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Memorandum Delta Echo Foxtrot Yankee: Remember Your Oath and Honor Your Duty

MISSION CRITICAL! Memorandum Delta Echo Foxtrot Yankee: Remember Your Oath and Honor Your Duty cc @USArmy @USMC @usairforce @USNavy
@USNationalGuard @DCPoliceDept @CapitolPolice #MemoDEFY

This is an urgent bulletin to all active duty personnel in the US Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines as well as to all veterans living in the United States and abroad. This is especially intended to the 65,000+ National Guard reservists in our nations capital as well as police officers from around the DC metro area and the plain clothes agents who are manning stations at the US Capitol, the White…


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More unstable unicorns cards! This time took a little inspiration from Patton here haha. He’s just waiting on his cookies


Then, there’s this card! The other little characters I’ll have drawn out later, I have a few ideas I’m gonna poke around with. Plus cameos from the impatient and glitched unicorns!

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It’s been

262 days


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Had to make a #MagnificentArtMonday to showcase just SOME of the incredible artwork you all made in celebration of Patton’s and Sleep’s birthdays, and many other things!! You all show so much love in so many ways and I adore it!! Be sure to check out this post on Insta to see the artists! 🎨

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It’s been

261 days

I can’t keep forgetting about this

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Patton has been afraid of the spider-like Weavers his entire life. But when he sees two young injured Weavers attempting to split a single 6" sandwich between them, he decides -with his fiance Logan there to support him, to face his fear head on and buy the boys a larger lunch. (Found Family Trope)  

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So since I forgot yesterday to draw something for Patton’s birthday, I decided to do a double picture of Sleep and Patton

Happy birthday Sleep and happy (belated) birthday Pat!

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There’s apparently a song called “I’m in love with a big blue phrog” and I just think,, patton. And the song sounds just at as goofy and adorable as him when you listen to it so- I just????

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Happy Birthday Patton! Also a gift for @marsofthestars since I’ve been promising to show some art and eventually finish the fanfiction. 

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Guiding Keys - Traverse Town Part 3   


   He was surrounded by little pockets of warmth. Some curled up against his arms and his sides, while others climbed over him. Something was whining near one of his ears, but it felt so far away. He felt a cool touch to his cheek, air blowing in rapid succession. Was something…sniffing him? His eyes felt heavy as he struggled to open them. Blinking a few times as his vision came into focus, he looked over to see a litter of curious Dalmatian puppies surrounding him.

   “What a nice dream…”

   One of the puppies jumped onto his stomach, causing him to instantly sit up.

   “Not a dream!” Looking down at the small black and white pup on his stomach, he couldn’t help but smile. “Talk about a ruff wake up call.” He chuckled as the pup responded with a playful high-pitched bark. Looking around, Patton found himself in an apartment with nearly every surface covered in black and white. He wasn’t surrounded by a few Dalmatian puppies, but what must have been nearly a hundred!

   “Oh. My. Goodness! YOU ARE ALL SO CUTE!” Words dissolved into an unintelligible mess of excited squeals. The puppies seemed just as excited to have a visitor, as they climbed onto him barking and yipping with wagging tails. He quickly got to work, determined to pet each and every puppy that would let him. Before long he was lying back on the ground, covered in a pile of black and white spots.

   “Glad to see you’re awake.” Patton looked up from his place on the ground to see a young girl staring at him amused. Her short black hair was held out of her eyes by a white headband as she gazed down at him. “I was worried when we found you surrounded by heartless.” She suddenly gestured to two adult Dalmatians standing beside her. “This is Pongo and Perdita. They’re the ones who found you, and together we staged quite the daring rescue, if I do say so myself. Dragged you in here where it’s safe.” Both Pongo and Perdita gave quick barks of agreement.


   “You don’t know about the heartless? Creepy little shadows? Enjoy stealing other people’s hearts?” He shook his head.

   “I don’t…I don’t remember anything.”

   “Sheesh, you must have got knocked on the head real hard. What do you remember?”

   “My name’s… Patton.” Patton frowned slightly at the realization that he could remember nothing else. His name, and the fact he seemed to like puppies, wasn’t much to go on.

   “Better than nothing. I’m the great ninja Yuffie! Oh, and before I forget.” Yuffie pointed towards the other side of the room where something gold was propped up against the wall. “That’s yours. Been a while since I’ve seen another Keyblade wielder.”

   The moment Patton’s eyes settled on the golden Keyblade he knew it was his. It had a gold heart shaped guard around a rich brown handle accented with light blue. The end of the blade was made up of two wings: a folded black and yellow bat wing and an open white feathered wing with a rainbow iridescence. In between the two wings was what appeared to be a golden compass rose with a small needle with a light blue tip, pointed slightly towards the feathered wing.

   Moral Compass.

   Patton didn’t even have to walk towards it for it to instantly appear in his hand the moment he wanted it. He raised it before him, studying it for a moment before his face scrunched up in confusion. He knew he had seen it before but couldn’t remember where. He decided to dismiss Moral Compass, watching it vanish in a flash of light, not wanting to accidentally bump one of the puppies in the crowded apartment.

   “We had to separate it from you to shake off the heartless. Nothing they love more than hunting down a Keyblade wielder. They’ll destroy your heart if they get the chance.”

   “Um…so where am I exactly? Some magical puppy land?” he said, almost a little too hopeful.

   “Pfft, if only. You’re in Traverse Town. It’s where people sometimes end up after their world’s been destroyed.”

   “Destroyed?” Patton felt something in his chest twist uncomfortably. “What does that mean for our home…Wait! Was anyone with me?”

   “Sorry, dude. We only found you in the alley. Didn’t see any signs of anyone else.”

   “That can’t be right…I was with someone…or someones.” A fierce urge to protect someone was burning deep in his chest, but he couldn’t remember who exactly he was supposed to be protecting. Anytime he tried to picture their face it was as if he was looking through mist. Their faces were there but just far enough to be unrecognizable. Patton found himself certain of one undeniable fact: somewhere, there was a kiddo that needed him, and he wasn’t about to leave them waiting any longer than he had to.

   “I’ll have to go find them then!” He said before smiling ear to ear as he pushed himself up onto his feet.

   “I like the energy, but who exactly are you looking for?”

   “No idea, but I’ll know when I see them.”

   “That’s the follow-your-heart-energy I like to see! Well, if it’s someone from your own world, chances are they may have ended up here. I’ll tell you what, I’ll go find my friends and see if any of them have seen anyone new. If you want to search Traverse Town at least take these.” She tossed a few bright green bottles towards Patton, who clumsily grasped at the air before they fell on the ground. Thankfully, they didn’t break. “With the heartless still running around, it’s always good to have a few potions on hand.”

               “It would seem I’m not much of a catcher. I’m learning a lot about myself today!” Yuffie couldn’t help but tilt her head, watching as he cheerfully picked up the green bottles from the ground before shoving them in his pockets. For someone who’s world may have just been destroyed he was quite the ball of sunshine. Reminded her of someone else she knew.

               “I suggest you keep moving before the heartless show up again. They’ll keep coming after you so long as you have the Keyblade.” Patton nodded, not wanting any strange shadow creatures showing up in an apartment full of an innocent (insanely adorable) Dalmatian family.

   As Patton walked to the door he stopped and quickly turned around to the canine filled apartment.

   “Thank you all so much for the help! I promise I’ll be more careful from now on. Oh! And I’ll come back and play later, okay?” Several of the pups barked happily at the promise making his heart nearly burst with joy.

   Opening the door of the apartment, Patton peaked outside, but found the area silent and deserted. He walked out into the silent night air, closing the door to the apartment behind him. He found himself in a narrow alley with several other apartments, but there was no sign any of them were lived in. All of the windows were dark, and the alley itself was silent. Despite his unnerving new solitude Patton couldn’t help but smile.

   “Well, at least it should be easy to spot them when I find them. I won’t have to worry about searching through crowds and possibly missing them.”

   Patton began walking towards the end of the alley when a small shadow appeared in front of him. It was barely up to his knees in height and stared up at him with two beady yellow eyes.

   “Are you a heartless? You’re more cute than creepy.” Patton was about to kneel down and try to pet it, when five more appeared. “Oh, good you have friends!” He wasn’t afraid at first, after all, appearances could be deceiving. However, Patton did find himself beginning to feel uneasy when another shadow appeared looking like a type of twisted knight, complete with silver armor that clanked loudly as it moved.

   The small hoard suddenly sprang forward, leaping towards Patton, claws ready to rip his heart from his chest. Patton let out a small squeak of alarm before Moral Compass appeared in his hand ready to defend its chosen wielder. He blocked the soldier’s attack, knocking it back as the smaller shadows began to surround him. Patton frowned, looking around him as the shadows readied to attack again. These had to be the heartless Yuffie warned him about, and he wasn’t about to let his heart get stolen when someone was waiting for him. This time when the shadows attacked Patton met their blows with his own. He slashed them into black dust with Moral Compass, letting the golden weapon guide his attack. When the shadows were defeated, Patton smiled as he watched several glowing hearts float up towards the star covered sky.

   “I guess you’re free now…Safe travels!” he waved goodbye, watching them disappear into the night.

   His peace was short lived as more heartless appeared in the alley, small shadows and soldiers, all running and crawling towards him. He was outnumbered and the alley was far too tight for his liking. Quickly looking around for a means of escaping the narrow area, Patton spotted a door towards the end of the alleyway. Whipping around, Patton tore down the alley and through the door, hearing the heartless close behind him in pursuit. Once he was through, he quickly slammed the door shut behind him.

   Patton let out a sigh as he leaned against the large wooden doors, reveling in his newfound safety. This new area offered a large square plaza, decorated with bright neon lights and a golden fountain in one corner. As he stepped into the Third District to begin exploring, another hoard of heartless materialized.

   “This is going to take longer than I thought.”

(Happy Birthday Patton!)

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Happy Birthday, Patton!! 💙🎂 Thought this was actually a great time to let you all preview an Incorrect Quote we recreated for an upcoming We Take Requests video!! These were so much frickin fun 😂

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Happy Birthday Patton!!!



Yeah so I drew the lineart awhile ago for an animatic I’m working on (no I probably will not share, I am nervous 👉👈) but I really liked this frame so I decided to experiment a bit with lineless stuff, and I kinda like it?? Maybe??? I don’t know lol.


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