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hqtchner · 3 hours ago
emily giving the bau team a house tour
emily, gesturing to her weapons collection: behold, my stuff!
derek: should I be concerned?
emily: I am particularly fond of these two knives
emily, picking up the knives: I even named them, des and troy.
reid: wha-
aaron: *sighs knowingly*
emily: you see, when you put them together, they DESTROY!
penelope: that is GENIUS!
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cherrylatex · 3 hours ago
Furry Convention
Tumblr media
a/n: i wrote this as a joke but know i def think reid and garcia are furries. i promise a real fic is coming soon
Summary: Reid's furry journey (Featuring Garcia, Morgan, and Prentiss)
CWs: none, i think (if i miss any let me know)
Word Count: 482
Spencer had remembered when Penelope had first introduced him to the world of furries. It was the time when she referred to the team as her, “fine furry friends.” Spencer had asked her what that was after the case, and he was hooked. Instead of knitting a new scarf, he started working on his first fursuit. He soon devoted almost all of his free time to developing his suit. Penelope had shown him her’s when he was almost done. He’ll never forget when he saw those soft pink cat ears on the head. He was overwhelmed with joy, and became even more excited for the moment he finished his fursuit.
When he finally finished, he was proud of himself. His fursuit wasn’t as soft as Penelope’s, but he especially liked how his wings turned out. Penelope had told him she tried to add wings, but it didn’t work out well. His fursuit was an owl because Penelope told him he would be an owl if he were an animal once. He decided not to go for crazy bright colors, so his owl was different shades of brown and purple.
Penelope was also proud of Spencer’s fursuit. She squealed when he first showed her, and then she complimented how well done the wings were. She wished he had added a bit more color, that way when the two of them went to furry-cons they would match more. She could not wait to take Spencer to his first one!
That’s how they arrived at their current state, breathing under a heavy fursuit. Spencer had never been so out of breath. Penelope had gotten semi-used to it.
“Spencer, are you okay with your breathing,” Penelope asked.
“I’m just a little out of breath,” he said through pants. Penelope was no profiler, but she knew a lie from a fellow furry when she heard one.
“Don’t lie to me, please,” she responded.
“I’m not lying. I’m just out of breath,” he started to get defensive through the pants. While the two were having some friendly bickering, they bumped into two other people.
“Woah. Nice fursuit,” a familiar voice praised.
“Derek,” Penelope questioned.
“Hey, baby girl. Who is this you're with?”
“It’s Spencer! Aren’t you proud? He made the suit by himself,” she exclaimed.
“Lookin’ good, pretty boy. Do you two want to walk around together,” Derek asked.
“Hold on. Who are you with,” Spencer asked. The person next to Derek was dressed in a fursuit that resembled a black cat. Derek’s fursuit had resembled a red and white cat. Spencer had liked the patterns on Derek’s fursuit, and he thought about telling him, but he chickened out.
“It’s Emily. Come on, you couldn’t tell that she resembled Sergio?” Spencer could almost hear the smirk from under the fursuit’s head.
“Hi, Spencer. Hey, Penelope,” Emily greeted the two of you. Penelope waved at Emily, as did Spencer.
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utterlycomplicated · 6 hours ago
the kind of human wreckage that you love
a series of one-shots in which emily has bpd (borderline personality disorder) and the team helps them cope with the various symptoms.
warnings: mental health issues, self harm, suicidal thoughts, dissociation, more in the tags (tags will be updated as each chapter is updated)
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ssa-sarahsunshine · 6 hours ago
it’s the first girls + spencer night since the team found out about aaron and spencer dating. what questions are the girls asking him and what does he actually answer? i imagine him gushing about how romantic aaron is and all emily wants to know is how big his dick is
Firstly, I cackled when I read this. The Emily part made me choke on my water and I’m still recovering from it. Secondly- hotchreid hotchreid hotchreid yes yes yes.
It’s Saturday night, and there’s no case! Penelope has declared every Saturday home as “Girls Night.”
Spencer does not know how he’s been dragged along to every single “girls night.” He’s not a girl. But he has steady hands and Emily likes when he paints her nails, so he’s usually invited along.
He’d rather be out with Aaron this time tbh, but Penelope is really convincing.
He knew from the beginning that Penelope was acting a little suspicious.
He should have known that the second he was greeted at the door this was not going to be the usual “girls night,” where they would watch dumb movies and eat sweets and do each other’s nails.
Emily grabbed him by the collar and dragged him inside, manhandling him onto the couch. He plopped down with a pout and crossed his arms.
And then the questions came. Almost with no real time to answer them, because after JJ would ask “how did Hotch ask you out?” Penny jumped in with “OMG does he wear normal clothes outside of work?”
Emily had no shame, “How big is his dick? I bet it’s huge, right?”
Spencer’s blush and stammering had her crossing her arms over her chest with a smirk, her hand held out to Penelope, “Pay up.” Penny puts a $10 bill in Emily’s hand.
Spencer has to put his hands out and wave them around, “Everyone calm down! One question at a time!”
He knows he’s not getting out of this. Might as well resign to his fate and just let it happen.
“Okay fine, how did Hotch ask you out?”
“He, uh, came to my place. With flowers. And asked me?”
WITH FLOWERS??? Hell yeah we all know he did. He’s a romantic sap, you guys.
Penny wants to know all about Hotch’s wardrobe. Spencer tells her, “dad jeans, t-shirts. A lot of shirts with old band logos, actually. Comfortable sweats and no shirt to bed.”
Emily: But does he go commando in bed?
Spencer: I’m not answering that
Emily: so that’s a yes
Spencer ends up gushing about their first date. It was literally so romantic. A reservation at a nice restaurant, they both wore suits (or, if you love enby/feminine Spencer, he was in a very attractive neutral colored blouse and dress pants). Aaron pulled out his chair for him, ordered expensive wine/cider, paid for the whole dinner- and they talked about anything and everything. The conversation flowed so well, and they didn’t even talk about work.
And yes, the first kiss was at the door as Aaron dropped Spencer off.
Penelope and JJ are gushing and just as smitten. “Who knew Hotch was such a softie?”
Penelope feeds a very sweet, very fruity drink into Spencer. And then he starts talking about how cuddly Aaron is ;u;
(Penny can’t handle that he calls Hotch, Aaron).
We all know Aaron is touch-starved. He’s always touching Spencer when he can. At work, it might just be brushing their arms or hands against each other, or a hand on a leg under the table. At home? He’s holding Spencer in his arms when they’re on the couch. He requires Spencer to be in the office with him when he’s working (they can’t always be touching but as long as he can see Spencer he’s happy). Aaron just needs to feel Spencer’s warmth to remind himself that he’s there ;u;
Ugh now I’m getting emotional
Spencer spills that the sex is amazing. Will he tell them how? No. But it’s “literally unlike anything else I’ve ever experienced.”
Emily is SO MAD he won’t tell her how big Hotch is. She just wants a number. “6 inches? 7? 8?”
“Emily I’m not telling you-“
“It’s 8. Holy shit.”
Anyways this was fun lmao!
Tumblr media
Taglist for headcanons: @ssa-natalya-reid @hotchshoney @ssahotchswife @goobzoop @louisaland @tobias-hankel @oliverbrnch @suburban--gothic @softhairedhotch @sparklinspence @multixfandomwriter @sp3mily @hotchslefttesticle
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utterlycomplicated · 7 hours ago
there is literally zero straight explanation for emily not only knowing penelope’s favorite mugs but going out of her way to fix it for her. these bitches gay good for them
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pandorabox82 · 8 hours ago
Aaron and Dave have a bit of a heart to heart about what the future will hold for them both
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criminalmindsvibez · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"To the living, we owe respect. But to the dead, we owe only the truth." -Voltaire
gifing every single episode of criminal minds: 7x22 “Profiling 101”
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qvid-pro-qvo · 9 hours ago
i rewatch “penelope” for the morcia, of course
the way everyone knows that derek needs to be there
derek and penelope’s faith consistently being brought up and compared, outlined, emphasized
his constant affirmation of her and comforting her as they relive her trauma over and over
derek telling her just how much this case matters to him and that he won’t rest until he’s caught
“hey, silly girl. i love you, y’know that, right?” and her giving that love right back
but also the team as family. garcia, in multiple episodes, is such a rallying point for the team. ive said it before and i’ll say it again, penelope is the heart of this team and they orbit around her. everyone — aaron, jj, emily, spencer, even rossi all rally around her to protect her. love on her. cherish her. value her. this episode highlights her, her willingness to fight for all victims, all families, including her own.
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binariesarebullshit · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Having a little too much fun with PicsArt. I give you a HSAU edit for Morcia and Jemily.
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jellejareau · 9 hours ago
morcia shippers are constantly in a state of distress and i understand because yall are truly living rough 
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more-heid-pls · 11 hours ago
how is morcia not canon????
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emilysblackturtleneck · 11 hours ago
Ok, but Jenelope and Pen convinces JJ to go to a Rennaissance fair and she doesn’t expect JJ to be interested or anything, but JJ arrives to pick her up and she’s in like tights and a tunic and has a chainmail shoulder piece and her sword is in the backseat and Penelope is in her full dress and she’s just speechless that JJ dressed up. JJ is like, “Babe, I’m your Sweet Prince! I can’t let a princess like you be the only one in costume!” And Penelope dives across the car to press messy kisses all over JJ’s face and they’re laughing and it takes forever to get all the lipstick off of JJ. (Penelope returns the favor when they go to a Patriots’ game by dressing like a cheerleader. They do NOT make it to the game)
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emilysblackturtleneck · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Penelope and her Sweet Prince
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mousewithpinkshoes · 11 hours ago
garvez fake dating au… thats it thats the idea
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reidgifs · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
morcia not being canon... the absolute insanity of it all.....
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