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day 26: a knock at the door


A Knock at the Door

For: @sg215

Ao3 Link:

Peter had a short day of classes when Ned told him that he couldn’t make their plans to have a Star Wars Marathon that night. Peter was upset but he figured he could just call Harry and Harley and see if they were available. He knew it was the one day that they both had late classes so they would be coming in later than normal but it would be nice to just spend some time to himself. Besides he could find something to do for an hour or two before they got there. He finally got a hold of them and they both seemed excited as they told him that they would be there after their classes. Peter made sure to let May know that Harry and Harley would be over tonight which she was fine with. He was excited to spend some time with them and he didn’t notice what day it was as he was walking home. 

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Day 25: “hold my hand. i’m scared.”


Don’t Let Me Go

For: @muse-of-astronomy

Ao3 Link:

Harry had been wanting to check out a new haunted house that was opening in a couple of weeks. Peter didn’t want to go but he wanted to make Harry happy. He was scared that he would upset the boy if he said no. He was scared of losing Harry over the stupidest thing so he put on a smile and told him he was excited to go when he wasn’t. He let his boyfriend get excited as he planned on what day they should go and at what time. He even planned out their meal and that they would get dessert. Peter smiled glad that Harry could have this moment where he was happy after everything that happened to them. Peter tried to forget about the trip all together as Harry got busy with some meetings and stopped talking about it. It wasn’t until a week before the trip that Harry reminded him to close off his Friday.

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day 24: witches and warlocks


Witches and Warlocks

For: @shadedrose01

Ao3 Link:

Every practicing witch knew about the warlocks. They all ended up having goals of being like them. Peter Parker was on his way to becoming one of them. Everyone knew that. He may have got teased for it but he was one of the most powerful witches. Harley Keener was another one. He was a mentee of the great Tony Stark. The man who had to take on two mentees to make it to warlock levels of power. Harry Osborn didn’t know if he could become a warlock. He didn’t mind being a witch as long as he could get back at Norman Osborn for running his life. So when Tony Stark announced taking on another mentee, Harley and Peter suggested that he apply and said they would put in a good word with Tony. Harry did as they said figuring he could spend some time with his boyfriends if he won the internship under Tony Stark. He waited for his name to be announced but he heard nothing. Harry started to expect nothing until he got a call from Pepper Potts announcing him as one of the three finalists who would have to do an interview. Harry prepared for the interview. He practiced spells and memorized potions just so he could get in. Harley and Peter helped a bit but Harry wanted to do this on his own. When he came into the room where the three warlocks sat he didn’t expect Bruce Banner to also be in the room as well as Tony Stark and Pepper Potts. He figured some witches would be judging the candidates. 

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pfkfkf i really gotta check if y’all have done these tagging games before tagging you smh, my bad, but i’ll definitely check out your post later tonight!!! thank u!! uwu!!

the venom harry fic is a very loose idea right now, and i’ve written like the very beginning for it so far, but i know i want it to be parksborn and i want it to include some kind of cliche “i know this isn’t you” type of scenario with venom initially being more villainous at first and then developing into something softer and kinder via the connection with harry.

that’s like a SUPER short response but like i said i haven’t decided on a lot of aspects of the fic and don’t want to say anything that might end up not happening if i change my mind about it later pfkfj. but!! here’s part of what i have written for it so far!!


He shouldn’t be here.

It’s a fact, really—he’s known the parts of Oscorp he’s allowed to explore and the places he’s forbidden to see since he was a kid, after all. Just because he’s twenty, now, doesn’t mean he’s been magically granted access to wherever the hell he wants to go, but, he is still twenty, and he feels like, as the heir to this dumb, stupid company, he has the right to see all of its dirty little secrets behind locked doors.

So, he picked the lock. Metaphorically, of course, because none of the doors in Oscorp open with lock and key, but with access codes and badges and it had only taken a perfectly timed trip to the lobby and a quick swipe of the badge for one of the head scientists that was heading out for lunch for Harry to make his way into one of the many dark corners of the building, intrigued and excited to start understanding all the crap that his father is so vague about, always waving a hand at and saying it’s none of Harry’s business. Which is bullshit on multiple levels, but he’s about to find out some of these secrets now, so he doesn’t dwell on that thought, instead creeps further into the dark room. He squints his eyes to try and see through the shadows, and he’s about to go searching for a stupid light switch when, suddenly, all the lights seem to flicker on at once, nearly blinding him and making him jump out of his skin.

The room in front of him is large, a big, expansive space that appears to be mostly empty at first glance. Upon scanning over it again, though, he can see the desk space to the left, can tell that the center of the space appears to be closed off by glass, completely see through yet acting as a cage. Curious, he steps forward, trying to see what the closed off space is for, but there’s nothing there, as far as he can see. Clean, white floors and untouched glass and absolutely nothing else.

Now confused, he looks over towards the desk, considers trying to take a look at the computer that’s sitting on top of it, but knows better than to try. If he had a flash drive of some sort, maybe, or had enough knowledge to look into it without leaving a trace of his presence, but he’s not as on top of those skills as he’d like to be and he’d rather not risk being caught snooping around because of such a rookie mistake. Still, he ambles over, thinking that there may be some sort of drawer he can rummage through or something, only for the compute to flicker to life on it’s own when he enters what he assumes is the camera’s view of the room. Instantly, he freezes, afraid that this might be some sort of security measure meant to capture intruders faces or something, but it seems more like it’s continuing wherever the scientist on lunch left off, loading up a video feed that seems to be from the security camera’s in this very same room.

Harry can’t decide if he wants to snort or scoff at the stupidity—leave it to Oscorp employees to be so cocky in their security that they won’t even lock up their computers when they leave for an hour. He does neither, though, feeling the inexplainable need to be as quiet as possible as he creeps forward, feeling slightly more confident in his ability to snoop on the computer now that he knows there’s no hacking that needs to be done. Once he’s in front of it, he hesitates, but throws caution to the wind, knowing he’s on a time crunch here, before reaching forward to grab the mouse and switch from the live feed to the saved videos of past recordings.

There may be nothing in here now, but he wants to find out what was here that’s so important that it had to be locked behind doors and kept in a glass observation cage.

(He’ll look back, weeks from now, and regret ever trying to snoop around. He’ll think about his decisions, his actions, the consequences they’ve wrought—and he’ll think about his voice of reason, of one Peter Parker, telling him to be careful in Oscorp, like he knew and understood the dangers there better than Harry ever possibly could.)

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!!! i’m actually really excited about this omg. i genuinely do not know if anyone else will enjoy this fic but it’s entirely for my own enjoyment.

so, shake me up is actually gonna be part of the kids in love series, but that’s a series of one shots that’s based off of songs on the album kids in love by the mowgli’s, so, outside of the context of the song, it being part of the series isn’t super important as it is a stand alone one shot. this is a more ambitious ship? i can’t say if anyone has written it before but i also haven’t actually checked so it’s entirely possible, but, basically, i couldn’t decide what ship i wanted out of peter, harry, flash, and harley, and my dumb monkey brain was like “all of them” so

ot4? i guess?

i only have about 900 words written for it so far, and i don’t want to give away the plot for it, but the lyrics i used at the beginning of the fic are:

i want all of your love / come on and dizzy me up, shake me up / i want to feel something bigger than us

and the opening line for the fic is:

They fall into one another like dominoes.

so… take that as you will!! 

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i saw @i-am-irondad post this and it looks like a super fun tag game that i wanna try!! i don’t know who originally created this tag game, but if anyone does know then please let me know and i can edit/rb this post with credit!!

rules: post the names of all the files in your WIP folder, regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous. send me an ask with the title that most intrigues you and i’ll post a little snippet of it or tell you something about it!

i am excluding two or three wip’s from this list because sometimes when i don’t know how to name a doc i just name it the idea of the fic and some file names are just huge spoilers pfkfkf

  • fake dating au merry christmas
  • in the end (it starts again)
  • kids in love series
  • peter loses his powers fic
  • plane crash flash redemption idea thing
  • post tasm2 spideyflash slowburn because i fucking hate myself
  • road trip alan watts bullshit
  • shake me up
  • step UP BITCH
  • true to you
  • twitter
  • young avengers save the world au
  • 5 plus 1
  • coffee shop au
  • diabetes
  • fuckin ghosts lads
  • glitch au
  • hotel for dogs au
  • lost things never found
  • thompsborn ya yeet
  • venom harry fic
  • tbaf part 69420
  • irondad series part two electric boogaloo
  • did someone say skyhigh au
  • the human condition - stupid deep
  • the human condition - human
  • the human condition - fashion
  • bon jellion [this is connected to the three bullet points above this, btw]

that’s about everything that isn’t for a bingo card or something like that, which i don’t want to include because i just name those like “bad things happen bingo 1” and boring shit like that

i’m curious and wanna see some peeks into @wayward-fairchild and @lilacsandlilies4 and @shadedrose01 and basically anyone else from marvel mob’s wip folders, so consider this me tagging all of y’all, as well as anyone else who would like to do this!!

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Day 22: “i’d hug you right now, but i’m kind of covered in blood.“



For: @official-wayward-herondale

Ao3 Link:

A/N: unlike the other the read more is going to start here. Please read the tags before even hitting that. Like I secretly hate this fic but didn’t have time or any idea on how to make it better so this is a lot of angst. 

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Day 16: writer’s choice - Halloween Music


Halloween Memories

For: @lilacsandlilies4

Ao3 Link:

A/N: this is part of another series but can be read alone. If you reblog this is you can tag your favorite song title in the tags I would like to see which one everyone likes!

Peter was used to the sound of the bass and the beat of the drums. He was used to being backstage while his lovers were on stage singing away. This time though it was at a party for a friend of Peter’s. Charles had asked Peter to get the band over to play for his Halloween Party which led to Peter creating a whole Halloween playlist for the group that Peter found spooktacular. Not that the others would agree. They just found his enthusiasm wonderful and gave him kisses on the check. Hearing the songs Peter knew that he enjoyed this day because he had memories and that is what each song showed as they played through the songs.

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It all started when they were seven. When a kid at least twice Peter’s size pushed him into a puddle and ruined his new jacked. He couldn’t see clearly who came to his rescue, because his glasses had fallen off his nose, but in the blurriness he could see a figure not much bigger than himself, pushing the other boy away and yelling at him.

His name was Harry Osborn, and they became instant best friends.

Harry came to Peter’s home almost every day after that, and Peter loved it. He didn’t have any other friends at the school, so he welcomed every friendly face with a beaming smile and as much kindness as he could muster.

Meeting Harry was Peter’s rescue after losing his parents, and he clung to that with all he had. Some days, when Harry showed up at school with a bruise or a cut he didn’t want to talk about, it was like he clung back with everything he was.

They were inseparable best friends until high school. Then came the hormones, and bodies changed along with minds and feelings. 

The first time they kissed it wasn’t like fireworks and sparkles shot out of Peter’s chest. It was something clicking into place. Something he somehow knew was right.

They didn’t tell anyone about it. Kept it as a secret for them to share. After all, nothing really changed. They still cuddled up in Peter’s bed to watch movies, and they still told terrible jokes and laughed so hard they couldn’t breathe.

Harry was practically living with the Parker family at that point. He never talked about what happened in his own home, but Peter wasn’t stupid, and he wasn’t eight anymore. He knew where the bruises came from.

It became Peter’s new meaning in life. To make sure Harry always knew how loved he was, and that he always had a place with the Parkers. 

The spider bite happened, and none of them knew what to do. Harry stayed by Peter’s side when he went through three days of hell, and he did not complain when, on the fourth day, Peter woke up with a body he definitely didn’t have before.

They kept that a secret too. Something more for only them to share.

When Ben died, and Peter tried to blame himself, Harry was still there by his side, clutching his hand. They dried each other’s tears for a long time after that, but Peter had never felt so loved as he did wrapped in Harry’s warm embrace, feeling his heartbeat under his fingertips and hearing his steady, grounding breathing against his cheek.

Everything changed when Peter became Spider-Man. Crime didn’t stop for anybody, and suddenly Peter and Harry didn’t have as much time together as they used to.

Harry’s father took that as an opportunity to show his son who really was the boss in the Osborn family. Peter wanted to hunt the man down himself, but even as the masked vigilante, he couldn’t just swing around and punch people without evidence. And Harry was still not talking about it.

Drugs became Harry’s new rescue, then. When Peter was out saving everyone else, his boyfriend was drowning in his own bedroom.

It only went downhill from there. Harry couldn’t stop. Didn’t want to stop, and nothing Peter said or did would make him change his mind. 

Peter left, the first time Harry tried to hit him. He knew, rationally, that it wasn’t his Harry. Not really. But Peter had tried to help him for years at that point, and every day, a little more of Harry withered away.

Peter couldn’t sit by anymore and watch as the love of his life disappeared inch by inch, and was replaced with his own father with every pill.

It all ended fifteen years after it began. It ended with a phone call at three in the morning on a Wednesday.

Harry couldn’t take it anymore.

Peter had never felt so alone.

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Day 7: Midnight Ball


A Tale of Two Princes

For: @thegreenerpencil

Ao3 Link:

The midnight balls in October were a highlight in Prince Harry’s life. He could pretend to be someone he was not for the night. He would hide behind a mask. As he walked through the crowds as if he was like them he stumbled upon a young gentleman who was charming another boy. The other boy wasn’t having it but when his brown eyes turned to Harry’s the prince let out a gasp. He recognized those eyes. The boy didn’t recognize him though. 

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