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#part 1

Todoroki, “So Midoriya are free on friday?” *Deku looks at Todoroki confused* “Why do we have a date?” “Um I was just saying how there was a pride parade… Are you ok?” -thinks- Oh no did I have that day dream again?!?!? “Y-yea Sho~chan I am fine.. Um yes I am free on friday.” “Sho~chan?” “O-oh I mean Todoroki~kun!!! S-sorry…” *Blushes* “You are fine Midoriya” *Kisses him on the cheek* “See you friday Izu?” “Yup.” “Bye Aizawa Sensei gave me detention earlier.” “Why?” “Oh um I burned the kitchen in the boy’s dorm hall I started a fire. When I was just tryng to make you eggs. But I may have used my fire and I used to much.” *chuckles* “Is that why we went on a coffee/breakfast date this morning.?” “Yes…” “Well I would have enjoyed the eggs… just next time ask Kacchan to make the eggs…” “Why would he say yes?” “Oh I have code: Kiribaku blackmail.” *gasps* “Tea!” “Yes. Ochako saw them kissing in Kirishima’s room two weeks ago and she gave me a picture. So I can blackmail Kacchan as much as my heart wants- or until they are official.” “Ooooooh yes.” 

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A DCMK Snippet (Adventures in Voting, part 1)

Kaito: Okay, Shinichi, get over here.

Shinichi: But—I have cold cases—

Kaito: Nope, no cases right now, you need to decide who to vote for.

Shinichi: Now? This instant?

Kaito: Yes! This is important! You need to vote for the laws you support and the people you think will make more of those laws.

Shinichi: I need to vote for people who make it more difficult to commit murder?

Kaito: If that’s what’s most important to you then yes, absolutely. Landslide wins are actually rare, so every vote counts!

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WARSWAP ( The New World ) Part 1

Temple was in his art zone checking on the Aus though his portals some Aus were not there anymore he was wondering if it was pale who did this he did have the power to do so temple check some more of the portals then a yellow/green portal showed up beside him he looks at the black skin women who came out the portal she was a fox mask it white with red lines on it temple was thinking of how this person get in his void .

Temple : I’m sorry but I can’t fight you or anything right now I need to figure out what is happening with these Aus

He turn his back and checking the Aus again.

Lily oh I know what’s going on with them

Temple looks back at lily.

Temple : you do ?

Lily : yep they are dieing of course and you are the only one who can save them temple

Temple was thinking about what she was saying if the Aus were dieing he should save them alter all he is a guardian too.

Temple : how can I save the mulitverse ?

Lily : fellow me

They started going in the portal to the doodle sphere temple looks around he never been here before.

Temple : where are we ?

Lily : we’re inside the doodle sphere

Temple : and what do you want me to do here ?

Lily : you are going to make a new world by putting the Aus together

Temple : and that will save the mulitverse ?

Lily : yes

Temple was thinking how to do that.

Lily : what are you doing ?

He looks at lily.

Temple : uh I don’t know how to do that

Lily : use your blue strings on the papers and put them together

Temple : sorry but am not using my strings I will find a another way to do it

Lily : a another way there is no other way to do it don’t you want to be a hero don’t you want people to see as one !

Temple : yes I do but-

Lily : but what you said you wanted to be a hero but I guess not I guess you want to see that Aus die like error

Temple : I’m not error I’m the hero !!!

Temple started using his blue strings wrap it around the papers and pulling them together there was a big white flash of light covering the whole mulitverse temple saw that he was somewhere else he gets off the ground and saw that his outfit was different saw lily walking to him.

Lily : good job temple you did it

Temple : did I save the Aus ?

Lily : yeah some of it

Temple : what do you mean ?

Lily : you see temple this is what’s left of the multiverse

Temple couldn’t believe a word she was saying.

Temple : your lying

Lily : see for yourself tried to make a portal

Temple was trying and he couldn’t go it he was so mad at Lily for lying to him looks at her then glitch his digital pen in his hand and wing it at lily she dodge it laughing at him .

Temple : you trick me !!

Lily : how I did say you was making a new world bye bye now

She left him alone temple wasn’t sure what to do with himself anymore he did the one thing he said he wasn’t going to do destroyed the Aus like error he didn’t feel like a hero.

Warverse by @warverse / @toxictoxicities

Warswap by ( me ) aka @starsapce

Temple by @unu-nunu-art

Here is the new warswap I felt like the old one was well not that great

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The snow that night was pristine, reflecting neon colors from some of the 24/7 shops in the relatively quiet city. A lone figure roamed the streets of Domino, a simple navy-blue trench coat protecting them against the cold, a briefcase chilling the bare hand holding it. A streetlamp revealed their identity… Seto Kaiba shivered a bit, but he continued onward. He never really liked the cold. This night was more frigid than usual. Wish I’d brought some gloves… he thought as the wind swirled around him. Then he felt a patch of snow give out under one foot, and he slipped, hitting the ground hard. Nothing seemed to be broken when he tried to stand, but he definitely was a bit sore. After continuing walking for a few minutes, he became more and more aware of a dull ache in his right knee… He looked around for anywhere to stop and rest, and saw a small all-night cafe not terribly far from where he stood shivering. Seto limped over and entered the building, feeling the burning of the warm interior on his cold-numbed fingertips. An unexpected sight met his intense blue eyes as he glanced around. Wasn’t it late for Yugi and his friends to be out? He was spotted before he could turn to leave, silently cursing as he saw even Joey look worried by the CEO who just walked in, limping and shivering, unaware of the bruises on him from the fall. “Kaiba, are you okay?” Yugi’s voice was the first to call out, as Joey and Tristan rushed over, seeing how the poor guy could barely stand. He wanted to brush them off, but the interior of the cafe was warm, and the city outside had been freezing. “I’m fine…” he muttered, but didn’t fight back as the two boys helped support him and guided him over to their table, then into a seat between Joey and Yugi. “Musta been one heck of a fall… Ye look awful…” Joey softly said, concerned. The waitress came to check on them, and Kaiba ordered a cup of coffee to help fight off the remaining chill… After a while, Seto relaxed a lot, and some of the tension between them all eased. “So, why are you out this late?” Tea eventually asked an hour in. “I was trying to find a place to work away from my office. Not many cafes are open right now, but I needed time away from work,” he replied quietly. They had all ordered food to share, and Seto reached for another few fries. “What are you working on?” Yugi asked, curious. “Just some adjustments to the current duel disk model…” 

(I’ll continue this later, but enjoy the first thing I’ve written in a while!)

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(Before reading it, I was so close that originally I needed to show this back in 2019, but delayed due to of course my other stuff in schedule for the program of sorts. Also I took about 19 posts to saved before paste my written that I wrote on back in 2019 as well. Nevertheless, here’s that I revisit at Yankee Candle Village store back in October 2019.)

Yankee Candle Village Revisited (Part 1)

On Oct 28th 2019, it’s another day that the second time I’ve went to Yankee Candle store for the program’s schedule, even though we’re supposed to be working back at TigerPress again for hoping getting different kind of checks for doing a good job’s work all day. Anyways; while this is my second time I’ve visit it before, I manage to bring my tablet with me to show pics of what’s inside for this candle store looks like. It’s pretty nice with candy, toys, clothing, etc, but mostly it stores all the scented candles you can sniff it with free charge.

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hey yall this is the fic i was talking about also it has no name yet whoops

pt 1 chapter 1:

Setting aside the second last poem in his marking pile, Edward Lancer breathed out a sigh of relief. One man can only take so many botched assignments written by fourteen year olds before he has to give up. And with only one assignment left, Mr. Lancer neared that point. Picking up the last poem and moving it in between his now empty mug of tea and the pile of marked assignments on his desk, Mr. Lancer sets his sights on the very last poem. Noticing the cramped cursive adorning the page he feels an admittedly disappointing amount of surprise, it’s not everyday that Daniel Fenton hands in his work. Mr. Fenton is quite the odd case, as he’s not like any other troubled student the teacher has dealt with.

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AN: This is a work in progress I am only posting a snippet to see if this is something people would like to read. This is my FIRST EVER work.

*Note: this not in anyway true, so any use of names is pure coincidental*

I drag my feet from my car to the building directly in front me, I am exhausted, stressed and much rather be anywhere else than here. I open the doors and start making my way to elevator, not taking time to notice my surroundings. I don’t really need to pay attention to where I am going, I know this building like that back of my hand. It is where all my classes are and where my professor’s office is. I make it to the elevator and for the first time that day, I see my reflection. I sigh and try to make myself look more presentable. My long chestnut hair is frizzy beyond fixing, so I decide to put in a pony tail. My eyes are bloodshot, and I am dressed in a tshirt and leggings. I sigh again at the sight of me, so decide to just add some lip gloss so that I don’t appear so dead to the world. I don’t even know why I am concerned about how I look, I am just going to my professor’s office hours to discuss my last assignment in the semester. This isnt the first time I visit this same professor. His class has been excruciatingly hard. Well then again, if you take a class called Digital Systems you can’t really expect it to be a cakewalk. The first interaction I had with this professor was interesting to say the least. I just walked in casually, talking with my hands as usual. What was not usual, the way he was very quiet and just distancing himself from me. I didnt think too much about it until much later. It felt as if I made him nervous rather than him making me nervous. I never had that experience before, making a professor nervous There is nothing extraordinary about me that could have elicited that reaction . I am 5 ‘4, average build, average weight. Like many other girls out there, I don’t think of myself as exceptionally beautiful just average. Yet for some reason, he made me feel as if I really am more than just me. Why else would he be nervous for the first 5 meetings we had? I finally reach professor Amar’s office and mentally tell myself to not get off topic. After the first strange encounter, I kept coming back to visit him. The visit always starts the same, he’s kind of reserved and to himself until I ask for help and then somehow we get off topic. Last week’s meeting started with me asking a homework question and then ended with him asking me what music I listen to. Though I was in the worst mood walking into the building, that somehow changed as soon as I knocked on his door. “Come in” Professor Amar says. Professor Amar, is also just an ordinary guy, medium build 5 ‘ 10 and has a younger face though I know he’s getting close to 40; something I found out during our previous meetings. I dubbed him as ‘adorkable’ because in a sense he was cute, maybe not traditionally handsome but there was something about him that made him appear sweet. He is soft spoken and doesn’t speak too loudly, if I’m not careful I could miss what he says though he is right in front of me. I open the door, close it right behind me and take my usual seat right across from him. “Hello professor, I wanted to talk the final project I am worried that I didn’t well enough or maybe I am just overthinking..” Before I realize I start going on a tangent about how stressful this semester has been. It is not until he says my name that I fully stop. “Jane, you don’t have to worry I graded it and you did well. Congrats.” I jump up out of my seat for joy and thank him profusely. To which he says “no need to thank me, you have earned this!” He gets up to shake my hand and take it upon myself to just hug him. Normally I would never do this, however in the moment I didn’t think about it.  As matter of fact, I saw him almost every week and started to feel comfortable around him and I can clearly see he also grew comfortable. While embracing him, he freezes like a deer caught in headlights. I eventually notice and back away completely embarrassed. “ I am so sorry, that was totally inappropriate” feeling disappointed as I start to collect my things to run out of there. “No it is okay, it was just unexpected was all. Stay” he says as he notices me making my way to the door. I think that he has asked me to stay so that we can talk about other things like always. “I listened to the songs that you recommended to me last week. They were really good”. I start to remember the songs I recommended, it was a variety from different genres. They were my favorite songs and I felt comfortable sharing it with him. For the first time ever, I start to feel nervous being in front of him. I shared a lot of things with him and I just wonder what he thinks of me. I would be lying if I said I never thought about something beyond our meetings. Hell, he even started to invade my dreams. Just a regular ordinary guy, yet he was in my thoughts even during the most private moments. I didn’t want to be here today because I knew this would be the last time that I had a reason to see him. I wonder if these office meetings have become important to him as they have for me.  I wonder a lot of things all at once, what does his hair feel like, are his hands as soft as the look, does he think about me in the way I think about him?

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Face Mask

Shaman King AU - Real World 2020 - Coffee Shop AU - Covid 19 Pandamic - Parallel Universe - Hao and Yoh - Dream World Hopping

An older Yoh Asakura is living a life in New York City working as a Barista in a local coffee shop. It’s early 2020, there’s concerns about a new Virus that is spreading across the globe, and Yoh starts seeing the same strange guy everywhere he goes. He can’t see his face due to the guy wearing a face mask. But those eyes haunt his waking hours and his dreams.

Part 1

There was a sound.

It was distant.

It was like buzzing. Then an echo.

It was getting louder.

And louder.

It was a voice.


There was a light. An all eclipsing light. It enveloped all around, as though there was nothing. No ground. No air. No body.

And a warmth. A warmth that was overwhelming. Like that feeling when you are about to fall asleep. That soft, safe and comfortable feeling.

It was like a total collapse - inward. Total and complete peace. And then…


After what felt like a very long time, or perhaps no time at all, there was a new sound.

An ear piercing, screeching, awful sound.





Yoh opened his eyes. His vision blurred, he could just make out the numbers on the digital alarm clock that was blaring in his face. He whacked it onto snooze, rolled onto his back and closed his eyes again. He allowed his body to return to that familiar comfortable relaxed feeling of sleep, the one where you try to stay awake just a little bit because you know it’s time to get up soon.

His mind explored his newly awoken thoughts, was there a dream to recall this morning ? Or will it just fade away before he can reach it.

Oh. There was something. A dream was just trying to hang on to his consciousness, break through that barrier and remain firmly in Yoh’s memory. It was there. Yoh tried to recall it. Tried his best to reach it.

Got it.


A pair of piercing, serious, amazing and yet strangely familiar brown eyes.

That was it. They were etched in his mind. Yoh, between being awake and asleep, explored the memory. He examined the eyes and tried to recall who they belonged to.

But it was gone. The dream had let go and disappeared deep into his subconscious. Lost for good.

Well that sucks, Yoh thought. I never seem to remember my dreams anymore.

Yoh never for a second thought he’d see those eyes again. In his dreams, perhaps.

But not later that morning at work.

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Types of Friends - Part 1

That one quiet friend who wears dark colors all year around, always has headphones plugged in, a cup of steaming black coffee in their hand. They play piano even though their parents disapprove, wears heavy makeup every day and silver jewelry and is the most badass person you will ever meet. Loves late night ramen. Their favorite thing to do is to go for late night drives by their selves while blasting Beethoven with the windows open and then sneak back into their house before their parents wake up. The best friend to go to for silent comfort. Will share one of their headphones if they really love you. Looks like they can kill but has a soft spot for their close friends and puppies.

(None of these pics are mine)

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