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hiii i have a req >-< Could you please write about an Unwilling and Kidnapped reader being begged for forgiveness by yan!/delusional riddler because he did something that could have come off as “cheating” or “betraying” the reader? reader could be forced to forgive because otherwise riddler would hurt himself aaaah!
"Hypothetical Betrayal" (Yandere!Riddler • GN!Reader : Romantic Scenero)
this is so sick but also so cute god i love the riddler, enjoy my welcome back fic! I'm proud of this one, and I hope you all like it just as much! tw // use of the yandere trope , toxic and abusive mindsets , unhealthy relationships , guilt tripping , sui//de baiting / threatening , restrainment , yelling and unstableness , s/h / attempt at hurting oneself & graphic descriptions / implications of such, sexism & incel mindsets
Tumblr media
You knew something was horribly, terribly wrong from the moment Edward walked in the door. You thought it was going to be an evening as normal as Edward could give you, even with what you could only call pure insanity. You expected him to wrap his arms around you in a hug just bordering suffocating, kissing your neck and lamenting on how much he missed your presence. You thought you would have known better than to expect anything less than what was being displayed now, however, and you could barely contain your shudder when the front door practically swung open.
Edward was looking at you like he had just shot you in the chest, eyes glossy and puppy-like. Your stomach twisted with dread as he quickly closed and locked the door. The sound the key made almost caused sobs to ripple up your throat, as another chance at freedom was taken away from you with jangling keys and heaving breaths. His hand lingered on the knob for but a moment, before snatching his keys with terrifying swiftness. "I did something bad, angel." He shook his head, and you unconsciously took a step back. Knowing Edward, the sweet and innocent looking man in front of you, something bad could mean blatant domestic terrorism. You took a deep breath, knowing whatever he might have done happened in the past, and you had to put your concern on your own survival rather than trying to change what was already fact. You didn't want to even touch the ideas that were swirling around in your brain, pushing them back like they were broccoli on a child's dinner plate. At first, you explored the concepts of murder. Perhaps he did what he normally did using that persona of his - murdering various politicians he deemed to have failed him or his people, a position that could be right or absolutely deluded depending on the victim.
Though, there was a single counter idea that you couldn't seem to move no matter how hard you told it that it overstayed it's welcome in your brain. He didn't think his actions were "bad" by any means. Deep in thought, you squeezed your eyes with an almost painful tightness as if that would have done anything to help you. Now, you were back at square one, and your eyes stayed shut for almost a minute. Edward was watching you intently, and if you saw the look in his eyes you would have opened your lids and gave him the most reassuring smile you could muster.
Edward's legs wobbled violently, the man feeling as if he was shaking the walls and cieling when it was simply his own version of the room spinning. You were ashamed of him as far as he could tell, and the very concept of such was enough for his knees to temporarily cease functions. Bringing Edward to the ground with a large thud, your eyes snapped open only to see your captor on the floor crying and scratching at his throat.
If only you knew this would have happened when Edward let you out of your chains. Then you would have requested to stay in them.
Edward was in shambles. Absolute shambles. His burning obsession with your satisfaction completely overtook him today, and now here he was, knees giving out on him as his weight causes him to fall to the floor.Pathetically, desperately, he shuffled towards your standing form with his knees. He stopped at your feet, now looking up at you with a pathetic look in his eyes. He sniffled, the small sound quickly turning into a much louder one as Edward began choking on his own tears.
Frankly, you had no clue what he was so upset about, and you didn't want to push to learn. You wished to stay ignorant, and in a desperate attempt to soothe his own moral conscience you raised a trembling hand and placed it on the top of his head. His hair was soft, as well kept as it could be by a man of such crippling disorder, and you rubbed it as gently as you could. You could not hold back your fear, and you almost jokingly prayed the vibrations of your shaking served as a massager of sorts rather than green light to do unspeakable, vile things to you. Edward was a mountain out of molehill type of man, and if he seemed to think you were in any way afraid of him, the damages caused by his explosion could not be calculated.
You sucked in the sent of mold and mildew from your nose, wishing for a break from reality and doing your best to mentally place yourself in a place that was far away from whatever shithole your captor was renting out for you. Droplets echoed when they hit the floor, and each sound from that accompanied by the sounds of Edward's whines and whimpers made your dissociation harder to accomplish. Long adopting dissociation as a coping mechanism, you couldn't help but fix your focus on how unkempt wherever you were being kept was.
An unfixed ceiling dripping water on the carpet, documents and newspapers covering the ground in messy layers and stacks, Edward's arrangements for your home were just as manic as he was. Ripping you from your thoughts, you could hear Edward rambling under his breath, You wanted him gone, away from you and out of this room. Out of this city, out of your life, out of this reality. You weren't even concerned with being free anymore, as just being in a room different than the room he's in would be enough to satisfy your burning desire to be free.
"I shouldn't have smiled at her, (Y/N)." He said, shaking his head. He was disgusted with his own actions. According to that smile he gave, he'd much rather entertain whores than save such a smile for his partner. He knew it to be basic etiquette to give someone a smile, especially a waitress when they give you what you ordered. Edward was always focused on looking as unassuming as possible, so it seemed like the smart thing to do. Though, when he sat there, eating his ordered pie and truly letting his actions resonate in his head, he knew how badly he messed up. If you saw, you'd probably lose it at him, and he wouldn't have blamed you at all. He would have lost it himseld if he saw you smiling at someone else, so he would have completely got where you were coming from.
"She's a bitch, (Y/N), don't worry. I know what she's worth, and I know she doesn't compare to you. She's a whore. You're not, you're so much better than her. I know, I know." His delusional and rather sexist rant went on for a few more minutes, the man only stopping for brief moments to take a deep breath or to prove his devotion further by kissing your shoes. If this was some sort of cartoon, there would have probably been spirals in his eyes, and even that wouldn't have been enough to truly do justice to his insanity. You winced at his every move, disgusted moreso at his detachment from reality than at the smile he allegedly gave to that innocent woman.
You were glad Edward rewarded your good behavior with only a door and lock acting as your restraints now rather than the chair of the past. If you were tied, you wouldn't be standing right now, and god knows what other parts of your body he'd be kissing if you didn't have the physical freedom to retract away from him as much as possible without him noticing.
Refusing to take notice of your repulsion, he continued. "It's all they do. It's the only thing they're good at. They try and seduce you with smiles and then take you for their own whore desires. I'm so glad you're not like that, baby." He, once again, kissed your shoe. "I'm sorry for letting you down."
In an action devoid of any former warning, heapparently found the strength to scramble up. Your eyes were playing awful tricks on you out of terror, and you couldn't tell if he was shorter than you, around the same height, or towering over you like a predator about to eat it's prey. His eyes flashed with the colors of a mad-man, and his hands trembled with longing."You're not like them, (Y/N). All the others, you're not like them at all." He raised his shaking hands to cup your cheeks. "You're special. I'm so lucky to have you." Whispering now, all you could do is shake your head.
"Ed, this is so sick. This is fucked up, you can't think like that-"
He cut you off, eyes widening as he took your words as a direct rejection if his apology. "It's the only way to think. If nobody calls them out on what they do, then they'll just keep, they'll just keep getting away with it." He laughed, pitying your lack of realization regarding the society you both lived in. He was alright with being your teacher, though. He preferred such a job, in fact. "I let some bitch wriggle her way into what we have. I almost failed you. No, I DID fail you. If you don't forgive me, I understand." He said, sadly nodding. "I really do. I'll try and make it up to you by killing myself right in front of you." In a tone far too normal to truly represent what he was suggesting, he watched as your pupils shrunk and your head rapidly shook from side to side. Too far gone now to realize the vile error of his ways, he smiled at you and nodded.
"Suffocation is such a long way to die. It's exactly why it's never really a good idea to hang yourself." He giggled a little bit, and your heart sunk as possibilities for the future slammed against your psyche like an axe to a wooden door. "Nobody can ever get the distance right for the rope to snap your neck. So you're just left hanging there. You can try and claw the rope off when your survival instincts kick in, but you've already made your choice haven't you, doll?" He leaned in, pressing his lips against yours as if he just proclaimed love rather than threatened to take his own life.
"I..." Defeated, you kissed him back and only spoke your words when he gave you the parting chance. "I don't want that, Eddie. I forgive you." Edward only giggled. Happy with your response, he grabbed your hands and swung them around playfully.
"Those girls are all whores, right? Tell me you agree." Edward demanded sweetly, not nearly as successful in hiding the threatening undertones of his words as he hoped. Without any choice however, you nodded.
"They don't understand us, Eddie." Looking into his crazed eyes, pupils that painted your future as well as your past and present, never have you felt such an overwhelming sense of defeat. "And they never will."
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Imagine Eddie whispering a gushy vulnerable speech when he thinks the reader is sleeping. Stuff like "you have no idea how much you've changed me and my life for the better. I used to think I was a pathetic nobody who was too bitter with the world to be loved or to love anyone but then I found you. You make me feel worthy of love and respect without the mask. I love you so incomprehensibly much- sometimes I fear to an extent that's embarrassing for you to put up with, but I need you to know that my heart is yours entirely. Just know that this clingy, exhausting, reclusive hermit of a man can't live without you just as he can't live without oxygen." And 15 minutes into the speech the reader cuts him off with a big hug and kisses 🥺
A/N: It’s too cute I love it I can’t- 😍 fr almost cried after reading what I wrote 🥹
Pairing: Dano!Riddler x reader (The Batman 2022)
Warnings: FlUfF, brief description of violence 💚
Words: 371
Tumblr media
You’re used to being woken up every morning by Eddie’s love and attention, smothering hugs, lazy kisses and sweet words, but tonight, it’s slightly different.
It’s still dark out when you drift awake, feeling the warm breath of Edward from behind you tickling the skin of your neck. You’re just about to turn around and face him in questioning, but the whispers and shaky breaths make you stop, and you stare forwards into the blackness around you and listen.
“…Have no idea how much you’ve changed me for the better. You- you gave me meaning, Angel, made me realise what I must do, both to Gotham and for you. I used to be invisible, feel invisible, so… so alone, all the time, before I met you. And you smiled; your smile, no one’s ever smiled at that like me before, and nobody else can.
“I realise now that I can get love and attention without the mask- but it’s only from you. I only want it from you, my love, and I know you know that. I think I must tire you out, sometimes, because I show you how much I love you in any and every way I can. But I just can’t help it. I have to love you like this, we were always meant to be like this, darling. I- I can’t even begin to understand or measure how much I love you, it’s sooo much, really. I just want you to know, even though you can’t really know while you’re sleeping, that thi- this clingy, exhausting, reclusive hermit of a man needs you just like he needs oxygen. And-“
By this time, the darkness around you is swimming with unspilled tears, your breath caught in your throat as you listen to each and every word he says. Before you can stop yourself, you spin around where you lie and wrap your arms around Eddie, hugging him as tight as you can and kiss him passionately, feeling your tears trickle and mix with his own. Edward doesn’t need to say a single word more, and he doesn’t, burying himself as close to you as possible before eventually going to sleep with you, tangled up in each other’s arms.
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Feel free to ignore this if it’s not something you’re interested in writing but after the finding out about the pregnancy fic I need more pregnancy content like maybe first ultrasound, first kick, going into labor that kind of thing just Edward being excited to be a dad 🥰
anon i am ALWAYS down to write baby content you have no idea🥹
pregnancy headcanons
after eddie finds out you’re pregnant he’s even clingier than before
he giggles and turns a lil pink, sliding his hand over your belly whenever he can, nuzzling against your face and kissing you
“there’s a baby in there☺️ our baby in there”
he’s always hugging on you (which makes it a little hard for you to do things, but you don’t mind too much)
before you’re showing he’ll lay his head on your lap and talk about how excited he is to have a baby
“…and they’re gonna be so tiny, oh (y/n) imagine once we can hold it? o-oh goodness, my love…”
you take eddie to the doctor to get your first ultrasound
he’s holding your hand while you lay on the bed as the nurse spreads the gel all over your stomach, you shivering a little at how cold it is
edward’s big green eyes are staring intensely at the screen, and he gasps and squeezes your hand when the baby’s heartbeat begins to project through the speakers
when the nurse points out the lil fetus tears form in eddie’s eyes and he looks at you with a smile
“our baby,” you whisper. he leans over and peppers your face in kisses and you giggle, trying to gently push his face away so you can look at the peanut
later that night you and eddie are laying in bed cuddled up together, staring at a copy of the ultrasound
“baby’s first picture,” you whisper and nuzzle against eddie. he giggles and pulls you on top of him, you staring at his face as his arms wrap around your waist
“i love you,” eddie coos and kisses you
as your tummy begins to grow, you’ll often wake up to eddie kissing it and talking to it
once eddie realizes you’re awake, he’ll start saying silly things just to make you laugh
“…and your mommy and i are going to name you ‘telemachus’…”
you’ll giggle and sometimes he’ll blow raspberries on your belly
eddie ADORES kissing your belly and talking to it
the first time the baby kicks eddie absolutely loses his crap and starts crying
he’s got his head on your lap and you’re stroking his hair, discussing nursery plans, and suddenly he feels a small bump against the back of his head
you gasp and eddie shoots up immediately and looks at you
“eddie that was the baby” you whisper with a shocked smile
he immediately places his hands on either side of your tummy before placing his head on top and waiting for the baby to kick again
he lets out a breathy laugh when he feels it again, his heart going absolutely supernova
now that he can feel the baby interact and move, he’ll talk to it even more than before. or when the baby kicks, he’ll gently pat back and wait for it to kick again
when you find out the baby is a boy eddie is in tears
he’s so determined to give him the life he never had and give his son the father that eddie needed when growing up
the nicknames start off early… “buddy,” “precious boy”
as you get bigger eddie fusses over you more and more and you have to insist that you can do some things yourself
one night while laying in bed the two of you are discussing names
“eddie what are we going to name him? something edward nashton…” you think out loud. eddie’s breath hitches in his throat and he looks up at you from his place nuzzled against your belly. “you want to name him after me??🥺” he asks meekly
you smile and nod your head. “of course i do, love”
he is nearly in tears and kissing all over your stomach and you giggle at just how happy he is
you were eight months pregnant and a little behind on the whole naming thing. it was starting to stress you out but eddie assured that you’d find something, the two of you casually throwing out names every day mid-conversation
baby nashton was almost oliver edward nashton. cute enough but something just didn’t quite sit right with you
you were out baby shopping one day when you gasped, grabbing eddie’s shoulders. “august. august edward nashton.” when you saw the smile that grew on eddie’s cheeks you knew that was your little boy
you were induced when you gave labor because auggie decided he was going to be a breach baby
eddie was very nervous but when the time came for you to push, his demeanor changed and he became the rock you needed
you cried and squeezed eddie’s hand as the doctor was handling august and making sure he came out okay. eddie kissed your head, constantly whispering “you’re doing great, angel. he’s almost here… just hang on a bit longer”
eddie couldn’t help but giggle slightly when he saw the baby coming out feet first, his pale little wiggly toes the first part of his son he got to see
you groaned and eddie gasped as the doctor lifted august up, eddie letting out a small happy cry as the little pink newborn covered in stuff let out a cry
august was laid on your chest and you began to breathe normally again, the nurses rubbing auggie down and eddie kissing your lips passionately
“oh look at you,” eddie breathed at the crying baby. you kissed auggie’s little head before the nurse took him off to be weighed and fingerprinted, eddie quickly following as he couldn’t stop looking at his son
he stared at august and cried happily as he was being weighed, you wiping your eyes and smiling at just how in love your boyfriend was with your son
happy mommy, happy daddy, happy baby🤍
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Jay (Okja) - NSFW alphabet (f! reader)
Tumblr media
a/n: thank you to the anon who requested something smutty for Jay, i present to you... his NSFW alphabet since ive been itching to do one since i did joby's <3
content: SMUT, SMUT, SMUT, AND MORE SMUT!!! if you are a minor GOOOO AWAYYYY 18+ only
Tumblr media
A- Aftercare (what they’re like after sex)
Aftercare is INCREDIBLY important to our dear Jay, and it is an absolute MUST for him, he's a total soft!dom and is entirely dedicated to taking care of you. Especially after more kinky/rough sex, but even after casual or more vanilla sex he's going to take care of you no ifs, ands, or buts.
He'll clean you up as he presses small kisses against your head, careful as he runs a warm, wet washcloth between your thighs, trying his best not to overstimulate your spent cunt. But in the case that he does, and he hears your soft whimpers as the cloth rubs against your swollen clit he'll whisper to you, "I know baby, I'm sorry"
He also definitely likes baths after sex, it's a nice, intimate way to wind down, letting your soon-to-be sore muscles soak in the warm water. Plus, it's easy to get cleaned off in the bath too. The two of you stay in the tub until the water gets cold, your back pressed up against Jay's chest as he places small kisses all over your bare neck and shoulders.
B- Body part (favorite part of their body and their partner’s body)
Being sappy, Jay would probably say his favorite part of his body is his heart because it allows him to show compassion and love to all the facets of nature and life the Earth has to offer. But on a physical level, Jay's favorite part of his body are his hands. Jay loves his hands not for the way that they look, but for what they allow him to do, in his hands he can hold all the precious little animals that need his saving, and he can use his hands to take down those he percieves have caused injustices to innocent animal lives (but he really prefers not to use violence). But most importantly, he can use his hands to touch you, to caress your cheeks, to run his hands through your hair, and hold your hands when you're out together. They allow him to hold the soft flesh of your thighs, and your belly. His hands let him dip his fingers deep into you and make you release those soft, sweet whimpers and moans as he moves them in and out of you, mumbling about how much he loves you.
His favorite part on you? Literally how could he choose? We already know Jay has a huge appreciation for both human and animal life, it is something incredibly dear and precious to him, and while he'd like to think he views all life equally, without a doubt you are what is most important to him, so how could he possibly choose a favorite part about you? Goes without saying, he loves your entire body, he absolutely worships every inch of your flesh. But if he HAD to choose something physical, his favorite part of you would probably be your thighs. He loves to hold them, squeezing your flesh between his nimble fingers, and resting his hands on them when you sit by him, a simple, unspoken act of affection. He loves slowly peppering kisses along your thighs as he works your way closer to your core.
C- Cum (anything to do with cum, basically)
Well, Jay's probably favorite place to finish is inside of you because, perhaps he has a tad bit of a breeding kink. Jay loves intimacy, and what could be more intimate than him filling you up with his seed? It just makes him feel so close to you, and he absolutely loves it.
But, if he's not finishing inside of you, on occasion he likes to pull out and cum on your tummy. He likes how dirty it is, and how dirty it looks. You sprawled out on the bed, legs still spread and breathing heavily, his cum marking you all across your abdomen- yeah, that's a pretty picture.
D- Dirty secret (self explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs)
Jay's dirty secret is that he loves to be teased. Despite him preferring to take the dominate role in your sex lives, he isn't huge on teasing you, but he looooves when you tease him. He just goes absolutely wild when say, you're sitting next to him, slowly dragging your hands up his thighs, inching towards his painfully hard cock, before just barely palming him over his pants. Or when you're down on your knees, just kissing at his bare thighs, and giving small kitten licks to the swollen, pink head of his cock, just barely putting it in your mouth. HE'S OBSESSED, he just thinks it's so hot when you tease him, he loves it especially because, it lets you know that as much as he's the "dominant" one, you still have just as much control and power over him.
E- Experience (how experienced are they? do they know what they’re doing?)
I can't see him being insanely experienced- Jay has always been more focused on the ALF than he has on going out and finding someone to date. And, he's not really the type to sleep around and have a ton of one-night-stands. So, he's not a virgin but he's also not suuuper experienced. But! he totally knows what he's doing. He's not really a fan of porn, so he doesn't watch it, but, he does know anatomy well. Honestly, I see him being super into science and all of that jazz (and he has to know all about the human body in order to know how all of the dangerous, big corporations are putting things in our every day products to harm it) so, he's def not an idiot when it comes to the reproductive system.
F- Favorite position
Color him boring perhaps... but missionary. Sure, it's oh-so-typical for men to fuck their partners in missionary, but it works for Jay. He gets to see all of you, and you get to see almost all of him. It's perfect really. He loves peering down at you and watching as your jaw slacks while you moan out his name, and your tits bounce up and down with each thrust. Plus he just thinks your body is sooooo beautiful, you're truly the most beautiful thing he's ever laid his eyes on, so him having a perfect view of you while he's inside of you, he loves it!
G- Goofy (are they more serious in the moment? are they humorous? etc.)
Jay definitely takes sex serious and isn't really funny at all in the moment as he isn't much of a jokester in every day life either (not to say he's totally humorless, he obviously loves to laugh like most of the population- but it's not like he was winning class-clown back in high school or anything). Jay definitely prefers sex to be more full of sweet, romantic words rather than shaking up the mood with laughter.
H- Hair (how well groomed are they? does the carpet match the drapes? etc.)
Definitely well groomed. Not clean shaven, but trimmed well and oftern. Jay enjoys looking meticulous, as, even his every day look comprises of a suit and well-maintained hair, so, his need to look sharp, definitely extends into his grooming habbits. In regards to color, his pubic hair is literally just the same color as the hair on his head, black.
I- Intimacy (how are they during the moment? the romantic aspect)
OHHH my god, Jay is probably the most intimate man on the entire planet. It is perhaps, one of the most important aspects of sex to him. Sex with Jay is full of tender kisses, being held, and just the absolute sweetest words of adoration and praise. Jay loves you, and he loves being close to you, and he clearly shows it during sex. He'll lean over while fucking into you, placing his hands at your waist and holding you tight, nuzzling his face into your neck while he stifles his moans against your skin in between tender kisses, pulling away for only to mumble out, "-Need you even closer, I love you so much angel."
J- Jack off (masturbation headcanon)
Jay has a pretty high sex drive, so while he's on missions, and you're not around, he definitely masturbates frequently. When he's away, it's pretty much a nightly routine for the two of you to call and have the hottest phone sex. Of course, he prefers skin to skin contact, but your sweet voice egging him on as you're telling him all the things you want him to do to you, your dirty talk interrupted frequently by soft moans, and the lewd sounds, wet sounds that result from you fucking yourself with your fingers is certainly enough to get Jay off when you're not there.
But, when he's at home with you, he doesn't really, you're soo much better than his hand.
K- Kink (one or more of their kinks)
Jay is one hundred and ten percent into mutual free use. Big emphasis on the mutual. He probably discusses it at length before hand, needing to know you're comfortable with something like that. But after, he just loooves the idea of having you whenever he wants, and you having him whenever you want. It drives him absolutely wild knowing that, if he really wants to (and trust me he does) he can get inside you the moment he's coming home from a stressful mission. Maybe he's a bit tired when he gets home so he's notyelling to let you know he's there, but he trudges to the bedroom and sees you're tidying up, "Oh, baby, you're home! I didn't even hear you come in" You say as you whip your head around. "Sorry to startle you sweetheart," He smiles, treading towards you, before coming up from behind and wrapping his arms around you, the hug is sweet for a moment before you feel him pushing you forward, slowly bending you over the dresser you reside in front of, his hands find their way to your waist, and you're already wiggling your hips trying to help him rid you of your pants, "Missed you so much," he'll mumble into your neck as he finally begins to pull them down.
Also, as we said, emphasis on mutual! He's there for you, too, you want to just roll over and ride him absolute first thing when the two of you wake up- no ifs, ands, or buts Jay is 100% about it. In the mood while he's at his desk, hunched over his computer? Or maybe he's sitting down reading some theory? No fucking problem, just sit yourself down in his lap, and he'll let you take care of yourself, no questions asked, he's all yours.
OH also praise, and body worship. Especially, and mostly, for you. He is constantly telling you how good you're doing for him, and how absolutely fucking beautiful you look while doing it. Every other word out of his mouth is just the most heartfelt praise you could every imagine.
L- Location (favorite places to do the do)
Honestly, as an absolute favorite, bed! It's perfect, he's got a nice, large bed, perfect for the two of you to get comfortable and roll around on, experimenting with all different sorts of acts and positions.
But, he does really love shower sex too. At first he's just standing behind you, lathering your head in shampoo, but the feeling of his fingers against your scalp is a little too good, and you feel yourself bucking your hips backwards, grinding your ass against his entirely exposed cock, he's immediately in the mood- and how could he say no to that? The tight confines of the shower make it so intimate, and the rush of warm water that falls upon the two of you as he thrusts into you just feels so good.
M- Motivation (what turns them on, gets them going)
I mean, you as a person! He's entirely obsessed with you, and wholely worships you. But, something in particular would probably be seeing you in his dress shirts. Oh, god, that gets him IN THE MOOD, and you know it too. You know that they're technically not meant for lounging in, and that they're expensive, but they're made of such a nice, soft material, you can't help but shrugging on one of his dress shirts first thing in the morning to cover you when you wake up.
And Jay seeing you in his clothes, seeing you just walking around the house, covered only in his shirt and a thin pair of lacy panties- oh he's in love, and, he's hard, very hard.
N- No (something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)
He doesn't do pain, for you, or for him. We already know of his disdain towards violence, and this continues to the bedroom. You are literally his angel, and he could never, ever hurt you, even if it's not out of malice and purely for sexual gratification. So, any impact play, or hardcore choking/breath play is entirely off the table, he is not comfortable with it.
O- Oral (preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc.)
Jay perfers giving. He might be a vegan, but this man will absolutely devour some pussy. He could spend literal hours with his head between your thighs, lapping at your slick folds. He can't help himself, obviously he loves the feeling of his cock sunk deep into your throat, but nothing compares to the pleasure he feels knowing he's getting you off with his tongue. The moans and whimpers you make while he gently sucks at your clit are like music to his ears. And he thinks you taste absolutely divine. He'll eat you out until your legs are shaking, and your eyes are brimming with tears (if that's what you want).
P- Pace (are they fast and rough? slow and sensual? etc.)
He's very much slow and sensual, he's a very soft sort of guy. He loves to take his time with you, to worship every inch of your body, he's in no hurry, he wants to make love to you, he wants to spend as much time on you as he possibly can to make sure that you both get as much out of it as humanly possible. Theres tons, and tons of foreplay followed by well paced, sensual fucking.
Q- Quickie (their opinions on quickies, how often, etc.)
Alright, I know we've established Jay likes to take his time with you, but, there is a time and a place for quickies. For instance, if you've come on a mission with him and you only have a small amount of time alone, you two will use that time to your advantage. During quickies is when you usually see a little bit of a rougher side to him, he'll fuck you faster than usual, maybe manhandle you a little bit more. But, that's perfectly fine, the rapidness of everything doesn't negate the fact that it feels good.
Jay's only real gripe with quickies is he feels a little bad about the fact there's no time for him to take care of you after the fact, he can't clean you up and cuddle you- and even if you insist that it's 100% a-okay, he'll still feel guilty for not getting the chance to take care of his sweet angel.
R- Risk (are they game to experiment? do they take risks? etc.)
Oh, for sure, he's down to experiment for the most part. His only real boundaries are: he won't do extreme pain, nothing that could put any of you in harms way/nothing that could be a potential health risk, and nothing too taboo. Other than that, tell Jay your dirtiest fantasies, and he'll deliver for you.
S- Stamina (how many rounds can they go for? how long do they last?)
Due to his work in the ALF Jay is no stranger to putting his body through grueling physical activity (usually to invade law enforcement) so, Jay is for sure in peak performance. Seriously, the amount of running and shit that man has to do on a frequent occasion, is insane, he should really think about doing marathons or something. I'd say, he can last for, I'd say, a good 4 or 5 rounds, that is, if you can keep up with him.
T- Toys (do they own toys? do they use them? on a partner or themselves?)
Jay owns toys, but they're all for you, he's not the type to really use anything on himself, he prefers using you for that. But using toys on you, that's hot, vibrators, dildos, blindfolds, rope, handcuffs, whatever- he's down for it.
U- Unfair (how much they like to tease)
Jay isn't much of a tease, much more preferring to take very good care of you and give you what you want. Still, he does his fair share, he can't help it, you're just way too cute when you're squirming around, a whimpering mess, begging for him to just give you his cock, or at the very least, his fingers.
V- Volume (how loud they are, what sounds they make, etc.)
Jay is super soft spoken, so, I don't really see him to be the type who's like moaning at the top of his lungs or anything. But he's definitely noisy. Most noises he makes are probably lower than his usual speaking voice as opposed to anything high-pitched. Mostly low grunts, and more gutteral moans, and looots of mumbled words of praise.
W- Wild card (a random headcanon for the character)
Jay is like really into the idea of making a sex tape. But, only if you're comfortable with it. If you say no, the idea is immediately not hot anymore. BUT if you say yes, oh, he's ready to go at it and film right then and there. Maybe he's just a little bit of an exhebitionist, but the idea of doing it on camera drives Jay fucking WILD. Plus, added benefit of making a sex tape, he's got some pretty visuals to stroke his cock to when he's away on missions.
X- X-ray (let’s see what’s going on under those clothes)
Above average for sure, I'd say, around 6.5 inches, and pretty girthy too. Slight upwards curve as well, perfect for hitting those hard to reach spots inside you.
Y- Yearning (how high is their sex drive?)
HIGH. Jay is both a sex god and a sex fucking machine. He's ready to fuck at essentially the drop of a hat, which leads to the two of you having, a very fulfilling sex life.
Z- Zzz (how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)
Honestly, pretty quick, especially with him liking to take his time, sex lasts pretty long and can get pretty tiring. But Jay will never fall asleep without making sure you're taken care of and cleaned up first, afterall, you're his number one priority.
Tumblr media
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Swiss Army Man (2016) / The Beach Boys - ‘Til I Die
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the most normal conversation between these two
original post
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Meet my hyperfixations, my lovely scrunkly fictional male characters and i finally drew them
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Last Man Alive Pt.26
Tumblr media
(Dano!Riddler x Reader)
(Link to list of chapters)
Warnings: Edward is a yandere, Dark themes, Mentions of stalking/spying, Second half is tooth rotting fluff, Reference to DID, Brief mention of suicide
Word Count: 2.3k
Edward Nashton sat on his uncomfortable mattress with his long legs crossing over each other and his back against the hard wall. His fingers fiddled with a square rubix cube in which he had been solving then mixing up just to solve it again for quite some time now. He got to have it due to his good behavior in the asylum. He thought it would give him the upper hand in the near future by having a good record. His neighboring friend, however, was the opposite.
He’s never met his face before, he’d always look for him in the courtyard and cafeteria and game room but he was never present. It turned out that his friend had those privileges revoked because he… had a way with words with guards. It never never seemed to bother his friend though, he acted as though he ran the whole joint.
Ed stopped his quick fingers once every side of the rotating cube was a solid color. He sighed through his nose, this was the 43rd he had solved the puzzle and it never seemed to get any harder for him. He set the cube beside his bed and shifted his body so that he was laying on his back, his hands folded on his flat stomach and his eyes slowly closing.
He needed to daydream. Just like he used to do in his apartment.
He shifted his mind to imagining his and (Y/n)’s future relationship. He began to continue the scenario he had been adding onto the past couple days.
He would shower her in metaphoric seas of compliments, by his observations of her with her past boyfriend he noted that it’d never be a challenge to fluster her. Her delicate features would be brushed on with roseate as she attempted to withhold her composure.
He’d draw her in close. A smile would settle upon her lips, one he hoped to be blessed to see for years to come; a gentle smile reserved solely for his eyes as he’d cradle her face within his hands. His touch would be delicate; holding (Y/n)’s face as though she were glass, ready to shatter. And sometimes she would truly believe that under his intense love, she’d crumble. And she would always attempt to reciprocate it in full, but it would be too hard to compete with his overwhelming conveyance of affection.
Then he’d crane his neck down to lock his lips onto hers. They’d both be shy about it, it in Ed’s natural nature and (Y/n) being too insecurely doubtful about the realness of his love. He’d ensure her by taking the first dominating initiative. The movement in his lips would be deep and slow and once she was convinced of the truth her whole composure would morph into the dominating role, dominating just in her natural nature.
She’d move her hand to the back of his neck to pull his lips down into hers harder, the movement of her lips speeding up and parting just to crash back into the kiss, wanting to taste his lips in every angle and direction. Their kiss would grow to be heated with fiery passion and Ed wanted nothing more than to smother every grain of her skin with his tongue-
A slow growing giggle filled Ed’s perked ears as his eyes snapped open in angered annoyance. Just when things were getting good in his daydream. But he knew that one day his soulmate would willingly engage in such lewd acts with him.
He sat up grudgingly, throwing his legs over the side of his bed to turn his head at the wall that separated their two cells. “You interrupted again!” He whined grumpily like a child.
The Joker said in between his fit of sick giggles, “Well tickle me pink, I’ve got great news for ya, pal.” Ed perked up in curiosity. “What is it?” He stood up and walked over to the wall just to slide his back down it to take a seat on the floor, his hands resting on his bent knees and his neck turned to look at the wall through a side eye.
“Hold onto your seat for this one,” Joker paused so his friend could prepare himself, “your twin flame is back in town.”
Ed’s eyes ceased their blinking and breath evaporated from his lungs all in fleeting seconds. He was shell-shocked but in the best way possible. Hope birthed the air back into his throat as he exhaled a breathy chuckle, a smile sharpening the corners of his parted lips. Every inhale came out as a stronger single laugh before he was a giddy giggling mess full of happy excitement.
He appeared content until unstable delight engulfed him within the confinements of his cell, his lunatic laughter echoing through the halls of the asylum. He knew she wouldn’t be able to stay away from Gotham. He just knew that she’d miss him once she realized her “freedom” felt more like empty torture. He knew he was too much of an intoxicating thrill for her to walk away from.
He basked in his own ripples of joy. “Oh (Y/n)~! I knew you'd come back to me!”
Even though Joker had restricted access to the majority of the asylum, he had already psychologically picked at some guard’s brains and secured their loyalty. They were his eyes and ears about everything happening outside the asylum walls. And once he got word that his good friend's object of dedication had returned, Ed asked him for someone to keep an extremely close eye on her and keep him in the loop of every little detail.
So for the next few months, Joker had someone do exactly as he wished. They would come to the asylum and relay the information and notes to Joker and he would relay it back to Ed. Joker purposely left out the major factor of her new lawyer squeeze. He needed Ed happy and willing for awhile longer, because the longer he was happy the harder he would snap at the end. And then he’d be right where he wanted him for the start of their escape plan.
The powerful adoration Ed had for his beloved was an enigma to Joker, difficult to understand how such a genius only used his skills to pursue a woman who didn’t love him back. But Joker was never one to judge the motivations and intentions of his fellow criminals.
Ed gushingly squealed every single time he got an (Y/n) update, but he wanted more. He needed more. He requested more photos and more detailed descriptions of her actions. He just wanted more of her, her, her! But he knew better than to be impatient. Joker promised him everything he had lost would be his again and be even better than how he last saw it. So he’ll wait. He’d wait a millenial for her; lifetimes. If it was for her, he’d do anything and everything. But for now, he’d settle on waiting.
(Y/n) and Harvey had been engaged in a relationship for six and a half months now and (Y/n) couldn’t describe it as anything other than incredible and it was going so much better than she thought it would. She thought she’d be too paranoid and skittish for him to handle due to her trauma but he handled her perfectly. He respected her space and all her boundaries and always made sure she was comfortable, and because of his respectful manners and playful attitude and endearing disposition she always was. That was one of the things she adored about him; the way he’d overwhelmingly underwhelm his affections so that she could handle them.
He was such a charming gentleman and he could never go a day without complimenting her in a way that made her feel like she was the only woman he’s ever seen in his life. He was honest with his thoughts and always made sure the promises he made were attainable and reasonable.
Although she hated comparing her relationship to her past one, she liked the change of pace from a bashful and reserved lover to a sensible and confident one. It was more thrilling and he was on the same level as her. They bonded in such a strong way that they could read each other close to accurate, and that led them to falling into love. She fell even harder when he got along perfectly with her best friend Bruce and they became very good friends, helping Bruce get out of his shell more.
But there was always a catch to someone as perfect as Harvey. He was a complex man. At first in the beginning (Y/n) suspected he just had anger issues that came and gone, but he eventually opened up about his mental health issues to his past with an abusive father that evolved into him having a dissociative identity disorder. That didn’t alter or reel back her love at all. He accepted the rageful anger side of her and she would accept both sides of him.
And his affection never seemed to cease; an eternal flame of his desire burning solely for her. And she was surprised to say that he’s surpassed her expectations constantly and had gently smothered her in a type of love she deemed foreign. The two didn’t necessarily live together but (Y/n) did spend more time in Harvey’s luxurious flat than at her home in Wayne Manor. The best way to explain her living situation was like divorced parents. She had most of her stuff at the manor but did have a great deal of her stuff at Harvey’s, either in her special drawer in his bedroom or just scattered around.
So it did kinda feel like they were roommates.
Just like now as (Y/n) cooked dinner on Harvey’s stove, waiting for him to come back from work. Right when she had the mind to text him if he was on the road yet to determine how soon she should begin cooking the side dish, the clicking sound from the door unlocking flicked at her senses. She listened as the door opened and closed before his voice called out, “Babe? You here?”
She teasingly remained quiet. “I can smell the food, y’know.” He said aloud again before he finally rounded the corner to find her in the kitchen, a smile catching onto his handsome face which contagiously spread to her. “You are so mean, you know that?” He said teasingly as he set down his briefcase on the nearby couch and began taking off his suit jacket as well as his tie. He unbuttoned the top two buttons of his clean dress shirt as he walked over to take a seat on one of the stools next to the island.
“How’s the prosecution for that serial killer going? Is the jury on your side?” (Y/n) asked once she placed the stirrer on the counter so she could give him her full attention. “You know what the fucked up thing is? I don’t think they are.” Harvey said with a bitter undertone as his elbows rested on the surface of the island with his hands up in a ‘can-you-believe-it’ way. “The defense lawyer is using the killer's past to make him seem pitiful. Like his parents died in a boating accident, he suffered from depression, he gambled as a form of grieving, he almost made a suicide attempt. Like yeah it’s a tragic story but the man fucking tallies his kills on his body and basically confessed to his crimes!” He exclaimed in exasperation.
(Y/n) leaned over the counter so their faces could be in a closer proximity. “It’s only the third day of the trial, there’s still plenty of time to work your magic and win. Just like always.” She said in an assuring tone and loving gaze. Harvey returned the smile in gratitude, knowing she would always be his personal cheerleader and his very own defense lawyer against the world.
He flinched from remembering a thought. “Oh, I almost forgot!” He scrammed out of his seat and from the kitchen for a few seconds before walking back with one of his hands behind his back, a cheeky smile plastered on his face. (Y/n) smiled skeptically and placed her hands on her hips as he walked over to where she stood on the other side of the island. Once their chests were centimeters away from each other Harvey pulled the hand from behind his back to in between them.
A big red rose twirled between his thumb and index finger, holding it out towards her as she widely smiled and sighed gushingly. “For the bearer of my heart.” He said smoothly before gently placing the fluorescent blossomed flower between her reaching fingers. Truly, it mesmerized her the sheer dedication he’s shown to someone like her.
She held the rose like it was a priceless artifact, despite this being a frequent occurrence of him bringing her flowers. She looked up at him with an infatuated smile and eyes that held such fervor. Harvey’s heart leapt like he was looking at her for the first time again. He raised his hands to place them on either side of her cheeks.
As he cradled her face within his hands, holding her like she was a priceless artifact, his ever-lasting love was laced within his eyes as they met hers. Thus, he enveloped her lips within his, pulling her in for a deep, serene kiss. Within that moment, time had slowed. The seconds ticked in subtle reverse as she savored the sensation of his lips atop her own, occasionally parting to overlap once more.
Within a tidal wave of pure passion, Harvey doused himself in the mantra of how lucky he was to be hers and have her as his. He would throw his lucky coin down a well if it would make his wish come true; for their romance to last longer than anything he’s ever had in his life.
Taglist: @kpopgirlbtssvt @frankiethedarkangel @chezzywezzy @21stcenturywitchcraft @gaytaylorswift @plaguerat44 @zerodroids @kravitzwhore @ihavenorealfriendslol @delusi0nalvic @alicefallsintotherabbithole @twilightdollie @librafilms @etherealweed @crabbyman @notevanpetersbuthisgf @inksplattersblog @themartiansdaughter @lauftivy @sunnnyshark @ravendgie @paradox-brody-chase @neserinda @m1ndbrand @psychadelichues @the-sander-fander @th3r1ddler @crayolahandsanitizer @misdty @rosaline-black @repostingmyfavs @agent-night @yumejoushi @slut-for-eddie-munson @pumpkinpiedano @m0ssdr4ws
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i saw you asking for a request for calvin headcanons so here it is!!! calvin headcanons plss! what is he so pretty for wtf
Calvin Weir-Fields x Writer!Reader Headcanons
Calvin Weir-Fields x fem!Reader
Word Count | 1,032
Author’s Note | this is my first semi-casual headcanon post and I still couldn’t just not make a title card so oops. thank you bex for enabling me to essentially write myself serving Calvin a slice of humble pie!!! in this, the movie never happens and Calvin is still stuck in his writers block. if y'all are open to it, I'm willing to make more head canons for this little dynamic!!
Warnings | Calvin gets dunked on a little, lol, nothing else though!
Tumblr media
You first meet Calvin when he’s taking Scotty out on a walk. You’re sitting outside a coffee shop writing something as he passes by. Scotty decides that your skirt is the most interesting thing in the world and scurries over to chew on the edge of it.
“I’m so sorry, he gets a little too ahead of himself sometimes.” Calvin says sheepishly. But you take it in stride, leaning down to scratch the border terriers head.
“It’s alright. He’s too cute,” you look up at the dog’s handler. He’s cute too. Tall and lanky with a face that is inherently soft yet angular, he looks at you nervously through tortoiseshell glasses that sit low on his nose.
You spot the book tucked under his arm and see a familiar title on the spine. “Whatcha reading there?”
He pushes his glasses up self consciously, “Oh, it’s something new I just picked up. I haven’t started it yet but I’ve read some good reviews.” He says, turning the book in his hand and lifting to show you the cover.
You chuckle, “Yeah, I know that one.”
“You’ve read it?” Calvin looks hopeful for a second. Maybe you can offer your opinion on it.
You laugh, “I’ve done more than that; I wrote it.”
“Oh,” Calvin checks the inside of the jacket cover on the back and sees that the picture of the author is, in fact, you. Your hair is pulled back and your smile is tight lipped, similar to the one on your face now. He finally gets a proper look at your face. The one in front of him. You’re much more impactful in color. Your hair is loose and there’s a sun kissed blush on your cheek. You wear a knee length patterned skirt; no wonder it caught Scotty’s attention.
Calvin clears his throat, “I’m sure you’ve heard of me then. Calvin Weir-Fields,” he holds his hand out so you can shake it. Embarrassingly, you don’t take it. You just shake your head.
“I’m afraid I don’t know who you are.”
A bright red heat spreads across his face. His mouth opens slightly as if he wants to say something but he freezes in place. You stifle a cackle. It’s fun putting guys like him in their place. In all honesty, his name sounds familiar, but you’ll never tell him that.
He explains that he’s a writer; wrote one book when he dropped out of high school and hasn’t written a damn thing since. He doesn’t elaborate too much on why, but you get the idea that he’s coasting by, especially as a little bit of regret twinkles in his eyes.
“You should join my writers group. We help keep each other accountable for whatever we’re working on. We meet every two weeks at a breakfast buffet in town.” you offer kindly, writing down the address for the buffet and the date of the next meeting on the edge of your notebook paper. You tear off the edge with your writing and hand it to him, a polite but reserved smile on your lips.
The idea sounds so unappealing. He bets that he's better than half of the sad saps in that club. He takes the paper anyway, returning a strained smile, "I'll think about it."
He most certainly will not think about it. He practically drags Scotty away from your table, goes home, and sets the paper on the cabinet by his door and lays your book over it. He can't read it now that he knows exactly who you are, he'll be too busy thinking about the curve of your lips as you said you had no clue who he was.
Days later, in his therapists' office, he still thinks about how you only stared at his extended hand and didn't take it. Dr. Rosenthal has to snap him out of his haze and ask him why he's been silent for the first ten minutes of the hour. It's highly uncharacteristic of him; Calvin will find anything to ramble about during his sessions, often causing Rosenthal to have to reel him in in order to find the actual point in his ranting.
"I met this woman a few days ago..." Calvin starts, shaking his head.
"That's good. Is she nice? Pretty?"
He hadn't spoken to you long enough to figure out if you were kind, but he definitely thought you were pretty. "It's not like that...she invited me to some silly writers group."
Rosenthal claps his hands together, "Perfect! We've been talking about how you need to work on your socialization skills. This is a perfect opportunity to do so."
"No, no, you don't get it! It's not going to be fun, it’s going to be sad and depressing. Just a bunch of washed up losers sitting in a circle pretending to care what everyone else has to say about their writing. I'm not subjecting myself to that." Calvin knows he sounds like a raving lunatic but he can't help it. If he needs a whole support group to make himself write…Rosenthal might as well take him out back and put him out of his misery.
Rosenthal stops him before he can continue on the destructive path, "It seems you've already decided that it will be a worthless experience. What makes you think that?"
Calvin has met enough people in his field. They're all stuck up, egotistical, and self centered, and generally miserable. He can't stand the idea of being surrounded by his peers, period. But that explanation isn't enough for Rosenthal to back down.
"You cut yourself off before you can even get the chance to try something, Calvin. It's just one meeting. If it's really so terribly depressing, you can always choose not to go again. But trying it surely wouldn't hurt, now would it? Especially if you already know someone who will be there."
Calvin thought back to you. Your book. He still hadn't read it. The first few pages he'd skimmed through in the bookstore looked decent enough. Tolerable.
"I guess it couldn't hurt. Just for one meeting." he concludes with a heavy swallow, clutching Bobby, the stuffed dog, in his arms tighter.
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the riddlers
Tumblr media
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mustyrosewater · a day ago
Tumblr media
𝐬𝐲𝐧𝐨𝐩𝐬𝐢𝐬: edward is presented with a familiar face in arkham and recalls some old memories of his time in the gotham orphanage
𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: hints of abuse, medication, edward being a creep
𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭: 5,770
                        · · ─────── · ? · ─────── · ·
the metal seat was cold and uninviting as he was guided into the small room, a desk, and two chairs, all metal, all welded to the ground, leaving no possible chance of moving them; a precaution from the asylum workers in order to ensure the safety of their doctors and psychologists. safety precautions edward was certain were necessary. just not for him.
he was never much of a physically imposing person, the fights he’d gotten in as a kid he’d always lost, always ended up beaten to a pulp and with a series of bruises that would hurt for several days. 
his mind was his own personal weapon he’d trained himself to use in exchange for any form of brute strength that he was destined to never possess; it hadn’t taken him long to learn that being able to outthink your opponents was always the far superior option as opposed to physically beating them. 
the doctor. doctor lindenburg, a small mousy man who’d been seeing edward for the past 3 weeks since he’d arrived in arkham, was already sitting on one of the two chairs, shuffling around all his manila folders and pages of handwritten notes. no doubt beginning to pile up with all the possible diagnosis he’d been attempting to fish out to somehow give reasoning to the reason ed was the way he was. 
it was interesting watching the doctor work, sometimes edward could swear he could quite literally see the cogs turning as the man would stare back at him in silence after he’d answered yet another of his questions. 
he smiled at the doctor as he sat down, a guards hand on his shoulder, shoving him down more roughly than was necessary as per usual, yet another characteristic of his new life in arkham he was already well experienced in. it was strange how he picked up so many similarities of his childhood home within the walls of arkham asylum.
his reminiscing was interrupted by doctor lindeburgs voice. a european tinge to the tiny mans already squeaky voice was noted, though ed had still been unable to pin point exactly where.
“i believe we’ve been making some real progress here edward.”
the doctors optimism, though pleasant was sadly misguided. edward’s humouring of the doctor was partially based on a feeling of sympathy, knowing this man must have spent several years gaining his phD as well as several more years dealing with absolutely kooks who’d no doubt continued to give him more grey hairs each and every day. it was only natural that ed make his experience slightly less tortureous, besides, he liked talking to the doctor.
“that’s lovely to hear, doctor.”
ed’s voice remained perfectly calm, even bordering on pleasant, the small smile still having not left his face. even if doctor lin’s was strangely absent.
even when the doctor was in a bad mood, whether it be from the rain or his previous patient, he still would always manage a pleasant, albiet goofy smile to match edwards, adding to the pleasant interactions they shared.
something was different today, something about the way the doctor spoke to edward, there was no longer a pleasant tone in the air, there was an undeniable tenseness to the way in which the doctor didn’t look up at ed and only continued rummaging through his files, searching for something. 
ed’s brows furrowed, even if the smile remained, a look of somewhat curiousity forming on his features. 
“what is it doctor? lost one of your files?”
there was a teasing nature to ed’s tone, trying to alleviate the way in which the doctors seriousness was starting to peak his concern. doctor lindenburg often appreciated their little gests with one another, sometimes they’d even talk about things they enjoyed together, like literature. he’d tell ed about his dog, even if ed didn’t care to ask in the first place. it was ed’s way to continue to appear non threatening, all these little actions that could possibly lead to his upcoming trial being lightened based off of dr lindenburg’s statements, maybe a light insanity plea at the worst. 
still showing no signs of acknowledging his questions, ed could only watch silently as the doctor seemed to find what he was looking for, placing the small piece of paper down on the table, before using the tips of his fingers to spin it and slide it across the table for edward to look at as he leaned forward to see what exactly what on that piece of paper. 
as if a switch had been flicked somewhere deep within ed’s system, a small piece of paper was suddenly enough to make edwards blood run cold. any sense he’d had of keeping up the appearance of pleasantness had been thrown out the window in an instant as soon as his eyes were connected with the subject staring right back at him. 
the eyes of the girl in the photo were enough to feel like they were piercing into his very soul as she stared into the lens, her gaze still just as piercing as it had always been, like an animal’s eyes glowing in the dark, leaving a sense of dread as to what exactly was hidden behind those dark pools staring him down.
“who is she, edward?”
                          · · ─────── · ? · ─────── · ·
he shouldn’t stare so much, because he knows that the more he stares the more interested in her he will become. edward had never had anybody scold him about how it was rude to stare, to explain to him the oh so inherent social taboo’s and common courtesy’s that were supposed to make you a functioning member of society; although, he doubts he would ever become a person that society would exactly welcome with open arms. not that he wanted to be. 
she’d arrived just under two weeks ago, kicking and screaming so much that whatever plan that they’d made to bring her in under the cover of night ended up being for nothing, it ended up waking everybody up anyway. the sounds of a girls aggressive screams accompanied by shoes skidding on linoleum floors and mens quiet grunts as they attempted to keep her within their iron grip. all he had heard was her screams, and yet they were already telling him so much about her. she didn’t sound scared, not in a traditional sense at least. no, she wasn’t crying or shrieking out of fear of being in a new strange place; it was bordering more on the sounds of a rabid animal, growling and shrieking like the bats he’d hear in the wings at night as they fought over what little bit of scraps they could gather, before tearing each other apart for the best pick.
he’d kept his eyes wide open as he lay in bed, listening to the sounds of this little animal being forced down the hall, growing louder as she was brought past the door of his dorm and fading just as quickly as it appeared as they continued to drag her down to the female ward, showing no signs of giving up, continuing to kick and scream, no doubt giving the workers a run for their money as he heard them cursing, urging each other not to let go, for fear of what she might do should she get out of their grip. 
never was there a series of sounds that stuck out to him so much, and now being able to put a face to the shrieking he’d heard the night before, his staring was something he found himself justifying. 
in a way, the sounds he’d heard fit her by all means, the wide stare as she looked around like a skittish animal, she almost reminded him of a feral kitten, shaking and curled up on the chair in the corner as she watched everybody go by. her body language read nothing but “go away” as the lower half of her face was covered by her arms, yet her little beady and glassy eyes observe everything, her ears seeming to pick up every little sound as her head flicked in the direction of said sounds each time. 
and yet, there was a softness about her, her skin, no doubt soft from what he could see, was crudely spoiled by red marks and bruises along her arms and face, a result of the rough way she’d been handled the night before. there was blood on her finger tips, likely due to digging her nails in the arms of orderlies who were simply trying to do their job, even if they were doing it god awfully. 
in the same way you don’t want to approach a feral kitten for fear of being scratched or bitten, edward finds himself unable to look away from the little animal, as he’d started referring to her in his own internal monologue. the time he’d spent staring at her had left his crossword shamefully neglected, still finding himself on the page he’d started when she’d been forced into the common room by an orderly, now only able to offer up a small grunt in comparison to the way in which she sung for him last night, her choir of shrieking and growling now a small and pathetic one man show. he wasn’t sure if this was because she’d given up the ferocity of her fight after an entire night of trying, or if the presence of so many more eyes commanded her instinct to avoid any and all peering gazes. 
his unfinished crossword puzzle was calling to him, warning him even, softly telling him that there were better things to do than stare at this little animal as if he were observing her in a zoo, an image that he could imagine clearly, him standing at the bars of the enclosure as he takes only a moment to glance down at the little warning sign, urging visitors not to put their hands through the bars.
if it weren’t for the fact that she was so tiny, maybe he’d find himself more scared of her, after all, even with his height, towering over so many of the other boys at the orphanage, he still ended up shoved in a corner and beaten mercilessly and taunted non stop. even now, those same boys in the room, were trying to avoid looking at her, maybe they were worried she would attack them, or they just didn’t want to look into her eyes, maybe they were scared she’d turn them to stone.
the utterly stupid thought, makes edward exhale softly through his nose, both at the image and the fact that out of all places that’s where his mind went, a stupid thought he now realises. 
so stupid in fact, that he should only now realise the little animals piercing stare has found its most recent target, the scrawny boy on the other end of the room fiddling with his pen and paying no attention to his crossword puzzle, the boy staring right back at her. 
he doesn’t know when she finally realised he’d been staring at her, but he does know that he’d been doing so for a long while, and that now, so does she. 
neither of them break the mutual stare, her expression completely unreadable, mirroring his to a key. it had now just turned into a silent observation of each other, shared only between the two of them. it was an interesting feeling, being caught staring, the embarassment it would normally bubble up into his stomach was completely absent, only now replaced by a soft murmur of his heart rate speeding up, only due to the alarm of realising he had in fact been caught, already slowing back down to his usual rate. 
the dark circles surrounding her eyes surrounding her eyes pointed to a lack of sleep, obviously, based on the way she’d come in kicking and screaming the night before, he’d have been more alarmed if she’d managed to actually rest. in a somewhat morbid way, she almost reminded him of the dropheads he shared his room with, the way she shivered and looked around frantically brought to mind the way he’d lie awake and watched the nurses disappear with a few of his bunkmates in trail, only to return in no longer than fifteen minutes without said orderly, now holding a fresh dosage. 
there was a part of him that found a somewhat sick curiosity in observing the lengths they would go to for a hit, he’d bet if you’d dangled a hit in front of them and told them they had to kill a man with their bare hands, they wouldn’t hesitate to try. 
yet he knew, looking at her, that wasn’t her, or at least not yet. no, she reminded him more of a stray animal on the side of the road, the sympathy bubbling in the pit of his stomach. there was an odd sense of admiration to be found, especially considering the fact that in all this time, she still hadn’t broken their shared stare, only continuing to try and break past the solid expression on his face. 
you could never have been able to tell what was going through their heads if you’d been a fly on the wall, just two people on opposite ends of the room, refusing to be the one finally cowers and looks away. 
maybe they would have stayed like that for longer, he doesn’t doubt they could have kept it up for hours, trying to break through each others blank expression if not for just one little peek into what could possibly be going through the others mind. 
the voice of an orderly on his left is what finally caused his head to whip to the side, only to be met by the sight of two hands, holding a glass of water in one and a transparent plastic cup with two pills in it. his medication.
he still didn’t know what the two pills were: one a sky blue and the other a red and white capsule. but for as long as he could remember he’d taken said medication, everybody did. he hadn’t been able to gage exactly what the medication even was, even now that he’d stopped taking it, he hadn’t noticed anything different about him now that he’d started hiding the pills under his tongue and spitting them out in the bathroom. 
staring down at the little cup he’d been given, the orderly stood by to watch him place the pills in his mouth and take a sip of the water, holding her hand out expectantly to receive the now empty pill cup and water. they were supposed to check and make sure they were actually swallowing the pills, but he knew they stopped doing it ages ago, they couldn’t really care less about doing their jobs properly, not with their payrate and what they had to put up with.
not that ed minded, the lack of care from the orderlies just made everything easier for him.
watching the orderly move on to whoever was nearby, his eyes quickly found himself back on the spot where she had been sitting, only now realising that the distraction from the orderly had indirectly caused him to be the loser of whatever unspoken staring content they had created, a fact that he couldn’t help but be disappointed by.
his stare regained itself, now fixated on her as she looked up at the orderly talking to her with those wide eyes. her concern was clear as she looked down at the pill cup she’d been given only to look back up at the orderly that was likely explaining the routine of the pills to her, take what you’re given every day, don’t ask questions, don’t make it difficult. it was a simple routine, yet he could just tell that somehow, it wasn’t a routine she’d have stuck to very easily.
it wasn’t a feeling he would have been able to explain if you’d asked him, not something he would have wanted to talk about either, but as she stared back at the orderly, her face unmoving and making no effort to give said orderly a response, the idea of her taking those pills which he’d made an effort to stop taking created a pit in his stomach. the same type of anxiety you’d get if you saw a child walking on the road, that bubble of fear slowly staring to expand as your mind would race with horrible possibilites. that was the closest ed could have gotten to explaining the feeling that was brought on by you holding the pill cup. 
was it fascination? admiration? he didn’t know, he didn’t want to know. know why it was that some part of him felt the way his stomach dropped at the idea of her in harms way. this little animal that could easily get herself killed in here. 
maybe that was why as the orderly grew tired of her unresponsive nature and simply chose to walk away, leaving you with the pill cup, he’d made a split second decision in that moment, devoid of any logic, no calculation surveying what would result from his actions, no thought as to what motivated him to do so.
when she turned her eyes straight back up to him, resuming the silent and ungiving stare, his eyes flicked down to the pills in her hand, commanding her attention to look down and acknowledge them, understanding that he was gesturing to them with his eyes alone, and that was enough for her to understand. even more so when she looked back up at him meeting his eyes again, just in time for ed to shake his head ever so slightly, such a small movement you wouldn’t have caught it unless you were looking out for it, and she was. 
that silent warning, the embodiment of a soft “don’t”, was all she needed, it told her more than she would ever hear, more than if he went over there and slapped the cup right out of her hand. this was a gesture.
she offered no visible response, only looking to observe if there were any eyes on her before pouring the two pills out onto her palm and squeezing it shut, even going so far as to take a sip of the water to really sell whatever illusion she was trying to present, even if the only pair of eyes on her were ed’s. 
she didn’t look at him again, maybe she was scared of him. no. if she was scared of him she wouldn’t have held his eye for as long as she had. if she was scared of him the same way the other girls at the orphanage were, she would have kept looking back and fourth, trying to be sneaky in the way they stared at him and failing miserably. 
he didn’t know why she didn’t look at him again, maybe a silent way of letting him know that their interaction was over, solidified as she stood up and left, her fist still tightly clenched, gripping the pills she was no doubt going to flush down the dingy toilets later on.
he kept his eyes on her until she disappeared around the corner, until he couldn’t see her anymore. only then did he finally look back down at the unfinished crossword puzzle, the little white squares left bare that were now silently mocking him, something he’d spent so much of his time doing had now been entirely put to the side due to his staring, his hyperfixation on the little animal and what little interaction they’d shared. 
the blue chicken scratch, his writing, made its way into the blank squares in a short matter of time as he quickly finished the crossword puzzle in no longer than 3 minutes. 3 minutes. and yet it had taken him an hour to actually do it despite the fact that the pen had been in his hand and the book had been in front of him, but he was too busy, focused on the little animal. 
closing the book. he stood, gripping it so tightly his knuckles went white, wasting little time leaving the large room and heading back in the direction of his shared dorm. as he paced through the large halls and his shoes tapped the linoleum floor, his mind was still racing.
for somebody who remarked himself for his own prowess in reading people, he seemed to be utterly failing at reading himself, unable to defend his actions with some ulterior motive that was going to serve him in the long run. no. he did it. he warned her. and he didn’t know why. 
a terrifying statement. 
                         · · ─────── · ? · ─────── · ·
he was unsure how many times the doctor had said his name, just as unsure to why only now was he broken out of his trance. 
he didn’t know how long he’d been staring at the photo, staring directly into those eyes, silently refusing to break eye contact with the still image.
he didn’t verbally respond to the doctor, only now finally breaking eye contact with the photo to meet eyes with him. edwards once polite facade was gone, any semblance of the pleasant conversation they could have shared was thrown to the wind. only now replaced with a scowl as edward stared back at the doctor as if he was hoping that his gaze would cause the doctor to spontaneously combust.
“who is she, edward?”
the doctors insistence almost impressed edward, especially considering the way in which edwards demeanour had changed, something that at the very least had unnerved doctor lin, however, it provided no signs of intimidating the doctor, if anything only egging him on more based off of ed’s reaction.
still receiving no answer, the small man only sighed softly, now fully aware that this nameless figure obviously posed some significance. otherwise, edward would not have reacted the way he did, this he knew.
“she obviously means something to you.” the doctor tried, gesturing to the photo in an effort to gage some kind of response from his patient. already, the fear that what little progress they’d made had been tossed to the wind, leaving the doctors palms sweaty. 
“was she a friend? a bully? tell me edward, who is thi-”
“where did you get this photo”
the first words edward had said in the past 5 minutes, eerily calm as he stared down at the photo, as he had been doing the entire time. 
the sudden interruption left the doctor silent for a moment, his mouth hanging open from where he’d been talking when ed finally spoke, needing a second to gather himself and clear his throat. the tone in edwards voice now having changed from the polite and well spoken manner, now being tinged with a deep gravel. 
taking a moment to recoup, the doctor pulled at his shirt collar. up until now, ed had shown no signs of aggression or any possible desire to be violent, he had even bordered on pleasant throughout their visits. and yet, in this moment, edward nashton was looking at this man as if he had just thrust the greatest of insults in front of him. silently begging to be given a reason for the audacity he had just shown by pulling out this photo.
“the police recovered your journals, from your apartment.”
the doctor didn’t need to explain much further in order for ed to become aware of just how they had gotten this photo of her. 
it was the only one he had left, the one piece left of evidence of her existence that he’d managed to hold onto throughout the years. she was a ghost, a sullen reminder of his time at the orphanage and time he’d spent there, and yet alao served as a silent call, a plea to not be forgotten. in some strange and stupid way edward almost feared that if he were to lose this photo, that she would cease to exist. 
“no name, nothing written about her? who is she edward?”
the doctors continuous pushing only seemed to amuse him, while also peaking at his curiosity. why did they want to know so badly. he knows it’s them, the GCDP, they’d given the photo of her to the doctor in the hopes of pulling information out of him. this was obvious. 
it was fun to watch them flail, helplessly clawing at any piece of information they could gather on him, like cockroaches sprayed with bug spray, trying to squeeze themselves into any corner they could, their corners being all aspects of hs life, squirming and burrowing anywhere they could in order to gain evidence against him.
“did you kill her?”
if there was a word to describe the feeling you got when your blood runs cold but your face heats up all at once, it still wouldn’t be enough to describe the way in which ed feels when the doctor asks. no, accuses him of something so horrifying.
it seems as though the doctor understands the error of his ways, especially when edward lurches forward, only stopped by the handcuffs fastened to the surface of the metal table, causing his upper body to be wrenched forward but stop suddenly.
still, it’s enough to have the doctor falling out of his seat, looking up at edward with wide eyes as he scrambles backwards slightly as edward continues to fight against the cuffs, tugging them so much his skin is starting to go white from where the metal is digging into his wrists. 
“i’m going to rip your tongue out, i’m going to make sure you can never talk again.”
his words were eerily calm, a flash of excitement burning behind his eyes an intensity that blazed as the images of doing unspeakable things to doctor lindenburg flashed throughout his mind. 
even now as he struggled against the cuff’s and shook with rage, his face was still remarkably calm, save for the sickening smile that was now spread across his features as he continued to stared at the doctor, refusing to blink, even for one singular moment. 
edward knew that there were camera’s, he wasn’t surprised when two guards came bursting through the door, immediately surrounding him, yelling as one of them gripped the back of his neck and slammed his upper body onto the table.
his head rung as it made sharp and sudden contact with the table, the cool temperature of the metal stinging against his red hot cheek. 
despite his limited vision, he still managed to see out of the corner of his eye doctor lindenburg being hastily rushed out of the room, nearly falling down as he scrambled to his feet again. 
the pain of having his head slammed against a metal table was quickly causing a dull pulsing to start within his head, leaving his vision slightly blurry as his eyes adjusted and he inhaled sharply, his back heaving shakily as the guard held him down, no doubt resulting in some bruises showing up on his chest and the back of his neck by tomorrow.
this was all something he paid little attention to though, he was entirely focused on the picture now gripped tightly in his hand. as much as it hurt him to crease it by holding it so tightly, he couldn’t bear to live with himself if he lost it. not again.
                        · · ─────── · ? · ─────── · ·
the orphanage was meant to be a place of hope, a promise that every single child there would be able to find a home, or at least be looked after in the mean time. how it ended up to be the complete opposite, everybody knew but never wanted to admit. 
anybody coming in from the outside would describe the place like a hospital in a horror movie, and yet to its inhabitants it was every day life, some knowing nothing but the rapidly crumbling walls covered in mold that drenched every room in an overall smell of decay. 
they all knew it, the orphanage quickly had gained the reputation as the dumping ground for all of gothams orphans and unwanted children. 
none of them knew which of the two she was though.
dropped off in the middle of the night in a car that looked far too polished and fancy to belong to anybody who couldn’t afford to look after a child, she’d been kicking and screaming the minute the door opened. 
and now here she was, significantly less skittish than when she had arrived three weeks earlier, and yet had still refused to speak a word to anybody.
he couldn’t help but stare in fascination from the opposite end of the hallway as she sat on the window sill, head turned slightly to lazily trace the back of her fingers over the bar’s welded to the window; yet another feature that added to the overall depression and prison like aura of their so called home.
the heavy rain outside provided a dull pattering on the roof and windows, making it difficult to actually make out anything other than the occasional passing car lights on the road past the gates against the thundering water droplets constantly rattling against the glass.
and yet, she still stared out the window, at what he wasn’t exactly sure. maybe she was waiting for a car to drive in and take her home, explaining that her being dumped here was some miraculous mistake and now she was going to be whisked home and taken away from this hell.
even though he was sure that she knew that wasn’t true.
he didn’t know who she was, maybe he never would. yet there was a semblance of pity he couldn’t help but feel for her. 
it wasn’t the first time he’d been witness to a kid being dropped off here by their parents, and he was certain it wasn’t going to be the last. and yet, whoever it was that had left her here, they’d deemed it shameful enough that they had to do so after hours.
and that peaked his curiosity. 
maybe she could tell his eyes were on her, or it could have easily just been timing. but her head turned from staring at the window, only to make direct eye contact with him. and so began another of their infamous staring contests. 
they had yet to say a single word to one another, and yet they spent a considerable amount of time staring at each other, holding eye contact for several minutes before one of them would either be distracted by something else, usually him, or simply walk away, usually her. 
they’d shown no desire to speak yet, these little sessions of eye contact being enough from them, even if it was across a hallway.
it was interesting, the way in which ed could never gage anything from her face. no fear, no discomfort, no sadness. there was just nothing.
utter and complete radio silence.
he’d listened to gossip from the orderlies when they thought he wasn’t paying attention, sometimes they didn’t even know he was there, standing around corners in the dark when he was supposed to be sleeping. he had a way with using the corners and lazy staff to his advantage, finding that being caught wasn’t necessarily something he’d had to worry about.
“i heard she tried to set the nursery on fire, nearly killed her baby brother.”
“god, no wonder they wanted to lock her up and throw away the key”
even if a name was never spoken he somehow knew that they were talking about her. he couldn’t quite explain it, but somehow he had just known it was her. 
he stared at the little animal no more than ten meters away from him and silently wondered if what they were saying was true.
while at the same time brimming with images of her standing in front of the raging fire, he could even imagine a smile on her face as she watched it burn. he imagined her with a pretty smile, innocent. yet disturbing.
a bang caused his head to turn out of reflex, a shrill sharp clang in his left ear causing him to whip his head in said direction, his long hair lightly slapping him in the face due to the sudden motion.
he hated how long his hair grew, but they only cut their hair every 3 to 4 months, leaving it to grow rather unkempt in the meantime.
as his eyes looked at the cause of the noise, an orderly dropping a food tray along with everything else on it due to being nearly knocked over by two children running past, all in the same moment he turned back, suddenly coming to the realisation that in turning to look for the noise, he’d lost once again.
and now she was gone again, leaving only an empty window sill and the rain pattering against it behind.
                       · · ─────── · ? · ─────── · ·
having her back was a luxury that ed had not known he was going to be afforded during his time in arkham, the stiff and thin mattress didn’t even bother him as he laid on his back, smiling up at the photo he held in his hands, hesitant to even blink should her photo somehow disappear from his grasp.
the sounds of the other inmates yelling, the muffled talking of the guards as well as they’re crackly radio, he paid attention to none of it, now that he had all this attention to give back to her. now she was safe again with him. 
even if the expression on her face didn’t mirror his closed mouth smile, he didn’t mind, just being able to look into her eyes, even if through a photo was more than enough for him, as much as he longed to inhale her scent again, or hear what little she would occasionally speak.
he would have burned the world to get her back, he’d nearly drowned gotham after all. he wondered if she’d seen it on the news where ever she was, if she even owned a tv or got reception.
there was no dread to whether or not she would judge him for what he did. he knew better than anybody had she been able to she would have been with him every step of the way, he just knew it. 
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shabawdy · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
pfp i did for myself + my wife my everything my world louis ives
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meeshasmind · 2 days ago
Hi'ya can you do prompt 11 with Riddler. Please and thank you in advance. 🍏💚
A/N: Literally every anon has been asking for this 😂 enjoy!!
Pairing: Dano!Riddler x reader (The Batman 2022)
Prompt: "Awh, sweet thing, are you shy?"
Words: 200
Tumblr media
It’s almost ridiculous how much Edward loves it, loves you, loves this - seeing you squirm and blush in his tight embrace while his lips attack practically every inch of your face. The affection, the love, it’s suffocating, but in the best way, and you can’t help but melt every time he smooches and pecks your lips and cheeks, stopping occasionally to nuzzle against your flushed skin.
Edward’s light bronze lashes graze your cheek as he presses a long kiss on the corner of your mouth, sighing contentedly and watching your reaction. You feel his fond stare and look down in embarrassment, and Ed giggles gleefully, tickling your sides to make you squirm more and hide your face.
“Awh, sweet thing,” he coos at you, softly prising your hands away from your face, “are you shy?”
You can’t respond, can’t find the words, but know that Eddie can tell you love every moment of this. So he keeps on going, rocking you slightly in his arms like a baby and only stopping to rest his head in against your neck blissfully.
“It’s so adorable,” he mumbles with a dopey smile, squeezing you against him tighter, “you’re adorable, my little angel.”
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hello!! could i request a blurb with eli sunday and the reader?? nothing specific, just eli lmao
morning glow
he let out a small moan as you shifted next to him, his arms keeping you held against him as the sheets covered your bodies.
your eyes fluttered open as the golden morning sun illuminated your small room, touching every single inch of the bedroom possible. your eyes scanned around slowly until you tilted your head up from where it rested on eli’s shoulder. your hand felt his bare chest rise and fall and a small smile crept upon your lips as you gazed at eli’s calm, sleeping face. the morning sun cast a warm glow to his pale skin, making him look like he was an angel himself sent from the lord.
you admired him silently for a moment as your body continued to awake. you cautiously smoothed your thumb over his round little cheeks that look like those of cherubs in the paintings. you finally allowed your urges to take over and pressed a few kisses to his chest, his breathing pattern slightly changing as his eyelashes began to flutter. you hummed as his green eyes made a moment’s appearance, him letting out a small moan.
“eli,” you cooed, running your hand down his face. his eyes squeezed for a moment before he slowly began to open them once more, letting out a soft exhale. you grabbed one of his hands and pressed it to your mouth, pecking it softly. his green eyes lit up in the golden glow and your heart skipped a beat at just how precious your boy looked.
“good morning, my eli,” you whispered against his hand. his lips curved into a small grin.
“good morning my beautiful dove, how did you sleep?”
it’s small but it’s cute
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Brian Wilson x GN Reader
note: hey y'all it's a brian fic again 💀💀 so i'm gonna make a post about requests and stuff after this so you guys can ask me for requests now!!
summary: it's literally just the dinner scene in love&mercy with you comforting him!
warning: not sure but i think sensory overload?, just fluff and comfort
word count: 685
He looked over the table as the clashing sounds of utensils slowly drifted into a rhythm in order. It was still pure cacophony and it overwhelmed him to the edge. Yet, the odd thing was that it was all in order and that annoyed him even more. How come, music, melody, rhythm; the thing that kept him alive could also drive him crazy?
He was on the edge of crying as the tears slowly turned the white of his eyes red. His gaze was focused on the table, yet, not being able to think about a certain thing.
Boom! Crash! Thwip! Snap.
"AHH!" He snapped out of his trance and jumped off his seat. "Stop! Stop, stop!" He yelled as he waved his arms around.
Your chest was heaving with worry, as you approached him with your arms. You tried your best to keep your cool and comfort him. "It's okay, Brian-" He rejected your arms and made a gesture with his hands, keeping you away from his body. You blinked at him, watching his quivering body leave the room. The guests were all silent and watching your next move. Suddenly the air was thick to swallow. You licked your lips. "Excuse me."
As soon as you left the room, you started almost running, to find Brian. You looked for him in some rooms until you realised he was sitting by the side of the pool. You walked towards him, sitting next to your lover.
Brian didn't even notice your presence until you reached out a hand to touch his hair. He flinched at first and that made you pull your hand away but he leaned in for your touch. He didn't want your fingers leaving his brown strands. It comforted him.
As you played with his hair, he slowly put his head down on your shoulder. It was peaceful like this. Just you and him, only the small sounds of water flowing. You wondered, if that was all he was hearing too in that moment. If he felt in peace with you in that moment.
"What's happening?" He asked, his voice cracking. You burried your nose in his hair. "I want it to stop."
"We'll make it stop. I promise. I'll find a way to make it stop."
He pulled away to take a look at your face. His eyes were filled with love and appreciation. "I wanna try out something. Let's see if it will make it all go quiet. Hm?"
He chuckled. "What?" You took his hands in yours and stiffined your body, throwing yourself inside the pool. He didn't let go of your hands and let himself get dragged under the water with you.
Once both of you got on the surface, you both panted. "Was this your genius idea? Really?" he laughed and kissed your lips lightly. "No!" You shook your head as you kept panting. "Dive in!" You held your breath and got under the water. He rolled his eyes and did the same as you.
And when he was under the water, the voices didn't go all quiet. But they were quieter now. And less scary. The water muffling his thoughts finally put him into peace. Oddly, the voices were beautiful now. Beatiful muffled melodies surrounded the both of you. Even if you couldn't hear them, you felt like you knew they were prettier now.
You opened your eyes to take a look at him. The chlorine burned your eyes and you couldn't really see much, but you caught a glimpse of a smile. His smile. As both of you started running out of oxygen, you rushed over and connected your lips with his. For him, kissing you like this, accompanied by the beautiful sounds in his mind, was pure bliss. He didn't want it to end, but your bodies slowly lifted up to the surface.
Water splashed around you as you kissed eachother hungrily. You backed off and placed your hands on his cheeks. "Let's just stay here until they get bored and leave." You gestured to the house with your head. He chuckled and shrugged.
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I’m a Performer NSFW
Tumblr media
Warnings: oral (m and f receiving), fingering, 69ing, jerking off a little bit, like once ass slap, Joby being kind of rude but its expected 🙄 lol let me know if I missed any 
The local bar where everyone goes to wind down on the weekends. You were no exception. The lights were dim, the floor sticky, and it smelled like alcohol and smoke but there was a comfort in it. 
Allowing you to hide away in the dark corners, sipping a drink while watching the other patrons. Nothing interesting usually happened although sometimes if you were lucky a fight would break out or a girl would find her boyfriend with another woman and you would have free entertainment for the night. Tonight was supposed to be the same as every other, uninteresting. 
Sitting in the corner of the bar you glanced around, all the usuals, except…A man sitting at the bar. Black hair, black clothes, he almost blended into the dimmed light. Only his side profile was available to your eyes making you curious. You kept your eyes on him while sipping your drink hoping to get a look at his face. 
While sipping your drink you felt the heat grow within you as the alcohol began to mix into your bloodstream. Taking another sip nothing came through the straw, looking down the glass was empty. With liquid courage, you got up and approached the bar sitting a couple of seats away from the man. 
The man's face was available for your gaze now. He was handsome in a way you weren't used to. The lengthy black hair was tucked behind his ears exposing a hint of silver that matched the silver chains dangling from his neck and wrapped around his fingers. 
As you were staring he looked over catching your gaze for a second before you turned. Heart thumping in your chest, he caught you, his eyes were green. You needed another drink. 
Flagging down the bartender you ordered another drink consuming half of it before gaining the confidence to turn back around. The man was gone? Scanning the bar you found him…
He was stood in front of the the radio as bass and guitar filled the bar. His hips started swaying to the rhythm his hair falling to conceal his face. It didnt matter, all you could focus on was the way his hips thrusted into the air, the way his fingers raked down his chest. The movements were carefree and lost on the music and you were lost in him.
The reaction from your body was visceral. As sweat permeated every inch of flesh from the heat slowly consuming you, chest rising and falling as your breathes deepened, as your thighs spread unconsciously.
A whimper left your lips as he dropped to his knees and lowered his body to the floor. The curve of his back caught your gaze and you followed it up to his ass that was resting in the air. The tight black jeans hugged him perfectly. Everything stopped as your eyes trailed to his face.
The mans eyes were placed directly on you a smirk adorning his lips. This time you couldn't look away you didn't want to. The man had caught you so you might as well enjoy the show.
The performance was over you didn't realize until the man was in front you, his smug voice breaking your trance. “What’d you think?”
His voice was deep and smooth. It took you a few moments to form words “Where did you learn to dance like that?” He sat next to you with a laugh as he flagged down the bartender. 
“Hey, I need two shots” the man turned to back to you a smile gracing his lips “I’m a performer. I’m the lead singer of a band. We’ve gone a tour a couple times so I’ve had a lot of practice.”.
Opening your mouth to reply it was left open. The man spoke first as two glasses were placed on the counter. “Drink with me” 
He placed a shot in your hand and you stared down at the clear liquid. Glancing up you saw his head tip back bringing his shot with him. You shamelessly allowed your eyes to follow the drink as it slid down his throat the muscles flexing as he swallowed, it was mesmerizing.
When he leaned forward a small drop of alcohol slid down his chin. “Do you not like vodka, baby girl?” Your center throbbed at the name as you threw back the drink to distract yourself. The liquid burned as it trailed down your throat when you set the glass down you met his eyes and smiled, “I like vodka.”
The alcohol consumed through the night was catching up to you and everything started to let loose. “I recognize the usuals and people from around here but I don’t recognize you?” 
He chuckled “That’s cause I’m not from around here. I’m just visiting for a while, staying at a motel right now.”
This handsome stranger was only going to be here for a limited time. “I’ve never stayed at any of the motels around here.” you giggled while leaning closer.
He chuckled with you as he leaned in closer only inches separating our faces “Yeah, you can come check out my room…if you want.” You felt as though there was more to his offer and when you saw the glint in his eyes and the smirk gracing on his lips you were proven right.
Grabbing his hand you stood and began tugging him to the exit “Yeah I’d like that…” You looked at the man questionably  as you trailed off. “Joby, my names Joby.”
Joby led you into the room, it was small with a bed in the middle, black clothes strewn across the floor, a guitar resting against the wall. The scent of smoke and cologne filled your senses as you stepped inside. 
Joby turned to you with his arms outspread “This is my temporary home” He began pointing out parts of the room “This is the TV, the bathrooms over there, and this…this is the bed.” He walked over and sat on the mattress.
You stayed standing in the middle of the room taking everything in “It’s a pretty nice place not bad for a motel” you giggled.
“You’re pretty” his voice called out. “Really pretty” licking his lips as he looked you over “You wanna strip for me?”
A wave of heat flooded your cheeks. The alcohol was loosing its affect and you wished you had more to calm your nerves. You came here with explicit intentions although you were hoping he would be the one stripping for you.
You watched as Joby placed his arms behind his head, leaning back against the headboard as he watched you with a smirk. “C’mon baby I gave you a show earlier now give me one.”
You took a breath and with shaking fingers grasped the bottom of your shirt before pulling it over your head. Too embarrassed to meet his gaze as you began swaying your hips to a nonexistent rhythm. Allowing your hands to roam your body caressing your chest before reaching around to unclasp your bra. A moan captured you attention glancing up..
Joby was exposed, a hand wrapped around himself slowly jerking up and down, hooded eyes looking right at you. “Why’d you stop baby girl?” eyebrow raising as a smirk graced his lips “Something get your attention?” 
The heat between your legs throbbed at the sight. The tip was pink and leaking with each stroke of his hand. The slick sound filling your ears.  Slowly lowering you crawled towards him wanting a taste.
Joby slowed his movements, watching your parted lips and the way your tongue escaped to wet them. Using his head he motioned towards his cock “You wanna suck it?” All you could muster was a moan in response. He laughed at your eagerness before resting back against the headboard, “Then do it.”
He was hard under your fingers the skin wet with precum that he’d already smeared. Leaning down you placed kisses from the base to the tip. Allowing your tongue to slip out occasionally and gather the wetness. The breathy moans from above spurred you on, sucking the tip slowly.
Peering up, Joby’s eyes were directly on your mouth, lips captured between his teeth, cheeks red. When his eyes met yours he let out a whiny voice “Just suck it already and stop messing with me”
Popping him from your mouth and began stroking him slowly “You’re kind or rude ya’ know” You giggled as his brow furrowed at your words but only whimpers left him mouth. “If you want something you should ask nicely.” As Joby opened his mouth you reached up your other hand and caressed his balls causing a loud moan to slip out.
His voice was breathy and desperate “Please suck me off and…and sit on my face while you do it” All your motions stopped as your eyed widened whenever you feel confident he seems to throw you off. You could feel the wetness dripping from your thighs as you stood and removed your panties before placing your core against his lips.
Before you could fully lower yourself on his face Joby had gripped your hips and pulled you down onto him. The warmth of his tongue delving into you licking the arousal from your walls. Your vision grew blurry with pleasure as you lost focus of everything except the feel of his tongue against you.
A slap on your ass broke got your attention as he mumbled into your cunt “Don’t forget about me sweetheart.” You could hear the smug tone of his voice even though it was muffled.
Leaning down you allowed his cock to slip past your lips down the back of your throat. The second Joby felt the warmth of your mouth around he groaned into you, “Oh god….that's good baby.” The vibrations found there way to your clit as you began to grind against his tongue.
All that could be heard was moans, sucking, and wetness . All that could be felt was Joby. His tongue on your clit, his fingers inside you, his hand gripping your thigh, his cock in your throat. It was so much your body was shaking with pleasure as you attempted you keep your body up.
Joby altered between lapping at your clit gently to sucking it between his lips. Tears and saliva were running down your face as he fucked your throat while you moaned and chocked around him. You could tell he was close as his grip tightened on your thigh and his cock twitched in your mouth. Moaning in anticipation, wanting him to come on your tongue. His tongue and fingers worked faster against you wanting to bring you to the the edge with him. At this point he was just rubbing his face into it covering his face in you. It was causing the knot it your stomach to tighten until it bursted. Light filling your eyes as you convulsed above him, every muscle tightening, and then relaxing.
As your pleasure was subsiding you could taste the cum in your mouth, you swallowed it.  At some point Joby had came too. You both laid still panting as you attempted to steady your breathy. Everything felt hazy. There was a light pat against your ass as Joby’s raspy voice spoke “Alright time to get off, sweetheart.”
You laid together under the white sheets, body light and tingly, the cheap motel mattress felt like a cloud beneath you as you drifted away absorbed in the afterglow of pleasure. The strong smell of smoke filled the air. As you turned you saw Joby bring a burning cigarette to his glistening lips, inhaling.
As he blew out the smoke he looked towards you “Want some?” Usually you didn't smoke but this felt like a good time to. He brought the cigarette to your lips and held it for you as you breathed in the smoke. It tasted bad and burned as it went down but you didn't mind. 
Joby watched mesmerized as you inhaled and laughed as you coughed after. Brining it back to his own lips once again. “After I finish this do you wanna fuck for real?”
I hope you lovelies enjoyed it!! This is like my second time writing NSFW so hopefully it is good, thank you for reading 😊
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To the Batman 💌
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60 followers?!?! Y’all are the greatest! I really can’t express how much y’all’s support means to me. I really have been 100% down on myself for not being able to write well or liking “weird” characters so I’m super happy that there’s people who enjoy what I do. As always, requests are open! 🖤🖤🖤
More (Very Random) Eddie HCS!
He likes Across the Universe’s cover tune “Hold Me Tight”. Just seems like something that would make him happy.
This man watches 2000’s Disney movies in private. He probably has a dvd corner with Atlantis or The Road To Eldorado in the mix.
Definitely has a squishmallow or 2 on his bed. I can see him having the mouse or maybe even the dragon. Just something random that he loves.
I can see him having a sticker collection. Probably has amassed a rather large collection ranging from stickers from things like the grocery store or work stuff to just going to the dollar store or online from places like Etsy and Amazon to get the books of stickers or cool individual ones. He doesn’t usually use them so they’re predominantly in a folder or a binder.
He plays Animal Crossing. Can’t change my mind. I don’t even play AC but you can tell.
Eats Frosted Flakes and watches TV on days when he can slack a little on getting to work. It makes him feel like he’s got a bit more freedom.
May or may not have themed office supplies. I can see him having some random little office supplies from places like Daiso or an anime store near him. Just so he can have the occasional cute notepad with something like a corgi hanging out on it.
Sometimes he goes to Petsmart or PetCo and just looks at the fish in their tanks. He’s thought about getting a beta fish or some guppies.
He has a favorite pair of fuzzy pajama pants. They’re black and green and he’s had them for 6 years.
He was quietly a SpongeBob lover for a little bit when it came out. This is another thing I’ll fight anyone about.
And lastly, he feels like the kind of guy to really like the blue raspberry and green apple Juicy Drop candy. Especially the sour gel part.
Thank you all again so much for your support! Hopefully these were fun and not too ooc, even for hcs. Love y’all and keep sending things in! Here’s a meme too! It’s not mine but it’s super funny. 🖤🖤🖤
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🎬 Swiss Army Man (2016)
Directors: Daniels
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please just one chance!
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