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I’m not gonna lie, I still want to see Leto portray the Joker in another film. Especially opposite to Batman. And honestly, I don’t necessarily see a problem with him facing Pattinson’s Batman. Since Patman is a Year One film, if I recall hearing correctly, I think it could work quite alright. Maybe then everyone could be pleased because if we took Leto’s Joker backwards to that timeline as well, he could portray a younger Joker, one which may not have all the tattoos and grills which I suppose some people did not favor. He could even have eyebrows and overall a more classical look and act! The film could even show the whole transformation part so both sides of the coin as it were. And I think Leto himself still could pass for a younger version of himself, so I think it’d be nice to give him another chance at it. A real chance. 


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What do you guys think? 

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 Wer Weiss - Vier44Vier - 44GRAD - PATMAN
Nacht’s auf den Straßen unterwegs, mit den selben Leuten.’
Aber bist Du Dir sicher, dass Du Ihnen genau so viel bedeutest?‘
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HUSTLER - Vier44Vier & PATMAN Feat. DNA030
Ich mach was ich will, während andere Nuttensöhne nur so tun als ob!’
Aber wenn Kohle nicht Pünktlich auf Tisch liegt, rollt Ihr Kopf ahhh.‘
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yall i am S O excited for robert pattinson and worlds greatest detective batman

f i n a l l y a version of batman where hes more human and his skills are his mind (as always) and not being built like superman fuckin uhhh yeet

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I spent an hour researching phones instead of studying but now I think I know what new phone to get

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Today in clinic: 3 of the doctors are working from home and the rest of them only have phone appointments with their patients :)

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