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This is an illustration for a short story by my friend Kiik Araki-Kawaguchi called dissolving newspaper and fermenting leaves that appeared in his collection The Book of Kane and Margaret. I’ll describe this amazing collection in more detail later, but this cricket is special - he invades your dreams and eats your memories. For example he begs the main character to join her in her dreams and then asks to devour her family members in her dream. After the deed is done she can’t seem to remember their names while awake. The story deals with life in a Japanese internment camp during world war 2 called the Gila relocation center, and the cricket also plays a role in freeing this character from her prison. There’s an elusive thread connecting her Japanese heritage, her memory, and her bondage under the state.

Stylistically I tried many variations to address these complex themes which I will share later. This was a kind of whimsical style using ballpoint pen and diluted ink.

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I had the idea to draw a creature with teeth like this, then I gave it a huge tongue and realized it was only a quick skip and a hop from being a Vitreous Drinker, so I turned it into that. 

Vitreous Drinkers are from DnD, they are my absolute favorite monster to play and encounter, though they don’t have official 5e stats. Here’s a nice little video on them, and a 5e stat block for them in the description. >>>>

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“ I’ll even wash your clothes
Just give me some candy
Before I go
Oh, darling I’ll kiss your eyes
And lay you down on your rug
Just give me some candy
After my heart …”

Song: Candy, by Paolo Nutini.

Dibujo realizado por E.Blau, a base de lapiceros en papel cartulina.

Inspirado en la canción de “Candy”, de Paolo Nutini.

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2020 is undoubtedly one of the most strenuous years ever recorded in history, and as I reflect on the impact of 2020, somehow I can not believe that we as a society are willing to not see the advantages of prevailing forward together to seek a better union and a more constructive way to survive as a people.

~ Irrix Screen

D.U.O / Irrix

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!! ☮️♥️✅

If you have not heard it today, please allow me to be the very first to say, I love you! Worldwide 🌍 ♾♥️☮️

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