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A traveller learns more than a passenger.
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Passenger 6/10/21 Quarantine ended Feral Blue Check hen Paramyxovirus and Paratyphoid boosters administered 6/10/21 Found 4/28/21 in Maryland, being gently nudged out of the street, unable to remain upright under their own power. "The Great Pigeon Relay" was arranged 4/30/21 to bring her to The Ramsey Loft Arrived 5/1/21 a little before 2am On arrival: SEVERELY emaciated Left wing broken at the wrist (very old. Already healed crooked.) Left leg weak (Muscle atrophy?) Blind in right eye, head trauma suspected. Recently scabbed wound in the crop Fecal filled with Strongyloides eggs. Very few lice. She has fully regained vision and mobility and been wormed, dipped, and vaccinated. Her adoption fee is $20. Applicants will need to be ok with the possibility that she may never completely relax around humans. She has very good reasons to be wary.
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John Schabel, Voyeuristice Portraits of Passengers Just Before Departure, 1990s
“The idea of being in a plane is so much about being between places and that’s part of that state of mind I wanted to try and photograph.”
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Dragon Knight by Jian Li
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So, CN has permanent Integrated Strategies (AKA Fungimist), and there’s been some interesting data to unpack from the statistics Hypergryph has collected from players running it.
Here’s the 3 most popular Operators of each Class:
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This list is unsurprising for the most part: You have the high end, powerful 6* (Bagpipe, Mudrock, Corrupting Heart, Kal’tsit, etc.) and you have the cheap yet very good 3* and 4* (Spot, Kroos, Gravel, Ansel, Jaye, Orchid, etc), but there’s one face that sticks out as an upset:
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So, apparently, the item that makes Casters gets 2 SP per attack interacts In A Manner Most Intriguing with him: Every single lightning and chain lightning produced by his S3, one second after his S3 is done resolving, counts as an attack, so Passenger casts S3, it ends, and he gets all his SP back, allowing for instant, back to back S3s.
Tumblr media
Pictured above: Passenger, Integrated Strategies God, apparently.
And if that ain’t the most roguelike shit in the world, to grab an objectively undertuned character and instantly turning him into God with just one funny power-up that changes the game entirely via a weird interaction, then I don’t know what is.
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lover, oh my lover
i know i'm not easy to understand 
for @lambourngb
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Lynx mom catalyst
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Staring at the ceiling in the dark, same old empty feeling in your heart. Coz love comes slow and it goes so fast.
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“It’s our choices that matter in the end. Not wishes, not words, not promises.”
— Alexandra Bracken, Passenger
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Car of Tomorrow, 1951
Director: Tex Avery
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"True I am but a shadow of a passenger on this planet but my soul likes to dress in formal attire despite the stains." - Anne Carson, "The Glove of Time by Edward Hopper", Men in the Off Hours Image Sourced From: The Hammer Museum Archives Anne Carson turns 71 today. Everything I know about love, I owe it to her.
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Last passenger
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Zweihänder by Helga Sable
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and we were living flames
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Dale Favier, What People Really Look Like
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Virginia Woolf, The Waves
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Sally Benson, Stories of the Gods and Heroes; ‘The Myth of Prometheus’
Tumblr media
Buddhist monk Thích Quảng Đức’s protest against anti-Buddhist legislation by self-immolation in Vietnam in 1963, photographed by Malcolm Browne
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Mitski, A Burning Hill
Tumblr media
Passenger, All The Little Lights
Tumblr media
Anne Carson, interviewed by The Guardian
Tumblr media
Daredevil (2015–2018), 1x05: World on Fire
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Richard Siken, Straw House, Straw Dog
Tumblr media
Wilfred Owen, in a love letter to Siegfried Sassoon, taken from My Dear Boy: Gay Love Letters Through the Centuries
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Magnificent Century (2011–2014), Episode 99
Tumblr media
Pablo Neruda, Ode To A Naked Beauty
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5/1/21 Loft Notes
As of this morning, Passenger is bright and alert.
They seem to have found their food dish and may have taken a sip of water.
Hopefully, they'll take more than that.
They kept their wormer down.
If they don't drink, I may have to subQ some fluid into them.
New places are always scary for ferals.
But they're upright and energetic enough to try to run.
Balance looks a little easier today.
Patron: "I have found that they will drink when I wiggle the water in front of them"
Patron: "Not sure if it scares pigeons, but is there any way to do a slow drip into the water bowl? To simulate movement but allow privacy if needed?"
Unfamiliar places and movement.
I'll try offering the dish closer.
Patron: "I'm so happy to hear they're trying so hard still"
Same!  As thin as they are, I was genuinely worried they wouldn't still be with us when I woke up.
Patron: "Oh that's how I felt when I took them in, it's why I didn't name them"
Patron: "You know how to subQ on a pigeon? That’s really impressive"
Patron: "subQ is so tricky for me in general, and birds have such thin skin ..."
I learned with Mourning doves when I volunteered for the local wildlife rehab.
If they are bad off enough they won't drink, using an insulin needle to give them a water pocket under their skin can save their life.
Passenger has recovered enough energy to be more freaked out by my hand than interested in the water and trying to offer directly is just scaring them.
They can see Vito across the room from them
Patron: "Hmm, would covering the cage help if Vito is spooking them?"
Oh, no, I need them to see Vito.
Pigeons are social learners.
Passenger can see him eat and drink and work out where everything is without me in there scaring years off their life.
Patron: "Ohhh okay. I thought maybe Vito was scaring them cause Vito doesn’t look like a “normal” pigeon, I was remembering what happened in your loft with Speedy"
Patron: "Yeah when I first picked up Passenger and there was 0 food in their crop I was like "there's no bird in this bird""
Speedy is the Pigeon equivalent of the Frankenstein Monster.  Vito just has a weird hardo.
Everything imaginable was wrong with Speedy, and he was still the most structurally sound American Fantail I've ever seen.
Vito is the bird equivalent of that guy on the history channel that thinks everything was aliens because indigenous humans couldn't possibly have been that smart.
Bird-Bird brought out her kitten bell.
Welp, I can never move again.
Chiffon on my shoulder, Couture on my arm, and Blue on my knee, all on my left side, loafed, and napping.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
This is my life now.
Some one send help!
I don't have the willpower to leave.
Patron: "I'm not sure I'd have the willpower to disturb them"
"Been nice knowing ya, Dani"
I escaped!
Today is the 21st anniversary of my husband asking me to be his girlfriend.
We've been away from home celebrating most of the day.
On our return home, Passenger was next to the water dish sipping a sip.
Got this message a few minutes ago:  
"I found something wild on reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/CuratedTumblr/comments/n2ilnk/the_great_pigeon_relay/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=sharereddit r/CuratedTumblr - The Great Pigeon Relay 585 votes and 19 comments so far on Reddit   I think this is you???"
There will be video of them up later, but it will not be exciting video.
They were NOT interested in moving.
Patron: "i can imagine, poor little thing. i hope they can feel just a bit of how many people are cheering for them"
I hope so.
Patron: "The pigeon relay post doubled it's notes on tumblr while I was sleeping"
Patron: "oh so that's the whole pigeon relay was about"
I do think people's good will makes a HUGE difference.
Y'all, I have so many new followers that tumblr mistook me for a bot trying to follow them all back.
It just blocked me from following any more back for now.
Patron: "i'm honestly so damn happy it got so popular, spread the love of pigeons all over the place, maybe one more person is going to look at some pigeons and think of this post and decide to be nice to them."
I'll just resume tomorrow and so on until I catch up. XD
Patron: "i was gonna ask if the wobbling was from PMV / paratyphoid fever but i actually read and seems it was just that close to death from starvation + parasites huh.."
Patron: "also possibly head trauma?"
"well, there is head trauma, but that is also maybe because of it, i think. (i missed the livestream last night despite my best efforts)"
Head trauma and weakness.
The wing seems the oldest injury. Then the head trauma.  
The crop wound is the newest. 
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Patron: "Are those new feathers growing in over Passenger's injury?"
No. No new pins have formed. This is what's under the clump that stick out in their profile photo.
That's how I can say this is the freshest of their wounds.
By the scabbing, he received it maaaybe a day, day and a half at most, before he found his way into your hands.
The emaciation seems a combination of the wing wound grounding them, the head injury with vision loss in one eye, exacerbated by the worms.
They found food last night and ate again this morning.
This afternoon, they found and drank water.
We received a $50 tip from a follower
Bringing our PayPal Balance to $234.20
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Reason to Live #6165
  Listening to music while in the car as a passenger and staring through the window. – Guest Submission
(Please don't add negative comments to these posts.)
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