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#paying for the gardening work this morning - hands and wrists are all swollen

It was a pretty good weekend.

Saturday was cold and intermittently very wet (last weekend we were wearing shorts, Friday it snowed up the hill 10min from us), so lots of time spent indoors. I drew up plans for a quail coop / tractor and sent them off to get a cost on how much to build it. (Maybe I could build it myself? I’m not great with tools though). I made banana muffins and cooked a batch of soup. I’d arranged earlier in the week to catch up on the phone with my BFF and we talked for two hours - had I not needed to prep dinner I’m sure we could’ve gone longer.

Sunday the rain had cleared. I got some chores out of the way so by the time the husband got back with the groceries, those obligations were out of the way. After lunch I was out in the garden - mostly just pottering around, sweeping the path, tidying up an unruly hose, weeding, making weed tea (a tonic for plants - made from garden weeds), trimming the trees that run along our front fence. Nothing really was planned but it was steady and methodical, finish one thing and move on to the next, the sort of outside busy work that soothes my brain. The husband meanwhile got the smoker going and cooked various meats for meals this week: salmon for tonight’s dinner, sausages for later this week (will freeze them in the meantime), a butterflied marinated chicken for Sunday night’s dinner. While we ate dinner, he smoked some apples stuffed with chocolate and sultanas, and served them with ice cream for dessert (they were so, so good!).


The only downside was some confusing messages from the husband’s work. Last night was meant to be the easing of some restrictions subject to COVID case numbers in the state. And, yes, we met those targets and some so the eased the restrictions as planned and even a little more. His work - based on the previous restriction roadmap - had said to start booking in onsite jobs again from this week (so he has two weeks of appointments booked in). And then last night his work said to hold off. Still waiting for clarification as to whether that means until the next step on the easing of restrictions road map or until after Monday or who even knows.

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