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Quiero volver a ser esta loca a la que no le importaba nadie más que su mejor amiga y ella misma.
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the shock of covid wasn’t enough. we had to add on another death of a black man. yeah, we needed to do that. life has always been a rough thing. some of us take it harder than others but life is rough for everyone. this year has been historic though. i mean, this is the type of shit that makes you feel bad about bringing a child into the world. it’s that serious to me, yes. i mean love drives out hate. i do believe this but the leader of the free world literally has hate running through his veins. instead of driving out the hate, he’s purposely fueling it. people are dying in monumental numbers. it’s tough on the mind. resilience. for those of us who have good souls, be resilient so we make it to the other side. but don’t just make it to the other side. let’s make sure we do some shit that changes our world for the new generation because they are the future. they determine the direction of our world when the rest of us die out. that’s the world that my son will be living in, i’d like to know that it’s a good one. 

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