lutavero · 3 months ago
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The Witcher Season 2 I Mothers
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darinaverbenova · 7 months ago
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noonwraithofrivia · 6 months ago
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I was getting weirdly emotional about A Question of Price lately and I suddenly got possessed by the overwhelming need to draw Calanthe, Pavetta and Duny.
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tiffanyachings · 8 months ago
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I could do better. - PAVETTA FIONA ELEN in The Witcher (2019)
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bookcalanthedaily · 4 months ago
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Women of the House of Raven in history (+ false Cirilla) 
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drenched-in-sunlight · 11 months ago
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i participated in the @beyondthecontinent event and got to team up with the wonderful @chibitabathasloves, who writes a lovely fic for this Yen and Pavetta piece!
thank you for this amazing opportunity  (´ ∀ ` *)
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bamf-jaskier · 2 months ago
Genetic Inheritance of Elder Blood
Alright!! So I decided to do this for one fun. So in Baptism of Fire they discuss how Ciri came to have Elder Blood, you can read a quote here. And I thought it would be fun to come up with a genetic mode of inheritance for how that is true!!
Below is a labeled Pedigree I created of Ciri’s family line. 
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And here is one with family member’s names: 
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So now for some genetics: based on this data I hypothesize, there are two Loci with one gene each. 
Activator Gene
autosomal dominant 
AA and Aa both show the activator gene 
aa is the normal phenotype 
Latent Gene
autosomal dominant 
LL and Ll both show the latent gene 
ll is the normal phenotype 
Now in Baptism of Fire they call Elder Blood the “Lara gene” but based on this data it’s not a separate locus and gene like Activator and Latent are but rather a phenotype that emerges when both these genes are in a dominant form. This gene interaction which forms the Elder Blood Phenotype. If you do not have a dominant allele for on both the activator and latent locus then the Elder Blood Phenotype will not be expressed. In addition, the Elder Blood Phenotype is sex-limited to women, meaning will men might have the genes, it will only ever be expressed in women. 
I included the genotype under every person’s name if people are interested. 
The four genotypes and their phenotypes are:
A_L_      Elder Blood
aaL_      Latent Gene 
aall         Normal 
A_ll         Activator Gene 
If you look below, you can see a sample cross I performed with this hypothesis to show that Calanthe had a 25% chance of being born of Elder Blood. 
Tumblr media
Below the cut I will add some more detailed thoughts about how I came to these conclusions and explain some of these genetic terms if you would like to learn! 
I am also happy to have people scream about this with me in the dms I cannot stress how fun this was. 
To simplify what you are seeing here, all humans have DNA that contains the instructions that basically make up who we are. When you have long strands of DNA it forms chromosomes and on these are genes. The gene is what carries the information that determines your traits. This physical location of trait instructions is called a loci. So you have a gene on a certain loci. A gene is made up of 2 alleles. One allele is dominant and one is recessive. Dominant meaning the trait will be expressed and recessive meaning it will not be expressed. 
For example let’s say you have a gene for curly hair and this is a dominant trait. Each allele will be either dominant or recessive. If both alleles are dominant then you have curly hair. If one is dominant and the other recessive then you have curly hair. If both alleles are recessive then you do not have curly hair. 
In addition, these genes can either be sex-linked or autosomal. Meaning that the gene can sit on the X and Y chromosome if it is sex-linked or they can be vibing someone else if they are autosomal. 
Now when I first started trying to figure out what was what I came to the conclusion quickly that Elder Blood is likely not it’s own separate gene but more likely to be a phenotype, a combination, of activator and latent. Activator and Latent don’t cancel each other out so they are also likely at different loci (positions) on the chromosome. 
So now I had to see if the latent and activator genes were sex-linked, autosomal, recessive, or dominant. For latent and activator, it became very clear that the trait had to be dominant. The recessive ratios did not match. Then for latent you can tell it is autosomal dominant and not sex linked dominant because in generation V male 1 he passes it onto his son which if the trait was sex-linked he could not do as his wife would be recessive and donate the X chromosome to the son while the Gen V person 1 would donate his Y and the son should be recessive. Since this is not the case Latent gene must be autosomal dominant. 
We are not given enough information to tell if the activator gene is autosomal or sex-linked dominant. However this would not change the ratios or outcomes. 
So yeah!! Here’s some thoughts and pedigree stuff I had a ton of fun making this. 
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viktorhargreves · 2 years ago
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karen-kurobara · 14 days ago
The Last Wish - Some moments that I want to highlight.
Well, I have officially finished the first book in the witcher saga and I have every intention of talking about some moments I loved and that are lost in the netflix adaptation.
First, about the cute moments between Geralt and Jaskier (sorry, my love for the relationship, whatever it is, between these two morons is too great).
I love the first mention of Jaskier in the books, ever since I started them I've been waiting for this moment and I wasn't disappointed. In "The voice of reason, part 5", Nenneke (a priestess of Melitele's temple) makes her dislike for Jaskier clear, but Geralt is happy to see him, does not hesitate to call him his friend and even recognizes him as a famous poet. Read the full text, this exchange is gold.
Tumblr media
Nenneke highlights Jaskier as "your famous poet" claiming that Jaskier belongs to Geralt hahaha.
And the icing on the cake, Geralt acknowledges that Jaskier and he are completely different from each other but "opposites attract".
A nice moment that warms my heart for some reason is when Jaskier says that he would become a Gardener. In this same part, Jaskier talks to Geralt about his work as a witch and subtly asks him what he would do if there were no monsters.
Tumblr media
Also, in the chapter "The Last Wish", the same one that names the book, it begins with Jaskier and Geralt fishing. The scene is too long to put too many screenshots of the book, but Jaskier and Geralt seem to really have fun fishing to get breakfast, Geralt being grumpy and Jaskier making the scene much more dramatic and fun.
Tumblr media
At that point I really couldn't help but think how genuine and hilarious their friendship is. Here it is Jaskier who pulls the djinn out of the river, and even when Jaskier is hurt by the djinn, it is a simple situational mistake and is not directly caused by Geralt's anger.
Once Jaskier suffers the wounds caused by the djinn and Geralt takes him to the nearest town in search of a sorceress, meeting Yen for the first time, I want to highlight several things about this encounter and my opinion about the Yen from the books.
But first…!! To put them in context, Yen has put Jaskier to sleep to be able to heal him (just like in the series), Geralt constantly, repeatedly, I could easily count more than 5, Geralt asks how his friend is and if he has already been healed .
Here Jaskier's life is not directly in danger, Chireadan even says that Jaskier will be able to speak, but not to sing.
Other than that, the rest goes pretty much the same as in the Netflix adaptation, but I want to mention a hilarious moment where Yen puts Jaskier to sleep in a nice dream and he starts dreaming about his beloved Virginia, literally moaning in his sleep, and Geralt is there to listen.
Tumblr media
To finish, I just want to say that here the friendship between Geralt and Jaskier is much more expressive, genuine and they really seem like just two idiots having fun all the time (yes, Geralt is one of those idiots).
But it's just that, their friendship is more genuine in the books and I love that, but in the netflix adaptation I can't help but love Joey Batey's Jaskier even more (he's the perfect Jaskier). On the small screen, Jaskier seems, at least in the first season, a little puppy in love, a cinnamon roll and the sun in Geralt's life. I love the books because I see more of their friendship, but that's it (I wish with all my being that they give me more reasons to ship them). Even so Jaskier is still a sun in Geralt's life in the books.
Finally, I want to talk about two important plot points
First Yen, In her first meeting with Geralt, she doesn't seem to be that arrogant and even her outbursts against the town councilors seem justified (when she forces Geralt to beat them up and the witcher ends up in jail for it). Geralt also expresses a pure love for her. Damn, when I was reading the last few lines I genuinely thought of their relationship as "cute", instead of carnal arrogance, eroticism and sex like in the netflix adaptation.
Just finished the first book, I still hope to read a lot more about Yen, but at least in the first book, Yen doesn't seem as arrogant and I don't dislike her as much as the Yen from the first season of Netflix (in the second season I have to admit that I loved her). Yen seems more like an inexperienced witch than someone who flaunts her abilities by causing orgies.
Second, Ciri. To make it short, Jaskier is not the one who takes Geralt to the palace, Pavetta is a simple princess who never utters a word (seriously, not a single dialogue) and it is Geralt who directly and with all intention claims the law of surprise. He knows that Pavetta is pregnant and Geralt says that there are no more witches being produced, that only those children born under destiny can become a witcher, so he claims Pavetta's son, with all the intention of turning him into a witcher just like him. Calanthe is a little reluctant but in the end she accepts and Geralt leaves with the promise of returning one day for that child. I have to be honest and say that this surprised me a lot, because it doesn't match the character I had for Geralt.
But what more can I say, in general, these have been my thoughts on "The Last Wish"
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venator-signum · 4 months ago
I would die for all of the women in the witcher and every single one of them could/would kill me herself
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kaer--morhen · a year ago
funniest modern au take is ciri is geralt's kid cause he was at pavetta and duny's wedding and had a threesome with them that night and everyone knows it's geralt's cause duny is a huge bottom and was busy getting his ass turned inside out by his wife's strapon. also calanthe hates him for this and other assorted reasons
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dapandapod · 4 months ago
Panda. I want some dadralt!!!
#1 - tiny hands in big hands
Hello love! I also want some dadralt!! good thinking! Please have some baby Ciri and Geralt having so many feelings.
Send me a hug prompt?
On Ao3 Hand holding prompts collection
Geralt never considered his hands much.
They are tools of his trade, a part of his livelihood. He uses them to kill, he uses them to heal, he uses them for all things, good and bad.
Mostly bad.
He never expected them to feel like this. He never expected to feel like the whole world would fit into his hand.
That his hands could be considered something safe, something to trust with something as valuable as life.
Her head is small, so small.
She barely has any hair, the strands so pale a blonde that they almost are invisible. Her cheeks are round with baby fat, her eyes glaring up at him in the way only a baby can.
Geralt can’t take her eyes off of her.
There is no way he can hold her, absolutely no way.
He can’t taint her like that, when he is supposed to keep her safe.
Pavetta snorts at his obvious nervousness.
“Come on, witcher. Scared of a baby?”
“Witchers don’t feel fear.”
“You sure? You are shaking like a leaf,” Jaskier pipes up, the traitor.
“Shut up,” Geralt mutters, feeling his hands growing sweaty.
“Come on,” Pavetta says, and the baby in her arms seems to understand what her mother is saying.
Ciri stretches her arms towards Geralt, small, chubby baby arms, her glare still in place. Heart in his throat, Geralt reaches for her.
“Put a hand behind her head,” Pavetta instructs, and Geralt does.
In the palm of his hand, suddenly he can fit the whole world.
She is warm, and she is making the most unreadable face at him. With his free hand he lifts her, cradles her in the comfort of his arms.
No armor can protect him now, no leather or silver can keep the emotions down.
Ciri frowns, her nose scrunching as she blinks up at him.
Geralt dares to shift his grip, putting one hand over her small, round stomach.
His hands look so big. Scarred, calloused, bony even, against her warm, living softness. She makes a sound he doesn’t understand, but Pavetta laughs so it must be a good sound.
“She likes you,” Pavetta says, and Geralt doesn’t know what to do. Ciri’s small hands grab his fingers, pulling at his pinkie and his thumb, trying to pull it towards her mouth.
“Oooh, watch out Geralt, baby bites incoming!” Jaskier teases, leaning forward to look down at the small world in his arms.
Geralt lets himself be guided up to her small face- as she does her best werewolf impression on his thumb, his index finger strokes that soft baby cheek. She drools, her chin and shirt wet with it, and Geralt feels himself smiling.
“Aren’t you glad we came?” Jaskier says softly, leaning against Geralt’s side, but Geralt has no words.
He has big, scarred, old hands, never meant for what he is now holding, feeling, breathing in.
Ciri has small, soft, pink hands that are just a little damp, and Geralt hopes they stay that way forever.
Safe, soft, and unhurt.
“I am,” Geralt finally admits, voice thick. “I really am.”
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monsterfuckerpavetta · 4 months ago
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Guys, they’re the same actors okay?
I keep seeing people talk about how they changed Pavetta or they changed Duny
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tiffanyachings · a year ago
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I did listen, once. Let a hedgehog into my court. It got me Pavetta dead. I won't lose Ciri too.
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bookcalanthedaily · a month ago
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" The Princess descended slowly, her head lowered. The colour of her hair was identical to her mother's - ash-grey. [...] Suddenly he saw Pavetta's eyes, emerald green like her mother's. “ Question of Price, the Last Wish.
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faestorian · a month ago
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Cintran royal bloodline (Calanthe, Pavetta & Cirilla) ⛸- had the opportunity to draw them for @bookcalanthedaily, one of my favourite regular clients~ ❤
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the-geeky-truth · 4 months ago
Here I made a thing again ...
Tumblr media
I wish I had better, clearer opinions on some of the characters in the middle tiers, but they just didn’t get their chance to shine (or ruin it) yet.  
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cahirmawrdyffrynaepceallach · 5 months ago
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vxngerberg · 11 months ago
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▶ "baby outlaw" - elle king ➜ requested by anon
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murderbaboon · 9 months ago
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commission for my beloved @lwiamatka ♥ queen calanthe with her daughter pavetta and granddaughter cirilla of the witcher. [ commission info ]
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