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#patton sanders

Roman dialed in the number that Virgil had given him for the landline. He really didn’t belive Ash, but decided to give them the benefit of the doubt. And he did really want to know who Arrow was. Patton, picked up, they greeted each other and they quickly passed the phone to Remus. “Hey shithead, what‘s up?” Remus greeted.

“Nice to see you to. Umm this is gonna sound weird, but Ash told me that the world is actually an alternate universe, with Arrow controlling it. Is this true?” Roman could hear Remus’ sharp gasp from the other side of the phone “Re?”
“Yeah it’s true.” Roman didn’t exactly belive him, this was Remus, the guy who had teased him and tricked him his whole life. Then again, he did appear to have an interesting reaction to it.

”Really?” He asked, in a sarcastic tone. Remus heard silence from the other side.

”Nah, I’m just messing with you. Not really.” Roman sighed in relief.
“thanks for clarifying things!” Roman chuckled. “You really had me scared”

“No problem Ro, talk to ya soon!”


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It has been exactly one week since patton last made a pun

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Ready for me to piss off half of the fandom? Are ya ready? Ya fucking ready?

Moceit is overrated and quite frankly sucks. It’s full of nothing but baking fics and Janus doing things for Patton because “he’s so swoft for Patton OwO”.

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Since Logan picked earthbending, it would be cool to see him metalbend like Toph or lavabend like Bolin. I can also imagine Remus combustionbending and Roman control lightning since they would both be firebenders. I think Patton would have fun flying around with his airbending and Janus could either be a waterbender (who may or may not use bloodbending) like Virgil or a nonbender.

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A New Breed of Bad (Prologue)

New au who dis

Summary: Roman is broken up over what transpired after Thomas’s attendance at the wedding, and Patton tries to soothe him

Characters: Roman, Patton

Warnings: a n g s t, lots of tension, roman talking bad about Janus, I think that’s it but lemme know if I missed anything!!

Word count: 554


Roman stared at the shattered vanity mirror through the blur of unshed tears. He didn’t even feel sad, or angry, or anything. He only felt… emptiness. Isolation. A deep-seated nothingness that he couldn’t shake if he tried.

He felt nothing. Nothing at all. That got to him almost as much as the things Deceit… Janus had said to him.

Janus. As if telling them his name would change a damn thing.

He probably lied about it anyway. What kind of made up name is Janice, anyway? Roman thought, hoping to spark amusement within himself. There was hardly an attempt to make it believable.

There was a hand on his shoulder then. It didn’t surprise him to feel it. He had sensed someone enter, but couldn’t bear to face them. He didn’t want to know who it was, but he didn’t know why.

“Roman?” The soft voice confirmed it was Patton. Roman had his suspicions, as Patton had a tendency to worry. He did leave rather abruptly.

“Am I evil?”

The words left Roman’s mouth before he had a chance to realise they were on his tongue to begin with. He hadn’t begun truly questioning it until the moment he spoke. He had shrugged it off as a simple insult from that reptilian rapscallion.

Though now Roman suddenly began to wonder… was he right?

“Evil?” Patton repeated in a hushed tone. “Kiddo… of course not. You… you’ve always fought for honour… for good. How can you be evil?”

A pause rested between them. “Because it seems as though my idea of honour is vastly different from everyone else’s.”

Patton’s sigh was so soft it almost didn’t register in Roman’s ears. “Roman… I know you’re in a tough spot right now. I think… we all are, but that doesn't—”

“Deceit isn’t,” Roman hissed. “He got everything he wanted. He got Thomas to confess, he’s made you all trust him… he’s proven that I am unworthy of my crown.”

“No, that’s not true,” Patton insisted. “Maybe things got… heated, but I’m sure Janus—”

“God, that name!” Roman interrupted. “It… irks me that he would try to fool us with it.”

“You… you think he lied about his name?”

Roman scoffed. “It wouldn’t exactly be beneath him.”

Patton sighed again. “Listen to me, Roman. No one here is evil. Not you, not me, not Janus either.”

“His whole point of existing is to tell lies!” Roman shouted. “That’s all he is! How can he not be evil when he’s tricking Thomas into sinning?”

“I think there’s more to it than that!” Patton gently argued.

Roman shook his head slightly. “We were once on the same side. What changed?”

“We still are.”

“If you trust that slippery snake, then that’s a lie. Maybe you’re just like him.”

Patton recoiled slightly. Roman had fire in his eyes at this point, the white hot fury burning in his gut. Patton looked away from him, and he did the same.

“I wish you could see yourself the way I see you, kiddo,” Patton whispered. With that, he sank out.

Roman’s fire was replaced with tears. They fell down his face one by one and sobs poured from his lips. He dragged a hand through his hair and pulled slightly. He looked at the broken mirror again.

His jagged reflection smiled back.


General taglist: @theloveliestsweetspongy @stop-it-anxiety @sarmaangel @remusownsmyuwus @mindscape-blues @canvas-the-florist @ionlyeatcomfortfood @royalnerd829 @strawberryjellystuff @donttellthemangosiwashere @look-ma-im-on-tv @broadwayfangirl24601 @rainboots-are-for-snobs @a-soul-among-the-stars @gattonero17 @the-spaced-out-system @tymberlaine

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Triggers: Abuse, neglect, running away, fire

Patton Heart:

Powers: nada

Meeting virgil/Logan: due to his job at the bakery patton has had run ins with Logan and virgil, their first date was at the bakery actually because Virgil lovesss the sweets they have there, (virgils got a major sweet tooth because i mean hello he got no sweets when he was living in a torture chamber) anyway so Logan on the other hand does not have much of a sweet tooth butttt is addicted to chocolate and that particular bakery fills their chocolates with jam *cough* crafters jam *cough* and so knowing this Logan chose that as their first date spot dangit i just went into the plot again, jezzz focus, anyway so yeah after that that was the only bakery that Logan and virgil went to, it also served coffee so they pretty much went Daily it was also a five min walk from Logans apartment so he and virgil would frequently go before school which was a ten min walk from the bakery (everything conveniently close because i wanted to cut on travel time lol)

Fire incident: Pattons apartment burned down due to a fire, he was saved by silver spider and the next day when Logan and virgil went for coffee (knowing his house had burned down) they offered for patton to live with them in the guest room, Logan also reasoned that their apartment was closer to pattons work than his was anyway, after some convincing he accepted so yay they then started living together yay!

Family: ABUSIVEEEE, Patton was an only child, he was raised to be a perfect only child in a perfect family, his parents made him believe that he can never not smile, sorry that’s a double negative, anyway if patton ever cried he would get beat pretty much, he could never be anything but happy ever, and he had to be a perfect child and always listen, not listening resulted in beatings, any emotion other than happy did too, so he’s basically brainwashed to think he is only happy, ive already written angst fanfic short about that and- yeah its when Logan and virgil first put the pieces together, basically due to their kindness at some point he cries in front of them but like he smiles while he’s crying and apologizes and when he’s finally done crying he asked them how they would punish him for being weak and- yeah Logan and virgil freaked out because he thought they would hurt him anyway continuing on!

Job: he works at a pastry shop, he has worked there for around two years, right out of high school, he left home and worked to raise money for college because he had run away, his parents didn’t want him to leave… ever so he had to run away from them, he wants to go into culinary arts and be a chef (virgil/Logan help him with finances later because they are good boyfriends)

Weaknesses/Fears: Loud noises (brings back traumatic memories) letting people down (he is like a hardcore people pleaser after his horrible parents)

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Lo: We broke into Mr. Sanders’ office again.

Remus stole the stapler, and Patton tried to stop xem.

Janus and Roman had a staring contest with the potted plant on the desk.

And Virgil and I were on watch duty, until we got distracted by a cat poster.

Anyways, Dr. Picani caught us and bribed us to leave with candy-

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I Want You to Know - NoblestRomanOfThemAll (AnxiouslyGoing) - Sanders Sides (Web Series) [Archive of Our Own]
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Virgil’s Betrayal

Part 3 of New Big Brother


Summary: Remy meets Patton’s brother and kids and proceeds to get murdered. 

Warnings: Food mention, play fighting including nerf guns, manipulation but for good stuff, let me know

Remy was not nervous. 

 When dad guy had asked him a few days ago if he would be ok with going to the man’s brother’s house for lunch that weekend, Remy had said, “Sure.” He’d agreed to it. 

 So no. Remy wasn’t nervous. Even as they pulled up to the frankly huge house in a neighborhood of huge houses. 

 Definitely not nervous. 

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Happily Ever After Chapter 6: A Pleasure to Burn

[AO3] - Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 - Chapter 4 - Chapter 5

Human AU, Teen Rating, CW: Divorce, past abuse, internalized homophobia,

“It was a pleasure to burn.”
- Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451 (1953)

Logan swung his towel over his shoulders and answered the door. Remus stood on the doorstep, grinning widely. He wore his usual leather jacket over bike shorts and what looked like an old triathlon jersey. A bicycle was tucked away in the corner of the porch. “Trick or treat!,” he called out.

“Remus!,” Logan smiled. “What a nice surprise! Oh, I haven’t forgotten an appointment, have I?,” he asked, wincing.

Remus chuckled, “Ah, Lo, you couldn’t forget an appointment if you tried and you know it. No, this is just me, standing in front of you … ” Remus bowed, arms opening widely as the rest of that line from Notting Hill died on his tongue. “… oh-so-rudely showing up unannounced and a week early for Halloween!” he finished at last.

Logan laughed, “I’m really quite glad you stopped by. However I must ask - did you bike all the way here? Across the lake?” Remus shrugged and nodded with a wild smile. Logan’s eyes widened. “Please, come in. Let me get you some water at least … ” He closed the door behind them and quickly filled two water glasses in the kitchen. Logan suddenly remembered what he was doing before the doorbell rang and he called to Remus, who was already heading into the living room. “You’ve caught me in the middle of - ”

“Oooo, he’s hot!” Remus whistled from the living room, where Logan’s paused yoga instruction video was displayed on the television.

Logan’s face burned. “In the middle of yoga.” He took a breath as he approached the screen. Remembering the water glasses he’d brought from the kitchen, he handed one to Remus. Logan took a sip of his own, using it to find a moment to recover. “I’ve found that It can be beneficial to select yoga models whose physical proportions closely match your own. It dramatically improves one’s ability to properly match the poses.”

“Mm-hmm,” Remus hummed knowingly and grinned, tilting his head and swaying his hips from side to side to music only he could hear. “That sounds to me like a whole lotta SAT words trying to explain away why it’s hot is to watch a yoga video with a guy who looks like you.”

Logan slowly let out the breath he was holding. He squinted his eyes at Remus. “Have you ever actually tried yoga?”

“Hmmm… are you asking me how flexible I am?,” Remus winked and Logan fought to keep a straight face.

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Im sorry for saying this, even I hate myself for thinking it:

but the day that Thomas Sanders dies, so do Virgil, Roman, Patton, Logan, Remus and Janus.

Like just let that sink in

omg i hate myself imma go cry now

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i don’t see enough content about the sides and janus’ hat and that’s a damn shame. because you know these dumbasses act like it’s the first hat they’ve ever seen.

roman uses it for voting, obviously, but virgil uses it for cleaning up trash and patton uses it to grab things that are high up and logan uses it to carry things from place to place. janus wakes up to an empty hat stand and has to chase down remus, who’s discovered that the hat can function as a rat’s parachute.

and janus wants to tell them to use a bag because they have bags, but everyone seems so proud of themselves when they find a use for the hat, because they figured out a thing to do with it!! they’re being smart!! they’re using the hat!! janus’ hat! friend hat!

and it’s adorable. so janus cuts his losses, steals back his hat when he can, and lets them act like his hat is the coolest thing since sliced bread. he doesn’t mind.

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after only like four months- its complete! Janus gets cuddles!

words: 1551

chapter 1 | chapter 2 

ao3 link 

contents and warnings: hurt/comfort, happy ending, touch-starved Janus, mentions of past touch starved Virgil, they gotta talk, fluff, cuddles, platonic moceit, crying mention, the greatest showman mention, 


Patton was the first to wake up, and at first he’s blinking slowly, confused and groggy and trying to remember why Janus was curled up against his chest looking small, it ended up taking several minutes but eventually he woke up just enough to remember the thing that happened a couple hours prior, though honestly even once he was awake enough to remember he still doesn’t know what to do, he knew he wanted to help Janus but he still didn’t know what to do, or how to do it.

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You can also read on ao3

Thank you to @strongindependentcheesecake for beta reading

This work is complete, and new chapters will be added everyday until completion:

Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 - Chapter 5 (FINAL)

The lucky few who have a soulmate are born with heterochromia, with their left eye being the color of their soulmate’s eyes and their right eye being their own color.
Not only was Virgil one of the lucky few to have a soulmate, but he was given four. His left eye changed colors every time he blinked, rotating between his four soulmates’ eye colors.
His rotating eye colors caused him to be a bit of an outcast growing up, but when he finally leaves for college, things start to fall into place.
This is the journey of five strangers finding each other.

Pairings: DLAMP with background Remile

Warnings: None I believe

Words: 3924

Taglist:  @touchstarvedvirgil @lamp-calm-sanders @ninjago2020 @confinesofpersonalknowledge @secret-novelisthost18 @phander-sides @sherlock-lives-on-bakerstreet @bookbingingproblem @viana-dascolli @sharktryingtofly @crofters-n-falsehoods @turnedthefreakingfrogsgay @little-kat07 @romano-hottopic

Logan had been too worried about Roman and his eyes to talk to Patton and Virgil. It had been two weeks since they last video called, and Patton and Virgil were getting worried. For the first few days, Logan said he was sick. Then he had a lot of homework, then he had a migraine, then he had to study, then he had to help Emile with studying, or whatever excuse he could think of. He knew Patton and Virgil didn’t buy it, but he was grateful they didn’t push him.

Patton: How are you feeling today sweetie?
Virgil: think you can talk to us today?
Logan: I’m in the apartment elevator. As soon as I get home I will turn on my laptop and call you.
Patton: !!!! :D <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Emile wasn’t home yet, so Logan assumed he was still out with Remy. He went to his bedroom and opened his laptop, and a video call request popped up as soon as Logan came online.


“LOGAN YOUR EYES!!” Patton exclaimed, Virgil wincing next to him. “Who?? When?? Where??”

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