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thebabysitter · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
@thebabysitter’s horror event ↳ week 1: female directed horror film
THE LOVE WITCH (2016) dir. Anna Biller
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horrorbabe2 · 5 months ago
Swimming With The Slashers
Warnings: Some smut. Skinny dipping, touching, etc
Tumblr media
Michael Myers
I really REALLY doubt Michael would go swimming with you. When you ask him he’ll just stand there with no emotion or answer whatsoever. 
Two ways to convince Michael to go to the pool/lake/river/beach with you: 1. Skinny Dipping 2. If he can sit back and just watch you swim. 
After you convince him to take you to the pool he’ll watch your every move. He definitely likes seeing you in your bathing suit and getting all wet. It makes up for him having to be in public, risking getting caught. 
If a man or a women makes any sexual remarks or mean ones they will be reported missing tomorrow morning on the news. All a person has to do is look at you the wrong way and they will be history.
Maybe if you pretend to drown and make it REALLY convincing then he might jump in and save you. Maybe. 
If you are able to pull or push him into the water.. Watch out. He is definitely going to be mad with you. 
“Come on Michael please?” You beg as Michael just stands at the edge of the pool looking down at you. He softly shakes his head no. “Fine, will you help me out then?” You ask as you hold your hand up at him. He takes your hand. To his surprise you grab a tight hold of his arm with your other hand and push yourself off the pool wall with your feet. Successfully pulling Michael into the water. Once he gets up to the surface he gives you THAT LOOK. “Oopsie” you say as you try to swim to the steps. Trying to run away from the punishment you are about to receive. Michael gets to you in no time, quickly grabbing you up. He’ll practically drag you to the car. No more swimming...
Tumblr media
Brahms Heelshire
YES. He’ll totally go swimming with you! But please stay in the shallow end. He has never been swimming before and doesn’t know how to swim.
“You will be wearing only a small bathing suit?” You sigh. “Yes Brahms for the millionth time.” “I’M IN” He screams. 
Please make sure you put sunscreen on this man! He will BURN! and you will be up all night putting cooling cream on his sunburn. 
You will have to teach him how to swim. And it’ll be difficult. He’ll be fine standing up in the pool with you but when you venture out into the deep end he’ll start to panic. “That’s to deep y/n!” “Come back over here!” If you continue to get father away from him he’ll get mad. “Get Back Here.” He’ll say in his mean big boy tone. 
He WILL NOT let you go anywhere alone. And he expects you to be with him when he is in the pool. What if this 6 foot man drowns in 3 feet of water? It’s a possibility! 
Brahms will try to touch on you when you are in the pool. Once you show him your bathing suit he already has his hands on your body. He really likes seeing you all wet. Brahms will totally expect some playtime when you two get somewhere private. 
The only thing he hates, the reason he almost denied your request to go swimming. Someone else will see you! He hates the fact other men can see what’s his. And once he catches a man looking at you it’s time to go home. Brahms will grab you out the water and wrap a towel around you before you could even stop him. 
He won’t go swimming around people ever again. You will have to buy a pool for just the two of you if you want to swim. 
If you do buy a pool to set up at the house have fun. He won’t help you but he will watch you until he gets bored then he’ll go back inside. 
Tumblr media
Otis Driftwood
Sure he’ll go swimming with you but not at some pool. He will take you to his favorite swimming spot. A river that’s up the road. When he was a kid he would go swimming in rivers and lakes so he still does!
He might take you to the one where he made an escape route at if the pigs came to raid the house. He’ll probably take you down the river a ways though so the waters a bit deeper. 
He would definitely swim in his pants. No swimming trunks. 
When you show him your bathing suit he’ll give you a shit-eatin’ grin. “Well hello mama.” 
He will try to take your bathing suit off once you two get into the water. He will grab at you and press himself against you when you are swimming around. He will be like a dog in heat. 
“Otis stop it” You said as you blush pushing his hands away. “Ah come on no ones here mama. Ain’t like someones gonna see ya.” 
Before the swimming trip is over both of you will end up nude. 
Lets just say he will take you right then and there. Even if someone shows up. He doesn’t care. Otis is Otis and he’ll do whatever he wants. 
He will make sure you are okay with it though. He does respect you even if he doesn’t show it. 
Otis will make sure you are safe too. He’ll watch your every move. Especially since you are out swimming in nature. If you dive under the water let him know first! Or he will be on top of you pulling you up out the water. He doesn’t want you to drown, hit a rock, or get bitten by something. Otis will also lather you in sunscreen every 5 mins. He does not want you to get burnt!
If you see a snake or if he sees a snake he will quickly get you out the water then go try to kill it with his knife. Just know if he does kill the snake he will take it home with him. But if he fails and gets bit then he we act unfazed but please take him to the doctor. 
“I ain’t goin to no doctor y/n! I am fine!” He shouts at you. “You are not fine. You’re stubborn as hell yes but not fine.” You fight back. He’ll get in the truck with a grunt and will complain the entire way there. 
Tumblr media
Bo Sinclair 
“Skinny dipping?” You roll your eyes “No Bo.” “Skinny dipping.” “No Bo.” “So skinny dipping?” You sigh and shake your head. 
Bo will definitely go swimming with you. He gets to see you in nothing but a thin piece of material? He is totally in. 
But Bo doesn’t like going into town so he’ll try to find a swimming hole somewhere. If there is a pool in Ambrose then he would take you there. But it’s probably really dirty..and not in working condition.
So you are going to have to convince Bo to take you both to a public pool. “Please Bo. Its hot as hell out here.. Lets go swimming!” You beg him. Bo smirks he likes when you beg him for anything. But he would totally say something like.. “Go run in the hose.” I can see him saying something like that. Once you show him your bathing suit he would give you his signature smirk and suggest that ya’ll stayed home. 
He’ll go but he is going to act like he is annoyed but once the two of you get there and in the pool he would be fine. 
Bo would not let you put sunscreen on yourself. He wants to do it. Mainly because that gives him a reason to touch you. 
Bo would totally splash you and try to play fight. Bo seems like he would totally be into play fighting and wresting with his s/o but he won’t let you win at all. This man can’t let you have a little bit of power. Nope. 
He is kinda like Otis. He would try to touch on you..Well he would just do it. He would grab anything his hands could get a hold of. Your thighs, hips, waist, anything and everything. But if you told him you were uncomfortable since you are in public then he would stop. 
Bo would make sure you were safe. He is surprisingly a really good swimmer! If he saw you go under he would be on top of you within seconds. So if you like diving under Let. Him. Know. 
If you want to jump into the pool off the diving board or wanted to go down a water slide he would let you but he will watch your ever move. And you better come up out the water under 10 seconds or he will jump in and try to save you...even if you don’t need it. 
If you get hurt in any way then it would be time to go home! If you jumped into the pool and scraped you knee on the bottom hard enough to cause the smallest bruise or worse a small cut. Pool trip is over. “Alright enough swimming darlin’” He would say pulling you out the pool. 
If a man looks at you he will get very jealous. He would be all over you. Showering you in kisses. If you were okay with it then he would take you right then and there. Just to prove to that man that you, y/n belongs to Him. And only him. 
If you got jealous or felt bad about yourself from seeing other girls who were ‘prettier than you’ at the pool Bo would take you home and prove to you that you are his. And that you are the most beautiful girl in the world. Very sweet Bo. 
Tumblr media
Vincent Sinclair
Vincent isn’t going to go to a public pool. He is way to shy and he doesn’t want to be looked at as a ‘freak’ because of his mask. Maybe if you got a inflatable pool then he might put his feet in the water but he isn’t going to get undressed. 
Sweet Vincent is insecure. He doesn’t like for people to see him without a shirt and pants on. Vincent also compares himself to his twin. He really thinks that Bo is the handsome twin. Vincent is still scared that you might leave him for Bo. Even though you tell him a million times that you would never leave him. 
When you get the inflatable pool he will help you set it up and will get the hose to fill it. 
Jonesy would totally swim with you. He loves the cool water so you will definitely have a little visitor in the water with you! He loves to chase the water hose too!
When you come outside in your bathing suit he would stare at you. He would look you up and down and kiss your head. Vincent would whisper to you how beautiful you look. But if you felt a bit insecure he would give you one of his shirts to put over your bathing suit. 
Vincent wouldn’t just grab you. He really doesn’t expect anything to come out of this little pool time. But if you wanted something then he wouldn’t refuse. He is a sweet boy.
Vincent would pull a chair up beside the pool so he could sit with you while you laid in the pool. Vincent would rub sunscreen on you constantly. He would hate for you to get burnt. Vincent couldn’t bare to see you in any pain. But if you do get burnt he would coat you in cooling cream every time you asked. 
Vincent would splash you a little with the water inside your little pool. He would smile under his mask every time you laugh or giggle. If you try to splash him back then he would cup both of his hands and make a huge splash! 
If Vincent put his feet in the water and you started to massage them he would blush hard. “Thank you y/n” he would whisper out as he rubbed your head. It would really be very relaxing for him. Massaging any part of this man would help him relax a bit but once Bo started his shit up then he would be tensed again. 
Vincent might get into the pool in his clothes but that would take a lot of convincing. But if you got him wet he might be a bit mad but he would try not to show it. 
“Please Vinny? It’s okay to swim in your clothes. A lot of people do.” You say trying your hardest to convince him. Vincent shook his head slightly and you pouted. Until you got an idea. You got out the pool and walked over to the hose. You dragged the hose to the pool and Vincent stared at you tilting his head to the side. ‘What are you doing?’ is the look he gave off to you. You smiled at him and started to fill the pool up with water as you hummed. You slightly moved the hose over to Vincent resulting in him getting wet from the hips down. Vincent would get a bit mad at you but once he hears you laughing. He would laugh too. 
He loves to hear your laugh. It’s music to his ears and he will do anything to hear that beautiful music. Vincent would try to get the hose from you resulting in both of you getting soaking wet. 
“No! Give it back!” You laugh as you try to get the water hose from Vincent running away from him as he chases you. Once you got the hose you were spraying water all over Vincent as you laughed but he soon tackled you to the ground but not to hard. You both laughed. Your laugh being louder than Vincent’s but his was still loud enough to be heard. 
Lets just say Vincent will totally do this again with you!
Tumblr media
Lester Sinclair
Yes! Lester would go swimming with you! but he isn’t going to go to a pool. This man is dirty lets admit it. He doesn’t mind going and swimming in a lake or river somewhere but if you are uncomfortable with the idea since it is Louisiana. Then he would take you to a pool. He understands that you could possible get bitten by some animal.
When Lester sees you in your bathing suit he will literally drool over you. “My, my honey. You look mighty pretty.” He says in his thick accent while giving you a grin and a soft chuckle. 
You will probably get stared at when you both arrive at the pool because Lester is going to drive his truck. His stinky, roadkill truck. He loves his dirty truck. 
Lets just say you both might get the pool to yourselves! I wouldn’t doubt people picking up their kids and leaving once they see Lester and his truck. Even though he is a sweet boy he does look a bit scary. 
Lester will be like a little kid. He would want to play games and do challenges. “lets see who can hold their breath the longest!” 
Lester would love those dive toys. He likes diving under the water to get stuff. He is a pretty decent swimmer! So if you drop something he would dive after it!
Lester would splash you and horse around with you. He loves to wrestle with you but he can get pretty rough. He is the baby in the family and got beat up by Bo a lot as a child. So you’ll have to tell him when he is being to rough with you. 
He will get jealous if another guy looks at you or talks to you. Lester already feels like you deserve better. He knows another man could give you a better house, car, etc. So he doesn’t quite understand why you are still with him. But please keep reassuring him that you love him to the moon and back!
Lester would make sure you were safe. If you started to drown he would jump in to save you before the lifeguard could. I don’t think he would really want the lifeguard touching you either. 
He would make sure you both put sunscreen on so neither of you got burnt. He would also pack some food! He would pack you a couple sandwiches and some water. He would hate for you to get dehydrated. 
Lester would totally go back to the pool with you! It might end up to be a weekly thing during the summer unless he had some roadkill to pick up or visitors to lead to Bo and Vincent. 
Tumblr media
If you could find a pool around then yeah he’ll go swimming with you. 
Graverobber loves doing things with you from swimming, hiding in dumpsters, and selling zydrate! 
Graves would make flirty comments at you when he sees your bathing suit and once you get wet. He might put his hands on your hips, waist, and hold your lower back when you both are in the pool or out of the pool. But he wouldn’t touch and grab at you. Graves isn’t the type to just randomly touch you without making sure you want that type of attention. 
Graves would totally watch over you to make sure you are safe. He makes it his responsibility to protect you from any harm. He knows you can handle yourself but he would never ever let you get hurt. 
So he would definitely make sure you can swim before letting you swim by yourself! He would also LATHER you in sunscreen. You would also need to lather him in sunscreen too. Your boy pale. He would burn very easily 
Graves is the type to go relax so you will see him relaxing on one of the poolchairs with sunglasses. Occasionally looking at you from over the rem of the glasses (I hope that made sense lol) 
He would soon turn over on his stomach and go to sleep. Awwe sweet Graves.
If you wake him up by pouring water on him, he won’t be mad. But he will push you into the pool or pick you up throwing you in.
“Don’t! Put me down! Graves!” You yell as you try to get out his grasp. He chuckles. “Alright I’ll put you down.” He says as he throws you into the pool. Graves laughs as you come up to the surface and give him a pouty look. You know you can’t stay mad at him so you just start laughing with him. 
Now Graves doesn’t seem like the jealous type but as soon as another person tries to throw you into the pool. He is flammin’. No one touches you besides him. Graves would quickly wrap an arm around you. For the rest of the day he would be practically glued to your side. 
If the person doesn’t get the message that you are taken Graves has no problem letting them know. Now maybe you two can get back to relaxing. 
Tumblr media
Luigi Largo
Luigi probably has a private pool that he would take you to. Since it is indoors there is no need for sunscreen! Yay!
Luigi reminds me of a kid high on sweets so he would totally splash you and horse around a bit. You would have to tell him to stop because he will literally almost kill you by splashing water on you. He is the king of splashing! 
Luigi would totally want to fool around in the pool. There’s no one there so no harm done. 
He would literally give you the smallest bathing suit ever but if other people were there then he would be trying to get you to swim in your clothes. He can’t have other people seeing whats his right?? But then he would turn around and show you off. This man can’t make up his mind. 
He would totally touch on you when you’re in or out of the pool. This man never takes his hands off you. You will have to tell him to stop but he will probably throw a fit  But just a little one. 
Luigi loves you more than anything and will do everything in his power to keep you safe and happy. You literally have him wrapped around your finger but he would never admit it. So he would do anything to make you comfortable! Even if that means killing someone because they made you feel self-conscious. All you have to do is say the word. But you both know you would never ask for that!
Luigi would get very jealous if a man hit on you or tried to talk to you. They would be history! Lets just say that GeneCo would have some new organs.
Luigi would definitely take you swimming again! Because this trip was cut short by him and Pavi fighting. 
Tumblr media
Pavi Largo
Sure Pavi will take you swimming but he isn’t going to get his head wet. So Do. Not. Splash. Him. He doesn’t mind little splashes that would hit his chest but he does not like when he gets splashed in the face! I think we all know why....He can’t mess up his hair!
This man loves to look his best and is insecure but would never admit it to anyone...but he might open up to you about it. 
He is there to relax not play around like a child. He won’t go to deep, risking getting his face and hair wet. 
Pavi loves watching you swim around, showing him tricks, jumping into the pool. He loves all of it. 
Much like his brother he would want to fool around in the pool. But if you say no he won’t force it. Pavi doesn’t mind having sex or doing sexual things with people watching or around but he won’t ask that of you if he knows you are uncomfortable with the idea.
He will try to keep you in his grasp. He would wrap his arms around you, hold your waist, hips, and place his hand on your lower back. Pavi is undoubtingly touch starved. So he loves to keep a hand on you. 
After swimming he would take a bubble bath with you. He would wash your hair and put all types of products in it so its super soft! He would also help you wash your face. Pavi takes great pride in his appearance and yours as well! If he has the best so do you!
Hi! I hope you all enjoyed this! I had tons of fun writing it! I did write this at night so hopefully there are no mistakes lol. Thank you for reading!! 
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thebabysitter · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
There’s a witness, a little girl. She was saying the goddess killed him. 
BULBBUL (2020) dir. Anvita Dutt
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hexx-exe · 3 months ago
Slashers + Repo! Characters protecting you from being bullied (GN)
(yes this is bc I get bullied and need comfort but meh anyway first proper post!!)
Warnings: Bullying, violence and some gore/death descriptions
Includes: Pavi Largo, GraveRobber,Nathan Wallace/Repo-Man,Blind Mag, Sinclair brothers (Seperate), Asa Emory, ChopTop & Bubba Sawyer (seperate),The GhostFace duo (Poly), Wishmaster/The Djinn, Herbert West and Tiffany Valentine 
Tumblr media
Pavi Largo:
*When he finds out you’re being bullied his first reaction was to shout,his already strong Italian accent getting thicker the more he does.
*Isn’t shouting at you, is more shouting to the world. Asking why you deserve this when you’re so kind and amazing, and is practically screaming praises and kind words at you and swearing at the air.
*After he calms himself down slightly, he realizes fully that you’ve been hurt by someone and will console you.He understands how it feels to be pushed around and laughed at.
*Hugs you close whispering how special you are to him.
*He knows he’s not as physically strong or violent as his brother but he is skilled with a knife and holds a lot of social power.
*So he will blackmail them, by threats of sending receipts from embarrassing or scandalous times in their life to the press.Then he will kill them slowly, he’d never make their face into a mask, no matter how attractive they may look on the outside, they’d never get the honor.
*If they have an organ from Geneco he WILL convince his dad to get the Repo-men on them.
*waits on you hand and foot, putting his own pride aside until you feel better.If he can’t be there the Genterns will be there in place.
Tumblr media
*Would literally have been oblivious about it until you told him.
*has no clue what to do as he’s never been bullied before but will try his best.
*Tries to cheer you up, tells jokes, fun dates etc.
*If the person happens to be a customer, no matter how good of a customer they are, he’ll never sell to them again and will harshly ask them to leave.
*If they’re not a customer however he would give rewards of free zydrate to anyone who brought them to the allies and tormented them.
*He’ll give you hugs and reassures you that he doesn’t believe anything they say about you.
*If he ran into them on the streets alone, he’d pack a revenge punch to their face.
Tumblr media
Nathan Wallace/The Repo Man:
*Nathan himself would be quick to comfort you, Pulling you onto his lap and holding you close, kissing your head.
*His dad mode activates
*even though he never had to deal with this for Shilo because she never left,he was instinctively good at it.
*Giving advice and consolations while stroking your hair
*Will probably ask for their address for ‘reasons’
*When you fall asleep however and he goes out to ‘work’ the Repo-Man makes a stop to their house on the way.
*Ties them up and lectures him with threats behind every word.
*He becomes even more sadistic than usual and gives them a slow and prolonged death, extra gorey.
*On his way back he’d get you some flowers that remind him of you and slip into bed with you.
*you’d wake up with a vase of  beautiful flowers, breakfast in bed and a hand written note from Nathan detailing how much you mean to him.
Tumblr media
Blind Mag:
*Goes straight to comforting you, she has those maternal like instincts.
*Hugs you and scratches your head lovingly with her long nails.
*She’s very soft spoken so it’s doubtful she’d do much to the person.
*The most she’d do is ban them from her shows and possibly make a small public callout in her performance.
*she’s sad when your sad
*Slow dancing in the kitchen as a way to cheer you up, she will also sing for you.
Tumblr media
Bo Sinclair:
*Oh god he’s angry
*NO ONE does that to you while he’s alive and well
*He is a bully but no one steps out of line in regards to you, even his brothers.
*Will shout at thin air as if it was them
*Hopefully they’re already in Ambrose, if not, don’t worry he’ll get Lester to cut their fan belt and get them here.
*When they get to the gas station, Bo’s there, waiting for them.
*Won’t even bother using his nice act or ‘southern charm’ on them and will purely glare at them before violently cracking their skull open with his crowbar
*He wanted to prolong it  and make it so much more  painful but he was too pissed for that
*Will be less of an asshole for the time being and actually be a lot more affectionate
*Hugs and Forehead/Hair kisses.
*reminds you that you’re so hot, beautiful and so so special.You mean the world to him, he just can’t always show it.
Tumblr media
Vincent Sinclair:
*can’t verbally comfort well but makes up for it in physical acts
*Hands embrace your smaller face as he strokes your cheek while he silently hugs you
*You can’t see it from his mask but he’s actually crying.He’s been bullied,outcast and laughed at his entire life by his brother and other children so he understands the pain more than anyone.And for you to go through what he went through, he just can’t bare it.
*Most likely already in Ambrose, as you barely leave.
*Will probably non-verbally ask if you want to see this.
*Usually he was careful with the victims as to not damage the bodies too much but they won’t be turned into a figure, instead Vincent will get Lester to dump the body in the pit.
*This kill will be brutal
*Vincent never kills for the sake of ensuing violence or to take out aggression, it was for art.But this was an exception.They crossed a line in his mind that allowed no such courtesy.
*His knifes pierced through their skin over and over again.Eventually hacking their head off their shoulders, stab wounds covering their face with their eyes popped open.
*After the clean-up he makes you a nice cup of tea (of your choice) and the two of you cuddle in the basement, watching the fire in the furnace.
Tumblr media
Lester Sinclair:
*He doesn’t know how to deal with this at all, yes he used to be picked on by Bo but he mostly minded his own business.Being alone collecting roadkill didn’t help the case either.
*Isn’t exactly violent 
*He’d hold you and hesitantly caresses the top of your head.
*He’s very romantic and sweet but when you’re upset he’s just at a loss.
*He hates that you’re upset
*He’d probably pick them up and drop them off at Ambrose when you’re not there.He’d make the car smell extra gross and sit there in silence.Refusing to roll down the windows and keeping his hunting knife on the dashboard so it’s always in view.
*Phones Bo and by extension Vincent to tell them who they are,what they did and to not be careful with the kill.They don’t deserve to be a beautiful figure.
*Throws them in the pit to rot away to nothing, after Bo and Vincent had their fun.
*Comes home with a raccoon he found to keep as a pet, a cheering up gift in his books and makes some stupid jokes to make you laugh,he loves making you laugh.
Tumblr media
Asa Emory/The Collector:
*Isn’t one for comfort,as much as he loves you,he just doesn’t do comfort even in this situation.
*He stays silent the entire time you explain
*It’s hard to tell what he’s thinking, he’s pretty unreadable.
*Promptly leaves for the hotel, leaving one of the dogs with you to keep you company, a small gesture of love.
*Doesn’t actually go to the hotel straight away.He goes to their house.
*He’ll kidnap them only to take them to the hotel and gets to work on them immediately.
*They certainly won’t make the collection.
He couldn’t stand their face,so he cut if off and took out their tongue, so they can’t speak ill about you again, or speak at all.
*leaves them in the hotel to be maimed by his zombies.
Tumblr media
ChopTop Sawyer:
*He doesn’t quite understand how big of a deal it really is until he sees you holding back tears
*He’s never been bullied but had witnessed a lot of it when he served in Viet. incredibly harsh bullying that brought his fellow soldiers to almost tears.So he knew how hard it could hit.
*Very affectionate with you,reassuring you that what they said was nowhere near true while giving you sloppy kisses.
*calls out to Bubba and Nubbins to come ‘hunting’ with him
*Can’t even enjoy himself like usual while he cracks their skull open.
*screams about how lovely you are ,while killing them
*Will absolutely not bring them back to the house,even he wouldn’t feel comfortable having them for dinner.
Tumblr media
Bubba Sawyer:
*can sympathize 100%
*He’s constantly pushed around by his family so he understands the pain fully
*because of this,not unlike Vincent he’ll cry for/with you but you’ll know that he is crying.
*First instinct is comfort, hugging, caressing, kissing you name it, he’ll comfort you that way as like Vincent,he’s mostly non-verbal.
*he’d kill them later, the same way as normal but would never eat their meat.That gets thrown in a ditch for someone to stumble across.
*Will cook for you, human or not it’s not a problem.
*if you’re upset and one of his brothers say something,even if it’s Drayton he’ll not hesitate to glare at them, a silent threat from Leatherface.
*He’s very affectionate but if you need space he totally understands.
Tumblr media
Stu Macher and Billy Loomis:
*When you tell them,they each play a ‘role’
*Stu comforts you while Billy plans his next murder, with a new victim.
*Stu’s is a very comforting person to begin with, he strives off other peoples joy, Especially yours.
*He will wait hand and foot for you and will buy you anything you want with his parents’ money.
*cuddles from him are a must and even though he doesn’t always understand social ques and when people are uncomfortable,he will try his hardest to make you feel comforted and loved with him.
*He’ll do anything to get you to smile,he has a contagious laugh too so that helps.
*Would cook for you if he could cook without burning the house down, so he just orders takeout for the two of you and some extra for Billy,that he puts in the fridge.
*Billy on the other hand is already going to their house in ghostface costume.They don’t get the privilege of a phone call or a chance at survival.Not when they made you hurt so much.
*Doesn’t care about the mess and would even risk being caught for you
*Whens he’s all finished and cleaned up,he’ll find you asleep in Stus’ arms.He’ll carefully hop into bed with the two of you.Wondering how he got so lucky.
Tumblr media
Nathaniel Demerest/The Djinn:
*He knew humans were cruel,but why they would be so cruel to you of all people,he could never understand.
*Humans are self serving creatures with no regard for one another and he is very much aware of this.
*It didn’t make the situation any less painful to him,to see you so hurt,pained his metaphorical heart.
*Doesn’t really know how to comfort you,he’s still not 100% sure of human ways yet.
*So he opts to making you some herbal teas,traditional Persian blends for healing and relaxation.
*Literally wishes anything you want into existence right then and there
*Leaves for a short time to find the culprits.
*He’s aware of how selfish they are so it doesn’t take long for them to make a wish
*He almost rolled his eyes at what they wished for, so self-absorbed and unexciting.
*Makes their wishes go terribly wrong and makes their deaths even more painful
*treats you like royalty anyway but goes a whole new level after this.
*He stays by your side a lot more now and keeps and eye out for anyone looking at you the wrong way.
Tumblr media
Herbert West:
*When you told him about it,he just straight up marched right to them and started an argument right then and there.Heavily criticizing them and shouting at them on your behalf.
*Eventually drags them into a spare room to kill them and to use as another experiment with the reagent. 
*Herbert sometimes forgets that people have feelings so he won’t immediately assume you’re hurt by them,just angry.
*When he does eventually figure out that you’re actually hurt,he’ll awkwardly wrap his arms around you and put his head on top of yours.
*He’s not good with emotions but he’s definitely trying for you.
*Will have no issue in reanimating their body lightly so you can get a few punches and whatever in before he shoots them in the head.
Tumblr media
Tiffany Valentine:
*She’s definitely a coddler and will get you anything you need.
*lets you rant to her and is an incredible listener
*makes you a relaxing warm bath and cooks for you at your request
*Will go out and kill them while you’re asleep or pre-occupied with a movie
*she just slits their throats and leaves,they’re not worth an ounce of her time
*If you’re still awake she’ll watch the movie with you and get you both to bed 
*If you’re asleep she’ll quietly get ready and go to bed with her arms wrapped around you.
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