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#part 2
bluehody · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
"... I need the Octo man wearing this, but red please. This is my request"
As you wish 😘… @otto-rocktavius – I had so much fun drawing this xD
Part I 👇
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plague-of-insomnia · a day ago
Ch 180, Part 2: The Servants At Work
(This is a continuation of my translation and summary for ch 180, beginning when the flashback-within-a-flashback ends and ending with the chapter’s conclusion.
You can find Part 1 here, which covers Bard recollecting the cave where he met Sebastian.)
Tumblr media
Hit the break to read/see more…
In the armory, Bard hears a loud thumping/shaking noise right above him, so he takes off upstairs, fearing for the life of the other servants.
When he gets there, there’s a trail of blood, and he fears he’s too late—Finny and Mey Rin must be dead.
Tumblr media
He doesn’t have too long to feel sad, though, bc he soon sees Finny approaching, dragging a bloody column in on arm and a dead body in the other, his face the picture of innocence.
“今日はたくさん “お客さま”が来てるみたいです,” he says cheerfully, clearly influenced by Sebastian’s love of euphemisms.
Tumblr media
Or, in English:
Boy, we sure have a lot of visitors today!
Bard’s spidey senses warn him an enemy is about to make a move, so he grabs Finny and whips out his pistol, but before he can shoot, someone else gets in a perfect headshot.
Mey Rin reveals herself as she stands on the stairs, in full battle mode, and Bard hardly recognizes her. She warns Finny not to let down his guard, and says she took care of all the enemies outside.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
When asked how many Finny has taken out, he admits he’s not entirely sure: “Three of them!…Or was it four?!”
Bard loses it, grabbing Finny by the shirt and calling him stupid:
Tumblr media
In English:
You idiot! If you don’t count the number of enemy soldiers you’ve killed, you can’t know how many are still left! If we don’t know how many are left, then we can’t be sure they’ve been wiped out!
You may think Bard is being overly harsh to Finny here, but in the narration, Bard remembers he heard at least 5 sets of footsteps, meaning there’s at minimum one attacker left.
Moreover, he then yells to Mey and Finny, “敵を一人見逃せば味方が10人死ぬと思え!”
Which, in English, means:
If even one enemy is left alive, he can wipe out ten of our own men!
Tumblr media
Is this what happened to Bard? Was he negligent in the heat of battle and let an enemy soldier escape, only for him to return with the reinforcements that wiped out Bard’s entire regiment?? 😭
After asking them for directions to “the brat’s room” (Ciel—at this point he calls him “ガキ” (gaki), which can mean “kid” or, less kindly, “brat”—also, “little demon,” amusingly. So Bard doesn’t acknowledge Ciel yet as his young master.)
Nevertheless, Bard won’t let innocents die on his watch, so he rushes up the stairs, gun in hand, hoping he’s not too late, missing Finny’s warning that Sebastian should be up there.
Creeping up the stairs, Bard witnesses two men trying to break into (what is presumably Ciel’s quarters).
Tumblr media
He knows it’s two against one, but they don’t have any cover and he has the element of surprise. However, it’s possible Ciel could be caught in the crossfire.
Still, recalling his slain son and how he didn’t have the chance to save him, he can’t sit by and do nothing while Ciel’s life is in danger.
Tumblr media
With renewed determination, Bard prepares himself to make his move….
And that’s where we’re left until next month…!
Please do not repost any of this material without credit/claim it as your own. I spent money, time, and effort/spoons putting this translation and summary together and would appreciate being credited for my work via reblogs or mentions.
As always, I do my best to provide as accurate a translation/summary as I can, but I’m only human, and I do make mistakes. Apologies in advance if I do.
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starsxinxthexbluexsky · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"My heart feels light when I smile and saw at you, that's why I'll keep doing it"
DD's ver
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erwinslut · 2 days ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
aka part two | see also: don’t go through your camera roll masterlist | taglist
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btsandvmin · a day ago
Vmin song analysis - Winter in August - Part 2
Since this analysis ended up being so long it has been divided in parts. This is part 2. If you haven’t read part 1 yet I recommend doing so.
This started as a Spring Day analysis, but it has since grown immensely. I actually rather call it a thematic analysis or something, and while Spring Day is still at the core of it all, I go through many songs and details outside of Spring Day connections.
Taehyung obviously loves Spring Day a lot, and Jimin does too. It might seem weird to make a Vmin analysis out of Spring Day, but I just felt there was enough surrounding things to talk about. Even if they might be coincidence I do personally think they fit it very well with the other song theories I have made, and I have even mentioned Spring Day a few times before. As usual I suggest reading my other song analyses before you get into this one. You can find them all in My masterpost
I am going to talk mostly about connections that Taehyung has made and how he seems to use a lot of similar themes and references, but also things possibly connecting Vmin and Spring Day.
Lyrics and theme
Choreo and MV
Taehyung’s (and Jimin’s) love for Spring Day
Connections to Vmin’s songs
Overlapping themes
Other connections to Vmin
Taehyung's songs not being all he wants to say
Taehyung’s mixtape
In this part I will go through Vmin’s (mostly Taehyung’s) songs and some direct and some possible connections between the songs and Spring Day.
Tumblr media
There is a lot to keep track of, and I might have to repeat things a lot as I go through their songs, but I hope you’ll get a sense of the connections and how many there could be. So let’s look at Spring Day and their other songs with a Vmin perspective. This will be the longest part of this analysis.
4 - Connections to Vmin’s songs
Now I want to go through these lyrics and themes used in Spring Day and how I feel Vmin (in particular Taehyung) might have been inspired to use them in their own songs.
Taehyung has in many of his songs a similar theme in the form of longing, wondering about the past and future and wanting to be closer to someone. These are all themes that Spring Day uses as well. He also uses the night references and winter references to varying degrees and meanings. We have Winter Bear, Happy Christmas and most recently Snow Flower using winter or snow in different ways. Meanwhile Sweet Night and 4 o’clock use night in the lyrics (and so does Jimin’s Promise). This tells us it’s something Taehyung likes to use, and considering his love for Spring Day I would not find it too far-fetched that he could have found inspiration for his own songs and a way to express himself through the themes and lyrics originally used in Spring Day. Especially since the poetic expressions are something that Namjoon might also help with to add the feeling that Taehyung is looking for at times, for example in 4 o’clock where they focused on how to express Taehyung’s feelings.
I wrote about it in an ask in regards to Taehyung liking to use winter and snow as a theme before, but Taehyung doesn’t just like the theme of winter, it seems he could have specifically referenced Spring Day a few times already in his songs and in his promo for his songs which you will see by the end of this post.
On top of lyrical similarities there are also outside references from Vmin themselves that for me is the point that really makes the whole theory more plausible when it comes to them having a special connection to Spring Day. Of course one reference or two being direct doesn't automatically mean all others are definitely correct. This is still just speculation when it comes to the whole narrative existing.
The easiest way to do this might simply be to go through all the solo songs in order and point out the similarities and connections they share with Spring Day.
Singularity and Serendipity
Now I want to go through these lyrics and themes used in Spring Day and how I feel Vmin (in particular Taehyung) might have been inspired to use them in their own songs.
Taehyung has in many of his songs a similar theme in the form of longing, wondering about the past and future and wanting to be closer to someone. These are all themes that Spring Day uses as well. He also uses the night references and winter references to varying degrees and meanings. We have Winter Bear, Happy Christmas and most recently Snow Flower using winter or snow in different ways. Meanwhile Sweet Night and 4 o’clock use night in the lyrics (and so does Jimin’s Promise). This tells us it’s something Taehyung likes to use, and considering his love for Spring Day I would not find it too far-fetched that he could have found inspiration for his own songs and a way to express himself through the themes and lyrics originally used in Spring Day. Especially since the poetic expressions are something that Namjoon might also help with to add the feeling that Taehyung is looking for at times, for example in 4 o’clock where they focused on how to express Taehyung’s feelings.
I wrote about it in an ask in regards to Taehyung liking to use winter and snow as a theme before, but Taehyung doesn’t just like the theme of winter, it seems he could have specifically referenced Spring Day a few times already in his songs and in his promo for his songs which you will see by the end of this post.
On top of lyrical similarities there are also outside references from Vmin themselves that for me is the point that really makes the whole theory more plausible when it comes to them having a special connection to Spring Day. Of course one reference or two being direct doesn't automatically mean all others are definitely correct. This is still just speculation when it comes to the whole narrative existing.
The easiest way to do this might simply be to go through all the solo songs in order and point out the similarities and connections they share with Spring Day.
I put these two together because I feel they are more Big Hit related and I don’t know how much influence or inspiration either of Vmin have had with these songs. But since I want to include all there is, I still want to mention the lines I find possibly connected through the theme. I have talked about these songs and how Big Hit has made them mirrors of each other in my post Taehyung and Jimin - Yin and Yang where I even briefly mention Spring Day.
We also know Namjoon (and also Slow Rabbit) had a hand in many of these songs and as such it could either be written with intended similarities or it’s simply themes he likes to use and get inspired by. Namjoon has a very clear taste and likes to use similar themes (Like his love for the poem “Flower”), so having that in mind I do want to be clear with these choices not necessarily having anything to do with Jimin or Taehyung whenever Namjoon is involved with the lyrics. In fact, since Namjoon himself said no to helping write Friends due to its content and finding it hard to write about Vmin's relationship, I don't think it's likely he would specifically write about them on his own. Unless, like in 4 o'clock, he is helping with putting their own feelings into words or perhaps if it’s in more vague feelings/expressions rather than directly about a relationship. It's also possible some things were always intended as an overlapping theme in certain BTS songs, but Tae chose to add it to his own songs as well. Basically these two songs by Namjoon likely don't count much. But let's look at them anyways. 
In Serendipity (full length lyrics) we find these lines:
When you called me I became your flower As if we were waiting We bloom until we ache
Simply put these lines can when linked to “Until the days of flower blossoms” be about being each other’s spring or hope or what they long for. Serendipity also speaks about waiting, which of course is in Spring Day as well.
Come to my side now So we can become one I don't want to let go- no Do I just have to treasure it
Although you say nothing I feel it There are many more stars Together we're flying It's never over
Don't be nervous and grab my hand Cause now we are one Let me love you
These lines fit pretty well with the beginning of Spring Day “Wanna get to the other side of the earth, holding your hand”. So what we have from Serendipity is the flower theme, the longing and wanting to be together with “Come to my side” and not wanting to let go and holding hands. One could say Serendipity is the part when they are finally about to come together and the more hopeful spring part of the relationship. It’s also asking the other person to “let me love you” and of course it all can tie in with the persona and coming to terms with loving different parts of yourself. But it also works as a love song of wanting to be with someone and finally taking the step to be together, perhaps especially in a relationship you are scared to enter.
In the images from the MV we also know it’s happy and dreamy, and while Jimin is awake at night he finally ends up in the sun by the end of the video. Both songs have a theme of day and night, and opposites like warm and cold and have been made to match. Both videos have longing, and it seems the additional photoshoot might have been made with the same idea.
Tumblr media
Two parts of the same whole (dark/light, yin/yang), but also two people wanting to be together despite both their differences and obstacles. Two people with one soul, reaching out for each other.
Considering the way Vmin describes each other and their relationship I can’t fault Big Hit in choosing them to represent these two very different sides of the same coin.
“Me from the moon, you from the stars.”
Meanwhile if we look at Singularity, even with the imagery we can tell it will be more focused on the winter, and the difficult time of separation. The first matching line in Singularity is “Try to cover my ears but can’t go to sleep” as In Spring Day we have:
And how many sleepless nights do I have to spend To see you (to see you)
Then we also have more on the winter theme in Singularity of course.
A crack again on this frozen lake I dumped myself into the lake I buried my voice for you Over the winter lake I was thrown
It’s clear we have a winter theme and that it isn’t something pleasant, and it’s possible this winter was partly forced if we look at how he was thrown over the lake. But the person also dumps themselves into this cold lake and to me this could be read as a “I will do it because I don’t have a choice” type of feeling. Especially since it goes on to say “I buried my voice for you” it also feels like hiding a part of themselves is very painful, but in the end their own choice simply because of this other person. (The Persona theme and what they show ARMY is of course very distinctly being used here, but I think it also works with other interpretations.)
We also have this line which again uses the same theme as Spring Day very directly. 
Reach my hand out to cover the mouth But in the end, spring will come someday The ice will melt and flow away
You could also argue the line of covering the mouth and burying their voice as having something you are unable to tell, and talk about, which could also match the situation of a hidden or in some way not possible relationship (though likely it’s just the beginning of the persona theme and hiding who they are behind their idol masks).
I don’t think Namjoon wrote about Vmin in these songs, but again it could possibly be the case that they have afterwards taken a liking to the themes or imagery, like how Taehyung is using “penicillium/blue mold” as Jimin’s contact name, which is directly from Serendipity. (Which also then makes one wonder if Taehyung does see Jimin as his “penicillin/savior”?)
Tumblr media
Either way both Serendipity and Singularity have some possible theme and lyric connections to Spring Day including holding hands, waiting, cold winter and most significantly, waiting for spring to come. We also know these two songs are connected at the very least in their imagery, and if you haven’t already you might want to check out my post Taehyung and Jimin - Yin and Yang.
Tumblr media
You have also seen both of Vmin reaching out for each other, in Singularity and in particular in Serendipity as it is also in the lyrics, the reaching out with his hand and asking to hold it. (One reaching for the moon and one reaching for the sun.) It’s interesting because while Serendipity is seemingly happy, and he comes into the light by the end, he is still alone and seemingly reaching for something or someone. Again, maybe it’s just the other half of him he has to leave behind, but I can’t ignore how they seem to have used Taehyung to represent that other half and how well it fits with more romantic tones and themes like destiny and being soulmates.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
That being said, though Singularity and Serendipity are Taehyung and Jimin’s songs, they are not by their own making, and thus will always be more of an anecdote in analysis like this.
4 o’clock
Moving on, I don’t think I have to explain how this song in itself is directly connected to Vmin (another song which Namjoon did help to write), but the short version is that Taehyung was inspired to write it after his and Jimin’s dumpling fight and reconciliation in a park at dawn. You can read more about it in my other song analysis, in particular in Vmin analysis - 4 o’clock. But let’s look at any possible similarities to Spring Day, because they aren’t that many and not that obvious for this song. 
In this case I would say it’s the theme of being in a difficult period but also in this case fearing the “morning” that matters the most for the whole context. Here night and day is used and not winter and spring but it has similar meaning. I have talked about this in my very first (though now slightly outdated) Vmin song analysis Vmin - The Sun, the Moon & The whole universe.
I said in that analysis how the night seemed like something sad (similar to winter), but that the sun and morning was also something very scary. Which leads to the dawn in between to be their time together that brings the most comfort. The morning will come again, and in 4 o'clock it does, but the sun is also suffocating. We also know 4 o'clock uses “You and I are the only ones here. Me and you” meaning we could see it as two people being in the cold dark metaphorical night together, crying and shattered, until the morning arrives. But also that the second person basically brings morning and warmth to the one singing.
Following into the deep night The sound of you singing Brings the red morning A step, and another step The dawn passes And when that moon falls asleep The blue shade that stayed with me disappears
The sun suffocates me And the world strips me naked I can't help it, there's no other way I collect myself that's shattered beneath the moonlight I call you moonchild We are the children of the moon I breathe the cold night air Yes we're livin' and dyin' At the same time
For me it’s possible that 4 o’clock could reference the struggle of hiding, and being in the night, but also being scared of being exposed in the light, even if they do want morning to come. There is some comfort in the night and dawn, despite everything. This reading becomes even more interesting if we look at other songs by Taehyung that he has written since. In a metaphorical sense the possible other person also brings the morning and we know bringing warmth is another common theme for Taehyung’s songs. Basically if we consider it as between two people (as opposed to a reading of it being more introspective about only Taehyung) they are both each other’s happiness and sadness, they are living and dying at the same time.
I want to point out once again that all of these themes work very well with BTS’s Persona inspirations and their own images and how they are seen by their fans and the struggles it leads to. But since in Spring Day it’s put in the perspective of longing, and in 4 o'clock we know Taehyung at least partly had Jimin in mind, I feel I needed to include this. If you’ve read my analysis of 4 o’clock you also know my guess on the song’s meaning and the lyrics, but that I also think it’s possible for the song to mean something else or have several meanings/layers to it. 
Further, when Taehyung released 4 o’clock both him and Namjoon posted about it on the fancafé. Namjoon mentioned Jimin being the friend that Taehyung waited for, though he later deleted that part of the message, while Taehyung didn’t mention Jimin at all. But if we look at the possibility of winter having a special meaning to Tae there is another interesting aspect of Taehyung’s note.
Tumblr media
the dark (silent) dawn where the (listless) sounds ring with the cold cold winter wind you continuously close your eyes to the sounds as you realize the dawn fly the birds at dawn cry out with an anxious passion fly let me hear your voice fill this dawn
So the poem in Taehyung’s message includes a new detail we didn’t see mentioned in the song itself:
Taehyung mentioned the dawn, the birds and the cold winter wind. I don’t know if this was some of his original lyrics for 4 o’clock, but at least the theme of the cold winter has been used in 4 o’clock to some extent as well. Considering we know Jimin has some part in Taehyung’s inspiration, and then that Scenery references back to the park and has a winter/snow theme it truly feels like Taehyung either really really loves winter or has a similar inspiration and thoughts behind many of his lyrics.
I also think the themes (like dawn, the park, being bright and the night being cold but a comfort all the same) used in 4 o’clock being used again in other songs by Taehyung that are more clearly romantic could point at this possible other person to be Jimin above others that we know.
The day of 4 o'clock's release Tae also posted a few videos to the japanese fanclub, and while I am not sure if they were directly uploaded by him I had to include it. You see in the videos (a series of 4 clips labeled #Don’tCheatOnMe) one of them is Taehyung laying down with his head on a railway track (another one being just being inside a train and giving finger hearts). Which to me looks like it could be a throwback to his scene in Spring Day.
Tumblr media
A few days before the release, on the 3rd of June, Taehyung also posted a series of photos from the Spring Day shoot.
Tumblr media
However this was just one out of several posts by Tae with photos that day, so perhaps he just happened to have a set that he named “Spring Day” since he had photos from the shoot he wanted to share.
In the end the timing of 4 o’clock and it’s connection to Jimin is probably a bigger deal than the possible references to Spring Day that we can find.
Happy Christmas
When I first thought of this analysis and possible connections I really wanted to bring up Taehyung’s Christmas song, which was likely written the same year as Spring Day was released. It’s a romantic song that Taehyung wanted to sing with Jimin and that got denied because the lyrics wouldn’t fit two men. We know this song matters to Taehyung and that he even talked about the problem of it being sung by two men and that he wanted to sing it specifically with Jimin.
I’ve talked about it many times before, but having a Christmas song connected to Vmin could be a big deal. Christmas is a romantic holiday in Korea, and considering how he felt strongly enough to play it twice during vlives and mention he likely won’t release it I think this song was significant to Taehyung on a personal level. You can read more in my posts The Vmin Christmas song and  Big Hit, BTS, Vmin and LGBT.
But let’s look at the connection to Spring Day. Taehyung’s Christmas song, which I will call Happy Christmas, includes the Line "Happy Christmas, end of this winter, you and I will make together Christmas" as well as “End of white snow, There is you who is brighter”
This lyrical similarity could be argued to be coincidental since Christmas does occur during winter, but specifically using that line when BTS has used the winter reference so often to represent a period of difficulty, I personally think it’s intended that way. He also says at the end of white snow, so it does seem to mean after everything “cold”, and at that time this person remains, brighter than anyone else. 
Their Christmas together, in this sense something very happy and also something very romantic, is what will come at the end of the metaphorical difficult period of Winter. Not the literal end of the winter season. In particular since the winter season in Korea does not at all end with Christmas and in fact Christmas would be somewhere in the middle of Korean winter.
This is Taehyung’s own song, and the timing of it in combination with using “end of winter” and it having a direct connection to Jimin, it’s one of the pieces that to me indicates Jimin could be part of this whole puzzle that we find in Taehyung’s songs and the common themes used.
Another similarity Happy Christmas has to Spring Day in it’s lyrics is the use of “Never let go of my both hands” which as you know we have with “Wanna get to the other side of the earth, holding your hand”.
If Taehyung is singing about his own feelings for one particular person across many of his songs, and if these feelings are romantic, the fact that we have Happy Christmas and 4 o'clock in different ways be tied to Jimin becomes very significant. But of course it’s still possible for Taehyung to have these feelings and write about them and it being about someone else (or several others) as well, or it could be platonic feelings simply translated to sound more romantic in the songs.
I also think we need to remember how Jimin himself said the year before Tae started to write Happy Christmas that he would like to give a song as a Christmas present to the one he loves.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The fact that Taehyung made a romantic sounding Christmas song that he wanted to sing with Jimin, but that also got denied because of them both being men and the lyrics “not being fit” for them to sing together, should not be understated. Especially since it clearly meant enough for Taehyung to talk about it, twice. And also because of the timing of it and the way it works very well with how Taehyung talks about both Jimin and often the person present in his other songs.
It also works very well with the themes of being together “but apart” or hiding parts of themselves from the world until the time is right, since Christmas is something that they will have, but doesn’t seem to have yet. Just as in Spring Day it depicts waiting for better times. Taehyung is mostly positive in the song and when describing this other person, and maybe it is just the English translation, but to me it seems Christmas is what happens when they finally come together.
Though I know Promise being connected to Spring Day is a stretch and I don’t want to downplay the meaning Jimin has given behind the lyrics I will mention some things very briefly. Following with the themes of night/day, light/dark and winter/spring we could find some similarities in Jimin’s song lyrics.
I want you to be your light, baby You should be your light So that you won't be in pain So you can smile I want you to be your night, baby You could be your night I'll be honest with you tonight 
You're hurting too 'cause you're mine I just want to blow your mind We're drifting apart again "I don't feel it" That's what I say But to be honest that's not it
Promise is a song of fear and doubt but also hope and wanting to be able to stand alone and be happy. It’s also directed towards another person who seems to struggle and Jimin is asking them to be their own light and night. Which if put with 4 o’clock’s ambiguous relationship to the night makes the lyrics quite interesting. Even with Happy Christmas where Taehyung is waiting for the winter to end and the person with him being brighter, could in context of Promise feel like it is Jimin’s hope that Taehyung won’t just, well, wait for him and a better time. But to find his own joy and comfort and happiness even in the night outside of this other person (in this case Jimin). He is also reassuring the other person that he too is affected, even if he tries not to be.
The song doesn’t have any real direct connections to Spring Day, but for the full context I decided to include it. Mostly because of the night and light themes being so common over their songs and because of the difficulties described in the “relationship” and having to be apart but acting strong and being independent. For me Promise tells us about a want and strive to have a healthy relationship with loving yourself and standing on your own, but that could also be about encouraging someone you love and providing them with hope while also being vulnerable and sorry towards them.
Of course there are other things that could connect Promise to Vmin, not the least the cover photo being taken by Taehyung, but that’s something you can read more on in my other analysis (Vmin - Scenery, Promise and song connections).
The timing of Promise could also be rather interesting as apparently Jimin got the idea for the concept of using a Promise during the New York Citi Field concert on October 6th 2018 (Where Taehyung also mentions a promise to ARMY in the ending ment (video). This was the day after Taehyung’s vlive where he talked about the Christmas song for the first time, which was also the same day Jimin showed off his phone cover made by Taehyung with the Serendipity reference (Fungus) for the first time.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Anyways, Promise could be outside of this theory since most of it is based on Taehyung and his repeating themes, but it does fit to some degree so who knows. Of course the timing of when Promise was written also matches with when Taehyung wrote another song of his.
Now, Scenery is an interesting song for sure, but I can’t bring up all there is to it in this post, so again I suggest reading my other song analysis before anything. The most important part is that it seems to reference the particular scene in 4 o’clock that we know is connected to Jimin, meaning the park at dawn “In the park of the early morning, I have my feelings now”. It also brings up the theme of longing and hoping to make the other person his and having a better future together. Let’s look at the lyrics that fit with Spring Day.
In the streets full of flowers I see you today too
So, first of all the flowers is a very common theme and the “street full of flowers” or “flower road” is of course something else BTS uses a lot in various songs and messages. It’s about being on a happy and successful road together, and hoping for things to be better.
Tumblr media
Taehyung said in his Festa 2019 profile "Receive more scars and be happier than anyone else, no matter what life you are living. Only walk steps where the scenery is nice” and some say this is of similar meaning to using the expression flower road. Scenery in itself could be a hint or hope or wish towards a happier life with this other person that he wants to pull closer and be his or to simply see things from the bright side when possible.
Tumblr media
If we take Taehyung more literally, it could be that the person he sings about is also a person he associates with his “street full of flowers” being a place, which could point at his career. I say this mostly because he says “In this street full of flowers, I see you today too”. Of course it could also mean ARMY or something like that, but considering the song has a possible connection to 4 o’clock, Jimin is not an impossible option. Taehyung also used “let’s walk on the flower road together” in his letter to Jimin in Bon Voyage 2 (2017). He wants the two of them to be happy together. So as in many cases when it comes to themes or expressions in Taehyung’s songs this is yet another one which he has at least used directly with Jimin.
Tumblr media
Scenery of course also has a moon and night theme. Like I said Taehyng specifically mentions dawn again, which could be a throwback to 4 o’clock.
In the park of the early morning I have my feelings now
That park seem to be important, and we also hear Taehyung say he has his feelings, which I interpret as him being very sure of what he feels compared to before. We also know since before that a park is a place he associates with Jimin, besides the direct connection to the dumpling fight. Personally it wouldn’t be too weird if that night in the park was important enough for Taehyung to keep referencing it.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Illuminated by the moon Listen to the film
Collect a moonlight piece I'll make the lights
He is making his own light too by this point just like Jimin might have wanted him to in Promise. He has regrets, but all in all he seems to be in the night but having hope for the future and wishing to make the other person his. However they are not together, it's simply Taehyung expressing his own side and his wishes. Scenery is also written in a way that can be seen as more romantic. 
I still wonder wonder beautiful story Still wonder wonder best part I still wander wander next story I want to make you mine
If you leave footprints I'll keep it warm I'll stay in black and white
He also sings about the other person leaving footprints, and about keeping something warm. I think this might mean he is staying close, following this person, but as I said they are not together at this time. It could also indicate another winter theme, though more subtle in the lyrics.  But at the start of Scenery there is the sound of walking in snow and what is likely a train approaching, which I honestly think is meant to be a throwback to Spring Day.
As the first song Taehyung released that is all his own, I think it’s of great importance. It is another song about longing and it's also about wondering about the future, so while it might not have many lyrical similarities to Spring Day, it does have a thematic one.
Honestly besides the night and moon themes and possible connections to 4 o’clock, the most interesting Spring Day connections for Scenery are not in the lyrics. Just keep in mind the longing in Scenery, the hope for the future to change and the connection to 4 o’clock and possibly Jimin.
We have some direct references to Spring Day that Taehyung included in regards to Scenery which I have talked about to some extent in my Vmin - Scenery, Promise and song connections post. I also want to mention that Promise and Scenery were written and released very close to each other and while I didn’t bring up Promise and Spring Day comparisons in detail there are some similarities there in the stories as well. For example, about the love/hate relationship and using night. But generally some themes can be so vague or common they could just as easily mean nothing. (This is why we might want to be careful with seeing something in everything, because sometimes it’s easy to make connections that might not be intended at all.)
But let’s go back to Scenery and Spring Day as it’s not just about similarities in theme or lyrics. Some of the direct links Taehyung used are the backside of his cover being the landscape from where the ending scene of Spring Day was filmed and the release time teaser for Scenery being posted with a picture of the train station used in Spring Day. This is of course also why I feel rather confident about the sounds of walking in snow and the train bell being there as Spring Day references.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The time for the release of the teaser photo with the picture from the scenery of Spring Day was possibly related to 4 o’clock as the time when the tweet was sent 6:09 was the same as the date 4 o’clock was released. 
The fact that Scenery is about the importance of photographs and what feelings they carry should also not be ignored, so since Taehyung used two different pictures from Spring Day to promote Scenery it likely has a purpose and meaning behind it.
Also the name of the train station in Spring Day was Iryeong/Ilyeong station, which translates to 1 (il) and 0 (yeong) which also matches the time 10 o’clock when Taehyung released Scenery. Meaning they do pay attention to details on purpose at some points, we just can’t know for sure when.
Tumblr media
It might be nothing but considering that the name of the station is basically 10 and Jimin tweeted two days before the release of Taehyung’s teaser (on the 28th of January) saying “10:13 o’clock” which is basically “Jimin o’clock”, I wanted to mention it. Jimin also tweeted a picture of him and Taehyung before the release of the song and a lot of other possible Vmin things you can read about in my bigger analysis Vmin - Scenery, Promise and song connections.
Still, for Scenery we get a very obvious connection and two links back to Spring Day with the photos posted. The photography theme and the sound of walking in snow could also be worth taking into account. On top of that we have the continued similar narrative about wanting to be with this other person and wondering what the future might bring for them. It’s a romantic song, and it has direct connections to Spring Day while also matching many other themes Taehyung has used.
Winter Bear 
Winter Bear of course has the theme of winter. But much like Happy Christmas it’s depiction of winter is a lot happier (though in Happy Christmas it was not the winter itself that was happy, but rather making Christmas when they finally get to be together). We have hope and the person Taehyung is singing about is able to sleep. I want to contrast this to earlier in Singularity and of course in Spring Day when they talk about “sleepless nights”. Following Scenery we get something that could indicate a comfortableness and acceptance of the night even further. Again, assuming night and winter have indicated difficult times we here instead see something like being content or even happy with the night/winter. 
She looks like a blue parrot Would you come fly to me? I want some good day, good day, good day Good day, good day
Looks like a winter bear You sleep so happily I wish you a good night, good night, good night
We have the sense of it being a lullaby, and it references both winter and sleeping, but again in a very sweet and positive light, for at least one of the two. They are not together, but Taehyung once again wonders if the other person would come to him. We also have a person being directly connected to the winter.
He is also happy to let them sleep. The Winter Bear lyrics point out how the other person is sleeping happily and Taehyung of course also uses "I wish you a good night" while also saying he wants a Good Day. Similar to 4 o’clock, we still have the night be some sort of comfort for at least one person, but it’s clear that Taehyung wants and wishes for a good day.
Going from Spring Day’s “And how many sleepless nights do I have to spend” to “You sleep so happily” this is a possible change in narrative that I think we see more of moving forward as well. We have started to move away from the sleepless nights. However, since Taehyung is watching another person sleep it is very possible his nights are still sleepless, but that he still wishes the other a good night and seems happy to see them sleep. He talks about imagining this other person saying Hello to him and how basically when they are together the bad days are nothing. Once again there is this person in Taehyung’s life that seems to brighten it simply by being with him. Maybe it’s ARMY, but there is also Jimin who starts off “Friends” with “Hello my alien” and whom Taehyung often talk about helping him cope with his difficulties.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Another possible interpretation is that Winter Bear is literally describing a period of hibernation. That during this period of winter it’s basically a period of being “on hold”, and they are simply waiting for spring to come.
Further there is also a direct connection between Winter Bear and Spring Day, believe it or not. The Day after Taehyung released Winter Bear he went on weverse and quoted Namjoon's part in Spring Day about there being Winter in august. Winter Bear was released in August you see.
Tumblr media
The line about “Winter in August” if you can recall was a movie reference in Spring Day from a romantic drama named Christmas in August.
The movie also kind of has an emphasis on taking photos and capturing moments in time, so maybe that’s something Taehyung could like and relate to as well. With the whole theme of taking photos and how much it means to Taehyung and his storytelling I also keep thinking that Jimin using photos taken by Taehyung on the cover of Promise and Jimin posting a photo of him and Tae before the release of Scenery might have a bigger importance than what we might think.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Further it’s possible the scene of Taehyung walking in the Winter Bear MV could be meant to evoke the similar-looking scene with Jimin in Spring Day. Though that is definitely a stretch with nothing except similarity to lean on.
Tumblr media
Credits to @haruzday on twitter
Winter Bear doesn’t really have any big direct connection to Jimin, except that we know that Jimin loves the song a lot and promoted it very much, and in a way that felt it might mean a lot to him too. You can of course read about this in Vmin - Winter Bear analysis. But there is the cover having two bears that Jimin gifted Taehyung, and the fact that Jimin has used the song as a lullaby. Which matches with the “you sleep so happily” theme. We have as I mentioned moved away from the sleepless nights at least partly or for one of the two friends.
Taehyung still wishes for a good day, a better and happier future for him and this other person, but he also wishes them a good night.
You might not have thought much of it, but Friends actually has a few similarities to Spring Day that are quite obvious. First there is of course the actual friend theme we have in Spring Day “How much longing should we see snowing down. To have the days of spring, Friend” and “You know it all. You’re my best friend. The morning will come again”.
But we also have “You know it all” from Spring Day which fits with Friends’ lyrics “I know everything about you. We gotta trust each other” and perhaps most importantly “Longer than seven summers and cold winters. Longer than numerous promises and memories” which of course matches very well with Vmin being caught together in the cold winter, waiting for spring to come for a long time during some difficult periods they have gone through together.
Lastly we also have ”For eternity, keep staying here, stay” which have a similar message as the end of Spring Day with “Please stay, please stay there a little longer”. Vmin are just like the friends in Spring day reaching out and asking the other person to stay. Though in Friends this request has turned into wanting to be together for eternity. In Friends they also finally seem to be together in some sense, even though there could be a wish for more hidden in there.
Looking at the lyrics and message of Friends it's possible that we have come to a change in their perspective. They are ok to wait in the night or winter. But they also promise to be together and hope for the other person to stay beside them. "One day when this cheer dies down, stay". Meaning in this case they want to be together after their careers as idols. If we can include Friends in the whole narrative, it seems they are sure of their want to be together, though they are still asking the other to stay.
If we consider romantic feelings being involved I would say they could be waiting for the right time to be together as something else than best friends. Considering it's from Jimin it could even possibly be considered a reply to Taehyung's uncertainties. And going from their wondering and confusion and longing they are now more patient and might have found some middle-ground way to cope. It could also literally be seen as a promise between them to be together. Being together as Friends and waiting is the dawn they share while they wait for the morning. It’s a metaphorical spring in winter, instead of the winter in August, because even if they haven’t actually reached spring together they are together now and content enough to wait together. Or perhaps spring is getting closer and they don’t mind the winter as much now when they know they are at least waiting together and want the same thing.
The line in Friends about "we are each other's mystery, is that why it is even more special" could also be an indicator that some "hidden" or even "forbidden" aspect of their relationship might have made it special. There could be a fear in what would change if anything actually happened or if they would be allowed to openly be together. Hence looking forward to the next song, Sweet Night, the hesitation to pull the other closer and how the night is something sweet even though it might have been their "only way" as ships in the night.
Having used these lines in Friends is of course possible on it’s own, and doesn’t have to connect to the other songs just because of similar themes, but there are possible connections and even if they could be nothing I don’t think they are to be dismissed either. 
While not in the lyrics we also have them holding hands in the performance of Friends, which of course also matches with “I want to go to the other side of Earth, holding your hand.”
Tumblr media
Either way we know the feelings they have for each other are strong, and that they consider each other soulmates that want to be together even after BTS. They express their love for each other very often and in ways that are rather unusual for a platonic relationship (though obviously not impossible) and no matter what those feelings are they clearly love each other a lot. For a longer analysis on the song and all the references to Vmin’s memories, check out Vmin analysis - “Friends”.
Sweet night
Sweet Night is yet another song about night, and how Taehyung can’t sleep. “On my pillow. Can't get me tired”. He still has those sleepless nights that the friends in Spring Day suffer from. We also see the longing there “And would it be alright if I pulled you closer”, with some hesitance to do so, as he doesn’t seem to know if it’s ok or not. Even so, we can definitely tell by the title alone that the night in itself truly isn’t something he hates, but rather the opposite. The night is after all sweet. It carries hope, even though the lyrics indicate a lot of uncertainties.
It’s also significant that Taehyung is saying that he is “Sharing my fragile truth” with this song. To me more and more it seems like he has tried in many of his songs to tell us different pieces of the same complex story that he is trying to understand. 
Sweet night being a song by Taehyung released right after Friends is on it’s own quite a lot. Of course this means the theme of best friends used in Sweet Night “I'm wondering. Are you my best friend” is relevant both in relation to Spring Day and possibly to Jimin because of the timing and how Taehyung has literally named Jimin his one and only best friend, many times even.
Tumblr media
In the song Taehyung has questions, and as in other songs like Scenery he is wondering about the past and the future with this person. He is also describing them as ships in the night, which makes us wonder if perhaps they are a product of the night only. Like the children of the moon in 4 o’clock the sun and day might not be for them. I think him wondering if he can pull this person closer could be about being more open and stepping out into the light. If you’ve read my post Sweet Night - Song analysis you might be aware I think the song is very unsure, and I think it’s possible the narrative could be about the past or possibly about still treading the line between friends and more despite knowing his own feelings. Taehyung might be wondering if there is something there between him and this other person, as he seems to think the other person might feel the same as him, though he isn’t sure.
I’m wondering Are you my best friend Feel’s like a river’s rushing through my mind I wanna ask you If this is all just in my head My heart is pounding tonight I wonder If you Are too good to be true And would it be alright if I Pulled you closer How could I know One day I’d wake up feeling more
What I want to say about Sweet Night is that we by now know it’s personal. Most of us already thought so, even though it wasn’t confirmed, thanks to the interview Tae and Namjoon had right around the song’s release.
Tumblr media
However, him singing a romantic song about feelings changing for a best friend in combination with the way he is with Jimin is on it’s own significant for the whole picture. Especially since we now know that it was a personal song that was originally supposed to be on Taehyung’s mixtape.
Tumblr media
The lullabys and Tae’s inability to sleep properly are definitely a recurring theme for his songs. I still don’t know about the timing of Taehyung’s feelings, but honestly if we consider a Vmin perspective  it could work with being something Taehyung felt around the time of the dumpling fight, as he might have realized his feelings changing. Meaning the actual scenario in the song with “how could I know one day I would wake up feeling more” could be based on older realization, but the sentiment of wanting to be with this person and pulling them closer could still be his current feelings.
Taehyung openly telling us that it is a personal song, and the contents of the song being romantic sounding, has now opened up discussions of his love life. I wonder if he is aware of this and if he simply doesn't care what his fans might think and speculate about at this point.
Inner Child
I debated if I should talk about Inner Child or not, but in the end decided to at least mention the lyrics. We have no idea if this is just a case of Tae having a preference for these words, expressions or themes, but he certainly uses them a lot.
Tonight, if I reach my hand to yours Can you hold that hand? I'll become you
You just have to look at my galaxies Be showered with all those stars I'll give you my world The lights illuminating your eyes
You kind of have the giving my world and “I’ll become you” which we have seen in Serendipity’s “You are me, I am you”, “My angel, my world” and the whole extra bridge in the full version:
Come to my side now So we can become one I don't want to let go- no Do I just have to treasure it
Although you say nothing I feel it There are many more stars Together we're flying It's never over
Don't be nervous and grab my hand Cause now we are one Let me love you
So we have Jimin asking the other person to let him love them, and we have him asking them to come to his side which matches with Spring Day’s “I want to go to the other side of Earth, holding your hand, put an end to winter” and then again with some of the lyrics in Inner Child about reaching out a hand and becoming one.
Besides the reaching out his hand theme being in Spring Day we have seen Taehyung use it in Happy Christmas, Snow Flower and Blue & Grey. Snow Flower also has the “I'll give you the world (I'll give it to you)”. But since this song is meant to be about Taehyung’s younger self, perhaps this is a good example of how he can use similar themes simply because he likes them and not because the songs are necessarily connected or about another particular person.
Honestly, if it weren’t for Taehyung telling us that Inner Child is about and to himself, I would see this as a very LGBT+ friendly song about realizing your feelings for someone and taking the chance and acting on them. Likewise I could even make a case for the lyrics of Filter together with Inner Child, but if anything it might just show how anything can be made to fit if you just look for connections. 
Inner Child: We gon' change. Filter: We’ll become a new us
It’s just funny how both songs uses a lot of similar words, and “we” when referring to themselves and how they will change, but in the end I felt it wasn’t enough to include Filter.
Songs like Inner Child and Blue and Grey are songs I wouldn’t normally use in a Vmin context, but I decided to include both as a way to show the similar themes, and as an example of me perhaps reading too much into all the lyrical connections.
Blue & Grey
There are of course also some references in “Blue & Grey” which I briefly want to mention, especially since it was supposed to be a song on Taehyung’s solo album. I know it’s about burn-out (very relatable) and Taehyung’s feelings of sadness. But the lyrics still work very well in the full narrative and seemingly include a second person (or ARMY) that helps him.
I just wanna be happier Melt me, I’m cold I’ve reached out my hand countless times
I still feel my heart Breathe faster like when I walked on the cold winter streets Don't say you're fine 'Cause you're not Please don't leave me alone, it hurts too much Please feel the warmth in my hands They're cold, that's why I need more of you
I think you can quickly see how the cold, the melting and the reaching out of the hand are lyrics we have seen before from Taehyung. Most recently in Snow Flower of course “Feel the warmth next to me. Hold me with your cold and soft hands” and where he directly references Blue & Grey “Your warmth will melt my blue and grey away”. Not only does it fit with Taehyung’s other song, but he has literally told us Jimin’s smile can take away his blue feelings, and that Jimin is the warmest person that he knows.
Tumblr media
We once again have this theme of hands as in Happy Christmas “Never let go of my both hands” and of course in Spring Day “Wanna get to the other side of the earth, holding your hand”. I think that Taehyung has an image of the story he wants to tell as he seems to on purpose leave a lot of references back and forth between several of his songs. Or at the very least seem to be thinking a lot of similar things as tells his stories in his songs.
With the holding of hands and needing the warmth of the other we also see once again that what has changed is that they are together in the winter. They can endure the cold despite the hurt, but only together. Taehyung needs the other person next to him, he wants to hold their (also cold) hand because that is what he says will help him feel happier.
Don't say you're fine 'Cause you're not
Is also quite matching as a sentiment towards Jimin's lyrics in Promise "I say that it's all okay. The truth is, it doesn’t seem so". I know Yoongi wrote this line, but Taehyung did like it enough to even change parts of the song to match it. It also ended up being the part that Vmin harmonized together.
Further in Blue and Grey we also have the very end of it.
After secretly taking back words floating in the air I now fall asleep at dawn, good night
Once again in Taehyung’s style he also seems to leave a hint that this is a personal song and his feelings. As with “Sharing my fragile truth” in Sweet Night and later “I'll sing this song” in Snow Flower. Of course he has also told us it’s personal, but I mean he likes to include hints in his songs about it being his thoughts.
Not only are there words he is secretly taking back, but they are floating in the air. Of course this doesn’t have to be a Spring Day reference, but it does fit Jimin’s part “Like the tiny dust, tiny dust floating in the air”. It also feels like Vmin. The way Taehyung has over the years mentioned Jimin in various ways or even told us about how some of his songs are connected to Jimin. The words are out there floating in the air, but revealed in small doses, sometimes even getting backtracked as when Namjoon removed the part about Jimin in his 4 o’clock message. It's all out there but not explicitly. Taehyung expresses his feelings but takes it back, secretly. To me even if this isn't about Jimin it does indicate there are things Taehyung wants to say, and even does say, but that he has to be careful about.
Then there is the fact that Taehyung finally falls asleep and can tell us all good night himself. He really loves the night and has used the theme very much in several of his songs. He finally seems to be at some peace. 
He also directly references dawn. Which feels like it could have a connection to 4 o'clock and Taehyung's feelings and in extension Jimin. Once again the dawn, somewhere between the night and the morning, seems to be where they are the most at peace. Similar to my interpretation of 4 o'clock in my very first song analysis, this in between moment is the place they have now and finally Tae is able to fall asleep somewhat content.
However, I don’t know how much of the song was changed from the original, so I also think we need to acknowledge the lyrics of Taehyung’s original version of Blue & Grey including more sombre words (if the translation is correct):
I just wanna be happier Baby don't let me go I feel tired in the winter sky Wish I could be stronger...
This makes the song both romantic, includes the theme of winter and has Taehyung express worry about the other person letting go and that he wishes he was stronger in this whole ordeal. All very fitting in the full narrative if we consider Vmin and their songs pointing at the struggles of wanting something they can’t truly have right now. For example having to be only friends at the moment.
I really have no clue if Blue & Grey is or was meant to be a possible Vmin song, but if there is a cohesive narrative that Taehyung is taking parts from to use in his songs it wouldn’t really surprise me if he at least sees Jimin as a comfort in his difficult times, similar to as when he wrote 4 o’clock.
Tumblr media
So while this song is not only Taehyung’s and has been changed a lot, I still felt the sentiment in it (together with the earlier version) was interesting for this possible narrative that Taehyung has someone he loves and wants to be with. It could be ARMY, it could be someone else, but it also works with Jimin in particular.
Christmas love
I have yet to write a proper analysis of Christmas love and Snow Flower, so I might have gone into a bit more than just things related to Spring Day. But the most important theme is the thing both songs have in common with each other and with Spring Day, which is of course the winter and cold and what it could mean to them.
If we look at some of the lyrics from Jimin’s Christmas love and how much he cherishes the snow and Christmas in a very romantic way, if there are connections between the themes it could further point at how “winter” has become something that is theirs and that they cherish. So let’s say winter and snow and cold represents not being together, hiding and difficult times at first, then the view might now have shifted and that while they are together in difficult times, they do have each other. Maybe not fully in the way they want, but with the promise of a future together. Just as the night now seems sweet, the winter is happy as we see with the Christmas season.
In Christmas love “For me who's been waiting for you, Could you stay a little bit longer?” We once again have the theme of staying and waiting for someone (though in Jimin’s song it seems to be about waiting for winter/Christmas, but it doesn’t always have to be about a singular thing). 
For me this could bear similar meaning as the night vs. day references of being together and having each other in the dark, while being blinded and scared of the light. Even though they do wish for being together in the day or spring, the dark and winter is what they have now and they in a way cherish that too simply because they go through it together. (We are each other’s mystery, is that what makes it more special?)
Just as with Promise, this song’s possible connection will be much more vague and possibly coincidence. In particular since it is after all a Christmas song and having snow as a theme won’t be weird at all. But, it does fit very well with the transition from winter being harsh, to now having come to love it and even looking forward to parts of it. We also can’t completely ignore that both Jimin and Taehyung did write a Christmas song each, releasing them right after each other.  Especially after Taehyung letting us know about his original Christmas song and how he wasn’t allowed to sing it with Jimin. 
Let’s see some of the more particular similarities. 
Oh I been waitin' for this Christmas Day My heart is already on this white street It snowed in my dream last night You've been waiting all day under the covers
We once again have waiting and if we look at the difference between the narrative in Spring Day and this song, we have gone from “Time’s so cruel, I hate us” to “I hope today lasts forever”. Similar to going from waiting for spring or the morning to finding some happiness in the winter and the night, we can suspect that the waiting either has changed or that they have come more to terms with the time and state they currently are in. Jimin sings later again that he has been waiting. “I've been waiting for. Today it's Christmas Day”. There is both a “I’ve been” and a “you’ve been” waiting which also makes the waiting from two perspectives.
We have the mention of a street, but now instead of a flower road it is a white one. Jimin’s heart is in winter, and he associates snow and Christmas with something positive, similar to Taehyung in Happy Christmas or even Winter Bear.
We also have the theme of sleeping and dreaming. If we include the perspective of Winter Bear here it also aligns with Jimin being the one seemingly able to sleep but Taehyung having trouble (or at least being more honest with letting it show). There is also waiting under the covers. It seems possible Jimin could be dreaming and sleeping while Taehyung still has trouble sleeping, but has come to appreciate the night nonetheless. In both the cases of night and winter the tone has gradually gone from sadness and longing, to acceptance and love.
If anyone is listening to me Will you let the time stop now? Christmas I love you Like the white snow Fallen snow You come down on my day Christmas I love you Oh, you're the one I hope today lasts Forever To be honest, I'm afraid you'll leave Because today is short I've been waiting for you all this time Can you stay with me a little bit longer?
There is also some insecurity, in having waited for so long, now they are afraid it will end too soon. Something we also see in Spring Day with the “Yes I hate you, you left me. But I never stopped thinking about you, not even a day” but we also know both songs end up with the perspective of wanting to be together.
Once again we see the use of “stay” which can relate back to both Spring Day and Friends. Same with forever. But all in all considering the feeling of wanting time to stop, there really is a huge difference over time. It’s like the waiting is almost over, even though they still seem to be in Winter. 
What we hear in the lyrics is that Jimin wants this to last, to stop time, and be together forever. Using “you are the one” also makes it feel more like a romantic declaration than simply just loving the Christmas season in itself. But we also have to keep in mind this is Jimin’s song, and most songs have been Taehyung’s. So perhaps it’s not part of the same changing narrative at all, but is simply something unrelated that Jimin wrote. (Again, most songs could be argued to be to or about ARMY).
Jimin said this when the song was released:
Tumblr media
I do find it a little odd how he speaks about hiding his emotions, though I guess it could simply be him being a bit embarrassed to share his “childish” thoughts and emotions with us or the struggles he feels in regards to not being able to perform and meet fans. It’s also funny how he talks about wanting to turn back time to simpler days of his childhood. But at the very least this shows that BTS certainly can get inspiration and sing about things they have felt that they aren’t feeling or experiencing any more.
As for Jimin’s message about the song it seems straightforward enough, but with the way a magazine phrased it I couldn’t help but include it.
“BTS’s Jimin is doing his bit to brighten up everyone’s Christmas by dropping a special festive song.  On Christmas Eve, the K-pop star released his solo effort Christmas Love, in the hopes that ARMYs would embrace their inner children around the holidays. The sweet song is all about Jimin’s memories of Christmas, and is packed full of jingle bells for that festive feel. After dropping the surprise song, Jimin shared a blog post for ARMYs explaining the inspiration behind Christmas Love.”
Obviously this is just one person’s comment on the song and doesn’t actually mean anything, but considering Taehyung has his song Inner Child (and that Jimin has said that Taehyung still has that innocence of a child) I just thought it was a fun little anecdote.
I remind you that Jimin himself back in 2016 also said he wanted to sing a Christmas song as a gift to the one he loves. Accidentally saying "we" and also matching well with Taehyung starting to write a Christmas song for them to sing together. That same Christmas they also released a clip each of them singing a Christmas song with Jimin's being a reply to Taehyung's.
Tumblr media
In the end it’s the timing and the repeated themes of “stay” and “waiting” that he talks about in a way that sounds rather romantic that fits this narrative the most. 
Snow Flower
Just as Happy Christmas and Christmas love this song has a positive attitude towards the winter and of course Christmas itself. We can tell that we are in winter, but they are in both songs fairly content with that at this point.
Hey snow It's coming today What else should I prepare? I’m ready to greet you, ok (Ok) Grey is Fallin' on the canvas You can just cover it white I'll give you the world (I'll give it to you) In this cold season You are my special event Your warmth will melt My blue and grey away (o-o-oh)
What we see is that Taehyung is ready. Ready for the cold and accepting of the snow. He says this other is their special event and their “warmth will melt my blue and grey away”. It’s this other that helps him through the cold, makes him ready to greet it and makes it all special. It’s very similar to the sentiment of Happy Christmas where it’s the two of them together that basically makes Christmas. We can also see that the white will cover the grey, so we literally have him getting comfort out of the snow and winter at this point if we put the songs together.
We also have lyrics like “I'll give you the world (I'll give it to you) In the cold season” which could honestly represent the same thing as in Spring Day, with the cold season being the time of difficulties. (We also have him use a similar line in Inner Child which is partly why I decided to include it: I'll give you my world) 
But they are in this together, which means that if Taehyung is inspired by Spring Day and the theme of winter being a difficult time, he has in his songs (Winter Bear, Happy Christmas and Snow Flower) managed to find even happiness and beauty in this difficult time. In particular together with this possible other special person.
Christmas without you would just not be Christmas at all Bright mistletoes up above us, it's just you and me (I love you)
Just as in 4 o’clock it’s just “you and me” there in the song. And just like in Happy Christmas, it’s definitely a romantic sentiment. If we look at it in a possible timeline, perhaps Christmas is the last step before we come into the actual spring. But at this point or at least in these songs, it seems there is no hurry to leave. Christmas is basically being happy and finding something good in the middle of winter. We also see that to Taehyung this happy time exists because of this other person being there. Which works well with Winter being harsh turning into a Happy Christmas simply because of this other person.
When the world is full of white flowers May our times be more special (eh-e) When time is standing still May these flowers fall on your sad smile (e-e-eh)
We can see that not all is happy, but perhaps something in between? He describes a sad smile and it really seems Taehyung and this other person have a difficult time but being together helps them. We have white flowers falling and metaphorically or not it reminds us of the snow in Spring Day perhaps being mistaken for flowers. The flowers are now falling in winter in Taehyung’s song. We also have Taehyung hope for their time in winter to be more special, which again could match with Friends' "We are each other’s mystery, is that why it’s even more special". They have each other to warm each other up in the cold season now.
When the world turns beautifully white I'll spread those fading colors with you There's a lot of white angels here and there this year Take a deep breath and look at those flowers that look like you Feel the warmth next to me Hold me with your cold and soft hands I'll keep you safe Let the white snow fall on us forever
An alternative translation “I'll let the white snow fall forever with you”. If we all put these songs together, it’s really possible that by now Taehyung has accepted and doesn't mind the cold winter seasons as long as they get to be together in some way. He will keep them safe, away from the suffocating sun. Just as "Christmas without you would just not be Christmas at all" he needs this person with him to be happy in the winter even if it's in a way he doesn't want or at least isn’t the ideal way he would wish for. If we talk about keeping another person safe it also of course matches with Serendipity’s “You're my penicillium, saving me, saving me. My angel, my world” which again has a direct line between Vmin because of Taehyung’s choice of contact name for Jimin. (You could also go back to Lie and Stigma, but I won’t in this post as I have talked about it before.)
He is by now happy to be with this person forever, even with the snow falling. Again, remember the use of snow falling in Spring Day and how they wish it will be flowers falling instead? “How much longing should we see snowing down” and “Maybe it’s cherry blossoms and this winter will be over” but here Taehyung thinks it’s more ok for the white snow to fall forever and there are still flowers present.
Did you see the snow? Like your eyes Believe in Santa Claus? I'll take away A warm gift with you Every time this season comes, like the tip of your nose, let's Fall in love I'm just feeling Stay by my side I'll match your footsteps I'll sing this song (You make me wanna be a better man)
Once again you also have it clear it’s a romantic song, and once again we also hear the plea of staying, like in Spring Day and Friends (and Christmas Love). I also think the line of the footsteps could be a possible link to this line in Scenery “If you leave footprints I’ll keep it warm” and about the two now being side by side instead of one following the other trying to reach them. 
(A small detail here is that the line “You make me wanna be a better man” could likely be from the movie “As good as it gets”, and while it’s not part of the main story or connected to the quote, there is a secondary character who is gay man; an artist that has a small dog. I mean it’s probably more of a stereotype of the time but I wanted to include it.)
I think you can see the overall changes matches no matter if we talk about night, winter, waiting or being together. We have gone from being apart to being together and from being sad about winter to finding some joy in it. There is sadness there, and they know it, but they can still give each other some happiness and warmth.
When the world is full of white flowers May our feelings grow deeper and deeper May the flowers land on your smile Below the streetlamp frozen in time (Yeah-e)
There is also a mention of a smile, and together with holding hands that is another one of Taehyung’s favorites to include. He has it in Happy Christmas where it is also seemingly under a light, though not specifically a streetlamp “Under the light, at your smile, the stars are shy”.
The flowers are now white, and possibly instead of hoping the snow will be flowers, to them the snow really has become flowers even if we haven't gotten to spring. Basically their own spring is in the winter now. Or perhaps rather than waiting for spring the same way they have instead found their Christmas together.  It's a change in perspective.
Tumblr media
Looking at the cover art for Snow Flower we also see the boy protecting a purple flower from the snow, which matches with the lyrics “I'll keep you safe”. This might be a reach, but if the purple flower is to represent “I purple you” and someone that Taehyung wants to protect, we do have the possibility of that being Jimin because of his previous comments about “Not Tata” being the face of I purple you. Basically Jimin could be a person that represents the feeling of “I purple you” to Taehyung.
You can read more about it in my posts Tata and Jimin and Big Hit, BTS, Vmin and LGBT but in short Taehyung used to draw Jimin the way Tata looks, and in the vlive when he talked about Happy Christmas and how he couldn’t sing it with Jimin he also holds up a picture of “Not Tata” and says it’s the “face of I purple you”.
The flower in the cover is likely supposed to be a crocus, which is a purple flower that blooms early in spring when there is still snow left. I don’t know if it’s the same in Korea or if Taehyung is aware, but the meaning of the crocus is actually hope, and that “Winter will indeed end, and spring will come again...”
If so, the whole meaning of Snow Flower might indeed be to hold on as the season is about to change. 
Before moving on I just want to point out that Jimin and Taehyung both released Christmas songs back to back, and a different translation of Snow Flower has the line “I’m gonna sing this song in step with you” and honestly if that translation is accurate it does seem like a possible nod to Jimin releasing a Christmas song at the same time. Which is also interesting since both Taehyung and Jimin seemed to hurry and write their Christmas songs and Jimin apparently wasn’t even sure he would make it on time at all.
Each of them also have the lyrics include “I love you” and “Will you let the time stop now?/When time is standing still.” along with the themes of waiting and this time being happy about the falling snow. Also of course asking the other to stay “Can you stay with me a little bit longer?” and “Stay by my side” which at least in sentiment matches with their feelings for each other as expressed in Friends.
Spring Day (Taehyung version)
Let’s also take a moment to look at Taehyung’s version of Spring Day, which was not used but which we have heard him mention and even play snippets of a few times. He seems to be really proud of it, and rather salty to be frank that they ended up using Namjoon’s version.
We have him tweet a short part of it on march 19th 2017. The same day he also had a vlive that is no longer available since it was only put on the vlive + channel where he played the version for the first time. 
It’s also around the time they recorded their Spine Breaker MV (Tae plays the song in his vlive) while in Chile, aka Taehyung’s “if I am feeling blue your smile will cheer me up” period and in general just a height of Vmin moments. (Tae/kookers have a lot of theories here, but sharing a room was something Vmin did literally two days before this live so I am not sure it proves anything even if members are sharing rooms at this point). 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This version is clearly romantic, and the lyrics are something like:
Remember that Spring Day, Don't Forget it Remember your dreams, Don't Give up I fallin' you, I fallin' Cause maybe for your love (or forever?) Cause baby for that love Cause baby for love
Of course guide lyrics don’t have to mean much, and since he has mostly talked about making the melody I am not sure if the lyrics are even his or not. But it does at least show a somewhat romantic theme that also feels a bit similar to Tae’s “Happy Christmas” with “Hotter than coco, i'm fallin'”. I wanted to include it because Taehyung really does seem to use very romantic words and expressions in his songs quite consistently since 2017. But mostly because behind the scenes there was at least a time when Spring Day was romantic.
In his version we also have the possibility of Tae being of the perspective that they have promised each other spring and he doesn't want the other person to forget or give up on that dream. Or perhaps that they will focus on their careers and to reach their dreams but to remember their love and that waiting to be together is worth it. Imagine if they actually have promised each other to wait for a better time, after the cheers die down, and keep reminding each other of that promise and their wish to be together in their songs? Reassuring each other of their promises and asking the other to wait for them.
In Friends you also have them singing, reminding themselves of their promises and this section "Never forget. More than the plain “thank you”. You and me. Decided not to fight tomorrow for real."
So imagine if they use songs to express patience and the hardships of waiting while reassuring each other of their longing and promises. They want the other to remember what they are waiting for and why. Which also makes me look at Vmin singing "I remember" several times to each other during their shared part in Life goes on a bit differently. After all most of this post is about how they can relate to songs even if they aren't about them specifically.
Tumblr media
In fact the whole lyrics to that song could easily be included in this analysis, which could point at it not being personal or at them really just liking to use these themes a lot. It also matches the lyrics of Friends and at this point I feel like I can just make almost all songs connect in one way or another. (Check out the lyrics if you want to know what I mean, because truly with the way all these other songs sound Life Goes On fits right in with them, even if the narrative becomes a bit odd.)
But, in short, considering their “numerus promises and memories” mentioned it Friends and in line with their songs it’s possible Vmin know what they want from each other, but are prepared to wait, and have finally started to find some good compromises with being stuck in a winter or night where they have to stay hidden or even apart to some extent. They have promises of the future, and they constantly remind themselves and each other to wait and to stay together.
Before moving on to things outside their songs there is also the small unreleased teaser song Taehyung has shown us that might end up on his album that he posted on the morning (4.24 am) of the 21th of April 2021 that he captioned with “Sleep”. Here is the translation provided by @btstranslation7 on twitter.
The silent night approaches me and when i look towards the window with an empty gaze I see the clouds outside are still walking [in the sky] and the ruffling of my bed covers Slowly, slowly fades away Slowly, slowly the night fades away The night’s become warm and a comfort to me Can I go to bed & sleep tonight? May I lean my body on you now I’m leaving to sing another story of mine But I’ll be back again May i lean my body on you, tonight Day and night, I think of you In my dream
I think you understand why I felt like I should include it, considering the night and sleeping theme. First as you see the general themes are all things we have seen many times, but we also have similarities with Jimin’s Christmas love with the line “You've been waiting all day under the covers”. Being under the covers could of course also be another possible metaphor for being hidden away in some form. If the ruffling of the sheet fades, and the night fades and Taehyung is finally able to lean his body on the other person and also fall asleep, there has for sure been a change. 
This song speaking about the night fading away and how “the night’s become warm and a comfort to me” is very interesting. Because it basically tells the story I have suspected, with the change and progress over these songs and years. The night isn’t cold anymore and he asks if he can finally go to bed and sleep. It’s not a completely happy song, but it’s definitely a very positive progress. Just like the Winter having Christmas the night has warmth now. He also asks if he may lean his body on this other person, and it all just sounds like we are at a turning point. The waiting and the longing is in some sense over. They are here too just one small step away from being together properly and perhaps it’s the thought of them finally being together (in some form) that allows Taehyung to sleep.
The line "Day and night, I think of you" also makes me think of both Jimin's quote "In Taehyung's head there is only me" and that time Taehyung replied to a post on fan café asking "why aren't you sleeping?" with "so that Jimin can dream".
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A reason this song is so interesting is also because of the “may I lean my body on you know”, because unlike many other of Taehyung’s songs this doesn’t feel as easily explained away as being about ARMY. Of course it could be that he misses being with the fans and adds those feelings in a more “romantic/sexual” setting of a one on one. But that line in combination with actually leaving the person in the night to go and sing tells a story I have a hard time seeing as something other than a wish from Taehyung about a particular person he wants to be with.
He also says he is leaving to “sing another story of mine” which also could indicate most of Taehyung’s songs are personal things he wants us to know and express as openly as possible. We can see a story, seemingly one story told in various ways over many songs in different times with different angles. But one story all the same; Taehyung’s story.
I think if we look at every song there are a substantial amount of similarities criss crossed between them. Once again it could simply be a certain love for the themes, but considering how well at least Taehyung’s songs match each other and how he has said several of them are personal, I think it’s very possible these songs could be about his feelings for the same person. Perhaps it’s just his love for ARMY or his struggles with fame and depression, but honestly there are many indications of there being a romantic love involved.  It doesn’t have to be about Jimin even if it is romantic, but it does fit very well.
And that will be it for this part. I hope you enjoyed it even though it probably had a lot of repetition. Please reblog, like and comment to let me know your thoughts.
Go HERE for part 3
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Part 2
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Darklina or malina?
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Misha's panel part 2
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Here I bring the second part of my Din'anshiral Verse.
I likes the bits of Sola’s expressions we got from the dragon age 4 preview, and I decided I wanted to see him cry hahaha. Sorry for the extra angsty  start of the year post, it hurst so good tho : P
Here you can find part one: 
Happy new year !!
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