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Danny Phantom Neutrals Headcanons
This headcanon is gonna be about the many characters from the series Danny Phantom and see what their relationship with Team Phantom would be in the series ranging from: ally, neutral, and enemy. Now, it's time for the neutrals, Enjoy. Allies here!
P.S. This strangely took longer than the last one!
Warning : Some character explanations will be super long, mentions of death, and other things rated PG-13.
Jeremy and Pamala Manson - We all know Sam's parents think the Fentons are dangerous and bad examples. As much as they don't like Danny when they find out he's Phantom and the reason why is because of his parents Ghost Portal they would get in contact with child services immediately, Only for Team Phantom to come in Danny's defense and Sam revealing her role in Danny's transformation. Knowing they can't reveal Danny out of the fear of Danny being experimented on and Sam's reputation would be destroyed they decide to go silent, but Jack and Maddie are on thin ice seeing their son being half-ghost is their fault. It wouldn't surprise me one bit if they tried to make Sam be friends with the A-listers or make her date Dash or Gregor/Elliot to distance her interaction with Danny. With them being rich they might have interaction with Vlad even becoming friends with him, who would make Sam miserable. But once they find out that the A-listers are a group of bullies, Dash being the leader and that one party where some of the guest up as their daughter, Tucker, and Danny as 'losers', Elliot/Gregor was a fake, and Vlad is half-ghost and has been tormenting the Fentons the alliance is broken. Even though the Mansons are killjoy elitist their main goal is safety and as much as they dislike the Fentons they draw the line at bullying and everything Vlad has done. Over time, now knowing Danny's secret and Maddie and Jack ease up on property damage their dislike becomes neutral, when Danny and Sam finally start dating they'll accept, but wish their dates were a safe trip for ice cream instead of ghost fighting.
A-Lister (Mainly Dash, Paulia, Kwan, and Star) - The only time the A-Lister interact with the trio is to bully them, so I doubt they'll become allies with each other. During, 'Reality Trip' when Danny was exposed and needed to leave the school his classmates were the ones to get him out. Showing that after everything Danny has done for them, they will return the favor. I can see Dash still being a jerk to them (mainly Danny), during sophmore year Danny gains muscles due to ghost fighting and is so untouchable Dash fears being beaten by him so he ignores the young Fenton. Dash still worships Phantom so he somewhat follows Phantom's morals and eases up on the bullying. The two will never be friends and both are fine with that. The rivalry between Sam and Paulina end in neutrally as well. We know Paulina is a daddy's girl mentioning and seeing him multiply times in the series, but never her mother. My headcanon is Paulina's mother is a stage mom and points out Paulina's mole as a flaw or just isn't around. Heck, she's probably one of the reasons Paulina is so fixated on looking good 24/7. I can see Mrs. Manson try to arrange a playdate between Sam and Paulina revealing Sam is rich. Sure, Paulina could blackmail Sam, but if word got out the goth geek was richer than her, Paulina's popularity would crumble so she keeps quiet. During the playdate Sam sees how pushy Paulina's mother and why Paulina is so shallow. The two girls agree that their mothers are annoying and to keep the other's secret. I see Sam and Paulina dynamic similar to Mandy and Mindy from 'The Grimm Adventures of Billy and Mandy' and after the 'Wraith of the Spider Queen' both girls agreed that hangout wasn't bad, but being friends with neither girls cup of tea. Kwan seems nice and only bullies due to peer pressure and to not lose his spot with the A-listers, which is still no excuse. Kwan spent the most time with Sam and Tucker so he probably gain a soft spot for them. Over time Kwan stops bullying and even tells his fella A-listers to knock it off even if it means he getting ban. Seeing that he's some type of scientist or just has a good job in the future he probably stopped hanging with the A-listers. Star doesn't care for the trio and the only reason they interact is because of Dash, Paulina, and Kwan (I don't know if she's still friends with Valerine). Once, Sam's secret of being rich is exposed the A-listers would try to make her join which she refuses. At first they try to blackmail her or something and Sam reveals she's not just rich she's old money rich and most of their parents work for her family. Now realizing the girl they used to bully and her friends could rat them out at any second they avoid her like the plague. Over time Team Phantom while overshadow the A-listers before senior year. I can see once they get older all the A-listers having a falling out with only Dash, Paulina, Kwan, and Star still remaining friends.
Ember - We all know Ember's story - unpopular girl who dreams of being a rockstar gets asked out by a boy to see a movie. She waits for him all night at the movies only to realize she's been tricked. Once she makes it home a fire starts and she's too unconscious to wake up and dies. Once, a ghost and escapes the Ghost Zone she becomes what she couldn't be in life - a star! One day Team Phantom gets a report of a ghost attack outside Amity Park and investigate it. The ghost attack is happening during a class reunion and the ghost haunting the place is Ember. They do their resource and find out how Ember died and try to convince Ember not to kill the man responsible for her death. Only, to find out the guy who tricked her all those years ago is a slob, a loser, and owes a lot of child support, so Ember let's him live to continue his horrid life (like Katara did in that episode when she confronted her mother's killer). Ember feels depressed seeing that she spent years planning her revenge for nothing and wondering if she really wanted world domination in the first place. Team Phantom remind her she has a huge fanbase in both the human and ghost world so that encourages her to focus more on her music. In time she will join Team Phantom, but for now she is focusing on herself.
Freakshow's Ghosts - Unlike Lydia they didn't have a choice being under Freakshow's control and they seem more neutral than evil to me.
Ghost Writer- He'll never forgive Danny for what he did with his first book but seeing how his second book is better he'll let Team Phantom use his library for information.
Desiree - I can see Team Phantom pulling an 'Aladdin' on her and setting her free. She can still grant wishes and now her own, but she'll probably just go off to find herself or something.
Dairy King - He did help Danny escape Vlad and Skulker's trap thingy, but he didn't help with the fight. I honestly think he passes on after 'Bitter Reunions' because that's the only way Vlad got away with all the crazy crud he's done.
Ghost from the Ghost Zone- Let's face Danny has saved both the Human and Ghost world a dozen times so the residents of the Ghost zone either love, neutral, or hate Team Phantom. For the hate part it's for Team Phantom's enemies like Skulker, Spectra, and others who wish harm. The neutral part is for those who don't believe the Halfa exist, in the Ghost Zone Danny Phantom is an urban legend. For those who love Team Phantom is because they helped the ghost or put ghosts in a positive light.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Their high-school graduation was a spectacle. 
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Tumblr media
Girls who talk about you while being in the same room:
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Tumblr media
teenage girls in the early 2000s being obsessed over boys
if you can’t tell it’s that one scene from turning red that was a meme like two months ago
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Tumblr media
:3 paulina
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something’s not right
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Tumblr media
He's running. Spectra got a couple of tag-alongs because she knows Danny won't change in front of them. (outfit random but I like it on him : 3) Danny: ..shitshitshitshitshitshit...
the flats:
Tumblr media
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imekitty · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
I love how Sam and Paulina wear the same swimsuit lol.
Also I'm happy they didn't give her big hips she doesn't actually have like they did in Parental Bonding and Urban Jungle.
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jadeyarts · 8 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
ok but what if they were girl best friends. huh. what then
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goingghostcomic · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
The Paulina pride concepts I’ve been working on
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bitch-i-migth-be · 6 months ago
These are blurry asf and sloppy but i can’t bring myself to give more than some fucks because- Just because.
I mean seriously, amity park memes, they barely have time to survive it why would those things look sharp or crisp?? Let me half live it in my excuses.
Whatever just take this:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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ghostboidanny · 3 months ago
While on a field trip the class get stuck in traffic
Dash: Ugh this is boring. Someone do something!
Paulina: Lets play a game!
Mr Lancer: That’s a great idea, Miss Shanchez, what game do you want to play? 
Paulina: Whoever takes the biggest risk and then deals with the consequences with the most grace wins
Mr Lancer: I don’t know if that’s a good-
Danny, with zero hesitation and perfect pokerface: *turns into Phantom* I win
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Happy late Valentine’s Day lol. This was supposed to be a late Christmas gift for my friend! But it is now a late valentines gift. 🌟💯 how time flies.
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I had an image in my head that wouldn’t go away here you go.
TW: profanity, blood, speeding
Danny Fenton, Tucker Foley, and Sam Manson were missing—and the Amity Park police department seemed to not want anyone to care.
Paulina heard it all through the grapevine—the grapevine being papa didn’t have an indoor voice even regarding important phone calls—getting a report issued had been like pulling teeth for all three families, and papa, a Sergeant on leave after his back surgery, wanted to know why.
“These kids go to my daughter’s school, goddammit! What’s going on over there?!”
Paulina didn’t know if he got any answers. She spent the last four days trying to stave off the overwhelming anxiety that came after those losers disappeared. She didn’t care about them much, personally, nice as Fenton was to her. But when three kids go missing at once, and it isn’t chalked up to running away, the air around you gets eerie as you wonder what’s next.
Paulina and Star didn’t do much for the search—they wouldn’t know where to start. What was it—the first 48? Those were long gone. It was in the back of Paulina’s mind as she drove toward Clarkson’s barn.
“Are we late?” Star asked, checking her phone anxiously. Star Benson was never late. Paulina was sure her own parents were hoping that trait would rub off on her.
(So far, it has not.)
“Just consider anyone already there as being early,” Paulina told her. She did press the gas a little harder, and the little white Yaris picked up some speed.
Clarkson’s barn was out in the sticks, just over the county line, “abandoned” for years but forever known as the perfect place to have a private party with proper refreshments. Dash invited them, though Paulina wasn’t sure if he was throwing the party or if he was latching onto someone else’s plan as an opportunity for free beer. There wasn’t really an occasion for a real rager—graduation wasn’t until June, and currently April still had a bit of a winter bite to it, a Midwestern special.
“So you never answered,” Star began. She locked her phone, and needed a distraction, “are you breaking up with Dash tonight?”
“I…” Paulina just exhaled. She never answered because she didn’t know. What she did know was that it was time to focus on her future—she knew the life she wanted, the posh one she was used to, and she didn’t know if there was room for whatever Dash Baxter had planned in it.
If he had anything planned. That was kind of the problem.
“Depends on if he embarrasses me tonight,” she finally answered. She saw Star purse her lips, unsatisfied but not surprised. “If he shotguns a PBR in front of me we’re—“
“Lina!” Star shouted, and at the same time Paulina caught sight of a shape on the unlit road, too tall and skinny to be a deer but damn if she didn’t break and swerve like it was one. Luckily the side of the road was just mud and grass, no sheer drop offs like there were about a mile back. When they came to a stop, she exhaled, her heart practically vibrating. She looked out the driver’s side window and saw the figure was still there—a person.
“What the fuck?” She tore off her seatbelt and got out, “are you fucking insane?! Who do you think you are?!”
“Lina, don’t do an…” Star began, stepping up behind her friend, but she trailed off after a second. “Holy shit.”
Paulina followed her gaze and fully took in the appearance of the stranger, who hadn’t run away from them.
Standing before her and Star was a bloodied and bruised Sam Manson, looking like she’d walked through hell to get there.
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floq · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
they are horror lesbians <3
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dannyphantom-rewrite · 7 months ago
The motherfucking Corpse-Mobile A.K.A. sam's first car
-The only reason I had Sam be the oldest member of the trio was bc I wanted her to be the designated driver okay
-Grandma Ida gets Sam a second hand Hearse once she gets her driver's licence, and no, Jeremy and Pamela are not pleased with this development.
-Sam, on the other hand is loosing her godamn mind (in the good way)
-There's a rule when you first start driving with a probationary license that you're not supposed to have more than one passenger in the car that's unrelated to you, I'm just imagining Sam getting pulled over for doing something stupid like, idk going 10 miles over the speed limit when it's pouring rain, and since both Danny and Tucker are in the car Danny just goes ghost and argues with the cop, "Does it really count if the extra passenger is dead though?"
-At some point during their freshman year the trio and the A-Listers get into a massive fucking prank war and after Sam glitter bombs Paulina's car, (she had Danny phase in and dump a shit ton of black sparkles into the air vents right before cheer practice got out, knowing full well Paulina and her friends were going to get in the car all sweaty and hot and blast the AC)
-Paulina retaliates by spray painting "Corpse mobile" onto the side of Sam's car.
-The car is absent for about a week after and when it finally reappears in Casper highs parking lot the spay paint is gone and sam's got a funky new decal.
-It says corpse mobile. Complete with little ghosts and a skeleton Flipping the bird.
-so yeah. The Scooby Doo gang has the mystery machine. The trio has the mother fucking
Corpse Mobile.
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thebooo-merang · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Pink astronaut has gripped me tight. I’m in deep!!
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ecto-stone · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tripple Pea
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diddly-darn-ghost · 12 days ago
this took way longer than what its worth but ive had this idea since 2017 so  please enjoy. i will never draw a shot with more than 2 characters ever again
(based on this!)
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jadeyarts · 9 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
paulina has turquoise-teal eyes in canon but ummm more characters need brown eyes im sick of this. so paulina gets brown eyes
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