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gatinhofada · 5 minutes ago
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a cat.. walking around space
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xcorpsebunnyx · 6 minutes ago
💫 sit me on your lap, squeeze my lower back, pull me close and bite my neck. Call me yours as you grind yourself against me making me a moaning mess as I cry out your name begging for your cock to stuff me.. please? 💫
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cobaltandstars · 31 minutes ago
I got my first covid shot today. I'm terrified of needles, but everyone assured me I would barely feel it, and they were right 😁
This gorgeous painting and a few others are in the shop and ready to adopt. Here's the link 😉:
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oe6 · 32 minutes ago
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simblrinterests · 32 minutes ago
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Hollandaise: You were the one who told me, you need to swim to survive.  
Mirage: I can just as easily swim at your estate.  
Hollandaise: If you go anywhere outside of my borders I can’t promise you won’t be seen.  If I constrain you to just my shores then I’m condemning you to live your life in a cage.  For what?
Mirage: I would live as your wife.  It would be for love.
Hollandaise: And a fish and bird may fall in love, but where would they build a home together?
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sideblogformindtrash · 42 minutes ago
> BB, prank pastel >:)
The apartment is dimly lit, rain storming outside. It doesn't bother Pastel too much, but it has a certain atmosphere, specially considering how huge the rooms actually are, full of long shadows.
.. BB giggling sounds echoed through the house. Pastel looks around, frowning.
"BB?" He turns around, and there is no one there. No BB to be found. Still, the laughter make him nervous.
As he fills a glass of water to himself...
Something falls over him. Long and furry. Pastel screams, shoving the thing aside. The glass breaks, and he runs, screaming.
He doesn't care that is forbidden, he barges into Master's room, jumping over him.
"Pastel, what-"
"Sorry, sorry! Please" he nuzzles, shoving his head under the blankets "C-can I sleep here? Please? Pretty please?"
Master bites his lips, sighing.
"...Can BB too?"
BB asks from the doorway and Pastel shivers.
"...Can Mr.Tonsils too?"
"Yes. Mr.Tonsils too"
BB then lifts that awful thing.
"How about Mr.Bagpipes?"
Pastel squeaks, pulling the blankets over. That's it, that's what attacked him. He looks at Master with pleading eyes.
"I think Mr.Bagpipes should stay in his bed. Pastel is... A bit nervous about it" he looks between the two, hoping to remediate the situation.
BB giggles and leaves, returning a while later with just tonsils, throwing themselves on the bed, Pastel already cuddled with Master.
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talkingpants · 52 minutes ago
went back to Joann because forgot I wanted more pellon and needles and went trans ribbon, three beanie boos, Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash diamond dots, the game Sorry (I’m an only child and played that game at a friend’s house Once and longed to again ever since), little organizer box for needles, Big Bubble Wand and Big Bottle of Bubbles. gonna blow so many bubbles...some white fleece with little doodles of doggies on it for Dogma’s jammies...
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lavenderscentedmemes · 55 minutes ago
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( self care is productive ) “ iPhone Cases & Covers { #selfcare #productivity #iphonecases #pastel #aesthetic }
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