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Hey I’m Poppy

🔮I’m a mixed race witch🔮

I’m currently trying to trace past lives so I thought along with posting witchcraft/spiritual things that I’d document that here!

So far I think my last life was a girl, lived in 1940s England. I think I may have been in love with someone who died in the war, as I often have dreams that take place in WW2 where a man I seem to be i. live with dies. The thing is, the dreams aren’t very specific, and are often different, so maybe they’re just giving me a message? They’re not giving me exact memories. I’ve also always had an random fascination with England, and I’ve always wanted to live/visit there. I also have always had a thing about 1940s clothing and sometimes I hear songs from around that time, and I feel like I’ve heard them before, long ago in a different situation. Tbh I don’t have specifics, and I would love to learn more. If anyone has tips on past life regression, plz hmu✌️❤️

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My Vesuvius Past Life

I remember learning about this historical event in elementary school. After that, I had dreams about being afraid of a volcanic mountain. I was a Potter and worked with clay. Which is interesting because I wanted to take up that kind of hobby even before learning I had that past life.

Now I live near Mt Ranier, and I always think about Mt Vesuvius and how pretty it must have looked. I try to get a good shot of the mountain too but it’s hard when we are driving.

I’ve seen lots of documentaries about the event and the Pompeii movie. I cried. Like legit felt the pain and fear all over again. I miss simpler times before television and internet. Why can’t we have that back?

😘💕 Stay safe and stay inside!

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There was a time when this form was mine. Fur of ice and silver, eyes that would change based on mood. A creature formed of moonlight and primal instinct. A creature of the forest. I miss this form. I miss taking this shape. I miss hunting my prey and running with pack.

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~ ancestors I’m not sure about but I’ll make a list of the things I see in your past life and hopefully they’ll connect to you!

I keep seeing this arrid place

And this very tall skinny tree

There are mountains around

I saw this person, it looked like a mans body wearing a snake jacket and walking up towards you ( me since I’m seeing in first person)

The mans head is scribbled out though

I saw or felt a big explosion in the background. It could’ve been a volcano or bomb but I’m not sure

I heard “this place used to be a green place until our village was taken over”

I got a vision of you as a child running around this hut like house

The movie that reminded me a tad of the vision was Rango~


Originally posted by dreamworksmoments

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Idk if anyone else is ever drawn toward certain historic figures but one of my favorite lesser known ones  in history would have to be Mata Hari.

Maybe I was her in a past life…? lol

From Wiki:

Margaretha GeertruidaMargreetMacLeod (née Zelle; 7 August 1876 – 15 October 1917), better known by the stage name Mata Hari  was a Dutch exotic dancer and courtesan who was convicted of being a spy for Germany during World War I. Despite her having admitted under interrogation to taking money to work as a German spy, many people still believe she was innocent because the French Army needed a scapegoat. She was executed by firing squad in France.

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Mis ojos se cristalizaron automáticamente, un nudo se formó en mi garganta y en mi pecho sentí una opresión tan fuerte que me fue imposible retener las lágrimas.

Ese día llore tanto como pude, solo quería sacar todo aquello que me hacia la vida más difícil más pesada, más triste, quería sacarlo cuanto antes ahora que podía, ahora que esta gota había derramado el vaso que cargaba en mi interior, mis mejillas ya estaban rojas al igual que mi nariz, pero sabia que todo esto valía la pena con tal de dejar de sentir esto.

- This is me


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Me he aferrado por mucho tiempo al pasado, porque de esa manera es más fácil. Si miro hacia adelante no se lo que hay, lo que puede pasar o cuanto vaya a doler, pero cuando miras atrás es más sencillo, ahí el dolor ya pasó, ya sabes cuánto duele, ya te acostumbraste a él y no importa que hagas no va a doler más de lo que dolió cuando lo viviste por primera vez.

A la deriva

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