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*me, early in the week, putting off a big essay that’s due on Friday*

wOw, It FeElS sO gOoD wHeN i HaVe SuCh A sMaLl WoRk LoAd!

*me, the night before the essay is due*

wOw, It FeElS sO gOoD wHeN i HaVe To WrItE a WhOlE eSsAy & FiRmLy BeLiEvE tHat I aM wOrThLeSs & NoT sMaRt EnOuGh To EvEn CoMpLeTe ThE dAmN tHiNg! ! !

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what the fuck. its a bitch laziness. laziness, lack of motivation, lack of desire. idk. maybe all, maybe none, maybe its deeper than just that?

who fuckin knows. all i know is this weather is so good and i just cant find it in me to do a goddamn thing. the best thing for me would be to take advantage and hell go for  a walk but the idea or thought of getting off my chair and actually going out there fucking kills. the thought of putting shoes on, putting on real pants, putting on a fucking mask and just doing all this shit to step out just seems like too much. i wish i had a backyard, a front yard, fuck just any yard of my own so i wouldnt  have to actually try so hard. i could just up and step out while still sitting on my chair. i could just have that fresh air while not put any shoes on. ugh. 

im almost disgusted with myself. but i also pity myself, altho i know i shouldnt. or maybe i should? idk. i mean even then at least im doing something right?  fuckin pathetic lmao

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Did they really not notice or they pretended not to ? I always try to keep things lowkey but I fail miserably.. this may sound pathetic but it’s just ME. So something better be done about it cuz I’m running out of patience and many thoughts are going inside my head rn it’s driving me crazy.

Even posting this is confusing the hell out of me and I’d regret it anyways , whether I post it or not . If I do , I know it won’t make a change and I’d slap myself afterwards feeling dumb and regret it ; if I don’t , I’d say fuck I should have posted it.. this doesn’t even make sense and it’s a waste of time but I hope they knew what’s the meaning behind it .

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I’m gonna make like an actual proper pinned post thingy now cos I still don’t have a carrd 😓

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To Audition For Solar Energy

On this
Down to Her
To yield..
the brightest..
Into the flames..
Of lightning..
My eyes from
Behind my
Eyes lids..
Them quickly
I’m not afraid..
To touch
The polit
The rays have
Grazed my
Till I’m
engulfed in
Her smile..


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Does anyone have a natural immunity to relationships? Like its your destiny to be alone and cold?

It’s weird, you try to be friendly you try to build new relationships and in a mere moments it falls flat and everyone ignores you? Whether online or in person, from grade school to college.

  • I feel like a pest for even attempting anymore… How pathetic.
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Okay, I was going to laugh and delete this, but I thought I’d take the time to address anon hate messages. Remember folks, these people are all cowards. They’re fragile and weak, which is why they hide behind anonymity. The reason they attack you is because you’re a legit threat to their world view. So, get your giggles out and then block them, my sweeties. 😁💕

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what are you even talking about lol who are you? you sure are throwing out a lot of insults for someone whose more comfortable on anon huh 😌

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be sympathetic

8 Finally, all of you be of one mind, sympathetic, lovers of your fellow believers, compassionate, and modest in your opinion of yourselves. 9 Don’t pay back evil for evil or insult for insult. Instead, give blessing in return. You were called to do this so that you might inherit a blessing. 10 For those who want to love life and see good days should keep their tongue from evil speaking and their…

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