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Me: Life filled with people sucks

Her: With people, you get to see every nature of human emotion that’s alive.

Me: *totally ignoring her* Life would have been perfect if people could only give birth to dogs instead of more humans.

I can bet on a million dollars or may be more (only if I had that much) that animals are truly way better than humans. Who’s with me on this?

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Universe is a mystery to which nobody has the answer to but everyone has the access to it.

A mystery which I’ve been trying to know the answer of for so long is still not clear. The mystery which I don’t even know how to understand is actually teaching me how to be that mystery. Universe is a mystery and so it is not because it is something which we are living and being with. It is something which we feel all the time in infinite amount of forms and still can’t understand wholly because it is infinite.

This mystery is something I’ll explore till the time I exist and that’s eternity.

It’s a mystery which can be explored but it’s too vast to be explored.🌸

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There are multitude of things which happen in so many situations with us, we try and try harder to transform ourselves for the better in a more beautiful way. It seems difficult “to change, to transform” but we still try and we do fail sometimes but the most important thing is that we learn, we learn to live , we learn to transform and we find the secret of the transformational energy which is there to transform us.

The secret of the transformational energy is hidden, ‘where’? within us and we are supposed to find it , to live in this world rather than just surviving this crucial state of the world. To find the mystery behind this transformational energy we try to transform for the better state of our lives and when we find it, we start living rather than surviving.

This transformational energy is nowhere else but here, here within us and it is our choice to feel,sense and be it. 🌼🌼

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Aww! The simple things in life and the joy they bring. 😍💙🇮🇹 Happy Saturday to you! 😘
#NancyTiscareno #Napoli #positano #italy🇮🇹 #mylife #soul #followyourdreams #dreams #peaceofmind #simplicity #livingmybestlife #love #loveyourself #beach #adventure #changes #branding #marketing #soul #lettinggo #start #clear #water #happy #healing #heart #gorgeous #feelinggood (at Positano, Amalfi Coast, Italy)

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What is knowledge? Ledger of kinetic energy changing at a fraction of a moment. Memory recall by your brain from your portion of the supreme mind. Knowledge cause chaos, and feed the ego. To be at peace is being satisfied in knowing less. Of course everyone has a purpose within the halogram. But bring peace to your portion of the supreme mind by feeding your ego less. Desires lead to great suffering.

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My Blog Beginning

I have decided to make a page for myself where I can come to clarity with my mind. I can make sure I am connecting with myself and keeping my head on track. A lot of the time I don’t really take the time to come back to myself and I can really tell when I don’t. I want to create a space where I can stay connected and come back to and remember glimpse of my life.

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