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I drew my friend based on a random non-canon kwami I selected for her : twwis! (kwami created by Lunamidnight1998 on DA).

Might draw other friends of mine with the miraculouses I chose for them when I can.. 🤔

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Fandom: One Piece
Rating: Teen
Warnings: None
Characters: Law, Penguin, Shachi, Ikkaku

Having your heart crushed usually had consequences. Law had been aware of it at the time, desperately attempting to reclaim it while Vergo watched on in glee as he writhed in front of one of his nightmare’s more prominent antagonists. With no immediately obvious affects, a Straw Hat alliance, and Doflamingo’s very real threat hanging over him, it was sent to the back of his mind while he dealt with more important things, like keeping hold of his sanity and trying to herd the Straw Hats into a plan with a chance of success. The fact that he’d hardly expected to survive Dressrosa did nothing to help.

Then Dressrosa happened, Law somehow didn’t die, but did walk (limp) away with far too many injuries to be able to tell without using his powers what pain came from what injury. His powers were firmly out of reach after his final stunts in the battle, but with the Tontatta Princess around they were, thankfully, not needed. All it meant was that Law had to deal with pain for longer than usual, but that did little to faze him.

Amongst all that, small pains from the left side of his chest went largely unnoticed, attributed to the bullet wound he received in the vicinity on the rare occasion they did catch his attention. The battle to retain his sanity on a ship of fanboys, in addition to half the insanity-inducing Straw Hat crew, won out over physical discomfort (aside from when he wasn’t fast enough to escape an unlucky Gomu Gomu no Rocket or the like), and then there was Zou, where the delight of seeing his nakama again was tainted by the fact that Kaido knew where they were, and that his nakama were injured.

It wasn’t until he was on the Polar Tang, injuries all healed (barring his arm) thanks to more treatment courtesy of Tony-ya, whose skills were nothing to dismiss, that the occasional chest pains began to catch his attention, although his concern for his crew’s subdued attitude proved a successful distraction.

Only once the mystery of their behaviour was solved, the answer brutal and nightmare-provoking, did he find himself paying attention to the now frequent chest pains and recalling the torture from eons ago on Punk Hazard. Even dead, Vergo was determined to haunt him, it appeared, and Law trudged to the infirmary to find painkillers.

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