed to himself when its contents were revealed, a diamond sat glistening in all its glory under the light of the stars from its position on a ring. an engagement ring.
to jimin, you were his everything. you kept him going when times had been rough, gave him a reason to wake up every morning when the responsibility of mafia leader had become to much. he would give everything he owned to see you smile because you were his home. his safe place. his sanctuary.
and he wanted to be your sanctuary for as long as you’d let him.
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hollyhomburg · 3 years ago
Don’t Care if it Hurts Pt.5
Dog hybrid! + Gaurd dog!Jimin x Reader) (ft.olderBrother! + Mafia boss!Namjoon)
Part 1  Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6
Summary: After a rival gang makes an attempt on your life, Your older brother, the infamous leader of Seoul’s largest gang; Kim Namjoon gets you a guard hybrid; Park Jimin, The reigning champion of Seoul’s underground hybrid fighting ring.
Tags: Jimin x reader, hybrid Jimin, mafia au!  fluff, hurt/comfort, slow burn, angst, torture, mentions of rape/noncon, violence, blood, mild cursing, 
Word count: 8.1 k
Authors note: YO EVERYONE LOOK WHAT I GOT OUT. So I'm gonna have a small hiatus while I travel to Thailand with my family for the next two weeks. I was gonna write another chapter and schedule to release it while I was away but I got too sick the last few weeks and unfortunately this LONG ASS monster of a part is all you're gonna get for now (i thought about splitting it up between parts but I didn't like it’s flow). 
Hope you like it! This chapter has some pretty heavy stuff in it. sorry to leave you all on a cliffhanger but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Tumblr media
All Jimin could feel where greasy hands on him, they bit into his arm and held him down as he struggled fruitlessly to get free. Somehow he was never able to submit in this way. He was obedient as long as they left their hands off of him and not a moment longer. He had been like this ever since he was a pup.  
There is a low voice- spitting in his ear as he tries to get away from a belt, from the ball, from all the things they used to beat him.  These strikes would leave bruises that would almost always last all week. He wines when one hits his ribs and leaves him breathless. A hard hand pulls his hair back roughly and yanks on his sensitive ears. 
“Oh is the little puppy hurt? Can he not take a beating? Did little Jimin forget what it felt like?” he lets out a growl that only sounds half as threatening as he wants it too and they continue beating him. 
“Jimin,” one of them says a fist hits his shoulder. 
“Jimin.” This voice is more panicked; 
“Jimin” the voice says- more human and female then the last time the shadow above him shouted it. 
The dream knocks Jimin practically sideways when he finds you above him your hands on his shoulders he reacts instinctively pinning you down onto the bed using his knees to hook around your legs and pin you to the bed with his hands at your wrist.  Adrenaline makes his heart thud as he struggles to separate dream from reality “it’s ok it was just a dream.” You say soothingly as he looks down at you like you’re the monster. His breath comes out of him in big gusts.  
“Jimin it’s me.” You say a little more firmly trying to get that look to leave his eyes. He doesn’t look like himself; his pupils are dilated and it’s obvious to you that he is currently having a panic attack. His weight is pressing painfully onto your wrists and your legs are going numb with how he’s lying on top of you- the same way he might hold someone down if he was fighting them. 
You can’t help it; you know he would never hurt you, but your heart rate picks up when you realize how immobile he has you, you couldn't get away from him even if you wanted to right now. He catches the smell of fear on you and his eyes instantly change. He lets go of your body like you burn him and he’s standing faster then you could breathe. His back hits the other side of your room. 
“Y/n.” he gasps out. Holding his hands out in front of him- like he’s trying to show you and himself that he’s not a threat too you.  “I’m sorry, oh my god i-“ he stutters out. You get up too- flicking the light on. 
“It’s ok Jimin- everything’s going to be fine, you just had a nightmare” his eyes keep scanning the room over again for potential threats. Eventually- with enough cajoling- he gets back on the bed. “can you tell me what it was?”
“I was back at the kennels, they-” his voice breaks off. You want to reach out to him- but you remember how sensitive he was to touches at the very beginning of you meeting him so you keep your hands to yourself. You’re still feeling groggy yourself- all you know is that one moment you were fast asleep and the next moment you were waking up to Jimin thrashing next to you. 
Next, to you, Jimin doesn’t know how to articulate the dream into words. “They always knew how to hurt you the most without leaving so much damage.” You inhale deeply at that. Jimin is wringing his fingers when you reach forward and try to take them in yours. He flinches back from you.  “Your wrists-“ is all he says, flicking to the red skin there where he leaned his weight- it must hurt. he caused you harm. But you just shake your head and take his hands in yours. 
“every day I don’t understand how you can still touch me when you know what I am- you still want me even after I’ve just hurt you.” 
“What are you talking about?” 
“I’ve hurt people. I’m dangerous. I hurt you.”  He reaches out a finger to trace along the red stretch of your wrist. You ignore the involuntary shiver it gives you. Your smile is small- almost wry when you look up at him. “And still you don’t run away.”
“Maybe it’s because I don’t think these hands could ever hurt me- not intentionally anyway.” you affirm as You turn his hands over and over in your hands- noticing the little scars here and there. The ones on his knuckles that have mostly healed. There’s one that crosses his palm and the back of his hand like he got it shut in something long ago. It feels like you’re the only two people awake in the universe when you reach up and press his palm against your cheek. 
“I love your hands” you want to say, and he gulps- and you realize you’ve said it out loud, the blush covers you from you collarbones up. Your faces are closer then they ever really should be if your relationship was purely platonic. 
Jimin is watching you with an aching in his heart- because no ones ever looked at him like that- let alone viewed him as something other than a weapon. You look at him like he’s a marvel, a treasure to be taken care of and appreciated- not like he’s a monster, a hybrid only meant to protect you from physical harm. You’re his friend- his first true friend. And it breaks his heart- because he wants you to be so so much more than that and he knows that he’s the least deserving person in the entire city when it comes to being on the receiving end of such a tender look. 
 you run your fingers through his hair as he does his best to show you that he never intends to hurt you with his body again, by sheltering you and holding you with a close tenderness. You swear in another life he was meant to be a lap dog. You silently hope that your wrists won’t bruise as Jimin wraps his arms around your middle, for his sake and for yours. Bruises wouldn’t be hard to hide from Namjoon and they don’t bother you, but Jimin would look at them and see everything he’s ever done wrong. 
Eventually, his breath has stopped coming in small gasps and reluctantly- sleep pulls the two of you down.
Jimin watches you the next morning to make sure that there aren’t bruises on you left by him. He wants to find a way to thank you for helping him through his nightmare, for waking him from it or a way to apologize for his initial violent reaction. But he doesn’t know how too and when you wake him you already have a baggy sweater on that covers your hands. 
Neither of you mentions the nightmare through classes or the afternoon. It’s was a slow rainy day- your morning class droned on while Jimin sat next too you glaring at anyone who talked or turned your way. He had commented to you the other day that he’d started to feel restless- and when you mentioned that the workout room was open for use by everyone he asked if you wanted to study and keep him company. You don’t mind, the work out room is warm and clean smelling. And when you work- if your eyes are drawn to him- his shirt clinging to his chest or his soft groans when he does something particularly taxing- no ones there to see. Most of the time you hide your blush and try to get your work done. 
Maybe part of the reason why he’s been feeling so out of sorts recently is because of his lack of exercise. Though he can’t really tell if the workout room helps.  He only recently felt the need to upkeep his body and keep it in shape when he realized that sleeping in with you was doing nothing for his form. He did want to lose his talent for fighting- even if it gave him anxiety when he thought about raising his fists again. 
Jimin is just finishing up his set for the day when the front doorbell rings- and you get up to answer it.  He sniffs the air but doesn’t follow you- he can tell by the pattern of footsteps and the smell that it’s just one of the staff at the door. 
He’s been here long enough now where he’s starting to recognize patterns- and that alone is enough to make him surprised (though its only been a handful of weeks) You’ve done a good job of showing Jimin the city that he’s lived in for years but never seen. He takes you too walk along the river and to the temples on the hills when you’ve got free time. And he swears that there can’t be that many different types of food in the world but somehow you keep finding new things for him to try. 
He feels like he’s settling into a new skin. A skin where his hands don’t shake with fury and adrenaline every night- a skin that makes him feel like he’s whole and entirely undisturbed and somehow so wrong. The thought- the idea that he doesn’t deserve any of this gnaws at him. He’s just some street rat fighter that doesn’t deserve a pile of warm hay on the ground. While at first, your kindness was welcome the drastic change from his old life too now is starting to rub at him in a way that makes him feel twitchy. 
Maybe the nightmare last night was just a manifestation of that. 
Working out made it a little better. He still hasn’t had to protect you and somehow that makes him feel worse. Like he’s waiting for an invisible shoe to drop and it never will. He wants to feel useful- and he loves spending time with you, but lately following your every move has begun to feed into his paranoia. The workout room helps him convince himself that he’s still keeping his body at fighting levels at the very least.
You come back into the room quietly- and he can tell by your jaunty air and the crinkle of plastic that whatever was delivered made you happy. He’s finished what he wanted to do in the work out room for the day- and you’ll probably relocate to the living room now to your usual position. 
He ignores the way that your short velvet shorts make his stomach twinge with something that almost feels like a need as you set the box on top of one of the machines. He takes a sip of water clearing his throat “What’s that?” the box in your hand is covered in plastic to protect it from the rain. Your smile leaks from the corner of your mouth coloring your face in a faint blush. You don’t answer and instead, decide to open it. Jimin stairs at the mess of black tulle and silver crystals perplexed until he sees the deep v of the bodice. 
“I can’t believe the gala is only a week away.” You say excitedly, running your fingers over the luxurious black fabric. Jimin feels his cheeks turn a little pink.
“Are you going to try it on?” Can I see you in it?  You nod. 
“They made it to my measurements but it could still need alterations.” He follows you up to your room and watches as you hang it on one of the hooks in your closet so that it lies flat against the wall. The dress looks stunning on the hanger, it must have cost more than a few grand.  The rhinestones weigh it down heavily and it sparkles like a river of sunlight. 
“I’m gonna go set up in the livening room,” you say- and he nods already grabbing a towel to take a shower. Daily showers are another thing he hasn’t gotten used to living here. You laughed at him the other day when he realized how dry his skin had gotten from the constant washing. You gave him a sweet smelling lotion that he applies after the shower and now sometimes he smells like you. You caught him once smelling his arms during class- and he laughed it off with a blush just saying he liked the smell. 
You’re curled up on the couch under several layers of blankets in the living room when he finishes. He takes up his usual place at your feet while you study. He still doesn’t know if he’ll ever get comfortable enough for pets to ask for them but he’s happy with whatever he can get and you always pet his head when he sits below you on the couch. 
“I still wanna see you in it.” you giggle and flick his shoulder. An affectionate gesture. 
“Shush- you’ll like it betters as a surprise.” Jimin playfully wines rubs the spot on the arm like it hurt.
“No fair you got to see me in my suit!” you giggle.  
“Still not going to spoil it.” 
Jimin pouts- “you’re no fun.” You scoff.
“I’m the most fun you’ve had in your entire life.” The flush that crosses his cheeks isn’t entirely due to embarrassment. And he sees you flinch- as if you’ve realized what you’ve said. His eyes are downcast when he says. “You’re not wrong.” The truth feels like peanut butter in his mouth. 
“You never- you never talk about it much.” Jimin looks up at you through the veil of his lashes. “If you want to talk you can- I won't judge you.” any other day he would resist this- but the itchy-ness under his skin is starting to try to eat it’s way out and working out did nothing to help it today. He shrugs- turning his attention back too the drama that’s been buzzing in the background; He watches as the male love interests passionately grabs the female protagonists shoulder. 
“It’s fine it’s just- ” the room is dark and hazy- the grey light that comes through the windows is diffuse with the rain. And in the in the relative darkness, he feels like the words caught in his throat can’t possibly have weight if he speaks them. “I’m just not used to living this way yet.” You rub a hand across the top of his head- skimming one of his ears and he feels his body relax again. The tension that he hadn’t realized had gathered there melting away.
“I never asked you about your life before- Namjoon told me a bit of it but… I want to hear it from you when you’re ready.” 
“There isn’t really much to say about it.” 
“Here sit in-between my legs.” He shifts so that your legs are on either side of his wide shoulders. You run your fingers over his forehand as you comb his black hair back revealing his forehead- combing through the tangles that have gathered there.
He tilts his head back leaning against the back of the couch, eyes closed, bearing his throat. He doesn’t want to ever take this for granted- how good this feels. And in the moment the bad thoughts push in. He can still feel what punches felt like against his skin, what if felt like when his face was hit hard enough that his skin stretched and split- this tenderness is too juxtaposed too what he’s remembering. 
He inhales a sharp breath, and your fingers stop their trail, and you touch his cheek. He opens his eyes to find you staring down at him.  
“Are you ok?” you ask. He shakes his head and turns away. 
“Just memories.” 
“Tell me about them?” you prod- and go back to carding your fingers through his hair. He tells you about his first memories- of the hybrid children he was trained with. How he was picked on at first because of his size but how He quickly learned how to defend himself. Which was why he had been scouted for the fighting ring. You flinch back when he tells you that he used to be kept in a cage when he was small enough with the others. 
“That’s terrible. You were only a kid!” And it’s not a lot but it’s enough to make his soul relax. He tells you the all of it. How he slowly climbed through the ranks. He doesn’t know if it’s ok for him to dump all of this on you but you listen to him until he’s finished. And it feels bazaar to be bare and venerable like this- but if it’s for anyone he wants it too be you. You fall silent when he’s done.  
I wish I could take away all the bad things that happened too you you want to say- But you don’t. you just sit there and run your fingers through his hair like usual- and somehow it means more to him. That you’re willing to listen. that he can sit with you and pretend that there’s not a killer’s soul underneath his bones.
“What about your life before…” before me, before us. 
“Before this?” you chuckle to yourself, “I don’t think you would have liked me very much.” Which seams impossible to him. He sits up turning to look at you.  
“What do you mean?” 
“I was a bit of a party girl- after Hoseok and I - it kind of set me on the wrong path for a while.” 
“What did you do?”
“Almost failed out of college, partied too much, got into shitty relationships.”
“Was that When you almost joined the girl gang?” you nodded, smiling at the memory. 
“Black pink was still strictly minor leagues back then- and I think it more had to do with the fact that they wanted to fuck the boys than liking me. Tae went out with me most nights to keep an eye on me. Used to say that getting people drunk makes their lips looser.” He nods, remembering what Tae said the other night- that he trafficked mostly in gossip and secrets of powerful people. “Most of the boys besides Yoongi keep a fairly active social life.”  
“I still haven’t heard anything that would make me dislike you,” he says. And you giggle when he nudges your hand, which had stilled against his head. He wonders if he’ll ever get tired of it. You shift and pat the space beside you on the couch, he moves to sit next too you sitting closer then he would have dared a few weeks ago.  After all, this is just what friends do right? Sit close to each other on the rainy days and talk about everything and anything.
He thinks that he’s acted wrong when he sees A dark blush covers your face for a second. His attention shifts back to the television, and he sees immediately why you’re embarrassed. 
It’s not exactly porn, but with the way the male love interest is leaning over the female protagonist, it hardly leaves anything to the imagination. You both laugh after a pregnant moment. Especially when it suddenly changes back to the minor characters for comic relief just before it gets too the steamy parts. 
“Have you ever?” Jimin asks you- and he doesn’t need to get your verbal confirmation when he sees how dark you turn. “Who?”
“You already know…” you trail off.  Jimin reigns in the peculiar feeling of possessiveness that turns his belly over as he thinks of Hoseok. “There were others after him too, I never dated someone in the gang after” Your voice goes steely- and you look as tense as you can when you talk about him. You fiddle with Jimin’s hands for a second; playing with his fingers the same way you did last night. 
“Why do I get the impression that whoever you’re talking about was an asshole to you.” 
“Because guys usually are.” you laugh- trying to lighten the mood. Jimin’s thumb stutters against the center of your palm when he finally returns your affections- making shivers and Goosebumps drift up your arms. “He- he wasn’t exactly abusive…” you trail off. Jimin sits too attention. The thought of someone hurting you- even if it was just with words makes his blood boil and the hair stand up on the back of his neck. 
“If he hurt you- you need to tell Namjoon.” He’s surprised at how angry it’s got him, his voice sounds low and almost a little harsh. But he’s not accustomed to this cold fury that comes when someone he cares about talks about being hurt. 
“Namjoon knows- at least a little bit. I’m pretty sure if he ever came back into the city Namjoon would order a hit on him.” 
“What did he do?” Jimin needs too know- needs to know what made that look fall across your face. He knows the feelings flickering in your eyes. And he wants to know who makes your fight and flight reflex engage and why- so that he can make sure they never cross your path again. 
“He was one of Tae’s associates- not in the gang but in the know. At first we would just get drunk together but then There where a few too many nights that I woke up in his bed after blacking out. And it bothered me but not him, and he wouldn’t stop taking me home even after I told him I didn’t want to have sex if I got like that again. We were together, but it still wasn’t right. Once Tae found out things got ugly; got him banned from nearly all the bars in the city.” Your voice is shaking and he’s surprised that he doesn’t see tears drifting down your cheeks. 
You say the words like they don’t imply rape but he knows regardless. None of what you did was consensual. But he knows the way your hands are shaking and how tentative you are about opening up about this. So he doesn’t pry- he just listens and rubs up and down your arm with careful gentle strokes. 
“He tried to talk me about it- tried to get Namjoon too back off because he was making his life a living hell. You should have seen how Yoongi looked when he tried to grab me at a club- only time I’ve ever seen him get violent without being provoked first.”
Jimin sits back, good he thinks. Good that you have people to protect you- people who care. And maybe he’s a little jealous because you’ve always had a family and he almost feels like he’s just finding his, but he can’t blame you at all for it. Not when you look like this- like you just barely got through it all. 
He feels the same way- he’s never had someone to talk too about this stuff either. He’s never had a friend. 
“What about you?” you ask, and you only have to look up at Jimin’s flush to know that he has had sex. Which is surprising to you with the way he leans into every bit of affection from you. “It wasn’t about that though.” Gesturing to the couples that are looking into each other’s eyes with love and more passion then the other hybrid had ever looked at him.  “It was more about needs than anything else.” 
You nod. You don’t blame him or even think that he’s in any way to blame because of that. You can’t really sympathize because you’ve never been through what he’s been through- or been in that position. But the way that he looks at the two- like is brushing on the edge of understanding makes you curious; you have no idea what he’s thinking but you want to know. 
All Jimin can think about is the fact that until recently he would never think about doing it again, not unless he found someone he could love. And as a hybrid- he had always thought that he would die before he found someone like that. But now he looks at you- and he’s less sure. 
The bang of the front door against the wall stuns both of you out of your thoughts and you separate on the couch. Jimin’s shoulder feels warm and fuzzy from where your head was- and the side of his body warm from where yours was tucked against his. 
“Housekeeping motherfuckers,” Jungkook says as he rounds the corner. Followed by a tired looking Yoongi and an exhausted-looking Namjoon. “Feel like letting me beat you at overwatch again Jiminie?” Jimin grimaces at the younger man. As Yoongi grumbles holding bags of what smells like takeout from the barbeque place down the street. 
“Is that what I think it is?” as your mouth starts to water.
Yoongi sleepily smiles and replies  “All I want right now is a food coma.” You gesture at him to hand over one of the containers as Namjoon loosens his tie. 
“Deal- wanna watch these two idiots with me?” Yoongi nods and sits next to you on the couch. 
“Hoseok’s coming over in a little bit.” Jungkook mentions, “We can have a competition.” Jimin shrugs-not mentioning that at this point he practically hates overwatch. his head feels like it’s still buzzing. 
Namjoon shakes his head. “Hoseok has errands to run- a letter for one of Taehyung’s contacts.” 
Jimin sucks on his lower lip “I can do it.” he’s a little eager to get away for a little while. Everyone stops what they’re doing when Jimin offers. Yoongi pretends to be more interested in his food as you pause mid-bite. “I could do with a walk- and I don’t mind that it’s late.” He explains- his eyes catching yours for a moment. He feels like maybe the rhythm of concrete underneath his feet will help him sort through his scattered emotions.
Namjoon’s eyes flickered too you. “You don’t care do you?” you shake your head. 
“I’m just gonna go to bed after this.” 
“it’s across the city…” Namjoon explains. Jimin gets up from the couch and Namjoon leads him to his office. Grabbing a small note in an envelope that’s addressed in a looping green cursive. 
“I’ll send the location to your smartwatch so you don’t get lost- you shouldn’t run into anyone and Yaya Noona won't bother you too much. But people still might give pause about a hybrid walking alone so late at night.” Jimin shrugged tugging on the hood of his sweatshirt to hide his ears before he tucked his long tail into his pants. He held himself out. 
Namjoon nodded. “Better.” His watch dings and he gets the location- and Jimin’s surprised that he thinks he roughly knows where it is- at least some of the street names look a little familiar- you must have gone by them during one of your escapades.  
Outside the cold night, air has an instant effect on Jimin. The last of his anxiety melts away as he sets an easy pace. He passes fewer and fewer people. Fuck- it even takes him a few minutes to realize this is the first time that he’s ever really been on his own. The wet concrete scatters the neon lights, as the smell of rain lulls him into a false sense of security.  The feeling of the concrete underneath his feet and no one next to him is simultaneously freeing and claustrophobic. He checked his watch again to make sure that he was going in the right direction.
Jimin circled the garage twice before he decides to enter it. it’s mostly well lit on the edge of town. A few older men where smoking cigarettes and drinking while they worked on the bare bones of the car. Jimin ducked under the metal garage gate and Instantaneously they stopped, turning to look at him. Scanning the intruder. One of their fingers stretch towards a tire iron and Jimin considers that sneaking up on them might not have been his best move. 
“Uh” he said, glancing down at his hand, “I’m looking for Yaya?” 
“Yah.” Drawls a voice above him, the small old woman with tattoos is the last thing Jimin is expecting. She waits until Jimin has found the steps up to her office (tucked behind a hydraulic lift meant for cars) before she turns and barks at the men in another language that Jimin doesn’t understand. Jimin doesn’t waste a moment before handing her the envelope that his masters given him. She takes it from him before lighting a cigarette and ripping it open with a red manicured fingernail. Her office stinks of pot, booze, and motor oil. 
“This is your first time making a delivery I’m assuming.” Jimin nods, Namjoon had warned him that Yaya would be chatty. 
“Yes mam” he says, trying to be polite, this prompts Yaya to cackle,  “I-I’m sorry I-“ Yaya props herself back on her desk. 
“They’re gonna eat you alive sweetheart if you keep acting so unsure.” Jimin swallows past the lump in his throat as Yaya reads the letter over once, and it causes her to laugh again. “Tell Taehyung that flattery never gets him anywhere good very quickly” Jimin blanches, but Yaya just continues, “Tell Monster that a new contact will be in touch with Taehyung within the week.”  
Jimin swallows, looking at the note in Yaya’s hand. “I’m not supposed to leave until I watch you burn that.”
“Then why don’t you stay a while little hellhound?” she gestures to the seat in front of her. “I know a hybrid when one walks into my shop- especially one with such an impressive track record.” Jimin can’t stop the wine that leaves his throat then, though he doesn’t feel threatened by Yaya, (how could he be?- when she’s barely larger than an 8th grader and looks only about twice as threatening). But this is the first time he’s ever met anyone who’s seen one of his fights besides Namjoon. And he knows how he looked during them- how bloodthirsty and empty he felt.  
“Can you please just burn the message?” he says impatiently kicking the edge of her desk (which is really little more than the hood of a car on top of a few cinderblocks) Yaya lifts the paper to the lit end of her cigarette and blows until it’s caught fire. Jimin only sits long enough to watch her throw it in a metal waste bin. 
“See you later hellhound.” 
“That’s not my name,” he growls, he’s tired of being toyed with.  He can hear Yaya’s smile even if he’s got his back turned to her his fingers gripping the doorway- nails leaving marks in the wood. 
“You better get used to it hellhound, people are going to be whispering it behind your back before long.”
Jimin is so angry and wrapped up in his own thoughts on his walk home that he doesn’t realize he’s lost until several minutes have passed.  he doesn’t recognize any of the street names and lets out a curse before he turns around. if he can just backtrack to Yaya’s that he’ll be able to find his way home. There is no Gps brought up on his watch anymore- and he doesn’t know enough about technology to reset it. 
There are even few people out than earlier on account of how late it is. he wanders for a few moment trying to get his bearings before the air shifts.  the same scent crosses his nose twice in the same 10-minute span and he pauses.  he’s never actually been followed- but he cant leave it up to coincidence. He walks in circles for a few minutes and catches the same man’s eye just before turning down an alleyway. 
Jimin books it down the alleyway letting his legs lead him away and away- his rusty flight instincts kick in. But another set of arms snake out of the shadows and grabs at him making him stumble for just a moment.  Something hits him from behind bringing him to his knee before he can get his bearings. 
Then there are hands on him, two pairs holding his arms to the side while another grabs his legs to stop him from back peddling. A well aimed elbow lands in a solar plexus of one of the men But there are too many- 5 maybe 6 of them. It takes one man for each of his limbs as he growls out ferally turning his head to bit something- someone anything at all but then they’res a piece of leather- a muzzle that’s being fastened around his mouth- he’s only been put in one a handful of times before- when he back talked or did something particularly disobedient. 
The men pull him through the dark alleyway and into a door. He thrashes extra hard when he feels someone pull at the watch at his arm- but it’s no use- he might be better trained then these human men but there are still 5 of them and only one of him. 
“Take this and walk around the block of few times- try to keep it random like you’re lost- hurry- monster might already be watching.”
Someone pulls a bag over his head and then he’s truly blind. His ears pick up the scratch of a metal door and the movement of wood against concrete, the jingle of chains as he’s dragged further into the warehouse. He manages to punch one of the men across the face when they let go of his hands briefly- he barks with a loud curse. They string him up with chains, his feet just barely brush the ground. No matter how much he turns and tries to yank his hands out of the chains he can’t get enough leverage. Panic truly grips him. His pulse thuds rapidly as the only thoughts in his head are to get away as everyone leaves the room.
The only sound punctuating the darkness is Jimin’s ragged breathing, his sensitive ears hear the thrum of cars on the pavement. He thinks about how loud he can scream with the muzzle on for a second before he hears footsteps at the door. His body recoils- he knows that scent. Knows what it means for him. If possible his heart beats faster, his hands struggle to get free but he knows that they’re no use. The man in front of him laughs cruelly. And he can barely process the other people filing into the room. 
“Get on with it.” an unfamiliar voice growls.  And then the hood is being yanked off his face and his eyes are shocked by the bright light above him. But it could never block out the face of his old master; Jay Park. 
“Fuck you.” is the first word that comes out of his mouth when they take off the muzzle- and Jimin is proud of how little his voice wavers. The slap that rips against his cheek almost feels like encouragement. 
“Oh, my” is all the face of his nightmares says, “looks like you’ve grown some bark to your bite- what happened to my perfectly obedient dog?” 
“Not to barge in- but this isn’t exactly the warm welcome we where expecting from your little experiment.” Jimin almost chokes because the voice behind him and the man that steps into the light are familiar; Dr. Xiumen from the hospital. 
Jimin remembers him from the other day that you took him to see Taehyung. He knew there was something strange about him- what is he doing with Jay Park? There are a few other young men- propped up against the wall or the door. A tall man stands equal to the doctor;  light blue hair puffs up araound his forehead and there’s something about his eyes that makes Jimin shiver. While the doctors are cold and calculating- this man is dark raw emotion, an untamped fire that is just waiting to consume. 
“What the fuck do you want.” Jay Park lifts his hand to run his fingers over Jimin’s ears, and Jimin flinches expecting another slap for speaking out of turn, but he doesn’t care. Monster bought him. Jay Park isn’t his master anymore. 
“You’re being awfully disloyal” The words are ones that have always made him instantly submit, and he struggles against years of conditioning, refusing to let his eyes drop. “tisk tisk- embarrassing me in front of my guests.”
“I don’t have to do what you say anymore. You sold me. Don’t you remember?” 
“I thought I trained you better than that, you know who your real master is.” Jimin lowers his head because he knows- now that he’s starting to calm down for a minute- that it will probably be better if he doesn’t talk and acts the way they want him too. 
“Jimin.” Jay park commands and his ears twitch before he makes his eyes rise up to meet his old masters “you still remember who your real master is right. Who you really trust- and it's not monster.” Jimin senses the others in the room watching him closely. He lets his ears flick in their direction. “I see you’ve noticed our guests.” He gestures to the doctor. 
“I’m sure you remember me Jimin.” Jimin nods.  Xiumin smiles in a way that Jim doesn’t believe is kind for a second. “We want you to help us,” the doctor says, “just something small.” He says quietly. And he can already tell that this man is far more charming than his master. 
“Why would I do that?” Jimin asks- struggling to keep his voice even, at this point it’s not about proving his loyalty- it's about getting out of these restraints and this warehouse alive. And he doesn’t care what he has to do or what he has to say to achieve that. 
“I’ll give you your freedom.” Jay Park says, quicker then Jimin can breathe. “Set you up somewhere nice where no one will question a hybrid living on his own. Give you work-“ he sees Jimin scoff for a second. “Not the old kind that you and I both know you’re good at.”  
There are no demeaning words that come along with the sentence- no command- this is actually a negotiation. That one sentence is the only one that could ever make Jimin’s thought process completely stop. White noise fills his ears. The only thing that could make him actually consider what Jay parks offering- he’s never ever had the freedom to make his choices.
 It’s the one thing he’s never dared to allow himself to dream off. He never thought he would get the chance to have this.  Jimin swallows, and then the man with the eyes like fire is speaking in a deep voice that sets Jimin on edge.
“I’m Chanyeol, leader of the Red X’s, You don’t know me- but you also don’t know who you currently serve. The people Monsters killed. The people I care about that he’s hurt.” The man takes a picture out of his wallet and puts it where Jimin can see it. 
The photograph is bloodstained and warn at the edges, “this was my fiancé- Namjoon had her killed 3 days before our wedding.” Jimin swallows. “The people you work for aren’t saints Jimin- far from it. there’s no need for you to bloody your hands there work. Tonight it was just a delivery but what about tomorrow? Monster won’t let your talent sit for long.”
“But y/n-”
“The little devil?-she’ll be fine Jimin- do you know how much money monster has stashed away for her in the event anything happens to him?” xumin answers.  
“You can’t touch her if-” Jimin breaks off again, then continues- saying his words slowly and carefully so that he knows he’s understood “If I agree to help you, you need to promise me you won't hurt her.”
“You have my word.” Chanyeol answers. “I want to end this cycle of revenge- and monsters sister has done nothing to me- though I do admit that I would love to see him suffer like I have.” 
“But The Red X’s don’t murder innocents like Bangtan does,” Xumin says, resting a hand on Chanyeol’s. 
Jay Park bends back down to Jimin’s level before he has time to process what this tall dark strangers told him about the people he’s been living with the kind people. But freedom- that forbidden flighty thing that he’s never allowed himself to want. The thing he’s always wanted the most- can he really let that go? The photographs jay park flashes in front of his face are of Namjoon- and of his phone. Pressed to his ear or in his pocket. they look like theyve been taken over many days- months even.
“Monster does most of his work through his phone- it’s the only weak point we’ve been able to find in his entire system; their firewall is impeccable.”  
“What do you want me to do?” Jimin says. Looking at the picture of his current master while gnawing at his lip. 
“We want you to put this under his case.” Xumin shows Jimin a small silver circle- an impressively understated piece of technology. “It’s just a little bug, just enough to let us know his moves before he makes them.”
“And then we can dismantle Bangtan brick by brick.” Jimin swallows as they start to turn to him. 
“I’ll do it,” he says quietly, this inky greasy feeling fills him. And though the men smile at each other and start to lower him down. 
Jimin can only feel guilt flooding into him. But there is a sweeter taste on his tongue- something he’d never thought he’d taste and it hums a song in the back of his head over and over again drowning out emotions that he knows he should feel. 
Freedom freedom freedom
When Jimin gets back the house is deceptively quiet- there is still a hum coming from the main room. His watch is back on his wrist after being returned to him by one of the Red X’s lackeys. There’s no sign of movement on the first floor though he can tell by the smells that Hoseok and Jungkook have probably left within the last hour. Then he notices you curled up in the corner- initially disguised under a few layers of blankets. Your head is slumped against the side of the couch. He sighs and picks you up off the couch. 
“Jimin?” you mutter sleepily when you’re halfway up the stairs. You nuzzle into the side of his jacket and the movement is almost enough to jar him out of his thoughts. A blush rises to his face regardless- like it does every time he has you close like this. 
You’re to sleep addled to wonder if you shouldn’t nuzzle into him- and he has little enough self-control to go along with every one of your bad ideas.  
His heart drops when he remembers the last hour of his life but he shoves down the guilt of lying to you before it can get out of hand. He needs to be steady and not let his emotions get the best of him if this is going to happen how he wants too. 
He sets you down onto the bed and lets you roll over under the covers while he changes out of his street clothes that smell like warehouse and adrenaline and into a pair of black pajama pants leaving his chest bare. You curl up next to him like he’s not a killer like he’s the gentle soul he wants to be and if anything it makes him feel more undeserving of your affection. 
Your bare cheek rests on his bare chest as he twines his fingers around yours and you hug his muscled arm to your chest. Your soft hair tickles the side of his face. He tries not to get so entwined with you but fails- resolving to detangle himself when he hears Namjoon fall asleep downstairs. He can still hear the faint sounds of him tossing and turning.
Every second you spend near him makes his heart hurt and his stomach coil in self-disgust- he knows it's only going to get worse the longer the secrets dig into him. But he has to do this; they would find some way to hurt you anyway. And if he does this- then maybe he can save you. Maybe you can come out unscathed. 
So when he slips out of bet and peals your arms from around him. He savors you warmth as he leaves the room- as quietly as he can. The little silver circle is clenched in his fist as he descends the stairs to monsters level. His current master is fast asleep. Jimin is quiet enough that he dosen’t even stir. 
His master’s phone is on the edge of the bed- his hand outstretched like he had fallen asleep on the phone with someone. In the darkness- Namjoon doesn’t look like a monster- he just looks like a man with worries like any other. If Jimin’s being honest with himself, even if Namjoon did kill that man’s fiancé, he’s not sure that he deserves this. 
Jimin reaches forward.
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guksthighs · 3 years ago
Stray Kitten || pjm
Tumblr media
Summary: Jimin finds you stray on the streets in the rain and takes you home, little does he know that you aren’t a normal cat.
Genre: fluff, cat! shifter reader (?)
Length: 1.5k
A/N: sometimes naming imagines is beyond me and i just give up and this is how this useless name is created so suE ME!! a massive thank you to @the-ragnarssons-tickle-spot for this amazing prompt ( sorry i changed the member )
over this year i have founded a deep love for shapeshifter aus and you have done me the honour of sticking around even if you couldn’t care less about my weirdnesS. anyway, thank you for helping me through a year with @guksthighs !! happy birthday to meee and thank you thank you thank you for being active here !!
Tumblr media
“It’s raining tonight kitty,” you looked up at Jimin, who had been feeding you the last few weeks and you had thought he had realised that you weren’t an idiot, as droplets of water hit your fur. But he was a nice boy, who seemed to enjoy the company of a stray cat which just happened to be you, his smile widened as you rubbed against his legs, waiting and begging for him to place down the tin of tuna he was holding. “You want to come stay at mine tonight?” he mused to himself, as he seemed unaware that when you had enough strength you’d be able to revert back to your normal form.
Usually, you would have responded with an angry swish of your tail, but the feeling of a full stomach was too alluring as you ate the food. Jimin often talked about taking you back to his home, he’d be so close to reaching that special spot just under your chin when he would stop and ask if you wanted to become his pet. Pet, the word sounded like cheating when you knew he had no idea what you actually were.
“The apartment gets quite loud, but my room is very warm,” you finally paused your eating of the expensive tuna he had bought you, looking up at him when you realised this wasn’t just a brief thought. Licking your lips, you wondered how you were meant to say no, resorting to stretching up and lightly sink your claws into his calf as a warning. Jimin simply laughed to himself, reaching down to ruffle your head.
“So you are listening,” he crouched down and moved his hand near you, watching with a smile as you pushed your head into his hand, as a way of thanking him for the food. Usually, that would be the end of your interaction, but rain makes people and cats behave strangely, making you tired and Jimin impulsive as he moved his weight from one foot to the other, as if having an internal argument, “I can’t just leave you here kitty. Come on.”
You meowed, trying to tell him to leave you alone now, the umbrella he was holding was being tugged at by the wind that had just picked up, but Jimin misunderstood as he moved towards you to pick you up. When you flinched and ducked out of his reach, Jimin let out a long sigh and moved forward again, this time his hand latched onto the back of your neck as he scooped you up with ease.
There was something so gentle about Jimin as he continually murmured apologies, placing you inside the front of his slightly unzipped coat and quickly standing up, before laughing slightly at your complaining, “stop yowling like that kitty, I’ll give you more tuna if you calm down.”
Jimin’s chest was so warm, and without thinking you let yourself purr and his chest rumbled with laughter, slowly you felt your eyes drifting shut, “the boys are going to love you.” Jimin said with a smile, looking down at the now sleeping ginger kitten in his arms.
He knew they weren’t meant to have pets in the apartment but he wouldn’t forgive himself if he had left such a cute cat on the streets, the rain got heavier and Jimin glanced up at his umbrella hoping it would hold for the quick walk to the dorms.
“Park Jimin, that better not be a cat!” Hoseok laughed when he saw the younger boy walk through the door, soaked to the bone with a little ginger cat asleep under his coat. Jimin grinned at the elder and pulled the cat out of his coat, handing it to Hoseok who couldn’t stop himself from sighing at how cute it was, whispering, “this is my baby now.”
There was a large hustle as Taehyung tried to snatch you away from Hoseok, Namjoon looking over their shoulders with a wide dimpled smile at the sight of your smiling face of pure content.
Yoongi and Seokjin came home later, and instantly Yoongi knew from the prickling sensation on the back of his neck that something magical was in their house. Tentatively he called out to the boys, heading towards the movie room and poking his head around the door to warn them he came face to face with the problem.
You were fast asleep in Jimin’s lap, having been passed from boy to boy and slowly Yoongi moved towards you, a wide smile on his lips of amusement, “This isn’t a regular cat.” Jimin looked confused, eyes flicking down to inspect your ordinary feline shape and Yoongi’s knowing look until something in his head clicked causing him to turn bright red.
“What’s going on?” Jeongguk asked, shuffling closer to you and Jimin to run his hands through your ginger hair, smiling as he played with the white stripes of your long tail that kept swaying slightly in your sleep.
Deciding it would be more amusing for the younger boy to wake up next to a human, Yoongi just smiled and when Jimin relaxed back into the chair he sent a wink to Jeongguk, mouthing that he would explain all later.
The suspense was too much for Jeongguk who leapt to his feet, ushering Jimin to bed, “look how tired that poor kitten is! Go take it to a quiet place and leave it there.” Jimin was unwilling to part with it, as Jeongguk had assumed when he made the statement and the youngest boy watched Jimin walk off to his room, cradling the small ginger cat.
Finally, when he had left, Jeongguk looked at Yoongi nodding as he waited for an explanation which the elder provided with a wide smile, “you really didn’t notice it was a shifter. They seem weak and unable to shift back, but it still means there is a person sleeping on Jimin’s bed.”
“YOU’RE NOT A CAT?” Jimin’s voice was low from having just woken up, but it still roused you from the clutches of warmth and happiness that sleep provided. His voice had woken you and it took you some time, which you filled with stretching out your tight muscles and rolling around to finally comprehend what he had said.
Slowly you turned to him, aware that he had no idea what he had got himself into and your brain’s tired response was to smile, and whisper, “meow,” Jimin burst into laughter, slowly shuffling further away from you and your mind finally understood as you bounced up to kneel on his bed, head touching the impossibly soft bed sheets.
“I’ll go straight away. I’m so sorry that I imposed and was so shameless,” you were rambling and when Jimin merely laughed again, you risked a peek up at him, his chest bare and radiating in the morning sun. You recognised him from the interviews when he had first found you and trusted him, but being face-to-face with him made your face heat up in a hot blush, as you scratched behind your ear in embarrassment.
The door was shoved open, Jeongguk and Taehyung in fits of laughter when they saw Jimin lunge for you to hide your figure from the younger boys in fear of a punishment, “We heard your girlish scream Jiminnie and look at this beautiful creature in your bed,” Taehyung teased, winking at you.
Namjoon strolled in behind the younger and leant against the door frame, “We’ll have to report that you’re sexually active to the staff Jiminnie,” Jimin’s face turned bright red, his ears adorably hot and you turned around to defend him but Namjoon just watched your reactions before cracking into a dimpled wide smile. “I’m joking, I am aware of the situation,” Namjoon high fived with Taehyung before they all ran out of the room when Jimin began to frown shouting their apologies over their shoulders.
Finally, in the following silence, Jimin turned to smile at you, “I told you the boys would love you,” he couldn’t help himself as he reached forward with his hand, to smooth your unruly bedhead and his eyes widened as you pushed your head into his palm.
A low purr began in your throat and he felt a pair of ears pop up under his hand, looking down at you in interest as your eyes stared down at your intertwined hands. “You also told me it was warm but loud,” you looked up and grinned at him, leaving Jimin’s heart to skip a beat and wonder what he was meant to do now.
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bangtangurlarmy · 2 years ago
Show me || Jimin
Pairing - Park Jimin x Reader
Genre - Werewolf! AU, Smut, Happy Halloween month!
Tumblr media
Jimin sniffed. The tendril of the scent that he was training himself to not surrender to, to keep himself leashed against, filled his nose too quickly. He felt in his bones; his wolf felt it.
Do it, his wolf snarled.
He shifted slightly from under you, your teeth chewing on your bottom lip, too engrossed in the movie - or rather, too engrossed in what was happening at the moment on the screen, to actually pay any attention to the uncomfortable male you were presently lying on top of.
You felt his ragged breath on your head, the warmth of it almost making you shudder in response. You twisted, head craning to look up at him.
"You good?" You asked quietly. His nostrils flared in response.
"Yeah, don't worry."
Do it, his wolf bit at his self-control.
In a few minutes, you had left to go to the bathroom, maybe, but the moment you'd left, he sighed heavily. He felt his insides throb with want. With desire. But no...he couldn't - wouldn't give into it.
Jimin snarled back a retort to his wolf, asking him to stand down.
He was Alpha, yes, the leader of his pack that so proudly served him. Although you were his mate, he had yet to claim you as his. Which had unsurprisingly received much critique from his Beta, Taehyung.
"Males go wild the moment they get a sniff of their mate - and here you are, sitting on your ass like an ignorant fool. It doesn't matter, Jimin, mate or not, other males will hunger for her," Taehyung, being the wise Second he was born to be, advised. Jimin only growled in response, hands ready to squeeze the air out of any male that dared to breathe in your direction.
Marking you would be the first step. Mating could wait - although it was winter already. The full moon night would begin his cycle of heat, and he wasn't sure how he was going to handle it. There were efficient ways to do it, but...not as efficient as mating would be. The Moon Goddess definitely loved to play games with him.
He shifted in his place when the familiar scent of lavender and snow and something else - the same something that flooded his system with primal desire - wafted to his keen nose. His eyes darted from the TV he'd been staring at the whole while, to you. You didn't seem happy. He gulped.
You were standing in the hallway that led into the living room where your cranky boyfriend - or as he loved you to call him: mate, sat. You were in all sense a complete human. You'd never understood their concept of mates when you'd first bumped into the fine man, but over the course of time, learned the importance of family to them. You were his mate. His and only his.
Even though that thought had made you squirm in anticipation for so many days, he'd never gone beyond kissing and leaving behind marks that hued purple and red the next morning. So while you had been watching the movie, the heated scene not really helping your situation, your mind had drifted and soon you had the anticipation dripping between your thighs. Knowing Jimin had sensed it and wouldn't bother acting on it, you'd gone into the room to change out of the underwear when a thought struck you.
Maybe he wouldn't do it by his consent. But you'd noted the conflicts he'd been having the past few days with his wolf. His cycle was to begin today, and you couldn't help but grin rather wickedly to yourself at the thought you had conjured. You were slightly unsure about whether it would work, but knowing him, you were confident enough to put up the act as you strode out of the room and hung around in the hallway until his eyes met yours: hungry and wild.
"Why are you standing there?" He asked after visibly gulping. You stifled a laugh. Alpha male apparently. Perhaps you were the only person who could see how easy it was to tear his defences. Or at least, the defences he kept around you.
You raised a finger and flicked it towards you, beckoning him, "Come here, Jimin."
His brows furrowed. Very rarely he'd give you the chance to take over the dominant role, and he seemed to oblige rather happily this time.
He stood up, walking up to you with a certain lethal grace that you often found yourself gaping at. He didn't stop until he was a full foot away from you.
He remained where he was. So you picked the first card.
"Closer, Alpha," You purred. The tug was almost instant, the word having riled his wolf more than himself. Jimin took a dragging step towards you. His eyes were a rich, chocolate brown. Like melted chocolate. But those eyes only held desire. Desire and hunger. Such ravenous hunger.
Your lips quirked to the side.
"Is there a reason you aren't doing anything to me-" your hands gently ran your hand up his abdomen, the material of his shirt thin enough to feel his rock hard muscles underneath. You revelled silently in the ridges of his form as you moved further north, up his torso, to his neck before running it back and up his hair.
"Since your heat began?" You finished your question, your palm flat against his head. When his eyes only flickered, a deep rumbling sounding in his chest, you closed your hand into a fist and tugged lightly.
Jimin moaned. You smirked.
"Y/N..." His hands, you noticed, were shaking the slightest from the restraint he had put upon himself from touching you. You continued your little ministrations. Going on your toes, you leaned into his ear and whispered, your lips gently brushing against his skin, "Touch me, Jimin."
His breath hitched. He felt his wolf thrashing wildly, trying to break free. He wanted to pick you up and throw you on the bed and pound into you mercilessly-
Jimin growled softly; a warning.
When you showed no signs of backing down, he nipped on your ear in silent retribution. But even that made him want to tear the walls down.
"Y/N, stop before I can't hold myself back anymore."
But you simply came back down on your heels and looked up at him. His eyes widened the slightest. Your pupils fully dilated, eyes hooded, and the scent- goddess damn him, that scent of desire that had been floating around the room for a while hit him in the face like a brick.
"Stop or I won't show you mercy." He snarled, features hard and rude as he watched you. Your orbs flickered with amusement. Damn it.
"What if I don't want you to?" You whispered, the hair in your hand being tugged again and he swore viciously under his breath. If you did that again-
"Do you not want to claim me, Jimin? Don't you want to wreck me - so completely that everybody will know it when I walk into the hall tomorrow? That you've finally and fully made me yours? Hmm, Alpha?" You hit all the right spots. How he was still functioning coherently, he had no idea. His fingers clenched and unclenched. If he touched you, even made a motion-
"Or are you just a pup?"
His wolf stilled. Then his eyes snapped open.
So it was provocation then, that finally got him to yield to your need. Honestly, it was way too fun. But when his eyes flickered at the mention of 'pup', the demeaning term, the way you'd patronized him, the way his eyes shone gold. Pure, molten, gold. Your shoulders thudded as he had you pressed up against the wall in seconds.
"Do you want to repeat that, kitten?" Jimin purred so softly that you knew you'd pushed him over the line a little. But you could see him, see the relief painted in his eyes as you didn't look scared the slightest. You found this deeply and unabashedly arousing.
"If you're the Alpha you claim to be, why don't you prove it?" His mate smiled so wickedly, he felt a certain pride in calling you his. You both seemed to be cut of the same cloth in one way or another.
He felt the desire eating at him. Then finally, he felt himself give in, ready to devour you whole and answer your needs. To prove it to you.
His mouth claimed yours, lips soft yet aggressive as his arms wrapped tight around your waist. You moaned almost instantly, but caught yourself, not wanting to give him the satisfaction of having you bent to his will.
You made to move away, to catch a bit of your breath but his arms tightened, holding on to you relentlessly as he growled into your mouth. He had kissed you so many times before, yet, this...this made your knees want to buckle and submit to him entirely. His arms slid down your back, a firm grab on your ass before he picked you up effortlessly by your thighs. His lips had left his spot on yours and worked down your jaw and the column of your neck, his canines grazing ever so slightly over a particular area that had your back arched in response, your chest pushing into him.
Your fingers on his back curled as you felt the reverberations of his growl, the predatory sound nothing but a warning for what was coming next.
Your toes curled as his tongue swept over your collarbone before gently nipping on it. You sighed loudly, a part of you taken aback by how gentle he was while at the same time so rough and wild, it drove you mad.
His fingers dug into the skin where he held you up.
Jimin felt the thirst in him magnifying.
More. More, his wolf snarled.
He smirked against your skin. You wanted just as much as his wolf did. So Jimin walked into the bedroom, the bed creaking as he threw you onto the mattress, his eyes glinting with a promise to make you scream in pleasure.
He would give them both more.
Your lips caught his just a moment after you'd fallen on the bed, the thing creaking as Jimin's weight added to it. His lips weren't slow or tentative. They were quick, hot, moving furiously as he desperately tasted you. His tongue required no permission as he devoured your moan.
He was claiming you. Just in his own way.
Jimin's hands worked on your sweatpants, them practically ripped clean from your legs, the cold air biting at the bare skin. Your toes curled as his mouth reached your chest, stopping just above the curve of your breasts.
You watched him still.
Two chocolate brown eyes looked up at you, a burning question in them: Are you sure?
No words were required as you took his hand and place it on your breast, the gentleness in his eyes a forgotten mixture of promised pleasure and ecstasy as he snarled softly. You were driving him crazy.
The top came off soon after, the ripped material already thrown across the room as his hands and eyes scanned every inch of you. You were yet to be bare, but the way he hadn't completely rushed into this made some part of you grow warm.
His hand were steady as he pulled off your bra and underwear, his eyes twinkling in appreciation as he gulped in your sight.
You blushed for the first time that night.
You were exotic. You were beautiful. You were glowing. You were everything and more than he'd dreamed of. He heard his wolf whimper at the sight. He agreed with the male; you had him on his knees.
Jimin kissed you again, his mouth claiming yours so feverishly, that every appreciating glance he'd given you seemed nothing in comparison to tonight. You mewled into the kiss, his member, still clothed and fighting restraint pressing against your throbbing sex.
"Jimin," You breathed, his mouth wandering your skin, lips pressing kisses everywhere he could as he reached your breasts. A nipple pulled taut as he took it between his teeth, his fingers rubbed the other tentatively. You gave out a sharp gasp.
When he looked up at you and found you looking right at him, you sighed, "More."
His wolf almost roared with desire.
He had his tongue against your thigh, a canine grazing just a breath away from where you truly wanted him. You whined, and he smirked.
When you least expected it, his hand pushed your other leg, his fingers coming to spread you out completely for him. Only for him. The scent of your arousal hit him even harder than the last time.
He swiped a broad lick on the entire length of your sex. Your body shuddered.
"Fuck, Jimin!" You squealed, his tongue working wonders, switching between slow, long licks and swift, short ones. It had your back arching, toes curling, fingers digging into the mattress. A hand held your leg apart and the other rested surely against your waist. You were going nowhere.
"Jimin, I'm going to-" You bit your lip just then, eyes closed to concentrate fully on your release when a harsh, cold air bit at the spot where a warm muscle had been. You raised your head and found Jimin watching you with cruel amusement in his eyes.
You whined as you plopped your head back on the pillow, "I was so close!"
"On your knees." He ordered as he got off the bed. You looked towards him. There it was: the promise to show no mercy. That...that was just a warm-up.
You silently turned around and rested on your knees, elbows comfortable on the pillow as you waited for him. You heard the light ruffling and thudding of his discarded pants, and when you looked, you gasped.
"Still want to call me a pup, huh, kitten?" He smirked, getting on to the bed with the same lethal grace. Your heart hammered and you swallowed the lump of anticipation. Oh shit, he was...huge.
You felt him press himself against your core, your breath sucked out of you as he began teasing you, dragging his member along the length of your sex. You felt yourself drip. Biting onto your lip, you waited. But all you felt was his tip teasing your entrance, a little in and a little out. You almost snapped at him.
But then a loud smack echoed in the room. You heard it before you felt the sting on your ass. His palm gently caressed the sure print of his hand, in utter contrast to the smack he'd given you.
When you opened your mouth, he smacked you again, making you flinch as you felt pain and pleasure course through you all at once. It was electrifying.
Then came another, and this time, before you could completely lose yourself in the feeling, you let out a yelp as his member pushed into you completely, Jimin groaning at the feeling. His wolf, growling.  
You had barely a second to adjust to him before he began moving, the bed rocking gently at first in par to the pace he'd kept. You moaned, the sound small as he slowly increased his pace.
"Louder, kitten. Don't you want everyone to know who's wrecking you tonight?" Your words thrown right back at you.
Your back arched, your nipples brushing the mattress as you opened yourself further, submitting yourself further.
Jimin growled at the sight, a hand landing a smack onto your cheek.
You mewled as you felt his tip brush against a spot...that spot. Yes, just that one. You moaned with every thrust, a curse following.
"Fuck, Jimin, faster. Right there!" You screamed, eyes squinting shut as he sped up, his hips rocking the bed, the post bumping hard on the wall. He grunted, his fingers around your hips gripping hard. The subtle pain mixed with the immense pleasure he allowed you to feel, the waves ready to rush with a few more movements. Ready to be beckoned out.
Jimin's hand ran up the length of your back before he got a handful of your hair, gripping it with a certain authority. He stopped. It was so sudden you groaned loudly at the sudden loss of your pleasure.
"Up." His voice deep and raw, it caressing your skin. You complied, pushing yourself up.
"You will never talk down to me like that, you will never provoke me like you did tonight. Understand?" Every word was a raspy, rough breath that hit your neck as he had your back pressed flush against his chest, him still inside you. You mewled. You wanted him to move. But it was clear that no matter how much you tried to rub yourself against him, he wasn't going to move until you gave him an answer.
"Yes," You breathed with difficulty.
His grip on your hair got tighter.
"Yes, what?"
"Yes, Alpha."
You felt his smirk against your skin at the base of your throat, his canines brushing past the spot right between your neck and shoulder, and you felt him inhale sharply before he dug his canines deep into your flesh. You groaned, a hard hand coming to muffle your mouth.
He felt his wolf curl and shudder in pleasure, in relief as he bit into his mate. It filled him with your scent, your blood, forever binding you to him. He was sure it hurt, so he began moving slowly, in and out of you as he kept his teeth sunken in. The hand that muffled your groan moved down your chest, kneading your breasts while his other found home on your clit. It was no longer tentative movements as he began thrusting harder, the finger working faster on you.
The pain passed, and he stopped only when he felt you completely: in his flesh, in his bones, until his wolf purred with content.
You began moaning his name, Jimin’s twitching member close to release. He pulled out his canines, a little to no response from you as he had them retracted. Pulling a clean swipe of his tongue over the punctures, he sealed his scent on you.
The bed rocked, you a mess in his arms as he went harder and harder with each thrust, a little mind for his release as he smelt your own closer. You screamed, the final thrust of his hips sending you over, the pleasure rippling off you in waves as he carried on, your body slack against his. Your hand went to his head, holding him close as you rested your head on his shoulder, clenching yourself around him, making him groan.
A curse sounded, and a few stuttering thrusts later, he came, his release making him moan into your ear. When he was done, he nibbled at your ear. Pressing a chaste kiss underneath, he showered your neck and shoulders with more of them until you chuckled in embarrassment.
"Honestly, I think you wouldn't have done it if I hadn't provoked you," You said, half chuckling as you let your hand slide down your body from his head.
His breath tickled your skin as he laughed, "I think I'm glad you did. But it doesn't mean you can do it again," He squeezed his arm around your waist that placed more emphasis on his words. You nodded. All you needed now was a bath.
His wolf purred, good job.
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hollyhomburg · 2 years ago
Bts Hybrid Masterlist
Angst Ⓐ 
Fluff  ☁ Smut  ❤
Tumblr media
Scenario: BTS AS HYBRIDS ☁
Tumblr media
↳  (Mafia au) (Hybrid Au)
↳ (Completed ✔✔✔)
↳ Summary: After a rival gang makes an attempt on your life, Your older brother Namjoon (the leader of Seoul’s largest gang) gets you a guard hybrid; Park Jimin, The champion of Seoul’s underground hybrid fighting scene.
Tumblr media
↳ (Hybrid Au) (Writer au) 
↳  Pairing: Bunny Hybrid! Reader x Tiger Hybrid! Taehyung x Cat Hybrid! Yoongi x Owner! Namjoon
↳  Summary: Namjoon has a perfect life once he moves out of the city to a cabin with his two rescue hybrids, Yoongi and Taehyung. But one night in the middle of the thunderstorm they find you, a bunny hybrid, hiding in their chicken coop.
Tumblr media
↳  (Blind! Reader) (Service Hybrid au) (eventual BTS x Reader)  Pairing: Dog hybrid! Seokjin x Wolf hybrid! Namjoon x Blind! Reader 
↳  DANCE TO THIS ---> Summary: Seokjin didn’t expect his new potential owner to be blind, but with the threat of being sent to a breeding clinic looming over his head, he’ll do anything. 
↳  CALL ME YOURS ---> Summary *SPOILERS*: You never would have imagined that more love was hidden right next door, just over your garden fence. Not that Hoseok will ever get the courage to confess his feelings. His hybrids however: starry-eyed bunny Jungkook, Bratty calico cat Jimin, and shy tiger Taehyung- don’t have any problem at all.
Tumblr media
 HYBRID HOUSE (SERIES MASTERLIST)  ❤ Ⓐ ☁ (completed ✔✔✔)
↳  (Hybrid Au) (Reader x OT7) HYBRID AU, READER X OT7
↳  Summary: to Seokjin, Home consists of his human partners Namjoon and Hoseok. and their Hybrids; the pups- Taehyung and Jimin, their black cat Yoongi, and their foxboy Jungkook. Together they have the happiest family possible. So what happens when Namjoon finds you? a cat hybrid, beaten close to death left alone in an alleyway on the coldest night of the year? He takes you home, shows you his family, and together they teach you what love can be like.
Tumblr media
↳ (Hybrid! Kim Namjoon x Reader x ????? x ?????)
↳ TW: Domestic abuse, emotional abuse, mentions of police brutality, possible sensitive content, mentions of hybrid mistreatment, murder, implicated spousal rape, unplanned pregnancy
↳ Summary: You live on an isolated but sprawling farm with your abusive husband, but things start to change for the better when your husband adopts a retired police dog hybrid named Namjoon
Tumblr media
OF FIRE AND LOVE (Series Masterlist) ❤Ⓐ☁ 
↳ (DRAGON! Yoongi x Reader) (ft. Baby Jungkook, Baby dragon! Hoseok) + (fairy! Jimin x Dragon! Namjoon, Sorcerer! Seokjin x Human Taehyung) 
↳ Summary: When Dragon Yoongi finds baby Jungkook in the wreckage of a house he burned down, he can’t bring himself to kill the child. Months after someone drops a baby at your door, you start to notice something- or someone, lurking at the edge of your farm. Why does the man you catch glimpses of have horns?
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v-hope · 2 years ago
Break up prank gone wrong
Pairings: Kim Seokjin / Jung Hoseok / Kim Namjoon / Park Jimin x Reader
Genre: Fluff, crack, angst
Request: Yup
A/N: You can find Yoongi's, Taehyung's and Jeongguk's in my masterlist. I had a lot of fun writing all of these 💕
Tumblr media
Kim Seokjin
Cooking with your boyfriend could either end up with some delicious food as a result, or with the two of you completely messing things up because you couldn't keep your mouths away from each other.
That day, it had been the second choice.
Jin's hands remained tugging at your sides, pulling you closer by the second as his lips sucked on your lower one – needing to feel you closer.
However, your heated make out session was interrupted by the smell of something burning. And it actually took a couple of seconds for the two of you to realise what was happening.
“The brownies, the brownies!” Jin mumbled as he freed his lips from yours, rushing to the oven and putting his gloves on to take out the tray.
He sighed, practically throwing it on the table.
“Well…” you tilted your head, “they're not that burnt. Pretty sure they're still eatable”.
Jin glared at you. It wasn't that they weren't eatable, it was the fact that this was the third time in a row he had burnt the food due to being too occupied with you.
“Okay, new rule: you're not allowed in the kitchen anymore” at his statement you raised one of your eyebrows; questioning him. “You keep distracting me!”
“Excuse me?” you scoffed. “Last time I checked, you were the one shoving your tongue down my throat!”
He tried not to blush at your words yet failed miserably. You were right.
“Then you leave me no choice. I'm breaking up with you”.
And, you see, when you hear your long term boyfriend say those words to you and you just so happen to have an open bag of flour right next to you, there's only one way for things to go down.
One second later, Seokjin's face was covered in white – both his eyes and mouth opening wide, not believing what you had just done.
But he was not losing this one, which is why, next thing you knew, cocoa powder was falling from above you.
Then it was eggs, sugar, cinnamon. You name it. Whatever you could reach, was thrown to each other, resulting in both a laughing and coughing fit.
It only ended when he started chasing you around the kitchen table and you slipped on one of the broken eggs, falling to the ground and dragging him with you.
After he made sure you were not hurt and the two of you laughed uncontrollably, he rolled over his body – resting his chest against yours and catching your lips in his once again.
“You taste like flour” you complained.
“You should be grateful I'm kissing you and not breaking up with you anymore”.
Tumblr media
Jung Hoseok
Sunshine 🌞💕 [18:06]: Ugh, I'm breaking up with you.
That was the text you had received from your boyfriend a few seconds after you heard his hotel room's door close, announcing you his arrival.
Now, when you've spent so much money on a freaking plane ticket to travel to the other side of the world just to surprise your boyfriend, who you have not seen in months while he's on tour, that is the last thing you'd want to read.
“What do you mean you're breaking up with me, Jung Hoseok?!” you demanded an explanation right after reading it, getting out of the bathroom you had been hiding in.
And maybe the surprise was long forgotten to you, but it was still quite a shock to your very easily scared boyfriend, or ex, for all you knew. With that being said, Hoseok screeched, jolting up and pressing his back against the wall as he turned around.
His hand went to his heart after seeing you standing there, and his frightened expression was soon replaced by one of utter happiness and adoration. Lifting his head up a little bit, he clumsily waddled your way – closing his eyes due to the huge smile taking over his factions and wrapping you tightly inside his arms before he buried his face in the crook of your neck.
“I can't believe you're here!” he giddily said.
“And I can't believe you just broke up with me” you reminded him bitterly.
He placed his hands on your shoulders, pulling you away so he could look at you with a frown. Then, he remembered his last text. “Oh, I was just being dramatic because you weren't answering my texts” he admitted.
You scoffed, lightly slapping his arm. “Maybe because I was busy traveling and settling everything up!” not like he would've known, of course… but still. “I even ran a bath for the two of us–”
“Did you?” his voice got lower, seductively raising one of his eyebrows while his hands tugged at your hips and pulled you closer to him.
“Mhm…” you played along, brushing your lips against his, “but now I've decided it's just for myself” you turned around to enter the bathroom.
“Jagiya, please don't do this to me” he begged, already feeling the tension grow inside of him.
“If you make it up to me you might get lucky tonight”.
Never in his life had Hoseok rushed so desperately to go get your favourite food.
Tumblr media
Kim Namjoon
Opening the front door, Namjoon helped your slightly drunken self inside.
Holding you tighter by the waist, he laughed under his breath at how cute you looked in such state – the funniest part being you had only had two cups of red wine.
“God, you're such a lightweight” he teased.
You raised your head, trying your best to fix your eyes on his.
“Yet you still fell for me” you giggled like a schoolgirl – your hand going up to poke his cheek.
Namjoon rolled his eyes in amusement, holding your finger with his hand. “I did” he nodded, “but I think I deserve someone with a little more alcohol tolerance, so I'm breaking up with you” he joked.
You stared at him blankly for a moment before you turned around, heading back to the door.
“Where are you going?” he frowned.
“Out with the girls”.
“That's what people do to get over break ups, right?”
Namjoon couldn't help but laugh this time, closing his eyes as he still tried his hardest not to. Right before you could turn the knob, he lifted you up, throwing you over his shoulder and walking the two of you to your room. It was only when his left hand went to your ass to keep you in place, that you reacted.
“I'm not really familiar with this whole breaking up thing, but I'm pretty sure exes are not supposed to touch each other like this”.
He chuckled quietly. Not only were you a lightweight, but apparently also a pretty chatty drunk.
Placing you gently down on the bed, he lied down by your side, brushing a few strands of hair from off your face.
“You should go change, love” he suggested.
Since you hadn't reacted badly to the pet name he called you, being already so used to it, he thought you might had forgotten about the whole break up thing, which is why he added:
“You want me to help you?”
“No, no. You're not allowed to look at me like this now”.
Oh, but you had not.
He whined, throwing his head back on the pillow.
“And are you sleeping with me? Because I don't thi–”
“Y/N” he cut you off, making you raise both eyebrows to let him know you were listening, “we did not break up”.
“We did not?”
“No” he confirmed, “so go change and then come to bed with me”.
And he would've expected you to smile and be all happy that you were still together. Instead, you pouted.
“Aw, but I really wanted to go out with the girls to get over my heartbreak”.
He shook his head in disbelief. “I love you, too, babe”.
At least he had learnt his lesson to never joke around with his drunk girlfriend anymore.
Tumblr media
Park Jimin
That simple word would define both what you and Jimin had been feeling for the past few days. You, because of the prank he had pulled on you about breaking up. Him, because of you not letting it go.
He wanted to kiss you? “I thought we broke up, why would you want to kiss me?”
Cuddles? “Sorry, I only do that with my significant other”.
Holding your hand, for the love of God? “That's a little weird for people who are not dating”.
You knew you were taking it too far, and you knew Jimin was getting tired of it, but fuck, your heart had never been through half the pain it felt when he told you you guys were over.
So you just carried on with it – finding it like some sort of coping you could not get over no matter how hard you tried.
And Jimin had done nothing about it apart from rolling his eyes, sighing, and sometimes even getting up and leaving. It was on him anyway and he would accept the consequences his actions had caused. But what he was not going to let just pass, was someone else flirting with you – more specifically, the guy who had approached you that night at the pub you had gone to with your friends.
The second said stranger got closer to you to whisper something in your ear and your eyes went to lock with Jimin's out of reflex, he was absolutely done. If he would've looked carefully, he would've seen the discomfort in them. But he was livid already – in a heartbeat pulling you by your wrist and dragging you to a less crowded corner.
“Stop, stop!” he finally snapped, lightly pushing you against the wall, “I know I fucked up and I'm sorry but you have to stop this now. We are not broken up. We're still a couple. Nothing's fucking changed!” anyone would've thought he was about to rip his hair off out of frustration. “I still love you with all I have and I want to believe you still love me the same, too. So please. Please just drop this and don't let other people hit on you just because we're ‘broken up’, which we're fucking not!”
“Jimin-ie” you sighed. He was right. It was enough. “Of course I still love you” you reassured him, “I'm so deeply sorry. Just please know I wouldn't have taken it that far”.
Yes, you annoyed him by not letting him get his way with you, but getting to the point of letting someone else jeopardize your relationship? Not a fucking chance.
He took a deep breath, letting his head fall forward and resting his forehead on yours before closing his eyes. “I know. I'm sorry, I panicked”.
You nodded, lifting your head up to softly kiss his nose. “Won't you kiss me now?”
You didn't have to tell him twice.
With his lips breaking into a bright smile, he showed everyone right then and there you were indeed still his and he was still yours. And he planned on keeping it that way.
Tumblr media
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hobiorbit · 2 years ago
hopping into love V (m.)
Tumblr media
pairing: (mainly) park jimin x hybrid!reader, hybrid!jeon jungkook x hybrid!reader. will probably contain future pairings warnings: male masturbation, blowjobs (m/f giving), panty kink, dirty talk, exhibitionism, voyeurism, creampie, threesome (m/m/f), cunnilingus, reader is biologically female summary: In which Jimin has no idea what he’s getting himself into when he adopts you, and he finds both him and Jungkook sexually and romantically infatuated with you. A/N: this has been up on my ao3 for a day or two! i’m posting it just now because i had some technological difficulties ):
The morning after your activities with Jimin, you slept in. Jimin didn’t have to go into work until the afternoon, and Jungkook was tired, so he decided to get on with breakfast and let you enjoy your breakfast.
“Morning, hyung.” Jungkook said groggily as he stepped into the kitchen, slightly off balance. Jimin laughed at the bunny’s appearance. His hair was sticking out in multiple different places, his eyes were a bit puffy, and his sweatpants had lowered on his hips from him tossing and turning throughout the night. He’d never been a peaceful sleeper.
“Good morning, Kookie.” Jimin smiled, turning off the burner and sliding the omelette he’d made onto a plate. He set it at Jungkook’s usual spot at their table before starting to make his own, humming as the egg started sizzling in the hot pan. Jungkook mumbled out a quick thanks before starting to eat his food. He hadn’t eaten in hours, due to the medication he’d gotten the day prior.
“What’d you do last night?” Jungkook asked after he’d gotten a couple bites down, feeling his head begin to clear sufficiently. Jimin’s lips creased into a tight line, not exactly sure how he was to break the news to Jungkook.
Of course, early on in the relationship everyone had agreed on the premise that people could do things in pairs due to some circumstances. Jimin knew what he did wasn’t wrong, but he also was a bit embarrassed and knew Jungkook could become possessive and even jealous.
“Hyung?” Jungkook asked again when Jimin answered. Thankfully, Jimin’s food was done so he plated it up and sat next to Jimin.
“Y/N and I had some… fun.” Jimin said finally, immediately shoving some omelette into his mouth after he was done talking. Jungkook was silent for a moment before he spoke again. “So you fucked her?” Jungkook said boldly, almost making his owner choke.
“No! I didn’t. I guess Hoseok asked if she’d given us head before and she was confused. She ended up asking me about it and well… You know.” Jimin confessed, shrugging his shoulders and avoiding the younger’s gaze. It was odd how steely his hybrid could be sometimes. He knew Jungkook wasn’t mad, and that was what unsettled him.
“Did you return the favor?” Jungkook asked once more, finishing off his food quickly so he could prioritize his conversation. Jungkook thought about Jimin’s cock stuffed in your mouth, and while the thought was slightly irritating, he couldn’t doubt the arousal that trickled down his spine. However, thinking about Jimin’s tongue licking your pussy made Jungkook filled with jealousy- how could Jimin take all the fun things away from him.
Luckily, Jimin shook his head at Jungkook’s question.
“I didn’t. I feel like I should’ve, but I didn’t.” Jimin answered honestly, and Jungkook let out a sigh of relief.
“Thank god. Hyung, that’s my job now.” Jungkook said nonchalantly, leaving Jimin to just nod in response, not bothering to speak more on the matter. When Jungkook set his sights on something, it became something he would achieve.
And, well, fair is fair.
Jungkook’s ears twitched before he turned to the hallway. Shortly after Jimin could hear your bedroom door opening, and both boys felt smiles stretching across their faces at the prospect of seeing you for for the first time that day.
“Good morning, Bunny.” Jungkook said when you appeared around the corner, rubbing your eye and yawning. Jimin cooed at your appearance, hair just about as messy as Jungkook’s was. You smiled at the hybrid and your owner, quickly stepping over to the table.
“Kookie, I missed you.” You whispered to him, stuffing your face into his neck. Jungkook gave you a tight squeeze, bringing a hand to smooth down your ears against your skull.
“Missed you too, baby. I’m all better now. Why don’t you say good morning to Jiminie?” Jungkook asked you, patting your thigh. You nodded, turning to face your owner and giving him a bright smile.
“Morning, Jiminie.” You told him, wrapping your arms around him as well and resting your cheek against his chest as he looked down at you fondly. He leaned to press his plush lips on your cheek before answering you. “Morning, sweetheart. You want an omelette?” Jimin asked. You eyed his plate, seeing he hadn’t finished yet.
“I’m gonna make some cereal. You can finish your breakfast, Minie.” You said, turning on your heel and opening the cabinet to prepare your breakfast. Jimin smiled but didn’t say anything, opting to continue to eat his food as you made your own.
“What’re we doing today?” You asked as you sat down at the table, spooning the cereal into your mouth. Jimin pouted as he realized he’d have to be going to work.
“Well, I have to work today. I can leave some money for you and Kookie to order some food if you’d like, but other than that not much. I wish I could take you guys to do something fun.” Jimin told you. You shook your head and put your hand over his.
“It’s okay. I’ll have fun with Kookie.” You told him to reassure him. Jimin nodded and finished the rest of his omelette, grabbing his and Jungkook’s empty plates before going to wash them. You sat at the table with Jungkook for a bit, playing with his fingers with your free hand.
“I’m gonna go take a shower. Have a good day if I don’t see you before I get out, Jiminie.” Jungkook told your owner. Jimin nodded and sent him a smile, returning to the dishes as you finished your cereal. When you were done you helped Jimin with the household chores.
“You’re hair’s a mess, honey.” Jimin giggled as he patted his hand on top of your head. You pouted in embarrassment.
“Go sit on the couch. I’ll brush it out before I leave.” Jimin offered, and you practically bounded over to the sofa. You loved when Jimin played with your hair, it was one of your favorite past times. Jimin knew it too, and often used it to bribe you.
He returned shortly with your pink bedazzled hair brush in hand, settling on the couch behind you and getting to work. Jimin touched your hair gently, being careful to avoid your ears. You sighed in pleasure as he began working through the knots of your hair, thoroughly enjoying the attention.
“You like that, sweetheart?” Jimin asked you sweetly, and you only hummed in response. It was saddening how fast he managed to brush all of the knots out of your hair, leaving you void of attention and silky haired.
Jimin smiled at your pitiful face. “I have to go to work, sweets. You know I’d spend the whole day playing with your hair if I could.” Jimin told you. You ran up to give him a goodbye hug, nuzzling your face into his neck in your best attempt at scenting, even though you knew he wouldn’t be around any other hybrids that day.
“Bye, Jiminie.” you told him. He leaned down to place a kiss on your lips. “Bye, Y/N. Take care of Kookie for me.” Jimin said, and you nodded before he closed the door, leaving you alone until Jungkook was done getting ready. Out of everyone in the house, he was the one who took the longest to get ready.
So, the most logical thing you could think to do was flop down on the other hybrid’s bed, basking in his scent until he finally came out of the bedroom. You stayed there for maybe ten minutes before you heard the bathroom door open. The other hybrid came shuffling down the hallway, and you saw him clad only in gym shorts with a towel around his neck. Water droplets fell from his hair onto his chest and towel, making him look entirely enticing.
“Hi, Kookie.” You said from your spot on his bed, peering up at him. He smiled, showing you his two front teeth and scrunching his nose up. “Hey, bunny. Did you have fun with Jiminie last night?” Jungkook asked you, catching you completely off guard.
Your mouth fell open in surprise as your eyes grew wide, and you could feel your body temperature rising along with your embarrassment. “He told you?” You asked him, not really knowing what else to say, Jungkook sat at the foot of the bed, raising an eyebrow at you to let you know your question was stupid.
“We all tell each other everything, Y/N. Why, are you embarrassed?” Jungkook asked, tickling the exposed skin of your legs, causing you to thrash on the bed in laughter.
“Ah, Kookie, stop!” You giggled, catching your breath when he stopped his assault on you. You pouted at him, giving him a halfhearted glare. He hardly seemed affected.
“It’s wrong to keep someone waiting, Y/N. I asked if you had fun.” Jungkook asked you once more, his eyes darkening. You knew it would only get you in more trouble if you stalled or disobeyed, so you nodded stiffy. “I liked it…”
Jungkook smiled and tilted his head. “It’s that easy, isn’t it? I asked Jiminie if he returned the favor and he said no… I thought that was so rude of him. Why don’t I show you how it feels, hm? You want that, bunny?” jungkook asked you, looming over your body and clouding you in his scent. You sighed in pre emptive pleasure.
“Yes, Kookie… I wanna feel, too.” You told him, pouting your lips so he’d give you a kiss. He did, swiftly leaning down to cover your mouth with his own, immediately getting passionate with you. Jungkook lavished you in attention, kissing your lips before moving onto your neck, licking at your scent gland. Your hands grabbed his hair, still staying mindful of his ears even despite being so overcome with lust.
You could feel slick running down your thighs, knowing immediately that not only your underwear was soaked, but most likely your shorts as well. If the way Jungkook was frantically sniffing the air was anything to go by, you guessed you were right.
He dug his hands into the waistband of your shorts and panties, pulling both of them off your legs swiftly before laying down in between your legs. He groaned out loud, sucking dark patches into the skin of your thighs that were bound to stay there for at least a couple of days.
“You smell so good, bunny. You’re soaked. Can you feel that? You even got your cute little tail wet, and we’ve barely done anything.” Jungkook teased you. You arched your back at his words, entirely too far gone to feel any embarrassment for what he was saying.
“Kookie,” You keened. Jungkook didn’t bother teasing you, knowing exactly what you needed- and he was perfectly intent on giving it to you. He started by tapping his pointer finger on your clit, enjoying the way your hips bobbed up and down at the hint of stimulation.
“So fucking cute.” Jungkook moaned, mostly to himself. He licked a stripe up your cunt, causing you to gasp out loud at the foreign sensation. He smirked at you from your mound. “You like that, baby?” Jungkook asked you, and you nodded fervently with a hand over your mouth. Usually Jungkook would scold you, but he had a feeling the barrier you put up would hardly make a difference in the noises he was determined to make you make.
Jungkook removed his finger from your clit in favor for dipping into your hole, gathering up some of the juices you’d produced and slathering them over your pussy. It was messy, and god it was hot.
The hybrid then lowered his mouth onto you, sucking your clit into his mouth and flicking it with his tongue, using his hand to hold your hips down. He could feel you jerking against him, hear you crying out for more. He groaned onto your cunt, and the vibrations had you seeing stars.
You spread your legs as wide as you physically could, offering up as much as your pussy to him, wanting the most pleasure he could give you. He grabbed your free hand and put it atop of his head, where it immediately anchored in on his dark locks as you grinded your cunt into his face as much as you could.
“Mh, Kookie, Oh my-,” You whimpered out, hardly coherent enough to make an entire sentence. Your entire mind was on Jungkook and what he was doing to you.
“That’s it. Say my name, bunny.” Jungkook growled against your pussy, immediately putting his mouth back on you. He snuck a hand up under his body and teased his finger against your tight hole, sticking it in and immediately pumping against your special spot. Your back arched against him, hands almost painfully tight in his hair. It only spurred Jungkook on further, and he wanted nothing more than for you to come from his mouth.
He stuck another finger in alone with the first one, giving hard, precise thrusts inside your hot, tight cavern.
“Kookie, I’m gonna-” You whined out, tears of pleasure escaping your eyes and running down your face, making you look entirely angelic to the man before you. He took his mouth away only to speak to you for a second before diving back in.
“Cream on my face, baby.” He told you, giving harsh sucks and licks to your clit. It took you no time to obey his command, back arching painfully as you gave into the pleasure he’d been giving you. It was so intense you swore you couldn’t hear anything for a couple seconds, not even your own screams. Jungkook continued his assault on your pussy until he was shaking, pulling away his fingers and mouth before crawling up the bed to lay next to you.
“How was it, baby?” Jungkook asked you, face glistening with your arousal. You were still breathing deeply, trying to recover. “Really good.” You assured him, rolling over and burying your face into his neck.
“I’ll let you calm down for a bit, but the minute you’re feeling okay again you’re gonna hop on my cock like a good bunny should.” Jungkook whispered into your ear, igniting the fire in your belly that had only just gone away.
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jincherie · 2 years ago
tentacledipity | three
Tumblr media
➛pairing: jimin x reader ➛genre: alien au, space au, soulmate au, wanted au, smut (coming) ➛rating: sfw ➛words: 11.1k ➛warnings: none really jimothy snaps later on ➛notes:  wow this took a while but I’m back tentacle fuckers! this one is double the size of the usual update so i hope it makes up for how long it took me a little bit. From the looks of the poll this will probably be the series I focus on first! 
also; I will add links at a later date! pls enjoy & lmk what u think!
This tale starts, as any good fiction does, with a girl crash landing on a foreign planet. And, like any good fiction, it follows a theme of serendipitous happening, and tentacles. Behold, serendipity and tentacles— or dare we call it…. tentacledipity.
— posted; 17.03.2019 //  ↞ prev. || three || next ↠
Tumblr media
Not for the first time in your stay on this planet, you found yourself once more overcome with awe at the sheer beauty of your surroundings.
Today was a day you’d been looking forward to ever since Seokjin had asked you if you’d like to tag along three days ago—today you finally ventured past the tall, looming obsidian walls that guarded the edge of the palace’s property. You were going into town! The fabled city that nestled below the incline upon which the palace sat, with markets, stalls, parks, and all the other good things you’d heard of from Namjoon and the other humans but hadn’t had the pleasure of experiencing yet. You were beyond excited, quite literally bouncing down the path beside Seokjin. Contrary to what you might have expected, the male was surprisingly unbothered by your sudden hyperactivity. In fact, you suspected from the slight bounce in his step that he was barely restraining himself from skipping down the path with you.
“Where are we going first?” you couldn’t help yourself from asking Seokjin, not for the first time. Your arms were swinging and you felt a bit like a child but were too excited to really care.
Seokjin snorted as your hastened pace caused you to trip on a dark plum-coloured branch that had fallen onto the black stone path and blended in. His arm shot out with ease and stopped you from face-planting, a sheepish laugh tumbling from your throat in response.
“Well, I have a list of supplies I am to fetch. Normally a task like this would be assigned to someone in a lesser position, but since the event is so important it has fallen onto me. Additionally, it occurred to me that you hadn’t seen the town yet and might enjoy the opportunity to venture past the palace walls.”
“Aw, Seokjinnie~” you cooed immediately, your first instinct always to give in to your playful whims. You paused your skipping to latch onto the kelkie’s arm dramatically, nearly tripping again in the process. Was it your shoes? Or were you just incredibly uncoordinated today? “How kind of you, I can always trust you to take care of me!”
Seokjin let out a loud laugh at that, allowing you to cling for a moment before he peeled you off. “I know, I’m far too generous and considerate. Combined with my incredible good looks, it is a wonder I do not have suitors lining up for miles.”
You joined him in his laughter, bracing yourself on his arm. You didn’t bother adding to that since it was already funny enough as is, and in the following comfortable silence the male’s words from earlier caught up to you.
“Wait,” you turned to face the tall male, watching as his raven hair rustled in the breeze and patches of sunlight lit his skin in a golden glow. His dark eyes swept to meet yours, the light colouring them deep chocolate. You were thankful the walk so far had been one that was mostly under the cover of the foliage because you didn’t fancy the idea of being fried alive beneath the full force of the sun’s rays. “You’re going shopping for things for an event? An important event? What’s happening?”
Seokjin seemed surprised at your question. “You don’t know?” he queried, “Jimin didn’t tell you anything?”
At the mention of the male your heart simultaneously skipped a beat and dropped slightly. A surprising mix of a reaction, but one that occurred mostly because you hadn’t actually seen the male much at all since your last encounter in the gardens. Apart from glimpses caught in hallways or through windows, he proved to be as elusive as always. Something that tickled your competitive side about as much as it disappointed you. You just wanted to see the prospective alien love of your life, damn it.
“I haven’t really seen Jimin in a while…” you said, unaware of how your face was betraying your current state of perturb. Seokjin’s keen eyes caught every shift in your features, his lips pursing in concern and curiosity at the sudden drop in your mood. He waited a few moments to see if you were going to continue before he spoke.
“You are… a little hard to read,” he noted, bringing your gaze from the ground to his face. “What are you thinking, cheeky human?”
You frowned, considering whether it was worth telling Seokjin. A part of you wanted to keep your mouth shut, simply because you felt a bit like a fool thanks to your current train of thought, but the rest of you wanted desperately to let it all out and to talk to someone. You didn’t do well with bottling things up, and your philosophy was always more along the lines of the more communication the better anyway, so you ultimately decided you may as well spill your thoughts to the curious alien walking alongside you. Besides, he knew Jimin—perhaps he could offer some important insight.
You mulled over how to word what was running through your mind for a few moments before giving up and just attempting to go for it. “I… I just can’t help but wonder… You know, he seems busy, and I don’t see him much, but sometimes it’s like…”
Pausing to order your thoughts a little more, Seokjin waited patiently for you to continue. You sighed, deciding to bite the bullet, “It’s not me, is it? Is he really avoiding me? Does he hate me that much? I know I’m a little unbearable but still… that shit hurted.”
If Seokjin was perplexed at some of your speech habits he didn’t show it, instead gazing at you with a look that was somehow thoughtful and sympathetic despite the trickle of amusement you caught glimmering behind his eyes.
“I think,” he began, turning his gaze forward as he sorted his thoughts and the two of you continued down the path; you glimpsed something just beyond the trees as you waited for him to continue. “I think… you are something he hasn’t ever encountered before. I have not ever seen anyone interact with him the way you do, so I think that if he is avoiding you… it is because he is flustered.”
You felt your mouth drop slightly, forming a tiny ‘o’ shape. Seokjin continued, returning his gaze to yours; the warmth in his eyes helped to soothe the slight aches troubling your heart a little. “But besides that, the celebration that is coming—it is… incredibly important, probably the biggest one in over twenty sweeps—sorry, years. So it could also be that he is just busy. Jimin and I have received the biggest portion of work for this, since we are the King’s closest and most trusted advisors.”
Nodding, you took a moment to process all that. What he said made sense, and to his credit… actually served to mollify your worries a little. You felt a smile beginning to tug your lips once more, already over the brief stormy spell in your mood. Wow, Seokjin was a really good counsellor. No wonder he was one of the King’s best advisors, as he so often proclaimed.
“Thanks, Seokjin,” you said sincerely, offering him a bright grin. He returned it and you allowed a moment before the curve to your lips turned sly. “Anyway… back to the important topic at hand… just what is this celebration that’s so big and important that the King’s right- and left-hand men are working so hard to organise it?”
Seokjin mirrored your look, and you knew in that instant that this shit-stirring bastard wasn’t going to spill a single drop to you. He cooed instead of an answer, reaching to ruffle your hair.
“You can wait and find out with the rest of the population,” he snickered at the petulant look on your face. “Don’t think you get any special privileges just because you are awfully endearing for a human.”
Accepting that you weren’t going to get any more out of him regarding the mysterious celebration, you instead latched onto the other part of the sentence. You batted your lashes, giving him a shit-stirring grin. “You think I’m endearing?”
Seokjin let out a loud groan, distracting you as you rounded a harsh bend in the path. “I should have known when they told me you were like me that they weren’t kidding,” he lamented, pinching the bridge of his nose and shaking his head dramatically. “I am sorry y/n, but this planet only has enough room for one Seokjin. I am going to have to dispose of you… imposter.”
You laughed loudly at that, playful banter one of the things that truly sustains you. You opened your mouth to shoot back an equally riveting response when your attention was suddenly captured by the sight in front of you. Your mouth dropped open, eyes shooting wide. You missed Seokjin’s smug look at your current awestruck state.
You’d finally reached the town, and it was… beautiful.
Streams trickled alongside the path on either side, clear and crystalline and glimmering turquoise as they flowed between the edge of what you presumed to be a large, two-story homes built from smooth marble-like stone and the obsidian path. The road was a bit more worn as you entered the town, but still made for stunning visuals when paired with everything else. The area you were currently in appeared to be more of a residential one, the path leading to a large circular area in the middle of the section that branched off in main pathways in each direction. From those pathways more would split; short, curved stone that bridged the path to the front door of the homes over the stream, which acted as a moat of sorts around each structure. In the middle of the circle was a small water feature that had gorgeous water flora floating along the bottom pool, glistening prettily as the droplets of moisture caught the light.
“You are so easily impressed,” Seokjin mused, bringing your attention back to the current moment. The two of you had halted on the path right at the entrance to the town where the foliage ended and the buildings began. “It is as though you have never seen a residential section… what does it look like, on Earth?”
“Ugly,” you answered immediately, snorting at the shocked look that flitted across the male’s features. “I mean… some areas were pretty, but those kinds of areas are the ones that only richer people could afford. Most of the population couldn’t afford it, so they lived in places that are… less well-kept and structured.”
Seokjin seemed appalled at that, wide eyes flitting from you to the scene around you. “You mean to say that not everyone in your cities gets the same opportunity for housing?”
You nodded regretfully, Seokjin’s jaw dropping. “Most people live in decent places, but a lot of people live in housing that doesn’t have the main necessities, like clean water, or in a house that is falling apart because it is old. It’s… not great. It is better than it used to be, but there are still a lot of people who live like that—at least, there was, last time I was there. A lot of people can’t afford homes too, so they live on the street. Homeless.”
“That is preposterous!” Seokjin exclaimed, eyes alight with fury at the injustice present on your home planet—oh, if only he knew the half of it. “Everyone deserves the right to live in security! Does your ruler, your government not help them? Do they just leave them to suffer?”
You scratched the back of your neck. “I mean, a lot of people try and fix things but… humans have a long history of shitty actions and behaviours that is hard to undo. I mean, it’s part of why the environment and nature is so shot to hell. Humans ruined it.”
The male seemed to pick up how sad you were about that fact in particular, as he stepped forward and looped your arm with his.
“I do not understand the rest of your species,” he said decisively, beginning to move the two of you further into the town. “But I am glad that it was you who happened to come crashing down into our orchards. I think we have been lucky in only getting to meet the best humans.”
You let out a laugh at that, swinging your arms cheerfully. “True! And dude, even I don’t understand humans. It’s impossible.”
That brought a hearty chuckle from the male, and the two of you delved into another conversation as he led you further into the city and pointed everything out to you as you moved by it.
As the morning passed and you spent it following Seokjin around as he went to gather everything he had on the sneaky list he never let you fully glimpse, you began to grow familiar with the market portion of the town. Stalls upon stalls set up for trade, bigger boutiques and kiosks nestled into small buildings that provided shelter from the sweltering sun. While you moved through the slight crowd and cheerful chatter that filled the air, many things caught your eye, and Seokjin actually ended up purchasing a dress for you—not because you asked him to, but because he saw it and proclaimed quite loudly that it would suit you so well it was “practically made for you”. The vendor was a sweet elderly kelkie with what looked to be a tattoo curling up her neck and peeking over the edge of her jaw. When she caught you looking at it she smiled in amusement, but her attention was quickly taken by an elder male that sidled up to her with a fond look, running his hand across her shoulder and speaking to her in the native tongue you still had no idea how to understand. To your complete and utter curiosity, you noted that he had a matching tattoo in the exact same place in the exact same style. You knew better than to ask or comment on it, but couldn’t help but think to yourself how sweet that was. Ah, love. Marvellous to behold, truly.
You tailed after Seokjin like an awestruck little duckling, having to grasp the end of his shirt so you didn’t get lost. Despite how many stores and stalls he visited, the pile in his arms wasn’t that big. You supposed a lot of the things he had gone for were things that would need to be ordered and delivered to the palace for the mystery celebration. It was really burning you alive, not knowing what was going on, but you supposed that if even the people inhabiting the town by the palace didn’t know then you could bear to wait a little longer. It wasn’t like you were that left out of the loop.
As Seokjin neared the end of his list, you found yourself more than a little saddened that your trip was soon to come to an end. This was the first time you’d really been out of the palace and in all honesty, you thought you were in love with the town and the sweet townspeople who shot you bright smiles despite the fact you were very obviously not even from their planet. You knew as soon as you returned to your room in the palace that you were going to feel a sense of loss and emptiness. Now that you’ve tasted freedom, could you go back to what you had before? That sounded a bit dramatic, but all you meant was would you be able to resist the urge to sneak out every so often?
The answer was a very obvious no, and while you didn’t care that you were sneaking out you were a little regretful in advance for the scoldings you were going to get. Inevitable, you supposed. Couldn’t be helped.
A few of the stalls you’d passed had piqued your interest a little, but none so much that you had the urge to stop Seokjin and investigate. You were very much aware this was more of a sight-seeing trip than anything—hell, you didn’t even have any of whatever currency the Kelkie used. Actually, you take that back a little. You’d found out today that a lot of stalls aren’t that strict on the currency. Many will settle for a trade. The thing is, you didn’t think you had anything of worth to trade. Sad times in the y/n kingdom, it seemed.
Things changed when you began on your way out of the market area though, as you turned with Seokjin and caught sight of something glimmering in your peripheral. You halted on the spot, head whipping and a loud gasp tearing from your lips. Was that… jewellery? Seokjin, who had halted when you did, seemed amused that the thing that had finally caught your attention after a morning of wandering was sparkly metals and jewels.
You’d planned on just staring at the door to the boutique, and jumped when Seokjin spoke, his voice closer than you’d anticipated.
“You want to go have a look?” he queried, grinning when you turned to him with wide eyes shining hopefully. “Alright, let us go.”
You couldn’t stop the grin from spreading across your face, eager to follow the tall male into the boutique and keep up the duckling act from earlier. The outside was a sleek mix of black, navy and white marble-like stone, a sign of similar material placed by the door and engraved, with the letters painted pretty silver to stand out against the inky colour of the backing. You couldn’t read it, of course, but were happy to go and investigate nonetheless. Discoveries were more exciting when you had less clues as to what they were!
A soft tinkle rang above you as the two of you entered, the inside of the store painted a smooth, deep teal colour on some walls and stark pearl on others. There were rows of jewellery along the walls and on the short aisles in the middle of the room, but some of them looks peculiarly shaped and you weren’t sure what they were for… until you glanced one in particular with a barbell-like sculpt and realised belatedly that this was both a jewellery and piercing boutique. Your surprise must have shown on your face because Seokjin ended up laughing softly from beside you.
You were startled from your keen observations of the pretty jewels by a low voice from deeper into the store. Jumping in fright, your gaze whipped up; further towards the back there was a counter, more jewellery displayed on shelves beneath, and a tall Kelkie male who possessed broad shoulders, deep golden skin and a cheery smile. He was speaking in the language native to Kilkhea, if the familiar clicks and rolling sounds were anything to go by, and his gaze was flicking between you and Seokjin. He seemed pleased to see the advisor, marks across his cheeks and arms flushed calm blue.
To your surprise, in your curious observation of his features you found he had a number of piercings. Two jewels embedded in the skin under the outer edge of each eye, large, thick silvery hoops in his ears and a piercing just below the plump flesh of his bottom lip, the metal supporting a thin charm that dangled prettily against his chin as he talked.
The conversation went right over your head as Seokjin let out a laugh and responded in kind, patting your shoulder as he said something that was no doubt about you.
You let your gaze wonder as they conversed, brought back to the present when Seokjin suddenly addressed you.
“y/n, this is Hyunwoo,” Seokjin said, smiling big. “He is the town’s main jeweller and responsible for clan piercings.”
The male said something suddenly, a teasing lilt to his voice, and the Kelkie beside you snorted. “He says to call him Shownu since that is what everyone calls him anyway.”
The male nodded, satisfied, and you couldn’t help the soft laugh that escaped you. “It’s nice to meet you, Shownu! I’m y/n.”
Seokjin translated for you, and Shownu nodded at you once more with a smile. The raven-haired male beside you turned to face you in question.
“Does your clan participate in piercings?” he queried, tilting his head. “Do humans do something similar to this? You seemed like you recognised some of these…”
“Yeah, humans do it,” you affirmed, allowing your gaze to sweep over the contents of the shop before returning to Seokjin. “But I’m not sure what you mean… my clan? Do you mean my family?”
The male nodded, taking initiative to fill you in further at the sight of your confused expression. “It is tradition here for some clans—some families—to get a certain set of jewelleries and piercings on their twenty-fourth birthday. Shownu was the one who did mine— my clan does not have many interesting ones, save for the, uh… ears, and here…”
You weren’t sure what you had expected him to show you, but it certainly hadn’t been his tongue. He slipped it past his lips, and you nearly fell over in shock as you registered the sight of the pearlescent metal sitting in the middle of the flushed muscle. What the hell—had that been there the whole time?! And you didn’t even know?!
He returned his tongue back to its place, letting out a loud laugh at your shaken expression. “It was funny to show the other humans that too,” he admitted, incredibly amused. “For some reason, you never expect it.”
“It’s probably because you don’t look like the type of person who would get it back on Earth,” you said, grinning. “We don’t really get them to continue tradition, a lot of people get them just because they want them or think they’re pretty.”
Seokjin nodded, “Ah, that is true of some people here too. Do you have any, y/n?”
You nodded, pulling your hair back to show him the rings and studs in your ears. “I always wanted to get ones in other places, but I was a little scared… plus I never got the time to get them on earth, and I’m not about to look for reputable piercers in the back rooms of interspace stations.”
The Kelkie snorted at that, peering curiously at your ears and nodding in approval at what he observed. Shownu’s eyes seemed to light up as he caught sight of your bejewelled ears, beckoning you closer so he could have a look. You moved over without complaint, leaning so he could inspect the metal and jewels easier. You could hear him muttering to himself every so often, fingers softly prodding and nudging as his marked shifted shades of blue.
“Understandable,” Seokjin said, amusement curling in his tone. “But if you wanted them… why not get one here? There are many arrays to choose from.”
You fixed him with a pondering look, chewing your lip. “Would that even be okay?” you asked, worried about overstepping your bounds as a foreigner—as an alien on this planet. “Aren’t they important to you and other kelkie?”
Seokjin shrugged. “They are a rite of passage, but they are not especially meaningful aside from that. Often, they are just a marker of adulthood, and which clan you belong to. Still, some Kelkie pierce as they like. You’re human, so you are not really bound to any of our traditions. I think if you chose something, the clan that possesses that piercing would probably feel honoured you chose it.”
You hummed, mulling that over. His words soothed your worries somewhat, and as you turned your gaze over the jewels and pieces before you, your mind filtered back to the one you’d noticed earlier. The barbell, commonly used for navel piercings… something in your gut urged you towards that, and as someone that more often than not followed her instincts above all else, you were inclined to choose it.
“Do you… are there any, for here?” you queried, lifting your shirt and pointing above your bellybutton. Seokjin tilted his head, something curious yet unreadable curling in his gaze. Shownu grinned, shifting in excitement as he moved to grab a box from the top shelf behind him, bringing it back before you. Opening it, you were exposed to a soft cushion displaying a number of beautiful, intricate barbells with charms and jewels. You couldn’t help your gasp.
“Your…?” Seokjin said something in his mother tongue that you had no idea how to interpret but hazarded a guess as to what he meant. “Are you going to get it? We have time.”
“We call it a bellybutton,” you informed him, and he nodded in understanding with the slightest bit of perplexment, possibly at the name itself. Excitement began to curl within you at the possibility of finally getting to do this after hoping for it all your teen years, but you came crashing back to the present as you remembered part of why you hadn’t done it before.
“Ah, but I don’t have any money,” you said, taking a step from the counter and shooting Shownu an apologetic look. “I’m sorry, I can’t believe I forgot.”
Shownu shook his head, giving you a kind smile. Seokjin said something to him, receiving a rapid response and a smile. He turned back to you grinning brightly.
“He says that he is happy to trade in the stead of currency.”
You could feel you face lit up, before you realised your predicament in that sense as well. You sighed, “I don’t have anything to—wait!”
Your sudden exclamation had both males straightening, looking on curiously. You reached under the material of your shirt, with a little difficulty thanks to the high neckline, and fished around until you found what you were looking for and unclasped the two chains that found their way into your grasp. Shownu’s eyes lit up as you pulled the necklaces from your shirt, both gold and decorated with a different jewelled charm each. They weren’t really anything special, just things you’d once gotten from a prospective suitor and thought were pretty enough to keep.
The Kelkie chattered excitedly as he took them into his hold, waving his free hand at Seokjin as he inspected them eagerly. You wondered if he was so interested because almost all of the jewellery Kelkie had was of variations of silvery metal.
“He says this is more than enough for just the piercing—is there anything else you want while we’re here?” Seokjin translated, seeming proud of you in the way you presumed a mother would be of a child who was making their first purchase.
Excited, you let your gaze wander and your mind run. Was there anything you wanted in particular? You didn’t really feel any extra need for jewellery now that you were getting one in your navel, but you didn’t want to waste the opportunity…
Your pondering came to an abrupt end when you caught sight of something to the side, something that almost seemed to glow in a bid to catch your attention. You gasped softly, moving over to inspect it closer.
It was a necklace, the chain consisting of thickly woven silver links, intertwined with a molten-grey metal you didn’t think you’d seen yet. The silver was almost pearlescent, resembling mother of pearl more than it did actual silver from your home planet, but was firm beneath your touch. The thick chain was connected by a single large hoop of a slightly cooler silver, which was engraved lightly with patterns and swirls. It was stunning, magnetising, and upon looking at it, it immediately reminded you of a certain someone.
“Wow,” you said, unable to stop your words from flowing. “This would look beautiful on Jimin…”
Ignoring Seokjin’s look of surprise, you turned to Shownu and gestured sheepishly. You expected this to be out of the price range for the trade, but figured you may as well ask. “Would this be too much…?”
Snapping out of his stupor with a strange glint in his eye and an amused curl to his tone, Seokjin relayed your question to the jeweller. Shownu instantly shook his head, offering you a smile. You weren’t sure of the answer he gave you until the Kelkie by you translated once again.
“No, he says that meets it perfectly.”
Shownu hurried to come and grab it for you, holding it gingerly as he came to place it into a small, cushioned case made of a stone that, oddly-enough, reminded you of some sort of jade. Surprised that everything was coming together so easily for you, you couldn’t stop the big dumb grin from tugging your lips.
“You know, with a gift like that, one might get the wrong idea,” Seokjin was teasing you, you knew it, but still you couldn’t help but rise to the bait.
“What wrong idea? I’m clearly trying to woo him!” you shot back, your response eliciting a cackle from the tall Kelkie. Shownu spared the two of you a fond smile as he finished tucking away the necklace, pushing it towards you in its closed case and saying something to Seokjin.
The male brightened, turning to you with a grin as you took the case into your hold, relishing the comforting weight. “Well, that will have to wait for now, cheeky human. You have a… a belly… bellybottom to pierce.”
You burst into laughter at Seokjin’s slip up, hastily going to correct him as Shownu led the two of you to a room towards the back that you hadn’t even noticed until then. The male’s cheeks heated but he took the embarrassment graciously, laughing with you as you continued snorting and prepared for the piercing.
You definitely weren’t letting go of that one any time soon.
x    x     x     x     x     x     x
 As you’d expected, your return to the palace had brought on a certain sense of emptiness after experiencing what was beyond the walls. It had been a few days now, and although you wanted to get out you hadn’t really wanted to venture into town without an escort when you had no money and couldn’t speak the language. So to settle somewhat, you’d slipped past poor Jongin and Jongdae again and snuck to a certain part of the gardens you’d discovered a while ago. You really ought to make them something for their troubles—you were sure their life was much more stress-free before you rocked up.
You liked this little spot; it was nestled in one of the corners of the garden that followed the wall by the back of the palace, not too far from the kitchens now that you actually thought about it. Perhaps that added to the charm. Even so, without taking its alluring closeness to a food source into consideration, the spot had its own charms. The corner itself consisted of thick hedges with deep blue leaves and stunning magenta and cream flowers, the obsidian wall that marked the end of palace property looming close behind it. The earth was soft and plush beneath your feet, soil rich and no doubt part of the reason the main tree that had grown there had grown to be so tall and thick in diameter. The wood was peculiar, in that it was incredibly supple yet completely sturdy at the same time, and it grew in curls and curves. This meant that it was an absolutely ideal tree for climbing, but you didn’t quite have the energy for that today. You were a bit bummed, and it wasn’t entirely because you missed the town.
You had a feeling Jimin was avoiding you again.
Well, either that or he was so ridiculously busy that he had no time for anything but sleeping eating and work. You’d been trying to track him and chase him down for days to give him the present you got for him at Shownu’s shop, but to his credit he was very hard to track. You pulled out all the stops you could think of and yet here you were, no closer to catching him and instead sulking about your failure beneath a tree as you laid sprawled across the ground. You probably looked as pathetic as you felt.
You let out a sigh, patting your stomach absent-mindedly and brushing your finger over the slight bump beneath the silky material of your shirt. You’d gotten the piercing expecting to get a lot of pain and limiting instructions afterwards, but to your complete and utter surprise it was quite the opposite. After piercing you, Shownu had cleansed the site with a teal-coloured liquid that shimmered green beneath the light. It stung for the barest of moments before every single sensation of pain disappeared completely. You felt the flesh tingle and watched, wide-eyed, as it appeared to heal before your eyes. Kelkie medicine was truly something else, and you were forever thankful that you’d crash landed on this planet of all possible planets.
Shownu had simply told you to be extra mindful of it for the next week but that after that, it would be completely fine. The mixture he used sped up the healing process almost entirely, something you could barely wrap your head around, and meant that you didn’t have to face a lot of the possible complications you knew could come with these sorts of things. You’d thanked him profusely, immensely pleased with how good the piercing looked, especially with the jewellery you’d chosen, and had made sure Seokjin told him how much you liked it and appreciated it. Seeing how pleased Shownu was at your words made Seokjin’s sassy eyerolls worth it.
 Back to the source of your current lamentation, you’d left the parlour with a new piercing and a pretty necklace in a jade giftbox—a necklace you had still been unable to give to the person it was meant for.
Another sigh escaped you, eyes staring absently into the foliage above. Ah, nothing like becoming one with nature and disassociating as you attempted to sort through your thoughts and feelings. A classic move in your emotional organisation repertoire.
You’d come here for solitude, but despite that… you were actually feeling a bit lonely. Was it possible to want to be alone and around people at the same time? Because you were feeling that. Perhaps it was the slightly bummed turn your thoughts had taken that had you feeling this way. You closed your eyes, trying to clear your mind and start again so you felt less crummy. You didn’t get very far before something interrupted your concentration and scared you shitless.
“Connecting to a higher power, are we?”
You yelped loudly, eyes flying open and body lurching away from the source of the noise— a snickering Min Yoongi of course. You glared at the offending male, tempted to roll away and turn your back to him like a child.
“And what if I am?” you ask snidely, crossing your arms. “Shouldn’t you leave—I thought they didn’t allow creatures of the night into holy places, you little gremlin.”
Yoongi cackled at that, thoroughly amused, and took the invitation you most definitely didn’t give to sit beside you, leaning back against the thick trunk of the tree. Still, despite what the pout on your face might have him believe, you shuffled over to give him more room. The two of you sat in comfortable, amicable silence as his chuckles gradually calmed down, soaking in the serenity that came with such a beautiful segment of nature like the one that surrounded you now.
“So,” he began after a while, voice low above you. You didn’t bother looking to meet his eyes, it would have been too much of a struggle with the angle you were at. “What’s got you all mopey, peach cheeks?”
You groaned, fighting the urge to smack the male as he snickered softly at your expense. Yoongi looked cool and chic at first glance, but really that was just a front and he was just a goblin. Pouty whiny baby. He was fun to tease but a little too good at teasing you back, if anyone asked you. Well… perhaps that was a bit of a fib. You liked the playful banter he provided, and the fact he gave it back as good as he got. Kept you on your toes, you know?
“My prospective alien boyfriend is avoiding me,” you said, amping up the exaggeration colouring your tone because you knew he’d appreciate the humour in it. He did, letting out a snort.
“What’s new?” he snipped, before letting out a yelp as you smacked him on the thigh closest to you. “Ow! Alright sorry I didn’t mean it. Why is he avoiding you?”
“I don’t knooooooooooow,” you moaned pitifully, thrashing your arms a little like a toddler. “I’m just trying to give him this damn present I got him but he keeps turning tail and running every time he sees me, and I don’t even know if his cheeks are red because he’s blushing or because he’s exhausted from running away from me.”
You risked a glance upwards, and to his credit, Yoongi looked like he was trying very hard to contain the laughter attempting to climb his throat.
“What did you get him?” he asked after schooling himself a little, seemingly unable to contain his curiosity. You huffed, averting your eyes as you mumbled your answer.
“… a necklace.”
As expected, Yoongi let out a snort; it was as though you could feel him rolling his eyes. “Geez, careful y/n, give him a gift like that and he might think you like him or something.”
You sent him your best deadpan look, contorting your neck just to pin him with it face-on. He seemed entirely too amused with himself and it kind of really made you want to smack him. You didn’t even need to respond—you were pretty sure that not only Jimin but probably half the palace knew that you liked him by now. You blanched mentally for a moment—you hadn’t really realised it until now, but somewhere along the line in your stay here you’d progressed from simply finding Jimin attractive and voicing it to actually… liking him. Like, like-liking him. Oh god, was this a crush? Your stomach fluttered at the mere mention of his name, your heart jumped whenever he looked your way—you’d even gone and bought him jewellery without so much as a second thought.
Oh, this…. You were whipped.
Choosing to ignore that startling revelation for a moment, you released your neck from its twisted position and returned to staring mournfully at the foliage above you.
“Not that it matters, anyway,” you couldn’t help the sigh that huffed past your lips. “I can’t even find him to give him the damn thing in the first place.”
At this, Yoongi was silent for a few moments—you took the opportunity to bask in the moment a bit, taking note of the different sounds of nature that filtered through the air to brush your ears. Soft chirps from the small, violet-feathered, birdlike creatures that nested in the nooks and niches hidden in the curling wood of the tree’s branches and trunk; the faint rustling of the leaves and the soft creak of the thick, winding limbs as they swayed with the breeze. The patches of sunlight that managed to reach your form beneath the canopy were warm as they soaked your skin, but thankfully not unbearably so in such small doses. You didn’t doubt that if you weren’t mostly under the shade you’d feel like an overcooked meal by now, though.
“Well…” The sound of the male’s slow drawl brought your attention back to the conversation at hand as he began to speak, “Who says you have to give it to him in person? You could always leave it somewhere for him.”
You huffed, crossing your arms over your chest. “That’s the coward’s way out,” you grumbled, crossing one leg over the other to match your arms. “How would he know it’s from me?”
Snorting at your apparent view on gift-giving and how it should be done, Yoongi leans over to peer at you, albeit upside down. “Uh, leave a note? I’m sorry, I forgot you lost most of your brain cells when you crashed here. I’ll try and be a little bit more considerate.”
Whining, you smacked him on the leg—apparently the response he was expecting since he burst into laughter as soon as you did it.
“Okay yeah, you’re not wrong about that, but it doesn’t change the fact that I can’t write or even read k-kelk—kelkoe? Whatever it is people speak here.”
You peered back in time to catch Yoongi’s nonchalant shrug. “Namjoon knows a little, why not just ask him to help?”
You opened your mouth to protest but the words died on your tongue as you allowed yourself to consider it for a moment. That… wasn’t such a bad idea, actually. Plus, Namjoon might tease you a little but at least he wouldn’t be a little gremlin about it like Yoongi or Taehyung.
“… Alright, perhaps that’s not a bad idea…” you admitted, begrudgingly. Yoongi’s featured brightened and you were witness to a sudden shit-eating, gummy grin.
“Admit it, I’m a genius,” he boasted, leaning over you to stare at you smugly. You groaned but couldn’t keep the laugh that followed from escaping.
“Never!” you refuted, reaching to smack his thigh once more. “Stay humble, if your head gets too big the few brain cells you have will get lost.”
Yoongi rolled his eyes, rubbing his thigh where you got him; it wasn’t a hard hit at all but you managed to get him in one of the areas where the sensation lingered a bit. “Oh, you’d know all about that, wouldn’t you?”
A retort already bubbling up your throat, you sat up so you could argue a bit better. Yoongi resembled a smug cat as the two of you bickered, unaware of the eyes that watched from beyond the shrubbery, boring into you from one of the palace rooms that peered over the gardens.
x     x     x     x     x
 Jimin shouldn’t be as angry as he was.
Really, he had no right. There was nothing tying him to you, or you to him—nothing that staked any sort of claim over you on his behalf. Based on this, even if he found you attractive, he should not have been feeling what he did, to the degree that he did.
Catching sight of you and one of the humans from the Queen’s crew, Yoongi, wasn’t something he had expected to spark a raging inferno of emotions within him. And yet, the second he glimpsed the scene in the far corner of the gardens, he’d been almost over-encumbered with too many feelings to name; yet one in particular was sure to rear its head and make itself known.
Jimin refused to accept that the sight of you with Yoongi had made him jealous.
Ridiculous, it was ridiculous. Ever since you’d arrived here everything had been out of whack for him—nothing had gone as it should, as it was expected, as it always had for years before your arrival. You were a threat to the knowledge he thought he had of his world and way of life—the knowledge he thought he had of himself. Jimin knew that in years past he had proven himself to be a Kelkie of exceptional control, yet the second you drew too close to him, the second your eyes met his or your alluring scent brushed his nose, he felt the limbs hidden in his back stirring to life and fighting to be free like he was some inexperienced fledgling. With your presence in the palace he was living on his toes, and the only way he’d managed to save face thus far was because he’d taken to doing his best to avoid you—something that while achieved its purpose had him feeling bittersweet. Despite the barest relief he felt, he actually found that he missed you. He couldn’t believe the audacity of his heart that it longed for you even after all the trouble you’d given him so far.
At first he had tried avoiding you simply to save himself from acting in an embarrassing manner, but lately it had been for a somewhat different reason. He could sense it lingering in the air that you moved through, could catch the new sweet undertone to your scent as it touched his senses—he didn’t know much about the human cycle apart from what the Queen had once told him, but he could tell—was acutely aware— that you were at the peak of yours. You had been close a few days ago, and he had no doubt that today you were at the height of your fertility; and he hated that he knew that, that he was so finely attuned to you in a way he never had been to anyone else. The pheromones you didn’t even seem to realise you were emitting permeated the air wherever you ventured, and shamefully even the sight of you through the window had a knot of longing forming in the pit of his abdomen. It was even more out of hand than usual with the state your body was in and he didn’t think he would last very long at all if stuck in the same room as you.
Which, incidentally, is exactly what he would be tonight.
The kitchen staff had thrown together a mock-up run of the dishes and foods that they were considering for the celebration coming, and Seokjin had insisted that everyone gather at once to try them—although he hadn’t gotten around to telling everyone yet. Jimin suspected that the male missed the nights where everyone would dine together, including the King and Queen. Knowing that, he hadn’t had the heart to refuse him, even when he realised this meant he would be stuck dining a few feet away from the human that had been troubling him so much lately.
Truly, he was at war with himself—he enjoyed your presence, more than expected, but he was also incredibly conflicted. He wasn’t against having fun and the odd passionate tryst, but with you… it felt like he longed for more than that. Which, frankly, alarmed him greatly—the only person he should be feeling that way towards is his Fated One. So, what would happen if he indulged himself in you and then in the next sweep received his Fate Mark and with it the person he was to spend the rest of his life with? Would he want them? Would he want you? The prospect of such a situation was absolutely terrifying to him, and he didn’t know how to sort through the mess of emotions and thoughts it spawned within him.
He didn’t know what to do with the way you made him feel, yet each time he saw you he grew a little weaker in his resistance to you. Why was it that the heavens had decided to curse him so?
His footsteps were a little heavier than usual as he stomped down the hall that housed his rooms, eager for a moment of reprieve before he had to start preparing himself mentally for dinner. It had been only this morning that he caught sight of you and Yoongi in the gardens, yet the mood it had thrown him into had persisted for the rest of the day as he did his duties. The ugly, icky feeling it incurred within him had clung to his insides ever since—Jimin never had liked the sensation of jealousy, the few times he’d experienced it in his life, and the same proved true now. He hated it, yet could not stop its presence at the thought of you with someone else. He shouldn’t be bothered—you were human, shouldn’t he be pleased at the prospect of you being with another human? Yet his heart clenched painfully in protest at the thought, stomach dropping. Against his better judgement, he didn’t like the idea at all.
He felt a momentary sensation of calm and relaxation wash over him as he stepped through the doorway into his room, shoulders releasing the tension they carried along the walk there. The sensation proved to be fleeting as he recalled suddenly that Yoongi would be at the dinner along with you and the other humans, and suddenly he was tense and stressed all over again. A large sigh huffed past his lips, eyes closing as he scrubbed a hand over his face and pushed his hair back a little. God, he kind of wanted to nap if only to escape the stress for a few moments.
Allowing his eyes to slide open, he surveyed the contents of his room, attempting to avoid the area with his bed lest he be tempted. Surprise filtered across his features as he caught sight of something amiss, something new that he certainly hadn’t left on his desk before leaving earlier. Curious and apprehensive all at once, he approached the soft green box with what appeared to be a note tucked neatly beneath it. Tentatively, he took the box into his hands, the stone cool to the touch and decently heavy, and retrieved the note. He was never sure whether to read or open things first, but this time he opted to inspect the paper.
He wasn’t sure what he had expected when he opened it, but it hadn’t been a note written in messy scrawl that looked like it belonged to a fledgling. It was in his language, but he had a suspicion that the person writing it wasn’t exactly familiar with it. Still, he read it, and with each word he took in he felt surprise tickle his ribs and his heart stutter excitedly. The person had forgotten to sign their name but even without it Jimin had a strong suspicion as to who had left him this gift.
Unable to stop himself from opening the box now that he knew it was indeed a gift for him, he placed the note down and took great care in lifting the lid. Inside, sitting neatly upon plush cushioning that worked well to contrast with the metal of the piece it held, was a necklace. He felt his lips part as he took it in, slightly mesmerised, fingers of his free hand brushing gently over the silver and black chain and the large hoop that connected it. Even without the knowledge that it was a gift, most likely from a certain someone, he instantly liked it. It was just his style, and the fact that they’d known…
He placed the box down, moving the hand over his heart as he felt it skip a beat once more. Once more, it seemed you were proving to be more trouble than he was capable of handling.
What on Kilkhea was he going to do?
x     x     x     x     x     x     x
 When Seokjin had told you that there would be a small feast of sorts tonight and that pretty much everyone you knew would be attending, you hadn’t bothered attempting to hide your excitement at all. It had everything you loved. Food? Check. Your friends? Check. A fun family atmosphere? Check. Food? Check, check. You were almost bouncing off the walls before Taehyung laughed at you for it and you had to track him down to teach him a lesson. Seokjin had said that the food being served was all trials for the celebration that was coming, and that meant that given your food was normally good quality, this food was likely to be god-tier. You were almost drooling you were so damn excited.
Your renewed energy at the knowledge you were going to be fed well tonight meant that you were a little bit more unbearable than usual as you hung around the other humans, and by the time dinner actually rolled around you were sure Hoseok was ready to actually lay hands on you and choke you out. It was a recent development, since he’d actually joined you in your hyperactivity initially. You’d ended up outlasting him with your energy though, something that Namjoon, Yoongi and Taehyung found incredibly hilarious, and as soon as he was no longer in on your shenanigans he seemed to grow tired of them very quickly. As you all entered the small dining room where you’d be eating tonight you saw him beeline for the seat furthest away from you and couldn’t help but laugh. Did he think that would stop you? He really didn’t give you enough credit.
To your delight, even the guards you’d become so friendly with—Jongdae and Jongin as you recalled—had been allowed to sit in. The look they’d shared when they caught sight of you almost had you in stitches—especially since they were still under orders from Jimin to be keeping an eye on you and you’d slipped out of their watch earlier in the morning to spend the rest of the day free.
“Aren’t you two meant to be watching her?” Joy asked, having arrived at the same time they did and bearing witness to the fact it was without you in tow. She was more amused than anything, knowing firsthand how crafty you were, but still the two of them sputtered for an excuse.
“She—she is just so slippery!” Jongin burst, eyes wide and marks flaring a sheepish peach. “Every time we think she will cooperate, we turn our backs for a single second and when we look back she is gone!”
“And she tricks us,” Jongdae’s voice came out in a whine, pointing his finger at you accusingly. You smiled at him. “She leaves sweets and treats to distract us and escapes in our moment of weakness.”
You couldn’t hide your big, shit-eating grin because honestly you found the whole thing really funny—despite the fact you felt a little bad for deceiving them—and were having a riot listening to them talk.
“They’re gifts,” you said, no effort at all put towards sounding even remotely convincing. “Sometimes you look hungry so I leave things for you to eat, like a good friend.”
The two guards sputtered and you could hear Taehyung choking on a laugh behind you, snickering to Namjoon. Joy rolled her eyes, an affectionate smile tugging her lips, before she stepped in and urged everyone to take a seat since the food would be coming soon.
It didn’t take you long to notice that Seokjin and Jimin hadn’t arrived yet—oh the shock of excitement that bolted through you when you realised you’d finally see him—but almost as soon as you took note of that there were two familiar figures entering through the double doors and Taehyung was cheering.
“Yes! Just in time for the food to arrive—hurry and sit down we’re all hungry!”
You laughed, Yoongi snickering softly from beside you. Taehyung seemed to be right; as soon as Jimin and Seokjin entered from one door the kitchen staff entered from the other. The two hurried and took their seats, Seokjin across from you and Jimin next to him. You tried not to stare, you really did, but he just looked so good and it had been so long since you’d seen him—you kind of wanted to sob at how attractive he was. He’d donned a deep, deep purple set of silken clothes today, and when combined with his raven hair, the dangly silver earrings hanging from his lobes, the chains around his wrists and the rings sitting firmly and contrasting against golden skin on his fingers… it was a knockout look. Unable to help it, your gaze strayed momentarily to his neck on a curious whim—you wished the spike of disappointment within you wasn’t quite as prominent as it was. He wasn’t wearing it… that was fine. You hadn’t expected him to, really. Perhaps he just hadn’t gone to his room yet—
No, it was better if you didn’t think too hard about it. It was out of your hands now, you’d done your part in leaving it for him. What he did with it… technically didn’t concern you. You ignored the slight throb your heart gave and turned to the plates being placed along the table.
As the food was served there was inevitable chatter that followed, and you were surprisingly caught up with laughing at Seokjin and Yoongi, and occasionally Jongin, who was unfortunate enough to be seated on your other side and kept getting startled into dropping his food whenever you moved too quickly. Had you really traumatised them so much with your fleeing escapades?
Your natural inclination was to look at Jimin for the duration of the dinner, and you did look at him a fair bit, but for some reason tonight felt… different. It didn’t take long for you to notice that he was sitting stiffly in his seat, entire body tense, and each chew was accented with a clenched jaw that honestly had your stupid heart skipping a beat. Fuck, he was even hotter than usual. The nerve? The audacity? Right here in front of your… what was that on your plate, it looked to be a salad of sorts…?
Despite how your gaze was naturally drawn to the raven-haired male, every time you glanced towards him your attention was quickly drawn away by Yoongi or one of the others. And the second you turned from him, you could have sworn you felt eyes boring into your form with alarming intensity.  You didn’t ever catch him, he was always looking back to his plate or at someone else when you turned back, but the butterflies in your stomach and your gut feeling told you that the stare belonged to him. The thought excited you, but you were also confused. His usual response to your presence was fluster and embarrassment, sometimes he was even a little grumpy. You didn’t know what changed, but something had, and you were eager to poke and prod and find out exactly what had caused his behaviour to shift ever so slightly.
You felt the stare intensify whenever you leant closer to Yoongi, or the guard beside you. The more you experimented throughout dinner, the tenser Jimin seemed to become. You caught Seokjin shooting him looks that seemed to be a combination of concerned, knowing and amused, but he never voiced his concern out loud. He cracked a few jokes that had Jimin’s lips twitching into a slight smile at several points throughout the meal, but his features consistently fell back into their tense default.
By the time the meal was over and people began cleaning dishes up and filtering out of the room, you were absolutely itching to pounce on Jimin and resume your usual antics of annoying and flustering the hell out of him. You hadn’t seen him in a while, so the urge had built up and you were keen to make up for lost time. A part of you protested softly, the same part that stung a little more at each little sign of rejection he seemed to display, but it was easily silenced
You had a feeling that Jimin was going to try and make a run for it, and your suspicions were confirmed when not even a minute after he helped stack the plates nearest him, he was standing from his chair and bowing slightly to the table.
“Thank you very much for the meal,” he directed this to the staff, offering those that had come over a soft smile. You cursed the small morsel of jealousy that wormed its way into existence at that. “I think this line-up will work well for the event. Perhaps one or two more fruit dishes? They seem to be a favourite.”
The staff nodded eagerly, taking in his advice, and he offered them another smile before he turned on his heel and uttered that he was going to retire for the night. You could see how tensed the muscles in his back were as he walked away, posture stiff and straight. By the time you realised he was about to get away and you launched from your seat, he was already moving through the doorway. You had to act fast!
“Thank you for the meal, it was delicious—as usual!” you burst, grinning widely. The kitchen staff, well-acquainted with you by now, rolled their eyes fondly at your next words. “I will give you a full written report of my thoughts and bring it later, thank you!”
With that you ruffled Jongin and Yoongi’s hair, and then you bolted from the table, only nearly tripping once. You could hear Seokjin cracking a joke at your expense as you left but for once, ignored it. It pained you to do so, but you had a bigger objective in mind right now.
Quicker on your feet than you anticipated, you zipped through the open doorway and burst into the darkened hallway just in time to catch sight of Jimin while he was still barely visible. The lights hadn’t turned on in this hall yet, and you made sure to watch a little where you were going so that you didn’t fall flat on your face in front of your apparent crush.
You were certain he heard you coming, but just in case he didn’t you decided to announce your presence very loudly. “Jimin! Wait up, peach cheeks!”
Visibility wasn’t great in the hallway, yet you still managed to catch it as the male stiffened and halted for a moment, apparently surprised. Perhaps he hadn’t heard you coming?
When the male turned to face you, you felt your heart stutter before skipping several beats and setting off a swarm of butterflies in your stomach. His jaw was clenched once more, muscles along his throat shifting as he turned his head, and his marks glowed deep rosy red—but what had your knees wobbling slightly as you ran up to him was his eyes, dark and molten and absolutely boring into you from where he stood. His tongue darted to wet his lips before he spoke, a motion you couldn’t help but trace with your eyes.
“Do you need something, pesky human?” he inquired without any real bite, and you hated that even a nickname as dumb as that had your heart leaping when paired with the velvet tone of his voice. God, you’d really starved in the days he hadn’t been around, huh.
“Absolutely,” you answered, face straight save for the twitch of your lips. “It’s something you can help me with, actually.”
Jimin tilted his head, lids lowering ever so slightly as he held your gaze. You nearly stuttered at the way it made your stomach dip. “Oh? And what is that?”
“I’m very desperately in need.” You stepped closer, just barely noticing him stiffen further. You felt your grin spread across your features, unable to contain it any longer as you leant forward, barely a foot from his face, and poked his side softly. You felt a little bit of shame at what you were about to say but pushed it away—go big or go home. “Very desperately in need of you, Mr Jimin.”
There was a beat of silence as the kelkie registered what you said, before shifted into a reaction. Except, it wasn’t anything like the pink-cheeked flustered reaction you expected.
You had barely a moment to catch the shift in his gaze, the smoulder of new fire behind his eyes, before he was stepping forward suddenly, his hands moving so fast you almost didn’t see where they went until you felt them grip your hips. A gasp escaped you as you were moved backwards quicker than you could keep up with and your back pressed to cool stone, Jimin’s front pressed against your own. Your heart leapt into action, thudding unevenly against your ribcage as you stared at him with wide, shell-shocked eyes. Fuck. Fuck what the fuck—
“You need me?” his voice was low and raspy yet still ran against your ears like rich velvet. Your stomach dipped, arousal lighting your veins on fire. His hands gripped your hips tightly, one shifting up to grasp your waist; you curved into him instinctively. “You shouldn’t say such things so carelessly.”
Your heart was racing and your mouth was open in shock—you had no idea how to even begin processing what was happening, but he didn’t wait for your mind to catch up. His fingers dug into your supple flesh enough that the slight ache melted into pleasure and had a whine building in your throat—a whine that shifted into a squeak as he pressed you further into the wall and rolled his hips against yours, sending molten desire shooting along your spine and throbbing at your core. Your pulse was out of control at this point, and you could barely catch sight of his features in the darkness.
His thumb brushed up, pressing into the flesh over your ribs through the shirt and nearing dangerously close to the underside of your breast; you felt your breath catch in your throat. It was as though your mind was filled with nothing but static and acute awareness of just how close he was, brain unable to track anything else.
“You shouldn’t push so hard, little human, I’m not sure you’d like the end result,” his voice grew lower, tone laced with such promise that it had a shiver rolling down your spine. He leant closer, full lips brushing your cheek before they moved to your ear. You felt something foreign brush against your leg, dragging up the side of your thigh before brushing the skin where your shirt had ridden up. You jerked at the slick sensation, a gasp tearing from your lips. Jimin’s voice returned, lips tickling your ear as he spoke and making your knees weak.
“You are not the only one that can play, petal.”
And then just like that he was gone, cool air greeting you in the absence of his touch, and your mind was left reeling in its attempts to catch up. Flabbergasted, with your cheeks unbearably hot and legs wobbly, you just barely caught it as he disappeared into the shadows down the hall, the darkness shifting oddly behind him. A heartbeat later and he was gone from sight completely, and you were alone in the hall with a racing heart and your skin still tingling from the remnants of his touch.
What. What…
What the fuck just happened?
Tumblr media
↞ prev. || three || next ↠
::[ please lmk what you think! & pls consider buying me a kofi if you’d like to support me in some way! <3 ]::
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hollyhomburg · 2 years ago
Reasons Wretched and Divine (Series Masterlist)
Tumblr media
Summary: You live on an isolated but sprawling farm with your abusive husband, but things start to change for the better when your husband adopts a retired police dog hybrid named Namjoon.
Pairing: Snake! Yoongi x golden retriever! Jimin x retired police dog! Namjoon x Reader  (ft. others including Bear! Taehyung, alpaca! seokjin, ????? Jungkook, and ????? Hoseok)
Warnings: Domestic abuse, implied sexual spousal abuse, hybrid abuse, PTSD, anxiety, panic attacks, night terrors, mute charterers, pregnancy, bullying, blood mention slight pregnancy kink, angst with a happy ending, slow-burn, Polyamory, 
A/N: This series will be updated sporadically, the first 2 chapters are more of a prequel to the rest of the series, and there is a 2-month time jump between the end of the second chapter and the beginning of 3rd! 
Arc 1: Namjoon
PART 1: Careful Fear and Feral Longing (4.6k)
PART 2: Perfectly Bitter And Sickly Sweet (5.3k)
PART 3: Lingering Wounds and Old hopes (5.9k)
Arc 2: Jimin 
PART 4: A Dandelion (7.6k) 
PART 5: The Silent Snake (13k)
PART 6: Out To Sea (10.6k) 
Arc 3:  Yoongi 
PART 7: “fuck- kiss me again- please”  (10.5k)
PART 8: “Go tell your lies to someone who will believe you” (20.3k) 
PART 9: “What if he doesn’t come back?” 
PART 10:  “I don't think I can make it on my own” 
PART 11: A Killer comes for tea 
The recipe for the soup the reader makes in part 5
What do Yoongi’s scales look like? 
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luxuria - pjm (m)
Tumblr media
pairing: jimin/reader
rating: nsfw (18+)
genre: smut, incubus!jimin au
words: 4k (almost)
sneak peek.: the first touch of him would poison your mind, and all you would crave was him. you would become weaved into his dangerous web. in the end, the bliss will lead to your demise. despite knowing all of these things, you were more than willing.
warnings: unprotected sex, multiple orgasms, possessiveness, dirty talk, creampie, slight degradation, so much filth
notes: i tried writing more detailed! this was my first time attempting to write like this. i hope you enjoy. this is a part of the member/reader series, intertwined.
The demon of dreams and desires was gazing at you from across the cabin. You can resist it, you know, but deep down a portion of you would regret it. The glass is fogging up from your hot breath on the windowsill. Your inner desire is pleading for you to turn and confront the creature.
Driven by primal compulsion, you finally comply.  
The first touch of him would poison your mind, and all you would crave was him. You would become weaved into his dangerous web. In the end, the bliss will lead to your demise.
Despite knowing all of these things, you were more than willing. 
The shadowy figure had itself cocooned into its bat-like wings. It made not a sound as it began to metamorphose into a more human form. The obsidian colored wings retracted, as did his horns.
You couldn't help but wonder how many times the creature had roamed the Earth, transforming before women's eyes into their personal fantasy? 
The figure stepped from the shadows, and the whale oil lamp lit by itself, illuminating the room.
The first thing you notice about him is his pillowy, kissable lips. His nose and jawline were sharp. He was no longer towering over you. Instead, he is now only slightly taller than you. You aren't as frightened as you know you should be. You've heard countless stories about what these creatures do to women.
Yet, only curiosity was eating you alive, not terror, not anxiety.
"I am not resting. So, why are you here, demon?" you cautiously ask.
"I was biding my time, lingering around until you had a wakeful night," he states. The demon seizes a seat on the edge of your mattress and motions for you to sit beside him. You could not risk angering the monster, so you do as your told, feet feeling as if they have anchors on them. You gingerly perch beside him on the petite bed but attempt to maintain at least a few inches of distance between the two of you. "Unlike many of my colleagues, I decided I would not appear in your dreams and steal energy from you."
A frown graces itself on your features.
What other purposes would there be to justify his presence? Demons only care for their own sinister aims... Subverting humanity into their darkness. Why had he not acted exactly as his acquaintances? Maybe it was a preference? Perhaps he liked the taste of fear? Rather than arriving in his preys mind and fooling them, he fancied showing up in his true form in their bedroom. Once his victims had experienced enough terror he then would consume their life source until they were nothing but a shriveled corpse.
His kind takes delight in bringing despair to mortals, thus you wouldn't be shocked if that was indeed the case.
As if he can hear your gruesome thoughts, the corners of his mouth quirk upwards. "I've watched over you for many nights. If I was to harm you, wouldn't you think I would have already done so?"
Warmth spreads across your cheeks and you bite your lip. If he had been observing you, what all had he seen? Had he seen you strip down and change into your night clothes? Had he seen you with your fingers beneath your panties, withering and trembling?
Although it is wrong, you cannot deny the fire that burns in your veins and creates stars in your stomach.
The demon reaches for your hand, cupping it tenderly. "The instant I feasted my eyes upon you, I knew I had to have my fingers tracing over your skin. Whether you realize it or not, you're the one who summoned me here from the beginning. Your body cried out to me and snagged my attention. I've never encountered someone with such potent energy."
You began to toy with the hem of your nightwear, unsure of how to respond. You noticed just then how short the gown was. Your sleek legs were on display for him to see. Short to the point that if you were to bend down far enough, your undergarments might accidentally become exposed. Your eyes slid down to your chest. The thin material had a dip in the front that allowed him to see pretty much everything.
You glimpse up at his face to catch his eyes sweeping over your figure, examining you. "I have come to make a deal with you," he declares.
The puzzle pieces began to fall together.  
He had mentioned your energy and how mighty it was. He was planning to siphon away at your energy until he had completely corrupted you.
The sound of your heartbeat surely could be heard from athwart the lands. You were ashamed and blushing at the wet spot that was developing in your panties.
You had no knowledge on what the rules of the contract he was speaking of were.
When not a peep leaves you, he fills the silence, explaining the deal.
"You will be free to live ordinarily, like any other female civilian. The only exception is that you will not be able to select a new lover or marry. The pact will bond you to me until the end of your days."
The words nearly pull a giggle from your throat. You? Living like any other female civilian?
This demon was clueless about the events from your past.
Your reputation would prevent you from attaining a decent man to marry, so it wasn't a concern of yours. Most members of the community already will threaten you daily, roaring out, "You are not welcome here! Leave, whore!"
All because you had refused to sleep with the village leader's son.
The bastard had run to his father, weeping. He had never experienced getting rejected up until that point. His father humiliated you, putting you on blast around the town.
The rumors no longer stung, like a ball hitting a barrier, the words bounced off of you.
What did pain you, though, was not being allowed to purchase food for yourself.
Many vendors would shun you. The village prostitute would most certainly not be allowed to buy from their establishments. You were told yes by a few but precisely the moment you went to pay for your items, they would increase the price. They knew you couldn't afford to pay that much, they were doing it to be cruel. Wave the food in front of the hungry girl's face and then snatch it away from her. 
There was a certain vender, by the name of Namjoon, that would sneak food to your doorstep.
He would leave it for you to find in the morning time.
One night you had caught him placing the basket of food down.
He wore a dark hood that night, trying to keep his head down low. You instantly invited him inside from the cold, asking what you could do to repay him. He refused to accept any payment from you. When asked why he was being so kind, the answer was unexpected. Namjoon was accused of being the child of a witch. His mother and he were shunned by his original village, forcing them to flee. Although Namjoon had done absolutely nothing wrong, it still impacted him. He grew up hunting his meals or stealing food from those who did not need it or deserve it.
He understood.
After that, you never spoke to him or even glanced his way, in fear that the village leader would find out and tarnish his reputation too. He had his own family to take care of, and they wouldn't be able to survive without Namjoon.
It was as rare as astatine for an incubus to select a single mortal to feed on. The creatures were known to jump from dream to dream, having a different partner every night. For him, you would only be a semi-permanent addition to his immortal life. His kind lived on and on, never aging. You, though, were human. Accepting his offer would mean being held in that situation for the entirety of your life.
You were petrified of growing hooked, frightened by the idea of craving his plague. With each bit of energy, he'd take from you, would he also be shaving months of your lifespan away?
Yet, you were eager.
The demon had spoken only the truth so far.
Being dismissed by everyone around you led to being insufferably lonely.
You had one question before you agreed. The answer would determine whether or not you would agree. "The humans that copulate with your kind, is it true they become enthralled with you creatures?"
He goes silent, considering the question. He releases your hand, resting his gently on his lap. "That's partly true. Not every mortal does, though," he frowns.  "There are many misconceptions about our species. One big misunderstanding is that we cause you to die sooner, which is not even in the slightest true. Not all of us just repeatedly take what we want, either. In fact, the majority of us ask."
His eyes meet yours and for some reason, you believe him.
"The curiosity is as plain as daylight on your features. Go ahead, continue your interrogation."
A tiny smile forms on your lips before you wipe it off of your face. Honestly, it was nice to even communicate with someone, something at this point.
"You mentioned my energy, so, I know why you selected me. Why do you want to form a contract with me for so long, do the others do that?"
The ache between your thighs is still there, but you can do nothing but ignore it. You're much too engrossed in learning new things about the creature and his kind. He gave a heavy, defeated sigh, "With each day that passes, the number of incubi forming agreements with humans only grows. As time has passed, we have evolved. As I said, many of us no longer want to jump into dreams and seduce mortals."
"This... movement, I suppose you could label it, began around the time I became a demon. I'm fairly new, to be honest. I've never jumped into someone's dream..." He trailed off, appearing lost in his own thoughts.
He cleared his throat, peering back at you.
"Each day, more of us switch to this way of feeding. It's growing harder and harder to find people who will accept us. We can easily go many nights without needing to eat, but it's been weeks since I've fed."
You internally wince at his use of the word 'feed'. He made himself sound like Dracula when he was really only absorbing energy from you. You couldn't help but feel upset for him, he must be ravenous.
There would be no going back.
You swallowed thickly before blurting out the words.
"I accept."
His brows furrow and he tilts his head to the side, "Are you certain? I assume you recognize completing the bond will require us to have intercourse."
The inner flames re-ignite, flickering and burning with passion. Something inside of you has been stirred, an emotion that hadn't been properly stimulated in many years. The lust you thought had retired was now back, more powerful than ever. The demon can seem to sense this, for his eyes swim with lust and his nostrils flare ever so slightly. The creature does not jump your bones, instead, he smiles softly. With that smile, you'd think he would be a saint.
"Is that a yes?"
His fingertips reach out, caressing your face like you're the most delicate object in existence. "W-Wait," you snag his wrist abruptly, "I have yet to find out your name, and I've just pledged my life to you." Your voice is quiet but in the still of the night, it sounds harsh.
"I go by Jimin. I suppose you will need it for the many nights we will spend together," he remarks. Before you can croak out your own name, he's ahead of you. "May I kiss you, Y/N?"
You don't bother to ask how he knows your name, you merely nod and allow him to press his lips to yours. You make a muffled, needy sound against his lips. Your hands tangle themselves into his dark hair, kissing him back vehemently. He automatically goes to work, tugging at each piece of soft, cotton nightwear until the top half of you is entirely bare.  He only breaks the kiss to help lift the material up and over your head and to give you a chance to catch your breath.
"Move upwards on the bed so I can see you properly, love."
You flush but do as he says, clambering up the bed and laying yourself down onto the pillows. He stands, shedding his shirt and his pants swiftly. He moseys his way up beside you. As he advances upwards, your eyes trail over his skin, admiring each bit of him. Your heart jumps in your chest when he shifts your thighs apart, appearing between them. With one smooth movement, he hooks his fingers into the sides of your panties and slides them off of you. That had been the last portion of your body that was shielded from him. Now, every inch of you was on display for him.
He lets out a satisfied groan at the sight of your soaked core. You felt suddenly shy and the urge to close your legs was strong. But he was right there, pressing them open. Your eyes darted everywhere but to him. There was no way in Hell you were ever going to be able to face him again. He seems to notice your sudden interest in the four walls around you, and he decides to call you out.
"Eyes on me."
You wanted to refuse him, but when he cooed at you so sweetly, you couldn't. You gasped at the sight of him, startled to notice the ebony hue in his orbs had been overtaken with red. His palms have smoothly glided down, very near your dripping lips. This part was entirely new to you, never had a ma-
Before you could finish the thought, his tongue was lapping at your glistening entrance. The first swipe of his tongue caused your thighs to jerk violently and a cry to leave your lips. He pinned your thighs as you squirmed, the sensation was too intense- You couldn't hold still-
Genuine excitement radiates off of him, you can tell by each passionate movement his tongue does against your folds. With nowhere else to grasp onto, your digits twist themselves into his dark locks.  It's almost as if he's competing in a tournament and to win every drop of you must be swept up by his mouth. His lips latch onto your clit and he moans when you accidentally tug at his hair. The vibrations from each of his groans has your whole body trembling.
Jimin detaches himself from you, crimson eyes twinkling in the dim light.
"You taste like Heaven, I could savor you for days," he rumbles. His thumb runs over your bundle of nerves unexpectedly, causing your hips to buck upwards. His thumb moves in leisure circles as he nips tenderly at your silky thighs. "I can't wait to fuck you, to make you beg for more, make you cry because the pleasure is too much for your little body to handle."
He growls deeply, his own words seemingly exciting him. He replaces the tips of his fingers back with his mouth. The hand totally disappears for a moment, but when it comes back, its a single digit entering you. A second one enters you and its barely a stretch. His fingers plunge deep within you, almost as if he's hunting for something.
He finds it, then, and begins to mercilessly rub the area.
"F-Fuck! P-Please!" you plead. The warmth inside of you is burning hotter and hotter by the second, something inside was threatening to snap. He departs from you, face slick with your fluids.
"Oh, angel, such wicked words are falling from your lips. Who would've envisioned such an innocent little thing like you to have such a filthy mouth?"
The fire that was burning inside of you the entire time had finally engulfed you. Your whole body tightens and then loosens like a free spring, all tension melting away. Even after you've come undone, he doesn't desist until you twitch and jerk away, too sensitive for him to continue his assault. You lift your head meekly, exhausted from the orgasm. He rises from his position with a smug grin, ostensibly pleased with himself. There was nothing more captivating than his red-rimmed eyes, disheveled hair, and his chin glossy and wet. It was apparent to you now what the tales were speaking of when they spoke of mortals becoming enthralled with demons. Those without a significant amount of self-control could undoubtedly become a victim to the creatures.
He shuffles near you and lifts your legs so they're on the outside of his thighs. His cock is alarmingly large and is now laying against your quivering heat. You were no innocent maiden, but never had you seen anything so impressive. "Don't worry, doll. I will keep in mind just how fragile you are," he hums in amusement.
He slides his thick erection between your lips, coating his cock with your arousal. Each pass of his cock over your clit evokes a hushed moan from you. He purposely teases you like this for several more moments, and you know precisely what his intentions are. He wants you to beg him. You seal your lips, not ready to give in to his silent demands so easily. "We can play this game for centuries, I am patient. Good girls who ask politely get rewarded nicely."
When you refuse to make even a peep, he resorts to attacking your breasts and neck. He sucks marks into your neck that you know will take days to fade and rolls your nipples underneath his fingers.
"Such a filthy slut, aren't you? Drenched over a demon's cock. I haven't even entered you yet and you're already bewitched by me," he chuckles darkly.
Your walls clench and unclench around nothing. Your core aches and weeps, ready to be filled. "P-Please, fuck me, put it in!" you whine. You couldn't take it any longer, not when he was saying such lewd words.
He lines himself up, the satisfied grin returning to his face.
Jimin then leans towards you and slowly, sloppily begins kissing you until the head of him is resting inside of you. You will yourself to relax, pressing down onto him until his cock is half-way swallowed by your greedy cunt. You expect pain, a tearing sensation, but none of the sorts come. It only feels moderately uncomfortable. It's almost pleasant, in a way, to be stretched so wide and to have him brushing lightly against your sides.
He carefully gathers you in his arms and rocks his hips gently, gliding in inch by inch. You wrap your arms around his neck and you hear him mumble something in which you cannot comprehend. At last, he is seated fully within you.
"You feel divine, angel."
Once, twice, three times, you experimentally swivel your hips. Once it was clear you were comfortable enough to continue, he takes the opportunity to start moving. He gradually retreats, pulling almost entirely out before diving back in. The initial few thrusts are slow, but they steadily become faster. He picks up the pace until he is pounding into you at an almost inhuman speed.
"J-Jimin..." You mewl his name brokenly. You're unsure of what you're trying to convey to him. After all, you're a little less than lucid right now, and all that you can think of is the demon and his cock that was spearing into you repeatedly.
"Yes, doll?" He hisses. His forehead is minorly wrinkled, concentration evident on his features. You can't bring yourself to speak again, too mesmerized by his beauty and caught up in each delicious thrust. He tuts and his mouth twists into a familiar sinister smirk. "The monster has corrupted you, hasn't he? Haven't I?" He taunts.
You can only nod deliriously, too overcome with numbing pleasure. At this rate, you were convinced you would shatter. It occurred to you then that if he desired, he indeed could easily rip you to shreds. You're too lost in the ecstasy to care.
"No other man, mortal, demon, whatever, will be able to give you this much pleasure. You'll never want anyone else. Even if you fuck another and it’s amazing,  it won't be the same. It won’t hold a candle to the way I take you, hm? Just think, every time you go to rub your pretty little cunt, your thoughts will be consumed with me. Don't think I didn't see those few times, angel."
White hot bliss and minor embarrassment surge through you. He had caught you. Instead of feeling ashamed, you throw your head back and arch from the mattress, whimpering brokenly. He dips his fingers between your thighs and his fingertips begin stroking briskly over your clit.
"J-Jimin! F-Faster!"
"Not even going to say please? And again? So soon?" He coos the words at you mockingly, a wicked smile on his face. He complies nonetheless, massaging his fingers faster and faster over your clit. Jimin tries to sound stable, but you can tell by the minor shakiness in his voice that he too is close. Another give away was the speed in which he was drilling into you. Each drive now almost knocks the oxygen out of you. They are longer, firmer strokes; you're stuffed full of him. The best part was the head of his cock, it kept grinding against your g-spot.
So, so close.
A rush of pleasure consumes him and he fills you warmly, a loud grunt leaving his lips. His fingers falter, and the build that had been rising rapidly inside of you was now waning. He fucks you through it the best he can, hips stuttering. He plants wet kisses against the side of your neck, trailing up and down. You can't help but feel a little dissatisfie-
"O-Oh!" is all you can manage, voice shifting into a high-pitched whine. His fingers pinch your clit and you gasp loudly at the sudden stimulation.
"Don't worry, I'm not going to leave you hanging, angel."
After those few words, he speaks in, what you assume is, another language. Much like earlier, you couldn't make out what he was saying. This time was different, it sounded like he was reciting a poem... Saying a chant.
"Come for me, come on my cock like a good little slut," Jimin purrs.
Your eyes screwed shut and the wave of your climax crashes over your body. Your cunt twitches and spasms around his cock as you wail out his name. He doesn't let up, making sure you milk his half-hard cock for all of its worth. 
Your body quivers in overstimulation. Each circle of your clit making you shake. You jerk away but he holds you firmly in place. You almost think another orgasm is about to begin building but he stops.
"You did so well, angel," he praises. 
The corners of your mouth begin to turn upwards, but when he pulls his cock out of you it turns into a grimace. The demon notices your reaction and chuckles softly. "Hold every drop of cum within, we will not properly be bonded if you don't retain it."
He adjusts himself to where he lies beside you. Without thinking you snuggle against his side and let out a massive yawn. You suddenly remember he is a demon, he is supposed to be entirely cruel. Yet, he lifts one hand to your hair and strokes your hair gently. He was anything but a monster.
"Sleep, dear."
There was no way you could deny his command, even if you wanted to.
Although you feel drained, you also feel more alive than ever.
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guksthighs · 3 years ago
A Fateful Encounter || pjm
Tumblr media
Excerpt: "Do you believe in soulmates?" His voice was quieter than before and he could no longer look you in the eye.
Genre: fluff, soulmates au
Length: 1k
A/N: i havent written jimin in so long and like he is the cutest bean wOW. 
also this anon is a new fav like giving me such a cute au wow i bless whe ground your feet stand on you actual beauty !!!
Tumblr media
"It's a shame we're not soulmates," Jimin glared at Taehyung, slapping his friend on the shoulder with a laugh that warned him not to use any more of Jin's dodgy pickup lines on the fans, especially you because you weren't just any fan. He knew you - well, not you specifically but your soul.
Every night Jimin would dream of his past lives. It wasn't normal for most people to remember their previous forms but he was a descendant of a priestess leaving him with a stronger link to his more spiritual side. Although Taehyung often pointed out that although most people were jealous of Jimin's memory of his soul mate, in reality, he would be stuck pining for one person who may never even turn up.
Jimin knew he had a soulmate because of his dreams where memories from his past lives would be relieved from the comfort of his bed; a girl in rags that had captured his heart with a smile, a nurse who had saved his life and now it seemed he had found you again - or you had found him.
As you moved on to sit in front of Jimin, his heart raced as he looked into your eyes, ones that had never changed and waited for a look of recognition, but instead, he was met with a warm smile, with a slightly bored look in your eyes.
He signed your album in silence, giving you a hollow smile as he tried to understand why you had not recognised him and why you looked so uninterested. Why would you not be smiling and blushing like all the other fans if you came all this way to see them?
"Chim Chim?" Taehyung broke off his chain of thought with a wide smile, keeping up a happy front to not worry the fans and yet Jimin could see the worry in his eyes and slightly creased brow showing that he could sense something was off.
But with a smile, Jimin calmed his friend down and as they continued to laugh with fans, Jimin couldn't tear his eyes from your back. He knew he shouldn't be staring and thinking so much about you and all the past lives you had spent together in each other's company.
Jimin watched as you handed the signed album to your friend, shaking your head whilst laughing and then you had turned around and locked eyes with him again. It made sense, you had got the album signed for a fan who had been too shy to do it himself and that was why you looked so unamused. Questions popped up in his head as he inspected the boy next to you, hugging the album to his chest, were you dating?
Your eyes held his gaze, and Jimin wondered if you couldn't feel it; the sparks that flew when your hands had brushed and the electricity that seemed to crackle in the air as you held his gaze; he felt close to tears with frustration when you looked away a bemused smile on your face.
Yoongi had watched Jimin's shoulders hunch and following the younger's gaze, he leant over and whispered, "that's the one?" Jimin's head whipped around, his eyes widened as he nodded, his brain finally understanding that he had found the girl of his dreams, and you had no idea of the history you both shared, "go get her." Yoongi smiled, but Jimin looked confused, furrowing his brow in confusion, "say it's a service for a lucky fan, take her backstage and talk. You've got this Minnie."
Jimin was far from having anything under control, as he paced back and forth in the room backstage, "Hello?" your voice was nervous, the door creaking open slowly and he froze as your head appeared, large eyes blinking slowly as you realised it was just Jimin.
Instantly you began to back away aware it wasn't what you had been told it was, but Jimin finally moved into action, his arms reaching out in front of him as if to grasp you, "Please wait and listen to me! There's something I need to talk to you about." He knew it sounded cryptic and in a way, he was counting on you being curious enough to stay and listen to his explanation, and you did.
"Don't worry I won't tell anyone Taehyung flirted with me," you smirked, convinced you knew why you had been called to talk privately.  But Jimin's smile at your guess showed you guessed wrong, and sitting down in the corner of the sofa, you pulled your legs to your chest, waiting to be given an explanation.
"About that-" he seemed to be struggling to find the right words and finally he sat down, "Do you believe in soulmates?" His voice was quieter than before and he could no longer look you in the eye. His gaze was focused on his hands that fiddled with the laces of his shoes, and looking away you muttered a yes, so small you wondered if he had missed it. But the way Jimin sat up, his eyes finding yours again as he reached forward before pulling back and biting his lip, "Not to scare you, but I'm your soulmate."
You frowned and he tilted his head when you let out a small laugh, but you stopped when you realised he wasn't joining in, Jimin was telling the truth. Your brow creased, biting your lip as you looked at the boy in front of you as you whispered, "you?"
"I know I sound mad but I couldn't let you go this time," Jimin didn't break your gaze and you could see the sincerity in his statement and slowly you reached forward, why? You were unsure yourself but something magic felt like it was drawing you towards his porcelain skin, and as you fingertips brushed his, you jerked back in surprise.
"I remember everything, Jimin."
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