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#parker 🐥
The second-generation MCU heroes are asked who is their favorite Avenger:
Sam Wilson: Well, Steve Rogers of course.
Kate Bishop: Clint! Put some respect on the Hawkeye name!
Peter Parker: Mr. Stark, come on now. Did you have to ask?
Kamala Khan: Carol. Danvers. She's the reason why y'all are even called Avengers!
Yelena Belova: (takes a swig of vodka) Uh...the Ant-Man guy.
Sam, Kate, Peter, Kamala: ...
Yelena Belova: Why that look? He did magic trick where he made cards come out mouth, very entertaining. Natasha would understand.
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incorrectmarvelquote · 13 hours ago
Peter: How do you want your coffee?
Tony: As sweet as me
Peter: [visibly stressed] I don’t have enough salt for that
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randominagines · 13 hours ago
Kinda of a part 2 to THIS
Pairing: Avengers x neutral reader
Warning: is this considered angst? Idk but it's fluff
Gifs belong to their creators.
Tumblr media
After days spent trying to find the best way to save you, Tony would immediately smile. As soon as he sees you moving, his heart explodes with happiness. He would gently take your hand and look at you. "Hey, look who's awake." He would immediately tease you and he would avoid crying in order to not scare or upset you but he woud be so relieved.
Tumblr media
Steve, on the other side, wouldn't be able to control his emotions: he would gently kiss the back of your hand while looking at you in complete relief, his prayers have been listened after days of agony. "Sweetheart, I'm so glad you're okay. I love you." He would whisper, lips on your hand while he looks at you with watery eyes.
Tumblr media
Thor has been waiting for days, the best healers and witches of Asgard have been working no stop to save you, so he would be so grateful. He would immediately kneel down next to your bed, his hand caressing your head while he stares at you, a tiny smile curving his lips. "Baby, I knew you were going to be okay. I knew it." He would keep saying while gently running his fingers through your hair, he never wants to stop caressing you.
Tumblr media
Natasha never had a single doubt: she knew you were strong enough to survive that. She would immediately run to you and grab your hand, her smile filled with happiness while she gives you little kisses on your hands. "Finally," she would say between a kiss and another. "You're okay." She would keep kissing your hands, she missed you so much.
Tumblr media
Wanda has been on her own for days, her heart too tormented to see or talk to anyone. When you finally wake up, she would immediately walk to you, her movements slow to not distrub you. She would softly put a hand on your cheek and caress you, her touch delicate. "Baby..." she would whisper. "You're awake. Thank God. " she would say while a tear runs down her cheek and she gently places a kiss on your cheek.
Tumblr media
Sam would feel like a huge wight lifted. He would take a deep breath before sitting next to your bed and looking at you, his hand caressing your arm. "You scared the shit out of me," he would whisper, his voice showing how relieved he is. "But I love you." He would say before kissing your shoulder.
Tumblr media
Peter would finally start breathing again. He would immediately run to you, his heart pounding faster while he looks at you with watery eyes. "Baby, oh my... you're awake, Mr Stark told me you were strong, how you feeling, I was so scared, you're finally here..." he would start saying while caressing your head, his hands shaking. You would have to stop him by making him understand that you're feeling okay and that's when he would finally process and kiss your forehead.
Tumblr media
Bucky would not listen to anyone, his only thought would be coming to tou. He would slowly lay next to you and hug you, his hand caressing your hand while he places his lips against your forehead. "Doll, I thought I had lost you..." he would say, his tendency to believe that he doesn't deserve good things had been tormenting him for days with images of you not making it. "I couldn't have done this without you." He would finally say while looking at you, his eyes filled with relief.
Tumblr media
After days spent being angry at the whole universe, he would finally feel in peace. He would immediately come to you, his eyes watery while he slowly kneels down next to your bed, his long fingers tracing your cheekbone. "Pet, I knew you would have found a way to come back to me." He would whisper, his voice filled with mixed emotions. He would place soft kisses on your lips, his hands never leaving you. "I love you, my brave y/n." He would whisper, his lips still on yours.
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muralskins · 21 hours ago
Baby Peter : Nat, why do people get married?
Natasha : Well, because the two people love each other very m—
Y/n : And so that only they can kiss that person for the rest of their lives.
Baby Peter : *whispers* On the mouth?
Y/n : *nodding wisely*
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rosyparkers · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
➼ love lies
↳ ❀°·.· eight | INTERACTIVE ·.·°❀
note ⇢ this update’s poll is really, really important so that we stay in the good route!! it’s up to y’all to decide whether y/n messages the anonymous twitter user or peter first 🤠 think carefully before answering the poll, it closes at 11 pm est today :D
synopsis ⇢ silk is in love with spider-man and spider-man is in love with silk. at least, that’s what the world thinks. to the city of new york, your and your boyfriend’s masked alter egos do much more than look out for the little guy—you’re also the subject of fan accounts and tabloids. the only problem is that it’s all a ruse, and you’re not actually dating spider-man. if anything, you can’t stand him. well, that, and the irrevocably adorable boy who just joined your school’s newspaper.
✦°·.· series masterlist + taglist in my pinned ·.·°✦
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Peter: I'm eating my dinosaur chicken nuggets in the order they would die in the food chain.
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blissfulparker · 11 hours ago
The reader taking a pregnancy test and Peter is freaking out while you do it. And then you get off the bathroom and while you are waiting with him, you just playfully mumble: god I hope you are the father
Peter parker didn’t wake up this morning thinking his girlfriend would need a pregnancy test. Yesterday Peter Parker ate a whole pepperoni pizza by himself and the rent was nearly late again, he didn’t know how he was able to take care of a child when he himself still felt like one.
But his hands shaky and sweaty as you both wait for the test to set. You yourself nervous as you can barely touch Peter.
“It’s going to be okay, I mean…we can move into the compound where it’s safe and we will figure it out.” He swallows hard. Honestly, he had no idea what he was going to do.
“That is if I’m pregnant…and you’re the father…” you trail off. You watch the color drain his face before you let out a laugh. “I’m kidding! I’m sorry, I just…I can’t take this seriously…I mean I can but it’s hard. Pete, we’re so young. I-we argue about taking out the trash and play Mario Kart all the time. How will we take care of a baby?” You sigh and finally, for the first time since this morning, his arms wrap around you.
“We’ll figure this out. I promise we’ll—“ the sound of the timer goes off. He has no time to finish his sentence before you rush into the bathroom and hold up the test. Negative. It was a negative test.
The two of you sigh but there is a strange ache in peters heart as the thought of a baby did excite him. You carrying his baby, a sign of your love. But the time would come, the time was not now.
“You’re upset.” You give him a pout and he shakes his head.
“No-yes-no? No. I’m not upset. I just…I don’t know.” He looks away and your hand goes up to cheek.
“Hey,” you say, eyes meeting his. “Our time will come. Remember, we’re still young.” You promise with a nod and he nods back. “Can you still have pregnancy cravings with no pregnancy?” You ask and he lets out a soft laugh.
“I think that’s just called a craving.” He tells you and you shrug.
“Well…then I’m craving pizza. Pregnancy craving or not.” You smiled and he let his arm snake around your waist.
“Then we must have the same baby because I’m craving it too.” He jokes. The air eases up as the two of you joke and get pizza.
In years from now, in a bigger house and a time where he wasn’t constantly leaving for spiderman, the two of you would have a family of your own but for now you would cuddle up with pizza and take advantage of all the quiet time you can get.
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starknik22 · 5 hours ago
Punishments [P.P]
summary: peter doesn’t something bad so he has to be punished
warnings: mentions of sex, swearing
a/n: i can’t stop making smaus. help.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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incorrectmarvelquote · 10 hours ago
Peter: [coming back from playing tennis]
Tony: Do you prefer grass or astroturf?
Peter: I don’t know, I’ve never smoked astroturf-
Peter: [eyes widen]
Peter: -I gotta go
Tony: Wha- Kid I swear to god
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forgetful-nerd · 19 hours ago
Tony, at the beginning of summer: School is out in two weeks, What am I going to do with my kids all day? Keep them in my house? Where I live?
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starknik22 · 12 hours ago
Cat Noir? [P.P]
summmary: you force peter to patrol with you dressed as cat noir.
warnings: swearing 
word count: 867
a/n: this is a part two of this smau! hope you enjoy and as always, comments and reblogs are highly appreciated! much love!
“Peter?” You called from outside the bathroom door, tapping your foot impatiently, “Come on! We have to go, it’s already eight o’clock.” 
“I can’t go out like this, (Y/N)!” Peter called from inside the bathroom
“Peterrr,” You cried, “you promised! You’re gonna look so hot fighting crime as Cat Noir.” 
“Please don’t make me wear the ears.” 
“You have to,” You smirked, “that’s where KAREN is hooked up. Now come out and let me see my masterpiece!” 
Peter hesitantly opened the door, but the second the door was opened a crack, you kicked it in the rest of the way. Peter stood there awkwardly in the black skin-tight latex of his new catsuit. His entire body was encapsulated up to his neck, and the suit itself was somewhat textured for grip strength. His chocolate brown eyes glistened beneath the black face mask and the cat ears pointed perfectly at the top of his head. 
“Why did you have to make it latex,” He complained, “I can hardly move.” 
“You look so cute!” You squealed, kissing his red cheeks, “And don’t worry, babe, nobody’s even gonna recognize you. Miraculous Ladybug is a kids show.” You said simply, pinching his cheeks.
“But you watch it,” Peter pointed out. 
“Yeah, because Morgan watches it, duh.” 
Peter rolled his eyes and attached his web-shooters to the new suit, “Let’s just get this over with,” He sighed. 
“Wait! You’re forgetting the most important part!” 
You ran at him with little lime green contacts on your fingers, ready to pop them in his eyes. 
“No way!” Peter squirmed away from you, “I never agreed to contacts!” 
“But it’s not the same without them,” You pouted, “and I made them special for you; they have night vision.” 
“Please don’t make me wear them,” Peter begged, but the look of disappointment caused him to finally give in. 
“I hate this,” Peter said for the fifth time since you left the tower. “My thighs are chafing.” 
“Ew,” You giggled, “stop complaining, crimes rates are pretty low lately, so maybe we’ll have an easy night—”, before you could finish your sentence, the roaring sound of an explosion rang out in the distance. “Or not.” You shrugged as Peter wrapped an arm around your waist and swung you to where the sound was coming from.
The office building fire wasn’t the worst you and Peter have seen in terms of fires, flashback to the beach fire plus the plane crash you dealt with last year. There were only ten workers still in the building so late, and nobody was on the top floor, so it was a relatively easy rescue mission. The best part was when a little girl on the sidelines saw Peter’s new costume. 
“Cat Noir?!” She called, waving frantically at you and Peter. Peter rolled his eyes and let go of your hand to go say hi. 
“Hi little girl,” He smiled, “it is I, Cat Noir.” 
The little girl looked at him skeptically before her face lit up with a smile, “I can’t believe you came to New York and saved my mommy! You’re the best hero in the world!”
“Thanks,” Peter smiled, “stay safe and have a nice night,” he waved, just as he was about to meet back up with you on a rooftop next door the little girl stopped him.
“Wait!” the little girl called, “Where’s Ladybug?”
“Oh she—um,” Peter scratched the back of his neck. He’s never seen the show, so he wasn’t entirely sure who that was, to begin with, “she’s busy tonight. Lot of crime, y’know?”
“Why are you hanging out with Vendetta?” she asked, pointing to you on the roof behind Peter, giving them both a small wave. 
“Oh,” Peter looked behind himself and smiled at you, “she’s my girlfriend.” 
“What?” The little girl’s voice cracked, “b-but your s-supposed to be with Ladybug!” she cried, hot tears filling in her eyes and streaming down her cheeks, “y-you and Ladybug are s-soulmates!” 
Peter panicked when he saw the little girl’s reaction to the news, “Oh um—I’m sorry, little girl, I um—well I’ve got to go now, bye!” He called before running behind the next building over and scaling the side. 
You were on the roof rolling over and clutching your stomach in laughter. “What did you tell her?” You nearly choked on your words, huffing and puffing out more giggles until you were practically wheezing. 
You peeked over the edge of the building to see the little girl in her mother’s arms sobbing loudly at whatever it was Peter said. 
“I just said that you and I were dating!” Peter defended, “Am I not allowed to say that?” 
You burst out into another fit of giggles while Peter just stood there shaking his head, “You can’t say that dressed as Cat Noir,” You explained, “Cat Noir is supposed to end up with Ladybug, and as you can see, I did not dress up as Ladybug tonight.” 
“How was I supposed to know that?!” Peter whined. 
“Oh my god,” You chuckled, “Come on, Adrien, let’s get you home before you ruin any more kids’ dreams.” 
“Finally,” Peter sighed, giving you a kiss, but then he abruptly pulled away, “wait, who the fuck is Adrien?”
✧tags & moots✧ @ptersmj @princessofguineapigs @peterbenjiparker @cherrytholland @itsapeterthing @justapurrcat @thirstiestpotato @kelieah @iovebug  @rosyparkers @parkers-gal @starktonyx @celestialholland  @hollandcrush @scarletspideyy @blissfulparker @spidernerdsblog @spidey-sophie @spideyspeaches @peterparkers-bad-youtube-apology @andilovetowrite @sinisterspidey @asonofpeter @arlo-sanders @boiolay @letssee2468  @white-wolf1940 @fandom-life-12 @hollandsdream @annathesillyfriend @lovelybarnes @miseryholland @wierdteenagenerd @hollandprkr @arvinsescape @hollandsrecs @super-not-naturall @amourtentiaa @allthisfortommy @selfcarecap @misshale21 @morganwilliams @loveaffaire @illicitparker @tomfknholland @amortentiaparker @harryhollandsgirlfriend @hollandlover19 @thegirlintheswivelchair
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nanakoblaze · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Ben: ' I think later she called Miles to pick me up because she thought I fainted. '
Ben: ...
Ben: ' ...Maybe I did. '
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incorrect-assvengers · 12 hours ago
Peter: Heads up if you try to make a candle with food colouring, the food colouring will just sink to the bottom of the glass, and when the flame eventually reaches the bottom all the food colouring will catch fire and become one giant tall flame that you cannot possibly blow out and the glass will start to crack and then you'll throw your tea on it in a panic and then the extremely hot food colouring will boil and sizzle horribly and then the glass will shatter. Please take my word on this.
Ned: What did you make?
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ackermanbitch · 15 hours ago
what tony sends his daughter (reader) when he's away from her:
"miss you kiddo"
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"feelin cute, might make another ultron 😳😳😜"
Tumblr media
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underoooos · 21 hours ago
Peter: Hey Mr. Stark, what does coffee taste like?
Tony : Eh, not as good as it smells
Peter: Oh
Peter: Like shampoo
Tony : *concerned noises*
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nanakoblaze · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Ben, Ethan and Sleeper are back! How are you?
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justeverythingmarvel · 18 hours ago
MJ: So what do you have planned for the future?
Peter: Lunch.
MJ: No, like long term.
Peter:, dinner?
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