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#patton sanders

“Well, well they may be… scary but but but, they do have a role and they… are useful and although I’m afraid of them, they’re” his face scrunches up “they’re perfect for what they do and they do work hard.”

Logan smiles “that was an excellent answer Patton.”

Patton beams at the praise.

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“All of em!” Patton says, a little too excitedly.

Roman snickers at that “there’s no arguing with him on this, it’s always his answer to this question.”

“I just think all animals are perfect little babies and they’re doing their best!”

“Granted animals are quite astounding in many regards but there is a clear answer: corvids is that answer” Logan says.

“Smart little birdies, just like you Lo!”

“I, I’m not a bird Patton.”

“Buuut you’re smart and little!”

Roman laughs out “there’s no denying that one ginger snap.”

Logan’s face pinks at the nickname, evey time one of his partners calls him a cute nickname he always without fail blushes, even if it is a nickname that’s used often.

“You’re both giants, it’s not my fault, Dee will agree with me.”

Roman laughs again “Dee? Dee doesn’t count, Dee is tiny as well.”

“Uhbuhbah Romaan, what’s your favourite animal?” He switches the conversation back to the topic that they started with; Patton giggles at Logan’s flusteredness.

“The majestic king of cats! The lion, for obvious reasons.”

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This was gonna have a fic with it, but I’m sleepy and can’t write anything decent rn

But I did mention in a post that they gossip sometimes when they’re supposed to be fighting lmao (this mostly happens in season 2 if anyone’s wondering)

Do not tag as unsympathetic sides, none of them are unsympathetic here

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It’s my Highscool au and I get to pick the projection 😔✌🏽

Roman has slightly pointed ears and a more soft jawline then everyone else and likes to cover it up with an over the top dramatic fashion sense.

Remus sharpens his canines to a point that they look as if they fit uncomfortably in his mouth despite that not being the case. His dentist is annoyed by him

Logan has BAD acne and an abundanceof acne scars because despite his lecturing for everyone else to just wash their face daily and like dont pop the pimples he doesnt take his own advice.

Virgil has a large nose and lips compared the the smallness of his eyes and wel really rest of him. He typically wears a mask to cover it though.

Janus is legally blind and while he’s meant to wear glasses he doesn’t because he doesn’t want to be seen as a joke or anything like that. He also has a burn mark covering the right side of his body up to his neck.

Patton has like, lime green braces and a slight lisp. He doesn’t really mind the lisp all that much be he does regret getting lime every single time he does to get them put back on.

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“Alright, let’s try some group questions!” Thomas said, holding up his phone with the questions on his screen. “First off, how are you feeling right now?”
“GOOOOO-” Patton said, only to be interrupted by Thomas.
“Answer with only a song title.” Thomas clarified, and Patton let out a dejected ‘oh’ in response.
“Comfortably Numb.” Logan stated.
“Let Me Love You.” Aisha replied, crossing her arms.
“All I Do Is Win!” Roman extravagantly declared.
“I’m Not Okay (I Promise)” Virgil stated, giving one of his sideways smirks that Chelsea could already imagine as a popular GIF on Tumblr.
“Walking On Sunshine.” Chelsea sent a kind smile to Virgil’s direction before the camera moved to Patton.
Patton, however, had a different answer. “I Am The Walrus!” Suddenly, a record scratch sound effect came out of no-where. Chelsea had her finger over a sound effects play button before putting her phone away.
“Sorry.” She sheepishly grinned, and put a hand on her neck.
“It-It was was 'How Do You FEEL?”
“Just let him be a walrus.” Aisha’s voice showed both her irritation and annoyed fondness for the dad side as she reached over to Logan’s corner to hold his hand.
Thomas didn’t seem weirded out by his response, and he simply moved to the next question.

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The Sanders Sides as Songs from Waitress the Musical

(Because I posted this on IG and thought, “Why the f not??”)

  • Patton - “Never Ever Getting Rid of Me”
  • Roman - “A Soft Place to Land”
  • Logan - “When He Sees Me”
  • Virgil - “She Used to Be Mine”
  • Janus - “I Didn’t Plan It” (This fits Janus so much. Why is no one talking about this??)
  • Remus - “Bad Idea” / “Bad Idea (Reprise)”
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I keep on having fic ideas that I drop partway through but I’m currently working on one that I’m invested in. It’s different from my usual writing style and more abstract but I’m hoping to finish it soon since its not as long as my other projects. Im hoping to post the first few chapters by December 12th ideally, and for no particular reason at all ;). And hopefully all or most of the chapters will be done by then. But hopefully it’s interesting, its different from the stuff I usually do and will probably be confusing since Im basing it off of something that was pretty confusing in of itself.

I think it’ll be fun though, and I hope others enjoy it too! Ive been having some trouble making things clear without being too in your face about it, and also having trouble keeping things subtle and up to the readers to decode.

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Fandom: Sanders Sides

Relationships: Virgil & Patton, Patton/Logan (background)

Characters: Virgil, Patton

Summary: Virgil receives his first present from Patton.

Notes: Past Child Abuse, Superhero AU

This takes place the same day as the last chapter of Sometimes Labels Fail.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 (They are not in order though)

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awitchbravestheverge prompt: I don’t know if you’re still taking prompts but you are a master of hurt/comfort and would sell you my soul for some of that for Janus. Maybe where he’s feeling insecure or like he’s worn out his welcome post acceptance, or maybe a little touch starved, or both. Preferably with Virgil or Patton as the comforter, but if not thats ok. I just have a never-ending need for fic where people are soft and gentle with the snake boy, and I love everything you write with my whole heart

Thanks for the request, babe!

Read on Ao3

Pairings: DLAMPR, focus on anxceit and moceit, can be platonic or romantic you decide I don’t mind

Warnings: uhhh sympathetic deceit and remus

Word Count: 4804

“How many masks of your own face are you currently wearing?”

“At least four.”

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