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Lord Timmy 07 - Payback

- It’s payback time, you creep !
- Ok. Demon incarnate before me. Broke her restrains, very angry. Spells won’t work. No clothes, no tools, no weapons… Can’t be worse.
- I give you one last ch…
- Listen, I know you’re you’re angry, it’s because you have your period, right?
- Ok. that’s it. I am SO gonna smash you to a pulp.


- Tu vas payer misérable !
- Ok. Démon incarné devant moi. A brisé ses chaines. Pas contente. Les sorts ne fonctionneront pas sur elle. Pas de fringues, pas d'outils, pas d'armes… Peux pas être pire.
- Je te donne une ultime ch…
- Non mais si t'es en colère, c'est parce que t'as tes règles, non?
- Ok. c'est marre. Je vais tellement te casser ta gueule que même ton âme sera pas récupérable.

Lord Timmy

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Fandom: MCU

Characters: Peter, Sam, Bucky

Anonymous said: i saw your prompts were open and was wondering if you could write a fic where sam helps peter get bucky back for all the times they got tickled by him. thanks :)

Words: 865

Sam found him in the kitchen, his homework spread out all over the wooden table. “Parker.”

Peter glanced up, met his gaze. “Oh, hi.” It was silly, but he wasn’t used to seeing Sam without Bucky. It felt strange. Like something was missing in such a glaringly obvious way that you almost couldn’t figure out what it was. “What’s up?”

“I have a proposition for you,” he said, not one to stall.


“How many times has Barnes tickled the shit out of you?”

Peter flushed, still getting used to his blunt ways. “Uh, many,” he replied with a laugh. “Why?”

“How ‘bout I help you get him back, hmm?”

“Why would you do that?”

“He needs a reality check.”

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When I was in the first grade, I hit a boy in the head with a Spongebob umbrella and got a teacher into a shitload of trouble in the process. Let me be clear about this: that boy was a bully. We used to ride the bus together and he would always go out of his way to make fun of EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING about me that he could think of.

Looking back, this entire thing is incredibly ridiculous, but when you’re seven and have less than a year living in the United States, things of this sort feel a lot worse than they actually are.


Originally posted by excitementshewrote

Anyways, that day, this boy had the nerve to slap me. We were about a minute away from school and he got up from his seat, went over to mine and slapped me. This was definitely shocking because it was the first time that he had resorted to using physical violence. I honestly don’t remember what went through my head at that point, but I do remember that he started laughing and that the group of boys he was with were laughing too. It’s always the laughter you remember when being bullied as a kid; you never forget it.

I didn’t cry, surprisingly enough. My head was filled with rage and I think I both did and didn’t process what had just happened. The bus came to a screeching halt and kids began getting off. I remember he pushed past me and ran towards the bus door, trying to get out first. He felt no remorse and if I hadn’t done anything that day, the pattern would have continued. Over and over and over and over again. Until what? Thank the Puppy Lord Jesus I’ll never know.


Originally posted by backtothe1990s

I grabbed my backpack and went after him. Just as he stepped off the bus, I raised my Spongebob umbrella high above my arms and whacked him across the head as hard as I motherfucking could. I heard a loud wailing sound and next thing I knew, my music teacher had grabbed me by the arm and was escorting me inside.

To this day, I still remember the look of fear and surprise in his eyes. He was so shocked and confused about what had just transpired that all he could do was cry. I think he was a little afraid at that point, because he didn’t want to look at me. Was it out of embarrassment? Did he know that I had hit him because he’d slapped me? I’ll never know. A teacher was comforting him and that’s the last I ever saw of him.


Originally posted by huffpost

I remember my music teacher pushing kids out of the way to take me upstairs to her room. When we got there, she yelled at me for about two minutes and told me to wait while they called the principal. A few minutes later, a teacher’s assistant came and escorted me downstairs to the main office. She asked me why I had hit him and I told her that it was because he had slapped me.

The boy was in the nurse’s office and when they asked him what had happened he had the nerve to DENY EVERYTHING. I told the T.A. to talk to other kids on the bus and they confirmed my story. Everyone kept telling me that what I had done was bad and that I was going to get in trouble. They did the usual “I’m going to call your mom” bullshit and they got angry when I said, “Yes please. Call her so she can come.” I have never been afraid of people’s threats or blackmail attempts and that isn’t about to change anytime soon.


Originally posted by gideon-ibemere

They took me upstairs again to this “behavioral counselor” who was the literal embodiment of Ms. Trunchbull; except this decrepit witch had short blonde hair and wore the ugliest make-up you could imagine. Her lipstick was constantly on her yellow teeth, she sweated like a pig and always wore the ugliest New Balance sneakers. On a side note, why are those awful things in style? Seriously, who thought they were a good idea to bring into the forefront of street fashion?

Anyways, when she came in, she stood with her arms on her waist and yelled down at me for about ten minutes. I still remember her disgusting spit hitting my face and shoulders. BLAH! Fast-forward to an hour later and my mom gets there and she’s angry. ANGRY AS FUCK. She’s furious and she wants ANSWERS; answers from me. The people at the main office had tried to talk to her but she wasn’t having it. After a few minutes, they took her upstairs and when she found me in a dark room crying she went INSANE. She took me to the staircase and asked me what happened. When I told her, she turned into a DRAGON and she literally began roasting everything and everyone in her immediate vicinity.


Originally posted by kkillercroc

She asked the administration why I was the one in trouble and not the boy. The school tried to explain to her that I had been the one to physically assault him (clearly forgetting that I had hit him BECAUSE he’d slapped me first) and that I was in the wrong. When the lady said that, my mom turned into the Lord of Darkness himself and began yelling. By the time she was done, everyone in the office looked like the witches after Luke gave them the poison meant for kids in The Witches; bald, confused and unable to process what was happening.

My mother then asked to speak to the principal and to my teacher. Both of them tried to wiggle their way out of the situation and it wasn’t until my mom threatened to sue the school and complain to the district office that they started to change their tune. She even threatened to call the police to file a harassment report against the school and the boy and that’s when they really decided that they didn’t want to push it.

On several occasions, my mom had spoken with my teacher and administration about this boy. I had gone to every single meeting with her and told them that he was bullying me. Time and time again, they did nothing; so one day, my mother sat me down and told me that if he bullied me again, I had her full and unconditional support to get back at him. She said that I would not get into trouble and that if the school tried to pull anything they’d be sorry.


Originally posted by justalittletumblweed

My teacher’s face when she said that? You can only imagine. She looked terrified because she knew that we were right. She had failed to do anything to protect me despite repeated attempts from my mother to get her to do something. Fucking teachers man, I swear.

I remember that the kid’s mom came in and tried to get -me- suspended, but by then it was too late. -HE- ended up with a two-day suspension and I got a written warning (I think, I might not have gotten anything officially added to my record) if anything. Turn out (surprise! surprise!) I wasn’t the only kid he was bullying. The teacher who had manhandled me (not my music teacher, the behavioral counselor) got into trouble too for her unprofessional attitude and the way she handled the situation.

She quit about six months after because other parents complained about her terrible attitude and disgusting behavior. One time, she grabbed a kid by the wrist and shook him so hard he ended up with bruises. I honestly hope she’s retired and not working with students any more. She was awful and I hope someone sued her ass at some point.


Originally posted by theunimpairedcondition

The boy’s bus route was changed and I never saw him again. A few years later my mother ran into his mom at the laundromat and we found out that her son was a gang member and had been in and out of juvie. I still think about what would’ve happened had I not stood up to him. To this day, I am very grateful that I did.


M. Roy

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Nothing says payback like turning an an abuser into a tropical plant. Granted, there’s plenty of non-abusive people I would like to turn into plants. Anyway here’s more words from Broken Wings.

“What did you mean earlier? What did Eirnin do?”

“They didn’t kill him. They could’ve if they wanted to. He’s a very pretty birds of paradise plant now.”

I don’t know which makes me crack up more: The relief-bringing fact I’m free of the man who ruled my life with an iron fist for sixteen years or the fact said man is now a tropical plant. The laughter jostles my broken ribs, but it’s worth it. Except it startles Aaron.

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      After my dad died, me and Scott were unhappy with Matthew to say the least. I was in shock and told Scott via a text message that dad died. I feel awful about this now. I remember trying to tell my husband and couldn’t get out the words beforehand. I just stood in the doorway in the office while he was on the computer wondering how ridiculous I looked crying about a man who raped me dying. After the text was sent Scott called to yell at me “That is not something you send in a text message!!!!!!”. My only response  was “I know…”. I let him yell at me. I knew Dad was his favorite parent…..I knew how bad this hurt we were in the same boat. I cried telling him how I focused on all the bad times. Telling him how I will never be able to sing with my dad again. I never once though that would happened. He asked for Matthew’s number and I got it for him. Scott yelled at him for the way he handled it and Matthew then yelled at me, but I didn’t care. Scott had always loved my parents. I thought all the countless court hearings we went to where Scott was the only one out of all us who wanted to sit with them. He became the man my dad would be proud of on purpose. He raised his son the same way without all the abuse and yelling. He kept all the good parts of dad and used them in every day life. 

     On April 18, I received another Facebook message from Matthew that mom’s cancer was getting worse.I asked him to keep me updated and he said he would. After what happened when dad died I thought for some reason Matthew had learned, but he hadn’t. 3 days later, I got up early with plans of taking a nap on the couch before my night shift that night. I made my son breakfast and got my pillow and favorite blanket and put them on the couch. Matthew had posted a facebook live video and four minutes in he announced my mom died on her birthday, April 19……a day after he told me he would update me. Funny thing is he tagged a bunch of people, but not me. 

From there, heart breaking news came out. My parents have been really sick for awhile. Back in December my dad almost lost his legs because of diabetes and my mom was diagnosed with brain cancer. Matthew told me that he didn’t know what news to tell us. Maybe any news? Looking back I remember feeling a sense of comfort when he went down there. I remember thinking that even though they were not speaking to me I would know if they were going. to die because at that point I wouldn’t care at that point what they told me or Scott, but knowing how Matthew thinks. This is not something he could handle. His whole life me and Scott have taken charge of every difficult situation. When things went wrong he was notorious for doing the worst thing possible. I guess we thought that with the worst possible situation he should have done better. 

       For a whole week, I missed sleep while being on night shift to call the funeral directors to figure out when my mom was going to be cremated. Matthew wouldn’t tell us anything about when Dad died except that he was cremated. We assumed he picked him up from the funeral and if you have read earlier posts you will understand we were wrong. Matthew had to decided to mix our parents together and split them three ways (completely leaving out my half sister). Because I had posted a comment of Matthew facebook live video (you know the one where he told everyone at the same time my mom died) that this is how I found out my mom died. Also because people that were my friends/family on his Facebook felt sympathy for me Matthew deleted and blocked me from his Facebook. 

       I was immediately worried that Matthew would hold their ashes over my head and ignore my messages. I was right. I didn’t give a single fuck at this point if Matthew never spoke to me again I just wanted to be able to take my parents somewhere they loved and scatter their ashes. Me and Scott both needed to be able to say goodbye. I lost more sleep over worrying about what Matthew was going to do next. After threatening to sue the funeral home, they agreed to only release my portion of the ashes to Scott instead of Matthew. Scott drove 4 hours to get them. He rented a truck just in case Matthew decided to be civil and release our inhibited possessions to him, but we weren’t at all surprised when he wouldn’t. Once again Scott saved the day anyway, I told Matthew that I hope he has a good life sitting on his pile of worthless shit because me and Scott decided that we had what we wanted and there was no need to fight him any longer. Yet and still Matthew is still threatening to find where I live and drop it off anyway. Whatever. I will just call the cops and have you trespassed. If you wanna waste all the time and effort to find out where I live only to make it easier to have you trespassed that is fine with you. 

     At this point there is nothing he can ever do to make up for the fact that you knew for months that not only they were sick but that they wanted to see me and Scott. He is a monster and I will never let him around my son. I hope he got he wanted because he certainly paid me back for anything that I have done to deserve this treatment. 

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no volverán a utilizarme NUNCA!!!…
#ElExtrañoRetornoDeDianaSalazar #PsyquicPowers #Soapopera #Telenovelas #Happiness #Blessed #Grateful #Wicca #Pagan #Witchcraft #DianaSalazar #LuciaMendez #TV #Television #80s #Vengeance #Payback #PoderesPsiquicos #Telequinesis #Eyes #Powers

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DM: The raise dead ritual is finally complete. Thaddeus, you are alive again.

Hamish (playing Thaddeus): I take a few moments to just get used to the feeling.

Tati (kitsune bard): I give you a warm croissant.

Hamish: I appreciate it. Before we leave for Darratar, I want to sell the magic items we’ve picked up.

DM: You’ll get 4000 gold all up. I don’t need you to roleplay it.

Tati: *happily* And there’s the balance for Una not paying her share of the ritual.

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