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#part 5

okay you know that scene from Monsters University where the mom plays music you really wouldn’t expect? so anyway imagine you’re walking down the street and you see Bruno Bucciarati the Obvious Mobster walking down the street and get in this Expensive Mobster Car and then you just hear his “sea shanties for catholic thots” spotify playlist blasting out in the street and its not even spotify premium

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someone: hes been staring at the wall a lot i hope he’s okay

me internally: araki really messed up when moody blues was flying that plane. let’s pretend the flight conditions were exactly the same that day (how would he know). let’s pretend that the conversation with the tower went exactly the same (thank God for it). now. my problem when the condition of the fucking aircraft changed yet moody blues was still able to fly the aircraft without any noticeable changes. I dont know about you but I think a hole in the side of the plane would cause the aircraft to respond differently. have you ever driven a car when its windy? imagine if you still continued to drive the car as if it wasn’t? why did Abbacchio not say Anything? at one point he started losing control surfaces? you know like.. the things that make the aircraft turn in the air? why are we all pretending like the pilot had this exact same problem on their last flight? I think Abbacchio would’ve noticed when they lost the elevator and they couldn’t control whether they were pointing up or down anymore. why are we expecting moody blues to be able to fly this damaged aircraft exactly like an airworthy airpla-

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Jonathan - Wakes up pretty much awake after a few minutes. Doesn’t have a skin care routine other than gently rinsing his face with water. He does shave though. Eats a good breakfast. Well, as good as a rich, Victorian era, breakfast can get. Probably works out in the morning. Can either go for tea or coffee. If he’s drinking coffee, there will be a tiny amount of sugar with a bit more cream.  

Joseph - Takes a looong time to wake up. Gets in the shower to wake himself up, doesn’t work. Is the type to scrub his face with dish soap. I doubt he makes his own breakfast, probably goes to a restaurant every morning. Because of this, whether or not his breakfast is healthy or not can vary. Doesn’t have a set time he goes to the gym. Drinks really sugary coffee.

Jotaro - Wakes up instantly. Has a good skin care routine, but probably does it at night. Holly makes Part 3 Jotaro’s breakfast. Older Jotaro makes his breakfast. He’s a good cook. When in high school, he works out in the afternoon. When he’s older, he works out in the morning. Regardless of his age, he drinks straight black coffee.

Josuke - Takes some time to wake up. Not as long as Joseph, but still a pretty long period of time. Like Joseph, he gets in the shower to wake himself up, but actually wakes up. Wakes up early to do his hair. Has a good skin routine, and tries his best to do it every morning. His mother makes him breakfast every morning before school. Meets up with Koichi and Okuyasu every morning before going to school. Passes Rohan’s house on the way. When Rohan is outside, the both scowl at each other and give dirty looks. Drinks sweetened coffee with milk and sugar. Not nearly sweet as Joseph though.

Giorno - Wakes up after a minute or two. Has an amazing skin routine, best out of all the JoJo’s. Does it every morning and night. Like with Josuke, he takes some time to get hair done, so he wakes up early. Either goes to a restaurant or makes his own breakfast. Usually the former. Does light workouts every morning. Both a tea and a coffee man. Usually goes for tea. Only trusts himself to make the tea. At most, Bruno too.


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[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4]

It had taken time to get to Yen’s and it had taken time to get back again. Enough so that Julian had felt the Fall settling in around their camps at night. His headaches were getting worse and every day it felt harder to look at Geralt and not understand what he was seeing there. Or not seeing. Finally, he couldn’t take it anymore.

“Please Geralt, you have to give me something to go on here!” He reasoned. “Why did I follow you before?” Julian took a step in front of him, making Geralt stop in his tracks. He realized fairly early that Geralt made a habit of not touching him. It made him ache.

“You wanted an adventure.” No. That sounded too simple. Julian shook his head.

There was a whisper in the back of his mind ‘If life could give me one blessing’ wrapped in the notes of a song he could no longer sing.

“Well, that does sound like me,” though not the whole truth, he knew. “But why? Why you, Geralt?” Julian pleaded. He was met with only a glare and Geralt shaking his head.

“Why did you follow me now?” he asks gruffly and it felt like it wasn’t directed exactly at Julian. Geralt stepped around him and continued on the road. “It will be getting dark soon. We’ll set up camp on that ridge.”

Julian looked down at his hands. He could see where the time had been taken from him, the scars and blemishes that he couldn’t recall seemed to mock him. His hands felt older than they should have been.

“I don’t know… I just knew I should.” He says quietly to himself.

Julian found himself humming the tune to that song again. He heard it called “Toss a Coin to Your Witcher”. He heard that he had written it. Even twenty years later, it was probably one of the best known songs on the continent. Julian shook his head, wincing as another flash of searing pain pressed against his eyes. He wrote that song and he couldn’t remember why.

“If life could give me one blessing…”

He hadn’t realized he had been crying, sitting by the fire, his eyes pressed against the heels of his palms, Julian startled when he felt a hand settle on his shoulder.

“If life could give me one blessing…”

It was growing louder and Julian strained to hear anything that wasn’t the same bars to the song he didn’t know and knew so intimately and those same seven words.

“Jask-” It was another habit of Geralt’s he had noticed. The other name. It was always the first one on his lips but he always looked pained when he remembered himself. “Are you alright?”

“I don’t know what it is about you I’m trying to remember, but it’s splitting my head in two.” Julian groaned, returning to the safety of his hands.

Geralt hummed, pulling away. “Don’t bother. There’s nothing worth remembering and I gave you plenty of reasons to want to forget,” he murmured. Julian could feel him lean away. “We’ll be in Oxenfurt soon and I’ll be out of your hair and you can return to the life you should have had.” 

“If life could…” “IF LIFE COULD GIVE ME…” “give me one blessing” “ONE BLESSING” “If life could give me one blessing!” “If life could give…” “… blessing” “BLESSING” “If…”

“Geralt… please” The pain behind his eyes felt like a hammer and the voices and the notes and the rushing of blood in his ears were building to a cacophony. “Just… Just tell me, what were we.” Julian… no. Not that one. “What was I to you?” Jaskier pleaded.

“Hmm.” Geralt didn’t meet his eyes when Jaskier managed to look up, squinting through the pain. Somewhere in him supplied the translation of ‘please don’t ask this of me…’

But he wouldn’t listen. He pressed in closer, his hands reaching out blindly for Geralt. “Why is it when I look at you the songs in my heart and in my head and the holes in my memory start to take shape?” 

There was a moment of silence and Geralt seemed to be thinking on something before he finally decided. His hands came up, cupping Jaskier’s face and the wild din inside his mind seemed to quieten slightly before ramping up to a thousand. 

“You… you were my friend. And I loved you,” Geralt said softly, as though he were trying to comfort an animal about to spook. “I still love you, Jaskier.” 

It was barely a breath across his lips before Geralt pressed them firmly to Jaskier’s and it felt like being struck by lightening. And in the sparks that filled Jaskier’s mind, it brought the songs and the memories and the heartbreak he suffered and everything… Every moment he had been missing that was filled by knowing Geralt. 

“If life could give me one blessing…” he whispered when they pulled away. He kissed the frown Geralt gave him at the words, smiling softly, “… I will never forget you again, Geralt of Rivia.” 

And he didn’t.

Never again. 

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This is now out of 13 chapters because I realized ending it on Halloween gives me exactly 13 and I just can’t pass that up for a spoopy season fic.

Original fairy tale romance, under a read more for length so it doesn’t clog your dash <3

Words: 500

Current Rating: M for mature themes (Although this chapter is more like T)

Can be found on ao3 here.


Years passed, and Maeve began to settle into her solitary life in her family’s cottage with mindfulness, never allowing it to feel like confinement.

She spent her time learning her craft, gathering herbs from the woods and creating a sanctuary for healing. It felt natural to her, a calling she was more than happy to answer.

Strange visitors became more regular, as though word was passing among the Otherworld of a witch who could cure all ails and provide respite for any who needed one. As time continued, she carved out spaces in the yard surrounding her cottage, removing the fence her parents had erected. Sometimes the woodland and Otherworld creatures simply needed a place to stay for the night, or to shelter from cold or squalls, and she created a welcoming environment for all.

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steo + cardinal sins

Stiles lowers himself in front of the alpha. She’s clutching her side where the bullet penetrated her. Her lips and clothes are black from the poison that’s denying any healing. She crawls away, backing against a wall when he approaches. Her betas are moaning and coughing in wet gurgles, scattered all over.

Theo is watching from the side along with a pissed-off Tracy and a fidgety Josh - their default reactions around Stiles. It doesn’t mask the underlying scent of terror they feel, unfortunately.

“Why don’t you just get it over with?” The alpha spats weakly in Stiles’s face. “You’re not gonna get paid without visual confirmation, and none of us are dead,”

Stiles regards her with trembling eyes and quivering lips. A tear shoots down from his eyes.

The alpha laughs scornfully through bloody teeth. “What, this is your first time? Pathetic little human!”

“I’m sorry,” Stiles whispers.

Something in Stiles’s eyes must have given because the alpha also releases the fight still left in her body. She examines the expression on his face intently - gauging. She only screws her eyes shut when the pitiful sobbing and begging from her dying betas are too much.  "Why are you doing this?“

"I don’t know,” Stiles replies sincerely. “The money, I guess.”

“Please,” one of the betas implores.

“I can’t offer you all mercy,” Stiles says regrettably. His eyes lock with the alpha. “But I can offer you a chance to make it better for them.”

The alpha takes a while, gazing up at the sad, brown eyes. Stiles doesn’t break contact, as well. Theo ignores the impatient noises from the girl beside him and non-committal grunting from Josh. They’ve done their part; they only have to watch how it ends. It is how this works from now.

Stiles helps the alpha get to her dying betas. One-by-one, she holds their hand and eases their suffering until they can only quietly lie on the floor - the whimpering reduced to an almost peaceful resignation to fate. The alpha stands, shedding tears for her fallen pack.

Stiles observes the proceedings sadly - until he’s not. Theo recognizes the switch, and he closes his eyes to inhale the familiar smell of power. It never fails to arouse him. 

Stiles sidles behind the young alpha werewolf, too close and very intimate - imposing. She flinches, but the alpha doesn’t pull away when Stiles presses his lips in the shell of her ear and whispers under his breath. The alpha’s eyes bleed red again when Stiles lays a hand over her wounded side. She nods once - leaning closer, gasping. Conspicuously, Stiles inserts the gun into her obedient hand.

Her betas’ eyes widen in fear and betrayal when their alpha grips the gun and strides forward. She points it to one of them and squeezes the trigger without hesitation.

If you kill them for me, I can reward you.

The alpha does as she’s requested. She looms on her betas and expels bullets between their eyes. It seems an antithesis to her previous display of compassion by absorbing their pain - but also not. She’s allowed to gamble, and she wants to survive - Stiles understands that. Her pack is practically gone, anyway.

When the last beta drops with a soft thud, she turns to Stiles, eyes expectant.

He touches one side of her neck and smiles - the grief he exhibited earlier, long gone. “Thank you,” he says. “Now, I’ll relieve you of the pain. Give it to me.

She screams until she can’t.

After, Tracy and Josh work on confirming the kills to complete the money transfer. Theo walks to Stiles - he’s quiet in a corner, void of emotions. His lips tug in the corners, however, when Theo draws near. His eyes are alight but not quite as brown anymore.

“Are you satisfied?” Theo asks.

He smiles wider.

“Oh, I'm insatiable.”

gluttony - n. greedy or excessive indulgence

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      Risotto Nero x Reader


desc: it’s been two weeks since Risotto’s been home. needless to say, he’s missed you a lot.

a/n: I saw some peers talking about needy!Risotto and it really resonated with me. there’s so much content of him being a powerful dom. I wanted to take a different approach where all he can talk about is how much he loves his partner!!

tags: stretching, minor dirty talk

tw: not sfw


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