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A perfect blend of mystery, crime, and sci-fi


The Blacklist

Dark, suspenseful crime drama


Parks and Recreation

I cry laughing every time


Stranger Things

Yeah, I know, basic af but it’s SO GOOD



The end was a huge disappointment but still one of the greatest shows ever made


Honorable Mentions:

  • How I Met Your Mother
  • The Office
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You know that scene in Parks & Rec where Rashida Jones is pregnant and the peppy guy keeps trying to fix her problems and it’s driving her crazy and finally someone is like “dude. Just fucking validate her.” So she’s saying something about how hard it is and he just goes “that really sucks” and then all the problems are solved?

Everyone can do that more. People need to talk and other people should want to make them feel cared for and heard and understood.

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Why is Bobby Newport the embodiment of what it feels like to have ADHD?

My executive function: “We’re not gonna quit the campaign lie on the couch all day ignoring our responsibilities. Why would we do that?”

My ADHD: “Because. I want it. C’mon. Gimme it. Gimme it. Gimme it. C’mon, gimme it. Just gimme the election dopamine. I’m sorry. Please. Please.”

The dishes that have been sitting in the sink for six days: “He does make a compelling argument.”

My ADHD: “Why are you guys smiling? I feel bad!”

And then there’s…

“That hurt my feelings. Can’t we just talk about things we like? I’m okay… I just… I guess I want to do a good job, because I like it when people think I do a good job.”

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You can like Andy from Parks and Recreation without supporting Crisp Ratt. You can like Star Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy without supporting Crisp Ratt. You can like the dude from that dinosaur movie without supporting Crisp Ratt. You can appreciate the characters he plays without supporting his lgbt+ phobic and trumpie ass. It’s not that hard to understand.

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mark ruffalo and rdj out here defending chris pratt,,,, man i thought y’all were the good ones. 

p.s. where was all this public support when brie larson was getting hate and death threats????

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