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Indeed YAY to Lucky Dips 🙌🙌🙌 Thank you so much for all your orders 😘😘😘 we’ve been wanting to do something of a similar nature to a lucky dip bag for a very long time so we are super happy that you like them 💜💜💜 hope you enjoy them!!! Four themes to choose from 🤪 shop now over on our website! *
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Oh my god the drama and time it took to get this done, I was up all night and most of early morning waiting for my finally mostly edited video to export for the third time only to be told there wasn’t enough room on my laptop, so I delete stuff and it finally exports, then I try and upload it only to be told I had to verify my account. So 5am, I decide to just leave my laptop open and go the he’ll to bed. So for anyone who wishes to watch the thing that stole my soul

Happy Marchus Annus everyone, and have a nice April, I’m going to go take a nap.

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Okay so this was supposed to be much better and more detailed than it turned out, however this just happened to be the day where everything went wrong. First I was left home to look after my brother because of covid 19 restrictions on people, then I couldn’t find some of my supplies so I had to get mum to get some while she was in town, then certain things just weren’t working out so I had to cut them from the final piece, then my bloody dumb cat escaped and I had to chase after him which happened five times before I locked him in the bathroom, then it got windy and the canvas kept falling over, then I just sat down and cried for half an hour because it’s now technically April 1st. But I feel better now, much more apathetic, and I finished it. Then realised my phone had stopped recording because my cat had knocked it over while I was chasing him. Today is not my day and lessons have been learned.


As usual feel free to send me any ideas on how I could improve and I hope everyone had a happy Marchus Annus. Momento Mori, Unus Annus.

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