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#pastel de nata

Pastel de Nata DEFINITELY has a feeding kink, and you cannot convince me otherwise. It starts with him offering you egg tarts (like in his voice line), but over your relationship, it’s deepen into something… more. Refusing will be met with a pissy attitude for a bit, before he has enough and just forces you to eat damn it he worked so hard on them. If you get really persistent he just ties you up and says you can leave if you eat a few more platters

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strawberry pastel de nata! really, I prefer just a classic pastel de nata, no strawberry, but I thought I’d give it a go for fun. Cafe de Nata is my favourite place to go for custard tarts in London and the strawberry was quite nice, it had a lining of a strawberry jam almost, inside. I would still go for a classic though, nothing beats it.

I love this place because they are baked all throughout the day so whenever I get one it’s always warm. I just love custard tarts, my favourite.

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Tudo Bem? Has anyone ever tried a Pastel de Nata from Portugal? They’re really good and very traditional so if you ever find yourself in Lisbon, go to Fabrica de Nata as they make them fresh right in front of you and they’re to die for! 🧁✨

Also I had to get a copy of The Little Prince in Portuguese - O Principezhino - while I was there, the collection is slowly growing! 

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Fallen Angel!Napastel for Halloween?

I was wondering what they would look like if they turned into Fallen Angels. Nata and Leon would be their names as Fallen Angels.

I gave Leon a LOT of teeth because Napoleon loved eating sweets. It’s not shown here, but I wanted to give Nata a whisk staff, and he’s sitting on a larger version of the bowl he used to carry around.

I didn’t color it properly, but the crystals hanging from Nata are actually red. I wanted to see Pastel de Nata with his hair down, so I drew Nata’s hair that way. It just dawned on me how LONG his hair was haha.

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