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Absolutely! I hope you’ll like this💕💕


“Come on, Star! You lost the bet, and you promised you’d do whatever we’d asked of you!”

Star sighed, fumbling with her skirt as she looked at Paul. She’d told them a couple of nights ago that she would be able to get a date with whomever she wanted- Marko and Paul didn’t believe her. So, she’d made a bet. She told them she’d get a date with the lead singer of the band that was playing that night, and that if she didn’t she would have to do one thing the boys asked of her. Marko and Paul happily agreed. It’d be fun to see if she succeeded, and it would be fun for them to annoy their little sister.

So, Star had been somewhat successful. She’d talked to the lead singer, even asked him for a drink… All went well until his boyfriend showed up. Star had turned bright red, apologising as much as she could. She felt embarrassed. “If I wasn’t dating him, I’d probably go out with you, girl. Don’t worry about it,” the singer had teased, but it was to late for Star. Paul and Marko had heard what happened, and they couldn’t contain their laughter anymore.

“Okay- just-”

“Nahah, sis, it’s gonna be our pick. You lost, we pick. That’s the deal.”

She sighed. They were in an old abandoned house at the edge of town. Somehow they found a working beamer, and now they were setting up a screen for her to see a movie on.

“So, Hellraiser or the Exorcist?” Paul asked Marko as he put the lights off.

“How about both?”

Star groaned. She had never seen the Exorcist but the stories shed heard made that she never wanted to see it anyways. The same with Hellraiser. Shed seen the tape at Max’ store, and it freaked her out a little.

“I hate you both,” she mumbled, curling up with a blanket. The boys that told her they would leave, and that they would come back whenever both movies were done.

“Have fun Star!” Paul called as he flew out of the room. She sighed, watching the opening of the first movie. It wasn’t so bad, at the beginning at least. When Reagan walked done the stairs upside down Star began to feel dreadful. When Reagan began to abuse herself with the crucifix- she shivered. How could this movie get any worse? It genuinely frightened her, seeing the possessed child get worse and seeing the demon kill more people.

When the movie was done she was shaking, and she hated the thought of having to watch a second movie. She had promised them, yes. But this…. She sighed, hoping that Hellraiser was better than the pictures shed seen of it.

She was halfway through the movie when she heard a sound. A metallic sound, as if chains were being dragged over the floor. “Paul? You’re not funny!” she called out. She got no response. She wouldn’t check it out - she knew way to well that that was a stupid thing to do. Then she heard it again, screeching, slowly getting closer. She screamed as the door was swung open, chains were being thrown in. Marko stood there, grinning madly. “How are you liking it so far?”

“I hate you,” Star muttered. Marko grinned, hugging her. “Come on. We can go home I’d you want.”

She nodded. Anything would be better than spending one more second in this abandoned house watching those cursed movies. Marko flew home, carrying his sister with him. Sure, he’d thought it had been funny, but when he saw how genuinely frightened Star was, he decided it was enough. He put her down on her bed, made sure there was some food for her, before he went to the back.

Star sighed, thankful to be home. She laid in bed, curled up under her blankets when she heard something. Some rocks falling. She sat up immediately, her heart beat racing faster than before. She was certain some kind of demonic creature would walk in and-

“Are you alright?” It was Dwayne, walking towards her bed.

“I’m scared,” she mumbled, telling him about the movies and the lost bet. Dwayne listened.

“Move over.”


“Move over. Paul’s an absolute ass and he’ll try to scare you even more. Besides, you’re my sister. Least I can do is help you feel safe.”

Star felt like she would cry. She hugged him tightly, thanking him.

“Don’t worry about it,” he smiled, hugging her as well. “Maybe you should just come up with a thing to get them back. You know how scared they are of actually losing their little sister?” Dwayne grinned. They lived a long time without any girls around, but all of them- even David- loved Star as a sister. Sure, sometimes they were a little rough, or cold or just plain mean but wasn’t that what siblings did? They treated her like on of the pack, which of course, she was. And because of that, they would surely hate to lose their sister, even if it was all just an act.

Star smiled shyly. “I’m sure we could come up with something,” she yawned, curling up against him, slowly drifting off to sleep.

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anon: Dampyr thing for all of them please. If it’s not too much trouble? You can write it however you want. Either preferences/would include or whatever is fine by me. Sorry for late reply. Dampyr is from old balkan folklore. My grandma from Serbia used to tell me the stories. It was long time ago so I’m kinda rusty on the details. Basicly, they are half-vampires. They weren’t turned, but born that way from human mom and vamp dad. Unlike other half-vamps they look like human but age extremly slow and heal faster. They can’t be hypnotized(sorry David your little noodle trick won’t work) and their blood is leathal for vampires. They can drink vampire blood and absorb their knowledge.

(a/n: to the anon that requested this! i’m sorry that it’s taken so long to post this and i’m also so sorry that i lost your original request. i’ve worked so hard on this and it took me even longer to complete only bc when i was editing the draft of this piece tumblr didn’t save it so all of my previous hard work was gone. i hope you enjoy these! thanks so much for requesting! - admin kat 🌙)

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The Lost Boys Dating a Damphyr!Reader Headcanons:


Originally posted by davidslostgirl


° David is quite the nonchalant lad of the bunch, however, even he has difficulty in denying the fact that you intrigue him exponentially. So, it’s safe to assume that this Lost Boy is littered with curiosity over your skills and abilities.

° One thing that David prides himself immensely on is his knack for compulsion. It’s always been his forte, even in the early days of being an immortal being of the night. 

° He also made you very aware with how displeased he was when he found out that mental tricks did not work on you. He moped about for a solid week and a half because compulsion is one of the few things in his existence that quenches his constant boredom. Taking that away from him throws everything off balance in his books.

° My boii sincerely attempted to play mind tricks on you from the very start and you certainly were having none of it. But then again, David should be ecstatic because this means that mentally you are in little danger to the tricks and trades of mental attacks.

° It also caused him to begin to ponder about what really was going through your mind most of the time. It almost gave you an air of mystery which he honestly preferred. It made you more challenging to read and less likely to submit. David is always up for a challenge after all.

° David will not lie either, he finds it intensely attractive when you drink from him. He get’s drunk off of the euphoria, your lips pressed to his wrist… The sight is enough to turn him on. I also imagine that vampires (particularly mates) drinking each other’s blood is rather intimate, and by allowing you to drink from him, it shows a more vulnerable side to David. It shows that he trusts you with his life. After all, you are more than capable of sucking him dry if you allowed your impulses to cloud your vision.

° In the heat of the moment, David’s logic is thrown behind a mist of lust and desire. He get’s quite carried away and soon you find his teeth nipping at your neck whilst you straddle him, his fangs pinching the delicate skin wondrously. Your heart flutters it’s blood beneath the surface. If he just sinks his teeth into you he’ll-

° This is where you pull back, breaking all contact and denying him everything that he wants. With a huffing sigh he flops back into the dusty old couch that is situated in the cave, blue eyes pulsing electric. How could you deny him this?

° You mumble a soft reminder, eyes not meeting his piercing gaze. He isn’t able to drink your blood because if he does, he would be no more. This is something that almost enrages him. Why did his mate have to have such an immense drawback? You’ve totally thrown the balance out of his desires.

° “Well, sunshine, aren’t you a little bit morbid.” Acrimony darts from his mouth, followed by a whirl of cigarette smoke. He tilts his head back, bleach blonde hair in disarray from your previous fiasco. His large calloused hands grasp your waist, pulling you closer to his being. He was taunting you. Taunting you for refusing him what he wanted.

° “I won’t be morbid when you’re foaming at the mouth.” You tilt your head to the side, eyes finding his oceanic ones. You were now challenging him, reminding him of what could happen if he allowed himself to grow careless with you. You only meant it well, but David never enjoyed being told what to do.

° “Yeah, yeah, point taken, princess.” He simpers up at you, that smoke wedged between his kissable lips. You pluck it from his mouth and stub the damn thing out before capturing his lips with yours with a hungry fire only he created in you. You had no problem with allowing him to get lost in you once more, only for you to playfully deny him his greatest wish. This was always about control… and you were the one in charge.

° Initially David mocks you about this. Why are you denying him? Are you worried for his safety? Please! He can handle himself, darling.

° But nevertheless, he’s not actually dumb enough to risk it… just in case.

° And it isn’t until one particular night that you miraculously managed to get out of both eye and ear shot from David. Another vampire had unwisely entered Santa Carla and attacked you. David had managed to get there just in time to witness the vampire drinking from you, along with the treacherous torture the vampire ensued as a result of it’s own foolish mistake.

° You healed rather quickly and effortlessly from it, yet you remained seated on the floor, panting wildly. Terror fluctuated through your body, your limbs vibrated in anxiety. It took a few moments for you to soothe yourself. What helped you calm down was discussing why that vampire was dead. You see, the rate in which a vampire dies after consuming your blood matters greatly on the amount it has taken in. If it has drank more then it will die quicker and with less in it’s system it will die slowly. Both ways are excruciating.

° And for the first time in his entire immortal existence, David experienced the heebie jeebies. He hadn’t even had time to pull the vampire from you prior to it dying on the spot. The memories were a vivid ordeal that continued to play behind his eyes.

° But was he scared out of his mind? Well, Paul definitely thought so!

° “Well, I guess you weren’t fooling around with the lethal part, princess.” David wedged a smoke between his lips and lit it, the glowing amber in the dark alleyway the only light. The way David had uttered the statement seemed almost mocking. Just like him. You knew he was only covering up the cluster of emotions underneath the surface.

° “Yeah, no kidding.” You muttered bitterly, a roll of your eyes causing your blonde boyfriend to chortle under his breath.

° “And I was also right about something else, y/n. The whole experience is definitely morbid.” He concluded, his gloved palm finding yours in the darkness to hoist you up onto your feet and into his protective embrace. He’d be damned if he allowed anything like this to happen again.

° David is quite known for his protectiveness over the people and things that he holds dearest to him. He also has a possessive streak that is unrivaled by any of the other boys. That vampire attacking you only caused him to hover closer to you when he could, a relaxed arm draped over your shoulders, hands placed firmly on your waist… you name it! There was a primal instinct in him that made him feel slightly perplexed. He wanted you all to himself and he wasn’t going to allow anyone else to take you away from him.

° As stated above, this blonde bad boy is possessive and high-key selfish. He only desires to have your entire attention focused on him. He also feels that it’s his job to keep you safe, but that can be hard when it’s the day time.

° “Well, well, well, how’s my special vampire doing today?” David would smirk in your ear, rough voice husky as he chortled. His teeth scraped tenderly against the shell of your ear, his cool breath fanning against the delicate skin of you neck, eliciting a deep shiver from your being. He was surely satisfied with that.

° “Would you stop calling me that, David? I’m not even a real vampire.” You’d roll your eyes in an exaggerated motion, shaking your head softly whilst you attempted to mask the smile that began to spread across your countenance.

° “Not until hell freezes over, dear.” He’d grin triumphantly in your ear.

° “Urgh!

° At times David will attempt to still perform compulsion on you which he only does to get under your skin. As a result, all it really does is cause you and the boys to fall into bouts of intense laughter.

° “You sure it doesn’t work, love?

° “Yeah, I think with hundreds of failed attempts you’d have realized that for yourself, babe.

° “Alright, if you say so.

° It’s also a known fact that David has no regard for human life whatsoever, and along with Paul, he really isn’t overwhelmed with joy when you sustain yourself on human food. Since you were brought up to be human, it’s quite difficult for you to let go of your human moral compass. The human part of you tells you not to harm humans. But David also see’s that as a challenge.

° David really wants you to feed from humans because logically vampires are far stronger when they do. So that obviously applies to your kind, right? Well, not so much. See, a full vampire needs to hunt and feed every night to curb the intense thirst that they feel. You do not. You’re able to go with longer periods of time without blood and sustain yourself of human food, even if it makes you less strong. So it takes a little while for David to realize that. It also takes him some time to understand that your ability to blend in as a human makes it particularly difficult for hunters to figure out what you are. Very smart.

° Going on hunts with David are bonding experiences. Before him you hadn’t ever hunted. You had stolen blood bags from the hospitals and blood drives, which had quenched your craving for it. So to begin with you were very awkward when feeding. David needed to show you the ropes, had to teach you to relax and let your instincts kick in.

° Although you are a half vampire, you are very different from Star, Laddie and Michael. You were born one, which actually sets you apart from the other non-born vampires. Like you are capable of walking in the sun without it making you feel weary and exhausted (this is due to you having been exposed to it your entire life, which almost created some form of immunity to it because your mother shunned the other part of you, conditioning you to be more human than vampire).

° To find out that absorb his knowledge when you feed from him makes him very intrigued to say the least. As David is possessive, he won’t allow you to feed from any other vampire. He’s caught off guard when you tell him about memories, etc. that you have absorbed from him.

° As pay back for all the mocking he does to you, you’re kind of an ass about it all. You tend to bust out terribly embarrassing memories from long ago that the boys never let him live down. Now that they’ve resurfaced, David isn’t too keen about it. Cue him then being a grumbling and pouting mess about it for awhile after. I mean, you basically roasted him in front of his boys so of course he’s feeling sensitive afterwards. But that sorta stuff doesn’t go unpunished, my lovely.

° It’s definitely a given that David would halt any and all of the rude things the other boys may say about you. He won’t tolerate any of it. Not even a funny look will be cast upon you.

° You have to understand though that things have been challenging with Star, especially since she rejected their life style. The boys find it hard to trust newcomers because of that but also due to their pasts as humans. But with that said, he’ll still harmlessly tease you. Harmless teasing from the boys is also alright. Though as soon as it begins to upset you, that’s when he’ll shut it down instantaneously.

° David is also certainly watchful over you when hunters are around. Those are the moments in which he will not allow you to leave the cave in the day time. If you’re going out, it’ll be at nighttime with him and the boys. His worst nightmare is you dying or getting hurt. He’s literally the most dramatic of the bunch. You sometimes think he’s just being a control freak, but usually something will happen that’ll make you realize that he’s only trying to keep you safe.

° Yes, you may heal quite swiftly, but he’s really certain that you won’t come bounding back from a stake to the heart.

° In the bedroom department, David is very dominant. He’s in charge and despite what others may think he is a rather passionate lover. The fact that you’re a Damphyr allows him to ease up a bit. Since you’re more durable than a human he can ease up and just enjoy the experience. He totally uses his super strength and speed, you don’t complain either.

° David is low-key a nerd and researches the legends and myths of hybrid vampires, Damphyr’s, etc. in every country. Sometimes he’ll put your skills to the test and you bet your backside that he’s all smug about it (especially when you can’t do something). Your mate is kind of an ass not gonna lie.



° Dwayne’s interest is undeniably peeked when he figures out that you’re a Damphyr. Now there’s even a sliver of something that you both have in common. You’re both vampires, - well you’re half of one -. Sincerely, he finds you so mesmerizing. He’s only ever heard of vague and patchy legends of your kind that are more like myths.

° But hey! It gives him the courage to peek out of his shell a little more and begin talking with you. You both hit it off instantaneously and it all just blossoms from there.

° Although you may heal quite swiftly and possess more strength than a human, Dwayne cannot resist it when his protective and watchful nature kicks in. So you better be prepared for him to still be a meat wall that always slots itself in between you and any possible threat.

° He’s very aware of the fact that you can fend for yourself, he has no doubt in your abilities, I promise you that. Being vigilant of those that he loves is something that comes quite naturally to Dwayne, - he’s even protective of his fellow Lost Boys -. Consider it to be a good thing that he wants to keep you safe.

° He allows you to drink from him whenever you may feel the urge to, but he’s not like David where he’ll hound you about it. Dwayne is rather relaxed and knows you can’t live off of him because A) You’d kill him. And B) You need something else for sustenance too.

° Hunting with Dwayne has now become the normal thing. Primarily it was peculiar for you as you had never fed with another vampire around. You had always kept that to your lonesome. So during your first ten feedings he would accidentally make too hasty of a movement, which would kick start this primal instinct in you to fight him for your meal and territory. But you’re forgetting that Santa Carla is his territory.

° It’s a blessing that Dwayne is so grounded and relaxing, because he was able to defuse the tension and anxiety you felt in those moments. He’d reassure you that he wasn’t there to steal your meals or to harm you. He was doing this to help you for when you hunted with him and the boys. But if it proved far too overwhelming for you, he would give you your space when you hunted because he totally empathized with you.

° Out of all the Lost Boys he is the most chill and relaxed when it comes to you living out more as a human. Dwayne is very appeasing. His energy helps even Paul stay rooted down in the present moment. But that doesn’t stop him from being a wild one! But nevertheless, he’s very tolerant of your human nature coming into play in everyday life. It doesn’t bug him in the slightest.

° In fact, he encourages it! Dwayne doesn’t see the point in trying to get you to suppress a part of you that is totally natural to your being. In all honesty, he thoroughly enjoys the simplicity of sitting on the counter tops in your kitchen and watching you cook yourself a home cooked meal. He’ll even sample some of it and tell you what he thinks. Although he’s really not a fan of when you use garlic!

° So since you’re a born half vampire, Dwayne really does comprehend that you don’t just require or need blood in order to keep yourself and your hunger fulfilled. There’s honestly no pressure on his part for you to have to feed on human blood. You could even drink animal blood and he wouldn’t even bat an eyelash!

° Though the more human blood you consume the stronger you are. Yet you’ll never be as strong as a full vampire, and Dwayne totally get’s that.

° Dwayne is the biggest softie known to man because he loves listening to your heartbeat! And in my opinion, I think that it would run a tad bit slower than an actual humans heartbeat. Just the sound of it makes him grin so wide that it’s as though the sun is beaming brightly across his face! Urgh i’m dying! 

° This raven haired boy is really known for not taking anyone’s bullshit and when it comes to you? He’s not going to stand for anybody disrespecting you. This is regardless of whether it’s the boys or not and in any context. He will not let anybody push you around.

° And again, within regards to the boys, Dwayne will shut their shit down pronto! Rude comments, nasty looks, you name it! None of it is tolerated in his books. 

° And you best believe he’s flattened Paul at least once for saying something dumb about you.

° Much like David, Dwayne wishes to know more about your kind and will secretly research it. He get’s pretty abashed when you know that he does. The boys tease him a lot for it, especially in front of you, but you swear it’s adorable.

° Every once in awhile he will tell you facts he’s read up on or heard about in regards to your kind. He likes it when you debunk whether that’s a myth or not, and there’s even a lot that you still don’t know.

° “Hey, I uh- I heard your kind tend to become hunters of vampires, well, your kind mainly hunts your fathers because your fathers are the vampires.” He’d pipe up from beside you softly, his orbs landing on everything else but you. If he wasn’t dead you swore he would be blushing bright red by now.

° “Where did you learn that?” You’d bat your lashes at him, almost stunned he’d heard about that.

° “Nowhere, just heard it around.” Dwayne would smile softly, his deep eyes peeking at your face as he rubbed the rear of his neck sheepishly.

° “If you’re asking me whether I’m a vampire hunter or not, then fortunately for you the answer is no.” You’d grin up at him. That was a relief for him.

° Since he’s a vampire, Dwayne doesn’t tend to regard human life all that highly because to him and the boys, humans primary source to them is being prey, nothing more. However, since you are part human, he’s more tolerable of humans and their nature, even if it can a little confusing for him to figure out.

° Yes, I’m aware that he too was once human round about 80 years ago, but I like to imagines that as the years have stretched on his human nature has dwindled into nothing. Vampire morals are much different from human morals. He’s also dead and hunters consider him to be soulless now.

° Due to Dwayne’s vigilant nature, he is always apprehensive whenever you do get hurt, - even the thought of you being injured or killed sends him into an internal panic! He knows that you can heal quite impressively, yet it never stops him from experiencing worry over you. He cares about you after all.

° For all he knows, there could be some sort of poison out there that could kill you instantly!

° It’s a scarce occurrence for Dwayne to fill you in on his fears and anxieties (big or small). Dwayne is particularly physically strong and at times he feels like he needs to keep up a guard, like he’s holding all the pieces together. So even though he doesn’t directly tell you these worries, he still feels these said cluster-fuck of emotions. This can be quite challenging for him to digest, so some patience is needed on your behalf.

° Consistently this occurs because you have been though and he requires a lot of comforting from you, along with reassurances that you are alright.

° And afterwards, he is at your side as much as physically possible. It may feel a bit smothering but please do remember that Dwayne once had a brother named Jasper whom he lost a long time ago. You are now one of the only people that he has left that he loves and cares about.

° Compulsion isn’t Dwayne’s forte really; he’s never been good at it anyway. That’s more David’s style and the raven haired vampire is okay with it. However, he is intrigued about it not having an affect on you. He’s a huge advocate for your own free will and would never screw around with it.

° He is also incredibly relieved that hypnotization doesn’t work on you because David can get carried away with those sorts of things. You’re mentally protected which means one less thing for Dwayne to fret over.

° You’ve also got a lot more stamina than the average human (as does Dwayne) so there are plenty more rounds when it comes to the bedroom side of things, which he’s really into. ;)

° Dwayne is a very passionate lover whom enjoys taking his time in worshiping your body. Your added stamina means you can go for hours, which is just the way he prefers things.

° At times he does forget that you are only part vampire until something occurs that reminds him of it.

° He contemplates about the little things that you do when he’s not around or just in general. Do you hanging sleep upside down from the ceiling like him and the boys? Does garlic irritate you as much as it does the full vampires? Do you sleep through the day just like them? It’s honestly seriously adorable.

° Despite having a quiet nature, Dwayne will ask you a lot of questions, though he’s got an incredibly amazing knack for spreading them out so as to not cause you to feel bombarded or overwhelmed by his curiosity.

° Also Dwayne is really a phenomenal listener. He just loves the sound of your voice and could listen to it for hours!

° Dwayne has never seen firsthand what happens to vampires when they drink from your kind and he’s not bagged on the idea on finding out or even daring to try it out for himself. He’s ballsy but not that ballsy! As soon as you told him he took your word for it.

° Genuinely though Dwayne does take a lot of what you say as the truth. You’re the one who’s experiencing it. Every Damphyr is different just like every vampire, werewolf, human, etc.

° You’ve also become apart of the boys family, which surprisingly enough, Max allowed. So all in all, Dwayne is intensely ecstatic that he get’s to spend a lot time with you.

° He is aware that you age far slower than a human which is a relief to him. It’s just a little unknown to either of you on whether you will pass away one day as the legends are all conflicting. Even you are unsure about it. You boy try not to dwell on it all that much because then things become depressing.

° And that’s another worry of his. You dying. He genuinely just wants to spend forever with you. Poor baby.

° Dwayne is literally the best boyfriend ever tbh. My heart  m e l t s  just thinking about it!



° Paul has never shut up once in his whole entire life, so it’s safe to say that he won’t be shutting his mouth when it comes to you either. I mean that in the sense of him inquiring a lot about you. This is totally expected at this point, and in all honesty, half of them don’t even make any sense, - particularly if he’s high or drunk -.

° “So you can run really fast right?

° “Well, faster than a human.

° “Does that mean you’re like the flash then, doll?

° Give the poor boy a break though, he really is trying here!

° And funnily enough, Paul is without a doubt convinced that you’ve got some sort of super power that you’re not showing anyone. You think that this is the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever heard in your entire life. But Paul? Nah, he won’t relent until you show him. Even the boys join in on the teasing.

° “I dunno, dollface. I really think you’re hiding something. C’mon! It’s me and the boys. There’re no humans around.” He’d grin that perfect heart melting smirk at you. “We won’t blow her cover will we boys?

° “He’s right, y/n! We won’t tell anyone.” Marko would call from across the cave, causing you to roll your eyes.

° “The only thing I’m hiding from you guys right now is my fist from your faces!” You’d shout back, attempting to hide the grin spreading across your face. You did a poor job of it.

° “Now you’re definitely hiding something! I can see you grinning like you’re sneaky, babe, but you’re not. I swear, I’m onto you.

° “Have you been sniffing news print or something?

° “Awe, c’mon, babe! Just show me already!

° Although Paul isn’t very gifted in using compulsion, he was one of the few boys that was a bit bummed out when he found out it didn’t work on you. But really he knows it’s a good thing because it leaves you less vulnerable to mental attacks from anyone. That’s one less thing for him to worry about when it comes to your safety.

° Hunting with Paul is a nightly date. In fact, he encourages you to feed because he wants you to be as strong as you possibly can be. He’s just worried about you getting hurt when he isn’t around. It also takes awhile for him to understand that you don’t need so much blood to stay sustained.

° He is also the chillest out of all the boys when it comes to you feeding from other vampires. Sure, he likes it when you feed from him, but he won’t be mad if you have the urge to feed and get your fill from another vampire. That sort of stuff just doesn’t really ruffle Paul’s feathers.

° And besides, that gift can come in handy for him and the boys. You absorb knowledge from other vampires, which means black mail! Every vampire has some sort of dirty laundry or terrible baggage that they don’t want anyone else to know.

° With that said, he really wants you to feed from Max because he’s an asshole and such a terrible ‘father’. Paul really wants to know all the man’s dirty secrets and to use them against him. Which is when David has to step in and remind him that Max is much older and stronger than them all combined and if you did that to him, Max would kill you instantly. But it doesn’t stop him from wanting you to do it.

° He is second on the scale (next to David) when it comes to his displeasure towards your human self. Human life is very boring to him. Yes, he once was a human a long time ago, but he’s been there and done that already. He’s also lost touch with his humanity and it will never return. So, in conclusion to this point, he’s more adamant that you feed from humans instead of gaining sustenance from human food.

° Hunting with you is such a huge turn on for him. Afterwards you should expect without a doubt that he’ll either bring you back to your place, the cave or tuck you into a dark alleyway and have his way with you. Just seeing you drink from people and letting your inner vampire out is genuinely the sexiest thing this boy has ever seen!

° Poor boy tends to forget that he’s a vampire, so the fact that you’re more durable is better because he’d break an actual human in half by accident just by nonchalantly hitting them playfully on the back. He actually did that once and he panicked for a good two minutes. Marko had to help him bury the body.

° “I swear I didn’t mean it, man!

° “Paul, you literally kill people on a nightly basis. Stop panicking!

° “Oh yeah.

° This boy loves to play fight and it’s on a  c o n s t a n t  basis with you. He doesn’t go easy on you either, he either wins or won’t play fight at all. There’s no in between with this vampire.

° You best believe that Paul has at least attempted to drink your blood once! You certainly did stop him because it’s an obviously big no, no! It’s lethal for his kind to drink your kinds blood, and you love Paul a lot, so you want him to be alive.

° When you reminded him of this predicament he just laughed in your face and said it’d be worth it.

° “C’mon, babe! I let you drink from me…” He’d pout miserably at you, baby blue eyes swelling in size. You hated it when he pulled those puppy dog eyes on you.

° “Do you want to die in the most painful of ways?” You’d arch your brow comically at him with a soft tilt of your head.

° “No, not really.

° “Then you’re not drinking from me, Paul.” You’d hum softly against his lips, fingers already tangling in his blonde mane.

° And as if on cue, he’s the biggest pouting baby you have ever encountered for the next week or two. Honestly, this boy is so dramatic when he doesn’t get his way! However, you make it up to him by going hunting with him twice in one night. That helps him forget all about not being able to drink from you.

° And then one night down the line he witnesses firsthand what happens to vampires when they drink from you. Let’s just say the poor blonde is totally traumatized from the whole experience. He needed that good green stuff to forget at least a fraction of the agony that other vampire went through.

° “Thank God I had the brains not to feed from you. Jesus, babe! Who knew you were such a savage.” He’d ramble with a cigarette wedged anxiously between his lips.

° “Brains? I literally had to push you off of me, Paul.” You’d grin widely, shaking your head in disbelief.

° “Yeah, yeah!” He’d wave off your comment, taking a deep drag on his smoke. “But did you see the blood come out of his eyes? What a sorry loser!

° Whenever he’s mad at the other boys he tells them to go drink from you as an insult lmaoo. I’m not even kidding.

° Even though he’s very goofy, Paul is pretty serious about you though. Everything to do with you he’s fascinated about, even if it seems a little weird. It’s just because you make him so happy. Honest, he’s just a big ball of sweetness when it comes to you.

° He’s not a researcher, so why would he start now? He knows that you’ll just tell him what he’s right and wrong about and all the details in between. Sometimes he listens pretty intently, but other times he doesn’t because he becomes distracted by your boobs or starts thinking about how pretty your lips are and how much he really wants to kiss them. He doesn’t mean it in a bad way though, you’re just the biggest distraction for him.

° This guy is a genuine horndog™ and will be on you 25/7. The boy is the most touch orientated fellow out there, it’s honestly unreal! But you don’t complain because you love it when his hands are all over you.

° Still to this day your family doesn’t understand why you moved into the hotel that fell into the caves in the cliffs. Like seriously? That place doesn’t even have a working bathroom! But you moved in anyway, and pretty much you’ve stayed there out of defiance against your family now. None of the boys bring it up any more because you just go off on a tangent about it.

° “Can you turn people into vampires?

° “Do you feel anything since you ate that piece of garlic bread 3 hours ago?

° “Do you sleep upside down hanging from your ceiling?

° “Can you walk in the sun without bursting into flames?

° “So like when your parents did it, did-

° “I’m not talking about my parents doing it, Paul.

° “But babe! It’s for science!

° Paul is just as goofy with you as he would be with a full vampire or human mate too be honest. Nothing changes in that department.

° High-key thinks you’re a badass and will not shut up about it to the other boys. David has put a ban on any mention of you or your name from Paul when you’re not around. Honestly, it drives David mad!

° Although Paul doesn’t take much seriously, he still freaks out in a pretty gnarly context whenever you do get hurt. Paul is the most emotionally reactive out of the boys (as seen when Marko was killed and he went directly after the Frog Brothers). You can bet your pretty backside that he’s taking anyone down swinging, violently. Definitely violently!

° “Dwayne told me your kind become vampire hunters. Does that mean you’re one?

° “No, but if Dwayne doesn’t pipe the fuck down about it I will be.

° That literally made David laugh so hard he had tears streaming down his face. You’re really bold for saying that. Even David wouldn’t have said that about Dwayne with Dwayne literally sitting opposite of him. But you did. So rip to David but you’re different.

° “I hope you live for forever, babe. I don’t think I could live without you.

° “Awe, Paul!



° Akin to the other boys, Marko is incredibly curious about you. Besides Paul, he is the most intrigued when it comes to you and your abilities. He hasn’t ever met a Damphy in his entire existence and he never knew they existed… until you came stumbling into his life.

° The pair of you feed together whenever you get the chance to. Hunting with the other boys causes you to draw into yourself. It’s an intimate thing for you to share with someone which Marko completely understands. It’s no biggie!

° So you’re a little feeding shy? Marko isn’t bothered by it. He enjoys hunting with you, because a couple that hunts together stays together, am I right?

° Much like David and Paul, Marko just assumes that you’re pulling his leg when you tell him if he feeds from you he’ll die. You have to go into a deeper depiction on how your kind usually hunts vampires (especially your fathers as they are typically the vampires) so your blood is built to be poisonous to full vampires, it’s aroma as sweet as honey in order to lure them in like the sorry flies that they are.

° This news doesn’t really phase Marko in the slightest. He thinks it’s gnarly that your blood can do that to a full vampire. David thinks he’s insane, but Marko loves anything weird and quirky, especially gruesome. He’s a horror fanatic in my eyes!

° Although he’s the smallest out of the entire group, doesn’t mean that he doesn’t possess an intelligent mind. He believes that if what you’re saying it the truth and only but the truth then he’s not stupid enough to risk it. He quite enjoys sleeping all day and partying all night, thank you very much!

° Marko would be nothing more than a fibber if he said that you feeding from him turns him on. Like David, he uses it as a way to strengthen the bond between you. He’s mindful during the whole experience to not let his desires take hold and bite you. He’s looking to enjoy the passionate ride you two are involved in, not die a premature death.

° Unbeknownst to most, Marko has a rather possessive streak when it comes to you. What’s his is his and he doesn’t really like to share. This causes him to receive a cornucopia of teasing from the boys, but he doesn’t really care. He’s the one with a hot Damphyr mate. In his eyes he’s already won.

° Following his vampiric nature, Marko doesn’t care all too much for human life and it’s fragile nature. I mean, because you’re a born half-ling, he’s got to deal with your human nature that runs just as strongly in you as the vampiric nature. The two often collide with one another, creating a deep rooted sense of conflict within you that is really difficult for Marko to watch. You actually feel guilt for the victims you feed from, which took awhile for him to get used to.

° After all, you need to feed to live. So why do you need to add guilt into the mix? The other boys don’t get it either, they tease you about it, but once they begin to see the actual effect consistently killing does to you, they snag a lot of blood bags because you’re not actually killing anyone any more. Just chill out.

° Marko is a hard nut to crack. I mean that in the sense in which he hardly let’s on what he’s thinking and feeling in any given moment. It takes years of knowing him to understand him. But one thing that is totally apparent is his protectiveness over you. He would without a doubt die for you, no questions asked. If it meant that you lived, he’s willing to sacrifice himself.

° “Listen, babe,” Marko murmured into the darkness of the hotel, his voice quiet as he leaned against one of the crumbling cave walls, “I know you’re capable and all of taking care of yourself. But like, can you stay here tonight? The boys and I got word there were hunters in town. I’d hate to see anything happen to you, you know?

° Marko will defend you till his last breath! Ya boii will fight for your honor at the drop of a hat. Surf Nazis, the other boys, a random kid looking at you funny, you name it! He’s prepared to fight anyone anywhere!

° “Hey asshole! Mind waiting in line like a normal person instead of cutting in front of my girl like that?

° “Marko!

° “What, babe? I asked nicely.

° Marko is the biggest sweetheart nonetheless and it’s a ritual that he gives you his jacket whenever you get cold. The  s o f t  vibes that flood off of him makes your knees goes weak. You’re such a sucker for sweet Marko.

° “I swear to God, you touch my girl again and I’ll rip your hands off, buddy!

° “What’d you say to her you asshole?

° “You say that again and I’ll rip your tongue right out of your head.

° The amount of times him and the boys have been kicked off of the Board Walk because Marko got into a brawl over you is well over the hundreds by now. You seriously don’t feel like there’s a need for him being so protective because you’re stronger than most mortal men and women, you can kick ass on your own.

° If you blabber a lot in order to tell him about yourself he just grins his infamous Cheshire grin and kisses your lips softly to shut you up.

° “Was I rambling again?

° “Just a little.

° “Sorry!

° “It’s all cool, babe. I love it.” 

° When you educate him on your kind he thinks it’s the most adorable thing in the world because he can tell that you’re very passionate about the subject. You often catch him staring at you, head cocked to the side as he beams at you. The sight causes your heart to splutter as though it’s giving up which he only laughs in return to.

° “What? Do I have something on my face?” You’d hum, fingers darting to your cheek as your brow creases in confusion.

° “Nah, babe.” Marko grins, leaning closer to you, his crystal blue eyes gazing down at your mouth prior to meeting your gaze once more.

° “Then why are you staring at me like that?

° He tends to ask you questions when it’s just you two, it gives him the space to relax because none of the other boys are listening in. He keeps all of your secrets. He’s a trustworthy vampire!

° “Does garlic work on you then?

° “No, I literally just ate garlic right in front of you Marko.”

° “Oh yeah!

° If hunters are rampant in Santa Carla he’s more than down to keep you safe. He’s never opposed to kicking some hunter ass! Even if you’re capable of defending yourself, he’s kind of an idiot and will get involved anyway. Again, that’s only because he feels strongly about you.

° Marko tends to sit back and observe the way you use your gifts. He laughed so hard when David attempted to use compulsion on you. The boys never let David live that down for a solid three months!

° Similar to the other boys, Marko is relieved that mind games aren’t something that can affect you. You’re fully aware of what someone is attempting to do to you, which makes you more honest and Marko enjoys that about you.

° He also thinks it’s incredibly hot when you call out David. Like his babe can’t get any better to him! No one stands up to David. The fact that he’s got a Damphyr mate that’s ballsy like that makes him happy. You fit right in with him and the boys, no doubt.

° Marko never holds back in the bedroom department, and the fact that you can withstand far more than a human, it allows him to worship your body for hours on end. He’s the most notorious tease out of all the boys, and isn’t afraid to make you work for what you want. He gladly suffers the consequences afterwards because in his eyes, you begging for him was all worth the teasing he received from you the next few nights.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

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Marko is currently asking for drink requests because he brings the booze for the 4th of July. Whiskey is on his mind, but he’d love to do some experimenting while Paul gets the fireworks ready. He is and always has been partial to Goldschlager but more for those specialty drinks. A good rum is always in the mix as well, but he knows that his brothers prefer a classic whisky or scotch, except Paul, who digs a good vodka. However, booze is booze, according to that party animal.

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guys i swear to god im gonna give tumblr the backhand of god! im awake at 3am bc ya girl is an insomniac and ive been working on this the lost boys piece for fucking 3 days at this point and im editing it on my phone and e v e r y t h i n g disappeared and didn’t save. i swear to god im sobbing rn. fuuuuuucckkk meeee! david’s part was so fucking good too. - admin kat 🌙❣️

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While we’re passing through this period of social distancing, Christians aren’t able to gather to study God’s word. To fill the gap until we can meet together again, I’m posting a series I led at Cove Presbyterian Church, Weirton, West Virginia in 2015. Our group discussion focused on Paul’s Letter to the Romans.

During this sixth session, we looked at the ethical consequences of righteousness.

Romans 6

What then are we to say? Should we continue in sin in order that grace may abound? By no means! How can we who died to sin go on living in it? Do you not know that all of us who have been baptized into Christ Jesus were baptized into his death? Therefore we have been buried with him by baptism into death, so that, just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father, so we too might walk in newness of life. For if we have been united with him in a death like his, we will certainly be united with him in a resurrection like his. We know that our old self was crucified with him so that the body of sin might be destroyed, and we might no longer be enslaved to sin. For whoever has died is freed from sin. But if we have died with Christ, we believe that we will also live with him. We know that Christ, being raised from the dead, will never die again; death no longer has dominion over him. The death he died, he died to sin, once for all; but the life he lives, he lives to God. So you also must consider yourselves dead to sin and alive to God in Christ Jesus. Therefore, do not let sin exercise dominion in your mortal bodies, to make you obey their passions. No longer present your members to sin as instruments of wickedness, but present yourselves to God as those who have been brought from death to life, and present your members to God as instruments of righteousness. For sin will have no dominion over you, since you are not under law but under grace. What then? Should we sin because we are not under law but under grace? By no means! Do you not know that if you present yourselves to anyone as obedient slaves, you are slaves of the one whom you obey, either of sin, which leads to death, or of obedience, which leads to righteousness? But thanks be to God that you, having once been slaves of sin, have become obedient from the heart to the form of teaching to which you were entrusted, and that you, having been set free from sin, have become slaves of righteousness. I am speaking in human terms because of your natural limitations. For just as you once presented your members as slaves to impurity and to greater and greater iniquity, so now present your members as slaves to righteousness for sanctification. When you were slaves of sin, you were free in regard to righteousness. So what advantage did you then get from the things of which you now are ashamed? The end of those things is death. But now that you have been freed from sin and enslaved to God, the advantage you get is sanctification. The end is eternal life. For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

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Keep your darlings

Kill your darlings - so basically this was supposed to be a short on shot… Well, anyways, I hope you all like it 💕


“I can’t do this.” She stood near their bikes, looking anxiously at David.

“You do. It’s in your nature, Emma.”

“I- how can I walk up to someone and just kill them? That’s not normal, David!”

“We aren’t normal. Now get on, you need to feed.”


David sighed. “Because if you don’t, you’ll lose control. You could kill the whole town if you did. You could end up killing your sister. Do you want that?”


“And if you wait much longer, the hunger will tear you apart. If you think it’s bad now…”

David stopped talking. Emma had begun to tremble, shaking lightly as she tried to stay calm. He could see her eyes turning red, tears burning behind them. He sighed softly, pulling her close. He knew he was manipulating her into agreeing, but she really had to feed. She looked more sickly with the day, and soon she’d become a danger to herself and to others. He kissed her forehead softly, embracing her. He knew this calmed her down. He slowly rubbed her back. She leant against his touch, sighing quietly.

“I promised you I would help you get through this. And I will. I’ll help you are your first kill, but you can’t just not feed. I want let you starve, kitten.”

Emma nodded quietly. “I’m scared.”

“I know.”

“What if I do it wrong?”

“You won’t. I’ll be there with you.”


“You’re gonna do fine, kitten. I promise you.”

She nodded quietly, defeated. She could feel the hunger eating away inside her, and she knew she had to feed or shed cause a mayor problem. Quietly she stepped on the back of his bike, pressing her face against his back as he drove off.

It didn’t take long before they arrived at their destination, a small bonfire with only two or three people sitting around it. David stopped the bike and got off. “Just follow your instincts, alright?”

Emma nodded, not sure what her instincts would tell her. If they told her to run, should she just run away? David chuckled, taking her hand in his.

“Your instincts will tell you when to attack, and how. You don’t have to think about it, it will just happen.”

“You better buy me some gifts after this,” she mumbled, hugging him.

“Maybe you’ll like it so much you don’t want any gifts,” David teased.

He’d already planned along, a long time ago. He knew how terrified his mate was off feeding, and he knew it would take a lot from her. So, when she’d finally fed he’d take her out for some human dinner. After that, he’d present her with a ring. Marriage was not really a big thing with vampires, but he knew Emma valued it a lot. And, even though they wouldn’t have a traditional marriage where they’d say “I do” in some church, he could give her a ring. He knew that the moment he’d give her the ring, he would explain to her that she was his mate. He hadn’t told anyone - not even his brothers. For someone who was prone to manipulation, he had been quite afraid that telling Emma what she was to him from the start would only complicate things. He’d wanted her to like him because she did, not because she was his mate. He looked at her, giving her a reassuring smile.

“Are you ready?”

“No,” Emma mumbled, “but I don’t really have a choice, do I?”

“You’ll be fine.”

David lead her down to the fire, before talking to the two teens sitting there. Some story about being lost, and wanting to party. Emma didn’t pay much attention to it, instead trying to calm her nerves. It was just one kill. Then she’d be a vampire, and everything would be easier. David looked at her, giving her a small nod.

Both their faces changed, long fangs glinstering in the light of the fire. David didn’t hesitate and attacked the guy sitting closest to him. The smell of fresh blood filled the air, and Emma couldn’t fight it anymore. She bit down in the neck of the girl, tasting the fresh human blood for the first time. She bit down deeper, needing the blood, wanting it faster. She kept drinking, ignoring the screams and pleas from her victim. All that mattered to her now was the sweet red liquid. She kept drinking, until David pulled her away. She pouted a little.

“I wanted more…”

“I know, but if you drink dead blood you get ill.”

Emma nodded, licking the remains of the blood from her lips. She smiled at him. “Did I do well?”

David chuckled, kissing her deeply. “Absolutely. How about we go to the boardwalk, hm?”

“I’d like that,” she smiled. David knew that if she had been human still she’d be blushing by now.

He got on his bike, helping her on behind him. He drove off quickly. Of course they could’ve flown, but he loved the rush driving could give him. Also, it gave him an excuse to have Emma holding on to him. He loved the feel of her arms around him. They drove down the old roads, nearing the town. Santa Carla was a quiet place, during the night there were practically no cars around. This caused the boys to get more careless when driving. Not once did they stop to see if a car was nearing from one of the street they passed. They were confident there would be none. So was David. Not once had he seen a car driving down the streets they passed. He just kept driving, racing through Santa Carla, nearing the boardwalk, when suddenly a van pulled up next to him, matching David’s speed. It all happened so quickly.

The door was pushed open. Holy water was sprayed on to them, causing both him and Emma to cry out in pain. He had to focus on keeping the bike straight, he needed to keep Emma save. She screamed. His bike was pushed away from under him. The van raced off. Emma was nowhere to be seen.

- ————

She groaned as she began to wake up. Her head was pounding. Her back was pressed against something cold, and both her arms and legs were hurting. What had happened?

“Morning, sleepy head.”

Emma didn’t recognise the voice. All she knew was that it sounded cold, and oddly satisfied. She pried her eyes open. She was in a brightly lit room, strapped to a table. The man that had spoken was someone David had warned her off.

“Y-youre a Van Helsing…”

“Good, you’ve heard of me.” he smiled, stroking her face. She tried to turn away, feeling disgusted, but she found herself unable to move.

“What are you going to do to me?”

“You’ve turned tonight. I’m trying to undo it. I just wanna see if it works. If it doesn’t, I will have to kill you.”

Emma whimpered quietly. She didn’t want to die, nor did she want to turn back human.

“Please don’t…”

“But I’ve already started, dear. Don’t you feel that? You sure must be sleepy, hm? Having your vampire blood replaced by human blood laced with holy water is an exhausting proces, I know. Just let it happen, alright?”

Emma didn’t even listen anymore. She was crying silently, suddenly understanding why her limbs were hurting. She was scared.

- ————

“Where’s Emma?” Dwayne asked David, as he drove to the boardwalk. The look on his face meant no good.

“That bastard got her. We need to get to her. Now.”

“We need a plan,” Marko looked at him, “We don’t want another Emerson situation.”

“I need her!”

“And we will get her, just calm the fuck down.”

“You don’t get it,” David growled at both Marko and Dwayne, “we need to get her. Now.”

As much as they wanted to talk sense into him, they knew it was of no use. David had practically commanded them to go with them. Seeing he was their leader now, since Max had died during the Emerson Massacre, they couldn’t really stand up and not listen. Normally they didn’t mind, knowing David was quite level-headed. So this rather rash decision was a surprise to all of them.

“I get that Emma is your first childe and all, but why is she-”

“She’s my mate, Paul. I need to get her.”

The boys fell quiet. It all made sense now. The patience David had with her, the way he turned into a softer and kinder version of himself around her… The decision was made, then and there. They would find her. Tonight.

- ———-

Emma couldn’t scream or cry anymore, her voices gone sore, her tears all gone. The only thing she could do was whimper quietly as another shock of paint went through her. Van Helsing had left her alone, doing whatever vampire hunters did, and he had yet to return.

The door swung open, and she could smell blood. She didn’t know whether it was fresh or not, all she knew was that she’d wanted it.

“How are you feeling, dear? Any better?”

Emma didn’t respond, instead trying to get to the cup of blood he held in his hand.

“You want this?” he smiled softly. “Hold the crucifix and you can have it.” He pressed an old cross into her hand. She let out a painful moan, feeling it burn into her skin.

Van Helsing opened her mouth, pouring the blood in. She let the cross go, it falling to the ground. Her hand was bleeding, a sickening red burn covering most of the palm. She swallowed the blood, not even tasting it.

Van Helsing grinned. The vampire seemed terrified. A silent scream escaped her as the dead blood did it’s job. Her body trembled before she fell unconscious.

The hunter was about to stake her when one of the windows was broken. He looked up, not seeing what could have done it. He went back to her unconscious body, when someone pulled him back.

He struggled. He tried to fight them. He had almost staked the short blond, when the brunet had grabbed him again, not thinking twice about tearing his head off. With a dull thump landed the body on the floor, Van Helsings head still in Dwayne’s hands.

“Emma, come on babygirl,” David undid the straps binding her to the table, trying his best to wake her. He noticed her burnt hand, the tears of blood that had dried… “Im so sorry he got you kitten…”

Carefully he lifted her up, carrying her bridalstyle. “Dwayne, she needs fresh blood,” David said, before quickly taking her homento the cave.

- ———–

David didn’t sleep that day. He was to scared that Emma would die, or wake up on her own. He didn’t want her to be scared. He was here now, and he would make sure nothing would hurt her ever again.

It was around noon when she moved. She whimpered quietly as she laid on her side, slowly opening her eyes. She opened her mouth to speak, but no sounds came out.

“You’re safe now,” David said softly, holding her good hand in his. “I’m sorry we didnt get to you sooner, kitten.”

She looked at him, a flash of relieve in her eyes.

“You need to drink,” he’d bit his wrist, pressing it against her lips. She slowly opened her mouth, carefully licking up the drops of blood. She drank, knowing it would strengthen her, knowing it would heal her. She whined quietly when David pulled away.

“I know,” he sighed, laying next to her. “You can have more later on, okay?”

“Is- is he dead?” she asked quietly.

“Yeah. Dwayne killed him. This was not how I planned your first night as a vampire, you know.”

“You had plans?” she looked at him.

“Hm,” he smiled, “You would’ve loved it. I’m quite certain.”

“Tell me about it?”

“We’d go out for dinner, you know that place you wanted to try?” Emma nodded, looking at David. He had an arm around her shoulder while her head laid on his chest. It was safe and comfortable.

“We’d go there. After that we’d go on some rides, maybe a movie if you’d wanted… Then, I’d take you down to the beach, and give you this.”

He showed her a small box. She took it from him, feeling a bit uncertain.

“Go on, open it.”

Emma did. The box opened with a soft click. Inside, on a deep red satin laid an elegant ring. It was a silver piece, decorated with red- purple stones that seemed to be a crossing between a ruby and a amethyst. It was beautiful. David took the ring and slipped it around her finger, kissing her hand softly.

“These are called amaranth,” he told her, “they’re pretty rare. Amaranth means immortal. I thought it would be fitting.”

“It’s beautiful,” Emma whispered quietly.

“Only the best for my mate,” David said, kissing her softly. “No matted what, you were supposed to be my girl. I love you, kitten.”

Emma looked at him, smiling sleepily. “I love you too.”

David held her close, covering the two of them with a blanket. “Go on and sleep, baby,” he kissed her. “I won’t let anyone hurt you again.”

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