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Based on this beautiful post

Click the pic for better quality I guess

( Yeah you can tell this was rushed :^x )

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Disney Princess Favorites, as voted by my followers

Day Five, best dressed princess

There’s no way I’m kissing a frog and eating a bug on the same day!

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The series announcement was much needed and I can’t wait to watch it.

This movie is still amazing and the soundtrack still slaps as well.

I wasn’t able to draw anything for last year so I made sure to do something this year.

Now everyone go home so Tiana can teach me how to run a restaurant and make gumbo ✌🏾💕

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Pet Peeve: People failing to realize that when Tiana finally got her restaurant, she named it “Tiana’s Palace” instead of “Tiana’s Place.” She merged the dream she shared with her dad with the dream she had with Naveen.

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we STAY winning out here!!!! a princess and the frog MUSICAL series????? i am finally being FED

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I have!! Honestly it’s so out of left field that it feels a bit like an elaborate prank at the moment, but I’m very curious to see what ends up coming of it.

I just desperately hope they have actual black people leading the creative team and that it’s not just a half baked corporate response to the BLM movement. (I think maybe it’s not because of the splash mountain redesign and the recent parade float, but I can very easily see those all being heavily expedited at the very least in response to the political climate.)

There’s so much potential in a Tiana show, but also so many potential pitfalls if they aren’t mindful about it, and I just reaaaally hope it’s well done.

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