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#pencil sketch

And another Book Crowley! Satan knows I spent ages on that hand…

There’s something about his smile, don’t you think? It’s very easy to draw, too. :)

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I think I’m getting pretty good at this. Kingdom Hearts Saix while rewatching Inuyasha

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So I bended the gender, genda bent, gendur bendd, whatever is that-

(My) Normal version


The GB version: (helpmethisfeelscursedIcan’twiththis)


So…if this is an AU, there’s no much difference, but some things to point out:

- Megatron has still the same name (I know there’s a canon genderswap of him but not this time), also the others have their original names. 

- Starscream looks exactly the same, but now is flat and taller (or is everyone shorter??)

- Soundwave still uses they/them pronouns, but now has longer hair (metal dad, yes)

- Shockwave…well there’s no much to say… still the same, but this time is the mother of the twins instead of Soundy-. Yes Rumble and Frenzy are girls, but I have not enough space on the sheet, aaAAaAAAAa

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Artist uses one person for reference and comes up w five different ppl. It’s like magic -headdesk- I’m going to say its bc I havent used pencil in a long time and my whole set up is different rn

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Today, i’d like to present you sth a little more lighthearted, but also a bit more grainy. 。+゚.。+。(´ω`*)♪♪

The drawing wasn’t actually occupying the entire canvas, so i had to find a way to fill the empty space. I thought it’d be interesting to use bubbles and bubble textures to generate the atmosphere. It was a bit tricky however, because i had to organise these bubbles manually, from making to various resizing. A bit of work, but it was worth it. ^_^)9

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This illustration is affiliated with Analog feelings …

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