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#part 3

You ever get the feeling we don’t have the vaguest idea what’s going on?

Han Solo from Tempest (2006), by Troy Denning

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Training mit Folgen (Part 3/3)

„Hab ich sie umgebracht?“, keuchte Kent.
Damian brauchte einen Moment um zu realisieren, dass sich der Idiot tatsächlich bewegt hatte, um der Frau die Füße unter den Beinen wegzutreten.
„Nein“, meinte Damian und verfrachtete das Kryptonit in eine Stahl-Box. Dass die Frau atmete, konnte er sogar von hier sehen. Allerdings sollte wohl bald ein Sanitäter kommen, der ihre Wunde verband, denn Robin würde das heute sicherlich nicht übernehmen.
Es gab wichtigeres. Wie zum Beispiel Kent aufzuhelfen.
„Bist du unverletzt?“
„Hast du dir Sorgen gemacht?“, grinste ihn der Idiot an.
„Nein“, knurrte Damian und wurde rot, weil die Lüge einfach viel zu offensichtlich war.
„Mir geht es gut“, meinte Kent nun ebenfalls rot, „Danke für die Rettung.“
Ein unangenehmes Schweigen breitete sich zwischen den beiden aus.
„Es tut mir leid“, murmelte Damian, während Kent zeitgleich schrie, „Unterrichte mich bitte weiter.“
Die Jungs blinzelten sich an.
„Natürlich führe ich deine Studien weiter. Immerhin scheinst du ja doch aufzupassen“, lächelte Damian mit einen Seitenblick auf die bewusstlose Frau.
„Ich bin froh“, lächelte Jon, „Dass ich einen Freund wie dich habe, der auch an meine verwundbarsten Augenblicke denkt und mich in Schutz nimmt.“
Damian antwortete nicht, nahm aber die Einladung zum Essen an. Diesen Satz würde er noch lange im Herzen tragen.

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The Kingdom of God - Part 3

The Kingdom of God – Part 3

GOOD MORNING, and welcome to the Pocket of Prayer podcast! 😀

Today we’ve got a super-duper acronym for you, taken from the word READ… ah, just wait until you hear it, dear listeners; in a very positive manner, it will change the way you look at the Word of God!

Tune in and listen prayerfully as our series on “The Kingdom of God” continues.

Listen to Season “617 – READ the Bible”



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No but wtf did the mc do to sophia to own the letters we’ve been sending for years??? FOR WHAT REASON? WHAT DID SHE GAIN??? A SUNA RINTAROU (well damn, u GOt mE tHErE) BUT SHE NEVER GOT THE FRICKLY DICK THOOOOO

Aran and Atsumu skhdjsbsbs y'all be playing resident evils kahdjshs was the actual z’s not enough for you? 😭😭😭😭😭😭

For you, the question was, “H-How does it feel to fuck someone you don’t like, Rin?” OKAY NOT ME YELLINGNAJGDHSGZHZVGZ THIS IS TOO MUCH BYE



your rants made my day pls you literally reacted to every scene and i love that !! also technically sophia “gained” sunarin from lying :P

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As I awake from reality, we’re still in that room on the 88th floor and I just told you everything. We’re just sitting there in silence, my mind is racing just sitting there wondering what’s going on in your head, you hold my hand and interlock fingers and lay your head on my shoulder:

“So I’m a Horcrux?”

“We’re Horcruxes. Actually I’m not sure if I am, I don’t even think Daisy knows if she’s one but I do know she placed 8 other souls in 8 children.”


“Yeah, she’s fucking insane. I never met anyone so afraid of death, that they would risk the lives of children to reach immortality.”

“Well you did say you don’t know if you or Daisy are Horcruxes, and even if you killed those 8 children and myself, either one of you has to die to find out.”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa…nobody is killing anybody, I’m definetly not killing kids nor am I killing you.”

“But what if you had to?”

“I’m not.”

“So how are you gonna fix it?”

“Easy…we kill Daisy and if she doesn’t die she’s not a Horcrux and that’s when we deal with the other option.”

“I like how you make it sound so easy, like you didn’t spend years looking for her.”

“Yeah that was before, when I was alone. You’re here now.”

“Do you want me here?”

“Before no, I didn’t want you to see me struggle or suffer but now I don’t ever want to leave your side.”

“You wouldn’t be struggling if I was there and you definitely wouldn’t be suffering. But I should make you suffer for having me chase you.”

“I only ran because I know you can kick my ass.”

“Shut up, you know you’re stronger.”


“Anyway clown, where’s Daisy?”

“I don’t know, she dipped when the aurors came in, she’s the one that called them. We should get out of here actually before these niggas come up here. After that we’ll plan how to find Daisy.”

“Let’s go then.”

“Where were you thinking?”

“Somewhere no one will find us.”

We put our clothes on and I take your hand, knowing I was safe. We disapparte to Crescent Island, I haven’t been here since Dawn died and it’s more beautiful than I remembered because you were tending to it while I was away, there were Moon flowers all over shining bright under the full moon. A field of grass stretched along the middle of the island and a house sat at the far east right near the ocean, you’re taking my hand and leading me there:

“Nicole, who’s house is that?”

“It’s mine and yours. A home we won’t run away from, somewhere we can always come back to and eventually raise a family, one that isn’t broken.”

I started tearing up because this was something I’ve never shared with you but somehow you just knew that this was my dream. To be whole, loved and to also have permission to love someone else unconditionally without judgement. Before we got in the house I wanted to tell you something, very important and life changing, we stood in front of the door and I just looked at you and when I looked into your eyes they changed to the same color as Daisy’s. We both then heard her voice in our heads singing, I know where you are, and it hurt for some reason. Out of nowhere we see black astral spirits hurtling towards the island as Daisy apparated in front of our house. We both look at her then look at each other, I could hear nothing but the words, Avada Kedavra, as it hit you and you die in my arms then I woke up, back to reality… :(

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Really really on the fence about making a Dio’s minion OC. Shed be a vampire servant to him around the time of part 3. Someone talk me out of it. Fuck Dio. But also, like…. 👀 Fuck Dio….

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thank you very much !! i feel like there were only 2 chapters at the time to decide how you guys should feel abt the characters specifically rin (and/or sophia). but i’m glad that you viewed it that way and gave sunarin a chance <3

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Anonymous said

I’m so pissed since WE wrote those letters, WE put those letters in his locker, WE like him. It honestly kinda goes to show that he didn’t feel anything for us in the beginning since he didn’t even question if they were ACTUALLY from her. You would think he’d put Sophia on like a handwriting test to see if they were the same but NO. I wonder if he like ever noticed that her handwriting was not the same from ours (or maybe we just have very similar handwriting but very unlikely)

Can’t believe I defended Sophia at first smh



about the handwriting — also i don’t blame you guys for defending sophia initially bc there weren’t really enough info provided abt her in the first 2 chapters so there’s no reason to hate on her lol but chapter 3 changed that ig :’D

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tsukkisfatsimp said

thank you for this chapter, was so good<33 it made me feel warm and bubbly inside, I’m (not) prepared for more angst to come!!!!


rip rumi 🪦😔 you will be missed baby girl. lol and thank you babe i can’t wait to write more !!

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you cannot hug sophia after knowing the truth bsjdjn


Anonymous said


I refrained from sending sophia hate cuz it was unnecessary before but NOW OSJSKSOSPA sis you just gave me war flashbacks of the worst time of my life


plssss you know like when you did most of the work for a group project and someone freeloaded off ur hardwork and claim it theirs? lmao thats sophia


Anonymous said

suna has me like ???? throwing mixed ass signals buddy needs to get some sense knocked into that head of his. ik damn well this sophia chick did not just take credit for all the letters. idc i already dont fw with her y/n im cheering for you. also im happy to know asher is alive, i hope they reunite soon.


suna is mad confused 💀 at this point the mc should just stick to finding her brother

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Anonymous said

Ate, I’m (not) sorry but I acc hate Sophia now 🙂 she played dirty to get Suna… their relationship is built on a whole damn lie, he fell for the words of the letter = all y/n’s words, no wonder they’re on and off 🤷🏻‍♀️ the feelings expressed in the letter weren’t from Sophia, they were from y/n, everyone can play nice with miss Sophia here but that was all the confirmation I needed to decide if I like her or not 😒 man I wish I was there to back y/n up, at least give her a friend friend who wouldn’t side with Sophia 😔

Anonymous said

omg I was really giving Sophia the benefit of the doubt because we didn’t know we didn’t know her character enough to judge her really but now?OFFF WITH HER HEAD! That motherf**king snaaaaakeeeeeeee. ugh I want the mc to tell him and see his reactionnnnn he’d probably be mad asf and not talk to us anymore 😭🤚🏼


love the rants !! i wonder what the reaction would have been if sophia turned out to be rly nice? i mean she is nice but only the fact that she stole the letters is what has u guys fuming :)))

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KSJDJFKS i’m laughing so hard i had to answer in between my asks queue but lmao i hope ian never sees this shit like imagine being in a triangle w a haikyuu character pslskskd

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and rintarou has a LOT of nerve for playing mr fucking detective because y/n dated haru. men and their infinite amount of audacity never fails to amaze me!!!


that’s what hurt y/n the most, the fact that she could’ve been in sophia’s place if she didn’t snatch her chances away from her. it was 4 years worth of relationship that she could’ve had with sunarin 🥲

also yesss lmao the way he threw questions left and right pls rinrin why do you care so much regardless if haru is fine as hell it’s not his business

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Anonymous said

will rin ever find out the truth about the letters??? Because sophia is out of pocket for taking credit of someone else’s affection towards rin

Anonymous said

is there another way around the letters or is it what it is? cause i doubt sophia misunderstood things. she’s been with him for FOUR years she knows about the letters he keep and not once in that four years did she think to tell him the truth.. this relationship down BADDD

  • suna has openly expressed his desire to meet his secret admirer (amongst his circle of friends) and sophia saw the letters as an opportunity to gain his attention — which he eventually gives when he got to know her better
  • we don’t know if rin will find out but y/n’s not keen to admit the truth as of now
  • sophia would never have been able to admit either bc the thought of sunarin getting mad at her for lying scares her
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aww yesss it was very devastating for y/n’s part bc the little chance of being with rin was literally stolen from her without her knowledge and now she’s worried that sunarin might just end up disappointed to know the truth bc he loves sophia

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It’s never good when Mistress Leia has a feeling.

C-3PO from Tempest (2006), by Troy Denning

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