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Brand New Eyes (m)
Tumblr media
"True love doesn't need proof. The eyes told what heart felt." - Toba Beta
➺ Pairing: Jimin x Female Reader
➺ Trope: Idol!AU, Established Relationship
➺ Genre: Smut
➺ Rating: +18
➺ Word Count: 1.8k
➺ Summary: Jimin's eyes had potential to ruin you, and tonight you test the damage.
➺ Warnings: Jimin's eyes???, oral (female receiving), unprotected sex, tame stuff!
➺ Author's Note: I had a dream and I wish I'd never woken up. This is for @thebtswritersclub's monthly prompt, and I speed wrote this because I like the network and didn't want to be kicked out. Thank you to resident Paramore fangirl @taegularities for this title! Unbetaed as fuck, and my Christmas fic will come out in Feb because Santa changed the dates. Please let me know what you think!!
ɴᴀᴠɪɢᴀᴛɪᴏɴ | ᴍᴀꜱᴛᴇʀʟɪꜱᴛ
Tumblr media
On stage Jimin, a man of many, many looks.
The suave and chic look.
The ‘I-will-baby-so-hard-you-will-abandon-your-own-little-one’ look.
And the look.
You know the look.
The one that sends a bubbly, cute song down seven levels of hell.
The one that makes you feel like you’re the only one in the room, forgetting the crowds jostling you around in the concert hall.
The same one that haunts you for days after witnessing, imprinted on the back of your eyelids intent on never letting your panties be dry again.
Yeah, the look.
But three months into dating, many days and nights together, you’ve never had the pleasure of viewing the look. Sure, if you watch him on stage, his eyes do his damned thing. But in private? Zilch. He is the perfect midpoint between a cutie and a gentleman, no matter how much you poked and prodded. But tonight, your body’s desire for thrill comes out and you attack the question head on.
“Don’t do that.”
Jimin’s eyes are wide, the light of the solitary lamp reflecting in his pearly gaze, his arms completely surrendering under your hold. You tighten your straddle on his hips, and drop your head to get closer to his bewildered face.
“Do what?” He gasps, his innocent smile turning into an even more cherubic grin, “I’m not even doing anything.”
“Nope,” you bend further to catch his lips in yours, pressing on for a brief moment until you feel him tremble, “you look like the posterboy of virtue, and I know you’re anything but that.”
The giggle Jimin lets out is, once again, so very cute. He laughs with his whole body, threatening to topple you over, but you hold on, steadfast in your refusal to give in to this act.
“Whatever did I do,” he titters, lifting his torso up to place a soft kiss on your nose, “to make you doubt me like this?”
“Uhh, excuse me? You’re telling me you never looked in the mirror while performing? Haven’t seen a single photo of yourself on stage? You and your predator eyes.” You can already tell you caught his bluff, because the rosy tint on the apples of his cheeks become more evident, and the grin telling of his acknowledgement.
“It’s just a performance you know,” he pauses to snort, “and predator eyes are a bit too much don’t you think?”
You vigorously shake your head. “Predator eyes, it’s what they are. And I want them, now.”
Jimin is startled by your demand, but his arousal is evident. At this proximity, you find his eyes are overcast, the light shading of his ires almost entirely absent, contrasting his cherry-like visage. He shakes his head with a simper of disbelief, but then acqueises, “Fine, I’ll try, but you’re exaggerating the effect,” he completes with a playful look. Something tells you he's begging for a challenge, and something tells you you're going to give it to him.
“Try me.”
Jimin flashes you an embarrassed but compliant smile, eyes shining bright before they shut to reboot. You stay on top, but let go of his wrists and balance your palms beside his head, your tucked feet jiggling in anticipation.
Jimin’s eyes stay shut. Instead, his hands make their move. With a smooth descent, his arms leave their arrested position, comfortably finding their place around your waist. And you can feel the minute difference in touch; even his fingertips have a distinct aura in this juncture. You still in movement, awakening all your senses to feel his hands wander over your skin, but eyes trained on his face, waiting for the reveal.
And when his hand crosses your hip to grab your ass, he opens his eyes.
Not fully, though. Just enough, where you can see his pupils peeking under his slit gaze, until he pushes his chin up to fully check you out.
Exaggerating, like hell.
Did he just transplant new eyes in the ten second break he took? Did a demonic entity take control of him, and turn his whole being diabolic? Is he the one emanating the infernal atmosphere, or have you been taken over by the sin that runs around your brain?
He ever-so-slightly cocks his head to the right, his eyebrow shooting up by a nanometre and his smirk growing at a deathly slow rate. Every twitch in his body is calculated and microscopic, as if to show how much he has, and enhancing how much control you’ve lost.
Have you closed your mouth yet? Have you blinked even once? Have you breathed? There is severe demand for oxygen in your brain but your body isn't capable of the supply right now. With bumbling motor skills, your hands slip, making you land on your elbows, your nose sliding right beside his.
And at this distance, it is even worse. Why does he smell so good? Where did the fruity tones of his perfume go? It's like your brain is filling the gaps of your failing senses, his arresting eyes driving you to the brink of insanity, prodding you to take the leap and jump into the pool of madness.
You gulp, but your dry mouth has nothing to swallow. "Yeah… I wasn't wrong…"
Jimin's demeanor changes from dangerous, to cocky, his lips spreading to add to his smug attitude. You can't move your eyes away from him, not even when the back of his finger comes to trace your jawline. You whimper at this bare minimum touch, feeling your insides tighten, until he places that finger on top of your trembling lips.
"Hmmn?" He pinches your lower lip to tug at it, letting his digit feel your waterline, playing with the flesh, clearly enjoying your tongue-tied disposition.
After seconds that feel like hours pass, he snaps your lip back to you, and finally looks up, the danger in his piercing gaze not waning in the slightest.
“You know… this look only works—”
Jimin’s words are just being unscrambled in your giddy mind, when in one fell swoop, he overturns you, switching positions with exceptional ease—
“—when I’m on top.”
And it is as if the Lord himself came down to light up to your pussy, a hellfire raging underneath that is in desperate need of some hosing down. You moan out in mirth, locking your legs around his sinewy waist, but by the time your moan could end, Jimin locks lips with you, a kiss so new, and so blazing, you can’t bring yourself to open your eyes lest the heat burn your vision.
Jimin’s fingers wrap around your nape, digging into your skin as he pushes you into his kiss, and you claw down his back with the same relentless pressure. Your mind feels numb, losing sensation of everything other than the man on you.
As if on a mission, Jimin slides down your jaw, leaving marks of his presence every crossing inch of skin, and you pathetically mewl in response. Never have you been this passive, this submissive to his actions – but today, Jimin is a new breed.
The guy is a connoisseur, a true artist. Sex to him is like music or dance, with varying styles and genres, different beats and different grooves; Jimin today is playing a whole new beat in his mind, and his body pursues that beat with dedication. Somehow, he also plays you to that very beat, you dancing a dance purely following his cue.
“And you th–oh, Go–thought hiding this was—” you break to internalize that erupting moan, the devilish flicks of his tongue depleting your vocabulary with every swipe, “was okay?”
The realization that his fingers are inside you comes late, because his crackly, oversexed voice says, “This, hasn’t even begun.”
It’s safe to say not a lot of words after this point registered, because Jimin’s feral tonguing brought you to orgasm at an embarrassing speed. Unlike earlier, Jimin’s teeth let their presence be known, leaving the insides of your thighs tingling with anticipation for their next touch.
In the still of the night, you can hear Jimin smacking his lips, savoring every dew drop you released at his beckoning. You flail out your noodly arms in desperation, earning a look of inhuman delight before he mounts you again, lodging himself in the nook of your neck.
“You look so spent baby,” his sly face crosses you as he switches sides, blemishing the other side of your neck, “this is why I didn’t—”
Where you found the energy or will to pull him off you, you can’t guess. But when your fingers tug at his locks and bring him up, you know you aren’t done provoking him.
“I–” pushing him back onto you, you press a long, hard, searing kiss, breaking it to slip in your final words, “–am not done with you. And you better not be done with me.”
Jimin gives you a big smile, bright teeth that have beamed radiance and warmth, now look positively sinister.
“Let me take you hard,” he brings himself low, your earlobes fluttering at the filth his voice brings, “I’ll bring you to behave, as much as I hate it.”
With frictionless moves, his able arms flip you over, having you on your stomach. Like magic, a pillow is placed under your hip, and without much time to adjust, Jimin pushes in from behind, drawing deep, throaty groans from both of you. The air is lit with lust, your each move working wonders on stoking the fire that is spreading in your belly.
“Fuck! You anim–unghh!” You can barely speak back, the vigor at which Jimin rides your ass breaking your brain piece by piece. The big high is creeping around the corner, itching to come on and unleash its cataclysm onto you – and it happens, the moment Jimin’s hand wedges under you, finding your parted lips and rubbing your clit, and you can feel his touch unknotting the tension, letting your body fall into the bottomless pit of your intense orgasm.
Jimin’s body flops over you once he finishes, your body suddenly cognizant of the heat the friction brought. He lands on the bedding with a thud, heaving breaths still the only noise to be heard in your room.
After a short interval, you open your eyes, squinting to let your pupils adjust – and you see Jimin staring right back at you. The eye-contact jarrs you for a second, and then your dying hormones reignite. Jimin is looking at your every reaction, a mischievous smirk plastered on his luscious lips. He raises a brow, as if in question, and you give an aroused sigh, wondering if unleashing his look was a boon or a curse.
“You’re doing it again, you menace” you whisper, unable to break eye-contact.
Like the cheeky bastard he’s turned out to be, he pulls you towards him, parking his lips a fraction of an inch away from yours. His digits slip inside your cunt again, toying with the mixture of wetness you hold, your legs bucking under the sudden intrusion.
“From now on, I’m never stopping.”
And he did just that.
Tumblr media
Thank you for making it to the end! For more of my writing, find my masterlist here. As always, thoughts and feedbacks are greatly appreciated!
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
❄ pairing: neighbor!jimin x f. reader
❄ genre: childhood friends to strangers to lovers, angst, smut [18+]
❄ wc: 15.5k (idk how that happened)
❄ summary: Golden neighbor extraordinaire, Park Jimin, is (unintentionally) stealing your spotlight this holiday season. Despite your one sided rivalry with him, all Jimin wants is for you to remember him, to remember your past and hopefully create a future with you.
❄ warnings: cursing, Jimin calls you doll (a lot!), the reader is jealous of jimin, one-sided rivalry, jimin and oc were childhood friends (somewhat) but she’s forgotten about him, meddling from oc’s mom, neglectful parents (Jimin’s), making out, marking (hickeys, biting, scratching, hair pulling, hand job, oral sex (f. receiving), fingering (f. receiving), slight overstimulation, unprotected sex, creampie, cum play
❄ date: December 24, 2021
Tumblr media
“Oh, sorry sweetheart. Jimin’s here and we need to get going,” your mother interrupts you mid-sentence on the phone. You can hear some rustling and your younger sister, Ana, squealing as she shouts Jimin’s name.
“We’re going to pick up a Christmas tree tonight. You’ll be here in the evening?” Your mom is somewhat distracted as she asks Ana to grab her purse off the coffee table.
“Yes, mom. I’ll see you then. Hug Ana for me,” you say before your mom asks Jimin to get your sister in the car for her.
“Bye!” Jimin shouts as Ana giggles in the background, screaming her goodbyes before your mom tells you she loves you and will see you tomorrow. The line goes dead and you huff, staring at the black screen of your phone.
Another phone call interrupted by your mother’s golden neighbor, Jimin. Apparently, Jimin had moved nearly six months ago to his parent’s home after they decided to move across the country when they retired. Jimin hadn’t wanted them to sell his childhood home and ended up moving in.
You genuinely don’t remember him, but your mother swears the two of you spent every summer together when he was home from boarding school. You’ll take her word for it. However, you weren’t sure how you’d get along with him now that he was taking the spotlight. Your little sister loved him to bits, and he would babysit whenever your mother needed him to. He helped your mother with any maintenance the house needed, mowed the yard, and even cleaned out the rain gutters. It was no secret that your mother adored him, often mentioning him whenever your single relationship status somehow weaved itself into your biweekly phone calls. Your mother often bragged about Jimin and his job and even mentioned he was single and would make a good match for you.
You grimace, why did you need to be set up anyway?
Regardless, you were ready to be home for the holidays. You hadn’t told your mother yet, but you were moving back home in January when your new job started. Your apartment would be ready just after the new year and you couldn’t wait to be closer to your mother and Ana. You missed them so much, living hours away from them made your heartache and the loneliness just seeped into you harder and faster the longer you were away.
Moving back home seemed like the best option, besides, it meant you’d be near your friends again as well as your family. It seemed like moving would be the best thing for you and you couldn’t contain your excitement.
Tumblr media
A grateful smile appears on your lips when you finally pull into your mom’s driveway, setting the car to park before unbuckling your seatbelt. Sighing, you take a moment to yourself to let the excitement and nervousness settle.
Minutes later, you’re getting out of the car with your small duffel bag slung over your shoulder, figuring you’ll grab your bigger luggage later.
“Mom!” you call out once you step inside the home. Barking greets you as your sister’s golden retriever rushes to you, tail wagging and tongue flopping as she spots you. “Ella!”
Ana comes running after Ella, as you kick the door shut before kneeling to pet Ella as she licks your face, making you grimace slightly.
“Oof!” you groan when your nine-year-old sister tackles you in a hug. “Hello to you too, Na.”
“I missed you!” Ana squeals as she hugs you tighter with Ella squeezed in between. After some wrestling, you finally manage to untangle both of them before setting your bag off to the side and stepping further into the house.
Ana is immediately talking your ear off, rattling on about her day at school, the last before winter vacation. She tells you about her gift exchange and how she got a bag full of candy and a stuffed llama with a little red scarf. Ella wags her tail as she walks beside the both of you, your sister calling for your mom as you walk into the living room.
Your mother grins when she sees you, her hands filled with tangled Christmas lights but that’s not what has you freezing, nearly gasping for air. No, it’s the man beside your mother with the long black hair and the white highlights, and the dashing smile that has your heart pounding a million miles a minute in your chest. Your eyes widen, and you’re unable to look away from him. How was he so beautiful?
The man giggles, cheeks dusted pink as he realizes you’re staring at him longer than appropriate but he remains silent at your mother’s side. Your mother smiles, looking at Ana, who giggles in return. Setting you up may be easier than the two of you thought if this was your response to seeing Jimin.
“Hi, honey! Why don’t you come introduce yourself to Jimin?” Your mother steps to the side and you’re able to gain some of your composure.
“Hello,” you say, clearing your throat at the sudden rush of awkwardness you’re feeling. You tell him your name but he cuts you off with a smirk.
“Oh, there’s no need for that. I remember you very well, doll.” Jimin winks (actually winks!) before he’s turning to your mother to take the lights from her. She thanks him, free to walk over to you and pull you into a hug.
Why does that sound so familiar?
Your mother pinches your cheeks and goes on and on about how beautiful you’ve gotten and asks if you’ve been eating well and sleeping enough. You manage to hold a conversation with her, sitting on the couch with Ella at your feet while Jimin and Ana untangle the Christmas lights.
You can’t help the jealousy that bubbles in you when he makes your little sister laugh. You don’t want her to like him more than you, especially since you haven’t been around much and Jimin’s been taking your spot it seems.
Jimin catches you staring at him, it’s more of a glare but he can’t understand why. Before he moved away for good, the two of you got on well enough. Sure, he’d only been home a few weeks every summer but the two of you spent almost every day together, you even shared your first kiss on the last summer he was home.
Jimin leans into Ana, whispering, “I don’t think your sister likes me very much.”
Ana looks over at you, waving before turning to whisper back at Jimin. “She's just like that, Min. Don’t let her scary face fool you, she’s nice.”
Jimin chuckles, rising to his feet to start wrapping the lights around the tree while your mother asks what you’d like for dinner. You answer her, eyes glued to Jimin and the way his shirt rises when he loops the lights on the highest branch. You nearly salivate.
“Why don’t you help Jimin and Ana with the tree and I’ll start on dinner?” Your mother leaves no room for argument, shoving you off the couch and toward your sister and her angel neighbor.
Jimin’s friendly smile does nothing but flusters you, avoiding his gaze as you grab some tinsel while your sister runs to her room to grab the handmade ornaments she’d made at school.
“You don’t talk much, do you?” Jimin queries as he steps back to allow you to wrap the tinsel around the lower branches, careful not to trip over the navy blue and gold tree skirt.
“No, not with strangers,” you say sharper than you’d meant to but your tone doesn’t deter Jimin, it makes him giggle.
“You were quite the chatterbox, doll. You’d always talk my ear off when we’d go down to the pond at the park,” Jimin shrugs but he’s not too phased that you can’t remember him. After all, it’s been well over ten years since you’d last seen him.
“I don’t remember,” you respond before Ana comes barreling through with two ornaments, one in each hand.
“Look what we made at school! This one has our family picture from last summer and then I begged Mrs. Sanchez to let me make an ornament with Jimin on it and look, don’t we look cute, Sissy?” Ana’s excitement is tangible as she shoves the gift-shaped ornament in your face where Jimin’s face greets you beside your sister’s.
“Cute,” you chirp, accidentally meeting Jimin’s eyes. He smiles, winks, and turns his attention to the Christmas stockings. You’re not surprised when he hangs one with his name on it beside yours on the mantle.
“Where do you want to put this one?” Jimin asks Ana, hand reaching out for the ornament.
“Hmm, I want them next to each other. Near the top, Jimin?” Ana quirks her head, admiring the lights and tinsel on the tree and despite both of those on, the tree still looks rather bare. You suppose the large totes stuffed with ornaments that litter the living room floor will take care of that.
“Wherever you want them, Na,” Jimin moves over to let Ana through, giving her a lift when she can’t reach the branches she wants for the ornaments.
“Perfect! Thanks, Jimin!” Ana scurries away, leaving you alone with Jimin once again. He hums a Christmas song to himself and you hide the pout that threatens to show. It used to be you who would help Ana put up her school ornaments, not him. She hadn’t even bothered to ask you, was Jimin your replacement? You didn’t like the sick feeling that bubbles in your stomach, you knew better than to be jealous but when you’d lived so far away for so long and Jimin fit perfectly into your family, you couldn’t help it.
In silence, you finish up the decorations and Jimin plays Christmas music halfway through to pave over any awkwardness, although there’s none on his side. He hopes you’ll be able to loosen up a bit while you’re here; he doesn’t want to impose on your visit but he quite likes being with your family, his home is so empty and cold, the idea of spending the holidays alone sends him into a near panic.
Jimin bites his lip, his thoughts whirling in his head. He’ll do his best to stay out of your way this visit in hopes of being able to spend time with your family that he adores. Sure, he has friends around but most were out of town already and his aunt and uncle had flown to the other side of the world, not wanting another snowy Christmas. So, Jimin was going to do the best he could to stay right here.
“Mom!” Jimin calls for your mother and your eyes nearly pop out of your head.
Mom? He was calling your mother, mom?
Your hands curl into tight fists, the harsh pain of your nails digging into the palms of your hands does little to calm you down. You shut your eyes, turning away from Jimin to breathe in and out slowly until your temper simmers out enough.
“Yes?” your mother appears, her smile dimming when she notices the tight smile on your lips.
Jimin doesn’t notice as he holds out the star to your mother. “I thought you’d like to put the star on the tree.”
“Oh! Thank you, Minie! Aren’t you the sweetest?” Your mother exclaims, taking the star from him and grabbing Ana on her way to the tree. Together they place the star on the top, Ana’s laughter filling the room as Ella hops around their feet, wanting to be part of the joy.
Jimin can’t seem to take his eyes off you, and he notices the way you seem to close in on yourself. He wonders if you feel left out. He’d never intend for that to happen, especially with your own family. Maybe he should go home and let you spend time with your mom and sister? Perhaps that would keep you from glaring at him every time he offers you a smile?
“Mom, I think I should head home and let you all enjoy dinner,” Jimin says easily enough but Ana immediately pouts. Her eyes glisten with unshed tears but your mother speaks up before the tears can escape.
“Nonsense, you’ll join us for dinner,” your mom is firm with her words and you recognize her no-nonsense tone. Jimin nods, offering to set the table with Ana following right after him.
Once you’re alone with your mother, you plop on the couch, offering your hand to Ella for a few lazy pets.
“You know, he can tell you’re not very fond of him,” your mother whispers. You freeze, looking up at her as she crosses her arms over her chest. You don’t get a chance to respond before she’s continuing.
“He’s not replacing you, sweetheart. He could never. You’re my baby and I love you with all my heart. But you could be nicer to him. The two of you used to be attached at the hip until his parents… well, it doesn’t matter. He’s here now and he’s such an amazing guy to get to know. He reminds me of your friend, Jungkook.”
“Mom,” you whine.
“Nope! You will be nice,” your mother raises a brow. “It’s the holidays and I will not have a Grinch in my home. Besides, this might be the last year Ana believes in Santa and I’d like it to be memorable, okay? So please, for me and Ana?”
You huff, arms crossed over your chest and eyes rolling to the back of your skull. You mutter a few curses under your breath, which earns you a stern glare from your mother before you reluctantly agree to be amicable with Jimin.
It’s not like he’d done anything since you’d met him, other than stealing the spotlight, helping Ana with her ornaments, and perching his personalized Christmas stocking beside yours on the mantle.
You scoff, you could be nice as long as he kept to himself and stopped trying to steal your spotlight away.
Tumblr media
Okay, maybe you could hate him a little.
Dinner was usually a normal event. Your mom sat at the head of the table, you on her right and Ana across from you. However, you were sitting in front of Jimin and had to endure seeing his stupid (obscenely gorgeous) face for the duration.
For the most part, you listen to your mother, Jimin, and Ana talk about their day while you push your food around your plate. You’re paying attention to the conversation but there’s no real place you can chime in, despite Jimin and your mother’s best efforts.
“At least you’ll have a few weeks rest from the drop-off and pick-up line,” your mother tells Jimin, who nods.
“It’s not so bad,” he shrugs. “I don’t mind taking Ana to and from school.”
“You take Ana to school?” you ask, looking Jimin in the eyes before turning to your mother.
“I’ve picked up more hours at work. I leave before Ana’s up and get home after her school day ends,” your mother explains, and you wonder why she hadn’t mentioned it before on the phone. Had she been having a hard time financially? Or was extra work demanded of her? You would be sure to help out once you announced your move.
Swallowing thickly, you muster up a fake smile, but it doesn’t fool Jimin. “Thanks for helping out my mom.”
Jimin nods, beaming with joy as he says it’s no big deal. You hum in response, turning back to your food as Ana rattles on about her plans for tomorrow.
You listen intently, wanting to get up to date with all your sister’s newest interests. She’s very animated as she talks about her friends, her teacher, and how they’ll be studying the solar system once the new semester starts. She’s already begging your mother for trips to the library after the holidays pass and Jimin’s volunteering to take her as well, working out a schedule with your mother at the table.
You stretch your legs, accidentally kicking Jimin, whose eyes widen in surprise. He eyes you with a bemused expression, shaking his head when you apologize meekly.
Could this dinner be any more awkward for you? You feel like an outsider, a guest when it’s Jimin who’s the guest, not you.
Get it together, you tell yourself harshly. You need to give Jimin a chance, especially if he’s managed to become such an important part of your family. Glaring, stomping, and throwing fits wasn’t going to get you anywhere. And for the most part, Jimin hadn’t given you an actual reason to hate him, other than stealing your spotlight.
One night. One night was all you’d get to stew and hate Jimin, but come tomorrow morning, you’d be a ray of sunshine, welcoming and open to getting to know him. With that decided, you stab your fork into your broccoli, stuffing it into your mouth as you try and partake in the dinner time conversation as much as you can.
When dinner is done, your mother glances at you, thanking you quietly as Jimin helps clear the table before Ana is sent to shower and get in her pajamas.
“I’ve got this,” your mother shoos you and Jimin out of the kitchen. You protest but a stern look from her is enough to get the two of you out of the kitchen.
Jimin immediately cleans up the living room, stacking the totes and carrying them to the closet where he had gotten them from earlier. You sit on the couch, Ella jumping on beside you to ask for pets. Her large head rests on your thigh as you rest your hand on her head, rubbing between her ears as her tail wags contentedly.
When Jimin comes back to the living room, you do your best not to acknowledge his presence, continuing to pet Ella instead. Jimin won’t have it, though, he grins at you and you curse your fluttering heart. There was no way he was as gorgeous as a Disney prince and as sweet as one too. Everything about him screamed angel and it made you feel inferior.
“Do you need help with your suitcases?” Jimin asks shyly, looking at the floor instead of meeting your gaze. You notice the white button-up shirt he’s wearing has a few buttons undone underneath his olive green cardigan and the shine of his thin gold necklace garners your attention. His chest looks so smooth and soft, yet muscular and pretty. Everything about Jimin was pretty, from his long lashes to his cute nose and full plush lips that he licked as he finally looked at you. At his sides, his fingers twitched in what you could only assume was nervousness. But why was he nervous? He was the golden child now, what did he have to be nervous about? Surely it had nothing to do with you?
“Doll?” He quirks his head, his hand waving in front of you, and Ella barks, thinking she’s getting additional pets.
There’s that nickname again and you wish you could place him but your memories are a blur for the most part.
“Yeah, sure. Thanks,” you mutter as you move to get up to lead him outside to your car after grabbing your coat.
The air is chilly when you step outside with Jimin behind you. He’s quick to shut the front door to keep the heat inside while you unlock your car and pop the trunk.
Jimin stands at your side, immediately reaching for your big suitcase and placing it right side up. He then grabs your duffel bag and slings it over his shoulder before stepping aside to allow you to shut the trunk once again.
“You sure have a lot of stuff,” he comments lightly as he follows you up the driveway.
“Christmas gifts and whatnot,” you fib, not wanting to spill the beans to this stranger.
“Cool,” he smiles as you open the front door for him but he has you go in first. “Don’t want you catching a cold, doll.”
You shrug, leading him into your home and down the hall until you reach your childhood bedroom. Jimin sets your bags to the side, grinning when he takes in your bedroom.
It’s changed a lot since the last time he had seen it, and he hopes he doesn’t look nosy as he takes a look at the photos on your wall.
Desperately, he searches for any photos of the two of you but instead he sees photos of his two friends, Jungkook and Namjoon with you smiling wide in between them.
Jimin points to the photo, “I didn’t know you knew Kook.”
You hum, walking over to look at the image on the wall. It was taken during senior year of high school when you were at the bowling alley, moments before Namjoon dropped a ball on his foot and had to be taken to the ER.
“We’ve been best friends for ages. He owns a bar uptown.”
“Clover’s,” Jimin states automatically. You nod, wondering if you’d seen him there before. You doubt it, you’d remember someone as ethereal as him.
Jimin turns his attention back to the wall, eyes scanning every photo while you stare at his side profile wondering what exactly he’s looking for. Is he trying to make some connection between you? Trying to jog your memory of him somehow?
Before you can ask if he’s looking for something specific, your mother appears in your doorway, leaning in with a small smile.
“Ana asked to be tucked in by you two. You don’t mind, do you Jimin?” Your mom asks him.
“Of course not! I love storytime!” Jimin chirps as he follows your mother out of your bedroom and to Ana’s room. You follow after them, sitting on Ana’s bed as she lays tucked in with her new stuffed animal.
She says your name with excitement, the book she wants you to read sits on her nightstand beside her bed. You’ve turned off the light after turning on her small pink lamp. You scoot closer to her, allowing Jimin to sit on the edge of the bed.
You start to read her book, changing your voice for each character while Jimin watches you intently. He realizes he quite likes the sound of your voice, the passion you put into reading a silly bedtime story, and the way your lips shine every time you lick them. He remembers the kiss you shared all those years ago and he feels stupid for hoping you’d somehow remember him. He’s an idiot, isn’t he? Holding out hope for the first person he kissed over a decade ago just for them not to remember him?
No, Jimin wouldn’t allow you to forget him. He knew somehow he’d get you to remember him even if nothing came of it. He needed you to know who he was back then and who he is now.
“She’s asleep,” comes your whisper, startling Jimin from his reverie. He looks down at Ana, who’s clutching her llama to her chest and sleeping soundly.
You smile endearingly at her, your hand gently running through her hair before you press a kiss to her forehead. Jimin’s heart melts at the interaction. He knew how much Ana idolized you, always talking about how amazing, smart, and talented you were and how she couldn’t wait to be just like you when she grew up. It warmed his heart to see you adored her just as much as she, did you.
Quietly, you rise from the bed after Jimin, following him out of your sister’s bedroom. You leave a crack at the door so you can check on Ana later and so she knows she can come to you if need be.
“She’s precious,” Jimin says once you’re a safe distance away from Ana’s bedroom.
“She is. Spunky and a little bratty but precious,” you laugh, shushing yourself and Jimin when you hear Ana roll over in her bed.
Jimin takes your hand, a finger over his lips to silence you as he leads you to the living room. But you’re too busy noting the sparks from his touch, brain going haywire by his touch to notice anything else.
“You’ll wake her,” Jimin giggles softly once you’re safely in the living room. “She’s harder to put to sleep if she’s woken the first time. She gets grumpy.”
“A family trait, unfortunately,” you grin.
Jimin chuckles, covering his mouth with his hand.
“I’ve had my share of Grumpy Ana days,” Jimin shakes his head at the memories. “Nothing is worse than Grumpy Ana on museum days though, where she’s torn between sleeping in or heading to the museum early. It’s a struggle.”
“Museum days?” you query with a raised brow. Jimin sits on the couch and you surprise him by sitting beside him.
“We go to the museum often. We actually went almost every day in the summer for the dinosaur exhibit. I had to get us a membership so we wouldn’t break my bank account,” he laughs, eyes turning into moons as he shakes with laughter.
“There’s an Ancient Egypt exhibit coming in a few weeks. I’ve been researching a lot to prepare. I wanna know what Ana’s talking about so I can keep up. She’s very smart.”
“She really is,” you agree, smiling proudly. Of course, Ana was smart, especially for her age.
“Maybe next time I can join the two of you?”
“Totally!” Jimin exclaims, clapping his hands together. “I’m sure she’d love that! Your mom came along for a few days but the digestive system display grossed her out.”
“Sounds about right,” you giggle, and Jimin feels like he’s made some progress with you not hating him completely.
Jimin looks at his watch, noting it’s a little later than he usually stays, so with a sigh he rises from the couch. You eye him curiously as he stretches, averting your eyes when his shirt rises and exposes his skin.
“I should get going,” he said as his hand comes up to cover his mouth in a failed attempt to stifle a yawn.
“I’ll walk you out,” you offer as you rise from your spot on the couch and follow after him.
When you reach the door, your mom comes out of the kitchen with a mug of hot chocolate in her hands.
“Mom, I’ll be back tomorrow morning! It’s supposed to snow a few inches tonight. Don’t you dare step outside until I shovel the sidewalk and clear the driveway,” he fuses at your mother.
“I fell on the sidewalk one time, Minie, and now I get reprimanded,” your mother playfully rolls her eyes but Jimin knows how much she appreciates him doing that for her. She had sprained her ankle the last time she’d had a spill outside.
“Promise neither of you will step outside until I do?” Jimin looks at you sternly, raising a dark brow and your mouth runs dry as you nod dumbly in response. Your mother hides her smile behind her mug.
You were a sucker for the Jimin Effect and she couldn’t be happier! Getting you two together would be easier than she thought.
“I promise,” you flush, looking at your socked feet as Jimin waves and says his goodbyes before heading out.
You watch as he walks down the sidewalk to the house next door. He pauses at his porch, turns to look at you, and offers you a flirty smile and a tiny wave. You squeal in embarrassment at having been caught. You fumble to shut the door, pressing your back to it as your heart races and your breathing is heavy.
You meet your mother’s gaze and the shit-eating grin that she tried to mask behind her mug.
“Not a word!” You nearly screech.
Your mother simply smirks, motioning, zipping her lips before she’s turning away to head to her bedroom. You wait until she’s gone to smile and sigh, Jimin may get under your skin by being so perfect but you couldn’t help but be attracted to him.
And as you retire to your bedroom after a shower and change into some comfortable pajamas, you remind yourself that as the clock winds down your time to be rude is up and the time to be welcoming is beginning. You’ve had an evening to wallow in your anger and despair and now you are going to put your best foot forward and see what was so great about Park Jimin.
Tumblr media
The moment Ana bursts into your bedroom the following morning, you know you’ve lost. She’s jumping up and down, dressed in all her winter gear as she shouts your name again and again in excitement.
“Ana,” you groan, gripping your pillow and covering your head with it but Ana’s voice just gets louder. It’s truly a lost cause.
“I’m up! I’m up!” You finally give in, grunting as you peel off the pillow and sit up. Your sleepy eyes beg for more sleep but you know Ana is one second from jumping on your bed and then your limbs, you’d rather not deal with that pain.
“Come on! Jimin’s already clearing the sidewalk so we can go outside and play!” Ana sings, running around your room before running out.
“No running inside, Ana!” Your mother warns from down the hall and despite being woken up early, we’ll it was nearing noon and you liked to sleep in on days off, you were grateful to be back in your noisy home again. You never realized how quiet and isolated you had been living on your own, the ghost of loneliness lingering on your back.
With a shrug and a shake, you’re climbing out of bed. You’re quick to dress, stepping into the living room to see your mother on the phone while Ana is tugging on Jimin’s coat sleeve.
“There she is! Now we can all go play!” Ana rushes to you, dragging Jimin along.
Wow! If you thought Jimin was handsome before, it’s nothing compared to now! His cheeks are pink from the cold, snowflakes litter his black hair, and his red lips draw your attention to them. You wanna kiss them, taste them, feel if they’re as soft as they look.
Jimin’s blush deepens, a shy smile appearing on his lips as he waves and says hi.
“Hi,” you clear your throat.
“Let’s go!” Ana whines, tugging you both outside as you rush to throw your boots on.
“Ana,” you scold moody as you hop on one foot, trying to shove your foot into your boot. Jimin holds your side gently, allowing you to find your balance long enough to shove your foot all the way inside the shoe.
“Thanks,” you murmur.
“Sure thing, doll!” Jimin grins before going down the porch steps to where Ana is already building a fort out of snow.
“Jimin’s on my team!” Ana exclaims and your eyes widen.
“But it’ll be two against one! That’s hardly fair,” you pout dramatically. Ana’s tinkling laugh fills the air as she shrugs, wishing you luck before continuing her task. Jimin offers you a sympathetic smile as he helps your sister build her fort.
Your gloves are covered in fluffy white snow as you build your fort at a much slower rate than your sister and Jimin. One side is higher than the other and you know it’ll come crumbling down if it gets pelted with too many snowballs.
“Ready?!” Jimin shouts.
“Wait!” You scream but are quickly pelted with a snowball. Jimin’s giggle has your blood boiling.
“Mother fucker!”
“Language, doll! There’s a child present!” Jimin sings in response.
“Yeah!” Ana chimes in before another snowball is flying through the air. You duck, muttering under your breath as you send one of your snowballs flying.
“Gotta try harder than that, doll!” You huff at Jimin’s words, kneeling behind your fort as you roll another snowball. Jimin’s head peeks from behind his fort, his pretty face a perfect target for your snowball.
You throw it, watching it fly through the air before it falls short of his face. He laughs, and your heart flutters in your chest. It’s just because he’s hot, you tell yourself. Even you could swallow your pride long enough to admit that. He looked hot even if he was in a puffy coat and wrapped in a red scarf that matched Ana’s llama.
“Come on, sissy! You’re just letting us win!” Ana stomps her foot. You wish her words were true but your aim just sucked.
However, a quitter you were not, so you continue to let snowballs fly until you’re pelting Jimin. He cheers for you, and you end up falling on your ass laughing. You miss the high five Ana and he share, realizing they were breaking through your icy demeanor.
The snowball fight continues until Ana has to go inside for a bathroom break, coming back with a carrot and buttons begging to build a snowman with the two of you. She’s got the both of you wrapped around her finger, unable to tell her no despite the slight chill that fills your bones.
It takes some hard work, and a few shivered breaths, but the three of you manage to build a snowman that is the envy of the whole block. You take pictures of Ana and Jimin beside it, joining them for a photo at the end before Ana insists on you and Jimin getting a photo together, alone.
The sun has begun to set, a frigid air makes the three of you shudder before your mother is opening the door and calling you all in. Ana leads the pack, with Jimin bringing in the rear. You help Ana take her coat, mittens, and boots off, tapping her frozen nose before she’s scurrying off to the kitchen to join your mother, asking for extra mini marshmallows in her hot chocolate.
“Thanks for spending the day with us… her,” you flush, taking your scarf off followed by your jacket.
“I loved spending the day with you. It was fun,” Jimin is a shameless flirt, winking as he finishes taking his coat off to join your mother and sister in the kitchen.
You’re left flustered for a moment, gathering your wits before stepping into the kitchen. Your mother notes the way you avoid Jimin’s gaze, but your eyes find him ever so often despite how hard you try to pretend he’s not there.
Cookies and hot chocolate aren’t usually for dinner but Ana pouts and pleads until your mother gives in and the four of you are moving to the living room to watch Christmas movies and enjoy your food. Your mother sits on the loveseat, leaving the couch for you, Jimin and Ana.
Ana plops herself by you, grabbing a throw blanket off the back of the couch while Jimin grabs another blanket and sits by your feet. You curl up beside your sister, allowing her to pick a movie to watch.
At first, it’s easy to get drawn into the movie, an old-time favorite you mouthed all the words to. It’s not until you accidentally nudge Jimin, that your eyes widen and you sheepishly apologize.
Jimin shrugs it off, grabbing your big toe and squeezing it to make you shove him with your foot. He chuckles, sticking his tongue out at you before turning his attention away.
You stare at the back of his head, fingers itching to run through his inky locks but you bite your lip and resist. There’s so much you wanna ask him, but you never seem to have a private moment with him and curiosity gnaws at your insides. You just need a moment to speak with him, to get the answers you seek.
You’re not sure how much time passes but soon enough, Ana’s sound asleep with her head on your shoulder. Your mother is asleep on the loveseat and you know she should get to bed before she hurts her neck.
Jimin looks over his shoulder when you move, noting your sleeping sister. He’s careful to rise to his feet, not wanting or wake her up.
“Wake your mother, I’ve got her,” Jimin is careful as he lifts Ana off your shoulder. She stirs, gripping his shirt and he holds his breath as she settles once again.
You go to wake your mother, she is startled awake despite your gentle shaking and soft-spoken words telling her to go to bed. She nods, sleepily wishing you a good night before she’s heading to her bedroom, waiting for her door to shut after her.
“Lead the way,” Jimin whispers as he carried your sister, walking behind you until you reach her room and you open the door.
“Be careful,” you whisper. Jimin gives you a pointed look but nods anyway, it’s not like he was gonna toss her carelessly but he understands your concern, she’s your baby sister after all.
“Thanks, Jimin,” you thank him once you’re shutting Ana’s door after tucking her in, making sure her little llama was beside her.
“It’s no problem,” he states as he follows you to the living room. You take your spot, freezing when Jimin sits beside you, close enough for you to smell his cologne. Good looking and he smelled delectable?! Did you even stand a chance?
It’s silent for a few moments as you curl up under the blanket. Jimin keeps a bit of distance between you as the movie plays on in the background until you finally speak.
“Uh, thanks for helping my mom with Ana while I was away,” you say softly, heat rising to your cheeks as you wonder if you’d spoken loud enough.
“It’s no problem. I don’t have any siblings, so babysitting Ana is like having my own little sister. Plus your mom is really sweet, she knows I’m all alone and invites me over a lot.” Jimin blinks back the tears that prick the corner of his eyes. He sighs heavily, swallowing thickly as he looks down at his hands, twiddling his thumbs.
“I appreciate it nonetheless,” your hand sits on top of his, tingling from just the touch of his skin. Jimin gasps, his eyes on yours.
You bite your lip and Jimin’s eyes flit to your lips and back to your eyes. You both lean in close, unsure of what the other is going to do.
Your eyes flutter shut, heart thrumming in your chest like a hummingbird as you await his lips to meet yours. You feel the ghost of his lips, just barely there before a loud bang from the tv has the two of you flying apart.
Startled, the two of you turn your attention to the tv, reaching for the remote to pause the movie. Your face feels hot, and you’re embarrassed. You’re not entirely sure what was about to happen nor were you sure what would have happened afterward but Jimin’s quick to rise to his feet, his cheeks as red as the blanket strewn over your lap.
“I should go,” he says in a hurry.
You nod, tongue feeling like lead as you rise to walk him out. It’s quite funny seeing Jimin being flustered for once, seeing him miss buttons on his coat, huffing adorably as his cute fingers have to redo the buttons again and again until he’s giving up and wrapping his scarf around his neck.
“Jimin,” you softly call out to him, looking down at your feet instead of meeting his dark gaze. Curiosity fills him, head quirked in confusion.
Stepping forward, you stop in front of him, biting your lip. You’re not sure what’s come over you but you don’t let yourself overthink as you point upward.
Jimin looks up, seeing the mistletoe above your heads, no doubt planted by your mother sometimes while you were outside but regardless, it has your heart thundering in your chest, hands clammy at your side as you lean in. Jimin's cheeks are pink and warm, still flustered from before but a tiny smile tugs at his lips as he takes in your cute expression, waiting for him to make a move.
Jimin closes the distance, his pretty lips meeting yours in a gentle kiss that has your toes curling, sparks flying behind your eyes.
It’s over too soon.
Jimin steps back, teeth sunk into his bottom lip as his flirty gaze sends tingles down your spine. You wanna scream with elation, squeal with happiness, jump around and around like you’ve hit the million-dollar jackpot…! But you resist, remaining composed as he winks, wishing you a good night before he’s stepping out the door.
Once gone, you press your back to the door. Sighing with content before you cover your mouth and squeak with delight.
However, you meet your mother’s grinning face in the hallway.
“Not a word,” you say with a bashful smile as you walk past her. She giggles, patting herself on the back when she looks at the mistletoe, such a classic move.
In your bedroom, you lay in your bed tucked in for the night. Your lips still tingle from Jimin’s kiss and despite the handfuls of men you’ve kissed throughout your years away from home, the tingling feels familiar. And as you lay in bed, eyes heavy with sleep, you dream of the cherub boy who gave you your first kiss years and years ago, the tingling in your lips just as memorable.
Tumblr media
The next morning is Christmas Eve, and Ana has kicked up the holiday spirit tenfold. She’s got you in her bedroom with the door shut while wrapping presents for your mother and Jimin.
“Knock, knock,” Jimin’s angelic voice calls as he knocks twice on the bedroom door.
“Wait!” Ana rushes to the door, grabbing it and peeking her head out. “You can’t come in!”
“Oh?” Jimin raises a brow, he squats down to be at eye level with Ana. “That’s new. Are you two wrapping super secret Christmas presents perhaps?”
“Minie!” Ana huffs, stomping her foot. Jimin laughs, falling onto his butt. He raises his hands in surrender, “I’m sorry, Na. I’ll stay away, hm? Come find me when you’re done, your mom’s waiting to start making gingerbread houses.”
“Ooh, don’t start without us!” You call in a panic from within your sister’s room. Jimin rises to his feet, a hard feat in his tight dark wash jeans.
“Wouldn’t dream of it, doll. Finish up so I can see you,” Jimin grins, chuckling when he hears you gasp. As he walks away from the bedroom, he thinks about last night and the kiss the two of you shared. A little smile lights up his face, fingers brushing his lips, nearly feeling the warmth of your lips on his.
Oh, how he’d love to feel it again.
Tumblr media
With your presents placed under your tree, you and Ana join your mother and Jimin in the kitchen.
“Jimin!” Ana greets him with a hug, her laughter summoning Ella, whose paws click on the wood floor all the way to the kitchen.
“Easy, Ella,” you chide, petting the energetic dog as she circles your feet.
“Let’s get started,” your mother smiles, evilly? Diabolically? Villainously?
Yeah, she’s up to no good!
“Ana and I will work on this house and you can work on that one with Minie,” your mom says. You nearly roll your eyes but a look from her is enough to have you rethinking your actions.
“Hi,” Jimin says in a whisper.
“Hi,” you repeat, feeling stupid after. You hadn’t even had a chance to speak with him since the kiss, and you wondered if he regretted it. You didn’t, of course.
“Come on, chatterboxes, I wanna have these done before we start baking cookies,” your mother chimes in, cutting through your awkwardness.
“Sure thing, mom!” Jimin is eager to start building the house, and you feel heat warm your face every time your fingers brush or your bodies meet while reaching for items. You miss the way Ana and your mother giggle to themselves, their plan to get you and Jimin together seemingly on the right track.
Once your gingerbread houses are done, your mother is enthusiastically running to her bedroom, leaving the three of you confused until she’s running back with gift bags. You’ve noticed she’s changed into pajamas, urging you all to open your gifts.
“Awesome!” Jimin smiles widely. “Matching pajamas!”
“I can’t wait to change!” Ana runs to her bedroom with her bag, the door slamming behind her.
“Eager little thing,” you chuckle, thanking your mother for the gift before heading to your bedroom to change. You check yourself out in the mirror, admiring the way your ass looks fabulous in the pajama bottoms. They’re red and black plaid, soft and warm, perfect for Christmas.
When you all meet up in the living room, your eyes are on Jimin immediately. Despite the pajamas being his size, his muscular thighs are very prominent, and when he turns to dance with Ana in the living room, Ella barking, and twining between their feet, you can’t help but look at his cute butt. Jimin was magnificent! An Adonis if you will, a splendid work of art.
“Sissy, come on! I wanna play dolls!” Ana’s shout pulls you out of your thoughts, nodding absentmindedly and missing the way Jimin’s staring at you profoundly.
You sit on the floor across from Jimin while Ana runs to her room to grab a handful of dolls before tossing them on your lap and Jimin’s.
“Na, be nice,” you scold gently. She apologizes as she sits beside you, grabbing one of her dolls.
“You have to follow my storyline,” Ana insists as she grabs a second doll.
“I don’t know the storyline,” you raise a brow, looking at Jimin for help.
“Don’t look at me, I had to buy my own dolls ‘cause I couldn’t keep up with her storyline so I made my own,” he admits, pointing to a small box on the TV stand shelf labeled Jimin.
“You bought your own dolls to play with my sister?“ you ask with a smile that turns into a smirk.
Jimin nods, “didn’t wanna feel left out.”
“That’s really cute,” you say as you turn to ruffle your sister’s hair. “But you need to learn how to share and not exclude your friends if they don’t follow your storyline, munchkin.”
“Yeah, yeah,” Ana waves you off as she starts narrating today’s storyline and Jimin nods along, not wanting to be left out if he couldn’t keep up.
For two hours you play dolls while your mother runs around in the kitchen making dinner, declining every offer of yours and Jimin to help her.
“Now your doll kisses Jimin’s doll,” Ana instructs, waiting patiently.
Jimin looks at his doll and then at yours, cheeks dusted pink as he thinks about the kiss you shared last night. When your sheepish gaze lands on him, he knows you’re thinking the same.
“Uh…” Jimin’s unsure of how to proceed and Ana grows impatient, swiping his doll from him to press to yours.
“Like that, Minie,” she huffs, ignoring the two of you as she continues her storyline, effectively icing the two of you out.
“Well, I guess we’ve been banished from her kingdom,” you laugh, rising to your feet to stretch, moaning when your back pops.
“Fuck,” you breathe, immediately covering your mouth and looking at your sister, who’s too absorbed in her own little world to realize you’ve cursed.
“Naughty. Looks like you’ll be getting coal from Santa tonight,” Jimin chuckles as he leans back, resting his weight on the palms of his hands.
You look down at him, glaring. “Like you haven’t been naughty this year?”
“Not as much as I’d like, doll,” he winks, and your insides melt.
Jimin laughs, airy and cheery as he rises to his feet. He makes a grand show of stretching, his long sleeve pajama top rising to show his navel and sculpted torso. You almost malfunction staring, unable to breathe as he steps closer, mindful not to step on Ana’s toys.
“Care to find out just how naughty I can be?” His whispered words leave you breathless, eyes wide and pulse racing as he moves away from you. A charming smile is on his lips and for a moment you wonder if you imagined it, until he’s winking again and your mother is calling you all to the table, leaving you unable to process what’s just happened.
Tumblr media
After sending Ana to get ready for bed, you head toward the kitchen, intent on rejoining Jimin and your mother but you stop short when you hear your mother speak.
“Thank you so much, Jimin.”
“It’s no problem, honest. I felt bad I couldn’t fix her old bike but I’ll have the new bicycle here early tomorrow morning.”
You peek into the kitchen, seeing your mom hug Jimin tightly before letting him go.
“You’ve been a huge help these past few months and Ana adores you so much. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for everything you’ve done. You’ve become such a big part of our family, Minie.”
You can’t hear what else your mother has to say, jealousy bubbling deep inside you and Ana’s calling for your mother, saying she’s ready for her bedtime story.
Your mother walks past you, smiling as she heads to Ana’s room. Jimin joins you in the hallway, offering you a small smile but you’re too lost in your head to smile back. Your anger is consuming every cell in your body and Jimin notices the way your hands clench into fists. All the anger and jealousy you had tried to surprise comes back up tenfold, rearing its ugly head, and you know you'll regret your words before you've even said them.
“What’s wrong, doll?” He’s unsure what’s happened. You seemed fine at dinner and even while getting Ana to bed, so what could have happened in between then?
It’s too much, it’s all too much.
“You just had to be the perfect son she’s always wanted!” You hiss.
Jimin’s eyes widen at your tone but his surprise is quickly washed off his face, a scowl marring his beautiful face.
“Yeah, so perfect my own parents didn’t even want me? Shipped me away to school then to family so they wouldn’t have to see me every day. So fucking perfect, right?”
“Jimin,” you’re immensely regretful, wishing you could take your words back.
“No, keep going. Keep saying how perfect I am. So perfect I’m always unwanted everywhere I go. I was never trying to take your spot, doll. I just wanted to be part of your family but I guess there’s no room for me.” Jimin blinks back a few tears but a few stubborn ones roll down his cheeks anyway. He sniffles, turning away from you as he heads for the door, putting on his coat and shoes.
“Jimin,” you say his name softly but he ignores you as he gets his shoes on.
“I’ll stop by early to bring her bike and I’ll stay away for the duration of your stay,” he states, wiping at his cheeks as he opens the front door. He looks up to see the mistletoe and he laughs coldly, what a stupid mistake.
The door shuts after him, and your heart sinks in your chest. What kind of petty rivalry were you having by yourself? You just ruined not only his Christmas but possibly your sister’s and mom’s, and all because you were jealous of him.
Tears roll down your cheeks, hot against your skin as you wrap your arms around yourself. Leave it to you to ruin something so special, you could almost laugh at how stupid you’d been.
“You know,” your mother’s voice draws your attention, gaze lifting from the floor to meet her gentle eyes. “You could have talked to me about how you were feeling, sweetheart.”
“Mom,” you sniffle.
“Come here,” she waves you over and you walk to her before she’s wrapping you up in one of her signature tight hugs. She leads you to the living room, making you sit beside her with a blanket over the two of you.
“Talk to me,” she says your name, hand rubbing your shoulder as you curl into her side. You feel like a child again.
“I was jealous of Jimin,” you sigh. “All I heard in our phone calls was Jimin this and Jimin that. It felt like I was being replaced.”
“You know that would never happen, baby. I love you so much, more than you could ever imagine. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have enough love for Ana and Jimin as well.” Your mother looks down at you, feeling your tears soak into her shirt.
“I know, I just got so angry,” you scoff, shaking your head. “I took it out on Jimin and he didn’t deserve that. He’s been nothing but sweet to me since I got here and I’ve been an asshole to him for the most part.”
“You’re the first thing he asked me about when he moved back home. Took me a minute to place him, he’d been gone for so long but his parents weren’t always around for him. I didn’t know they shipped him away because they didn’t want him around. Had I known, I would have taken him in long ago.” Your mother has a faraway look in her eyes and she leans you on the couch for a moment before she’s heading to her room.
“Talk over?” You call out and her whimsical laugh has you smiling.
“You were always such a silly goose. No, the talk’s not over, silly. I had to go get my photo album.” She sits back on the couch and you immediately curl at her side, eyes filled with curiosity as she opens the leather-bound book.
She turns a few pages, a few of your baby photos making you cringe and you’re thankful she’s gone past them so quickly.
“Ah, here!” She points to a photo and you recognize yourself. Beside you is a boy, who you recognize as Jimin, only much shorter and a little scrawny.
“That was the last photo of you and Jimin before he was sent to his relatives. That was the last time either of us saw him. You two spent so much time together, it was hard to keep you apart. From sunrise to sundown, the two of you would go out to play every summer.” She turns the pages, going back to show you more pictures of the two of you and suddenly memories come flooding back to you.
“We used to feed the ducks at the pond! And ride our bicycles through town!” You sit up and your mother nods.
“You used to beg me to let you go up in the treehouse at night to watch the stars. You learned all about the constellations just to point them out for him,” she smiles at the memory and the pile of books you had checked out at the library.
“He was my best friend," you realize as you think back to the countless nights you spent in the treehouse, holding hands when you got scared of the dark but wanted to point out every star in the sky but none shone quite as bright as his eyes.
The best memory that comes back makes your lips tingle. It was the last night of summer vacation, and he’d be leaving in the morning. The two of you lay cramped in the treehouse, hands twined while facing each other.
Jimin had promised to come to visit as soon as he could and begged you not to forget him. You wince, you had forgotten him.
That was the night you shared your first kiss, holding each other tightly until you both fell asleep. When the sun rose again the next morning, you shared one last hug before he went on his way.
How could you have forgotten him? Forgotten his kiss? Forgotten the way it left you feeling warm and wanting more?
“I screwed up, huh?” You ask your mom with a frown.
“I’m sure an open and honest conversation could go a long way, sweetheart. But you won’t find out unless you try,” she says, placing the photo album shut on the coffee table. She rises to her feet, leaning down to kiss the top of your head before wishing you a good night and retiring to her room.
Alone with your thoughts, you look through the photo album, fingers tracing everything image of Jimin, cementing him into your memories. You couldn’t forget him again, you wouldn’t allow yourself to.
Rising to your feet, you head to your bedroom, grabbing your duffel bag. You peek into Ana’s room, making sure she’s asleep before you’re going back to the living room to stuff the Christmas stockings, even Jimin’s. Now that you remember him, and the thought of him warms your cheeks, you’re thankful he’s placed his stocking next to yours and you hope it always stays that way.
Gifts of all shapes and sizes surround the tree, completely covering the tree skirt. You stand back to admire your work, pleased with yourself at the result.
A particular spot on the tree captures your attention and you move in closer to look. Apparently, Ana’s been crafting once again because there’s a new handmade ornament beside the others, except this one is in the shape of a heart, and contains a picture of you and Jimin, faces squished together beside the snowman from yesterday. It seems like even your baby sister is rooting for the two of you…
You had to fix this.
Despite your determination, it’s late and you’re sure Jimin has long since gone to bed. You, however, are unable to even think about sleep when your thoughts are whirling with all sorts of possible ways to initiate a conversation with Jimin tomorrow.
“Why is this so hard?” You groan, you can’t think straight and you just need a moment of absolute silence. You grab your shoes and head out the back door to stand on the back porch.
Snow covers every inch of the backyard. This is the first time you notice how much bigger it is before realizing your backyard and Jimin’s backyard are no longer separated by a fence, instead, it’s been combined to be one huge yard. No doubt a recent development made by Jimin for Ana and Ella to run around freely. Your heart warms, Jimin was so thoughtful and sweet, never asking for anything in return. All he had wanted was to be accepted, loved, and you had pushed him away.
Snow falls gently from the sky, landing on your hair, hands, and clothing. You know you’ll be cold soon enough but the peacefulness of the snowfall is enough to keep you from running back inside. You finally feel like you can breathe, the cool night enough to silence all your racing thoughts. In hindsight, you probably should have grabbed your coat, your Christmas pajamas may be cute but aren’t enough to keep you warm for long.
You grab the railing, immediately regretting it when the snow touches your hand, leaving your palms aching. You dust off any remaining snow, shoving your hands under your arms as you shiver. Maybe you’d better head back inside?
You look around the blanket of snow one last time, turning to look at Jimin’s backyard, only to see him standing on his back porch, staring out into the sky much like you had been staring at the snow.
Biting your lip in contemplation, you wonder if you should say something or just leave him be?
“You’re gonna catch a cold being out here,” Jimin calls as he turns to face you.
Frozen in your spot, you manage to nod. He waves you over and you’re hesitant for a second before stepping off your back porch and jogging lightly to his. He doesn’t say anything as he drapes the blanket he has over your shoulders and you notice he’s still clad in the matching pajamas. It makes you smile.
“Do you want some hot chocolate?” He offers, and you nod, following him inside his home. The two of you are silent as he makes the drink.
You look around his kitchen, noticing it’s been remodeled recently, looking much more modern than you remember.
“Follow me,” he says as he carries both drinks further into the house. You try not to be too nosy but notice there are no pictures of his parents around, mostly picture frames of Jimin and what you assume are his friends.
“We can watch the snowfall from here,” he says as he enters his bedroom that faces the backyard. There’s a glass wall that faces the backyard, the curtains are drawn to the side and tied up to be kept out of the way.
Jimin’s bed is enormous, and you pick a spot on the edge, near the nightstand where he places a mug of hot chocolate for you.
“I like to watch the snow from here,” he informs you, sipping at his drink. “But sometimes I like to sit on the porch and feel the snow.”
“I always wanted to see you again, doll.” Jimin interrupts you, so you sit back and listen instead. You’d done enough talking earlier anyway, maybe it was time for you to listen instead.
“If I had known the last time I saw you was going to be the last time I saw you, I would have held you longer. Being shipped off to my aunt and uncle while my parents tried to save their marriage was awful but not knowing when I’d see you again was a nightmare.”
“There wasn’t a day I didn’t think of you. Wondered if you missed me? If you thought about me too, but I guess not,” Jimin chuckles half-heartedly, pausing to sip his drink. You watch him in silence, admiring his side profile, and even if he’s frowning, he’s still as ethereal as ever.
“It was never my choice to leave you. I hope you know that,” he murmurs. “You were my best friend back then and I guess I just hoped we could get back to that and when my parents called saying they were selling the house unless I wanted it; I jumped at the chance. I never imagined your mom would still be next door much less with your little sister.”
You smile at the mention of Ana. A surprise for you and your mother nine years ago but you wouldn’t trade her for the world. You loved her so much and it warmed your heart to hear Jimin say so as well.
“Your mother welcomed me right away and when I asked her about you, she was honest. Said you didn’t come around as often since you lived so far away and my heart sank. I thought I should keep my distance but your mother wouldn’t have that,” he grins, finally meeting your eyes.
“She doesn’t take no for answer,” you say with a bashful smile.
Jimin chuckles. “She invited me to dinner every night my first week here while I got settled and then every night after that she expected me at her door by dinner time at least twice a week. When I realized she could use some help mowing the lawn, cleaning the rain gutters, and taking Ana to school and back, I was happy to help. She’d always been so nice to me back then and even after a decade of being gone, she was still as sweet as ever.”
Jimin pauses to lick his lips, lost in his thoughts. “It was never my intention to try and replace you, I swear. It just felt nice to be wanted, to not be seen as a nuisance for once. To actually be part of a family, but I should have considered how that would make you feel. I’m sorry, doll.”
You’re quiet for a moment, allowing his words to fully sink in before you’re moving closer to him, your thigh touching his.
“Hm?” He hums in response, leaning forward to place his mug beside yours on the nightstand. The lamp that illuminates the room in a soft glow, rattles for a moment before settling.
“Why do you call me Doll?”
Jimin smiles brightly for the first time since you’ve started talking.
“You were the prettiest girl I’d ever seen! Still are,” he winks at you just to fluster you. “Prettier than any doll I’ve ever seen too! It started as a way to tease you, get you flustered and giggly. But you seemed to like it and I loved the way you’d smile when I called you that.”
Without thinking, you place your hand over his. Jimin’s thumb instinctively rubs circles into your skin gently, as if this were a regular occurrence.
“I’m so sorry for what I said earlier. I was so angry and jealous but that’s no excuse for my behavior. I hope you can forgive me.” You apologize, locking eyes with Jimin, hoping he can see your sincerity.
“I forgive you, doll,” Jimin smirks and you raise a brow. “I’d be jealous too if my mom was replacing me with someone better.”
“Hey!” You rip your hand away from his as he giggles.
“You’re so annoying!” You huff before you’re laughing with him, his airy laugh just as pretty as he.
“I kid. I kid!” He holds his hands up, and you shove him playfully.
“I’m sorry, doll,” he pouts, his fingers lacing with yours, squeezing them.
“Fuck you and that pout of yours. I see you’ve only improved it now that you’re grown,” you roll your eyes at him and he chuckles.
“I only ever used it on my aunt and uncle,” he smiles mischievously. “Got me out of trouble when I’d stay out past curfew.”
“We have so much to catch up on,” you muse softly, unable to look away from Jimin’s lips. Have they always looked so kissable?
“We do but now that you’re back in my life, I don’t intend to let you go again,” Jimin says with determination. His eyes flitting to your lips, memories of last night filling his head once again. His words have your heart soaring, combusting into smithereens, and you realize you don't ever want him to let you go again.
“Kiss me,” you surprise yourself with your words.
Jimin’s brows raise in surprise, “huh?”
“Kiss me, Jimin. Please?” You ask, biting your lip for a second as Jimin leans in, capturing your lips with his in an instant. His hands cup your face, holding you close as his lips move in sync with yours.
When you break apart to catch your breath, his forehead rests on yours, his bright eyes hopeful as his hands grip yours tightly.
“Kiss me again,” you murmur against his lips, moaning when his plush lips are on you once again.
Within a minute, your back is pressed to the mattress, your head resting on his pillow as he slots himself between your legs as your arms wrap around his neck to keep him close.
Last night’s kiss wasn’t enough to satiate his hunger for you, but seeing you beneath him, eager to keep kissing him, and even biting on his lower lip, is enough to keep him going. He wants you, every bit of you in any way he can have you. He wants to drown in you, in your essence until he knows nothing but your name.
“Jimin,” the airy sigh that escapes you drives him wild. His lips trail kisses down your neck, sucking and marking you as his. Every one of your moans goes straight to his cock, a whimper escaping him as he kisses your lips once again, his tongue caressing yours.
You melt into a puddle beneath him, at his mercy as his hands grip your hips, your hands sliding down his muscular back, tugging on his pajama top.
Jimin’s body is marvelous, a work of art. You’re speechless taking in every sculpted inch of his torso. Without thinking, your fingertips trace the tattoo on his ribs, a sigh escaping Jimin. He follows your movements carefully, curious to see what you’ll do next.
You lock eyes with him, his hand reaching for yours, fingers laced as he brings your hand to his lips.
Jimin’s small smile brings forward a handful of memories, laughter shared between the two of you and your heart sinks, how could you ever forget him?
Jimin notices the change in your eyes, his hand turning yours to expose your wrist to him, planting a featherlight kiss.
“You remember now, baby. That’s all that matters, okay?” It doesn’t surprise you that he already knows what you’re thinking about, how in tune he is with you and you hope to recover that bond in the days to come.
Swallowing thickly, you push back the knot that forms in your throat. You offer a small smile, one that has Jimin chuckling low.
“We’ll get there,” he promises easily, pressing a kiss to the corner of your mouth. His heart flutters when he sees the way you look away bashfully, and he can’t help but cup your face to turn you in his direction.
For a minute, you gaze into each other’s eyes without saying a word, your eyes saying everything that needs to be said. It’s funny how a look can speak so loud.
“Later,” Jimin whispers, squeezing your hand. “Let’s just enjoy this moment, okay?”
You nod in agreement, your hands running over his chest. Jimin’s cautious when he reaches for you, not wanting to overstep but you guide his hands, placing them on your hips.
“Touch me, please,” you breathe. “I won’t break.”
Those words are all Jimin needs to proceed, his hands gripping your body, so soft and warm beneath him as his lips find yours. Soft moans and groans escape the both of you, needy hands exploring each other’s bodies until Jimin’s helping you out of your shirt, not surprised to see you without a bra.
“Fuck,” he curses, licking his lips as he gets an eyeful of your tits. Just as amazing as he imagined. Jimin doesn’t stare for long, fearful of making you uncomfortable, so instead, he dips his head, his lips finding their home in the crook of your neck.
“Jimin,” his name falls from your lips airily. Your eyes shut, enjoying his plush lips on your sensitive skin, his teeth lightly scraping the column of your throat and it sends a tingle down your spine. Your fingers become embedded in his hair, tugging at the long locks, black and white looking so beautiful between your fingers.
“More,” Jimin grunts, a whiny sound escaping him after. You giggle, tugging on his hair again and you swear his eyes roll to the back of his head before he’s moaning your name in a deep tone you’ve never heard from him. It’s nearly animalistic and you bite your bottom lip to keep from whining needily in return.
You release your hold on Jimin’s hair, feeling the pout of his lips as he trails kisses downward, your hands roaming all over his muscular back, nails gently scratching it.
“You sure love to tease,” he says as he rests his head between your breasts, looking up at you. You run your fingers through his hair, gently scratching his head. His eyes flutter shut, a happy hum leaving him.
“I’m not teasing, Minie. I just want to enjoy every moment,” you sheepishly smile before looking away. He grins, elated to know you’re enjoying every second, wanting to savor your first time together without rushing. He will gladly go at your pace, only go as far as you want.
“I’ll follow your lead, doll. Whatever you want, whatever you need,” Jimin seals his promises with a kiss to your sternum and butterflies flutter in your stomach.
Your thumb traces his bottom lip, pressing it to his lips for him to kiss. He does so.
It surprises you when he kisses your chest, veering clear of your nipples on purpose. His light kisses leave you yearning for more, finally guiding his lips to a pert bud. Jimin is eager to take it into his mouth, wet tongue circling it before he’s got his lips wrapped around it.
When his teeth gently take your nipple in between and tug, you nearly lose yourself. You curse, biting back moans as Jimin’s tongue flicks your nipple, grinning when your dulcet sounds fill the room.
Licking, biting, and sucking on your tits is what occupies Jimin for a long time, and his teasing tongue has you soaking wet. You couldn’t wait to have him between your thighs, to feel what his tongue and fingers could do to you.
Jimin looks up at you, smirking and you wonder if he can read your mind. “All in due time, doll.”
You look at your chest, not surprised to find a few tiny love bites scattered across your chest and you know you’ll want to take a picture of it later. You love having hickeys in places only you can see, each a reminder of Jimin’s lips.
“So pretty,” Jimin muses, his light touch circling a love bite.
“Your turn,” you grin as you push Jimin onto his back before you’re climbing over him. You curse, shimming out of your pajama bottoms and staying in your panties that are soaked and incredibly thin.
Jimin licks his lips, eyes on your panty-clad cunt. “Cute panties.”
You flush with heat, straddling him and sitting on his cock. He grunts, hands gripping your hips tightly as your name rolls off his tongue.
“Hmm, what was that? You like my panties?” You ask with a teasing grin, rolling your hips over his.
“Yes,” he breathes, his bottom lip caught between his teeth.
“Then I’ll keep them on a little longer,” you smirk.
“I fucked myself with that one, huh?” He chuckles, groaning when you grind on his cock.
“You did,” you answer as you lean down to kiss him, guiding his hands to your ass before you place yours on his chest.
Jimin doesn’t need to be told twice, grabbing a handful of your ass and squeezing roughly. You moan, cursing and urging him to do it again. Jimin grins smugly, repeating his action as you rock your hips against his, finding a rhythm that leaves both of you breathless.
Your lips find their home in the column of his throat, gently sucking and nipping at the skin until a mark blooms prettily.
Soft whines leave Jimin’s pretty lips, his hold on you tightening as he guides your hips to grind against you. He so desperately wishes you didn’t have layers of clothes between you. He can feel just how warm and wet you are, aching to feel your arousal on his cock instead.
Your hand moves between your bodies, easily sliding into the waistband of his pajamas and boxers. Your hand wraps around him and your name escapes him.
Giving him a few strokes, your lips capture his in a needy kiss, his tongue pushing past the seam of your lips to meet yours.
Kissing you passionately is better than Jimin could have ever imagined. His heart races in his chest knowing he’s the one making you sound so sinful, your moans going straight to his cock.
Jimin allows you a few minutes to kiss him, leave love bites on his chest, down to his tattoo where you litter hickeys for him to smile warmly at when he sees them in the mirror later on.
When your lips start heading south, Jimin moans, feeling your tongue trace his happy trail. His breath is caught in his throat, his hungry, lust-filled eyes meeting yours.
Just as you’re about to tug his pants off, he’s stopping you, his hand wrapped around your wrist.
Jimin sits up, his hand releasing your wrist to cup your face instead. His thumb caresses your cheek, his forehead resting on yours along with the tips of your nose.
“Lay down for me,” he instructs, pressing a quick kiss to your lips before he’s helping you on your back. His kisses are needier once you’re underneath him again, a fire burning in his veins, nearly bursting with lust as he maps a path from your lips to your panties.
With a few more kisses and nips, lovely marks decorate your skin. Jimin grips your thighs in each of his hands, spreading you open for him to slot himself in between.
He tugs you toward him, making you gasp and laugh when he blushes. “Sorry, just eager.”
Jimin’s treatment of your chest is nothing compared to the attention he gives to your thighs. He caresses them lovingly, pressing kisses and leaving pretty little hickeys on every delectable inch of your skin. Your moans drive him on, knowing he’s doing something right by the way you’re reacting to his touch.
“Mm, Jimin,” the breathy tone of your voice has him rutting his hips on the bed, his bright eyes eager to please.
With a firm grip on your thighs, Jimin plants a kiss on your panties, winking when you look down at him. Your hand cups his cheek, delicately caressing it as leans into your touch before pressing another kiss to your panties, his tongue wetting the material further.
“Oh,” your thighs tremble as his fingers grip the waistband of your panties to pull them down your thighs to discard on his bedroom floor. Jimin dips his head between your thighs, pressing a kiss to your clit just to make you wriggle. He smiles, his eyes holding a mischievous glint that you don’t miss as he presses kisses to your heated flesh. You never know where his lips are going to be next and it’s with a gasp that you realize his fiery tongue is on you again.
Your fingers find his thick locks, gripping them tightly to guide him where you need him most. Jimin would love to tease you, get you begging and screaming his name until you fell apart for him, but right now all he wants is a taste of you.
Without further teasing, Jimin’s tongue meets your folds, your arousal heavy on his tongue. He loves it, goes in for another taste and soon he’s using your reactions as a guide on what you like and don’t like.
It doesn’t take him too long to get you moaning, writhing beneath as you tug on his hair mercilessly. When his fingers spread you open, coated in your wetness, you melt. Jimin’s expert tongue coupled with his dexterous fingers have you shaking, his cocky smile adding to the pleasure that builds inside you.
“Jimin. Jimin. Jimin!” You’re loud with your moans of his name, his cock throbbing with each one, his hand sliding into his bottoms to stroke himself with the fingers he had buried inside you. Feeling your warm arousal around his cock drives him wild, his need for you growing as he eats you out passionately, giving it his all. It seems to do the trick, your thighs tremble, your moans rise in octaves, and your grip on his raven hair is nearly detrimental.
“So close,” you cry, eyes shut and breathing ragged as pleasure consumes you, sweeping you under as Jimin’s name rolls off your tongue in a heady cry that almost leaves you embarrassed.
Jimin only pulls away when you twitch, your hand weakly pushing him away from your cunt. He smiles, pressing his lips on yours to kiss you gently, allowing you a taste of yourself.
With a chuckle, Jimin is wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. “So wet.”
“Jimin!” You hiss, covering your heated face with your hands as his airy laugh fills the air.
“What? It’s not a bad thing,” he smirks, winking as he squeezes your thigh.
You roll your eyes, kissing him once before tugging his pants off along with his boxers. Your hand wraps around his erection, stroking him at a languid pace before you’re straddling him. Jimin stays sitting up, eyes on your hand as you stroke him.
Jimin places his hand on your cheek, his gentle touch makes your heart flutter. His thumb runs along your bottom lip and you take it into your mouth, biting it gently. Jimin grins, playfully rolling his eyes.
“Brat,” he huffs with laughter before he’s cradling your face in his hands. The intense look in his eyes shows how much he cares for you, and you want to kiss him desperately, so you do. Jimin kisses you back immediately, his lips moving in sync with yours.
“Oh, fuck. Baby doll…” Jimin grunts, teeth sinking into his bottom lip, eyes wide with surprise as you sink on his cock. The stretch has you pausing, hands gripping his shoulders to steady yourself before taking him fully.
“Jimin,” you moan his name, face buried in his neck as he holds you to him, his chest pressed to yours. His hands rub circles on your back, lips whispering sweet nothings in your ear as he holds you close.
“You’ve taken me so well, doll. You’re so fucking wet, it’s driving me insane,” Jimin grunts, hands sliding down to your hips where he holds you. Your lips find his and you slowly roll your hips.
A hiss escapes Jimin, pleasure coursing through his veins as he thrusts upward into you. Cursing, you kiss him again, needing to feel his lips against yours as you meet each of his thrusts with one of your own.
It’s slow and gentle, feeling the beating of his heart in tandem with yours. Your fingers weave through his hair, deepening your kiss as his lips muffle your moans.
Jimin’s lips find your pert nipple a few moments later, face buried in your tits as you ride his cock. You pull on his hair, guiding his lips as you fuck him, grinding your hips as you feel your body begin to buzz. Your mind grows foggy, hot, and fiery as your second orgasm lingers in the air.
You realize you so desperately want to come wrapped around him, holding him to your chest as you shake and tremble, crying out his name as tears roll down your cheeks…
It’s been so long since you’ve been intimate with someone… you’ve missed it.
Jimin laces your hands together, bringing them to his lips to plant kisses on each of your knuckles.
“So grateful to have you in my life again, baby,” he confesses, voice barely above a whisper.
“Me too,” you respond sincerely.
Jimin grabs your waist, making you sigh in content when you end up beneath him, your legs over his shoulder as he buries himself to the hilt.
He’s so deep. So fucking deep, hovering over you as he holds his weight with his elbows, his lips planting sweet kisses on every inch of skin within reach. His tongue traces a hickey before he’s sucking on the mark to make it bigger, darker. He’s quite proud of himself, loving the way you clench around him, begging him to fuck your harder as your nails drag down his back leaving pretty pink streaks in their wake.
The way Jimin moans your name nearly has you falling over the edge, spiral face-first into an orgasm. Your thighs tremble obscenely, falling from his shoulders to his waist as you lock them behind him to pull him close.
Desperate kisses, sloppy and wet, have your toes curling as you arch into Jimin. Pleasure overwhelms every cell in his body, his hips slamming into yours again and again as his forehead beads with sweat, his black locks framing his face.
Jimin kisses you, his moans muffled by your lips and tongue. He’s close, so close and you feel it in the way his hips stutter. Again and again, he slams into you, your hands gripping the sheets tightly.
“Come inside,” you tell him, your hips rising from the bed to meet his, grinding on him to maximize the pleasure you’re feeling, the euphoria you know you’ll experience once you orgasm with him stuffed inside you.
The thought alone was a fresh wave of arousal hitting you, further soaking Jimin’s cock. He notices, groaning as he easily slides in and out of you, pistoning his hips as you tighten around him.
It’s too much.
It’s all too much as his abs clench and you moan his name, coming undone mere seconds before he does.
“Doll!” Jimin buries his face in your neck, teeth sinking into your skin as he grunts your name while spilling his load inside you, coating your velvety walls with so much cum it drips out while he’s still inside you.
“Fuck!” He rasps as he carefully pulls out, biting his lip when he sees the mess he’s made of you.
“Jimin,” you sigh breathlessly, eyes sparkling with adoration for the man in front of you.
“I’m right here, baby,” Jimin assures you, pecking your lips before he’s using two of his fingers to push his cum back inside you. His thumb brushes your clit and you whine.
“Too much,” you whimper, and Jimin immediately stops, apologizing with a kiss.
“I’ve made a complete mess of you, baby.”
“Looks like we'll both be on the naughty list this year,” you smirk.
“Doesn’t seem like you’re too upset about that,” Jimin chuckles.
You roll your eyes playfully. “How could I ever be upset when you’ve just filled me with so much cum?”
Jimin looks at the mess he’s made, licking his lips. “You look so fucking good, baby. I’m half tempted to fuck my cum back into you and give you some more.”
“Jimin,” you pant, eyes filled with lust and pussy clenching around nothing. An action Jimin doesn’t miss.
Jimin’s cock is already half-hard, eyes unable to leave the mess he’s made of you.
You spread your legs for him again, pulling him into a deep kiss that ends with your legs wrapped around him, his cock sinking into you once again as your nails dig into his back and he has you crying out his name once again.
Tumblr media
Jimin holds you in his arms once you fall asleep but he finds it impossible for himself to do the same. He gently releases you, careful not to wake you as he pulls the sheets over his bare body.
Jimin sits up, eyes on the bedroom window as he watches the slow fall of the snowflakes.
Last night, or rather this morning, was wonderful! Every touch, every kiss, every moan, was ingrained in his memory. However, he couldn’t help the feeling of dread that filled him once you’d gone to sleep.
You were here for the holidays, and you lived so far away, when would he see you again? Would you even want to try and be with him? Or was this some kind of holiday fling for you? All these thoughts circled in his mind, keeping him awake with a sinking heart. Would he lose you once again?
“Jimin?” He feels your warm touch on his bare skin, rubbing circles on his back.
Jimin looks at you over his shoulder, a tiny smile appearing on his lips when he sees you wrapped in his blanket, your chin resting on his shoulder.
“You’re leaving soon,” Jimin states wryly, ignoring the prick of tears welling in his eyes. He swallows the knot in his throat.
“Actually,” you lick your suddenly dry lips. “I’m moving back home.”
Jimin startles you when he whips around, “really?!”
You giggle, “Yeah! I was going to surprise my mom today with the news.”
“You’re not kidding, right? You’re actually coming back? You and I…” Jimin trails off, suddenly shy.
“You and I can be together and nobody can keep us apart this time, Minie. Nobody’s taking you from me again,” you wrap your arms around him, holding him close as he quietly cries into your chest.
Every worry, every last bit of stress leaves him as you hold him, gently stroking his hair and humming to him softly.
You’re not sure how long you stay in each other’s arms, but eventually, the sun begins to rise and the two of you share kisses while getting dressed. You do your best to fix your ‘thoroughly fucked’ appearance while getting dressed and exchanging kisses with Jimin.
“Your mom’s gonna know we fucked,” he pouts as he grabs Ana’s new bike from his garage. You walk beside him to your house, going through the backyard to get back inside.
“Scared you won’t be the golden one anymore?” You tease with a smirk.
“I was an angel in her eyes, doll. I could do no wrong,” he smiles as you walk into your home, shivering as you lead Jimin to the living room.
“Poor baby,” you pinch his cheek, mocking his expression when he gapes at you.
Jimin sets the bicycle near the Christmas tree, walking over to you once his hands are free. Your breath is caught in your throat when his gaze darkens, a teasing smile on his lips. Without hesitation, Jimin cups your face.
“I’m not the only one who’s been naughty this year, doll. Need I remind you whose cum is stuffed inside that cunt of yours?” Jimin licks his lips as he looks at your hips and you bite your bottom lip, shifting your weight from foot to foot. You suddenly feel hot, your stomach pooling with arousal, and your breathing becomes labored.
Jimin chuckles darkly, kissing your cheek and leaning in to whisper in your ear. “Be a nice girl and maybe I’ll give you some more. It is the season of giving, isn’t it, doll? And we both know I can give and give… and give.”
Jimin steps away from you, smirking when he realizes he’s left you speechless. He looks up, chuckling when he sees mistletoe hanging over your heads.
Just as Jimin is about to kiss you again, the tell-tale sign of tiny feet and paws comes from the hallway. You sit on the couch, grabbing a blanket to pull over yourself as Ana comes barreling in with Ella at her feet.
“It’s Christmas! It’s Christmas!” Ana announces and your mother walks into the living room with a warm smile on her face.
“I’ll get breakfast started and then we can do gifts.” Your mother points a finger at your sister. “And no shaking boxes to find out what the gift is either!”
“Mom!” Ana pouts but your mother is immune and goes on her way to the kitchen. Ana frowns as she sits on the floor, eyes glued to the presents underneath the tree.
“A bike!” Ana exclaims when she sees the purple bike with a little white basket.
Your mother walks in, thanking Jimin as Ana gets on the bike despite all of you protesting. Ana just waves as she rides around the living room with Ella barking before she’s jumping on the couch to avoid getting her paws run over by Ana.
Jimin sits beside you, lacing his hand with yours and Ana looks over with a curious look. You ignore her, deciding to put a movie on while you wait for breakfast, and Jimin curls up to your side underneath your blanket.
Ana decides to leave the two of you alone, Ella going after her in the hopes of getting a treat from her or your mother.
“You know, she’s probably telling your mom about us,” Jimin says, looking at you to gauge your reaction.
“Good, I was planning on telling her anyway,” you grin, pecking his lips. Jimin wraps his arms around you, trying to pay attention to the movie but instead, he dozed off with his head on your chest. You run your fingers through his hair, humming softly to yourself until you eventually fall asleep as well.
When your mother walks into the living room with Ana, they’re both ecstatic to see you asleep in each other’s arms.
“Looks like it worked, Ana,” ’your mother high fives your sister.
“They look so cute together!”
“Come on,” your mother ushers your sister out of the room. “Let’s let them sleep a little bit longer.”
“But my presents,” Ana pouts as she follows your mom back to the kitchen and you stir at the sound of her whiny tone.
At your stirring, Jimin is also roused from his sleep. His eyes are only half-open as he muffled a yawn in the softness of your breasts.
“What’s going on?”
“Nothing, Minie. Just mom and Na,” you whisper, muffling a yawn.
“Oh, we should probably get up then.”
“Na will be fine waiting a few more minutes, besides, you didn’t give me that mistletoe kiss earlier,” you raise a brow at him and Jimin smiles sheepishly.
How about I give it to you now?” Jimin sits up, both his hands cupping your face as his eyes flit to your lips.
Your eyes flutter shut as his plush lips meet yours. Your fingers weave in his hair, deepening the kiss when you feel Jimin’s hands gripping your hips tightly, never wanting to let you go.
You press your foreheads together, shy smiles on your lips as you hold hands in your living room. This may not have been what you were expecting upon coming home, but you wouldn’t trade it for anything else in the world.
“Merry Christmas, Jimin,” you whisper against his lips, tempted to kiss him again. Jimin notes the look in your eyes, already leaning in.
“Merry Christmas, doll. Merry Christmas.”
Tumblr media
© jjungkookislife - I do not allow reposts or translations of my work on any platforms, this includes Youtube. 
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opaljm · 18 days ago
too hot, two handle — new fic announcement!
Tumblr media
➺ pairing(s): jungkook x reader; jimin x reader; jimin x reader x jungkook
➺ genres / tropes: SMUT, humor, blink and you'll miss the angst, college au, casual dating, misunderstandings, basically "John Tucker Must D*e" but less dramatic n more sexy
➺ warnings/content tags: explicit smut, jikook will be fucking her together while wearing the ptd black swan fits
➺ summary: You really thought you knew what you were doing when you were fucking both Jimin and Jungkook without the other one knowing. It's not your fault they were both under the misguided impression that you were exclusive. After all, you had tried your best to remain aloof, play hard to get, and close off any discussions about your relationship status. It seems that you have done too well of a job ensnaring them both because now they both know about the other and they are set out for the most delicious and deviously sexy revenge imaginable. You have no idea what's in store for you.
➺ release date: this fic will be dropping in January 2022 (this was meant to be an end of the year present for you guys but looks like it will be a new year's present instead lol)
(yes i did repost because tumblr tags were broken)
Tumblr media
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jimilter · 5 days ago
captivity (m) | p.jm. | one-shot
Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing: jimin x reader
rating: m (18+)
genre: smut | humor | fluff | slight angst | strangers to lovers!au | mafioso!jimin | kidnapper!jimin 
summary: Maybe you shouldn’t be so attracted to one of your kidnappers and maybe you shouldn’t give in to his advances – but Park Jimin is way too irresistibly sexy and persistent in his pursuit of you for his own good. 
warnings: swearing (lots) + kidnapping + mentions of stockholm syndrome + mentions of weapons (pocket knife, gun) + mentions of dead + familial issues + sexual tension from the get go + seduction + jimin doing pullups shirtless + explicit sexual content (dom!jimin, sub!reader, monster cock!jimin, dirty talk, breast play, spitting, biting, a handful of spanks, rough oral (m), rough sex, unprotected penetrative sex, degradation, choking, overstimulation, forced orgasm, pain kink, size kink, creampie) + questionable psyches + oc is going to the dark side :)
word count: 11.1 k
note: nobody ask me what this is. idfk. i just missed my baby and then i read @untaemedqueen’s mafia jimin series and couldn’t get the idea of him being an irresistible bad guy outta my head. (this doesn’t have any resemblance to the series, tho!) so this is 49% plot and 51% porn. quite possibly the filthiest shit i have ever written. (:
shoutout to my baby naifey @opaljm who basically read this in parts as i was writing and hyped me tf up!!! she’s the reason why i finished this up so soon, guys, i love her! 😭 and to @missgeniality​ who’s the best cheering bestie eveR, even w pieces i send her unprompted, ilysm!!! 🥺❤
hope y’all enjoy my unasked for and unplanned serving of horny word vomit~😔💜
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— support me!
Tumblr media
The group of men that abducts you from outside of your brother's warehouse is bad news by the virtue of it, but you still can't help sighing in relief. You really didn’t wanna be cleaning up your older sibling's puke till midnight after the kind of exhausting day you've had at college today, especially knowing you have a night shift at the mall.
A breathable bag over your head, you are shoved into a van and driven for what feels like hours. The entire ride is dead silent with just a couple of breathing noises surrounding you. You have been sat in the middle of two guys who, surprisingly, are really warm and smell really nice. You nod off on the way.
When you are awoken, a solid chest is against your cheek and your world is moving. Your body tenses up in realization that you are being carried by someone, bridal-style.
Soon after, your butt is deposited in a cushy armchair and the bag is snapped off your head. You blink against the bright light, squinting at the three human figures standing tall above you and – woah, these are some really handsome men.
The one standing in the middle, his face displaying a strong bone structure and toned biceps that flex beneath a skintight t-shirt, has his phone in his hand, calling someone on loudspeaker. Next to him stands a taller, broader guy in a three-piece suit with a face that could rival that of models. The third guy is turned to his side, showing you the most perfect side profile you have ever seen with his crazy proportions consisting of thick thighs and buff arms prominent through even the casual sweatpants and t-shirt he wears.
It’d just be your luck to be taken by the most handsome kidnappers you’ve ever seen in movies and k-dramas. 
The guy on the left turns a bit more, giving you a glimpse of his bubble butt, and you give a weary sigh. Yep. Just your luck.
Suddenly, the ringing sound echoing around you is stopped by your brother's grumbled 'hello' through the speaker. You roll your eyes. If these men think that dumbass is gonna pay off a ransom for you, they're very stupidly mistaken.
"We took your baby sis," the middle guy announces, a fleeting gaze fluttered over your form. “Told you we would, and we did.”
"What? What the fuck?"
Your eyes widen at the aggression in your brother's voice. Does that idiot actually care? You didn't think so.
"If you lay a single finger on her—"
"Hey, hey," the man in the suit interrupts. "We don't hurt women and children, asshole."
You raise an amused brow at the unnatural claim, gaze jumping among the three men. It comes to a rest on the one you are yet to properly see. And kinda really wanna, because the way his shoulders keep rippling with the sighs and scoffs he lets out has you sweating.
"And yet you fucking took her!"
Your dumbass bro's got a point. You narrow your eyes at the man in the middle, as if challenging him to respond.
"We do not hurt women, you fucker," he says with a conviction and you almost believe him.
“Then why the hell have you taken her?”
A loud snort comes from the man you have been waiting to look at, his head tilting up to let his slightly long, blonde hair fall off of his forehead. You notice he has a pocket knife in his hands, and your deranged brain immediately imagines him teasing you with the sharp tip as he cuts your restraints free. 
God. How long has it been since you got laid? 
He takes the phone from his partner's hand, smirking, and finally turns to look at you.
Oh… boy…
The man is so fucking gorgeous, it's insane. Pretty, plump lips, a shapely nose, narrow eyes with brown irises and dark pupils that look at you as if they're uncovering all your deepest, darkest secrets. Just to create more deep, dark secrets with you. You gulp.
His lips part into a rakish grin, making him look a hundred times more attractive. He slowly opens his mouth to tell your brother, "Because we have nothing against fucking them."
Your blood runs cold – and skin turns warm.
Tumblr media
The basic gist of the situation you've gathered in your week-long stay at this three bedroom apartment is that these three men are somewhat of a… crime syndicate? An extension of some mafia? Maybe just a group of goons? Well, they're criminals and your genius brother has taken money from them that he hasn’t returned. So in retaliation, they've decided to insult him by picking up his sister—little, old you, and keep you with one of them as a… mistress? Whore? Fucking sidechick? You’re not sure. No one has fucked you yet. Well, only one of them has been trying.
You've also learnt that the three guys are partners and equals and that they all have their special fields of expertise. The guy in the middle that day, the one who called your brother up, is Hoseok and he's the action taker that deals with all the fighting. The guy in the three-piece suit is Seokjin, the one who handles finances and criminal business deals – whatever they are. And the one that you were… infatuated with that day is Park Jimin—that he graciously introduced himself as with a lingering kiss to the back of your hand, that very day—and he does – well. He does what he is doing to you, right now.
You have to collect drool back in your mouth at the sight of his back muscles as he does pull-ups on the doorway on his way out of your room, dressed only in loose-fitted sweatpants. He had come in, as he does everyday, with an excuse of giving you breakfast – which you haven’t touched, by the way – because he only ever comes in to deliver food. And then just heaved himself onto the top of the doorjamb instead of leaving. Not that you’re complaining. Quite the contrary.
Starved and lust-ridden, your gaze hungrily traces the way a drop of sweat rolls down the cleft running down the middle of his back, over his spinal column, to disappear into the waistband of his pants. That draws your attention to the deep dimples right above his perfectly pert ass that clenches every time he raises up and relaxes into twin, gorgeous globes every time he descends.
God. Your face is so hot, you need some fucking ice.
Too soon for your liking, he jumps back to the ground, shooting a lazy, knowing smirk at you over his shoulder. "Enjoying the free show, babe?"
Yes. So very much.
You force yourself to roll your eyes. "Not your babe, and no."
Jimin releases a loud laugh, his pecs jumping and abs clenching with the effort. The ‘nevermind’ printed across his ribs shifts with the muscles and you salivate instantly, holding yourself back from reaching out and touching this Adonis of a man with much difficulty. 
His sharp jawline taunts you when he tilts his head back to cock a sexy eyebrow at you. "It's so fucking adorable how hard you try to resist. Bet if I put my hand down your pants, it'll come back wet."
Your body jolts at his words – from shock at his brazenness, but also because he is absolutely right. Maybe he should check…
"God, I wish you'd misbehave," he suddenly mutters, eyeing you from under his lashes, and slowly licks his lips. 
You shiver. "Mis–misbehave?"
He rests his bare, muscled shoulder against the doorjamb, leaning sideways with his delicious eight-pack on a tantalizing display. You pussy clenches at the sight.
"Yeah, misbehave. You're in my room, you know?"
You didn't. But looking around at the organized space with minimal human touch, there is no way for someone to guess who lives in the room.
"I have full authority to cuff you to the bed the second you step out of line," he tells you in a whisper, lowly humming as if delighted at the prospect.
You kinda are.
And it is problematic, complicated and confusing the way you're giving into this game of seduction Jimin is playing with you. Because he is literally your captor – there's no way your attraction doesn't have some amount of Stockholm Syndrome to it, but you still can't help it.
You lay back on his bed on your elbows, giving him an eyeful of your bare legs, up to mid-thighs in your shorts. Maybe a glimpse of your ass cheeks too, given how the garment these men have provided you with is loose and does not exactly stick to your legs. Jimin's dark gaze runs down your knees and up to the juncture of your thighs, tongue wetting his lips. One strap of the flimsy top you’re made to wear falls off your shoulder with the jostling, drawing Jimin's attention to your now bare shoulder and the boob that is threatening to spill out, making you giggle at the starved look on his face.
"Oh, so this is funny to you?"
You shrug, more of your boob rising up, to the point where just your nipple stays beneath the cloth, and Jimin bites down hard on his lower lip, biceps flexing with the force he has clenched his fists with. Now you are the one wetting your lips. 
"It's a bit funny," you confess. "Y'all came up with the absolute worst plan to draw out money from my brother."
Sensing the change in your mood, Jimin looks you in the eyes with a frown. "What's that supposed to mean?"
You release your elbows from supporting you, falling on your back as you extend your arms above your head to play with your hair, and stare at the ceiling.
"Well. Removing me from his life is basically rewarding him with something he has always wanted but couldn't get," you tell Jimin, raising your head to look at him from between your legs.
Hm. He does look good there. Maybe you should test out how he'd look up close…
As if hearing your thoughts, he steps into the room. For the first time with you in it and not with the excuse to deliver food. You immediately gulp when he locks the door behind him, his powerful muscles' closeness suddenly making you breathe harder – and damn, those pecs look so fucking huge when he's hovering over your body—
Holy fuck, when did he crawl on top of you?!
Probably when you were busy daydreaming about him between your legs.
Tearing your gaze off his chest to look at his face, you gasp when you find it clouded with lust, his own eyes fixed on the peaks of your nipples pushing through your top.
"I was trying to be respectful," Jimin murmurs, his low tenor vibrating down to your cunt, spasming it to release more juices. "But you seem to have forgotten that you're in my captivity."
Your chest heaves up and down, coming close to brushing against his own that is deliciously gleaming with sweat from his impromptu workout. One of his hands stays braced next to your face while the other boldly grabs the neckline of your top and tugs it down, exposing your naked boob to his hungry gaze.
"Jimin!" you gasp, trying your very best to bring forth some sort of, any sort of fear or disgust or irritation to put into words and stop him – but all you can come up with is want, asking you to pull him closer and put his skin on yours.
"So fucking sexy, fuck," comes a hiss through his parted lips and clenched teeth, fingers tightening their grip on your top and knuckles brushing your stomach in the process.
A whimper tumbles out of you at the sensation, summoning Jimin's dilated pupils to connect with yours. He looks a little surprised and a whole lot amused.
"What was that, baby?" he teases in a whisper, leaning his face down to breathe directly onto your quivering lips. "Didn't hear ya. Can you say it again?"
When you stay a taut bowstring beneath him, bursting with desire but too proud to admit it, he flashes you a sexy smirk and moves his mouth to hover above your very hard nipple. Barely two inches from the bud, he rounds his lips into an o-shape, eyes flicking down to your boob for a second before connecting mischievously with yours again.
"J–J–Jimin, what—"
He blows out a stream of air, bathing your nipple in an icy cold sensation.
"What—fuck!" comes your incoherent gasp, useless hands finally able to run up to grip onto him, fingers running through his long, shaggy hair to fasten onto his head.
He dissolves into chuckles, his forehead leant sideways, resting against your chin.
Now. Your intent when you held his head was to push him away. But the feel of his silky tresses accompanied by his husky laugh and the arousal coating your pussy? It disposes your braincells off and causes you to tug his face up to pull his lips down to fasten over yours, swallowing his receding chuckles and an initial hum of surprise.
His response is immediate and electric, thick lips folding over yours in a searing kiss that arches your back off of the mattress. Vascular, ringed hands grip onto your thighs to slot his toned body against you properly and his teeth nibble into your bottom lip with no care in the world.
God, he’s really fucking hot – no, like, literally hot, your colder skin sizzles everywhere it touches his overheated one, and yet your hands cannot stop journeying up and down his muscular back. Or his ass. His ass, damn. The tight glute muscles feel so firm, they make you wanna dig your teeth into them. You suffice by using your nails, though, digging your teeth into what you currently can, which just so happens to be his tongue sweeping through your mouth. He groans into you, removing his hands from your thighs to grip your top in tight fists, tugging it up, up and off your boobs while you suck on his tongue. And then he paws at your mounds, squeezing them roughly with both his palms, making room for his arms between your bodies by curving his torso off of you with his amazing core strength – that makes your pussy clench in anticipation of what kinda wreckage his dick is capable of causing in you.
This man is filthy, lewd and overwhelming – and yet you can’t get enough.
He suddenly tears his mouth out of your grasp with a force, surging up to kneel between your legs, leaving you breathless as he molds your breasts between his hands. 
“Such a fucking tease,” he growls on top of you, chest glistening with sweat and heaving up and down deliciously. A drop trails down his side, highlighting his tattoo, and suddenly you just wanna lick his whole torso. “You thought I wouldn’t touch you? When you’ve been panting for it?”
Taking one hand off of your boob, he slaps the rounded flesh. 
“Ah! What the fuck?” You gasp in surprise – more from the unexpected nature of the act than pain, because there isn't any, just more arousal gushing out of you.
"Yeah, don't pretend you didn't just clench." 
No, how the fuck does this guy know your bodily reactions so well within fifteen minutes of touching you for the first time? It doesn't make sense, but it does make you insanely horny.
“Would have picked you up sooner if I knew that asshole had such a slutty fucking sister,” Jimin grumbles, not even looking at your face that gets washed with annoyance at his comment, too occupied with pushing your boobs together with a crazed stare. “These tits, fuck. Wanna just—” He cuts himself off to push one of your peaks into his mouth.
And damn, you wish you could complain, but his tongue is so fucking skilled, it spins around your pointed nipple furiously and sends every sensation straight down to your pussy. The tight suction he has on your boob doesn’t lessen either, pushing more and more of your mound into the warm cavern until he has your bud against the roof of his mouth and teeth digging into your skin. The combination of pleasure and pain battles in you, whimpers and little screams escaping as you wriggle under him.
“Jim…Jimin… I – ah – please, I – shit!”
Speech is a lost cause for you, and going by the way he hums, Jimin cannot be more amused. His lips leave your bruised tit to move to the other, mirthy eyes connected with yours as the flat of his tongue slides out of his mouth to press against your neglected nipple and roll it in circular motions.
Your eyes roll back in similar circular motions, fingers tightly fisting on his back, legs wrapping around his waist. His nasally laughter reaches you through the fog of lust and some part of you reminds you to reprimand him for laughing, but his other hand has started to trail down your body and you don’t wanna risk it before he has touched your pussy.
When his head finally lifts from your chest, the lock your arms have made over his back breaks and your eyes peel open. You gulp in huge breaths of relief, trying your best to collect yourself, but these damn sparks of pleasure keep running up and down your spine and you just can't fucking concentrate.
An amused smirk on those sinful lips greets you. “Shall I test my theory?”
Brain fuzzy and thoughts haywire, you give him an owlish blink, belatedly thinking that this man is capable of bringing you to an orgasm just by suckling your boobs. The thought makes you shudder but also worries you because he is not the right kind of guy to be hanging around, and what the fuck will you do if you get addicted to him?
Low chuckles break your daydreams again, Jimin reaching up to grip at your jaw with a hand, fingers and thumb digging into either of your cheeks, making your lips puff out like a fish. “I’m trying to ask you if I’m good to touch that needy little pussy and see how wet you are for me, baby… can you snap out of your horny daze to give me consent?”
And snap out you do, cheeks burning with embarrassment when his question settles in your brain. You grunt, slapping away his wrist, and narrow your eyes. “Who’s to say I’m wet at all?”
The way he wordlessly arches his eyebrows up into perfect semi-circles in absolute amusement, as if he sees through every front you try to put up before him, makes you wanna cover up and roll away from his body. But then he pushes his hips against you and the feel of his monstrous cock freezes you in place.
“Is that the loch ness monster in your pocket or are you happy to see me naked?” you can’t help making a lame joke to divert his attention from the way you feel your eyes dilate.
“Of course I am happy to see you naked, baby, but I can’t lie to you about the monster in my pants." He doesn’t take the bait, leaning down to press a short kiss to your lips. "And it kinda wants to be swallowed by this pretty, dainty throat…”
His ringed fingers map said throat, making you hiss with the contrast between his burning skin and the jewelry's freezing metal.
And your heart jumps at the way he is subtly asking for your consent again with the questioning look his eyes hold. This guy is supposed to be your kidnapper? You can’t remember the last time a man that you were underneath bothered to communicate with you half the amount that Jimin is.
“Yes, Jimin,” you murmur with a smile, fingers trailing through his light blonde hair. “Please touch my needy little pussy and fuck my throat with your monster cock.”
He hisses a breath through his teeth, eyes shut and brows furrowed in what looks like pain, and you bite your lip in excitement. You barely have time to do much else, though, because he is up and straddling your face immediately, tugging his jeans down with hurried hands.
Your throat goes dry when you discover he is bare underneath the denim, foregone underwear like the sexy menace he is. His length is hard, thick and so fucking long, you fear for your tonsils. Not to mention the gorgeous curve that is making you wanna do this with your head upside down to keep your airway free.
"Y–you're too huge," your stuttering stating of the fact comes unnecessarily due to your nerves.
In a rare show of modesty, Jimin gives a low chuckle and rolls his eyes. "Or maybe you're just too tiny."
You're not too tiny, he's gigantic. An actual health hazard for any of your holes. But he's also veiny and girthy and making you salivate, so you open your mouth for him when he tugs at his cock, letting a drop of precum bead at the slit until it's voluminous enough to drop onto your tongue.
Salty, musky flavors explode on your tastebuds.
"Stay open," Jimin grunts when you're about to shut your mouth to swallow, and leans down at an unnatural angle that shouldn't be possible for normal humans, to line up his lips over yours. 
He looks into your eyes and spits in your gaping mouth. 
"Now swallow."
Your body shakes with explosive need as you roll the precum and his spit over your tongue and let it slide down your throat, slow as molasses. Jimin's eyes stay fastened to first your lips and then your throat as it moves, his teeth marking a dent in his plump lower lip.
"Good girl." He gives your cheek a pat, to praise or to ask you to open up again you're not sure, but you do it anyway.
"Let – let me relax my throat first, and then you can fuck it, yeah?" 
Jimin's tongue swipes his lips, head moving in a single nod. "Tap my stomach when you're there, tap my thigh if it's too much."
And then he closes the distance. The thick, bulbous head of his cock slides through your lips to rest against your tongue, your breathing kicking up in vibrations as it turns into a moan every time you exhale. And you exhale a lot because just as you feared, he poses a real danger of choking you with dick and not just metaphorically. 
"Take it in, what the fuck are you waiting for?" Jimin makes a sound of impatience, but his fingers move in a contrasting gesture, removing flyaway hair from your forehead. 
Your eyes run up his body, over his rippling abdominal and pectoral muscles, past his dusky nipples, up his chiseled jaw, plump lips and gorgeous nose – to connect with the vast pupils that have overtaken his pretty brown irises. His lids are lowered and he isn't blinking.
"Move, bitch."
Fuck fuck fuck fuck.
The bitch in you jumps into action at her calling, hands thrown against the headboard for support, and you unhinge your jaw and loosen up your throat to your best ability. His dick deserves the best of you, you'll take your chances holding your breath.
Your mouth's wetness and your hollowed cheeks suck him in, tip meeting the back of your throat with a single surge and yet your lips are still far from the base. You decide to make do with whatever you have in your mouth, running your tongue over the taut, velvety skin, feeling his veins bulge and dick harden further, and your eyes droop shut as you lose yourself in the murky scent of sex that envelops your senses. 
Head bobbing up and down with leverage from the push your hands provide, you moan around Jimin when his whispery gasps start to meet your ears. 
He likes this. But you want to ruin him for every other mouth in the world.
So you up your game, forcing your eyes open even as tears trail down your cheeks, and look into his slitted ones, now moving your head with as much vigor as you can, trying to push the wide, mushroom head of him into your throat. It makes you gag, cuts off your breathing twice, but you are able to relax your throat enough to finally take him all the way in so that your nose can rest against his pelvis. 
“Fuck yeah,” he sighs, eyes shut and head thrown back. “Just like that…”
The satisfaction resonates with you and you let go of the headboard with one hand to reach up, ignoring how shaky it is, and tap it against his clenched abs. His bleary eyes look down at the appendage and then at your face.
"You're—you're insane.” The praise comes throatily, his hips beginning to stutter from their stationary state.
Before you can position your hand back at the headboard, Jimin takes it in his and grabs the other too, pinning them both with his palms, just a little above where he’s planted his knees next to your shoulders. Your jaw aches and saliva runs down the edges of your mouth as the pistoning of his hips gains momentum, knocking your head back into the pillow with every stroke. You heave in breaths through your nose, needing something to hold onto, but because his palms are all your hands can reach, you fold your fingers over them.
Jimin curses low in his throat, letting shouts of your name fall from his lips without any care, and his hands drag yours up against the wall above the headboard, your arms straightened and pulled at. He gets wilder, growling as he fucks your throat raw.
“Such a wet,” he spits out, jaw clenched and teeth barred as he looks down at you, “warm and hot… fucking mouth…”
His cock is now sliding through your throat with every stroke and you’re gagging constantly, but Jimin seems to enjoy it because his hungry stare is stuck to the streaks of tears and spit on your face. It is a bit too much – you’ve never had such a huge cock in your mouth, let alone one that can fuck your throat for as long as he has been without exploding, but you still don’t want to tap out. You can take it. You want to take it.
Jimin suddenly thrusts as far as he can, stilling his hips and dropping his mouth in a whiny, nasal moan. “Fuck, baby,” he cries out, “I’ve never ever felt a throat so tight and so so fucking giving… You’re unreal, fuck…
Your breathing supply has been cut off, tears pooling and spilling out of your eyes non-stop, and your gag reflex has hit its limit. Nervousness surmounting, you wonder if you’re about to die or throw up on his dick. Well. There sure are worse ways to go than death by choking on Park Jimin’s humongous cock.
That doesn’t happen, though, because quick as lightning, Jimin pulls out of your mouth and sits on your thighs, at the same time pulling at your hands which he is still holding to help you sit up. You are lightheaded, very close to nauseous and unable to see clearly due to all the tears – and yet your pussy throbs with need, most definitely leaking enough juices to stain the bed-sheets through your double clothing layers.
“You did so fucking good, baby, holy shit,” Jimin whispers, overlooking the way his still rock hard dick presses between your bodies as he hugs your face to his chest, an arm looped around your waist and a hand stroking your hair. “That mouth is dangerous. And that throat? Fucking swallowed my dick whole, shit…”
You give a watery chuckle, sniffing because of your runny nose and tears. Jimin pulls back to wipe at your face with the base of his palm, lip tucked between his teeth and eyes burning a scorching trail wherever they travel. He wordlessly lifts the remnants of your top off of you and cups a palm over one of your boobs.
"Would've made you swallow but couldn’t have you dying on me before I’ve felt your cunt,” he informs you with such a serious face that you gape in confusion for a few seconds before your brain catches up that it's a joke. Jimin smirks at you, sin-incarnated, and teases you with a, “Brain moving a bit slow, babe?”
You’d like to tell him that you wouldn’t have died but you don't wanna be a hypocrite because you were literally considering how honorable death by choking on his dick would be. So you just roll your eyes and let him have all the chuckles he wants; they only make you hornier by their low-pitch husk and the way Jimin looks so fucking smug at having reduced your brain capacity to solitary cells.
“Are you wet?”
A loud snort leaves you. “What happened to checking?” 
Ew. Your voice sounds nasally and choked as if you’re suffering from a bad flu.
Jimin doesn’t seem to care, scoffing and laying you back down. “You okay to lie down? Any dizziness?”
You smile and shake your head, feeling absolutely fine – if a bit endeared by his thoughtfulness – despite having just experienced the roughest blowjob of your life. His cheek ticks up in a smirk, a hand wrapping around his very wet and so very erect cock, giving its beautiful length a few leisurely strokes while you undo the drawstrings of your shorts and lift your hips to kick them past your ass along with your underwear.
“This was a good purchase by Hoseok hyung, by the way,” he comments, dangling your cami top from the edge of a finger. “Gotta ask him for more of these."
With a roll of your eyes, you gesture towards the clothes stuck near your calves, asking for his help. He tosses your top aside to wrap a hand through the hem of your shorts and underwear and pull them off you. Your legs fall open, and Jimin’s instantaneous deep, lustful groan at the sight has your mouth running dry.
“You’ve made a mess, sweetheart, and it’s running down your ass,” he mumbles, stepping closer to you on his knees. 
And he looks so fucking sexy like this, hair a darker shade of gold, sweat slicked and swiped away from his face because his hand cannot help but rake through them every minute, body tinged with a soft shade of red that makes his golden skin glow with the flush, and cock standing ready to aquaint itself with your pussy and rearrange your guts. Because it sure as heck will. He’s too fucking big. Or maybe you are too tiny. You don’t fucking know, but you do know that you might not come out of this alive, especially when the feel of his fingers running over and through your pussy lips has you jumping and shuddering, already.
He notices, of course he does, he’s way too tuned-in to you; you didn't know guys were capable of such attention, you’re gonna have to suck him off again someday just to reward him for his attentiveness alone. Breathily chuckling, he cocks as eyebrow as his index and middle fingers part your pussy.
At your hiss, he hums in amusement. “Sensitive already?” 
You shake your head. “J–just…”
Just what? You can’t take him? Sure you can. And you want to, really bad.
So you roll your shoulders back and level him with whatever meek variety of smirk your tired facial muscles can muster. “Just very needy,” you teasingly amend. “Need you to fuck me like you mean it, Park.”
Jimin’s eyes become overcast with a thunderstorm. “With pleasure and pain, baby.”
He pulls his hand away from your pussy to pop those fingers into his mouth, shutting his eyes and humming as he licks them clean. Your clench around nothing, a small whimper escaping your throat.
“Mm, patience, baby,” he chastises you, lining himself up with your thoroughly coated entrance. “Ready?”
At your breathless nod, he shakes his head.
“Absolutely sure?”
“For fuck’s sake, Jimin, just—what the fucking hell!”
He plunges in with a singular, deep stroke, reaching what feels like your diaphragm – but, like no, obviously, because biology – and then stills. 
You’re wide eyed and wide mouthed, and this fucker just smiles at you, eyes barely open and lashes fluttering. “Yeah, sorry, but going in little by little would have been more painful…”
“Who the fuck,” you hiss, “told you that? What kind of girls have you been sleeping with? Jimin, this is—oh fuck!”
He has only slid an inch out and back but your body is vibrating already. He’s had you on the edge for nearly two hours – well, a week, really, but two hours since he got to your room, shirtless, and did those pull ups that had you drowning in your own drool. So you should’ve seen this coming. But you didn’t and now you feel like the slightest feathering of air on your clit will make you explode.
Jimin probably realizes that too, looping his arm around your thigh to open you wider so he can plunge deeper. Your chest arches skywards, a helpless cry of his name escaping you, and your eyes fall shut when he sets a rhythm, rubbing harder against that one spot in you which he was already meeting with his shallow thrusts. A hand claws at his forearm and the other tugs at his hair, your muscles quivering at the onslaught of sensations.
"Fuck, look at you shake like a fucking leaf," Jimin grunts, the amusement of his tone absent from his face which is actually twisted into the most erotic sight you've ever seen. "Never had a cock this thick fuck you open, baby?"
Well, basically… yeah.
Never ever in your life have you been stuffed so fucking full like this. If you weren't literally dripping with arousal, you bet this stretch would even feel painful because it's pretty much on the borderline right now. But the needle tips towards the pleasure end with every knock of his cock against your bundle of nerves, and as you bounce on the bed and the headboard thumps against the wall with every move, you can feel tendrils of your climax spreading through the nerve endings on your skin, originating at different points but sending jolts straight to where Jimin is working his magnificent cock into you.
“Fuck, fuck, I’m so fucking close, Jimin, I… f–f–f–ugh… Ji… ah! Shi—ugh, shit! Jimin!” 
Hips rolling fluidly into yours, Jimin answers all your screams with firmer thrusts against the very spot that breaks your whines into screams of his name, grunting praises with every move.
"You're taking me so good, baby, fuck… The tightest pussy I've ever fucked… the wettest…"
"S–s–so wet for you, Jimin," your shaky whimper floats out of you. "Only for you… never been so wet…"
"Of course you haven't, sweetheart… This is just for my cock, isn't it?"
"Yes, yes, yes, fuck!" Your head nods, vigorous and eager, and teeth tear at the skin of your bottom lip. You try to open your eyes but it's a lost cause because you're losing control over your entire body. "Just for your cock! Your big, fat cock, Jimin! I love your cock!"
Jimin's response comes in the form of folding you in half as he leans down to push his lips into the crook of your neck, tongue licking fiery paths over your delicate skin until his teeth clamp down on it.
"Jimin!" you screech with abandon, out of your mind with pain mingled pleasure with the way he massages your skin with his teeth while his hips stay relentless.
"Your skin is so fucking delicious, what the fuck are you made of?" he hisses into your ear almost angrily, engulfing the cartilage the next moment and screams tear out of you. "Yeah, scream for me, baby, you're so fucking amazing, shit…"
Jimin's assault on your neck doesn't stop, teeth biting and lips sucking, even when you reach your tipping point – without having your clit touched, for the first time in your life, ever – and your nails lodge themselves into the back of his neck as your body lifts off the bed to almost lock around his own. Your pussy convulses around him, your orgasm slamming into you in record time as you gasp and shudder your way through Jimin's slowed but steady thrusts while your vision stays blank and white noise buzzes in your ears.
"...need to stop, right?"
Wait, is he talking to you? 
You open your eyes with a frown to find Jimin looking at you with an impressed smile, both your legs now framing his waist. 
He chuckles, leaning in to kiss your cheek that you now realize is wet with tears you didn't even know you released. "I said, you'd tell me if you need to stop, won't you?"
You shake your head and his eyes grow concerned. "No, wait! I – I mean, yeah… But I don't wanna stop. Wanna feel you fuck me full of your cum, Jimin…"
His lips part, very slowly, and hips gain pace. Expression flitting between wonder and humor, he nods, lips slowly spreading into a sultry smile. 
"I should've known… Baby wants to be my little cumslut, yeah?" 
And that is the last warning you get – not even a second’s breather to even finish your gasp, let alone a moment to react further than the involuntary reddening of your cheeks – before Jimin is fucking you like a man on a mission, dragging his cock in and out of your cunt at a blurring pace, hands braced next to your head. Your body jostles so hard, you worry he’s gonna break the bed with the force, but he doesn’t seem to care about anything but his singular goal of coming deep inside of you.
You tighten your legs around him, a little to feel more of his skin on you, but mostly to hold onto something because this man is rocking your world in the very literal sense. His eyes stay on yours the entire time, shifting this whole thing from lewd and dirty to strangely intimate – especially when he fills you up to the hilt and grinds his pelvis against yours with a wink and you’re prompted to punch a fist into his rock hard chest. It feels playful and light, everything that you’ve known Jimin and sex with Jimin to not be, so far. 
He captures your punching hand to pin it next to your head, leaning his face down to plant wet kisses all over your heaving breasts that are now covered in a sheen of sweat. You scratch at his back when he bites your nipple, whimpering at the way your pussy gives a flutter that it typically shouldn’t be capable of.
Jimin’s face scrunches up at the movement, eyes snapping to the point where you’re joined at. “Did you – did you just clench?”
It’s not you, it’s your cunt that apparently has more to give that you weren’t aware of, and Jimin just groans when you look at him with clueless eyes.
“Where the fuck have you been all my life?” he laughs into your neck, leaving a bite each on your collar bones before sponging kisses on his way down to your nipples. “C’mon, gimme one more…”
You flinch at the thought, whimpering at the feel of his plump lips suckling your tit added onto the delicious pressure against your g-spot, but you know it’s gonna start burning soon if Jimin doesn’t finish – and he’ll definitely prolong to make you come.
He suddenly growls against your boob. “What the fuck do you keep thinking about?”
Your eyes widen at the sudden determination on his face, almost yelping when he snakes a hand down to flit his fingers over your sensitive, soaked and still needy clit.
“Gimme one more, c’mon.” He pats at your thighs and you unlock them, watching him, dumbstruck, as he pulls out of you – both of you gasping when you disconnect – and skims a hand around your waist to lift you up from the bed, bringing you nose to nose with him. “Turn over for me?”
He says it so softly, you think you’d let him fuck you for another hour if this is how he asks for it, but the act is contrasted by the way he suddenly takes you into a bruising kiss, biting your lips, licking into your mouth, sucking on your tongue. His hands race down your back to make you rise to your knees in front of him, one palm cradling your jaw and the other squeezing at your asscheek before he lets go for a second and spanks it hard.
“Ah!” you pull away with a yelp, eyes full of betrayal, but cannot protest further when he turns you over and bends you, tugging your ass to his hips to smack a hand against the other cheek. “Jimin!”
“Nah, not on me, your ass was asking for it.” He is so casual, it angers and arouses you at the same time. And then his cock is spreading your pussy lips. “I’ll go bit by bit this time, yeah?”
You nod into the pillow, shutting your eyes because somehow he feels bigger and longer like this, but the slow proceeding at least gives you the time to recall how full you were before he had pulled out, and so you relax all your muscles for him to let the head of his huge cock nestle comfortably against your deepest spot.
“Look at this pussy suck me right in,” he groans, squeezing your ass with both his hands and using this as leverage to pull your body over and off his cock, picking up a rolling motion that has you screaming immediately. “Ooh, you like that? Fuck yeah, you should. Gonna fuck you up so good, you won’t walk for a week…”
Yeah, he might not be exaggerating.
Pleasure accumulates in you at an embarrassingly fast pace, making you clench your eyes and teeth and fists as you try to hold back from exploding on his length again like a slut, but he isn’t having any of that.
“I said I want one more from you,” he grits out, lifting you up with a veiny arm wrapped around your shoulders to press the tight planes of his abs against your back, hips never ceasing. “You really gonna challenge me like that? Holding yourself back?"
You pant, shaking your head. “I – I c–c–can’t, Jimin, I—”
“Can’t or won’t?” he breathes into your ear, stunning you by his accurate read of you for a moment which he uses to bring his other hand to squeeze at your boob, flicking a nail against your swollen nipple before raking all his nails down your body to your core, where his hand parts from you – only to come back as a slap directly over your clit. “Come for me, you fucking cockslut!”
And you do. Blinding white light exploding behind your eyelids and every knot in your body suddenly loosened, you thrash in his arms, hiccupping through your release without getting a single coherent word out. But he holds you still, hushing you with sweet praises whispered into your cheek while the hand that slapped your clit rubs soothing circles into your hips. His thrusts slow down, feeling almost comforting when your pussy finally stops fluttering.
“So good for me, baby, you’re so fucking amazing,” he breathes into your neck, pressing kisses all over your sweat soaked skin. “Just relax for me, yeah? And maybe I'll eat you out, soon, too, okay? Good girl…”
Your muscles spasm and twitch, energy completely drained and brain close to shutting down. You rest your arms on his thighs to ground yourself, panting shakily. It feels like you’re about to collapse, but you’re waiting for him to come – needing him to come for you, for some reason – so you collect your strength and clench your walls around him.
Jimin’s gasp is immediate, the hand he has at your hips clenches and the forearm around your shoulder slides down, scraping over the sensitive peaks of your boobs that makes you whimper, and tightens just beneath the pair. His cheek brushes yours, eyes looking down at the deep cleavage he has created by bunching your globes so tightly up together, and he lets out a tiny moan, pounding into you, rough and hard.
It doesn’t take long for him to reach the finish line and it doesn’t take long for you to catch it when his breathing turns whiny next to your ear. You take your hands off his thighs to place one of them on his forearm beneath your tits and the other other arm bends over your head to card through his hair and grip onto his roots.
“Fuck, pull at it, babe,” he rasps, scraping his teeth over the nape of your neck, and you pull at his hair on his request.
He groans, dick pulsing and hips faltering, and presses his forehead against your shoulder.
“I’m – I’m – I’m gonna—fuck, I’m coming, baby, I’m—holy shit!” he draws out in a groan, hips sealed to yours and body moving in thrusts to empty his warm release in you.
There's a lot of it, some dripping down your thighs even with his dick plugging you up. And you moan at the feeling even though you’re very close to completely collapsing from exhaustion.
As soon as his grip goes slack, you fall forward on the mattress, bringing him on top of you. Jimin is quick to pull out and roll off your back to lie on his own next to you, but you stay face-planted and realize you didn't actually mind the way his weight was crushing you into the mattress.
His face comes close to yours and his lips seem to be moving, but your eyelids droop, and you drop into unconsciousness before you can decipher anything.
Tumblr media
When your brain finally decides to wander back to the world of living, your ears register a soft chuckle before your eyes can flutter open.
Jimin lays next to you on his side, face levitated on a hand as he watches you with a grin.
"Welcome back, sweetheart."
You roll your eyes, scoffing lightly, but the sound ends in a wince when you try to shift your legs and find yourself to be immensely sore and sensitive. He has thrown fresh covers on top of you but you're still naked, while Jimin's lower body has been covered.
You look at him with narrowed eyes. "Were you watching me sleep, you creep?"
"Well, I had to make sure you were just asleep and not concussed."
Groaning at his cocky smirk, you turn to your side to face him, wincing the entire time because of how much pain every part of your body is in. Even the bites this beast left on your neck hurt like a bitch. Looking at him now, though, with his cheeks pink and eyes flashing with worry every time you flinch in discomfort, he looks nothing like the man who just ravaged you whole. 
Without thinking much of it, you reach up with a hand to tuck a strand of his golden hair away from curtaining his eyes. But when you freeze in realization of how intimate the action is, he sighs with a small curve to his lips, stopping your hand from snapping away by entwining his fingers with yours.
Your heart beats loud in your ears, eyes wide and scared as you look at both of your hands and how well they fit together. His warm fingers and cold rings are in contrast, as always, but the heat of his palm against your chilly one feels like a warm hug you haven't experienced in a long, long time.
While you're still lost in a world which you really don’t wanna be in because it scares and confuses you, Jimin clears his throat.
"Can I – can I ask you something?"
If the stutter in his usually flamboyant attitude isn't strange enough, his eyes are full of this hesitation that is absolutely unlike the man you've known for a week. You still hum out your acquiescence, too many thoughts piled high in your mind to properly answer with words.
He accepts it, nodding with an exhale. "Why did you let me fuck you?
Your eyes jump wide, both at the direct words and also the very question. Because wasn't he seducing you for this exact reason, the entire time?
"Jimin," you mumble, looking down at his strong chest to avoid his gentle gaze, "you've literally been trying to get into my pants, non-stop. You're hot as fuck and you know it, I was gonna give in sooner or later."
"Mm hm, but why later and not sooner?"
You look at him with a frown. "What?"
"You've been eye-fucking me the first time I brought you breakfast in without a shirt on, baby." The confidence in his voice makes your cheeks fill with warmth. He gives a laugh. "Yeah, I noticed. So… Why resist for a week and then suddenly give in?"
Biting down on your lip, you shrug your shoulders. "I think it was just natural progression…"
"You sure? It doesn't have anything to do with your brother?”
Your glare is sharp. “We have our problems, but if you’re trying to imply I have the sibling version of daddy issues, Jimin, I swear—”
His shocked laughter cuts you off, arm unfolding from under his head as he falls on your pillow, face inches from your own and other hand touching your hair just as delicately as you’d touched his. 
“No, baby,” he tells you with receding giggles. “You said something about how us taking you was a bad plan to blackmail your brother.” Jimin’s voice is soft, almost soothing. “And that you think he wants you gone?”
“I said it’s the worst,” you correct him, opening your eyes to look at Jimin’s beautiful face. “Which it is. Two reasons. One, he couldn’t give two shits about me. And two, he doesn’t actually have any money to exchange me for even if he did care.”
“But that automobile repair shop in the warehouse…?” 
“Yeah, he began sending customers away, like, three years ago. Decided he’d much rather spend his days drowning in beer and burning whatever my part-timing as a cashier brought in. The only money in that house is in a box, stowed away in a not so secret spot in my room that he’s probably gonna find out.” You snort but there’s no humor to it. “He’s probably already forgotten about me. Will only remember when he’s spent the last penny and there’s no one he can beg for more…”
Everything goes silent after your little monolog, not even Jimin’s previously deep breathing meeting your ears. You see why when you look at him and find his face shrouded with a rage that you yourself have stopped feeling for your brother, having become numb towards his attitude.
You don’t know what comes over you, but something pushes you to close the distance between you and Jimin. You press your lips against his in a soft kiss, letting go of his hand to move your palm to locate his jumping heart. 
“Jimin?” you brush against his lips when he doesn’t respond to either your words or your kiss.
He breathes out a heavy sigh, then, shutting his eyes. “So… it's been a week since you've been here and he hasn't done a thing about it. You gave in to me because you lost hope?”
The truth of your brother not giving a shit shoots at you like an arrow, but you have never been one to live with delusions. Or lie to yourself. So you shut your eyes and exhale, just as Jimin had, letting his wayward fingers on your scalp give you faux comfort.
"I don't know," you say in answer to his question, suddenly chuckling. “But what was your plan in this?” He gives you a genuinely clueless look and you roll your eyes. “You guys took me in to fuck me – you did, so now what? Do the others get a go, or…?"
Jimin’s eyes look ready to pop out of their sockets. “H–hey! No one else is touching you, what the fuck? This wasn’t… planned! We didn't take you in to fuck you!"
“Could’ve fooled me.” You squint at him when he groans.
“It wasn’t like that, come on! I was…” A hand is raked through his hair with a frustrated huff. “I was supposed to just seduce you. As a means of insulting your brother. I wasn't meant to – to actually fuck you.”
You raise your eyebrows in disbelief. “Kinda felt like you meant it when you had your dick in me.”
“Well, you did ask me to fuck you like I meant it, so.” 
Jimin’s teasing smile doesn’t stay for long, a somber expression befalling his face. Your stomach dips with nerves at his straight brows, clouded eyes and pursed lips. 
“But I wasn’t supposed to do it. And I'd have a hell lot of explaining to do to my partners for going off plan. There’s just something… something about you that makes me lose my mind, you know? You've been doing it since I carried you in my arms with that bag on your face." He looks at you as if he’s trying to look through you and you fidget in place. “It’s weird and confusing but I just…” He licks his lips and shakes his head, troubled gaze looking away from yours. “I want to kill your brother for treating you like shit. And I never like violence.”
Mouth open and the rest of your body frozen, you just stare at Jimin. “Wh… what?”
“I don’t know, okay? I was trying to figure out what was going on in my head but then you decided to swallow my dick like your life depended on it, so I’m practically in love at this point!”
You burst out into laughter at the frustration on his face, and he scowls at you.
“Hey! I’m tryna figure things out, okay?”
The truth is, you actually get it more than you probably should. “You know what? Just as you said, it’s weird and confusing, and I keep thinking if it’s too early for Stockholm Syndrome, but something about you that makes me lose my mind a bit, too. I mean, I keep getting these soft thoughts about you, caressing your hair and wanting to kiss your cheek when you literally just fucked my soul out of me. What the hell, right?”
He looks shocked but fond, shaking his head in wonder. “I tell you I might be in love with your throat and you tell me you’re in love with my dick. We’re the definition of romance, baby.”
A snort escapes you at his wiggling eyebrows, but you’re quick to sober up as you try to make sense of what is going on. “So basically, do you mean to tell me… you don’t normally have sex with the people you bring in?”
“Wh—the people?” Jimin gapes at you, sitting up and saying your name in disbelief. “We’re not compulsive kidnappers! We don’t ‘bring’ people in on the regular!”
Sitting up along with him, you wrap the covers around your body and twist your legs to a side. “Then who are you, exactly?”
He sighs, long and deep, and lays back on the bed, tugging at your hand to nestle your body into his side, your head resting on his thick bicep. “It’s kinda complicated…”
“Well. My mind keeps switching between thugs and mafia, but given the shabby-ass apartment y’all live in, it’s probably something that doesn’t pay well.”
“Hey! I tell you I'm soft for you, and you come at me with a loaded gun of insults?” He playfully nips at your chin, a hand reaching into the covers to tap at your butt, and you’re instantly serious, looking up at him with huge eyes. “See, isn’t this better? Good girl.” He kisses you softly. “We are, what you would call, brokers.”
“Yeah… for the mafia.”
You stiffen, leaning away to stare at him with wide eyes, lips parting to whisper a timid, “For real?”
Rolling his eyes, Jimin pulls you to him again. “Yeah. We look for shipments, pass out information, and arrange meetings between different criminal organizations.”
“So… you’re, lke, mediators?”
“You can say that.”
“Wow,” you breathe out, wondering how you went from stifling your anger at careless customers at the cash counter  – to getting the best dicking down of your life and sharing a heart to heart with a guy that deals with criminal organizations, all under a week.
You gotta thank your brother for… whatever he did to these guys. You pause to frown at the thought.
"Wait, so from all your hushed conversations that are not so hushed, I gathered that my dumbass brother owes y'all money." You reiterate and Jimin nods. "How? Do you guys give loans?"
Jimin bites his lip. "Well… kinda. Yeah."
"So you have enough money to give out loans but not enough to move into a decent apartment?" You suddenly gasp, leaning closer to him and widening your eyes to conspiratorially whisper, "Do you have a stash of gold saved in a boiler room beneath this building that you've acquired from a Chinese businessman who is now dead? Is that why you live here?"
"Um, no. This isn't Vincenzo. And do not comment on the apartment again, I picked it!" He glares at you when your gaze has moved to the tattered looking curtains hanging over a window, and you guiltily grin. "We live here to keep a low profile."
"But what if someone thinks you're a bunch of thieves, or something?"
"Have you seen Seokjin hyung? No one could ever think he's a thief."
"Oh, yeah. Does he own anything other than three-piece suits?"
"Haven't really peeked into his closet, but I don't think so," Jimin snorts. "He's the one with real money among the three of us. He's actually the son of this man who runs a drug cartel. We all used to work under him, but we left when Seokjin hyung did. He was combining drugs with prostitution. We don't hurt women."
You squint at him. "But you have nothing against fucking them, from what I recall?"
"Touché." Jimin snickers. "I only said that to scare you brother. Too bad it was a waste because the fucker is actually broke."
Ugh, your brother. He is the waste here, not Jimin's wit. You know he isn't gonna return the loan even if these guys threaten to kill you. He can't, even if they do kill you for it.
Which makes you wonder… What will they do if he doesn't? Because he wouldn't.
“Hey, Jimin,” you breathe, looking at him when he hums, his eyes fixated on the map of bite marks he has left on your neck and collarbones. “Wh—what happens if my brother doesn’t do anything?”
The way Jimin freezes and doesn’t immediately meet your eyes scares you more than it should.
“You’re – you’re not gonna send me back, are you?”
“No!” you protest, sitting up, looking at his panicked form with your own eyes wild. “I can’t – I won’t go back, Jimin! Not to that asshole, not to that fucked up life!”
“You… you go to college, babe—”
“Because I thought that was my only way out of my sad, miserable living! But… now I know of another.”
Jimin sits up and tips his head back at the headboard, eyes closed and lips pinched. He is obviously preparing a speech to dissuade you, but even in this moment, you cannot help admiring how handsome he looks with his hair sex mussed and toned muscles on display with those loose sweatpants riding low on his hips. 
“You’re not thinking straight, sweetheart,” he informs you – as if he has any fucking business telling you what you think – and shakes his head with a determined frown. “You’re still running on a high after sex, and… maybe you’re not in the right stae of mind.”
This makes you shake your head back at him. “Jimin. You people took me away from a life I was trying to escape. Never hurt me, never touched me without consent and basically treated me like a guest and not a captive. I haven’t felt afraid of either of you three at any given moment I’ve been here.” You swallow, meeting his eyes as yours fill up with tears. “I’m not confusing your kindness for compassion – I’m seeing your humanity as humanity. And so I wanna stay with you. I’m good with finances and I know a couple of languages, maybe I could help—”
Jimin pulls you to him by the back of your neck, open mouth latching onto yours and tongue licking past the seam of your lips, roughly. He grabs you by your waist to bring your body over his own, making you sit sideways on his legs, and kisses you deep and hard.
When you both have to come up for air, he has fascination in his gaze. "Get dressed and come with me."
Tumblr media
"Absolutely not, you crazy fucker."
"Hyung," Jimin whines at Hoseok's curt response. "She's—"
"The sister of a man who's wronged us! We're not fucking taking her in, dude!"
Jimin turns to look at Seokjin, the voice of reason in between his and Hoseok's never ending emotional tussles. The older man gives you a long look from the other side of the breakfast table.
"Does she have anything she can bring to the table?"
"I – I am good with finances. I was a cashier," you tell him before Jimin can answer for you.
"Seokjin hyung does our finances," Hoseok cuts in, arms crossed and stance challenging. "Have you ever even touched a gun?"
Seokjin sighs. "Hobi, Chim, let the two of us talk, please?"
You watch as the two men step to a side of the kitchen, leaving Seokjin to look at you in contemplation. "I… could also be good at distracting people? Like… a seductress?"
Hoseok's snort of laughter is barely concealed by his fist and Jimin's eyes widen in disbelief.
Seokjin simply shakes his head. "I handle our finances, Hoseok gets his hands dirty, and Jimin has the floor covered on the seductress front."
You raise your eyebrows at Jimin and he gives a bashful nod. "I'm bi."
Awed, you nod. "So am I."
"Shut up, Hoseok." Seokjin looks at you with pursed lips. "Are you a good judge of character?" Blinking at the unexpected question, you haven't even opened your mouth when Seokjin continues. "We sometimes end up landing deals we'd much rather avoid. As you must have heard around the house, we don't deal in women and children, and so, sometimes when the mafioso men con us into sending them contacts related to these, we feel betrayed and some of us can't sleep for multiple nights out of guilt."
The subtle glance he casts towards Jimin tightens your chest.
"It could help if someone were to approach these people as a potential buyer before we say yes to them, and, you know. Weigh out their intentions."
Oh, wow. You could say you’re an okay judge of character. Working at the mall has sharpened your eyes for potential pickpockets and people looking to cause trouble. And you have, many-a-times, avoided possible disruptions by informing the security just as you spotted suspicious activity among people.
So you do have some experience in the field. But you work in a neighborhood where the biggest threats come in the form of brawling men that knock your shelves over and give you extra work.
This sounds hella risky and a massive upgrade from handling the cash register. 
You wanna do it.
At your eager nod, Seokjin raises an impressed eyebrow. "You've got guts."
Hoseok and Jimin come back to take their seats on both of your sides, filling up the small table of four. 
"You're gonna need a lot of training and memorizing, and you'll have to show us you actually are a good judge," Jimin adds with a serious stare.
"The training will include how to use a gun, amongst other things," Hoseok butts in with the mention of guns again and you frown at him.
"Jeez man, fine. You can teach me how to use a fucking gun, why're you so worked up about it?"
"I fired a shot in the air to scare your brother," he tells you immediately as if he was waiting for you to ask. "And he wet his pants."
Oh. Typical. You roll your eyes. "I won't wet mine. Promise."
Jimin raises a suggestive eyebrow and you kick him under the table.
"We’re seven in total. Got a guy that works the computers for us and another that forges IDs," Seokjin continues to inform you. "And two more that we use as shadows. The three of us, here, are the people in command, basically equals in authority. They all respect me a bit more because I finance everything."
"What? No! It's because you're the oldest—"
"And because I'm the most handsome," Seokjin speaks over Jimin's protest, only to be snorted at by Hoseok.
"We respect him because he's more experienced in the field ’cause of his dad, no one gives a shit about his age or looks."
You give a solemn nod of understanding.
"So… welcome to the team, I guess?"
Shaking hands with Seokjin, pursing your lips to mirror Hoseok's constipated smile, and stifling a moan when Jimin hugs you from behind and bites your neck in lieu of a kiss, you feel your heart get lighter and lighter. 
If you were taken captive, against your will, from a life you’ve wanted to run away from for years, is your captivity really against your will? Because it doesn’t feel like it. Or like captivity, at all.
You are finally a part of something – finally have some worth that goes beyond brainlessly using the computer to bill people. And you finally have people who would give a shit if you suddenly disappeared.
This cannot possibly be captivity – because you have never felt so free.
Tumblr media
taglist: @shrimpmsg​ @codeinebelle @afangirllikeme-blog @duchesskaren​ @ressjeon​ @lovelynamj​ @kookiya17​ @jub-jub​ 
© jimilter | 2022
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v-hope · a month ago
Jimin + ~"I'm trying to be subtle here but...":
[Y/N]"Are you jealous? " [jimin]"No. Why would I? Everything is... Perfectly fine. All cool, no problem, ça roule. "
pairing: park jimin x reader
genre: fluff, jealousy au
word count: idk bc i wrote it straight on tumblr dot com, but it’s just a drabble
a/n: i just felt like writing something quick on the softer-angsty-without-being-really-angsty side and this request from forever ago was it. not my best work but i hope you guys enjoy!
Tumblr media
Ever since you had come back out from the cabin after having thrown one of Jimin’s cozy hoodies over your head, and claimed back your seat next to him around the bonfire as all your friends shared stories that rather cool summer night, you had not been able to ignore his intense glare on you.
It had been over ten minutes since, and you still had no clue over what was going on for him to not pull you into his arms like he had been doing all night long, even more after being well aware of how cold you were.
Although your relationship wasn’t officially defined given how little time he had to keep up with one, you had cared for one another in a more than friends way for long enough, and had kissed way too many times not to consider yourself taken by one another.
You were his and he was yours.
And hence, you did not understand why he seemed so mad over you wearing one of his hoodies. He always offered you the one he was currently wearing whenever he noticed you were the slightest bit cold. He had even done exactly that only minutes ago — having you refuse his offer and instead going back inside the cabin you had all rented for the weekend, to get something to warm yourself up with.
Staring down to the ocean blue piece of clothing you had chosen, you couldn’t help but wonder if maybe he didn’t want you to wear that particular one. After all, you had never seen it before, which made you guess it must’ve been new. Then again, he had never been that possessive over his clothes, whether new or old — not when it came to you.
“Do you want me to go change?” you ended up wondering in more of a whisper, only for him to hear.
Jimin shrugged, eyes fixed on the fire going up and disappearing into the air in front of you. “If you want to”.
That meant yes. You knew that was a yes.
And although you didn’t know why specifically he wanted you to change, you didn’t want to be the reason he was upset, which is why you settled for just nodding your head before getting up.
“Yah, you thief!” Hoseok’s loud voice coming from the other side of the bonfire caught your attention. “Why are you wearing my hoodie?”
Even though he was smiling, finding this whole situation to be hilarious just as the rest of your friends did, you panicked — eyes instantly going down to Jimin, whose jaw had seemed to tense up at his hyung’s words.
The puzzle pieces suddenly coming together.
“This is Jimin-ie’s” you argued anyway.
“Judging by how jealous he looks right now, you better believe it’s mine, love”.
That had only seemed to make your already drunken group of friends laugh harder.
Throwing them all a subtle glare for them to leave him alone and resume whatever conversation they were having before you had gotten up, you looked to the sulking guy next to you for a couple of seconds.
The least you could do was try and reassure him of the fact that you had not deliberately chosen his friend’s hoodie over his. Try and reassure him that his clothes were the only ones you wanted to ever steal, for you wanted everyone to know it was him you were —unofficially— taken by.
That is why his eyes opened wide in surprise when you sat down on his lap and your hands rested loosely around his neck.
“This is why you wouldn’t look at me? Because I’m wearing Hobi’s hoodie?” you whispered, softly caressing his cheek as he continued to say nothing. “Are you mad?”
He shook his head no. His lack of speaking was not very encouraging whatsoever.
“Are you jealous?” you worded it differently.
“No,” Jimin denied, that had seemed to touch a nerve. “Why would I? Everything is... perfectly fine. All cool, no problem, ça roule”.
“Jimin…” you quietly pleaded for him to drop his act.
He let out a defeated sigh. “It’s whatever. You can wear anyone’s clothes, we’re not t—”
“Don’t you dare say we’re not together,” you warned him. “I will get up and walk away right this moment if you do”.
At your determined words, you felt his hands finally go around your body, pulling you tightly towards him as he shook his head and nuzzled your neck — not even dreaming of finishing his sentence.
You were right. You were together. And he was not risking losing you over his careless words while being indeed very jealous.
“Sorry,” he mumbled. “It’s stupid, though. It’s just clothing”.
“But it clearly upsets you” you pouted, resting your chin on his head. “I’m sorry, I honestly thought it was yours”.
“You promise?”
“I promise” you reassured him, pressing a small kiss to the crown of his head. “You should’ve just told me”.
“I didn’t wanna sound possessive” he uncomfortably shifted on his seat.
“Oh, yes, and glaring at me for ten minutes straight without saying a word is so much better” you rolled your eyes.
Jimin chuckled, pulling away from your neck and staring at you with loving eyes. “I was glaring at the hoodie, not at you”.
You shook your head in amusement, before your bottom lip stuck out in another pout. “I thought you were mad I had taken one of your hoodies instead of wearing my own”.
“You should know by now I love seeing you wear my clothes” he hummed, leaning in just enough to sweetly brush his lips against yours.
“Which is why I was so confused” you pointed out, blissfully receiving the tender kiss he had just hushed you with.
A bright smile curved up his mouth when your hand cupped his cheek and you pulled him into another kiss, just as his lips had started to abandon yours.
It didn’t last long, though, for a rather shy giggle escaped your mouth less than ten seconds later, at the sound of your friends both complaining and cheering over your quite lovey dovey actions — causing you to pull away from his longing lips for once and for all.
Jimin wasted no time to pull you to his chest, being now his turn to glare at everyone looking your way, before he could plant a brief kiss to the top of your head and let his forehead fall to your shoulder.
“You smell like Hobi hyung” he complained.
“I do not—”
“Would I be crossing a line if I asked you to go change?”
You rolled your eyes, letting out a loud, dramatic sigh before you grabbed him by his shoulders — shoving him against the back of his seat and leaning closer to his flushed face.
“So jealous” you called him out, pressing a chaste kiss to his pouty lips before you stood up to comply with his wishes.
His hand was quick to grab yours, standing up right after you and intertwining your fingers as he dragged you away from the bonfire with him.
“I’m coming with you so you actually get mine this time”.
And to make out with you a for a little longer without having everyone around. But they could always figure that out on their own.
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aquagustd · 3 months ago
háblame bajito - PJM
Tumblr media
↣ you expected the same routine when the strip club hosts the seventh bachelor party for the month, what you didn’t expect was the alluring guest who has you on the receiving end of pleasure.
Tumblr media
pairing: jimin x stripper!reader
genre/rating: R | smut, fluff, s2l
word count: 4K
warnings/tags: bachelor party au, strong language, explicit smut- lap dance, grinding, oral (m), throat fucking, brief handjob, degradation, dirty talk, cum eating, hair pulling, biting/scratching, hickeys, fingering, doggy style, pussy slapping, spitting, unprotected sex, multiple orgasms, multiple positions
a/n: it’s October aka Jimin’s month
Lifting the angled brush, you drag it along the corner of your eye and wipe the end with your ring finger, drawing back from the mirror and inspecting both sides, a satisfied sigh leaving your lips when you see that your wings are equal in length. You’re about to touch up your lip gloss when a shout of your name catches your attention.
“Guess what’s happening tonight?”
Deiji sing-songs, sauntering her way toward you with a skip in her step, pearls draped across her thighs.
The uninterested tone of your voice earns a shove to you shoulder, but who could blame you? Would men driven by their avarice excite you?
“We’re hosting another bachelor party. VIP treatment,” she giggles, flipping her ginger hair over her shoulder.
You tilt your head to meet your reflection, the unenthusiastic expression on your face is something you struggle to hide. To every other dancer, you should be thrilled that tonight will be one of those nights, the nights where you earn four times the amount on a regular night. Your boss hosts at least eight bachelor parties a month, mostly because his rates go hand in hand with the dancers, and he loves taking advantage of the fact that his customers prefer his club. Outrunning his competitors by a longshot.
Bachelor parties consist of over-worked men with a God complex, with the assumption that their money can carry them to wherever they choose.
VIP treatment. Yes, you prefer that over the regular. But you hope, with all your heart, that the groom isn’t your guest. The compunction after hearing the filthy things he says to you, his grubby hands on your skin, knowing that he will be a married man soon. It’s part of your job, but the possessive side of you fears the day you eventually settle down with a man who, after one drink, would suddenly tell another woman how in love he is with her.
Men are pathetic, that you know.
You tie up the back of your sequinned halter top and slip on the matching baby pink heels when you notice your boss enter the changing room.
“Girls. You must’ve heard about tonight. Another one for this month,” he grins, twisting his gold rings around his chubby fingers.
“Remember,” he reminds as you push past the thick velvet curtains, handing each of you a key with a familiar number on it, indicating the room where you would spend the rest of the evening, “the more you give, the more you get.”
You bask in the bright purple lightning before disappearing down the dull hallway behind the girls. It’s the nerves that always seem to have you pausing just before you twist the door open. The confident façade that you’ve managed to build after working in this industry for three years.
With a deep inhale, you place your manicured fingers on the cool metal handle and shove in the key, glancing at the bouncer who’s stationed on the other side of the hallway. All the safety you need if something unexpected forces you to push the bright red button behind the large mirror, you remind yourself, and with one last exhale, you shove the door open, greeted by the red hue that fades into white, then back into red, your guest’s choice, music filtering into the stuffy room.
You face the mirror, narrowing your eyes at the hunched reflection of the man who sits on the plush couch, elbows on his knees, hands clasped together, head down. He doesn’t even acknowledge your presence.
When the light flashes white, you flip up the cover for the keypad near the door and turn on the air conditioner, a gust of icy air hitting your back immediately.
“Hello,” he drags out each syllable of the word, and when you turn around, he’s leaning back, arms splayed across the backrest, ankle propped up on his knee.
With the fading bulbs, you can’t make out much of his features and the fact that he hasn’t beckoned you over onto his lap yet has the tension in your shoulders releasing…just a bit.
“Hi,” you whisper, playful smile lifting your face as you begin to sway your hips, holding the small drinks table for balance when you bend over, hair flipping to the side to shoot him a smirk.
He’s wearing a suit, typical. No tie, with red lining the collar of his blazer.
You move closer, losing yourself in the music and shutting your eyes for a moment, plopping down next to him on the couch.
“Would you like something to drink?”
That was supposed to be your question.
You’re sitting a space away from him, reaching over for the cup he fills. One of the rules is that they’re allowed to buy you as many drinks as they want, but you’re supposed to limit yourself when it comes to actually drinking.
Holding the rim to your lips, lip gloss smearing on the glass, you watch him take a sip of his drink, peering at you over the edge. His tongue darts out as he places his drink back on the table, turning his body fully so he’s facing you.
Which gives you a full view of his features. Plump lips are the first thing you notice, angular jaw, sandy blond hair. His eyes…
“What’s your name?”
“Violet.” A pretty color.
He nods, eyes drifting to the door, rubbing his bottom lip with his index finger which draws your gaze back to his pout. It isn’t uncommon for men to want to get to know the dancer. But with bachelor parties, time isn’t wasted and by now you’d be on your third lap dance.
“I’m Jimin,” he gives you a warm smile, “the best man.”
You chuckle, “I’m guessing, having the bachelor party here was your idea?”
He shakes his head, cheeks puffing up, eyes forming two crescents. He’s really cute. And looks about your age too. Not another forty-year-old with a wife and four kids.
Any other day, you would’ve been all flustered.
“Not really, the groom actually hinted at having it here.”
“Ah,” your eyes are set on the amber liquid sloshing around in your glass, not wanting to hear about the groom who had suggested a strip club for his bachelor party.
Men are so uninteresting. There are literally a thousand other activities that would be fun for a bachelor party. Skydiving or a barbecue. Or whatever. But strippers seem to be the norm and anything else would be considered boring.
You have no objections.
Realizing that it’s fifteen minutes in and you don’t have any cash stuffed into your slinky belt yet, you down your drink and swing your hair over your shoulder, shifting your position so you’re standing in front of him, eyes on his white dress shirt. He balls his fists, staying firm on his thighs as you sway your hips and lean down to place your hands on his shoulders.
A floral scent wafts into your nostrils as you spin around and place your hands on his knees, dipping down before placing your ass on his crotch, hearing his breath hitch.
“What do you do?”
The makes you halt all movements, turning around to give him a quizzical look, from the proximity, you admire his poreless skin.
“I mean…What else do you do for work? During the day?”
Bold of him to assume that working at a strip club isn’t your only job.
“I’m a student. How about you?”
You roll your hips back, keeping the right amount of distance with each glide against his crotch.
“I’m a financial advisor,” his voice stays relaxed, even after you spin around and straddle his lap, heels clattering to the tiles when you place your knees on either side of his legs, palms gliding up his arms.
He tips his head back, hooded eyes glued to your face as you lean forward and let your hair tickle the side of his neck. When he pulls out a wad of cash and stuffs it into your belt, you wiggle your butt and arch your back, hands laying flush on the backrest to keep your balance.
“How ironic.”
“What’s ironic?”
You shrug, letting your breasts rub against his chest, seeing his fists clench and unclench.
“Oh, nothing,” you giggle, placing your hands on his knees and leaning back, grinding into him, “would you advise wasting money on strippers?”
Guiding his hands to your thighs, you kneel on the couch and press your hips to his, seeing his eyes crinkle with mirth.
“As far as I can tell, this isn’t money wasted,” he smirks, and you find your movements faltering before you catch yourself and press your right foot on the seat, hips moving in a circular motion while his gaze darts to your panties that become exposed after your skirt rides up your thighs.
The way he reaches around your body to empty his cup has you doubling your efforts, disliking the way he seems so unbothered by your dance.
You swing a leg over his lap and sprawl yourself across his legs, back arching as you shake your ass right under his chin.
Pulling out all the stops, you stand on the couch, literally grind into his face, come close to licking his ear, only to receive little to no reaction and a bunch of cash.
Back aching from all the bending, you give yourself a break and sashay to the pole in the corner, doing a few spins before he calls you over with a curl of his finger.
“You seem unsatisfied,” he cocks his head to the side, scanning every inch of your face.
Right. You forget that you find it difficult to hide your emotions.
“You seem unsatisfied. And that’s all that matters,” you retort, filling your glass to the brim.
“I am satisfied,” holding his fist to his mouth as he chuckles before he gestures to the cash strapped in your belt.
You huff, pulling out the notes and stacking it on the table.
“I guess my work here is done,” you sigh, a little too dejected.
He tsks, “I have you for an hour more, unless you’re tired.”
In awe of his courtesy, you shake your head frantically, hopping off the couch to stand between his legs once again. This is the first time you’re enthusiastic for the second round, watching him slip off his blazer and roll up his sleeves, displaying his forearms in the process.
With a shaky inhale, you try to compose yourself before you lower into his lap, appreciating his warm fingers that press into your hips.
This time, his eyes are locked on yours, while you’re bouncing your ass, tits out against his toned chest that isn’t covered by his thick blazer. For a second, it feels as if he’s guiding your hips closer to him, mind being clouded by his unrelenting gaze that pins you to him.
Forgetting where you are for a moment, as if you met under different circumstances, you allow your crotch to meet his, gasp getting caught in your throat upon feeling his bulge press into your clit.
The lighting that continues to fizz from rose red to bright white alters the way he appears.
White: angelic, sweet stranger with a kind simper.
Red: stranger with a devilish grin who’s now bucking his hips into yours, eyes half-lidded.
“Shit,” you whisper, mind fogging up with lust and longing that could cost you your job.
Your head lolls forward, pressing your forehead into his shoulder, moans muffled.
In a second, his hands fall from your body, chest heaving.
“I’m sorry.”
“No, I—”
You straighten your posture and glance at the camera in the corner.
When your gaze is back on him, he nods in understanding, lips in a pout.
Fueled by unadulterated desire, you crawl into the camera’s blind spot and shove the heel of your stilletos into the back, waiting for the red blinking light to die until you fling the shoe into an abandoned corner of the room and climb onto his lap, gripping his cheeks and pressing your lips to his.
He receives your kiss with just as much passion, plush lips moving fervently, tilting his head to deepen the kiss and slide his tongue across yours, groaning into your mouth.
Your hips snap forward involuntarily, searching for friction, pulling away with a lewd pop, lips held together by a string of saliva which snaps as he purses his slick lips, eyes wild.
“I though this was against the rules,” he breathes, fingers smoothing down your back to cup your ass through the bothersome material of your skirt.
“I can fuck whoever I want.”
“Well,” his eyes flicker from one end of the room to the other, “I’m not fucking you in here.”
Stomach twisting at the prospect of having this man in your bed, you push him back down on the couch when he tries to stand up, sinking to your knees between his legs, spreading them open.
You fiddle with the zipper on his slacks, and he swats your hands away before undoing the single button and lifting his hips as you pull the pants down to his ankles, fingers skimming his hefty bulge that strains in his underwear.
With a little more attention to the head, you salivate at the sticky tip that wets his boxer briefs, hooking your fingers into the band before pulling it down to pool with his pants, salivating at the thick, dusty pink cock twitching when your hot breath kisses the velvety skin.
He watches with rapt attention as you wrap your fingers around the base, licking your lips and teasing him with kittenish licks to the head, splitting his leaking slit with your tongue.
His nostrils flare as you continue to tease him, tongue dragging along his frenulum, squeezing his length in your palm, hearing him hiss.
“Stop teasing,” he grits, taking advantage of the hold he has on your hair to push your face forward.
Staring at him through your lashes, your mouth covers his length until your nose touches his pubic bone, palms laying flat on his thighs, tip brushing the back of your throat which relaxes as you take him deeper, swallowing twice.
You pull off his length and pat his thigh, clearing your throat before you speak.
“You’re gonna have to be quiet.”
He nods, twisting his fingers in your hair before jutting your head towards his throbbing cock.
Taking a deep breath, you’re unable to fight the smile when a moan slips past his lips as you sink back down, tongue pressing on the underside, mouth sliding from root to tip, breathing evenly through your nose.
The sight of his head lolling back in pure pleasure, mouth parted in bliss, heavenly sounds breaking into the air has your pussy clenching, your own arousal leaking into your panties.
Eager to have him inside you, you pop off his length and lower your mouth to suck and lick at his balls, fist working his length, twisting with each upstroke.
Precum continues to collect at the tip, you greedily take it into your mouth and continue to fondle his balls with your hand, the salty taste bursting on your tongue before slurping down his cock, tongue swirling around the tip, hollowing out your cheeks.
“Fuck. So fucking hot to see you take my cock like this,” he groans, both his hands guiding your head, “when anyone could walk in.”
Moaning around his length, you bob your head even faster, thumb smoothing over the delicate skin of his balls before he starts to jerk his hips, cock slotting even deeper in your throat.
You keep him there for a moment before pulling off and taking in a lungful of air.
“You okay?”
“Yeah,” you laugh, voice a little gruff.
One of his hands slide down to cup your chin, thumb pressing into your cheek. The other pulls at the strings holding up your top, falling into your lap, exposing your fleshy mounds to his ravenous eyes. He takes a minute to tweak your nipples, tugging at twisting until he’s satisfied.
“Can you relax your jaw for me?”
Nodding, your jaw seems to unhinge by itself before his cock is filling your mouth once again, your head is held in place as he adjusts his grip on your hair before fucking your throat with each flex of his hips. Your eyes fall shut, nails digging into his thighs as the tip brushes your tight throat repeatedly. His thighs tremble under your touch, breaths becoming labored with each thrust into your hot mouth.
Your tongue slides along the twitching veins, throat constricting until his thrusts become shallow and he spills into your mouth, hot liquid sliding down your throat, some slipping out of your mouth to land on your boobs.
He’s so hot. Cheeks all red, neck sweaty, hair a little mussed.
He sighs, softening cock hitting your chin before he moves away and catches the line of cum from your nipple to the corner of your mouth. He taps your bottom lip with his thumb before you greedily suck on his digit, licking every last drop.
Placing his hands on your hips, he lifts you up onto his lap and drapes his blazer over your shoulders, tucking your hair behind your ear.
“My place or yours?”
“Mine,” you trill, tugging on the lapels of his blazer as you usher him out of the room.
He follows you closely through the deserted dressing room as you fetch your bag and shove open the back door.
Your skin prickles with goosebumps when the chilly breeze hits your skin. A warm hand on the small of your back pushes you toward a black Porsche parked not too far from the entrance.
What else did you expect?
He opens the passenger side door for you before skipping to the driver’s side.
“Can I have your real name?”
Broken from your thoughts, you whip your head around to see him sporting a playful smile, the kind that makes you wonder if he’s like the others. Listening to your gut, you mumble your name, toying with the button on his blazer.
“Beautiful name for a beautiful girl.”
Tumblr media
Somehow, you entered your apartment hand in hand and landed in your bed with a man who has the features of a cherub, his shirt off, you in your panties only, lips slotted together with his hand inching up your inner thigh.
“I’m gonna take this off now,” he mumbles against your lips, pecking your chin as he snaps the band of your panties against your heated skin.
“Okay,” you reply, lifting your hips to assist him in taking off the thin material.
He licks his lips as he places his palm on your inner thigh to spread your legs, pussy clenching uncontrollably when you notice how his gaze doesn’t move from your swollen folds even as he hovers over you and tickles your waist.
“I can smell you. So fucking wet for me. I bet you were wet when you first sat on my lap. Hmm?”
Lip tucked between your teeth, you nod meekly, wishing he would just touch you already.
As if he can read your mind, he drags his index finger though your folds, tapping your clit before encircling your dripping hole, two fingers prodding at your entrance.
He pushes both into you at once and swallows up your gasps, working into you just as his tongue tangles with yours, throwing his thumb into the mix as it flicks your engorged clit.
You wrap your arms around his shoulders, pebbled nipples poking into his chest, spreading your legs wider when he hooks his fingers deep inside you, moaning into his mouth as he brushes that sweet spot inside you. Stomach knotting with each delicious roll of his thumb, each nip of his teeth to your skin.
“Jimin…” You mewl, eyes fluttering shut, hips lifting off the bed in circles, rolling into his hand and when he adds a third finger, palm pressing into your clit, you cry out, holding onto his back as his fingers spread your walls at a ruthless pace, slick coating his hand, knot snapping with a shout of his name.
He suckles on the skin below your ear, taking his time with soothing the burn, tongue laying flat on the bruised skin.
He removes his fingers and holds your gaze while popping each soaked digit into his mouth. You’re still coming down from your first high, but you need to be filled with his cock, impatient hands unzipping his pants for the second time tonight and pulling it over the globes of his ass, hooking your legs around his waist and guiding his cock to your entrance.
In one swift movement, you’re being flipped over, hands held behind your back, face pressed into your mattress.
“Greedy little thing, aren’t you? So fucking desperate for my cock,” he husks, palm pressed into your cunt until he draws his hand back and lands two harsh smacks in quick succession.
You moan into the blanket, rutting into his palm, pleas rushing past your lips.
“Such a fucking whore. Begging for my cock like this.”
Tilting your head, cheek pressed into the sheets, you see a long line of spit drip from his mouth and land on the tip of his erect cock, a fresh wave of arousal coursing through you.
He catches your gaze before tightening his grip on your hands, thick cock slamming into your pussy, sweaty bodies linked as he gives you a few seconds to adjust before snapping his hips languidly. The squelch of your pussy and the loud slaps of your bodies meeting drowns out any other sound, blood rushing to your head when he lifts your ass up and pounds into you, body jolting up the bed, breath being knocked out of your lungs.
You can feel your sweat mix when he yanks you up by your hair and presses his chest into your back, gripping your chin so he can place his soft lips on yours, powerful thrusts a juxtaposition of his sweet kisses.
He growls, pushing you onto the bed and twisting you onto your back, palms placed under your thighs. Fixated on the way his cock splits you open. How your boobs bounce with each flex into your cunt.
“Fuck. You take my cock so well. Such a good fucking slut for me. C’mere,” he holds the back of your head and overtakes your mouth in another heated kiss, lifting your thighs even higher, the new angle making him reach even deeper.
At this point, you’re completely engulfed by his touch, his scent, his words, nails dragging down his back, throat sore from how hard you’re screaming out his name.
You can feel yourself reach the edge, and he feels it too, head thrown back, hips working erratically, holding you in place until you tumble into your second orgasm. Heat washes over you, quivering walls closing around his cock. Shivering and spasming under him, mouth hanging open in a silent moan as his thrusts slow and he cums with a drawn-out groan, burying his face in your neck.
A breathless chuckle follows his gasps of your name, rolling onto his side and pulling you in his warmth.
“Fuck,” he springs up, wide eyed, “I came inside y—”
“I have an IUD,” you say plainly, smiling as he flops down on the bed in relief, “you think I would’ve let you do that?”
“No. Of course not,” he snorts, scooting closer to you, eyes shifting to your bedroom door.
You tuck your palm under your cheek, grinning at him for no particular reason.
He mouths out your name, finger tracing the slope of your nose before booping the tip.
“Nothing,” he throws an arm over your waist, speaking into your hair, “you have a very pretty name.”
Tumblr media
a/n: please don’t feel shy to send in feedback, hearing your thoughts serve as motivation :)
Tumblr media
taglist: @ggukkieland @moonchild1 @mwitsmejk @fancycollectormoon @nglmrk @bex-92br @taeslarityy @helenazbmrskai @deliciouslydisturbed365 @sweetonkookieandtae
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eight years – bts
Tumblr media
[warnings: ummm there’s angst oh and it’s bts ot7 x reader so yeah]
summary: in which they fall out of love | ceo!bts | part two
word count: 5,450
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It was as if time stopped for the seven men the moment you stepped into the room. All eyes were on you as you cascaded down the grand steps in the middle of the ballroom, unbeknownst to you, your beauty leaving everyone speechless.
You saw the stares and felt the heat rise to your cheeks, not knowing if the attention was good or bad, but regardless it took everything in you not to turn around and go back home.
You hated being the center of attention, but you knew you had to be here to represent your parents and their company. So as you got to the bottom of the steps, you went to look for your table, not letting the crowd of people get the chance to stare at you for too long.
The stained-glass-inspired dress trailed behind you and your black heels clicked against the marble floor as you made your way around the room, looking at the names on the tables.
"Y/N, you look amazing!"
The voice made you internally cringe and close your eyes, preparing yourself for a long night.
Lee Kyong, the only child to Lee Bae and Lee Ae-Cha, owners of Lee Restaurants, Inc., a Korean multi-brand restaurant operator headquartered in Seoul.
Kyong was determined and charming, he insists and doesn't give up which are good qualities to have when you're the heir to a multi-billion dollar empire. But these were annoying qualities for a person to have when you weren't interested in them and they sadly just couldn't get the hint.
The only times you'd see each other were at big events like these (galas, grand openings, etc.), being the spokesperson for your parents' companies. It was hard enough already being at the events and having to network, but then having someone follow you around like a lost puppy made it even worse.
But despite being annoyed, you always tried to be polite, not wanting to misrepresent your parents and the company they worked so hard to build.
"Hi, Lee Kyong. How are you?" You plastered on a smile as you turned to face him.
"Much better now. And you, Y/N? Still don't like galas despite being the most beautiful person here?"
"Still not a big fan," You shook your head. "I was just looking for my seat. I should probably find it before the big welcome speech."
"Oh, let me help you," Kyong suggested and started to turn away so he could lead you.
"Oh no, it's alright. Searching will help me... socialize."
Sure, it was a shitty excuse but you were already on edge because of the stares you received and you just wanted some space.
"Are you sure?"
"I'm positive. I'll see you around."
You continued looking for your seat and after a minute or two you started to think you should've let Kyong help you.
As you approached the table, you had a small pout on your lips because there wasn't a familiar face. You would usually sit with the Man and Hak families but found yourself surrounded by seven unfamiliar men.
You shrugged off the disappointment and felt yourself let out a breath of relief to have found your seat.
"Hi, I'm Y/L/N Y/N from Y/L/N Incorporated," You introduced yourself with a bashful smile.
"You're really pretty!"
Your eyes widened at the compliment and you let out a breathy chuckle.
"Thank you," You smiled and faced the man who said it. You almost melted at his cute puppy eyes and shy bunny smile. "You're pretty too."
You should've seen it coming really. The way they could barely even look at you or keep a conversation. You went from sleeping in the same bed to sleeping in separate rooms; them laying in their rooms and you falling asleep by yourself.
When you first started dating the men of Bangtan Enterprises, you couldn't believe you had gotten so lucky. You had never been so showered with attention and care.
You were receiving so many flowers, your house was starting to look like a flower shop. And the arrangements were huge, sometimes taller than you; sometimes you'd have to ask your neighbor for help moving them into the backyard.
On your first date, you received a box of fifty roses, nearly making you faint in surprise.
"Why are you crying, pretty girl?" Namjoon asked and reached up to wipe away your tears.
"I... no one's ever given me flowers before, let alone this many." You sniffled and stared down at the box of roses in awe. "They're so pretty. Thank you."
"Anything for you."
And on your second anniversary, you walked into your backyard to find huge arrangements of tulips spelling out "we love you." "I can't believe you guys did this!" You squealed while jumping up and down and clapping your hands. "I love them so much."
You turned and pulled the closest man in your arms, snuggling your face into his neck.
"We're glad you love them," Jin chuckled and rubbed your back gently.
"They're perfect. You guys are perfect. I-I don't know how I'll ever be able to prove how grateful I am for you guys. I love you all so much." You pulled away from his neck and moved to stand beside him, hiding your face in his chest. "Thank you for loving me."
"You say that like it's a chore," Hoseok shook his head and moved toward you and Jin. He took one of your hands into his and placed a gentle kiss on the back of your hand. "Loving you is as easy as breathing. And we'll never stop loving you."
Your heart melted at his words, tears welling up in your eyes out of sheer happiness.
It all slowed down. They started forgetting dates and started getting busy on days they usually had off. You weren't at the front of their minds anymore and you were hurting. You went from receiving an abundance of love to none at all and it was strange.
In the last year of your relationship, they had forgotten your anniversary and birthday. But you stayed despite your gut telling you it was over.
You convinced yourself they were just so busy with work that they had forgotten. But days passed after your eighth anniversary and they hadn't mentioned it at all, as if this wasn't a big day for eight years straight.
The dinner you made was cold by the time they came in and found you sleeping with your head down on the dining table.
And on your birthday, there were no compliments, no more flowers, gifts, declarations of love.
The gifts and flowers you could live without but them paying no attention to you, tore you to pieces and kept you up all night.
You'd toss and turn in your empty bed as they all laid together and slept peacefully like there was nothing wrong with what they were doing. Like forgetting that there was an eighth person in their relationship was normal.
So, to say you were shocked when they broke up with you was a lie.
It was a Tuesday night, your night to cook dinner, and you had just finished setting the table when they walked into your shared home.
"You guys are home right on time!" You clapped and walked over to greet them.
"Y/N, we should talk," Namjoon spoke with a grave tone, making your heart drop to your stomach.
This was it. The moment you had been trying to prevent for months by picking up all their slack to prove you were still in this relationship.
You'd leave work early to cook dinner because they hadn't cooked in weeks, claiming to be too busy with all their work projects. You'd avoid going on business trips because you wanted to spend time with your lovers while the rest of the office had the week off. Going to their offices and having lunch with them during your lunch break despite your offices being on completely opposite sides of town.
You still cared but all your efforts and silent pleas seemed to be falling onto deaf ears. They were already one foot out the door and the only thing keeping you there was your denial.
"Of course, what about?" You asked, looking at them while playing with your fingers, picking at your hangnails.
There was a long pause, an awkward one, since no one wanted to speak up and finally admit to breaking their promise.
For once, the tears welling up in your eyes because of them weren't happy ones. And because of that, you blinked them back, not wanting to let them see you cry.
"We don't think this is going to work out anymore," Jimin softly spoke, making you gulp.
There was no need to play dumb, you already knew what was happening, but it bought you some time. Even though they were breaking your heart piece by piece, you still wanted to soak in whatever time you had left with them, with the men you never stopped loving.
So you tilted your head slightly to the right and pouted your lips. "What do you mean?"
You knew it would be torture hearing the words out loud but if you finally heard them, you would finally be able to let them go and stop fighting for a dead relationship.
"We don't love you anymore, Y/N. We're not in love with you anymore. We haven't been for a while now," He slowly continued as if he were trying to break it down to a toddler.
You hadn't realized they had started calling you by your first name until now.
Ever since your first date they called you by a unique nickname that they had picked out for you. Seven different names for their special girl were all now replaced with "Y/N."
You can't put your finger on the first time you heard them call you by your name. It might've been weeks ago, maybe months ago, but you never noticed, too caught you in trying to play the perfect housewife.
You slowly nodded and looked down at your fiddling fingers. "Oh... okay. I understand."
There was another awkward pause but you were too caught up in trying not to break down and plead for them to love again to realize it. It took everything in you not to break down and beg that forgiveness despite not doing anything wrong. You were perfect, there was nothing wrong with you except for the fact that you just weren't enough for them anymore.
"We're really so sorry, Y/N. We never meant for it to be like this-"
You cut Yoongi off, not wanting to hear their apologies. You didn't deserve one and they didn't need to give you one. You weren't angry. Hurt? Yes but that wasn't their fault.
"No, it's not your fault. You don't choose who you fall in and out of love with," You shrugged. "And that's okay. No hard feelings, I guess. I'll... I'll be enough for someone else someday." You let out a quiet sigh before looking up at them with a neutral face. No smile, no tears, just numbness. It was as though a switch had flipped. "I'll go grab my things now if that's alright?"
"Y/N, you can stay until you find a new place. There's no rush," Taehyung tried to assure you with soft eyes and a guilt-filled voice.
But you just shook your head and shifted your eyes to the floor. "I've already overstayed my welcome. I don't want to push it anymore than I already have, but thank you."
You turned away from them and went upstairs to the bedroom you had previously resided in. You grabbed your suitcase from the closet and began packing all the things you bought for yourself, electing to leave anything they gave to you behind.
As you grabbed your phone charger from your nightstand you saw the white gold necklace Jimin had given you for your birthday five years ago.
"Oh Chim, this is too pretty," You gasped once you opened the black velvet box. "Is this my birthstone?"
"Yep and the heart is a locket, open it."
The silver heart-shaped locket sat to the right of the stone, just the sight making you smile. You set the box down on the dining table in front of you and gently opened the locket, smiling brightly at the pictures inside.
It was one picture of the eight of you on your first anniversary, split into two so that no one was left out. On the left side was you sitting on Jungkook's lap and Namjoon sitting next to you guys on the right and Jin next to him. And on the right side of the locket was the rest of the picture, Hoseok, Jimin, Yoongi, and Taehyung sitting next to each other in that order.
"I love it. Thank you so much. Now I can keep you guys with me at all times," You grinned and leaned over to peck his lips.
"I know you get anxious whenever one of us are away for too long or when you have to go on trips and you can't be with all of us. So this is just a way to make sure we're never apart." Your lip quivered as you looked up at him, ready to burst into tears. "Oh my little cry baby," He chuckled and kissed your forehead. "Everything you guys do is so thoughtful and planned out. No one has ever loved me like this before.”
"Well, you'll never have to worry about living like that again. You'll always be loved by us."
Next to the necklace was a polaroid of you and Yoongi while in the hotel bed during your trip to Boston. In the picture, you could see the necklace sitting on your chest, right where it belonged. Along with the necklace, you took this picture with you everywhere.
"Thank you for coming with me on this trip. It'll be a little boring and I'm sorry I took you away from work, I just really needed one of you guys here," You sighed as you sat down on the hotel bed, kicking your shoes off.
"Don't worry about it. We'd do anything to make you feel comfortable, Bug."
You nodded and gave him a small smile. "Yeah, I know. Thank you."
"Next time, Tae's going with you so I hope you're prepared for that big ball of energy," He chuckled and sat down on the bed beside you.
"I'm always ready to spend time with you all."
"I know you are, Buggy."
You shot off the bed and went to your backpack that sat on the nightstand. "I almost forgot, I brought my polaroid camera so we can capture our first solo trip together!" You went back to the bed and laid down on your back, pulling your boyfriend down with you. "Take a picture with me."
You lifted your arms so the picture would display the both of you. You closed your eyes and leaned your head against his giving the camera a toothless yet content smile.
You waited a second before taking the picture, letting Yoongi get ready. Once the picture was taken you opened your eyes and let your arms fall on your stomach.
When the picture was printed out, you took it and shook it so that you could see the picture of you and your lover.
"I hope I look good," You mumbled and waited for the photo to develop.
"You always look good, don't worry," Yoongi assured from beside you, making you smile. "See, perfect."
He was pointing to the picture in your hand and you giggled upon seeing his sweet, gummy smile.
"You're so cute, Yoongs."
"'m just a reflection of you."
You tore your eyes away from the picture and looked at the heels you had just worn a few hours prior.
The pair of shiny, black Louboutins that Taehyung bought you stared back at you, almost mocking you.
You remember how happy you were when Taehyung bought those shoes for you. You had always wanted them but they were always sold out and you were too focused on work to sit around for them to release.
"To what do I owe the pleasure," You teased as Taehyung walked into your office suspiciously, hands behind his back.
"Just here to drop off a little something that I bought you."
"Taehyung. What did I say?"
"Yeah yeah, no gifts but you need to see this one."
You sighed, giving up once he started giving you puppy eyes. "Alright. What is it?"
He smiled and walked over to you before pulling a box from behind his back and placing it on your desk.
"Taehyung... no way..."
"Yes, way. I know you've been wanting them so I got them."
You quickly opened the box and tore away the tissue paper that protected the shoes. "How did you even get these?"
He shook his head, making you frown. "I have my ways, Princess. That's all you need to know. But go ahead and try them on."
You licked and bit your bottom lip in an attempt to keep an excited squeal from spilling out your mouth, but you couldn't help it.
You let out a small squeal and giggled as you kicked your matte white heels off. Taehyung laughed at your reaction and watched as you slid your new heels on your feet.
"They're perfect!" You jumped up from your chair and started walking around your office.
"Are they comfortable?"
"Heck no! But they're Louboutins, everyone knows they're not comfortable."
Taehyung laughed and you finally removed your eyes from your feet and looked up at him. Your smile fell and you covered your face when you noticed he held his phone up, indicating he was recording you.
"Kim Taehyung!"
You remember the group chat cooing at that video for the rest of the week and Jungkook teasing you about being an adult and saying "heck."
As you walked into the walk-in closet, you tried to keep your eyes off the mirror, not wanting to see how disheveled you probably looked.
In the middle of the closet was an island where you guys kept all eight jewelry boxes. Yours was at the very end next to Jungkook's and you immediately spotted the two friendship bracelets you two had made out of boredom one day.
"Aren't they so cute? We went to the art supply store and picked up the beads and string and thought it would be cute," You rambled as you sat in Jungkook's lap, showing the others your bracelets.
"What do they say, Lovey?" He asked, wanting you to tell the boys. He rubbed your side, and looked up at you, his eyes full of interest and love, making you smile.
"Okay, so mine just says 'Bangtan,' but once Kookie and I made his, I didn't want to leave you guys out so I made six more." You stood from Jungkook's lap and reached into the back pocket of your jeans, pulling out the other six bracelets. "They all just have our initials. So Jungkook's says 'JJK' with a heart-shaped bead in the middle and then my initials. Jin's says 'KSJ,' Yoongi's says 'MYG,' and so on and so forth."
You giddily handed each of them their bracelets before going back to sit on Jungkook's lap and nuzzling into his neck.
"You're so thoughtful. Thank you, Sweets," Jin praised and put his bracelet on.
All the other boys praised the bracelets, claiming they'd cherish them forever, making your stomach fill with butterflies. Their kind words only made you shy and you felt heat rush to your cheeks as you pulled yourself closer into Jungkook.
"You should thank Kookie, too. It was his idea to make the bracelets and he bought the stuff even though I said I'd buy it."
The room filled with gratitude toward Jungkook, making you grin and pull away so you could kiss his cheek.
"Thank you, Kookie."
"You're welcome, Lovey."
You made sure you grabbed all the jewelry your parents had gifted you, carefully sorting through the box.
Once you finished with the jewelry, you moved onto your clothes in the dressers.
You each had two dressers to fill up and a clothing rack to hang things that didn't fit in the dresser. The closet was mainly for work clothes or fancy clothes for dates or other important events. And then in each bedroom, you had a dresser just for basic clothes to wear around the house or for running errands.
You had packed a majority of your things in the suitcases you had when you came across plane tickets to Bermuda.
December 24, 2019, was the departure date, six days before Taehyung's birthday.
Namjoon had bought the eight of you tickets to go to Bermuda for Christmas and Taehyung's birthday.
Everyone was so excited to go, but you never got to because Namjoon had suddenly come down with the flu and you refused to leave without him despite his encouragement.
"Joonbug, how are you feeling? I brought you some soup," You cooed as you walked into his room, your hands holding a tray.
"Much better. Thank you for taking care of me," He smiled and sat up, reaching to take the tray out of your hands.
You handed over the tray and gave him a small smile with a nod. "Of course, that's what fiancées are for."
"The best fiancée ever."
"Ugh, you're too sweet," You mumbled and got in the bed next to him, snuggling against his shoulder.
You didn't care if you were going to get sick, you wanted to cherish this time. Namjoon was always a sweetheart, always gentle and thoughtful. But a sick Namjoon was like regular Namjoon times 100. He was always rambling on about how grateful he was and how happy you make him and how much he loves you.
"Stop before you get sick," He chuckled and wiggled his shoulders to get you off.
"If I get sick, you'll take care of me right?"
He nodded and looked down at you before placing a gentle kiss on your forehead. "I'll always take care of you."
That was two years ago, one year before all the wedding planning stopped. You should've noticed it then, how whenever you brought up the wedding everyone seemed uninterested. No one cared about the wedding anymore except for you and it was a devastating feeling. The scrapbook and planner that you used to pick up every day was somewhere in their home office, collecting dust.
You took a glance around the closet to make sure you weren't forgetting anything. Your eyes stopped at the mirror, no matter how hard to tried to fight it.
You were drained and you looked drained. Your eyes were surrounded by dark circles and your eyelids hung low as if you could fall asleep any minute. Your skin looked dry and like you didn't bother to take care of it, despite your consistent skincare routine. The only thing you could blame was the misery you felt deep inside.
As you turned to walk away, you remembered the last time you were in here with one of the boys.
You and Jin were getting ready for a brunch date when the feeling of insecurity suddenly struck.
Jin frowned as he watched you stare into the mirror with a look of discontent on your face.
"What's wrong, Sweets?" He asked as he walked behind you and wrapped his arms around your waist, head resting on your right shoulder.
"Nothing, I just don't like this dress anymore," You shrugged and walked away from the mirror to pick out another dress.
"What? Why? You look stunning!"
"Well, I don't feel that way..."
"There are six other people downstairs that would agree with me."
You sighed and continued looking through your dresses. "It's nice to know that you guys think I look nice, I value your opinions. But, I want to think I look pretty. I want to impress myself, not just you guys."
He was silent for a minute before nodding and walking over to you, taking your hand. "I completely understand what you're saying. Sometimes it's not about the opinion of others but rather how you view yourself. But come look at yourself." He brought you over to the mirror and stood behind you. "You are the most beautiful person in the world, inside and out. You truly make my world go round. And I know you don't feel that way right now, but I hope you feel it soon and every day for the rest of your life."
"I love you so much, Jinnie," You sighed and leaned back into him.
He wrapped his arms around your waist and rested his head on your shoulder as he rocked your body back and forth along with his.
"I love you too, Sweets." You sharply turned from the mirror, not wanting to see yourself so drained. It kind of disgusted you to see how drained you let yourself get over seven men that could care less about you.
As you stepped out of the closet, dragging your suitcase behind you, you glanced down the hall to your previous room. You left the door open when you went to the closet, not feeling the need to shut it.
But as you stood down the hall, next to the staircase, you couldn't help but stare at the bed. The king-sized bed that used to hold you and your boys, was now empty. You made sure the bed was made, crisp, and clean like no one had even lived in it. The only proof that you were there was the small gifts you had left behind. The feelings you were trying to push away, rushed back, making your frown deepen and also making you wish that you had just shut the door.
You looked down the staircase, and though you couldn't see them, you couldn't help but frown. The house that had been silent for months, was full of chatter and quiet laughter as if you weren't there anymore. Before you went down the stairs, you made sure to force your frown away, not wanting them to see how disappointed and disheartened you were.
You took a deep breath and started down the stairs, suitcase in hand. The conversation between the seven men ceased once they heard your heels click on the first step and as you got closer, you could see their eyes on you, watching your every move.
"Let me help you-"
"No, I'm okay, I don't need your help," You shook your head, cutting Hoseok off. You wanted this to be over quickly, not wanting to forget anything so that you wouldn't have to see them ever again. "I've left all the things you guys have gotten me, so don't worry about me taking anything."
"You could've kept that stuff, they're gifts," Jimin spoke, frowning at your words.
"No need."
Your keychain sat at the top of your purse and you quickly pulled it out and stripped it of the house key and the key for the car Hoseok bought you. You placed both keys on the coffee table that separated you from them.
"Hoseok, remember you have the spare key to your car," You spoke calmly and pulled your purse close to your chest for some form of comfort.
"Y/N, the car is yours, it's in your name," He shook his head and took the car key off the table so he could hand it back to you.
As he reached his hand toward you, you took a step back, quickly glancing at his hand then back to his face.
"I don't think I like being blindfolded..." You mumbled.
Hoseok's hand was warm and steady against your shaky ones as he dragged you outside.
"Oh, it's not too bad. And I'm right here so you have nothing to worry about."
"Yeah, I know," You nodded and squeezed his hand.
"And you also know how much I hate your car."
"Hoseok, don't talk bad about Linda..." You playfully warned. He held your body upright as you stumbled due to him suddenly stopping. "Warn me next time, you know I'm not as coordinated as you."
He chuckled and moved to stand behind you so he could untie the blindfold. "Sorry."
"Did you get Linda washed or something? Why did you bring up my baby?"
"Because your 'baby,' is ancient-"
"She's not."
"And she barely runs. It worries all of us when you're driving that car. We don't want your car breaking down in the middle of the highway or the wrong neighborhood. The boys suggested it, but I'm the only one that went through with it."
"What are you talking about?" You sighed, confused by his rambling. He removed the blindfold instead of verbally answering you and you gasped at the sight in front of you. Where your silver 2008 Hyundai Tiburon, Linda, sat was a black 2021 Mercedes-Benz G-Class. "No fucking way, Hobi. Why... why did you- where's Linda?"
"Linda has passed on," He sighed dramatically and shook his head in feigned misery. "I know you have this weird connection to that car, but it was too dangerous for you to keep."
"It's not a weird connection. That was my first car. You know my parents made me work for everything I have, despite their success. I bought that car with my own, hard-earned money. That was my baby..."
Hoseok frowned as he moved to stand in front of you, taking your hands in his. "I understand, Doll, but you also need to realize your safety is more important than nostalgia."
You looked around him to see the car he bought you, taking in his words and concerns. "She's no Linda, but she is nice," You nodded.
"That's the spirit!"
You let your frown turn into a smile as you pulled Hoseok into your arms. "Thank you for caring about me."
"Always, Doll," He swore into your hair, his arms wrapped tightly around you. "So, what're you gonna name her?"
He pulled away and held you at an arm's length. "Like my name for you?"
"No! Like Dolly Parton."
You bit your lip as you thought about what you wanted to do.
You didn't want anything they gave you, it would just be a reminder of what you had and subsequently lost. You couldn't carry that burden every day. But you also didn't want to have any contact with them if you were to sign the title over to Hoseok.
"I'll sign the title over to you. My lawyer should be in contact with yours by the end of the week."
"I don't want any parts of you. Just keep the car, please." Your plea was quiet and shaky, not coming off as strong as you wanted to.
There was a long pause; they didn't know how to respond to your request. They didn't know how to respond to being rejected by you for the first time.
"How are you getting to wherever you're going?"
"My parents sent their driver. Any more questions?" You quipped and gave them a tight smile. After a moment of silence, you nodded and walked to the front door.
As you reached up to open the door, you spotted the ring on your left hand making your eyes go wide. Quickly your eyes filled with tears, but as soon as they came, they went away. You were still on a mission to keep a brave face.
You slid the huge diamond ring off your finger, not sure how you could forget it was there, and there was a sudden emptiness that wasn't there before. You knew once you gave the ring back, it was over and they knew that too.
As you walked back toward them, your eyes on the ring in your hand, you missed the looks of guilt and hesitation from each of them.
You sniffled as your set the ring next to the house key and watched your shaking hand go back to your side. "Can't forget that."
You walked back to the door, quickly opening it and getting ready to step out.
You were already out the door with your suitcase, there was nothing left to talk about. You were upstairs packing your suitcase and they were sitting around in the living room, no worries for you at all. They had time to speak to you.
Before whoever could continue, you cut them off, "don't forget dinner's on the table."
And shut the door behind you, not daring to look back.
Tumblr media
[AN: my first ot7 fic, I hope you all enjoyed. if you want to join my taglist, here’s the link to the info page]
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satnin-darling · a month ago
Pairing(s): Reader x Jimin, Reader x Jungkook, Jungkook x Reader x Jimin
Summary: Jungkook always comes to Jimin's room at odd hours in the day because he says it's boring to be all by himself, holed up in his own hotel room. The real reason, of course, is because you're there 😌
Warnings/Tags: RATED M (18+) for language, smut (fem-reader; fingering; riding/cowgirl; cock warming; nipple play; slight choking; hair pulling; multiple orgasms; doggy; hand job; oral (m-receiving); spit-roasting; penetrative sex; threesome; these two love to tease; Jimin wants you all to himself lmao and Jungkook is so whiny (😝); soft!dom Jimin + soft!dom Jungkook); there's a sprinkle of fluff just because 🥺; idol!AU - established relationship.
These two wouldn't let me breathe this past week so here goes some JiKook x Reader smut! (or is it 'MinKook' now? 😭😂)
"It would be easier to admit that you took it, you know."
Jimin tugs at the hem of the shirt that he claims to be his.
"I didn't know that it was yours."
He shoots you look that conveyed an exasperated Really?
You don't mind. He's always gentle with his teasing.
"I'd like it back though," Jimin said, kissing you again. They're chaste, just shy of lingering.
The lights are dimmed and the rustle of the sheets are pronounced. Outside, Los Angeles stays awake, like you and him. All the while, jet lag circles the room, confusing your minds and bodies. It's late here but early elsewhere.
"I was cold," you murmured, biting his bottom lip.
It's never about the shirt anyway.
His hands travel up, keen to rid of it from you. You let him, and it falls away. Cool air blankets your skin, gooseflesh prickles all over, your nipples hardening into tight peaks. Slowly, his fingers skim the outline of your body, a delicate movement with its own rhythm. The graze of his nail in the valley in between, up to the base of your neck, settling on your jaw. Jimin always looked at you with care, mapping you out as if for the first time. Your breath catches as his thumb circles your nipple in languid strokes.
He leans down, kissing you so softly that you sigh, arms coming over his neck to pull him close. A nip of your bottom lip while he tugs at your underwear. Off it goes, fluttering down elsewhere.
And you're bare.
Your mouth opens and his tongue slides against yours, deepening the kiss, your hands on the nape of his neck, liking the proximity. It's all tentative, the build-up before everything, before it gets needy and out of control.
But you weren't sure if you had that kind of patience.
Not when his hands knead your skin in an even pressure, his lean muscles through his shirt, hips wedging your legs open, a slow grind that had you moaning into his mouth.
He hums, he knows.
Parting from you, he kisses along your jaw, taking his time, soft lips marking your skin, his tongue snaking out to lick a hot trail. You try to take his shirt off but he grabs you by your wrist, pinning your hand above your head. You try again and he does the same with your other hand.
Ah, playing nice is over.
More kisses, hard and fast, kisses that had you both panting, bodies writhing on the bed, your legs splayed, throbbing core against his hard cock. Silence transpires, you look at each other in the dim interior. Jimin's dark hair falls over his brow in loose waves, the grey streaks peeking in between. You see those plush pink lips part, going to a deeper shade of red. Releasing your hand, his fingers dance over your front, hovers down, teasing your slit. Another kiss. You gasp into his mouth, feel a finger slide inside your pussy, the wet slick easing him in.
"Fuck, you're so wet," he groaned, another finger and you moaned, body arching off the bed onto him. Still restricted by his other hand over your wrist, you try to break free but he holds you tighter. You tip your hips down, tensing as you feel his thumb rub your clit followed by a slow thrust of his fingers, in, then out. You gasped, biting his bottom lip, drawing out that sigh, his dark hair brushing against your face as you arch up to him. He breaks from you, kissing lower and lower, warm breath on your jaw, your neck. It makes your skin feverish, the thrust of his fingers is achingly slow, stretching you out, your hips bucking in a staggered rhythm. When his tongue circles your nipple, you cry out, head falling onto the bed, back bowing up.
"Jimin," you whined.
"Hm?" He hums, curling his fingers, the wet squelch is audible, sinful.
He murmurs your name, that smirk affecting his tone.
"Tell me what you want."
The pad of his thumb rubs your clit, adding pressure. Your eyes flutter close, lost in him, yielding to whatever he was doing.
"I want -" you breathed, grasping at shreds of rationality, "I want you to fuck me."
His teeth sink down on your nipple, and you let out moan, sparks ignite, spreading throughout your body and you writhe underneath him.
"You want me to fuck you?" He asked, his voice measured and calm. With a lift of his head, you see a faint flush that coloured his cheeks, half lidded eyes. You look down, his fingers, knuckle deep in your pussy, the low light catches the glint of arousal.
And he nods, thankfully he nods.
His fingers leave you, only for a moment. You sit up, spurred by this elation, yanking his shirt up, up till you see 'Nevermind' etched on his rib, up till you see that scattering of moles that dot his skin all over. Small, breathy laughter came from both of you, excited, suspended in this haze. Next, you grab the waistband of his sweatpants, tug down to reveal his cock, hard and leaking.
Surging forward, he kisses you, fingers on your jaw, a possessive grip.
"Oh fuck," you gasped, feeling him grind slowly, pushing the shaft of his cock along your folds. He was so hard, throbbing against your heat. You bit his bottom lip, earning a low growl. He catches your wrists, bring them above your head. Hot, wet, gasping kisses all over, you're barely able to keep quiet as he rolls his hips, wetting his cock with your slick. He grips your wrists tighter.
"You like it when I hold you down like this?" He whispered, lips by the shell of your ear, you shiver, bucking your hips.
"Fuck yeah," you replied, breathless.
Another grind of his hips, everything is so wet, you could cum any second.
"Jimin," you moaned, spreading your legs wider, lifting to hook them over his hips.
He looks down at you, bottom lip trapped by his teeth, rose flush over pale skin. Ethereal and in control.
"What do you want?"
You don't tell him because you were pushing him to lay on his back. Gentle eyes, dark hair streaked with grey splayed out on pristine, white sheets. The clear ink that read 'Nevermind' stark on his rib, hard planes of muscle on a lithe frame. His cock is hard and twitching against his stomach. Quickly, you swipe a condom nearby, your breath trembling as you straddle his hips.
"Eager," he teased, but you quieten him by sheathing his cock.
"Can you blame me?" You asked, positioning yourself above him, kissing him again for good measure.
His hand covers the nape of your neck, tongue sliding against yours, panting breaths as he bit your bottom lip, tugging hard enough for you to moan. You lower yourself, feel the head of his cock stretch you out, gasp into his mouth as his body twitches, patient as you adjust.
You never could get used to it, the way Jimin's features flicker as you took him in, clenching over his cock, wet, velvet walls pulsing over his length. His hands bracket your hips, breathing stuttered like yours.
It's slow and careful.
"Ah shit," he rasped, eyes to where you connected, a slight jut of jaw, lips wet and bruised. An experimental grind as you bottomed out, your sighed exhales making it out into the air.
"Ah fuck, feels so good," he praised, breathless.
His hands grip the tops of your thighs, massaging out of desperation, head falling back onto the pillows. You see the pale column of his neck, veins standing to attention, dark hair separating over his brow, brushing his eyelids. His scatter of moles, bathed in a pink flush that bloomed from his chest.
"Jimin," you gasped, feeling him raise his hips.
The movement was slight, but you happened to lean back, the angle of his cock hit that spot that made you tremble. He knew it too, face pinching as you raised yourself up, your hands splaying on his chest while he began to fold his legs.
"Fuck yeah, right there," he moaned, his words slurred and deep.
You roll your hips, wind an arm behind to grasp his thigh, never halting, unable to speak at the sight of his soft lips, so pink and bruised, his tongue flicking out only for his mouth to form as snarl as your hips slammed down. Your muscles burned but Jimin was adamant, clawing at your thighs, breathy moans forming in the air, a fine film of sweat breaking out on his skin, muscles rock hard from effort.
"Oh fuck, fuck," you stammered, falling forward, face by the crook of his neck, a scream building up suddenly, enveloped in his scent, the cool surface of his skin right against your nose. Curses spilling from his lips, Busan satoori right by the shell of your ear as his voice lowers in register, hips snapping upwards in powerful thrusts that jarred your body, your hands clutching at the pillows beneath his head.
"Ah shit," he groaned, strong arms around your waist, cock driving up so deep in controlled thrusts that the fire in the pit of your stomach spread, and you nearly sobbed as your orgasm crashed over you, vision vignetting as your inner muscles spasmed, gushing over length, tearing a strangled grunt from him. Sweat stays trapped between you, liquid heat in your veins clouding judgment. You catch the string of curses from his lips as he moved his hips in shallow pumps, the strength of his core holding you up, his jaw cutting your shoulder as he came, shuddering.
You lift your head, seal your lips over his, an open drag of your mouth, breaths mixing together, veins saturated in pure pleasure, hearts hammering within your ribcage, the roar in your ears evident as you grimaced from the oversensitivity but you hold on, fingers tangled in his hair, a slight pull that had him groaning your mouth, sucking on your bottom lip, your name coming out in a mere whisper.
"Fuck..." you whimpered, muscles twitching as you pressed your face at the crook of his neck, utterly spent, savouring his hands moving your hips, rocking you back and forth, smearing your arousal all over.
As you both came down, his hands stay roaming up your back, down your sides, humming while still inside you. Propping yourself up on your elbows, you look down at him, see his pink cheeks, the dusting of faint freckles on bare skin, the map of moles that are hinted at his neck, a prominent one on his collarbone, the one you loved to kiss. You see the prickly stubble at his chin that he loves grazing your face with and his eyes, now half-lidded, blinking slowly and contentedly, as spent as you are.
"Hi," you murmured, brushing your nose against his.
"Hi," he breathes, hands wandering down to knead your ass, making you laugh.
Knock Knock!
You craned your head back even though you couldn't see much. Jimin clutches at your waist. There was a lengthy pause in between and instantly, you both knew.
Another pause.
Knock knock knock knock!
"You have my other room card, Jungkook-ah!" Jimin calls out, kissing along your neck hungrily, getting you started again. You laughed, draping yourself over him, grinding down more insistently.
The latch opens and you grin, watching Jungkook come into view, taking his black cap off and ruffing his hair.
"I can hear you guys from the hallway," he said, you look back, chin to your shoulder as you sat up, hearing an hiss from Jimin given that he was still inside you.
"Or did you just have your ear pressed up the door?" You asked, eyeing his outfit, a velour polo in red floral patchwork, now being hurriedly unbuttoned and dragged over his head. Below was a pair of black sweatpants and combat boots from the concert, to which he was busy unlacing, yanking at the strings.
"You weren't trying to be quiet anyway," he smiled, looking so handsome and made up from the concert, piercings all on show, reflecting slivers of light that bordered the wall.
"Are you bored, Jungkook-ah?" Jimin asked, capturing your lips in a long, drawn-out kiss.
Large hands settle on your lower back, they move up and down, the lightest of touches that made you shiver.
You look behind you as Jimin kisses along your jaw, needy, and perhaps a bit displeased to share.
"Lonely," Jungkook concludes, somewhat shy in his admission. It's in the dip of his head and the small laugh that comes after.
"Aw," you sympathised. Jimin only laughs, a gentle tease.
You were staying in his room for the duration of their stay in Los Angeles. It wasn't intentional, but Jungkook seemed to take that choice personally.
"The room smells like -" he muttered, knees on the bed, quite dressed up but eager to kiss along your back, you feel his lip ring graze your skin and your eyes flutter at the sensation. He kicks off his shoes, they land with a heavy thud on the carpeted floor.
"Like us?" Jimin piped up, hands back up your front.
Jungkook chuckles from behind, touching you everywhere.
You balk at another pair of hands, equal parts hungry and insistent. Jungkook's tattooed arm comes around you, corded in muscle and wrapped in veins. He swipes your hair away so that he could kiss along the back of your neck. Jimin sits up, lifting you away from his cock to steady you by grasping the back of your thighs so that you were upright. He kisses between the valley of your breasts, soft lips setting a trail of fire. You're already panting, arms over his shoulders as his teeth tugged at your nipple.
"You always come to my room..." Jimin muttered, stopping Jungkook's hand from going any lower. You whined in protest, pushing your hips back, rubbing your ass over Jungkook's growing erection.
Jimin's tongue swirls over your nipple and you shivered, shoulder blades resting on Jungkook's chest. Your back rubs over bare skin, prickling heat all over.
"Is that really a cause for explanation?" He asked from behind, instead using his other hand, brushing your ass before sinking his fingers up in your pussy, shallow thrusts initially, then knuckle deep.
"Mm... fuck," you gasped, fingers digging over Jimin's shoulders. It's not enough pressure to mark but enough to make him growl against you.
Jungkook goes faster, spearing you as his fingers buried themselves in your tight heat, coated in your juices as it runs down your inner thighs. Jimin sucks on your nipple, his other hand slapping the outside of your leg, a signal for you to spread wider. You obeyed, the strength leaving you as pleasure overtook, bowing forward, unable to hold yourself upright. The wet squelch of your pussy echoing the walls is borderline crude as Jungkook’s fingers delved up, his arm around your waist as Jimin's mouth didn't let up, teeth nipping over your sensitive nipples, spurring you closer and closer.
"Fuck... I'm gonna fucking cum ," you gasped, hands scrambling to hold onto to something, an arm on Jimin shoulder while the other comes behind, clawing at Jungkook's shirt. Your hips bucked, chasing that rhythm while they worked you over the edge.
But their movements slowed.
Jimin licks a lazy trail all over your tits, plush lips soothing the marks he left. The intensity subsides. You let out a frustrated groan, lowering your hips to force Jungkook's hand back to its previous pace but he closes a hand on your neck, tipping your head back, warm breath to your ear. You feel a rush overtake you, the slightest force on your windpipe making your toes curl. You feel Jungkook's broad and firm chest against your back while Jimin's hand skates down, down till you feel the blunt pad of his finger apply pressure on your clit.
"What do you think, hyung? Does she deserve to cum?"
There wasn't even a chance for you to advocate for yourself as Jimin's finger enters you. You jerk from their hold, letting out a quiet exhale that's more of a whine. Jungkook tips your face towards him, kissing you at once, his tongue entering your mouth in a slow stroke. You moaned, mind emptying of everything else.
"Oh? Not sure, maybe she doesn't," Jimin murmurs, his tone gratingly devious.
Both of them begin this torturous drag, in then out, adding another finger, making you feel so full that you're thoughts dissolve. You were so wet that you were dripping over their palms.
"Please," you begged, even though it's already too much.
Jungkook releases his grip on your neck, and blood filters back, your breath comes in shallow pants, body aching for relief. Jimin's fingers thrust out and is swiftly displaced by Jungkook's.
"Show us how much you want it," Jimin whispered, his voice going lower, laced with Busan satoori.
You pushed your hips down, eyes meeting his. They shine with desire, a playful smirk shaping his lips as he watches you. Jungkook holds you steady while you try and match their rhythm, pussy sopping and squelching, your orgasm building and building.
"Do you feel that, hyung?" Jungkook asked, and your eyes flutter shut, moans escaping your lips in a high pitch, back pressed against Jungkook's chest, legs trembling as they carried on.
"You don't sound needy enough," Jimin replied, shoving particularly deep and you gasp. He goes faster, which encourages Jungkook, and they fuck you with their fingers, their knuckles scraping against each other's.
It was too much. Too good.
You couldn't control yourself if you tried, and with Jimin's mouth back on your nipple, you cried out, unravelling suddenly, orgasming with abandon as they both held you.
"Fuck!" You yelped, almost lifting yourself from their touch if not for Jungkook pushing you down on their hands. Inner muscles constricting over their fingers, pussy thoroughly wet and dripping, you were sure that it reached their wrists. Jimin continued to run his tongue over the new marks on your tits, and you hissed, retreating from their ministrations. Jungkook kisses your cheek, you hear the rustle of his clothes leaving his body, leaving you briefly to remove the rest.
"Go and shower," Jimin commands, shoving Jungkook away with his foot on his thigh.
Stumbling back, Jungkook lets out a whine of protest.
You laughed, rolling over to the side of the bed to catch your breath. That, and because your limbs felt like jelly. You see how Jungkook's cock is straining against his briefs, the obvious blush on his cheeks, and the barest hint of a pout, tucking the mole on his bottom lip away from view. You almost relent but Jimin snaps the condom off and discards it, reaching for a new packet. Instantly, you lift your legs while his hands circle your ankles, rotating them as if you were pedalling on a bike.
"Use my shower," Jimin adds, diving down to your arms, landing kiss upon kiss over your neck, your jaw, the side of your mouth. From the corner of your eye, you see Jungkook come over, saying your name cutely.
"Come and shower."
"Already did," you smiled, but it quickly turned into a sigh as Jimin pressed the backs of your thighs down, grinding his cock over your throbbing slit. Jungkook peeled off his briefs.
His is cock impossibly hard, muscles looking just as firm as they felt. Jimin clicks his tongue, drifting his mouth over yours, bodies coming together again.
The slam of the bathroom door against the wall had you bursting out in laughter, Jimin too.
"You're being a bit too mean, don't you think?" You said, rocking your hips against his, tangling your fingers in his dark hair.
"Want you all to myself and he shouldn't fuck up the sheets with his post-concert sweat," Jimin reasoned, kissing you with fervour. Nearby, the water runs in audible pelts and you realise that Jungkook left the door open.
"Shameless brat," Jimin said, loud enough for Jungkook to begin a horrendous rendition of ON, at the same time, you hear him knocking numerous bottles onto the floor, curses bouncing off the marbled walls.
Jimin delivered ravenous kisses, wet and sloppy, the dip of his tongue in your mouth inciting your moans. You pull back to see something flicker in his gaze and the next thing you knew, you were being dragged to the edge of the bed, ass facing the bathroom door.
"Fuck you guys!" Jungkook shouted, followed by another shout since you knew that he got shampoo in his eyes.
"Hurry up then!" You replied, giddy.
Jimin grasps your chin, rubbing his nose against yours.
"Think you can take more?" He asked, his eyes hazy with desire. You nodded, breath hitching as he lined his cock over your pussy.
"Yeah," you whispered, a hand on the edge of the bed, offering yourself up to him. You don't move, clenching out of anticipation as he slowly pushing his hips down, inch by inch, you take it all.
"Ah," Jimin groaned, tucking his shoulder at the back of your knee, grinding down, that you shivered at how he filled you up. He kisses your temple, shifting again and the angle made you flinch, head tucking forward as you moaned. Jimin plunged back inside you, all the gentleness receding.
"Fuck," Jimin grunts, fucking you in punishing strokes, the harsh sound of your skin slapping together, the wet drag of his cock inside you, mixing with your mewls of pleasure.
"Deeper," you managed, tugging at his lower lip with your teeth. He pushes his hips forward, arm curling over your head, fingers tightening over your hair, giving it to you deeper and harder. The sheer force of his thrusts shoving you onto the mattress more and more. Your moans come out strangled, heat blazing all over.
Somewhere in the vicinity, Jungkook had stopped singing, making it a point to shower as efficiently as possible, more bottles are jostled and collided against the glass walls.
Jimin hovered his lips over yours, your breaths mingling in a desperate rhythm, sweat sticking your skin together as he fucked you, over and over, the twitch of his muscles felt so good against yours that your hips thrashed beneath him. The pressure builds and he's so fierce and strong that you're shaking.
"You're gonna cum for me?"
His hands find a gap between you, stroking your clit and your hips bucked to his touch, your arms around his neck to keep him close as you squealed, clenching around his cock so violently as he crushed his lips against yours. He carries on, using all that control in his hips to keep you tethered, your pussy flooding over his cock, rapid spasming that you couldn't halt.
He gasped your name, orgasming soon after, pumping the condom with cum, finding the same ecstasy as you, shoving his cock up deeper that you ever thought he could. And your body sags, the tension dissipating as you embraced each other, heart thundering in your chests.
Just then, the sound of the water stops.
"Someone's done showering," he whispered, making you laugh.
Gently, he pulls out of you and pushes you up the bed, kissing all over your face, making you squirm from his attention. As he settles by the head of the bed, Jungkook comes through, skin barely dry from the shower. You see his muscles glistening, broad chest and strong thighs, the dark ink on his right arm rippled from how he flexed it. You try and cover yourself since your legs were basically spread open mere second ago, but he gets to you first. He grabs you by your waist, flipping you over to your front, finding your face right by Jimin's cock.
"I've showered," he announced, mostly to Jimin, who reached down, stroking the length of your jaw with his knuckle. You pressed your lips together, sharing a knowing look with him who hid his laugh behind his hand.
"You don't want to ride him?" Jimin asked.
You straighten your arms, wiggling your hips as you hear Jungkook tearing a foiled packet. Sneaking a look behind, you see Jungkook sheath his cock, brow furrowed as the cold lubrication made him hiss. He was so hard that his cock had swelled, this tip practically weeping with pre-cum.
"Nope," you smiled.
Jungkook caught that and grabbed your hips.
"What do you want?" He asked, that Busan satoori slipping through, signalling the tail end of his patience. You slide your knees further apart, arching your back.
"For you to sing ON again," you replied, teasing.
You shiver as the tip of his cock grazes your folds.
Jimin's laughter rings in the air and you were about to join in but Jungkook pressed inside you without much ceremony, and you pitched forward. A sharp cry torn from your lips is muffled as Jimin kissed you, soft lips over your own.
"Oh f-fuck," you gasped, Jungkook's grunts loud in the air, yanking you back on his cock, a hand on your shoulder for leverage. Jimin leant back, his eyes taking the sight in, his cock swelling again, twitching against his lower abdomen. You reach for him, curl your hand over his length as Jungkook pounded into you in savage thrusts.
"Ah fuck!" Jungkook gasped, and your cried out as he varied his thrusts, never letting up as his cock stretching you, over and over, that your limbs were vibrating.
"Jungkook, hgnh!" You yelped, thighs closing and knees drawing together. Jimin's face pinched as your grip on his cock became erratic, his hand grasping your face to kiss you, tugging your lower lip, teeth sinking over sensitive flesh. But that didn't last long as Jungkook dragged you back on his cock, placing enough distance. Despite the muscles in your arm burning, you continued, an even pressure, relishing in how Jimin's hips lifted, following your touch.
But the knot was unravelling again and soon, you couldn’t keep a good rhythm, head lolling forwards as Jungkook opted for short, sharp thrusts, your moans tumbling shamelessly from your lips. Jimin groans your name as you went faster this time, but not before lowering to your front so that your ass was up in the air. He spreads his legs as your tongue roves over his balls, your hand spreading over his length. Jungkook grips your hip, holding onto you tightly, balls slapping against your clit that you knew you weren't going to last longer.
"Fuck... fuck!" Jimin gasped, and Jungkook let out a string of curses while you moaned, caught in between, the pleasure never ebbing as you worked Jimin, saliva dripping all over. His hips shot off the bed, fingers threading through your hair.
"So fucking good," Jimin moaned, nails dragging on your scalp.
Jungkook's thighs slap against the backs of yours and you're so wet that you're dripping, obscene sounds echoing on the modest walls of the hotel room. You could tell from the way his thrusts became irregular that he was close, and your inner muscles tightened. Jimin groaned above you, the tip leaking as you plunged your mouth over his cock, taking every last drop as he flinched, gasping into orgasm as his cum painted the back of your throat. You moaned around him, body humming from his taste.
"Ah... shit," Jungkook grunted, your name falling past his lips, a breathless admission as his hands pull on your ass, kneading your flesh in a punishing grip that your eyes fluttered shut, spread open and wide for him. You mouth leaves Jimin as you pressed your face onto the bed, hands over his thighs instead, crying out as you came violently, shattering in mere seconds, the intensity of it all leading to a hot gush of wetness between your legs. Jungkook came with a sharp cry, plunging his cock as deep as he could that you whimpered, half delirious as your heart lurched in your ribcage, your hearing overtaken by a sudden rush. Barely able to comprehend, all you could do is feel. You revel in it, the pleasure that surged everywhere, connecting all three of you in this undefinable tether, foregoing all else.
All three of you settled in silence, each of your laboured breaths peters out into a calmer pattern. You found yourself wedged in between them, facing Jungkook while Jimin embraced you from behind, face nuzzling the nape of your neck.
"Happy?" Jungkook asked, lacing his fingers through yours, palm to palm. His eyes are tired but content while he gnaws at the corner of his lip where the ring was. You knew that he was asking about all sorts of things: the concert, your trip to Los Angeles with them, and most of all, your time together.
"More than," you whispered, managing a smile as he nuzzles close. Jimin does the same, humming softly.
"I love you."
It didn't matter who said it. Not when you're this close, this intertwined. A welcomed haze buzzes in your brain and there's a certain boneless slump to your body.
"Fuck, I think we'll probably ache tomorrow," you admit. Jungkook shrugs, fingers delicately brushing your hair away from your face. Jimin smiles against your skin, fingers skimming over your arm, a reassuring touch.
"One more schedule left then home," Jimin muttered, getting more comfortable by drawing the comforter up.
"Yeah," Jungkook murmured, turning his head to bury his yawn into the pillow.
"Home... " you trailed off.
It's like this, few words exchanged in the twilight, where it's early somewhere and late elsewhere. And it's safe in this corner of the world, when your wrapped up in each other, protected solely by the walls of this hotel room. One of many you have stayed at. With its drab grey motif and thick velvet curtains to block out the outside scenery. It's not much though, even from this height. Just a few buildings obscuring the pitch-black sky, dotted with satellite stars.
Tomorrow, you'll wake up between them, complaining of the morning light, the sticky surface of your skin, limbs tangled together while the sheets and pillows are in a heap on the floor.
None of that matters, though.
Not when you're together in your own corner of the world.
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jeonygi · 3 months ago
mother knows best | index
Tumblr media
pairing ; ot7 x female reader (platonic), ot7 moms & female reader
summary ; being the only woman in a friend group with seven men automatically makes you the love interest in seven mothers’ wistful romantic stories. though your relationship with the guys remains completely platonic, the marriage fantasy their moms frequently project onto you and their sons has them coming up with all sorts of shenanigans to make you their daughter-in-law. mother knows best, you suppose.
warnings ; overbearing moms, attempts at humor, platonic
note ; oh to be the bangtan moms’ favorite <33
Tumblr media
drabble 1 ; sunday lunch
drabble 2 ; of quail eggs and perms
drabble 3 ; of hair styles and scissors
drabble 4 ; of tangerines and dumplings
drabble 5 ; mafia game
drabble 6 ; code red
drabble 7 ; father knows best
drabble 8 ; a solemn day
drabble 9 ; of ferris wheels and pomeranians
drabble 10
Tumblr media
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pinkcherrybombs · 29 days ago
✨How Much It would Cost Me to Babysit Each BTS Member ✨
So I saw this trend on Tik-Tok and thought it would be perfect as a headcanon! This was so much fun to make, feedbacks always appreciated! (also this is a re-upload bc I accidentally deleted the first one💀)
Tumblr media
Price: $120/hour (plus an extra $30 every time he asks if I have games on my phone)
• Will want to try some extreme sporting indoor household parkour challenge he saw on YouTube “for fun”
• The only one on this list that I’m truly scared of
• Is gonna force me to watch him play video games, and then witness his rage quits which are like full mental breakdowns
• He’ll throw hands if I let him know that I’ve only watched one marvel movie
• Will also throw hands if I tell him that I think I have better thighs then Namjoon
• Honestly tho if I distract him with exercise activities or banana milk, we’ll be solid
• His toe socks are enough to make me quit babysitting all together
• 100% is gonna attempt to steal my food off my plate tho after eating his
• Is going to make every single thing into a competition, from who eats the fastest , to who can rinse their hands off after the quickest. But it’s a one sided competition that only he knows is going on, which makes this 10x more awkward
• Probs will fall asleep in some weird ass position like upside down on the couch. The type to snap his eyes open all serial killer like if you even whisper his name or check if he’s breathing
• Will randomly add me to a video game match after babysitting, then will call me if I decline and yell at me
• I 100% see him being the type to like randomly do a WWE wrestling choke hold- body slam combo and then laugh as if it was nothing while I’m wheezing on the floor
Tumblr media
Price: $80/hour
• Will be the type to play hide and seek without telling me, so I’d just be freaking out thinking he’s lost for hours
• This man will bark at me. End of discussion
• Probs has some secret furry memorabilia that he keeps hidden under his bed, but will pull it out and ask if I can play it with him
• 100% will teach me how to take nice monochromatic photos, even going as far as to let me use his camera
• He’s gonna blast Jazz music through his speakers and critic me on my classical music knowledge
• Will make me cry, by chasing me around in the furry costume I mentioned before. And then will laugh when my ass trips and falls
• Is gonna teach me Korean swear words and tell me it’s formal ways to introduce myself
• Will try and teach me different vape tricks, but might silently judge if I start coughing from his 80-nic
• Falls asleep on the floor, no clue how he got there. Might growl if I try and put a blanket on him, so I’ll probably just chill on my phone and wait till he wakes up (at a safe distance)
• Is going to convince me to buy one of his paintings, thus taking all the money I earned back
Tumblr media
Price: $65/hour
• I’ll be confused if he’s trying to flirt with me or not for majority of the time
• This man's level of physical affection will drive me crazy, will literally wrap himself around my leg while I’m trying to walk
• I don’t know how and I don’t know why but we will throw hands at some point , probs because I call him my short king
• Will sass me to the point I’ll genuinely have to reconsider all my life decisions , and self esteem
• Honestly the one I’ll get along with most on the list tho, I feel like he’s knows all the tea about everyone
• 100% will physically tap his mouth shut after the first twenty minutes
• Competition to see who has a fatter ass( he’d obviously win)
• Will definitely break something expensive and brush it under the rug then blame me after for it
• The type to have a twelve step skincare routine and will literally gag if I tell him it’s not necessary
• I’ll need at least 2 Tylenol’s and a solid 36 hours of sleep to recover at babysitting him
Tumblr media
Price: $20/hour (plus an extra $10 every time he breaks something)
• Damage deposit ahead of time for any property broken
• Also damage deposit for emotional distress after this man completely outsmarts me in literally every subject
• Majority of the time will be spent with either him explaining philosophical ideas he’s read in books or care instructions for his plants
• Will throw hands when I jokingly say I might accidentally kill his plants. Key word being jokingly
• We’re gonna spend a minimum 3 hours looking for his airpods
• Probs will get into a insightful debate about aliens and the meaning of life, is definitely not gonna make me feel stupid if I say something dumb
• He’ll definitely help me with my homework, I might even owe him back some money by the end for tutoring me
• Is gonna be the most responsible one out of the bunch to actually prepare himself for bed. Do a proper skincare routine before playing some light rain sounds and knocking out
•Can’t cook for shit tho, and will probably destroy the kitchen if I’m not looking
• We're starting a book club, he gets first pick!
Tumblr media
• Just Dance will be on for literally hours
• Will genuinely throw hands with me if we don’t get mega superstar ON EVERY SINGLE SONG
• His energy levels high key intimidate me, I know for a fact I won’t be able to keep up
• Probably will let me have aux and sing along to whatever music I play, maybe even teach me to the rap for daydream
• FASHION SHOWS, dude his closet is so incredible, will be the type to let me leave with a souvenir
• I just know he gives good pep talks, like whatever’s on my mind he’ll sit and talk about with me. Babysitting will turn into a makeshift therapy session
• If he’s in a good mood might let me paint his nails matching colours with mine
• Old school Disney movies for sure, especially with chocolate chip cookies. I’m envisioning Hercules, Mulan and the Princess and the Frog , he likes his soulful soundtracks
• The type to fall asleep on the couch during the Disney movie marathon, but will pout if I try to turn off the screen. Will for sure snuggle into his blanket like an adorable little bean
• Were scheduled for dance lessons next week, which means I’m basically means I’m giving the $15 I earned back to him
Tumblr media
Price: $10/hour
• Easiest one to babysit off the list , no doubt about it
• The ten dollars is literally just to cover food and drinks, no actual payment is needed for my boy yoongles
• The type to sit me down and show me what track he’s been working on , maybe even ask for input if he’s stuck
• This man’s a literal angel, I know for a fact he will try his best not to laugh at my horrible attempts of rapping Daechwita
• Worst part probably would be if I disturbed him while he was napping or working, definitely would be a little worried when homeboy turns silent and gives me that death stare
• Will steal my phone to play piano tiles
• The longest rants about capitalism and government corruption, like full university style professor lectures
• Will be prepared to fight me if I even dare mention my plan to kidnap and marry Hobi
• Probably will fall asleep in some random spot in the housw, so I’ll bring him a blanket and some water so that at least he’s somewhat comfy in whatever weird position he passes out in
• Wouldn’t hesitate to babysit him again, or even just hang out whenever
Tumblr media
Price: $25/hour
• I already know we’re gonna have a roast off over who’s the prettiest and my ego will get hurt multiple times by this man when I lose
• Probably will try to teach me the Super Tuna dance, and then judge me if I fucked up the choreo , will force us to do it on repeat until it’s satisfactory
• Definitely will offer to help cook and will make incredible food which is super sweet and helpful
• Will sass the shit out of me, especially if I do something he doesn’t like or tell him no
•Dad jokes from start to finish, every 5 minutes on a loop
• Will throw RJ at me full force if I say anything to piss him off, and then be more concerned if RJ is hurt then if I am
• 100% will be the type to pull the “let me do it” for every little thing even though I’m supposed to be the one babysitting him
• If I cook will say my ramens dry and likely fake throw up, dramatic ass
• At the end of the night I will definitely end up tucking him in, while he protests that he’s a grown man and doesn’t need to be tucked in. (But the whole time he’s stuttering with red ears because he secretly loves being taken care of)
• All in all a wonderful experience, he’s already organizing a fishing trip for the summer
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moonchild1 · 6 months ago
park jimin fic rec list (Ⅰ)
Tumblr media
here's a list of all my favourite jimin fics I hope you enjoy them I loved reading these fics and I always end up going back to re-read them, please show these lovely writers and their blogs lots of love and support 🥺🖤 some of the fics contain smut so no minors allowed, happy reading everyone 🖤🖤
s- smut a- angst f- fluff
Eternal Summer by @aiimaginesbts f s a (childhood friends to lovers au)
All of you by @writtenwhalien f s a (friends to lovers au arrange marriage au)
best of me by @writtenwhalien f s a (best friends to lovers au idiots to lovers au college au)
terrible liar by @writtenwhalien f a (friends to lovers au)
Flowers and tears by @7deadlysinsfics f s a (friends with benefits au)
Good for you by @7deadlysinsfics s (established relationship au)
dead leaves & wasted roses by @jamaisjoons s a (unrequited love college au) ft Seokjin
faded love by @jamaisjoons f s a (marriage au)
Good Boy by @btssmutgalore s (sub jimin)
Off the grid by @xpeachesncream f s a (post college au holiday au)
Earnestly yours by @gukyi f (enemies to lovers au high school au)
Into the wilderness by @gukyi f a (camp conselor au unrequited love au friends to lovers au)
temporary bliss by @jjkthclub s (fake dating au)
him after all by @mercurygguk f s a (strangers to lovers au infidelity)
Love her, leave her by @yeojaa f a (break up unrequited love)
castle on the hill by @bngtnblues s a (unrequited love au college au)
Letters to an angel by @bngtnblues a (college au)
we don't talk anymore by @moonnightyoongi a (exes au)
I need you by @hisunshiine s a (idol au)
Good Riddance by @full-of-jams s a (heirs au enemies to lovers au)
Star light, star bright by @readyplayerhobi f s a (single dad au)
call me baby by @hueseok f s a (friends to lovers au college au roommates au fake dating au)
lean on me by @floralseokjin a (unrequited love au)
Sunday Morning by @bangtsblossom s (boyfriend jimin)
Driver's license by @gyukult f a (brother's best friend au one sided love au)
Hello by @gyukult f s a (one sided love au exes to lovers au)
Alone by @yoonpobs a (unrequited love au)
Never yours by @yoonpobs a (infidelity au)
My lie for you by @army-author a (high school au best friends au)
just dance it off by @kookdiaries f s a (enemies to lovers au dancer au)
Morning rush by @bluewhale52 s (strangers to lovers au)
Stargazing by @btsjeonjazz f s a (boyfriend jimin)
Dreamy by @1kook s a (friends with benefits au)
kiss me more by @dulcetvk s a (best-friends boyfriend infidelity)
Parallel Palpitations by @joontier f s a (doctor au strangers to lovers au)
Oh, What A World by @cutechim f s a (fake marriage au)
Never falling by @yoonia s a (enemies to lovers au singer jimin assistant oc)
Bad behavior by @joonscypher s a (college au cheating au) ft. Boyfriend Namjoon
Failure to communicate by @stutterfly s (college au enemies to lovers au)
Blue Kamikaze by @gguksgalaxy s a (reader is in love with hobi but she meets jimin, hook up au) ft. Hoseok
Unspeakable by @pars-ley s (friends to lovers au college au)
8 Ball by @taetaesbaebaepsae s
touch of you by @mimikookie f s a (idol au friends with benefits au)
Inner needs by @avveh s (best friends au)
blowing dandelions by @httpjeon f s a (bad boy jimin enemies to lovers au childhood friends au)
Nursemaid by @noona-la-la-la s (jimin has a crush on the oc)
Chem miss by @kpopfanfictrash s (TA jimin graduate student reader)
While you're at it by @aureumjeon f s a (pool boy jimin)
a heart doesn’t break even by @xiaokoo f s a (enemies to lovers au friends with benefits au football player jimin cheerleader oc)
Headlights by @jeonsjiddies s (fuck boy jimin)
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jjungkookislife · 3 months ago
Turn to Stone
Tumblr media
❄ pairing: gorgon!jimin x elemental!reader
❄ genre: established relationship, supernatural au, smut [18+]
❄ summary: Childhood best friend turned boyfriend has only wanted one thing in his life, to be able to look you in the eyes without the risk of turning you into stone. The last (and only) time it occurred, it was nearly fatal for you but with your anniversary coming up, he’s willing to give it another go.
❄ wc: 8.4k
❄ warnings: cursing, mention of (possible) death/dying due to jimin’s powers, mention of potions and (actual) potion drinking, mention of nightmares, jimin wears sunglasses for most some of the fic ‘cause his gaze is killer (literally), reader generates ice (yes, like elsa), making out, breast play, marking (scratching, hickeys, biting, brusing), fingering (f. receiving), oral sex (f. giving and receiving), ice play, hair pulling, handjob, cum swallowing, unprotected sex, creampie
❄ date: October 13, 2021
Tumblr media
Tick tock. Tick tock. The clock on the far wall struck the seconds away. Just a few more, and class would finally be dismissed. Your boyfriend sat beside you, eyeing the clock just as anxiously, needing to get across campus for his next one and if he wanted to get his preferred seat (near the back but in the middle), he had to book it before the ogres got on the sidewalk. Sometimes he wishes he was a vampire bat like his friend, San, but unfortunately for him, he was just a gorgon.
“Come on,” Jimin grits, sweat beading on his hairline. The snakes on his head hiss and he shushes them before Dr. Frankie Stein finally dismisses the class.
“Finally!” Jimin huffs as he shoves his belongings into his bookbag, his hand reaching out for yours. You take it, all your books already shoved in your bookbag as you rise to your feet.
“I thought class would never end,” you complain as Jimin leads you down the hallway, chatter filling the hall as classes are dismissed all around you.
“I almost got up and left. I’d rather get a dirty look from Stein than have the ogres step on me. The last time I stood in their vicinity, one sneezed and I got covered in snot. Do you know how hard it is to get ogre snot out of snakes?” Jimin shudders at the memory, his arm wrapping around your waist as he pulls you closer to his side.
“No?” you respond, narrowly avoiding a groaning zombie.
“It’s a whole affair, babe. I had to call my mother for help,” Jimin sighs heavily, shaking his head. He freezes when his sunglasses slide down his nose a mere millimeter, but that’s enough to cause panic. He quickly pushes them up, scolding himself for being so careless.
“How’s your mother?” You ask as you look at your boyfriend briefly before moving out of the way as a fairy flies by.
“She’s doing well,” Jimin states, quickening his pace when he hears the first thunderous step of the ogres on the sidewalk. He can see his arts and humanities building up ahead, and he nearly throws you over his shoulder in his panic to get there fast. “She’s looking forward to seeing us the day after our anniversary.”
“Oh? Do you have a surprise planned?” you tease, and Jimin’s snakes, Milo, Evie, Raythe, Hyde, and Levi hiss in your direction while Jimin tries (and fails) to bite back a smile.
“No, just dinner,” he fibs, his snakes swaying on top of his head. Jimin shushes them with a roll of his eyes, wishing he’d enchanted them to stay still this morning, but he was running late as always and hadn’t had the time. He was definitely regretting it now.
“Just dinner?” you ask, stepping into your building, taking the first left down a hallway to arrive at your classroom. You linger beside the door, out of the way of any students, as you reach forward to pet Milo. Jimin’s cheeks flushed a pretty pink, avoiding your gaze.
“Sounds like he’s keeping a secret, huh, Milo?” You ask sweetly. Milo bobs his head up and down in response, tongue sticking out in a hiss.
“Milo!” Jimin grits his teeth as he reaches into his bookbag, searching for a few moments before he’s taking out a small white spray bottle with a picture of a sleeping snake. “Time for a nap.”
“Goodnight Milo,” you whisper as Jimin sprays his hair and snakes. They yawn before settling on his head and he brushes them into place. He sighs, “I’ll be here after class, babe. We’ll get lunch together, okay?”
“Okay,” you agree, pressing a kiss to his lips before he’s rushing off to his classroom. You watch him run down the hall, wondering what the big surprise is for your anniversary tomorrow. It would be Halloween, and you had planned to hand out candy to all the boys and ghouls before heading out to dinner, but knowing you’d be seeing his family the following day also meant your family would be present as well. Your mother, father, or sister hadn’t mentioned anything the last time you had spoken to them, which had been a few nights ago, so you couldn't help but be curious.
Halloween was a major holiday, and every year your university went all out in preparation. However, classes would still resume the day before, but you usually had a few days off after the holiday. You wonder why your parents hadn’t said anything about this year’s celebrations?
It was rather odd considering they lived next door to Jimin’s family, which was how you met over fifteen years ago. The two of you grew up together, thick as thieves and your families couldn’t keep the two of you apart, which was hard when your elemental powers came in at the age of seven.
Ice generation.
That was your elemental power, and if one more asshole called you Elsa, you’d freeze them. Okay, you probably wouldn’t because it was against school rules, but you’d freeze their book bag if they so dared. You’d gotten very good at controlling your powers, even being awarded a few prizes for entering contests and pageants throughout your years, and now you were capable of holding Jimin’s hand without freezing it. Although your hands were never truly warm for long, somehow Jimin managed to warm them up, leaving a trace of that warmth long after he’d let go.
His name alone is enough to put a smile on your face and an extra pep in your step. He’d been your best friend growing up, always by your side through the toughest times and through the better times. The poor boy had been caught up in your icy misadventures time and time again while you learned how to control your powers but even then, he never complained. Sure, once or twice as teens your tongues froze together after a few heated kisses in his bedroom but those were minor accidents… accidents his parents had to, unfortunately, witness when you had to call for help.
The both of you were glued at the hip since you could walk. Hell, it had been Jimin who had learned first and then held your hand when his wobbly legs settled and he wanted you beside him. It had always been Jimin, and it would always be Jimin at your side. Nothing could ever change that, not even after the incident.
The Incident. That’s what your families called it and nobody held any malice towards each other. After all, with the two of you together, it was bound to happen one day or another, either you to Jimin or he to you. It just happened to be Jimin to do it first, and that one time was enough for him to exceed great caution when it came to you. Caution that he still kept up out of fear of hurting you again, or worse, killing you.
It had been a normal fall day like any other. The wind blowing dead leaves off the trees into your yard, littering it in orange, reds, and yellows. The crunch beneath your boots had a satisfied smile on your lips as you jumped from leaf pile to leaf pile with Jimin at your side. Your powers had just started manifesting, so your hands were covered in winter gloves, but Jimin didn’t mind one bit. In fact, he wore a matching pair with your initials and his embroidered in a heart on the palm of his gloves.
Laughing and squealing, the two of you chased each other around the yard while your mothers conversed on the porch, your little sister on your mother’s lap, tugging at her dress to get her attention. However, it only took a second for your bone-chilling scream to cut through the air.
It had been an accident, only an accident, but that alone was enough to prove nearly fatal. It wasn’t like Jimin knew his powers were going to go haywire that day. After all, his snakes had been very docile as of late just like they had always been. You’d both gone in the direction of the biggest leaf pile in the center of the yard, running toward it from opposite directions, but you were both too excited to take turns and bumped into each other. Your head hurt, but you didn’t cry. In fact, you’d been happy to have cushioned Jimin’s fall, smiling at him when you placed your hand on his cheek to assure him you were fine.
That’s when it happened. Without warning, his eyes met yours and for a split second, they turned bright, flashing a neon green before you felt your fingers starting to harden. It quickly spread through your arm and that’s when you screamed out of fear. Terror rattled your bones as your mothers rushed toward you, little sister in tow, as they ran as fast as they could.
Jimin will never tell you how your terrified scream will echo in his nightmares on nights when you aren’t asleep by his side despite you forgiving him for it years ago and him working on forgiving himself, he’ll always hear your screams on his worst nights.
Jimin’s mother, Luna, acted quickly, ensuring your mother that you’d be fine. She scooped you up in her arms, telling her to look away from Jimin in fear that she or your little sister would fall under his gaze and suffer the same fate as you. Your mother, worried but trusting her friend, does as she’s told, shielding your sister’s eyes with her hand for extra protection. Tears of worry fill her eyes but they remain unshed, needing to put on a strong front so as to not cause you more panic.
“Jimin, come with me,” Luna instructed her son as she carried you in the direction of their home as quickly as possible. “You can come in a few minutes.” The words were directed at your mother, who sniffled and nodded in response, worried for her child and petrified of what could happen if an antidote wasn’t given.
Jimin ran after his mother, fat tears rolling down his cheeks as he went, clinging to the hem of her dress as they stomped into the home, bypassing the living room to head straight for the kitchen. You froze in fear, silent tears rolling down your cheeks as your arm crackled and the stone seemed to spread higher. You knew if it spread to your heart, it would be the end of you. You were lucky Jimin’s power hadn’t settled in completely, or you’d have died in an instant.
“Come here, baby,” Jimin’s mother called to her son, opening a drawer in the kitchen and handing him a pair of sunglasses. She got down to his height, wiping his tears. “You are not to take these off under any circumstances when you’re not at home. Always keep extra pairs on you at all times, okay? We can’t have this happening again.”
Jimin nodded in understanding, his breath shaky as he put the sunglasses on, his world now tinted in blue. He met your gaze and you smiled at him weakly. Luna turned to you, handing you a tissue before she opened a first aid kit she kept on the counter at all times. She rifled through it for a moment as your mother walked in with your sister in tow on her hip.
“She’s going to be just fine,” Luna assured her as she grabbed a small vial with a blue liquid. “Open up, Y/n.”
You did so, drinking from the vial. The liquid tasted like blueberries, overtly tart with a sickeningly sweet scent. You gagged, coughing, and spluttering before you felt your arm go numb as the stone quickly receded. It took a minute or so for your arm to go back to normal, flexing your fingers and wiggling your wrist to see if you had full function of it. You did, and your mother instantly relaxed, standing by your side and plastering wet kisses all over your face.
“I’m okay. I’m okay,” you assured her as you wiped your cheeks. Your mother smiled, plopping down on a kitchen chair to rest her panicked body. Your sister was handed off to Luna as your mother fanned herself. “I have some extra vials here I’ll send home with you three,” Luna’s mom said as she rocked your sister gently. “It’ll help if Y/n ever freezes Jimin or someone by accident. As long as it doesn’t hit their heart, they can recover.”
“Thank you,” your mother whispered, hugging you again before releasing you. You immediately ran to Jimin, who was still crying. You wrapped your arms around him to give him a big squeeze.
“I’m alright, Jimin. Please don’t cry,” you stepped back to look at him, his sunglasses impeding you from seeing his eyes. You pouted. Would you never be able to look at them again? Your heart sank in your chest.
“I-I hurt you,” he sobs, his little fists rubbing his eyes as he tried to breathe but he just hiccupped instead.
“But your mommy fixed it. See,” you showed him your hand, but Jimin still cried and you hugged him again, your glove-clad hands petting his snakes, who seemed to also be pouting with him.
You held him for a long while, assuring him you were fine until eventually, he stopped crying. His streaky cheeks felt stiff, but that didn’t stop you from pressing your lips to his skin. His face flushed with heat, your mother's stifling knowing smiles when they shared a gaze.
You don’t think you’ve ever seen Jimin’s face so red before.
Tumblr media
Jimin had dressed to the nines for your anniversary tonight. He’d spent hours in his bathroom in your shared apartment getting ready and now that you were blessed with his presence, you found it hard to keep your mouth from watering.
Jimin smirks, loving your reaction as he fixes his glasses and pats his breast pocket to make sure his backups are nestled inside. Tonight, his hair is slicked back, snakes enchanted to sleep and transformed into plain hair. He’d even added some colorful streaks to his blonde hair. Needless to say, Jimin looked good enough to eat… and you planned to do just that at the end of the night.
“Ready, beautiful?” he asks as he turns to face you, jaw-dropping when he takes in your appearance. You’ve worn a black dress with slits on both sides that nearly reach your hip, your breasts threaten to spill out of the sweetheart neckline, and your neck is adorned in a pearl necklace he gifted you for your birthday last year. Your hair falls in waves at your shoulders, your lips painted a ruby red, and your makeup bold and dark to match your dress. Jimin’s in love with you, that much he knows, but when he fully takes you in, he wonders how you’re able to make him feel like a foolish love-stricken teenager all over again.
“Wow!” he exclaims, nearly breathless. Your beauty is outstanding, out of this world and the next and he realizes how blessed he truly is to be able to call you his. “Wow.”
“What?” you preen under his gaze, teeth nibbling on your bottom lip. “Warlock got your tongue?”
“No,” Jimin chuckles, shaking his head. “You look amazing, baby. I’m half-tempted to cancel our evening and eat you instead.”
“Thank you, Minnie. You look hot as fuck,” you giggle, admiring his hair that’s still for once. “I’m gonna miss Milo and the gang for dinner though.”
“Sure, so you end up feeding them and I get crumbs in my hair?” Jimin teases, his hand on your lower back as he leads you toward the front door. His hand raises the bottom of your dress so you won’t trip or step on it with your heels. You grab your clutch off the back of the couch on your way, making sure you’ve got everything you need before stepping out of your apartment and into the night.
Tumblr media
Celebrations are going on all around you. Fireworks light up the sky and the night is filled with chatter and laughter as you walk along the Riverwalk. Jimin has his arm wrapped around your waist, rubbing your back in slow circles as you go.
Dinner had been amazing. All your favorites were on the menu and you ate until you couldn’t stomach another bite. However, Jimin had plans for dessert and the two of you ended up at your favorite ice cream shop, sharing a sundae before ending your evening with a walk by the river.
The lively atmosphere made you grin, feeling glad to live in the City of Hallows, safe from any threats of the human world.
“What’s got you smiling like that?” Jimin asks with a teasing smile as the two of you spot an empty bench. You head toward it, your hand clasped in Jimin’s, careful not to trip over your dress or accidentally flash anyone.
Jimin helps you onto the bench, holding your dress for you until you’re settled and have one leg crossed over the other. Your thigh makes an appearance and Jimin swallows thickly, placing his hand on your knee.
A small smile is on your lips, placing your hand over his and lacing your fingers together. “Tonight has been wonderful, baby. You’ve really made our anniversary so special.”
“There’s one more thing,” Jimin grins, excitement bubbling over his features. His smile is radiant as he takes his hands in his breast pocket.
“There’s more?” you ask, puzzled.
“Yes, love. Do you remember Jungkook?” Jimin asks as he takes a box out of his pocket and holds it in his hands; they tremble slightly.
“That vampire friend of yours?” you recall, brows furrowing. What did he have to do with your gift?
“Yes, he introduced me to a warlock that just moved here a few months ago with his wife. I taught Jungkook a lullaby and he introduced me to the warlock, Hoseok, in return. Hoseok and I have been working for months on your gift and we’ve tested it and it works. I also have an antidote in case of an emergency but I don’t think we’ll need it.” Jimin explains showing you a small glass vial with a cork lid that contains a deep purple liquid.
“What is it exactly?” befuddled, you quirk your head.
“It’s a potion. A potion that will let me look you in the eyes again… without my sunglasses.” Jimin bites his bottom lip nervously. He’d been thrilled with the possibility of meeting your gaze once again, of having the ability to look deep in your eyes whenever he wanted to, to make love to you and feel an even deeper connection as you fell apart beneath him, writhing and crying out for him. He wanted you to feel him, to see him, for him to see you without the threat of losing you forever looming over your heads.
It was unfortunate that gorgons could only look other gorgons and their family in the eyes without the need for sunglasses. His mother explained once you and he married, you’d be able to gaze into each other’s eyes without you turning into stone. Marriage was in your future; of that the both of you were sure, but Jimin wanted to see you now, the wait was too long, in his opinion. But maybe he was just a little more desperate since the possibility arose upon talking to Jungkook. Regardless, the potion was here and now. All he needed was your consent.
You’re speechless. Utterly speechless. The cogs in your brain are turning, and yet, you’re not capable of formulating a coherent response.
Seconds tick by, and Jimin is still holding his breath as he awaits your answer. The anticipation and excitement are starting to trickle into anxiety. Was this not something you wanted as well?
“Really?!” you grasp his wrist, careful not to disturb the vial in his hands. Jimin nods enthusiastically, his smile doubling in size.
“Really, love. It works. I can finally look you in the eyes again,” Jimin presses a chaste kiss to your cheek, noting the heat beneath his lips when he does so.
“How long?” you ask, tongue feeling thick with nervousness and excitement. You’re too eager to see his beautiful chocolate brown eyes once again. It’s been too long since you’ve been able to see them and although it’s nighttime now, you hope one day you’ll be able to see them in the sunlight when the sun hits them at the right angle and the warmness of his irises is the same shade as the hot chocolate the two of you used to share as children on Christmas mornings. As bright and beautiful as a new sunrise, and as warm as the noon sky on the hottest summer day.
The windows to the soul, that’s what you’ve heard eyes called and although you knew what his soul contained, his love for you so deep it ran into every last bit of him, consumed him in the best way possible. Still, you yearned confirmation, yearned to see for yourself that the love you held for him was equally returned. To be able to see it with your own eyes and he with yours.
“Twenty-four hours,” Jimin licks his lips nervously. “I have to go through a refractory period of a week in between, but we have exactly twenty-four hours and not a minute more.”
You still can’t believe what he’s telling you. After The Incident you never thought this would be possible. Your emotions whirled inside you like a violent storm, fear, excitement, nervousness, giddiness, it all rumbled and tumbled inside you as you gazed into his sunglasses.
“Let’s go home,” you finally state firmly.
Jimin’s heart sinks in his chest. “Do you not want to do it?”
You place your hand on his, taking the vial from him to place back in its box where it’ll sit safely. You then place the box in Jimin’s breast pocket, placing your hand gently over his heart. It beats erratically under your palm, and you offer Jimin a weak smile.
“I don’t want to do it here. I want the first time I see your pretty eyes to be just for me and nobody else. I want to be able to hold you and kiss you as much as I want. To gaze into your eyes in the privacy of our own home where I can devour you after.” Jimin gulps at your words, nodding as he rises from his seat, reaching his hand out for you to take as you rise.
The both of you hastily head home, ignoring the celebrations around you, too focused on trying out the potion to care about anything else. Nothing could be more important than finally gazing into your boyfriend’s eyes on All Hallows Eve.
Tumblr media
Upon returning home, you’re pressed against the door, fumbling hands seeking the house key in your clutch as Jimin kisses your neck, distracting you. You moan, cursing his actions that lead to you dropping your clutch on the floor. You bend at the waist to grab it, opening it and shoving your key into the lock.
Jimin follows you into the apartment, kicking the door shut before he takes the box out of his suit jacket before draping it over the back of the couch. You kick your heels off, stumbling when your strap tangles around your ankle.
Jimin chuckles, his eyes in crescent moons as he does his best to cover his smile with his hand.
“Oh, bite me,” you scowl as you rip the heel off and toss it, grabbing his tie to pull him toward the bedroom. Jimin stumbles after you, arms flailing as you tug him into the bedroom before your lips are on his once again.
The kiss is slow and steady, his hand cupping your face as he gently caresses your cheek. His tongue pushes past the seam of your lips, tongue meeting yours as the kiss deepens and arousal pools deep in his belly. A guttural growl escapes him, teeth nipping your bottom lip, tugging it, and earning a wanton moan from your kiss-swollen lips.
“Fuck,” Jimin grunts, his forehead resting on yours. His sunglasses are sitting on his nose, your heart fluttering knowing you’d be able to see his eyes in just a moment. You raise your hand slowly, fingertips grazing his cheek, thumb pressing gently onto the apple of his cheek.
“I love you, no matter what, Jimin.” Jimin nods, swallowing thickly as he moves your hand off his face, turning it to press a featherlight kiss to your wrist.
Heat flushed to your face, avoiding his gaze and biting back a smile. Jimin chuckles at your reaction, kissing your forehead before he takes a step back.
With shaky fingers, he uncaps the glass vial. A swirl of smoke released into the air before the pungent smell of lilac hit his nostrils. Anticipation bubbles in your stomach, teeth gnawing at your bottom lip. Cold sweat beads on your hairline as Jimin raises the vial, pressing it to his plush lips before drinking the potion.
Thick silence fills the room, your fists clenched at your sides, nails digging into your palms. Adrenaline pumps through your body, inhaling and exhaling deeply to try and calm yourself. Jimin empties the contents of the vial, setting it on the nightstand after it’s been emptied.
“Jimin,” you whisper hesitantly as you step toward him. A dazzling smile illuminates his angelic face as he opens his arms to welcome you in.
His arms wrap around your waist as you stare at him, eyes squeezing shut as a precaution as your trembling hands reach for his sunglasses. Jimin holds his breath, his heart thundering in his chest, blood rushing in his ears. Slowly, so achingly slow, your shaky fingers remove his glasses. You fumble as you place them on the nightstand beside the empty vial.
Jimin releases a shuddered breath, a ringing in his ears that drowns out your heavy breaths. Your hands reach for him, lacing your fingers together and giving him a reassuring squeeze.
“I love you, Jimin,” you say softly, a smile on your lips. You’re not sure if the potion will work, and although Jimin has assured you it has and it will, the little voice in your head has doubts. You’ve survived turning to stone once but you’re not sure if you’d survive it again.
Jimin releases one of your hands, digging in his pants pocket to pull out another vial. He licks his lips, wetting them slightly but his mouth still runs dry. He clears his throat a few times. “I love you too, baby. So much. Open your eyes for me, princess.”
With a heart full of trust, you peer open your eyes and gasp.
The world stops.
Memories swirl in your mind, overwhelming you. Memories of Jimin’s honey eyes when the sunlight hits them just right in the summer after a long day running around in the fields near your homes. Frigid winter days where his eyes were as dark as the coffee your mothers brewed on Christmas morning, in which the both of you would walk into the kitchen holding hands to sit beside your mothers begging for just a sip of the delicious smelling liquid in their favorite mugs. Laughter as the both of you stayed up late during sleepovers, lying beside each other, Jimin’s eyes sparkling bright enough to rival the stars in the sky as you showed him how you had been able to form tiny snowflakes. The both of you huddled under your blankets with a flashlight, your hand sprouting snowflakes and little wisps of snow over the two of you, some landing on Jimin’s snakes, that would hiss and shiver atop his head until you gently pet them back to sleep. Muffled giggles escaping the both of you until your parents would come into your bedroom to tuck you both in again, your gloves placed back on your hands to protect you and Jimin.
“Jimin,” you breathe, tears rolling down your cheeks. “Jimin!” you crash into his arms, sobbing into his chest.
Jimin holds you close, his hand stroking your hair. “Shh, I’m right here, baby. I’m here.”
Sniffling, you laugh through your tears. Your eyes lock on his, your hands cupping his cheeks, his hands on your wrists to hold you in place as he looks adoringly into your eyes. “I’m dreaming.”
Jimin chuckles. “You’re not dreaming, baby.”
“It feels like I am. Jimin, they’re so pretty,” Jimin blushes, his eyes fluttering shut as you gently run your thumb over his eyelid. “So pretty.”
When he feels you move your hand, he opens his eyes once again. Seeing your twinkling eyes without the hindrance of his sunglasses is an entirely new experience. He swears he falls for you all over again.
Jimin doesn’t want to waste any more time, pulling you to him, lips slotting against yours, a perfect fit. The two of you kiss each other hungrily, hands exploring and undressing the other until you’re left in your underwear.
Jimin helps you onto the bed, where you lie on your back while he slots himself between your legs. His eyes take in every inch of you as if seeing you for the first time. He drinks you in, tongue sweeping across his bottom lip as he kisses you again, moaning when your fingers weave through his hair, tugging at the roots.
“Baby,” he groans, melting into you.
His name rolls off your tongue, teeth nipping at his bottom lip. Jimin curses, growling before he’s pining your hands to the pillow beneath your head. His eyes are sharp, dark, and dangerous as he looks down at you. You clench around nothing, thighs trying to press together but end up squeezing Jimin’s hips instead.
Jimin smirks, “Who knew you’d be so needy for me just by seeing my eyes again?”
“Please, you had this planned. You had to have an inkling, baby,” you roll your eyes playfully, earning a scoff from your boyfriend.
Before you can say anything else, his lips are on yours again, his hands roaming every delectable inch of your body. A wanton moan escapes you when his hands cup your breasts, thumbs gently rubbing your sensitive nipples until they’re hard. A shaky breath leaves you, back arching into his as his lips suck one nipple into his mouth.
“Fuck, Jimin,” you whimper at the sensation, needing to feel more of him, of his touch. You try to grind your hips on his but he moves out of reach as his fingers pinch and roll your other nipple, gently tugging until you’re moaning and writhing beneath him.
Lust burns in your veins, your pussy pulsating as you yearn to be stuffed with his cock. Jimin listens to your sweet cries, switching from one breast to the other as his hand slides between your bodies, resting over your panty-clad cunt.
“Soaked through these already, love?” He asks with a smug smile on his lips. You nod, thighs quivering as you try to pull him closer. “Perhaps we should get rid of them?” His fingers dance over the thin material, adding pressure to your clit. You whine, begging him to take them off you.
Jimin must be in a giving mood because he easily does as you ask, ripping your panties to shreds. He has the gall to look at you apologetically, “oops.”
“Oops,” you mock. “Jimin.”
“I’ll get you new ones,” he promises, distracted by your thighs parting further. Oh, he’s definitely been missing out on seeing you without his sunglasses. He’s seeing you in a new light, his mouth watering as he takes a thigh into each hand, peppering kisses on one before switching to the other.
Your head lolls back, hands gripping the sheets beneath you as he nips and sucks at the sensitive flesh before his fingers are running over your folds. You’re so wet. So fucking wet. Jimin licks his lips, his fingertips teasingly rubbing your clit lightly to see you writhe, to hear you beg him for more in that breathy tone that makes his cock throb.
When you beg, he gives in. He wants to pleasure you, to see every second of you moaning and coming for him, falling apart until you’re too exhausted to go on, and then beg for more anyway.
Jimin teases your entrance with one finger, pushing in slowly as your hands cup your breasts, stimulating your nipples as you ask him to add a second finger. He does so, curling his fingers and pumping them in and out slowly. His eyes are on your face, taking in every small detail as you allow pleasure to wash over your heated flesh.
You bite your lip in a poor effort to muffle your moans, hair splayed on the pillow, mussed from you writhing under his touch when his lips wrap around your clit. His tongue flicks it, circles around it, and sucks as his fingers fuck you in tandem. A sheen of sweat covers your body and you raise your hand, flicking your fingers to create a soft, barely-there snowfall to cool you off.
Snowflakes fall onto your body, surprising Jimin when they dust his hair. He chuckles, a brow raised as he looks you in the eyes. “Too hot to handle?”
“Extremely,” you admit, moaning when the snowflakes hit your skin and melt almost immediately. You allow the snow to fall for a minute longer before waving them away, thankful to be cooled down somewhat, mind clear enough to focus on your boyfriend and his tongue as it licks and swirls in your cunt. He eats you with reckless abandon, devouring you like a man starved, drawing the most obscene cries he’s ever heard and you’ve ever made. You know you’ll be embarrassed when you run into your neighbors tomorrow morning, but that’s a problem for you in the future.
Your hand reaches down, grabbing a handful of Jimin’s blonde and colorful locks, thankful he’s enchanted his snakes for the night. You loved being able to grab handfuls of his soft tresses, tugging and pulling without being hissed at or bitten. Not that they were ever present in these intimate moments, but sometimes kisses grew a little deeper, hands lingered a little longer until a nip from Milo and the gang ruined it.
Jimin looks up at you from between your thighs, lips, and chin glistening with your arousal. His eyes are dark, hooded as he spreads your lower lips with his fingers, maintaining eye contact while he licks a broad stripe along your folds. It’s erotic, sinful when he does it a second time before diving in, intent on making you come with just his tongue. And he does so with your thighs clamping his head, your hands tugging at his golden locks and your dulcet cries rising in octaves until you’re sobbing his name when your high hits you fast and hard. Jimin doesn’t stop until you’re a trembling mess, nails digging into his scalp almost painfully and thighs threatening to suffocate him. He lives for these moments, loves them immensely.
“Fuck, you nearly drowned me,” he chuckles, licking his lips as he savors your taste. His fingers gently spread your folds, his cock twitching when he sees the creaminess between. “I feel like I’ve been missing out on so much.”
“And now you don’t have to, Minnie. Come here,” you pat the spot beside you and Jimin obeys immediately, kissing your lips and slipping his tongue into your mouth, allowing you to taste yourself.
A gasp leaves his lips when your hand wraps around his cock, palming him over his boxers. He groans, his forehead pressed to your shoulders as he watches your hand stroke him. You want to tease him, to have him begging and pleading for more but it’s a special night and you want to please him, to have him trembling like he’d made you just minutes before.
“Lie back,” you say as you scoot out of the way, allowing him to take your spot. He does so, not questioning you as he lays his head on the pillow. You climb over his thick thigh, mouth-watering at the sight of it flexing and you entertain the idea of riding it, but that’s for another day. Right now, his dick is calling for your attention, hard as a rock and still trapped in his boxers.
With quick hands, you’re tugging his boxers down his muscular thighs to discard on your bedroom floor. You nearly drool at the sight of his thick cock lying on his lower abdomen, pre-cum pooling just beneath his belly button.
Jimin wraps his hand around his cock, fisting it once before he’s smearing his pre-cum on the tip of his cock. You watch on with hungry eyes, too eager to get your mouth around him. You kneel between his legs, easily replacing his hand with yours.
“Just like that, baby,” Jimin encourages you with a fiery gaze that has your thighs pressing together. Familiarity guides you as you stroke him, adding the right pressure and going at the right speed. You take a moment to allow saliva to pool in your mouth before you’re spitting on his cock.
Jimin grunts, eyes fluttering shut as your tongue licks him from base to tip, spreading your spit to allow for an easier glide. You take your time licking and teasing his shaft, your warm mouth eventually enveloping him and giving him a gentle suckle. Jimin sits up, resting his weight on one elbow while his other hand grips your hair gently.
Without needing to be prompted, you take him in your mouth. His cock sits heavy on your tongue briefly before you swirl your tongue around the head. Mouth warm and wet as you bob up and down his length, listening to his moans and groans for guidance. Jimin sinks his teeth into his lip, cursing when he hits the back of your throat time and time again. You’re an expert when it comes to giving him head, allowing him to fuck your throat again and again until he’s shooting his load down your throat.
“Fuck, baby. Keep going,” he pleads in a sultry tone. You tongue at his slit, your hand rolling his balls in your palm. When you gag, Jimin groans, wanting to hear more but he resists the urge to fuck your throat, allowing you to go at your own pace. You know what he likes, you know how to get him to the edge, near tears and toes curling if you so wish, so he enjoys your ministrations and moans your name in a breathy tone. A tone so sweet, so pretty it rivals a siren’s.
One of your hands slips between your thighs, finding your clit and rubbing it in slow teasing circles as you take the length of his cock down your throat. Jimin’s eyes meet yours, and when your nose meets his pelvis, he knows he’s gone.
Just looking at you on your knees, mouth stuffed with his cock, drool escaping your lips, and your hand between your thighs furiously rubbing your clit because you’re too aroused from sucking his cock to go without any pleasure, is too much for him. A few broken cries of your name escape his pretty lips, eyes squeezed shut as he whimpers a warning of his impending orgasm.
You’re only encouraged by his breathless warning, speeding up and hollowing out your cheeks as you bob up and down. You breathe through your nose, focusing on making your ethereal boyfriend cum and as his hips rise off the bed, hand fisting your hair, and a sob of your name escaping his pouty lips, he cums. Rope after thick rope coats your tongue, filling your mouth as you continue to suck him dry. Jimin whines and whimpers until you release his cock, oversensitivity setting in as you swallow.
With lust-filled eyes he watches you swallow every drop, even collecting the few that have escaped your mouth and coated your lips. Without a second thought, he’s kissing you, tasting himself on your tongue when he’s maneuvering you onto the bed with him on top.
The atmosphere shifts when he’s on top. Gone are the hurried kisses and the almost too harsh gropes. Welcomed are the slow sensual kisses that leave you breathless and the gentle hands that caress every beautiful inch of your body. Jimin’s careful with you, almost as if he’s afraid to hurt you as if you’re made of glass. He touches you softly, leaves featherlight kisses on your skin and blooming marks to show where he’s been.
His hands clasp yours, lips moving in perfect sync as the two of you kiss, enjoying one another. There’s been plenty of nights spent like this, wrapped in each other, the world is long forgotten as you make love well into the morning when the sun's rays start to peek over the horizon and through the crack in the curtains in the otherwise dark bedroom. Sweet murmurs of ‘I love you's exchanged in between giggles and kisses, and promises of forever. Moments you’ll cherish for the rest of your life with Jimin, each wrapped up in a pretty bow and locked away in your heart for safekeeping.
Jimin kisses each of your fingertips on your left hand, taking your ring finger a second time to plant a kiss just below the second knuckle. A silent promise to you of his intent to marry you someday in the future. To build a life, a marriage, a family with you without the need for potions to just gaze lovingly in your eyes. The thought makes his heart somersault. Someday you’d be his bride, his wife, the mother of his children, and the thought warms his heart.
You’re both surprised when a tear lands on your cheek, worry reflected in your eyes as Jimin laughs breathlessly. He touches his cheek, feeling the wetness from another tear that’s rolled down his cheek.
“I didn’t realize I was feeling so sentimental,” he chuckles, sniffling as you wrap your arms around him to bring him close. He rests his head between your breasts as you hold him, fingers threading through his hair like you always have when he’s upset and in need of your touch. It soothes him. The action is enough to make him feel safe and comfortable in your hold, knowing you’d be at his side until he was okay once again.
A kiss to his temple has him looking up at you, a smile on his lips when your eyes meet. You poke the tip of his nose with your finger, drawing his attention as you create a circle in the air. A snowflake appears, followed by another and another. Three snowflakes. His initial, a heart, and your initial are all in the air until they flutter onto your skin and melt.
It brings a smile to his face, memories of long ago resurfacing once again as he raises his head and presses his lips to yours. There’s no rush in your kiss, enjoying the taste of the other as you hold each other close.
Long caresses, soft moans, and pleas for more are what lead the two of you to make love. His lips trail kisses from your lips to your neck, not surprised to see you waving your hand to produce a square ice cube in your hand. Jimin takes it, popping it into his mouth to speed up the melting process, slurping the excess water before he’s placing it in his hand.
Jimin’s lips are cold when he kisses you, tongue meeting yours and sucking it into his mouth as he swallows your moans. His fingers grip the melting ice, slowly putting it between your breasts. You gasp, arching into him as he runs the ice over one pert nipple and then the other.
His gaze never falters from yours too enamored with the way your lips part every time you moan, your light twitches, and your eyes rolling back as your head tilts back on the pillow. Your breathing grows heavy, your thighs quiver and another wave of arousal washed over you.
“Jimin,” you moan his name, trembling when the ice melts on your abdomen. The cool water trickles down your side and into the sheets but that doesn’t stop Jimin’s tongue from licking up the remains. You watch with a fiery gaze, bottom lip tucked between your teeth as you spread your legs for him, inviting him in.
Jimin doesn’t need to be told twice, moving between your supple thighs and you wrap them around him to keep him in place… not that he wants to be anywhere else.
His lips find yours, your hands twine with his as he rocks into you slowly. His soft grunts and your dulcet moan fill the space between you. His hair falls over his eyes, sweat beading on his skin and he makes a poor attempt to blow his hair out of his eyes.
Jimin’s brows furrow, an annoyed look crossing his features as his hair blocks his view of you and your pleasure.
It doesn’t last long, however, because you come to the rescue with your gentle hands, pushing his hair out of his eyes and gripping it as you bring him to your lips for a sweet kiss. Jimin knows he can always count on you, and a grin breaks across his lips as he kisses you and fucks you deeper, making sure you can feel every ridge and inch of his cock. It’s for you. It’s all for you and he’d fill you to the brim with his cock and cum every second of every day if you pleased. He’d do anything for you and he hopes you know that.
“I love you,” you murmur against his lips when your orgasm is near. You’re panting, rocking your hips against his, and trying your best to maintain eye contact. You want your boyfriend to see you come undone, to see every bit of pleasure that he makes you feel. You want Jimin to see every last detail of you coming unhindered by those cursed sunglasses he’s forced to wear to keep you from turning to stone forever.
“I love you, baby,” he whispers in response, you’re answering moan assuring him that you’ve heard him. He kisses you, encouraging you to find your release, to come wrapped around his cock as he grips your hip, moving your leg higher on his waist. He fucks you deeper from this angle, his cock kissing your cervix with every thrust and sends you spiraling, spiraling, spiraling until you’re falling apart beneath with a cry of his name so loud there’s no way the entire building hasn’t heard it. But all that matters is that Jimin’s heard it, and pride swells in his chest as he continues to fuck you into oblivion, cursing as you continue to pulsate around him.
“I love you so much, princess. Love you now and love you forever,” he promises, his eyes locked on yours as his thrusts grow sloppy, groans growing guttural as he comes apart. A moan of your name leaves his lips, followed by a whimper as he cums inside you again and again.
“Oh, Jimin,” You kiss him, unable to hold back from the pretty cries he makes. You kiss him until he’s spent, ruefully pulling out of you to lay at your side. He pulls you to his chest, his arm encircling your waist as you place your head on his sweaty chest.
Jimin laces your hands together, squeezing them before bringing them to his lips, planting a kiss on yours.
“I don’t want this to end,” he says, tone full of sorrow. You sit up slightly to look at him. His eyes display his sadness.
“Hey, I’m happy with every second we get. You’ve given us a wonderful gift, Jimin. A beautiful gift,” you caress his cheek lovingly and he leans into your touch. His eyes are easy to read, love and adoration clear in them. Is this how he always looked at you? Is this what his glasses hide to keep you (and everyone else) safe?
“I’m grateful for this. To see you in all your glory and be able to look at you without the fear of you turning into stone. To see you radiant in front of me without my stupid sunglasses distorting your magnificent glow. It’s going to suck going back to wearing sunglasses when I've experienced your true beauty,” Jimin sighs heavily as you cuddle into his side.
“But you’ll be able to do it weekly,” you remind him. He nods, pressing a kiss to your temple.
“It’ll be worth it,” he responds, nuzzling his face into your hair. “We can spend that day at home if you’d like. Just the two of us.”
“I’d like that,” you say, listening to the steady beat of his heart as he rubs your shoulder. Happiness radiates off the both of you, sharing kisses and sweet nothings as you hold each other close.
You don’t want to sleep, not wanting to miss even a minute of your time gazing into his eyes but eventually, sleep overtakes you, sleepily murmuring for Jimin to set an alarm to wake you in the morning. He does so, assuring you he’ll be by your side all night and when you wake, his eyes will be the first thing you see.
Jimin watches you sleep, holding you in his arms through the night. His eyes roam to the vial on the nightstand containing the blue liquid he’s thankful he didn’t have to use. Hoseok was a real powerful warlock to achieve what he had tonight. Jimin would have never thought it was possible to look you in the eyes again and even though the potion is a temporary solution, deep in his heart he knows that once a week is not enough for him.
And as his thoughts consume him until he’s so drowsy he begins dozing off. One thing is clear though, you would be his wife by next Hallows Eve.
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me & you.
Tumblr media
summary:  your friends get into your head leaving you and jimin in need of some clarification. pairing: park jimin x reader genre: light angst, fluff rating: g word count: 1.8k tags/warnings: reader is feeling insecure, lack of communication in the beginning, they get petty lol, frustrated!Jimin turns sweetheart!Jimin, nickname chubs is purely used as a term of endearment, nothing more
a/n: for anon, ahhh i had too much fun writing this, i haven’t written for our jimin in a minute so this was really fun. and i mean, it’s flirty jimin whom i hope you’ll love >< thank you for requesting for this event!
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
“Why hasn’t he proposed to you yet?”
“Didn’t he just take a month off?”
“Uh yes?” You remember crossing your arms adamantly, “and we spent it together.”
“Exactly, perfect time, for I don’t know, someone to be proposed to?!”
This is all your friends had been pestering you about for the last few weeks. In the beginning, it was annoying and comical. Whose business was it aside from yours and Jimin’s anyway?
But as time passed, the accusations against your boyfriend’s untimely manner had become a thorn in your side. One that you could easily rationalize was momentary irrationality. Still, your mind absorbed these ideas like a sponge, they bothered you to the point that Jimin began to notice. The last few months consisted of late-night FaceTime calls, quick texts of I love you’s, and if you were especially lucky, a few hours to see each other after weeks of not.
The night had gone sour, it was far from the date Jimin planned for the two of you tonight. He could tell as soon you got into his car how short-tempered you were, a pinched expression on your face even when he took his time to kiss you, tell you how insanely beautiful you looked only for you to tell him it was getting too late for all of this.
“We have a reservation, don’t we?” You try to soften your tone, turning to put your seatbelt on and leaving Jimin’s puckered lips suspending in the air. His eyebrows lifted with an offense, lips moving into a slight smirk. He decided to shrug it off, hand finding yours on the middle console as he started to drive.
You could feel his eyes wandering over you throughout the night, not much conversation happened in the car and that was mostly because Jimin wasn’t sure either of you felt up to talking about work-the only thing consuming the two of you at the moment-so he settled in the mostly comfortable silence, smoothing his thumb over your skin. It was only when you got into the restaurant, swiftly taken to a private room away from the other diners, did he notice the volume of your silence. Anytime he had something to say in hopes to see your cute reaction, you curtly smiled, lack-luster eyes falling over his while his cheeks warmed at the very sight of you sitting across from him.  And that was an ordeal in itself, Jimin wanted to sit next to you, to keep his arm draped around your side, hand scantily grazing your hip.
But you insisted he sit opposite of you, excusing that you hadn’t seen him, literally in weeks. He bit his lip, rolling his eyes when his back was to you as he walked to the opposite chair, per your request.
If only he could actually hold your attention for more than thirty seconds, that is. He was all about you, he wanted you to see the way he was checking you out, the way he was throwing flirtatious eyes your way, he blatantly laid his hand across the table for you to play with his fingers, noting the way you glanced over them before looking back at the menu. You hadn’t even complimented how good he looks yet!
The reality was you did notice how delicious he looked, you had to roll your tongue back in your mouth when he picked you up in that all black outfit. How trim his legs looked in those skinny jeans, slim fit t-shirt laying over his belt and the height his Chelsea boots added on him. Your boyfriend looked good enough to eat but stubborn you, decided to keep that reaction to yourself.
Jimin let that go too, tonguing his cheek while he glued his eyes to the menu.
This wasn’t the time or place to hash out whatever was bothering you and Jimin was doing his best to keep your best interest in mind, knowing how usually sensible you were. He could hold back another eye roll throughout the entirety of dinner.
Once that was done-and you could mark it as the fastest dinner ever shared together-Jimin still walked back to the car with his arm around you, his fingers squeezing your arm because now the pout on your lips was evermore present.
He opens your door for you, waiting for you to get in and handing the seatbelt to you, “wait,” he stops you before you can pull the door closed, “kiss me.” His face is inches from yours and you note the drop in his tone, dark eyes glazed over with love for you.
“Baby,” you try not to sound any more bothered than you have for the last hour and a half, barely pecking his lips before you’re pushing him back with a gentle but firm hand, “I want to go home, I’m tired.”
He looks at you with obvious irritation this time, waiting for you to tell him you’re kidding. But you don’t and he curses under his breath loud enough for you to hear before he’s shutting your door. He thanked the valet before sliding into the driver’s seat, “okay, let’s go home then.”
You look at him and you know this shouldn’t continue anymore, but the longer you look at him you begin to wonder why. What about you wasn’t making it right for your boyfriend of three years to propose to you? Was he feeling unsure about you, about the longevity of your time together? Was he worried you wouldn’t be strong enough to withstand the wildfire that would spread once the inevitable happened-your relationship with him going public? Did he think you were too weak?
Using that as fuel, you speak up, “no Ji-Jimin, I just want to go home and sleep in my bed.”
He certainly doesn’t try to hide his frustration now, tipping his head to the side and laughing, “really?”
You start to answer when he cuts you off, his lips pouting and a whine bellowing from his chest-
“This is supposed to be our night to spend together,” he looks at you briefly, making sure you note the way he misses the highway exit toward your apartment, “but you seem so ungrateful-”
You scoff, a strained smile, “ungrateful?”
“Yes, ungrateful and frankly, rude,” he takes his exit and for the next minute, the both of you are steeping in hot, hot heat before he’s pulling off to the side. It’s a weeknight but the city is alight with people, traffic whizzing by on both sides. Jimin shuts the car off and turns so he’s facing you. He wants to laugh at the way your arms are crossed, stubborn eyes looking ahead.
“We can sit here all night,” he chuckles but you can hear the annoyance lining his tone.
The build-up of the last weeks starts to sit heavy inside your chest and as much as you don’t want to get into it, your emotions take you down another route. Tears start to build in your eyes and before you know it a loud sigh slips out of you, hands dropping into your lap.
Jimin, despite not knowing what you are feeling and wanting nothing more than to hold you now, feels some relief. It’s the first real emotion he’s seeing from you since he picked you up.
“It’s stupid,” you sound spent, and that in itself makes you want to stop, “it’s really stupid actually and we shouldn’t even be having this argument-”
“Yet we are,” his voice is gentle now, strain leaving his body as he reaches across the car to grab your hand, “and it’s getting us nowhere good.”
You groan, tossing your head back against the headrest. The action causes Jimin to laugh, a coddling hum falling out of him when he pulls you as close to him as he can, “talk to me, chubs.” That nickname he randomly called you one day stuck and it never fails to make you giggle.
Teary-eyed and all, you look at him with a quivering bottom lip, “you’re going to laugh.”
“Hm,” he chuckles, hand wrapping around your wrist to stroke it, “I won’t, go on.”
You sigh, watching his hand touch you thoughtfully because saying it while looking at him is out of the question, “is there a reason you don’t want to marry me?”
His first reaction is to laugh because to him, the question is too ridiculous not to be a joke. But when he sees how hurt you are that he did the very thing you were worried he would do, he stops. Beautiful and beaming eyes falling in slight, he’s almost cooing at you when he speaks, “baby, are you serious? Do you seriously think that?”
You shrug, “I didn’t, not before-I don’t know, it just came up all of a sudden.”
He nods, continuing to smooth his palm over your forearm, bringing you closer, “did you read something on the internet?”
You feel your body heat up with embarrassment as you shake your head, “my friends had a lot to say and it just-they got in my head.”
His mouth gapes open, “ah, I see.”
Silence fills the car for the next few moments before Jimin leans over the middle console, craning his neck as low as he can until you have no choice but to gaze down at him. He smirks there, doe-eyes sparkling at you before he’s kissing you. You give in, finally, letting out a breath of relief when you feel his lips on yours.
He only stops when you start to say something, mindfully holding onto your hands when you apologize; “I told you it was stupid,” you snort, still sounding a little bit sad.
“I know your friends have worried about you since we started dating, and for the most part, I understand,” he confesses, making sure you are looking at him, “but it was foolish for them to impose their opinion of me, of us, on you.”
“It was,” you agree.
“I wonder if you believe there is some truth to it though,” he’s careful in his delivery, squeezing his strong hand around your elbow.
You hum, bringing your hand over his to rub the top of it, “I-I don’t know, Jimin, I just never thought I’d find something like this.”
He tugs on your hand, “like what?”
Bright eyes, a little red from crying, you look at him, “you and me.”
A smile beams across his face when your words settle inside of him. He leans over again, kissing you before he can add anything more. It’s what he’s been waiting for, something he always thinks about is the next time he can do this-kiss you, touch you, be with you.
His smile is all you can see; “but you have, you’ve found it in me, we’re here in love with each other, aren’t we?” His breath is tempered and hot as it fans down over your collarbone, “my love, I’d marry you in a heartbeat.”
You whine with a childlike smile but Jimin is quick to quiet any negative thing you may have to say about yourself with a burning kiss. You can feel his teeth against your lips when he starts to mumble, “and I will, when the time is right for both of us, I will marry you.”
You know, you’ve known it all along.
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jimilter · 5 months ago
ain’t real cherry | p.jm. | one-shot (m)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
🎧 candy by doja cat come my way by plvtinum
Tumblr media
pairing: jimin x reader (ft. taehyung)
rating: m (18+) 
genre: smut | humor | fluff | touches of angst if you really squint | college!au | roommate!au
summary: Not to be too sickeningly romantic, but his wank bank needed a desperate overhaul if he was ever going to stop being pathetic. He was done envisioning his roommate in positions he would never actually get to see her in.
And maybe, just maybe, this exercise would get him back in the game and he would actually be able to fuck people without your face in his head to push him over the edge, every single time. 
warnings: swearing + unresolved (?) sexual tension + nude photos + vivid descriptions of curvaceous female bodies + careless objectification of said bodies by horny college students + mentions of masturbation + heavy making out + sexual situations (oral (m+f), penetrative sex, dirty talk, softdom!jimin, switch!reader, choking, manhandling, rough sex, orgasm denial, forced orgasm, overstimulation, marking) + unrequited (?) lustful (?) pining [citation needed] + fuckboy tae with a dick for brain + unintended allusions to Ryan Reynolds’ dick + mentions of blue beanbags + mentions of erect dingalings +  explicit conversations featuring dingalings + i realize these are getting progressively more ridiculous so ima stop
word count: 24.2 k
note: IT’S FINALLY HERE! so this was the result of me obsessively listening to doja cat’s candy and daydreaming about jimin. i wanted to make a pwp-ish drabble out of this concept, but yet again, i kept adding backstory and it was nearing 5k words by the time things actually started to get heated up for real, so i decided to actually add more depth and plot to it, and — here we are, at more than three times the initially planned wordcount. i’ve been slaving since the beginning of june. why am i like this??? 😩😭
it’s really more than 15k words of pure filth, proceed with caution!
a few honorable mentions in the form of @getmemyfries who constantly helped me push through and finish this up. ily bby. 🥺💕 @ressjeon​ @sugasbabiie​ & @jamaisjoons​ for helping me out in the BS server when i was stuck! i appreciate y’all loadsss! 🥰❤
annnywayyy, hope y’all like this one, while i go work on the jk birthday fic before going back to the youth series. much love~ 🥺💜
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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— feedback is always appreciated!
Tumblr media
Late at night, do the things to him, mean that guy who Need someone who's sweet enough, who'll shoot to make that high note~
Tumblr media
Park Jimin was having a surprisingly nice Wednesday. And you were the reason why.
The fact was surprising, because Wednesdays were one of the three days that housed the most despicable compulsory classes he'd ever sat in his life, Cognitive Psychology 101. He honestly still didn't get why he, a finance major, was forced through this torture – what was up with this university and its combinations, he didn't know. But since he had to endure it, he braved the class with a grimace and slumping on the very last row of seats in the lecture hall with Taehyung.
“You look happy today,” the guy in question mumbled around the lollipop in his mouth.
Jimin gave him a small grin, shrugging. “I just have these positive vibes going around my head this morning.”
Your words from this morning, aka, said positive vibes, still echoed in his head.
There’s this… guy I’ve kinda been thinking about. I’m, like, ready to put out if he’d take it, but I feel like I might be out of his league…
Jimin had wanted to hold you by your shoulders and tell you that no guy in the world—least of all on this campus—could ever be out of your league when you were Aphrodite, Persephone and Hera all rolled into one sexy as fuck human body. But he had refrained, only scoffing in disbelief and asking you to shoot your shot like the confident goddess you were—okay, he might not have refrained that well—while secretly hoping you’d jump him at the end of his encouraging speech.
And even though that didn’t happen, Jimin still wasn’t completely hopeless. 
“Vibe—what now? Positive? Head?” Taehyung looked at him in confusion, basic human language seemingly too complicated for him due to all the sex related jargon that filled his brain at all times. He suddenly leered, proving Jimin right. “Oh, wait! Is that a euphemism for morning head?”
Jimin choked on his next inhale, violently coughing as he shook his head, partially to negate what Taehyung said but partially to get rid of the sudden mental image of you on your knees with your lips wrapped around his—
Sweet mother of Jesus!
Taehyung simply shrugged at Jimin’s tiny meltdown and went back to his phone. He was simple like that, and Jimin kinda preferred it that way. Mostly.
Taehyung, much like Jimin, wasn't too fond of these classes. He had seemed like a chill person to Jimin when the dark haired guy first sat next to him, easy to get along with and talk to in order to pass time in class. But as three weeks had gone by and Jimin had had occasional hangouts with the guy outside of class, he had realised that Taehyung wasn't much fond of anything to do with education, in general. He was a performing arts student majoring in music and unnecessarily dipping his head in a couple of culture related subjects, when all he seemed to care about was working his vocal chords, grades be damned. 
That, along with the fact that Taehyung was a notorious fuckboy. If he wasn't lewdly ogling someone in class, he was sexting someone. Or looking at nudes. Or sifting through his contact list full of girls to look for someone to spend the night with.
Multiple times through the span of the weeks they’d sat together, he had encouraged Jimin to join in with him in one of the aforementioned activities to pass time in class. But Jimin had refused the offer. And not because he was a saint himself, not in the least. Jimin had had a filling and frivolous sexual life through high school and upped his game with trying new things through his freshman year in college — trying out every sex position possible, getting in bed with multiple partners at the same time, hooking up in the oddest of places, having sex with two brothers one after another, to name a couple stunts. 
But ever since his second year in college started and his previous roommate graduated and moved out to make space for you, things had started to change for Jimin.
You had entered his life as a temporary roommate, claiming plans of only lodging with him for a few weeks until you found yourself a sorority that would take you in. But a few weeks had changed into a few months, and then a few semesters — and now you’d been living with him for over a year, with your sorority plans tossed in a dumpster when you failed an exam and lost the eligibility. 
Somewhere in between, Jimin had developed the most gigantic crush of his life on you.
And, yes, it was the biggest cliche trope in the world to crush on your roommate, but he couldn’t help it, okay? You were sexy, gorgeous, witty, really caring when you needed to be, sexy, at the top of each one of your classes, made the best fried rice he had ever tasted and could hold your liquor almost better than Jimin could. Did he mention you were also impossibly sexy? Because you really really were. He’d never been one to objectify women, but damn did he want you to suffocate him with those thighs of yours. So with all of that, how could he not be completely infatuated with you?
Hence, he really was. And slowly but surely, his sleeping around had stopped as a result of said infatuation. He had found himself quickly turning into a pervert and an asshole of a huge degree when he noticed he had started to prefer fucking girls from behind so that he didn’t see their faces, and, well…could imagine yours in its place. He’d forgone getting it on with guys as a whole, because he couldn’t pretend with them. So yeah, he had decided he was better off jerking off in the confines of his room with your thoughts in his head. Better just a pervert than a perv and an asshole, right? 
You, though, were none the wiser about his developed feelings and still went around hooking up with and dating guys. Jimin didn’t really mind – he wasn’t in love with you by any means – until you didn’t bring back guys to your apartment, which you thankfully never did. It definitely hurt a bit, yeah, but it was his own fault for not telling you how he felt. Maybe you’d go easier on him and not loudly reiterate details of your sexual encounters and bad first dates to him over your shared meals. Maybe you’d confess to reciprocated attraction and actually fuck him. But, at the same time, maybe you would find it to be a breach of your trust on him and decide to move out and cut all ties with him forever. And therein was the reason why he hadn’t told you.
Something had been different as of late, though. 
You hadn’t slept with a single guy since the start of this term, and the last date you’d been on had been before the summers. At least from what you told him. But then, why would you lie when your usual breakfast conversation with Jimin consisted of descriptions of what some random one night stand from months ago had done with his tongue and how you hadn’t yet found someone who came close to replicating that?
Jimin had desperately wanted to volunteer himself, on an embarrassingly large number of occasions, but he had held back. At the end of the day, you were also one of the closest friends he had and he really didn’t wanna lose you because of sex. 
Now, though, he was getting ideas.
Was there a reason why you hadn’t been on a date in months and had refrained from sleeping around?
That, when put together with your conversation from this morning, was making Jimin think things.
Now, of course, you could be talking about literally anybody in the world because you’d given him no specifics. Hell, you could be talking about Ryan Reynolds, and he wouldn’t know! You hadn’t even specified if you even knew this guy personally, least of all if you were friends, or something.
But Jimin was still brimming with hope, because there was still a chance you could have been talking about him.
Jimin sighed to himself at the wishful thought.
The professor had started to drone about something to do with language ability and when the word “psycholinguistics” came up, Jimin decided it was time to tap out.
Taehyung sat manspreading next to him, intently focussed on his phone, not even trying to be subtle about not focussing on the class as he leant over the device. Jimin started a game of PAC-MAN on his laptop with an admirable straight face. His eyes met the professor’s by accident, though, but instead of freezing up and giving himself away, he gave the man a short nod with furrowed brows. His professor looked away after a satisfactory hum, and Jimin immediately moved to position his laptop between himself and the man’s line of sight properly, this time.
His own acting skills sometimes astounded him to the point where he thought of switching courses to Taehyung's bachelor’s.
He snorted at his thought, and caught said man's attention.
"What's so funny?" Taehyung asked with an amused grin, eyes still trained on his phone screen.
Jimin had just opened his mouth to respond when he saw Taehyung's grin change flavors. It became lecherous, all of a sudden, and when he licked his lips, Jimin averted his gaze with a grimace, mildly disturbed. 
Was Taehyung sexting someone, right now? Jimin hoped the guy wouldn’t pop a boner in the middle of the class for the sake of his own eyes. Shuddering in revulsion at the thought, Jimin looked back at his computer.
“Gosh, those hips,” Taehyung mumbled under his breath, and Jimin froze.
So he was looking at nudes, then. 
Rolling his eyes, Jimin had just started a new game when Taehyung tugged at his sleeve. “Look at this, Park, ugh, she’s so hot,” he mumbled, producing his phone before Jimin.
Jimin screwed his eyes shut, bringing his hand up to shield them, just to be safer. “Kim! Don’t show it to me! Someone sent it to you in confidence, don’t go around asking others to look!” he scolded Taehyung in a harsh whisper.
Taehyung clicked his tongue, moaning as if he was in actual pain. “Gosh, Jimin, I’d print these out and paste them on the walls of my bedroom if I could!”
Even though Jimin had detached himself from Taehyung’s grasp, his curiosity had peaked. But he still stared into his computer with a straight face, until the next set of words left Taehyung’s mouth.
“I’m seriously considering forwarding this to every single group chat I’m a part of so that people can tell me I’m not insane for wanting to lick my phone’s screen, man,” Taehyung nearly whined.
“Kim!” Jimin’s hand flew to grab Taehyung’s phone in alarm, and he snatched it away before the other guy could blink. “What the hell is going on with you today? Fucking around is one thing but compromising a girl’s trust and privacy is something else! Stop talking about spreading the pictures around!”
After his little tirade was done with, Taehyung rightfully looked somewhat chastised. But then he pushed his lower lip out in a pout. “It’s not even pictures, it’s just a picture. Only one. And that has me going insane.” He suddenly sucked in a sharp breath, and Jimin leant away, warily. “Imagine what it would be like to dig my hands into those shapely hips, that plump as fuck ass, God's above—oh! I’ll probably bite into the meat of her—”
“Yeah, okay, that’s enough erotica from you!” Jimin interrupted him, entire face scrunched up in a scowl as he rested Taehyung’s phone on the other side of his own laptop. He still didn't trust the guy to not shred someone’s privacy to pieces in his haze of lust. “Don't drool so hard, dude, come on. It’s 2021, she probably photoshopped some bits.”
Taehyung shook his head, eyes looking a bit blown out. “Trust me on this, Park, I can tell the difference between fake and real. And those stretch marks wrapping up delicately like a fucking vine around her hips? They’re as real as they come.”
Jimin swallowed, fighting against the visual of your thighs and the threading stripes of olive that ran along the sides of your knees. “I still think you’re overreacting a bit.”
Taehyung looked offended at that. “Well, you’re saying that because you haven’t seen it! Just — just take a goddamned look, Park, it’s right there and the screen isn’t even locked.”
Jimin inhaled through his mouth. “No. It’s wrong, and—”
“Jesus Christ, her face isn’t even in it!”
That gave Jimin a pause. His eyes darted to the device, and just as he’d registered the silhouette of a curvy, olive torso, he snapped his head back. “It's still immoral!”
“For the love of—fine, gimme my phone, I’ll text her and ask if it’s okay for you to see it, alright?” Taehyung hissed in his face, brows lowered in irritation. “Stop acting like a fucking priest, and look at the damn photo, Park!”
And before Jimin could react, Taehyung’s long-ass arms with his long-ass fingers had ripped the device off Jimin’s desk and shoved it in his face.
Jimin sucked in a breath. He had been having a surprisingly nice Wednesday, and his pessimistic ass was basically waiting for the other proverbial shoe to drop. Maybe this would be it, this immoral leering— 
“Holy fuck, those hips!” he exclaimed, wide eyes drinking up the female torso on the screen.
It was a picture taken in a mirror, with the girl standing facing to the side. It began right at the fullness of her breasts, capturing the taut peaks of her dark nipples and golden stretch lines near the lower curves of her full breasts. Her stomach was tight but had a soft curve below her navel, which then tapered into a shaved triangle of soft skin that disappeared into the juncture of her meaty thighs that she’d strategically crossed to hide her pussy from sight. But the main attention grabbing attraction were the wide, sloping, round hips that her trim waist tapered into. She had an hourglass figure, with the juiciest curve connecting her waist to her legs.
Jimin breathed out. It was a really artfully clicked picture, alluring to the point where Jimin felt his mouth water just staring at it.
“Do you get it now?” Taehyung sounded to be in pain, and Jimin could understand.
Yep, he got it now.
“It’s the first picture she’s sent that’s why she’s hidden the cooch, but honestly? I don’t even miss it right now,” Taehyung mumbled, now looking at the picture himself.
Jimin secretly agreed, not even needing to look at the picture to confirm anymore, now that he had it seared in his brain.
Out of nowhere, an image of you lounging on the sofa in an oversized shirt and little else as you watched the TV entered his thoughts.
He groaned at the mental image of your thighs and groaned further when his brain automatically pictured them wrapped around his waist as he drove into—
Nobody’s driving nothing nowhere.
His eyes widened in panic when he felt his jeans tightening.
No. Nope. Think ugly thoughts! Think psychology – think fucking psycholinguistics! Think gross men! Taehyung! The psych professor! Taehyung's tongue! Taehyung's tongue on the psych professor's face!
Sufficiently calmed down, Jimin breathed easier when he felt himself wilt. 
He bit down on his bottom lip, exhaling harshly in frustration. As if lusting on one temptress wasn't too fucking much to handle for his brain, now he had two.
And to think his Wednesday had been going good!
Tumblr media
Jimin delayed getting back to his flat as much as he could, instead choosing to spend long hours in the library with his nose buried in a Napoleon Hill he'd been planning to read for a long time.
But his mind, the betraying fucker, completely refused to decipher the literature before him. It, instead, insistently played loops of imaginary scenarios featuring a delicious pair of curvaceous hips that made Jimin’s head hurt and pants tighten. And if he somehow battled his way out of those, it immediately switched to the image of your thighs, and Jimin honestly couldn’t decide what was worse.
He was embarrassed by it all, hating how he seemed to be unable to control all the horny thoughts in his mind like a thirteen year old who’d seen porn for the first time. He’d had his share of hot women—and men—in his bed, he should have been good at controlling himself from physically reacting to the thoughts of a sexy body. And he really had been, in the past. He couldn’t understand what the catch was, this time.
Maybe your words from this morning had caused more short circuits in his head than he had knowledge of.
In any case, he desperately didn't wanna face you when he was having such a hard time controlling himself. He had even considered going home with one of the girls on Taehyung’s list of potential booty calls to take the edge off. But the memories of the last few one night stands he’d had left him scarred. He did not wanna fuck another girl from behind and climax to the image of your face painted behind his eyelids.
He left the library at eight when it closed, avoiding the librarian’s shocked but curious gaze when she had to escort him out. He understood her completely, though. This was the first ever time he’d actually sat in this particular building on the campus in his more than two years of college, let alone stay till closing like a nerdy bookworm.
He trudged his way to the train station on heavy legs as he left the campus, earphones plugged in and some rap playlist playing some Eminem song to drown out the erotic images in his head. 
The ride to his apartment was a really short one, and within fifteen minutes of leaving the library, he was climbing up the stairs to his first floor flat.
He switched off the distractingly good music as he unlocked the door. He was pleasantly surprised to find out his distraction had worked, when the sight of your side profile as you sat huddled up on the couch in a t-shirt and shorts with your hair in a bun atop your head didn’t cause any stirrings in his pants.
“Hey!” he greeted you, shutting and locking the door behind him as he moved to hang up his keys on his designated hook next to the door.
“You were out till late,” you mumbled, sulky face giving him a once over before you went back to stare at the TV.
Jimin’s heart skipped a beat. You could not be wearing this expression because he was late, could you? 
He dared not hope. 
Toeing off his shoes, he gave a shrug. “The weather was nice, out there. Kinda stayed and lounged around the gardens on campus,” he lied, knowing full well that you’d bombard him with a million questions if he told you he had uncharacteristically stayed at the library. “Lost track of time.”
You simply hummed in response, looking almost petulant as you crossed your arms against your chest with a pout. "I got some fried chicken on my way back, it's in the fridge," you spoke in pout. "Have some if you want."
"I will, in a while, yeah. Thanks." Jimin bit his lip to hold back an amused smile, endeared by your cuteness and welcoming the fucking change in his channel of thoughts. “What’s up with you, though, grumpy? You okay?” he asked you, walking up to his room to toss his belongings in.
“I’m not grumpy,” you called out very grumpily, and this time Jimin let a hearty laugh escape him. “Don’t lau~gh!” you whined.
Jimin quickly switched out his jeans for a pair of sweatpants, not bothering to shut his door when he knew you were seated facing the opposite side. He wouldn’t even mind if you did look, he was wearing his boxers, it won’t be that bad. 
Was he…perhaps…hoping you would look?
Jimin cleared his throat to derail that train of thoughts before it could end up being a devastating trainwreck.
"Come on, what is it?" he asked again, walking towards the fridge to extract a bottle of water. "You get graded today, or something?"
You scoffed at that. "I'm above letting my grades dictate my mood, Park, you know that! Not that I have room to complain when I've never gotten anything less than perfect," you smugly said, shooting him a smirk over your shoulder. 
He had to work very hard to not choke on the next sip of water he took. He quickly capped the bottle and put it back to avoid any further incidents. Why did you have to look so goddamn hot doing literally absolutely everything?
Jimin walked up to crash on the couch next to you, hooking a knee over the armrest and letting the other leg spread out towards the floor. One of his arms dangled off the back of the couch while he ran the other hand through his hair with a roll of his eyes. He purposely faced away from you.
"Sure, never – except that one time. Basically the only time it really mattered," Jimin teased, bringing up last year's fall semester.
"What?" You looked confused with a frown on your face.
Jimin chuckled. "Yeah, sure. As if you would ever forget failing that test. As if I didn't hear you lament about getting rejected from that one sorority for literal weeks."
"Oh!" you sounded genuinely surprised this time, and he chanced a curious glance.
Only to find you looking at the TV with a frown. Were you really that preoccupied? You couldn't possibly have actually forgotten, it was one of the biggest failures of your life. Or so you had said, back then.
"Yeah, but it's kinda good I got…y'know, rejected," you continued, lips morphing into a pout again and Jimin looked away. "I'm not even friends with Kira anymore, and she was why I wanted to join that srat in the first place.”
Jimin felt bummed. He was almost hoping you’d say it was good you got rejected because you found him. Like, not like that, but as friends. Because you guys were pretty good friends, and putting the sexual attraction aside—though it really was damn near impossible for him to even envision not being attracted to you—he was grateful you got rejected from that sorority because he cherished your company as a friend a lot.
You were a good listener, a fun drink buddy and, most importantly, you made some mean fried rice. It was the best he ever had, okay? It reminded him of his mother's cooking! He wasn't made of stone to not grow soft at that!
“Anyways! Grades are not the reason,” you said with an even more defined pout on your face.
Jimin gave a small hum, smiling fondly. “The reason for? Your grumpiness? So, you admit you’re being grumpy!”
You stuck your tongue out at him in response, and Jimin froze, fondness slipping from his mind as lust gripped at him. 
The sight of your tiny, pink, glossy tongue nearly made his vision go blurry with the blood rush that took place in him. His sweatpants could not have been doing a good job of hiding his erection, but he could not be bothered to think past the images flooding him.
A kaleidoscope of carnality burst open in his head, every single one of the pieces featuring your tongue smoothing over a different part of his body – flicking over his nipple, licking down his neck, diving between his abs, dipping into his navel… tangling up with his own… wrapping around the tip of his—
He blinked, snapping his involuntarily gaping mouth shut with a clack. He could only imagine how starved his eyes must have looked, going by the desperate longing that seared through him. He was very nearly salivating over you, sitting one foot away from you! And he was painfully hard.
He had also, very inconveniently, not heard a word of what you just said.
Covertly lowering his leg from the handrest to loosen up some of the fabric of his sweatpants over his crotch, Jimin shook his head to physically dissipate the daze fuzzing up his head.
Fucking hell, he was way too much sexually pent up!
“Sorry, sorry, I zoned out,” he mumbled in apology, pulling his gaze off your frowning face to look at the TV. You were watching some American sitcom he knew nothing about. He focussed on a bald, skinny guy that was poking his nose and willed his arousal to calm down. “You were saying?”
“Can you please stop daydreaming when I’m in a crisis?” you grumbled.
Jimin nearly scoffed. If only it were that easy to control his head. He was nearly in a crisis, too, at this point. His eyebrows suddenly rose when it registered. “Wait, crisis? What happened?”
“Um… you remember the guy I told you about? This morning?” you sounded nervous, and his heartbeat picked up.
Oh, he remembered, alright. 
Jimin’s throat bobbed with a dry click. 
“Uh huh?” he managed to mumble, bracing himself.
"I think he's got a nice dick."
Jimin wasn't even drinking water, he choked on fucking air.
Your concerned voice said something, but Jimin couldn't hear you over his hacking coughs and the pulse pounding loudly in his ears. 
What the fuck did you just say?
He dry-heaved, wiping at his watering eyes when he could finally breathe easily. "I'm sorry… I was… I just…" he panted between long, drawn out breaths.
You looked concerned and confused. "Are you okay? You're being weird. Did something happen at college?"
Jimin vehemently shook his head. "I had psych today, my mind’s just in a bad space."
You pursed your lips, seemingly not believing him, but thankfully let it go.
So you thought your mystery guy had a nice dick.
Jimin's spirits fizzled away like froth. It wasn't him. It couldn't be him, because you didn't know what his dick looked like. 
Well, not unless you'd been a pervert and peeked. Which he really didn't believe you had done or would ever do.
But then again, you said you "thought" the guy's dick was nice. Implying, you could very well be using your imagination and fantasizing.
You could still, hypothetically, be talking about Ryan Reynolds.
He needed more information.
He cleared his throat, this time bracing himself for any more bombshells you could possibly drop on him. He breathed through his nose and vowed to not gasp no matter what came out of your mouth in response to his question.
"So… his dick, huh?" he asked, trying to be as casual as he could be, putting a curved index finger in front of his lips as he stared at the TV. He could’ve been asking about the weather, given the casual aura he eluded. "Did you, uh, see it?"
He sensed you shrug in his periphery. "Not really. Just the outline. The bulge, if you may. And it looked so good, Jimin," you nearly moaned and he nearly became hard again.
You had seen a bulge.
It could very well have been his bulge.
In fact, there was a very, very high possibility that it was his bulge, given how careless he'd recently been about stripping down to his boxers where you could see him. Like, subtly, of course, but still. He left his room's door open when he changed, these days. You were in your room, and if not, sat with your back to his room and your eyes glued to the TV screen, the way you had been this evening. But you could very easily look if you tried.
You could really have seen his bulge.
And thought that it looked nice.
So much so, that you considered yourself to be in a crisis right now, just thinking about it.
His breath hitched. Was he dreaming?
A voice from the back of his mind suddenly slid to the forefront:
You could also, just as plausibly, be talking about Ryan Reynolds' dick!
Jimin swore to himself under his breath.
You really could still be talking about literally anybody because guys tended to be casual about their semis. Pair that up with tightly fitted jeans or thin clothed sweatpants, and the result would be what you saw: a dick's outline. Celebrities were sometimes photographed that way, too.
"Why're you distressed, hun?" he quizzed further, hoping you wouldn't catch the lower octave his disappointed voice had taken.
“I just…I wanna suck it. His cock."
"What the—" Jimin broke off, remembering his plans of breathing through the nose and not gasping.
"What?" you irritably threw a scowl his way. "Don't be a prude, you've heard worse from me."
Jimin nodded with a grimace. He indeed, very painfully, had. "I, uh…" He paused to clear his throat. "Why's — why's that a crisis?"
You looked at him as if he was stupid. Which he really, really was, but probably not for the reasons you thought. "Jimin! How am I supposed to ask a guy to suck his dick when I haven't even seen his dick? That'd be so slutty!"
Jimin licked his lips, his eyes zeroing in on your plump ones. Yep, he could totally picture it and it looked more than slutty — it looked obscene and depraved and filthy and sexy as fuck.
He harshly exhaled through his mouth. Why was he being tested like this? What had he ever done to deserve this torture? Did some previous jaded lover of his do some black magic on him? Or worse yet, did some previous jaded lover of his put you up to this task of teasing and torturing him to the brink of insanity?
Jimin pulled his lower lip into his mouth. "Don't judge." He let go of his lip with a pop, his voice coming out borderline raspy. His eyes wandered away from you when he figured he would probably command you to look at him with his next words. "Some guys like it slutty. Maybe your – maybe yours would be into it."
God knew Jimin was. So, so super into it.
You hummed, thoughtfully. "You don't think it'd turn him off?"
"Not in the least," Jimin murmured, gaze snapped back to yours, lips parting as he gulped a heavy breath in. You were looking away in thought. "I think it'd drive him insane."
"So, what? I just – tell him?"
"Depends," Jimin throatily responded, a complete goner now with his semi-erect cock marking a wet spot against his sweatpants, and visions of your thighs wrapped around his waist running free in his head, now that he didn't try to rein them in, anymore. "If he's someone that likes to be told, you do that. But if he's someone who likes to tell," Jimin paused, waiting for you to connect your clueless eyes with his, "you ask him."
Your lips parted and eyes widened. "You – you mean, like, seek permission? To suck his cock? What kind of a guy would ever say no to that?"
A cocky smirk ticked up Jimin's cheek. "The kind that doesn't feel you deserve it."
He saw it – the momentary glaze that cast over your eyes – it wasn't a trick of the light from the TV, your pupils had actually, really expanded. 
But then you blinked and your nose wrinkled up. "You're into some kinky dom shit, aren't you, Park?"
And just like that, the trance broke and Jimin floated back to earth. He cleared his throat uncomfortably, well aware of the pink climbing up his cheeks. 
He forced a roll of his eyes. "Just ask him, you little shit," he muttered, crossly. "It's just as you said, no guy would reject a proffered blowjob."
He almost hoped you would ask him.
He kept observing you from the corner of his eye as you kept worrying your bottom lip, gaze hung on some invisible point in space. And then you started to nod, looking resolute as you raised your head to meet his eyes.
His heart stopped when you opened your mouth to speak.
“Okay. Uh, yeah, I’ll ask him. Yep, that’s—that’s a great idea. Thanks, Jimin,” you mumbled in a rush, looking somewhat out of it, probably because you were picturing asking the guy.
And just like that, Jimin sank into himself.
He gave you a brittle smile as you nodded at him. “No problem. Always happy to help,” he said, the words acerbic in his mouth.
You proceeded to get up from the couch. “Alright then, I’m off to sleep. Got a seven am class tomorrow,” you told him, but his helpless eyes were stuck to the strip of your golden skin visible above your shorts as your shirt rose – a hint of your gorgeous butterfly tattoo peeked out, taunting him. 
He wanted to trace its royal blue wings with his tongue. Jimin licked his lips, gaze gliding past your plump ass to land on your thighs. He drank them up while you stretched, trying hard and failing at his attempts to not imagine his teeth digging into the softness of your skin as you writhed underneath him. 
“Good night, Chim.”
At his nickname, Jimin swapped his eyes up to meet yours. You were already looking at him, but he found no annoyance or even suspicion in them. Had you not noticed him eye-fucking you? His brows furrowed a bit. 
“Yeah, good night,” he mumbled, shutting his eyes to the view of your jiggling butt as you walked away.
Jimin released a deep sigh.
Even after a whole year of him making eyes at you, you were interested in sucking other dicks. Why was he even bothering anymore?
He was gonna forget all about your thighs and your ass when he looked at the most deliciously curvaceous pair of hips he’d ever seen, again, tomorrow, he promised himself. He would ogle them lewdly, drink his fill. He would replace every lustful desire he ever had for you by directing it towards someone else. He would.
But tonight, he would have to be the weaker man one last time and soothe his day-long blue balls by the aid of his fantasies of your naked body in his arms.
God, he was pathetic.
Tumblr media
Taehyung's sexting with the Curvaceous Goddess from yesterday morning had progressed drastically. The guy could barely speak over the drool in his mouth.
"She's sent me multiple shots of those hips, man," Taehyung mumbled with a barely held back moan as Jimin made his way out of the psych class with him. "And a couple of her boobs. Gotta admit, though, I didn't pay that much attention to them. But her nipples look really biteable. Do you wanna see?”
Jimin very reluctantly shook his head. He was barely able to handle himself with the one picture he’d seen. Anymore, and he’d been walking around the college building with an erection.
Taehyung shrugged. “Your call. Hey, maybe I should ask her for some close-ups of those areolas! I gotta…" trailing off in a mumble, Taehyung started to furiously type on his phone.
Staying true to the promise he made to himself, Jimin had dutifully spent the entirety of the class staring at the woman's picture from yesterday – saving her gorgeous body's every texture, every blemish and every beauty mark to his memory. So that it'd be this body that came to his mind when he tightened his fist over himself in the middle of the night.
Not to be too sickeningly romantic, but his wank bank needed a desperate overhaul if he was ever going to stop being pathetic. He was done envisioning his roommate in positions he would never actually get to see her in. Or, at least, he should have been done. He was sure as hell gonna work on it, though.
And maybe, just maybe, this exercise would get him back in the game and he would actually be able to fuck people without your face in his head to push him over the edge. 
"She says she'd send her ass when she gets back from class, today!" Taehyung suddenly exclaimed, waving the chat screen of his phone in front of Jimin's face. "Wow, dude, this girl is something else."
Jimin gave a small rise to his brows at Taehyung's lovestruck eyes. The dude literally fell in love every week, it wouldn't be a surprise if he felt he'd fallen again. Even when he hadn't seen the girl's face, yet alone actually met her in person. 
"Show me, too, when you get it."
Taehyung shot him a grin. "See, that's the kind of stuff I like hearing from you, Park! We're young, we're warm blooded – the world expects us to be perverted. We're literally being disappointments by showing morals."
Jimin had to laugh at that, choosing to see the words in a humorous light instead of beginning to correct them. 'Cause where to even start? And knowing how much he did of Taehyung, the guy most definitely believed in his flawed logic, wholeheartedly.
"So, where to, next?"
Jimin hummed. "I got Econometrics in half an hour. Probably gonna crash in the cafeteria. You?"
Taehyung looked lost in thoughts, looking straight up ahead. Jimin knocked shoulders with him to grab the guy’s attention, causing Taehyung to look at him with a start. "Uh? Oh! I was actually thinking I'd pay her a visit. I've got Music Theory in three hours. Much time to spare."
Jimin's jaw dropped open. "You – you're gonna visit her? You don't even know her name, dude! Or what she looks like!"
Taehyung blinked, very slowly, before letting a smirk curl up his face. He raised an eyebrow. "And she doesn't know any of that about me, either. But… I wasn't actually talking about her, Park."
Jimin gawped. "What? But you—"
"I was talking about her," Taehyung emphasized with a finger pointing at a girl standing a few feet away from them, eyeing Taehyung with her tongue flicking her lips.
Jimin blanched. Oh fuck, this was embarrassing.
"Although," Taehyung continued because the subtle humiliation had apparently not been enough, "I do see what goes on in your head, Park. Despite your strict moral code."
Jimin rolled his eyes. "We were just talking about her, dude, come on."
"Uh huh. That is exactly why you sounded so panicked and jealous, too, right?"
This time, Jimin scoffed. "I was certainly not jealous. Or panicked. I was taken aback."
Taehyung laughed. "Sure, buddy. Whatever helps you sleep at night. Or, stay awake at night, in this case."
Jimin was left fuming as Taehyung made his way over to the girl he’d actually been talking about. He had to admit, he did feel somewhat foolish. It wasn’t like him to zone out so badly, or not be able to catch the context of a conversation like this, or not be aware of his surroundings. He’d always been remarkably sharp at it, in fact. And if his brain hadn’t been all jumbled since last night, he still would’ve been.
With a silent curse aimed at himself, Jimin stuffed his hands into the pockets of his dark pants and started walking towards the cafeteria. 
If all boiled down to it, it wasn’t even his fault that he was so lost. It was yours.
Jimin grimaced when last night’s events floated up to the forefront of his brain. He really did not need a reminder to feel worse about his situation with you. For a few moments, today, he’d even wondered if it would be better for you two to stop living together. But he would never in a million years kick you out, and he himself was way too selfish to willingly leave your shared living spaces.
Stepping into the cafeteria, he beelined for the counter. Ordering himself a mocha and a puff pastry, he pulled his phone out.
Only for his brows to jump when he discovered two unread messages from you.
roomie🌸💗 anthro proff failed to show up yAY ME going back home
Jimin rolled his lower lip between his teeth. Why were you being a good friend when he wanted to avoid you? You were making everything hard in his life – figuratively and literally.
With a snort at his own joke, he sent back a string of emojis and shoved his phone back into his pocket.
In the middle of his coffee and snack, he let his mind be plagued by the images of Taehyung’s nudes girl. 
Ew. He needed to refer to her with something better, because that was a huge turn off, right there.
Jimin suddenly realised that this could turn into a problem if Taehyung actually ended up pursuing something more than a one night stand with the girl. Because, after all, the girl was sending nudes to obviously pursue something with Taehyung. Jimin probably should not be worrying all that much because Taehyung wasn’t even the last guy he would picture getting into a relationship in the middle of Junior year.
But this whole switching-my-lust thing he was doing was still not very healthy, was it? No, it wasn’t.
Jimin realised that it was a borderline toxic coping mechanism. He needed closure to get over the unfortunate crush/obsession/infatuation he had on/of/with you. Replacing one obsession with another was counterproductivity at its best. But he really couldn't afford any closures, no matter what. The whole reason why he was so stuck was that he couldn’t risk your friendship with him because his hormones were out of control. Telling you to get over would defeat the whole purpose of getting over you.
So he had to make do with his next best option – making his dumb mind realise that there were other things to get turned on by than your thighs. Even if it ended up being slightly destructive. But it couldn’t really be that bad when he hadn’t even seen this girl’s face, right? 
Probably not, but he didn’t care all that much.
Just as he’d gotten up to toss his empty cup and paper plate into the bin, his phone pinged with a message. Wondering—and somewhat hoping, like the pathetic idiot he was—if you were, uncharacteristically, informing him that you’d reached your flat, he quickly pulled the device out of his pocket.
By the time he unlocked it, three more successive messages had arrived in his inbox.
All of them were from Taehyung.
Jimin cursed under his breath, grabbing his backpack to rush out of the cafeteria.
His heart thumped wildly in his chest as he jogged down to the parking lot. He was gonna miss his class – and Econometrics was one of the important subjects – but he honestly couldn’t be bothered, right now.
He was slightly out of breath by the time he reached Taehyung.
The guy really did look like he was minutes away from unzipping his pants right there, sitting on the hood of what was probably his own car. Huffing out a small laugh, Jimin walked up to him.
“So,” Jimin said as a means of greeting. “That good, huh?”
Taehyung’s trousers were very obviously tented, and despite the grossness, Jimin couldn’t judge him. He’d nearly had a similar reaction to the girl’s hips. He could sympathize with the guy.
“Kim?” Jimin called out with a laugh, making Taehyung startledly look up from his phone with his pupils swallowing nearly the entirety of his irises. “Holy shit, don’t come in your pants, dude!”
Taehyung released a pained groan, face contorting as if he was in actual, physical pain. Going by the condition of his crotch, he might actually have been. “Park,” he nearly moaned, “she told me to video call.”
Jimin's eyes widened in surprise. “Wow, dude. Congrats… I guess?”
Taehyung bit his lip, finally repositioning himself to make his erection slightly more covert. “I'm not ready, dude.”
Jimin cocked a single brow. “Evidence says you’re more than ready, Tae. Um, on that account,” he hesitantly began, almost not wanting to but knowing his inner moral compass would keep him awake through multiple nights on end if he didn’t. “You don’t have to show me the picture if things are, um, progressing between you guys. It’d be mo—”
“Don’t you fucking say morally wrong, you ass. I’m trying to fuck her, not marry her. You can even have a go after—” He suddenly cut himself off, frowning down at his crotch. “Awh, man, there goes my boner! Why’d you have to make me talk about relationships?”
JImin stifled a laugh. Taehyung was the poster child for college fuckboys, it seemed. Not that he didn’t know the fact beforehand, it was just hilarious and more than a little awakening to see him go through it, up close. “Um, sorry?”
“Just look at the fucking picture, Park!” Taehyung snarled, shoving his phone in Jimin’s unprepared hands.
Juggling a bit to catch the device before it could drop, Jimin had barely held the phone with the screen facing him, when—
He froze.
His breath halted and his heart skipped a couple of beats.
Everything around him came to an immediate, screeching stop.
He didn’t even have the time to ogle the glorious twin globes separated by a thin strip of burgundy red running down the middle, because his attention was caught by—
Holy fuck, he was so so so royally fucked, thoroughly, in every single orifice in his body.
There, in the smack dab center of the screen, right above the barely there string of the red thong running across the luscious hips he’d fallen in love with in just a day — there sat his undoing.
A bright, royal blue and black butterfly tattoo.
The butterfly tattoo he’d been peeking at for a year now.
Your butterfly tattoo.
Holy fuck.
Holy fuck.
“See?” Taehyung’s whiny voice pulled him out of the despairing pool of absolute shock, blinding lust and utter agony he was spiraling into. “I can’t, man, I really can’t. If this is what her pictures do to me, oh God, the video call’s gonna kill me. And I can’t fucking wait to die a sated man!”
Taehyung’s words suddenly poured a bucket of iced water over Jimin, making him bodily jolt out of the remainder of his stupor.
The reality of the situation suddenly hit him – you’d been sending your nude pictures to Kim Taehyung. You were about to have a video chat with him. You intended to fuck him. Taehyung. Kim motherfucking Taehyung.
Oh no. Not on Jimin’s watch.
Molten jealousy filled up all his veins as he saw Taehyung getting comfortable in the backseat of his car with all the tinted glass windows. This fucker.
Uncaring how barbaric it made him out to be, Jimin decided he was not gonna let Taehyung actually see you on video before he’d at least had the chance to confront you about this whole thing. From what he knew of you and how much he understood, you weren’t the kind of girl to fall into the traps of the biggest fuckboy on our campus. There had to have been a major reason behind these actions of yours.
He had to talk to you — if not as someone who wanted to be the one to fuck you instead of Taehyung, then at least a friend and a well wisher who was worried about your well-being and emotional health.
“You can’t call her, Kim,” Jimin declared with a calm finality. 
Taehyung did a double take. “Wh—did you say can’t? What? Why the fuck?”
“You just… shouldn’t. It’s not fair to her.” Jimin was really on the verge of a mental freak out.
“What the fuck, dude?” Taehyung looked irritated and more than a little indignant. “Fair to her? Who’re you, her caretaker all of a sudden? She literally asked for it!”
Jimin pursed his lips, swinging the phone out of his reach when Taehyung made to grab it. “You should tell her you showed me her pictures before you call her.”
“Dude! No, the fuck? Stop being a moral fucker! Is this girl your sister? Your girlfriend?” Taehyung looked a bit lost at Jimin’s sudden distress.
Jimin frowned. “No, none of those, but she’s—”
“Wait, so you do know her?” Taehyung looked surprised, and Jimin was surprised that he’d actually shown some use of his brain. “How’d you even recognise her? Wait! The tattoo?”
Jimin looked away, bitterly. “Yeah, the tattoo.” He exhaled, deciding to be upfront. “Look, Kim. I’ve been besotted with this girl for a really long time, okay? So—”
“So nothing, man! I didn’t come at her, okay? She was the one to approach me, and really boldly too with that nude of hers.” Taehyung suddenly narrowed his eyes. “And how can I even believe you? Maybe you’re lying because suddenly you wanna fuck her first!”
Jimin rolled his eyes, but Taehyung’s words did reach him. You really had approached Taehyung boldly. It hurt like a bitch that you were willing to fuck the campus fuckboy, actual personification of scum, but not him. Not Jimin, who cared about you enough to not try to fuck you.
What a world.
“She’s told me to be online at—oh fuck, in ten minutes! Give me my phone before I tackle you, Park!” Taehyung yelled from inside the car.
Jimin pursed his lips in thought. You had texted him about being home, hadn’t you? If he left now, he could get there in under ten minutes, and—
And what, then?
Well, at least talk to you before you showed Taehyung your face and cemented your place in the guy’s bed.
Mind made up, Jimin tossed Taehyung’s phone below the driver’s seat to buy him more time as he ran for it. 
“Hey, hey, what—Park, you fucking bitch!” 
Ignoring Taehyung’s calls, Jimin rushed through the college gates and sprinted down the sidewalk. Shouldering people out of his way—but also mumbling a litany of apologies along with it because he could picture his mother’s disapproving gaze—he didn’t even pause to catch his breath until he was scrambling down the stairs of the subway.
As fate would have it, the doors of the parked train were just beginning to slide shut when Jimin set foot on the platform.
Cursing, he leapt from the last stair, his feet meeting the ground just twice as he dived into the train, two seconds before the gates sealed shut.
Doing a victorious, little fist pump, he finally allowed himself to catch his breath, leaning his hands on his knees. When he straightened, a couple of people around him were looking at him weird. But he couldn’t let anything bother him — he was a man on a mission.
Within three minutes, the train was stopping at the next stop and Jimin was running out the gates and straight out of the subway. 
As he stepped up the stairs to his flat, sweat was soaking his white t-shirt and he was hating himself for wearing skin tight jeans. Jogging up to the door, he quickly unlocked the apartment and rushed in, locking the door behind him. Haphazardly taking his shoes off and tossing the keys somewhere on the couches, he beelined for your room.
Hesitating only once, he turned the doorknob. It was locked.
You were getting ready to have virtual sex with Taehyung.
Clenching his jaw, he rapped his palm against the door thrice, his rings helping louden the sound.
He fidgeted, nervous out of his mind. He couldn’t even think about what he would say to you, way too occupied with the task of stopping you from making that call to Taehyung.
He called your name, followed by two more successive raps.
For a frightening second, he feared he was too late and you had already started with your—
“Jimin, is that you?” you yelled from inside the door.
Jimin squared his shoulders. “Open up! It’s urgent!”
Sounds of shuffling filtered through the door to him before you unlocked it and nearly tore it off the hinges with the strength you pulled it open with.
“What?” you barked, scowling at him. But then suddenly your frown melted away as your eyes did a quick sweep of his breathless, sweaty self, lingering—he noticed—around his neck. “What the hell, Jimin? Where’re you coming from?”
Jimin decided to do some exploration of his own.
Your face was flushed, chest heaving up and down—
And Jimiin was fixated on your prominent nipples pushing against the oversized black t-shirt you’d obviously tossed over yourself in a hurry. He’d glimpsed your breasts in that very delicious photo, of course, but he’d fixated on your hips and not paid them enough attention. He regretted saying no to Taehyung's offer of looking at the boob pic you’d sent him, because…
Jimin’s thoughts faded out when he came back to himself.
You had sent Taehyung a pic of your boobs, too. The way Jimin felt like punching through a fucking wall!
“Stop staring at my boobs, pervert!” you suddenly scolded him, clicking your fingers in front of his face. “What was so urgent? I’m kinda in the middle of—”
“Please don’t do it,” he blurted, wide-eyed at his own brazenness, but he just felt so desperate, at this point.
You gaped at him. “What?”
“Don’t – don’t fuck him, please,” he continued arms darting forward to hold you by your shoulders.
You stiffened in his grasp, eyes going impossibly wide. “Jimin, what—are you – are you okay? What the fuck are you even talking about?”
He grew pained. “Taehyung. Don’t fuck him.”
He saw you draw in a sharp breath. “I wasn’t actually—wait, how do you know this?”
He rolled his lower lip into his mouth. “Well…he told me.”
You jumped away from him with your mouth dropped open. “What? How the hell do you even knowhim?”
“I sit with him in my psych class."
"In your psych—" You suddenly gasped. "The eccentric fuckboy!”
Jimin blinked, lip leaving the confines of his teeth with a plop.  He didn’t miss the way your eyes dropped down to it for a moment. “What?”
“After your first class together, you told me you'd found a fuckboy with eccentric fashion choices to sit with. You said his name was Tannie! You have his number saved under Kim from psych!"
Jimin winced. "He’d told me way too much about himself, I messed up some details. Tannie’s his dog’s name."
“So, Taehyung is the eccentric fuckboy you sit next to, for an hour, three days a week."
“Oh, my God, this is fucked up,” you wailed, turning around to pace next to your bed, hands sifting through your open hair.
Jimin eyed the laptop on your bed. It suddenly came back to him – you’d seen Taehyung’s dick’s outline. You wanted to suck that abominable, STD infested, overused dick. 
Jimin really hated his life, right now.
“So, don’t do it,” he tried again, walking into your room with authority he didn’t have. “Please.”
You looked at him with a scowl, face pulled in around your scrunched up nose in the middle. “Stop saying that!"
“Why do you even wanna?” Jimin whined, sounding more than a little sulky as he stood in your way, prompting you to stop walking. “He’s, like, the most despicable fuckboy on campus!”
“Well, that’s exactly why! I don’t need his heart, I just need his dick!” you crudely told him, throwing both your arms up. “It helps that it comes with explosive reviews from the entire female population on campus. I’ve had a frustrating couple of weeks, and, ugh. I really don't have any energy or patience to go through trials and errors to finally find someone who won’t disappoint.”
Jimin was breathing heavily after you finished speaking. You were that desperate for a fuck? 
He dragged his heavy gaze over your body, bottom to top – you were barefoot with your toenails painted a gorgeous shade of royal blue, your bare calves were toned, slowly expanding into thighs that were—fuck. These thighs were ultimate ruiners of his sleep, God. 
Your hands were balled at your sides. The oversized t-shirt you wore ended mid-thighs on your body, wrapping over your hips that he now knew to be juicy as fuck, and proceeded to tent at your breasts where your nipples were still fully erect and intending to cut through cloth. 
The neck of the t-shirt was wide enough to let your collarbones be on complete display. Jimin held in a groan of want, pulling his lower lip in as he followed the smooth line of your long neck all the way up to your face. Your lips were redder than he was used to. You were wearing lipstick, he realised with a start, mouth falling open in surprise. Your eyes were lined with something, too, making them sharper than usual.
You were dressed to seduce, and he was trapped under your spell.
You looked good enough to eat.
What wouldn’t he give to be able to toss you onto this very bed and fuck the living daylights out of you…
“I can’t believe that fucker really told you,” your mumble suddenly brought him out of his lewd musings, and he adjusted his legs to be covert about his hardening length. 
“Isn’t it typical of him? What else did you expect?” Jimin shrugged. “He also very nearly circulated the first nude you sent him to half the college campus. He literally bullied me into seeing it.”
Your face suddenly colored. “You… you saw my pictures?” you asked him in a small voice.
Jimin noticed how you focussed on the latter part of the sentence, and not the—evidently more concerning—former. Interesting. 
“Just the first one.” His voice came out hoarse, throat suddenly very dry at the memory. “And then the last one, briefly. I recognized your tattoo…” 
His eyes travelled down to your waist of their own accord, images and scenes running wild in his head. Those hips. Those delicious fucking hips were right here, within his reach. And they belonged to you — the girl of his fantasies of over a year.
Jimin exhaled brokenly, trying to calm himself down.
“Why are you stopping me?” you asked him in a mumble, sitting down on your bed. “I’m not trying to marry him, just hop on his dick for some gratification. I’m even gonna block his number after.”
He looked back up at your face, only to draw in a sharp breath. Your eyes were so so dark. His own probably mirrored yours.
He couldn’t hold back anymore.
“I…could possibly have an offer for an alternative. A better, less emotionally damaging and certainly more STD-proof alternative.” 
Your lips quirked to the side. You leant back on the bed, supporting your weight on your palms, and crossed your legs.
Jimin’s gaze immediately zeroed in on your smooth thighs, and the desire to bury his face between them nearly incinerated him from within.
“Is that so?” Your voice had turned breathy. “Better alternative, huh? Got any testimonials to back it up?”
Holy fuck, were you really responding to his flirting? 
“Not really,” Jimin murmured. And even though he did have a slew of ex partners that could vouch for his sexual prowess, he just wasn’t the kind of guy to brag so brazenly about all that. He licked his lips, taking a tentative step closer to you as he came up with a more tantalising offer. “You could sample it.”
Lust flooded your gaze, making it darker than he’d ever seen it in his life. Even if your words from yesterday morning had, apparently, not meant what he’d hoped for them to, this, right here – the naked want on your face, told him a whole different story. It felt unreal, and he wasn’t certain this wasn’t just a fever dream. But if it was a fever dream, he was gonna make it one hell of a memorable one.
When your hands nimbly reached out to wordlessly shut your laptop, moved closer to you, leaning a bit to catch your gaze.
“Would you like to?” he mumbled, softly.
Your breath stuttered out in response.
“Taehyung promised me he’d choke me on his cock,” you told him so abruptly, he almost gasped out loud.
But then Jimin clenched his jaw and walked even closer. He stepped between your legs and slid a hand into your hair, cupping your head with his fingers and massaging the skin behind your ear with his thumb. “Is that something you want, baby?” he breathed out, relishing the way your eyelashes fluttered at his touch. Or maybe his words, he wasn’t sure. “Hmm?”
Your tongue licked at your bottom lip, dragging a salacious path against the plump flesh until the red matte lipstick was glossy with your saliva. Jimin wanted to suck on it until it was red without the makeup’s tint, too. 
“What do you think, Park?”
Something about the way you spoke his surname in a challenging tone had him going rock hard in his pants. He wanted to ruin you.
“Oh, I think you do,” he whispered, tugging your head up to straighten your body from its recline. 
Your chin came to the same level as his belt. His whole body shuddered when you accidentally brushed against it. 
“And I’ll make you choke on it, alright,” he continued, “after which I’ll make you clench on it, make you drench it with your juices. And if you’re good, maybe I’ll choke you without it, too.”
Your irises were twin black disks as you stared into his eyes with your breath bated. “Shit, Park, I…” You shook your head, pulling your lower lip into your mouth. “You’re so fucking hot,” you moaned, eyes sliding shut, and brought both your palms up to bunch into his t-shirt.
A small smirk slid up Jimin’s face. “Is that so?” he murmured, thrilled by the look of torture on your face when your brows scrunched up. “Well, sweetheart, you happen to be the sexiest, most gorgeous woman I’ve ever laid eyes on. And even though I’ve acquired evidence to support my claim very recently, I’ve told you this multiple times before,” he mumbled, mouth watering at the sight of you nibbling on your lip. 
Your heavy lidded eyes met his as you slowly opened them again. “You have, but… never with this look in your eyes.” Your breath hitched, one of your hands leaving his shirt to wander the length of his torso, lingering near the end of his abs. He held back a shiver. “Like you want to rip my clothes off and devour me whole, this very moment.”
Jimin’s nostrils flared, teeth grinding even harder. Oh, how he wanted that. How he wanted exactly that.
“Oh, sweetheart, I do intend to do that and more. Lay you bare beneath me, touch every single inch of your body. And then let my tongue follow.”
You made a small sound from the back of your throat and Jimin very nearly came in his pants. “What’s the hold up, then? All I hear are promises, Park. Where’s the delive—”
With a growl, Jimin tightened his grip on the back of your neck and pulled your face in to capture your lips in a bruising kiss, effectively shutting you up and fulfilling your demand at the same time.
The first contact was, very poetically, electric. Current zapped through his body, beginning where your soft lips had molded against his in acceptance, and reaching all the way down to his semi-erect length. Which was now starting to painfully strain against his too tight jeans. 
Your mouth opened up to him, and he swallowed your moan of want when his tongue brushed against yours. He poured all his pent up feelings and desires into the kiss, pressing harder against you when you pliantly tilted your head back to give him more room. 
Jimin couldn’t fathom he was kissing you. Finally, fucking finally, after more than a year of lusting for these lips — he finally had them entwined with his own. He lost his mind somewhere in between the soft pull of your even softer lips, harsh nips of your teeth, smooth glides of your tongue. 
And then he grabbed a handful of your hips, and went feral. 
With a grunt, Jimin opened his mouth wider, licking into yours between harshly sucking on your tongue. It was a mess — sloppy and wet and desperate when he explored your mouth with full fervor, tongue curling against the inner seams of your lips. 
Your hand slid over his waist, leaving fire in its wake as it slid past his t-shirt to trace the tight muscles of his abdomen. Jimin brought his other hand to rest next to you on the bed, now leaning over you.
His lungs were protesting for air, but he just couldn’t get enough of your taste. It was you that finally pulled away, panting heavily into his mouth. 
Jimin blinked, struggling to come out of the daze you’d put him in. He looked at your parted lips, hunger building up in him when he saw the smudges of your lipstick around them. Your wide eyes gazed up at him with so much naked lust, holy fuck. He so very desperately wanted you naked. 
“You want this?” he asked you, testing his own restraint when his length ached from being confined for so long in its rock hard state.
You looked too delirious to respond, nodding very slowly with your eyes nearly glazing over as your gaze lowered to look at his crotch.
“Say the words, sweetheart. This is about consent, I’m not trying to force you into something you’re hesitant about,” Jimin unnecessarily clarified, well aware of how both of your bodies were vibrating with need.
“Jimin, for God’s sake, stop talking and fuck me,” you gritted out, grabbing hold of his t-shirt and tugging at it until he was raising himself off the bed to get rid of it.
Tossing it aside, he raked a hand through his hair and peered down at you. Your mouth hung open, eyes seeming to drink him up. 
Well, good for you, because he was losing his sanity with every passing second that he was spending close to you but not close enough. 
“As you wish, sweetheart,” he mumbled before moving to unbuckle his belt and quickly unbutton his jeans in succession. 
He stopped there, though, and caught hold of your hand when you tried to reach for his waistband. He shook his head when your eyes shot to his. 
“Your turn.”
He saw your throat move on a gulp. You skittered back on the bed, rising up on your knees when you’d reached the center. He followed you, placing a knee on your bed to get to you.
Your fingers trembled as they reached for the hem of your t-shirt, with suppressed want or nervousness, Jimin couldn't tell. He was a mixture of both.
He watched, breathing completely ceased, as the t-shirt rose and unleashed more and more of your smooth skin. When you raised it above your waist, he sucked in a large breath, eyes widened, jaw dropped open and body nearly quivering with want.
Your hips.
Your juicy fucking hips.
They were right there, calling out to him with their hourglass curve as they tapered into your trim waist with a soft abdomen. You wore a tiny, burgundy scrap of lace as a substitute for underwear, and he recalled it to be the thong he’d barely caught a glimpse of in the picture of your ass. 
Your breasts bounced free, next, and Jimin moved his throat in a thick swallow, a palm cupping over his crotch. Your nipples were pebbled and juicy, and he just wanted to wrap his lips around them and suck to his heart’s content.
He shuffled forward on the bed when you got to your shoulders, helping you untangle your arms and hair from the piece of clothing.
Once the t-shirt was fully off, you looked at him with a bashful smile. “Why’re you gawking like that? You’ve seen it all before,” you mumbled, sitting back on your haunches, your own gaze rounding back to his torso.
“Pictures don’t hold a light for the real deal, holy fuck,” he managed to choke out.
Your coy smile turned challenging. “How do you know? You haven’t even touched, yet.”
The nerve of you to—
Jimin pounced, knocking you back into the mattress as he covered your body with his, making sure to press every inch of himself on you.
Your wide eyes looked at him in surprise but more than a little hunger, and oh did he want to take care of that.
One of his forearms dug into the bed next to your head while his other hand gripped at your shoulder. He hissed against your lips when your curves molded against him. 
“You’re so fucking insufferable but so fucking delectable, fuck,” he gasped, unable to resist when his eyes fell onto your quivering lips, and kissed you again.
You moaned loudly into his mouth, not in the least bit shy about devouring his lips as messily as he did yours. Your tongue curled against his, making his insides turn to molten lava. He could feel your nipples against his chest and, his palm slid down your side, curving along your breast as it spanned down to—
His palm met your hip and he was lost.
“Oh, fuck,” he muttered, digging his fingers in.
Your dark eyes looked back at him, shuttered, sensuous and perfectly fitting for the goddess that you were.
“Do you know how fucking long I've fantasized about having this body of yours under me, you minx?” he grumbled, sliding down your body.
His mouth latched onto your neck, both hands curving around your waist as he pressed kisses down the column of your throat. Your head fell back with a moan, granting him more access, and he took advantage of it, running his mouth up to your jaw, his tongue licking at your skin.
Your skin was so soft and smooth – even more than it looked.
He grazed his teeth against your jaw, pulling back to look at you.
Your eyes were shut, brows pinched, and mouth was hanging open in abandon. He leaned over your face to pull your bottom lip into his mouth. Giving it a hard suckle, he let go with a pop. 
Your eyes fluttered open, looking at him with an intoxicated look on your face. “Jimin…”
“Yes, sweetheart?” His fingers dug into your waist.
“Touch me,” you whimpered, throat convulsing.
Jimin grinned. “I am.”
His palms slid down your sides, and as he met the curve of your hips again, his previous plans of teasing you flew out the window.
Holy fucking hell.
“These fucking hips,” he grit out, digging his fingers into the meaty flesh. “They’ve been driving me insane, do you know?”
You really did have the sexiest body he had ever seen. A perfect figure with enough chubbiness in places to make you feel soft, womanly and real. His eyes were caught by your abdomen and he leant down to press a kiss beneath your navel before he could think too much about it.
“You’re so soft and so delicious…”
You released a muted gasp in response, but he was too busy exploring the curve of your waist. His fingers ran over your smooth skin, nails scratching lightly. You jumped when he went a little rougher, and he gripped you harder, leaning down again, this time to suck open mouthed kisses over your waist, all the way from your navel to the dip in your side.
“Fuck, Jimin—” 
You broke off on a gasp when his tongue met your skin, tracing wet paths, absorbing the taste to his memories. He groaned into your stomach, dragging his face over the flimsy waistband of your underwear. He moved to the side to tug at the string at your hip with his teeth, licking underneath it, and then dug his teeth into the delicious flesh beneath.
A moan slipped past his own lips, nearly drowning the stream of gasping sounds coming from you. He had his mouth on these goddess-like hips.
Finally, fucking finally.
“Jimin, Jimin, fuck—”
He tasted his fill, leaving kisses, and nipping, biting and licking you up as he desired. The delicate waistband of your thong was haphazardly pulled every which way, only barely covering your center as Jimin went about devouring you.
Your breathing was labored, chest heaving and shoulders twitching when he finally managed to pull himself off your body. He looked at you from under his brows. You had an arm folded over your forehead and the other hand fisted in your pillow. You already looked fucked out and he’d barely even done anything.
Pressing a hand down on your abdomen, he pulled your attention to him.
Your eyes fluttered open, pupils dilated and everything. Your lips were well-bitten, swollen and red. So fucking delicous.
He slid his palm up your torso, curving around your breast. You visibly trembled when he gave the rounded flesh a squeeze. Jimin loved the sight, moving his thumb to flick at your nipple.
“Jimin,” you breathed, hand moving from the pillow to grip at his wrist.
Jimin clicked his tongue, removing your hand. “Ah ah, no,” he murmured, voice deeper, loaded with arousal. 
You mutely looked at him, eyes wide and irises nearly wholly eclipsed by your pupils.
He swiped his tongue over his lower lip, placing your arm above your head with the other one. He held both your wrists in his hand and tugged, causing your breasts to jiggle invitingly. Barely containing the wanton moan that swelled up in his throat at the sight, Jimin flicked your nipple again.
“These hands,” Jimin murmured, face lowered to your throat as he leant over you, “stay here. You move them, we stop. Understood?”
He dipped his head to lick at a sweat droplet collected between your collarbones. Your breath stuttered out and he saw you swallow.
Jimin drew back when he didn’t hear you respond. 
You were panting, now, lower lip extended way past your jaw as you looked at him with your eyes rounded.
He raised an eyebrow. “I asked you a question, sweetheart.”
You gasped aloud, as if suddenly inhaling a lot of air after having stopped breathing for a few seconds. Maybe you had, you looked very much on the edge. 
Your head jerked in a nod, fingers of both hands gingerly clasping together above your head. 
“I’m gonna need your words, baby,” he prompted you in a low murmur. “And I better not have to repeat myself.”
You shut your mouth with a click, eyes widening just a tad bit. “I… yes,” you whispered, voice nothing but a hoarse whisper. “Yes, I understand.”
Jimin nodded, lowering his mouth to sweep his tongue over your neglected nipple before engulfing it whole. “Good,” he spoke into your skin, relishing the taste of you.
“Uh, Chim?” 
Jimin caught apprehension beneath your breathiness. He immediately pulled his head up to look into your eyes. “Yes, sweetheart? Are you okay?”
“I…” You nodded. 
But then you were biting your lip again and Jimin couldn’t believe how fucking lucky he was to have you looking so submissive beneath him. All his dreams – coming to an unimaginably amazing conclusion. 
He still wasn’t a hundred percent sure this wasn’t a fever dream. 
You cleared your throat, jutting your chin out in an obviously faux show of confidence. “I don’t have to call you, like… master, or something, do I?”
Despite the instant tightening in his pants, Jimin couldn't hold back the laugh that tumbled out of him. He threw his head back and guffawed. Yeah, this was definitely real.
You slapped him on the thigh. “Shut up!”
He collected himself with difficulty. “No master, sweetheart. Just my name would be fine.”
“Well, you’re into some kinky shit, Park, I was just making sure.” You crossed your hands against your chest, pouting crossly. “Could’ve said a simple no, though. Didn’t have to laugh like that, you meanie.”
He was still grinning even as he gripped both your wrists and pulled your arms up to pin them next to your head. Your pout slipped away, lips falling open on a gasp. He leant over your body, pressing his chest against yours, smirking when your lashes fluttered.
You felt delicious, all sweet and soft curves pressed up against his planes.
“You hit me.”
You blinked, frowning. “Wha—”
“You hit me. On the thigh.”
Your eyes went wide in alarm and Jimin chuckled at the horror on your face. “I’m — I’m sorry, Jimin, I—”
He slid higher up your body, grinding his denim covered crotch into you. “Are you?”
You choked on an inhale, moaning with your mouth closed when Jimin moved his hips again. Your tongue peeked out to lick at your lips while you gave him a nod. 
“Yes, Jimin,” you whispered, eyes looking away from him as you demurely lowered them.
Jimin hissed. Why did every single, little action of yours make him lose all control over himself? He sighed.
He looked up at your hands struggling in his grip, and then around the room. And then he looked down at himself, eyes pausing at his waist. He quickly unlooped his belt from his jeans.
“Jimin, what—oh.”
He pulled your wrists up to the bars in the headboard and glanced at your face. “This okay? Use your words.”
Your cheeks were red when you nodded. “Yes. Yeah, it’s okay.”
“Good.” He looped his belt through the bars and, binding your wrists together, tightened the buckle. “This good?”
You nodded.
He quickly dipped his head to nip at your collarbone. “Words.”
“Y—yes, yes, Jimin. This is – it’s good,” you brokenly breathed. 
Jimin nodded his approval, patting your cheek affectionately.
Then he descended your body and got to work on your breasts, weighing them in his palms as his thumb flicked both their tips. Your body twitched beneath him, little whimpers egging him on, you looking at him with your sultry gaze. He moved a hand to close his forefinger and thumb over a nipple, tugging the flesh and giving it a jerk. Your breast jiggled, and you both groaned in unison.
“Look at you, sweetheart, God,” Jimin groaned, one hand mapping the surface of your abdomen to rest below your navel. He tugged at your nipple with his other hand, again. “These are pure sin.”
His mouth closed over the other nipple.
Jimin hummed contently, swirling his tongue around the nipple before dragging his lips off of it. He immediately moved on to the other side, bringing his other hand back up to cup over your breast. He squeezed at the soft flesh while his teeth grazed against the sensitive tip, and you mewled beneath him.
He had his mouth wrapped around the gorgeous, perky nipples he’d seen in your picture, yesterday, and wanted to taste. Life really didn't get better than this, did it?
He looked up at your face to find your lip locked between your teeth and eyes screwed shut. He bit down, sinking his teeth into the supple flesh of your tit.
Your eyes sprang open with a gasp, neck immediately craning to look at him. 
He met your gaze with a wink, lapping at your skin with his tongue. 
Your moan was loud and deep, vibrating through your chest to his mouth. Jimin suckled hungrily, hands grabbing at you greedily.
When he finally pulled away, he’d left a huge, blooming red mark on you and it was rapidly changing colors to turn purple. Jimin pressed a kiss against it.
His hands made their way down to the string of the waistband of your thong, index finger twisting the fabric. 
“This little piece of lace,” he mocked. “What good does it do, anyway?”
Your cheeks were flaming when he met your eyes. “I…”
“It’s so fragile,” Jimin whispered in a breathless urgency, moving to plant a kiss in the middle of said piece of clothing, over the wet patch he could clearly spot. “Bet I could tear it off with a single finger.”
He heard your breath hitch as he gave the waistband another twist, wrapping it over the knuckle of his index finger now. He tucked his bottom lip into his mouth, eyes ravenously drinking up the sight of you peeking past the tiny triangle of your thong. 
And then he snapped the damn thing, tearing it into two and pulling it off your body.
“Chim!” your gasp was instant, back arching in an attempt to rise but you were held back by your tied hands.
“Yes, sweetheart?” he mumbled, but he wasn’t actually in a condition to listen to you, right now.
Not when he had you spread out, pink and swollen and pretty in front of him. He dropped the cloth off to the side, bringing in both his palms to part your legs even further. 
And your thighs. These fucking thighs with all their plumpness and the jiggle in them when you walked around in booty shorts, ugh.
“D’you know how crazy you’ve driven me with these?” 
He massaged the inside of your thighs and your body gyrated, hips shifting with your gasps.
“I was walking around with permanent boners because the sight of your legs drove me insane. All I could think about was wrapping these around my waist,” he husked, depraved eyes running over the smooth skin of your thighs before his palms followed, tracing a path from the underside of your knee, up to your hips, “and fucking you against the nearest wall.”
“Jimin,” you stuttered, eyes looking at him in what looked like wonder, your breathing seemingly ceased. 
Well, he would give you a reason to breathe. Gasp. Scream his name.
He dragged his hands up to the juncture of your thighs, spread them, and trained his eyes at your center. His reserve completely gave out when he found you slick and sopping wet, with your arousal painting the tops of your thighs. 
“So fucking messy,” he gritted, teeth clenching tight, “and much more dirtier than my filthiest fantasies.”
Jimin reached out with two fingers, parting your folds to expose you fully to his sight. 
“Ah, fuck. That’s – that feels cold…” you whispered, wide eyes roving his face.
Jimin realised his rings had made contact with you. He sucked in a breath at the sight of your slick rubbing over his silver bands.
“Oh, baby,” he purred, drowning in lust, mouth salivating. “You’re dripping everywhere, sweetheart, fuck. Look at you ruining my rings. So fucking pretty.”
His fingers slipped down your lips, brushing your clit and converging as they travelled lower yet. He watched with rapt attention, eyes wide and tongue resting against his upper teeth as his fingers slipped right into you, travelling deep into your gripping warmth.
A low sound left him just as you moaned out his name.
"All this for me, yeah?" He nipped at your thigh above your knee.
You nodded, your half lidded gaze on him. "All for you. Just for you."
He sucked in a huge breath, grunting when his fingers scissored up to the spot he was looking for inside of you. He experimentally curled his fingers, eyes darting up to look at your face. 
You jumped at the contact, eyes squeezing shut and jaw dropping open. 
“There?” He watched your contorted face with rapt attention.
“Uh huh,” tumbled out of your mouth as you nodded frantically.
Having mercy on your mindless state, he let you get away without speaking up this one time. He wanted to touch you, taste you, consume you until you were sobbing in his arms. That, and he himself was too far gone to care, right now. 
He released your thigh from his other hand, sitting up on the bed and spreading his own knees for some relief while his fingers moved in you. Unzipping his jeans with his free hand, he tugged the fabric off his crotch, sighing when the tightness released. Then he moved the hand to hold you by your waist, your leg folding up between your bodies.
Jimin licked his lips, hair falling in his eyes and gaze never leaving your fucked out face. He gripped your calf, unfolding it and tossing it over his shoulder. Your eyes opened, looking straight at him past a hazy curtain. He gave you a grin, moving his head to press an open mouthed kiss against your ankle, and you jerked against him, biting down on your lip and squeezing your eyes shut again.
“S—so good, Jimin…” 
Jimin’s cheek ticked up in a smile, fingers moving in you faster.
You looked exquisite like this – spread in front of him like a platter, hands pulled up and tied off, breasts bouncing, back arching, hips moving to his rhythm, and pussy stuffed full with his fingers. He wanted to touch you, taste you, consume you until you were sobbing in his arms.
“You look so delectable, I wanna fucking eat you up whole,” he grunted, pressing his nose into your ankle to ground himself.
But it still wasn’t enough.
Drunk on your inebriating scent filling up the air between the two of you, Jimin lowered himself on the bed and launched himself onto you, tongue moving to lick at your clit.
“Oh m—Fuck! Jimin! Holy – shit!” 
Egged on by your yelps, Jimin attached his open mouth to you, letting his lips meet your wetness while his tongue rolled over your clit. Your taste was heady – an aphrodisiac if there was ever one. He could get drunk on this.
And he intended to.
“So fucking delicious, baby,” he spoke into you. “Could eat you out forever, mm hmm.”
“Jimin, Jimin, oh my God, fuck, Ji~min,” you chanted his name, tugging at your constraints and twisting your body every which way, but Jimin’s grip on your thigh held you in place.
He slurped at your leaking slit, pulling his fingers out of you to let his tongue take their place, massaging your entrance and dipping past it in small licks.
“Chim...please,” you groaned, craning your neck as far as you could to look at his head of dark hair working between your legs. “More.”
But Jimin was unrelenting, not letting up with his mellow teasing as he licked, kissed and nipped at your cunt without delivering what he knew you needed. His fingers, slick with your arousal, moved to hold your hips down from moving too much, smearing your abdomen with your own wetness.
The thought of licking your essence off those sinful hips made him lose what remained of his senses, and Jimin dove full in. He had you at his mercy with your hands out of service and hips in his vice like grasp, and you were well aware of the power he held if your desperate pleas were anything to go by.
He hummed against your clit, teeth raking against the soft flesh and you convulsed above him, begging for a whole different reason now. 
“Jimin! I’m close… please, baby…”
“Not yet, sweetness,” Jimin murmured into you. “Let me have a proper taste first.”
He flattened his tongue over your slit, licking a fat stripe up your cunt, and you yelled out a garbled curse, thighs quivering in his grasp. Then he dipped his tongue in again, licking into your heat while his nose bumped into the hood of your clit. Your high pitched yells of his name were gradually losing coherence, making him grin against you in satisfaction.
He decided to bring his fingers back in, sliding two of them into you again and massaging the spot they met when he curled them, while his lips closed over your clit in a tight suction. Your body quivered above him, drawn out groans of some contorted form of his name escaping you and echoing in the space around you two. 
“Don’t you dare come until I tell you to,” he spoke into you, voice coming out ragged and heavy and hungry.
Jimin furiously fucked you with his fingers, teeth coming in to play with your clit as he did, grunting at the squelching sounds it made. Your cunt seemed to be growing narrower by how hard you were clenching around him, he could tell you were getting closer. He uncurled his other hand from your thigh to rest on your abdomen, feeling the stickiness he’d left there before, and he gripped your waist to pull you further down onto his mouth and fingers. He messily ate you out, tongue licking every inch of your delicious softness and lips meshing into you before sucking at your clit, voraciously.
You whined aloud, and Jimin chuckled against you.
“All good, baby?” he hummed into you, and you broke into a litany of pleas.
“Jim...Jimin...I’m gom—gonna – please, I—ungh, please lemme come, pleathe…”
Jesus fucking Christ, he would lose his fucking mind.
He swore to himself, detaching his mouth from you long enough to rest the side of his head against your thigh and look at your face which was all screwed up in agony. He groaned at the sight, sponging a kiss to the inside of your thigh, fingers moving in you even more frenetically. 
“Come for me, baby.”
He immediately returned to your core and pressed even closer into you, flicking his tongue over your clit once before swirling it around in tight circles.
“Come all over my tongue, pretty, lemme drink you up.”
Your channel gripped his fingers even harder and your moans grew in pitch. Jimin immediately wrapped his lips around your little nub to suck as hard as he could.
Your reaction was instant, a scream of his name ripping from your throat and the heel of your leg hooked over his shoulder digging into his shoulder blade as your body drew taut.
“Ji—min, fuck fuck fuck. Fuck! Fuck—ah!” 
Your walls fluttered around his fingers, squeezed so tight around them he wondered if he would even fit inside of you. But your juices had him forgetting about everything but your intoxicating taste, and he withdrew his fingers from you to seal his mouth over your entrance, lapping up every bit of your release. 
"Mm hmm, so pretty, so delicious, baby…"
“Chim… too much, ah…” your weak sob somehow penetrated the cloud of lust he was swimming in.
Very reluctantly, Jimin gave a single parting lick to your pussy, swiping his tongue from the very bottom to the very top, and moved to sit up between your spread legs. He brought his wet fingers up to his mouth, popping them in and licking off every trace of your heavenly taste from them.
He hadn’t realised when his eyes had closed in bliss, but your little gasp made him open them to meet yours. 
“You did so well, sweetheart,” he praised, brushing a kiss on the top of your knee with his lips still soaked in your essence. He sat back on his haunches and swiped the back of his hand over his mouth and chin, then. “Are you okay?”
Your gaze was heavy, lips red and parted as you stated at him. Then you scoffed a small laugh, lips pulling up in a  smile. 
"I’m – I’m more than okay, oh God. That was… so fucking good, Chim, your mouth is… fuck," you breathed out, still panting heavily. “You’re the sexiest man I’ve ever seen in my life. What the fuck, Park?!”
Jimin scoffed. You were calling him sexy? Had you seen yourself? Your breasts were heaving enticingly, sweat dotting various parts of your body, and Jimin really just wanted to lick your entire body clean. 
He brought a hand up to rake through his hair, abs and obliques flexing with his action. He noticed your eyes trace his torso. He grinned at you wickedly when you licked your lips. 
“See something you like?”
“Oh my God, Jimin, untie me,” you moaned, taking him by surprise. “Right now.”
He squinted at you. “What makes you think you’re in a position to give orders, here, sweetheart?”
"I really really need your cock in my mouth in the next ten seconds, or I might die," you announced with your wide eyes looking really serious and sort of panicked.
Jimin nearly swallowed his tongue, because damn did that filthy mouth of yours bypass his imagination. He had never been so hard in his life.
“Is that right?” He reined in his surprise and looked down his nose at you.
You squirmed under his gaze. “Yes, Chim. Please?”
“You could’ve asked nicely to start with, sweetness," he chastised, even as he moved to close your legs and straddle your waist to work the buckle of the belt. “Why run your mouth and risk being edged for an hour, hmm?"
Your movements froze for a moment, alarmed eyes connecting with his challenging ones. “Please don’t do that.”
Jimin gave a hearty laugh. “Ask nicely, then.”
He sat back on your thighs, leaving the belt still twisted up in your hands despite the buckle being undone. Waiting. 
He crossed his arms over his chest when you kept gaping at him. “Go on?”
You whined, turning your face to the side. “Come on, Jiminie, untie me! You deserve to have your soul sucked out of your cock, baby, please don’t deprive me. Please?”
His eyebrows shot up at your unexpected surrender. He’d expected you to protest more. Did you really want him in your mouth that bad? Oh, God.
“Are you trying to make me come in pants like a fucking teenager, what the hell?”
You pouted at him, eyes shining with mischief. “Someone said something about choking me with his cock. I’m just trying to get you to fulfill your promises, Park.”
Jimin smirked at you, lips parting and teeth peeking. He moved on top of you, nipping at the peak of your breast, the edge of your jaw, your earlobe – before feathering his lips over your ear. “I could do that with your hands tied, too, pretty,” he breathed. “Say the word.”
You choked on an inhale, chest frozen under him while he chuckled at you and sat back up.
“You’re sinful, Park Jimin,” you muttered, eyes shuttering in a playful glare.
Jimin tugged his belt off your hands and the bed frame, softly massaging your wrists while he slowly brought your arms down to rest on your abdomen.
“Looked in a mirror lately, Miss?” He raised an eyebrow, pulling your hands up to plant a soft kiss on the reddened skin of both your wrists. 
You bashfully ducked your head, rising to sit up with his help.
He slid back on the bed, slowly widening his stance to accomodate you between his legs. He wrapped an arm around your waist, tugging you to him while he feathered the fingertips of the other hand over your thighs. 
Your hand came up to cup his jaw, eyes gazing at him with unabashed lust and what seemed like a little bit of admiration. He smirked in response, tilting his head to accept you when you leant forward to capture his lips in a kiss. He immediately moaned into your mouth as you took command, massaging his lips with yours. Your other hand travelled to the back of his head, gripping his hair as you moved his head in accordance to you. Your tongue didn’t waste time in coming out to trace his lips, and he relinquished all control when you slid forward to straddle his lap with a deep groan. 
He maneuvered the two of you around without breaking the kiss, and sat back against your headboard. He helped you wrap both your legs around his waist, one hand reaching up to massage your scalp while the other traveled down to palm your ass.
You fell against his chest, both palms landing on his body, and instead of gripping onto him to steady yourself the way he’d expected you to, your hands started to wander. One of them reached up to trace his pectoral muscles, fingers brushing his fevered skin until your thumb suddenly flicked against his nipple, making him grunt into your kiss.
Your lips formed a smirk, your other hand sliding down his abdomen to curve over the front of his jeans. Jimin nipped at your upper lip when you drew his bottom one into your mouth, massaging it with your tongue. 
Your palm curled over him above his boxers. Blood hummed in his veins, making him cry out into your mouth.
Jimin pulled away from the kiss, canting his head back onto the headboard to catch his breath. You did the same with your head rolling over your shoulder, provocative eyes looking at him like a predator’s while your fist tightened over his length. 
“Ready for the best suck of your life, Mister Park?” Your voice was breathy, borderline desperate, but your eyes held a spark of defiance.
Jimin bit his lip, very well aware of the jump in his cock at the address. He couldn’t believe how easily you changed forms from being a writhing, submitting mess underneath him to straight up messing with him. 
He loved it.
When your eyes left his cut, muscled V-line, you winked at him and crawled backward on the bed, getting off his lap. 
Jimin gave you a wolfish grin in return. “Hit me with your best shot, Miss,” he teased.
And you did.
Your hands immediately busied themselves in wrestling his underwear past his ass. He lifted himself up from the mattress to aid you in the process as you tugged at his jeans, tearing the piece of clothing down his legs as if it had personally offended you.
Jimin watched you in amusement while you hurriedly freed his legs off the jeans and then his boxers. His cock was rock hard, slapping his abdomen when it sprang free from the confines of his underwear. His tip was red, begging for attention, and it took everything in him to not grip himself and give a few satiating strokes. He had been doing that for months. Now that he had you sitting in front him, buck naked and eyeing his cock with yearning in your gaze, he wouldn’t miss any fraction of an opportunity to have your hands on him.
He gave a small chuckle when you grumbled between your struggles of freeing his ankles from his skinny jeans.
But then all humor was knocked out of him. 
You didn’t wait for a single second, not even pausing to breathe before wrapping a palm around him and descending over him with your mouth open wide and wet. Your lips wrapped around his tip and you gave his cock a loud, wet, slurpy suction before licking off the precum slathered around the slit.
Jimin’s hips bucked off the bed, hands scrambling to find purchase in your hair and the bedsheets. “Holy shit, babe!”
You looked at him through your lashes, all sultry and luscious, and dipped your chest further down towards the bed.
Jimin slowly followed the lithe line of your spine, all the way up to—
Your ass was raised up as you knelt between his legs and your mouth-watering hips fell in his direct line of sight. The navy blue and black butterfly moved in tandem with your head, taunting him.
This was quite possibly the most erotic sight he’d ever seen in his entire life. Better than his imagination.
While he was still recovering from the visual of his dreams, you removed your hand from his cock, and using your tongue to spread his precum and your spit all over him, you opened your mouth to take him all in.
A choked cough escaped him when his tip hit the back of your throat. 
“What—sweetheart, I—fuck,” he brokenly stuttered, confused between pleasure and concern, the hand in your hair trying to pull you off him. “Are you—ah, are you okay, babe?”
You moved your hand to squeeze at his thigh, and Jimin relaxed. You’d caught him off guard and so he wasn’t aware of how prepared you were. It would kill him if he accidentally hurt you. 
But going by the way your lips were moving over his cock in a tight vacuum seal, you’d been more than prepared for him.
Your mouth bobbed up and down in quick, shallow strokes. Not every stroke hit the back of your throat, but you had your tongue flattened over the underside of him and were licking at the really sensitive vein that ran beneath his skin with your every move. Jimin dragged his other hand through the bed, abdominal muscles flexing and twitching with every jerk of your head.
“Fuck, baby, that’s so good. So warm, shit—”
He peeled open his involuntarily shut eyes with effort, looking down at the lewd sight of you.
Your cheeks were hollowed, and lips progressively growing a darker shade of red. Jimin belatedly recalled the lipstick you’d worn. Pride swelled in his chest on realising he’d probably wiped it all off with his own mouth.
“Look at you, fuck,” he grunted, chest heaving with short, quick breaths. “So fucking filthy. D’you know how often I have imagined this?”
The carnal sight of your lips stretching wide over him was nearly too much to handle. He sat up from his recline, one hand tightening in your hair and the other reaching across the span of your body to grope at your hips, squeezing the delicious flesh there before moving lower to give your plump ass a smack.
Your responding groan vibrated through his cock, and Jimin threw his head back with a muffled whine. “Shit, shit, shit—”
Your mouth slipped off him, hand coming to grip around his length. You swirled your tongue over his tip, rubbing it back and forth when his hips bucked, while your hand maintained a steady rhythm over the rest of him.
Jimin wheezed in heavy breaths, pulling his hand off your hip to shove his hair back from his sweaty forehead. 
His grip on your hair tightened. “What a dirty fucking girl… fuck… you look so good like this, baby.”
You looked up at him through your lashes at his praise, and he nearly fucking came. Oh God, you were so sexy.
But you recognised the delirious look in his eyes because you removed your hand from his thigh to grab his free hand and put it in your hair. Jimin swallowed a gasp. How were you able to ignite every single nerve ending of his with every little action of yours?
Jimin combed the fingers of both his hands through your hair, twisting it into a makeshift ponytail and held that in one hand. He tapped at your cheek with the other. “Pat my thigh when you need to tap out, okay? Don’t go over your limit.”
You nodded around a mouthful of his cock, and Jimin really fucking lost it for a second there. Remembering himself, he gathered his bearings, and tugged at your hair. You detached your mouth with a gasping whine, a thread of his precum hanging off your swollen lower lip and connecting to his dick.
He moaned at the sight, thumb moving to swipe against your lip. You caught it in your mouth, flicking your tongue against it the way you did on his dick, and Jimin’s breath caught.
You were nearly too much to handle. Nearly.
“Speak up, pretty,” he grunted, roughly pulling his thumb off you, replacing his hand to hold your chin.
You blinked at him with big, muddled eyes. “Yes.”
“Yes what?” he implored. “Tell me you understand.”
“Yes, I understand.” You licked your lips, eyes falling back to his length. “Won’t go over my limit. Just… fuck, Jimin, fuck my throat. Please. Need you, wanna feel you.”
Jimin didn’t need another summoning. Swearing under his breath, he gripped your face with both his hands and raised himself to his knees. You got to your hands and knees before him, cheek nudging his slit.
Your eyes were nearly glazed over, and if Jimin sat back to ponder the fact that you looked so freaking intoxicated by the prospect of having him fuck your mouth, this would be over way too soon. He breathed in deeply, instead, raking his eyes over your prone form and reminding himself of the thorough fucking you deserved for being so fucking unbelieavably receptive.
Tucking his lower lip between his teeth, Jimin directed your mouth towards his cock with a hand, sliding himself in with a grip on your hair, and your lax throat took him right in.
“Oh my God, fuck!”
Any and all thoughts left his brain – the feeling of your throat constricting around him the only thing in his world.
“You feel so incredible, baby, fuck—”
He wanted to hold back, really truly did, but the way you were suppressing your gag reflex and presenting yourself to him with such abandon had him going feral. With a muted growl, Jimin pulled himself out, tapping his tip against your deep red lips before driving deep again.
Your throat convulsed on him, teasing eyes telling him you’d done it on purpose, and he sputtered, mouth salivating and eyes rolling back.
“You dirty fucking minx,” he hissed, tugging at your hair to get your eyes back on his. “If you lose your voice because I fucked your mouth too hard, you’ll only have yourself to blame.”
And then he was wild, ravenous, untamed – holding your face still as he rammed his length into your mouth, hitting the back of your throat. Your scattered moans around him were making him lose his mind. He had no clue how long he would last like this, but he could not restrain himself.
He’d always had lengthy plans for you, if ever got you under him. All his fantasies comprised him tasting every single, supple inch of your body, bringing you so much pleasure that you passed out from his mouth alone and he had to wake you up to fuck you. But right now, it seemed like he was gonna nut down your throat and pass out himself before he got to dick you down.
That thought, and that thought alone, was what helped him grip onto his slipping control.
Slowing his tempo for a moment, Jimin clenched his abdomen, reeling his spiralling restraint back in before he thrust again, repeatedly meeting the back of your throat. Your mouth was so warm, oh God.
He could feel sweat accumulating over his brow, running down his back, gathering over his abs from exertion.
“So good to me, so fucking pretty,” he heaved between heavy breaths, feeling hs balls tighten when you hummed in response.
Three more thrusts and then Jimin paused, pulling your head away from him.
“Enough! Fuck, I don’t wanna come before I get inside of you.”
Your slacked jaw came off him, pupils completely blown out, no trace of your irises visible at first glance. Jimin sank back on his haunches, jerking you up to kneel with him.
Your eyes still hadn’t connected to his, chasing his length until your face started to descend again.
Your reddened lips, watery eyes and all the spit and precum dribbling down your chin was already too erotic of a sight for Jimin to resist. But the second he saw you trying to get your mouth back on his dick, he lost all semblances of lucidity.
“Fucking hell, come here, you—”
Jimin grabbed your whole face in his hands and closed his open mouth over your delicate lips. He tasted traces of himself on your tongue, salty and wholly unpleasant, but the obscene sight he just saw was painted on the back of his eyelids and he growled low in his throat before sucking on your lips harder.
He let go of you when your hand tapped against his chest. 
“Need to… breathe…”
Jimin chuckled, letting go of you. “You okay, pretty?”
Your eyes were shut, palms resting on his thighs as your chest heaved. You swiped your hair over your shoulder, nodding. 
Your eyes opened to connect straight with his, your palms moving up his thighs. “I wanna ride you.” You licked your lips when he raised an eyebrow. “Please? Will you – will you let me ride you?”
Jimin swallowed, breath faltering. What a fucking sex goddess. And how good at learning and retaining instructions.
Inwardly, he wanted to moan out a depraved agreement and let you ride him into eternity, because God knew he would spontaneously combust if he wasn’t inside of you soon. But he also needed to pound you into your bed really bad. So on the outside, he looked at you with his head tilted back and thighs spread, deciding to entertain you for a while.
Taking in his inviting stance, you didn’t waste time climbing into his lap. He licked a path up the soft, delicious skin of your throat while you wound your arms around his shoulders. His palms flattened over your thighs, fingers digging into your delectable flesh.
“These thighs have been ruining my nights ever since I saw them,” he breathed into your neck, lips ghosting over the side of it. “Couldn’t sleep because the thoughts of having them wrap around my waist won’t fucking leave me.”
He relished the tremble that overcame your body, and moved his hand to palm your ass. His gaze dropped to your hips where multiple red spots had started to bloom as a result of his feasting. God, he needed a picture of this.
“And these hips.” He hissed out a breath. “Look at how pretty they look all marked up.”
Said hips undulated over his thigh, coating his skin with your arousal. Your own thigh made contact with his stiff length and he groaned. Jimin ground his teeth together, hips jerking upwards to engage in more friction.
A loud moan left you, head rolling back over your shoulders. Jimin didn’t waste a single second before catching one of your nipples in his mouth, grip tightening on your thighs. Your moan bled out into a breathy whimper, and Jimin sucked harder, pulling you down on himself harsher.
“Stop,” you breathed out, a shaky hand coming up to rest over his chest. “Get—get inside me already, God, please, Jimin! I need you in me so bad.”
Jimin pulled you up in a flash, teeth nibbling his own lower lip as he nudged your nose with his own. Staring deep into your eyes that were thickly layered with arousal, he slowly shook his head. Your eyebrows dipped in confusion. He licked at your lower lip, holding you tighter when you shivered.
“You can have your fun riding me, later, sweetness,” he told you, voice coming out breathless and scratchy. “Right now, I really need to fuck you into this bed, really hard.”
He winked at your dropped jaw before grasping you by your waist and flipping the two of you over. He absorbed your gasp of surprise in his mouth, taking you into a bruising kiss. His hands moved to clutch at you, one at the waist and the other gripping your thigh as he situated himself between your legs. He sucked your tongue into his mouth, grabbing your tit when your back arched up to him.
His length was hard and angry and even a feathery brush against your thigh had him groaning into your mouth.
Separating from your ambrosiac lips, he brought a hand up to cup your face. “Condoms. D’you have condoms, sweetheart?”
You blinked up at him, nodding as you pointed to your right. 
“Still no words, huh?” Jimin mumbled in admonition even as he turned his head to follow the general direction to your nightstand. 
Immediately leaning over, he pulled at the drawer and reached in. His fingers brushed against a couple of tiny packages, and he plucked one out.
“Handy, huh,” he remarked, raising a suggestive eyebrow at you, relishing the way your cheeks pinked.
He dropped the packet on your chest. 
“Help me?”
He smirked when you gulped, running a finger down the line of your throat, all the way down to your sternum, in the middle of the soft mounds of your breasts.
Looking into his eyes, you took the packet up to your lips and bit into a corner. Jimin sucked in a sharp breath when you tore it open with your teeth, the harsh foil pressing into your lips and skewing them crudely.
You rolled the condom on him with smooth swipes of your fingers over his length, and Jimin held back a shudder when you pumped him twice after you were done.
“There,” you breathed, breath audibly hitching when Jimin pressed a kiss to your shoulder.
His eyes connected with yours, one hand wrapping around your right thigh to tug it over his waist, and the other brushing over your center. He hissed when his fingers came in contact with your slick.
“You’re soaking wet, pretty baby.” His voice came out hoarse and lower than his usual pitch.
He dipped his fingers in to ensure you really were properly aroused, and he had to bite back a groan when you clenched over his digits.
“Such a greedy baby. Gripping my fingers even when she’s about to get my dick,” he sneered, pulling his finger out harshly and rubbing your wetness over his length. “Look at me when I fuck you, okay?”
“Y—es, okay.” You bit your lip, shaking underneath him. “Need you, Jimin. So so bad. Please – just, plea—oh!”
You cut off in a gasp when Jimin aligned himself with your entrance, pushing into you slowly. He looked up to find your eyes shut.
“I asked you to look at me!” he growled, glaring at you when your eyes opened. “Eyes. On me. The entire time. Understand?”
You dumbly nodded, and he brought up his hand wet with your arousal to grip at your jaw. 
“How many times,” he hissed, “do I have to remind you to speak the fuck up?”
With that, he slid into you in one strong, smooth motion, bottoming out through your slippery channel. You both groaned together, and Jimin’s head fell onto your clavicle. He drew his hips back and thrust back in, shallowly. 
“God, you fit me like a fucking glove, baby.”
Pressing kisses into your collarbones, he bit down when you still just moaned in response.
“I still don’t hear your words,” he grunted against your throat.
And yet, all he got from you were little gasps, in time with his slowly moving hips. The hand supporting your thigh separated from your skin, only to reconnect with a resounding slap.
“Speak up.”
You jumped, moaning with your mouth open. “I—I’m sorry – fuck – I’m sorry, Jimin, it just feels so good, baby—ah! I… I under—ah! I understand! I’ll look at you…”
He lifted himself up on his forearms to check whether you really did, and hummed in satisfaction to find your eyes on him. 
“Now, was that so difficult?”
He rose to his knees, cradling both your legs around his waist as he drew back and thrust in again. Your warmth enveloped him so well, he had to clamp up all his muscles to maintain his composure.
“How are you so fucking tight, sweetheart, fuck. Squeezing me so fucking good when I just fucked you open with my fingers,” he groaned, driving his hips against yours.
Your heavenly thighs framing him was literally a dream come true and he found himself groaning at the sight of your flesh pressed up against his. Your breasts swayed in time with his thrusts, tempting him to take them into his mouth. So he did, prompting you to lock your ankles at the small of his back as he grabbed at your tits. 
A lewd moan tore through your chest. “Fuck! Yes!”
Jimin picked up pace, gleaming eyes stuck on the tantalizing way your soft flesh bulges through his fingers.
"What a fucking sight, baby, fuck."
He removed one hand to press it down over your chest, looking into your barely open eyes. He snapped his hips against yours harder, grinding them when he was balls deep, and you stuttered out a broken rendition of his name.
Jimin's gaze went up to your arms that you'd crossed above your head, away and out of the way. 
"What an obedient little baby, ugh," he grunted, leaning over you to lock an appreciative palm over your wrists. "Definitely deserving of a reward for this."
Your breathing grew heavier, gasps melting into little whines at the end.
Jimin licked at your nipple with the flat of his tongue, rolling it over the areola before moving up to suck bruises into your neck. 
"Jimin, I—ah! Tha–thank you!" you sobbed.
He hadn't really been expecting you to respond this time, given how delirious you looked, but appreciated it all the same. Appreciated it way too much, in fact because he felt himself throb inside of you.
The hand he’d pressed down on your chest slipped over your collarbones, moving up. It wrapped around the base of your neck, his fingers and thumb pressing into either side as he squeezed a little. Your eyes widened, slowly, irises thinning even further with more arousal bleeding into your orbs.
“You like that?” he rasped, pulling his bottom lip into his mouth and grinding his pelvis against your clit.
Your lashes nearly fluttered, but you fought against shutting your eyes and never broke eye contact. “Y–yes, Jimin, it’s s–s–so goo—”
You sputtered into a muted groan under the suddenly increased pressure of Jimin’s fingers. He gripped your thigh firmly with his other hand, pushing it up against your chest and leaning over you to pound into you at a deeper angle.
Your eyes rolled back into your head, hands gripping onto the headboard. “Ji—min, fuck, fuck, fff—ungh!”
Jimin’s hand tightened over your throat, now cutting off some of your air supply and speech abilities. Your muted groans, incoherent yells, his own breathy pants and the wet, smacking sounds of skin slapping against skin filled your room. 
He reached up to grip at the headrest, hand closing over one of your own, and fucked you harder, shaking the bed dangerously under the two of you. Your entire body shifted against the mattress with the force of his thrusts, your little shrieks and yelps coordinating with his movements. 
Your gaze was completely unfocussed. Jimin could tell you weren’t actually looking at him even when your eyes stayed on his face. But he was looking at you. Oh, God, he was definitely looking. And saving every single inch of your gloriously fucked out self to his memory to revisit for the rest of his fucking life. He wished he could save the way you felt around him to his memory, too, because God knew he’d never felt anything like this before.
He told you as much, grips tightening over your hand around the headboard bar and your throat. You eagerly nodded back, whether in reciprocation to his sentiment or to egg him on, he didn’t know. But he went harder all the same, pulling your other leg over his shoulder, too.
“Min!” you suddenly gasped nearly unintelligibly. His eyebrows furrowed. “I–I’m—”
“Are you close, pretty?” Jimin asked, dropping a wet kiss against your lips when you nodded. “You wanna come, sweetheart?”
You eagerly nodded again, trying to say something else but making zero sense. Jimin choked you harder, making it impossible for you to even try to speak.
His eyes dropped to the place you were joined at, and he watched, transfixed, as your sopping cunt repeatedly swallowed his length. He groaned. “You’re taking me so amazingly, baby, fuck. This tiny pussy spreads so well for me…”
He let go of your throat to reach between your bodies to place his thumb on your clit, a giggle escaping him when it slipped.
“You’re so fucking wet, baby, shit. Can’t even touch you properly…”
He brought his index finger together with his thumb to pinch at your clit.
“Ahhh! Fu~ck! Jimin!”
He smirked at your rough yelps, immediately grumbling a curse when you clenched around him. “You’re so responsive, baby, shit. What an amazing girl. So good to me.”
Your eyelids fluttered at his praise, hips moving against him to meet him thrust for thrust.
“B–baby—so close—” 
“Yeah? You gonna come for me, sweetheart?”
You nodded, eyes slitted, but still fixed on him. “Ye–ye—ngh—yes—”
“You’re such a good girl, pretty,” he cooed, letting go of the headboard to grab one of your thighs for leverage, hips pistoning into you at an unforgivable pace. “Deserve to be,” he panted, “fucked so good, you—” he broke off, catching his breath “—you pass out, sweet baby…”
A high pitched moan tore through your chest, knuckles turning white in your tight grip at the headboard, and Jimin massaged your clit with two fingers. 
“Come for me, baby. Squeeze my cock, cream all over it, fuck, come on, pretty,” he grumbled, biting his lip at the visual, and ran his nose along the line of your throat.
Your breath was coming in gasps and hiccups and Jimin could feel you gripping his length harder. He breathed out against your neck, flicking his tongue out to taste you before rising up again to look into your feverish eyes. Your nose flared with every broken inhale and breasts pushed up against his chest with every frantic jolt of your body against the headboard.
Jimin could die like this with zero complaints.
“Oh—oh, I’m gonna—Chim, baby, I’m–I’m gonna come, I—” 
Your eyes finally broke contact with him, abruptly clenching shut. Your back arched and body froze for a second, and then your walls clenched him so fucking tight and you—
“Jimin, holy fu~ck-k-k-k!” 
“Shit shit, you’re so tight, baby, you’ll make me—”
Your pussy spasmed around him, tightening like a vice before easing until it tightened again, and it was all Jimin could do to not profess his undying love to your cunt.
You screamed, stuttering through your words, barely even sounding like yourself, and Jimin continued to furiously drive his cock into you, his tip meeting a spot deep within you and pulling him closer and closer to his own release. Jimin watched with a gaping mouth as you fell back against the bed, his restraint fully undone.
Your eyes opened to meet his own, and arms lowered from their position. Jimin let your thighs off his shoulders, to wrap them around his waist. You hummed, face relaxed and limbs loose. Jimin dipped his head to devour your lips, letting go with a resounding smack when breathing became a trouble.
“Can I touch you?” you then murmured, voice hoarse and worn out, and he felt himself throb a little harder at the knowledge that he’d done this to you.
“Yes—ah, fuck—yes, sweetheart. Yes, you can touch me."
You shakily lowered your palms to his pectoral muscles, and Jimin hissed at the touch of your cold hands against his heated flesh. Your fingers fluttered over his nipples, the softness you eluded in contrast with the ruthless pace he was going at inside you. Jimin grunted when you scraped a nail over one of them. Then you suddenly pinched both of them between your finger and thumb and twisted at the same time, and a groan of pleasure was pulled out of him in between his gasps of exertion.
You were exhausted, though, and so your hands quickly left his chest to wrap around his torso, arms looping beneath his upper arms to grab onto his shoulders. Your lashes fluttered up at him, parted lips shiny with spit now quirking in an open mouthed smirk just as you dug your nails in, and fucking raked them down his back.
"Fu~ck, oh my God!" Jimin gasped loudly, eyes widening at your mischievous expressions.
He was gonna fucking explode without preamble. Letting you touch him was a bad idea.
One of your hands situated itself on the small of his back and the other reached up to wrap around the base of his neck. All your nails scratched at his damp skin, your eyes sparkling when Jimin’s hips faltered in their movement in response.
“You like that, baby?” you whispered in a husk, ankles locking behind his back to pull him further in, and Jimin toppled on top of you with an oomph, chest meshing into your breasts and face falling onto the bed, next to yours.
He growled, scowling when your giggles trickled into his ear.
"You fucking tease, you’re—"
He pulled out of you, and dropping both your legs off his waist, gripped your hands in one of his to tug them up. Grabbing you by your waist, he rose to his knees again and flipped you over beneath him, your yelp of surprise muffled by the pillow your face sank in.
He let go of your hands and waist, sat back on his haunches, and placed both his palms on the gorgeously delicious flare of your hips to drag your ass up. In a second, he slid home, hitting you even deeper at this angle.
The two of you moaned, and Jimin gripped your hips tight to begin a brutal pace, pounding into your weeping cunt with renewed vigour. 
"Jimin! Fuck!”
Your shout was followed by you stumbling to rise on your palms, failing and landing on your elbows. He laughed menacingly, smirking at your breathless moans. 
“Yes, pretty, hold yourself up like that. My pretty girl… So hardworking, so good. Yeah.”
“Yes… yes, oh my God, Jimin—ie,” you moaned, turning your face to the side so that he could see your gaping mouth, “love it, baby—”
"Yeah, baby," he panted, feeling himself lose coherence at the overwhelming carnality of this position, "I love it, too."
And he did.
The erotic sight before him was straight out of his wildest fantasies. 
Your hips, those delicious hips he'd fallen in love with, unknowingly, were held tight in his grasp. Your thighs framed his own, meeting him with lewd slaps with every thrust. The butterfly tattoo between the dimples above your ass seemed to flap its wings with every roll of your ass over his dick, and Jimin had to bite back a moan at the sight of your ass cheeks jiggling with the same motion.
He delivered a smack on one, palming the tender flesh immediately. You shouted his name, head stretched far back and back arching.
Jimin cursed under his breath, letting go of your ass to wind his arms around you. He gripped at your breast, rolling a nipple under his thumb until you mewled in protest, and then slid his palm down your stomach to run his fingers around your stuffed pussy.
“Gonna come for me again?”
You violently shook your head. “No! No, Chim, I can’t, I’m—I’m too sensiti—ah!”
Jimin twirled a finger around your swollen clit, licking his lips. “Yes, you can, pretty, and you will.”
His finger worked in rhythm with his cock, slipping over your sensitive nub just as his balls slapped against your pussy.
“Jimin, too much…” you groaned, elbows giving out.
“Shh, just a little more. My pretty baby will give me another one.”
He wrapped an arm around your hips to hold you up, dipping to plant a kiss between your shoulder blades. Soon enough, your groans of protest were turning into gasps of pleasure. Jimin chuckled against your shoulder, licking a path up the back of your neck.
“Does it feel good now, baby?”
You nodded against your pillow. “So good!”
Jimin fucked into you with renewed conviction, ignoring the cramping in his forearm as he rubbed your clit, this time chasing his own high that he could feel hovering close by.
And then your walls were fluttering around him for the second time just as you sobbed curses into your mattress. Jimin’s brain went haywire at the sensations, hand falling off your clit to grip at your shoulder, his chest pressing up against your back.
“Baby,” he groaned into your neck, “I’m gonna come.”
Your breath hitched, hips making some sorry efforts to push back against him, but the coil beneath his navel tightened all the same. Topped by the sensation of your still spasming cunt, Jimin’s head swam, eyes clenching shut as the coil grew taut with tension and then— 
“Fuck fuck fuck, baby, fuuuu~ck—”
The tension in his abdomen snapped, every single nerve ending in his body lighting up as he came, literally exploding with a shout of your name. Tremors overtook his body and his cock twitched, ropes of his release filling up the condom just as his brain blanked out, all sensations leaving him in the wake of the overwhelming ecstasy of his orgasm. White noise filling his ears, he collapsed on top of your body when his knees gave out.
Heavy breathing filled the room for extended minutes.
And then you coughed beneath him, an elbow nudging at his ribs.
“Chim… heavy… can’t breathe…”
He floated back to the world of living with lazy blinks of his eyes, belatedly chuckling when your words registered in his brain. With a heavy sigh, he pulled his softening dick out of you and heaved himself off you to fall on his back on the bed, next to you. His hands still lifeless, he made an effort to roll the condom off himself and tie it up. He peered over the edge of the bed to look for a dustbin, extending an arm to toss the soiled condom in it when he spotted it under your bed.
Once he had comfortably situated himself back in his lying position, he gazed at your nearly lifeless form. You were still lying on your stomach with your head turned towards him, your eyes closed and mouth parted. Jimin could tell you weren’t asleep though, despite the soft rising and falling of your back.
The reality of the situation suddenly hit him like a truck.
He fucked you.
He fucked you – his crush of over a year, the muse of his every lustful pining, the lead actress of his every sexual fantasy, his roommate, and, as of late, also the other girl he had started to lust over.
He fucked you – and you let him. Enjoyed yourself quite a bit too, as far as he could tell.
He finally fulfilled his dream of over a year, holy shit, and it was so fucking good! Better than his expectations!
You suddenly cleared your throat, and Jimin blinked away his mental fistpump.
Your eyes were now open and trained on him. He couldn’t help his answering smirk, rolling onto his side to face you, a hand coming up to rest on the curve of your hips that he had finally had the opportunity to claim. Your cheeks reddened at his action, and his smirk widened a bit.
“So…” he began, biting down on his bottom lip.
He laughed at how awkward you were being.
“So that was fucking fantastic, sweetheart, you’re a sex goddess,” he finished with a roll of his eyes, still chuckling when you scrunched your nose up.
“It most certainly was, Chim,” you mumbled, humming with a smile. 
You slowly turned over your side, too, to face him properly. His eyes automatically fell to the globes of your breasts, his smile turning sheepish when you flicked his forehead. 
“And you’re a sex god yourself, if we’re really gonna get into it.”
Jimin just smiled at you, too sated and comfortable to stir up anymore conversation, content by just watching the post-orgasmic flush on your face.
You cleared your throat again, gazing away from him. Jimin laughed. 
“You can look at me, I don’t mind.”
You snorted. “Of course you don’t, you cocky bastard.”
Jimin quirked an eyebrow when you met his eyes again. “Well, I sure am cocky, ain’t I?”
You gasped in outrage, smacking a palm against his chest which he caught in his own to hold in place. Your face turned serious, gaze dropping to his lips, and he sidled closer to you to brush his nose against yours. 
“Chim,” you breathed, rubbing your lips against his, and he responded with a stuttered hum. “Can we… um. Are we gonna do this again?”
He reared away from you in surprise. “Uh…”
Your face fell, eyebrows furrowing, and you sat up, turning away from him. “I—I was just, um… offering? I guess? We totally don’t have to, I—”
Jimiin cut you off with an arm curled around your abdomen. “Come here, you idiot.”
You turned to look at him with wide eyes, and he sat up to face you, sliding close enough to press his chest against your side, consciously not letting his eyes stray beneath your face. 
“I was taken aback because I assumed that this would be a regular thing, by default, babe,” he honestly confessed. “I mean, I'm gonna admit… I’ve slept around a lot. More than I should’ve, probably. But the fire you light in me? Yeah, I’ve never felt that before. And now that I have felt it up close, I wanna feel more of it.”
You were shyly biting down on your bottom lip by the time he finished talking, and Jimin couldn’t fathom how you changed into this irresistibly demure girl under his praise when you were a sassy, sexually over-expressive individual on the normal. Not to say he minded, because he liked it. A lot.
“And I’ve kinda wanted to do this with you for a while now, please don’t kill me,” he admitted in a single breath, looking at you with apprehension until your wide eyes reassured him that you weren’t offended.
“I kinda figured that one out already. You talked about having imagined a lot,” you reminded him, and he gave you an unabashed shrug, somewhat surprised you’d retained his passionate confessions.
But then you had him freezing.
“And you’re good, Park. I’d be a hypocrite to kill you when it’s been kinda the same for me,” you said with a casual shrug of your shoulders. “Minus, of course, the sleeping around more than I shou—”
“Wait, wait – what?”
You blinked. “What?”
“You said it’s the same for you—what?”  
You squinted at him, huffing out a small, incredulous chuckle. “You seriously don’t have a clue, do you?”
Jimin squinted back. “Clue? About what?”
You looked at him with a torn expression slowly spreading over your face. “I didn’t really plan on bringing this up directly. Ever, if it didn’t come to it. But… guess you’re more oblivious than I thought.”
Jimin thickly swallowed, kind of able to guess where you were headed with this and unable to believe it was happening.
“Well… I had this gigantic crush on you when I moved in,” you mumbled, pulling both your lips into your mouth.
Jimin stopped breathing. You really—?
You winced. “I know, I know, it was horrible. But, come on, Park. You’ve looked in a mirror. You know you’re a fucking catch. The first few weeks with you were torture. I’d seen you shirtless a couple of times, and… my mind wasn’t ready to forget that.”
Jimin was sure he was dreaming, at this point. The mindblowing sex had really been a fever dream. He subtly pitched himself, jolting when it hurt. 
No, he wasn’t dreaming.
Fuck. Fuck yes! What the fuck?
“Why didn’t you ever say anything, babe?” he mumbled, sounding breathy even to his own ears.
“I – I tried to give you subtle signs, planning to come on to you when I was sure you were reciprocating. Because, as I got to know you, I realized that the attraction wasn’t worth sacrificing our friendship for, and so I didn’t approach you directly.”
Jimin sucked in a harsh breath, shocked at how perfectly your side of the story aligned with his. 
“Well, obviously your subtle hints were way too subtle,” he murmured, a little annoyed at fate.
You shot him a glare. “Jimin. Are you serious? I gave up the sorority to live with you!”
Jimin gaped at you, caging you in his arms to put his face next to yours. He narrowed his eyes. “No. You got rejected because you failed an exam and—”
“Oh, my God, Chim! Are you really that naive?” You rolled your eyes with a self-conscious laugh, but something akin to adoration shone on your face. “All those eligibility rules are just on paper! Srats and frats don’t actually reject people that harshly.” You brushed a kiss against his lips, and his breath stuttered. “Besides, I didn’t actually fail that exam, Park.”
Jimin pulled back from you with a loud gasp. “What? Oh, my God—babe! How the hell was I supposed to figure that one out?”
You gave him a sheepish smile. “Yeah, alright, that was a tough one. But what about all those tales of my escapades I forced you to listen to? Did you think I was some sort of a closet exhibitionist or something?”
Jimin’s cheeks warmed. He sat back again, shrugging a shoulder. “Well, I don’t kink shame.”
You laughed aloud at that, shaking your head. “I just kept hoping, day after day, for that one fine moment when your resolve would weaken and you’d react. Maybe pull me in for a kiss? Or, at the very least, show me a sign that you were bothered by those talks? But no! You just sat back like a darn wingman, and never showed any interest. The only crack I saw was last night, and even then you didn’t revolt over me talking about sucking a random guy’s dick! You didn’t even try to ask who the guy was!”
Jimin shook his head. “It was very difficult, on all occasions but especially last night, I assure you. But I didn’t wanna come off as a pervert and have you run out of the house.”
“That would never have happened.” You bit your lip. “Gosh. We could’ve really been doing this a year ago!”
“Damn. That’s a lot of wasted time, shit.” Jimin exhaled, still reeling. It suddenly came back to him. “Was the Taehyung thing meant to rile me up, too, or…?”
Guilt spread on your face, cheeks flushing. You shook your head and Jimin gaped at you.
“That was pretty real, I’m afraid. I—hey, don’t give me that look! I was pretty frustrated, okay? You weren’t budging from being a good friend, I was getting kinda desperate here.”
Jimin still scowled at you. “You sent him nudes, ma’am. The biggest fuckboy on the entire campus has your nudes. And he obviously doesn’t have any qualms sharing them with people; exhibit a – me.”
You worried your bottom lip with your teeth. “Well, they don’t have my face, so…”
“And thank God for that! Or I’d have to hack into the fucker’s phone to burn them out of existence!”
A teasing smile crawled up your face. “Look at you getting all protective and shit after having sex once, huh?”
Jimin stiffened, worried he’d overstepped. Your eyes widened, too, and you hurried to shake your head.
“Not – not in that sense! I’m not proposing a relationship—” You cut yourself off with a wince. “I mean, not yet—” You cut yourself off again when his eyes widened, before giving up. “You know what? I’m just gonna shut up.”
Jimin shook with silent laughter. You huffed, petulantly, grabbing your t-shirt from the edge of the bed to toss it over your body.
“Hey, listen,” Jimin called out, pulling both your hands in his, “let me help you sort things out?” At your timid nod, he smiled. “I liked what we did. A lot. And I’d like to do more of it. A lot more of it. We good so far?”
You chuckled, looking away from him. “Yes.”
“Great. Next, I think it’s too soon to be jumping into a relationship. But I may be open to it in future,” he tentatively continued, eyes stuck to yours.
You exhaled at his words, face flooding with what looked like relief. You gave him a nod. “Yes. Yes, that. Exactly that.”
“So, we’re on the same page then?”
“The same sentence, too.”
Jimin felt his own inhibitions lower at your enthusiastic tug at his hands. This didn’t feel awkward, at all. This felt good.
So good. Wow.
Your gaze dropped to his crotch, surprising him. But instead of feeling self-conscious, he felt like teasing you.
He wiggled his eyebrows at you. “The same sentence, you say? Is it, perhaps, a question that begins with ‘what about’ and ends with ‘a second round’?”
Your cheeks puffed out in an attempt to contain your laughter. “It does, as a matter of fact. Followed by an all-caps ‘yes’, and an asterixed clause saying ‘I get to be on top, this time’.”
Jimin broke down into fits of uncontrollable laughter, falling into your lap, and you followed suit, tilting to a side on the bed.
God. You were the same level of crack-headed as him. This was gonna go so well, fuck. He couldn’t wait.
Jimin glanced at the clock on your nightstand when you were both sufficiently calmed, turning to grin at you. “It’s been over an hour since you were due for your video call. Taehyung must be losing his mind.”
Your brows arched in surprise. “Oh, I completely forgot about that!”
Jimin licked his lips, pulling you over his lap. “Uh huh. That’s really good to know.”
You eyed his lips. “I’m just gonna block him. He won’t even miss me. Bet he’ll get over it in a day.”
“I support that action.”
Going by the way he’d drooled over you, it might take the guy longer than a day. But Jimin was positive it won’t be longer than a week.
“So, about that asterixed clause,” Jimin began in a murmur, pressing a kiss to your jaw. 
“Yes?” you responded with your eyes gleaming in excitement.
Jimin bit his lip. “I support that action, too.”
With a squeal, you rushed to pull your t-shirt off, and Jimin would’ve laughed at your enthusiasm if he wasn’t moaning at the sight of your sexy body that he really couldn’t get enough of.
Tumblr media
The next time Jimin saw Taehyung was for the psych class on Monday.
True to character, he was already drooling over someone else. And dude was so lost exploring the slew of nudes he received to pick out a candidate to spend the night with, that he didn't even notice Jimin’s own barely concealed groans as he looked at the Snaps you’d sent him.
“Park, man, I think I’m in love.”
Jimin blinked away from the picture of your pussy glimpsing past the new thong you’d bought, with a ‘what sentence we on today?’ written over it, and hurriedly locked his phone. Taehyung was longingly staring at his own phone screen when he turned to face the guy.
“You’re what?”
Taehyung clicked his tongue. “Gosh, man, that fucking ass—ugh!”
Jimin rolled his eyes, chuckling. “You’re in love with her ass?” 
“His. His ass. Says his name’s Yeon Kimin. Weird, but I ain’t tryna marry him. But dude, those pasty fucking globes—oh my God…”
Jimin smoothly tuned the guy’s lustful musings out to focus on his phone. Unlocking it, he discreetly placed it beneath the table to open Snapchat and click a picture of himself with his lower lip tucked between his teeth and an eyebrow raised. He quickly typed a ‘we replacing that thong with these lips, obv’ over it and hit send.
You typed back a response, this time, a blue bubble appearing in his notifications. 
not just a roomie👅 storage room behind the photo studio in ten PLEASE
Save the begging for later, sweetheart ;) Meet you in 5
Jimin locked his phone and picked up his bag to slink out of the classroom, smirking at Taehyung’s raised eyebrows. The guy sent back a dirtier smirk, mouthing ‘get it, soldier’ with a wink and a thumbs up.
God, what a guy.
Jimin ran out with a skip in his steps, full of excitement and energy, now that his nights were actually full of sleep and not visions of you. They didn’t have to be, when his days were already full of the real you, did they?
Tumblr media
I don't wanna take you nowhere; I don't wanna waste your time. Baby girl, won't you come my way? Baby girl, won't you come for me~
Tumblr media
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© jimilter | 2021
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deepdarkdelights · 4 months ago
Prey, For Me | (Jimin x Reader)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Jimin x Reader
Word Count: 15.8k
Series: (3/7) Predator Universe
Warnings: 18+,Yandere, Vampire Jimin, Stalking, Obsession, Blood (Lots of it), Gore, Fear, Panic/Anxiety, Depictions of dead bodies, Murder, Isolation, Smut, Oral Sex, Kinda Fearplay 
I do not condone the acts displayed in this story nor do I believe any members of BTS would actually engage in this type of behavior. This is simply written for entertainment purposes and should not be taken as a reflection of my own values, opinions, or morals. 
Preview: He could tell just from the sight of you that you were inexperienced and uncomfortable. The way you pressed yourself against the bar and clung to your friend told him that more than enough. He liked the shy ones, not that he was exceptionally picky because really he wasn’t, especially when he had the knowledge that he could have anyone he wanted. But every now and then Jimin would get a bit of a competitive streak, with himself of course. And on the nights where he wasn’t as ravenous as he normally was, he had enough clarity to challenge himself. 
A/N: Here’s the Jimin fic! I swear this was like Cut 2.0, it stressed me the fuck out to write and I don’t know if it’s good enough, but I still hope that you guys will like it. As per usual, this is not edited but I will find time tomorrow to get it done. I can’t wait to see you in my inbox and in the comments ily 💜💜💜
Tumblr media
This wasn’t how you had imagined your day going in the slightest. 
You had always been a creature of habit, the type of person that adored a structured day free of surprises. But today, today had far too many of them. 
The first surprise was one you gave yourself, your boyfriend had often complained about your lack of spontaneity in your relationship. If the two of you wanted to do something, it had to be penciled in and scheduled lest you be riddled with anxiety. You weren’t the most social creature, and if you were going to have to do something, you would rather give yourself weeks or days to prepare in advance. So, you took the plunge for him and took a sick day from work. You were going to break your structured plans and try to do something he would like. 
Spontaneity had been lacking in your relationship for a long time. But, you had convinced yourself that was what happened when you were with someone for as long as you were. You and Hyun-woo, your boyfriend, had met each other in your sophomore year of college and his junior year. And the two of you had dated ever since, going on six years. 
Hyun-woo was your first boyfriend, among many of your firsts. He had told you he thought you were cute in the way that you kept to yourself. You were quiet, shy, and to him, innocent. And at that point in your life, the only interaction you had with the opposite sex was written text on a dim phone screen in the early hours of the morning from an amateur author venting their romantic and sexual frustrations into a story. Hyun-woo had been the one to pursue you, to chase after you, and it thrilled you as much as it scared you. It was like everything you had read about, and facing the idea that what you had once read was now tangible was horrifying. You were inexperienced, and being plunged into a relationship hadn’t been your first choice. 
Hyun-woo was cute, charming, and sociable. It was the epitome of opposites attract. The only issue was, that when an attraction is too strong, it becomes a clash. And the two of you were not strangers to arguments. 
You weren’t bold enough, you didn’t take risks, you covered up too much, you were too reserved. 
These were all the things he didn’t like about you, but you had been too busy drowning in the warm pools of first love to see him in any other shade than rose-tinted. You didn’t realize how much he saw wrong with you when you saw nothing wrong with him. 
This was your effort to make up for your shortcoming to him. Although this was something small for him, it was big for you. You were derailing from a rigid part of your life, structure made you feel calm and collected. You were dedicated to work, to efficiency, but you were also dedicated to your boyfriend. You were doing this for him. 
Your surprise had been to show up to his apartment and take him out for lunch, something he often wanted to do but you never had the time for. 
His surprise had been much less welcome. 
You didn’t expect to open up the door to his apartment to see him, pants around his ankles, fucking another woman. A familiar woman, nonetheless. 
He hadn’t even noticed you were there, but the woman, she did. How ironic was that? You were invisible to your boyfriend but not the woman he was cheating with. Well, that usually was how it went. 
She screeched out your name in surprise and horror, your boyfriend whipping his head towards the front door at the sound of your name. He scrambled away from the other woman, hastily trying to pull his pants back up and cover himself in an attempt to gather some sense of decency. 
That had already gone out the window.
“It, it’s not what it looks like!” He stuttered out, running a hand through his hair in stress and surprise. 
It didn’t matter what excuses he tried to make, it was exactly what it was, there was no other way around it. You were surprised how numb you felt, that was of course until you realized your cheeks were slick with tears, that was when the heartbreak began to wrack your body like an earthquake. 
How fitting was it, that he was not only your first love but your first heartbreak as well? 
“I think I know what it looks like, Hyun-woo.” You replied, your voice cracking as your lips parted around his name. “It looks like you’ve been fucking my sister.” 
You didn’t want to give him the chance to try and explain what was going on, you didn’t want to be trapped in that room for another moment longer. Not when he was there looking like he was on the verge of tears, most likely because he had been caught, not when you were watching your older sister, the woman you had trusted your entire life, scramble to put her clothes on, and not when the scent of sex hung heavy in the air. 
All of the evidence was there, clearly laid out before you. You would be losing two relationships in one day. 
You quickly pivoted on your heel and left the apartment, slamming the door shut behind you so hard that the noise echoed down the hallway like a gunshot. Heartbreak was usually followed by rage, and your rage had come much sooner than you had expected. 
You were fast walking down the hallway, trying to get away as quickly as you could. When you pressed the button for the elevator, you heard his door open and his footsteps race after you. You slammed two fingers against the button faster now, spamming it in hope that it would call the elevator faster. It did not. 
When it did arrive and the doors slid open, you rushed inside only for him to follow behind you, effectively trapping you inside with him. The building was old as was the elevator, your descent would be slow and your impending argument muffled by grinding gears and creaking wood. 
“Baby, please-”
“Don’t!” You yelled, the doors sliding shut. “You don’t get to do that. You don’t get to whine and beg, not after what you’ve done to me.”
“It was a mistake, a stupid mistake that happened in the heat of the moment, it won’t happen again!”
“A mistake? That’s what you call that? How am I supposed to believe that, Hyun-woo?”
“You have to believe me, you love me! I swear, I love you so much, she means nothing to me, baby!”
You were still crying, and you were so mad about that. He didn’t deserve your tears or to see you like this over him. You were always a fairly composed person, never really showing too much emotion. It took a lot for you to get angry, or sad, or any intense emotion and because of that many people saw you as calm, the shy person that kept to yourself.
You were better off when you kept to yourself. Maybe if you hadn’t been so caught up in Hyun-woo, in his bright disposition, then just maybe you could have saved yourself this unnecessary pain. 
“Fine, if it was really a mistake then you’ll tell me what I want to know.” You said, angrily wiping your tears away. 
“Anything, I’ll tell you anything.” He agreed, desperately trying to get you to look him in the eyes. You refused, you knew how easily he got you to give in when you looked into those puppy eyes. 
“How long has this been going on for?”
“Anything, but that.” He said, shaking his head.
A horrible feeling was stirring in your gut, one that was telling you that this situation you had found yourself in was only going to get worse. 
“No, if you want this to work then you better tell me the truth.” You were lying, this was never going to work, not after he had taken your heart and ripped it to shreds like it was nothing to him. 
He bit his lip as he jerked his head away, you could tell he thought it would be easier to tell you what he was about to say if he stared at the bland panels of the elevator wall rather than look at you when he revealed his answer.
“It’s been going on since the wedding.”
“The wedding...my cousin’s wedding? The wedding that was four fucking years ago?!” There it goes, he lit the fuse. 
“Shut the fuck up!” You felt like you were going to be sick, your stomach twisting and turning as the tears returned full force and your blood boiled. 
“Our entire relationship, it was all fake?”
“No! It wasn’t fake, I loved you, I still love you!”
“Hyun-woo, you don’t fuck someone for four years and call it an accident. You don’t fuck someone for four years and say they mean nothing to you! How could you do this to me? How can you stand there and say you love me when you’ve been sleeping with my goddamn sister!”
He was feeling cornered, and like a rat caught in a trap, he was going to gnaw, slash, and bite back. 
“You never had any time for me! Everything was about work with you, you never even leave your fucking house! You never want to go anywhere or do anything, you just want to stay inside all the fucking time! You were only my girlfriend in front of other people!”
“Oh, I see how it is, you get to show me off to your family, show them the future daughter-in-law they want, and then you get to fuck the other sister. You got the best of both worlds didn’t you?” 
“That’s not it.”
“Then what was it? Did you get tired of me when the chase was over and you finally had me? Was I too boring, was I not hot enough, what the fuck was it that out of every person on the fucking planet you could have fucked it was my sister?!”
Hyun-woo knew how self-conscious you were when it came to your family, and more specifically your sister. She was the firstborn, the family favorite. She was the prettiest, always received the highest grades, was an athlete and a musician throughout school, she was perfect. She was everything that you weren’t. And him sleeping with her? That was the ultimate low-blow. Especially when he was the one that would comfort you when you were at your lowest when you felt like you would always be the black sheep of the family. He had been the one to tell you how much better you were than all of them when at the same time he was cheating on you with the person you respected and envied the most. 
“You wouldn’t even move in with me.” He was scrambling now for any reason to make it seem like he was not in the wrong, like all of this was somehow your fault. 
“That’s not what this is about! Me wanting to wait and have my own space is not on the same level as you being a cheater.”
He could tell he was losing you. “Please, don’t do this, we can work this out, I can change.”
“No. We’re done, this is over.” You firmly said despite the shake in your shoulder and the sniffle in your nose. 
“But, I love you.” He tried again, crocodile tears staining his cheeks. 
“You don’t love me. I was your safety net, plan b if you never found anything better. Don’t talk to me again, and while you’re at it, tell my sister that for me as well because I’m done with the both of you. I don’t have room in my life for one liar, nonetheless two.”
The elevator chimed, signaling that you had reached the main floor. As soon as the doors slid open you walked past them. He was still calling your name and you were doing your very best to ignore him. 
When you stepped foot outside you were met with the sight of your sleepy town and the scent of cool air and the forest. It was quiet, that was a testament to not only the minuscule population but also the fact that Hyun-woo had given up chasing after you, for now. 
Your tears chilled against your skin from the cold air, the ground was lightly powdered with a fresh layer of fallen snow from the night before. Winter had finally set in, the days were short and the nights were long. The weather was not that different from what you were feeling, the beginning of your relationship had been as calm and lovely as spring, and as time passed it slowly began to wither away into autumn before dying out beneath the frost of winter, the cold so harsh and jarring that the warmth of summer felt like it was an eternity away. 
You had to come to terms with the fact that you had wasted six years of your life with the wrong person. Hyun-woo’s bright nature and blinding smile had forced you to turn an eye to all of his wrongdoings. Another part of you was whispering that you had known he was unfaithful all along, that you should have seen the signs. But, unfortunately, love is blind. 
A cold wind bit at your cheeks, the snow crunching loudly beneath your boots as your trudged home. You had hoped by now you would have finally stopped crying, but that was the furthest thing from the truth. The truth was that you were ugly crying, your eyes were already puffing up, broken sobs parting your lips, and fat tears rolling down the contours of your face. 
You had never understood how people could be so broken when their partner cheated, you had also urged them to be angry, to take that pain and make it powerful, but now you were in that position. The anger was definitely there, it had made its appearance in the elevator, but now it was being smothered by the anguish of discovering an unfaithful lover. 
The thing about disappointment and heartbreak is that they have roots. The first drop of tangible pain they consume floods the rest of the system. And for a person like you, someone who always felt like the second choice, those roots were strong and tangled and thick. This one incident had you spiraling down a rabbit hole of insecurities. Maybe you really were the lesser sibling, maybe you were too boring, too reserved, too quiet, too vanilla. What made you special? What makes you different from everyone else? 
Apparently, you weren’t special, not when it had been so easy to replace you with the next best woman. 
The walk from town back to your house was short, you and your housemate lived just on the edge of town. When you entered the house you shut the door behind you with a heavy sigh that sounded more like a croak with your abused vocal cords. You stomped your feet, shuffling around in an attempt to clear off some of the snow. 
You could hear your housemate moving around upstairs, the sound of her feet moving from her room and out to the hallway, right to where the landing was. The sound of your name echoed down the stairs as she began to descend them. 
“Are you home already?” She asked, her pace quickening as she realized you were home. 
“Soo-jin.” You choked out, sniffing again as more tears pooled in your eyes. 
She came to a dead stop at the bottom of the stairs, her once neutral expression quickly darkening at the sight of you, a complete and utter mess, stood still at the front door. 
“I’ll kill him.” She simply said.
“You, you don’t even know what he did.” You stuttered out, your words tinged with a hysterical laugh as you cried. 
“I don’t need to know what he did, but I do know I am going to kill him.” She calmly said as she helped you unwind your scarf from around your neck and unbuttoned your coat, leaving it to dry on the coat rack. 
“You know, on second thought, maybe I should know what he did so that I have a good defense when I’m on the stand.”
“You’re planning on getting caught?”
“Of course, that way you can scare away all of the bad ones by showing them my mugshot.”
That one made you laugh, despite the situation, Soo-jin was always good at making you feel better. She was more than just your housemate, someone you had roomed with at first for cost efficiency, now she was your best friend. 
Soo-jin ushered you into the kitchen, forcing you to sit down in one of the mismatched chairs at your thrifted kitchen table. She fluttered around the kitchen, pulling open cabinets and all around making the room even more of a mess than it had been before. 
“What are you doing?” You asked, rubbing at your cheeks that were now raw from the wind as well at your constant wiping. 
“Chocolate,” She said, whipping out two packs of instant hot chocolate mix, “always makes everything better.” 
You weakly smiled back at her before she turned around and busied herself with making the hot chocolate, effectively leaving you with your thoughts. That was dangerous. The most prominent thing in the forefront of your mind was the image of Hyun-woo and your sister entangled together in the kitchen of his apartment. It had been seared in your brain, that betrayal was something you would never be able to forget. 
“I walked in on Hyun-woo having sex with my sister.” You blurted out. 
A loud thump echoes through the kitchen as Soo-jin dropped whatever she had been holding, your vision far too blurry with the new wave of tears that surged as the image continued to roll through your mind like an old film reel. 
“He what?” She hissed, the hot chocolate forgotten as she spun around to face you. 
“He’s been cheating on me for four years with her.”
“Double homicide, that’s what I’m going to be charged with.” She said stoically as she pulled out a chair and sat next to you, the legs of the chair squeaking against the tiled floor as she scooted closer to you. 
“Killing them won’t change what happened, Soo-jin.” You sniffled as she wrapped her arm around your shoulders. 
“That’s true...but wouldn’t it make you feel a little bit better?”
“Yeah, it probably would.” You admitted with a laugh that sounded borderline hysterical. 
“I always told you that you were too pretty for him, he knew it too, that’s why he slept with your pug-faced sister.” 
“She’s not ugly,” You choked, “she’s gorgeous and everything that I’m not.” 
“You’re right, you’re not a bad sister.” She pointed out, disregarding your comment on your sister’s looks, “She was so insecure she had to have the one thing she didn’t, your relationship. And you know what? They’re better off together, the both of them are just as ugly on the inside it’s like they’re looking in a mirror.”
“I know, but it still hurts, it hurts so fucking bad.” 
“It hurts now, it’s still fresh, but soon it’ll feel like a sting, then an ache, and one day it will heal over. There will be scabs, and sometimes it’ll bleed, but one day it’ll just be a scar, a distant memory that becomes a part of you. You’ll forget it’s there, and once in a while you’ll remember it, but all it will be is a ghost of a memory.”
“Were you working on your book before I came home?” You weakly smiled. 
“How could you tell?” 
Twelve missed calls and twenty-four unread messages from Hyun-woo clogged up your notifications alongside eighteen missed calls and thirty-six unread messages from your sister. You had contemplated blocking both of their numbers but you had always had a hard time completely shutting people out of your life. And apparently, you were a bit of a masochist as well, every time your gaze flickered over to your notifications and you skimmed over a bit of new text it opened up a new wound in your chest. You couldn’t help but look, your curiosity just too powerful. 
It had been a few weeks since you had witnessed your unfaithful partner in action and the pain was still fresh. 
If Hyun-woo had thought you were a hermit before, you don’t know what he would think of you now. You barely left your bedroom, only opting to do so rarely for food and to shower. Before, you would have to leave the house for at least work, but you were an editor and your work could be done just as easily from home. 
Grammar, punctuation, and plotlines all clashed at the forefront of your brain as the blue light of your laptop lit up your face in the pitch-black darkness of your bedroom. Whether it was day or night, the curtains were drawn closed and you stayed in the protection of your sheets and comforter. 
Even as you worked, the image of infidelity still played on the back of your eyes, flickering in and out like a projector. No matter how you tried to distract yourself, it was always there. The pain of first heartbreak was always the worst, but being betrayed by two people you loved? It was excruciating and, not to mention, debilitating. 
A part of you was incredibly frustrated with yourself. You should be angry, you should exemplify what it means when people say: “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”
You knew that that was what Soo-jin thought, even though she never explicitly said so, you could feel it in the way she looked at you. She hated to see you so hurt, she wanted you to be just as angry as she was so she didn’t have to see you so broken. 
After four weeks of whimpering and self-pitying in the shadows of your room, Soo-jin practically knocked your door down. She barreled into the room and ripped your blankets off of your legs and threw it into the recesses of the room. 
“Soo-jin, I-”
“I don’t want to hear it,” She cut you off, crossing her arms over her chest in a defiant gesture, “I understand your grieving the loss of your relationship but you’re killing me, kid.”
“I am not grieving.” You argued, rising up to a sitting position.
“Really? Because you sure are acting like someone ran over your puppy.”
She had you there. 
Soo-jin let out a sigh with a slight shake of her head as she collected herself. She gave you a pointed look before crossing your bedroom and ripping open your curtains, flooding the space with orange light from the setting sun. 
You hissed at the sudden change, throwing the hood of your sweatshirt over your head and pulling the drawstring tight.
“When did you start living in the Batcave?” She laughed, watching you curl up and hide from the sun.
“It’s dark, quiet, and comfy.” You explained. 
“Ah, just like being in the womb again.”
“No, don’t ruin this for me.”
“You need to get up and get out of this room eventually, when was the last time you even showered?”
You remained quiet for a moment as you seriously thought about it. “No comment.”
“Babe, I mean this with all of the love and empathy in my heart, that’s disgusting.” 
“Eau de depression.” Your muffled voice replied. 
“Alright, that’s it, I’ve had enough!” She yelled, grabbing you by your ankles and dragging you towards the foot of the bed. “That bastard does not get to make you mope and cry for this long, I’m getting you out of the house.”
“No, Soo-jin, just leave me right here, I like it here.” 
Soo-jin paused, her grip on you tightening even more as she hissed out your name. “Listen here, you are getting in the fucking shower, you are shaving, you’re going to let me dress you up, and you are getting railed tonight by a sexy stranger, do you understand me? 
“I am not doing that!”
“The fuck you aren’t! I’m going to show you just how hot you are, you won’t even be thinking about that asshat once you have men falling over themselves to get to you.” 
“Please, just leave me be so I can wallow in self-pity.” You groaned. 
“We all have to do things we don’t want to, but I am telling you, you will feel so much better if you do this.”
“What is with you and getting me laid?”
“It’ll make you happy...and I need a happy editor to help me finish my book.”
“So you admit to having ulterior motives?” 
“It’s not an ulterior motive, it’s really more like a bonus. We get to let off some steam, get some free drinks, you forget about what’s his face, and I get my book edited. It’s a win-win babe.” 
“Soo-jin,” You said, pausing to take a deep breath, “I. Am. Not. Going. End of story.” 
“You wanna bet?” She asked, her eyelids lowering as she took your words as a challenge. Whenever she gave you that look, you usually did not end up getting your way. 
And as a testament to that, a few hours later you found yourself and Soo-jin in her car heading downtown. 
To say you were miserable was an understatement. Soo-jin rarely did not get her way when she put her mind to something, and if she put her mind to dressing you up, doing your makeup, and forcing you into her small car, and waiting outside of a club in the dead of winter, it was going to happen. 
You hadn’t been to a club since you were in college, and when you had gone it was with...Hyun-woo. He often wanted you to do things that were outside of your comfort zone and you would try to for him. But that was one of many incidents that proved to be too uncomfortable for you. 
If you were being honest with yourself, then you knew that you could have tried harder to stop Soo-jin from making you leave. But there was another part of you that wanted to prove to yourself that you could do the things Hyun-woo thought you couldn’t, the things he had wanted you to do. 
The temperature inside of the club was a shock to your system, after being stood outside in the snow the heat inside felt like an oven. You stuck close to Soo-jin’s side, her arm slung around your shoulders as she ushered you inside and towards the bar. 
The club was pulsating with bright red and misty teal blue lights, blinding you momentarily when you looked too closely at the strobes. You blindly stumbled around, holding tightly to Soo-jin until you were pressed up against the side of the bar. 
“Isn’t this fun?!” She laughed, her voice straining as she tried to make herself audible over the thumping bass of the music. 
“Fun?!” You echoed, trying to sound sarcastic but the volume of your voice had lost its edge. 
“I know right?!” She yelled back only to be met with your incredulous look. 
Soo-jin leaned up against the bar, attempting to flag down the bartender, and upon doing so ordered shots. 
“Soo-jin!” You yelled, “I can’t handle shots!”
“Just try one babe, warm yourself up, loosen up a bit!” She shouted back, sliding the glass towards you. 
You stared down into the glass cautiously, debating if you should or shouldn’t down it. But, once the image of Hyun-woo and your sister seeped its way back into your brain, you slammed it back without a second thought. You coughed a few times from the burn in your throat, your eyes stinging with tears from the pain. It had been a long time since you had a drink, and even when you did it was never anything strong. 
“That’s my girl!” Soo-jin squealed, patting your back enthusiastically as you slowly smiled from her praise. “Uh oh.”
“What? What’s wrong?”
“You see tall, dark, and sexy over there?” She said pointing to the opposite end of the bar, “She’s eye fucking me.”
The woman at the end of the bar was leaning back on her elbows, her short black hair pushed back out of her face and the collar of her satin button-down opened up dangerously low. Her eyes were heavy lidded, her dark irises trained on your friend beside you as she sent her a wink, one that made even your face heat up. 
“I’m going in,” Soo-jin said before downing a shot and disappearing from your side. 
“Soo-jin!” You tried to catch her attention but it was too late, she had her mind set on her target and she was going for it. 
You let out a heavy sigh, your body sagging against the bar as you closed your eyes. The lights and the unbearably loud music were getting to you, the beginnings of a headache were brewing in the back of your head. 
You couldn’t blame Soo-jin, she really did have the best intentions at heart, but she was easily distracted. That was just how she was, and you normally loved her for it. But now? Now you just wanted to go home. 
A sweet scent suddenly flooded your nose, one that was almost mouthwatering. Your eyes snapped open and you began to look around to find the source only to be met with a man at your side. He was dangerously close to you and even more dangerously attractive. He had an alluring smirk on his plush lips, a smooth and blemish-free complexion, dark eyes, and platinum blonde, almost silver, hair. In short, he was stunning and pretty, the kind of pretty that didn’t talk to you. 
You choked a bit in shock, flinching back away from him and spurring an amused chuckle from his throat. 
“Are you all alone, pretty girl?” He asked with a tilt of his head. 
You were momentarily mesmerized, pausing for a long while before you snapped out of it and finally processed his question. “Alone? No, my friend is here.”
“Is she now? She looks kind of busy don’t you think?” He said with a teasing grin, his gaze flickering over Soo-jin who was currently pressed up against a wall in a dark corner of the club by the woman from before. Your face was burning again. 
“You're a shy little thing aren’t you?” He asked, pressing his lips together to smother an amused smile. 
“You’re not shy? Well if you’re not shy then you’re definitely miserable. Why would you come here upset, wouldn’t you like to have a little fun instead?” He hummed, sliding closer to you and backing you up against the bar. 
He was even closer now, so close that your breath was trapped in your lungs in a mixture of shock and arousal. He smelled incredible, which should have been a weird thought to think, but he just did. It was hard for you to think with his soft, plush, pink lips inches away and those dark lustful eyes boring into your own. 
But it was his initial question that was enough to break you from your trance, and like an idiot, you blabbered out the truth. “My boyfriend cheated on me.”
“Oh, you poor thing.” He cooed, pressing in closer to you, his chest now flush with your own. 
You gasped in surprise as he leaned in, his lips and nose just brushing against the curve of your jaw and effectively sending your heart into overdrive. 
“So, you came looking for a rebound then? A distraction, maybe? I would be more than willing to let you use me, baby.” He practically moaned next to your ear, his fingers tracing your exposed collarbone delicately. 
You shuddered at his touch, his fingertips were ice cold, as cold as the winter air you had previously been stuck in. But, in the stifling heat of the club, it felt beyond soothing, you felt like you were craving his touch. 
“Won’t you let me distract you? I promise it’ll be worth your while.” He said, his voice lower than before as he left a single lingering kiss to your jawline. 
A whine that could only be described as needy managed to squeeze its way past your lips causing the man against you to shudder at the soft noise. You couldn’t think, you couldn’t breathe, something you couldn’t pinpoint was nagging at the back of your head that you needed to step away. 
You slipped out of his grasp and mumbled a weak apology before speed walking away. The way to the exit was on the other side of the main floor where a massive group of people had taken up to dance. You just needed some fresh hair to knock some sense into, you were certain the cold would do you some good. 
The floor was packed with people, their bodies pressed together tightly in one writhing mass of movement. You had tried twisting and turning to squeeze through them but it was proving difficult, especially considering some people, men and women alike, had taken your movements as an invitation. It was like the harder you tried to escape, the closer they all pressed in, touching your hair, your arms, your hips, begging you to stay with them instead of departing. You had finally come to a standstill, the space far too little to move through. 
Little did you know, you had been stalked by a predator the entire time. 
A strong pair of hands settled on the curve of your waist, guiding you back into a solid chest. That sweet, intoxicating scent was back, the one that almost instantly lulled you into submission.
“Why did you run from me, sweetheart?” The sickly sweet voice asked, it was him again. “Don’t you know that only makes me want you more?”
Your heart thumped rapidly in your chest, a byproduct of excitement and fear that created the perfect cocktail of desire. 
Little did the stranger know, you enjoyed the chase as well. You liked being desired and you derived a sick pleasure from being sought after, it had been Hyun-woo’s main appeal for you. 
“You didn’t even tell me your name, don’t you think I deserve at least that?” He whined. 
A shaky breath left you as you weakly uttered your name. 
“Such a good girl,” He praised you, his fingers lightly rubbing circles into the flesh of your waist, each motion slowly descending your body. “You can call me Jimin, or baby, or even daddy, I can be whatever you want me to be.” 
He was a wet dream on legs, that was what he fucking was. 
His hands slowly began to guide your hips, teaching you how to roll back into him in smooth motions. You could feel that familiar ache rolling in the pit of your stomach, one you hadn’t felt in quite a while. His hands steadily began to trace up your hips to delicately cradle your rib cage before going back down again in a steady pattern. 
“Don’t you want to have fun with me, princess?” He asked, your body twitching and legs tensing at the pet name. 
“Oh, so you’re one of those girls aren’t you? You want to be my good girl, don’t you? My sweet little pillow princess?”
You bit your lip in frustration, before you had gotten there you had been vehemently against the idea of going home with a stranger, but you hadn’t imagined said stranger to be anything like this; attractive, flirty, and downright filthy with his mouth. He was playing all of his cards right and you were certain he had done this before if his demeanor was anything to go by. You wanted him, and if Soo-jin was getting her rocks off why the hell couldn’t you? That was what she wanted you to do anyway, right? 
“Yes.” You finally said, another flash of red and blue lights blasting over your bodies that were still moving together, “I want that.” 
“Hmmm,” He hummed, “Good girl.”
You were struck again with the thought of just how cold he was when his hand encircled your wrist and began to guide you towards the exit. It felt like he had stuck his hands in a freezer for an hour, at first you had thought it was just poor circulation, but all of him was frigid. 
Another strange thing you couldn’t help but notice was the crowd itself. When you had tried to flee before it had felt like they were pressing in on you, the space growing so tight it was hard to move nonetheless to get a breath of air. But as he walked, people parted for him. It was not a noticeable path, there was no clear separation in the crowd, but reminiscent of alike poles of magnets the closer he got to individuals, the more they steadily evaded him. 
You couldn’t quite imagine why because the closer you got to him the harder it was to think of escaping, he drew you in and drowned you in attention and made you feel like you were the only thing he wanted. 
After everything you had been through it felt practically euphoric to be wanted, especially by someone like Jimin. 
The ride with Jimin, back to what you assumed was his place, was a blur, to say the least. It was a lapse of time filled with touches that were too hot to handle, long lingering kisses, and sweet syrupy words of praise that all managed to light the fire of desire in the pit of your stomach. You couldn’t remember the last time you had felt like this over the span of six years and alongside that burning desire was also the embers of wrath. You were still so heartbroken and furious with Hyun-woo that all you wanted to do was prove to yourself that you could in fact be more, that you weren’t boring. And if the way this stranger was holding onto you said anything, it was that you were nothing like how Hyun-woo thought you were. 
Your wrath would be your downfall. 
Your first sense that something was wrong struck you when you arrived at his home. The road you had been going down was incredibly dark, so dark that you were astounded by how well your partner was moving around the winding paths. 
Your second sense that something was wrong was when you realized just how isolated the house was, it was far away from the club you and Soo-jin had been at and the both of you had been too overcome by alcohol and hormones to even bother to check in on one another. And, not to mention, it was surrounded by a thick growth of trees and foliage making it almost impossible to see unless you were looking for it or knew where it was. 
Your third sense came about when he led you to a wall full of tall, glass windows with a door that blended it seamlessly leading into a dimly lit bedroom. He wanted you to enter through there instead of the main entrance, almost like he didn’t want you to see anyone or anyone else to see you. 
You came to a stop at the threshold but instead of jerking Jimin to a stop, your feet slid forward through the dirt. Your sudden halt hadn’t phased him at all, he was too strong to notice it. 
“Jimin, wait,” You said, your mind temporarily freed from its cloud of lust. “I think, maybe I should just go home.”
His body froze, you couldn’t make out his face or what expression he was making, you could only see the moonlight gleaming off of his platinum hair. He quickly turned to face you, a lust-ridden needy look on his face as he whined. 
“Baby, why would you say that?”
“I just...maybe this isn’t such a good idea.”
“Why wouldn’t it be? I just want to make you feel good, isn’t that what you wanted?”
“I mean, yeah, it was but-”
“Are you still thinking about him?” He asked, his once desperate tone dissipating with a bitter edge. “Even though I’m right here, willing to let you use me. I didn’t think you could be so cruel.”
“Jimin, that’s not what I mean.”
“How many times did he use you, princess?” There was that nickname again, the one that had your thighs clenching again. “I just want to show you a good time, you can use me like he used you, wouldn’t that make you feel so much better?” 
He was like a serpent promising you something sweet wrapped around sin. The more he spoke, the more entranced you became, the more you wanted to do whatever he asked of you, the more you wanted him to do for and to you. 
“There are so many ways I could make you feel better, princess. And all you have to do is say yes.” He whispered, drawing you closer to him as he began to take slow steps backward over the threshold of his bedroom door. “Just one little word and you can have whatever you want from me.” 
“Whatever I want?” You echoed, your body beginning to feel unbearably warm once again, your hearing going fuzzy and your vision narrowing in on him and only him. 
“Whatever you want, just say the word.” 
And, with a thick gulp, you sealed your fate. “Yes.”
There was a flurry of motion as he drew you in and slammed the glass door shut before pressing your back up against it. He wasted no time in diving in and stealing a kiss from your already parted lips. 
You swore you could get drunk on the feeling of his lips pressed against yours. They were plush, cool, wet, and evidently experienced against your own. You were having trouble keeping up with him already which had him passing amused chuckles to your lips in between kisses. 
“So cute.” He mumbled, parting from you for just a moment so he could take in your lust-ridden face. 
His teeth sunk into the red flesh of his lower lip as he gently traced a finger from your lips, down the curves of your face, and steadily down the column of your throat. A sudden grimace of annoyance overtook his features as his hand jerked away from your necklace, he suddenly looked incredibly frustrated as he glared at the thin, silver chain. 
He took a deep breath like he was attempting to collect himself and simmer down whatever anger was beginning to boil over. 
“Take it off.” He said, the playfulness in his voice gone and now replaced with a domineering persona. 
You would be lying if you said it didn’t send a rush of heat down between your legs. 
“Take what off?”
“All of it.”
“Oh.” You breathed, a soft gasp following your realization. 
Your hands were shaking as you struggled to undo the clasp of your necklace. After a few laughable attempts, you finally removed it and set it on the nightstand, Jimin’s dark gaze tracking all of your movements. 
You awkwardly kicked your heels off and twisted uncomfortably in an attempt to locate the zipper on the back of your dress. Now much more relaxed than before, Jimin’s frigid hands settled on your waist and turned you around. 
“Let me take care of you.” He said, easily grasping the zipper and smoothly sliding it down. 
He watched in anticipation as each new inch of skin was exposed to him. He carefully lifted his hands and just barely brushed his fingers down the curve of your spine, your body twitching at the gentle touch and the cold that emanated from it. 
He gripped the top of the dress and slowly began to peel it down the length of your body. Every now and then he would stop and lay a painstakingly long and lingering kiss to a new stretch of skin that was exposed to him. 
Once the dress was pooled around your bare feet, a puddle of crimson silk on the mahogany floor, he let out a satisfied groan, his touch returning now far more forceful than before. 
“Look at you,” He sighed, his fingers playing with the hem of your panty line just below your navel. “All wrapped up in lace for me.”
You shivered as you felt him press himself against your back, his figure molding to yours. You could feel the cool fabric of his silk black shirt caressing your skin and soft puffs of breath misting over the space that joined your neck and your shoulder. 
“You smell so sweet.” He muttered, tracing his lips over that spot as his tongue darted out to wet the skin. 
You were struck again by your temperature difference, your skin felt hotter than the sun compared to him and the touch of his tongue to your skin was like an ice cube gliding over you, it sent chills throughout your entire body and had you pressing yourself back into him eagerly, not unlike how the two of you have been at the club moments before. 
“Sit on the bed for me, baby.”
You eagerly settled yourself on the edge of the mattress, scooting backward so you could tuck your legs underneath you in a manner in which you hoped looked appealing. You and Hyun-woo hadn’t exactly been the adventurous type but you knew each other, or at least you thought you did. You were in foreign territory at this point and you were incredibly excited and nervous at the same time while not knowing what to expect from the ethereal stranger that stood in front of you. 
“Good girl, you follow instructions so well,” He praised you, “I thought I was going to have a bratty little princess to deal with tonight.”
Your body was alight with nerves, tingles erupting underneath your skin from head to toe. And, not to mention, there was the steady pulse that was throbbing in between your thighs that was reminding you why exactly you were there. 
“Now, I want you to lean back and open those pretty legs for me.” He instructed as he began to climb onto the bed with you, one of his knees pressing into the mattress as he crawled closer to you. 
You swallowed thickly as you uncertainly parted your legs, your bra and panties were still covering everything important but you still could not dispel that feeling of discomfort as a stranger climbed on top of you and drank in your body like a man long deprived of water. 
“Doing so well for me, princess.” He hummed as he settled himself over you, using his knee to coax your legs open even more so he could press some of his weight against you. 
His long lashes swept over his under eyes as his eyelids fluttered shut. He pressed his lips to your collarbone, leaving long kisses there as he fiddled with your bra strap, lowering both of them as your chest heaved with nervous breaths. 
“Don’t be so nervous, pretty girl.” He paused to press another wet kiss to the tops of your breasts that were still held within your bra. “I know you’ve done this before.” 
“Not...not with you.” You managed to say, it was getting harder to look at him, it was like he was just too pretty to stare directly at. He was having none of that. 
His thumb and forefinger gripped your chin, turning your head towards him and away from the side so that he could look at you. “No, not with me. But trust me, when this is all over, all you’ll be able to think about is me.” 
And he certainly did keep his promise. It was hard to think of anyone but him when he was the one with his head in between your legs, his tongue teasingly stroking your lace covered center as his hands held your thighs apart and down into the soft covers of the mattress. 
Each time your hips jerked upwards accompanied by a desperate and whiny moan, an amused chuckle would follow in response and a harsh slap to your thigh to remind you who was in charge. 
“Don’t rush me.” He warned you the first time, dark eyes glaring at you from beneath a curtain of platinum bangs, his hair having fallen out of place from a desperate tug from you seconds prior. 
You tried your best, you really did, but it wasn’t easy, especially when he finally removed your panties and flung them into the dark recesses of the bedroom. The feeling of his slick tongue rolling around your bare clit was enough to have you gripping his hair. 
Immediately he pulled back and stopped, causing you to whine and beg him to do it again. 
“I thought you were going to be a good girl.” He sighed. 
“I am!” You promised, attempting to sit up. 
“Then why can’t you follow simple instructions?”
“I, um, I’ve never had anyone...you know.” You said with a shrug, mildly gesturing towards him. 
“You’ve never had anyone eat you out?” He asked plainly, not wanting to deal with your bashfulness at the moment considering he too was getting rather frustrated, like yourself. 
“Yes.” You softly whispered. 
“What about your boyfriend?”
“Ex,” You reminded him, “Hyun-woo didn’t like doing it.”
He raised his eyebrows in shock, not comprehending what you just said. 
“Did he at least make you cum?”
“No, I don’t think so.”
There was a new look on his face, one that had replaced his old one of frustration and dominance. This one was determined and dripping with lust. 
“Don’t worry,” He said, licking his lips, “I will.”
You couldn’t manage to say anything in response, nonetheless get in a breath of air before he had returned to his previous position and continued his work like his life depended on it. 
You were new to the sensation and, not to mention, incredibly sensitive. And that paired with his skill had you tumbling over the edge in a matter of minutes. You would have been embarrassed by the noise that left your mouth had you not been so surprised and preoccupied by the intensity of your orgasm, your vision turning blinding white before fading to black as you lost all sense of everything around you. 
But even then he didn’t stop. You could feel his cheek resting on the inner portion of your thigh as he continued to worship you passionately, sucking, licking, and kissing with a vengeance. You weakly tugged at his platinum tresses, trying to pull him away as he pushed you into oversensitivity. That had the opposite effect, only spurring an aroused moan from his throat as you tugged harder, his body shivering from the burn of pain he felt in his scalp. 
“Jimin!” You whined, hips twisting as you tried to move away from the new and overwhelming sensation. 
“One more.” He demanded, voice deeper than you had heard before, before pressing his lips to your clit and delivering a harsh suck. 
That did it. 
It was practically painful, how good it felt, that is. You were completely out of it, unaware as to how loud you had become, the twitching of every muscle in your body, and the fresh set of slick tears that rolled down your cheeks. No one had ever made you feel this way before. 
But there was also the feeling of pure pain that had you reeling, it felt like teeth were sinking into the meat of your thigh. You cried out in pain, lurching up onto your elbows before you pushed him away. Surprisingly, he relented, shifting away to look up at you. Dark blood coated his lips and chin, his tongue darting out to sweep it all into his mouth. 
There was a definite bite mark on your leg, the impression of teeth obscured by blood that was dripping out of it. 
“Why did you do that?” You panted, frantically pressing your hand over the wound. 
“I like to mix pain with pleasure. You don’t?”
It was your inexperience that really fucked you over. Maybe if you had been more open to trying things with Hyun-woo, you wouldn’t have fallen for Jimin’s trap. You would have known better than to stay. You would have left right then and there. But you didn’t. 
“I don’t think so.” You hesitantly said.
“That’s okay, you don’t have to.” He hummed, gripping your wrist and bringing your hand up to his face so he could trace his tongue over your palm and fingers, collecting every drop of blood that coated your skin. 
“Oh.” You mumbled, your gaze pinned to him, settled on his knees as he savored the taste of your blood. 
Your thoughts were tangled together, a mess of disgust and desire shrouded by a post orgasmic haze.
You hadn’t noticed that he had been fully dressed the entire time, and there was something rather enticing about that. But you definitely noticed when he pulled away from you and began shedding his layers of clothing. Every inch of him, from head to toe, was pretty. And you meant everything. 
From there, everything blurred into a heady crimson haze. The feeling of skin sliding against skin, the sounds of soft pants and harsh moans, and the feeling of him everywhere. You couldn’t think or do anything, your chest felt tight as wisps of air barely managed to enter your lips, he had been quick to smother them leaving you light-headed. 
His grip on you was impossibly tight, so hard that his fingers left behind deep red impressions that were fated to turn blue and purple. You were sure most of your body looked like that, a canvas decorated in messy shades of red from hastily bitten hickies and an ironclad hold. 
And, if you had been more aware of yourself in the throes of pleasure, you may have worried about your partner. Your nails had dug into his skin and drawn blood and had wrapped yourself around him fairly strongly. But you weren’t aware and you had failed to notice the thin red lines you had raked immediately heal after you and pulled your fingers away. 
That feeling was rising again, it was familiar to you, it would be the third time you had felt it that night. 
All of this had created the perfect distraction, the minute your eyes fluttered shut and your body shook once more, his teeth found their way into your neck and contorted your once pleasured cry into a painful scream. 
The strong grip you had once enjoyed felt like shackles, pressing you down into the silken sheets as you screamed and tried to wriggle away. His jaw tensed, clamping down harder into your neck and forcing a thick current of blood to ooze into his waiting mouth. 
Your heart was beating unbearably fast, your muscles tensed and your cries became more frantic. No matter of pulling or pushing could unlatch him from your neck and there was a deep pit in your stomach telling you that you were going to die. 
A deep noise was rumbling in his chest, it was almost like a purr, a noise of pure contentment and ecstasy blending into a moan as he dragged you into his hold even tighter. 
Your eyes began darting around, your head turning to the side as you attempted to find anything or anyone that could help you. There was nothing, nothing except for the gentle gleam of moonlight on the silver of your necklace. 
You didn’t know what was urging you to grab it but you did, your arm flinging to the side without a thought and ripping it off of the nightstand before pressing the metal against the side of his face with a strong slap. 
It was instantaneous, a loud cry of pain broke free from him as he flung himself backward and away from you. 
Your hand quickly clamped down over your bleeding neck as you scrambled up into a sitting position. He was in the corner of the room now, his hands pressed to the side of his face as a noise left his mouth that was a cross between a whimper and a hiss. He was hurt and he was pissed.
His head snapped towards your direction, and the sight of his face had you leaping up from the bed and running out of the door into the cold winter night. 
His eyes had been a vibrant crimson red that was practically glowing in the dark, his face stained with blood accompanied by a long burn mark ingrained in his flesh and the tips of serrated fangs just grazing his plump lower lip. 
He was a monster. 
The winter night was unforgiving, the cold wind slicing through you and the freshly fallen snow biting at your fingers and toes. You had never thought you would be in this position, running bare ass naked through the woods during a frigid winter night, but here you were and you were beyond freezing. 
The cold had been soothing hours earlier but now it was violent, harsh, and painful. 
You were coming to terms with a multitude of things and all in such a short period of time. Your relationship had been a sham, your sister betrayed you, you slept with a stranger, and now you were being hunted by a creature you had thought to be a fabrication of dreams and old myth. 
And you were going to die. 
He was far stronger than you and you didn’t doubt he was much faster than you, you could only hope your small attack had been enough to buy you some time to find help. But even that was wishful thinking. 
You could hear footsteps behind you, and they were fast but not as fast as you had anticipated. So you had hurt him. 
You could feel the cold freezing your tears to your skin, and it refused to spare an inch of you. The snow burned where it touched your skin and you knew it was slowing you down. You couldn’t get rid of the feeling that you were a helpless rabbit being chased down by a carnivore, and you feared that your running was only prolonging your inevitable demise. 
That was, of course, until you caught sight of light breaking through the thick snow-laden branches of the trees. There was a road, you were going to make it. 
“Princess!” His voice called, he was still far enough away. “Don’t make this harder than it has to be. I thought you wanted to have fun with me?” 
Your blood instantly froze in fright, your muscles burning with strain as you forced yourself to run impossibly faster. Your will to survive had become the strongest it had ever been in weeks. 
“Leave me alone!” You screamed as you neared the roadside, the trees steadily thinning out the closer you came. 
“Where would the fun be in that?!” 
And then, you broke free, your feet meeting asphalt and your body meeting the headlights of an oncoming car. 
It was a pickup truck, a faded red one that looked like it had seen better days. Luckily, the breaks worked just fine. The truck screeched to a halt uncomfortably close to you before the car door was thrown open and a man stumbled out of it. 
“What the hell are you doing in the middle of the...oh my god.” He said. 
He was tall, very tall, and swaddled in a thick winter coat that was looking exceptionally inviting at the moment. Your feet were carrying you forward, your arms wrapped tightly around yourself in an attempt to garner warmth instead of maintaining some sense of modesty. 
“I need help.” You croaked as he hastily met you halfway, keeping his eyes on your face as he shrugged off his winter coat and helped your stiff limbs into the sleeves. The warmth was spectacular. 
“You’re hurt,” He said, his gaze hardening as he caught sight of the wound on your neck and the blood-stained to your legs, Jimin’s other bite being concealed by the hem of the jacket. “I can help you.”
The kind stranger ushered you to the cab of his truck, helping you into the passenger seat and buckling your seatbelt before climbing into the driver's seat beside you. You had been wary to put your trust in another stranger, but anyone had to be better than the red-eyed monster that chased you through the forest. 
The man blasted the heat and aimed all of the vents toward you before leaning into the back seat and unfolding a flannel blanket and proceeding to help you wrap it around your frozen feet and legs. 
“We need to get you somewhere, a hospital? The police?” 
“No!” You cried, shocking him. 
You were sure you knew what he was thinking, with the state he had found you in, he thought a hospital trip and a police report were going to be imminent. 
“I...I need to go home, please.” 
No one would believe you if you told them what had happened. What were you supposed to do? Say that you went home with a strange man, fucked him, and then almost became his dinner? There was nothing a team of police officers could do, and who would believe the girl that cried, vampire? No one. You had no choice, no options. The only thing you could do was go home.
“You should let me take you to the hospital, please.” He tried again, his eyes tracing over your shaking figure. 
“I can’t, please just take me home, I just want to go home.”
His face softened at your words, pity clear on his visage. He could see how scared and tired you were, and although he was conflicted about what he had to do, who was he to deny your wish to go home when you were so clearly distressed?
“Okay, I’ll take you home.”
“Thank you…”
“Mingi, Song Mingi.”
“Thank you, Mingi.” You whispered as he shifted the car into drive and began to move down the road again, back towards town.
Your safety was all an illusion though, and that illusion was shattered as you caught sight of vivid red eyes peering at you from the depths of the snow-covered forest. 
This wasn’t over. 
Soo-jin hadn’t been home when you got there. Mingi had pulled into your dirt path driveway and her car was nowhere in sight. You could only assume she had gone home with the woman from the club. 
Before you could open the car door, Mingi had leaped out of the driver’s seat and rounded the hood of the truck, opening up your door for you. 
He held his arms open expectantly and you could only fix him with a dumbfounded look. 
“Let me carry you.” He explained, inching closer. 
“No, no, you don’t have to do that.” You mumbled, drawing closer into yourself. 
“Frostbite’s pretty expensive on the fingers and toes, are you sure you want to walk through those drifts?” 
You hesitantly peered over his shoulder, he wasn’t wrong, it had snowed even more by your house and you would most likely be shin-deep in the snow if you tried. Not to mention, there was bound to be ice on your front steps. 
You sighed and meekly nodded, scooting closer to the edge of the seat thus allowing him to slip his arms under your back and blanket-covered legs and lift you up and out of the car. Whatever warmth you had previously gained was being peeled away by the brisk air and, embarrassingly, you felt yourself shifting closer to your savior. 
He didn’t comment on your behavior and instead walked through the snow and brought you up to your house. And, like always, Soo-jin had forgotten to lock it. 
“Hold on, let me grab some clothes real quick,” You said as he stood in your doorway. 
“It’s okay, you can keep the jacket.” He gently smiled. 
“No, I can’t-,”
“It’s just a jacket, it can be replaced.” 
And so, you relented. Song Mingi was a genuinely good person. He asked you if you needed anything, if you wanted him to stay, and gave you his number in case you needed him before he left. 
It was when you were standing alone in the darkness of your home, wrapped up in Mingi’s jacket, blood dried to your skin, and trembling that the adrenaline finally wore off and everything came crashing down on you. 
You had been attacked by a monster and you had almost died that night. 
Your legs went boneless, your entire body falling limply to the ground as your breaths became short and fast. You were losing it. You could feel the pain now. Before it had been numb from the adrenaline but it was back. Your neck and inner thigh had blossomed with hot pain from where his teeth and fangs had been and your skin was irritated from the cold. There were definite bruises around wrists and shoulders that you were certain were going to stain your skin for weeks to come. 
You allowed yourself that time alone to cry everything out, everything that had been building up for weeks and came to a climax that night. You were certain you looked pathetic, limply curled up in a ball on the cold floor, in the dark, sobbing your eyes out. 
And you were completely unaware of the presence watching you outside of your window. 
When you could no longer squeeze tears from your eyes and could only sniffle, you forced yourself to stand and make your way upstairs to your bedroom. 
You made yourself shower, refusing to even glance in the direction of your mirror in fear of what you would see, and then you climbed into bed. 
But even then, sleep did not come easy. Every time your eyes fluttered shut you saw him again, those long, sharp fangs glimmering with your freshly spilled blood, his eyes a horrific red, and the feeling of being hunted. 
But what was even worse was what you tried to hide from yourself. When you had been running away from him, completely and utterly vulnerable, your heart had not only thrummed in fear and exertion but excitement as well. 
You had liked being chased. 
A pitiful whine echoed from your strained vocal cords as you turned on your side, pressing your face into the comforting, familiar scent and feel of your pillows. You were just as disgusted with yourself and you were with him. 
Because, where Jimin liked to mix pain with his pleasure, you liked fear with yours. 
Out of everyone in that club Jimin could have picked, he chose you. 
You had been an easy choice for a multitude of reasons, but he could narrow them down to a few prominent ones. 
He could tell just from the sight of you that you were inexperienced and uncomfortable. The way you pressed yourself against the bar and clung to your friend told him that more than enough. He liked the shy ones, not that he was exceptionally picky because really he wasn’t, especially when he had the knowledge that he could have anyone he wanted. But every now and then Jimin would get a bit of a competitive streak, with himself of course. And on the nights where he wasn’t as ravenous as he normally was, he had enough clarity to challenge himself. 
Jimin hadn’t changed much from his youth in the mid 1920’s. Even back then he had been promiscuous, or what protective mothers would call him, “trouble.” 
He knew he was attractive and he wasn’t a complete asshole, back when women expected dates as standard he would do his best, but at the end of the night it was all the same. He always got what he wanted. 
But, all of his fun had come to an end when the stock market crashed. It wasn’t just the rich that got fucked over, it was the entire economy and that did not exclude him. Work was scarce and so was food, and when you’re busy trying to survive, you don’t give a second thought about getting lucky. 
It was when he was on the brink of starvation that Namjoon found him and he gave him a choice, a quick and painless death, or the chance to live forever. He chose immortality.  
And he chose to live his life the way he did before, this time though, he got to kill two birds with one stone, he could satiate his hunger for pleasure and food at the same time. 
And he had been so excited to do that very thing to you. You were in a vulnerable state, having just broken up with your boyfriend, you played hard to get in the best of ways, and he could smell just how delicious you were going to be the second you stepped foot into that club. You were hands down the most delicious human he had ever had the pleasure of catching the scent of. 
And you had been so good for him. Until you had to go and ruin it of course. He had been fantasizing about the image of your bare body limp in his grasp, your skin ashen from blood loss, and thick rivers of blood seeping into his sheets and staining his skin. 
He was amazed by your will to live, that was some credit he could give you. He was astounded that you knew to burn him with silver, that you ran off into the forest completely vulnerable, and that you had even been lucky enough to find another human. 
You were the one that got away. 
He had watched you and the man return to your home and he kept a careful eye on the two of you. Now, he at least knew where you lived. He was sure Namjoon wasn’t going to be happy that he had let you get away, but what Namjoon didn’t know wouldn't hurt him. 
Once he had watched you retreat into the safety of your room, hidden from his gaze by thick curtains, he returned home. 
When he walked in he caught sight of his reflection, wincing at the sight of the slowly healing burn mark on his cheek. It wasn’t going to scar him, but it would take a while to heal without blood. And there was just something about the sight of that mark that made his chest burn with anger and determination at the same time. 
He hated seeing his perfect face marred, but he supposed it was a fair trade, he had left marks of his own on you after all.  
“Jesus fuck, Jimin,” A familiar voice hissed, “put some fucking clothes on, we aren’t running a brothel.” 
“You would know a thing or two about those, wouldn’t you, Jin?” 
“You’re already on thin ice, Jimin. I wouldn’t push your luck if I were you.”
“Thin ice? Whatever do you mean?” He replied with a look of faux confusion.  
“You know exactly what I mean, bringing home those women all the time knowing we all can hear everything, it’s annoying. You’re not twenty anymore, it’s time to get over these childish antics.”
“Oh, you won’t have to worry about that much longer.”
“I...what?” The elder looked dumbfounded for a moment. This hadn’t been the first time they had this conversation, but it was the first time Jimin didn’t call him old and boring and told him to get laid. 
“Jimin...what happened to your face?” 
“Nothing for you to worry about.”
“Nothing for me to worry about, or nothing for Namjoon to worry about?”
“Both, you tell on everyone anyways.”
“That girl you brought back...where is she, Jimin?”
The silence that ensued was more than enough to tell Jin exactly what had happened. 
“She did that to you, didn’t she? And she got away?! Oh, you’re really in deep now, aren’t you?”
“Namjoon doesn’t need to know about this. You have your secrets, and I have mine. It’s best we keep it that way, don’t you agree?” 
Jin’s face was set with irritation, the look he was giving Jimin was ice cold. The relationships in their coven were strained, to put it lightly. They were the furthest thing from harmonious, but all of them understood the strength that numbers provided. They got along for the sake of survival. There were few people in the house Jimin got along with, his maker, Taehyung, and Hoseok. 
Jungkook was a wild card, not many people got along with him. Except for Namjoon, Jungkook was his favorite creation and that always left a bitter taste in everyone’s mouth. 
“You’re lucky Yoongi didn’t find you first, he’s fuming.”
“Isn’t he always?”
“Even more so, you spilt fresh blood with the newbie in the house, he almost couldn’t hold her off.”
“Who? The little snack?” He mused, licking his lips. 
“She’s one of us now and she’s Yoongi’s, that means you keep your fangs to yourself.”
Jimin was reluctant to admit it, but Jin was right. He didn’t want to be the one to tumble the house’s poorly balanced harmony. There was a hierarchy, as annoying as it was. Age had a big part to play in that. Namjoon sat at the top, then Yoongi, then Jin, followed by Hoseok, then himself and Taehyung, and at the very bottom was Jungkook. But, despite being the youngest, he tended to get away with the most. That was how Namjoon was though, he always had a soft spot for the young ones. 
“He doesn’t need to worry about that, I have my sights set on someone else.” 
“Do be careful, one fledgling is hard to manage, let’s not add another one.” Jin said, although it sounded like a warning more than a suggestion. 
“Oh, I plan on making her last for as long as I can.” Jimin laughed, his tongue running over his fangs in an attempt to gather whatever remnants of your blood remained. 
He truly meant what he said, in more ways than one. 
Ever since that night, things hadn’t been right. You were certain you were being watched and followed no matter where you went. It was like there was a phantom tracing every single one of your steps. 
You were hoping it was just paranoia, but another part of you knew better. If you were Jimin, you wouldn’t let a human go with the knowledge of your existence. And you were certain you knew what he was doing, he was prowling out of sight, watching you from a distance you couldn’t see. 
And even when you couldn’t feel his presence you were reminded of him. The imprints of his teeth were still embedded in your flesh. There were the familiar rounded teeth marks, but then there were the deep wounds, the perfect circles of elongated canines that marred your flesh. Any time you wore a deep collared shirt or took a shower you were faced with the memories of that night that had been scarred into your inner thigh and shoulder.
It was just like Jimin said, after that night he was the only person you could think about. 
When Soo-jin had stumbled into your house the next day, with a nasty hangover and a dumb struck smile plastered to her face, you lied to her. You told her you went home with a guy and you had a great night. And in her stupor, she believed you. 
It was easy to hide the evidence that anything had happened otherwise in the winter, all you ever wore were sweatpants and a baggy hoodie to stay warm. You could keep up the lie to keep her safe. Besides, it’s not like she would believe you anyways. You wouldn’t believe you, had you not lived through it. 
And you had thought you were doing fine, that you could handle the aftermath of that night, but that was so far from the truth. You were suffering on the inside. 
It was tiring, putting up a front for Soo-jin while at the same time having restless nights. It was hard to smile at her, laugh with her, and leave the house when all you could think about was how unsafe you were. 
And so, to mediate what damage had been done, you decided to meet up with the one person who might believe you. Your sister. 
She had been eager to speak with you when you finally responded to her slew of messages. You knew you were setting yourself up for even more damage in the long term, but what could one more metaphorical wound do? The longer you thought about your near death experience, the more you were plunged into the cold shock of existential dread. 
You had once thought you could rely on her. And whereas you had been wrong with that, there was a time where you loved her and could tell her anything. 
That was how you found yourself sitting across from her in a small coffee shop in town, the only one to be exact. Briar Hills never failed to surprise you with its simple life. 
“I’m so glad you agreed to meet with me.” Your sister smiled, although there was anxiety in her eyes. “I really want to talk to you about this whole thing.”
She really did strike a nerve in you without even trying. 
“I’m not here to talk about that.” You sighed, rubbing at the insomnia induced bruises beneath your eyes. 
“We...we really shouldn’t avoid it any longer. I think you need to talk about it to someone.” 
“And why would that someone be you?” You snapped, causing her to flinch back in her seat. 
“Please, you have to understand, I didn’t want you to find out the way you did.”
“Really? That’s what you're concerned about? The way I found out? You have no fucking empathy do you? Ever since I can remember everything has always been about you, you could never do any wrong! You always got everything you wanted and fuck everyone else, right? Cause’ why would their feelings matter?!”
“People are staring, please-”
“Let them fucking stare, you like being the center of attention don’t you? You sure did get my boyfriend’s attention!” 
“He pursued me, it wasn’t my fault!”
“I don’t care, I don’t fucking care!” You yelled, people steadily flooding out of the shop as your meltdown worsened. 
“You’re my big sister! You’re supposed to protect me, not hurt me! You could have said no, you could have told me what he was doing, you could have said anything but instead you spread your legs!”
“It’s not like that-”
“No! You don’t get to tell me what it’s like, you don’t get to trick me into thinking it’s my fault, I am sick and tired of taking the blame for everyone else’s fuck ups! You don’t have a single idea of what I have gone through the past few weeks! I lost you, Hyun-woo, and I was almost fucking murdered!”
“What?” She whispered, her fingers brushing her lips as she covered her mouth in shock. 
“You heard me, and no one would even believe me, no matter who I tell, nothing can be done. And for one stupid moment I thought maybe I could actually trust you, maybe everything wasn’t as bad as I thought it was, but you’re rotten to the core just like Hyun-woo.” 
“What, what happened?”
“You wouldn’t believe me even if I told you.” You groaned, hands gripping your hair in complete and utter frustration. 
“You’re just not going to tell anyone? Look, put aside everything else for a minute and look at me.” She begged, attempting to hold your hands before you tugged them away. “You need to say something, anything, you can’t just pretend these things never happened.”
As much as you hated her, it was hard not to agree with her. From an outsider’s perspective, such as her own, it was insane to think you didn’t want to try and find the person who tried to kill you. But she didn’t get it. 
But when she looked at you like that, it was hard not to see the her you used to love. The sister you looked up to and envied all the same. For a moment, it was like you were looking at her when you were kids. And you wanted to tell her. 
“I,” You paused to take a breath, “I was attacked by a-”
“Princess!” A voice called, sending chills throughout your entire body. 
Your form tensed as you heard the click of shoes approaching you from behind. The closer he got, the stronger that unmistakable sweet scent of his became. You pressed your eyes shut as they began to burn with tears, you felt like a child hiding from the monster underneath your blanket. 
You flinched as the chair beside you was pulled back, the legs screeching against the wood floor as it was dragged away. Instantly your right side could feel the cold that emanated from him as his arm brushed up against your own. 
“I’ve been looking all over for you.” His melodic voice cooed as he wrapped his left arm around your shoulders, effectively trapping you in between him and the wall to your left. 
You shivered as you felt the familiar touch of his lips to your cheek, his nose nuzzling into the skin like the way a lover would before he pulled away. “I’ve missed you.”
“Who is this?” Your sister asked you, making you open your eyes. 
Reluctantly, you looked at the vampire sitting next to you. Your heart dropped into your stomach, it was him alright, a vampire outside in the middle of the day. 
He was dressed completely in black with a pair of sunglasses sitting on the bridge of his nose and a smug smile settled on his lips. 
“I’m her boyfriend.” He smirked as you choked. 
Your sister's jaw dropped for two reasons, one was clear as day, there was an obvious look of envy on her face. So, Soo-jin had been right, she did always want everything you “had.” And the other look was one of annoyance. 
“I can’t believe you,” She laughed with a shake of her head, “so high and mighty, sitting there giving me all of this grief over Hyun-woo, but you moved on pretty fast didn’t you?” 
“He’s not-”
“Save it, I can tell when I’m not wanted. Don’t worry, I’ll tell Hyun-woo you said hello.” She spat out, shoving her chair back, and rushing out of the shop. 
“She smells like you, not as good of course, siblings?” He asked. 
Your hands clenched into fists as you attempted to lean away from him, only for his hold to tighten on you.
“So, I’m right then? And she’s the one he fucked? I don’t get it, she’s nothing special.” 
As nice as that was to hear, he was the last person you wanted telling you that. You wanted to get up and run as far away from him as you could, for the second time. 
“How are you here? It’s daytime.” 
“Hm?” He hummed before smiling, his white teeth glinting, “It’s winter, we're furthest from the sun in this season, not to mention there’s a thick cloud cover today, I can get away with being outside, it just hurts to see.” He explained, tapping the side of his glasses. 
“Please, just leave me alone. I swear I won’t tell anyone what you are, I just want to be left alone.” You begged, your chin dropping to your chest. 
“I’m afraid I can’t do that,” He sighed, “You’ve managed to keep me interested, something no one has ever done before. The one that got away.” He mused. 
“You fed from me, you had sex with me, what more could you want?” You whispered, your body trembling even harder now. 
“I want all of you.” He said, gripping your chin and jerking your face up to look at him, his red irises hidden behind the opaque lenses of his glasses. 
“One taste wasn’t enough, and trust me, I miss the way you taste in more ways than one.” He groaned, his tongue moving over his lips as he reminisced. “Won’t you be my good little princess again?”
“No? I’m afraid I can’t take no for an answer, sweetheart. You see, I’m a stubborn man and at the end of the day I always get what I want. My kind are much more patient than yours, we have a lot of time on our hands, but you have an expiration date and I refuse to let a sweet little thing like you go to waste.” 
“Why can’t you find someone else? Anyone else?”
“Because I like a challenge, more specifically, I like you. I want you. You’re mine, mine to feed from, mine to pleasure, and mine to take care of.”
“I don’t belong to you.” You managed to say, forcing him off of you as you stood up. He couldn’t hurt you in public, not without exposing himself for what he truly was. 
“You poor thing,” He tutted, resting his chin in his hands, “You’ve been used by so many people you can’t fathom anyone wanting you, can you?”
You froze once more, he had figured it out. 
“Don’t worry, princess. I’ll prove my devotion to you.”
You had done your very best to avoid the vampire, but he was even better at tracking you down. You had figured he knew where you lived when for the past weeks you had thought you felt another’s presence lurking around. But now, he had no problem making himself known. 
You had gotten used to keeping the curtains drawn shut, because when you did leave them open, you could see him in the tree line, his platinum blonde hair reflecting the pale moonlight and his vibrant eyes tracing every little motion of your body. Before you would snap the curtains closed, he would send you a kiss and a wink. 
It was incredibly confusing to you, how you could remember the carnivorous monster that chased you through the woods while also remembering his alluring nature in the club, and his assertive personality in the coffee shop. 
What was even worse was the further into winter it became, the earlier the sun would set, and then you would see him more often. 
He was becoming more agitated out there, you could only assume because he was hungry. And if he wasn’t feeding from you, you were sure he wasn’t feeding from anyone else, not when he had told you he was devoted to you, to his challenge. 
Sometimes he would call out to you, and that alluring haze would try and wrap you up in its embrace again. But, as long as you were inside, you felt safe. You could assume a few things from what you had noticed about Jimin. For one, he was at least sensitive to the sun. He didn’t burst into flames but he seemed irritated by it. And secondly, he hadn’t broken into your house. You were certain in assuming that like the vampires of myth, he needed an invitation to cross your threshold. 
Ironically, his actions reminded you of Hyun-woo, the younger Hyun-woo you knew in college, the one that had pursued you. Hyun-woo used to wait outside your classes for you, and when he had figured out what building your dorm was in, he would wait there for you. 
While that had been puppy love, this was something sinister. 
You couldn’t stay inside forever, unfortunately. Eventually you had to leave, and in this case, two weeks after the incident at the coffee shop, you had to leave the house to go and get your groceries. That was something you and Soo-jin had mutually agreed on, you both were responsible for buying your own food. 
You woke up at a time you thought was early enough, and when you couldn’t see the familiar shadow of the vampire in the woods, you slipped out of the house and made your way back into town. 
That was when everything fell apart. 
That morning had gone far too well. The lines weren’t long, all of your favorite brands were in the store, and the snowdrifts had thinned out a bit from lack of snow fall. And, even better, you hadn’t run into anyone you knew. 
You could tell something was wrong almost immediately upon returning home. 
When you opened the door, Soo-jin was standing there waiting, a pleased smile on her face as she shimmied on her winter coat. 
“What’s got you so happy?” You questioned, settling your bags on the ground as you shuffled your own coat and boots off, your socked feet attempting to avoid the forming puddles of water from the melting snow. 
“You must have a magic pussy.” She cackled, sliding around you. 
“What?” You asked. 
“You have a visitor, said he was someone you met a few weeks ago.” She explained, wiggling her eyebrows. 
Your eyes widened in recognition, that could only be one person. “You didn’t let him in did you?”
“Hi there, princess.”
You whipped around to see him in the fucking house, one of his arms raised upon his head and he leaned against the wall. Soo-jin had invited him, there was no stopping him now. 
“You should give him a chance, he’s got a cute ass.” Soo-jin whispered in your ear, which did nothing to prevent Jimin from hearing it. He just pursed his lips together in an attempt to hide his satisfaction. 
“I’ll be back late, don’t wait up for me.” She winked before slamming the door shut behind her, effectively trapping you with the monster. 
You took a deep breath, refusing to look at him, before you darted for the kitchen. You had a set of knives in there you were keen on grabbing, but the last time you had outrun Jimin he had been hurt. He wasn’t now. 
He grabbed your wrist before you could wrap your hand around one of the handles and pulled you to his chest. In retaliation, you raised your other hand up and slapped him clean across the face, the silver of your ring seering his once healed cheek. 
Only this time, things were much different. Your little attack barely did anything this time except spur a chuckle from the vampire as he slowly turned to look at you. 
“Didn’t I tell you I like pain with my pleasure? The first time caught me off guard, but now, you can do whatever you want with me, I’m not going anywhere.” He giggled. 
He then grabbed your hand and brought it to his mouth, his lips parting as he ran his tongue down the length of your finger, the tip of the appendage sizzling at it connected with the surface of the ring. 
“Stop it!” You yelled, struggling against him. 
He rolled his eyes in annoyance before spinning you around and pinning your hips to the kitchen counter, his hand circling your wrists and pinning them down to the countertop as his hips pressed against yours. 
“You can lie to everyone but me.” He hissed.
“Let go!” You yelled, attempting to pull your wrists back. 
His hips pushed harder against your rear spurring a groan of pain from your mouth as the cabinet handles dug into your hip bones. 
“You’re a little freak aren't you? You like being chased? I could smell it then and I can smell it on you now.”
“Stop it.” You weakly tried. 
“Admit it, you liked being hunted by me, you liked being wanted so desperately by someone. You can try and hide it, but you were fucking wet that night in the forest and you are right now.” 
You whined in embarrassment, bowing your head down. You were ashamed because it was true, it was something you never admitted to anyone. You loved it when Hyun-woo followed you around and wanted your attention, and you were thrilled by the fear Jimin inspired in you when he hunted you. 
“My sweet little princess who wants everyone's attention.” He chuckled, tugging at the collar of your shirt where his mark was hidden.
“I promised you something, I have a present for you.” He whispered, his cool breath misting over the nape of your neck. 
He released one of your hands for a moment to rummage around in his pocket. You heard a loud thud in front of you and when you finally mustered up the courage to look at what it was, you realized it was his phone. But it was what was on the screen that sent your heart into overdrive. 
It was a picture of Hyun-woo in a puddle of blood. He was dead. 
You didn’t scream, you didn’t fight, your body felt numb. And all you could do was lean against Jimin’s chest. This was his twisted show of affection. 
“I’m the only one who’s allowed to hurt you.” He mumbled before ripping the collar of your shirt open and exposing the healing mark he had left behind. 
He bent his head down, pressing his soft lips to the teeth marks before running his tongue over the impressions several times, the skin numbing as his saliva coated it while that deep, purr-like sound rumbled in his chest, his hips rocking against you. 
“Tell me, you like my present don’t you?”
Your stomach turned as fear gripped your heart. 
“I love it.” 
This was the worst part, you weren’t lying. Jimin liked pain with his pleasure, and you craved fear with yours. It was your best kept secret, one you had tried to deny having and shoved into the recesses of your mind. You liked being hunted, you liked being afraid, and you liked it most when you were being pleasured. 
“My prey, all for me.” He sighed, his teeth grazing over his old teeth marks, your heart fluttering as you anticipated the descent of his fangs into your flesh. 
You were fucked up, and you were finally admitting it. All of that inner turmoil from denying what you really were was slowly dissipating as he held you tightly to his chest. 
“I told you I would prove my devotion to you.”
Tumblr media
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chateautae · 3 months ago
jimin’s sunset spooktober | masterlist.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
banner by the wonderful solaris @jamaisjoons​ <3
Tumblr media
“from pumpkins and grim reapers to steamy costume parties and late night break-ins; there is never a dull moment when park jimin is the center of it all.”
coming to you this halloween is jimin’s sunset spooktober! where you will find the perfect, spooky fix commemorating our lovely it-boy’s birth month. hosted by @opaljm @jamaisjoons and @chateautae, we present a collaboration with brilliant authors, compelling stories and a unique spin on halloween! we hope you’ll always discover what you’re looking for in jimin’s sunset spooktober ♡
Tumblr media
all fics contain smut and mature content! MUST be 18 years or older to read.
Tumblr media
100 km/hour by @chateautae
➵ pairing: fuckboy!jimin x f. reader
➵ genre/tropes: college!au, smut, pwp
➵ summary: what exactly happens when you and your friends have to pile into one car for the ride home after an insane halloween party, and you find yourself sitting in park jimin’s lap? especially when he's dressed as an angel, and you're in the sluttiest devil costume ever.
Tumblr media
bite me by @eternally-writing
➵ pairing: vampire!jimin x reader
➵ genre/tropes: strangers to lovers, college au, supernatural au, vampire au, fluff, smut
➵ summary: halloween is just another regular day of the year for you. that is, until you meet park jimin at a frat party. a poorly dressed vampire, red wine, and a mirror - what’s the worst that could happen?
Tumblr media
blind whispers by @minyfic
➵ pairing: guardian angel!!jimin x reader
➵ genre/tropes: fluff, smut, angst + plot twist
➵ summary: it’s been years, four years to be exact when the male who has been appearing in your dreams finally materializes in the form of your guardian angel. well, you think he’s your guardian angel. and you sure hope he is because you take his counsel without thinking twice.
Tumblr media
boo...yah! by @ressjeon
➵ pairing: fratboy!jimin x fem!reader
➵ genre/tropes: college!au, friends to lovers? (not really), pwp-ish?, smut, halloween party!au
➵ summary: you've been hoping that Taehyung will get the message when you keep on ignoring him for months now but what if his very inviting best friend offers something that will for sure relay your answer?
Tumblr media
dancing with the devil by @sugasbabiie
➵ pairing: ex-boyfriend!jimin x reader
➵ genre/tropes: horror, suspense, supernatural au, pwp, angst, smut, romance, exes to lovers
➵ summary: after a spooky game of truth or dare gets ruined by the cops, you and your group of friends are forced to scatter. as if your luck couldn't get any worse, you have to hide in a creepy abandoned factory with your ex-boyfriend, park jimin, for the rest of the night. the strange noises surrounding you, plus the fear of being arrested for trespassing, has you on edge. but of course, your devil of an ex knows a way to ease your mind. or lose it rather.
Tumblr media
heaven in hiding by @jamaisjoons
➵ pairing: grim reaper!jimin x guardian angel!yn
➵ genre/tropes: cursed au, supernatural au, s2l, romance, comedy, smut, light angst
➵ summary: grim reapers  and guardian angels have always been vastly opposite beings in existence. one serves to take a human’s soul while the other serves to save a human’s soul. the top of their kind and best at their jobs, yn and jimin have been at odds ever since their training academy days. their rivalry and distaste for each other is legendary, and will most likely go down in history as the greatest dissension between the two species. however, that’s not all the same behind closed doors.
Tumblr media
hide and seek by @writtenwhalien
➵ pairing: fratboy!jimin x fem!reader
➵ genre/tropes: college!au, smut, pwp
➵ summary: park jimin. he’s obnoxious, a player, and a jerk, that you’re sure of, but he’s also the most attractive man you’ve ever seen. however, despite the words you both exchange every time you’re around one another, neither of you can fight the simple fact that you want something more. all it takes for you both to cave is a little friction on the wildest night of the year… halloween.
Tumblr media
scream your panties by @opaljm
➵ pairing: jimin x female reader 
➵ genre/tropes: panhellenic college au, established relationship, costume party, haunted house, fluff, humor, smut, minor angst
➵ summary: As your mid-terms have ended and Halloween has arrived, you are looking forward to a pleasant time relaxing and enjoying the festivities at your sorority and Jimin's frat houses. Luck is not in your favor, though, because things keep going wrong like a trail of dominoes falling – the only upside to your slowly deteriorating day being that you get to end it with your boyfriend's delicious self between your legs.
Tumblr media
living dead boy by @sublimebangtan
pairing: undead!jimin x female reader
➵ genre/tropes: supernatural, smut, established relationship
➵ summary: you refuse to let him go. you refuse to believe that he’s really gone. and so you do what you have to do to bring him back. to your surprise, it works. but your sweet and loving boyfriend is not the same, no he’s changed. he’s dangerously sexy and you can’t keep your hands off of him. maybe the new Jimin is the man…or whatever he might be now, of your dreams.
Tumblr media
mirage of a dollhouse by @knjsnoona
➵ pairing: jimin x cursed doll!reader
➵ genre/tropes: cursed au, supernatural au, s2l, romance, comedy, smut, light angst 
➵ summary: young and hard working jimin has just purchased his first home. when he moves in, his best friend—jungkook—gives him a doll he finds at a yard sale as a house warming gift. jimin initially takes the joke in stride, but feeling increasingly disturbed by the eerie doll, he decides to toss it into one of the empty rooms, where it lies forgotten. not long after moving in, strange occurrences begin to take place in his home: items being moved, footsteps echoing in the pitch black of night, and somber whispers permeating the still air before dawn. one evening, he walks into the kitchen to find you standing in his kitchen, his eyes recognizing the dolls tattered dress on your figure. 
Tumblr media
shadows in the graveyard by @sunshinerainbowsbts
➵ pairing: jimin x female!reader
➵ genre/tropes: supernatural, smut, established relationship, comedy
➵ summary: you and your boyfriend jimin are driving back from a trip to the corn maze, headed home for a big halloween bash, when a blown out tire derails your evening. stranded in the middle of the woods, jimin promises you he'll still make it worth your while, but that's only if you survive whatever the dark shadows chanting in the old graveyard have resurrected.
Tumblr media
the prince’s cinderella syndrome by @jimilter
➵ pairing: cursed!jimin x reader
➵ genre/tropes: supernatural!au, strangers to lovers!au, angst, smut, hopefully bits of fluff
➵ summary: he shows up at halloween, every year, dressed the same, and leaves at midnight like some cinderella. you would think he was a prankster if his eyes didn't look like they contained all the sadness in the world. you don't know him - no one on campus does. you don't know why he appears only once a year. you don't know why he never smiles. but you can't help falling in love with him. even if he breaks your heart when he abandons you at midnight, again.
Tumblr media
a/n: thank you so much for joining us for jimin’s sunset spooktober! remember to show love for all these wonderful works by leaving likes, comments and reblogs!! <3
Tumblr media
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stylesluxx · 28 days ago
he has a hard time asking you out – mafia!bts
Tumblr media
[warnings: there’s only one swear and a tad bit of angst if you squint real hard. also, i know it’s not giving mafia vibes but like... duh. they’re approaching someone they want to date, not a rival]
summary: in which they have a hard time asking you out | requested! | previous part
word count: 2,993
main masterlist | bts reactions masterlist
kim seokjin
It's been a week since you gave your number to the owner of your favorite restaurant and you had yet to receive a call or text.
It didn't bug you much but you thought it was weird how he was the one to ask for your number just to turn around and not do anything with it.
Your friends, Ari and Seo-Jun, were more concerned than you were.
"So... any updates?"
"No. Stop asking."
"Oh come on, don't be so grumpy," Ari nudged you before taking a seat on your desk.
"I'm not being grumpy. It's just annoying you guys ask me about him every day. If something happened, I'd tell you. Maybe he's just not interested. It's really not a big deal for you to keep pestering me."
"Fine, we'll leave you be," Seojun agreed and took Ari's hand, pulling her off your desk. "But does this mean we're not getting dinner at Abyss tonight?"
You side-eyed her, making her raise her hands in surrender.
"Alright Moody, we'll find a new place to go to," Ari huffed and dragged Seojun out of your cubicle finally leaving you alone.
To keep yourself distracted you focused on your work, but struggle to keep your eyes off your phone.
As much as you wanted to pretend like you didn't care if Seokjin texted you or not, you were kind of hoping he did.
"Okay, what about sushi?" Ari suggested as you all stepped into the elevator.
"Not really in a sushi mood. What about... pizza?" Spoke Seojun.
"No," Ari quickly declined.
"Okay, Miss Bright Ideas, why don't you come up with something?"
"I did-"
You rolled your eyes and tuned out their bickering so you could do your own search on Google.
As soon as you unlock your phone, it dinged, signifying you received a text. The bickering quickly stopped and all eyes were on you.
You clicked on the message, eyes widening in surprise.
"Do you think you can meet me at Abyss tonight? — Kim Seokjin"
"Rain check?”
You looked up and nodded, "rain check."
As you sat across from Seokjin in a private booth, you took a sip of wine and flipped through the menu.
"I hope you don't think this is our first date. I can do better than bring you to my own restaurant," Seokjin spoke up, making you look away from the menu and give him a small smile.
"I'm sure you can, Seokjin," You nodded.
"Just Jin is fine," He assured you with a smile. "I know it's no excuse, but I've been so busy lately, that's why it took me so long to text you. But my good friend told me we make time for the things that we want, which is why I had you come here tonight. It's nothing special but I just wanted to make sure you knew I was interested."
"Thank you," You nodded and gave him a big, genuine smile. "That's really sweet and I appreciate the gesture. And I love your restaurant so don't worry about it."
He nodded and reached a hand across the table to rest atop of yours. "What do you say to a real date? Next Saturday?"
"I'd love that."
min yoongi
"This is my third time getting ready for nothing. I think it's best if we just let it go," You sighed as you looked at yourself in the mirror, frown on your face.
"No, I'm sorry, I've just been so busy and stressed-"
"I completely understand but I'm tired of my time being wasted. I wish you the best. Goodbye Yoongi."
You hung up and set your phone on the vanity before letting out a loud groan. Yoongi had made it a habit to cancel on you last minute, not once, not twice, but thrice, forcing you to put an end to whatever you had going on.
You'd think after the first two times, you'd stop putting in so much effort to get ready but this was your best look yet.
Not wanting to let it go to waste, you stood with your phone in hand and walked over to your full body mirror, and started taking pictures.
You did that for a while before the poses became repetitive and then you found yourself laying on the couch watching Home Alone, still fully dressed.
You almost didn't hear the doorbell ring as you started dozing off. You looked over at the clock on your wall, wondering who could be here at this time.
You stood from the couch and walked over to the door, looking out the peephole and gasping quietly.
"Yoongi?" You questioned once you opened the door and got a better look at him, his bottom lip tucked under his teeth. "What're you doing here?"
His eyes glanced over your figure, taking in the black sparkly frill dress, black scarf around your neck, black tights, and black heels that you had put on earlier that night.
"You look beautiful," He spoke up after clearing his throat.
"Thank you, but what are you doing here?"
"Oh, um, you sent me your address and I just thought– I wanted to give you these," He spoke shyly and pulled out a bouquet of roses he was holding behind his back. His cheeks quickly turned pink, making you bite back a giggle. "Cliche, I know, but I really am sorry. Work has been keeping me busy but if you'll let me..." His voice trailed off and he shook a grocery bag that he held in his other hand. "I brought groceries so I could make you dinner."
You finally took a good look at him and noticed his black hair was slicked back perfectly like it was done by a professional, and he wore an all-black suit, matching you.
You finally let yourself giggle at his sheepishness and stepped back, opening the door wider so he could come in. "You know, I usually don't give so many chances, so don't mess this up."
"I won't, I promise." jung hoseok
"Okay, I get it. You're just not into me and that's fine. But I wish you wouldn't have strung me along for this long.”
"No," Hoseok argued back. "It's not that. It's not you. Well... it is you."
Your eyebrows furrowed as you watched him try to save face while on FaceTime with you. "What?"
"The night we met, you were so perfect and I couldn't believe you even gave me the time of day. I guess I'm just nervous; I don't want you to get to know me and then realize you don't like me. I wish every night was like that night."
You frowned at his words, not liking how he sounded so unsure of himself. Hoseok was perfect the night you met and if that was him behind himself, there shouldn't be an issue.
"And that's why you keep postponing our date?" You questioned and sighed once you saw him nod his head. "Hoseok, if you were being yourself that night, then there's no need to worry. You were being yourself, right?"
"Of course."
"I liked you that night and I still like you, even if you keep putting me on the back burner. That's why I gave you my number. You'll never know if you don't try."
kim namjoon
You set your hot chocolate down and pick up your pen so you could continue to take notes, humming softly because you knew Namjoon didn't like sitting in complete silence.
"So Y/N..."
"Yeah, Namjoon?"
"What do you think about sharks?"
You furrowed your eyebrows and let out a breathy laugh, looking up at him biting his lip. "What do I think about sharks?"
"Well... sharks are cool. Did you know over 400 species exist all over the world? And some even glow in the dark," You shrugged.
"How did you know that?"
"I took a marine biology course my sophomore year."
"Wow, I didn't know that."
You giggled and turned back to your textbook. "There's a lot you don't know about me," You teased.
"I... I want to learn more about you!" He quickly blurted out, making you look up and laugh.
"Oh, do you now?"
"Mhm," He nodded his head fervently.
"What do you want to know?"
You shook your head at his enthusiasm and set down your pen. "Okay, let me think... Growing up I wanted to be a model like Naomi Campbell."
"You can still do that."
"Namjoon, you know how shy I am."
"'So,' I don't like being the center of attention. I'm perfectly fine with getting my degree and being normal."
He nodded and looked out the window, letting you think the conversation was over.
You picked your pen back up and went back to taking notes.
It was quiet for a moment before Namjoon cleared his throat and spoke up. "Do you like ostriches?"
"Ostriches?" You questioned without looking up.
"Yeah, ostriches. Did you know they used to live in Asia, Africa, and the Arabian Peninsula? But humans became a threat and now they're only found in savannas and woodlands of sub-Saharan Africa."
"I did know that," You nodded and looked up at him. "Not that I'm not interested but why did you randomly bring up ostriches? And sharks? Those aren't even your favorite animals."
He let out a nervous chuckle and moved to rub the back of his neck. "I've, uh, been trying to get the courage to ask you out. But every time I go to ask, I get nervous. You make me nervous."
"I make you nervous?" You repeated just to make sure you heard him right.
"You're, like, perfect. You're so pretty and so so smart. Like, it's crazy how smart you are. And I really just adore you but I'm scared I'll ruin our friendship. I love being around you, even if we're just studying in silence," He confessed, his cheeks turning red as he gave you a toothless smile.
"Me too; I love being around you."
He nodded and gave you a big smile before asking, "do you think you'd want to go on a date with me?"
"Of course, I would; I'd love to."
park jimin
You wouldn't have said this the night before, but you genuinely enjoyed being around Park Jimin. There was never an awkward moment, never a moment where you had to wonder if going out with him was a good idea. He was just so fun and full of joy and energy and it was what you needed after a long week.
"Sorry I was being a bitch yesterday," You apologized as you both walked out of the restaurant, toward his car.
He shook his head and scoffed at your words. "No, that was my fault. I was bothering you."
You nodded your head, not disagreeing with him, but you certainly weren't going to say it out loud. He already heard enough of your mouth the night prior. "I had a lot of fun though. I kinda really like you, Park Jimin."
He was silent for a moment but you both kept walking, his Porsche only a few feet away.
"Thanks," He nods, making you frown.
It was the reaction you were expecting. You were expecting him to say something similar to you but maybe that just wasn't how he felt. He didn't enjoy himself the way you did and you couldn't force him to.
Once you got to his car, he opened the passenger door for you and you mumbled a quick "thank you." He went to the driver's side, got in, and turned the car on but while he did this you made sure your whole body was facing the window, only giving him your back to view.
For the first time all night, the silence was awkward and you could feel the tears in the corner of your eyes, embarrassed that you confessed you liked him.
Once you pulled up outside of your apartment, you quickly took of your seatbelt and grabbed your purse.
"Thank you for tonight," You mumbled and opened your door. "I'll see you around."
You sighed and turned to face him, frown still etched on your face, eyebrows pointed downwards. "Yeah?"
"Do you think... you'd want to go on another date with me?"
"Huh?" You mumbled, eyes narrowed.
"Well, only if you're interested."
"Are you even interested?" You asked, raising an eyebrow, not sure where this proposition was coming from.
"Of course I'm interested, that's why I'm asking, silly," He chuckled.
You shook your head, confused by his sudden change in attitude. "Sorry, it just seemed like you didn't have a good time."
"What? No! I had a great time. I like you, too, Y/N. You just... fluster me. I wasn't expecting you to enjoy yourself after yesterday," He shrugged and gave you a sheepish grin.
"Oh," You chuckled. "Well, I'd love to go out again. Call me? I like hearing your voice."
kim taehyung
After Taehyung had taken you shopping for a new shirt, you made sure you wrote your number down and gave it to him. He had promised to call you but never did.
Weeks later you were walking into the same cafe you met him in, hoping you wouldn't have to face him. The embarrassment would be too much to bear.
You walked up to the counter, ordering your usual before moving to the counter where you'd receive your drink.
"Y/N?" The familiar baritone voice pulled you out of your prayer, which obviously wasn't granted.
You quietly sighed before turning to face him, planting a small smile on your face. "Hi, how are you?"
"I'm good, better now," He smiled, making you raise an eyebrow. If he was so happy to see you, why hadn't he called you? "I'm really sorry I didn't call. I, uh, I lost the paper your number was on. I got into a bit of a mess that day and had to get my clothes dry cleaned. And let's just say, I didn't check my pockets," He explained, scratching the back of his neck.
"Oh, no worries," You shrugged, getting ready to turn back around. It's not that you didn't believe him but... you didn't believe him. It sounded like the perfect excuse. His version of "my dog ate my homework."
"I've been thinking about you nonstop. I really enjoyed your company and I'm sorry I'm such a dunce. But are you busy right now? I'd like to take you out."
"Uh, no I was just gonna wander around," You shrugged and thanked the barista when he put your order in front of you.
"Great! Do you mind sharing your day with me?"
You thought for a moment before nodding. If he wasn't interested, he wouldn't have asked you out again, let alone approach you.
"No, that's sounds good."
jeon jungkook
"Imo, have you talked to Jungkook?" Yeonjun asked for the millionth time since last week when you had first met Jungkook.
"No, Yeonjun, you know I haven't," You sighed and ruffled his hair as you both walked into the arcade.
He frowned and took your hand in his, squeezing it. "Coming to the arcade reminds me of him."
You didn't understand how or why Yeonjun got so attached to a man you've only met once so you didn't know what to say to comfort him
"Do you want to eat or play first?" You cleared your throat, quickly changing the subject.
Yeonjun decided to eat and then play but scarfed down his food so he could get to the games.
After scolding him multiple times and warning him about choking, you both finished your food and went over to the games.
"Maybe I can get something myself this time."
"I hope so, buddy," You nodded and followed behind him as he ran to his favorite game. He abruptly stopped, making you trip over your own feet but caught yourself before you could fall over. "Yeonjun, what's the matter?"
"It's Jungkook!"
He changed his path but continued running over to the tattooed man, immediately hugging his legs once close enough.
"It's good to see you, too," You heard Jungkook greet your nephew and watched him rub his back gently.
He looked up, following the path Yeonjun cleared to get to him, and once he spotted you, he gave you a smile and a wave.
You hesitantly moved your feet toward him, arms crossed over your chest. "Hey," You grumbled once you stood in front of him.
"Yeonjun, I got some points for you to use, go look around for a toy you want to get," Jungkook offered the young boy clinging onto his legs.
Yeonjun didn't recognize Jungkook's plot to busy him, so he nodded obediently and ran around looking at toys.
"I tried to text you," He said, phone in hand, waving it at you.
"Oh, well I didn't get a message," You quipped hostilely.
"Yeah, I ended up talking to some girl named Katie," He chuckled, ignoring your tone and keeping his light.
"Wait huh?"
"Yeah, I think you gave me the wrong number," He hummed and read the number back to you, making you flush in embarrassment.
You shook your head and palmed your forehead. "I'm so stupid. It's supposed to be 3758, not 3756. I made a typo, I'm sorry," You apologized and let your arms fall to your side.
"And you were trying to treat me look like the bad guy," He teased and handed you his phone so you could fix the mistake.
"I'm sorry," You said again, quickly fixing your mistake.
"No, it's alright. I thought maybe you gave me the wrong number on purpose."
Your eyes widened and you shook your head, adamant that wasn't your intention. "No, no, no, I'd never do that to YOU. Here, let me out me call my number to make sure it's right."
"Good idea."
Tumblr media
[AN: again, super sorry this took so long to write, but i've cracked the code! i do take requests for reactions, so if you have any please send them in (no smut!). if you want to join my taglist, here’s the link to the info page]
[tags: @yzkyzkuniverse @mwitsmejk @vantaebearr @tomiwastilinskii @yourthebrokengirl @halesandy @blackpetalbluemoon​ @victoryscreech61​ @cherrycheola​ @btsecstasy]
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satnin-darling · a month ago
Then There Was You. (m) | ONE-SHOT | PARK JIMIN, 11.8k
Pairing: Reader x Jimin
Summary: Jimin had many friends, all of whom were important and trustworthy. He had friends to hang out with in between schedules, friends from his school days, friends who are simply more like family. He had the members too. Then there was you.
Warnings/Tags: RATED M (18+) for language, smut (fem-reader; unprotected sex; penetrative sex; multiple orgasms; it’s not as explicit as you think it is but I’ve rated it as ‘mature’ anyway lmao POVs switch a lot); It’s turned out to be less Christmas-y, ah well, I’m happy with it! Cannon-compliant; Jimin during the course of his ten day quarantine then a trip to Jeju-do; Jimin is also lowkey in love here; you're clueless but also not against it ha; I think I’m in my Park Jimin era lol; Fluff; idol!AU - childhood friends to lovers.
If anyone’s interested, I made a playlist to go with this fic! You can listen to it here if you like :D
Hope you’re having a festive time and are staying safe!
The hiss of the van doors subside and Jimin steps out, most of his face covered by a black mask. His clothes drape over him, the loose ties fluttering with each step. There's an emptiness in his stomach that gnaws, like the audible rumble is excavating his insides, bit by bit.
"I can take your luggage up for you if you like," his manager said.
Jimin nods, offering a small smile in thanks. He's busy scrolling through his phone and sifting through the notifications. The agency announced their break soon after he landed.
A break should be good - needed.
Although the more honest part of him was screaming that what he really needed was a warm shower and his own bed.
It takes fifteen steps from the elevator to get to his front door. If he used longer strides, he could whittle it down to ten. Today, he prefers to drag his feet. The door is heavy so he puts more effort, shouldering his way in. The darkness makes him take off his beanie and snap the loops of his mask away from his ears. Off his shoes go as he nudges them into a spare alcove.
Silence always greets him like a familiar embrace.
It amplifies everything. Like the fact that his body is tired but his mind is racing, still in a different time zone. But he understands and is used to it; you have to be in this line of work. It's all he knew in the nucleus that he keeps himself encased in. A frenetic pace with camera lenses flashing like strobe lights, microphones clipped to his collar picking up every word. That beyond the stage, it becomes a task of sorting the chaff from the wheat. There's the travel, the interviews, the photoshoots, the press conferences, the mandatory appearances in front of hosts that ask the same, inane questions.
Work. Work. Then more work.
It's alright.
He wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.
As a reprieve, his slippers echo along the marbled floor as he shuffled through his apartment, discarding his bag, peeling his jacket off. He traces the nearby surfaces with his fingers while his phone buzzes and buzzes. Everything is as he left them; everything is cold. He perches on the arm of the couch and checks to see who was calling.
For a moment, he forgets about everything.
At the sound of your voice, he forgets about the fourteen hours he spent cramped on his seat on the plane.
"Hey," he replied, a smile tugging at his lips.
He forgets about the awkward signals for food because they don't know whether he's actually asleep or not, which meant that the rest he got was disjointed.
He forgets about the heaviness in his bones.
"You're back safely then," you said.
He forgets about all of those trivial matters because the silence was filled, even if temporarily.
Jimin falls onto the couch, his back hitting the leather in a dull thump. Somewhere, his manager has rolled his luggage by the cupboard where his shoes are stored. The door shuts with a soft click and he's alone again.
"We should meet up after my quarantine period is over," he suggests, finding it all so easy to speak his mind.
He hears a some shuffling on your end and remembers the time.
"Ah, it's quite late right? Sorry, get back to sleep."
"I'm okay. I'm the one who called you, Min."
You were the only one who called him that.
He couldn't help it: he grinned from ear to ear. That often happens when you're on the other side of the call. Turning, he placed the phone so that it's balanced on the side of his face.
"Yeah, we should meet up, I've missed you."
He's heard that before but in the dim space of his home, he feels his heart swell and triple in size.
"I'm not allowed to leave my place for anything, I'll be so bored. Are you gonna keep me company?"
He doesn't know why something like staying at his own house seemed to him like a chore. It was for safety reasons, after all.
"I do warn you, though, I'm working from home so you'll see me at my worst.”
He shifts so that he's more comfortable. You could never look worst to him.
“You’re kidding. I’m a constant mess,” he replied.
“Glad you’re self-aware,” you said, your laugh gracing his ears.
Ahead, he sees the TV console, the various items he's decided to decorate with, mostly photographs. There was one of you and him by the beach in Busan. It was dusk and the colour of the sky was like how it was in Santa Monica: orange and blue streaks that stack over each other in parallel planes. Your smiles were so big, his arm was around your shoulder and yours around his waist. Then, there was the crash of the waves, the ebb and flow as the water broke on the shore, resembling static noise.
"I saw the livestream," you said.
Jimin hums, recalling the final moments of that concert. The near deafening cheers, and the multi-coloured confetti that sprinkled over his hair. He remembers feeling like a colt on shaky legs, timid and awkward as he stared at the ocean of lights that pulsed to the beat. The others were the same. It's been so long that his feelings had edged past nervousness into the realm of genuine fear.
Fear that he had lost connection after performing in front of hallowed stages and empty seats.
It's all irrational, of course.
"It was super late over here," he observes, tucking his legs towards his chest. His phone bows on the side of his face so he held it still, "wow. I'm flattered."
"Don't get too carried away, I needed the rest anyway,"
Jimin laughed, stretching his body, lifting his legs in the air. The loose trousers he wore slipped down, revealing his calves. He flexed them, wiggling his toes.
"And yet you still chose to spend it with me."
"Correction: I chose to spend it with BTS."
Jimin scoffed.
"I'm BTS."
"Correction: you're part of BTS."
It's always nice to pick up where you left off. It only takes a couple of teasing remarks to reignite your previous conversation, like no time transpired in between. He likes it like this.
"You should invite our other friends, not just me. I'm sure they'd want to see you too."
Not just me.
Jimin had many friends, all of whom were important and trustworthy. He had friends to hang out with in between schedules, friends from his school days, friends who are simply more like family. He had the members too.
Then there was you.
He didn't know where to place you and in which category you could possibly fit in. You're a friend from home who he decided to take across the whole timeline of his life. A friend to call when he felt like it or when he had more or less to say about something.
A friend who was simply there.
These days, he doesn't know why a blush would easily colour his cheeks whenever you stare at him a little too long. Or that he wants to spend more time together alone rather than together with your other, mutual friends. Most of all, he doesn't know why he didn't like that you had no idea. He supposes that it's been too long and in the end, you remained stuck in this giant 'what if'.
"Yeah, that would be good too," he said, trapping his bottom lip with his teeth.
"Make sure to get some good rest, Min. Speak soon, okay?" You yawned.
He joins in, letting his jaw lower and his lips dramatically forms an 'O'. The exhale he emits is long and low.
"You too."
More rustling on your end, then stillness.
"Remember to take care of yourself, okay?"
He sits up, the exhaustion returns. It seeps into the hollow of his bones forcing a slump to his shoulders. All the exercising he was doing had done an adequate job at melting away the fatigue, but the habit of his back bending forward remains.
The shower awaits. Then, his bed.
"Yeah, yeah. I will."
"Yeah, yeah," you mock.
Jimin chuckles, "okay, bye."
The screen is blank, his profile picture is pending. These are the tasks that Jimin has to tend to, now that there's nothing but time. He marvels at the empty space, wondering about the neat squares that he is responsible for curating. He doesn't quite know what to do with himself so he shifts applications and heads to his contact list. There are plenty of names of people to contact; he checks the time and makes a call. The ringing goes on and on while he he fusses over his hair and scratches the bridge of his nose out of habit.
"I need to choose a profile picture," he said, soon after the image of you manifests on his phone screen.
"One sec. Just going to prop my phone up -" you said, doing that, "you need to what?"
Jimin makes himself more comfortable on his bed, slouching over the mass of pillows that he's stacked.
"Profile picture," he repeats, clicking the 'images' tab on Naver after searching his name.
You settled on your desk, fingers rapidly traversing your keyboard, a rhythmic clack clack clack.
"Did you find one?" You asked, scraping your chair to an ideal position. He rubbed the knuckle of his finger along his bottom lip, saving some images for the shortlist. The contenders were similar, the colour palettes were dark with flashes of purple.
"What do you think of this?"
The image loaded on your chat and he scrutinised his face: the wave of his hair and the reddened tint of his lips. He liked the way his eyelids were dusted with with a deep purple eyeshadow that matched his suit. You grab your phone and do the same, raising your eyebrows surreptitiously.
"Wow, you look sexy."
He laughed, hiding his smile behind his hand.
"Stop fucking with me."
"I'm not! And what does that say on your neck?"
Jimin pinches the image, taking a few seconds to decipher the words in purple neon below his jaw.
"I think it says, 'your filter.'"
You took a sip of your drink and nodded, "looks good, Min."
He watches as you place your phone back on the stand, slouching like he was. Oddly, he feels that he should be working too, jealous of your productivity. Quarantining wasn't conducive to his usual habits. He had ample space to practice routines and exercise but it wasn't the same. There was no goal apart from resting. Running was his new hobby but even that he didn’t feel like doing. And so the thoughts circle his mind in the same manner as he cycles the apps on his phone.
"You sure I'm not disturbing you?" He asked, turning to his side.
"No, I'm not doing anything that needs a lot of concentration," you replied, giving him a small smile.
It's laughable, really. How his heart just about dropped to his stomach at the simple gesture of your lips curving upwards. It's the same expression you would give him, an act of reassurance that he could trust.
"What are you doing, then?"
You drag your mouse across and fidget before you answer.
"Answering some work emails."
Jimin hummed his reply. He imagined you working in an office where you would be wearing more formal clothes and moving from meeting to meeting. He envisioned your working day, far from his own, where it was regimented a little differently. You come in, work for a bit, have a break, then come back home. Years from now, he liked to think that you'd settle and perhaps move back to Busan. He's not sure where his life was heading towards, but he counts himself in that trajectory. All roads lead to home, and once he bows from stage, he wanted to return to where he was the happiest.
And that was by the sea, under the stars.
"You're on Instagram now?" You asked, cutting through his musings. He shrugs, reluctant to step into another platform when he was just getting used to WeVerse.
"Might not be on it as much, though," he replied, already stuck with what he should post first. You rested your chin on your hand, pausing your work.
"You don't have to, you know."
He sighs, parting his hair again, smoothing out the knots at the end. He removed his extensions and was now at a point where he could run his fingers through without the fear of them snapping at a mere tug. He thinks of the sea, the magnitude of his life, his effort to keep being better and doing more.
"I know."
By the time you got off work, Jimin was still on the call with you. He watches you settle into bed after your various rituals that he would tease you over, Ah, I'm the idol but even I don't have a six-step routine.
You had matching sheets with him, a dark grey marl that paired nicely with your bed frame. Swaddled in a comforter, his black hair pokes through the incidental hood in haphazard strands. The light from his tablet screen falls nicely on the planes of his face.
"Are you still thinking of what to post?"
He clicks off and it takes a moment for his phone to adjust to the change in lighting.
"I was looking at old memories that I had saved," he said, his tone is even and smooth.
"I saw a folder with pictures from our last trip together, with our friends," he said.
"When you came to Busan, right?"
You all had spread in different directions but Busan was your epicentre. Jimin liked meeting up together and liked being around others.
"I keep going back to the sea and beach," he said, sinking deeper into his bed.
That was a given. You couldn't think about Jimin without also thinking about the rush of the ocean on the shore and the cottony clouds that streak the sky. He's as solar as the sun at its highest point, especially on the stage.
"Not like it’s a bad thing to show some loyalty, you are the Prince of Busan," you said.
He plops to his side, his face half getting lost in the sheets.
"You sound like my father."
You smiled at that.
"Just helping you finally grow into your title."
He groans. Jimin had gained the alternative moniker and it eventually gained traction. Sometimes you joked that he should have considered it as a stage name instead of heeding 'Baby J'. Even when he had settled in Seoul, you knew that he couldn't shake off Busan that easily. Home is different from where you live.
"We should take a trip somewhere," he suggested.
Reflecting on the past year, you realised that you hadn't really had the chance to take a vacation. Off days were, most often than not, spent in your home. At this rate, somewhere would certainly be better than the four walls of your apartment.
"Sure, want me to call the others and arrange something?"
He squints at the screen, licking his lips. They come back glossy, accentuated by the screen light.
"Ah - you want to call the others?"
You knitted your brow. It was usual for your trips to involve your other friends.
"Yeah. I'm sure they'd want to see you too."
But then Jimin smiles, his eyes reverting back to a brighter version.
"I'll call them, don't worry about that. Can you arrange some time off?"
Now comfortable, you swipe your hand over your pillow so that the creases were smoothed out. It was as if you were lying, side by side on the same bed.
"I have nothing but time off."
It's late again and you're on Jimin's phone screen. He's halfway through quarantine and he's beginning to feel like he's been living the same day over and over again. You were talking about accents all of the sudden, which makes him aware of how his own slips through the cracks.
"I lose my Seoul accent whenever I come back," he mutters, scrolling on a separate window.
"I like hearing your satoori," you said, your smile reaching your eyes. He shook his head, thinking that whenever he spoke, it was a concoction of the two places he's ever lived in long enough to call home.
"Try defend me to the rest," he offered, thinking back to how Namjoon would attempt to emulate him every chance he got. He sees you scoot towards your headboard, smoothing over your pillow.
“Remember the play? The one before Christmas vacation?”
Your smile was grew wide and pre-empts his bashfulness.
“The Park Jimin in the most hideous bear costume, prancing all over the stage."
He scrunches his nose, laughing with you. The memory is plucked from his youth: Busan Arts High School in the middle of winter, the vast auditorium with its slanted floor and velvet seats. First comes the gigantic costume that swallowed him whole, the equally giant helmet in the shape of a bear face, and the sweaty head of hair that he sported afterwards. Then came your smile, the eager claps you gave him as he bowed before the curtain dropped. He was mortified that he had to spend the better part of the two hour production roasting in mascot garb.
"You came to each show - I don't know why you did that," he said, fussing over his hair. The grey extensions were magnificent but not missed.
"Cause I wanted to and it was worth it. I think you looked fantastic in every angle," you replied.
Jimin grins.
“You know I’m only handsome in exactly two angles," he began, shifting again so that he was on his back.
You raise your eyebrows, “and which angles are they?”
He elevates his phone so that he appeared more slender in frame, “this, and...” he swoops his phone down so that it was as if you were looking up at him.
After you stopped laughing he rolls to his side, parting his hair.
“I need to shower,” he complained, grimacing at the grease that sprang from the roots. You yawned.
“It’s 3AM. Shower tomorrow,” you instructed.
He finds himself warming to the idea. Besides, he feels so lazy.
“I wish there was a superpower that can allow you to magically shower without moving.”
Through the screen, he sees you smile.
“Is that why you shed clothes like a snake on the way to the bathroom? Then hang around at the door as a last plea?”
Embarrassment creeps up due to his habits. But he’s gracious and honest. He can’t be anything else in front of you since you knew him so well.
It's in the dead of night were time stretches into nothingness, the call has been running for more hours than your bodies are aware of. You and Jimin just seem to talk endlessly. You didn't mind - this was the most time you had spent just talking. It was as if you were getting all the best parts of him again, even if it's through a screen.
"Let's say we never met in middle school," he said, laughing into his hand because you were both recovering from an inside joke.
It was one of those jokes that you could never unearth in public. A joke that had such longevity that it would result in the both of you getting kicked out whatever room or event you were in.
"Because we never met in middle school?" You added, spurring another bout of giggles from the both of you. It wasn't even funny, it was because it was the time of night where everything is possible. Jimin wipes the side of his eye with his knuckle.
"Didn't we?"
"Are you fucking with me? We were neighbours Min,” you contested.
He laughs again, it’s loud and bounces the small sprout of hair he’s tied up himself. You weren’t even lying down now, sat up like him, keeping up this ruse of being offended.
“I know, I know,” he replied, patting the barely there ponytail.
Though it was more of the fact that you never really met. Jimin was always just there. Like his existence was a fact and you can't recall ever thinking about the circumstances of you being introduced to each other nor could you recall him never being around in the first place. Jimin, a staple in your life, an inextricable link. Forever slouching on grey sheets and more often than not in a black shirt.
“Okay, back to middle school: if you didn’t know me like that, would you still ask me to be your date?”
You shrugged, “jury’s still out on that one.”
His jaw drops, genuinely surprised, his eyebrows raising so high that lines crease his forehead.
“And to think that you asked me to be your date,” he said with a scoff.
Middle school dances were a social farce and yet it meant the world at that age. You remember that evening with abject clarity. The shitty gymnasium, the half assed decorations, the accompanying cheesy pop music. Jimin's sharp suit, tailored to him, his wide grin as he spun you around to dance. The touch of his fingers as they twined over yours for a brief second. Everything tinged in pink, blue, and yellow.
“But I have to hand it to you, I couldn’t take my eyes off of you for one second.”
His voice grows softer and you weren’t sure if it’s because he’s tired.
“Because I was such a klutz?”
You did step on his foot a couple times. It’s not as embarrassing because you’re not a dancer, just an awkward middle schooler trying to survive the night. Jimin grabs his phone and pulls it close till his face occupies your phone screen. He lies back down, dark hair falling over his eyes which he doesn’t brush away.
“No. Do you really want me to say it out loud?”
There he goes. You shake your head, stepping back under your comforter and hiking it up over your shoulders.
“Please, no. You’re a class A flirt, you know that right?”
He laughs because it’s true.
“Which is why I'm your favourite BTS member.”
And you laugh because that’s true.
“Again, the jury’s out on that one.”
By the ninth day, Jimin was on the precipice of losing his mind.
Quarantining doubled a rest period and he did just about everything that he would normally do. The routine is the same: wake up, have a light breakfast, game for a bit, practice some routines so his body doesn't forget, then exercise. The hours were too long and he hates feeling sluggish. Although he used to be adamant with living with someone, it’s less manageable when he can’t even leave for things other than the essentials. He lives in this rhythm until he’s practically bouncing off the walls.
His Instagram feed stays empty, though.
Around him was the debris of his activities. His yoga mat is unfurled near the TV and his gaming consoles are in a messy tangle in the opposite corner.
"I don't know what to do. I'm not creative enough to think up of things to do every single day," he complains.
A miniature version of you traverses his phone screen, busy in the kitchen.
"Min, just lie on the couch for six hours, you deserve it," you chastise.
Jimin rolls his eyes.
"I already have and don’t you feel drained after resting for too long?"
You pick up your phone and give him the most disbelieving look you could manage. It's in the arch of your left brow and the deliberate curve of your mouth upwards.
"Only you could say things like that," you accused.
Jimin runs his hand through his hair once more, balancing his phone between two coffee books. In the meantime, you were cutting a few spring onions into smaller sections.
"Not true," he interjected, right as you swiped the cut ingredients into a bubbling pot.
His stomach emits a low rattle. "Okay, whatever you say. Have you eaten?" You asked, stirring the contents of your dinner. Jimin shakes his head. Eating had completely slipped his mind.
"Min, go and eat something."
Jimin sighed. What's the use of having a meal when I'm going to eat alone.
"You can make something or order so we can eat together, like this," you suggested, slowing the way your hand moves the ladle in the gloopy, rice soup. 'Like this' meant eating in front each other through your phone screens. He smiles. It was something you would often do together because he couldn't avoid being away. Pitching forward, he grabs his phone.
"Are you still free to come to Jeju-do next week?" He asked, while he thumbed down the take away menu. The objective was to sound as nonchalant as possible. He had practiced saying it more than five times prior to this call. He sees you siphon some of the soup in a bowl.
"I should be fine," you replied.
"Uh... it'll only be the two of us," he said, scratching a non-existent itch on the bridge of his nose.
There was a noticeable pause.
Panic bubbles in his chest. He abandons the task of ordering for take out.
"Oh. The others can't make it?"
He feels his heart sink a little and hurries to conceal the disappointment that made his features contract.
"They messaged me that things came up at work and they don't have anyone to cover for next week," he informed, pressing 'order' at the same time. He didn't even check what he got. You stepped out of frame for a bit, he hears something rest on the surface of the table.
"Ah okay. That's fine then, I'll be there so you won't be too lonely," you teased.
It's gentle - always gentle.
So you're really coming.
In seconds, you're in his view again. As you adjusted the angle of your phone, he watches you slide the steaming bowl within reach. You had this habit of lining up your utensils with equal distance between, you were particular with the orientation too. They must face the ceiling at all times.
"What?" You asked, a grin playing on your lips
Jimin shakes his head, finding himself smiling too.
"Is that your famous hangover soup?" He asked, squinting at the pale surface dotted with squares of green.
"I've got you to blame," you replied, stirring the surface with your spoon.
"Hey, it's not my fault that you have a low tolerance," he argued.
"But it is your fault that you sent me barrels of alcohol two days ago."
He throws you a sheepish glance, contorting his lips in meek acceptance. You only give him a small smile, already past it.
"Anyway, what did you order?"
He checks the status of his take out food.
Jimin [3:55PM]
I'm in a black beanie, you can't miss me
The outline of Jeju-do comes into view. Even from the airport, there were hints of green and blue breaking up the drab concrete. It’s cold and windy, but the welcome is warm. Now, you were both in the same place.
Jimin [4:01PM]
Kekekeke I know but just making sure in case
you forgot what I look like kekeke
You [4:06PM]
Says the person who's face I've seen on THREE ads since landing here T__T
Jimin's face was indeed plastered all over the airport, his big round eyes sparkled like cut glass persuading you to buy gum or something else at the Duty Free. Either way, you'll leave the airport with your bag heavier and wallet lighter.
Jimin [4:08PM]
Hey! I've got to make a living too! kekeke
Have you exited?
Can I call?
It's not too long of a wait before your ringtone makes a shrill cry. You answer to some shuffling, a breathy laugh as you huffed.
"How was the flight?"
Past the automatic doors, the cold air blows your hair away from your face.
Jimin pulls his mask down since it obscured his eyes. His bags were neatly stacked by the doorway as he sees you run up the small path towards him.
"Trust you to pack light!" He called out.
You laughed, adjusting the strap of your backpack and gripping your holdall tighter. Finally, he sees you up close.
You're really here.
You came spend some time with him in a small villa he's rented out in a secluded corner of Jeju-do.
He doesn't know why his heart is beating way too fast all of the sudden.
At the last step, he lunges forward, pulling you into his embrace. He couldn't stop the smile that pulled at the corner of his mouth. Your coat deflates from how he cages you in his arms.
He lets you go but lingers so that the last thing that leaves his touch becomes the tips of your fingers, "sorry."
"What have you got in there?" You asked, eyeing luggage. Out of embarrassment, his hand comes up to tug at the lengthy hair by the nape of his neck.
"Ah, I may have overpacked," he confessed.
You laughed because you knew.
"I don't know why I'm surprised."
Behind you was a green mountain side slope that lead downwards, all the way to the beachfront. It's colder and the nights are longer during this time of the year. Yet he loves the winter. It was his favourite season.
"I missed you," he sighed, affectionately tugging at the loops holes of your mask. You remove it and he sees you fully, now. You wrinkle your nose and the desperation to hug you returns so he indulges.
"I missed you too," you replied, squeezing back.
He knows what it looks like.
If the rest of your friends were around, they'd take note of how long you are embracing each other like this. Their eyes would dart to one another and those knowing looks would scream Did you see that? Yet, these are the moments when he feels those 'what-if's' take hold, like limpets to a rock.
It's always like this with you.
It feels like...
Well, he can’t even fathom the words. He just knows that from the moment you became friends, he never really stopped hoping.
Then again, it helps that you had been there through everything. A quiet force in the background, the person from his hometown, his next door neighbour, his childhood friend. What that really meant is that you were attached at the hip. If he had become someone else apart from 'Jimin of BTS', you would have gone to college together, studied, embarked on your individual careers, and probably end the day with a bottle of soju by the Han River.
But things changed and he did become the person he wanted to be, after all. He loves what he does and he loves the stage. Recently, he feels that he’s finally allowed to be happy as things were falling into place. One of those things was acknowledging that he liked that he liked you more than a friend. He thinks he's been breathing better ever since.
"You sure you're okay with staying with me?" He asked, brushing his knuckle against your cheek. It's a quick movement, a gesture that he did like clockwork.
"You fishing for compliments?"
Jimin grins so hard that it progresses into a laugh. He didn't really care about what he was asking. What matters to him is that you're actually here. As far as he’s concerned, he shouldn’t even be going on trips so close to the holidays but the ball was rolling again and life was about to get incredibly hectic. The stage awaits and so did the rest of the world.
But he can’t find it in himself to feel guilty at the sight of you.
It’s been too long and he’s missed you so much.
He swings his arm so that it can drape over your shoulders, "let's go in."
Evening sets into the sky and the wind howls, shaking the window panes. Jimin hands you the wifi password while thumbing down his phone for places to order food from.
"Thanks - and did you check the weather for the next week?" You asked, gulping down some beer.
Jimin's brows knitted together, "I didn't get to. Why?"
Turning your phone, he sees the weather app on the screen. It's all rainclouds and freezing temperatures.
"Ah shit."
"I know," you replied, taking another big gulp.
"We can get some of the black pork that they have around here. I had some when I visited with Taehyung and Jungkook."
You nod, setting your drink down on the table. Jimin places an order for two portions. The sign buffers as you look around.
"You booked a nice place," you said, twisting your head and leaning forward.
Jimin takes in the open space of the villa. To be frank, he had one of his managers book it for him after seeing a couple of rave reviews. It's a miracle that he was able to get this so last minute.
It had a cabin-style interior with textures of wood and stone. The furnishings were modern and boasted excellent views of the landscape outside. There was also a welcome hamper placed in the hallway, filled to the brim with mulled wine and enough food to make a decent charcuterie board. He takes a seat across you, laying his legs over yours.
"Thanks," he beams, proud.
You rest your head on your hand, watching him with a playful glint in your eye.
"What are we going to do?"
He purses his lips, darting his eyes between you and the rest of the beer on the kitchen island. You meet him with a sly grin.
It's like old times.
The next day comes and your face is glued to your pillow. Jimin's room is across the hall, his door flung wide open. He's sleeping in the same position as you, his face puffy and mushed against the pillow. Past the linen curtains were rolling clouds that were multiple grey cotton balls that dot the sky. The whole island seemed to be swallowed up by the gloom.
The time is too late to start anything productive but too early to abandon spontaneous plans. You get up anyway, padding to the open space only to squint at the expansive windows that let all the light in. Tidying up was what you enjoyed and had in common with Jimin but apparently, so was crashing in bed after a few drinks. Evidence of last night litter the kitchen island, further off were open cans of beer then half a bottle wine responsible for the throb in your skull.
“Up already?”
You jump about ten feet, no exaggeration. Jimin saunters out, eyes barely adjusted to the bright light. His hair is noticeably plastered to one side, cheeks flush pink from being buried under the sheets. You see that he’s retired the silver hoops on his earlobes.
“You scared me! What are you doing up?”
“Sorry. And I’m not used to this bed,” he said, his voice a mere graze from his throat.
Like you, he begins to clear the table, swiftly deploying the empty cans into the designated trash.
“What’s the plan?” You asked, self-consciously running your fingers through your hair. Everything is so visible in the morning.
“There’s a café I wanted to check out, and then we’ll see what else we want to do,” he suggests, blinking slowly at the particular snack you both had last night.
“Okay, sure and it’s that one,” you pointed out, and he drops it into the the recycling.
“Thanks,” he smiled.
Jimin walks next to you at a leisurely pace, snapping pictures of quaint houses built wide rather than narrow. Towards the sea were the shops with corrugated roofs; inside plays soft rock ballads and is dutifully guarded by the owner’s dog. Jimin pets them fondly, cooing at their relaxed state while they lounge in their well-worn beds.
The winter months didn’t halt tangerine picking on the island and some cafés were set up to make it a complete experience. Once there, you are given a pair of scissors sharp enough to cleave the stems and plastic gloves to protect your hands. Before, you decided to get a drink. You try not to be too obvious but it couldn’t be helped that the tables all came with two seats. Huddled together, you volunteer to grab the tray as Jimin sits with his back to the interior. The drink ends in a pure white foam with a segment of orange embedded on top. It was way too pretty to be consumed.
Now, with your masks down, you see the pink that kisses his nose and the shiny surface of his lips as he sips the orange liquid down. He hums in approval, throwing a quick glance behind him right after you take a small gulp. You follow his gaze and saw that no one else was on the floor you were staying.
His eyes settle on your face, specifically your mouth.
“What -”
His finger swipes your bottom lip and promptly brings his hand down as the barista bounds down the spiral stairs. The space where he touched prickled and you swore your heart stopped beating for a good few seconds.
“There,” he examines, smiling as if he didn’t just touch your lip and swiped off the excess tangerine foam.
“You could have told me,” you mumbled, feeling warm all of the sudden. You reach for the napkin to wipe off what wasn’t there anymore.
Jimin just shrugs, a playful smile moulding his lips, tugging it up at the corners. He slumps on his seat, the green shearling bomber he wore folds like an accordion. Quickly, he slips the mask on, the glint in his eye remaining.
Outside were the lines of orange trees heaving with produce. They went as far as the eye could see, regressing into miniature versions of themselves towards the end.
"Min, have this one, it's sweet!"
Together, you flank the same tree that bows under the weight of oranges that differ in size. Jimin goes for the ones near the top, cutting them with precise strokes from the clipper.
"You know, these were considered royal fruits in the Joseon Dynasty," he elaborates, waving one to you before dropping it in the bag.
"And do you know that there are more than forty types of tangerines that grow in Jeju-do?" He adds.
You roll two more into your bag, "why do I feel like you're using me to review for a quiz?"
One thing about Jimin is that he laughs with his whole body. His hand comes up to cover that smile, which does little to cover that wonderful sound that filters through the web of his fingers. He bows forward, clutching at you as if laughing would cause him to float off. He probably would.
Happiness looked the best on him these days.
Oh, and his laugh is infectious.
“I can never tell if you’re laughing at me or with me,” you said, after calming.
"What? You’re funny,” he reassured.
You narrowed your eyes at him, opening the bag stretched out with the oranges you harvested. He drops another one in.
“Where should we go next?” You asked.
He shrugs, a slight lift of his shoulder beneath the layers of his clothes.
“The beach.”
You stayed by the sea even if the wind battered your clothes and rendered your hair a mess. The rush of the breeze and the dash of the ocean on the shore, it's familiar to you both. The waters are emerald and undulate on the surface, rippling and breaking in quick succession. The rocks were solid under your feet, rough cracks that in the dark geology that absorb the crash of waves as they roll through.
Jeju-do was beautiful all the time but especially during this time of the year.
Jimin slides his pinky higher next to yours, and you reassert it to be fair. He huffs but lets it go. Instead, he massages it, pulling down when he got to the tip.
"I did this everyday through middle school and high school and this is what I get after six years of trying,” he said, actually sounding sad.
“I was there when you declared war on your own fingers,” you replied, remembering how it turned into a habit. He would do that while waiting for the bus or while studying.
Ahead, dusk was approaching. The dark colours are a perfect backdrop to the galaxy above. Something about the cover of darkness, the immensity of the water, the way it disappears into the horizon, it's like a welcome. And as the constellations blanket the sky, your worries dissolve in the rush of waves and wash of foam along the shore.
When things were simpler, Jimin would wait for you by the school gates and say, Let’s go see the stars.
It’s nice that it’s still the same after all these years.
“What are you thinking about?” You asked, digging your hands deeper into your pockets. He waits for while, you knew he was thinking deeply and not because he didn’t have anything to say.
“I love the way the moon is reflected on the water.”
He points to where the light bounces and fractures into countless shards.
“And the fact that there’s a routine that’s been bothering me for the next concert.”
You frown.
He was better now because he was able to say these things out loud, at least to you. Before, he would bottle it up and let it fester. It wasn’t quite suffering in silence but something akin to that. There was a simmering yearning to keep pushing.
“You’re always so hard on yourself,” you said, bumping your shoulder against his as you ground the heel of your shoe into the sand.
At this point, you knew better than to shower him with words. You were close enough to know each other well. In exchange for the glory of the stage, Jimin’s personal price was this consuming need to be perfect. A ravenous determination to keep going and forgo peace in the face of self-judgment. It waits in the shadows for a moment when he's alone, and after slurping its fingers clean from devouring his energy, he comes back a little defeated.
But you listen. You allow him to leave such worries on the shore or wherever else he can put it down.
“I don’t know why I find the routines so much harder and more complicated. I feel I’m the only one not able to cope,” he muttered, burrowing the toe of his shoe in the sand.
He sounds so uncertain.
“Everyone has their strengths, Min. That’s why you work well as a team, no one else can bring what you bring to the group. No one else can do what you do.”
He pauses and leans his shoulder against yours.
“I’m not special. There are were others before me and others who will come after.”
“You work hard. I don’t want you to discredit yourself because you work harder than anyone I know.”
It’s a rare sight to witness him in this way, but when it happens it’s still the most unnerving. But you knew it was tough for him over these past two years, performing in front of an empty stage, where connection was hard to gleam. Strange to think that his whole world shrank to the four walls of his room overnight.
Jimin sighs in response. It’s long and heavy.
“I think I’m just tired and I’m getting nervous again.”
“Which is why I’ll be front row come March when you guys are back in Seoul. You can’t miss me, I got a new Chimmy headband and I upgraded my light stick. And wearing a face mask won’t stop me from being the loudest in the stadium,” you said, in your attempt to get a smile that reached his eyes.
He turns to you, and there it was. Eyes, like the moon curving into happy crescents when a smile edges his lips, as solar as his disposition.
“You’re cute, you know?”
“I know,” you said.
“Can’t sleep?”
It’s sometime in the evening and Jimin was slouched on the large, leather sofa, scrolling down his phone. You shake your head, sitting where he made some space.
“Me neither.”
You stay like that for a while, preoccupied with your phones in the silence. The rain hasn’t let up and it drums on the slanted roof of the villa.
“Ever wonder what it’s like to just be... invisible?”
You lower your phone, “what do you mean?”
Jimin shifts so that he’s sitting up, he runs his hand through his hair and observes you.
“Let’s say that you’re just anonymous, like no one knows who you are or what you do. You know,” he said, gesturing vaguely into the air, “anonymous.”
“You mean like me?” You grinned, pointing a finger to yourself.
He gives you a disapproving look. Then, he says your name softly, an indicator that you weren’t being serious with him when he wanted to.
“What do you think you’d be doing instead?” He asked, leaning forward. You consider it, though it feels like you should be the one asking him that.
“Not much would change, I think, I like where I am. But I’ll move back home earlier cause I love Busan.”
Jimin tilts his head, a small smile playing on his lips.
“I’d probably be the same. I’d be a dancer who sings. Or a singer who dances.”
You smiled because you already knew that. He had had always had his heart set on one thing. Not even a change of fate could affect that.
You see him bite his lip, his eyes lowering, “And I’d probably date more.”
And you laugh obnoxiously loud, swatting his ankle for good measure.
“Yeah, because it’s so hard to get a date as the Prince of Busan who’s also a megastar idol on the side.”
He raised his eyebrows at you, aghast.
“You’d be surprised.”
“What? You’re telling me that you’re not spoilt for choice?”
The seconds go on and on and he stays looking at you.
“I’m just saying that even if that’s the case, I don’t like any of them.”
He keeps looking at you. Soft brown eyes hold you captive as the distance shrinks. You’re stock still and he’s inching forward, brazen as he is.
“I don’t like any of them because...”
He’s dragging his sentences, biting his lips as if he doesn’t want the words to come out. The temperature in your body rose, seeping into every crevice, going all way up into your head. It has you feeing feverish.
I’m drunk.
No, I’ve died.
No, I’m definitely drunk or on the way to dying.
Jimin’s face goes beet red, but he doesn’t turn away. Distantly, you wonder if you heard that right.
He sighs, somewhat frustrated. The rain falls and falls, like percussion on the window pane. Open spaces echo and you wonder if he could hear the thud of your heart. Your hands wring together so hard that the pain allows to you realise that something was happening, like there are magnets under your skin that are suddenly activated. The nearness makes you dizzy. Up close, you see that Jimin had moles on his forehead and his eyes are the darkest shade of brown in the dim light. Everything about Jimin was pretty.
“You’re really going to make me say it?”
Then, he tilts his face to the ceiling as if to plea to some irreverent deity and...
It’s like a goddamn movie.
He grabs your face with both of his hands and kisses you.
The wind shakes the windows and the clouds rumble past but it wasn’t as loud as the roar of your heartbeat in your ears. Your surroundings fizzle out, the cabin-like villa melts into static fuzz and thoughts are plundered from your brain. By instinct, you freeze, but the one thing thawing you was the fact that you don’t mind this.
Not at all.
Past the alarm bells of What the fuck is going on? And equally, past echoes of Fuckfuckfuck, you make it to one resounding thought.
Jimin’s lips are really soft.
Then your brain goes back to short-circuiting.
Jimin’s hands were everywhere and he was touching you. It’s a scramble to think about the lingering touches, and the fact that he would hold your gaze a second longer, and the way you’ve always been close but not in this way. Your body is practically a live-wire; you lean in and you’re rewarded with his tongue sliding against yours.
Yup. I’ve definitely died.
It’s unnerving how it all feels so natural yet at the same time, it’s nothing like kissing anyone you’re ever kissed in your life. There’s a tremor in the ground and you’re sure that it’s not because it’s pelting it with rain or because the wind is shrieking itself into a stupor outside. It’s because Jimin is kissing you with one of his hands pushing your hair away from your face, tugging it close at the root. You could moan from how sensitive you are. In fact, you did.
He says your name, a careful hand sliding to the nape of your neck and your body curves towards him. Each touch is tender and heat seeps everywhere. He moves to kiss your elsewhere, on your jaw, beneath the lobe of your ear. Warm breath brushing your skin. It’s an eternity that you want to pursue. You don’t want to come up for air, you want to savour it, to keep going so you push while he pulls, an insistent tug of war that escalates, bodies pressing close enough to feel the thud of your heart in your chests.
When you pull back, his lips are a darker shade and his eyes are full of fondness. They shine like sea glass.
“Shit,” he mutters, dazed.
A smile tugs at your lips because he was leaning in again.
It was just a kiss.
Then another.
And another.
You bump against walls on the way to a room. Any room. The closest was his and his bed was still unmade.
It's clumsy and your movements are awkward, punctuated by nervous laughter. It's not a jeer but an assortment of soft sounds under your breath that screamed I can't believe we waited this long. It's shaky movements that match your erratic heartbeat. Jimin kisses you, his breath fanning your skin, while his wandering hands and curious fingers continue to undress you. Like him, you do the same, and slowly but surely, the clothes fall.
"Shut up," you muttered, your face a thousand degrees warm, heart beating too fast.
The lights are muted but you can see each other so clearly.
Jimin shrinks the gap, his bare skin is warm, the muscles beneath are firm and sinewy. You suck in a breath when he touches you again. He pulls away and looks at you. Now, his tongue rests on the side of his lip and his breathing is a little laboured, if not, ragged.
“Hey,” he said.
“Hi,” you replied, smiling so hard that there was a raw ache in your facial muscles. He brushes your hair away again.
“Does this feel weird to you?”
You’re not used to him touching you like this. But it’s not weird, no.
It feels... good.
Far too good to comprehend.
You shake your head, “no.” You rise up and kiss him once more, “what about you? Does this feel weird?”
“Nope, it feels...” he said, kissing you back, “good.”
Relief mixes with your arousal.
The light graze of his teeth on your bottom lip had you grabbing at his hair, the long dark strands are silky smooth. You rock against each other, your legs widening, feeling him there, pressing against each other so hard even though there wasn’t any space left between. And you gasp as he grinds his hips, your nails digging onto his arms as he groaned. He pulls back again, his knuckle tracing your jaw, his eyes shining like reflective pools.
“Can I?”
You nod, at a loss for words.
He lifts your legs and your hips tip up. You focus on where you connect, breath caged in your throat as he pushes in slowly, and you’re shaking. To distract, he kisses you till you’re breathing into each other, laughing again just because.
He touches you everywhere, up your sides, your face, and you do the same. It’s like you’re getting to know each other all over again but this time, it’s a cascade of emotions that you couldn’t even unpack in the moment. All that mattered was that Jimin liked you and you liked him back.
“Min,” you breathed, clinging onto him as he plunges his hips down.
His gasp dies on the side of your neck, right by your pulse, which is fervent. He comes up, kisses you, the crush of his lips, soft yet hard, the slide of his tongue is smooth, swallowing your moans as you meet him halfway. The way his hands move, they skate up and over, it’s teasing and languid made you keen with desire. He says your name, it’s a desperate tone in the way it forms on his lips. Your foreheads a pressed together, warm breaths fanning over gooseflesh, and your mind goes hazy.
You’ve never experienced anything like this. Never paid attention to someone like that way you are reading his face, the way his jaw twitches as he drives his hips down, the muscles on his body are taut, pleasure manifesting in his furrowed brow and the curl of his lip.
It’s transparent. The most honest you’ve ever been with each other.
And it feels right.
“Ah fuck, you’re not going to making it easy for me to last,” he confessed, a garbled warning that had you laughing in between sighs. Mischievously, you lift your legs and hook them over his hips, making him balk.
“It’s okay. I’m the same.”
It’s everything to Jimin.
He’s waited so long, imagined this a thousand different times and it still couldn’t compare.
“Fuck,” you gasped, writhing beneath him while he peppers kisses along your neck, suckling on your skin, tasting you and breathing you in. It’s different like this. The way your laugh melts into soft sighs because of him, the way your rhythm mirrors each other’s. It’s all so perfect and wonderful that his mind spins.
“Ah, shit, you’re so wet” he shudders, unable to keep a steady tempo, edging closer and closer. Lewd sounds echo and he sees you hide your face with your hands, and he slows.
“Hey, no, wait, I want to see you,” he gently whispers, kissing your nose, your forehead, then your lips. You whimper as he presses down, legs flinching as he goes to the hilt, your gasps are soft and pitchy, lips parting against his as he goes faster.
It feels so good that it takes everything in him to pace himself.
After a few thrusts, he goes harder to temper that ache, and you cry out suddenly, velvet walls pulsing over his length in a rapid manner. He groans, clenching his jaw.
“You okay?” He searches your face, where he finds your eyes go hazy, panting shallowly as your hips jerk under him.
“Yeah. I’m okay. That felt good.”
He withdraws in an effort to preserve this, to last. You go lax, and he kisses and kisses, trailing his fingers down as your eyes go wide.
“Ah - Min, no, wait.”
He couldn’t help himself. You were so wet, barely down from your high and all he wanted was to make you feel good. So he kisses you again, relishing in your soft whimper. And he looks at you, straight in your eyes and gently enters you with his fingers.
He liked everything about you but he didn’t think he could discover more things to like. It’s in the way your face changes, the way your voice sounds, and the way you respond to him.
But most of all, it’s the way you trust him in this moment.
Slowly he goes, curling his fingers just so, knowing what that did to you and knowing what that did for him. And you moan so softly, eyes fluttering shut. It’s so beautiful that he captures your lips, your bodies flush and warm.
“Fuck, I can’t - I,” you gasped, hips bucking into his touch.
And he knows, so he smiles into the kiss.
Jimin holds you gently and is so receptive that it’s puzzling. He says things like ‘you’re beautiful’ and ‘you’re so pretty.’ It should be awkward but it’s decidedly not. Funny to think that hearing someone else say you're pretty is like a catalyst for these endorphins that so stubbornly evade you when you need them.
Funny to think that you're already old enough to know better.
Jimin, the one person you couldn’t quiet place as a friend at times is now perhaps someone more. The one with sparkling eyes that curve into happy crescents each time he flashes that solar smile. It's the same in front of thousands or you. Full lips, radiant skin, asymmetrical eyes that he felt insecure about but now loved. You memorise him, trace his angular jaw and round cheeks, his edges are worn smooth and soft.
All that was blaring through your mind was How could I not know?
“Want to see something?” He asked in between breaths, lips searching yours once more. You’re drunk and delirious, hands tugging him close.
He tugs your lower lip with his teeth, a firm bite that drew a moan out of you.
“Something cool,” he whispers, lifting your legs higher. Your breath hitches.
He rolls his hips, and rolls them and rolls them again.
“Fuck!” You gasped, clutching at the sheets.
“Too much?” He asked, smug to the core.
You could almost hear him say it.
Dancer’s hips.
“N-no. It’s good. Too good.”
You're babbling and then you chide yourself. It was more of a compliment to him than anything. He grins, leaning down to twist a finger your hair and he goes and goes till stars dance in your vision.
Jimin wants more.
It’s incomprehensible, this need to get closer.
But the moments where you both rest are as good as the moments where you’re crashing together, breaths mingling into moans and sighs. So there’s a break of sorts where you stare at each other, hair askew, mouths twitching into a smile as if you couldn’t contain the sparks of happiness that radiates from this moment.
Then, he doesn’t know how it starts again, perhaps it was you who would look at him suggestively, as if you could hear his thoughts and the warmth returns.
He’s always known how much he liked you but it was disarming that it’s out in the open now, and the fact that it’s reciprocated was just...
Well, he doesn’t even have any words for that.
“Ah...Min,” you moaned, grinding back on him with equal fervour, it’s so good.
It’s a private pleasure for him, you’re always tender in the way you say his name. He wraps his hands over your wrists pinning them above your head and you arch up, the soft planes of your body on his. He knows you more than anyone else but the way you were touching him seemed to usurp that. It’s maddening, the way he’s bottled up these feelings and now they’re tumbling out. He comes away from you again, wanting you in every way possible. Firmly, he pushes the backs of your thighs down, opening you up more.
“I want to taste you,” he murmurs, kissing that part on your rib, snaking his tongue out, warm flesh turns scalding.
“N-no, Min, wait...” you protest.
He eases off, “why?”
Instead of an answer, you hide your face, clearly uncomfortable. He reaches for you.
“No, come here, look at me, what’s wrong?”
“I’m... I’m not really used being on this side of things...”
There’s some hair that’s stuck to your temple so he brushes that away, his thumb grazes the exposed space, the salt on your skin making it tacky.
“You’re so beautiful, I want you all the time,” he praised, and for every word he deploys a kiss and goes lower. The rush of the sheets is audible like the waves crashing at the shore. You relent to the strength of his hands which keep you down till his name is merely a soft sigh on your lips.
You don’t tire for the simple fact that you couldn’t get enough of Jimin.
“Ah, fuck,” he rasped, a hand bruising your hip while you bury your face into the sheets, teeth biting at the corner of the pillow the stifle your moans. The arch in your back is impossibly curved, the rhythm of his strokes sending you into a pleasurable cycle.
You’re lost in it, hands grasping at the sheets with a grip that made them numb. Pressed onto the mattress, you hold on as his leans down, changing the angle. Your body flinches, legs threatening to give but he anchors you, lips on your back, everywhere really.
“You’re so tight,” he groaned, and you clench to emphasise.
When your eyes close, the sensations heighten. Everything is sticky, wet, and warm. Just as you feel it, that familiar spike, he pulls away, flipping you over. Those eyes, they marvel at you to the point where you’re shy, but his hands smooth you down, tender kisses to your face, then your lips. You love Jimin’s weight on you, it’s not something you can hide because you’re reaching for him, then gasping as he enters you again.
You push against each other until you’re both helpless, panting with need. You kiss him everywhere too, starting from the mole on the side of his neck, on his collarbone, lower and lower until he gathers you up, in his arms.
“Ah,” you moaned, grinding so hard that the bed creaks and groans in protest but you couldn’t care less.
It’s like a fever dream, being together like this.
“Min,” you sighed, so happy that you could burst.
He kisses you over and over while your name slips through his lips.
“I know, I know,” he whispers.
“I’m -”
He pins you down with control, rolling his hips, sweat coats your skin in a fine film. It feels so good that you could cry.
“I thought I was reading it wrong,” he murmurs.
The curtains were drawn tight over the windows, you talk in hushed voices.
“What?” You blinked, taking every opportunity to touch him, brushing his hair past his face while he does the same to you.
“We’ve known each other for years and I didn’t want to give up but I was just happy to be around you,” he said, turning shy, averting his gaze.
“But it hasn’t been years since you liked me, has it?”
He buries his laugh in the crook of your neck, embracing you while his face grew hot. Honestly, he doesn’t know how he’s managed to fly out of your radar all these years.
He comes up, licking his lips, nervousness colouring his thoughts.
“Always have, I think.”
He caught that smile on your lips, he doesn’t mind being open like this. All roads lead to home and he found that with you.
“You sure there wasn’t a specific time? I wasn’t exactly the hottest person around then.”
Before he considers it, he says, “then?”
Your jaw drops, and you shove him but he finds his way back to your arms, holding you tighter as you squirmed.
“I’ve always liked you. Besides, you’ve always been hot to me,” he added, voice muffled as his lips were pressed against your skin.
You hide your face in your hands, visibly embarrassed. He loves you like this, you haven’t changed at all. He kisses you because he can, hands exploring once more. It’s so familiar but new, soft planes set against his own.
It feels like...
Yup. That’s what it was.
The sun touches the horizon while the rain exits and in its wake, the thick sheets of grey clouds give way to bursts of orange that streak the sky. The bed is ruined and there’s nothing much to say so you don’t say anything at all. For a while, it’s enough to just stare at each other.
To marvel.
In the quiet bliss you’ve cocooned yourself in, you watch him sleep.
Jeju-do is made up of low stone walls, uneven concrete paths, and electricity poles with wires that act like a network of webs strung over the island.
But Jeju-do to you is made up of Jimin’s smile, his dozing figure on the sheets, his mussed up hair, his arm draped over you, ‘Nevermind’ on his rib and the number ‘13’ on the inside of his wrist.
Jimin normally hates early mornings but he’s awake. Light filters through the linen and you’re sleeping soundly next to him. He stares at your features, the way your eyes would sometimes move beneath your eyelids. You’ve always been restless, even in your sleep.
Part of his mind thinks that it’s still a dream.
Yet there is the phantom touch of your hand on the nape of his neck. When he sees you, he can feel your skin against his and he’s still deciding whether it makes him ache or soar.
Was it love?
You stir and curl up, he holds you close and falls asleep to the slow rhythm of your breathing.
You wanted to make sure that it wasn’t a fluke but Jimin doesn’t even give you a chance. The moment you wake up, he’s all over you, kissing you everywhere that you’re not sure whether to laugh or moan.
So it’s not a fluke.
“I’m meant to pick up the car,” he whispered, catching your earlobe between his teeth. You shivered in response, at a loss for words. It’s too early to leave the bed despite the clock reading 3PM.
“Then go,” you instructed but you place your arms around around his neck while his hips keep you caged down on the bed.
“Maybe they’ll allow me to be a little late,” he bargains, kissing that spot under your jaw that made your toes curl.
“Ah, I don’t think they can do that,” you warned, tucking yourself into him as you feel him grind his hips in a slow circle.
“Fuck... just five more minutes,” he groaned, a hand slotting at the back of your knee.
“Just five?” You teased, earning a low growl as you clenched around him.
“No,” he added weakly, his thrusts growing erratic.
You laughed and kissed him again.
"It was the last one they had," Jimin said proudly.
Parked by the gates of the villa was a handsome car, low, black, and sleek. He adjusts his scarf around your neck, tugging your beanie down (also his).
“Isn’t that the same car you have back in Seoul?”
He pouts, opening your side of the doors. You had to hold onto the roof for a bit while you slid in. Content that you were snug inside, he walks over to the driver’s side. The engine purrs to life and the interior lights up, washing out the leather. Jimin cruises it out and over the winding roads where the sea is yours to appreciate.
He drives until he comes to a stop by the foot of Camellia Hill. This was the only place left open during this time of the day. But it’s really because it was vast enough to get lost in.
Your shoes crunch the gravel beneath them and there aren’t many people around, most were huddled to