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its them,,

for @floq!! we did an art trade!

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Happy late Valentine’s Day lol. This was supposed to be a late Christmas gift for my friend! But it is now a late valentines gift. 🌟💯 how time flies.

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It’s funny that people always see Paulina and Sam as opposites, or foils. But you know, they’re both overly concerned with fashion and self-expression, and with hierarchies and social/power structures.

Paulina deals with the social pyramid by conquering it, and Sam by rebelling and refusing to play the game.

Both have a little clique they surround themselves with–Sam has Tucker and Danny always at her side, Paulina has Star (and a zillion hanger ons.)

You know who’s actually quite different from either of them? Jazz. She doesn’t challenge the social structure in any way, and supports it seamlessly without seeking control or change (See: her devotion to school spirit).

Jazz comes across as very earnest in a way that Paulina does not. She seems much more like a true believer in following social norms and expectations, as opposed to Sam’s defiance or Paulina’s self-interest. In being so enthusiastically conformist, she’s almost more Sam’s opposite than Paulina.

Meanwhile, she has no friends or clique that we’re shown. She’s always studying or reading. The ones time she’s shown talking to a group of teens, they all leave in disgust at her obsession with overachieving.

Also, Jazz is possibly the show’s biggest lover of pink (which Sam hates above all else). Her entire room is solid pink. Why isn’t she wearing pink then? It’s a well-known axiom that redheads shouldn’t wear pink. Correct or not, it could keep Jazz from wearing it.

It’s probably easier for Sam to tackle Paulina for her “conformity” than Jazz. Jazz can’t be dismissed as shallow or materialistic. She generally behaves in a kind/considerate way. And yet she is absolutely an upholder of the sort of rah-rah let’s all do our best and excel at social-expectations! rhetoric that Sam hates.

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My favourite gal! ^-^

Here are my headcanons~

A) Even though she adores Danny Phantom, Paulina secretly has a crush on Danny Fenton too.

B) Paulina runs an inviso-blog where she posts any and everything about her beloved ghost boy. It gains popularity very quickly and actually helps boosts Phantom’s reputation in the eyes of the public. It’s also where Paulina shares her (alongside many other fans) self-insert fanfiction…

C) Paulina’s mother left when she was very young. She doesn’t really remember or care to know about her and maybe sort of resents her because she can tell her father still misses her and was deeply hurt by what happened.

D) This isn’t really as unrealistic more so than it is just a lack of development in canon, so I’m sort of expanding on that.

Despite the show trying to tell us that she’s a ‘shallow witch’, and fanon depicting her as such with the constant need to ‘redeem’ her, Paulina is actually a very sweet and bubbly character. She’s optimistic and has a lot of self-confidence. Although she can be vain and materialistic, she’s really not as much of a ‘mean girl’ as she is stereotyped to be. Doesn’t mean she isn’t though, she has certainly been insensitive towards others. She can be quite rude and very blunt, but the majority of the time she does try to avoid conflict unless of course someone else antagonizes her or treats her badly first. It’s like that quote from The Aristocats: “Ladies do not start fights, but they can finish them!”

Thanks for the ask! ❤

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Previews for the A-Team A-listers!

I love coming up with outfit ideas for all these characters. I still got a few more to sort through but I should be posting the full pages for the main trio soon. Hopefully ii’ll be worth the wait!

Also here’s a bonus Kwan in a Cheongsam/Changshan in celebration of Chinese New Year~

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Phantom’s Sketchbook: By AkoyaMizuno: Mr. Lancer finds himself in an unparalleled situation, he has access to something which can give him incredible insight into the personal workings of Amity Park’s local ghost teen hero, Danny Phantom. 

Additional Tags: Revelation Fic, Caring Mr. Lancer, Secret Identity

Get Out, Get Gone: By Anthrop: There’s a weight to you now that wasn’t there before. You’d think with your powers—(and doesn’t it feel strange to call them that, when you shake and shiver at the sight of your bones under your meat, when you walk down the stairs and your feet don’t touch anything at all)—you’d weigh less, be less. A thing of smoke, and ectoplasm, and all that awful electricity arcing through your nerves. But that’s not what happened.

Additional Tags: stream of consciousness-style writing, anxiety, Danny’s going through it bro

Of English Projects and Revelations: By Nyomio: Dash just wanted to get a good grade on his English Assignment. He had figured there was a solid chance that putting himself, Paulie, Val and Fenton in the same chat would end poorly, but he hadn’t expected things to escalate quite as they did. With all the chaos around him, he just has to ask - will they ever work on their English Project?

Additional Tags: chat fic, hurt/comfort, humor, revelation fic

Jumping At Shadows: By sapphireswimming: Dash has a problem and he needs Danny Phantom’s help. So he decides to get it by… blackmailing Danny Fenton?

Additional Tags: Humor, ghost hunting, suspense, Dash admires Danny Phantom

omnis immunde spiritus: By aloneintherain: Danny’s eyes were fixed on the locker, never-moving, as though he could see straight through the wall and over to the other side. For a split second, Kwan could have even sworn that Danny’s eyes shone silver, like the eyes of a deer, glowing under headlights.

What the fuck, he thought.

Additional Tags: guys in white, friendship, spooky ghost kid danny fenton, POV outsider

Parasite: By DarkNymfa: Danny had to know that Vlad Masters—Vlad Plasmius—was trying to kill him. All Vlad needed for him was to get too fed up, go too far…To end it. Before Plasmius could do worse.

Additional Tags: angst, angst with a happy ending, possession, self-sacrifice 

Redemption: By SassyArtFarts: After a vicious fight between known antagonistic pair: Danny Fenton and Dash Baxter, Mr. Lancer comes up with a way to hopefully get them on better terms as they work together preparing a restoring project of an old summer camp. However, something else watches, waiting, wanting to be restored. It’s ancient, it’s resentful and it’s starving.

Additional Tags: bully redemption, Mr. Lancer is dealing with dramatic children, not phantom planet compliant 

Interwoven: By Lynse: In the Far Frozen, a portal opens up and doesn’t close. In the NYC, Jake is suddenly faced with freak snowstorms. And Danny? Danny’s just trying to figure out why he’s supposed to be the one dealing with all of this.

Additional Tags: crossover, ghost king danny fenton, developing friendships, misunderstandings 

Until Death Do We Part: UnluckyAlis: For someone who fights ghosts, literal dead people, on a near-daily basis, you would think Danny could handle death better than this. He knows most of his enemies were once living, breathing people who died in tragic ways. Danny was once a living, breathing person who died in a tragic way. He just skipped out on the “stop breathing” part of things.

He faces mortality every day, every time he goes ghost. So why can’t he face this? Why is this any different than any other day?

Because it was his friend, and he saw it, and he couldn’t stop it. Because it was his fault.

Additional Tags: Blood and gore, panic attacks, murder, highly recommended super great fic oof

Necromancy: By wastefulreverie: She was curious about the portal, mysterious and full of paranormal potential. At the time, she hadn’t seen any harm in manipulating him into exploring it. Until everything went horribly wrong.

Additional tags: death, necromancy, witch sam, portal accident au

Vanish Into the Witching Hour: By wastefulreverie: Danny finds that odd things tend to happen during the Witching Hour, the prime hour for paranormal activity. 

Additional Tags: identity reveal, witching hour, creepy, angst

Pink Astronaut: By lexosaurus: To Paulina’s dismay, she and Danny Fenton must work together on their English final project.

Additional Tags: pink astronaut, fluff, enemies to lovers, kinda

Tutoring Phantom: By Lexosaurus: It was funny. A year ago Dash was all but praying for Fenton to shut up, but now he would do anything to hear him speak.

Additional Tags: identity reveal, recovery, hurt/comfort, study group

Plenty of Time: By wastefulreverie: When Danny Fenton supposedly runs away, Casper High has quite a few things to say when he returns. Especially in the wake of his apparent “trauma”.

Additional Tags: angst, horror, decapitation, vivisection 

inviso-doodles: By attu: What are friends for if not making you internet famous?

additional tags: artist!Danny, wholesome content, the danny appreciation we need u guys, an obligatory break from all the angst recs this list has 

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realistic: people she date Have to be into horror movies so she can hold onto them during premieres or what’s the point

while it may not be realistic it is hilarious: her friends are avoiding showing her Labyrinth bc she’d probably relate to sarah a little too well and she’d take it as an attack

heart-crushing and awful, but fun to inflict on friends: i don’t even think she means to be cliquey or likes looking down on people. she’s just used to everyone acting like she’s the shit because she’s pretty and popular so why would anything ever question that?

unrealistic, but I will disregard canon about it because I reject canon reality and substitute my own: she keeps the dragon powers in the eeriest ways possible. she uses her too-hard and too-sharp nails to pick scales out of her skin, the bumps of her spine are weirdly sharp, she swears sometimes her pupils are a little diamond-y. i can have a little monster girl paulina, as a treat

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Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Danny Phantom
Relationships: Paulina/Sam 

Archive of Our Own Link: Makeup, Make-out


Sam was still convinced that Paulina was the most shallow creature on earth, truly a wicked witch…but she was a goth, and goths like wicked witches. Plus, it was kind of nice being around someone whose response to a burp wasn’t to throw up their hand for a high-five. Paulina showered every day, which wasn’t something she could say about her two male best friends.

Or, the one where Paulina really wants to do a makeover on Sam, and Sam somehow lets herself be talked into it.

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they are doing hot girl stuff 🕯

​i just wanted to draw these two as girlfriends doing magic together (because that’s what gay people do)

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Hello! Thank you so much for your kind comments. ^-^ I’m so glad to hear you love Pink Astronaut, it’s so rare to find others who do.

I don’t specifically do requests, it’s more if something inspires me then perhaps I will. But those are some great ideas! So who knows…if I have time, I’ll definitely keep it in mind.

In the meantime, I do have some headcanons I can share in regards to Danny and Paulina. In fact, I did one of those otp template thingies a while ago and what better time to share it than now!

I hope you enjoy, and thank you for the ask. ❤

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Danny Phantom AU where everyone figured out Danny’s secret the second he decided to become the town superhero. Except they just… don’t tell him.

It’s obvious the poor kid is trying really hard to keep this secret, and anyway it would be super awkward to go up and talk to him about it, so things stay mostly the same as in canon.

The over dramatic shouting from his parents is just them trying to act like they don’t know it’s really him/and make the ‘superhero’ thing more fun for Danny. They never shoot to kill, and most often they miss on purpose.

Jazz doubles down on the psychoanalyzing because hello??? Her brother died???

Dash continues to bully Danny, but the quality of his insults has noticeably gone down from previous years.

Paulina still has a crush on Phantom/Fenton after he saves her, but it’s toned down a LOT and she will help out with ghost fights in subtle ways when possible.

Valerie wouldn’t be as murderous towards him, but she definitely doesn’t miss him on purpose like his parents.

Sam, Tucker, and Danny are all completely oblivious to all of this. Sam and Tucker’s parents both think they know, and, since Danny’s their best friend, the parents just think they’re fine with it and see no reason to bring it up.

Vlad’s secret is still very much a secret, and he also doesn’t know that everyone else already knows Danny Fenton and Danny Phantom are the same person, since he doesn’t move in to Amity Park until later in the series.

Wes is still trying to ‘expose’ Danny, but really, he just wants everyone to stop pretending they don’t already know his secret identity.

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Paulina will never admit that her dreamy ghost-crush could ever be evil

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Sometimes I remember that Tucker, Valerie, and Paulina don’t actually have brown eyes and I get even more disappointed in Butch Hartman than I usually am

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