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wilderlavenders · 2 days ago
patroclus by the river lethe ☁️
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caeciliuswashere · 21 hours ago
Hector, immediately after realising he killed Patroclus instead of Achilles: “listen, i can’t give anymore information, but I fear i may have girlbossed a bit too close to the sun”
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areyouusheee · a day ago
the patroclusian urge to do nothing in life but just follow your lover everywhere they go and admire how beautiful they are
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itscorianderbaby · a day ago
ten yr old achilles: :)
ten yr old patroclus: shut the fuck up
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lukewritesthings · 2 days ago
“If I was born as a blackthorn tree, I’d wanna be felled by you, held by you, fuel the pyre of your enemies”
NFWMB - Hozier
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iam-also-awe · 2 days ago
I'm writing a paper on the Iliad and I literally only chose it cus I will not shut up about the love between achilles and patroclus 😤😤😤, best friends my ass
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godsofhumanity · 4 hours ago
Patroclus, texting Achilles: Hey bro, results are out. Let's go and check it out.
Achilles, texting back: I'm with Chiron rn, check mine and text me.
Achilles: Listen- if I fail in 1 subject, send me "Good morning to you", if 2 subjects, then "Good morning to you and Chiron".
*5 minutes later*
Patroclus: Good morning to you and your family and your neighbours also.
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accio-barricade · a day ago
Achilles: Have you ever had that feeling in your chest that something is just so beautiful that it makes your heart ache?
Patroclus: Yes...
Patroclus: *whispering* Everytime I'm with you...
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tianaconyersart · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
The reunited warriors' gazes beckon you as they bathe in the cooling waters of the river Lethe. "Come join us."
Full art up 12/1 on Patreon.
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wonderfulwille · 2 days ago
achilles: they hate me bcoz im gay :/
patroclus: they hate you because u literally dragged hector's body thru the walls of troy for about a week
achilles: but mostly bcoz im gay :/
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kskfkakkdnsna · a day ago
Only homies recognise you by touch alone, by smell; only homies would know you blind, by the way your breath comes and your feet strike the earth. Only homies know you in death, at the end of the world.
Only homies.
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reverie-quotes · 2 days ago
And as we swam, or played, or talked, a feeling would come. It was almost like fear, in the way it filled me, rising in my chest. It was almost like tears, in how swiftly it came. But it was neither of those, buoyant where they were heavy, bright where they were dull.
— Madeleine Miller, The Song of Achilles
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Patroclus: Two broooos
Achilles: Chillin' in a hot tuuuub
Patroclus: Five feet apart 'cause we're not gay!
Achilles: *tearing up*
Patroclus: Darling, come on-
Patroclus: Achilles, love-
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kendra-p · 7 months ago
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I love Patroclus, I really vibe with the deeply depressing boredom he's found in the afterlife.
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