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OK so on the one hand I don’t think I can narrow this down to even a top 500 songs but on the other hand I LOVE YELLING ABOUT MUSIC SO THANKS FOR THE OPPORTUNITY

I’m just gonna pick 5 songs I love that make me wanna dance for DANCING IS JOYFUL

1. Nate dogg and Warren g - regulate


OK so I’m a Michael Mcdonald STAN first off, and the sample is fucking perrrrrfect. The whole thing is so fucking smooth??? And just like… The nerdery? The craftsmanship?? The unbridled joy???? And both their voices are so fucking amazing!!

And also the structure of the song is really fkn weird actually?? There’s no hook but you don’t really notice?? It’s more like a classic folk song

I LOVE IT TO DEATH AND BEYOND. You could chop both my legs off and I’d still get up to to dance to it, and still not be able to get that REGULATORS yell in time cos it’s at a weird fucking point but that’s OK cos the MAMA! would be perfectly in time and then the it was a clear black night a clear white moon etc etc etc (and obvi I did the cowboy movie prelude up to the yell in perfect time cmon)

2. Funkadelic - can you get to that

Maybe not the most memorable song on the album but it’s so fucking fun!! A joy to sing along to!! Unsurprisingly funky and lyrically brilliant!! I love the melding of the voices!!!!!!

3. Ice cube - you can do it

That beat though!!! How are you not going to dance?? Whenever I’m thinking about the list of ppl I’d happily listen to rapping a fucking menu out loud (a frequent occurrence TBH) I never immediately think of ice cube and then I’m always like BUT OK WHAT ABOUT ICE CUBE? Amazing vocal control, amazing use of voice as instrument.

‘ask the bartender if you think we lie’ is such an odd almost Shakespearean construction??? I love that it’s in the same verse as 'baby bounce them tits’, what can I say.

The 'we be clubbing’ and the 'freaky gyration is close to fornication’ always make me laugh. And as someone who has a. Spent their life telling their idiot friends to get their arse up and hurry and b. Has a gazillion cousins, it speaks to me on a cellular level

4. Nina Simone - funkier than a mosquito’s tweeter

THAT fucking beat though!!! 😱😱😱 Voice as instrument voice as instrument voice as instrument omg!!! The unaccompanied bits?? The whispering? LYRICAL FUCKING BRILLIANCE ALSO

5. Easy star all stars - the girl is mine

Adfgff the original, especially the bit where mj and Paul m are speaking arguing over who said girl likes better is so dumb??? It makes me cry laughing and I’m pretty sure that’s not the intent!!

Whereas this (reggae) cover is just straight good!!!!!! And smooth as fuck and funky as hell!!!!!

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To everyone attending black lives matter protests, I have an idea approach:

What if some of you guys start singing “Blackbird”, its a song written by Paul McCartney about the struggles black people have been through.

Any song that supports BLM would also work too!!

This in my opinion is a more “peaceful” approach for those who don’t want to be violent during the protest.

If anyone has any other ideas please feel free to comment!

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Anyone else find it frustrating when people talk about the “I wake up fell out of bed” break in A Day in the Life as being “Paul’s part” without also acknowledging he was responsible for the orchestra cacophony??

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