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Ok, I don’t want to show the pictures YET because it isn’t 100% done -


- I am working on the next Jurassic Park painting and this time I’m using soft pastels on canvas. It is my FIRST TIME EVER using canvas for ANY type of art medium so naturally I have ZERO clue what I’m doing lol.

But I have used a variety of pastels over the years and I have used a spray fixative before (fixative “helps” keep the pastels from smudging off the paper, blending in areas you don’t want it to blend, etc).

Sadly, I had long ago run out of fixative (the last pastel project I had done was yeas and years ago when I had made two ~6-7 feet tall posters of two angels for an event at my university) and I am, of course, a starving artist so money for art supplies is a nada unless the supplies are in gift form lol

Soooo I did some digging and discovered that an old traditional way of fixing (as in using a fixative lol) pastels/charcoals/colored pencil paintings is by using


Lol yes! Milk. And this was a tried and true method for MANY of the greatest artists and for many current artists too. Haza! Lol

So I JUST sprayed my canvas (😳😳😳😳) with a tiny spray bottle of JUST skimmed milk and


Bright colors POP!

Dark colors BAM!

It looks OMG!

Lol I was/am SERIOUSLY impressed and shocked!

I’m going to record a little video on my phone after it’s dried (gonna spray it maybe one or two more times to really “fix” the pastels to the canvas) and see if it POPS more lol

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#pencils to #inks on one of my favourite panels in Toothpick issue 2

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