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#peaky blinders
teenwolf-theoriginals · 2 days ago
roadside daisies
pairing: tommy shelby x reader
warning: minor swearing, and mention of death
summary: a rare glimpse of Tommy Shelby relaxed and content with living in the moment
Tumblr media
You twirled your hand out the window, playing with the invisible breeze whistling past as Tommy drove the car. Shades of green, yellow, blue and white blending, to form the countryside. Stripped bare of the dusty smoke and noisy machinery, what remained were fields of natural beauty and the smell of peace.
"Tommy, pull over". You tapped him on the arm, pointing up ahead.
He did as instructed, curious to know what had brought on such childlike energy. You ran over to the side of the road. Growing beyond in the fields were pockets of daisies and the smell of wildflowers taking you back to a treasured memory, of the story your mother would tell of your father plucking a small bouquet of daisies for her on every date they went on. He didn’t have much to offer in terms of luxury, but he had a good heart and the ability to make your mother laugh. Once he passed just six days after your tenth birthday, your mother remarried four years later. Ted Larson had wealth and charm and cared for the both of you, but he rarely made your mother laugh. And so, whenever you saw daises, they reminded you of the importance of laughter.
Carefully plucking one from its roots, you inhaled the herbaceous scent from the daisy, unaware of Tommy's loving glance watching from the car. You meet his gaze, taking in the way his white shirt clung to his board shoulders and the way it shaped his chest. Tommy discarded his smoke once you reached him. The first time in many months that you saw a genuine calm settle on top of his shoulders.
"We should get daisies for the house". You whispered.
He tucked the loose strand of your hair too stubborn to stay in the sliver diamond crusted hair pin. "Alright, we'll get daisies".
It was a simple request, but it brought much delight. Delight that led you to grab Tommy’s hand and venture into the fields. With the sun in your eyes, your fingertips brushed past the top of the daisies. Tommy strolled behind another cigarette between his fingers while the other hand rested in his pants pocket. You whirled in the daises, laughing at the purity that came from a field of flowers.
Stopping to face Tommy, his loving gaze returned.
“You’re staring, Mr Shelby”.
Tommy chuckled whilst sucking in the cigarette, “Come here”. He beckoned with his two fingers, outstretching his arm to pull you in tight, holding you by the waist. Heart quickened and calmed simultaneously at the intensity of being near him. “Close your eyes, love”.
With eyes closed, the other senses heightened. Tommy’s cigarette lingering in the air, mixing with the earthy scent coming from the fields. You gently felt Tommy’s fingers brush through your wavy locks, followed by a soft kiss. And if you hadn’t already known Tommy was standing before you, you wouldn’t have guessed those to be his lips. They began cautiously as if this was his first time kissing you. But as soon as your lips responded, Tommy’s hand gripped the material of your dress, sinking into the moment of euphoria. Your eyes fluttered open, and all you could manage was to touch Tommy’s stained pink lips before noticing the daisy tucked neatly behind your right ear.
“Take me home, Tommy”. You whispered.
Tumblr media
Tommy drew the curtains, then drew a breath seeing you standing by the foot of the bed, completely bare apart from the daisy still tucked behind your ear.
“Fuck”. He breathed out, and even though you were stripped bare, it was Tommy who felt the most naked. You were the reason his heart stayed beating and the reason why he fought to survive. The reason he felt safe enough to bear his most troubling thoughts or his light-hearted disposition.
The bed dipped under the weight of each other’s bodies. Tommy’s clothes were thrown carelessly, landing somewhere around the floor of the bed. Without breaking eye contact, you sunk into his lap, biting the bottom of your lip. Tommy’s mouth parted open with each hip roll, his hand travelling up the curve of your spin and squeezing lightly at the back of your neck to guide the speed and friction.
He began to close his eyes when the pressure mounted, but you traced his jawline, whispering in between ragged gasps, “Eyes on me, Tommy”.
Tommy fought through the urge to keep them closed. Eventually, they opened, misty blue eyes dilated with arousal and utter adoration. After the roaring waves of pleasure had subsided, adoration remained.
“You’re staring, Mrs Shelby”. He smirked.
“I like my view”. You replied, foot sliding up and down his leg.
Tommy shyly turned his head, scratching the top of his lip, unable to suppress a playful smile. You changed positions, stretching out your legs towards the edge of the bed. In the middle of the crumpled sheets, you found the daisy. A few of its petals curved, but the flower still held its shape.
And you softy smiled.
And from that day onwards, Tommy made sure there was always a small vase of daisies in the house.
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Business Transactions
Thomas Shelby x Fem!Reader
Warnings: Slow burn business "partners" to lovers :)
Word Count: ~2,000
A/N: This is the first thing I've written in a while, better late than never :) I've been feeling a bit better than a couple weeks ago but I'm still kinda sensitive and down rn, so I'm sorry if this isn't my absolute best writing! Regardless I hope you enjoy and let me know if you guys want a part 2 of this!!
Summary: Thomas Shelby knows potential when he sees it- and, for whatever reason, he sees some in you.
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Tumblr media
You took in a deep breath, the smell of dust filling your nose as your eyes scanned your father’s desk frantically. You weren’t technically supposed to be in your father’s office on a Friday afternoon. But, then again, you weren’t really the type to listen to your father quite often.
Your eyes skimmed over the fancy, mahogany desk situated in the middle of the room, a wall lined edge-to-edge with bookshelves serving as the backdrop to your actions before your eyes settled upon a large knife. The steel glistened from the table lamp sitting next to it.
Quite a peculiar place to put a knife, you thought. But it’s not like there’s a kitchen nearby here.
The slight creaking of wood startled you, and you immediately grabbed the knife and pointed the sharp end towards the door. You stared down at a man across the edge of the knife before recognition flowed through your mind.
“Mr. Shelby,” you said, lowering the knife but not letting go of it. “My father should be coming in a minute.” You glanced at the clock on the right wall, affirming the fact that your father would arrive soon.
Mr. Shelby hummed in acknowledgment. “And you are?” he asked, his eyebrow quirking at the confident ease with which you gripped the knife.
“I’m my father’s daughter,” you said cryptically, placing your father’s knife in a drawer. You were always careful in your pursuits, but the arrival of Mr. Shelby ensured your father would find out about your intrusion anyways. It was pointless to hide at this point.
Mr. Shelby rolled his eyes slightly at your answer. “I could’ve guessed,” he responded. He opened his mouth to say more but was interrupted by the clicking of expensive shoes against the wooden floor, marking the arrival of your father.
“I’m sorry for being late, Thomas,” your father apologized. “I was- oh, sweetheart, what are you doing here?” he asked you.
You sighed. “Marco told me I could find a working pen in here,” you lied with ease. “I was just looking for one to fill out some forms for my boss.”
Your father nodded before ruffling around his desk drawer and handing you a pen. Your fingers met the cold metal and you were reminded of the cold handle of the knife you had held just a few minutes prior- somehow both seemed equally as dangerous.
“Thomas, meet my daughter Y/N,” your father introduced you to Thomas Shelby.
You gave Thomas a tight-lipped smile. “Seems the secret is out,” you joked.
Thomas bit his lip as if suppressing a smile. “Nice to meet you.”
“Likewise,” you said while taking a seat in front of your father’s desk. You gestured to the seat next to you. “Come and sit,” you invited Thomas over.
Thomas walked over and sat down next to you. The smell of smoke, steel, and cologne coming off of him was strong enough to fill your nose and drown out the predominant smell of your father’s office.
Your father sighed and sat in his chair, leaning back and folding his arms. “I hope your trip here was stress-free, Thomas,” your father began.
Thomas nodded. “Clearly didn’t take as long for me as it did for you,” he jabbed at your father slightly. You had to hide your amusement, although it didn’t last long as Thomas addressed you. “Are you going to be sticking around here?”
You quirked your eyebrow at him. “I would recommend treating the daughter of the man your doing business with a bit more respect,” you retorted.
Your father chuckled. “Thomas has a point,” he agreed. “This isn’t woman’s business.”
You suppressed your irritation, knowing this was a battle you wouldn’t win, and chose to save your energy.
But it turns out Thomas was asking out of genuine curiosity and not with the intention to kick you out. “Your daughter can grip a knife with more confidence than most men I know,” Thomas defended you. “I-”
“You were holding a knife?” your father asked you, incredulity and anger clear in his voice as if the simple act was offensive.
You side-eyed Thomas, hoping he saw your expression desperately begging him not to tell your father of your clear comfort with dangerous things- men’s things. “Mr. Shelby here just saw me cutting vegetables,” you said. “He stopped by the house before I directed him to one of your men.”
Thomas clearly got your memo. “Even my Aunt Poll can’t cut vegetables with the speed of your daughter, Mr. L/N.”
Your father might not have trusted your words alone, but the affirmation from Thomas cemented his belief in your lie. “That’s my Y/N. She’s a better cook than her mum, her.”
“Don’t tell my mum, or she’ll run in here and wack my father with her slipper,” you whispered loudly to Thomas, humor clear in your voice. You felt rewarded when you saw a smirk on Thomas’s face.
Silence fell over the room and you brushed off invisible dust and wrinkles from your dress before standing up. “Well,” you breathed. “It’s been fun to meet and talk to you, sir, but I’m afraid I must take my leave.” You turned towards the door out of your father’s office, but a calloused and gentle hand wrapped around your wrist, stopping you in your tracks.
You looked down to see Thomas Shelby’s curious blue eyes trained on yours. “We should talk later,” he said vaguely.
You bit your tongue and swallowed. “You have your meeting with my father,” you whispered discreetly to make sure your father wouldn’t hear, “and then you can have your meeting with me. But we musn’t let him know.”
Thomas nodded slightly- just slight enough that you saw, but your father wouldn’t be able to. His arm let your wrist go and you left the room. You slowed your steps to hear a little bit of their conversation, knowing your father would ask about your interaction with Thomas.
“Do you fancy my daughter, Shelby? We can arrange a marriage if you please, just name your price,” your father said.
You scoffed in irritation.
“With all due respect to your daughter,” Thomas’s hoarse and seemingly easy-going voice said, “No. It doesn’t seem to me your daughter is someone I'd go for.”
“I can assure you that she would provide for you-”
“I said no already, Mr. L/N. How about we move on to our business?”
“Do you always sneak into people’s rooms like this, Mr. Shelby?” you asked Thomas as you walked into your room. You knew before you even walked up the stairs to your room that Thomas had walked in because of the mud leading up the wooden stairs- but you weren’t going to gloat. It was to your advantage to be underestimated than overestimated.
Thomas Shelby, however, was more observant than you ever were, and you were well aware of that. He might have purposefully not wiped his shoes for all you knew.
“Only the people I need to have secret meetings with,” Thomas said from the edge of your bed. “Quite a good mattress you have here, by the way.”
“Thank you, I suppose.” You rolled your eyes and sat in a chair near your desk. “What did you want to talk to me about?”
“I get the feeling you don’t quite like your father, Ms. L/N,” Thomas began, putting two hands behind him and leaning back.
“What do you mean?” you inquired.
“You want more than he can give you. You want to be at the table with people like him and me, but he won’t give you the key.”
You quirked your eyebrow. “What do you want?”
Thomas tilted his head slightly, his eyes looking you up and down. You noticed they lingered on your hands. “I want to take your father’s business down from the inside,” he revealed.
You couldn’t hold back your laughter, and soon your hysterical laughs were echoing your bedroom walls. “I’m sorry, why are you telling me this shit, you idiot?” you said, your hand resting against your heart to calm yourself.
Thomas simply looked at you seriously. “I know a child that secretly hates their father when I see one.”
Your laughter died down slowly and you wiped a slight tear away from your eye. “Let’s suppose I agree to help you dismantle my father’s business. What’s in it for me?”
Thomas shrugged. “I could offer you a position for the Peaky Blinders. Maybe an assistant to one of my men-”
“Look, Mr. Shelby,” you said, your tone a stark contrast to the laughter that riddled your voice moments ago. “I might not look like much, but I’m willing to bet that I’ve had more education than all of your men combined. I have a master’s degree in Business and a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Psychology. I went to Cambridge and then Oxford. I was one of ten women in my entire graduating class. I’m not going to be a fucking assistant with my qualifications, so if you want me to essentially kill my father for your company, you might want to sweeten the deal. Otherwise, damn my relationship with my father, I’m going to tell him.”
Thomas didn’t let an ounce of emotion cross his face. “I’m not going to kill your father,” he reassured you.
You rolled your eyes. “I know more about you Peaky Blinders than you think I do. You don’t leave anyone you hate alive. You’re asking me to basically pave the path to my father’s death.”
Thomas sighed and nodded imperceptibly. But that didn’t matter- he still nodded. “What if I offered you the job of my assistant at first, until I trust you? And then I could make you a shareholder.”
You hummed in thought, looking down at your palms. You stared at the lines you knew instinctively, having traced the indents countless times to calm yourself down. You went to a palm reader once when you were slightly tipsy with your friends. The palm reader told you that you would find your conventional enemy to be an unconventional ally- whatever that meant. But the memory of the palm reader, combined with the alluring offer of finally getting a seat at the table while getting rid of your father’s irritating presence, cemented your decision.
“Alright. But I have two terms: First, I need to trust you too. What guarantee do I have that you won’t leave me for dead after giving me the job? Or that you’ll give me the job at all? And second, you’re going to leave my parents alive.”
“You said yourself that we don’t do that-” Thomas began.
“I don’t care,” you persisted. “My father might be...restrictive...but he’s a good man. He doesn’t deserve an early death. And my mother was never a part of this.”
Thomas sighed, his stare picking you apart as the seconds ticked past. You don’t know what was going through his mind, or what he saw in you, but he must have seen something worth sacrificing for because he smiled slightly and extended his hand. “It’s a deal, Y/N L/N.”
You looked at his hand, still feeling the ghost of it wrapped around your wrist. “It’s a deal, Thomas Shelby,” you said, shaking his hand.
And, although you felt pretty neutral about Thomas Shelby thus far, a small, optimistic, hopeless part of you wanted to memorize the lines on his palms with the accuracy that you had memorized your own.
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d3ad-eye-andy · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Watching Peaky Blinders is truly a struggle 
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gypsy-girl-08 · 2 days ago
In This Together
Part 49 More here
Pairing - Thomas Shelby and Reader
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Tumblr media
Thomas spent the day sulking in his office, after his lecture from Polly. He had no idea where you had gone, having sent some young blinders to look for you. He needed to lay of the pipe, lay off the snow, the fucking whisky. It was his way of dealing with life. Self-medicating.
He couldn’t remember much about last night. He knew he hadn’t hit you, he would never do that. So, what the fuck was Pol talking about? He briefly remembered pulling you onto the bed. No wonder you were pissed off with him, but you were always cross with him lately.
Having spoken with John and Arthur, he was planning a trip to London. Retaliation, getting back what was theirs, showing people they are in charge. Not to be made fools of. He would have to break the news gently to you. He knew you worried and you has every right to.
Thinking back to this morning, seeing you sat there with John and Esme’s baby. He imagined it was yours, you were going to be the best mother. Though he had his own doubts about himself as a father. How often could he be there?
Locking up his desk, he decided he would go and look for you. He had a speech prepared in his head. Isaiah walked into the shop, passing him. "She was in The Garrison, Tom. Now she's gone home," He patted Isaiah on the shoulder, "Ok, good man,"
Polly had helped you run a bath, even that was a task for you these days. Heating the water up over the fire and carrying it through. It was just what you needed, your body was aching. Your little man had not stopped wriggling today, its like he knew something was wrong.
Hearing the front door slam, you prepared yourself for the usual apologies. You knew it was late by the sky outside, after this you were going to bed. You would sleep with Polly again if you had to.
You heard a light knocking on the door and ignored it. "Y/n," you heard his gruff tone. Fuck you, you wanted to shout, buy a one way ticket to America. That's what you wanted to tell him. You had just got to the point you were sick of arguing. You decided to just let him get on with whatever he was doing and stay out of it.
"Y/n?" he asked again, crouching down next to you. He could tell you had been crying, the guilt consuming him. You laid back, looking at the ceiling, hands on your swollen bump. Steam coming from the water, wetting your hair. You looked beautiful, he thought.
"What is it that you want Thomas?" you asked, without looking at him. "To talk," the smell of whisky hit you as he spoke. "I don't want to talk to you, when you have been drinking." you stated flatly. "I'm not drunk, I only had a few at the office,"
"If you are going to keep drinking, using the pipe, whatever else you are doing. I can't be around you. You turn into a different person," He rubbed his eyes, he had been expecting a row, not this. "I haven't touched the fucking pipe, Y/n," he snapped.
"Today, you haven't touched it today," you corrected, glaring at him. "I won't be around you like that, you scare me," you voice wobbled, as you tried to stay strong.
"I'm sorry about last night, I cant even fucking remember what happened. You know, I would never hurt you, ey?" He noticed the bruise on your arm, touching it slowly. You looked down towards the water. "Fuck, Y/n, did I do that?" he put his head in his hands.
"I'm so fucking sorry, I don't know what's happening to me. I cant sleep, my mind is racing constantly. I know, I am drinking too much and need to stop the other shit."
When he looked at you, his eyes were glossy. "If I fucking lost you," he trailed off sniffing. "What is it you actually want from me?" you asked, bluntly.
"What's that supposed to mean?”
"Do you want someone to fuck? Give you a blow job?”You asked.
"What? Why are you saying that, ey?" he rubbed his cigarette along his lips.
"Someone to please you? to cook your meals? A quiet little woman in the kitchen to agree with you?" you continued, rubbing your bump.
"I only want you, like you are, your own person. I love you, Y/n. Me, you and this bump," he rubbed your belly. Smiling as he felt him kicking, a genuine smile, that lit up his face. "I will try harder, I want us to get married Y/n. I want you to be my wife?"
"We can't get married, Tommy. We aren't in a good place. I thought everything would be different after we got back together. You are so distant towards me," reaching his hand up, he wiped the tears away.
"I am here, and I will come back. When you are happy, if I can ever make you happy again. I will ask you properly." he promised, kissing your cheek.
No more words needed to be spoken. He just held your hand and felt your unborn child moving. He knew this was all he needed in the world.
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queenshelby · a day ago
The Affair (Part Seven)
Pairing: Thomas Shelby x Reader
Words: 3,761
Warning: Smut
Please comment and engage so that I can keep this story going…thank you
The following morning, you were woken by one of the maids who was looking for Tommy.
You were still curled up against Tommy’s chest and you realised that you had never slept so well your entire life.
For the first time since your mother’s death, you didn’t have nightmares. You slept the entire night and, sleeping next to Tommy made you feel safe and Tommy clearly felt the same as he was still fast a sleep when Frances barged into the bedroom.
‘Mr Shelby, there is someone here to see you. It is urgent’ Frances said as she was somewhat surprised to see you in Tommy’s bed. She knew that you were Finn’s wife and being involved with your brother-in-law was not only forbidden but also punishable if the Church found out and decided to get involved. As a member of parliament, if found out, this could be detrimental to Tommy and his career at parliament and Tommy was very well aware of this.
‘Fuck’ Tommy growled before reminding Frances that, what she saw just then, had to stay with her. She couldn’t tell anyone, in particular not Finn or any of the other maids.
‘Understood Mr Shelby’ she responded and Tommy knew that his secret was safe with Frances. She had been his most loyal domestic employee for many years and he trusted her with his secrets.
After giving you a quick kiss and telling you to take a drive to your new house, Tommy got up quickly to attend the urgent meeting Frances had alerted him to and, little did you know that, this would be the last time you would to see Tommy for a period of two weeks.
Following his meeting with this mysterious man, who appeared to be a member of parliament as well, Tommy had to travel to London and your husband Finn and Arthur Shelby went with him for support.
You didn’t dare to question what was going on but you knew it wasn’t good when you didn’t hear from either of them for several days until, finally, Ada called you and provided you with an update.
Two weeks later….
It had already gone midnight when, unbeknownst to you, Tommy arrived at your new house outside Birmingham. Instead of going straight home to his wife Lizzie, he came to see you. But, since he arrived unannounced, you didn’t stay up to wait for him and, little did you know that he had kept a key for himself and that, sneaking into your house like this, was exactly what he wanted.
The house was quiet as he stepped through the front door, stopping to hang his keys up diligently on a hook in the hallway. When he stepped through the house quietly, he saw your cashmere coat tossed over the back of one of the armchairs, a book abandoned on the couch and a pair of heels lined up casually next to the fire place.
After hanging up his coat, he placed his briefcase on the dining table and quietly made his way down the hallway, pushing open the door to the master bedroom where he knew he would, hopefully, find you.
Inside, the street-light spilled through a small gap in the curtains, casting stark shadows across his bedsheets. Tommy's eyes traced the shapely figure wrapped inside them. You were sound asleep, no doubt facilitated by the empty wine glass on the side table. He lingered momentarily in the darkness. It seemed a shame to wake you, but the thought of making love to you again had hung about his mind throughout the day leaving him slightly agitated and completely aroused.
With this thought rooted firmly in his mind, Tommy began to unbutton his shirt slowly, slipping it off and letting it drop to the floor. You stirred in your sleep, shifting slightly into the centre of the mattress, causing the bedcovers to slide down your frame. A knowing smile played on Tommy's lips as he made out your breasts in the dim light, delighting in the way your pink nipples had puckered against the evening air. You were blessedly naked and, when he tugged at the ends of the blanket, edging it gently down your thighs, what had lewdly infiltrated his thoughts all evening finally came into view. Your pussy was exquisite smooth and faintly glistening in the near darkness. Tommy's reaction was utterly primal.
Sinking his knee into the mattress, he reached out to cup your right breast, rubbing across your hard, nipple with the pad of his thumb. They were like little bullets. Before he consciously realised, his mouth was on you, licking and sucking at your turgid flesh, nipping you with his teeth. He was eager to wake you up this way just as you told him you had fantasised about after you first slept with each other two weeks ago.
You had always wanted him to sneak into your room at night after you had gone to sleep, but it never eventuated and, following your night together, he promised that, one day, he would. Today was the day and you were luscious and warm and thrillingly at his mercy. As he moved his attention from one nipple to the other, swirling his tongue in feverish circles, he felt your hand move up and curl around back of his neck, pressing his face gently into your breasts, relishing his attention with stuttered breath.
"Tommy...fuck” you murmured, knowing immediately that it was him. You had been breathing in his scent for the past few seconds as you were waking up slowly.
With his mouth still on you, Tommy undid his trousers, working them down his legs and off his feet, kicking them off somewhere at the end of the bed. He could feel the gentle thrum in his groin begin to swell and shifted next to you, purposely pressing his growing erection against your hip. He pulsed it gently against you, rubbing the wet tip of his cock wantonly across your heated skin. You didn't seem to mind and slipped your hand around his length, languidly stroking him back and forth in encouragement. Knowing you were still rousing from deep sleep, he shifted his attention upwards, to your eyes, which were still half lidded in the darkness. When they flickered open, sleepy but tender, they took a hold of his, like deep wells of light, drawing him in.
"Tommy” you murmured as your lips curled up playfully. "You're home…finally” you added with excitement.
“I am and I am delighted to find you perilously naked in bed, ready for me to fuck you senseless just as you have requested, eh” Tommy smirked.
Your laughter lit up the space between you and he leaned in, pressing his tongue expertly between your lips. The taste of red wine still lingered faintly on your tongue.
As you kissed, Tommy manoeuvred his naked body over yours, thrilled by the way you instinctively spread your legs, letting him settle firmly between your thighs. He pressed against your pussy and, feeling your slippery against him, reached down to wrap his hand around his cock. He squeezed it gently, working it over several times before teasing the tip up and down your slit. You were wet and willing and all the while his eyes were on yours, studying your reactions, delighting in the little ways you were consenting to his advances.
“Fuck, I missed you” Tommy groaned before he smiled and kissed you again.
“I missed you too Tommy…now fulfil your promises, please…I need you inside of me” you moaned as Tommy pressed his fingers between your thighs first, rubbing your clit gently, thrilled at how slick and swollen you already were for him.
“Patience Love” Tommy groaned before, eventually, he became overpowered by his urges and pushed two fingers firmly inside you, craving the heat of your tight flesh.
You reacted by spreading your thighs wider, putting your sex on full display, willing him to watch as he thrusted inside you. There was something about fingering you that made him feel like he was young again - the way you moaned timidly in the darkness whilst shamelessly riding his hand, relishing the singular act of being penetrated.
“Tommy…fuck…make me cum please” you moaned as he felt your hips begin to buck against him and he leaned down, pressing his forehead against your shoulder. A rush of euphoria washed over him and then, slowly, he withdrew his fingers, groaning inwardly as he guided them between your lips and felt you suckle gently. It was maddening. Unable to wait any longer, Tommy repositioned himself between your legs, lining himself up against your centre.
“I can’t wait to feel you around my cock Love” Tommy groaned into the darkness as he finally pushed forward, feeling you give way to his thickened cock, relishing the warmth of your pussy as it contracted around him, sucking him in. It was utterly divine and well worth the two weeks wait during which he didn’t even bother to seek the services of any of the working girls.
Tommy moved slowly at first, rolling his hips and luxuriating in the softness of your body. He heeded all your little noises, took note of the slight tremble in your thighs. Casting his eyes downward, it was obvious you were half gone, taking full pleasure in the joining of your bodies. You rocked your hips back against him, your hands now clasped around his waist, pleading to be filled, urging him to slide in deeper, to fuck you harder. Tommy brushed his lips against yours and then began kissing you gently along your jawline.
With your eyes still closed, you turned your head to the side, trying to hide the wry smile forming on your lips. Trailing your fingers lightly up his back, you brought your hands between them, placing your small palms against his chest, applying just a hint of pressure.
“You know that this is so wrong, Tommy? You are my brother-in-law” you huffed out, but were almost turned on by it.
“Tell me to stop and I will” Tommy said as his heart rate accelerated and he felt his cock surge between your legs.
“No…I never want you to stop” you moaned as Tommy watched as you tilted your head back, exposing the smooth skin on your throat. A faint blemish still bloomed there, after he'd got carried away two weeks ago. He licked and sucked at it again as he curled into you, plunging your depths.
“You are such a naughty girl aren’t you, letting your brother-in-law fuck you like this?” Tommy groaned as he quickly realised how turned on you were by this.
“Yes Tommy…” you huffed out in pure bliss and your words were a perfect trigger, and he let them wash over him before he responded, thrusting into your small frame, pinning you in place.
“You feel so fucking good around my cock Love” Tommy groaned as he slung your legs around him.
“And you are so wet. I know you were touching yourself in your bed. Your body doesn't lie” Tommy then groaned as he pushed himself up on his hands and you gripped his forearms, squeezing them tightly with your fingers tips. Tommy responded by pulling out and slapping the underside of his cock against your slit before thrusting back hard inside you. The way he made love to you this time was much different to the time before. There was no resistance and he let his pure lust for you to take over his mind. This was the real Tommy and you loved every moment of it.
He looked down between your rutting bodies, watching the delicious way his bulging cock disappeared between your thighs. The heady sounds of your juices being penetrated made his head spin and he rammed you harder, in and out, enjoying the way his balls slapped heavily against your pert backside each time.
“Oh god Tommy, yes fuck me harder” you gasped underneath him and rolled your hips, pulling him in tighter. Tommy watched you in total rapture, knowing he had no business fucking a girl your age. And certainly not one who was married to his youngest brother. Had it been a story told to him in a bar, with a cigar and whiskey in his hand he would have chuckled under his breath whilst quietly passing judgement. But things with you felt different. It felt good with your in every conceivable way.
"Are you enjoying it? The way I fuck you?" Tommy groaned and, of course, you did.
"Yes Tommy, oh god I am close” you moaned and Tommy growled in response, speeding up his assault, desperately seeking a rhythm that would drive you over the edge.
"You have a beautiful pussy, which clearly was made for my cock" Tommy groaned and you quite enjoyed the filth coming from his mouth when you had sex.
"Oh god" you moaned.
"Tell me you like it” Tommy then demanded.
"I like it....I love it…fuck…keep going" you stammered, your words trailing off as your body shuddered beneath him. He plunged into you now with brutal abandon, relishing your dripping pussy and the way it sheathed his cock, squeezing every inch of him.
"Beg me to fuck you” Tommy then demanded as beads of sweat were collecting at his temples as he worked furiously inside you, his mind deranged with lust.
"It feels so good" you stuttered. "Please, fuck me harder” you moaned.
"Say it again" he snapped, as his hand flew to your nipple, pinching and twisting it hard.
"Please Tommy, I want you to fuck me harder" you moaned as his heart pounded in his chest.
"You want me to fuck you harder? You'd like that?" he taunted, pushing your knees up and grabbing your ankles, thrusting into you from a different angle.
"Yes.'s so feels so fucking good..." you moaned as you squeezed your eyes shut and Tommy wiped the sweat from his brow. The corners of your mouth lifted in a small knowing smile. Then you turned your head and planted a lingering kiss against the inside of Tommy’s wrist. It was a small gesture, but it was what he needed to know that he wasn’t hurting you in anyway way as he unleashed the beast within him.
"Good girl" he growled and with renewed energy leaned back on his knees again. He gripped the flesh on your hips, pumping into your wet, sopping hole, watching your pussy take his full girth.
It wasn’t long until Tommy could feel his balls start to churn. He was going to cum too quickly. His eyes tracked across your face, focusing in on your parted lips, enjoying your little gasps for air. He thought momentarily about how good it would feel to push his cock between them, but you were too far gone now.
"Tommy," you whispered… "Fuck me harder...I want to cum with you and I want all your cum inside of me” you then moaned as your body was shifting up the bed with the sheer power of his thrusts and now with his hands gripping your hips, he bottomed out, filling you completely.
"Fuck, you feel so good Love. I want you to feel everything. Look at me. Open your eyes” Tommy groaned and your eyelids flickered open and despite your frenzied pace, you managed to hold his gaze until, suddenly, Tommy pulled you on top of him.
As you began to ride him, you felt him pulse inside you and a sound erupted from your throat, almost like a sob. You began to push down against him, your tits bouncing gloriously with each fervid movement.
"That's it. Fucking take it. I'm all yours” Tommy groaned as he watched you ride him, driving you both closer and closer to the edge.
You rolled your hips and rode him hard and fast while Tommy blinked slowly as if he was trying to take a snapshot with his eyes. He wanted to register every detail of his sister-in-law fucking him like this.
"Look at you Love. You're such a dirty girl, fucking my cock like that. I want to watch you come all around my cock” he groaned and, just as he did, you couldn’t hold back any longer.
“Tommy...!" you moaned as you felt a familiar shiver run down your spine and Tommy felt you contracting around him. You both were so close.
“Cum for me Love” he groaned again and, on hearing his words, you cried out. Your body was twisting and arching. Tommy felt your pussy shudder gloriously around his cock, milking him of his seed.
“Fuck” he groaned as you shivered and quivered on top of him. With his fingers digging into the flesh of your hips, he thrusted upwards with violent ferocity, erupting deep inside you. He heard your moan as he worked away, spilling every drop of his warm cum into you. It felt as if all the blood in his body was rushing to one place, making his head spin. Within moments, he shuddered to a sweaty halt, trembling, the sound of his laboured breathing filling the dark room. Tommy squeezed his eyes shut knowing this was it. This felt too good with you. He was utterly hooked.
Moments later, you also began to slowly catch your breath and slid off Tommy, causing a large amount of his cum to leak from you. Tommy was quick to hoover over you and planted a trail of kisses down your throat, noticing your skin was still flushed and your heart still thrummed rhythmically in your chest. He smiled, feeling fully sated. Moving lower, he reached your taut stomach, resting his cheek against the milky-warmth of your skin.
"Are you okay Love?" he eventually asked.
"Yes," you replied warily. It made him look up.
"Are you sure?" he asked, grinning to himself.
"Yes, it's just...I'm a lunatic around you. The stuff that come out of my mouth when we're together is quite filthy" you chuckled and Tommy smiled, understanding exactly.
"Does it bother you?" he asked.
"No, but I've never said those sorts of dirty things to anyone else before” you said somewhat embarrassed and Tommy smiled and kissed your stomach.
“If it helps you, I like it when you say these things to me. In fact, I like it a lot” Tommy chuckled before shuffling his body back up towards your face.
He reached up, tracing your jawline with the back of his fingertip, watching as a little uncertain smile played on your lips. He knew where this was going but for the first time since his late wife’s passing, he wasn't troubled by it.
"Tommy, I get that, with me being married to your brother and you being married to Lizzie, things are a little complicated between us. But, to be clear, I want you to know that I want this. This feels good to me. I don't want this to stop” you explained and Tommy’s heart fluttered unexpectedly. Tommy slid his hands down your body, cupping your right breast, luxuriating in its suppleness, listening quietly as you struggled through your words.
'What makes you think that this is going to stop, eh?" Tommy asked.
"You're hard to read sometimes Tommy” you said after you paused to consider your words.
“Well, if it is any consolation to you, I haven’t felt the way I feel for you since Grace passed away. I feel safe with you. I trust you and I have fallen in love with you which is a big fucking problem considering that you are married to my brother Finn” Tommy chuckled and you took a sharp breath, your gaze fixed intently on his.
“I am in love with you too Tommy and, yes, it’s a big fucking problem” you said as his eyes tracked across your face.
“It’s a problem for another day, not tonight. Now get some rest, eh” Tommy then said, wrapping his hand around your waist before pressing his lips against your mouth. He felt you smile into his kiss. In that quiet moment, Tommy knew, after many years, he finally was where he should be.
“Are you staying for the night?” you then asked and Tommy nodded.
“I planned to stay for a few days and make up for the time we lost during the last two weeks” Tommy then smirked, sending a smile across your face.
Unfortunately for you, the next few days passed quickly and, whilst you and Tommy barely left the bedroom during this time, you started to miss making love to him pretty much as soon as he left.
To your surprise, shortly after Tommy left, it was your husband Finn who came to visit unannounced and startled you just as you pegged out the washing, which included three sets of rather raunchy lingerie.
‘These are nice’ Finn expressed as he sneaked up behind you. ‘Perhaps you could show them to me one day?’ he then smirked, causing you to roll your eyes.
‘I don’t think so Finn. You have been sleeping around with many whores and, whilst I don’t mind, I don’t want to be your meal in between’ you said somewhat annoyed, causing Finn to sigh.
‘You are my wife though. This means, I own you and you do what I ask you to do’ Finn then grinned, causing you to gasp and take a step back with concern.
‘Don’t worry Love, I am not an animal. I wouldn’t lay a hand on you unless you wanted me to’ he then said somewhat humoured and you sighed with relief.
‘I am curious though, who did you buy these for?’ Finn asked.
‘For myself. It makes me feel nice. Is that okay?’ you stammered out quickly and Finn nodded before returning to the house.
When he wandered through the house, he was quick to notice that your bedroom door was open. The bed wasn’t made, which was unlike you and the scent of the room was different. Finn couldn’t quite place it but he knew that this wasn’t your scent. It was the scent of a man and, as if matters couldn’t have gotten any worse from there, he soon noticed two cufflinks on one of the bedside tables.
He picked them up and looked at them. They were made of pure gold and were most certainly very expensive. There weren’t many men who could afford items like this and, without questioning you about them, he put them into his suit jacket.  
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
peaky blinders (2014, colm mccarthy)
magdalene: the addict from magdalene: poems (marie howe, 2017)
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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❝the garrison rat❞ CHP 3
Tumblr media
chp 1 here / chp 2 here
summary: torn apart by an unexpected loss, you find yourself unable to leave birmingham. you’re aware that people notice you drinking in the garrison every other night, you’re aware they call you nicknames, but you don’t care about any of it— at least, not until you start speaking to john shelby. he’s looking for a wife and you vowed to never love again, which makes things a bit complicated.
warnings: this is a peaky blinders fic, you should already know what this entails. an abundance of swearing, sexual themes, (not quite smut, not yet) smoking, alcohol, mentions of cocaine, blood and violence, fluff and angst particularly pertaining grief, period misogyny, very vaguely set in season one, etc etc
word count: 2.3k
tag list: @datewithgianni @1950schick @clementinesjourney @cbouvier23 @smailaway @cedricscoffin
a/n: sorry for the extended wait on this chapter, thanksgiving weekend has been wild for me! blame mercury, idk. we pick up the pace a lot in this one <3
When John woke up, the sun was streaming in through the room in slivers thanks to Polly’s thick, linen curtains. With how naturally disoriented he was because of the night before, it nearly blinded him, he almost stumbled out of bed on reflex.
He felt warm though, comfortingly warm, so he closed his eyes for a long second and tried to relax. His thoughts of the night before were muddy, he couldn’t quite discern what had gone on after the Garrison rat had showed up.
John inhaled, deep like his mother taught him.
The first thing that anchored him was the overpowering smell of Polly’s perfume, hung around the room like tinsel on Christmas Eve. Considering he’d been absent for so long during the war, the whole house had adopted the sweet, market-bought vanilla usually associated with Polly’s presence, and for the most part it was a pleasant change from the natural Small Heath smells of tobacco, gunpowder, and dirt.
God, his head felt like someone had forced a machete into the back of it.
John exhaled, trying to understand why his heart was beating so goddamn fast. It was because he’d never be able to escape this fucking town, wasn’t it?
Suddenly, there was a small CREAK near his bedroom door and his eyes flew open on instinct. He turned to see the disturbance, and--
He couldn’t help it, his mouth fell open. “What the fuck?”
You leapt backward as though electrocuted and nearly gagged on the toothbrush in your mouth. “What the fuck!”
John scrambled up, panicking. “How’d the fuck you get in here?”
“I don’t know!”
“Why are you-” he fumbled with his bedsheets, desperately trying to spot a nearby shirt. “I - fucking hell - are you hungover?”
“Horribly.” You took the toothbrush out of your mouth. “Your aunt was nice enough to give me this shirt and a toothbrush, I was gonna get going...”
A grin was shamelessly pulling at John’s lips now, just imagining the conversation he was going to have with Arthur later that afternoon. “You have to work on the weekend?”
You seemed to choke on words and gestured wildly to the air in front of you. “I - you know how Campbell is, he’s got everybody working weird hours.”
He didn’t believe this in the slightest, and gave you a pointed look. An awkward silence ensued.
“Do you remember what happened last night?” he asked finally, getting up to search for clothes without a hint of shame at his nakedness.
You shrugged, pointedly gazing at your fingernails now. “Bits and pieces.”
Vaguely, John remembered. He remembered the rainwater pouring down and the card games and Finn snoring softly, and he remembered the look on your face when he’d answered the door-- fucking needy, and just like that, he was a little needy in return.
By the state of his coat on the floor, you’d probably messily ventured down Watery Lane together-- on a date? -- and if he concentrated hard enough, he might’ve remembered the ghost of your body on his, or his tongue rolling against yours. So much for a night without snow or drinks.
“I should get going,” you repeated firmly, turning on your heel to leave.
“Wait,” said John rather stupidly, and he bent down to grab his coat. “People are gonna ask if they see you runnin’ down the Lane in that. Make sure you aren’t seen leaving the Parlour, ‘kay?”
You raised a flirtatious eyebrow and took the coat. “Yes, sir.”
Something purred happily deep inside of him, but John strangled it. “I’ll see you at the Garrison?”
“Maybe, maybe not.”
You winked at him and turned to leave.
Polly was in the kitchen when he came down, smoking one of her black cigarettes and reading the morning paper.
There was a laugh in her voice when she spoke. “Fun night?”
John stalled, chewing on his toothpick wearily. “You’re makin’ fun of me.”
She tried and failed to smother her smirk. “I’m not, I just know the others would get a kick out of the look on your face when you opened the door and saw her standing there.”
He winced in spite of himself, and the words were tumbling out of his mouth before he could stop them. “Did - did I look like an idiot?”
Polly gave him a long look and he changed tack. “What time did she wake up?”
“About twenty minutes ago, I don’t think she knew I was here. Poor girl had the same look on her face as you did when you were younger and your mother asked about maths.”
John remembered that incident, he’d stopped going to school shortly after that. He was good at math up until the alphabet started getting involved.
“Eh,” he said when he found there was nothing to say. “You know where Arthur is?”
“He came home ‘round five o’clock this morning. Don’t wake him.”
He nodded, moving forward to the kitchen with an intent to poach an egg. “And Tom?”
“Antagonizing Campbell, probably.” Polly smirked and exhaled a plume of smoke. “Do you have any plans for today?”
“Not much,” John admitted as he cracked an egg. “Katie needs a new blouse for school, I was gonna see if I could pick that up for her...”
The inevitable came round again. The kids. Or, more specifically, what he was going to do with them.
“Have you told Y/N about the kids?” Polly asked softly, pressing her cigarette into the ashtray.
John strained his memory of last night, trying to remember.
“She...she told me last night that she - that she’d been to the country to help take care of somebody’s kids, so that’s why I didn’t see her at the Garrison,” he replied uncertainly. “I - I assumed the kids she took care of were in good shape.”
Polly raised her eyebrows expectantly and John resisted the urge to run out of the room.
“I’m not implying anything!” she exclaimed, holding her hands up as though confronted by coppers, but she was grinning, ruining the effect. “You need to decide what’s best for your kids, not me. The only thing we’re all asking you to do is to do it soon.”
“‘Ello,” Arthur said from the doorway, shirtless and gripping a bottle of tequila by the neck. “You makin’ eggs?”
The Garrison was quieter tonight, but like always, there was still singing. Grace was standing up on a stool, oblivious to the men gazing up at her admiringly as she sang.
“You’d think she was queen of the land,” she sang, and no doubt about it, she was looking over at you. “And her hair fell over her shoulder, tied up with a black velvet band...”
You smirked, fingering the velvet hairtie you’d indeed used to tie up your hair tonight.
“She’s singin’ about you, eh?” someone asked, and you jumped a little.
Wondering why you had an uncanny ability to attract Shelbys in this godforsaken pub, you took a sip from your drink and nodded. “I suppose so. Didn’t tell her to.”
A lazy smirk hung round Tommy Shelby’s lips. “What brings you here tonight, Y/N?”
You gave him a weird look. “I wanted a fucking drink. You?”
He shrugged apathetically. “Technically I’m supposed to be covering for John boy, he’s pissing his pants. He should be here in a few minutes or so.”
You chewed on your lip in an effort to hide your grin. “Mhm.”
Silence fell, and you stared down into the depths of your drink, wondering if you should say it.
Fuck it.
“Can you thank Polly Gray for me?” you asked hesitantly. “I’m not sure if I thanked her, when I - I mean, when I woke up this morning.”
Tommy nodded at the barmaid for another drink. “At the rate things are going, I’m sure you’ll be able to thank her yourself.”
The cold Sam feeling doused your chest again, and you found yourself unable to breathe.
The oak doors of the Garrison jumped open, Grace’s song abruptly broke off, mostly out of surprise, and half the pub looked up.
Unsurprisingly, John Shelby was standing there, in a cap and three piece suit like always, chewing on a fresh toothpick.
Quite hurriedly, Grace resumed her song like nothing had happened.
“Y/N!” John called with surprising warmth, hurrying over to the bar like half the pub wasn’t staring at him. “You good?”
“I’m fine,” you replied suspiciously, your head swiveling between Tommy and John as though you were watching a ping pong match, trying to figure out what was going on. “You?”
“Fucking grand, fucking grand.”
Tommy seemed to sense his heavy-handed approach, cringed, and stood up from the bar on instinct. “Right, I better clear out...”
“You can stay,” you interjected quickly, a bit too sharply. “Really, I don’t mind.”
“No, I should go, I have a lady to give a job to,” he replied, very obviously eyeing Grace.
“Oh, well, alright then...”
“What’s that about?” you asked John as soon as he’d left.
“My sister,” he responded warily, downing Tommy’s drink. “She’s not speakin’ to us.”
You raised your eyebrows, not wanting to get into it. “Ah.”
“She’ll be alright,” he replied gruffly, rubbing his nose. You could tell that was more of a prayer than a promise, but decided not to comment on it.
“What brings you here tonight, John Shelby?” you asked instead, mimicking Tommy.
He looked at you, a ghost of a smirk on his lips. “I think you already know.”
“Well, I’m gonna need a lot more whiskey if you plan on taking me to the races,” you shot back flirtatiously, raising your glass to your lips. “Think I need a lot more whiskey in general, honestly...”
He laughed and you handed your glass off to the barmaid in exchange for another one.
“I’ll pay for it,” he offered, rifling through his wallet, and you didn’t object.
Instead, you looked over at the merry Garrison, at the men dancing and drunkenly carrying on Grace’s singing, and your eyes found Tommy, whispering in Grace’s ear. She’d since gotten off the stool.
You felt your eyebrows raise.
“How much whiskey does it take to get you drunk?” you asked suddenly, turning back to him.
John raised his eyebrows in return. “A bit.”
“Same. Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”
There was a long silence. He surveyed you intently.
“Fuck yeah.”
When John stomped into the betting shop the next morning, the Shelbys were in a family meeting.
“Where were you, John boy?” Tommy asked, wiping a fresh cigarette on his lips as the rest stared at him suspiciously.
“Doesn’t matter,” he replied gruffly, grabbing a chair and twisting it backward to sit down. “What are we-”
“I would say it matters, considering the topic of our meeting,” Polly cut in sharply.
John looked blankly from her, to Arthur, to Tommy, then to Johnny Dogs-- shit, if Johnny Dogs was in on a meeting, this couldn’t be good.
“Is this about Ada?” he asked weakly.
“Sort of,” Polly replied gently. “Sit down, love.”
“Campbell?” John suggested wildly, already going to stomp out of the door. “I swear to God, if he’s overstepping his territory again, I’ll cut him a smile so big his head’ll-”
“John,” Tommy cut in, irritated now, gesturing to the seat he’d pulled out. “Sit down, this is about the girl you’ve been fucking, yeah?”
“Use her fuckin’ name,” he replied bitterly as he sat back down.
“Tom wants you and Y/N to be married,” Arthur said awkwardly, shoving his hands in his pockets.
John turned to him. “Fucking what?”
“We'll give you money to buy the ring,” Polly added, her voice noticeably less gentle now, and he suddenly got the idea that they were going to force him into this if he didn’t comply. “It’ll be a nice one, you can take the train to London and be back by tomorrow morning. You want to have her over?”
“I want to slow down!” he shot back wildly, taking off his cap to smooth his hair back. “Fucking hell, you said you’d give me a few weeks-”
“Well, John boy, it has been a few weeks,” Tommy replied, shooting Arthur a knowing look. “You’ve been fucking her, yeah? That’s gotta count for something.”
“That doesn’t have to count for anything!” he exclaimed, face reddening.
Polly tried and failed to smother her laugh. “I’ll bet it counted for something when you were with Lizzie.”
“DON’T TALK TO ME ABOUT THAT WOMAN!” John shouted, bounding up and sending the chair tumbling to the floor. “Fucking hell, you’re all outta your fucking minds, you know that?”
Arthur shrugged, careless. “You’re not wrong.”
Polly drew back to glare at him.
“I’ve talked to George Lee, he said it should be fine,” Tommy continued, apparently not giving the slightest iota of a fuck. “And I got Grace to go seek Ada out wherever she’s hiding. We’ll have a nice engagement party in a week’s time, and if everything goes well, if we’re not all fuckin’ dead by the end of this, we’ll be able to have a nice wedding once Billy Kimber and Inspector Campbell are dealt with."
He gestured to Johnny Dogs. “Johnny should be able to officiate it.”
Johnny held up a hand. “Aye.”
“This is mental,” John muttered under his breath, fumbling around for a new toothpick, “But it’s fine, then. I guess I’ll go to London.”
He met Tommy’s strikingly blue gaze head-on. “But if it doesn’t go well, don’t fucking blame me, alright?”
Tommy raised an eyebrow-- the same apathetic look he’d given his superiors back in France when they told him he wouldn’t do well in the tunnels. John hated that look. It meant he knew he was going to get what he wanted in the end.
“She’ll make a good wife, John boy,” Arthur said when no one would say anything. “And if she doesn’t, you got Zhang’s down the street.”
“Go on now,” Polly added, waving a hand. “The sooner you start, the sooner it’s over.”
“Good luck!” Johnny Dogs called as John stomped out of the room.
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Blind Date -
Part 9 -
Pairing - Modern Thomas Shelby and Reader
@kaybeeboop @cloudofdisney - @romanogersendgame @loveableasshole @goldensunflowe-r @captivatedbycillianmurphy @namelesslosers @lauren-raines-x @katsav17 @kamiiyou @fairypitou @answer-the-sirens @vxrixnt@kathrinemelissa @datewithgianni @geminiwolves @lyarr24 @ysmmsy @sixbillionpieces @morgana-olson
Tumblr media
It was lunch time before he messaged you. “Good Afternoon Miss Y/L/N, hoping you are still gracing me with your company tonight?” You looked at the text on your Home Screen, don’t read it yet you thought, make him sweat.
You had been hard at work all morning. You had to present your latest design to the board of directors at 1pm. Confident in your ability, but you could already feel your palms sticky at the thought of it. You hated public speaking. Deciding you wouldn’t have time to reply, you quickly message.
“Yes of course, looking forward to it Tommy xx”
You headed off to grab a quick sandwich before your presentation. On your way back he called you, “Hi Tommy,” you answered. “Hey baby, can you talk?” Baby, you thought? Yes please sir.
“Yeah quickly, I have a huge presentation and I am freaking out,” you confessed. Why did you even tell him that? Idiot, you thought. He probably does presentations every day.
"Oh, sorry, don't freak out, Y/n. I am sure, you will be amazing. From what you told me, you are very confident in your job. You need to show that to them,"
His kind words seemed to have a calming effect on you. "Thank you, I just need to try and keep calm. How's your day?" you asked.
"Meeting after meeting, just on the way back from Liverpool. I can pick you up at seven from work, if that's ok?" he offered. "Yeah, that's great, if I survive this I will be here." you laughed.
"You will, show them what you are made off, yeah? Tell them, what they want to hear. Good luck," You thanked him, hanging up.
Feeling much more confident, having spoke to him. The presentation went well and the directors seemed impressed. You breathed a sigh of relief, as you sat back at your desk. You still had a lot to do before the day was over.
Just before 7, you went to freshen up in the bathroom. Wishing you had bought a change of clothes, your feet were aching. Why did you wear such big heels today? The board wouldn’t have been looking at your feet.
Spraying perfume, you applied some bronzer and lipstick. Making your way to the lift, you bumped into your boss, Mr Denver. “Ladies first,” he said pressing the lift. As you both entered, he congratulated you on your pitch. “Oh thank you, I was really nervous." you explained, "I hope it didn't show,"
“No, and there was no need for nerves,” he said, looking you up and down. “If you need someone to practice on, just make your way to my office.” He smiled. "I may have a bottle of Brandy in my desk drawer,"
Er, no thanks, you thought. “Thank you,” you replied sweetly, plastering on a smile. Heading outside, he held the door for you. “Can I give you a lift?” He asked. Keys for his Bentley in his hand, probably one of his many cars.
“She has one,” you heard, from behind you. As you both looked around, Thomas was stood there. Cigarette in mouth, dressed in an expensive suit. “Hi,” you said, throwing the cigarette, he kissed you lightly on the lips.
“Mr Shelby? Isn’t it?” Your boss asked, observing him.
His hand was resting on your waist, was he marking his territory you wondered? “That’s right,” he replied, looking bored. Your boss held his hand out, “Phillip Denver, CEO, didn’t your company renovate the old flats in Digbeth?”
He knew more about him than you did, you thought he owned pubs and imported car parts? “That’s right, yeah, just finished,” he shook his hand then turned to you. “You ready to go?” He asked. This was so awkward. You nodded, “Yes,”.
“I wish you both a pleasant evening,” Mr Denver told you as you walked away. “Thank you,” you called back. Thomas had a strong grip on your hand. Opening the car door for you, he helped you in.
Climbing in himself, he leant across and kissed you. Passionate, but gentle, his hand on your knee. He smelt amazing. “Good Evening,” he smirked. “Good Evening,” you smiled as he started the car. “How did your presentation go, ey?” He asked, looking over at you.
“Good, I think, they seemed to like the pitch. I managed to keep calm, once I got started.” He squeezed your knee. “See, no need to be nervous. Is Denver your boss?” He quizzed, keeping his eyes on the road.
“Yeah, he’s one of them. I take it you didn’t like him?” He had made it quite obvious. “No, he’s a prick. Pitched to design one of our pubs before. Didn’t get it.” Shit, that was going to be awkward at work you thought. “Shouldn’t be offering you a lift if he’s your boss, surely?”
“I think he was just being kind, probably because I am new.” you said, watching his jaw tense. Yeah, fresh meat more like, he thought. You chatted for the rest of the journey, until you pulled up in front of a large building. “I have no idea where I am,” you said.
Walking around, he opened your door helping you out. “My apartment, up there,” He pointed to the top of the building. Bending to kiss you again, he told you, “You look beautiful tonight, Y/n. Shall we?” He took your hand and led you to the large glass doors.
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queenshelby · 21 hours ago
The Handmaid’s Gift (Sequel to ‘The Handmaid’)
Pairing: Tommy Shelby x Reader
Warning: Smut, Surrogacy
Words: 1,289
A few months ago, your employer Thomas Shelby and his wife Elizabeth made you an offer you couldn’t refuse. A substantial amount of money in exchange for giving them another child after Elizabeth was unable to conceive again.
You knew that this was what she wanted. Thomas didn’t care, but he did everything he could to fulfill her wish after she had been loyal to him for many years.
Being able to have sex with you, was a bonus for him and you couldn’t say that you didn’t enjoy it either.
During the first month of you tracking your cycle, Lizzie was present during Tommy’s attempts to impregnate you. It was awkward for everyone involved and, now that you were on your second cycle, Tommy had requested that she would not partake in the activities.
‘You just want to have fun, don’t you?’ she asked somewhat frustrated, but Tommy reassured her that this is not what this was about.
Reluctantly, she agreed and you were given a schedule with dates and times during which Tommy would visit you in your bedroom to fulfill the act necessary for your conception.
While Tommy was fucking you, Lizzie waited in the reading room. You knew she would be listening but you were thankful that she would no longer be present when you had sex with her husband.
"Good Evening, Mr Shelby” you said as you sat on your large bed and watched Tommy enter the room.
‘Good Evening, Y/N’ he responded in a very formal tone as he looked over towards you.
Without saying anything else, you watched him take off his watch and roll up his sleeve. He usually didn’t bother to get undressed and, just like the last time you participated in the act together, he was still wearing his shirt, vest, pants and shoes.
‘Now Love, are you still sure that you are okay with this?’ he asked, seeking some reassurance from you.
‘Yes Mr Shelby. I am sure and I am ready for you’ you confirmed, causing him to nod.
‘Well then, let’s get started, eh?’ Tommy said as he approached you and began to pull your dress up inch by inch.
When he lifted up your dress, he noticed that you weren’t wearing panties underneath.
A small gasp escaped him and he pushed you back towards the bed, laying you down on it as he straddled your hips.
You could see his erection straining against the fabric of his pants. The bulge in his pants looked huge and you couldn’t say that you weren’t at least a little bit excited for what was to come.
Without saying a word, Tommy started unbuttoning his pants and pulled them and his briefs down, freeing his rock-hard cock from its confines.
Then, silently, Tommy spread your legs to get a good look at your pussy. He groaned at the sight of your tight opening and he couldn't wait to sheath himself inside you.
‘Let’s get you nice and wet for me Love’ Tommy then said as he started rubbing above your opening, teasing your little pleasure bud.
‘Hmm Mr Shelby’ you moaned as your hips bucked involuntarily and he applied more and more pressure to it, forcing you towards an orgasm.
Within no time, you were gasping and panting, trying to resist giving in to the tightening coil in your loins but you couldn't help unravelling when Tommy pressed hard on your clit whilst pinching one of your nipples with the other hand. Surely, Lizzie would hear your pleasure and you certainly didn’t want her to hear you at all.
‘Oh god, fuck’ you moaned as your orgasm hit you with great intensity, making you almost forget where and with whom you were right now. It was so good.
‘That was quick’ Tommy smirked and, finding you sufficiently wet after your orgasm, Tommy positioned himself at your entrance and began pushing into your tight pussy.
Just like last time, the head of his cock stretched your opening as he pressed into you. There was some pain of being stretched so much but you truly enjoyed the feel of his bare cock inside of you.
Whilst Tommy’s cock still wasn't fully inside you, he began thrusting at a slow rhythm, in and out, trying to embed more and more of his manhood in you with every thrust.
‘That’s it Love, keep your legs spread wide for me’ Tommy groaned as he continued to thrust into you, picking up speed. He loved the feeling of his cock stretching your insides and he could almost see your belly bulge whenever he pushed himself deep inside you and nudging your cervix.
You were unbelievably tight and it wasn’t long until he could feel himself getting close.  But he wanted to drag it out a little more, so he pulled out of you for now.
‘Turn around Love, I want to fuck you from behind’ he ordered and you eagerly complied even though you knew that Lizzie wouldn’t have approved of his request.
Within bare seconds, your breasts were pressed into the mattress and Tommy lined himself up behind you. Then he pushed his cock back into your pussy and began really fucking you with quick, hard thrusts that had you gasping in pain and wince in pleasure every time his cockhead would forcefully push against your cervix.
‘That’s it, hold nice and still for me Love’ Tommy groaned as he loved watching his cock stretching your pussy to the limits every time he pushed it into you. There was nothing better to him than fucking your tight pussy and you felt like heaven as he pounded into you. He was close to cumming, but wanted to feel your pussy clench around him in orgasm as he came, so he reached one of his hands down around you to rub your clit.
‘Oh god yes…fuck’ you screamed as you came in a haze of pleasure and pain. Your pussy clamped down around Tommy’s cock pushing him into his release too. He held himself deep inside you as he shot jet after jet of hot cum right against the entrance to your womb, grunting and groaning in pleasure all the while.
Naturally your body reacted to his hot cum shooting inside you by drawing out your orgasm, pulling the cum deeper inside you every time your pussy contracted. This orgasm felt even better than the first, leaving you in a blissful state of pleasure for almost a minute.
Once you came down from your high, you started feeling the aftermath of what had happened. You felt a weird warmth inside you where Tommy’s cum was still lodged deeply by his now flaccid member, only a small amount dripping out. The reality of the situation hit you; he might have gotten you pregnant this time. At least you both hoped that he did.
Tommy finally got out of his pleasure-induced haze and started pulling his now soft cock out of your cum-filled pussy. It filled him with a sense of pride as he saw his cum start leaking out of you. You were still on your knees with your upper body pressed into the mattress. He wouldn't let you move right away, so most of his sperm was stopped from leaking out by gravity.
‘You look stunning, Love. On your knees with my cum filling your pussy’ Tommy observed as he smiled at you and shortly afterwards, you collapsed.
‘So, are we doing this tomorrow again Mr Shelby?’ you asked as you ran your fingers through your slit, feeling the cum he had left inside of you.
‘Same time same place. Now get some rest, eh?’ Tommy winked before wishing you a pleasant night.
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