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sku-te · 2 hours ago
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From Welcome To... Chichester - Part II : No Extra Regrets For The Future visual novel
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gopcxoftware · 3 hours ago
Crowd Battle 3D Guide – Best Hints, Tips, Cheats and Strategies
Crowd Battle 3D Guide – Best Hints, Tips, Cheats and Strategies
Crowd Battle 3D Guide – Best Hints, Tips, Cheats and Strategies Crowd Battle 3D is a mix of an auto-runner and a strategy game that sees you pegging down a path, collecting new fighters and eventually flinging them all at a castle to destroy it. It’s a pretty silly game, but there are definitely layers to the experience that you’re going to have to understand if you want to get the most out of…
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weirdsimsinhistory · 3 hours ago
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Another interesting duo I recently made...
you can find plenty more of my weird Sims 1 characters and their bios here:
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zekescurioshop · 3 hours ago
ok i never played SAW but isnt nancy in japan under the guise of being an english is she gonna teach english if she barely knows japanese what
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alpha-beta-gamer · 3 hours ago
TIRELESS is an incredibly cool adrenaline-fuelled Sci-Fi speed-running platformer!
Read More & Play The Beta Demo, Free (Steam)
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darkviewz · 4 hours ago
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Jalopy PC Game Free Download
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nigelspookerjee · 5 hours ago
Explain a Nancy Drew Game to me without telling me the title.
I’ll go first:
Toasted lettuce sandwiches
Parent Trap
Henry Bolet’s soulmate cello-ing on a forever loop
Spider monkey climbing up a tree after a squirrel
A bunch of reject A’s from Pretty Little Liars meets under tree at the witching hour
Gossip Girl here, your one and only source for the scandalous life of boarding school’s elite. XOXO
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bugfragged · 7 hours ago
I feel like we skipped most of the alphabet for Geofront sector names.
GEOFRONT X - Let's Play 「 TLoH: Trails of Cold Steel IV (Nightmare) 」- 17
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aupair · 7 hours ago
Diff anon here but the graphics card shortage is real. I was looking to upgrade the card i got in 2014 and the only thing in the same price range i was really finding, 300-450, were like...2016 cards. Ones that had when they launched been maybe 200 cards now closer to 500. The shortage has jacked up the price across the board and youll end up overpaying no matter what. I decided i was better off just buying a gaming laptop then paying 400-500 for a 150-200$ card from 5 years ago lol. :( and the issue isnt looking to resolve any time soon
adkf;lsadfj yeah some other people were suggesting good affordable gpus and i just looked them up and they’re all either sold out or like 5x what they should cost :/
honestly at this point i’m probably just tabling this whole thing bc it’s not like i have a shortage of games to play on the switch or anything lol… i still think building a pc sounds like a fun project but it’s really just not realistic at this point so oh well 
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