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casart · 9 hours ago
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Taking a brief break from goretober to celebrate 5 years of Sanders Sides!
Still wanted to use today's prompt "growth". The series and characters have grown so much! Very happy anniversary to one of my main hyperfixations and comfort series~♡
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warnadudenexttime · 10 hours ago
Happy 5 years <3
It isn’t much but I still wanted to make something for the anniversary!! As 5 years is a big milestone smh
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not-exactly-laborious · 13 hours ago
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Very sketchy drawing because I wanted to do something to celebrate, but I'm kinda busy,,, anyway happy 5th anniversary! :-)
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what if the season finale of sanders sides starts with Virgil grabbing the camera and running out the door with Remus and then as they're walking down the street you can hear Thomas and Logans shouts in the backround as Virgil is like
'so things keep getting real fucking serious lately, and frankly its freaking me the fuck out, so we're gonna have this episode be a day off. we're going to the fair. deal with it.'
Remus is just grinning and nodding in the background like 'im here for emotional support!' and the entire episode is just 40 minutes of them fucking around in town and vlogging it, and then fucking around on fair ground rides.
Virgils filming Remus repeatedly run full pelt into the house of mirrors when Roman calls him, and without putting down the camera Virgil answers it and is like
'roman. roman- roman listen. listen. did you see the headcanons about me and remus from last episode? did you see them? this is what the fans want. no, no, shut up we dont need more angst right now. this is happening. its the beach episode roman. fuck off.'
the only reason the episode isnt 2 hours long is because they are forcibly removed from the fair after Virgil manages to jumpscare a child so bad he faints in the house of mirrors, and Remus takes off the safety guard half way through a roller coaster to 'test the aerodynamics' by standing up (REMUS YOU FUCKING WHORE I'M IN THE SAME SEAT AS YOU PUT IT BACK! Virgey calm down its fine. its like that one scene in the titanic! *SCREECHING*).
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shitpostsandgoodposts · 10 hours ago
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Happy 5th Anniversary, Sanders Sides!
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Happy 5th Anniversary Sanders Sides!! This series is incredible and so well put-together... I can't wait to see what happens next :D
Thomas and team- I admire you all so much. What creative, intelligent creators. I love you all so much. 🧡
Here's to another year!
This is based off a picture that @chesse.doodles made on Instagram- it was really cool so I asked permission and did it too 🥰
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child-devil · 15 hours ago
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Ghost sides! And happy 5th anniversary Sanders Sides!
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whobrokethisvase · 17 hours ago
Janus: Why are you so mad at me? Is it because I slept with Patton?
Virgil: YOU WHAT?!
Janus: Fuck, it wasn't that.
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moceit · 2 days ago
Patton: What do bees make?
Janus: Honey?
Patton: Yes dear?
Roman: Hey, Virg, what do bees make?
Virgil: I don't know, some kind of stupid annoying sound. What do you want?
Remus: Babe, what do bees make?
Logan: Beeswax, honey, propolis, royal jelly, the list goes on. Not to mention the incredibly important role they have in pollination. Bees are economically and ecologically significant, the fact that they're going extinct is a real tragedy—
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beauty-and-passion · 2 days ago
Your assumptions about the state of all characters in the season 2 finale
Easy: various degrees of pissed
Patton: unwittingly pissed (with the potential of being hugely pissed)
Patton is our oblivious cutie. Just look at the end card of WTIT: Virgil blasted him and he barely recognized the attack. If Virgil keeps doing it during season finale, Patton could acknowledge it and snap back. And oh gosh, I would LOVE to see him underline that HE is the one responsible for morals, not Virgil nor Roman. That's his job and he knows what he's doing, no matter how clueless he may seem.
And he would also prove that accepting Janus wasn't the result of Janus "brainwashing" him, but of Patton being the mature Side he is.
Roman: immensely pissed
Roman is this close to losing it. Another praise from Patton, a small discussion between the other Sides, one single word from Janus and he's ready to snap. Patton is siding with the snake, Thomas himself chose the snake over him, no one loves him (except Virgil, who is on his side). The only happy thing in his life right now is Nico, so if the slightest thing happens to this relationship, he would probably go crazy.
Hence why I want him to go crazy.
Virgil: hypocritically pissed
I can't wait for the moment in which Virgil will say something along the lines of: "the Others don't deserve a chance, Thomas. Unlike me, a former member of the Others who deserved a chance".
He's completely on Roman's side. And it's mostly because he's afraid of changes, rather than because he embraces Roman's black/white mentality. Virgil has always been afraid of changes and, right now, Thomas is on the verge of huge changes: the wedding left consequences in his mind (like the underlying depression effects we noticed in the mess of Thomas' house during WTIT), the Others are being more present in his life and there's this relationship with Nico going on.
So he's obviously scared, not ready at all, pissed at Patton and even more pissed at Janus. And I can't wait for the moment in which they will be in the same room, once again, both accepted. They will verbally tear each other apart and I want a front-row seat to enjoy the show.
Janus: sarcastically pissed
All Janus wants is for Thomas to listen to him and for the other Sides to respect him. All he got is one (1) adult Side, one (1) passive-aggressive Side, Roman who would gladly chop his head off when his back's turned and Virgil. Considering the situation, I can see him going into "sarcastic mode" 2 minutes into season finale and keeping that mode on until the end, when hopefully Roman will mature enough to apologize to him and he will feel safe enough to show a tiny bit of weakness. Not too much, just enough to bond with them - and to apologize to Roman as well.
Logan: orangely pissed
Logan is very close to snap, but not as close as Roman. He wants to be listened to and Thomas keeps ignoring him to listen to Nico, to Roman, even to Janus rather than to him.
So what better way to build the tension, if not by leaving him out during season finale? What better way to start his arc, than by ignoring him ONCE AGAIN, in order to deal with Roman and his childish dreams?
In other words: I want him to be left out. I want the end card all for him, ready to snap. I want season three to open with an unstable, passive-aggressive, angry Logic.
Remus: piss(ed)
Remus is Remus, all he wants is to see chaos unfold. So he will probably sit on a chair and much popcorn, while the other Sides blast each other. Just like us.
But also, I think it's time for the first canon interaction between him and Janus. Come on, Thomas, give us these two chaotic bitches being chaotic together.
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TW// Very big warning for eyestrain!
Can't believe it's the five year anniversary of Sanders Sides already!
There's no better time to post my biggest ever litograph project! This uses the script of 'Putting Others First' and is repeated a few times... Word count comes to 15,206 😊
The video game seen was hard to replicate as a drawing, then recreate with words 😂 It took about 3 weeks, but I'm glad I got there!
Due to the sheer volume of words, it won't be easy to read... But I'll do some close up shots of certain parts and post them tomorrow along with some other litograph bits! 💚
Hope you like it! Reblogs are appreciated 💜
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Litograph taglist: @writerwithtoomanyships @youremotionallystablefriend @spoopy-patt @psychedelicships @dramaticsnakes @full-of-roman-angst-trash @look-ma-im-on-tv @intruality-overlord @poisonedapples @eviearie @kittygolucky @fear-ze-queer @romans-dull-creativity @caffiniated-gremlin @justanotherhumanstuff @jwillowwolf @logan-sanders-cappy @red-imeanblue @lost-in-thought-20 @the-amazing-meow 🌟
Let me know if you'd like to be added/removed 💛
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hello69elliot · 22 hours ago
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It’s the 5th Year Anniversary for Sanders sides! So here’s some artwork I had made to celebrate it!! Also I’m aware that this may look similar to one of ABDillustrates artworks and I tried not to make it look like there’s too much, but they were a huge inspiration.
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artofimagilation · 2 days ago
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'Cause when the stars silhouette me I'm scared they'll forget me and flicker out.
Who knew the other side could be so green?
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I know none of the ships will become cannon, but sometimes I wonder how much Thomas and his team wish they could make Moceit cannon. Like, with the number of references and jokes, you just have to wonder.
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selfdestructivecat · 2 days ago
Random Virgil Headcanon Time because I’m Feeling Feelings I don’t like right now
Virgil scares very easily, but not in the way you would think. He is scared of lots of things, but not because he thinks they might hurt him. He’s scared because they might hurt others. And he reacts accordingly.
A random example:
One night, Patton and Logan were downstairs watching television, the former immersed in the cartoon while Logan read a book. It was storming loudly outside, flashing lightning and crashing thunder constantly interrupting the noise from the television. Suddenly, a flash of lightning illuminates Virgil’s terrified form (and Patton and Logan did not scream, shut up you’re wrong) and he sheepishly asks the two if he could stay with them for a while. Patton immediately assumes that the Side is afraid of storms and gestures him over for cuddles, determined to comfort his terrified friend. Logan offers to tell Virgil about the book he’s reading, hoping to distract the anxious Side from the loud noises.
However, when another monstrous crack vibrates throughout the house, instead of curling underneath the covers like Patton expected, Virgil leaps towards Patton and scoops him into his arms, his back towards the storm like he’s shielding Patton. One arm is outstretched towards Logan, as if he was trying to extend his arm far enough to protect the logical Side from harm.
It’s the most adorable thing Patton has ever seen. Logan was absolutely unaffected by the display, of course, and you can’t convince him otherwise (though he may have snapped a few pictures. For scientific reasons, obviously.)
Another example:
When the sides were kids and Virgil was still living with Janus and Remus, Janus would often read the other two bedtime stories, and given Remus’… refined taste, often they would be horror stories for kids.
Janus didn’t get scared easy, and Remus practically thrived in terror. However, Virgil never took to them well, which is why Janus would later wake up in the middle of the night to find a shadowed figure sitting on the floor, eyes dripping with exhaustion but remaining ever vigilant.
And Janus (after he definitely did not scream, Virgil did not startle him at all) would soon figure out that Virgil, after hearing about the monsters that crawled from kids’ closets to torment them, was guarding the closet door to protect Janus from any monsters that may harm him.
And no, Janus was definitely not touched or endeared in the slightest.
And another:
Roman didn’t take Virgil on adventures until after he was accepted. After all, he had only thought of him as a villain, a party-pooper whose sole job was to get in Roman’s way.
Roman had been terribly wrong, and he knew that, so he put in the extra effort to include Virgil more, which meant dragging the anxious Side on adventures with him.
Roman had expected cowardice. He wouldn’t have held it against Virgil, not anymore. Anyone would flee in terror at the sight of a massive dragon. Of course, Roman wasn’t just anyone. He had fought many of their kind before and always came out victorious. So when the vicious, fire-breathing dragon emerged from a twisted, burning forest, the treetops lit by the sparks from the monster’s maw, Roman expected Virgil to take cover while he took care of the rest.
What he didn’t expect was for Virgil to leap in front of Roman, arms out and eyes shut in anticipation for an attack. His first instinct had not been to run away. It had been to protect.
They were back in the Mind Palace ten minutes later, Roman scolding a partially-scorched Virgil as he bandaged his burnt arms. ‘You were lucky I was there’, Roman would scowl. Otherwise Virgil would have been burnt to ashes darker than his eye-shadow.
His voice would keep rising, hysteria edging into his tone, until he was a sobbing mess in the emo’s lap because Virgil had been so stupid.
Roman would not mention Virgil’s bravery, or how touched Roman had been by the action. He would not mention that, in all of his years of saving others, of being a hero, never had someone else put his life before theirs without hesitation like Virgil had.
He would, one day… but for now, he would focus his attention on wrapping his friend’s wounds.
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manbemel · a day ago
Inspired by an incorrect quote by @/claudiialyke1 on Twitter, with a huge portion of original writing added featuring implied Logince and Loceit.
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