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We are in hard times. Apart from the News and those that are suffering from the Corona Virus. The sun is still out. It all seems like a bad dream but a bad dream with sunlight. The days are still beautiful, then any other and now that many of us are staying home. There’s a great quiet. Even if you go out in your garden and listen. You’ll understand what I mean. In the morning the highway is peaceful, until 10:30am it starts to hum with cars. Even though this virus is scary I believe God is with us. Because outside it isn’t gloomy. It is Light and peaceful. In other areas this may be different. But I am sure you can find something in this day that is good on your side of the world.
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Now they match, but I think they need a sister? Yes/No?
@hivegallery @newamericanpaintings #gallery #tinygallery #watercolor #girlonbike #girlsonbikes #bluehair #alexfeliciano #wbn #alpharetta #alpharettaga #alpharettahairstylist #alpharettamoms #paintings #interiordesign #interiordecor #peace (at Alpharetta, Georgia)

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I look at these pictures of the trees on the way to the empty beach; I remember the birds, the humidity, my focus on staying calm during a panic attack, the skin kissing my already burnt skin. Justin found a perfect conch shell that morning - i cherish that conch shell. Oddly, I can “only hear the ocean” on days I really need the beach and some days the shell is completely silent. I hope this is what heaven looks like. Warm sun. Green everywhere. The feeling of security and peace in nature. A rolling ocean with empty white sand beaches, littered with shells begging you to shift through them for the very best.

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I was gifted a ticket

Front row

With balcony access

To the maple

As it blooms this spring

Red bunches sprouting

And slowly


Over days

Maybe weeks

It bends and flows

The tips turn green

The bees enter from offscreen.

With robins and mourning doves.

At night the bats offer clumsy ballet numbers

And afternoon winds bring

Pear blossom confetti.

The branches reach for my hand

As if to offer


Maybe nothing

Or maybe an escape.

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