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Fun Fact
In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."
elensgarden · an hour ago
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A peacock butterfly landed on the blossom and sunned itself for ages
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kayfabedge · 6 hours ago
yeah kedge randy was literally a part of the wyatt family
i thought the only stable he was in was evolution? interesting
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kczukens · 7 hours ago
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mouseandboo · 7 hours ago
Postcrossing DE-10372317
Postcrossing DE-10372317 by Gail Anderson Via Flickr: Postcard with a beautiful picture of a peacock. Sent by a Postcrossing member in Germany.
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petitcartonvert · 11 hours ago
Hi, where do you watch all the chicago episodes?
Hello anon! I’m gonna use your question as my official answer, since I’ve been asked this a lot lately!
First I want to address that I am not a super reliable source, as I don’t do streaming and don’t use Netflix or other stuff like that.
Here are the official sources where I found or I’ve been told you can watch One Chicago and crossover shows:
TV channels (latest episodes):
Global (Canada)
CityTV (Canada, free)  
Streaming services (any season):
Peakcock TV (USA, free)
NBC App (USA, free?)
Global TV App (Canada, free)
YouTube (no Chicago Justice, SVU S06+ only)
Amazon Prime Video
DVDs (any completed season): You can buy DVDs of each completed season, but I wouldn’t recommend if you’re watching all Chicago shows, as you’ll have to perform quite a switcheroo the more you progress into the story (what I did; can confirm, not super fun)  
As I’ve stated before, it is best to support the shows by buying the episodes, but if you can’t for whatever reason (not accessible, not affordable, etc etc you do you not my business) it’s fine too. There are other ways to get it, nothing I wouldn’t tell by private message.
If some services are not accessible in your country, there’s also this fine trick of using a VPN and change your location to the country it’s available for (probably USA since these are american shows).
If you think something could be added to this list please let me know!
Hope this helps! Stay safe! :)
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silkgreenprints · 11 hours ago
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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imthepunchlord · 16 hours ago
It would be darkly hilarious if Peacock!Adrien tried that "fake a rescue" tactic on Lady Noire, only to see his golem (and his whole plan) cataclysmed by her.
Oh yeah, if Marinette had the Cat, and the factor that the user can control how Cataclysm destroys, and with this tweaking of Peafowl’s canon power, Cat actually would have capability of handling it and no LB cleansing a feather required. I think at most it could be set up that LB can find and locate the quill to pull it out and the golem would lose form, but yeah, Cat Marinett would dash those plans immediately. 
I also raise you the hilarity that Adrien’s friend Chloe would ruin his plans. To keep the theme that each miraculous of the 5 can control 2 and submit to 2, Peafowl would submit to Bee; Venom could have a power to disrupt the golem and it’s form can cease to be. So while Chloe’s patting herself on the back for a job well done, Adrien just kinda collapses cause he can’t impress or “save” LB this way. 
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imthepunchlord · 18 hours ago
Do you think Adrien having Peacock Miraculous would try to fake a Ladybug's rescue situation by sending his golem on her and then "saving her at the last minute"?
I can see him doing it, and regretting it as he made golem with the purpose of attacking LB so its going to act out it duties and persistently go after LB until he reclaims that quill or its destroyed. 
But I will say that there are things to factor in for this scenario and how likely it would go or happen. The biggest being: is Adrien getting Peafowl later or does he have it at the start and is her partner?
Playing off that he has it at the start and is her partner and has worked with her a little (hence his crush and want to wow her), chances are high that LB will figure out that this is Champaon’s golem and he made it to attack her while also trying to “save” her. It is not going to be pretty once its stopped. Duusu herself is going to have a few words to say once he’s detransformed, so it’d be a lesson learned, 
If he got Peafowl later and wasn’t Marinette’s partner, well, would he actually have a crush on LB and want to wow her? 
Adrien fell for LB as he got to witness her rise to heroism, her flare of confidence and inner fire. But if he’s not there, chances are good he actually wouldn’t have fallen for LB as he’s not there to witness himself that inner fire coming forth. Being a civilian for a while, chances are good that at most, he admires and respects LB for her heroism and work, but I don’t see him developing romantic feelings for her outright. Especially since as a civilian, he’d hardly have chances to interact with LB. 
And based on canon, I don’t see him developing feelings for Marinette either as Marinette’s attempts with him or their interactions as civilians wouldn’t change whether he’s a hero or not. Him being a miraculous hero wouldn’t effect that. 
If anything, in this scenario, Adrimi would really flourish as Adrien has no romantic feelings for Ladybug to distract him, so Kagami would ultimately become his world and romantic pursuit. His attraction to her wouldn’t change whether he was a miraculous user or not. What would change is him pursuing her immediately, which Kagami would be receptive to and they’d start dating not long after meeting. 
And depending on when he gets the Peafowl, he may not do that scenario as Kagami is already interested in him and he has no reason to “wow” her or think highly of him for saving her. At most, could do so to build up his hero persona in her eyes so could happen with Kagami instead, but I can also see him satisfied that she likes Adrien. 
Either way, if he did that scenario, there’s going to be much regret, but I can’t say how likely that is. 
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executivequotes · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
White Peacock, Botanical Garden, Lisbon, Portugal
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Do you have a paranormal, supernatural, and hunting club?
“Uhhhhhh, I think that’s the club Megumi is leading. She said others are welcome to join. So far, most of the mansion is part of it due to not many being humans here. I guess you can say this is a place we can call home.” Alexia said seeing Megumi having a small meeting right at this moment.
“She’s always welcoming new members if they wish to join.”
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straymongrel · a day ago
I remember finding this video for the first time thinking it was the funniest shit I’d ever seen.
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Who spends time in the garden?
“My twin bother loves gardening. He spends most of his time taking care of it and even is the leader for the club of it. I think the others in the club is Megumi to help her in a relaxing hobby for herself. I think she likes it. Misako and Tsukiko is in the club with him. Vivi is in the club.” Hanoka said smiling.
“I heard Ashley is part of the group, Spring gardens too so yeah, their is still enough if others want to join the club.” she said.
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Inventors! Rock n roll! Have any of the inventors accomplished a device to support humanity?
Nisa and Echo looks at the Anon hearing the question then looks at one another thinking about it.
“I did create one thing that was a big success for me. I made a machine that would help produce products of a mixture that helps their crops grow better and it’s healthy and safe. Though, I always tell them to be careful. Most of my inventions are small but they work.” Nisa smiled feeling proud.
“Honestly, I have some things but their more smaller than other inventions. I’m still in the works of making something but I guess someone made a living.” Echo said. “Good work though, Nisa.”
“Awww, thanks Echo.” Nisa smiled.
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Who's all magical? Which is your favorite ability to use in the heat of battle?
“That’s easy. Isabella is one of them of course because she can learn and study magic either way. Oh yeah, that goes for Megumi too. I know Tsukiko and Misako can use magic as well.” Nisa said thinking about it but she looks to the others.
“Kirtana and Crystal can use magic as well. However Kirtana uses dark magic and Crystal uses light magic. Harmonic melody uses her own type of magic. To sum it up, we have a magic club where Alexia is their leader.” she explains.
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