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I picked the Peter has a tattoo Tony doesn’t know about as well as Tony being overprotective of Peter having a girlfriend/boyfriend

Also I’m so sorry this took like a million years to do only for it to be this short lmao :///


It’s not that Tony doesn’t like Harley. He’s a decent kid, a little rough around the edges and bordering on abrasive, but he’s smart and it’s obvious he makes Peter happy, and isn’t that the most important part?

But Tony couldn’t help but be overprotective of his kid, after the disaster of Peter’s last relationship with Liz, Tony didn’t want Peter to get hurt again.

It doesn’t help that Peter’s too good. He’s so generous and sweet and naïve. It’s too easy for people to take advantage of someone like that, Tony has to make sure Peter doesn’t get screwed over like Tony has thousands of times before.

So maybe he’s a little bit more careful whenever Peter’s going to see Harley instead of Ned or MJ, maybe he takes care to check on them more frequently when they’re in the Tower, maybe he makes sure Peter knows he can go to Tony with anything.

But Peter’s shiningly happy with Harley, a little ball of sunshine.

So Tony tries his best not to worry, to give them space, to let loose on the reins. And by the time they’ve moved in together, made it to their five-year anniversary, crafted a life together, Tony considers Harley family more than anything.

“How’s it going, kid?” Tony asks when Harley’s waiting around in the kitchen for Peter to make his appearance so they can make the drive back out to Massachusetts after spending Christmas Break with Tony.

“Good. I’ve promised to bring Petey down to Tennessee for Spring Break to give my family some time with us as well, but he’s not excited for the plane ride. But Christmas has been amazing, thank you for letting us crash here for a few weeks.”

Tony smiles. “You’re always welcome.”

“Might take you up on that offer. I think Peter wants to spend the summer here, and where he goes, I follow, so I might end up crashing here for those months. As long as you let up on the couch rule. I think we’re a little past the pretenses, don’t you?”

“Nope,” Tony says, shaking his head. “I’m going to stay in my happy fantasy world where Peter’s still an innocent little kid and you haven’t corrupted him yet. I don’t want to know anything.”

Peter comes sliding down the hallway in socks, dragging a suitcase along behind him. He lifts up onto his toes to kiss Harley, and in the process, the hem of his old t-shirt slides up.

Between where his t-shirt’s risen and his sweatpants are hanging low around his waist is clear black ink.

“What the fuck?” Tony gasps, grabbing Peter by the elbow and hauling him away from Harley. He picks up the shirt himself to stare at the ink.

Harley’s eyes go huge and he grabs the suitcase from Peter. “I’m going to get this to the car. See you there, love you.”

And then he’s gone, racing to the elevator.

“A tattoo!”

There, on Peter’s hip, in simple black scrawling handwriting is HJK.

“Dad, you can’t seriously-”

Tony draws away, letting Peter’s shirt cover the tattoo. “I’m going to kill him.”

“Dad, it was my fault.” Peter laughs, rolling his eyes at his dad’s antics. “I went to a Yale party with MJ and we got totally drunk and I got a tattoo. Harley saw it the next morning when I was puking my guts out, and he wanted to ease my panic about a tattoo, so he got a matching one on his shoulder. After the initial freak-out wore off, I kinda grew to love it.”

“Love it? What happens if-”

Peter shakes his head, cutting Tony off. “I caught Harley shopping for an engagement ring a few months back. I don’t think there’s really a worry of us breaking up anymore. It’s been five very long years, nothing’s managed to tear us apart and nothing will.”

“And how do you know that? I’ve thought, time and time again, that things were permanent. Not everything is, kid.”

“This is. If we could make it through the world ending three times over, I’m one hundred percent positive of me and Harley. And if I’m positive, then you should definitely be positive, Dad. I love him and he loves me, isn’t that all that matters?”

Tony lets out a sigh, slipping into a breakfast bar stool. “I believe you, kid. I know you love each other, but a tattoo? Really? Tattoo’s are always a bad idea. You’ve seen my Captain America tramp stamp, I would know.”

“This isn’t a Captain America Tramp Stamp. This is like a promise ring, just in ink.”

Tony sighs again but he’s got a smile ghosting across his face. “Alright, kid. You’re an adult, I know. You’re a good kid, I trust your decision making and I trust Harley not to hurt you. But please don’t do anything stupid while drunk again, alright?”

“That means I really shouldn’t tell you about the second one I got?”


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[tonys working in his lab]

FRI: sir peter and harley are kissing

Tony: *proud they finally admitted feelings for each other*

FRI: they are now heading into Mr. Keeners room

Tony: *slight panik*

FRI: They appear to be taking off their shirt and pants

Tony: *bigger panik* Fri, are my two kids going to fu-

FRI: They are now crawling into Mr. Keeners bed

Tony: *racing around like a madman* FRIDAY!

FRI: Oh they’re adorable. They’re cuddling

Tony: *collapses on the couch*

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tell me the truth

Peter stares at his phone for a long, long time, brows furrowed together in both confusion and concern, lips pressed into a thin line. The text from Harley stares back at him with accusation and tension and something hard to describe, even though Peter can’t think of anything he could have said or done that could even be considered a lie. After a few moments of consideration, he carefully taps out a response.

about what?

Within seconds, Harley sends: anything.

That accusatory feeling ebbs into a stronger sense of worry. Peter types, are you okay?

not really, Harley replies. Before Peter can ask for clarification—or say fuck it and just hit call or swing over to the tower—Harley sends another message. a lot of lies just came to light from the people i thought would never lie to me. guess i just wanna hear something true.

Peter feels frozen. He knows, of course, that Harley’s family is a bit unstable—a mother who loves with her entire heart but can’t seem to shake her Southern Catholic roots, a sister who idolizes Harley and struggles to understand that he’s a flawed human being who trips and stumbles and messes up sometimes, a father who left when Harley was seven and hasn’t shown his face since then, a father figure in one Tony Stark who adores Harley just the same as he adores his biological daughter but who doesn’t always know what Harley wants or needs and often grasps wildly in the dark for a simple idea of what he should do—but lies? Peter has always thought of Harley’s family and support system as a structure of honesty. Harley hates lies, after all. He despises them.

Peter wants to press for information, the curious parts of his brain so insistent on seeking insight on the situation, but he knows how Harley is, knows that, unless Harley is the one to willingly delve into a subject, trying to dig will only piss him off and push him away.

i’m always here for you, Peter types. Doesn’t wait for a response before adding, and i was just hardcore crying over the movie 27 dresses. both of these are equally true facts.

He tries to imagine Harley—red rimmed eyes, a sad look in his eyes, but unable to stop himself from snorting at Peter’s second text, like he always does whenever Peter mentions his habit of shedding tears over romcoms. It makes something in Peter’s chest twist and ache.

His phone vibrates. ur not lying?

Peter lets out a slow breath. i’d never lie to you.

do you love me?

And Peter—he doesn’t hesitate. of course i do, he sends. i love you more than anything, harls.

Five minutes. No response. Ten—nothing. Around the fifteen minute mark, Peter’s gut shrivels up with concern.

can i come over? i’m worried, he asks.

Instantly, Harley says, i’m already omw over. can we watch 27 dresses and cry together??

Peter smiles. absolutely!! ice cream?

with hot fudge, pls

whatever you want <3

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Day 16: writer’s choice - Halloween Music


Halloween Memories

For: @lilacsandlilies4

Ao3 Link:

A/N: this is part of another series but can be read alone. If you reblog this is you can tag your favorite song title in the tags I would like to see which one everyone likes!

Peter was used to the sound of the bass and the beat of the drums. He was used to being backstage while his lovers were on stage singing away. This time though it was at a party for a friend of Peter’s. Charles had asked Peter to get the band over to play for his Halloween Party which led to Peter creating a whole Halloween playlist for the group that Peter found spooktacular. Not that the others would agree. They just found his enthusiasm wonderful and gave him kisses on the check. Hearing the songs Peter knew that he enjoyed this day because he had memories and that is what each song showed as they played through the songs.

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Harley liked his routines. He tried to keep the same exact routines every day, just to make sure that he had all his ducks in a row. Wake up, brush teeth, build until twenty minutes before school, get dressed, run to school. Do the school things. After school was varied based on days, just to spice it up, but from five to six was always building time and six to seven was always team dinner.

Steve would cook on Monday nights, Nat and Bruce on Tuesday nights, Thor, Wanda, and Vision on Wednesday, his dad on Thursday, Clint on Friday. Bucky would pop in sometimes with Sharon from their adventures taking Hydra down around the world, and they’d always go out to eat on those nights. Saturday and Sunday didn’t usually have team dinner, and Harley preferred to keep his routines looser on those days anyway.

After dinner, he’d do homework- if he hadn’t finished it in class- and then shower. He’d get dressed into pajamas, go tell his dad goodnight, tell the rest of his dad’s team goodnight, and then slip into his room, telling Fri to put it on blackout so no one could wake him up. After he was sure the AI had gone away, he’d let out a quiet sigh.

That’s when his real night began.

He’d slip off his clothes, slipping in instead into one of Peter’s soft sweatshirts that he’d managed to hide in his room. Then he’d wait. Sometimes it took an hour, other times it only took a few minutes, but every night, he came. This was part of Harley’s routine too. Waiting up for Spider-Man, for Peter, every single night and making sure the vigilante was alright- that the team the vigilante worked on was alright too.

The Young Avengers weren’t a gang. Harley wouldn’t consider it a gang. He knew what everyone at the Avengers Tower thought about the young crew, but Harley disagreed. They may be young, they may have stolen their name, but they were heroes of the streets and New York was better because of them. Well. Because of Peter. New York was better because of Peter.

And every single night, Peter would stop by his room. Every single night the hero would knock softly against the glass, and Harley would answer it. Peter would pull up his mask, eyes either dark or twinkling by whatever kind of night it was. Then the events of the night would depend on that.

Harley loved this routine.

Tonight was absolutely no different.

“Peter,” he breathed, opening the window. “What brings you here?”

Peter rolled up his mask, tossing it into Harley’s room without looking, then pressing in slowly. Harley was still an inch taller than the other boy- he mused back on a time, when they started all of this, that he’d been more than inch taller, but Peter was growing quick now, most likely because of the spider- but every time he did this, Peter made him feel a little like a rabbit pinned down by a wolf. The other boy grinned, eyes gleaming. “Just passing through. Thought I’d check on my favorite damsel.”

“You save a guy once,” Harley said nonchalantly, because this was part of the routine too. “And you get called a damsel. You’re more of a damsel at school than I am.”

“But you know how I am.” Peter stepped in closer, and Harley didn’t take a step back. The other boy’s hands found his waist, slipping up his sweatshirt. Well. Peter’s sweatshirt. “I like being underestimated.”

“That makes you seem cruel.”

“Nah, I’m still me,” Waggling his eyebrows, Peter tugged him closer gently. “Your Peter who likes Star Wars and dweebs out about your bots. You know that.”

Read The Rest of Criminal Here! 

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Peter and Harley: *giggling*

Stephen: what did you two do this time?

Harley: nothing!

Peter: we shaved off Tony’s eye brows!

Stephen: WHAT?!?! Why would you do that? You two are going to be in SO MUCH TROUBLE!

Harley: relax, he didn’t seem mad.


Stephen: he seems pretty mad to me!

Peter: really?

Harley: Its kind of hard tell without the eyebrows.

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Day 15: “if one fake spider makes it anywhere near me while you are decorating, i swear i will punch you.”



For Enzhe on ao3

Ao3 Link:

Harley had suggested decorating the common area of the Avengers Compound for Halloween. Tony told them to have at it. Harley and Peter ordered decorations as they planned on how they were going to make the common area creepy. The decorations slowly came in as Harley noticed they had forgotten to buy some fake spiders. He figured Peter would have since he was Spider-Man but the hero must have forgotten. Harley ordered some without consulting the resident spider who had purposely not bought in spiders because of his fear of the creatures. The two had tons of decorations. Luckily they enlisted the help of other avenger kids. Together they all worked on setting up the room for Halloween. Peter was doing fine when Cassie lower a fake spider near him and Peter scream and hide behind Harley. Cassie laughed as the hero held onto Harley, whimpering about the spider.

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Tony gives Harley and Peter the company and the legacy respectively. Harley becomes the next CEO of Stark Industries, and Peter becomes the next leader of the avengers. It’s a quiet kind of thing that they all knew was coming. It was comforting. The couple assimilated to their new roles fast because this was something they’d always planned. Only twenty-five, just married, and already, their future was safe.

Of course, with success comes setbacks.

Harley’s dad- his name is Jack Vincent because Macy Keener never married him, and her kids have her last name- shows up out of nowhere one evening when Peter is on a mission. He doesn’t hear about it until after they’ve come back and Jack Vincent is gone.

His husband is laying on his side reading a book when Peter slips into their bedroom, “How are you feeling, baby?”

“I’m okay,” Harley’s voice is light, and if it were anyone else but him, they would’ve believed Harley’s words, “How was the mission?

"The usual.” He didn’t slip into bed, instead moving to kneel by Harley’s side, taking his hands gently, “Wanna tell me what happened?”

Harley just shook his head, “Nothing happened.”

“Something happened, love. You wouldn’t be here in bed reading your book when everyone’s just got back if something didn’t happen.”

“It’s not-” Harley shrugged, “It’s not a big deal, Pete. I promise.”

“Did he say anything?”

“He said lots of things,” His husband gently brought the hands Peter was holding to his lips, brushing Peter’s fingertips, “I listened.”

“You didn’t have to.”

“I know.”

Peter relinquished one hand to gently cup his husband’s cheek, “What did you say?”

“Nothing,” Harley whispered, almost silently, “I didn’t say anything. He had nothing to say to me all those years I was growing up, so I had nothing to say to him now.”

Finally, Peter watched in a sad kinda calm as his husband sniffed, then started crying. It wasn’t often that Harley cried like this. Normally, when Harley cried it was the kind of tears that build up in anger from frustration at a design not working or Peter being pigheaded. Normally, when Harley cried it was the type of tears from laughing too much at Peter’s puns or a comedy special on Netflix. Normally, when Harley cried it was tears of joy or pleasure or anger or laughter or love.

Harley rarely ever cried when he was sad.

Peter was the only one who ever got to see his husband cry when he was sad.

Slipping into the bed gently, Peter scooped up the love of his life and held him while he sobbed.

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Tony: hey kiddos, you’re home late, how was the zoo field trip?

Peter: Sorry about that. The zoo wouldn’t let us leave because some stupid idiot tried to sneak a penguin onto the bus.

MJ: Our Chemistry teacher started crying when she told us that we’re permanently banned from the zoo.

Tony: sure they did kid, now what really happened?

Peter: I don’t think you understand Mr. Stark, our school is ACTUALLY banned from an ACTUAL zoo because someone decided to try and steal an ACTUAL real life penguin and take it home.

Mj: I’m surprised you didn’t get a call about this.

Tony: why would I have gotten-

Harley: [Bursts through the door crying] I WAS GONNA CALL HIM WADDLES!

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because peter’s strong but he’s also. so light? so he picks harley up on the daily but one day they’re play fighting and next thing you know peter goes fLYING back onto the couch, and that’s how they learn.

peter’s a paperweight.

and harley will pick him up at any chance he gets.

pick him up out of bed.

carry him into bed.

carry him into bed and drop him onto the mattress.

accidentally miss the mattress and peter goes falling onto the floor. (oops.)

but also, piggyback rides

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this is. top tier. 10/10 I love it

  • harley just being confused because. he’s never felt this before??
  • he has to compete for tony’s attention now!! and tony’s always talking to this peter guy about stuff harley has no idea about. it’s not fair
  • what, tony ditches harley and goes and finds a replacement? who is this peter kid, anyway? and, tony gives hugs now??
  • oh yeah, harley’s jealous. it’s stupid how insanely jealous he is, of this peter and how tony so clearly adores him and hangs on to every word he says
  • and peter’s so stupid, with his stupid intellect and his fluffy hair and his dorky smile and-
  • oh
  • oh, no
  • shit.
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ohhh yes yes yES

  • they know how to comfort each other after nightmares
  • they both hover on the outskirts of pool parties and come up with excuses when someone tries to convince them to get in the water
  • it takes courage to dip their toes in when they go to the beach; they inch a little bit further into the waves every time they visit, always going hand-in-hand
  • harley’s invited to a college party. peter’s his plus-one.
  • water balloons are involved.
  • peter has to help harley behind the library after a well-meaning student misplaces a throw, and hugs harley to his chest as he calms down
  • tony never really realizes how bad it’s gotten until the three of them have a movie night together
  • why is waterboarding such a common theme in movies?
  • tony subtly averts his gaze, focusing on the pillow in his lap, pretending he’s looking to the stitches on his pants instead of away from the horrors on the television screen
  • he sees harley taking laboured breaths with his eyes squeezed shut
  • peter is leaning on harley’s shoulder with his head buried in harley’s neck
  • they do a google search before every movie from then on
  • tony tries to avoid it, until one morning, he breaches the topic of a therapist
  • she… kind of helps tony, if he’s being honest. don’t get him wrong, there’s still a lot of fucked up shit in his brain, but not as much as there used to be
  • maybe she can help his kids, too.
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Ozzie Boy {✓} @HarryOsbornOfficial

just overheard a fan at a meet up say that they wish @youknowwhoiam was their dad, and you know what,,,,,,,, you know,,,, BIG MOOD

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Peter Stark {✓} @P.Stark

@HarryOsbornOfficial you are already one of his sons, come on man.

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Ned-ward Leeds {✓} @NL.Leeds

You, me and Harry are all his sons,,, what does that make @hpotato

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Can’t, I’m allergic  @hpotato

That makes me the son in law as I seduce you, Peter, AND Harry and steal y’alls hearts :relieved emoji: :relieved emoji: :relieved emoji:

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“Hey, Pete.” Poking his head into his son’s room, Tony raised a brow at the frustrated scowl on Peter’s face. “Mind if I come in?”

Peter sighed, running a hand over his face, “Sure. Yeah. Sure.”

“Uh…you okay bud?”

“Just-” Peter sat up. “What does it mean if a boy doesn’t text you back for an hour?”

“That he might be busy?” Slipping in further, he leaned on Peter’s desk. “You know Harley has a life outside of you.”

“I never said it was-” At Tony’s look, his son shut up, running a hand over his face again. “I know that. I know that. But- I don’t know.”

“Your crush gets more pathetic by the day.” Hesitantly, Tony cleared his throat, crossing his arms and getting to the reason that had made him come to his son’s room in the first place, “Speaking of crushes…did you ask Steve and Bucky for advice on how to ask Harley out?”

Peter tensed, jaw going set, and looking away from him. “They weren’t supposed to tell you that. I didn’t want them to tell anyone.”

“Yeah, well, they did.” Tony swallowed down the pang of hurt that came with realizing his son hadn’t come to him with something this important. “You know you can talk to me about this kinda stuff, right? I know I tease you a lot, but I don’t want you to think that you can’t talk to me, Peter. I love you. You’re my son. I want to be the first person you come to when you need advice.”

“Oh, yeah, right,” Peter snarked, tensing even more. “Dad, when was the last time you even had a relationship?”

Read The Rest Of Chapter Seven Here! 

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