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PEEK-A-BOO (2017) (for anon)
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leeTAEYONG, nct127
dating a jopok boss can be fun and games
n~fw; wc2676. jopok (mafia) au; established relationship; private poolside sex (sort of public but not really); flirting; kissing; marriage mentioned; fingering; unprotected sex; slight cockwarming; cum play/eating; daddy-kink suggested/toyed with; potential for a pt2
Tumblr media
You slip past the senior members of NCT, hugging your arms to your chest as you begin to feel a little shy about what you're about to do. It doesn't deter you, though the burst of cold air nearly does as you make your way onto the back patio and dart across the stone to the edge of the pool.
Taeyong doesn't look up from his notes, but his being turned in your direction tells you he's well aware of your presence as you pull your sweatshirt off and toss it unceremoniously onto the couch he's sitting on.
A sigh escapes you as the heated pool water washes over your skin, and you don't miss the shuddering breath your boyfriend takes in response to the sound. It causes you to smile as you watch him, just barely able to make him out of your fuzzy gaze: his glasses are perched on his nose, hair unstyled but tucked behind his ears as he sits near the fire, back against the pool wall and feet kicked up on the seat. He has a sweatshirt pulled on over his turtleneck, hood pulled up over his ears but not his head. And you make out the smallest of smiles on his face as you pass him just before dipping under the water to warm up completely.
He turns so that his eyes track you as you swim around, the feeling leaving you burning in anticipation as you all play a fractured round of peek-a-boo, but you draw it out until you physically can't take it anymore. Thoughts of his mouth on yours as his body weighs into you has you smiling as you pop up out of water and fold your arms over the pool edge. One corner of his lips curl as his eyes drag up from your mouth to meet your gaze.
"Hi," you say softly, feeling yourself begin to shiver.
"I thought I'd have to come in after you," he murmurs, dropping his moleskin to the ground as he turns his body to face you. "Trying to make yourself sick?"
"I want you to take care of me."
"Don't I always?"
"You know what I mean."
He cradles your jaw in his hand, thumb grazing your cheek as he admires you, and the feeling warms you from the inside out. "You're crazy, you know that?"
"For you, yeah."
He chuckles, pushing himself up on his knees before maneuvering to pull you out of the water. You gasp as cold air bites at your skin, but he positions you to stand in front of him before he towels you down almost immediately, brushing kisses to your skin as he goes.
"This is new," he comments, referring to the bikini you're wearing.
"Don't mention it" - you keep the towel wrapped around your shoulders as he grabs another and sits down to dry your legs- "you'll make me shy."
He smiles up at you, leaning in to kiss your stomach. "You got it for me?"
"No, I got it for Taeil-oppa."
Taeyong rolls his eyes, but you brush your fingers through his hair and it saves you from whatever biting remark he was going to make.
"You said you liked it, so..."
He hums. "I love it, baby. I don't want anyone else to see you like this."
You swallow thickly, licking your lips as he sits back in a silent request to sit on his lap.
"Maybe you should, um... maybe you should take it off?"
His eyes widen in surprise and it floods you with relief because it reminds you of the Taeyong you meet in college- before he was forced to admit he was a part of a gang because he was being put in charge of a unit. "I should, huh?"
You nod. "It's better... so I don't get sick."
He smiles, reaching up to unclasp your top. You push it from your shoulders, letting out a surprised gasp when you feel his mouth close around one of your nipples. "Tae-"
He kisses across your chest, showing equal attention to your other breast as he hooks his fingers in your bottoms and lets them fall from your hips. "Put your sweatshirt on, yn."
You reach for it, pulling the oversized hoodie over your head before grabbing a scrunchie from the front pocket and tying your wet hair up. Taeyong's fingers ghosts your thighs before he grabs your waist, thumbs rubbing your hips comfortingly.
"You really wanna do this here?"
"Yeah. As long as you want to."
He pulls you down to straddle his lap. "Wanna know a secret, baby?"
"I wanna know all of them," you admit, leaning in to kiss him. It's quick and hungry as your fingers comb through his hair again.
"I bought this place knowing I wanted to fuck you on every inch of it. Especially roughy here…in the pool, sure. But over the edge of the wall, too.."
You laugh nervously. "Didn't know you were like that..."
"Mmm," he kisses you again, hands touching you under your sweatshirt. "Don't wanna corrupt my sweet girl all at once."
You consider his statement for a moment, wondering how he could be keeping such a secret for so many years before teasing, "Finally making the transition from sweet, shady grandpa to dirty old man."
"I should marry you before I admit to anything."
You feel your face heat up at the suggestion. It isn't the first time marriage has been discussed between you all, but it still fills you with butterflies every time.
"S'ok, ya know? I'll love you even if you're a pervert."
He laughs, tucking two of his fingers into his mouth before finding his way between your thighs. "Good. Because I don't know what I'd do without you."
He wraps his other hand around the back of your neck, pulling you in for a kiss as he teases your folds. You moan into his mouth, both of your arms wrapping around his neck as you rock your hips into his touch.
"You're such a naughty girl," he teases once you pull away to catch your breath. "Coming out here to fuck me while one-twenty-seven is right inside our home."
He moans as you tug the neck of his shirt away to kiss at his throat, his fingers fucking into you to open you up for his cock. The feeling is maddening, the heat of your boyfriend and the moment against the cold Seoul night, and it spurs you to slip your other hand under his shirt, warming your fingers against his stomach as you kiss bruises to his throat.
"You want them to catch you?" He tugs your hood over your head, the action pointedly sweet despite his dirty words. "You want Taeil-oppa to come out and fuck you, too?"
You gasp at the suggestion, pulling away to meet his eyes. He smirks at you, searching your face for a moment, and you wonder what he might see. If he knows you're wondering if it's what he wants.
And as he fucks his fingers deeper into you, you can't help but ask, "Is that what you want, Lee Taeyong?"
He smirks, licking his lips slowly, but instead of answering he uses his free hand to encourage your fingers under his waistband, and the furrow-browed face of pleasure he makes distracts you as you spread pre down the thick length of his cock- "spit in your palm, baby," he murmurs, fingers slowing inside you as his thumb teases your clit. "Good girl-" he tugs his waistband lower "-touch my balls- haa, yeah. Just like that."
His fingers fuck into you faster as he circles your clit, going harder as you purposefully fondle him in a way that causes his cock to smack heavily against your wrist.
"Fucking hell," he groans, pulling you in for another kiss. "Cum for me, yn. Cum on my fingers like a good girl."
His words against your lips combined with him pressing his thumb harder into your clit sends you spiraling, falling heavily into him as you cum on his fingers. Praises fall from Taeyong's lips as you come down, his arms holding you close as he throbs in your hand.
"God, your hands feel good, love. So soft. Fuck."
"Tell me what you want, baby."
You rub yourself against him. whining a bit when you realize he won't just give in. "Don't you wanna be inside me, Yongie?" You let go of his balls, your fingers ghosting his cock in the right space between you all. "I'm nice and warm inside-"
"You're a menace."
You smile against his jaw, brushing a kiss to his cheek before saying, "Soft and warm. Way better than my hand... And I always fit you like a glove, don't I?"
You let go of his cock, shifting around to touch yourself instead. You can feel him watching you, but even better is that you're so close you know he can feel you, too. That he can hear every soft sigh and the sound of your fingers against your folds as you grow wetter still. His thighs flex under you, fingers dig into you over your hoodie, and you know it's only a matter of seconds before your boyfriend- before the publicly stoic and cool leader of the twice grown NCT- snaps.
"You're the only one who gets away with this shit," he admits.
"Maybe you shouldn't let me."
Taeyong's hands settle on your hips, the weight of them causing you to fall still. He smiles up at you, dreamy under the moonlit sky, and it causes butterflies to return to your stomach, tangling in your lust and desire. And we your walls close desperately around nothing you realize all the feelings are good for is highlighting how empty you are.
He notices almost immediately, a smirk forming on his handsome face.
"I want to feel you inside of me, Tae."
"I know." One of his hands slides from your hip to fist his cook, angling to rub himself along your folds. "I always wanna be inside you... come on. Lift your hips- good girl. Haa- all the way, all the way. Fuck, good girl, baby."
You whimper as you settle in his lap, his cook filling every inch of you. "Baby-"
"Look at me," he demands, rocking his hips up under you. "We're going to talk later, yeah?"
"Good. fuck yourself on my cock, then, baby."
You begin to rock your hips back and forth, groaning when you realize he's just watching, hands fondling your breasts.
"Tae-" You whine, not accustomed to having to do any of the work.
"Think of it as punishment."
Your eyes widen, even less accustomed to the idea, and you can feel his cook throb as amusement flashes in his eyes. "Is my baby so spoiled she can't even get herself off?"
His hands slide back down your body and take hold of your hips before he begins to bounce you on his cock. Your eyes flutter closed, hands settling on his shoulders as he slides thick and heavy against your gummy walls. Taeyong says little else, sharing grunts and moans of pleasure with you before he begins to fuck up into you, the feeling causing you to see stars.
"Haa, you like this baby? I can feel you- fuck you're squeezing me so tight."
"You feel so good, Yongie. I love it, hnng- fuck, I- I love it."
"Touch yourself," he pants into your throat. "Rub your clit for me, baby - ha, fuck. Good girl, good girl-" Taeyang groans, pushing at your hips and fucking into harder, and you can feel his cock throbbing inside you as you whimper at the desire pitting heavily in your stomach.
"Tae-haa-Taeyong," you part. " 'm so close-"
He smiles against your skin, the feeling setting you on fire. "Relax for me," he pants, voice even despite it all. "Don't your fingers feel good, baby? Doesn't my cock feel good, fucking you open?"
He presses an open mouthed kiss to your throat. "I think you feel good, baby. You're taking it so well, baby."
He groans against your throat, the sound filling every inch of you as you cry out. "Fuck, that's it. Be a- ha, yeah- a good girl and cum for me."
You feel your mind go blank, body trembling as Taeyang holds you close, murmuring praise and fucking you through your orgasm. You all but come to, realizing he’s actually talking to you as you pick up "-you want it, baby? Hmm?" He kisses your throat, tongue dragging across your skin as he holds you still, fucking up into you hungrily.
It feels so good it nearly hurts as you still barely register what he’s saying. "What?"
He laughs, brushing a kiss to your cheek. "Where do you want it?"
"Inside. Hnnng-Taeyongie. Deep inside."
He groans, each thrust shorter and more desperate than the last until he's burying himself inside you with a deep groan. "Take it all, yeah?"
"Yeah." You whimper as he fills you, the feeling hot and familiar as he throbs inside you.
Taeyong continues to hold you close, keeps your bum flush against his lap as smiles and kisses at your cheek and jaw until he finally sighs. "It's fucking cold out here."
You laugh tiredly, head heavy in his shoulder. "Yeah."
"I don't wanna pull out."
"Don't want you, too."
He smiles. "A minute or two more, ok? I'll carry you in."
"'mkay." You rock your hips gently over his, enjoying the feel of softening cock and the mess between your thighs as he groans. "I love you, Yongie."
"l love you too, nn."
"Are you really secretly a pervert?"
He laughs before breathily saying, "Yeah."
"I feel like I'm in a manga."
"We're in Korea."
You let your eyes fall closed as you cuddle into his neck. "That's ok."
He rubs soothingly at your back. "Nn?"
"Is that ok?"
"I like it."
He relaxes beneath you.
"Why'd you keep it secret?"
"Because it's new... new-ish. And you're my sweet girl."
You pull away enough to look at him, watching as he licks his lips.
"My good girl."
You smile as you lean in to kiss him and murmur against his lips: "Even good girls do bad things."
He exhales shakily. "Why'd you say Taeil?"
"Why'd you say Taeil?"
He swallows. "We should go inside. I really don't want to get you sick."
Smirking coyly, you say,"You want to share me with your hyung-" but your words are stopped with a gasp as he pulls out. A whimper escapes you as you shift around to let him pull his pants up. "I think that's cute, you know?"
You stand up, ignoring the way his cum sticks to your thighs, but he doesn't.
He reaches forward and ghosts his fingers up your thighs, rubbing his cum into your folds. "Let's have a bath, love. We can talk there, yeah?"
You brush your fingers through his hair, leaning in to kiss him and groaning when his warm fingers abandon you. "Will you fuck me again?"
His eyes don't leave yours as he sucks his fingers into his mouth. "You're a dirty boy, Yongie."
"Try calling me Daddy."
You grin as you stand back, letting him get up and giggling when he draws his arm around your waist and picks you up. As he carries you inside, you wrap your arms around his neck and kiss him softly.
"You're dirty, Daddy-" he groans, head falling into your shoulder for a moment "-I like it."
You twist your fingers through his hair tugging at it to get him to look at you as he climbs the back staircase to your bedroom. He offers you a quick kiss, smiling almost dreamily.
"Yeah?" He asks against your lips, tongue licking at yours as he squeezes at you. "You like it, baby?"
You hum your consent, tilting your head to kiss at his jaw and throat. "I wanna be dirty, too, Daddy."
peak a boo - perfect velvet - red velvet
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slithers through your bedroom window and leaves a little candy on your pillow
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Peek a boo
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Thank you for Hosting ♡ 💋 @the-beautyofreality
Tumblr media
Tumblr vs Reality
Tumblr media
Oh I love it @nicaliciousxo ! Thank you for your wonderfully different and creative submission.
Reality for the win.
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Peek a boo
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little sneak peek, surprise! who wants to see? :)
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ayo just imagine if the madrigals kids get their gift at their birth ? Like Camilo would immediately shape-shift into the first face he sees : Felix. mf would be traumatized for the rest of his life and when Pepa would be about to give birth to Antonio, he's just haunted by this nightmare vision.
Bonus : I can't help thinking Bruno saying smt like "Ayo mate, the boy got your nose ahah" to lighten the mood. No chance Pepa would have forgive him for this one.
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PADDY, KLAUS & GIBSON photographed for Muziek Parade magazine, June 1966.
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