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The Princess of Lunarvain Ch 5- Ben and a female cloaked figure part 1.

Sanji’s group

“Good idea! They will love it!” Sanji smirked so evilly, Izuku nodded, “Yeah!”

They were laughing so creepy as Chopper sweatdropped, “You guys…….”

The two men were following Sanji, Izuku and Chopper in the dark alleyway, one man with black hat with a small penguin on the top of the hat, another man with a hat, look like an orca, they were watching them.

Sanji halted them, he turned his head toward the alleyway as he whispered to Izuku and Chopper, “We were followed…. Follow my lead.”

Izuku and Chopper nodded a little and they started walking, the strange men started following them, they kept following and following, walking a little fast until they can’t find the boys.

“Where are they?” One man with an orca hat whispered, another man with a penguin top on the hat shook his head, Saji put his hands on each of the two stalkers’ shoulders as the two stalkers jumped, Sanji growled, “I knew it.”

The two stalkers turned their heads to take a look, Sanji gave them his scary glare as they sweatdropped, “Whoa, it’s us!”

“Wait…. You’re Law’s subordinates! What are you doing here?!”

“Who are they?” Izuku asked as Sanji explained, “These men are Law’s subordinates, Penguin and Shachi. (Turned his head toward the men) Now why are both of you here?”

“Well…. we just let you know….. we got an invitation card.” Shachi said as Penguin nodded, “Yeah.”

“Wait….. we got the invitation card!”

“What?!” Penguin and Shachi said in unison as Chopper asked, “Where’s Law and Bepo?”

Luffy’s group but Ben was alone

Ben was panting and running, he gritted his teeth in tension and he muttered, “I can’t believe I took my eyes off of Luffy and Zoro when a man needed my help to carry the basket of the apples to his market shop, then they had disappeared!”

Ben halted as he wiped his sweat off, panting as he stood up and he furrowed his eyebrows, put his hands on his hip as he got an idea and he was about to use the omnitrix but….

‘Wait a second!’ Foxy spoke in Ben’s mind as Ben heard him as he thought, ‘What is it, cap’n Foxy?’

‘Look around that the townspeople are here to shop, talk, eat and other things. If you slam onto the omnitrix, you will scare the townspeople away. Please do not use the omnitrix and that necklace, not like our world. Just act like a normal person.’

Ben took a look, the townspeople were here to shop, talk, eat and other things as he went silent and nodded, lowered his left arm.

‘You’re right. Guess I will search for them.’ Ben thought as he started walking, a cloaked figure was walking, also wearing a black cloak. The cloaked figure looked like a female and she was hiding her face so townspeople won’t recognize her, she gasped when the guards were walking, asking the townspeople about the missing princess as the female cloaked figure went into the alleyway and hid from the guards, the thugs were hiding the wall as they smirked. Ben sighed and he kept walking, then he went through the alleyway as he muttered, “It’s so hard to find Luffy and Zoro…. How stupid of me.”

Ben kept walking, suddenly he halted when he saw the thugs were trapping a lady who wearing the black clock, and he saw a female cloaked figure was struggling but won’t work, a man of the thugs licked his lips and he said, “Let’s make out~”

“No!” A female cloaked figure shouted as Ben furrowed his eyebrows, he shouted, “Hey!”

The thugs turned their heads to take a look, Ben gritted his teeth and crossed his arms as the men stared at him for a while, Ben broke the silence and he said, “Let her go.”

The thugs started laughing at him as the female cloaked figure sweatdropped, one of the thugs laughed, “Are you acting so tough, little boy?”

“…..I think you mess with the wrong person. Now. Let. Her. Go.” Ben growled as one of the thugs commanded, “Beat him and teach him a lesson!”

“So you’re the leader of these thugs, let’s do it.” Ben smirked and he cracked his knuckles and was ready to fight.

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I do have a few!

• Not so much of a head cannon, just a fun fact: there’s a song that has a couple of lyrics that remind me of them. It’s Not Like I Like You.

I say a few because the song is about a tsundere, which i believe both Rabbit and Penguin are Not! But here are the lyrics that remind me of them.

🎵But I keep seeing you, sticking around,

like I can’t get enough so I stay and wonder.

How my hand will feel intertwined with yours🎵

• Both love to dance. So they both teach each other some moves or dance for funsies sake.

• Apparently, rabbits can purr. Not like a cat purr though, at least I don’t think so… Some might know where I’m going with this.

• They did an outfit swap once. Rabbit joked about how he is ready for a black tie event.

• Penguin stands up for what she believes is right and Rabbit is the hype man that encourages her to continue her march; unless it is something illegal or unhealthy.

• Rabbit likes to cook but Penguin helps out whenever she’s not busy.

• Rabbit has a smile and attitude that can make anyone smile. And Penguin is a comedian. 2 Funny peeps that wanna make others and each other smile.

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Penguin Fashion Model

Just trying out some new concepts for backgrounds and shading, but I really like this design. Still looking for a name for her.

(November 24, 2020)

(links for b-l-m support/other info in replies!)

[Image Description: A digitally drawn anthropomorphic penguin woman standing with her arms and wings at her side. Her eyes aren’t visible due to having black feathers on her face. She wears sparkly tight leggings with a black to light blue gradient and a flowy light blue shirt with snow crystal pattern. A gold rectangle necklace sits around her neck.]

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For those of you looking for this week’s penguin. Its gonna be in the ruins. You have to kill the fallen for the scorched cannon. And it’ll be at the bottom of the staircase in the building where you enter bunker E15.

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