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quietbirdee · a day ago
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I thought we would have a different life -- a difficult night
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peanutcrow · a day ago
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never-ending-fanfic · a day ago
Isa and Abuela Alma
So obviously Isabela is Abuela's favourite grandkid, it's clear that while she doesn't show her irritation with other grandkids (except Mira, my beloved), she favours Isa. But why?
The easy answer is that Isabela behaves in that perfect manner, always does as she's told and really, who wouldn't want such a kid? However, quoting Pepa's famous:
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Have any of you noticed that Isa looks identical to young Alma?
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Same lips, face shape, eyes, ears, hair (not hairstyle), Isa only has slightly thicker eyebrows and smaller nose and her skin is darker. Even in Bruno's vision, when he still had a problem to see who Mirabel was hugging, the person looked like young Alma.
It might have been that Abuela wanted to direct Isa's life like it was her own, if she and Pedro didn't have to leave their house, hence if Pedro lived.
Also notice that while Pepa's side of the family all wears the shades of yellow, oranges and reds (ignore the fact that Antonio's clothes are white here)
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And while Julieta's side of the family dresses in blues and teals, Isabela does not exactly match
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Isabela wears a pastel purple/pink dress and it doesn't exactly match her side of the family, if anything, it matches Abuela's magenta dress more (plus notoce how similar their earrings are)
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And when she finally breaks the spell of forced perfection and gets her dress all dirty and wild in "What Else Can I Do", it turns that deep navy color, that matches her with her family
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Do with this whatever you want
(Side note, notice how Félix's face is all serious in the gif but brightens up with an exited smile when Pepa mentions their wedding day, too cute)
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ameamaranth · 2 days ago
Abuelo Pedro in heaven: oh boy. Let's see how my family back on earth is doing
Pepa: [hurricane] we're all gonna die!
Dolores: stop please! You're all too loud
Luisa: I'M LOSING MY GIFT!! [cries]
Antonio: oh great lazy one, speak to me
Julieta: no amount of food can heal this damage
Isabela: What else can I doooooooo?
Bruno: let it gooooooo
Abuelo Pedro in heaven:
Abuelo Pedro in heaven: yeah, they'll be fine
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monoukotori · 2 days ago
I'm shocked, shocked to learn that so many gringos are legit confused about how Pepa can be white when her parents are brown, like they can't comprehend it and think adoption is the only possible option (adoption in the times of a civil war from last century,the only logical option of course/s).
It's obvious that both Alma and Pedro have at least one white parent/grandparent and Pepa was the only one who got the white trait in the genetic lottery
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Did none of y'all learn about Mendel and his peas in school? What the fuck
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esmiblood90irisglimmer · 22 hours ago
Julieta: *cooking in silent and chopping harshly*
Agustin: *confused*
Pepa/Bruno: *holding onto each other scared*
Agustín: Why are you two holding each other?
Bruno: Julieta is angry. This is her getting the stress out safely in the kitchen. So we must not disturb her.
Agustín: What happen if we disturb her?
Pepa: Trust me on this. You don't wanna know. Bruno, don't tell him. You shouldn't have told me, but you did. Now, I'm telling you. You don't wanna know
Bruno/Pepa/Agustín: *quietly walking away from the kitchen to avoid Julieta wrath*
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papi-brunito · 9 hours ago
I really love PBJ so muuuuchhh like how they're triplets and they have their own face features and that they sometimes don't look the same but still look like each other too at the same time and that they also resembles both Alma and Pedro, I just think they are very well made.
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littleoptimist · 18 hours ago
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but Pedro didn’t look terrified.
oh what do you know I’m one of those people drawing art for my own fic 🙃 woah would you look at that it’s linked and everything
Pls don’t ship tag- for the love of god
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jazzymarie1006 · a day ago
The men of the Madrigal Family
Pedro Madrigal
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Bruno Madrigal
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Agustín Madrigal
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Félix Madrigal
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Absolutely love them all so much
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charminggirl-jatp · a day ago
In rewatching Encanto, I realized that some person decided to throw a whole ass accordion at Mirabel without any warning during Family Madrigal and I think I find it funnier than I probably should
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Mirabel's POV vs Alma's POV
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The beauty of these parallels
In the start of the movie, we see a less urgent and more hopeful version of the story because we can deduce that the it was Mirabel's imagination. Focusing on the happy parts, because that's what Alma dwelled on when she told the story to her.
When Alma told it to her again years later, and how brokenly she told it, possibly reliving memories she repressed for so long... Well...
"I can finally see"
And Mirabel does see.
The urgency. The devastation. The loss of a home and love.
Alma was deeply flawed, but she was left a scar that she had to hide and suppress for the sake of her family. She handled it all wrong, obviously. And her trauma nor "good intentions" can in no way justify how she treated her family (e.g. Bruno, Luisa, Pepa, Mirabel, etc.)
But at the very least, no one can say Alma didn't care.
Alma had to deal with the grief of losing Pedro and the burden to lead people into their new home.
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tresmadrigalsibs · a day ago
Bruno Madrigal is like his father in that he’s willing to sacrifice himself for the good of his family.
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multxanna · 2 days ago
anyone ever wonder about the kids’ family on their fathers’ side ? like if they have any more tías/tios/abuelas etc ?
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never-ending-fanfic · 9 hours ago
Encanto: the ending
Tumblr media
I found some posts saying that the ending of the movie was not satisfying: that the Madrigals should have stayed without their powers and that it would have been a better lesson- that you don't need gifts and that by getting them back, the characters learned nothing.
And here we will once again quote Pepa's famous:
Tumblr media
I think they did learn that they don't need their gifts to achieve something great. It's clear when you listen to "All Of You" (especially Abuela's part), when you see all of the Madrigals finally accept Mirabel how she is, especially when Alma does.
But what's more important is how they all rebuild Casita with no gifts. They make walls without Luisa's strength, plants grow without Pepa's weather power or Isa's gift, they do it all by themselves. And so when Mirabel puts in the doorknob and Casita comes to life once again, it's satusfying to see their gifts coming back, because they worked for them. Just as Abuela sings in the beginning of the movie, they all help people to "earn the miracle" and they did earn it when they finally came together as a family and rebuilt Casita with no gifts.
(bonus: in the gif notice how Mira flinches at Pepa's sudden "BUT" and then, as she begins the story, Mirabel leans forward, eager to hear, I swear Disney nowadays is something else)
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magicalgear · 2 days ago
Okay,soooo... We gonna talk about Bruno?
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toaverse · 5 hours ago
Another Encanto What If Au Idea because my mind keeps flooding with them: What if Pedro lived and Alma was the one who didn't make it?
I would say it would get more then a bit better for them😁
Well, except for Isabela, who’s basically this AU’s version of Mirabel😬
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feral-prophet · 12 hours ago
Brain: Hey, didn't you make a FNAF AU a couple months back?
Me: I did?
Me: Oh, y e a h—
(Note: I don't remember much about the FNAF games and lore so I'm having trouble deciding how is this, why they're there or who is what if you know what I mean. But anyway—)
TW: Mentions of alcohol abuse, child neglect and murder (because FNAF)
Alma and Pedro were the proud owners of a children's pizzeria called Encanto. They only had one child, Bruno Madrigal. Pedro sadly died in a car crash caused by a drunk driver as he and Bruno made their way home from school, leaving the boy as the only survivor.
After hearing of her husband's death, Alma dealt with her grief the wrong way–she turned to alcohol. She started to push her son away, as the boy— who bore a terrifying resemblance to his father —only brought her painful memories. Bruno would try, to no avail, to get his Mama to love him again because he must've done something wrong for her to hate him. What did he do? Until one night, in a fit of drunken rage, Alma smashed a bottle against Bruno's head and began repeatedly stabbing him with it screaming "IT'S YOUR FAULT, ITS YOUR FAULT ITS YOUR FAULT! I HATE YOU I HATE YOU I HATE–"
It's a mystery how she was never blamed for her son's murder, or how no one truly knew of it.
The OG animatronics:
The Cook:
•Her room is like a kid's kitchen. She's designed and programed to serve children food at teach them to "cook" using toys and play doh. She will mostly be found in the dining area serving children and tending to their needs.
•Her "caretaker"/ repairman is Augustin who, despite his clumsiness, is one of the best at his job
•Possessed by Julieta
•She and her twin sister Pepa stumbled into The Seer's Cave one day when following a rat with a weird hourglass symbol on it's back. That's when they heard the muttering, "I don't want this, I don't want this please help me. Someone. Anyone. Help...believe me, please..."
•Movie Julieta's usual outfit exept the dress is metal and part of her
•She's built with wheels instead of legs and feet.
The Weatherwoman
•Her room is like an observatory, she can change the "weather" of the place through the settings connected to her program. (Kinda like how you can change what you're watching through your remote, does this make sense?)
•Her personal "caretaker"/repairman is a short cheery man named Felix
•Sings lullabies
•Possessed by Pepa
•Was the one to convince Julieta to tell someone about "Bruno"
•Movie Pepa's usual outfit, the top up to just bellow her hip is made of metal while the rest is fabric that flows around her (she likes to twirl in them)
•She walks on two legs whoo-hoo!
The Seer
•His room is like a horror attraction. Dark and cave-like, eerie green lights and the occassional smoke machine. The robot's legs are rather bulky (see: SU Peridot's leg boosters) bc it was built to be extendable so that he can adjust his height (5'5 minimum and 7'1 maximum)
•The Seer can adjust his height so that he can either lower or heighten his "scare factor" for the children.
•His program actually allows him to somewhat predict future events (of people who ask him) through a series of algorithms and patterns to predict the possible outcomes of information given to him by visitors. (Yeah idk exactly how it works either)
•He has robo-rats, similar to how Balora has Mini Ballerinas and funtime freddy has Bonbon, that are connected to his "brain". He can communicate with them and even see through their eyes.
•He was decommisioned because he had grabbed his caretaker one night, accidentally choking her to death, while hysterically screaming "HELP ME, HELP ME, PLEASE! IT'S BRUNO! I'M BRUNO PLEA—"
•Clad in a long dark green robe, three glowing green eyes (one in the middle of his forhead, only opens when doing "visions" for added effect)
[3 eyed design inspired by the Owl House AU I saw but forgot who made it I'm sorry—]
•Thin black legs that get bulkier just bellow the knees(look like boots in appearance)
•Two pairs of long arms with clawed fingertips.
Mirabel and Camilo are twin siblings in this AU and will act as the nightguards. Luisa, Isabela, Dolores and Antonio are animatronics.
Flower Girl (Isabela)
• She is equipped with thin retractable metal wires, made to look like vines, that protrude from her back and forearms.
•Her forearms are equipped with a special gauntlet that holds the vines (attatched to those vined are small roses that puff out colourful poder or smoke).
• Just like Bruno, she was built to be incredibly agile and flexible, which allows her to easily swing around the room.
• Both her and Luisa are stage partners, often performing songs and dances for the children. They especially love her acrobatic skills.
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if-only-i-was-fictional · 13 hours ago
brother: *plays dos oruguitas on spotify*
me: turn that off
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Self-care is creating the 1st + 2nd Generation of the Madrigals in Sims 4, keeping Pedro alive, and giving Alma and the triplets a happy life.
(The only question is whether or not Bruno will eventually get married. If he does, I'll let him have two kids and name them after Hernando and Jorge).
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encantoheadcanons · a day ago
Pedro chose the triplets' names
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