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Swan dress 🦢

Hello! Starting off December with a dress named after its winged sleeves ~ Swan dress for Sims 4 (´。• ᵕ •。`) It’s inspired by swing dresses & comes in a long and short version. I added a sparkling black swatch to both dresses, but it was last minute so sadly is not pictured! It has lots of different swatches so it’s perfect for both everyday & as a New Year’s Eve dress ♡

  • Custom thumbnails
  • Base-game compatible
  • 30 swatches each (1 not pictured)
  • Celestial patterns, pastels, fall berries, fall leaves, Christmas-inspired & sparkling swatches
  • Heels, socks & hair by me, sneakers & necklace by Maxis

I hope you like it ♡


Early Access on Patreon until Dec 25 ~

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