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#park jongseong
nikiskies · 2 days ago
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[11:11 p.m] ‣ Jay could tell you were very sleepy.
Your head was resting on his shoulder and your body was curled against his. A soft woollen blanket was draped over both of you, providing warmth and shielding from the winter cold. The living room you were seated in was dark save for the light from the TV set.
Your head slipped from Jay's shoulder and lolled forward, neck muscles spasming from the sudden movement. A small groan escaped your lips.
Jay, being the considerate boyfriend he was, placed his palm on your forehead and put your head on his shoulder again.
"We should go to bed," he whispered, massaging the sore spot in your neck. How he knew where it was, you didn't know. "It's late and you're barely able to keep your eyes open."
"What? No, I'm not sleepy," you slurred and buried your nose in his shoulder, snuggling impossibly closer. You sighed as the tension in your stiff muscles was relieved. "I promised I'd watch Die Hard with you."
Jay chuckled, brushing away the hair that had fallen on your face. "You've been napping for the past fifteen minutes, ____. Let's go. I had it recorded, so we can watch it tomorrow."
Eyes still closed, you grumbled. "You're saying I'm going to have to sit through another two hours of this? No, thanks. Why don't you watch, and I'll close my eyes and sleep while pretending that I'm watching too?"
Rolling his eyes, your boyfriend got up from the couch. You opened your eyes again and made a small sound of protest.
However, before you could speak, Jay picked you up bridal style and began walking towards your bedroom. You yelped and wrapped your arms around his neck.
Slightly hoisting your body, Jay adjusted his hold on you. "Don't drop me," you warned.
You shrieked and smacked his chest when he purposely loosened his grip on you. "Jay!" you whined.
Laughing, he held you closer. "I'm sorry. I won't."
Untangling your arms from his nape, you tucked your face in the crook of his neck. "I love you," you mumbled, caressing his cheek and tracing your fingers along his jawline.
Jay shivered. "Seducing me isn't going to get you out of watching Die Hard with me again."
Pressing a butterfly kiss to the skin below his ear, you whispered, "Are you sure?"
"I'm going to drop you."
You moved away and smiled at him cheekily. "If I go down, you go down with me."
"You're so stupid, ____."
Once you were finally inside your shared bedroom, Jay gently placed you on the bed.
"Hey," you called when he began walking away from you instead of lying down on the bed beside you. "Don't leave me alone."
"The TV's still on. I'll switch it off and come back," he said. Then added, "I promise."
You nodded and buried yourself under the covers. Your relationship wasn't usually so sappy, but late nights tended to make people vulnerable and say things they usually didn't. You rather liked it when you both acted cheesy and overly lovey-dovey. In private, of course. Your common friends already called your relationship gross and too corny.
The mattress dipped and the duvet shifted as Jay settled onto the bed. You reached for him, wrapping your arms around his torso and placing your head on his chest.
"I love you," he mumbled, intertwining your fingers with his.
You smiled, and brought his hand to your mouth. Grazing your lips against his knuckles, you whispered, "I love you too."
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taglist ‣ @jjikyuu @maplecornia @doievoir @geniejunn @hwazoned @w3bqrl @n1k1tty @namjoooonieee @she-is-dreaming @youreverydayzebra @abdiitcryy @baekhyunstruly @heejojo @cherriruto @hime98 @freessaaenhaa @yjungwonflower
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ddeonuism · 2 days ago
DEUCE! — set 7: “crying.”
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summary: one may ask, what would happen if you put a prodigy and a hard worker in one room? Absolute chaos. Jay and Y/N absolutely hated each other’s guts. Having been rivals from middle school until present, it’s a cruel twist of fate that they ended up going to the same university years later. To make matters even worse, both have been selected as captains for the men’s and women’s volleyball team respectively.
The coaches, the managers—hell, both teams knew they had to put an end to this ridiculous beef as they were slowly tarnishing the esteemed reputation of both teams, but the question is: how?
taglist [CLOSED]: @13isacoolnumber @shine-your-light @viscoolreal @enhypenisnotforsale @youreverydayzebra @envirae @ac-ewow @ferxanda @yut0s @luvelyxp @cha-raena @jannine00742 @lumixen @w3bqrl @yourstruely @hobistigma @heejojo @fiantomartell @dear-dreamie @atinyyylove @yeonjunsleftboob @jungwon-luv-bot-returns @wccycc @acciomylove @cheonsacheol @yenart @demonizyagurl @heuningkai-hour @jaybestboy @sbnchaos @softforqiankun @nikieskoo @yangw0nnie @enhappenstance @enhacolor @goldenxddeonu @icywhatim @chrispy-ass-baldhead @bangtopia @yougeans @yjwfav @nationsboygroup @shinramyeonz @ryu-naa @starlightjakey @jakeytiddy @gyuza @notmangojuice @shrutiajit @hwallswrld [Batch 1]
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jongsoengs · 2 days ago
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Tumblr media
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rutosruru · a day ago
— makeout sessions with enhypen hyung line ✩
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
word count — 1039 words
malsh's note — nothing is explicitly mentioned and is mostly left to the imagination of the reader, but still don't read if you feel uncomfortable with these stuff. suggestive writing is not my strongest forte, so forgive me, please.
Tumblr media
🦌 now let’s all channel on-stage heeseung instead of off-stage heeseung
🦌 i’m already dead but let’s continue, anyway
🦌 it was his off day, but you had a lot of work, so you unknowingly deprived this big baby of the love he wanted from you
🦌 soon, he just became grumpy and had enough of you ignoring him, so he stood in front of you, waiting for your attention
🦌 you knew what he wanted, but still, it was fun to tease heeseung, and you wanted to know how long it was until he snapped
🦌 “y/n.”
🦌 “yes?” you’d look at him with an innocent smile which would make him so mushy for you bc ahh you look so skjflsajdflsjd !!
🦌 he’d pout, but when he saw you struggle to hold back your smile, he would look at your laptop, seeing you watch one of the 02z v-lives
🦌 he was so mad and disappointed, so you tried to make up and apologised, giving him a quick peck on the lips
🦌 “yeah, that will not be enough for making me y/n-deprived, baby.”
🦌 with the way he tugged your hair and hungrily kissed you, dang, if you knew all this, you would’ve pissed him off sooner
🦌 just messy, open-mouthed kisses with heeseung while he’s gripping onto your shirt and pulling you close
🦌 your hands would be on his chest while his hands would trail literally everywhere
🦌 just imagine pulling away panting and seeing him with a flushed face and messy hair
🦅 ok y’all gonna be cute af i can feel it in my bones
🦅 there’s really nothing specific that would lead to a make-out session with jay bc honestly, it’s just up to the two of you
🦅 idk but for some reason, jay seems the type to just pull you onto his lap if you guys are talking — it doesn’t matter about what; whether fluff or suggestive, manz just wants you on his lap
🦅 on some days, you just carry on with the conversation while you are straddling him BUT ON OTHER DAYS *gulps holy water* it just gets steamy as soon as you see the smug smile on jay’s face
🦅 kisses would start off as gentle bc he’s a gentleman like that but it would quickly escalate to passionate, heated kisses
🦅 his hands would be on your waist, gripping onto them so tightly like damn you thought you’d have bruises of his handprints on your hips by the time everything was over
🦅 feel like you are already so close to each other and there’s no space? think again! jay would pull you impossibly closer as your fingers run through his hair
🦅 despite your heated kissing, i think it would end on a soft note
🦅 maybe both of you pulling away for a breath, just looking at each and smiling like idiots at each other’s flushed faces
🦅 “why are you so red, jay?”
🦅 “you are the one to talk, y/n.”
🐕 making out with jake would start off really innocent
🐕 like you two just catching up after not seeing each other for a while, and you’d be pouting as jake talked about how hard they were working
🐕 he’d kiss your pouty lips once … and then twice … thrice … and that’s when it starts
🐕 the innocent pecks become longing kisses and only then do both of you realise how much you’ve missed the other
🐕 being the cheeky one he is, he’d definitely bite your lip (softly ofc) so he could use his tongue when you gasped
🐕 he just found the way you froze when he slipped his tongue inside really funny — and endearing bc you were his little cutie baby
🐕 one hand would be on your back and the other would be behind your neck, pulling you closer every time you’d pull even slightly back
🐕 tugging on hair while you guys are kissing is something that would literally make jake moan like keep this up and you guys are hitting the bed sooner than you think
🐕 and when i mean hitting the bed, no sis, i do not mean sleeping
🐕 because whomst tf needs sleep, when you have a sim jaeyun
🐧 god save me i won’t be sleeping tonight with sunghoon on my mind
🐧 now ik most of y’all think sunghoon is like a cutie shudders as i have flashbacks to all the sunghoon smuts on this site or maybe not
🐧 but i feel like manz would just hit different when it just comes mature stuff AGAIN JUST MY OPINION SO DON’T COME FOR ME
🐧 like he knew you had an innocent image of him, so to throw you off at times, he’d be a hard-hitting sunghoon
🐧 you two were watching a movie, and sunghoon would find your reactions totally adorable and you quickly realised you were the one being watched instead of the movie
🐧 “sunghoon, what are-” you didn’t even get to complete your sentence, sunghoon was all over you
🐧 it didn’t take long for you to follow, and you couldn’t help but smile as you felt the neediness behind his messy kisses
🐧 your hands would be tangled in his hair while his hands would just wander, not really sticking to one place
🐧 “shit, i have been wanting this all day, y/n.” he’d say as you two pull away for a breath. sike, there is no break with needy sunghoon. switching from your lips to your neck, sunghoon would definitely leave a trail of hickeys bc he just enjoys seeing you with his little marks
🐧 you two would feel really hot all over, and it didn’t take you long to realise that making out would not cut what you felt
🐧 “sunghoon, more, please.”
🐧 “what’s the magic word?”
🐧 “fucking finish what you started, park sunghoon. don’t test me.”
Tumblr media
taglist — @ravenori @jensrose @jakeytiddy @wccycc @yourstruely @enhacolor @heejojo @jaesvelvet @treamisu @koishua @nyfwyeonjun @ms-yuu @aleinasstuff @mushtato @theoskies @silent-potato @hasahi @kpoprhia @woooooooosh8 @theoskies @yunho-leeknow (if you want to be added, please fill this taglist form!)
check out my other enhypen-related works! happy reading! <3 :)
my enhypen masterlist!
please refrain from copying or reposting my work within or outside this site.
© rutosruru 2021
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jungwoniics · 7 hours ago
[𝟏𝟏.𝟐𝟕𝐏𝐌] 𝐀𝐒𝐋𝐄𝐄𝐏 | 𝐏𝐉𝐒
Tumblr media
↦ pairing: park jongseong / jay x reader ↦ genre: fluff, crack/humour (?) ↦ w/c: 512 ↦ warnings: - ↦ a/n: hi everyone!! so this is my first timestamp (i had to ask elly what a timestamp exactly was so AHHAHA thank you elly 🥺🙏🏻) anyway, yeah i’m new to this type of writing so do feel free to let me know how you feel about this! i hope you enjoy reading it! 💗 ↦ synopsis: Park Jongseong was your busy boyfriend. After many cancelled plans, the two of you were finally able to settle on a day to spend time together, only for it to be cancelled again. You were upset that you weren’t able to spend time with your boyfriend, but as always, he’s there to cheer you up. ➵ taglist status: open — send an ask or dm! ➵ taglist (permanent): @enhacolor @meraniki @goldenhypen
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[11.27PM] You couldn’t believe it. Your plans were cancelled. Again. You knew your boyfriend’s job entails him working long hours, but you couldn’t help feeling upset that it seemed as though he cared more about his work than you.
A couple hours earlier, he had called you to tell you that he had to head back to the office due to an emergency so he wouldn’t be able to make it for the dinner date the two of you had planned.
You knew that he wouldn’t be home till really late at night, so you had decided to have dinner without him. It has become a habit for you to stay up late waiting for him to come home.
But you didn’t feel like waiting up today. So now you were in your bed, trying to fall asleep but failing miserably. It just feels different not having Jay’s arms around you as you drift off to dreamland.
But you suddenly hear the sound of keys jingling and the front door unlocking which makes you force your eyes shut. “I’m home,” you hear him call out but you don’t respond.
You hear footsteps approaching but you keep your eyes shut as if you were in a horror movie hoping the ghost would go away if you kept your eyes closed. “Oh, she’s asleep,” Jay mumbles to himself before bending down to peck your cheek.
When you hear the footsteps fading away, you open your eyes and reach out to place your phone on the nightstand. But you missed, dropping it with a loud thud.
Jay was in the kitchen, where he noticed the food you had left for him in the microwave. When he heard a loud thud coming from the bedroom, he placed the tub of ice cream into the freezer before heading to the room. He watches from the door as you bent down to retrieve your phone from the ground.
You flinched when you saw Jay standing by the door, almost dropping your phone again. “Were you pretending to be asleep?” he asks with a smirk. You blushed in embarrassment, knowing that Jay was now aware of your intention.
As bad as Jay felt seeing you all sulky, he couldn’t resist teasing you. “Fine, if you’re gonna be like that, I’ll eat the mint chocolate ice cream I bought all by myself.”
The mention of mint chocolate made you sit up. Jay begins to walk out of the room, making you run after him. “Hey, don’t eat my ice cream!” you call out, grabbing onto Jay’s arm.
He suddenly turns around to face you, catching you off guard. “I dislike mint chocolate. Besides, I bought it for you.”
A smile forms on your face, touched by Jay’s gesture of buying your most favourite food in the world. He always knew how to make you feel better. How could you ever stay mad at him?
“I promise you, we’ll find a day to go on that date, okay?” Jay assures you, taking your hands in his. You nod, “Okay.”
✦❘༻{ 𝐄𝐍𝐃 }༺❘✦
Tumblr media
·˚ ༘₊· ͟͟͞͞꒰➳ ᴛʜᴀɴᴋ ʏᴏᴜ ғᴏʀ ʀᴇᴀᴅɪɴɢ
© jungwoniics. all rights reserved. please don’t repost, plagiarise and translate. likes and reblogs are appreciated!
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theebaragi · 2 days ago
Scene 27 • Jay Whipped Era
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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♡ ྀSummary: Y/n’s class is doing favors for various students during their school festival but what happens to the university when Jay Park, member of the national university university campus famous 02z, asks her for something that's a little bit more than she can handle?
Taglist 🏷: @fiantomartell @lokideadontheinside @acciomylove @ncityy04 @blossomnct @softsakusas @kac-chowsballs @msxflower @whoe-dis @dear-dreamie @rein-deer-stuffs @youreverydayzebra @pixyseeun @kingkaithekiwi @kyleeanne @enhacolor
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ye0ncore · a day ago
scared of love - park sunghoon
hello my loves! i thought this would be a cute idea lol i haven’t written a nice angsty fic in a while so enjoy :)
>> pairing: sunghoon x female reader
>> synopsis: you and sunghoon have always had an interesting relationship. you both had feelings for the other, but what happens when one of you gets scared?
>> rating and genre: pg, angsty ish to fluff
>> warnings: slightly strong language, kissing scene, lap sitting ??
>> word count: 1.6k
Tumblr media
“y/n….y/n!” you quickly snapped your head up toward jungwon, snapping out of your daze. “jeez, are you okay? i’ve been calling your name for like five minutes,” he said, concern laced in his tone.
“uh y-yeah, i’m fine. just a bit distracted, that’s all,” you replied, hoping he wouldn’t push the situation further. however, it’s jungwon. you should have known that. he scooted his chair closer to yours, completely ignoring his class work.
“what’s on your mind? penny for your thoughts?” you and jungwon had always been incredibly close. you were childhood friends, your parents always spending time with each other. it was inevitable that you and jungwon became best friends. he was your everything and you trusted him entirely. which is why you didn’t have to think very long about whether to tell him what was really going on or not.
you took one last glance at the boy up front before turning to jungwon. he took notice of the gesture and he immediately knew what was going on. he could read you like a book. “it’s sunghoon, isn’t it?” your eyes widened as you quickly told him to be quiet. “calm down, he’s not gonna hear me. it’s him though, right? is that what’s bothering you?” you simply nodded, and took another glance at the boy.
you and sunghoon had an interesting relationship. you had had a massive crush on him since you were both freshmen, and from what he says, he felt the same. you two began talking more and more and the feelings continued to grow. you two just hadn’t done anything about it yet. but everytime he tried, you backed off. you felt horrible but you simply didn’t know what else to do. “y/n, come on, talk to me. what’s going on,” jungwon asked, his concern increasing.
you took a deep breath before speaking. “i’m scared, jungwon.”
“scared of what, y/n?”
“im scared of him hurting me. im scared of hurting him. im scared of it not working out. im scared of not being good enough and im scared of -” you were cut off by jungwon putting his hand over your mouth. he laughed a little bit at the look you gave him, but quickly turned serious again.
“y/n you have to stop with that. i know you’re scared, stuff like this can be scary. but you and sunghoon are worth a shot. i’ve never seen you as happy as you are when you’re with him.”
“but i keep pushing him away. i don’t want to push him away, but i don’t know what else to do.” your voice was soft, your eyes darting to the boy up front once again. anyone with eyes knew about the way you felt about sunghoon.
“you look at him like he hung the damn stars, y/n. just talk to him. i know you don’t want to, but you need to.” as if in cue, the bell for your next class rang, everybody around you getting out of their seats. you did the same and walked to your next class, accidentally trailing behind sunghoon the whole way.
you both walked into the classroom, taking your seat which happened to be right next to him. you loved this class for that reason alone, but at that moment in time, you would have rather been anywhere else. you took out your notebook and pencil, sunghoon glancing over at you. you did the same, him smiling at you when you two made eye contact. you immediately calmed down at the sight, feeling a lot calmer just by him smiling at you.
but then the conversation you previously had with jungwon popped into your head. as much as you hated to admit it, jungwon was right. you needed to talk to sunghoon about the way you two felt. it wasn’t good to just let it hang in the air. but one look at sunghoon, and all the sensibility in your body flies out the window.
so, you did the only thing you could think of at that moment in time. you picked your phone up off your desk, and quickly found sunghoon’s contact. you sent him a quick text to meet you by your car after school, and waited anxiously for him to read it. he laughed at something his friend said and looked at his phone after hearing the vibration. he read it and replied to you with a short, but sweet “i’ll be there :)”
the rest of the school day seemed to drag on and on. fifty minute classes seemed more like an entire day. once the final bell rang, you felt your nerves skyrocket. you took your time walking to your car, preparing everything you were going to say in your mind. you didn’t want to go into such an important conversation blindly. in no time, your eyes landed on sunghoon leaning against your car, presumably waiting for you.
he glanced up, made eye contact with you and immediately smiled. you couldn’t help but smile back. “hi,” he said as you made your way over to him.
“hi sunghoon,” you replied, putting your stuff in the back of your car. “you can hop in the passenger seat if you want, i just want to talk to you for a second.” sunghoon simply nodded and did what he was told, you doing the same.
“so what’s up, y/n? i assume you wanted to talk about something?” you nodded, and turned in your seat so you were now facing him. your heart clenched at the sight of him. he was wearing a white crewneck and his black sweatpants, his head leaning back against the window. the way the sun was sitting in the sky made the sight all the more mesmerizing.
you shook the thoughts out of your head, trying to focus on what you were going to say to sunghoon, but you couldn’t seem to focus. “come on, stop staring and talk to me, love. what’s up?” you mentally cursed at the pet name, losing track of everything going on in your mind. he always did that. flirted with you at the worst times.
“i was going to talk to you about us. and how i feel,” you said, your voice a little shaky. this seemed to catch his attention, cause as soon as the words rolled off your tongue, he sat all the way up giving you his full attention.
“okay, im listening. what’s up,” he said, his voice soft. he knew how you worked, he knew you could get a little nervous during serious conversations. he kept his voice soft, hoping it would keep you calm. he smiled at the way you took a deep breath, and played with your hoodie strings before you spoke.
“we’ll for starters, we all know about the way i feel about you…” his smile only widened as you began to talk. “i like you… hell i may even love you. but you know i’ve been distant lately and i think you deserve an explanation as to why.” sunghoon simply nodded, motioning for you to continue.
“the truth is is that, i got scared.” he tilted his head in confusion, listening to you wholeheartedly. “and before you ask what i got scared of… i got scared of everything. i got scared of hurting you, you hurting me, not being what you need.. i could continue but that’s basically the gist. i’m scared of doing something to run you away because i really really really don’t want to lose you.”
it took sunghoon a second to process everything you had told him. but he was beyond thankful that you said something. truth be told, he was in utter confusion as to why you had basically ghosted him. it hurt him a lot, but it made him feel a lot better to hear you give an explanation. “okay first of all, thank you for saying that, i didn’t know how bad i needed to hear that until now. and i understand where you’re coming from, trust me. but you don’t have to be scared. not with me.” you smiled at his words, your nerves beginning to calm.
“i am not going to hurt you, that is a promise. and i know you enough, to know you would never do something purposefully to hurt me. and in response to you not being what i need… i don’t think you quite understand.” you tilted your head in confusion at the statement.
“what don’t i understand?” he had to stop himself from chuckling at the lost look on your face that he found to be absolutely adorable.
“i don’t think you understand that you’re everything i need. you make me happy, you keep me sane. when i’m around you, everything just feels right. you could never not be enough for me because you are everything to me.” all you could do was smile at his confession. no one had ever made you so happy and no one had ever made you feel so loved.
“you don’t have anything to be scared of, y/n. i’ve got you, you’re safe with me. i think me and you have a really good shot at this, don’t you think?” all you could do was reach over the center console and pull him into a hug.
your arms wrapped around his neck as his made their way to wrap around your waist. after a moment he ended up pulling you into his lap, so you were straddling him. he smiled up at you, and then began to lean in. he pressed his lips to yours, you melting into his touch. once he pulled away, he pulled you into a hug once again, your head resting on his chest.
and at that moment, you knew for sure, that you were in love with park sunghoon. and you knew that you and your heart, were safe with him.
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jaytendo · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
6:50 p.m. ▸ “what’s that on your neck?” your little brother asked, frowning at the few purple bruises splayed across your skin that you forgot to cover up.
you panicked for a second, knowing well that the culprit was right across the table, staring down at his plate of pancakes like it was the last thing he would ever see. your boyfriend, jay, was trying to collect himself while you were floundering for words.
“your sister accidentally burned herself with the curling iron,” jay lied coolly for you, and you were almost impressed with how smooth he was until your best friend, nishimura riki, decided to open his mouth.
“they’re lying to you,” riki said. “he gave her a hickey.”
while your little brother tried to figure out what in the world a hickey was and you tried to convince him it wasn’t a big deal, riki was being chased around the house by your angry boyfriend.
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ddeonuism · 3 hours ago
DEUCE! — set 8: “I begin to pass out”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
a/n: so i have been made aware of the fact that tumblr is downgrading the quality of the photos lately and for that i apologize JEJDSJ (apparently the quality is normal on the browser though) (also please let me know of your thoughts there’s a reason why “please” is written somewhere in my ask lol)
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summary: one may ask, what would happen if you put a prodigy and a hard worker in one room? Absolute chaos. Jay and Y/N absolutely hated each other’s guts. Having been rivals from middle school until present, it’s a cruel twist of fate that they ended up going to the same university years later. To make matters even worse, both have been selected as captains for the men’s and women’s volleyball team respectively.
The coaches, the managers—hell, both teams knew they had to put an end to this ridiculous beef as they were slowly tarnishing the esteemed reputation of both teams, but the question is: how?
taglist [CLOSED]: @13isacoolnumber @shine-your-light @viscoolreal @enhypenisnotforsale @youreverydayzebra @envirae @ac-ewow @ferxanda @yut0s @luvelyxp @cha-raena @jannine00742 @lumixen @w3bqrl @yourstruely @hobistigma @heejojo @fiantomartell @dear-dreamie @atinyyylove @yeonjunsleftboob @jungwon-luv-bot-returns @wccycc @acciomylove @cheonsacheol @yenart @demonizyagurl @heuningkai-hour @jaybestboy @sbnchaos @softforqiankun @nikieskoo @yangw0nnie @enhappenstance @enhacolor @goldenxddeonu @icywhatim @chrispy-ass-baldhead @bangtopia @yougeans @yjwfav @nationsboygroup @shinramyeonz @ryu-naa @starlightjakey @jakeytiddy @gyuza @notmangojuice @shrutiajit @hwallswrld [Batch 1]
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jaysbestie · a day ago
Best Friends - Prologue
pt. 1 out of 4 (kinda like introduction)
pairing; jay x reader, jake x reader in later parts
genre; fluff, angst
summary; it was always you three, they were your safe place, your bros for life, and one of them, the love of your life.
This is so late, I'm really sorry, 2 will be out tmr probably!!
tagging @julinancio because it was the person who requested it!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Summer break was sadly over.
That meant only one thing, back to school season was starting. God, you hated this season. Classes were starting again and you'd have to give up on waking up at 1 p.m and start having a normal sleeping schedule. Late nights spent with your best friends would have to stay in the past as the only thing you should have on your mind was classes and assignments.
Speaking of late night and best friends. Jake and jay had given you one of the most memorable summer vacations you've ever had. From singing and dancing outside in the summer rain to picnics and swimming in the sea till late night. Amazing bonfires and songs on the guitar had enchanted you and you thought that you had fallen in love with the season. It could have been the amazing company that contributed to this, scratch that, it must have been the amazing company.
Jay and Jake where everything you could ask for. They always kept you company, at your happy moments and your sad moments.
You all made a very important promise at the end of summer break. Never leave eachother.
That was until you started catching feelings for him.
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HAVE WE MET BEFORE? — pt 10: take a hint
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SUMMARY: Popular girl L/N Y/N has everything she could ever want. She’s got perfect grades, perfect friends, and she’s sure her crush likes her back. Everything goes astray, however, when one of her old summer flings suddenly shows up as a new student.
Tumblr media
It’s possible you were overthinking things, but this was the most nervous you’d been in years.
You and your friends had spent hours picking out an outfit the night before, not wanting to give off the wrong impression. It was a study date, after all. You couldn’t be too formal, otherwise you’d look like a tryhard. However, you couldn’t be too casual, or it’d give off the image that you don’t care.
Jungwon told you that you were reading too far into things, and that nobody actually paid attention to that stuff. Jihan flipped him off and kicked him out of the room.
It shouldn’t have been a big deal as it was, but this was your first time hanging out with Heeseung one-on-one. Opinions in your friend group were very split, with Sunoo, Taehyun, and Jihan agreeing that Heeseung may have had other motives than studying, while Jungwon, Kamal, and Minju telling you to chill out.
And so, with your heart beating out of your chest, Taehyun dropped you off. You padded towards the cafe, taking a look at your reflection in the door before walking in. Heeseung was already there, waving once he saw you.
You sat down across from him and pulled your books out, and the two of you immediately started on the project.
You worked on it for a while, getting about halfway done before you mutually decided on taking a break. “So how have you been? I feel like we’ve barely talked lately.” He asks, attempting to make small talk.
“That’s only because you’ve been crazy busy, captain.” You tease, making you both chuckle. “I’ve been well, more or less the same as ever.”
“That’s good to hear.” He responds. You’re insanely nervous, too caught up in it all to realize he’s just as anxious as you. “You know Y/N, I really enjoy spending time with you.” He tells you, making your cheeks instantly flush.
You laugh a little before responding, “I really like spending time with you too, Heeseung.” You clear your throat a bit before continuing, “There’s something I think-”
Heeseung interrupts you in favor of something behind you, “Yo, Jay!”
Your expression darkens and you’re terrified to look. Swallowing hard, you turn around and low and behold, Park Jongseong is there. “Hey! Funny running into you guys here.” Jay says, shifting uncomfortably.
“Oh, y/n, this is my friend, Jay.” Heeseung introduces.
“Oh, we’ve met before. Haven’t we, y/n?” Jay responds, eyes flashing between you and him.
“Ah, that’s right!” You let out an uncomfortable chuckle, “Yeah we met in freshman year when I visited the states. I guess we met this year too.”
“How cool! It must be fate.” Heeseung comments, and you shake your head as Jay looks away. “Jay, you have this teacher too, don’t you?” Heeseung asks, gesturing to your guys’ work.
Jay nods in response, taking a seat next to Heeseung. “Yeah, I have him for second period.”
“That’s perfect! Then you can work on this with us.” Heeseung suggests, and Jay accepts gratefully.
“Yeah...great.” You respond, clearing your throat as you get back to work.
God, why couldn’t this guy just take a hint?
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