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#paul the lost boys
theyreonlynoodlesmike · 13 hours ago
Rating the Lost Boys Characters Based on How Easily I Think I Could Pull Them
Disclaimer: I'm having a manic episode and this was funnier in my head- loosely based on the TikTok trend
1. Paul
Tumblr media
I think he's definitely the easiest out of the boys to pull in general and, given my personal track record, I think I could definitely successfully pull Paul. Hyper hairmetal/punk boys love me for some reason- I don't know why, but I will be using that to my advantage in this situation. And, considering my recent success? Definitely. While this man would make me incredibly shy because I'd immediately be in love with him, that's when my sarcasm kicks in and I think he'd love that. Paul does seem like the type where he'd take the hint of me just looking at him and would approach me first. Overall, I think I'd pull him 9.8/10
2. Star
Tumblr media
Star is probably the only one that I would actually be persistent enough to pursue to the point of talking to them first. Generally, hitting on women is a lot easier for me, just because the idea of being rejected by a man is devastating to me but the idea of getting rejected by Star is completely fair. I'm usually pretty successful when it comes to women and the fact that she was interested in David at some point is a really good sign for me because I've been told an embarrassing amount of times that give off David energy. And, the fact that she chose Michael- Michael? Overall I think my chances are pretty high solid 9/10
3. David
Tumblr media
A lot of my friends seem to think David would really like me, but I don't know how to feel. While I am a natural brunette, my hair is currently dyed blonde and from what we see he only really goes after brunettes so I think that's kind of a shot to the knee for me. Also, if I'm honest, David would probably intimidate the shit out of me to the point where I would never approach him. BUT, if I happened to be in a scenario where I was already talking to him and given I have a habit of purposely being overconfident/extraverted to hide my social anxiety, I think I would probably be playfully mean to him as a defense and he would definitely take the bait on that. So, overall, 7.9/10
4. Dwayne
Tumblr media
I don't know why but I feel like this would go really well for me. Maybe that's just my god complex talking but I can definitely see this working out for me. Also, I know for a fact that if I saw him I would probably just hit on him for shits and giggles. I'm a big believer that Dwayne is the level of conventional attractiveness where he just doesn't get hit on so the surprise would outweigh any potential dumbassery on my part and it would ultimately weigh in my favor. Even if he does eventually reject me, I think he'd at least want to be friends and if he didn't it would still be a funny story to tell later 7.5/10
5. Marko
Tumblr media
Paul and Marko are borderline a package deal, so if I can pull Paul I can probably pull him. Having said that though, idk why but I feel like he'd be the hardest for me to pull out of the guys?? Like if he was alone, I feel like he'd intimidate me to the point where I just wouldn't know what to say to him. There's just something about his vibe that is so 🤌- like I'd probably have to talk myself up to even talk to him and hope to God he'd carry the conversation. I can see him liking that I'm shorter than him and especially liking my music taste based on what Mr. Winter said his music taste would be so I'd give it a solid 7/10
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horror-obsessed · 2 days ago
[ Currently gathered in a smoke circle ]
𝙿𝚊𝚞𝚕 : imagine if i could walk on water like jesus did.
𝚈/𝙽 : Paul, you're literally a vampire. I'm pretty sure you can.
𝙿𝚊𝚞𝚕 : * GASPING, DRAMATICALLY smacking his cheeks * DOES THIS MEAN I'M JESUS?
𝚈/𝙽 :
𝚈/𝙽 : I could only imagine what you'd say if you were actually stoned.
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slashers-hq · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Guys you have to check it my newest acquisition! The Lost Boys earrings! They look sooooo good and are really good quality! The listing for them is below! Check out thekidinside on Etsy!
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auntvamp · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
It totally does and I’m obsessed with it—
I may take a little bit from my splurge writing about where he’s from but hey. Let’s get a roll
Tumblr media
Those blue eyes. They were the last thing I saw before my world ended, no, collapsed, burned down, froze over, before my last bit of life was taken away. Before the true collapse at the hotel. Before the awful screams that tore through the night and took him away. My love. My life. My very best friend was gone. Or so I thought. My new life as a eternal creature of the night brought grief to my heart every passing day and night to know that my love who’s eyes stung in my head was gone. My goof and the one who knew how to make me smile. My world was indeed all gone. The whole universe— vanished.
As nights went on, the days shortened into nothing, all I dreamt about sometimes is those last moments. Him. I didn’t even get to kiss him goodbye.
My eyes shot open as I awoke from another dream. I won’t dare call them a nightmare. Never. He’d never cause a nightmare.
I bore my fangs unwillingly as sleep shook itself from my cold bones and the rail from the shafts groaned as I soared down from it to land onto the damp ground.
I’d found some sanctuary in a old barn in the country. No one would really look here. I’d spent years upon years of searching for a safe place for myself. Many have come to pass but this little wood shack I must say, has been the best. Well or I thought so.
It smelled of dampened wood and decay. But it was my home at the moment. I’d journey out to a nearby town to at least catch a drink and go back to this barn to shut myself off from the world. My grief, anger, and sadness was too strong to even want to live, well not live, but to go on anymore. I missed Paul, my dearest, too much and it hurt to be in a cruel world without him. I can remember our past life. The life full of love and honestly full of liveliness and I cherished what I could remember from it. But his blue eyes. The crystal blue eyes were there. I felt them in my heart almost. Like he wasn’t all gone. 
From what I could remember— his hair was always a mess. As if a birds nest, you’d think a robin could make a home from it. It was always kinda shaggy, longer than the normal mans, but Paul himself was far from normal. I admired him for it. His smile never disappointed as whenever he flashed it, you’d feel a warmness over take you. He always wore a torn white shirt and some brown pants that he’d brought with him to Santa Carla when he first arrived. Well, when we arrived. He always needed to have a bracelet though. Of some sort. Either just leather simply tied around his wrist or a simple gold band. He just needed it there. It was something you could say, a Paul thing. I hummed to myself as I thought about it.
But back to arrivals? We both came from the eastern side of America. Where crops grew bountifully. We caught a train cause honestly, we both weren’t cut out for slinging hay at animals, I say this as I currently live in a barn, and we just felt like farm life just wasn’t it. So to the new land. For gold too? I cant even remember it all honestly, but we thought it would be better to have a life there instead of the same boring— settle down on a farm and start a huge family and die doing the same thing for your children to do. That wasn’t us. If we’d wanted to have something like that, hell, we’d do it in the new town we’d travel too.
But in this barn. It reminds me of the times before Santa Carla, sometimes I wish we went somewhere else so we could’ve stayed together, lived a happy life, and die in our own time. But no. That Vlad guy had to strike David’s interests.
I scoffed as I wiped my mouth as blood tried to roll down my chin. I went over the past again and again in my head. Not even caring that a person laid dead and lifeless in front of me, blood scattered as usual. I shook my head as I thought again. His eyes looking back at me with worry. My hands shot up into my hair and I took a ragged breath as I hunched over into this overwhelming sadness. I felt like I needed to go back to that cursed town but sometimes I could never bring myself to do it.
It felt like a throb in my lifeless heart as I thought about that little town of Santa Carla. The smell of salt air instead of the occurring smell of dampened wood and the country side. Maybe if I went to the town I’d find some relief. Maybe I could let my mind and soul at ease knowing that my loves spirit roamed those shores.
The next night I’d made my journey across the night sky to the Santa Carla county lines. The place was alive with lights and laughter, a place that held Paul’s essence. Laughter was indeed Paul. Always was. He could make you laugh and his laughter was contagious itself. I chuckled as I landed on the beach away from some people in the dark to not be seen.
The soft sand felt nice under my feet as I shoved my hands into my pockets. I brought myself to start walking towards the boardwalk, I remember faintly of them starting construction on it. The old piers that used to accompany these shores were now gone. I’m sure no one needs any ships coming in and out of ports now. Time flies doesn’t it?
I walked up the wooden steps as they creaked under my weight, the night life on the arcade themed board walk brought a smile to tug at my lips. It smelled like him even. Maybe my body subconsciously missed him too I assumed.
I walked around and just smiled as I looked observed the new, or new to me, surroundings.
Clowns and people in costumes made little children squeal with delight. I’d pass a child tugging at its guardians hand to go to a ride or to meet someone fun. It reminded me of him, how he’d always try to pull or drag me into something fun. Sometimes not always safe or correct per day, but fun and a little mischievous.
The place smelled of Paul along with the sweet scent of sugar. I’d snag a handful of cotton candy as I passed a cart and went on my venture. Everything here brought me a lost happiness. From the crowds of people, to the fun neon yellow and red lights. It felt like home once again. It made my old little barn feel like a shack that should’ve collapsed decades ago.
I took a bite out of the pink fluff that I held and looked around the crowd, scanning out where I’d like to go next.
And right in front of me— we’re the worlds most beautiful blue eyes.
I paused for a moment, my jaw dropped for a second as I stared back at this man. His hair was a mess of blonde, some of it rolling down his back and shoulders. A black coat along with a mesh top covered his torso and stained white pants seemed to stand out within his attire. Scruff coated his chin and the same expression I held looked right back at me.
It felt as if my heart would leap out of my chest. Tears stung into my eyes as I dropped the cotton candy and rushed to him. It couldn’t be him. No, it smelled of him. It was him!
He took me in his arms before I could even body slam him into a hug.
“Oh shit, babe— is tht really you?” His voice cracked with tears as I buried my face into his neck. His arms wrapped around me as I sobbed into him. His grip was tight and he swayed us back and forth, you’d think we’d been away for the summer, you’d never guess decades. But this was only something we both knew.
“Yes. Yes it is” I choked back trying not to go into pure dramatics. I pulled him closer to me. I held onto him as if he’d slip away again. We didn’t say a word for a few minutes before he pulled back a little to look me into my e/c eyes.
“Where have you been?” He whimpered as his bottom lip stuck out. Tears swelled in his eyes too as I looked up at him. Having to take the ball of my hand to push some salty streams from my cheeks
“I’ve been longing for you”
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otonokis · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
he can't do that marko
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theyreonlynoodlesmike · 2 months ago
Request idea: After feeding, the Boys are passing through the graveyard. To their amusement they see a drunk girl who is talking to a gravestone. They eventually realise that she is talking to her dead fiancé. Even though she’s crying and her words are slurred, they are genuinely moved, as her sorrow and pain are very raw and real. A small part of them feels sorry for her, but a selfish part of them see it as fate. If they hadn’t killed her lover, they would have never met their mate. *sips tea*
I'm in a goth romance mood so this is gonna be sad as shit
Apology Flowers (poly!lost boys x Fem!reader)
Warnings: angst, regret, sad shit supreme,
Word Count: 1.3k
Tumblr media
The boys were making their nightly rounds. They'd eaten early in the night, and now they were just driving around the city to kill time before they went to bed for the day. The boardwalk had been dead, with nothing worthy of their attention going on that night. Marko had muttered something about how it must've been a weekday. But, a night drive was as good as a way to spend their time as any way else.
The boys sat back on their bikes and planted their feet on the ground. They were stopped at a red light, and the four of them looked around when David heard something. He glanced towards the cemetery, swiping at his nose as a smirk grew on his face. Perhaps they'd have a second course. But, as their eyes focused on the sight, they saw you.
You were sitting on top of a grave, a fresh one from the state of the soil. David's grin fell, and the boys quieted. They could hear your sobs, see the bottle in your hand. The glint of a ring on your finger. Your words were slurred as you said,
"Today," She hiccuped and wiped your face. "Today was 'upposed to be the big day." A sad smile crossed over your face, before it turned into another sob. You ran a hand over the grave. "You would've- would've loved my dress. Had lace and- and-" You were moving, changing how you sat and leaning your back against the stone. They watched as you took another swig from the bottle before you continued your drunken rambles.
Usually, they'd think someone like you was easy pickings, probably even make jokes about why you were crying. But, they couldn't deny the pull they felt. The pull they all felt.
You were theirs, and you were in pain.
The light in front of them turned green, but none of them moved. How could they? They'd found their mate and you were snivelling in a graveyard, possibly trying to drink yourself to death. And, when you exclaimed,
"God, why- Why did you," You paused to throw the bottle. "Why did you have to go get yourself killed!" The boys were nearly positive that they might've had something to do with it. They couldn't know for sure. Not truly. But, it was more likely than not.
David looked over at the rest of them. He could see the way Paul was tilting his head, staring at you. As if his brain was already coming up with ways to talk to you. If he'd stumbled onto you by himself, he probably would be already. Marko was staring at you the same way, but his expression was unreadable. Even to the bleached blonde. And Dwayne? Dwaynes eyes had shifted to him. They gave eachother a knowing glance, and, while David was revving his engine and pushing his bike forward, they silently agreed to come back.
They'd come back without their bikes, just to find you asleep on the ground. You were curled up in a little ball, the late night chill nipping at your skin. They'd flown down, and David had let out a sigh when he saw you. They couldn't just leave you.
All it took was a minor pat down and they'd found your wallet, along with your driver's license. Once they had your address, the only thing left to do was get you there. Dwayne had been the one to offer to carry you, and none of them had argued. They'd flown you back to your house, even going through the lengths to break in. Paul was good with a lock when he wanted to be, but Marko had decided time was of essence and used his strength to open your back-door instead. Marko whispered,
"I'll buy her a new lock later." As Dwayne carried you over the threshold. They'd looked around, taking in the sights of your house. It was nice, but they frowned when they saw that it was littered with funeral home bills, wedding plans, and photos of you with who they assumed was your fiance. Paul picked one of them up, looking down at the photo.
"Fuck." He said a little too loudly as Dwayne set you gently down on your couch. You made a noise and they all froze, only for you to turn onto your side and fall back asleep. They all glared at him, and Paul's only response was a mouthed, "Sorry." And then he held up the frame. And, there he was. Your Mr. Right. David sighed as he looked at the picture. Of course, he thought. They had, in fact, eaten him about a little over a week ago.
Nothing can ever be easy, David thought. He looked at the others, and then nodded towards the back door. They needed to leave, think about how they'd approach this. It was as they were leaving that Marko noticed a book on your table, and he swiped it without a second thought.
When you woke up on your own couch, you'd done a double take. Your bones were stiff and your head was swimming. You held your head, trying to remember how you got home. The only thing you could remember was that you'd gone to a liquor store, and tried to drink your body-weight in alcohol. Everything after that was a little fuzzy. You groaned as you sat up, and decided to ignore the dirt on your clothes in favor of getting yourself some ibuprofen.
You went about your week the same as you'd been ever since your fiance had passed. You forced yourself to eat breakfast, took a shower, checked a day off the calendar, and then went back to sleep. Anything else seemed like too much energy. Plus, you had the time off for your honeymoon. It was a glum thought as you looked out your bedroom window.
Things had been weird. You'd found that your back door lock was broken, but nothing seemed to be missing at first. It wasn't until yesterday that you realized you couldn't find one of the books you'd been meaning to return to your friend. The language of flowers book you'd been using to plan your wedding. You picked at your comforter, trying to think of where you could've misplaced it. When you looked at your clock, you let out a little sigh.
You'd been at home for days, and you'd finally decided to drag yourself out of bed. You didn't have anywhere you could go, anyone you wanted to see. So, the only place you could think of was the cemetery.
Your feet dragged as you walked through the rows, and you sighed as you walked a path that you'd almost memorized. Tears were already building in your eyes as you looked up from your feet, but you froze at what you saw. There was a bouquet.
It was a bouquet of purple-blue hyacinths and white lilies. You'd spent the past months studying flowers for your arrangements, and you were more than aware that lilies were a funeral flower but hyacinths? You kneeled, reaching out to touch the bouquet. Your brows furrowed together, a swirl of questions in your mind. Anyone could've visited the grave, so it shouldn't have mattered. It wouldn't have mattered if you could just remember what hyacinths were for.
You ended up going home to go through some of your notes, the ones that were scattered on your dining room table. You knew hyacinths had been put on your "avoid" list, but you couldn't remember why. It wasn't until you found one of your notepads that you remembered. A chill went down your spine as you read the words. There, in your own handwriting, was scrawled,
"Hyacinths - apology flowers."
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horror-obsessed · a day ago
I question myself daily, “ is there a way to bring my boys to life ”?
WEEEELLLL, I found out they're actually designing a 3D virtual reality headset, where you can speak to any fictional character of your choosing. It's probably not gonna come out for a few years but when it does, 𝘣𝘪𝘵𝘤𝘩 𝘐'𝘭𝘭 𝘩𝘢𝘷𝘦 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘮𝘰𝘯𝘦𝘺 𝘶𝘱𝘧𝘳𝘰𝘯𝘵.
It's supposed to be legit and they'll be EXACTLY like the character you want.
Just know, me and Paul? Yeah we'll be at the club.
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goldenspurr · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(Incorrect quote from @fanged-lostgirl )
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bakerstreet-and-beyond · a month ago
The Lost Boys & The Musicians they Remind me of:
Paul - Duff McKagan, Guns and Roses
Tumblr media
Dwayne - Peter Steele, Type O Negative
Tumblr media
David - Billy Idol, Billy Idol
Tumblr media
Marko - Bill S. Preston,  Wyld Stallyns
Tumblr media
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