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#peeta mellark
Okay saw this in the tags AGAIN and I was fuming but. I'm calm now, I'm calm and I'm gonna point out the lack of canon evidence that Peeta ever forced or pushed Katniss into ANYTHING. Much less a relationship.
Here is the thing; if you are gonna say at all that Peeta admitted his feelings for Katniss to get her to be with him in a relationship you have to prove ONE thing; that Peeta knew the rule change was gonna happen, or at least possible. He had somehow been a part of the choice to allow a team of tributes to win.
There is NOTHING to suggest that, as far as I know. Please, do tell me if there is but I've never seen any of that.
But canonically...Peeta thought he was gonna die. He used what he could to make Katniss look good in a way that could possibly get her more sponsors, and hopefully a better chance to go home. Theres no way he could know Haymitch was gonna try and pull for a rule change unless I am massively blanking on something.
That is also neglecting to take into account that while, yes, he was pouty when he finds out Peeta never does press the issue. Never forces himself into her space until the Capitol comes around. And even then he makes it clear, even if in a slightly jerk way, that he knows now it's not real for her. Even when they are engaged he actively upset because he knows Katniss isn't wanting this.
I do not, no matter how hard I try, understand this idea some people have of Peeta being this evil mastermind who pulls the string to get Katniss to do anything he want when canonically, he literally does nothing of the sort.
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shewakesupwiththesun · 2 days ago
Peeta Mellark is the very definition of make love not war
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You say a lot about how Peeta was bad for Katniss, but people who like everthorne ignore that Gale was way older than Katniss. There's a def power imbalance there, in the books Katniss leans a lot into Gale's experince as he is older and he encourages that dependency. Being older he could of taught her from a distance and approached her to be friends when she was older. Like, it's just really uncomfortable to me. At least Peeta was Katniss's age. And didn't make a minor depend on him.
Way older? By two whole years? Katniss taking hunting tips and sharing skills and weapons to survive is "leaning on him?" Gale became friends with Katniss slowly out of mutual need. She benefited as much as he did, maybe even more. Gale only begins to uncover romantic feelings for Katniss when she is in her late 15s-early 16s and he is 17. I hate to tell you this, but a year or so difference between two young people is not pedophilia, because that's what you're lowkey saying. Two kids finding friendship and aid in each other because they are literally trying to survive from day to day makes you uncomfortable, but somehow your fave Peeta getting bitchy because he was friendzoned and then ghosting Katniss for six months because she didn’t return his feelings doesn’t? Or how he deliberately worked things to angle Katniss into a relationship with him? Or about ten other things I could list?
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wespers · 8 months ago
i know it’s been said before but no book character will literally ever be as iconic as peeta “if it weren’t for the baby” mellark. like in book 1 when he confesses to having a crush on katniss on live televsion, that’s strategic. he knows he won’t win the games but he can help keep katniss safe and send her home and get district 12 a victor. but in book 2 he’s like “well we’re all gonna die and there’s no stopping the games so i’m just gonna fuck shit up and make every capitol official’s life a living hell for as long as i can” and then he does. nobody is doing it like him
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horsechestnut · a year ago
Reasons The Hunger Games Works and None of the Knock-Offs Do:
I just reread The Hunger Games Trilogy, and I have some thoughts about why they work so well and so many others just don’t.
Katniss Is Lucky: At every turn Katniss gets lucky. This isn’t a “anyone could have done this but no one’s tried before” or “main characters is special in some way” story. If Katniss’s name had been called instead of Prim’s, she probably wouldn’t have won. If anyone other then Peeta had been called she wouldn’t have won. If Cinna had picked any other year to become a stylist she wouldn’t have won. If her father hadn’t been a hunter she wouldn’t have won. If Madge didn’t give her the pin (how Rue decided to trust her) she wouldn’t have won. I can’t really explain why this is so important to me, but it is. Katniss isn’t special or super powered. She’s lucky.
Katniss Is A Symbol and 13 Has an Army: Katniss is not a rebel leader. There isn’t a group of ragtag teenagers who follow her and take on a corrupt government all on their own. She’s a symbol to inspire the people in the districts to fight, but no one ever puts her in charge of an army. Why should they? She’s a 17 year old, traumatized, child. The only time we do see Katniss lead is at the end of Mockingjay, and then it’s a group of about ten people, most of who end up dead and the mission doesn’t succeed. More importantly, 13 beats the capital because they have a fully functioning, highly trained, military ready to go.
These Are CHILDREN: Yes, every young adult story focuses on a teenager, but so many of these stories seem to forge they’re talking about teenagers. They act as if they are twenty somethings, or in the society set up you are considered an adult at 16. The Hunger Games hammers you over the head with the fact that these are kids. Katniss goes to school. I do not know a single hunger games rip off where the main character goes to completely normal every day school.
The Death’s Aren’t Shock Value: Yes, Prim’s death is shocking. It’s heartbreaking. I knew it was coming and still cried. That’s not why it’s there though. The point is how far Coin is willing to go to make sure Katniss is on her side. Everyone else’s deaths also have a point. Finnick and the others on Katniss’s team show the sacrifice people are willing to make for the cause and for Katniss. Cinna to show Katniss what happens when she resists. Rue is the cruelty of the game. Madge, the cruelness of the capital.
The Goal Is Clear: Mazerunner comes to mind with this one. What was the actual goal after the first book? Hell if I know. In The Hunger Games series there’s no fancy plan or convoluted thing they need to do. The plan is simple. Hunger Games and Catching Fire: “Don’t die”. Mockingjay there’s a lot of background stuff happening, but for Katniss the goal is always one thing: kill Snow. Everything she does is a straightforward line to that goal for almost the entire book.
Gale and Peeta: Both Gale and Peeta are totally realistic and reasonable love interests for Katniss. Neither of them are always nice or always perfect, but it easy to see why Katniss struggles to balance the two of them. There is no clear choice between the two. More importantly, the choice is representative of a larger concept. Katniss herself makes the comparison, saying Gale is rage and Peeta is calm. It’s not just between two guys, it’s between two ways of life and what Katniss needs in her life.
She Picks Peeta: I can not stress enough how important this is. In any of the knock offs I guarantee you that she would have picked Gale. Or, more accurately what would have happened is they would have switched Gale and Peeta’s personalities. Peeta would have been the angry, tortured, mysterious guy, and Gale would have been the kind, artistic, best friend. In this case, she would have still picked Peeta, but the whole point would have been lost. For all intents and purposes it would have been picking Gale. But no. Katniss picks Peeta. She picks calm and peace rather then giving in to Gale’s anger.
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bellasberrycobbler · 4 months ago
This is my third to last not twilight, hunger games post, bcus i only have two more things to say lmao
First of all, by aging all the characters down, it’s not absolutely fucking horrifying anymore. As far as I know (forgive me, I’m bad at math), Amandla Stenberg was 14 when she played Rue, which is a wholeass TWO years older than Rue’s actual 12. You might be wont to say, “two years isn’t that much” but the difference between 12 and 14 is like 6th grade-7th grade to 9th grade-10th grade. It’s middle school vs. high school underclassman.
All the characters being aged up makes it so that when we watch the movie, we are watching grown children/teens kill each other, rather than actual children. That already sanitises the bloodbath and makes the games easier to view as enjoyment.
Second, let’s look at the promotional posters.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Does this look like, “I am a frightened child who is being forced to fight to the death by an authoritarian government” to you? Or does this look like a poster that the Capitol would shoot to show us the hype of the Hunger Games. Does Katniss look like she does not want to be a part of this, or does she look stoic and confident? Cato is the only one in character, and he is brain-washed by the Capitol and ends up dead because the Capitol convinced the districts this was a way to win honour and victory. Even then, in the movie, they took out the way that Cato dies, which I can’t sleep thinking about.
Tumblr media
Does this poster say, I have PTSD, and I spent the first two movies locked in a loveless relationship feeling trapped by everything, and moving on to being a sad, traumatised, disposable puppet in the last two by another authoritarian government? Or does it look like a Propo shot by 13.
I think you can figure it out for yourself. I don’t need to explain why the movies are clearly the height of Capitol logic, BUT NEVERTHELESS I SHALL. The story of the Hunger Games is not about RESILIENCE AND POWER. It’s about having no other options. It’s about Gale and all these other teen soldiers realising that they have two options: live as slaves or quite probably die creating a better future. People who go out of their way to break the law in order to survive (Gale’s poaching for ex.) aren’t suicidal. They’re willing to lay down their life because this is the ONLY PATH TOWARDS FREEDOM. Johanna is not walking into the Quarter Quell, axing ppl because she is brave or courageous. She has no other options. The movies aren’t here to give us helplessness turning into a revolution. They’re here to sell us the glamour of what fighting for something can mean. They’re profiting off of these children killing each other, by making them look brave and badass. Height of Capitol once again.
Third, we know how many times they revised the movie to get a lower rating, we know how much they removed and hid. There are so many moments in all the movies where they could show us something clearly, the blood, the guts, the loss of life, but instead they show us weird blurred shots that end as soon as they start. They quite literally sanitised the movie to make more money. They hid the true horror, so that we, the audience, could be the largest demographic possible, and also we could sit there and enjoy it as much as possible. This movie is now, not only aged up, badass-ified, but also nearly completely non-violent.
I have pretty severe anxiety, my friends need to vet the movies I watch because I’m so deeply impacted by violent imagery and scenes, and I’m a Korean American actress who has yet to watch Parasite because all my friends have told me that I’d be crying in therapy for the next year. I am the most delicate piece of garbage in the world and can’t stand to watch human suffering. The Hunger Games was not hard to watch. I never had to look away, bcus there was nothing to look away FROM. They took away all the horrifying bits and just showed us the remainder. It’s a gameshow. Isn’t it exciting! Let’s make bows as memorabilia. Let’s sell posters of each of the tributes looking as cool as possible. HEIGHT OF CAPITOL.
And last, the whole Team Peeta Team Gale thing was REALLY played up by the movie makers. That I feel like is more justifiable, because that has less to do with Capitol directly, but it does reek of star-crossed lovers in the Hunger Games. Just go look at promotional posters for Mockingjay. They’re either of Katniss looking cool as hell, or Katniss looking cool as hell in the middle of Gale and Peeta. Another thing that really bothered me is how they overlayed Finnick talking about being a sex slave since he was 14, and they overlayed that with Gale and Peeta about to die. They took a plot point about pedophilia, and made it the soundtrack to a rescue mission. In the books, Finnick is clearly triggered by presenting all this information, and they have to make sure he’s ok multiple times, but in the movie Sam Claflin looks directly in the camera, sexy as hell, level voice, a little bit of vocal fry, “I’m very sexy and I got sexy information.” It was really gross and disturbing. It genuinely made me very upset. I’m so upset about it, and I’m still processing it, so finding the words to describe why it was so profoundly disturbing is hard, but as a person who has been raped, I was really angered by it. It was a narrative tool for a love triangle rather than a character’s story. It was spectacle, rather than a man who’s been deeply traumatised and abused repeatedly. There is something really fucking slimy and disgusting about how they played that.
At every point in the making of the movies, the movie makers saw the most Capitol option they could take and RAN towards it, arms wide open, ready to embrace ANYTHING if it meant they made more money. There is nothing more deeply indicative of Capitol than that. They made a movie series that could be used as a metaphor itself, and BE the allegory, and they had no fucking idea. Or maybe they did, which would be quite a bit worse.
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People need to understand that the reason Peeta could so readily begin planning to save Katniss after the announcement of the Quarter Quell is because he had the luxury of being in the position to do so. People often fail to realize just how much pressure Katniss was under, most of the entire facade between her and Peeta to smooth the unrest was on Katniss’ shoulders. Not Peeta’s. Katniss’ role was doubly hard, insomuch as she had to worry about making her feelings for Peeta appear genuine when they were not, as well as shouldering the blame for the entire situation. It was Katniss who was singled out at the end of the first hunger games, she was pegged as the instigator from the very start and told to fix the damage she had caused accordingly. Not Peeta. Peeta would simply go down with Katniss if she failed to convince the districts back into docility, he was in danger if she failed or misstepped, because she was the one on whom responsibility lay.  So when the announcement for the Quarter Quell happened, it was move designed to wipe out Katniss and cut the Capitol’s losses. Which Katniss understood. Because she had failed her appointed task, and her reaction only reflected all her fears up until that point. She had gone from the horror of the first hunger games to being an unwilling instigator of revolution, and from there straight into the task of damage control, and from there into the horror of the realization she had controlled and fixed nothing, and finally, into the horror of another games. Peeta could immediately begin planning to save Katniss, because he wasn’t in the same agony of mind Katniss was, because his roles and her roles her exponentially different on so many levels.
While Peeta was along for the ride, Katniss was pulling the switches. Because Peeta didn’t have the same worries Katniss did, he had the luxury of thinking beyond himself in that moment. (P.S. Haymitch was an absolute rank bitch for telling a sixteen year-old girl she was fundamentally a worse person for a moment of despair in the face of a fucking death second sentence.) 
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little-lynx · 2 months ago
They are different people. They have different stories. And once they were h a p p y.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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jacespunkdad · a year ago
rereading the hunger games and i CANNOT stop thinking about what haymitch and peeta’s individual interview training session must’ve gone. like
haymitch: so what’s your angle you wanna go for how do we want to portray you
peeta: I Have Been In Love With Katniss For 12 Years
haymitch: oh word?
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The Hunger Games Renaissance. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay part. 2 (2015), dir. Francis Lawrence
“Later, there‘s a lot of kissing. Didn‘t seem very genuine on your part. Did you like kissing me? ” he asks. “Sometimes,” I admit. “You know people are watching us now?” “I know. What about Gale?" he continues. My anger‘s returning. I don‘t care about his recovery—this isn‘t the business of the people behind the glass. “He‘s not a bad kisser either,” I say shortly. “And it was okay with both of us? You kissing the other?” he asks. “No. It wasn‘t okay with either of you. But I wasn‘t asking your permission,” I tell him. Peeta laughs again, coldly, dismissively. “Well, you‘re a piece of work, aren‘t you?” Haymitch doesn‘t protest when I walk out. Down the hall. Through the beehive of compartments. Find a warm pipe to hide behind in a laundry room. It takes a long time before I get to the bottom of why I‘m so upset. When I do, it‘s almost too mortifying to admit. All those months of taking it for granted that Peeta thought I was wonderful are over. Finally, he can see me for who I really am. Violent. Distrustful. Manipulative. Deadly. And I hate him for it.
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